D.O.A. (2022) Movie Script

[crickets chirping]
[bell tolling]
[footsteps approaching]
[somber music]
[dog distantly barking]
Sometimes it's hard to tell
if you're at the beginning
or the end of the story.
You know what they say
about the future.
If you look far enough ahead,
you might not be in it.
I'm not looking ahead anymore.
At least not beyond the top
of these steps.
But I've got a story to tell.
The police will want facts.
Who, what, and where.
So that's what I'll give them.
Is there more to it?
I'll let you decide.
When it's over,
I won't say another word.
Not ever.
[groans softly]
Homicide department?
Second door on the left.
-[grunting] Thank you.
-[phone ringing]
[clears throat]
Are you the man in charge?
For the next ten minutes,
my wife's making a pot roast.
My name's Bigelow.
Frank Bigelow.
Mr. Bigelow,
we've been looking for you.
Hey, call in
Detective Bell and...
...please call my wife.
[dramatic music]
-I need to report a murder.
-Who was murdered?
I was.
[clock ticking]
Where are you from, Mr. Bigelow?
What does it matter?
You're a professional,
and I know
all the professionals
in my town.
I work out at Crescent City.
So how long have you been
in that line of work?
I told you... this is a murder.
Now, you can find out anything
you need to know...
[clears throat] after I--
We don't get a lot of murder
victims walking in here
-and volunteering
to make a statement.
So I'm just trying to figure out
if you're a lunatic.
I'm not.
[dramatic music]
So how'd you end up down here?
We start from the beginning,
and I'll be listening
as long as you're making sense.
Wednesday evening...
...I was in the office.
Another five minutes and I
would've been out the door.
So what held you up?
[birds chirping]
[exhales sharply]
You done for the day?
Unless you need me.
-Got plans?
-Plans? Hmm. Sure.
Rome! No. Rome was last night.
Maybe Paris.
Taking your mother?
Do I have a choice?
Why don't you come?
To Paris?
It's my place.
You can't see the Eiffel Tower,
there's a eucalyptus tree
in the way.
But I can make you dinner.
Oh, Kitty.
I can cook, you know.
When's the last time
you had a real dinner?
-I'm fine.
-Promise you won't spend
the night here.
Go home.
Or wherever it is you go.
-Oh, there's a lady here
to see you from St. Augustine.
-St. Augustine?
I could tell her
to come back tomorrow.
See you in the morning, then.
Mrs. Phillips?
Mrs. Phillips, please.
The chair is free.
[engine distantly rumbling]
This is the first time,
I mean, I've ne--
Whatever it is,
it won't surprise me.
My husband.
You've heard that before,
I'm sure.
-Just tell me
what the trouble is.
-[pen softly scratching]
A few days ago,
he didn't come home from work.
I found out he's moved
into a hotel.
He won't take my calls,
won't even speak to me.
-Have you been fighting?
-No, nothing like that.
I think he may be in trouble.
What makes you say that?
He and his brother have
an import-export company.
And I'm worried Gene,
that's my husband,
is in over his head.
He's been working
for a man named Majak.
-Arthur Majak.
I don't know much,
and I don't want to.
He's dangerous.
[birds chirping]
[Mrs. Phillips]
I found that in Gene's jacket.
Could "M" be a woman?
Pardon me for saying,
but maybe he's just leaving you.
[sighing] I've always known
Gene didn't have
a strong control
over his impulses.
He can be reckless.
What would you like me to do?
I want you to find out
what he's doing.
Where he's going,
if he's in trouble.
This all may be a crazy
fantasy in my head, but--
Do you mind me asking
why you didn't hire
an investigator
that was closer to home?
I don't want this to get around.
Well, you understand
I may not find anything.
There's my fee, travel expenses,
lodging, food, ga--
[light suspenseful music]
...I'm happy to help.
[engine rumbling]
Catherine Phillips
was a piece of work, alright.
Her story didn't quite add up,
but the job sounded easy enough.
She gave me cash for a week
and a photo of her husband.
If I caught him fast,
I could be home by Monday
and pocket the rest.
That was the plan, anyway.
St. Augustine is
the oldest city in the country.
You'd never know it now,
but over the years
it's been invaded, looted,
burned to the ground.
I was just trying
to make a buck.
My first stop was
the Ponce de Leon Hotel
where Gene Phillips was
hiding out.
It was alright, as palaces go.
People still checked in looking
for the Fountain of Youth.
No one had seen Phillips,
so I found a place
at the bar and waited.
-[indistinct chatter]
-[cutlery clinking]
[scoffs] Coffee? [chuckles]
The war is over, pal.
How about a real drink?
It's alright, I'm on the clock.
Oh, you're here
for the convention.
Great carty,
stay with the party.
Hey. Scotch and soda. And?
Uh, whiskey. Make it rye.
[light jazz music playing]
Sam Haskell. Haskell the Rascal.
How you doing?
Frank Bigelow.
You're buying or selling, Frank?
-Little bit of both.
-Little bit of both.
[laughing] That's the spirit.
Cover all the bases.
Who you waiting for?
A friend.
Hey, pal, you just made one.
Mud in your eye.
-[man laughing]
-They-- these things get crazier
and crazier every year.
Now what are you doing tonight?
Bunch of us going down
to the Blue Bay.
-Are you here
for the convention?
-[woman] Sure.
