Cyrano (2021) Movie Script

I'm hungry.
A lady never complains.
We can't eat dresses.
If only the Duke had sent bread.
I think he wants to marry you.
I'd rather marry you.
He's a Duke.
And you, my dear, a rapidly ageing orphan.
Ah, Marie!
Well, I won't be rescued.
I'm not in distress.
We have no money. Not a bean.
Your whole life, our
country has been at war...
- and everyone must make...
- Everyone must make...
- ...compromises in a war.
- ...compromises in a war.
I don't love the Duke de Guiche.
Wear the dress he sent.
No. Red is vulgar, and it reeks of lechery.
Have you seen my shoes?
- If you don't love him...
- Or even like him.
Why did you accept his
invitation to the theater?
Because we can't afford the
tickets, and I want to see the play.
He's here.
He's here.
He's here. Now, don't be rude to him.
I'm not rude.
I am enigmatically distant
and fashionably late.
Where are my shoes?
If you anger him, he'll ruin us.
Marry the Duke and you'll be rich.
A clever marriage is your only option.
I have no intention of marrying anyone.
Believe me, spinsterhood is bleak.
And love, does that mean nothing to you?
It might smell rosy for a year
or two, but love doesn't last.
What lasts is compromise and sacrifice.
Children need love.
Adults need money.
Hello, Jacques.
Marie. Marie.
Tell your mistress she's two
months behind with the rent.
It's coming, I promise.
Two months!
It's perfectly fetching.
I just long to see you in crimson silk.
- I couldn't wear that dress.
- Oh?
I don't have the shoes to match. Sorry.
Oh, I'll rectify your errant shoelessness.
Maybe the good Duke should've
send you the dress, Valvert.
Oh, no, I tried it.
It was too loose on the bust.
At least you have more
than one pair of shoes.
What does it feel like
To slow dance in sunlight
With someone you love?
Somebody who sees you
And won't ever leave you
Alone Whatever comes
I need something to die for
Write poems and cry for
And I won't be ashamed
I'm nobody's pet
No one's wife no one's woman
And I won't play that game
I'd give anything for someone to say
That they can't live without me
And they'll be there forever
I'd give anything for
someone to say to me
That no matter how bad it gets
They won't turn away from me
What do you do
When you're always waiting
To find love at first sight?
If I'm naive
Why does all the poetry
Say that I might?
I have heard songs that say
Love conquers everything
However you name it
It's right there in front of you
Wherever you are
You just have to claim it Claim it
Who's that?
The Duke de Guiche.
Second only to the King.
No, the lady.
Oh, Roxanne.
Well above your station, my friend.
Oh, what superb ribbons, Duke de Guiche.
Gorgeous piping. And trim.
Doeskin and beaver, ladies.
Doeskin and beaver.
Yes, thank you.
Stop there, sir.
In you go, sir.
Be swift, be crafty...
take from the women and
the men without swords.
And children?
A child with a full purse is an adult.
I'd give anything for someone to say
For someone to say
That they can't live without me
And they'll be there forever
I'd give anything for
someone to say to me
That no matter That no
matter how bad it gets
They won't turn away from me
If love's there, I'll
feel it and its stare
It'll be freedom at first sight
I'll be walking on air
If love's there won't dare run away
I'll swallow my pride
And I'll ask
You to stay
Stop that boy!
Hey! Stop him!
Play! Play! Play!
- Play! Play! Play!
- Play! Play!
Play! Play! Play!
Have you seen Cyrano?
Not yet.
Would you like an orange? Yeah?
Play! Play! Play!
Inhale it, my boy. Literally.
Can you feel it? Yes?
Tonight you will see the
magnificent Montfleury...
the greatest actor of his generation.
Bravo! Bravo!
Happy is he who, far from
court and Society's sway...
in isolation self-imposed...
shuns company.
And who...
when the soft wind whistles wishingly...
Montfleury, what are you doing here?
- Cyrano?
- Yes.
After your performance last week...
I sent you a letter urging you to retire.
Happy is he who, far from
court and Society's...
Did you receive my letter?
Yes, I received your
letter, and I burnt it.
I am a professional actor.
- Yes, you are!
- Bravo!
I've received numerous prizes.
He has.
I have performed at court
for the King himself.
- Indeed, you have.
- Yes!
I have been successfully entertaining
the people for over three decades.
And now I will act!
- Act! Act! Act!
- Act! Act! Act!
Act! Act! Act!
Happy he who shuns...
Final warning!
In insulting me, you
insult the dramatic muse.
And worse, you... you
desecrate this theater...
this crucible of human...
Hear, hear!
This sacred wooden O.
No, sir. Untrue.
I'm sorry, but you lie.
You've made this stage your personal sty!
The dramatic muse has fled the building.
She scampered off when you
started gilding the lily...
with your great big voice.
The poor muse had no choice.
I love this place and all it means.
Poetry, romance, terror, truth.
I've loved it here since early youth.
Can't stand aside while you dishonor it...
with your pumping and your hideous jigs.
I will not abide your thumping...
and, er, dreadful wigs.
Montfleury, you've abandoned the truth.
You've lost your core.
You don't remember how
truth feels or what it's for.
So, now leave this stage, never to return.
And I'll applaud the new
integrity you'll earn.
Exit, Montfleury.
I'm not moving one step from
the center of this stage.
I am necessary.
If you will not leave by invitation,
then I am compelled to use force.
Help! Help me, someone!
Protect me!
Arrest him! Help!
Please! Help me!
- Please, Cyrano. Please.
- Will anyone here defend this great sausage?
I will duel with any volunteer...
with all the honor
commensurate to his station.
Is anyone willing to fight for Montfleury?
You are no Samson.
I am no Goliath either, but
I fight like the two combined.
I think not.
Goliath was a giant.
Care to think again?
No volunteers?
You came here to see Montfleury...
and yet you're not
willing to fight for him?
- Montfleury...
- Sir, please.
I will count to three, and you
will exit stage right hurriedly.
- One...
