Cypher (2022) Movie Script


- 24, yeah.
- This is cool.
- Um...
- What is that?
- So I'm always in here
by myself, and I got alone.
So I was just like,
I need a man.
And then I said, I need
a man that's gonna stay.
So I got a white man.
- And he has a job.
You can tell by his shirt.
So yeah.
- I don't really dream.
It's crazy.
I don't really dream.
And people say, like--
which I do believe,
you dream every night,
but you just don't remember,
you know?
And if I do dream, it's like--
what's the last dream I had?
I don't know.
My dreams are like--
they end up
coming true almost,
so it's like--
it's, like, weird.
Like, it's like...
My mom used
to always holler at me, like,
for being too close to the TV
because I used to watch
"MTV Jams" all day long.
I just was addicted
to, like, seeing music videos.
I remember riding
in the back seat of her car
blasting a bunch of rap music.
She always played
Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes,
Ludacris, Jay-Z.
Just like--like, my mom
loved music so much.
We had this one assignment
where we had
to write our own poem.
It was spoken word.
And I was, like,
still really shy,
so like, I was so, so nervous.
So I went home,
and I wrote the poem.
And I studied it.
And I read it,
like, a million times.
I read it so much
that I realized
that I, like, memorized it.
I was the only one
that went up there
without, like,
a paper or anything,
and I just, like,
performed it.
Class went crazy.
Teacher went crazy.
And people were coming up from
other classes at lunch saying,
"Yo, we heard you be rapping.
Let me hear something."
So when I got that attention
and that love,
I was like,
wow, I like that feeling.
I went home.
I told my mom,
"I think I want to do this.
I want to, like,
start writing poems."
And then eventually,
I had so many raps.
Then there was
this specific day.
And my mom was like,
"Yo, let's get up.
"Let's go see Grandma.
We haven't seen her
in a while."
We were, like,
about three blocks down
from my grandma's house
in the middle of North Philly,
18th and Oxford.
And we seen a big group
of guys on the corner.
And I seen a guy with
a We Run the Streets hoodie.
And I knew that brand
from watching rap battles,
cyphers, like, DVDs.
And I'm just a little girl
with her mom.
And they like,
"What's up, shorty?
What you--what you want to do?"
Y'all want to hear something?
- Oh, here we go.
- I love it.
- So I'm like,
"Oh, I want to rap."
- Let them know your name, ma.
- You gotta tell him
who you is and all that.
- My name's Tierra.
So I jumped
right in the cypher.
Hey, yo, look.
They cop for me sloppily
Please approach me
used to be poverty
Now, I'm takin' all
your money like robberies
You're damn wrong if
you think you're hot as me
Some slangers
hitting lottery
But honestly,
it's honestly pottery
You need to stop slippin'
if you plan on stoppin' me
my flow is all chocolaty
I'm guaranteed
a record deal
On top near Lawrence Hill
You wet,
so imagine how Tierra feel
Rapping is my destiny
for these hysterectomies
That be testing me,
you're deaf to me
You're not hearing
what I'm sharing
I'm like
a noncaring parent
I'm not kidding
Just whatever I'm spittin',
written, is getting bitten
I'm still sickening
My flow is
on dookie booties
The chocolate movies,
they try to move me
Said, "Stella, I'm groovy"
Excuse me,
I swear I'm so fine
Two wives,
they screaming, "Oh, ma"
But you know why,
I never go by, yo
- Yeah.
Yo, that was good.
- Hold up. Hold up.
- Look. Look. Look.
- We rocking with it.
Hold up.

