Cyclone (1978) Movie Script

(suspenseful synthwave music)
- Now ladies and gentlemen,
there's an island nearby
with a lighthouse and
a beautiful coral reef.
I'm gonna take you there so
you can see the beautiful fish.
(motor sputtering)
(motor whirring)
(Christmas whimpers)
- Scram, you little rat,
or I will use you for bait!
(Christmas whines)
- I convinced Daniel about this tour
even though I'm more
than six months pregnant.
- You're very daring, Monica.
I wouldn't have done it.
- I didn't want to waste my
husband's one yearly vacation.
- Don't you have any pains?
- It's just a little annoying,
but I don't pay any attention to it.
We're going to have our third child.
And you?
When are you and Mickey going to have one?
- Mickey wants to finish school first,
then we'll see, he said.
- You're both very young.
There's plenty of time for it.
(suspenseful synthwave music)
(telegraph ticking)
(horn blows)
- Captain Patraza, the
meteorological office
just sent this urgent notice.
- Jaras, we're going to have bad weather.
There's a cyclone just
200 miles from here.
- What?
At this time of the year?
It looks beautiful!
- Well in a few hours it won't be.
Cyclone is moving at a velocity
of 29 to 38 miles per hour
now, but it's gonna increase.
As long as it doesn't change course,
we'll only get the tail.
Lieutenant, take the necessary precautions
not to allow any fishing boat
or other vessel to leave port,
and order those who are in open sea
to return to port immediately.
- Right away, Captain.
- You, Perez, take charge
of alerting the town.
Stay in contact with the
meteorological office
in case the cyclone changes course.
- Very well, Captain.
(peaceful music)
- Oh, thank you, Father!
You're so kind to a woman
who's traveling alone.
(Priest chuckles)
- Why do you call your
little dog Christmas?
- She was born the same time as Jesus,
midnight on Christmas Eve.
Isn't that remarkable?
(Priest laughs)
(man exclaims)
- I got it! (laughs)
You see?
You didn't believe it, huh?
- After three hours, you did something.
- Its meat is no good.
You can't eat that.
- That's the island I mentioned.
We'll anchor there for fishing
and to take some photographs.
(airplane engine roaring)
- Your attention please,
ladies and gentlemen.
This is Captain Nelson Dawson speaking.
Right now, we are flying
above the Caribbean
at an altitude of 15,000 feet.
Our speed is 180 knots,
our ETA 20 minutes.
I hope you've enjoyed this trip.
On behalf of Carlber and our crew,
I wanna thank you for flying with us.
- Coffee?
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Are there a lot of sharks there, Linda?
- Don't worry, Tiersa.
They don't know how to fly.
You folks have made a long trip.
I hope that you're enjoying it.
Some day, I'd like to do the same.
- Oh yes, Miss.
You'd like Adicibaber.
It's a peaceful city.
- My savings would just
let me take a short tour.
- Thank you.
- Coffee?
- No thanks.
When I finish studying,
I'm gonna study the sea.
- Not cosmography?
- Nah.
I've decided I don't like the sky.
- Then what?
- The sea, the depths of the sea,
its thousands of inhabitants.
So many beautiful things in the sea.
I'm gonna be an oceanographer.
- You're joking.
You don't even know how to swim.
(airplane engine roars)
- Your company is very
appreciated in port, Mr. Taylor.
- The largest branch of Taylor
Lobsters right in this port.
I give work to over half the population.
That's why it's important
I get in there today.
- Some problem?
- We businessmen have
only one problem, unions.
Now the workers wanna form a cooperative.
I gotta get in there and
convince them to forget about it.
- Don't you think they
have a right to do it?
- Rights?
I give 'em more than their rights!
Loans at low interest rates,
a good price for the
lobsters they bring me,
schools for their kids,
financing for their
fishing boats and houses.
What else could they want?
- I don't know, I am a doctor,
not a fisherman's leader.
- That bastard Brown.
He had to send us off on
a special flight today,
and it's my day off!
And I had a date with a
stewardess you wouldn't believe.
- Don't complain, and you need some sun.
