Cyborg 2087 (1966) Movie Script

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six.
Five, four, three.
Garth A-7.
You have reached your programmed
destination in the year 1966.
Previous briefing of all technology of
that time sphere is in effect.
Final instructions will now be
Proceed to nearby Desert City.
locate Future Industries Incorporated.
Find professor Sigmund Marx.
Bring the professor to this
If he resists... destroy him.
So this is your old town.
Yeah, and it's still a pretty nice town,
Well, I guess so.
If you like ghost towns, me, I,
uh, I prefer the life of the city.
That's the trouble with
this younger generation.
They've got no respect
for the good old days.
Let me tell you, son.
Right here, on this street.
In a good old days, there
was more activity than
you'll ever see in that new
town of years over yonder.
Sam, let's go into the casino and have a
couple of snorts.
Well, that's a good idea, Uncle Pete.
Except I have a feeling this town is dry.
You want to bet?
You don't think I was fool enough to put
coffee in this, do you?
Come on in.
I want to introduce you to poker Alice and
all the rest of the gang.
Come on.
Come on, Tex.
Before you poke your nose at a
Here, Tex.
Here, Tex.
That's nice, boy, you dog.
Here Tex, come here!
What's the matter, boy?
Snake bite?
Snake bite?
I don't know.
Somebody's in there, Uncle Pete.
Probably some stinking miserable hermit,
no doubt.
Let's flush him out.
You go around the back.
Come on out, we know you're in there.
Come out with your hands
reachin' for your maker.
You miserable desert rat!
I'm gonna get you.
Who sent you after me, old man?
You let go on me, you hear?
Answer me, you're not a Tracer agent?
Who sent you after me?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Can I help you, sir?
Is there a facility near here
known as Future Industries?
That's right, sir.
Research outfit, right at the edge of
You just stay on Main Street here and you
can't miss it.
Hey, is this Sam Gilmore's jeep?
That's his good luck charm there.
You know Sam?
What's the matter with that guy?
Some kind of nut or something?
Yeah, and that's Sam Gilmore's Jeep.
I'm gonna call the sheriff.
Sam Gilmore, eh?
Future Industries.
He was wearing a crazy what?
All right, all right, I hear you.
We'll check it out.
Thanks for calling.
Jay C., you're really going to leave Desert
Wouldn't you?
This town's no place for a real reporter.
I'm going to L.A.
where the action is.
Send unit six to Future Industries.
Have them be on a lookout for a stranger
and a red jeep.
Check out Sam Gilmore's
registration while you're at it.
Right, Sheriff.
Unit number six, this is headquarters.
Come in, Unit 6.
600 North Main, Sheriff.
Thanks, Harry.
Danny Boy, let's go.
Hey, what's going on?
Hey, Dan?
Dan, Sheriff!
Wait a minute.
What's happening here?
Yeah, wait, wait, wait.
Sheriff, what's the action?
Clue me in, where you are?
It's a routine call, son.
600 block on Main Street.
Okay, let me through.
Make way for the press.
Let me through, please.
Not really.
Hey, it looks like we might have a story
What happened, Sheriff?
Nothing special, Jay C.
just a simple burglary.
Way they acting you think
somebody cleaned out the bank.
Hear that? They think
the bank's been robbed.
No, what all they take?
The manager is in there checking the stock.
The safe hasn't been touched.
As far as I can see, they haven't taken
That's all ten-four.
Yeah, that's Sam Gilmore's Jeep all right.
The office checked with his home.
They went out to old town, just like the
kid said.
Sam, Gilmore.
Is he your suspect?
This aught to shake
the town up a little bit.
Now wait a minute, Jay C.
I didn't say Gilmore or anybody else was
Check your facts
before you write the story.
All right, but what are the facts?
Now, don't bug me,
boy, I got work to do.
Bob, I want all the
off-duty boys brought in.
Every alley and street
in this town patrol.
There was strange you
picked up in question.