- But let's cut
to the chase
I ran fast
because I'm in the race
But I pace myself
I'm so hot,
every now and then, I melt
- Super raw and super real.
You don't see a girl
come into that environment
and then own that environment.
- Immature acts,
in fact, I never hold back
I used to rap
about bustin' gats
But now, we're off of that
- It takes guts.
It's like doing ballet
in the middle of, like,
a breakdancing routine.
- I tried,
I try not to be the best
But when you try hard,
you become success
I never stress,
I press these
And whenever I'm depressed,
I go in and I speak direct
I keep a hood
for my projects
And so, on the next
They put the video up
the same night.
I think it was, like,
a thousand, then 6,000.
Then the next day, 10,000.
Then it just kept going up.
Like, it went viral.
- All I saw was,
like, this young girl
with this pink thing on.
And I think by the time
I finished watching it,
was talking about it.
- I am down like a devil
They dig what I'm saying,
my shows, they bring shovels
All I do is win all medals,
moving like petals
And yeah, I can handle it
These clowns
are scandalous
I have plenty advantages
But I ain't even want
to explain, you know my name
I lay tracks down
to watch them play
You know me
I kill beats
and murder a capellas
Dizzle dookie drawers,
everybody want to smell it
And I was seeing all
these people like Meek Mill,
Cosmic Kev,
Diamond Cuts--
just all these big names
from the city,
like, tweeting me,
like, crazy.
Jungle beats, these rhymes
I produce on track
I got the deuce,
flows is obtuse
They say I'm off the chain,
and I say I broke loose
- Yeah.
- So it went
from YouTube to Twitter,
from Twitter to WorldStar.
And once it hit WorldStar,
it was everywhere.
- Hip-hop without me,
you're programmed
And a hostage,
trapped in a closet
Getting teased by a fat guy
eating a sausage
Lyrics, oh, so dope
Ghoste bust, soul chug,
you used to be known logo
You're the type
to crush dreams
Now you want a promo?
of who you dealin' with
with the devil's dealership
Performin' diligence
with the frying pan
Within, like, a few days, and
then weeks, and then months,
it just kept spreading.
- Your debut album,
"Whack World,"
it's quite a way to introduce
yourself to the world.
- It just was like,
OK, camera's on you.
It's your chance
to prove your point.
My dog had a name
I'm gon' sing his name
Keepin' his name alive
I'm the one to blame
If I had to leave,
he would do the same
- When Tierra Whack dropped
her 15-minute, 15-song album,
"Whack World,"
on Instagram,
the internet's
collective mind was blown.
Hands up! Hands up!
- Almost immediately, people--
"We want to work with her.
We want to reach out.
We want to talk."
Her ideas had now
actually come to life.
- Y'all about Tierra?
- Look! It's you!
- I know now!
- Tierra Whack, rapped
they motherfucking ass off.
- You did that, sis.
- Tierra Whack,
oh, my God.
- Our next guest is
the Grammy-nominated rapper,
and songwriter Tierra Whack.
- You are nominated in
the best music video category.
- Philadelphia's
own Tierra Whack.
- You're so right, it's scary.
- Tierra Whack.
- So excited to talk to you.
- Artist of the year.
- You're the best
female rapper in the game.
- That's crazy.
D-I-double Z-L-E!
D-I-double Z-L-E!
D-I-double Z-L-E!
D-I-double Z-L-E!
- I think sometimes
I just can't believe that,
like, this is all
happening for me.
Just to think
that that moment,
like, that was my shot.
I mean, even with life, like,
you can plan for something,
and then
it just doesn't happen.
And then you look
fucking crazy,
and then
you make yourself upset.
So, like,
we're starting to shoot,
and I'm so happy 'cause,
like, we're locked in finally.
But you could die,
I could die,
and then we can't
shoot anymore, you know?
- Yeah, like, some people
wouldn't laugh at that.
They'd be like, "What the fuck
is wrong with her?"
But, like, yeah.
- Don't say that.
Wait, you're going too far.
Wait, don't say that.
Don't get specific.
- Camille!
- What is she doing?
She's probably...
Oh, yeah, she's probably
doing that right now.
- What's that?
- Pooping.
- Camille is pooping.
- Oh, my God,
can y'all leave me alone?
So I am Tierra's face painter.
I am her makeup artist.
I'm done complimenting you,
'cause now you being--
- Camille, no one cares
about what you say.
Get that dirty chair
off my bed.
Look how bad she is.
She's sitting on my bed.
- Yo, if I--if I stayed
with y'all one night,
y'all would hate me.
I wouldn't go to sleep at all.
- Freedom!
- My name is Jamilah Curry.
I am Tierra's hairstylist.
I just have this idea that all
celebrities are, like, divas.
But Tierra is,
like, the truth.
- If this ceiling wasn't
so low, I could do a flip.
- I definitely think
she could act,
but I even feel like
if she had a script,
that character would develop
into something else.
And I feel like the cast would
have to adapt around her.
Obviously, she's great
working in groups,
but I definitely feel like,
even if they had a mold
of who she is,
she would outgrow that
and change the vibe of the
whole film, whatever it is.
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah.
You're so bad!
She's so bad!
- Did you know
that if you quiet enough,
you can hear yourself blink?
- Ladies and gentlemen,
please put your hands together
for Sister Mary Clarence,
also known as Whoopi Goldberg.
That's right, folks.
You guessed it.
OK, now,
what the hell is these, honey?
Now, these must be called
Uh-Uhs 'cause mm-mm.
You need to be whupped
for wearing these, Whoopi.
Oh, 1928?
Sounds like
you're about to expire.
Sure we'll be seeing you soon.
OK, little Cinco de Mayo.
I mean, whatever
floats your boat, Whoop.
Just don't sink
to the bottom, hon.
I see it's a little tag,
that came with the wig.
Might have to return this,
on how many compliments I get.
I might not.
OK, JoJo Siwa, I could see
why she wore these.
Who knew
she had a shoe fetish?
- So how does it feel
that you're playing today?
- It'll hit me
when I'm on stage.
- Yeah.
- My mom's coming.
My sister is coming.
Um, yeah.
Since it's Philly,
people are probably
actually buying tickets, like,
to see me, like, you know?
- Yeah, because it's where--
- Yeah, like, so I'm gonna
to really be looking
in that crowd,
like who do I see?
You know, it's gonna be cool.
- When do you go on?
- Around 7:00, I think.
- OK.
- The title stage.
I think I'm the last person
on the title stage.
- Tierra!
- I usually get put
really early,
so I'm happy that they kind of
gave me, like, a nice time.
I usually have
to, like, open up the show...
When people are
still walking in, filling in.
So it's kind of cool that
things are, like, changing
and I have a little bit
of a later show.

- I hate my job,
I do it every day
The boss thinks I'm stupid
'cause I do things my way

- One, two, three!
Let's go!
- Don't worry 'bout me
I'm doing good,
I'm doing great, all right
It's about to get ugly
Flow so mean,
I just can't be polite
I bet you ain't heard
no flow like this
Make you say,
"Yo, excuse me, miss"
Go against me,
I'll beat like Swiss
I like my paper
nice and crisp
Oh, crispy cling
and crispy clean
For the dough,
I go nuts like Krispy Kreme
Music is
in my Billie genes
Can't no one
ever come between
Don't worry about me
I'm doing good,
I'm doing great, all right
It's about to get ugly
Flow so mean,
I just can't be polite
Don't worry about me
I'm doing good,
I'm doing great, all right
It's about to get--
- Wow, I'm good.
I promise, I'm good.
It's super dark.
Nick, take a picture.
Wait, like, if it's funny,
like, we can put it up
and make it a meme.
But if it's not funny...
Did you see how hard I fell?
- 28.
- Shit.
- 29.
- Guys, I'm just
fucking drunk tonight.
All right, come on.
I'm back. Fuck it.
You picked the wrong time
to pick a fight
Your bitch a dyke,
she think she Ike
You sippin' on a drink
that's spiked
Enough for you
to say good night
For the rest of your life
I know
your sons won't miss ya
I did a favor
for them niggas
Took a loss to a winner
The wait is over,
I'm takin' over
You're overweight,
you ate a soda
I'm super sober,
you doing coke
- God damn, Coca-Cola
- Got a job I gotta do
I get down and dirty too
What it is?
What it do?
Same shit,
nothin' new
Chicago, my name is Tierra.
I love you guys so much.
Have a great night.
Bye, guys.
Was it bad, y'all?
Like, how was it?
- It was just like, ooh!
- It was so sudden.
- It was bad.
It was, at least to me.
- It was, like, sore,
but ice makes it feel better.
- Yeah.
- Thank you so much.
Have a good night.
See you soon.
Be safe, guys.
I know I'm busy and
I gotta make time for you