- Oh.
- In one hour, we'll be with two chicks
having a ball on the beach with them.
(airplane engine roars)
(ominous music)
- Pitorro!
They told us by radio
that there is a cyclone.
- That's better, so we
can finish filling up.
- And if we're caught
up by the rough weather?
- Just wait, Carmelo.
In a little while, we're
gonna go back like them.
(ominous music)
(gulls calling)
(wind howling)
(waves crashing)
(rain pounding loudly)
(thunder rumbling)
- Gentlemen, the weather's
changed its course suddenly.
She's heading towards us with winds
of more than 105 miles an hour.
We're going to have some problems.
(thunder booms)
(airplane engine roars)
- Come in Flight 125,
return to base immediately.
Dangerous atmospheric conditions here.
Permission to land denied.
The airport will remain
closed until further notice.
- Roger.
We're heading back to our departure point.
Over and out.
(airplane engine roars)
- We're going to be bumping
around in a few minutes.
I'll advise the passengers.
Take over.
Your attention please.
Due to bad weather conditions,
the airport has been closed
and we're forced to turn back.
Fasten your seatbelts,
refrain from smoking,
and please obey the
stewardess's instructions.
Thank you.
- Fasten your seatbelts.
Refrain from smoking.
Fasten your seatbelt.
Please, your seatbelt.
- Miss!
Miss, I wanna speak to
the captain immediately.
- Please remain calm, Mr. Taylor.
Fasten your seatbelt.
- I must speak with him.
I have paid for this special flight
and wanna make sure that
we reach our destination.
- You heard the captain, sir.
That is not possible now.
We're in the middle of a storm.
The airport is closed and we can't land.
- I've been flying for many years.
This little turbulence is not enough
to stop us from landing.
(airplane engine roars)
(man retching)
(thunder booms)
- Hey, have we reached port?
- No, it's impossible to
cross the channel now!
We're safe here.
The storm is stronger on the other side.
We'll wait here 'til it calms down.
- Why don't you turn off the motor?
We'll run out of gas!
- The anchor's too small
for this strong current.
The motor's helping to hold us back
so we won't crash into the rocks!
- Andrs, what's that?
- They're heading back.
It's gonna get rough.
(waves crashing)
- Let's go to the island.
We've taken shelter at its port.
- The cyclone's already got us!
- We've been through worse than this.
Help the rest of them bail water.
- Pitorro, they can't take it anymore.
The cargo's roped down.
Throw it over!
- You bastard!
Don't you dare cut that shrimp.
No one's gonna die, nobody gets scared.
We're gonna reach the
island or all go to hell!
(waves crashing)
(wind howling)
(thunder rumbling)
(baby screaming)
(airplane engine roars)
(alarm ringing)
(engine sputtering)
- Damn engine.
It's not going to be easy in this storm
with only one working.
(airplane engine roaring)
We're losing altitude.
(wind howling)
(airplane engine roaring)
(waves crashing)
- Pitorro, we've got a leak.
We're sinking!
- Damn it, Vali.
Try to stop it!
- It's impossible.
It's too big!
(waves crashing)
(wind howling)
(ominous music)
- Don't be afraid, dear.
I'll be close to you.
(airplane engine roaring)
(waves crashing)
- Better go abandon ship, we're sinking!
(waves crashing)
(airplane engine roaring)
- Mayday, mayday, mayday, Flight 125,
we're losing altitude,
mayday, mayday, mayday.
(airplane engine roaring)
(passengers screaming)
(passengers screaming)
(passengers screaming)
(seats thudding)
(passengers screaming)
(passengers moaning)
(suspenseful music)
- Stay together!
Follow me!
Get away from the plane!
(somber music)
(wind howling)
- Come this way.
Come on.
Come on.
- Lieutenant, excuse me.
They told me you could help me.
I've been looking for you
desperately all day in the port.
- Well, what can I do for you?
- I represent an
international tourist agency.
I have 12 people lost at
sea since this morning.
I never expected this cyclone to arrive.
- Well, we didn't either.
It surprised us all.
- I let them go and I stayed
to arrange last-minute details.
