D-War (Dragon Wars) (2007) Movie Script

Everyone believes
the time of dragons has passed.
But the time of dragons...
... has only just begun.
Every 500 years,
a young woman is born.
A woman who possesses a
spirit power that can turn a serpent...
... into the mightiest dragon of all.
A good serpent will use this
mighty power to protect the universe.
An evil serpent
will use the mighty power...
... to destroy the world.
Now is the time
for the spirit to be awakened.
Now is the time
for destiny to unfold.
- This is not your land today.
- Hey, hey.
- You have awakened them.
- Come on.
The prophecy proved true.
Hide all your pretty things.
This is the end.
- The beast has risen.
- Step aside.
This whole city's damned.
The beast has awakened.
The beast has risen.
- Ethan Kendrick. CGNN.
- No.
How would you explain the situation?
This is how I explain this.
Do yourself a favor.
Get yourself back beyond the barrier.
- No press back here.
- Go.
I've covered some crazy stories.
And there's something about this.
I've seen this before.
The scale.
This has something to do with me.
What is it?
It's that old story Jack told me.
Remember, I said no touching.
I know.
My boy has a curious imagination.
Surest sign of intelligence
is a curious mind.
So where were we?
Now this, it's been in my family
for generations.
It has a lot of sentimental value
attached to it.
Unfortunately, sentimental value
is all it's really worth.
Certainly it must
be worth something.
Ten dollars.
That's the best I can offer.
Come on, it'll fetch at least 150.
It's over 100 years old.
I hate to disappoint you...
...but these things
have been turning up a lot lately.
Come on. I didn't come down here
for a lousy...
Ethan, didn't I tell you...?
What, what, what?
A hundred dollars too much?
- Something I said?
- It's my heart.
- Should I call an ambulance?
- No. No ambulance. No doctor.
Go to the herb shop
on Wilshire and Mariposa.
Tell them it's for me.
They'll know what to do. Hurry.
I'll give you 1000 for that dagger.
Ethan! Ethan!
What happened?
Watch him. Watch him.
I'll be... I'll be right back.
Finally. I found you.
Do you realize
what you've just seen?
The light from inside the box, sir?
What you've just seen...
...was the scale of the lmoogi itself.
And the light?
That was the light from heaven.
The light from heaven? lmoogi?
Sit down.
Imoogi. It is a creature
from a Korean legend...
...which turns into a dragon.
Long ago, there lived great serpents
called lmoogies.
They lived in the heavens above
with their legions of followers.
Every 500 years, one lmoogi...
...was rewarded for its good deeds...
...with a chance to become
a celestial dragon.
In order to become
a celestial dragon...
...the lmoogi needed to
receive from heaven...
...the gift of the Yuh Yi Joo.
It is the strength, the power
of the Yuh Yi Joo...
...that allows an lmoogi
to transform into a dragon.
Only, there was among
the great serpents an evil one.
Buraki. He coveted Yuh Yi Joo.
His followers designed
to possess it...
...and this heaven could not allow.
It was decided to hide away
the Yuh Yi Joo on Earth.
All heaven could do
was to send down its best warriors...
... Haram and his master, Bochun...
... to protect Yuh Yi Joo at all costs...
... from the evil Buraki.
Unfortunately, the evil Buraki...
... also knew where to find
Yuh Yi Joo.
What are you talking about?
Listen carefully.
My lord.
What's wrong?
She's lost consciousness.
At last, the time has come.
My love...
Born to the wife of Lord Yun
in Korea.
My love.
My lord... it's a girl.
Her shoulder.
Yuh Yi Joo would become
completely formed...
... when the girl reached
the age of 20 years.
At that point, any Imoogi
that possessed it...
... could transform into a dragon.
Please have a seat.
Honorable one, what brings you here
at this late hour?
My lord, please listen.
Your child...
She will be sacrificed to lmoogi.
That is heaven's will.
How could you say such things?
My wife has just died while giving birth
to my child.
Why do you speak this nonsense?
Your child...
...was born with the Yuh Yi Joo which
heaven intended for the Good lmoogi.