- Yeah.
- Yeah, I know,
but can you imagine it?
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Oh, you went to the show?
- Yeah.
- Oh, shit.
- Yeah.
- How are you?
- I--I'm good.
- What's your name?
- Tina.
- Tina.
- I really hope that
you give us those pictures.
- Oh, you're
getting some tonight.
- Yeah, right.
You always say that.
- Nick, you never
send me pictures.
- All right, listen.
I didn't like any of them
enough to--
- All of them ever?
All of them ever?
- Just send them, bro.
- I'm always quiet
when I meet people.
- Yeah.
- Jamilah?
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-mm.
Dr. Cameron believed
that sound could alter
the way people think,
I mean, so much
that it altered their thoughts
and their memories.
And he proved it.
If you repeat sounds over,
and over, and over again,
it, like, got in their heads
like a literal earworm
to influence
people's behavior.
I mean, do you really know
where your thoughts come from?
- Actually, I don't.
- It's late for her.
She's, like, coming
from another place.
- Right, right.
- And I took
a hard fall tonight.
I've just been, like--
- I know.
But was that an accident?
- Yes, I did not plan
to fall tonight.
- I appreciate you, though.
Thank you.
Get home safe.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, Tina.
Thank you.
- What is it?
Oh, oh, and pointed at you.
- What the fuck?
She's still standing there.
- Oh, no, she's leaving now.
I mean,
her clothes are, like, not--
- She was very fixated
on telling Tierra
some story about
something on the internet.
- How did she even
know we were here?
- She was at the show.
- How did she--
- And she said
she, like, follows me, like--
- She followed the car.
- On foot, like, literally.
- What?
- That's, like--
- That's not even funny.
That's, like, high-key, like--
- Yeah.
- We've had so much
weird shit happen to us today.
- Weird.
- Yeah, today's been weird.
- Mm, I rebuke that.
- I don't like that.
- I rebuke that.
No, ma'am.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Well, we're leaving
tomorrow, so yeah.

- Did you get a chance
to watch the video?
- No, not yet.
- How long is it?
- It's, like, an hour,
hour and 20.
Let me just show you
a few minutes.
Yeah, she said
she was a professor.
- No, not really.
I think people find
what they want to find
when they're looking
for something.
When they want something
to be real,
then all they see
are connections.
And they make it real
for themselves.

- I mean,
everybody talks about
"the music business
is selling your soul,"
and Illuminati, and...
- There are secret societies
in the industry--
the music industry--
- Gucci Mane first came home
from his prison stint.
He lost a lot of weight
and he looked very different,
so everyone was like,
"Yo, Gucci Man is a clone.
It's not really him."
And when I saw him,
I kind of was like,
oh, this dude
is definitely a clone.
But no, I don't believe
Gucci was cloned.
- It was a producer
that was signed
to, like, a huge label
at that time.
And they had went
to this concert.
And there was a man
that had been following them
from the parking lot.
And he had, like, this,
like, all-black outfit on.
I don't know if it was,
like, contacts or something,
but they said,
like, his eyeballs
actually looked black too.
And they think that the people
that they were working with
at that time
were involved
in that type of stuff.
- Once you get to a certain
level, you sell yourself.
You sell your soul.
- It's possible for artists
to participate in rituals
that they're unaware of.
A lot of artists aren't
always creating the concepts
for their music videos,
et cetera.
And you're invited
to an awards ceremony.
And of course,
who doesn't want to be honored
or respected for a craft that
they've put so much work in?
I'd show up.
- It's kind of hard
to really, really get
to where you want to be
without some type
of compromise.
Now, if that's
selling your soul,
I don't know,
you tell me.
Like, you know.
- Mm-hmm.
- Maybe, like, two months ago.
- Oh, recently?
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
- She would, like,
you know, try to move us.
Like, she'd try to move up,
so we moved, like,
further away from North Philly
just to, like,
you know, get us, like...
For a long time,
I didn't really see
any, like, white people.
Like, it was just like--
it was a Black community.
That was the good thing
about the projects.
Like, everybody
was in the same spot,
so you could, like, go
to your aunt, your grandma's,
your cousins,
everybody's house, like...
- Mm-hmm.
But you haven't had
to go away--
- There's a fucking Target
right here?
Oh, I knew that.
I knew that.
I knew that.
I knew that.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I want to see Trouble.
They don't make Trouble
- We're looking for trouble.
I like that.
OK, where's this...
- Yeah.
- No.
- I can do that.
- Oh.
- This is Chris.
- What's up, Chris?
- How are you?
He got the camera on us.
- You see?
I'm like, what's up, Chris?
- You sure you want
to leave us with your kid?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- You got it?