Take this jeep back to the
station and put in that call.
Then I'll go out to Old
Town and check it out.
See that he gets a good
night's rest, Johnson.
And you had better
get some rest, Sharon.
It's been a strenuous day for all of us.
It's going to be an even more strenuous
day for you, Professor.
I wish you'd cancel that lecture tonight.
I wouldn't dream of it.
I'd better get going if I don't want to be
The committee will be
here at nine tomorrow.
I'll call you when we're
ready for the demonstration.
Goodbye, Happy.
You know it's such a long drive to Los
Angeles with all that traffic and everything.
You haven't even had your dinner.
I thought we agreed that you
weren't to pamper me anymore.
If you, uh, what a baby, someone, why don't
you find a nice young man and get married?
Oh, sure, some chance
in a small town like this.
They all grew up here together.
I'm like an outsider, you know.
Oh, if the demonstration
is successful tomorrow,
perhaps we'll move
the project to New York.
How's that sound, Sharon?
Oh, marvelous!
And don't you worry about tomorrow.
When those Washington
officials see what you've
accomplished, they'll give
you a lab anywhere you want.
Now here, you'd better get going.
You're going to be late for that lecture.
Mm -hmm.
Be careful.
Who are you?
Dr. Garth?
Well, you startled me.
You always walk into rooms without
I came to see Professor Marx.
Well, I'm sorry, but
the professor just left.
Was he expecting you?
No, he's not expecting me.
Are you his associate?
One of them, yes.
I'm Dr. Mason, Sharon Mason.
Will the professor return here tonight?
Oh, no, he's in Los Angeles giving a
He'll be back in the morning.
Yes, I know.
Tomorrow at 9 o'clock, the world is
destined to learn of professor Marx's
important breakthrough in the field of
radio telepathy.
Well, now, how did you know that?
It hasn't been publicized.
That is a fact of history, Dr. Mason.
A fact which must be altered.
I'm not sure I understand you.
You also do not
understand the significance
of the professor's
discoveries, nor does he.
You'd be terrified if you
knew the importance of radio
telepathy in the world a
hundred years from today.
And I suppose you do know.
That is why I am here.
The demonstration will
not take place tomorrow.
Well, now, just who are you?
It is not important who I am.
I came here to prevent
a scientific catastrophe.
Scientific catastrophe.
The press's discovery is premature.
The scientific world of today is not ready
for this breakthrough.
The secret will fall into the wrong hands.
The warlords are...
of tomorrow will use radio telepathy for
evil purposes.
I see.
And, um, you are an agent from the world
of the future.
The world of torture and terror.
The world where free
thought ceased to exist.
But the minds of men
are controlled by dictators
through the application
of radio telepathy.
Do you understand, Dr. Mason?
Oh, yes.
Yes, I do understand.
If you'll just excuse me for a moment.
No, you do not understand, but you will.
My arrival was unfortunately mis-timed.
Any delay can prove fatal, not only to me,
but to my mission, to many innocent people.
It is now necessary that I have
Dr. Mason, you are
about to participate in a
demonstration of
perfected radio telepathy.
As you can see, my
transmitting equipment is built in.
It is one of numerous mechanical and
electronic devices I carry in my body.
You are a cyborg.
Yes, a cybernetic organism.
All special agents of the future are
equipped in this manner.
You do not receive orders from
international command.
Some of us were captured by the leaders of
the freedom movement.
Our telepathy receivers have been altered.
We are free thinkers.
The mass population is not free thinking.
The majority of the people
of my time had receivers
implanted in their
brains since childhood.
Their thoughts are controlled by the
You must help me carry out my assignment.
Before tomorrow morning the enemy will
have discovered my purpose.
They will send Tracer agents after me.
These agents are cyborgs programmed to
find and kill.
I carry a homing device in
my chest, a time beamer.
Once the tracers pick up my signal,
I cannot escape them.
The beamer must removed and destroyed.
I will take you to Dr. Zellar.