[dramatic music]
...stay in the room...
Phillips showed up just in time.
Haskell the Rascal
was getting on my nerves.
Uh, hey, uh,
thanks for the juice, friend.
Okay, Frank.
I'll see you.
[suspenseful music]
The fact is,
if a guy's looking for a tail,
he'll spot you no matter
how much room you give him.
If he's not looking,
you can stay in his shadow
all day and he'll never know it.
Phillips drove like a man
with other things on his mind.
Probably why his wife
was paying me to tail him.
[alligator growling]
How many you got in here?
Let's see. 19...
No, 18.
Lost another one last week.
[bird cawing]
-Second one this month.
Only ten years old.
They usually live to 40 or 50.
Hmm. Well, when your time's up,
the time's up.
Guess so.
[dramatic music]
[alligator growling]
[water softly splashing]
[engine rumbling]
[engine revving]
An alligator farm?
Well, that's one thing
about this business.
You have to go
wherever it takes you.
A guy hired me once
to track down his wife.
He woke up one morning
to find a four-foot gator
in the baby's crib.
The night before,
his wife had taken the baby
and run off
with a fuller brush man.
It sounds like a story,
but this is Florida.
Things like that happen here.
[birds chirping]
-[car door closes]
-It's the most strange way
to spend an afternoon.
At least Phillips was keeping
interesting company,
but it didn't tell me much.
I had to get closer.
[suspenseful music]
Never liked cemeteries.
We've all had enough death
these last few years.
Now I was walking on top
of a couple centuries of it.
And it looked like there was
plenty of room for more.
Numbers. Decimal points.
Row after row.
What they meant
was anyone's guess.
[suspenseful music continues]
What you up to, buddy?
Everyone around here
is trying to rest.
Oh, I'm being quiet.
They don't need
no peeping toms either.
What are you doing with those?
Is that a blue heron up there
or an egret?
-Right up there, you can see it.
You don't see them
that far north usually.
-Look at that.
-What are you talking about?
Hey, Little Birdie,
where are you going?
-People are sleeping.
-Little Birdie.
Don't come back here
unless you wanna stay.
[light dramatic music]
I don't mind being threatened
now and then.
Better to be chased out
of a graveyard than into one.
[engine turns over]
I'd have to pick up
Phillips' trail again,
but at least
the hired muscleman,
he was up to something.
-[brakes squeal]
-I didn't know what yet,
but suddenly, I was interested.
[engine rumbling]
[light suspenseful music]
I'd like a room for the night.
Of course. I have a lovely room
with an ocean view.
Better give me something
around back. I get seasick.
[bell dings]
[light somber music]
[door creaking]
There we are.
Bathroom's in there and,
uh, that's about it.
Say, uh...
do you know a Eugene Phillips?
Of course.
Top floor, nice rooms.
I mean, all our rooms
are nice. [softly chuckles]
Listen, can you keep
an eye out, uh, tonight?
If he comes or goes,
you hear anything,
just slip a note under my door.
I'm not sure I'm allowed
to do that, sir. [chuckles]
We strive to meet
every guest's expectations.
You're going far, Eddie.
Thank you, sir.
[Mrs. Phillips on phone]
Alligators? Are you joking?
[Frank] Well, it may be nothing,
but it does seem to be
a strange place
for a man to go
in the middle of the afternoon.
Let me ask you
one other question.
Um, have you and your husband
been to the Blue Bay Bar?
Not likely.
You haven't. And why not?
We're respectable people.
Nothing respectable goes in
or out of that place.
She's right.
If I had a dollar for every car
-that I sent over there
to break up a fight--
-[Frank coughing]
Take it easy.
[door opens]
Uh, could I have some water or,
or some coffee or something?
Can you get him some coffee?
Will do.
[indistinct chatter]
So, did they tell you how long--
Oh, a couple of days,
a week at most,
if I stay quiet. [chuckles]
Yeah, but you haven't
stayed quiet, have you?
[engine rumbling]
[brakes squeal]
That letter M on the billboard
outside the cemetery
had looked familiar.
I'd seen it on the note
Catherine Phillips gave me.
I'd lost Phillips,
but maybe if I found "M,"
I could work my way back to him.
[light jazz music playing]
[indistinct chatter
and laughter]
The service was bad.
The whiskey was cheap.
But otherwise,
the Blue Bay was alright.
[women laughing]
Men looked half-dead
and their wives
looked impatient.
Maybe that's why
they put the billboard
outside the cemetery.
Anyway, it was dark
and no one knew me,
or so I thought.
Hey, Mr. Little of both!
-Haskell the Rascal, remember?
-Yeah, I remember--
Hey, hey, pal. Pal, pal,
you gotta help me.
I'm sitting with three ladies
that I hope aren't ladies.
Now that's six tits.
I only got two hands.
Gals, this is Frank.
Hey, Frank.
Haskell the Rascal wasn't
gonna take no for an answer.
-[woman] I'm--
-[Frank] I bet the girls
were thinking the same thing.
We had that in common,
but not much else.
You're here for the convention?
-I'm here alright.
-[woman laughing]
By 11:30, the natives
were getting restless
and Haskell was moving in
for the kill.
-I snuck back to the bar
for a nightcap.
-[woman laughing]
I still couldn't figure out
why the place was so crowded.
Then the lights went down.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome to the stage
the Blue Bay's own,
mesmerizing Miss M.
