Daag (1952) Movie Script

Me and you, you and me
We are just happy meeting like this
Me and you, you and me
We are just happy meeting like this
Like two rivers meeting in confluence
After flowing all alone for miles
Me and you, you and me
We are happy to meet like this
Like two rivers meeting in confluence
After flowing all alone for miles
Me and you, you and me
Me and you, you and me
Why turn and look back?
No matter what is behind us
Just keep walking
To new destinations
The roads seem
Not easy for us today
Both in each other's arms
On winding roads
Swaying together.
Me and you, you and me
Me and you, you and me
We are happy to meet like this
Like two rivers meeting in confluence
After flowing all alone for miles
Let's leave our hair open
Let our breaths mingle
And our hearts beat as one
Let's become crazy
Get lost in the mist
Meet again and sleep off
Like clouds atop a mountain
After floating all alone for miles
Me and you, you and me
Me and you, you and me
We are just happy meeting like this.
Like two rivers meeting in confluence
After flowing all alone for miles
Me and you, you and me
Me and you, you and me
When Alexander left this world,
he went empty-handed.
But I'll be empty-handed right now.
Tomorrow we'll both go our own way.
My feet refuse to move.
How can I go?
I feel like dying here.
Very good idea. When do you wish to die?
No, let's die together.
And after our death, there'll be
big headlines in tomorrow's papers.
For fear of separation, two lovers
sacrifice their young lives.
-What nonsense?
-Do you know what'll happen then?
People will give us a grand funeral.
Build a tomb, and the world's
college students who're in love
will dance sing & shower flower
-You're never serious.
-Understand the meaning.
It means that I...
Go on, say it.
That's just it!
Whenever I wish to say something
the same old words come to me.
Well, say what you wish to say.
At such time, every boy says
the same clich to every girl.
I love you. I can't live without you.
But do you know?
What I used to think?
That if I ever loved a girl,
I would form new words.
But the same old words come to me.
Then find some new words.
-Are words necessary?
I thought we should look at each
other and let silence say,
everything that our lips wish to say.
OK, let me congratulate you again.
You've got a job.
-You had applied somewhere.
In Kapoor Enterprises?
They wrote to me. I sent a prompt reply
and they accepted you.
Your appointment letter.
Why do you look out when
you hear that whistle?
What do you see?
-To see who it is.
-Same here.
It always whistles at this time.
I hope you are not deceiving me.
Have you gone senile?
-Look at my age.
-What's wrong with it?
You're just as attractive.
At this old age.
But you appear young to that whistler.
Now I know who that whistle is for.
For whom?
I don't like her ways at all.
I have two grown up daughters too.
They'll be spoilt too because of her.
I'll see to her right now.
Will you be going then?
What should I do, Sonia?
I will have to earn a living.
I'm not rich to sit idle.
-Hey listen--
-Also, there're other woes besides love.
How can I refuse such a fine job?
-When will you go?
-Within a week.
Nothing. Just asking.
When will you return?
Why return if the job is nice?
What's wrong? You look sad.
It is nothing. Really.
I was reading your face.
Did you think I would leave you alone?
Then will you elope me away?
No, I will come with fanfare,
I will talk to your uncle today.
-And if he refuses?
-I will beg, plead, die--
You're joking again.
Look to the meaning, not the words.
So young man, what can I do?
What is it that you want to talk about?
I've a problem, so I came to you.
What trouble do young men
of your age get into?
Are you feeling very hot?
Affairs of the heart?
Go on, tell me. Why be shy?
Have you eloped a girl?
-She must have ran away.
I know.
Her parents are against it and you
thought of finding some crooked way.
-All will be fine.
-No uncle.
I am a gentleman.
If the girl is a minor
then you will be jailed for 7 years.
No, that's not it.
-Then what is it?
-Well, she has no parents.
-Some other relatives?
-Sure, but...
-What's the issue?
-Issue is I haven't spoken to them yet.
