Cyborg Soldier (2008) Movie Script

[alarm goes off]
[woman over loudspeaker]
Security breach. Security breach.
[men grunting]
Hey, Matty.
[man on the radio] Dispatch to one-one-three.
Dispatch to one-one-three.
Are you there, Reardon?
Who wants to know?
Don't tell me you don't
recognize my sultry tones.
Are you reading
Cosmo Girl again? Don't start.
I told you not
to read that crap.
It doesn't work on me.
What do you want?
Hey, lover boy, I gotta
drive to grab some food.
Do you want anything?
Just a sec.
What are you gettin'?
Nah, I'm brown
baggin' it today.
Suit yourself. Say hi to
your future ex-girlfriend.
Is this another one of your
social calls or we're actually
making a living here?
The old man
Jenkins called in.
Something about
a trespasser.
Said the guy was dressed funny,
kind of military looking.
Said this guy was heading
across his property,
then he ducked in the old 48.
What the heck was he thinking
going into the old 48?
Well, old man Jenkins took a shot
at him. He didn't hit him, though.
This guy could be
in there for hours.
Or days.
Well, there's only
one way out of there.
Yeah, that's if
he finds it.
I'm about 30 minutes away from
the exit. I'll go check it out.
Are you sure?
There's nothing going
on here. I'm on my way.
Hey, Lins, don't be
afraid to call for backup.
I won't.
You know me.
How did he get out?
Out through
the duct system.
He inadvertently manages to
skip all our security stairs.
He's out of the complex
and across the yard
before we could even mark the exits.
There are people with
broken arms, broken legs.
A couple of fractured skulls.
So, he's precise.
I've sent off Mr. Beck
with his search team.
In the meantime, clear the
facility of nonessential personnel.
I'm gonna need statements
from all the victims.
That's gonna take
some time.
You know, Dr. Voller, I'm torn.
Part of me is apopleptic at
the thought that the program
has been compromised. If we don't
get this locked down in 24 hours,
we're gonna have a national crisis
of Brobdingnagian
proportions on our hands.
What's the other part?
I feel like a kid.
on Christmas morning.
He's doing just what
we programmed him to do.
One last thing.
The corporation sent security
of their own to investigate.
Oh, crap. Who?
How much time to tidy
up before she gets here?
Uh, she's already here.
Dr. Hart.
Ms. Fraser,
always a pleasure.
Got a lock on your
escaped convict? No?
Can I help you?
We're looking
for Deputy Reardon.
She's out on a call.
Something I can do for you?
Ship the old 48 exit, 'cause we
can't seem to find it on our maps.
That's just a name locals have
given an old mine north of here.
You wanna check it out.
The Inn down the road's
got some hand-drawn maps.
We are really in
a kind of a hurry.
I'm thinking, why don't you
just tell us where it is?
You wanna wait 'till
the sheriff gets back.
He can answer
any of your questions.
Are you are here alone?
[deputy yells]
Hey, there.
How're you doing?
Anyone who's grown
up around here
knows there's only one
way out of the old 48.
You actually made it.
What are you doing?
I'm running.
You running from something
or running to something?
I'm running.
Well, uh, it's pretty far
out here. Are you lost?
You, uh, you do realize that
you were trespassing, right?
[tires screech]
All right, sir.
Don't move.
Don't move, okay?
Just stay where you are.
to dispatch.
One-one-three to dispatch.
Larkin, are you there?
Matty, are you there?
Sir, do you
have a name?
Slr, I asked you
if you had a name.
We're closing in,
guys. Be ready.
A quarter mile.
Slr. Don't move
Sir, back behind
the car. Now!
I need your weapon.
Take cover.
Matt, come in.
Matt, this is
Lins. Come in!
Anyone there?
You came a long way.
I did.
It's time
to come home.
It's okay.
Come on.
I sorted everything out.
No more crazy exercises.
I do not believe you.
I'm giving you
a direct order, Soldier.
I will not comply.
I gotta tell you,
I think different.
Son of a...
He's dead.
He'll bleed out.
No, we didn't
hit him enough.
Give me the dispatch tape
to those two cops talking.