[clapping and cheering]
-[man 1] Yeah!
-[man 2] Whoo!
[gentle music playing]
And now the ringing
of twilight time
You can see
the breaking of my heart
Was it a glance
or a summer romance?
Now I lie waiting
when we are apart
[melancholic music]
So this was "M."
I'd be lying if I said
she could sing.
I'd be lying if I said
it mattered.
I didn't know what she had
to do with Phillips.
But if he was throwing
his life away for her,
I was starting to like the guy.
[men laughing]
It'll be a minute.
Oh, I'm sure it's worth it.
House special, Leo.
Sure, ma'am.
[light jazz music playing]
What's special about it?
Makes me forget that I'm here.
Oh, make it two.
I enjoyed your set.
It's very, um, musical.
I sing okay on a good night.
This wasn't one of them.
People seem to enjoy it.
I can't imagine why.
Haven't seen you before.
You here for the convention?
How's business?
Oh, it's dog eat dog.
Men are so funny.
How's that?
You spend the war
trying not to get killed.
Then come home and start killing
each other all over again.
-Well, I missed out
on the last war.
-[glass shatters]
-[man] Whoa!
-But I got into the tail end
of the one before--
[man indistinctly shouting]
Tail end of the one before it.
Like it?
A lot of sugar.
I like sugar.
I'm Cuban.
What's the "M" for?
Rita for short.
Rita, it's time.
We're talking.
He's right. I have to go.
-Thank you for the drink.
-[woman laughs]
[woman laughing]
Wha-- what is in that?
That's the special.
Gets less special
the more I have.
[light suspenseful music]
[crickets chirping]
She was mesmerizing.
I couldn't argue
with the billboard about that.
[car door closes]
With the bodyguard
behind the wheel,
I wouldn't be able
to follow too closely.
That's probably the reason
why he was there.
Made me wonder,
was he there to keep her safe
or just to keep her?
I'd hang back to see
where he took me.
[engine turns over]
There was just one problem.
[retching and vomiting]
So much for the house special.
After that,
I drove back to the hotel
and crawled into bed.
-[birds chirping]
-Or, maybe I didn't.
Hey, buddy. You alright?
Just got tired.
A lot of people get tired
outside of the Blue Bay.
Trouble is, I see a man
slumped over in a car,
and I don't know
if I'm looking at a corpse
or a fellow
who just made a bad decision.
I'm not a corpse. Promise.
What's your name?
[sighs] Next time you wanna
get high, Mr. Bigelow,
I suggest you go down to Miami.
And get out of here.
[engine turns over]
[dramatic music]
[engine revving]
[phone ringing]
[phone ringing]
-[Frank softly grunting]
-[phone ringing]
-[Kitty] Frank? Is that you?
Are you alright?
Hold on a sec. [sighs]
[softly grunts]
[groans and grunts]
[dramatic music increases]
[echoing] Frank?
[somber music]
Twice before I'd come to
in a hospital bed
and both times I felt lucky.
This time was different.
There weren't any bandages
that I could see
and the nurse had that look
in her eye.
You don't know.
I'll get the doctor.
[Dr. Freeman]
Mr. Bigelow.
I'm Dr. Freeman.
I was on call last night
when you were brought in.
How do you feel?
-That's not surprising.
It was touch and go
when you came in.
So what happened?
Look, before we talk,
is there anyone I can call?
Anyone who can be with you?
No. Uh, what's happening?
We spent the morning
trying to puzzle you out.
Can you tell where you've been
the last 48 hours?
I drove down here,
I checked into a hotel,
I went out
and had a couple of drinks.
Have you been anywhere
where metals are processed?
Uh, no.
These are your blood results.
Alcohol poisoning. Fine.
But this?
I've never seen
numbers like that.
I had them run the test twice.
[softly grunts] So what is that?
It's an aluminous compound.
I can't be sure which one.
My guess would be iridium.
Iridium, isn't that,
uh, nuclear?
It's sort of a cousin.
It can be, uh, accumulated
in the body naturally,
but at the levels
it is in your blood,
it would've had
to have been ingested.
And recently.
[smacks lips] That's crazy.
I haven't ingested iridium.
In the right amount,
you may not even be aware
if it were mixed
with something else.
So you're saying...
You've been poisoned.
So what do we do?
What do I take?
If we had known what to look for
when you first came in,
we might have a shot.
At this point...
...there's not a lot we can do.
Look, I had a few
too many last night.
I got dizzy.
I wake up here.
I feel okay, you know.
Are you saying
this is gonna kill me? 'Cause--
-Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
[softly sighs]
I can only imagine
what a shock this is.
I need a second opinion.
I called Dr. Evans.
He was a staff doctor in Japan
during the occupation.
He's seen quite a bit of--
Well, you can imagine.
Came to the same conclusion.
Also notified the police.
They want to speak with you.
[light echoing rumbling]
Mr. Bigelow.
Mr. Bigelow!
-[echoing stops]
We've got you stabilized.
There're a lot of things
we can do to help you make--
make you more comfortable.
Those, that'll help
with the pain for now.
Okay, how long until--
It's hard to say.
When can I get out of here?
You're not going anywhere.
Mr. Bigelow, you're on fire.
The more you exert yourself,
the faster the fire
is going to burn.
Okay. Sure.
I'll be back in a few minutes.
Try and rest for now.