Got my cards up
for your own good.
That's me right there.
- Y'all are getting
a little feisty over there.
- These wings hit, OK?
- Uh-huh.
- She gave us options.
Look, look, look, look, look.
- Mmm.
- Two flavas.
- Two flavas.
- Mm-hmm.
- Twinkled the toes in there.
- That's the thing.
I used to clean cars
for a living,
so I don't let my car
get too crazy.
All of my cars
always remain super clean
because that's what I did
for a living, so yeah.
But it feels good
to have a balance.
The block's hot now.
They're probably gonna
circle the block a few times.
And there was
a couple of those dudes,
so I don't want to take...
'Cause they like,
"She over here by herself."
That's crazy.
When they pulled up,
they looked at me
when I was going in.
And then they came in.
And I heard them saying, like,
"Yo, that's her. That's her."
You know what I'm saying?
And he's, like, looking
at them but looking at me.
Maybe I should stop at Wawa.
- So you're recording
right now?
- Uh, yeah.
- I'm recording too.
So I just want there
to be, like, documentation
of what you just said to me,
what you--
- Yeah.
You remember I was shooting
with Tierra at Target
a couple of days ago?
So I get tagged
in some Instagram
that are videos
of somebody filming us.
The account is called Warren,
but maybe
it's a guy named Warren.
It's all, like,
these videos of Tierra
that looks like
somebody filming her,
and she doesn't know
she's being filmed.
All right, so here's
the really fucked-up thing.
There's another video
from our drive to the airport.
You know how sometimes
they do that for security?
Like, they'll have a camera
in the, like, cab or whatever?
- Right.
- It's like that.
- This is weird, man.
I want to get in touch
with the rental car company
just to get some facts.
- I'll mention it to Kenete
'cause I'm gonna see him
day after tomorrow.
- OK.
- I'll see
if he knows about it.

- Do you guys feel like
there's a way
to rise in this industry
and remain genuine?
- Yeah.
- You think so?
- Yeah.
- So you can--you feel like
you can be the number one
and still remain genuine?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- What do you think?
- I don't--I don't know.
I think you, like,
lose, like, a part of, like--
you start to lose, like--
you see your sanity
attempting to, like, just...
I have a--not a hard time.
It is aggravating to, like,
navigate in this industry.
- Right.
- The conversations I've--
like, I've had
and, like,
things that I've heard,
like, kind of just, like,
left a bad taste in my mouth.
- Can you hand me my phone?
Um, I don't know
if you've seen this.
- What's this?
- It's some Instagram account
that tagged a video
of me filming with Tierra.
The creepy thing is
that Tierra doesn't look like
she knows she's being filmed.
- This is wild.
These two videos right here
are from the accident.
- When was that?
- That was, like, two years
ago, coming from Pittsburgh.
- What happened?
- I drove up...
Pittsburgh is five hours
from here.
- Yeah.
- So I drove up.
We went to a concert.
It was, like, a Thug concert--
Young Thug concert.
Stood all day.
Didn't leave
until, like, 2:00 a.m.,
Just started driving back.
And I fell asleep and woke up.
And we had, like,
hit the back of an 18-wheeler.
- Whoa. Bro--
- Yeah,
There was nothing
but, like, front-end damage,
so, like, we were good,
but this is why it's crazy.
It's like they were filming us
up until that point.

- It makes me realize
that we've been followed
for a very long time.
And just thinking about it
makes me cringe.
- She's starting to really,
truly get recognized
all the time.
So when you see certain things
on the internet,
like a comment
from someone who says,
"Oh, I just saw you at,
you know, this restaurant,"
and they might
even have a photo
of you eating your dinner,
but that--you know, over time,
that becomes common.
- I don't walk around
with security or anything.
Like, I'm always--
I'm around.
When I'm outside,
it's just me.
People come up
and talk to me all the time.
- You never truly know
who's watching you.
Seeing that page
was kind of crazy
'cause it was just, like,
super intimate moments.
It was moments in which, like,
we knew no one was around us.
It was moments
in which we felt safe.

- And if you could just--yeah.
- Tuck those in too.
- And then it became real.
- Damn. What's that?
What the hell is this?
- Oh!
- Was this here
when we got here?
- So annoying.
- Yo, chill.
- It's a radio.
Oh, shit.
Was this here
before we got here?
- I have no idea.
- It's cool, though.
I didn't expect it.
That was cool.
I tried to reach the sun
But gum is stuck to...
Got to get those last words.
You got to be the one
people lookin' up to
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Ew, ew, ew
- You got to be the one
that people lookin' up to
I tried to reach the sun,
but I...
- I try, I try, I try
You got to be the one
that people lookin' up to
I tried to reach the sun
But gum is stuck
to my shoes
- Yeah!
- Hey!
- You got to be the one
that people lookin' up to
I tried to reach the sun
But gum is stuck
to my shoes
- That's fire.
I love that.
- I've got to pee,
but I don't want to
'Cause I don't want to...
You couldn't walk a mile
in my shoes
I've got to pee,
but I don't want to
You couldn't walk
a mile in my shoes
- My shoes
That shit is hard.
I like that.
- You like that?
- Yeah.
That shit is dope.
- Thank you.
- I like that a lot.
- Y'all see how--
you see
what I'm saying, Chris?
Just come off the top.
You got to be the one
that people lookin' up to
I tried to reach the sun
But gum is stuck
to my shoes, yeah
- I don't even know
how to open this.
- Good Lord, let's eat.
- I ain't know
how to open this.
- Oh, nigga, it's a box.
- It's getting fishy in here,
- You want to see it,
or do you want to smell it?