We should've left on our trip today!
- Well, most of the boats have come back.
Have you looked in other areas?
- Oh, I've looked everywhere!
Lieutenant, on that boat there is a child
and a pregnant woman!
- Calm down, calm down.
Come and give me all the details
and we'll do everything
possible to find them.
- Please sir, my two sons
went fishing this morning.
I don't know where they are.
They're only 12 years old.
Help me?
- My God, another one dead.
Everything's lost.
Thousands of dollars in
the bottom of the sea!
Thousands of dollars in
the bottom of the sea.
Thousands of dollars.
(thunder booms)
(thunder booms)
(thunder booms)
(waves crashing)
- Sick again.
(passengers yelling)
(waves crashing)
(passengers shouting)
(waves crashing)
(somber music)
(wind howling)
(waves crashing)
- Stay together.
(gulls calling)
(ominous music)
(water splashing)
- I'm very sorry, Mr. Montavo,
but we still haven't been able
to make contact with them.
- But my granddaughter
Tiersa's coming on that plane.
What could've happened?
- Please don't worry.
The plane was ordered back
to its departure point.
It must be there already but
can't communicate with us here.
I assure you that we'll have some news
of your granddaughter
before the day is over.
- And what do I do meanwhile?
You know that the telephone
and the telegraph are out of order,
and the only highway out is closed
because the dam broke
and the bridge collapsed.
- Please stay calm, Mr. Montavo.
You can stay here if you want.
I'm gonna rush my technicians
to repair the damages.
- We have to keep together.
It's the only way we'll survive.
- We're gonna die.
I know we're gonna die.
- That's enough, Mr. Taylor.
Where there's life, there's still hope.
- They have to find us.
They will find us!
- Bah!
- They have to find us.
- I don't feel my leg.
- They must be numb.
Hold on.
(somber music)
- Do you think they're
already looking for us?
- If you would've turned the motor off
when we were anchored,
we'd have enough gas
to be in port already.
- Perhaps if he'd done that,
we'd all be at the bottom of the sea.
- What do you care?
Don't all priests go to heaven?
- Please, gentlemen.
There's no point in arguing.
The only thing we can do is wait
(Christmas howling)
until they rescue us.
- Christmas!
(Christmas howling)
Where are you?
- Daddy, I'm thirsty.
- Excuse me.
- Good morning.
Good morning, everyone.
Beautiful morning.
What happened to the island?
The sea swallow it?
- The current carried us away.
- And where are we?
- I don't know.
The current carried us
quite a few miles away.
(Christmas whines)
- Don't worry, Christmas.
When my husband sees that
we haven't come back,
he'll send a whole fleet
of planes to look for us.
- That's if he wants to see you again.
- Dammit.
The current carried us out
of the navigation zone.
- This thirst is killing me.
- Why don't you drink up all the seawater
and leave me the fish?
Because I die of hunger.
- Hey, cachalote, shut up with
those stupid things, will ya?
- And what do you want us to do?
- Have faith in God.
He'll guide us to our rescue.
- You jerk, you're already
talking like a priest.
- Hey Pitorro, you think
they'll find us soon?
I don't think I'll last much longer.
Really, I feel awful.
- I don't know, Carmelo,
but don't you chicken out.
You have to be strong.
(light clacking)
(airplane engine roaring)
(somber music)
- I'm sorry, Carlota.
Everything indicates that
they were shipwrecked
near the island.
(waves crashing)
- The cyclone also hit those very hard.
I saw from the lighthouse
where the Comondu
crashed into the rocks.
Tried looking for some survivors,
but I couldn't find any.
- Yeah, bad luck.
They were probably caught by surprise
and didn't have a chance to do anything.
- Pitorro, he was so proud of his boat.
(waves crashing)
(suspenseful synthwave music)
- (gasps) I made it, I made it!
With two more like this one, we can eat!
- How do you suppose we're gonna eat them?
- Raw.
We're gonna eat them raw.
(suspenseful synthwave music)
- Get back!
Stay together no matter what you do!