[melancholic music]
I didn't believe him.
-No one believes
news like that.
[deeply inhales]
But I had to decide,
stay or move.
-And fast.
I moved.
[softly grunting]
[indistinct chatter]
The police
were already waiting.
I knew what they wanted.
Time. And I was fresh out.
[indistinct chatter continues]
[door closes]
[softly] Sorry.
Been a long time.
I'm sorry too.
How's that?
When someone returns to God
after a long time,
it's usually because
something has gone wrong.
I haven't exactly returned.
You just found out, though.
How do you know?
I know that look.
You're in the right place.
The hospital.
I've been in and out
for six months.
And it is nice
to come to a place
where people wanna help you.
Getting better?
What are you going to do?
Find out why.
There's a reason?
And it matters?
To me, it does.
I hope you're right.
[dramatic music]
There was nowhere to run.
I ran anyway.
Every street ended in the ocean.
Could I feel it yet?
Was I on fire?
And was it the liquor
or the iridium?
When did it happen? And... who?
They were cop questions.
I've been a cop.
Just never been a victim.
-[phone distantly ringing]
-[clock ticking]
-Why didn't you go
to the police?
-[door closes]
I used to be a cop.
I know how you work.
And how's that?
You sit me down, like I am now.
By the time I'm finished
answering all your questions...
[light suspenseful music]
I wanted answers.
Most of all,
I wanted to know why.
Maybe then I could
make it stop. At least,
I could believe that
for a while, and...
...I needed to believe it.
Blue Bay was locked, but I...
...found an open window
on the back.
That's when I heard voices.
[indistinct chatter]
-Chester, do you want
something to eat?
It was the hired muscle
from the cemetery
and with Rita's bodyguard.
So they were a team.
I found an office upstairs.
The Rolodex didn't have
Gene Phillips,
but I found the card
for Rita Hernandez.
It was the one
with the most fingerprints.
[engine rumbling]
I'd done worse things
to get a woman's number.
But then I had a feeling
that Rita Hernandez was used
to desperate men
knocking on her door.
-[Rita] Who is it?
-[speaking Spanish]
-[muffled scream]
[dog distantly barking]
-You remember me
from last night?
Yeah, you do?
You gonna be quiet?
[baby distantly crying]
Who gave you that?
-His wife.
She sent you to spy on us?
No, but she suspects.
-Why does she care?
-Oh, maybe she loves him.
-When's the last time
you saw Phillips?
-Three nights ago.
-And you talked to him
after that?
-How did the--
-Who are you, asking me
all these questions?
I, I said, how did
the two of you get together?
How do you think?
Are you sure you didn't do it
for someone else?
Alright, I'll try
another name on you.
Majak, Arthur Majak.
-Come on, give!
-I don't know.
God, you lie worse
than you sing.
Tell me who he is!
He's my boss.
-He owns the Blue Bay.
-He owns me.
[dramatic music]
What is it?
I'll get you some water.
I think you should go.
Last night
when our drinks came...
...someone put something
into mine.
It wasn't me.
-There was a man.
-A man?
He slipped something into mine
while I wasn't looking.
I'm supposed to remember a man
getting a drink?
You tell your boss.
You tell Majak I wanna see him.
You're scared, aren't you?
I don't think
I ever got your name.
-Time to go, Frank.
[dramatic music increases]
I let it go. I didn't want
to argue with a knife.
And I couldn't think of a reason
why Rita Hernandez
would wanna poison me.
[somber music]
[coin clinking]
[soft rattling]
[deeply inhales and exhales]
-[Kitty] Hello.
-Hello Kitty, it's me.
Frank, what happened? I,
I was on the line and I heard--
Never mind that.
I need you to find out
everything you can
about Arthur Majak.
M-A-J-A-K. Got it?
Majak. Who is he?
Just do it.
And then look
into this guy Phillips.
-He called.
-He did?
That's what I wanted
to tell you this morning.
He wants to meet you.
How does he know about me?
I had to think it through.
If the goon at the cemetery
was at the Blue Bay,
it meant he was working
for Majak.
And Majak was
following Phillips.
And what?
I didn't know.
Phillips wanted to see me,
and I wanted to see him.
I drove to the address
he'd given Kitty.
I was getting
to know St. Augustine
better than I wanted to.
[birds chirping]
[keys clacking]
May I help you?
Mr. Phillips in?
Is in regard to a shipment?
Just tell him
Frank Bigelow's here.
Mr. Phillips?
Mr. Bigelow is here to see you.
He'll be right in.
[pen softly scratching]
Quiet today, huh?
You should've seen it
last week. [sighs]
Most of the floor went out
and all of that came in.
Where does it come from?
A lot from Europe.
-Why, just the other day,
I could bare--
-[door opens]
Mr. Bigelow?
-Stanley Phillips.
-I was expecting--
My brother?
He's missing,
that's why I called you.
And you don't know where he is?
He checked out
of his room at the Ponce.
My sister-in-law says
you're the last person
that's seen him.
Did you ask Rita Hernandez?
Miss Barnes,
would you mind taking lunch?
[Ms. Barnes]
Yes, sir.
How do you know
about Miss Hernandez?
Wasn't hard.
[door closes]
My brother's always been
a magnet for trouble.
I just wanna know where he is.
I'd like to help you,
Mr. Phillips.
But I'm looking for someone
and I don't have a lot of time.