Then should I marry you?
You'll marry her.
But where is she? In prison?
She is at home.
She is at her home?
She's at home. No parents,
you've not spoken to her relatives.
-Then why the need to come to an advocate?
-See, I have come to you,
I have not come to you as a client.
No, actually I...
I have come to seek
your blessings, actually.
-So you haven't come for any legal matter.
Then why my blessings?
Am I a priest or something?
No, you didn't really understand
my meaning.
-Actually l...
-Yes, go on.
I seek an alliance in your house.
Then why beat about the bush?
-It wasn't me. You...
-I see.
-What is your name?
-Sunil Kohli.
-Agriculture College.
-I have got a job at Kapoor Enterprises.
Isn't there anyone senior
to come with you?
I'm all alone, Sir.
OK, tell me which of my girls
would you want to marry?
Well Sir...
-not daughter, but your niece, Sonia.
-So, you're the whistler!
Whistler? I can't even whistle.
Really? So it was me I suppose!
Do you know this boy?
Do you like him?
Young man, I have heard your case.
The witness isn't against you.
But the Judge is out of town.
Sonia's aunt, my wife and your judge!
But it's OK with you?
I suppose so.
-Are you Sonia's aunt?
-And you?
I am your son.
-What do you want?
-Your blessings.
-What nonsense!
-I am buttering you.
Yes, my future is in your hands. Goodbye.
Who was that crazy person
who got into the house?
Who was that boy
who just went out?
Aunt, his name is Sunil.
-Sunil who?
-A nice boy.
You think of yourself as nice too.
But I know better.
Why? What vices do I have?
If there was one I would point out.
Anyhow, leave it.
Anyway, see this.
How do you like this boy?
-Been to the police-station?
Such photos are found there.
Is he some criminal?
He's my aunt's son.
Rs. 500 as salary plus extra money on top.
I have fixed Sonia's alliance with him.
-But she has chosen her partner.
-The one that just went out?
I think he was the one who used
to whistle.
You know him?
-Know about his family, estate?
-I know everything.
We should be the one knowing, not you!
-But Sonia loves Sunil--
-I don't care about all this love.
If I give her hand to just any man
and if something goes wrong, then?
She'll be back here again.
Good or bad, whatever happens,
I will see to it myself.
It's her marriage and life.
Why do you interfere?
Just keep quiet.
You turned a blind eye
and now she's out of our hands.
She'll spoil my daughters too.
She'll marry where I'll tell her to.
I won't marry then.
I will marry only Sunil, nobody else.
Let's see how you don't! I'll put
a spoke in your wheel!
And if that boy comes as a groom,
I will beat him up.
Or else I am not the daughter
of my father.
Let Mummy or Daddy be cross
I have said yes to marry you
Let Mummy or Daddy be cross
I have said yes to marry you
Let my head get broken or split
I have held your hand in acceptance
Let my head get broken or split
I have held your hand in acceptance
I told you my intentions
I laughed and said yes
Let our friendship not break.
Now that we have both said yes
Let Mummy or Daddy be cross
I have said yes to you
Let my head get broken or split
I have held your hand in acceptance
You have been in my heart for ages
When have I said I am a stranger to you
You have been in my heart for ages
When have I said I am a stranger to you
I fell in love at first sight
I too fell for you at that moment
On the snowy ground
In the firmament of love
Underneath the moonlight
When we had embraced
The bodies had trembled
The lips had quivered
When we had taken a vow
We won't be separated now
Whether I get thorns or buds
I have said yes to you, darling
Whether I get thorns or buds
I have said yes to you, darling
Whether I get handcuffed
I have held your hand in acceptance
Whether I get handcuffed
I have held your hand in acceptance
I told you my intentions
And I laughed and said yes
Let our friendship not break
now that we have accepted each other
Let Mummy or Daddy be cross
I have agreed to marry you
Let my head be broken
I have held your hand in acceptance
Let the world put us under guard
Let the world build walls
Let the world put us under guard
Let the world build walls
Now we won't go back
Let nobody boss over love
Let the earth open up
And the sky split apart
We won't let go now
We won't part now
So what if we lose our life, or even die?