Someone plant that gun
back at the cop station.
Quit your whining.
Get him to medical.
Tell Hart the rabbit
is still loose.
And someone change
that flat tire.
You're bleeding.
It will stop.
That's it?
That's all you're
gonna say?
I saw what they did! I saw you
take those hits. Look at you.
You should be lying
in pieces back there.
Okay. You know,
I'm gonna pull over.
What do you mean no?
When there's enough distance between
us and them, I will let you go.
Turn off here.
You, uh, you gonna tell
me where we're going?
I am kind of the driver.
I don't know. Drive.
Who the hell
were those guys?
Who are you?
My name is Isaac.
(Hart) Isaac.
Intuitive Synthetic
Assault Commando.
I thought this guy was ex-death
row. Sounds more like a robot.
No, he's human. Issac is
the classified project name
for which our elusive friend
is the opponent's prototype.
"I" for intuitive, because he
can instinctively reason his way
through any
combat situation.
This is where being a convicted
murderer comes in handy.
Actually, his brain's
been modified.
All his natural senses
have been heightened.
He's the purest example
of the human animal.
He's been reprogrammed for
just one thing. Survival.
"S." Synthetic.
His physical makeup has been
enhanced with selected D NA,
and his molecular structure
has been intensified with a
variety of synthetic polymers.
So he's kind of a best of a
best scenario on a genetic level.
Yes, exactly.
And as with
most amphibians,
if you cut off their tail,
they'll grow a new one.
Thanks to recent advances
in nanotechnology,
Isaac is the world's
first regenerative human.
Nanorobotics, to be
more precise, Ms. Fraser.
The technology of engineering machines
that function on a microscopic scale.
Yeah. They're strictly
a hypothetical concept.
Actually, we've had the
technology for over a year.
Isaac's blood stream is
literally swarming with nanobots.
He suffers even the
slightest damage,
they all work together to rebuild him.
Like a little
molecular pit crew.
To what extent? I mean, can he
sustain puncture wounds, gunshots?
Oh, yeah.
He's bulletproof?
No, no. He's not bulletproof.
He's bullet resistant.
If you shoot Isaac enough, like a lot
of times, you might be able to kill him.
But generally speaking, our buddy
is a walking self-healing machine.
His metabolism
is off the charts.
He's like a friend of yours
who keeps eating and eating
and never gains a pound.
I would know. I'm that
friend for my friends.
So, autonomous assault
commando. You can imagine.
Yeah, I can imagine. So, what
are we doing sitting around here?
You need to know what
you're up against. Excuse me.
Simon Hart.
Well, that is
most unfortunate.
What? What do
you smell?
Well, whoever it was,
they sure left in a hurry.
Judging from the width of those
skid marks, it was pretty heavy.
Possibly military.
Which would seem to
support the presence
of these nine-millimeter
shell casings.
No manufacturer's stamp.
They used military
Now, we got a concentration
of shell casings over here.
So, whoever did the shooting
got out, kept on firing.
We got boot prints over
there by the side of the road.
Heavy treads, size 11 or so.
A lot of big boys.
So what were they
shooting at?
So, whoever your
theoretical military guys
were theoretically
aiming for...
Theoretically ruptured
their engine block.
Darn it.
You keep another
container of oil?
Another container of oil
might allow us to continue.
A helpful hint
though that might be.
Still doesn't change the
fact that I don't have one.
But thanks,
Captain Logic.
My name is Isaac.
Right. Your
name is Isaac.
How could I forget?
We need to
keep moving.
Yeah. Great.
Your dispatcher's
likely been killed.
Well, you don't
know that.
You weren't able
to reach him earlier.
So? That doesn't
mean anything.
If your dispatcher's
been killed,
that would explain why he
didn't take your radio call.
That's only logical.
If you're lucky, I will
be captured soon,
and you will no longer
be of any use to me.
If not, they
will find you
and they will kill you
after you've led them to me.
Who are they?
That information
is classified.
Well, Matt isn't dead.
You've a personal
connection with him.
We're friends.
You were friends.
All available evidence
points to his elimination.
You know, you don't know
what you're talking about.
Personal connections
are counterproductive,
and they need to be
avoided at all costs.