The dark lmoogi, the evil Buraki...
...has defied the will of heaven...
...and wants what rightfully belongs
to our Good lmoogi.
What are you talking about?
If the dark lmoogi gets hold
of the Yuh Yi Joo...
...an unimaginable disaster will befall
this entire village.
And how can you be sure?
The child bears the mark
of the Red Dragon.
How did you know?
For twenty years,
Bochun raised baby girl Narin...
... into a beautiful woman and trained
Haram to be a warrior from heaven.
And it should surprise no one that...
...one day Haram
fell in love with Narin.
And Narin too gradually discovered
her love for Haram.
Very good!
Soon you'll be able to beat me.
You've taught me well.
...we don't have much time left.
They will be here soon.
Yes, I know.
Come, there is someone
you must meet.
Haram, bow before the Good lmoogi.
This is the lmoogi that has been
chosen by heaven.
It has to unite with the Yuh Yi Joo
and ascend to heaven.
That is the only way we humans...
...can remain a part of
the great cycle of the world.
Honorable one, do not worry.
The Yuh Yi Joo will be formed inside
Narin's body the day she turns 20.
I've been having
such good dreams lately.
We cannot miss our chance.
From now on...
...always keep it with you.
It is a pendant that has been formed
by heaven.
It belongs to the guardian of the
Good lmoogi.
This will protect you from danger.
The day came inevitably
when the evil Buraki...
...summoned all his followers
to attack the village...
...and search out for the girl
who possessed the Yuh Yi Joo.
Hey, what's that?
She is here.
Find the girl!
The Atrox soldiers stormed into
houses abducting village maidens.
Savagely they searched for the mark
of a dragon on their shoulders.
Not my daughter!
You are looking for the girl who has
a tattoo on her shoulder!
Aren't you?
I know where she is!
How dare you break into my house!
You scoundrels!
Where...? Where am I?
Don't be scared.
This is a secret place.
My father...
...my father.
I am sorry.
I must tell you something.
Incompetent fools.
You've let them escape!
I should kill you all.
We must find the Yuh Yi Joo.
What's this?
On that fateful day,
Haram defied the rule of heaven...
... and ran away with Narin.
Enraged and desperate,
the evil Buraki himself pursued them.
I love you!
What happened next?
In the end,
they died as star-crossed lovers.
And Buraki...
...he was denied the power
to become an all-powerful dragon.
And that's why
he's waiting for another chance.
What do you mean, another chance?
He'll be back to redeem himself.
This belongs to you now.
I've been waiting for you
for a long time.
Thought you'd be taller, though.
I know this isn't easy to believe...
...but you wanna know something
that's even harder to believe?
I am Bochun from 500 years ago.
And you, you are Haram,
the very warrior I raised.
This is your second life on earth.
And your second chance
to protect Yuh Yi Joo.
It brought you here.
This is your destiny.
You must find our Yuh Yi Joo.
As before, she will bear the mark
of the dragon on her shoulder.
Her name is Sarah.
On the day she turns 20,
you must...
...take her to the Grand Cave.
Don't be afraid.
You're not alone. And remember,
the Grand Cave.
Well, it wouldn't be a surprise
if I told you, now would it?
- Hang up the phone.
- One second, man.
- Thank you. Ecadel's my accountant.
- Trust me.
This is big.
It has nothing to do with terrorists,
and it was not a blown gas pipe.
- Hold up. Rewind.
- We gotta find the girl.
- What the hell are you talking about?
- I think she's linked to the accident.
- Who is she?
- The girl.
What's her name?
I think...
Okay. Does Sarah
have a last name?
I don't know.
That's great. You're a great reporter.
I ever tell you that?
Dude, there's, like,
thousands of Sarahs in here.
Well, she has a tattoo on her
shoulder, and she's 20 years old.
No. No, she's still 19. I have a
strong sense she's still in the city.
Okay, a 19-year-old girl
with a tattoo in Los Angeles.
You're killing me, man. That describes
every 19-year-old girl in L.A.
No, I mean this girl was born
with a mark shaped like a dragon.
Boy, you're always making shit up,
I swear.