He is a friend.
You must hurry.
When you awaken, you will not remember
that I have forced my will upon you.
You will only know that you understand my
mission and that you must assist me.
Dr. Mason, Awake.
Garth, we've got to go to Dr. Zellar
house immediately.
At about this time he
pulled out his twin 44's
and he started blasting
everything that moved.
Blastin it.
Now wait a minute.
Twin 44's.
But his aim wasn't too good so I rested.
I give him a couple of punches.
He ain't likely to forget.
Well, he got away, though, right?
Yeah, but it was like this, you see.
I ran over to help young Sam.
He was out cold.
And when my back was turned, this here,
maniac, stole our jeep.
I can't figure out what's
going on out here.
Gilmore's out.
The old man's way out.
I'm taking him to the hospital.
Anything else happened in town?
We've got three suspects that
don't answer the description.
There's about a dozen alarmed citizens out
front, and the mayor's on his way in.
That's about it.
Hold on to the suspects
until I get into town.
Oh, tell the mayor
everything's under control.
Yeah, everything's sure
under control all right.
Like who's doing what and why.
Don't be funny, Jay C.
Don't get smart printing
rumors in that paper of yours.
I don't want a panicky town on my hands.
Sharon, I don't know what's come over you.
You've always been a rational person.
How can you let a total stranger take you
in with these fantastic tales?
It's the truth, Carl.
You have to believe me.
Oh, don't be ridiculous.
The man is ill, Sharon.
Schizophrenia, apparently.
He could be dangerous.
We ought to call the police.
No, Carl.
We've got to help him.
Sharon, you sound like you've been
There's no more time, Dr. Zellar,
must perform the operation at once.
Look, you don't understand.
I am not a medical doctor.
I'm not a surgeon.
But you're a biologist, Carl.
You could do it.
I know you could.
You know this is illegal.
You know the laws of
the medical profession.
The whole thing's insane.
Cyborgs, time capsules.
It's incredible.
But true, Dr. Zellar.
His hand has the
strength of five like this.
Now do you believe me, Carl?
Lock that door, Sharon.
I'm not sure what I
believe right now, but...
I know what somebody else
might think if they saw that.
All right, what is it I must do?
Remove this plate.
Beneath it, you will find a thin membrane
of polyvinyl peralodone.
You're familiar with that plastic
You will cut through the membrane.
Beneath it you will find a tiny capsule.
It will resemble a ruby, about
three-quarters of an inch long.
That is the beamer.
It is held in place by silicone threads.
You must cut the threads.
Well, I have the proper instruments,
but no anesthetics.
The pain might be too much for you.
The nerves in that area have been sealed
I shall feel nothing.
Alright, let's get started.
Instruments are in
that cabinet, Sharon.
Sterilizers on top.
Andrew, look at the
way you park this fool car.
You're blocking the whole place.
Meant to, don't want nobody
to get in a head of me.
Andrews stop blowing that fool horn.
It's a service station, ain't it?
That's what I want.
What'd it be, sir, some gas and oil?
Look at the oil and check my real left
tire, will you?
Yes, sir.
Slim, check this left rear tire,
will you?
The tire's alright, sir.
That's Laura and her friends.
Hey, Laura, where's your father?
In the lab, I guess.
The lights are on.
Yeah, he's probably working
on some secret project.
I hear they're doing
something real exciting
on a space program
down at Future Industries.
Could be.
Dad and Professor Marx were fooling
around with a chimpanzee last week.
A chimp?
They got him in there?
Let's sneak a look.
Rick, don't, please.
Sharon, you better.
go out there and see that
they don't get too inquisitive.
Oh, hi, Miss Mason.
What's going on?
Dr. Zellar is very busy right now.
He doesn't want to be interrupted.
Oh, we weren't going to the lab.
We were showing the girls how to groove.
Yeah, that's right.
You know, jerking.
Dude, come on.
It's incredible.