- Do something.
- Two...
- Think of the play.
Ladies and gentlemen, please.
Jodelet! I came to see a play!
We paid to see a play!
And I have saved you from seeing a fiasco!
I paid to see Montfleury!
Yes, what about their money?
Always the money.
Oh, at this price, sir, you can
close the theaters every night.
Ladies and gentlemen, you will
be refunded in full at the door.
Oh, I'd love to. But no money.
You had a full bag of coins.
All donated to the long-suffering
patrons of this theater.
- How will you eat?
- The gesture is more than the meal.
You're a freak.
The insult is antique, but I accept it.
Is that it?
Have you exhausted your
dictionary of scorn?
Who is this savage who dares
to present himself in public...
without ribbons, bows or braids?
I am not au courant, it's true.
But think of my deeds as my
ribbons, my humor as a bow.
Oh, do pipe down, or else you'll drown.
In verbosity.
A fellow poet.
Pleasure to meet you. Cyrano de Bergerac.
I accept your challenge.
I'll make short work of this.
Isn't he a hoot?
A palpable miss.
It's hard to hit a target quite so small.
The man is barely four feet tall.
Sir, when I was born The
nurses laughed hysterically
They'd never seen anything
quite like me, apparently
I'll never forget it I
can still hear them joking
One said, "My goodness,
what has God been smoking?"
From when I was born I
learned to control my tears
When they carried me home through
town I left a trail of broken mirrors
Yes, when children see me
They scream and run away
You're absolutely right
Halloween's my favorite holiday
I am a monster I am a mutant
A freak of nature
I've heard all the
hateful ugly nomenclature
Can't you see
I'm much more than you think
I've heard it all so many times
You are a disgrace!
Everybody knows I'm so
much more than a freak
If you wanna try to hurt me
You better get in line
- You just have to say it
- Can't you see
I get it, it makes sense
- He's much more than you think
- When you have your kind of talent
For clever vicious comments
- My heart's not even angry
- He's heard it all
- It's just the way it breaks
- So many times
And don't be so tough on God
Everybody makes mistakes
- Yes, one sight of me could make a statue cry
- Everybody knows
- He's so much more
- Guess what else
- When bluebirds land on me
- Than a freak
They shit themselves and die
- If you wanna try
- Whichever way I look at you
- To hurt him
- Can't find a tasteful side
- A specimen like you belongs in formaldehyde
- You better get in line
Yes, what you've heard is true
I am not a rumor
I'm living proof that God
has a sick sense of humor
Cyrano! Cyrano! Cyrano!
Yes. It all goes in.
And God, how it hurts.
He went too far.
Valvert insulted him, and
then challenged him to a duel.
Valvert is a Comte, and in my retinue.
I guarantee you Cyrano
took no pleasure from it.
You know him?
They're from the same town...
- in the south west.
- Cyrano is my oldest friend.
It would be to your advantage
to end the friendship.
Roxanne, I won't wait forever.
Did I miss a proposal?
Oh, don't push your luck, pretty thing.
Don't do that.
How about a drinking song?
Like soldiers do.
We're better than that.
At least, I am.
May I ask you a question?
It's a little personal.
I have no secrets from you.
Are you in love?
Whatever gave you that idea?
See, I knew you wouldn't like it.
Do I seem offended?
No. But your guard is up.
It's just some things are private.
What gave me that idea...
was your performance at the theater today.
I sensed you were playing to one
particular member of the audience.
Oh, who?
Let's not continue this charade.
If you want to unburden, fine.
If you don't, that's fine, too.
I am in love.
I dare.
My sole purpose on this
Earth is to love Roxanne.
Do you feel better now?
Do you?
Have you ever wanted something
So badly you cannot breathe
Have you ever loved someone
No, I don't think I have.
Isn't she magnificent?
She is, though perhaps a little vain.
Yes, but magnificently so.
There's some pretension in there, too.
She's full of it.
I wasn't sure about her hair today.
But even her imperfections are perfect.
In our little town, back in the day...
she was practically worshipped.
To some she was notorious.
To me, glorious.
Does she know?
Do you think a person of her beauty...
in mind, body, and soul
doesn't know about it?
I mean, does she know that
you're in love with her?
No. Someone like me
supposing to love perfection?
No. If I confessed...
she'd never see me again.
You don't have a very high opinion of her.
What? She's the Alps.
No, but you don't think
she has the depth...
- to look beyond your...
- Careful.
- ...unique physique.
- Not bad.
Thank you.
To love you for who you are
and not for how you look.
Yes, but don't you see?
I am simply not worthy of her.
I've held my breath since I saw her
I've tried to look
away but I can't resist
I know every detail of her
I made a list
I can't tell you how long
I've thought about her
I've kept everything she's missed
She's gonna laugh at the one
That brings her love like this
Have you ever wanted something
So badly you cannot breathe
Have you ever loved someone
When you were fighting
Valvert, she was anxious.
Oh, she turned quite pale.
Her lips trembled.
They parted.
She touched her heart.
You should tell her.
You love her.
No. My fate is to love her from afar.
To confess is to shatter
the beautiful dream.
You forget, I've seen you in battle.
You're a fighter to the end.
But in love you've raised the white flag.
Have faith in her. Tell her the truth.
A word.
Roxanne wishes to meet with you alone.
She won't say, no matter
how much I berate her.
But she says it's urgent.
Take me to her at once.
Not now, you vulgar person. At night?
Then when?
She'll go to early Mass tomorrow.
After she leaves the
church, she'll meet with you.
Somewhere discreet, she
said it must be private.
I'll thank you, Captain Le
Bret, to lower that eyebrow.
There is nothing unseemly here.
I bow to your expertise in the matter.
A venue, please.
I've never seen him silent
before, it's quite appealing.
Let me think.
- Where?
- I'm thinking where.
- Where?
- Ragueneau's.
Seven o'clock. She'll be there.
I will, too.
And so will I.
Good night.
She wants to see me privately.
There it is.
Oh, no. I cannot succumb to hope!