I'm here at Seven Palms...
... where a large recreation facility
has been under construction.
Earlier this morning
an accident took place.
- There's no official body count...
- There's that reporter from CGNN.
Isn't he absolutely gorgeous?
The damage is so severe,
eyewitnesses have yet to be found.
Is that why you watch the news?
Hey, this is serious, okay?
One thing, however, is certain.
Tragedy has struck
Seven Palms Resort...
... as the bodies
still continue to turn up.
I'm Ethan Kendrick, CGNN News.
Hospital officials reported
this evening that a man...
Hey, are you okay? Sarah.
Sarah. Hey. What's up?
What is the hardest natural substance
known to man?
The diamond.
This is the molecular structure...
...of a piece of debris
found at the disaster site.
We've never seen anything like this
before. What is so curious...
...is that this compound is similar
to those found in reptilian scales.
This is organic?
I believe so.
Master Bochun...
Okay, I'll tell her. Bye.
Sarah? You will not...
Sarah, what are these things?
What's going on?
- Brandy.
- Are you okay?
Listen, something's happening to me.
I'm really scared.
And I know it sounds crazy...
...but I think that these are
the only things that can protect me.
Maybe you just need
to get some rest.
You don't believe me.
I'm telling you, something really bad
is gonna happen.
Maybe that weird accident on TV
just got to you a little bit.
Okay, look. Why don't you get some
rest and we'll go out for a drink later?
Come on, girl. When was
the last time we went out, huh?
Thank you.
Feeling better?
I thought a few beers
would make you feel better.
I'm sorry, I... I know you're just trying
to help. I'm not really in the mood.
That's okay. Don't be sorry.
We should wait for Chris to get here,
though. He's bringing his friend.
Sarah, you have to meet him.
He's cute.
I'm not feeling too good.
I think I'm just gonna go home.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah. I'll be fine.
- Okay.
- Okay?
I'll call you later.
- What's up, baby?
- Hey, come on.
Where you going?
- Just get lost.
- Hey, hey.
Get off me. Get off me.
Hey. Yeah, she's not
gonna be joining us.
- Brandy!
- Hey. Hey.
I should be sleeping at my desk.
That's why I took this job,
so I could get some rest.
Put a robot on Mars, but can't keep
elephants quiet for the entire night.
All right, what's all this hubbub?
Are you telling me
that this old man...
...knocked out those three guys
all by himself, then just ran off?
That's exactly what I'm saying.
Did you get a good look at him?
Can you tell me what he looks like?
- He was maybe 6 foot, light build.
- Oh, hey.
You must be Sarah.
The girl that beat up those three
thugs. That's one for the headlines.
Hey, I'm still interrogating her.
Could you wait outside, please?
- Please.
- All right.
Sorry about that.
Jack! It's me, Ethan.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for Jack.
His name is on the storefront.
There's no Jack here.
Young man...
...shouldn't you be looking for
the Yuh Yi Joo?
Excuse me?
So, what you got,
like lace or see-through?
Really? You know, we could...
I gotta go.
- You found anything yet?
- I'm trying, man.
I narrowed it down from 106,000
to 2700 possible candidates.
Anybody named Sarah, birthday
between now and the end of the year...
...and living in Los Angeles,
will be found in this database.
What's the rush?
You never told me why you need it.
This is fantastic.
What? No, it's not.
There's over 2700 Sarahs
to choose from. We ain't got jack.
I called the City Census Bureau.
They don't keep track of birthmarks...
...or tattoos or clubfeet.
How you two doing? Guess what.
I just got a crazy scoop.
Yeah, whatever.
You hear some whacked-out legend
...and now
you having a latent fit about it?
This has got to stop
with the Sarah stuff, man.
Sarah. Oh, Sarah. Here's another one.
Sarah, Sarah, Sarah.
I just met someone named Sarah.
Good for you, man.
What, you want some cookies?
There's over 2700 Sarahs
to choose from.
Well, my Sarah just did a major
whup-ass on three football players.
- How old did she look?
- I don't know. She was young.
Late teens, early 20s.
- Let me see that.
- Hey.