-Who's that?
-Arthur Majak.
You don't know
what you walked into,
do you, Bigelow?
-Illuminate me.
-I'd rather not.
Take my advice.
Get in your car, drive home,
forget this whole thing
ever happened.
I'll square things
with Catherine.
-We're past that.
-How's that?
Majak's got a hook in Gene.
He used Rita to set it up.
May well take advantage of him.
I don't know
what Gene was doing for him,
and I don't know
what your involvement is.
-Well, let's keep it that way.
You know, maybe the answer
is out in this warehouse.
I don't really care.
I just wanna know
how I got mixed up in this.
I don't have
your answers, Bigelow.
I'm sorry,
but I do have instructions.
-Now, either you go home or--
-Or what?
I pass you up the chain.
Go ahead.
[door creaking, bangs]
Hey, it's Birdie.
Carry a gun?
Don't you think
I'd be going for it about now?
[grunting and gasping]
[softly] Don't fight,
it'll go quicker.
We're gonna have a little fun.
-[gasping and groaning]
[light dramatic music]
His idea of fun
was different than mine.
I didn't have
the strength to fight,
and I needed time to think.
Was I closer to the truth
or farther away?
It's hard to tell
from the back seat.
You know your big mistake,
Coming here in the first place.
...talking to that little tramp
last night.
Don't call her that.
Why not? It's what she is.
She's only doing
what she has to do.
Well, aren't we all?
[engine rumbling]
[Frank] They didn't say
where they were taking me,
but I didn't need to ask.
Come on, old man.
In this town,
whatever the truth was,
it took its orders
from Arthur Majak.
What the hell is this?
Now, I don't care
what you're doing.
I don't even care
about Phillips.
I need some answers.
Okay, Doc.
That'll do it.
Thank you.
Hey, that's quite a shiner
you've got there.
Did you do that, Chester?
-Whitey, I told you--
-He won't listen to me.
Climb up.
Need a little trim
to make you feel like a new man.
Where are you from originally?
Frankie? You, you don't mind
my calling you Frank, do you?
Oh, a lot of Poles
in Pittsburgh, I'm told.
Germans, too.
The Irish? Well,
just look under any rock.
Of course, everyone down here
is from someplace else.
Started with the Spanish,
then the English.
Everyone but the Seminole,
you don't see
many of them nowadays, do you?
And me?
I'm a Lithuanian Jew.
From Chicago.
And that's a good thing,
let me tell you.
'Cause the past ten years
have not been good
to the Jews in Lithuania.
Why don't we start
with what you know?
About me, for instance.
Your name's Arthur Majak,
and you own the Blue Bay.
I own a lot of things.
This place
being my sentimental favorite.
Always good to remember
where you started.
Go on.
You do business
with Eugene Phillips,
and... some of it's legal,
some isn't.
He either double-crossed you
or someone double-crossed him.
You sent him a threatening note.
You just met
at the Evergreen Cemetery.
After that, maybe you made good
on your threat.
You know, you're lucky
to have all your hair
so late in middle life.
Boy, I know
a lot of guys who'd kill
for just a little of it.
Yeah. You know,
be honest with you.
Frank, it doesn't sound
like you know very much.
I know enough to have found you.
Well, a little ignorance
isn't a bad thing,
but you haven't asked me
for advice.
But it's in a barber's line
to give it.
You've been dealt a bad deal.
So, don't make it worse.
Go home.
Spend this time with people
that matter to you.
I've already heard that.
Well, in that case,
you may have better luck
going to the police.
Nothing you can say to them now
would... put me in jeopardy.
-In fact, Whitey can run you
-over to the station.
-[Frank] No, I can't do that.
Of course you can't,
you don't have time.
But you spent a whole day
looking for me
and where's that got you?
I didn't kill you.
You don't get to be my age
killing people for no reason.
And so far you haven't
given me a reason.
You think I poisoned you
because I have the iridium?
Well, I don't.
If I did, none of this
would've happened.
So, someone stole it
from Phillips?
Now you're getting warm.
Bad joke, sorry.
Look, I don't care who stole it
and I don't care who has it.
You wanna find the man
who poisoned you.
But the man
who stole the iridium
is almost certainly the same man
that poisoned you with it.
Find the iridium, find your man.
But why should I trust you?
We have a common interest.
All I can offer you is
to finish the job if you can't.
And rest assured,
pardon the expression,
whoever did this will pay.
Much better
if I do say so myself.
Here you go.
And, uh, Chester's taken
quite an interest in you,
and I'd be careful there
because his methods are
largely shaped by--
What's the name of that camp
the Japs had you...
[suspenseful music]
[Frank coughs]
[clock ticking]
I got my car. [deeply exhaling]
I keep a .38
under the passenger seat and...
...I didn't want anyone using it
without my permission.
So, what was next?
[Frank] I went back
to the hotel. You still had
someone watching it,
so I used a fake name
to check into the cheapest place
-I could find.
-...enjoy your stay,
Mr. Tennant.
-[detective] The Rainbow?
-[Frank] Yeah.
It's good to know
there's not someplace worse.
[dogs barking]
So then you went to bed?
[clock ticking]
[softly slurps]
[smacks lip and sighs]
Not exactly.
[dramatic music]
[indistinct chatter]
It's hard to sleep
when your clock is ticking down.