- I was--I was expecting
a comic book film,
which I don't watch.
- For "Joker?"
- Yeah.
- And you still went?
- Except "Black Panther."
And I only went to see it
'cause it was Black.
And I thoroughly enjoyed it.
- What, "Black Panther"?
- Yeah.
And I loved Shazam too.
- Yeah.
- But if it ain't about
the kids, if it wasn't Black,
I'm not fucking
with comic book movies.
- "Shazam!" wasn't good.
- I loved it.
- I loved it.
Maybe I loved it
'cause it was Philly.
- Oh, God.
- But with the "Joker,"
I think that the entire film
is made up.
- No.
- I think he made it up.
I think he's lying
to the audience.
- Got you.
- It's his own,
demented version of events
because remember, some
of the things didn't add up.
- Fuck, name some.
You gotta name some.
- All the dating shit,
he made up.
- Right.
- Oh, that's--
I got to watch
that movie again.
- You got to watch it again.
- And you didn't
catch none of that?
- There's this method
to movies
that they call
"unreliable narrator"
where the story is being
conveyed to the audience
but the narrator is lying
to the audience.
- Westbound, eastbound .
walkin' like me now
talkin' like me now
I'm what they want to be now
Westbound, eastbound
- Things right now with Tierra
are on the up.
I think the world
hasn't even seen 45%
of what Tierra
is truly capable of doing.
- You got to be the one
that people lookin' up to
I tried to reach the sun
But gum was stuck
to my shoes
I'm only human
I'm not perfect,
just a person
I'm only human
- To be able to display her
potential talent long-term.
And what it did was
it shifted key stakeholders.
- I just wanna
make my dough
Gotta take care
of my kids
- These major corporations,
they're trying to put
the money in the right places.
I mean, fucking Tierra
did a Apple commercial
and an Adobe ad,
which, to me, is fucking huge.
- Walk like me now
walkin' like me now
talkin' like me now
- The goal right now, for us,
is to create
the true tipping point,
and we've been
building that, like,
I don't know,
that soda pop, so to speak,
so it could all just burst.
Then the world will really
know who Tierra Whack is.
- Too short,
can't pull me
Always actin' like Goldy
Feet white like Jordy
Teeth white like Joey
Ever since we lost Kobe
I've been
ballin' all Maloney
Ginuwine, that's a pony
Do it big, Nick Foley
Phone dead if you phony
My phone dead,
you can't phone me
Mm, 'cause I'm a threat
- Mm, you wanna bet?
Mm, coming up next
- I work so hard
- Yeah.
- Hey, guys.
- So we are--we are here.
- Nice.
Step one, great job.
- Hey, there we go.
- So I sent an email.
I'll try to just, like,
run through it a little bit.
What we have right now
is liked a lot.
Tierra, you're--you're a
very good rapper, so good job.
Thank you.
- And so,
I'm not that concerned.
What are some small things
that we can potentially do
to up the energy?
And maybe it's something
like drum fills
or something like that.
I don't know.
I think keep that kind of
stuff on the subtle side.
We're trying
to please everybody,
which I mean,
it's not always easy.
- All right, so we'll get
a couple of different vibes.
And then me and Pop will
do some production tweaks.
- Sounds amazing.
I'll talk to you tomorrow.
- Where are you at?
- I'm about to go
to rehearsal.
How long are you here?
- I leave tomorrow.
This idiot.
- Don't give nobody
no warnings.
You just be like, "I'm here!"
- Nope.
"Got to go!"
- "Got to go!"
No, I feel you.
- I love your new face,
by the way.
- Thank you so much.
- Love you.
- Thank you. Love you too.
- Bye.
- Camille, is my face sliding?
- I think I was--
Open the door
Tell them
that you're ready to explore
When I go to sleep,
Gucci sheets now
Going out to eat,
don't eat no meat now
Shinin' like a diamond,
fine dinin'
- All righty.
Tierra, you look so cute!
Money piling, Rolex
'cause I put that time in
- Then it's our time.
- Our time to party
- What's that?
What's that?
- It's a party!
Y'all playin' out here!
- Probably a gold digger,
yes, of course
I'm in Dior
I think I just might
buy me a horse
Basketball game,
we on the floor
I need me new bags
just to adore
I can't fuck with you
no more
Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.
- She embodies
strength and courage.
She learned to harness the
power of her talent and wit
and channeled those strengths
into her artistry.
She will not let anything
stand in her way.
She's a talented songwriter,
Grammy-nominated lyricist,
rapper, and performer,
a proud Philly native.
it is with great pleasure
that we present
the She is the Music Award
to the unstoppable talent
that is Tierra Whack.
- I'm so happy, y'all!

- She's saying
her mom was kidnapped.
- No fucking way.
- That's why she disappeared.
- This is too crazy.
It's def not true.
- She was in the room.
- This is obviously
just a coincidence.

- Y'all are so quick to
believe what is obviously BS.
- Kamari is the only one
telling the truth.

- I hope she's OK, though.
She was in the shot
for a minute,
but, like, she was random.
She just came into the diner.
We were chilling.
- Yeah.
- You know.
I mean, we don't have anything
to hide, so I'm not worried.
It's just--
it was just weird, though.
- When my mom disappeared,
I found myself spending
a lot of time in my head,
thinking about
every possible scenario
that could have happened.
There's no possible way
she could have left
of her own free will.
She could not,
and she would not.
She became
extremely distressed
after having an interaction
with Tierra Whack
and her camera crew.
They interviewed my mother
for their documentary film.
I don't know exactly
what happened that night,
but she was
visibly shaken afterwards.
And that's
when things got scary.
I know you guys know
about her work
and some recent developments
in her research.
And she was building
a strong thesis
around Tierra Whack,
and her current status,
and the process
of being vetted
by the most powerful
secret societies
in the music industry.
As some of you guys
pointed out, there's--
there's no way
this is a coincidence.
My mom's work was on the verge
of getting national attention
that it deserved.

I'm working with the police
to work out
every possible scenario
that could have taken place.
And I am requesting that
the documentary team please...
There's a very important story
here that needs to be told,
and I think we need to
work together to get this out.