That's my scoop, Ethan.
Don't go anywhere with that.
Let me get this straight.
You saw an elephant
eating five snakes at once?
No. No.
The snake was eating five elephants.
Only this wasn't a regular snake,
this was big.
I mean, really big. As big as a...
I don't know what. Okay, but...
...it had this enormous mouth. It was
huge. And I saw it bite the elephant...
...tossed it straight into the air...
...and the elephant disappeared
into the snake's throat.
I mean, this thing stared at me
like my ex-wife.
Oh, my God. Thank God.
Did you see that?
You won't escape this time.
Now you must...
911. State your emergency, please.
You lousy bum!
Hi. Excuse me, I'm here to see
my friend, Sarah Daniels.
What room is she in?
I can't let you go up.
It's not visiting hours.
- Yeah, I know that, but...
- Only family members are allowed.
Ma'am, she doesn't have any family.
I'm the closest thing she has to family.
Can I just see her for one second?
There's nothing I can do to help you.
How is she?
I don't know.
She won't let me see her.
I guess I'll just go back to her house
and pick up some of her stuff.
Hey. You look like
you need some rest.
You sure this story's
worth all of this, man?
Bruce, this is
so much more than a story.
I just wish I knew
exactly what it was.
It's that old man's story, Ethan.
It's getting to you.
You know that stuff about dragons
and crystal spirits can't be true.
- Yeah, well...
- No, tell me the truth.
Do you really believe
in all this crap, man?
Can't we just wait till tomorrow?
Wouldn't you want the same
if you were in her shoes?
I know, but we could at least
wait till morning.
You know, if you're not gonna help,
please be quiet.
- Cut it out.
- What?
- What are you, 5 years old?
- Oh, come on, what's the rush?
- Chris, she's in the hospital.
- No, I know.
- Tell me that was an earthquake.
- I don't know what that is.
It sounded like something
hit the side of the house.
Come on!
Where do you think you're going?
Is anybody there? Hello?
Hello? Please, you gotta let me out!
Is anyone there?
Please, open the door.
Something terrible's gonna happen.
Come take a look.
- You see?
- What?
She's the one.
Her name is Sarah Daniels.
Hello? Yes.
- Big story.
- What? Where?
Right here.
Stay away from me!
Stay back! Get away from me.
Stay back.
Stay back! Stay away from me.
Stay back. Please!
They're gonna kill me. Get off me!
- I'm with the press.
- I'm with him, CGNN.
Hey, hey, hey.
Step back. Step back.
Sarah is the young lady
that lives here. Yes.
- When did you see her?
- She went to the hospital.
- After that, I don't know.
- Do you know which hospital?
- The ambulance said St. George's.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Who are you?
- Sorry.
Step back, buddy.
- Hey, Bruce.
- What?
- I'm heading to St. George's.
- What about the news? We all set.
Bruce, I'm sorry to do this to you, man,
but I have to go.
Have you gone insane?
You can kiss your career goodbye.
We'll get fired.
Forget about the newscast.
You're right. Maybe I am insane.
But all I can think about right now
is finding her.
All right. But you're taking the rap
for this one, man.
I swear to God.
Always trying to get me in trouble.
Paging Dr. Shakler to Psych Ward.
Dr. Shakler to Psych Ward.
I need to see a patient
named Sarah Daniels.
She's under quarantine.
Absolutely no visitors.
Look. I'm a member of the press.
I shouldn't be saying anything,
but she's been under quarantine...
...because of an unidentifiable mark
that may be an infection.
Look, I need to see her.
It's a matter of life and death.
I believe that's
what I've been talking about.
Do you not understand the
meaning of the word "quarantine"?
- to Ward 3.
Dr. Anderson to Ward 3.
Imagine that. A snake tossed a
...and then swallowed it whole.
That's how enormous it was.
I like Discover Channel a lot too.
Never have I seen a snake
such as what you're describing.
Try to recall again.
Ethan Kendrick. CGNN.
- Yes.
- I'm Dr. Austin.
I'm a big fan. I enjoy your work.
Any interesting stories
in our hospital?