(motorcycle engine whirring)
- I'm sorry, Mr. Montavo.
The plane never reached
its departure point.
I'm afraid they went down in the sea.
- How could it be possible?
My God.
You've got to find her.
- The coastguard will keep on searching.
Remember, Mr. Montavo,
not only your granddaughter's
plane is lost.
There are others.
10 fishing boats, a boat full of tourists,
and here in port there
are hundreds of losses.
The physical and material
damages are horrible.
This has been the worst
cyclone ever to hit this area.
- Listen, the only thing I care about
is seeing my granddaughter safe and sound.
My poor little Tiersa, she's just a child.
- I'm sorry, I'm really sorry,
but I can't assure you of anything.
Have faith in God.
- Faith.
Faith is the only thing
I have at this point.
- What if some of them had survived?
What would they eat?
How could they survive in the sea?
- If they did fall into the sea,
hope to God they're all dead
because survival in the
sea without food or water
is a fate worse than death.
- I'm telling you the same
thing I've told everyone.
We're doing everything
possible to find your family,
and we're hoping in the end
that we'll find them alive.
- Yes, sir?
- Get the information from these people
so we can advise them as
soon as we have any notice.
- Right away, Captain.
(women shouting over each other)
Ladies, ladies, please, take it easy.
One by one.
Now, what is your name and
what is your relative's name
and what boat is he on?
- I'm the wife of Pedro Cruz.
- I'm Mr. Cruz's legitimate wife.
This one's just living with him.
Look, these are our children!
- And what about this?
This is Cachalote's child, too.
- Please, ladies, we are not
here to discuss this problem.
And you?
- I'm Fernando Pacheco.
My son Carmelo is lost.
- I'm the wife of Jose Gomez, the Pitorro.
- Eat, after the first
bit, it'll taste better.
- Oh, I can't eat that.
I can't let Christmas eat it, either.
- I advise you, eat it.
- Oh no, Christmas,
you'll get a stomachache.
- I got another!
It's a big one!
(water splashes)
That's the end of the fishing.
- Leave that fish alone, you goddamn dog!
(Christmas whines)
Leave that goddamn piece
of meat, you goddamn dog.
- Look!
(somber music)
- Looks like survivors.
Let's row towards them.
- They're coming towards us.
A boat!
(man moans with relief)
- Oh, it's closer.
Oh, they're here!
(passengers moaning)
Oh, let us in!
Please let us in.
- No, no, wait!
You're gonna turn the boat over!
Get back!
- Let us in, please!
- Let me get in!
- Let the women and the children first!
- [Man] Oh, please.
- Only the women and the
children and the wounded.
- My wife is very sick.
- Get in.
- Pitorro, they can't get in!
(passengers moaning)
- [Woman] Please.
- You think they're gonna find us?
- I don't know, we've
been lost for three days,
since our fishing boat sank.
- That's the same time
we've been in the sea,
since our plane crashed, and
lots, lots of people died.
- Our only hope is that they
rescue us before it's too late.
(suspenseful music)
- Commander, we received this message.
- The order is to cancel the
search and return to base.
But before we go, let's cover this area.
- What do the lines mean, Andrs?
- They show us how many
days we have been lost.
- Daniel, I'm very thirsty.
I must have some water.
- I'll give you water.
There is some in the icebox.
- Daniel, the water we have
left is from the melted ice
and will have to be rationed.
- Just a little bit for my wife.
- There's hardly any left.
It'll have to be strictly rationed.
- What do you mean, exactly?
- It means that from now
on, the water is controlled.
Only three fingers of the bottle a day.
- Water is necessary for survival.
I agree with the rationing.
- I don't, I have to have more than that.
Christmas needs water, too.
- That's definitely out.
No one is here going to
share the little water
we've got left with your dog.
- Christmas has a right to her ration.
I'm not going to let her die of thirst.
- I don't give a damn.
It's not having one drop of water!
- Calm down.
The only important thing is
that we all know our situation.
The water is rationed.
Sheila wants to share
her ration with her dog,
it's her choice.
Give water to your wife,
but remember the ration.
Tom, you help me watch the water.