They make one
emotionally vulnerable.
Is that your, uh,
philosophy of life?
What is this,
this mission?
We need to keep moving.
(Fraser) So, we're dealing
with a sentient being?
Issac, on the other hand,
experiences neither emotion nor pain.
It's human. Was.
Hasn't occurred to you that he
might've broke out for a reason?
Some kind
of memories?
We wiped his memory.
A toaster doesn't burn your bread
because it was abused as a child.
Dr. Voller will remain
here in constant contact.
Ms. Fraser will accompany me
to where Isaac was last seen.
There's a load of people back at head
office who'd be interested to know
that their investment is out there
running around unaccounted for.
Just a couple
of concerns.
Time is of the essence.
Ms. Fraser, you go ahead.
Just let me confer with
Dr. Voller for a minute.
What are you
exactly doing?
She's been debriefed
a whole half an hour.
She was gonna find out sooner or later.
I decided it was gonna be sooner.
I don't want her
left here alone.
What do you think
she's gonna do?
It's not what I think.
It's what I know.
I don't want her nosing
around here unattended.
She's a security expert
I don't want her anywhere near
the project's computer systems.
She's a woman.
In charge.
Do you trust her?
Ah, that looks promising.
No, really,
go ahead.
(Fraser) I know you guys
are scientists and all,
but next time you wanna build a
synthetically modified super soldier,
The problem with installing
a beacon within Isaac
is that it makes him extremely
vulnerable to enemy forces.
You can't
scramble the code?
We built an analog superhero
for a digital world.
We have to find
him the old-fashioned way.
See, you know,
what you're doing
it's just kinda
freaking me out.
Why do you ask?
Oh, Jesus.
Who is Jesus?
You speak
of him a lot.
Yet, he never answers.
Is he dead as well?
Sometimes I wonder.
When I'm finished
repairing myself,
I'll require food.
Oh, ha-ha,
you eat, huh?
I do.
[bullet drops]
Aren't you cold?
Well, do me
a favor.
When you're, uh,
done with all that,
won't you put
this on, huh?
Hey, uh, Issac.
Are you, um,
are you human?
I do not understand
the question.
Well, you know,
like, um,
where did you
come from?
Do you, uh, do you
have a family?
Oh, dear.
Did you lose
your memory?
Why were you
on the road?
Well, you know,
except running.
Leaving, huh?
Leaving from what?
Did you locate food?
[bullet drops]
Why are there
heads on the wall?
Animal heads
on the wall.
Oh, um, it's a
hunting cabin.
People hunt animals.
For their heads?
Well, no.
Where are you going?
Outside to scout
the area.
You remain here.
Is anyone there?
Please, is anyone there?
Can you hear me?
This is Deputy Lindsay Reardon.
This is an emergency.
Anyone, please.
[telephone rings]
It's me.
It's me.
Yeah. Just send me
those coordinates.
We got a VP R lock
on Reardon.
She tried using
a two-way radio.
Mr. Beck was using a voice recognition
program. He's triangulated the position.
It's less than
50 miles from here.
Kudos Mr. Beck.
[engine Ignition falters]
Come on. Come on.
[engine Ignition falters]
[engine starts]
Thank you.
Where are you
going, Lindsay?
I will drive.
You know, I wasn't gonna leave you
back there. Just, just so you know.
And you're welcome,
by the way.
I'm welcome.
Yeah. You know,
I found the car,
driving the car.
We're getting away in the car.
They were here.
Yeah. Now they
have transportation.
One thing doesn't
make sense to me.
Why would Issac take
this Reardon hostage?
What's his motive?
We don't know that
she is a hostage.
What we do know is that Deputy
Reardon's dispatcher was murdered
about the same time
we intercepted the phone call
from Reardon this morning.
Yeah, in cold blood.
You don't think
it was Reardon.
Now she's
an accomplice?
I don't have that information.
I don't know what her agenda is.
Either way, someone else
has knowledge of Isaac.
Makes this a national
security matter.
It means we have to
call the FBI, the NSA.
What? The F... what?
The FBI?
The FBI and the NSA don't
even know this project exists.