Hope is madness. Hope is hell.
Hope is life!
Oh, I need an army to vanquish!
I have ten hearts, I have twenty arms.
I could kill a hundred men.
Good night, my friend.
And good luck tomorrow.
This could be it.
Oh, have faith.
Where are you off to, this late hour?
Some things are private.
Thank you for dinner.
Have you ever loved someone
Well, I'd hoped to fight
100, but ten will do.
Morning, Ragueneau.
Cyrano! Just the man!
What time is it?
Almost 6:00.
I'm up with the muse, so to speak.
A poem. Her soul eludes me.
Needs your expert ear.
I'm told you have a private room.
I mean, a room where two
people can have some privacy.
Bit early for an assignation.
I mean talk privately without interruption.
I'll show you.
Simultaneously, I'll
recite what I have so far.
The poem is entitled "Constellation."
Good, eh?
Dear Roxanne.
Dear Roxanne.
Every morning at the break of light
I see you standing in the sun
You look at me with the kindest eyes
Every morning I'm overcome
"My heavenly earthly desire."
Heavenly earthly, eh?
How's this?
Something more private?
I understand. Discretion.
"Jupiter and Pluto are planets,
revolving like us, far apart."
Sorrow and glory and
blinding euphoria
Everything's there in your name
"May I woo you with my art."
- Good.
- That's it thus far.
There's a long way to go, but be brutal.
Do you think the planetary metaphor holds?
Perhaps consider sublimation.
A different pattern of imagery.
Maybe something you know intimately.
Anything in mind?
Sensuality and longing expressed
through the act of baking.
Why not?
Rising dough.
Flour. Ovens.
Oh, my God. Thank you.
Thank you!
Thank you!
In darkness when I close my eyes
I see your hair come undone
I lose myself every time
Even now I'm overcome
Roxanne, what am I supposed to say?
Words are only glass on a string
The more I arrange them
And line up and change them
The more they mean the same thing
Do you like rabbit stew?
I loathe rabbits.
I hate their taste, and I hate
the way they savage a garden.
Shank of lamb?
She likes tongue.
For heaven's sake, Marie.
Go and eat.
And I'll pray for your sins while I do.
A huge slab of tongue. Keep it coming.
I have a confession to make.
Shall we sit?
You're wounded.
A scratch.
I know your shoddy work.
The dressing is loose.
Your confession?
Can wait a moment.
It's only a scratch.
It's a wound, and it needs cleaning.
I've been wounded many times.
This is not a wound.
Then we'll call it a cut.
"Scratch" is more accurate.
I dispute "more."
A thing is either accurate or it isn't.
There are no degrees of accuracy.
You taught me that.
As you wish.
I'll settle for "cut."
A deep one.
How did you get it?
Last night. A duel.
And look what happens.
You should see the other guys.
I'm not impressed by your swordsmanship.
Oh, I know.
Or rather, I know you pretend you're not.
I'd be very angry with you if you died.
Only angry?
This might hurt.
So brave.
Will you make your confession?
Yes, I must.
And there's only so much
tongue Marie can chew on.
I feel shy.
Never mind.
Yesterday, at the theater...
I can barely believe I'm saying this.
I realized, or became aware, suddenly...
that I was in love.
I see.
I am madly in love, but the
man in question has no idea.
And I don't know how to tell him.
Perhaps he feels the same?
It's possible. I have hopes.
How do you know you love him?
Because it's as if I've always known.
Always known him.
He was always there...
but this intense romantic
connection had not yet manifested.
I understand.
Supposing it's all a delusion?
No, you're clearly in love.
My mind is racing. I'm feverish.
- Would you like some water?
- No.
It's got your blood in it.
- You were saying?
- I don't know what I was saying.
Tell me about him. It might
reassure you there's no delusion.
I feel he is rather proud.
And very charming.
He is mysterious, but not obscure.
And his face is so
bright with intelligence.
What else?
He's very beautiful, obviously.
Is he?
Yes. But his natural modesty means
he's completely unaware of it.
I've met people like that.
- They are so rare.
- Yes.
Perhaps I could make a confession, too?
Yes, but I haven't made mine yet.
I'm sorry. Please continue.
This man I love is a guard.
In your regiment.
- Of course he is.
- Of course?
In the sense that...
I interrupted. Please continue.
It's embarrassing to admit, but
I've never actually spoken to him.
- Of your love?
- Of anything.
It was love at first sight.
A thunderbolt. It's madness.
And yet it's absolutely...
- Cyrano?
- Here.
- You seem...
- Just the wound playing up.
Poor you.
I have some ointment at home.
Supposing he's an idiot.
He might just be an
incredibly beautiful man...
with the mind of a rabbit.
Except he isn't.
He can't be.
I need him not to be.
Anyway, I've made some
discreet inquiries...
and I am told that he is Christian.
Christian Neuvillette.
"Neuvillette"? Never heard of him.
He's a new recruit.
He starts today.
To the point.
To your presence here...
I know how the guards
treat the new recruits...
your ancient initiation rituals and so on.
So, please, will you protect him?
I can refuse you nothing.
And never let him fight a duel?
And guard his life with your own?
And be his friend?
I might not like him.
All the same. Befriend him.
And make him write to me.
And I'll write back.
We'll exchange long, poetic love letters.
I will suggest that he write to you...
but I cannot control the
content or length of his letters.
You are always so kind.
You said you have a
confession to make, too.
It's not important.
I will support you as you've supported me.
Really, it's nothing.
How's the hand?
A scratch.
How many men did you duel with last night?
A hundred.
All the same, what courage.
I've done better since.
And one, two, three.
One, two, three. One, two, three.
One, two, three. One, two, three.
One, two, three. One, two, three.
One, two, three. One, two, three.
One, two, three.
And one, two. One, two.
One, two. One, two.
One, two. One, two.
One, two, three.
I heard of your recent adventures.
I've come to express my admiration.
I'm inviting you to join my retinue.
I thank the Duke for his generous
offer, but I must decline.