As long as my beloved
And my love for him lives
Let me lose my home or friends
I have agreed to wed you, darling
Let me lose my home or friends
I have agreed to wed you, darling
Now let God or the world get cross
I have held your hand in acceptance
Now let God or the world get cross
I have held your hand in acceptance
-I told you my intentions
-And I laughed and said yes
Let our friendship not break
Now that we have accepted each other
Even if Mom and Dad get cross--
Or my head is broken
Whether I get thorns or buds
Even if I get handcuffed
Even if I lose my home or friends
Whether God, or world is angry
Whether Mom and Dad are cross
I have agreed to wed you
Whether my head is broken
I have held your hand in acceptance
You feed her the sweetmeat
and you do the same to him.
Now please stand up.
May God keep you both happy.
My dear, if I had my way
I would have done it in style.
Your blessings are everything.
Your mother had given me these ornaments
and asked me to give them to you
at your marriage.
Here you are, dear.
And a small gift from me, too.
My blessings are with you.
-One or two blankets, Sir.
-One I think. Right, my dear?
Will you love me like this all your life?
Shall I pen it in blood?
Sonia, so should I write it in blood.
I dream of just this life,
which you and I are going to build.
You will go to work and I will wait
for you the whole day at home.
-I will count every second.
-And me?
And I will await the evening
the whole day to get home
When I will get to hug you
and forget all my woes.
What are you two doing?
Pappu, sit quietly.
What's wrong with this plane?
I think it knows we're married,
that's why it's jumping with joy.
Nurse, what's wrong?
This is a plane not a hospital,
call her hostess.
Hostess, what's wrong with this hospital?
Keep quiet, will you?
Sonia, the plane has landed.
-Whom do you want to see?
-Mr. Kapoor.
-Senior or junior?
The father is the senior,
the son is the junior.
-Who is inside?
-The junior is inside.
-Tell him Sunil is here.
-Sunil Kohli is here.
-Their house is huge.
-So is their business.
They're leading planters.
How did you get such a lucrative
job without any contacts?
Shall I tell you?
Sir wishes to see you.
You're drenched and who is this with you?
This is my wife.
My name's Dheeraj Kapoor.
Mr. Sunil, my father has gone out.
He will return later tonight.
Please have a seat.
I don't drink.
I will be grateful if I get
to know about our accommodation.
That will be seen to also,
but before that, have something to eat.
-No, thanks.
You both are very formal.
OK, I will see to your accommodation.
-Yes, sir.
-Give them my room.
-We're really bothering you.
-Not at all.
You are our guest, you can stay here
for the night.
-Tomorrow we will see where to house you.
-Thank you very much.
-How lovely his wife is.
-A real fire-cracker.
-She sure made an impact.
-But you won't get her.
-Money dents all virtues.
-But she doesn't look the type.
Looks always deceive my dear.
Look at yourself. You look so decent.
But actually you are a real bastard.
Sunil, it is very cold here.
Come close and it won't seem so.
-I will change first.
-Why? Just undress.
-One who is shy, proves unlucky.
But one who is shameless gets milk,
sugar and honey.
-Let me go.
-That's for the weak.
Once someone is in my clutches,
it's for the keeps.
-I will bite your hand.
-The light is watching us.
-Well shut its eyes too.
-Leave me at least.
Did I go through all this to let you go?
There's nobody in our life,
except for you and I.
-There is.
Our love.
You are happy, aren't you?
How much?
-Go on, tell me.
-This much.
-Is that all?
-Then this much?
-Only that much?
-This much.
-What do you want? A girl or a boy?
That is very difficult.
I will have to try really hard.
We'll try.
What is so funny?