- Hello.
- Hey.
Oh, you got
the camera out already?
- Uh-huh.
- All right.
- Ready?
- I guess so.
- Yep, that's right.
We're handling that case.
Tina Banner has been missing.
It's been close to six weeks.
- I mean, I'm happy to
send you the footage we shot,
but can you tell us what
the connection is to our film?
- I can't really disclose
too many details,
but you know,
I can tell you
that there was
a lot of overlap
between the missing person
and the young woman
you're filming--
the artist, Tierra Whack.
- What do you mean?
What kind of overlap?
- Well, the missing woman,
Tina Johnson,
seemed to be part
of a community
that is being surveilled
and monitored.
There are members
in her online groups
that have made threats,
and we take those
very seriously at this stage.
Based on some of the chatter,
we're following up on anything
that could create
a potentially
dangerous situation.
And the daughter--
- Marigold Johnson?
- Yeah.
That's right.
- Is that the daughter?
- Yeah, that's her name.
She's been very insistent
that we review any footage
you have of her mother.
She feels strongly
that there's a connection
between the film you're making
and her mother's
And we just want to cover
all the ground we can.
- All right,
so who do you think
is behind this Warren account?
Like, who is this character?
I don't know if
it's our business to be like--
- It's totally our business
'cause we're--
Like, being behind the camera,
and I think the reason why
people like you and I are--
gravitate to being
behind the camera
is so that we can
control the narrative.
- Yeah.
- And it's, like,
super unsettling
that there's somebody else
behind the camera watching.
- Right.
- So--
- 'Cause everybody
has a camera now.
- Everybody has
a fucking camera.
What if somebody's
following us
to see if we're part
of some organization
that, like, elected her
and is, like, propping her up,
you know?
- You mean, like, that's
who's been filming all this?
- Yeah, yeah,
somebody that's just like--
- Yeah, because they think
they're onto some scoop.
- Exactly.
What if they're like,
"Here are these LA people
"who have connections
to the Illuminati,
"and the lizard folks,
and the tunnels, or whatever,
"and they're
following Tierra around
to prop her up to her
next level of superstardom."
- Right, yeah.
- What if--
and, like, they think
that we're on to something,
and we're like, yo.
That's the thing, though.
That's the beautiful thing
about documenting something.
You have
to let the story unfold.
- Yeah.
- You know?
Like, yes,
it's through your lens
and you get to mold the story,
but sometimes the story takes
you to wherever it takes you.
- Totally.
- The story's just unfolding.
Let's see where it goes.
- Who's that?
- I can't even believe
that I'm standing here
meeting Tierra Whack.
Don't look down!
- Who are you guys here
to see?
all: Tierra Whack!
- Oh, my goodness.

- We got that call
about Dubai.
There was some hesitation.
But all in all, we were like,
fuck it, it's Dubai.

- Uno.
- So be scared now
because I only have one card,
and you have, like, four.
- Oh, shit.
- Mm-mm.
Have you ever been
on a cruise?
Don't, if you haven't.
- No.
- I would never.
- No, don't.
- Why?
- It's like a floating trough.
Like, there's just people...
- Ooh, chile.
- Like, milling around,
and then you, like,
pull in to, like,
this extra touristy port
where there's, like,
caricatures of the culture.
And, like, you're supposed
to buy these trinkets.
And it's just--it's terrible.
It's terrible.
- Mm, that sounds horrible.
And I love
when they go to the island
and get they hair "cornrowed,"
"box braided" for $150.
Y'all better take they money,
Caribbean women!
Take they money!
Ooh, chile.
- Literally,
just like he stared me down
to the point
I just got nervous.
I was like, he was fine.
- But how do you even
holler at someone here?
- I'm not.
- Like--
- Yes, my name is Jamila,
but that's as far
as it's gonna go.

- What's up?
- Give me one second.
Here, take this.
- No, I got it.

- We just asked
just to, like, try to...
- We can't be a team.
- I'm not.
I'm not, Kenete.
This has nothing to do
with being a team.
- No, I know.
- Then tell her.
Then she'll do it.
- OK, so yeah.
So then I don't know.
Think about
damage control after.
I don't know.
- Hi, leave a message.
- Hi, Chris.
This is Jamila.
I'm just returning your call
to let you know
that I won't be continuing on
working with Tierra,
and I'd rather not participate
in the documentary
going forward.
There's a lot of stuff
that happened after Dubai,
and something was left
on my doorstep
that was very upsetting.
I don't think you really know
what's happening here.
Please don't contact me
Please don't show up
at my door anymore.
It's not safe.
And yeah.
- OK?
- Yeah, sorry about that.
I thought
it was gonna be cool, but--
- Yeah. Yeah, OK.
- OK.
- OK.
- Sure. this part.
- Sure.
Yeah, no problem.
I'll just catch up
with you guys.
- OK.
- Yeah, Chris.
We'll make it up to you,
all right?
We'll shoot it--
we're picking it back up
at the next meeting.
I'm sorry.
- So you're recording?
- Uh, yeah.
- Um, so I shouldn't even
have this on my countertop.
This is so fucking disgusting.
When I got to my house,
I saw this,
and it was wrapped in a bow.
Let me put this on the ground.
It had my name on a card.
And initially,
I'm thinking,
you know, maybe
I have an admirer or maybe--
maybe it was something nice.
And when I opened it--
I'm gonna show you.
Fucking eyes.
- Whoa.
Are they--
are those real?
- Yeah, and it fucking stinks!

- OK, guys,
this is it, finally.
We made it, and I can't
believe what I'm seeing.
Caves have always
factored largely
in the history
of secret societies,
especially the ones connected
to the Freemason tradition--
that the symbol of a cave
relates to the philosophical
idea of Plato's cave.
That was a Greek allegory
about how true knowledge
can't be derived
from human perception.
There are layers of meaning
that exist beyond the surface
of what we're seeing.
This is it.
It's incredible
to finally see this
after reading about it
for so long.
This is
an actual ritual chamber.
And you can see,
it holds a lot of seating
for a very large audience.
This is--this has Oculus ritual
written all over it.
Our research has been
leading to this location
for a while now,
and I know better why that is.
I recently got some intel
on the upcoming
Oculus true vision ritual
that is centered
around Tierra Whack.
So far, we know
that it will be embedded
in one
of her new music videos.
So far, we know
the location is Los Angeles.
But we don't have
an address yet.
Yes, people, this is--
this is the real deal, and
it's happening in plain sight.
It's finally time
we get to meet the wizard
behind the curtain.