Carry on!
There are a great many
advantages to following me.
I know.
But I follow no one.
I'm told that you write poetry in
common with a great many men these days.
However, I'm told that you
write poetry uncommonly well.
I like to publish those that I admire.
I could put you into
print, distinguish you.
I'd only change a few
lines. I pay handsomely.
You could buy a fine
pair of calfskin gloves.
I'm not for sale. Neither is my work.
- Aren't you proud.
- Aren't you observant.
Take this seriously.
Those men last night were incompetent.
Others may not be.
Someone's taken against you.
Join my retinue, you'll be protected.
First, you try to recruit
me, then you try to buy me.
When you learn I have no price...
you warn me that my life is
threatened by an unknown enemy.
I saw you last night.
The blood of those men is on your hands.
You're a tyrant posing as a noble.
Oh, what a shame we can't
accommodate each other.
'Cause you know something?
You'd make a sweet little companion
to the acquisition I will make.
Don't push him too far.
To be his enemy is a badge of honor.
Which might get you killed.
Let him try.
I'll best any he sends.
Let them come.
He offered you a good wage.
I belong here.
With you. With them.
Left! Left! Left! Right! Left!
I will not be his toy.
What would you have me do, Le Bret?
Join his retinue?
No, thank you.
Dedicate poems to de Guiche?
No, thank you.
I've heard how this works.
Who's first?
Do you want me to swallow insults?
To crawl? To kneel? To beg?
Play both sides? Flatter? No, thank you.
Live for other people's
opinions of me?
No, thank you. I prefer
a different life. My own.
I answer to no one, and
I am content, thank you.
She doesn't love you?
ever say it.
Who's next?
I am.
Cyrano! Cyrano! Cyrano!
What's so funny?
First, I fight an elephant, and now a mole?
What's your name?
I just like to know the
names of the men I kill.
I'm Christian Neuvillette, sir.
Embrace me.
I'm her brother.
Whose brother?
Who do you think?
- Roxanne.
- Roxanne?
You don't look like her brother.
We're old friends, like siblings but not.
We're very close.
- And what...
- She's told me everything.
The theater, love at
first sight, all of it.
She loves me?
She believes so.
Sir, I am so glad to know you!
Yes, enough of that.
- Please forgive me for insulting you earlier.
- Yes.
- I just...
- Yes, yes.
- She loves me!
- Now, listen.
She loves me!
Roxanne wants a letter from you.
- No?
- Impossible.
If I write to her, it'll drive her away.
Really? Why?
I can't write love letters.
You just say what you feel.
As long as it's true, you can't go wrong.
But a woman like Roxanne
wants wit, romance.
Maybe even poetry.
You're right.
You'd better leave town.
Oh, I didn't mean it.
I'm very confused.
Are you here to help me or hinder me?
- Help.
- Good.
You see, in battle I
have inordinate courage.
I can do anything.
But with women, my whole
life I've been useless.
Silent. I'm...
What's the word for when you're
bad at expressing yourself?
- Inarticulate.
- That's it.
I can't explain what I feel,
not on paper, and not on paper.
I don't know how to speak romantically.
Roxanne will be extremely disappointed.
She must not be.
But I have no wit.
Borrow mine.
My words upon your lips.
I can't. It's a lie.
I'd be deceiving the woman I love.
It's better than losing her.
Call it a fantasy, call it
a dream, call it pretend.
A dream might be a lie, but it's also true.
Wait, what?
Sometimes illusion is kind.
- Is it?
- I think so.
Read a book or two. You'll find out.
There's no need to be patronizing.
I'm sorry.
But will the deceit work?
Is the prize not worth the risk?
Oh, Roxanne...
Oh, Roxanne...
will be so pleased to receive your letter.
May I ask, why are you helping me?
What can you gain?
My words go to waste unless spoken aloud.
I will make you eloquent
while you make me handsome.
God, what I'd do to
just be able to tell her
What it's like when I see her
It's something like
It's something like
And something like
I'd give anything for someone to say
All the words I don't have
And I can't put together
I'd give anything for
someone to say to her
That she's all I can think about
And I can't live without her
My father told me
Letters and books weren't
meant for the son of a soldier
Courage and steel
The trials of the real
world are what matter
And all that should mold you
God, what I'd do
To have the one thing that you have
That I never will
You have something worth giving
A reason for living
All I do well is...
I'd give anything for someone to say
All the words I don't have
And I can't put together
I'd give anything for
someone to say to her
That she's all I can think about
And I can't live without her
I'd give anything for someone to say
That they can't live without me
And they'll be there forever
I'd give anything for
someone to say to me
That no matter how bad it gets
They won't turn away from me
Just sign your name on the bottom.
Great. When did you write it?
A while ago.
- But...
- I always have a letter in my pocket...
written to an imaginary woman.
It's the romantic custom here.
But don't you need to
make it specific to her?
Count on vanity to make Roxanne
think it is only for her.
But the letter itself is
applicable to all women?
Not all.
I'm convinced we're destined
to be friends for life.
You think?
The very best of friends.
And I, my heart will lend.
Thank you.
Come on, children. Hurry up.
The ink on the paper
makes me nervous
I nearly lose my vision
And then my breath and my
pulse and my mind quicken
Head below my knees I come alive
With every stroke of every
letter in every line you write
Keeps me awake thinking back
Oh, my first sight of you
was my first heart attack
Every letter makes me lose my reason
Every word is like
your kindest touch
And if I told you
how much I need you
Would you give me
yourself or turn and run?
You light up desire
just by describing it
I read to myself until I go blind
Your words fall around
me all through the night
I can't resist and I
don't want to fight
Will you be held?
Will you be touched?
By my hand through this paper
Is this all too much?
Will we be ravaged?
Will we be true?