Anyway, tell me about the son.
Like you, or me?
-Like you, with a magical voice.
-No, no,...
Like you, with big doe-like eyes,
and deep dimples,
once one falls in them,
there is no coming back.
Get up. It is morning.
-That's nothing new.
-Will you sleep all day?
Come on. Don't you want to go to work?
It's your first day.
-It is our first day too.
-Get up, else I will throw cold water.
Cold water? No...
-I will get up on one condition.
See you in the evening, love.
I'm going to the office,
when will you come?
You go Dad, I'll come later.
-Who is he?
-Mr. Sunil Kohli.
I had mentioned about him.
Of course, come with me, son.
While coming get Rs.50,000/-.
It is pay day today.
When he will miss this,
it will be really funny.
My wallet.
-Sorry to disturb you.
I want some money.
Money, from me?
No, from the safe.
-Did you sleep well last night?
-We must have been a bother to you.
Not at all.
Botheration is a boon at times.
This place is lovely
There is peace, comfort and silence all
Help me, will you.
Hold these notes while I close the safe.
These are not explosives, just notes.
What if I give all these notes to you?
Please, get out of my room.
Wonderful! Asking me
to leave my own room?
It is our room. When we leave,
it will be yours again.
How will you leave it?
-Who will let you leave it?
-I thought you were a gentleman.
-But you're a real creep.
-The lowly do the same thing,
as the decent ones.
I told you,
there is peace, comfort
and silence all around.
Where are you running off to, you cur?
Inspector, Mr. Kapoor is killed.
What? He's murdered?
Inspector, he's the one.
Take him away.
The accused is charged
with theft and murder.
He got a job in Kapoor Enterprises.
On the night of 15th July,
The accused came here with his wife
and the deceased gave them his own room.
In the morning, he saw the safe,
keys to which were in a drawer.
The accused then opened the safe.
Seeing the safe full of notes,
he got greedy and removed notes from it.
He was about to stuff the notes
and make a run,
when the deceased entered the room,
to get money from the safe.
The accused got scared and tried to run,
but the deceased caught him.
There was a fight between them,
and the accused killed Dheeraj.
That's a lie, Your Honor.
I didn't remove the notes.
I had forgotten my wallet
and when I went back for it, I saw...
that Dheeraj was molesting my wife.
I lost my temper and attacked Dheeraj
with all my might.
Is it possible that a gentleman
gives shelter to somebody at night
and then molests his wife later?
Even a stupid person won't do it.
It's a lie and a false statement.
He wants to hide his crime.
It's a clear theft and a murder case.
The witnesses I am presenting...
are eye-witnesses to it.
He's the father of the deceased.
Who had asked Dheeraj
to take the money from the safe.
Then this servant Bahadur, who took
the accused and his wife to the room.
This is the driver Ram Singh,
who phoned the police after the murder.
They all said that when they
went in the room,
there were notes all over which proves,
that when he was caught stealing
the accused killed his boss.
He is that kind of a criminal Your Honor,
who should be punished severely.
Which will be injustice to justice.
Sir, I ask you just this.
Which man in the world will
not lift his hand to save...
his own mother, wife, sister
and daughter being molested?
Whatever I did was to save my
wife and nothing more, sir.
Nobody listened to Sunil's plea.
Jagdish Kapoor was rich with contacts.
Thus the case turned
the lie became the truth
and truth became a lie.
My world finished that day
in front of my own eyes.
We saw many dreams and built many castles
but time swallowed it all.
I am giving you tears in place of joy.
-Forgive me.
-What are you saying, Sunil?
-Don't say that.
-Don't go on words.
-Understand the meaning, OK?
I will wait for you.
All my life. I will await you.
No, my dear. Don't cry.
Come along.
A woman is very unreliable.
She has many affairs going on.
And when caught, she blames her lover.
She says I am innocent. I was molested.
O Romeo! Forget that woman.