I could hear
the pipes in the wall,
the wind blowing, voices.
-[echoing] ...matters.
-[indistinct whispering]
[loud ticking]
I was afraid
someone was out there
and at the same time
hoping someone was.
-[echoing knocks]
-[phone ringing]
Then the pain came.
Pain means you're alive.
And I was more alive now
than I'd ever been.
[echoing singing]
We know we're gonna die, right?
That's what makes us human.
But I felt like an animal,
trapped, caged.
I just had to get out.
[insects chirping]
[dogs distantly barking]
[footsteps approaching]
[both chuckles]
-Is it out there?
The reason,
the one you're looking for?
I don't know.
Maybe I should
just jump in the fountain
and see if it's there.
What are you doing here?
Oh, I walk out here most nights.
Clears my head.
Never thought I'd see you again.
I could say the same thing.
No, I didn't mean it
like that. Oh.
How are you doing?
Keeping busy.
Finding that reason.
Hmm. Well...
...takes time, you know...
...to accept it.
Yeah. How do you live with it?
Um, just the way we all do.
We all just invent things
to keep ourselves busy enough
so that we don't notice
what's coming.
I have tried everything.
And-- Oh, whoa, even that.
Mm. Mm!
Thank you.
A little break
from reality doesn't hurt.
What does keep you busy?
I work at the church.
But it's a wonderful church.
And then two days a week
I take the bus to Jacksonville
and I go to the orphanage.
Those are very pretty.
Oh, thank you.
I can't stop myself
from playing with them.
Husband give it to you?
No, I haven't been married
in a long time.
I wear these for my son,
one strand for each.
They live close to you?
No. No, no. They're gone.
Uh, Jimmy died in Anzio
and Buddy died at, uh...
...oh my-- oh my God.
-Don't matter.
-No, I know the name.
It's okay.
No, of course it does.
The name, uh, it's in Germany,
it's a town in Germany.
You'll think of it.
I know where my son died.
I have to go.
Are you sure?
Yeah. Yes, I am.
Can I walk you?
[gentle music]
Um, no. No.
Will you still be here tomorrow?
Oh, I hope so.
No, no, I mean in St. Augustine.
Yeah, probably.
Will you come to mass with me?
-[chuckling] Yes. Oh!
-I don't know.
The evening service.
I'll meet you there.
It's in the middle of town.
If you'll meet me there,
I'll try.
Really? Okay.
I'll tell you the name
of the town.
[birds chirping]
The sun came up
like it was any other day.
[suspenseful music]
I was beginning to work it out,
it wasn't just one scheme.
It was two or three
working against each other.
I didn't know
which scheme I was part of
or why I was part of it,
but I knew who hired me.
Catherine Phillips
and her loyal wife routine
were wearing thin.
If she wanted answers,
then so did I.
[water softly lapping]
Have you found out about Gene?
Well, he was importing iridium.
God knows what else.
But it may not have been
his fault.
Arthur Majak had him hooked
with some woman
named Rita Hernandez.
Heard of her?
I've heard the name.
[bird cawing]
He also checked out
of his hotel yesterday.
And my guess is
that he's not coming back.
You know that, don't you?
What are you talking about?
This whole job.
It's a smokescreen, right?
You got me down here
to find out who's after him.
Majak doesn't have the iridium
and neither does your husband.
Got stolen before
they could make the deal.
How could he be so stupid?
We are past that, Mrs. Phillips.
Gene knows who stole it.
Did he tell you?
But you know, don't you?
Who was it?
Stan was part of the deal.
He's the brains of the two.
Gene couldn't have done it
without him.
Would he sell him out
for the right price?
Gene goes into hiding
and Stan doesn't seem
to be worried.
-In fact, he and Majak--
-This is madness!
I think it's time
to get the police involved.
[Mrs. Phillips]
-Michael Lockwood.
He works with Gene.
He stole the iridium.
All on his own?
Stan arranged it.
Stan and I, we were...
So, you and Stan
find another buyer
for the iridium,
let Majak take care
of your husband and that way
you get paid for both
his life insurance
and the iridium?
[chuckles] Something like that.
Holy smokes.
What went wrong?
Lockwood kept the iridium
and Gene doesn't know
where he is,
and neither does Stan.
What about Majak?
How would I know? I hope to God
I never find out
what that man is doing.
Well, I bet
he's looking for it too.
And I've gotta find
Lockwood. Excuse me.
-Why do you care?
-You don't know?
Does anybody
in this goddamn town
ever tell the truth?
Mr. Tenant! Mr. Tenant!
Lady waiting for you.
-Lady? What lady?
-I didn't get her name,
but she seems to know
a lot about you.
Thank you, pal.
You need to see a doctor.
I have.
And you should go home.
[dramatic music]
Did you hear me?
I said you need to leave.
What about you?
What if--
I'll send you a note.
Send me a note?
I've sat in that office
for six years,
I deserve better than that.
What is it, Frank?
Why won't you let somebody...
help you?
I can use your help.
At last.
It's a little dangerous.
But you can do it.
[light suspenseful music]
[bird chirping]
[door creaking]
[door closes]
I'm just going to my room.
I think I'll read a magazine.
Yes, ma'am.
[elevator rumbling]
[elevator dings]
[elevator dings]
That wasn't dangerous.
You got it?
Saturday, 3:00 p.m."
What does it mean?
I think it means Gene Phillips
is still alive, maybe.