To somebody perfect
somebody like you
I'm tired of yearning
I'm tired of learning
I need to drink you
My heart has been burning
Ever since I saw you
Backwards through the glass
Of a thin windowpane
Like a thin see-through mask
These words are the truth
Just let them sink in
Through your thin-fingered gloves
To your hand, to your skin
Like ribbons on wrist
Let them hold you and twist
Let them touch you all over
Until you can't resist
Every letter makes me lose my reason
Every word is like
your kindest touch
And if I told you
how much I need you
Would you give me
yourself or turn and run?
Would you give me
yourself or turn and run?
You light up desire
just by describing it
I read to myself until I go blind
Your words fall around
me all through the night
I can't resist and
I don't wanna fight
Dim the lights
Give me everything I want
Just talk to me like
you do in your songs
Your letters are
drawings on me from above
I know who you are And
I know you are love
Every day I think I
couldn't love him any more.
Then a new letter arrives,
and my heart expands...
to accommodate more love.
He understands me instinctively.
He knows exactly what I
respond to, what thrills me.
It's uncanny.
I'm pleased for you.
Are you really?
Why wouldn't I be?
It's quite tedious having to
listen to someone waxing on...
about finding true love.
I wanted to meet with him.
In private.
Can you arrange it?
Would you love him if he wasn't handsome?
I cannot imagine it.
He is beautiful, and he
expresses himself beautifully.
It's perfectly logical.
"The more you take of my
heart, the more I have to give.
"Since I need a heart to long for you...
"keep mine and send me yours."
First he has too much
heart, and then not enough?
You're jealous.
It's fascinating.
You're both brilliant, but
exact opposites in style.
Christian is overt...
Whereas I?
You are coded...
His words aren't better than
yours, just differently put.
But both are endlessly quotable.
You know his letters by heart?
Every one.
You will arrange the meeting?
As ever, I am at your service.
I've come to say goodbye.
I leave tonight for the front.
It's grim, but orders are orders.
We're losing the war.
They've promoted the
nobility to turn it around.
As you can see, they've made me a colonel.
Shows how desperate they are.
Does this new rank put you
in command of the guards?
It does. Cyrano is mine.
And the guards are being sent to the front?
Naturally. They're in my regiment.
All of them?
Of course.
Why so upset, dear lady?
You are going to war.
You might die.
You are leaving tonight.
I am beside myself.
Can I take this as a
sign of your affection?
I must tell you.
Cyrano and I are no longer friends.
I ended the friendship, as you counseled.
I know how you could make him suffer.
Why don't you leave him
and all the guards behind?
Here in the city with
the women and children.
Oh, he'll hate that.
More than hate, it would humiliate him.
No heroics, no medals.
His warrior pride is his great weakness.
Am I to understand this as an act of love?
It is.
I hereby bury his orders to the front.
Poor little Cyrano...
and his poor little friends.
Marie, some tea.
I'm afraid we are out of tea, sir.
Leave us.
I like your tricks.
I wager you know some more.
No, sir.
Oh, I think you do.
How can I leave you?
Maybe I won't.
I love you.
I love you.
It's a terrible shame, but leave you must.
The battle can't happen...
without the colonel.
I so admire your bravery.
Yeah, I'm not brave.
- I'm dutiful.
- You are too modest.
It is you who will lead
the charge into battle.
I could not love a man
who hides from danger.
Do you love me?
I love the man for whom I fear.
So I must go to war?
This is folly.
She said she wants to meet me, so
what's wrong with surprising her?
You're not prepared.
She loves me, I don't need to prepare.
Why can't you relax?
Can you at least take a look at
these conversational witticisms?
No, thank you.
Memorize this now!
I'm going to speak to her in my own words.
I strongly advise against that.
And when the moment is right,
I'll take her in my arms.
There will be no moment
if you don't study these.
I'll be fine.
All your fancy words and phrases
are now a part of my vocabulary.
I'll simply repeat them.
No, wait, what is it?
That's it! That's what I will do.
Off you go then.
I'm very grateful for your help...
but, with extreme respect, I
don't think I need you anymore.
Very well.
Fly to Roxanne.
Dazzle her with your transcendent words.
Can you imagine?
"We don't write poems to be happy.
"We write to discover meaning.
"We write to revenge
loss and explicate love...
"to miss nothing in the profound
hope that upon our deaths...
"we continue...
"to live in the words."
How did you know I was here?
Which is not to say that I flatter
myself by thinking you are here to see me.
I heard about this...
Women's-only salon?
Yes. From a friend.
Is she here?
No, she's a man.
I mean, he is.
Will you come with me?
So we can talk?
Of course.
Isn't it beautiful?
Do you suffer from vertigo?
No. But I don't like heights.
There are some silences
that are comfortable...
and then there are some that
are freighted with tension.
What do you think the
nature of this one is?
I think it's a bit of both.
I agree.
Talk to me.
I love you.
Sometimes raw, simple words are the
most potent deployment of language.
I love you.
The sheer surprise of repetition.
But say some more.
What else?
I love you so much.
When you write, you say it in
a thousand different ways...
without ever resorting to those
three overused little words.
Which little words?
Please, my dearest Christian...
speak to me like you do in your letters.
You are an angel to be adored.
My love is so, so big...
it is absord.
I'm sorry?
You are a beautiful flower.
May I smell your neck?
Or give it a peck at this violet hour?
Neuvillette, sir.
Don't go! Please wait.
My passion has rendered me...
- What is it?
- Stupid?
No, but it does begin with an "S."
Let me know when you've found it.
And I am not a flower.
I need more.
I need more.
I need more.
I need more
- I need more
- I need more
Don't you dare tell me you love me
I've heard that line before
That's the word.
That went well.
You spied on us?
I couldn't resist.
Help me.
You don't need me.
Talk of the blank
space behind the sun
Where you told me you'd
meet me when everyone's gone
Tell me that nothing makes sense
But the sound of my
voice in your head
Even when I'm nowhere around
Make love make sense
in the loveliest way
Infinite and simple
in an ink black sky
Turn me to water
like your letters do
Make me not know
whether to laugh or cry
I need more
I need more
I need waves of
desire to come over me
And teardrops on the floor
I feel like I've been too
long with my thoughts anyway
I've cornered myself
in the loneliest place
I won't let you lose me
now that you've found me
You know what to say so
just say it now to me
I float through the
hours with everyone else
But I always only
think of you by myself
Tell me your secrets
Who are you in private?