- Gentlemen, in these last four days,
the search list increased.
They've been over everything
and have looked all around.
Now, there's nothing more we can do.
- Captain Pedraza, look a little bit more.
They could still be alive.
- There's a time limit, Mr. Montavo.
A logical end when there's
nothing more one can do.
- Logic.
When you are talking
about saving human beings,
there is no logic.
- I understand your grief,
but there are many others
that have lost their loved
ones in this cyclone also.
I'm sorry, sir.
- Sorry.
Sorry those who lost their dear ones.
For you, it's another task of your job.
- Mr. Montavo, if there's
anything more that can be done,
I assure you it will be done.
(ominous music)
- It's a boat!
- No!
It's our water.
- Just a little, please!
- Ours.
- Please!
- Ours!
- Please!
- Please, we're so thirsty.
- I won't allow it.
- Having them here is enough.
There's so little water.
- It's rationed, we can't share it.
- Wait a minute, just wait a minute.
- Let them drink.
I'll give them my ration.
For the love of God, let
them drink some water.
- Not for God or even my mother.
We need this water.
We already let them aboard.
There is nothing else we can do now.
- The children and the wounded,
they have to have some water.
- Calm down.
We won't get anywhere
fighting among ourselves.
We must get organized.
- We're all in the same situation.
Water is vital for our survival.
Why should we help them?
- Because they have as much
right to survive as we do,
and because we're all brothers.
- It's not fair.
We haven't had a drop of water in days.
Just a little, please.
- There is not enough to share.
- They should go back to the boat.
- You, shut up!
Give me the icebox.
Give it to me.
(ominous music)
(Christmas whining)
(dogs barking)
(icebox rattling)
- The last ration of water.
This is the last water
you'll have, so make it last.
- It's ready.
Let's see if it works.
- It's all the string we have.
- It's enough.
A piece of white cloth, I hope it works.
Like a feather.
- I hope it works.
- I don't know why it didn't occur to me.
- They are fishermen, they
know what they are doing.
(Christmas whines)
(Christmas whines)
- Thomas?
Would you like to make a deal with me?
- What?
- I'll give you $100 for
your ration of water.
- Lady, what good is $100 here?
The water is a treasure.
- Come closer.
Here's $1,000.
(Christmas whines)
Here, Christmas.
- Damn git!
(Christmas shrieks)
- No, give him to me!
What are you doing?
Give him back to me!
(water splashes)
(water splashes)
(Sheila screaming)
- The water's not for your dog!
- Enough, enough!
- Please! Please!
Oh give him to me, oh!
(Sheila sobbing)
(Christmas squealing)
(suspenseful music)
- Why did you save her?
- Because it's food, that's why.
(Tiersa whimpers)
(Christmas snarls)
(Christmas shrieks)
(Sheila screams)
- Wait, let's not waste the blood.
(Christmas squealing)
- Let's use it all.
This is for bait.
(Sheila sobbing softly)
(somber music)
(Sheila continuing to sob)
- Drink it, you're gonna need it.
- We've got to try something, Pitorro.
Can't go on hoping that they'll rescue us.
- Each day we have less hope.
No one will survive
without food and water.
- [Dr. Revus] You're going
to have a beautiful baby.
- At last, some food.
- Thanks to Christmas.
(Monica moaning)
- She's got a fever, Dr. Revus.
- I know, Linda, I know.
Tanya's not as critical as Carmelo.
- Don't worry, we'll make it.
- I was thinking about
my parents, my family.
- Don't be afraid.
Be brave.
(Monica moaning)
- I'm not afraid, I'm
hungry, like all of us.
- We'll make it.
(Monica screams)
- Help me, Linda, it's time.
Follow me.
Everybody out of the way.
(Monica sobbing)
(somber music)
Take it easy.
- I'd like to help also.
- Find some clean clothes.
- Give me your shirt.
- Take it easy, take it easy.
(Monica moaning)
Relax, relax.
Relax, Monica, relax.
Now a big push.
It's coming, I can see it!
It's coming!
Push, Monica!
It's coming!