You know that
as well as I do.
But Isaac has been
programmed not to reveal
anything about his identity.
As long as the girl's with him,
she represents the threat, not him.
Simon! A law enforcement
officer was killed.
Which means there's an
investigation going on already.
I'm sure there is. We are
just not gonna be part of it.
How do you propose
we do this?
As I've been doing it.
With my own people.
Mr. Beck.
Dr. Hart.
What are your orders?
Search the area. Remove
any evidence they were here.
You heard him. When you finish,
burn It down.
It's under control.
Not a lot going
on around here.
Reduces the possibility
of recognition.
It also reduces the possibility
of us eating any time soon.
And that noise you hear
like it sounds
like a muffler,
well, it's my stomach.
My blood sugar
is in the basement.
You really are gonna need to
head towards civilization soon.
Your points are
being considered.
That is your name?
Yes. And it would be really nice
if you used it every now and then.
You make me feel like I'm spending time
with a real life and not a creepy human.
It was just
a suggestion.
I was using
your name.
It's a start.
Isaac, stop the car.
Stop, stop, stop,
stop. Stop, please.
Isaac, stop the car!
Stop! Stop the car!
Thank you.
Calm down. I'm a Deputy Sheriff.
Tell me what's going on.
We were driving and we had a
flat tire. So, I told Katie,
"Please, stay in the car.
Look after your baby sister. "
She said she had to take
the dog out because he had
to go to the bathroom.
I tried to fix it.
I went to check on the kids,
Katie, she'd gone with the dog.
The dog came back,
but Katie didn't come back.
I don't know where she is!
Just calm down, okay?
Do you have
a cell phone?
Did you call 911?
Yes, I called them,
but I can't get through.
Okay. This is what
I want you to do.
I want you to go up the road,
and see if you can get cell reception.
Why are you hiding?
Are you afraid?
I got lost.
But your mother,
she's far from here
and she cannot hear you.
I can take you to her.
[whining voice]
Oh, Katie.
Oh, sweetie!
What's your name?
My name is Isaac.
Thank you, Isaac.
Thank you.
We cannot take
you with us.
We must go.
You built a Gollum.
What are you
talking about?
It's a creature
from Jewish relig...
Yeah, I know what
a Gollum is.
When you track Issac down.
Exactly how do you plan to stop him?
That's what the boys
in black are for.
So much for
your Gollum.
We traced
a cell call.
From whom?
Someone called 911 about a missing daughter.
She called back. Canceled.
Asked for a
tow truck instead.
Said she was helped
by a deputy sheriff.
A woman deputy sheriff.
And guess what?
She was accompanied by a man.
50 miles east of here.
Not many towns in the area.
I think they're gonna head north.
Our hard work is done here, Mr. Beck.
We'll run parallel to you on highway five.
You continue to monitor all
calls or radio transmissions.
Just let's get
this son of a bitch.
[tires screech]
Coffee, please?
You got it.
How about sugar?
So, um, what's
good here?
Eggs special
won't kill ya.
I'll have that with hash
browns and a Cherry Coke.
What about
your boyfriend?
Honey, what do
you want to eat?
I'd like page two, Delores.
What do you want
on page two?
All the items.
We've been, you know,
driving all night.
Uh-huh. Back
in a jiff.
Mm. Don't.
I'm going to the
little girl's room.
Can you try not to eat
things while I'm gone?
I require
food, Lindsay.
It's coming.
Soon. Okay?
I got a coat
just like that.
Let's push on
a little farther.
Two-seven to
base, come in.
Come in, two-seven.
Yep. Everything's
okeydokey out here.
We're gonna take
five and grab a bite.
Roger that,
That was a slow night.
Delores, a little
service here.
I'm coming.
Hold your horses.
Sheriff's office.
Lindsay. I'm glad you called.
I'm worried about you.
I have been trying to
get a hold of Larkin.
Larkin's dead.
What happened?
There's a lot of people here that
hope you can shed some light on that.
What do you mean?
Have you watched the news?
They're saying you did it.
Your gun. They...
We found it here in the office.
Matty's throat was cut,
and you shot twice.
We've got the slugs and the brass.