Is that the husband?
[melancholic music]
Listen to me, Kitty.
You have to leave.
Do you have a pen?
This is the number
to my safe deposit box.
You know where I keep
the key in the office.
I want you to go down
to the bank and clear it out.
What's in it?
Ten years' worth.
No. [softly chuckles]
Oh, Frank.
But you earned it.
You deserve it.
What am I supposed to do?
I don't know.
Go to Rome.
-[Frank] What did you make?
When you invited me
to dinner the other night.
What did you make?
[whispers] Spaghetti.
I'm sorry.
You have to go.
[birds chirping]
[dog barking]
[engine turns over]
Did you ever think--
I mean, with so little time,
is it really worth it?
Spending time
going after Lockwood?
You only get one chance.
And I felt like I'd missed mine.
Oh, I thought about it.
[exhales sharply, chuckles]
But now I could
only see one thing.
And what was that?
[clock ticking]
Just get him.
[suspenseful music]
[indistinct chatter]
I could feel my temperature
climbing with every step.
But I was close too.
-It was Gene Phillips.
His wife could stop worrying.
He wasn't in trouble anymore.
[footsteps receding]
[softly] Shit.
[dramatic music]
[heavily breathing]
[bird chirping]
[engine rumbling]
[tires squeal]
None of it added up.
Katherine Phillips
had Lockwood steal
the iridium from her husband.
Lockwood double-crossed her.
Phillips bolted.
Lockwood killed Phillips.
And why?
Then it hit me.
Lockwood didn't have
the iridium.
-So how did he poison me?
-[tires screech]
[softly sighs]
[suspenseful music]
Stanley Phillips.
Someone got there ahead of me.
If I could get to the car,
reach the gun under the seat.
[groans and coughs]
Pain hit hard and fast.
So did the ground.
Maybe I caught a break.
Maybe I thought
I was already dead.
I don't remember much
after that.
-[muffled shouts]
[dramatic music]
[gasping and coughing]
You want more? Okay.
[muffled shouts]
[muffled shouting]
[grunts and laughs]
[gasping, coughing]
Hello again, Frank.
My, you are a mess.
Go to hell.
Why the long face?
You wanted Lockwood dead,
I took care of him for you.
And Stanley Phillips?
Maybe Lockwood killed him.
Maybe just someone
tying up loose ends.
It doesn't matter.
Now, I kept up my end.
Have you got something for me?
The iridium's gone.
Lockwood had it and he's dead.
I don't know
what he'd do with it, I don--
I don't know who has it now.
I'm sorry to hear that.
What would you do with it?
You honestly care at this point?
Well, there are
any number of uses for it.
You can poison people,
you can poison property, lakes,
even an entire valley.
But that's,
that's not my business.
That's, that's someone else's.
That's why the alligators
were dying.
Well, yes. Uh,
we ordered
a small shipment at first.
A test run. We had to make sure
the stuff was authentic.
[sharply inhales] But you're
gonna get more, won't you?
Great thing about this country,
there's always more.
But then, this means
that our business is completed.
The only question is
what you do with your time left
and what I do with you.
You think I'm gonna go
to the police?
It's possible.
You know more today
than you did yesterday.
What would I tell them? I m--
[chuckling] Where would I
even start? [coughs]
Well, you may be right,
but... [deeply inhales]
...I'm an old man,
and old men are cautious.
You've got one day left to live,
which makes you probably
the most dangerous man alive,
don't you think, huh?
Nothing to gain,
nothing to lose.
What about Rita?
Rita? Don't worry about Rita.
I mean, it doesn't matter
how little you have,
just as long it's
what everybody wants,
and everybody wants
what she has.
For now.
Then what now?
Well, how much longer
did you expect to live?
Five, ten more years maybe?
Oh, or even longer,
to where you can't sleep,
can't hold your piss.
Yeah, consider yourself lucky.
For, if it were up to Chester,
he'd start at your feet.
Pliers, needles,
couple of hooks.
But he's gonna have to settle
for a well-placed bullet.
And then afterward,
feed you to the alligators.
Be sure to, uh,
take any identification
from him and, uh,
afterwards, uh,
let the fauna have its revenge.
You know, uh,
they took your life.
What am I taking from you?
A day?
They who?
[shouts] Who's they?
Now I wash my hands of you.
[Frank grunting and straining]
[somber music]
[engine rumbling]
What am I gonna do
with this car?
Wait a couple of weeks.
Drive it up to Lake City
and sell it.
Is that okay with you, Birdie?
It was a short drive,
but I wasn't praying.
Truth is, I never had
much use for God.
He's got nothing to lose.
Neither did I now.
[bird cawing]
What do you say,
a little fun before bedtime?
-What are you doing?
Why? You in a hurry?
Alright, alright. Enough.
One bullet,
that's what the boss wanted.
Who's gonna know
once the gators get to him?
He don't deserve it.
Oh, I think he does.
What do you say, Birdie?
We start with the eyes?
Do birdies have eyelids?
Alright, Chester,
enough, enough!
Out of my way, pal.
Back off.
[grunting and groaning]
-[Chester grunts]
-[Whitey panting]
[grunting and groaning]
and groaning continues]
What do you got there?
The pliers?
Oh, good. I could use them.
[dramatic music]
[birds cawing]
[panting] Keys.
Give me the keys.