The jail will soon see
take away your youth, my dear.
The woman for whom you killed will find
herself a new lover within two days.
Come with me, please.
What did the doctor say?
Why the long face? Tell me.
Sonia is pregnant.
Why didn't she die with her parents?
What has she brought except woes
and trouble?
Woes were destined.
If not her, somebody else
would have brought us sorrow.
OK, but what will you do
about the scandal?
Scandal? What has she done?
First, she married against my will,
a total stranger,
who turned out to be a killer.
You brought that killer's wife here
and now she's carrying his child.
So what if she bears his child?
She was married to him.
Who witnessed that marriage?
Who knows of their marriage?
The world will think the baby
is a bastard.
You are all mad.
I'll handle the people like that.
That's all later. First, I will handle it.
I will not let her stay here.
If your niece is so dear to you,
take her elsewhere.
As long as I am in this house,
she will stay with me.
If that's how you feel,
I will go away with my daughters.
-Stay with your niece here--
-Why are you leaving?
I will go with Sonia somewhere else.
You have a son.
My dear!
I will fulfill the dreams
your father had seen.
You are the first flower of my love.
A symbol of our love.
I will take you far away.
So far away that there won't be a shadow
of my memories gone by.
-Yes, son?
-I am cold.
Pull up a blanket.
Mummy, where does the cold come from?
The wind brings it, my child.
And where does the wind come from?
How does the wind blow?
How does the wind blow?
You don't know it, nor do I
Only He knows it
How does the wind blow?
How does the wind blow?
You don't know, nor do I
Only He knows it
How do the clouds float?
How do the clouds float?
You don't know, nor do I
Only He knows
Holding one moment
Secretly of the butterfly
Holding a hand of a butterfly
Secretly what did the flower say?
Come, let us find out
He might tell you.
How does the wind blow?
You don't know it, nor do I
Only He knows
On top of the mountains, hang the clouds
And the cold breeze touch the branches
To the tune of silence, sing the sights
Lost in the fun are sweet
Tell me, who brings it, who sends it.
Where does it all come from?
Tell me where will it all go?
Let's all think and solve
This riddle together
How does the wind blow?
How does the wind blow?
You don't know it, nor do I
Only He knows
This blanket of snow
Who has prepared it?
This sunlight in the fog
Who has prepared it
How do sweet dreams
Seem magical?
How does the sun rise?
And the moon set?
You know everything teacher
Tell us too please
Over the seven seas is a kingdom of magic
Whose king is a magician
And there's a court of fairies
Where there are thousands of games
And every child is loved
He knows
Only He knows
Mummy is here.
-Did you have your lunch?
-Yes, I had it too.
-I am eating mine too.
-Yes, you eat it too.
-How are you, Sonia?
-Fine. How are you?
-Sonia, Pinky doesnt bother you I hope.
-Not at all.
Pink is a good girl.
But how come you're here?
The managing committee
is having a meeting today.
May I go now. I am late.
Let's go children.
-Have your milk, Pinky.
-Give him too.
-I won't drink milk.
-Kids drink this. I am a big boy now.
-I see.
-You're not a big boy.
-You don't even have a beard.
-I have it.
-Where is it?
-In my stomach.
In your stomach?
But we can't see it, can we, Pinky?
Mummy, don't go by the words.
Understand the meaning.
The Principal wants to see you.
We don't want to spoil our kids.
Sonia is a killer's wife.
We shouldn't keep such women
in our school.
Why just this one? Any school.
Nobody will keep a woman like her.
You may be right. I only know she's
been working here for the past five years.
She's a good teacher,
Children love her
and nobody has complained,
or criticized her till now.
I have no complaint against her either.
Sonia is a good teacher.
Why don't you try to understand?
Our school is considered as one of the
most prestigious schools around here.
Every person wants to enroll their child
into our school.
If people come to know about Sonia's past,
they will stop sending their kids here.
I don't agree with you.