You have to believe me.
I didn't kill Matty.
Lins, look,
I believe you.
I'm not throwing in with those
guys. I've known you a long time.
They think they've got
a case against you.
This whole thing will be cleared
up quick if you surrender yourself
to the proper authorities
and trust it'll work itself out.
Got you.
Lins? Lins?
[cell phone rings]
All right. Route 7. Highway 19.
You gotta get there
quick and intercept them
before every government
agent 50 miles arrives.
We're two minutes
behind you.
Reardon just called in.
They traced it.
[tires screech]
Come on,
Let's go.
Your food is here.
I'm not feeling very
well. Let's go.
What about the check?
Oh. yeah.
You know, if my head wasn't screwed
to my shoulders, I'd forget that, too.
Keep going.
Place your weapon
on the table.
Take it easy
there, mister.
Do as I say.
All right.
Find the freaking
key, Don!
Get up!
Get in the car.
Wasn't that your Elky?
The man and the woman
are still in there?
They left in
his Elky.
Give me the 50.
Go, go go!
There they are.
Yeah. I think I just...
I just banged my head.
[engine revs]
Ram him.
I hope he was
wearing a seat belt.
Isaac, don't let go.
Listen up, people.
We're here in pursuit
of an individual,
we believe to be
Deputy Lindsay Reardon.
I have some questions
to ask you.
No questions.
Oh, fuck.
Yeah. Yeah,
okay. Good.
It's a watershed culvert that
drains into three rigs below.
We're gonna have
to search all of them.
Way this weather's coming,
it's gonna take us a while.
If they're down there,
we will find them.
I'm sure you will, Mr. Beck. Before
you do, you have to clean up this mess.
The authorities are gonna be here soon.
When they get here, we have to be gone.
You understand?
Yes, sir.
The bad news is I don't think
they're gonna find them.
Which means it's highly likely
they're still on the run.
You'd like to hear
the good news?
The good news is, Isaac is still
performing well beyond the expectations.
They were men, Simon. Not
nameless stats on some report.
They were real men.
Men with families.
You show me the war that ever excluded
men with families from the battlefield.
This is not your personal
crusade. People are in danger.
You need to inform the proper
authorities of what happened here.
What do you think your
employers will think of that?
They funded the project.
I would think that makes them
tacitly responsible as well.
As are you, Ms. Fraser.
Nice try, Simon.
I'm not playing that game.
It's not a game.
I, uh, I need to rest.
Did you hear me?
Really, I need
to rest.
We haven't
heard anything.
They retreated.
Does that help you?
When you touch that.
I like to
think it does.
Your hand is hot.
Are you all right?
My body temperature is high
due to my metabolic rate.
You're frigid.
Yeah, well,
I'm, uh, I'm tired.
And it's cold.
There is snow on the ground
if you haven't realized.
I can keep you warm.
It's better.
Just don't get
any ideas, okay?
I do not
The story of my life.
I, uh, I felt
you twitch.
They're coming.
Did you sleep?
I have what could be
construed as rest periods.
Do you dream
when you rest?
Sometimes I see
images in my head.
I mean, like memories?
I do not always recognize
the people in them.
You saved my life.
Thank you.
Have you always
been like this?
Do you know
who you are?
That information
is classified.
But do you know?
You don't know, do you?
You know, we could
actually find out.
I do have a little experience
in tracing people's pasts.
Let me see your hand.
We need to keep moving.
Just show me
your hand.
Looks like they didn't
want you to know.
Your fingerprints, see?
They've been burned off.
You see?
See how I have mine?
Not this one.
Let me see.
Looks like those healing
abilities actually come in handy.
You should know
who you are, Isaac.
'Cause a person's history
defines who they are.
And this fingerprint
will tell us?
It could tell
us a lot.
Just gotta get
out of here first.
They were here, but they're
gone now. We're heading back up.
Suit yourself.
Something you'd
like to add?
Come on, let's go.
N ice truck.
It comes with a phone.
Do you think you can
get this thing started?
All right, get in.
Yes, Ms. Fraser.
This creation of yours,
he might be easier to find
if we had some idea
where he's going.
I don't believe
he knows.