When you can't sleep tell
me how you survive it
I need more
I need more
I need waves of
desire to come over me
And teardrops on the floor
Help me. I beg you.
If I don't win her back, I'll die.
Then you'd better improve
your regurgitation skills.
All right, I need you.
I was an idiot to believe
I didn't. I apologize.
- You need me?
- Always.
- Am I essential?
- Of course.
Will you say my words without
pedantry, prevarication, or quibbling?
Just say yes.
Good. Follow me.
I need more
I need more
Don't you dare tell me you love me
I've heard that line before
I've heard that line before
I need more
Right. Now, you stand there.
And I will be here.
And when she returns, I will
whisper what you must say to her.
Yes. I will feed you the words.
It's madness! How can it possibly work?
Do not ruin this again.
Who's there?
Speechless Christian.
I must talk to you.
I'd rather read your letters.
Do you regret what happened this evening?
That's your considered
explanation and apology?
I'm beginning to fear you're
just a weird young man...
who likes writing letters.
Maybe you don't even love me.
Good night.
I could no more stop loving you...
I could no more stop loving you...
...than I could stop the sun rising.
...than I can stop the sun rising.
My cruel love has never
stopped growing in my soul...
From the day it was born there.
...from the day it was born.
- There.
- There.
If your love is cruel,
you should have killed it.
I tried.
- It has the strength of Hercules.
- I tried. It has the strength of...
Got anything better?
Do continue. Please.
Roxanne, my love for you is so powerful...
Roxanne, my love for you is so powerful... has strangled the two serpents... has strangled the two serpents...
pride and doubt.
Why do you speak so haltingly?
This is impossible.
No, it's working, keep going.
Are you going to answer my question?
My speech seems halting...
because in this darkness my
words must stumble to your ear.
What are you doing?
My words have no such difficulty.
Your words fall, mine must climb.
Then perhaps I should come down to you.
- No.
- No.
Why not?
I like this way of talking.
I like being invisible to each other.
I cannot be stunned into
silence by your beauty.
Here in this awkwardness, I am
free at last to speak from my heart.
Why is your voice an octave lower?
I'm daring to be myself.
Why would you fear to be yourself?
To be laughed at.
For what?
For having too much emotion.
I do not look...
Speak as I feel.
The way I feel is like
Falling stars
Diving into cold ocean waves
Words can only get me so far
But they cannot describe
The way that it hurts
'Cause every time I see you
I am overcome
I try to tell you
Tell you how much I need you
But I turn and run
Your letters to me are like music
They're just a mask in
a lonely coward's game
What is it you're
so afraid of losing?
That I might lose everything
if I lose the pain
'Cause every time I see you
I am overcome
It'd make you laugh to
think someone like me
Could keep someone like you
Look what I've become
You wore your hair down
one time last spring
In the chapel
Your lips painted red
I remember the day
We hadn't met yet
How could you possibly
remember that?
You watched me then
Why didn't you say something?
'Cause every time I see you
I am overcome
I try to tell you
Tell you how much I need you, too
But look what I've become
Nothing feels real anymore
when you're not around me
Even the sky looks
like it's behind glass
Hearing your voice now
I can see everything clearly
I can see that you really
are my love at last
But, oh, Roxanne
I'm right here, love
Words fail me
Please come to me
I try, but I can't
This is real love
Dare to believe you'd have me
I have no doubt
I know that you're the one now
You don't know anything
I know that it's you
Roxanne, if this was true
Just tell me what you need now
Then I'd need for nothing
Just tell me what to do
Give me a kiss.
Yes, I asked for a
kiss, but I was too bold!
You don't insist?
- No.
- Be quiet.
You were speaking of a kiss.
Yes, what is a kiss?
Surely, you know.
I meant metaphorically.
Is it a vow, a promise...
a confession...
a secret...
a moment of eternity...
a communion, a heartbeat?
No more metaphors.
Come claim your kiss.
Go to her.
It seems wrong now.
She wants you.
Which house belongs to Miss Roxanne?
Who wants to know?
- I have a letter for her.
- From whom?
It's confidential and urgent.
Miss Roxanne...
the noble Duke de Guiche asked me in
specific, as it is a holy matter...
to bring that letter directly to you.
My dearest, I have sent a
holy man to you with a choice.
You have declared
your love for me...
and I can no longer wait
to enjoy your treasures.
I'm on my way to you.
If you keep the priest
there, I will marry you.
If you send him away...
we shall consummate our love
without the bonds of vows.
Your choice.
Either way...
I will possess you tonight.
All well?
Miss Roxanne, what does it say?
This letter is delivered into
your hands by a saintly...
and extremely discreet priest.
Inform him...
...that it is the Cardinal's will...
that he give the blessing
of holy matrimony...
in secret and without delay in your home...
to you...
and Christian Neuvillette.
I told you it was a holy
matter from a worthy lord.
- Is this okay with you, my love?
- Nothing could make me happier.
It says we must hurry.
De Guiche is on his way here.
Then you will delay him.
Thank you.
Thank you. I could not be happier.
You don't know what you're in for.
I deserve a little kindness
I deserve my due respect
I deserve to be beloved
Just like everybody else
I deserve my place in heaven
I deserve an equal share
I deserve my rightful cut
Of everything everywhere
God, Roxanne
Am I asking for too much?
Why should I have to beg
for what everybody wants?
Take me right now
I don't care if I have your love
I'll have no fear
Nothing's even nothing's fair
Roxanne, I didn't ask to be here
I'll pick the lock
I'll draw the knife
I'll climb the wall
I'll crash the gate
'Cause I deserve a happy life
Whatever I'm not given I'll take
"Love is patient.
- God, Roxanne...
- "Love is kind.
- I asking...
- "It does not envy.
- ...for too much?