You should show compassion to her.
The crime was done by her husband
and even if she had done it.
I wouldn't have sacked her.
A person should always be forgiven.
Which one of us doesn't have a past?
Something to hide?
If all our problems were decided
with this yardstick,
then none of us would be able
to show our faces to the world.
I say it again. Sonia's a good teacher
with a very nice five year record.
The kids here love her
and she shouldn't be fired.
You're the only one speaking in her favor.
Majority of the members are against her.
Even Christ was crucified
because the majority were against him.
I didn't write the school rules.
I have to fire Sonia.
I heard everything,
and I have no complaints from you.
The meeting is over.
I am sorry. I couldn't do anything.
Who bothers to do what you've done for me?
I am very grateful to you.
-What will you do now?
-A closed door, opens many more.
There's bound to be a way out.
Sonia, don't you have any relatives?
I do and I don't. I am dead to them.
-Will you come with me?
-To my house.
-Your house?
-How long will I be your guest?
-Not a guest. I will make you work.
-What kind of work?
-Look Sonia, I live alone.
My husband is mostly away.
We have farms, coffee-estates.
I need some good company very badly.
You will live like a friend, and moreover,
my Pinky will also have a playmate.
They will come to school together.
You will have two kids to care for.
See? What a lovely train I have.
A new rocket too. How nice!
I have many such lovely toys.
I don't have such nice toys at all.
I will ask Papa to get some for you.
-Come let's play House-house.
This is your house. This is mine.
I will take the bigger one.
Mummy, may I give the big house to Rinku?
This is your house. This one's mine.
This is me and my Mummy.
This is you and your Mummy.
This is my Daddy and this is your daddy.
But I don't have a Daddy.
Pinky, go to your room and play.
Take Rinku with you.
Just felt like crying at my helplessness.
Don't pay any attention.
-I can understand, Sonia.
-I fulfill Rinku's every wish.
But where will I get him a Daddy?
May I say something, Sonia?
-Please don't get offended.
You're young and beautiful.
Life can't be lived all alone.
-You have a son too.
-I know what you mean.
But, Sonia whether your heart
will find peace.
That I can't say but Rinku
will get father.
Maybe you are right.
But, a woman only loves once.
Not time and again.
Papa's here.
-Hello Pinky, my dear.
-I won't talk with you.
-You come very late every day.
OK, I will come early.
Now give me a kiss.
-Father didn't come today.
-He is busy in office.
Tomorrow there is a function there
and we are all invited.
Now give me a kiss again Pinky.
-No! Your moustaches hurt.
What a sweet boy. Who are you?
-Who are you?
-He's my friend.
-Oh? Where did you get him from?
-My school.
Your school certainly has lovely kids.
What is your name?
What a sweet name!
Rinku master, will you be my friend?
-Will you love me?
-I will love you very much.
And do you know what?
I will take you in a jeep.
Take you to the jungle, the farm,
and give you a horse-ride too.
-A horse ride? Shake hands then!
-Wonderful, son, well done.
This is Sonia, Rinku's mother.
Sonia, this is my husband, Sudhir.
Come along, son.
Pinky, go upstairs and change.
-How long have you known, Sonia?
-For five years.
-Where did you meet her?
-In Pinky's school, as a teacher.
They say her husband killed a man.
He was hanged.
School authorities came
to know this somehow and they fired her.
I brought the poor thing here.
Hers is a heart-wrenching tale.
She was a bride of few days
when she became a widow.
Her husband gave her a son,
whom she dotes on.
Don't know why, but I pity Sonia.
What a wonderful woman!
What feelings she has for her husband
who has been dead for five years now.
I asked her why doesn't she remarry.
Know what she said?
She said a woman loves just once.
Not again and again.
-Pinky's Daddy is so nice, isn't he?
He calls me Rinku master.
He said--Listen Mummy.
He said he would take me in a jeep.
Take me on a safari and give
me a ride on a horse.