- Hi.
- Hello.
- Hey.
- What's up, guys?
- I'm Chris.
- Hi, Chris.
You can call me Mari.
- Hey, Mari.
- Natalia?
- Hey.
All right.
Nice to finally meet you.
- It's great
to finally meet you guys.
Just the way I pictured y'all.
- Yeah.
We really appreciate you
making time for us
'cause I know this has got to
be a stressful time right now.
We're all wearing masks.
You're comfortable with having
us here and all of that?
- Hey, Mari, can we, uh...
- Yeah?
- Put a mic on you?
- Yeah, of course.
Mask, you don't need them.
- OK.
- You're not down with masks?
- No.
- OK.
- Are you Jewish?
- Um, no, I'm not.
- Oh, you look Jewish.
- My parents are from Lebanon.
- Oh.
- Can I use your restroom?
- Yeah, so the restroom
is through there,
to the back on the left.
- OK, cool.
Thank you.
- Hey.
- You guys ready?
- Yeah.
Yeah, she's all--
she's all mic'd up.
- OK.
Is this Bobby McFerrin?
- Yeah.
- Oh, OK.
- My mom really loved him.
- Yeah, I love him.
He's great.
- But do you mind turning it
off for the interview?
- Oh, for sure.
- By the way, I saw you have
one of those owl radios.
I have seen
one of those before.
All right, well...
- So this magazine featured
my mom's findings.
Like, look at this.
- Mm-hmm.
- This is the--
I don't know
if you can see it.
- Mm-hmm.
- This is the 18th century
manuscript that was found,
and no one could read it.
So my mom was part
of this group online
that was finally able
to decipher it.
It's from a secret society
in Europe
called the Oculus,
which was, like, an offshoot
of the Freemasons.
There was all these
secret societies back then.
But because
of the Catholic Church
being oppressive
and hating freethinkers,
a lot of them had to put their
communications into codes or--
or cyphers.
There was all these
mind-control experiments
in the '50s.
There was MK Ultra,
which the CIA was trying
to learn
how to control the populations
through pop culture and
broadcasting repeated sound.
And really, like,
all pop culture
is a form of mind control.
Maybe it's not all evil,
but it's definitely,
like, incepting someone's
brain, like an earworm.
So she was following around
different young artists.
And she was always
trying to find one
that was vetted
in the same ritual
that was deciphered
in the manuscript.
And she discovered that they
were circling Tierra for it.
So she wanted to help her.
- Help her with what?
- They try to convert you.
And if they can't,
it could be bad,
'cause they can
also replace you too.
- Like Avril Lavigne?
- Gucci Mane.
Oh, OK, can we guys--
can we go
in my mom's workshop?
I mean, we can
keep talking about it,
but I think
we should go in there now.
- Um, sure.
- OK.
- Yeah, OK.
- It's right out back,
if you guys want to--
- OK.
- This is a replica
of the ritual seat.
The original ritual,
it involved an audience
circling the chair like this
as they
ritualistically plucked,
like, a single eyebrow hair
from the initiate.
The idea is that even
the smallest gesture,
like plucking
a single eyebrow hair,
becomes more powerful if
it's amplified by an audience.
The smaller the gesture,
the bigger the audience,
the more impactful.
Any ritual needs an audience.
There needs to be, you know,
witnesses to make it real.
The more, the better.
That's why they use things
like music, movies.
This is the ritual that
they're gonna do on Tierra.
So are you guys gonna
film Tierra's music video
next month in LA
for your doc?
I mean, you should.
It's probably
where it'll happen.
- Yeah,
I think that's the plan.
How did you know about that?
- OK.
Are you the one
that's been following Tierra?
Are you the one
that's posting on Warren?
Are you--are you Warren?
- Warren isn't just me.
Warren's us.
There are a lot of us
out there.
- OK.
- Does that makes sense?
- Well, I think that is--
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
So, like,
music videos are rituals.
Award ceremonies are rituals.
It's about indoctrinating
the public, right?
- I know--I know that, like,
now is a stressful time.
- You guys--you guys,
you have to tell Tierra
about this information.
- OK.
- OK, OK.
- You have access to her.
- Yeah.
- We're just making
a documentary film.
- We're just doing
a music doc. It's not--
- No, you have
a responsibility
to bring this to them.
You have a responsibility
to bring this to the public.
No, listen to me, Chris.
You guys have
direct access to her.
Don't be sellouts.
Tell the fucking truth.
Tierra, listen to me.
- Yeah, OK.
- Just pay attention
to the music.
- We don't think
that you're lying.
We just think
that this is a bad time.
- Yeah.
- Margo, hey, let's go.
Let's go.
- I'm sorry.
- Let's go.
- Just tell the truth.
You guys work for them.
- OK.
- They're injecting her.
- Oh, no, we're just--
we're just simple people.
- You're working for them,
aren't you?
- All right.
- Hey, Natalia.
It's me, Mari.
I know you're probably
over me calling again.
I'm sorry about the other day,
but we need to talk ASAP.
It's me, Mari.
Please call me back.
I have some
really interesting information
about the music video shoot
Hey, Chris,
you have no fucking idea
what you're walking into
right now.
You need me.
You don't even realize it,
but you do.
You have no idea
what tomorrow is about.
And it's
incredibly important stuff.
So please call me back.
- So what did you think
was gonna happen that day?
- Aren't you glad you didn't?
- I don't trust you
when you're out of sight
- You're no good
- You're no good
- You're no good
- Everybody told me
that you're no good
- Yeah, I think the drone
could be played by ear.
And A wherever we want.
- Hey, hey, hey.
Whatever the doc wants
to film, they can film.
They can go anywhere,
all day, every day.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, let's--
we need to sort all this.
- Let's deal
with that right now,
because it might be an issue.
- Hey, Tierra.
- Hey, Chris.
I see you getting the goods.