- "It does not boast. It is not proud."
Why should I have to beg
for what everybody wants?
"It keeps no record of wrongs.
"In sickness and in health,
until death do you part."
I do.
"do you take Christian
for your lawful husband...
"to have and to hold
from this day forward?"
I deserve a little kindness
- I deserve my due respect
- Roxanne...
- I deserve to be beloved
- ...receive this ring as a sign of my love...
- Just like everybody else
- ...and fidelity.
God gave me the life I'm living
You better make no mistake
I deserve to be forgiven
Whatever I'm not given
I'll take
Do you know what's happened in there?
The slut.
She's married a guard.
She's insane.
I'm through with love.
Does one nothing but harm.
I'm going back in there.
You, get out of here.
You, I don't want to see your face.
- Neuvillette.
- Sir.
Your regiment leaves for the war tonight.
You are to depart for the front at once
and deliver these orders immediately.
You promised the guards would
not be sent to the front.
Say goodbye to your husband.
Do you mean to make me a widow?
Only God knows.
Come, Christian. We must go.
Roxanne, I love you,
and I will return to you.
Promise me he will not be cold or hungry.
I can't promise that.
Promise me he will be faithful.
Of course he will, but
I cannot promise you.
Promise me...
he will write.
That I can promise you.
How is it I feel you closer to me
Now that the world's between us?
What I wouldn't do
just to get some sleep
- But we're taking fire
- But we're taking fire
There are some things
that my mind can't do
- The machine takes over
- The machine takes over
I'd kill the world to
get back home to you
- But I'm getting tired
- But I'm getting tired
If I close my eyes
maybe I'll see you there
One more time
And I will give you my word
I'm so afraid you won't believe it
And if I told you all I've done
I know it'd make you cry
So I will close my eyes
And let the falling skies
- Lay down between us
- Lay down between us
I will close my eyes And
let the falling skies
- Lay down between us
- Lay down between us
Friendly! Friendly coming through.
Every morning, they shoot.
And every morning, they miss.
And one morning, they'll get lucky.
You're risking your life to send a letter.
I promised her he would write.
It's a suicide mission.
Those orders from the King
command me to decide...
which of my units must perish.
Do I send the most expendable?
Where are you going?
To write a letter.
Or the bravest?
The guards.
Make out the orders...
to Captain Le Bret immediately.
We'll let God decide the rest.
I take no pleasure in this.
I serve my King.
Not my spite.
Form break.
- Present arms.
- Platoons! Get ready.
Platoon commanders, steady your men!
Form line!
This child has delivered
our orders from the King.
These are from de Guiche.
Correct. In service of the King.
We've been holding this
godforsaken rock for months.
On the King's orders.
And now we have the noble distinction
of being chosen to mount an attack.
De Guiche wants me dead.
The odds are against us.
I'd rather die down there fighting...
than starve up here waiting.
Then ready yourself.
Form line!
Captain, steady your men!
Collect the letters.
I have a wife
I haven't seen
Since lilacs bloomed
in Saint-Hippolyte
She always wears them
In her hair
And she lets them
fall down everywhere
I can see her in the glowing light
Dressing without a sound
I promised I'd be home all right
But I gotta lay this body down
So take this letter
To my wife
And tell her that I loved my life
And tell my boys
The Lord, he found me
When I say their names out loud
They're all around me
And tell 'em
Not to cry at all
Is wherever I fall
I have a girl
I think I love her
I should have told her
Instead I told her mother
I gave her chocolates
I bought a ring
But I never told her anything
But I can see her
in every detail now
Turning in my mind
I barely knew that girl at all
But I will love her
till the end of time
So take this letter
To my girl
Tell her that I saw the whole world
Say that right before I fell
I said her name out loud
And tell her
Not to cry at all
Is wherever I fall
I have a father
He isn't well
He thinks he might be going to hell
He was a sinner
He liked to fight
So I don't know he might be right
I can see him every Sunday morning
Diving into the fray
He wasn't one of God's best men
But I loved him anyway
So take this letter
To him, please
And tell him I can't wait to see him
I went in first
I rang the bell
I called his name out
loud and I gave 'em hell
So tell him
Not to cry at all
Is wherever I fall
Tell 'em
Not to cry at all
Is wherever I fall
Tell 'em
- Not to cry at all
- I know.
I wish I could write her one last letter.
- You have.
- Heaven
Let me see.
Is wherever I fall
No need.
Of course there's a need.
What's this?
It's a tear stain.
Is it? That's odd.
We poets sometimes are so moved
by our own creations that we...
It's poetic empathy.
You cried writing this letter?
Yes. I cannot bear not to see her again.
We will never see her again.
You, her beloved husband, might
die and never see her again.
That is the tear stain.
You're in love with her.
You've gone mad. You're starving.
Deny it then.
Do you love her?
It's too simple.
I knew it.
But I didn't...
I didn't dare let myself believe it.
I feel sick.
- You've always loved her.
- I will deny it.
You can't deny it. You can't even hide it.
Christian, listen to me.
If I should die and you should
live, and she mentions the letters...
- do not be surprised...
- At what?
If she mentions their volume.
You've written to her
more often than you know.
- How often?
- Often enough.
- Twice a week?
- More.
- Three times a week?
- More than that.
- Four? Five?
- More.
- Every day?
- Yes, every day.
She doesn't love me.
Of course she does.
In her most recent letter,
she said she loves me...
because of my soul.
What could be more loving?
You are my soul!
We have to tell her the truth...
and you must confess your love.
The world will never accept a midget...
and a tall beautiful woman.
Never mind the world. What about Roxanne?
She's got a huge heart.
In the same letter, she reassured
me that she'd still love me...
even if I return from
this hell a broken man...
disfigured and body destroyed.
She said that?
Don't believe her.
Don't doubt her.
Take your positions!
We have betrayed her.
We can never tell her.
It'll break her heart.
We have to tell her.
It's our moral...
Our moral...
See you on the other side!
We must let her decide our fate.
One of us, none of us...