If my daddy was alive,
would he have loved me just as much?
Whenever they feel like it
People set up a new life
Whenever they feel like it
People set up a new life
On one face
They put on many new masks
On one face
They put on many new masks
Whenever they feel like it
People set up a new life
Who bothers to remember?
The way of life from the past?
Who bothers to remember?
Fire of love gets cold
Intimacy is defeated
What is love today
But a trade
I was a fool to have remained
Shrouded in their memory
Else, to carry on living
People tend to forget everything
Else, to carry on living
People tend to forget everything
On one face
They put on many new masks
I wonder who those people were
Who were blessed with loyalty
I wonder who those people were
People who cared
For other's feelings
There are stone-hearted lovers now
Who have no feeling nor compassion.
Those days when love was
Revered, dare no more
For selfish ends, now
People fall in love
For selfish ends, now
People fall in love
Whenever they feel like it
People set up a new world.
On one face
They put on many new masks
On one face
They put on many new masks
Leave me alone.
Allow me to go
You will not go, Sonia.
Why not? Who are you to stop me?
I am your husband.
My husband is dead.
God has snatched him away from me.
Don't say such things, Sonia.
I'm very much alive.
You live for those who have
every joy in life. Not me.
-What do you lack?
You have a wife, a kid,
a bungalow, everything.
At least listen to me, Sonia.
That's not necessary.
I can see everything.
I was young and beautiful.
I had desires, too.
I could've taken lovers too.
But I kicked it all.
I held this memory of yours in my heart.
But you...
You forgot everything.
That love, those promises, your Sonia.
You forgot it all.
I didn't forget anything.
I remember every bit of it.
When we parted finally,
you had tears in your eyes.
The police had separated us.
While parting, I felt as though,
I was parting from my life.
I said to myself,
is this our final meeting?
Won't we ever meet again?
After the van had fallen into a ditch,
when I opened my eyes,
it was pitch dark all around.
I felt God had known my innocence
had given me a new life.
I began to walk away.
Then I realized
that two of us were tied together.
Can you swim? You can?
I waited for him for quite some time
but he never showed up.
Maybe he really couldn't swim.
Must have lied to save my life.
I can't tell you how much this sacrifice
of his affected me.
But I still carried the stigma,
in form of the handcuff on my wrist.
-A jail-breaker?
-Don't talk too much.
-Remove it.
-Sit down.
I should hand him over to the police.
-Will you remove it, or not?
-I will, I will.
Sit down.
Sunil, you? Come on in. You're alive?
Yes, I am alive.
God knew I was innocent. He saved me.
Where is my Sonia?
-God only knows.
-What do you mean?
After the news of your death,
she was slightly demented.
She was pregnant and felt as though
she had committed a sin.
Then one night she ran away.
There is no news about her till now.
No news at all.
Sonia... where are you?
Police? Sunil is here.
He's not dead.
Hurry up, else he will run away.
I won't let you go from here.
-I won't let you escape.
-Run Sunil, run.
Let me go. Do you hear?
Let go of me.
What happened after that?
I began to look for you everywhere.
I didn't know what to do,
where to look for you.
It was as though my life
had become a void without you.
I didn't know your whereabouts.
While looking for you, one day...
My father is a heart patient.
-Can I help you?
-My handbag.
Hurry, dear child.
Look, better you get down here.
Never know what may happen.
-You may get medical help too.
-Actually we are getting down here.
Father, we have to get down. Get up.
Let me help you.
-You have missed your train.
-Don't worry. Tend to him.
-Are you alright, father?
-Please take me home fast.
-How far away is your home?
-Twenty miles.
Twenty miles.
I will see what I can do.
I have given him an injection.
Let him take complete bed rest.
I have also given two kind of tablets
to be given every two hours.
-If you need me, I'm just a phone away.
-OK. Bye.
You must be very tired.
Please go and rest.
You sleep. I will sit beside him.