Think that this tiny object
contains a transmitter
so powerful it can
span vast distances.
Not only distance, Doctor,
but through time as well.
How do you feel?
We are trained to ignore feelings.
All feelings?
All of them.
Must be a terrible way of life,
not to no pain or pleasure.
Haven't you ever
cared for anyone, Garth?
No one.
It cannot exist.
Not even your mother?
In the military state of 2087, all children
are taken from their mothers at birth.
They are the property of the state.
And you think all that
can be prevented if
Professor Marx's discovery
is not made known?
Every development of the future is the
result of today's actions.
That's a basic law
of science, Dr. Zellar.
Cause and effect, yes.
Where can I find a source of extra high
High voltage?
The beamer must be destroyed.
It will take at least 5,000
volts to short out its circuits.
I know.
The power station.
Yes, and it isn't far.
Good. You must take me there.
You can't do that.
You'll tear open the incision.
The incision will be completely healed in
10 minutes.
A special healing agent was injected into
my blood.
Medical science has continued
to progress in the future, Doctor.
You will stay here. I'll go with
Dr. Zellar to the power station.
Use my car. It's out front.
Good evening, Dr. Zellar.
Hello, Skinny.
Hi, Rick.
Hi, Daddy.
I hope we didn't disturb you.
Yeah, have you heard what's happening?
No, what's happening?
Well, there's a nut on the loose.
That's right, sir.
He beat up Mr. Gilmore
and his uncle out in Old Town.
They weren't beat up.
They were drunk.
It's just rumors, Daddy.
That's right.
And the same rumors stole their car and
broke into the store on Main Street.
Well, the town's really alive.
The heat's out all over the place.
Just jumping, man, jumping.
Well, I don't think there's
anything to worry about,
but maybe you better
stay off the streets anyway.
Stay here and have a
good time until I get back.
Sharon will stay with you.
Is anything wrong?
No, why?
You look worried about something.
I'm just a little tired.
We've been pushing on
a project over at the lab.
All right, you kids trying out to
tear down the house, huh?
Who was that?
Did you see the look on his face?
Yeah, did you dig those weird boots?
Out of sight!
Who was that man, Sharon?
Oh, he's just a friend.
He's from another...
Um, he's from another country.
Yeah, well he sure looks foreign.
You go for him, don't you?
Don't be silly?
Come on, Laura. Let's dance!
In a minute, Rick.
Now, what's the matter with you?
You know something, Sharon.
Well, I think you and Dad are both blind
as bats.
Well, ever since Mom died, he's been so
wrapped up in his research work,
he doesn't know you're around.
And you stick to yourself so much,
but you don't know he exists.
I wish you'd both open up your eyes.
Well, you certainly are in a mood.
Oh, I'm sorry, Sharon, but it's true.
You're both lonely, and
you like the same things.
And, well you're still both pretty young.
Oh, thanks.
So what happens?
Rick, lock the back door.
Laura, has your father
got a gun in the house?
What happened? What's wrong?
Get me the power station.
I'm sorry, but all the circuits are busy
at the moment.
Operator, this is an urgent call.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
We are flooded with urgent calls
tonight. The whole town is in an uproar.
Never mind, forget it.
Laura, will you get me my coat?
The sheriff's on the way.
I called him from next door.
What happened in here?
Rick, listen me, can you drive Skinny's
hot rod?
But what did all this?
Never mind.
Listen, you come with me,
and I'll tell you all about it.
The rest of you stay right here.
Where are we going?
The power station.
The power station.
Don't ask questions.
Just drive.
Okay, ma'am. Hold on.
How long will that guard be unconscious?
About an hour.
My ray gun is adjustable.
Was that the same one that you used on
Sam Gilmore and his uncle?
My gun can only paralyze, not kill.
The same can not be said
of the Tracer's weapons.
There's one important thing to
remember by time travelers, Dr. Zellar.
It's a tremendous risk to take the life of
someone living in the past.