She must have the choice.
Form the line!
And I'm certain she'll choose you.
She's already chosen you.
Love at first sight. She married you.
She doesn't love me.
She doesn't even know me.
She doesn't love me either.
I think she does.
And I would prefer to be loved
for my true self or not at all.
Get ready!
Tell 'em
See you on the other side!
Not to cry at all
Is wherever I fall
Soldier, back in line!
Tell 'em
- Not to cry at all
- Christian! No!
Is wherever I fall
You will live.
You will live for Roxanne who loves you.
Tell her everything.
Forward! Forward! Forward!
Tell 'em
Not to cry at all
Is wherever I fall
Tell 'em
Not to cry at all
- Make ready! And fire!
- Heaven
Is wherever I fall
- Fire!
- Tell 'em
Not to cry at all
Is wherever I fall
Sister Claire, must I remind you, you
have accepted a life without mirrors?
Stop admiring yourself...
or I will be forced to tell Cyrano.
Oh, no. He'll make such fun of me.
And promise me you will
stop trying to convert him.
He's been coming here every Saturday
for as long as I can remember.
Why does he not believe?
Miss Roxanne is his faith.
His weekly visits are his service.
It saddens me he won't see heaven.
I'm sure the Lord has a plan for him.
You should worry about his
remaining time on Earth.
Get him to eat.
He always says he's not hungry.
He says, "I ate good meat yesterday."
It's not true.
He's too proud to admit he can't afford it.
He's starving.
Insist he eats with us this evening.
Yes, Mother.
He'll be here at six o'clock
to bring her the news.
Dear Roxanne...
Dear Roxanne. many times have I sat by
your side and wanted to tell you?
Dear Roxanne.
Almost told you?
Dear Roxanne.
There is nothing so
dangerous and sweet...
to keep as a secret like this.
I have sublimated.
Tell her. Tell her.
How many letters have I written...
Tell her.
Trying to spell it out plainly.
Without art.
Tell her the truth.
You. Always you.
You. You.
I love you. I've always loved you.
Tell her. Tell her.
I will die loving you,
and you will never know.
Tell her.
He'll be here.
He's always on time.
Going somewhere?
You're late.
I was delayed.
By what?
An untimely visitor.
You sent him away?
I fear I only put him
off for a short while.
Well, he will have to wait...
because I will not let
you leave before nightfall.
You've cut yourself.
A scratch, really.
Aren't you going to tease Sister Claire?
She waits for it all week, you know.
Sister Claire, you have such lovely eyes.
Why do you keep them cast down?
I ate good meat yesterday.
When you're ready, come to the dining hall.
Then I'll give you a big bowl of soup.
- Yes.
- Good.
I think Sister Claire
is trying to convert you.
I am not.
Mother warned me off.
Sister Claire.
Tonight, I will let you pray for me.
I have not waited for your permission.
Do you remember the day we first met?
It was early morning in early June.
I'd come to borrow a book from your father.
We found you curled up on the floor
in the library in the dawn light...
a tome for a pillow.
You were reading the very
book that I'd come for.
I refused to give it up.
Your youth made it forgivable.
I hadn't finished reading it.
I didn't mind.
You said you'd give it to me when you had.
And I did.
It was as if we'd always known each other.
And now we have.
They say light is the soul of a holy space.
It's designed to be enough.
Enough beauty...
to just let go.
Are you melancholy?
Do you have my daily paper?
Yes, I do.
Last Saturday, the 19th, I saw you.
And then a week passed in which
nothing important happened...
and now here I am again.
- Cyrano.
- All right.
The news.
On Saturday, the head of
state ate too many prunes...
and he took to his bed with a fever.
He was executed by his physician...
and now he is feeling much better.
There was a ball on Sunday...
and 762 wax candles were burned...
On Monday, our troops were
reported to have beaten everyone...
On Tuesday, a tiny little dog had
to be given a very large enema.
On Wednesday, nothing.
On Thursday...
someone somewhere, who
isn't us, took a new lover.
On Friday...
I was the queen...
of almost.
Today, I...
Shall we get you that soup?
Not yet.
Not yet.
Oh, my dear.
What is to be done?
Just my old wound from the war.
Damn that war.
You told me one day you would let
me read Christian's last letter.
Thank you.
"Farewell, Roxanne...
"I believe this will be
my last day, my beloved.
"My soul is heavy with unexpressed love.
"Fullness of heart cannot be recorded.
"It will not live on in
my bones when I am gone.
"It will not be buried in my grave.
"The exact measure of my
love cannot be given to you...
"in words to outlast my last breath.
"No matter how I wish it, for I am dust.
"And dust to dust...
"I'm going to die today, my love."
You are not reading.
You are remembering.
It was you.
No, Roxanne.
- Make your confession.
- No, Roxanne.
- The letters.
- No.
- The words.
- No.
The voice in the night below my balcony.
All of it. You.
I married him that night
because of your words.
You married him, not my words.
Why are you denying it?
Because I do not love you, my love.
- Yes, you do.
- Christian loved you.
- You wrote that letter.
- No.
- That tear is yours.
- The blood is his!
Why tell me now? Why?
I believe this will be my last day.
No, Cyrano
I won't let you go
How can you not see?
I'm alone, Cyrano
I've nowhere to go
You have to stay with me
Oh, Roxanne
I don't understand
The one you love's not here
I buried that man
With my very own hands
Long ago in a blackberry field
Have you ever wanted something
So badly you cannot breathe
Have you ever loved someone
It's okay, Roxanne
I've known what I am
From the second your eyes held mine
Ever since then
I've been a patient man
Patient with desire
I know, Cyrano
I know who you are
Love, I feel the same
So, no, Cyrano
I won't let you go
Love's a painful painful game
You love me.
And I will not lose you twice.
- Have you ever wanted something
- Wanted something
So badly you cannot breathe
Have you ever loved someone
It's you I love.
You loved the words.
I love Cyrano.
Cyrano is my love.
I have always loved Cyrano.
And I loved...
my pride.