Maybe he went
back home.
What do you
mean by home?
Back to the lab.
Well, forgive me, but I think
that's... it's highly unlikely.
At the end of the day
it's all he really knows.
If that was his plan, he could just
sit there and wait for an armed escort.
He's made every
effort to elude us.
Let's just call it a hunch.
I'm heading back up.
Yeah, I'd like to report a
sighting on the Deputy Reardon.
The one who
killed her partner.
Yeah. No, I'm
sure it was her.
The farmers' market
on route nine.
Yeah. She was
driving a green Elky.
My name?
Mrs. Isaacson.
Come on, come on, come on.
Let's go, guys.
Come on. Hurry. Hurry.
Look at that.
Small-town cops.
They're fast, huh?
[sirens wailing]
They're going.
All right.
Let's go around
the back.
Just one.
I got something.
Who's Wesley Hall?
You are.
It says you were charged with
three counts of first degree murder.
Four years ago.
Who did I kill?
Who did I
kill, Lindsay?
I don't know.
It says you're dead.
I'm not dead.
I know that.
Let me close out this file.
I know where to go next.
My name is
Wesley Hall.
Sh. He might
hear you.
But Lindsay, my name
is Wesley Hall.
And I'm trying
to read this.
It says you were killed three
years ago trying to escape prison.
Can you find out
who I killed?
I'm still looking.
I need air.
Your name was
Wesley Hall.
And you killed
your wife.
You killed your,
your two daughters.
You murdered
your family.
You don't
remember, do you?
I have no memories.
I have no memories.
The facility's close by.
How do you know?
'Cause that's the first
thing I saw when I escaped.
You ran a long way.
It's right there.
Lindsay, please.
Listen, I tried.
I ran every personal bioprogram
we have again and it leads nowhere.
We have to find him.
That's why we go back.
We find the original tissues.
Why no?
They weren't collected with the
intention of creating a new Isaac.
But in given time.
Time is what he haven't got.
I haven't got another
two years worth of funding
to start all
of this from scratch.
I spent 20 years developing
this from nothing but an instinct
for the possibilities into
the math and the chemistry
and that countless
clinical trials.
The set back after set back.
The begging for funding.
And I created a new man!
Oh, dear God.
They're Tinkertoys
by comparison.
And you think I'm gonna let that be
ripped out of my hands the last minute?
So that when he's found,
somebody else can conceal my work
like a change in hair color or a
change in race and take the credit?
I spent 20 years in the
shadows for one thing.
Because everything
Isaac is, is mine.
You lost him,
you find him.
I kill, Lindsay.
It's what I've been
programmed to do.
But I don't know why I
would've wanted to kill them.
This must end.
Where are you going?
I must stop it.
They'll kill you.
Then I'll die.
Hey! It doesn't
work like this.
Don't follow me.
Yeah, yeah.
Just one more variation.
All right.
Late for April fools.
That's true.
I'm sorry, I don't
get the joke.
I know about Isaac.
I know everything. Sit!
Yeah. I got an idea.
Why don't you put the gun down
and we can have a proper chat.
I'm fine.
Chat away.
Okay. But I find it kind of difficult to
talk with a weapon in my face. It's a...
Shut the hell up.
Tyler. Don't even
think about it,
unless you wanna sip supper through
a straw for the rest of your life.
So, what do you
know about Isaac?
A couple of things.
This and that.
I prefer to hear them
in your own words though.
With the test we ran, all his
capabilities were flawless.
Simulating missions, control circumstances,
he performed beyond expectations.
He was the definition of a killing
machine, but It was simulated.
And that wasn't enough.
No. We had to see it
with the real thing.
So that's when I decided
to use prisoners.
We needed to test to see if
he would kill on command.
He would be
executed anyway.
Oh, well. Sticky death
penalty issues aside.
I'm not a politician.
I'm a scientist.
Keep talking.
Isaac's Ideology
for whatever reason
couldn't support
killing in cold blood.
To kill a person that didn't impose
a direct threat or perceived danger
put his psyche into a crisis point
and he was forced to make a decision.
He broke out.
Let me just ask you
something, Ms. Fraser.