As a matter of fact, there is. I need to
see a patient named Sarah Daniels.
This way. She's down
in our isolation unit.
- He's here to see the patient.
- All right.
If you don't mind, I'd like to
talk to her alone for a minute.
Paging Dr. Austin to Ward 3.
Dr. Austin to Ward 3.
I'm Ethan Kendrick.
I'm a reporter for CGNN.
Don't worry, Sarah.
I'm not here to write a story about you.
I'm here to help you.
I know what you're getting at.
But I'm not crazy.
And I'm not making this up.
Police concluded that
there was no snake.
I wanna let you go.
But if you keep insisting...
...we'll have to keep you tied up.
All right. Fine.
I didn't see a snake.
There's no such thing
as a giant snake.
I must have lost my mind
for a second.
Everybody makes mistakes.
I'm glad you're seeing clearly.
You may untie him.
I hate to say this...
...but the giant snake
is in this hospital right now.
Look out your window.
Tie him again.
He has to be hospitalized.
God. Come on. I swear!
Look. No one believes me.
Everyone thinks I'm crazy.
I'm telling you, something terrible
is coming.
More terrible than you can
possibly imagine.
Sarah, that terrible thing's
already happened.
Listen. We don't have much time.
This creature's out there
looking for you.
- Why you?
- I can't explain it all right now.
But I'm involved with this
just as much as you.
You gotta get Sarah out of here quick.
Come on.
Don't take the stairs. Take the elevator
down on the right. Go.
Bruce! Start the car!
Hey, what took y'all so long?
Let's go. Let's go!
What the hell was that?
- I told you it'd be big.
- You said it was big...
...you didn't say it was something
that could swallow a bus.
You must be Sarah.
Can somebody tell me
what the hell is going on?
That's the guy from Jack's shop.
I saw him in my dream.
Bruce, let's get out of here.
- I said, let's go.
- I heard you the first time.
Let's go. Let's go.
Yuh Yi Joo.
Where'd you get that gun?
Come with me.
- No!
- Stay away from her.
Do not be a hero this time.
What's up now, baby?
What's up now, huh?
Sarah! Bruce, let's go.
- I'm okay. Get her out of here.
- Get in the car.
- This is the one I'm talking about.
- Okay.
Oh, my God.
Here's our patient from
St. George's Hospital, Sarah Daniels.
- She lives in Silver Lake.
- Where is she now?
She's missing. All of her family
is no longer living...
...and last employers couldn't
give us a current contact.
We have got to find this girl.
Atrox Army.
The time has come again.
- Thanks for everything.
- Are you gonna be all right?
We'll be fine. Just make sure
you get out of town.
Don't worry about me.
You just take care of her.
I will.
What about Bruce? Where is he?
I'm sure Bruce is fine.
What next?
I don't know.
We're gonna figure it out.
I just gotta clear my mind.
I know what you're going through.
We're a part of the same destiny.
I didn't ask for this.
I never wanted any of this.
I know.
I used to have these dreams.
More like visions. And...
And then I saw your broadcast...
...and I started seeing all these
horrible creatures in my head and...
I don't know.
I just can't believe
this is really happening.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the Secretary of Defense.
Please be seated.
Glad to have you here, sir.
Let's skip the formalities
and get right to it.
This thing that's causing all the havoc,
what do we know about it?
- Campbell will fill you in, sir.
- Yes.
We have been able to confirm
that the latest events...
...are related to St. George's Hospital
as well as the Seven Palms Resort.
There's also an unsubstantiated report
at the Los Angeles Zoo.
In appearance, the creature
seems reptilian...
...but our zoology experts
don't know what it is.
On the basis of its size, its speed
and the makeup of its scales...
...we can only conclude
that it's foreign in nature.
...could be a prehistoric animal or...
Well, sir, some of our agents...
...have found some similarities
to an old legend.
A legend?
You're asking me to believe
in some monster from a legend?
I know we don't have much time,
but is this the best the Bureau...
...can come up with?
We're talking about deploying
armed forces in a major city.
I need to know exactly
what we're up against.
We're trying to find
answers to those questions.