It could start a chain reaction which may
eradicate many lives in the future.
Even your own?
The beamer.
Well, it would seem that you'd be taking
the same risk if you remove someone from
their own time, Professor Marx,
for example.
That is true, but the risk must be taken.
Let us ready.
I'll activate the power from the main
control panel.
What's that?
I may be able to trap
them in there quickly.
Dr. Zellar?
Use your gun.
There's no effect on cyborgs.
Carl! The Tracers are on their way.
I know. They're here already.
Where's Garth?
He's in there someplace.
Sharon, you shouldn't have come here.
But I had to.
They broke into your house.
They're monsters, Carl.
There they are!
There they are!
They're up there on that roof,
Hey, Dennis, come around back,
hurry up.
Sheriff, they're armed
with deadly ray guns.
Your men can't handle them.
Ray guns?
Oh, come on now, Doc.
Go around the back.
They're up on the roof.
Sheriff, you don't understand.
Well, there's one thing I understand.
Everybody in this town's gone crazy.
That bunch of kids of your house
telling me a couple of monster
characters tore through the
place, dressed like Martians.
Now you tell me they got ray guns.
What the hell's got in to all you people?
One of them jumped from that roof all the
way over to that roof.
You out of your mind.
No, sir.
I never saw such a leap in all my life.
There he is.
They sure can't get down from there.
Not unless they want
a couple of broken legs.
Yeah, Bob, you stay here and keep your
eyes open.
I'm going to radio for some more men.
We'll bottle them up here
and then smoke them out.
And be sure they
bring plenty of tear gas.
That's all, ten-four.
Now, look, you folks,
better clear out of here.
I don't want anybody get hurt.
Well, uh, sheriff hadn't I better stay.
You may need a doctor before this is over.
You may be right, you may be right
Ah, Rick! You take
Dr. Mason back to my house.
Now, Sharon, you wait there.
I'll keep you posted on whatever happens.
- Yeah, but Carl, I don't...
- Now Listen...
there's nothing more for
you to do here, Sharon.
Now, wait a minute, Doc.
How come you two happen to
be by the power station tonight?
Uh... We were just driving by?
Just driving by.
That's right, Sheriff.
We were on our way to the research lab.
Future Industries is just
down the highway, you know.
I know where it is.
And I also know it's way after midnight.
Well, we're preparing a big
experiment for the morning.
I mean, something's
mighty peculiar here.
Those two so-called lunatics just happened
to choose your house to break into.
And you two just happened
to be driving by here.
The office just radioed.
One of those maniacs
been seen on the highway.
Oh, now that's impossible.
Everybody's imagining the thing.
Will you tell me what nut
reported seeing a maniac now?
Judge Elmwood.
Judge Elmord, sir.
Well, let's get over
there and investigate.
Say, this turned out to be
quite a night, hasn't the sheriff?
Well, that's what
you wanted, wasn't it?
Something to write about.
Yeah, no, but I can't
figure out what's going on.
I tell you something,
Jay C., you got company.
Carl, do you think it was Garth?
But if he got away, I'm
sure the Tracer did too.
Well, at least he isn't carrying
that Beamer inside him.
He might be able to lose him in the night.
It's not going to be night much longer.
You know, he might
try to make it to the lab.
I think I'll go there and wait.
And you'd better go to your
house in case he goes back there.
You know, Sharon, he's on
the run and time is running out.
I'm sure he'll go right to
the time capsule and leave.
No, I don't care.
I'm going to the lab.
All right.
I'll wait at the house and you
call me if he shows up, huh?
And Sharon, be careful.
Let's go back to the house.
And Rick, what you heard here
tonight, just between you and me.
Okay, but I sure got an earful.
All right, let's take off.
No, it's Carl.
Any news?
Yes, the sheriff has stationed
two men here at the lab.
I think he suspects all the trouble has
something to do with a project here.
I know.
He was here for half an hour
giving me the third degree.