When the time comes for you to
make that life or death decision,
do you think you'll be
able to pull that trigger?
I don't know.
It's your lab.
Do you want
to test me?
So, let's talk
about Wesley Hall.
No. No, just listen
to me, okay?
Get them to Grantford right now.
So you want me
to call in the FBI.
No. I want you to turn to the FBI
agent who's standing right next to you
and have him call the closest field
office and get them here right now.
Did you have enough time to trace my phone
call or do you need the address again?
No, we're good.
[alarm goes off]
For a scientist,
you are stupid.
Well, Ms. Fraser,
any other brilliant plans?
It's Isaac.
Uh. He wa...
He was just here!
Switch cameras.
Where the hell is he?
You must be Isaac.
I know who you were.
I was Wesley Hall.
I was a convicted murderer.
No, you were
a scientist.
You were
Simon Hart's partner.
Why would I've
killed my family?
I don't know.
Maybe Simon.
I think maybe he had
something to do with it.
Okay, okay, okay.
I'm on your side.
Really? Then why were you
following us? I saw you with them.
Where's Isaac?
He's back there.
Take me there.
You're making a
very big mistake.
Deputy Reardon.
Oh, shit.
If Isaac was paying me a visit,
you couldn't be far behind.
You guys come any closer,
I'll blow her brains out.
I haven't seen anybody's brains
blow out in about a day now.
I'm serious.
As a heart attack?
You'll be doing him a favor.
I know about Wesley Hall.
Lindsay, please.
You're outgunned.
I suggest if you wanna see
your friend Isaac again,
you put the gun down now.
Let's say right now.
Simon Hart.
N ice to meet you.
Hey, soldier,
welcome home.
Wait 'till you see what
I'm gonna do to you now.
I gotta admit, boy.
You're fast.
Yes, I am.
Hello, Wes.
What do you think
of our security snare?
Very specific
microwave frequency.
Throws every nanobot into your
system in a complete disarray.
Must be terribly painful.
Oh, oh, by the way,
thank you for your time, Deputy,
but I'll no longer
be needing your help.
God you're
looking well, Wes.
Minus a few hundred
bullet hits, of course.
You always were the sentimental
type, weren't you, Wes?
You wanna go
along with me?
When I suggested using
inmates for our experiments,
you thought they should
be volunteers. Volunteers!
You saw how well the volunteer service
worked out for the armed forces.
Deserters by the
hundreds overseas.
Public outcry over the deaths of thousands
of this country's best and brightest.
Meanwhile, a host of rapists, thugs
and killers taking up space behind bars
at tax payer's expense.
Prisons full of potential soldiers.
They rejected society.
They should be the volunteers.
But you wanted to save that
privilege for yourself?
Started testing the phase
one drugs on yourself.
having no idea I already
made extensive contacts
within the military industrial
complex endorsing my plan.
And you found out and it
just jeopardized everything.
You said you could
no longer trust me.
Let me tell you,
a little lack of trust between business
partners is a dangerous thing.
You killed my family.
No. Mr. Beck did.
Mr. Beck killed
your family.
But once you were found guilty of their
murders, it did make things go more smoothly.
Although you didn't make it easy to
replicate your phase one research.
Something about all
your files being destroyed.
It's just why I arranged to have you brought
back here for phases two through four.
Out of professional
respect for you, of course.
You know what, Wes?
I'm gonna fry your brain until there's
only enough left to spoon into a test tube.
And I'm gonna scrape up the
D NA and the tissue samples,
and I'm gonna
build you again.
Only this time I'm
gonna do it right.
See? You're not the
only superhuman here.
You all right?
Yeah, I'll be
all right.
Thank you,
Lindsay Reardon.
Open up your hand.
You gotta bad guy
to catch.
Okay, hold it.
Put your hands on
your head. Do as I say.
Okay. Look, I'll do whatever you say.
Just get the hell in there.
Get on your knees.
Get on your knees!
No, not me.
In there!
Listen, Isaac...
Isaac, please. Please.
Listen. Listen to me.
It all ends here.
Your programming won't
allow you to self-destruct.
You never did
understand human nature.
Oh, really?
You have to be human.