I believe that the creature
is following some sort of path...
...as though it's searching for
something or someone.
I keep trying to understand,
but none of this makes any sense.
I'll do what I can
to help you through this.
Look, maybe we can go to
a professor friend of mine.
He's an expert on dreams
and the subconscious.
Maybe he can help us find something
you haven't allowed yourself to see.
My subconscious?
What if I'm the cause,
the reason for all of this?
You know that's not true.
Okay, let's just go to the professor,
let's just give it a try.
We have to start somewhere.
First we need to get you
some real clothes.
If she's carrying
the Yuh Yi Joo inside her...
... like Jack said...
... then she must die.
I think the creature is after this girl.
We are focusing our efforts
on her involvement.
We're bringing her in.
Excuse me.
I'm afraid we have to do something
about this girl. Know what I mean?
Yes, sir.
You find her. I'll find the snake.
All right, everybody, come on.
Michaels, let's go.
Go! Go!
Move up! Move!
Take it out! Move!
All ranks, move. All ranks.
Quick, run into the cave. Go.
You're doing really well, Sarah.
Continue watching your breath.
Breathing deeply.
Breathing in. And out.
Clearing your mind.
Letting all the tension in your body
just fade away.
Your eyelids are getting heavy.
You're falling asleep.
We're going deep.
Deep. Into your mind.
Tell me what you see.
I see my dad.
My dad.
Everyone's gone. They're all gone.
I'm all alone.
We're going back farther, Sarah.
Do you see a light?
I love you!
I will wait for you...
...in my next life.
- Are you all right?
- What's happening to me?
It's here.
So long, doc, I gotta go.
- Yo.
- Bruce, it's me, Ethan.
Yo, where the hell you been? I been
searching for you since last night.
- Listen. I need your help.
- Wait. Hold on, hold, on, hold on.
Can you get us in the air, pronto?
- That's a pretty tall order, dude.
- I know.
I'll see what I can do.
- Okay.
- All right. I got it. I'll see you there.
- Hey.
- What happened now?
The creature reappeared
in Silver Lake.
It destroyed the area.
It's heading south right now.
Damn it. What about Sarah Daniels?
Did we find her yet?
We have four teams working on it.
Yeah, this is for Corvey's
special assignment.
Chief needs a copter for Ethan
and a new reporter, Sarah.
I owe you big on this one.
You know how many strings
I had to pull to get this one off?
I mean, do we have a plan?
Where are we gonna go?
I gotta get you someplace safe.
We got a news chopper
on top of the Liberty Building.
They'll find me
no matter where I go.
We can buy some time if you can
remain mobile and aboveground.
Thank you.
I gotta get back to the station
and broadcast this report.
You guys be careful, okay?
Ethan. Let me talk to you
for a minute, man.
I'll be right back.
Look, you need this now.
- I hate those things.
- E.
Just take it.
She is the Yuh Yi Joo.
But I must change her fate.
There's no place you can take her that
will allow her to escape her destiny.
Don't be foolish this time.
You must take her to the Grand Cave.
I'm getting real tired
of this destiny crap, Jack.
- Let me handle this my way.
- Ethan.
You and I have been given
a great honor...
...to save this world
from a dreadful fate.
The fate of the world
rests on your shoulders.
Deny this, and you will
deny yourself everything.
Even the girl.
Let's get out of here.
Get in. Come on!
- Bruce.
- I'm fine. Get her out of here. Go. Go!
We must possess the Yuh Yi Joo.
for another chance...
...to change destiny.
Without fail...
...we must deliver her
to our altar...
...where Buraki awaits
to transform into a dragon!
Then he shall rise to the heavens.
Bulcos, find her!
All units to the Liberty Building.
All units to the Liberty Building.
We have a major problem...
...developing here. Code three.
All units downtown now.
We have to take off quick.
What in God's name?
- We have to jump.
- What?
We're not gonna make it.
We have to jump!
Kill manual power. Pull up!
- We're going down.
- Go. Go.
You want me?
- I won't give you the satisfaction.
- Sarah, no!
Look at the size of that thing.
Launch her straight, Ben.