[keys clinking]
You know what to do
with him, right?
That's where I leave her for--
Mrs. Phillips?
You can't stay.
I got an aunt in Portland.
Go. Now.
[suspenseful music]
[engine turns overs]
[dramatic music]
[engine rumbling]
All I could feel now
was the places
I'd been punched or kicked.
The doctor was wrong,
I wasn't burning up.
I was burning out.
My hands and feet had gone cold.
My arms and legs were next.
Finding out why
wasn't gonna stop it.
I was dead
the moment I got here.
Aren't we all?
-What are you doing here?
-[car door closes]
Don't you mean,
why aren't I dead?
What are you talking about?
Where are you going?
Funny time to take a vacation.
This has nothing to do with you.
-I told you, Lockwood--
-Lockwood is dead.
And if my guess is right,
whoever you're working with now
should be coming along
with that iridium.
So, you and I
are just gonna wait around
and see who shows up.
[gun cocks]
I think Cuba.
Is that right? Is that
where you're going? Cuba?
You'd be safe there.
Be safe from Majak.
He's just
a second rate gangster anyhow.
Down there, you could find
the real thing, couldn't you?
But, at that point, I'll be--
[crickets chirping]
You know, the other thing
I think about is...
...Ponce de Leon.
He was the guy looking
for the Fountain of Youth,
Did he find it?
No. The natives turned on him.
How did he die?
A poison arrow.
See, that's the thing.
Why did you hire me?
-It wasn't to flush Majak.
-[car approaching]
Majak was already
after Gene, so why?
We had to make him think
we were still after the iridium.
-Gene knew
you were following him.
-[car door closes]
[shouts] The hell's going on?
I thought he was dead.
I thought so, too.
Well, I got
a very precious cargo here.
What am I supposed to do now?
Lockwood didn't poison me.
You did, you son of a bitch.
[echoing rumbling]
[dramatic music]
That was the plan.
Whether you found out or not,
we had to make sure
you were out of the way
-when it was over.
-Well, it's over now, pal.
Put the gun down,
and put the suitcase
in the plane.
Whitey told me you'd be here.
But she didn't tell him,
you did.
I owed him that.
He's the only man
who ever listened.
And how did you two
get together?
We're sleeping
with the same man, aren't we?
How do you know she's not
gonna double-cross you?
You got the contacts in Cuba?
I know how to fly the plane.
So, you were gonna tell me
the other reason
why you hired me.
We had to make sure
the iridium was legit,
that no one had made a switch.
-We needed a--
-[Frank] Guinea pig.
A victim.
It was Sam's idea. All of it.
You want your revenge?
There it is.
[dramatic music continues]
[propeller rumbling]
That's the story.
Doesn't add up too much,
does it?
Small-time racket in a small
town at the edge of a big ocean.
But I played my part.
There was a voice
inside me saying
I was still
in the middle of the story,
that I had more time.
That voice is gone now.
[clock ticking]
[softly slurps]
Then you came straight here?
-From the airport?
-Yeah. Well...
[suspenseful music]
[crickets chirping]
[Frank softly panting]
[gentle music]
-Oh my God!
What happened to you?
-[Frank chuckles]
-I've got to get you help.
-[softly groans]
Get you to the hospital.
-[whispers] No--
-What can I do?
-I made it.
Do you wanna go inside?
No, no time.
But there's always time.
-Oh, did you find out why?
[sighs] It's just--
Bad things happen.
My boy died in Aachen.
I'll see you.
I'll pray for you.
[bell tolling]
[softly grunting]
[Frank coughing]
[softly groans]
[clock ticking]
That plane will be landing
in Havana right about now.
But there's nothing we can
really do about it.
[door opens]
Airport confirms.
They found a body on the tarmac.
Send somebody over
to the alligator farm.
They might not find anything,
but at least have them check.
You wanna pick up Majak?
On what evidence?
All we have is his story.
Man, I'm sorry
it had to end like this.
I mean, I can't imagine
what you've been going through
these last three days.
Never been happier.
[melancholic music]
Funny thing is,
I can still see the future.
Tomorrow morning,
sun rising over the ocean,
breeze off the water.
But I'm not there.
I never was.
How do you wanna list it?
Make it dead on arrival.
[music increases]
[echoing thud]
[water lapping]
-["They're Coming for Me"
by Jake La Botz]
-I left this note
Beside the bed
In case I disappear
in case I turn up dead
Because I know
they're coming for me
Oh, they're coming for me
oh, they're coming for me
There will be
no sleep tonight
Gotta step away
before the morning light
Oh, they're coming for me
oh, they're coming for me
Coming for me
They get drunk on my tears
Make a meal out of my fears
Been following me for years
Oh, they're coming for me
Oh, they're coming for me
Hard to see what I should do
the places I once hid
The thoughts
that I could trust
Right now they're really few
Oh, they're coming for me
Oh, they're coming for me
Coming for me
They track me
through the mud
A warrant signed in blood
There's no safe neighborhood
Oh, they're coming for me
Oh, they're coming for me
Every single place I go
I hear an eerie song
They always get there first
Don't know how they know
Oh, they're coming for me
Oh, they're coming for me
Oh, they're coming for me
Coming for me
They're coming for me
Coming for me
Coming for me
Coming for me
Coming for me
Coming for me
Coming for me...
[somber music]
[somber music continues]
[music concludes]