He's decided that enemy
agents are after military
secrets and that we
know something about it.
He'll never know how near the truth he is.
What did you tell him?
I told him I was sworn to secrecy.
Now, look, he just left here Sharon..
He may come there.
Oh, I wish there was some
way for me to contact Garth.
If I just knew where he was...
Sharon, is something wrong?
Sharon, can you hear me?
Escape Tracer.
He's behind me.
How far?
Tracer could be up
there on hill, waiting.
I must elude him.
I will escape.
Mission must be accomplished.
Professor Marx,
demonstration at 9 o'clock.
Not much time.
Local police will interfere.
Garth, think.
Think of where you are.
Professor Marx must
not reveal his secrets.
Tracer, I will wait.
Tracer will depart.
Old town.
I will wait in the old town.
Professor Marx.
Oh, Sharon.
You startled me.
What are you doing working so late?
I thought I told you to
get a good night's rest.
I know.
I couldn't sleep.
There's been a lot of
excitement in town tonight.
Yes, I've heard about it.
It was on the late news.
I thought I'd better get back here early
and clear up some.
notes before I hand them over to the... the... the...
The Radio Telepathy files aren't here.
I'm sure I put them in the cabinet.
Did you move them, Sharon?
They're in here.
Your notes, your diagrams.
The whole thing, everything pertaining to
the project.
it's all in here.
I don't understand.
Why did you take them out of the cabinet
and put them into the briefcase?
I have to take them to someone.
He's a friend.
He's here on an urgent mission.
Take them to someone.
Our project?
What in the world's come over you?
He's waiting, please.
Come with me.
Come with you.
I can't explain it now.
Please, you've got to come with me.
Don't be absurd.
I'm not going anywhere.
Neither are you.
Now, give me those files.
What kind of nonsense is this?
Let me have the gun.
Now, I'll use it if I have to.
Please don't make me use it.
Now, suppose you tell
me what this is all about.
If you're in some kind of trouble,
I want to help you.
No, no, it's nothing like that.
Something happened
tonight while you were away.
Something that's so
important to all of us.
Important enough for you to steal,
to threaten my life?
Yes, yes, it's that important.
And I can prove it to you
if you'll just come with me.
Look, look, you've always
trusted me, haven't you?
Then trust me now, because
we haven't got any time?
What about our demonstration this morning?
The day we worked so hard for.
Do you mean to tell me your friend's
mission is more important than that?
I'm trying to tell you
that that is the mission.
The radio telepathy demonstration just
cannot take place today.
He's here somewhere, he's got to be.
You don't believe anything
I've told you, do you?
I want to believe you, Sharon.
And they got into the
professor's car and drove off.
That's all it was to it, Sheriff.
Any sign of those two psychos?
No, thanks, heavens.
Been quiet as church mouse around here.
Oh, that doctor, what's his name,
He came by.
What did he want?
Wanted to know the same thing you do.
Seemed to be in a big hurry, too.
Say where he's going?
Nope, he didn't.
Alright thank you, Ted.
Dan, I think I know where he went.
We'd better go back to town.
The Tracer.
Maybe the Tracer's got him.
Sharon, please.
Where's Sharon, Professor?
Over there.
That old building.
She's looking for someone called Garth.
She's been telling me that...
You better wait here.
You'll get you.
A second.
We can't just stand here
and let him kill the girl.
I'm going out there.
The Tracer is using her to lure us to him.
The trick is working to our advantage.
We must hurry, Professor.
You'd leave without trying to help her.
He's been trained to ignore
human feelings, Professor.
Dr. Mason knew the risk she was taking.
That's only because you
forced your will on her.
You're more monstrous than the Tracer.
If that is true, one life is
a small sacrifice to make
if it will free tomorrow's
world of such monsters.
He's not injured, Professor.
He's only paralyzed for a short while.
Tracer would have killed him.
You could kill me.
Right here.
And your mission would still be a success.
Not completely.
The success of my mission depends on how
you use the knowledge you gain of my time.