(Monica screaming)
Push harder.
(uplifting music)
(baby cries)
I've got her.
(Monica laughing)
(Tiersa laughing)
(men laughing)
- Let me hold it for a little while.
Let me hold it for a little while!
- I think her parents should have her now.
- Yes, please, let me hold her.
- Doctor.
This is all I have.
You need it more than me.
- Thanks.
- What was his full name?
- Carmelo Pacheco.
- Here is, O Lord, the soul
of Your son, Carmelo Pacheco,
a humble fisherman on his
way to Your Holy glory.
(baby cries)
- You could use this as a
diaper to wrap the baby with.
- Thank you, you're very kind.
- I never had a child.
Yours is so beautiful.
May I give her a kiss?
- We must throw his body into the water.
Cachalote, help me.
- Your friend Manolo's gonna be next.
And then that woman.
- Shut up, you bastard.
- Wait.
We're all hungry.
We won't last much longer if we don't eat.
It's been days since we caught a fish
because we have no bait.
- What does that have to do with Carmelo?
- We could use something
of his body for bait.
Listen, we are all starving.
If we don't catch a fish, we'll die.
- He'll be thrown into the sea
and eaten by the fish anyway.
- It's not the same.
- Whatever you say, it's sacrilege.
- We just need a piece of flesh for bait.
- Nobody here will dare to cut him.
- They'll be condemned if they do it.
It's a great sin.
- Father, some time ago I read something
about the young men in the Andes
who were forced to eat
human flesh to survive.
- Who's gonna cut a piece?
(ominous music)
(Tiersa whimpers)
- Is it enough for the bait?
- Yes.
(baby cries)
- Throw his body into the ocean.
(water splashes)
(water splashes)
(suspenseful synthwave music)
- Pitorro, a shark.
It's coming.
It's getting closer.
Getting closer.
It's coming for the bait.
For the bait.
It's getting closer.
You got it!
(Pitorro grunting)
Look out, look out!
Look out!
(passengers shouting)
There's shark in the water!
- Oh no!
- It's gonna get him, there's a shark!
Look out!
(passengers shouting)
- Give me your hand, Pitorro.
- Goddammit.
Everything's lost.
- Yeah, our only hope for food.
(somber music)
The other injured is going to die soon.
- He has no hope.
We don't either.
- Every day the chances of us being found
become less and less.
We don't even know if
they're looking for us.
- Aldo.
- Yes?
- Don't let my parents ever know
what's going to happen to me.
- Nothing's gonna happen.
They will find us.
Just hold on.
- Without water and food, my
Tanya won't survive, doctor.
- Be brave, Professor Candor.
(airplane engine rumbles)
- Look, it looks like a plane!
- It is a plane!
- Hey!
- Here we are!
- Down here!
- We're down here!
- Over here!
Do you see us?
- Here we are!
- Please, over here!
- Everybody, he doesn't see us!
- Here we are!
- Help us!
- Down here!
- Please!
(passengers shouting)
- Look at us!
- Please!
- If only we had something to signal with.
- We could light a fire.
- Burn the boat?
- I wasn't thinking about
this one, the small one.
If we do it just at the moment
when a plane or a ship comes,
they will have to see the flames.
- I was thinking of using
it for another purpose.
We've got to try to get
to the mainland in it.
(rain rushes loudly)
- Hey, water!
(upbeat music)
- It's raining!
(passengers laughing and
exclaiming excitedly)
- [Man] Oh my God, it's raining!
(passengers laughing and
chattering excitedly)
(Taylor sobbing softly)
- We're all gonna die.
We're all gonna die!
I'm hungry.
- Shut up, you coward.
- I'm gonna die.
- At least thank God for having water.
- I'm gonna die.
I'm hungry.
(baby cries)
- What's wrong, Aldo?
Why didn't you tell us that Manolo died?
- I didn't want to accept it.
I thought he was sleeping.
- Aldo, Manolo is dead
and we must do the same
as with Carmelo.
Throw him into the water.
- No, he wouldn't have wanted it!
- We can't keep him here.
- You don't understand me.