- OK, so listen,
I've been seeing the crew
going in and out of that cave--
the fake cave--
and there's nothing about it
on the call sheet.
- Let's go down there.
- No, no, no, I did.
I already did.
Chris, listen, I saw a chair
on the monitor...
- Yeah?
- That looks really similar
to the one
that Mari had in her house.
- I'm gonna try to film that.
- It's weird.
- Verse, chorus.
Just up there for a chorus.
Then she's gonna
walk over here.
Push back.
- Let's go back
to first position.
Thank you.
- And OK, playback.
- You got to be the one
that people lookin' up to
I tried to reach the sun
But gum was stuck
to my shoes
New to this game,
I ain't been here long
So forgive me
if I get this wrong
I get lost sometimes,
literally I roam
I had to figure certain
things out on my own
Make a phone call home
to the ones I love
Shit crazy out here,
have you high off drugs
To be real, man, I thought
about pulling the plug
So I can go fly high
with the ones above
You got to be the one
that people lookin' up to
I tried to reach the sun
But gum was stuck
to my shoes
- OK, cut.
- That's a cut.
Thank you.
I'm on set.

OK. This extra seems
to be part of the ritual,
that's definitely strange.
I hate
to see minors implicated
in these type of productions.
The set is some kind of
Middle Eastern town replica.
I think it's supposed
to be Iraq.
They originally built this set
for the movie
"American Sniper,"
which makes sense, I guess.
has been leading up to this.
We know the ritual seat
is here somewhere.
This feels like
some sort of torture room.
Very bad vibes in here.
Are those blood stains
on the wall?
- And we're moving in
this way?
- This way,
and then up those stairs.
- I'm only human
I'm not perfect,
just a person
I'm only human
Sometimes happy,
sometimes nervous
I'm only human
I'm not perfect,
just a person
I'm only human
Sometimes happy,
sometimes nervous
- Cut.

- It looks like there is some
kind of pagan card game here.
I'm not sure what these images
are supposed to represent,
but they're certainly
occult-like in nature.
There are
all these embedded codes
that only a handful
of people will understand.
It's how this kind
of stuff works.

- Are you scared now?

- Whoa.
- Chris.
- What's the boundary?
- What's going on?
- It's
those documentary people.
- Fuck!
I left,
and I couldn't film anymore.
So what happened?
And why isn't the video
getting released now?
- If there was ever
a way to ruin a vibe,
it's somebody showing up
with a metal pipe.
- Hey, guys, I'm going in.
Let's do this.
- #Mari.
- I have to admit, I was
really afraid to come in here.
If I didn't have
you guys supporting me,
keeping me on track,
I might have given up.
This is really the culmination
of so many years
of my mother's hard work.
- Where is this?
- Don't sleep on Mari.
She's low-key onto something.
- There's definitely
so much more we don't know.
- I knew something was off
about Tierra, but you know.
- Evil is real.
- I think that when someone
like me moves up in the world,
especially through art
and music,
it's a blessing.
But some people will ask
themselves, "Why her?
Why her and not me?"
I'm still asking myself
that question.
Why me?
Why was I chosen?
- It's like this.
I'm not better
than anyone else.
No one is better
than anyone else.
Some people just have their
antennas up at the right time
and catch the right waves.
It's like a radio.
When you catch
one of those waves,
you've got to learn
how to ride it quick.
I don't know about the secret
rituals hidden around us.
They're just like little doors
that only certain people
have the key for,
but if you find one
and can open it,
then it was meant for you.
- This is when courage
takes the wheel.
You know how much has been
leading up to this moment.

- So what do you think that
lady, Mari, really wanted?
- Well, didn't they,
in the end?
- Take over the movie?
Use it as a way
to make their story public?
- I had this strange feeling
that my story
wasn't mine anymore.
It felt like I had lost,
like, my hold on it
or, like, it just--
I just felt like
I could be replaced.
I can't explain the feeling.
- No, Chris,
it was just a music video.
I would need
a different audience
for that kind of ritual.
- They are.
This is.
Thanks, Chris.

I never been to jail
Tell a nigga
that I'm in here like gel
I just want the paper,
can I read the mail?
Tell them it's a fee
without the male
Do tell, do tell
you dig it like a ditch
If I paid you
some attention
You'll probably be rich
Sucks to be you,
ol' gold-digging bitch
Shit, I'm running this shit
like Drake with the six
Let's go, let's get it,
I'm committed
It's survival
of the fittest
And I'll only
take a minute
Life is short,
I compare it to a midget
Shovel in the trunk
of the '06 Civic
I'm with it, I'm with it,
there's no way out
You're stuck in the mud,
snow, rain, drought
Like tits, no bra,
you should go hang out
Body like a shotgun,
just don't bang out
Whoo, whoo,
let's start a fire, baby
I'm so inspired, maybe
We can get old together
It is our time like Brady
Let's start a fire, baby
I'm so inspired, maybe
We can get old together
It is our time like Brady
Don't try to fight it
I know you like it
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Taking over like a virus
Let's start a riot
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Don't try to fight it
I know you like it
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Taking over like a virus
Let's start a riot
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Black or white,
you are my type
Like a keyboard, baby,
you earned your stripes
I'm on your bike,
we ride together
so we'll die together
Jungle fever,
a firm believer
Lacking on rest,
but I'm still a dreamer
We can show out
like Martin, Gina
Offer a ring,
and I'll say yes, eager
Let's start a fire, baby
I'm so inspired, maybe
We can't get old together
It is our time like Brady
Let's start a fire, baby
I'm so inspired, maybe
We can get old together
It is our time like Brady
Black or white,
you are my type
Like a keyboard, baby,
you earned your stripes
Yeah, Black or white,
you are my type
Like a keyboard, baby, you
earned your stripes, yeah
Don't try to fight it
I know you like it
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Taking over like a virus
Let's start a riot
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Don't try to fight it
I know you like it
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Taking over like a virus
Let's start a riot
Yeah, yeah, yeah
No, no, no
No, no, no, no

I said, no matter what
color, you are my lover
I will do whatever
'cause I love you
Yeah, yeah, yeah
No matter what color,
you are my lover
I will do whatever
'cause I love you
Shit, shit, shit,
shit, shit, shit