What will this Tracer do when
he finds out you've escaped?
I must leave now.
I know.
Well, Doctor, there's one
thing I can sure believe.
That is a real...
What'd you call that thing?
Half human, half machine.
Programmed to kill.
Take me with you, Garth.
I cannot.
I want to be with you.
I need you.
And you need me.
Sharon, all the things that you have done
have not been your own desire.
It was necessary for me
to force my will upon you.
That is evil, but it is over with it.
After I have gone, you'll be free of my
will, you will no longer care.
I will care.
I will.
I love you, Garth.
And you love me.
You know that's true, because
you came back to save me.
Yes, that is true.
You must remain here in your own time,
- Garth!
- Listen to me, trust in what I say.
When I return to my own time with the professor,
the world of the future will change.
The professor will not reveal his
scientific breakthrough at 9 o'clock.
From that moment on, every event in the
future will be altered.
Some things will change just a little,
others will not occur at all.
But my mission is a success.
I will not exist in the
world of the future.
After 9 o'clock, you will
have no memory of me.
And all the things that have happened
since I arrived will not take place.
Carl, what time do you have?
It's exactly nine o'clock.
After nine o'clock, you'll
have no memory of me.
And everything that
happened since I arrived...
will not take place.
Don't worry.
I've never known the professor
to be late for anything yet.
He'll be here.
I guess this is the most
important day of his life.
You might say it's his moment of truth.
In a way, it's mine too, you know.
They accept this development.
We may move the whole operation back east,
New York probably.
Think you'll find your answer there,
Sharon, in the city?
Good morning, Professor.
How was the lecture last night?
The lecture.
Oh fine, fine, thanks.
Is anything wrong?
You're feeling all right?
I feel better than I ever
have in my whole life.
Gentlemen, you've come...
to witness the most important experiment,
an experiment that demonstrates the
development of a revolutionary
communication system, radio telepathy.
I must disappoint you.
There'd be no demonstration today.
No demonstration.
I don't understand, Professor Marx.
We were under the impression you were now
ready to reveal your development.
Yes, that's true, Mr. Secretary.
I was ready.
But a matter of...
of utmost importance came to my attention,
a matter I had completely overlooked until
earlier this morning.
While going over my final notes,
I suddenly became aware that the improper
application of such a system could result
in a scientific and social disaster.
Professor Marx, you're aware that a great
deal of time and money has gone into a
whole new kind of
defense strategy,
based entirely upon the success
of this new system.
I'm a scientist, gentlemen, not a
political or military strategist.
And as a scientist, I'm deeply concerned
for my fellow man.
I've come to the conclusion...
I've come to the conclusion that the
knowledge of radio telepathy at this time
would not be used for the peaceful
purposes I had intended.
The military temptation is too great.
The consequences far-reaching,
far beyond our present understanding.
if you will excuse me,
I'll get back to my work.
Gentlemen, I believe this
meeting has been concluded.
I'm very sorry.
I know how much you counted on...
Forgive me, it had to be this way.
Forgive you.
Oh, Professor, I've never
been more proud of you.
Here, here.
Don't waste all this
affection on me, young lady.
Now, the two of you, out.
I won't need any assistance today.
Well, Dr. Zellar, this
may sound a little brazen
to you, but are you doing
anything this afternoon?
It looks like I've got the day off.
You know something, Dr. Mason?
I was just about to ask you if you'd like
to come over at the house for a swim.
We'll have the pool to ourselves.
Carl, you've got a date.
Aces, Jay C.
Four of them.
Dan, if you weren't wearing that badge,
I'd swear you were a cheat.
Your deal, Jay C.
You want in, Sheriff?
Those were the days.
What'd you say, Sheriff?
Those were the days.
I should have been around 80 years ago.
Now, take Matt Dillon.
There was a law man who was alive in a
time where things really Happen?
Nothing ever happens around here.
Just a quiet, peaceful little town.