Two, check cover. You're too close.
You're too close. He's going high.
Down by flight. Switch on fires.
Dispose rifle.
Down by flight. Trail.
All shooters, guns three, Hellfire.
Roundup. Fight's engaged.
Two's in hot. Guns.
Man down, three. Break right.
Four-zero-one-one engaged.
Four-zero-one-two tailing.
Visual. Cover.
Four-one's tracking.
Watch the sign. Quick. Quick.
Chopper one-one. Same posit.
Searching ros, one-five-alpha.
I repeat. X-ray inbound.
Pacman, flight cleared. Hot guns.
I'm hit. I can't keep flying.
Damn it! I'm going down.
I can't...
Three-two's down.
Three-two's down.
Slam-one-one, aid.
Everything you got.
We're outnumbered 20-to- 1.
Four-zero-one-two's still engaged.
Five hundred feet.
We can do it. Engage.
What the...?
I've got a problem. I've got a problem.
This thing's latched on me. I can't...
You ugly...!
Hoser, one-two. Break left.
Get out. Get out.
This is because of the girl.
The Yuh Yi Joo.
That's what the creature's
searching for.
He won't stop until they find her.
Look out!
Let's go.
Let's get eyes on right now.
Two, see posit now.
I'm engaged. I'm engaged.
Negative. Skip it. On defensive.
Roger. Mad Dog Two's right above.
I'm on my way.
Pinsky, Taylor. Sarah Daniels.
She's been spotted outside
the Liberty Building.
Left flank. Check fire. Twenty left.
Right flank. Check fire. Twenty right.
Standby to engage.
Standby. Standby.
Destroy all those
who stand in our way.
There, there, there.
Miss Daniels. We're here to help.
We'll explain later. Get in the car.
- Get in!
- Come with us. Get in the car.
Mad Dog One, flight's inbound.
Truce and contact.
- Mad Dog, white lightning. Cleared.
- One's in hot. Three-Mike-Mike.
One's on top. Two, break right.
One's defensive.
I can't see them.
I can't see them.
Yo, Frank! What's going on?
- Shut up!
- What?
There's only one way
to clean up this mess.
This is your solution?
We know about Yuh Yi Joo.
The department has a very
sophisticated paranormal unit.
You can't do this. This is insane.
You're the FBI.
Trust me. I've done my homework.
There's no other way.
Look. If you kill her, those creatures
will still come back.
Right. In another 500 years.
Until then...
- Are you okay?
- Yeah. I'm all right.
Look. I know you're the Yuh Yi Joo.
You're the only one who can
make sure this never happens again.
You gotta live.
Take our car. Get out of here.
You gotta go.
This is nothing. Get out. Go.
Driving to Mexico
isn't going to stop them.
The lmoogi are gonna follow me
wherever I go.
Then we have to keep moving.
Is this my fate, Ethan?
Fate is what brought me to you.
There's a Korean proverb that says:
"Only meeting a person by chance
makes a lasting bond."
You and I were connected
before birth.
It's not fair.
I've been alone my whole life...
...and now my destiny
is to be taken away from you.
We have to be strong, Sarah.
We can change destiny.
We can change our fate.
You believe me?
What's wrong, Sarah?
Aren't you gonna congratulate me?
What do you mean?
It's my 20th birthday.
They're here.
Bring her to the altar...
...for the sacrifice.
Please stop. Stop. Please!
- Ethan!
- Sarah!
Silence him.
And now...
...time to fulfill our will.
Rise! Mighty!
Mighty! Buraki!
We offer the Yuh Yi Joo!
We will not be denied this time...
...even if it means...
...I have to take
the Yuh Yi Joo myself.
You will not escape again.
It's the Good lmoogi.
We have to get out of here.
Ethan, no.
You knew this had to happen.
They've waited 500 years for me.
It's the only way.
Sarah, no.
Sarah. Sarah. Are you all right?
Sarah? Sarah, please wake up.
Ethan, don't be sad.
I'll love you for all of eternity.
We'll be together again.
You and I have
been given a great honor.
This is your destiny.
Goodbye, old man.