Manolo and I talked a lot
about this possibility.
We've traveled all over the world
and we've seen many things
that have horrified us,
but are logical when the time comes.
(baby cries)
We're all dying of hunger.
God sent us the water and
now he sends us the food.
- Horrible things that you're saying!
That's enough!
- I think I understand, Aldo.
The Bible justifies it when it says,
"You will eat the fruit of your making,
"the flesh of your sons and daughters."
Yes, Father, Aldo is right.
We are all dying from not having any food.
And there is Manolo.
He died so we may continue living.
- Enough!
I will never permit this horrible crime.
- Why not, Father?
We've eaten a dog.
- What do you know of the will of God?
- And so you believe that it's
God's will that we all die?
He sent us an angel to also die,
and what about these two children?
They must also die by His will?
No, Father.
I'm not a believer.
I'm only interested in saving my life,
survival, and everyone here agrees.
- Cannibalism has existed
since the beginning of mankind,
when there's no other choice.
- Would you permit your
little boy to eat human flesh?
- If to save him from dying, yes, I would.
- Gentlemen, please.
This is worse than killing.
Besides, we can get used to it,
and we'd be waiting anxiously
for another one of us to die to eat.
It's disgusting.
- We'll only eat what's
necessary for survival,
and no one shall touch anyone
unless the relative agrees.
- I object.
Nobody in his right mind would
commit an act of cannibalism.
- Cannibalism or not, we're hungry.
- We'll salt it, and we'll be
able to eat it when it dries.
- You're a doctor.
Can this be done?
(ominous music)
- Yes, the human flesh
has all the proteins
necessary for survival.
- We'll vote on it.
- No, you will not commit
the worst crime against God.
- Then where was your
God when Santiago died?
When Carmelo died?
Where was your God?
Why didn't He do anything?
Why hasn't He rescued us?
(baby cries)
- All those who agree, raise your hand.
We have a majority.
(baby cries)
- Some of it is dry.
Anybody wants some, come and eat it.
(baby cries)
(Tiersa whimpers)
(baby cries)
(knife scraping against cloth)
- Hold it.
You think you'll make it, Pitorro?
- I'll take the lady, the
baby, and her husband.
I'll take some water.
- Take Vali, too.
He might help.
- All right.
We'll also take some meat.
- You two, go with Pitorro.
- Why can't she come with us?
- She's too sick.
- Here, you might need it.
- Thank you.
(somber music)
- I should've gone with the others.
- What's gonna happen to
us when we run out of meat?
- I don't know.
We'll wait.
Just wait.
- You hear, everyone?
My Tanya is not going to die.
- Calm down, no one is
going to touch your wife.
(suspenseful music)
- You won't touch her.
I promised it to her.
(water splashes)
(glasses clink)
- Leave the water!
- I didn't take anything!
- Let it go!
- Give it to me!
Give it to me!
- I'm gonna ration it!
- Let it go!
Let it go!
Look what you've done!
(passengers screaming)
(water splashing)
(passengers shouting)
- [Woman] Get the water out of here!
(passengers shouting)
- Get the water out.
- Look, a boat!
- It's a ship!
- There's a boat, starboard.
Let's go and pick 'em up.
(passengers shouting)
- Get out of here, get out!
- My God, it's going down!
- There's no use.
- Everybody out of there!
- Get out, get out.
- Help me out of here.
- Get up on top.
Hang on!
(water splashing)
- I reported your lost companions.
They will soon be rescued, too.
- Thanks, thanks so much.
- God help them.
(airplane engines roaring)
(suspenseful synthwave music)
(Taylor screams)
(people shouting)
(people shouting)
(airplane engines roaring)
(airplane engines roaring)
(airplane engines roaring)
- Hey! Hey!
(Aldo shouts)
(water splashing)
(water splashing)
(man shouts)
(water splashes)
(plane engine rumbles)
(passengers grunting)
(passengers grunting)
- Pull him in!
- Help me up!
(Sheila grunting)
Help me up!
Hurry, hurry!
(man shouting)
- Hey!
(airplane engine roars)
(synthwave music continues)