You really underwent a lot of botheration.
-I am glad I could be of some help.
-You haven't rested at all.
Please go and rest.
I've got a room ready for you.
We will do it like this.
Let's take turns.
You rest now while I stay awake.
If you insist, OK.
Where will you run away from law?
The four walls of a jail, handcuffs
and a hangman's noose await you.
No better place for you to hide.
Who are you? Where are you from?
Nothing will be asked here.
-What time is it?
-It's two in the morning.
You haven't slept as yet?
Which debt are you repaying me?
It is humans who help each other.
Who helps other humans these days?
How many are there like you in this world?
None, may be.
-What's your name?
-Su... Sudhir.
Even if it was some other name,
what does it matter?
Goodness can have any name,
it is so strange.
People come from far-away places, meet,
and sink in the tides of Time.
I am also sinking, sinking.
No! Don't say such things.
-You will be fine after the treatment.
-Treatment! It's just an excuse.
An outlet to spend money.
Those who have it, take time to die.
And those who don't, die soon.
I am one of the former kind.
I wish I could die at will.
-What woes do you have?
God gave me a daughter.
Thought I would get her married in style.
That I will enjoy myself.
But my Chandni got soiled.
A man came and deceived her.
She is pregnant
with his out of wedlock child now.
How will she face society?
Where will she go?
There are other ways to sort this problem.
l know what you mean.
But the doctor says her life will
be in danger that way.
And I can't put her life at stake.
Of what use is my money, estate?
Why is God punishing me like this?
Why is he testing me?
I'm a weak man now.
So very weak.
You've come to know now
what a fallen woman I am.
Who am I to decide that?
You must've had a reason.
Sometimes that reason is love.
Love is life. What else is there?
But love proved to be a crime.
I am the root of my father's woes.
I have given my father nothing but sorrow.
I should've died.
Don't you have anybody in this world?
If only I could help you.
One who aids sorrow, sinks forever.
I have sunk enough already.
Don't know if I am thinking right,
but I hear a voice within me.
Can't it be possible
that I give my name to your child?
-Your name?
-Yes, what else do I have?
-Do you know what you are saying?
Name and only name. I can't marry you.
-We will seem married to the world,
and your father, to save his life.
But this compromise is between
just you and me.
Now and forever.
I promise to you,
the name you have given me,
I will forever remain faithful to it.
You didn't even ask how
or why it happened.
-I would like to tell you.
I don't want to know your past
and neither will you try to know mine.
And from that night, till today,
I have not even touched Chandni.
Don't you believe me?
What are you thinking about?
I am thinking...
That why so many people with a past
have gathered under one roof?
There's a story behind every one.
Did they pen their own story?
Could they have penned it?
If not, then why punish them?
This punishment is all over now, Sonia.
I am free.
-No you are not free, Sunil.
You have given your name
to Chandni's daughter.
You brought respect
to Chandni in the society and--
And I have no right to snatch
all this from her, is that it?
She gave you shelter and now you
want to slander her in return?
-But I love you, Sonia.
-But where will you take me?
Police knows that you are alive.
They will take you away from me.
I don't wish to be widowed again.
I don't want to lose you again.
I too don't want to lose you again.
But if you want me to keep staying here.
You'll also stay here.
If it makes you happy, I will stay.
My love
Is my attire
My love
Is my jewelry
My lover is my respect
Live beautified for him
I will adore my lover
Let people gossip
I will adore my lover
Let people gossip
I will adore my lover
Let people gossip
I will not relent
Let people malign me
I will not relent
Let people malign me
His face as lovely as the moon
He's tall and handsome
His face as lovely as the moon
He's tall and handsome
In his arms lie my heavens
I will adore my lover
Let people gossip
I will not relent
Let people malign me
If I become his, what use is of this world
Without him the world seems desolate
If I become his, what use is of this world
Without him the world seems desolate
Instead of the world
If one gets ones beloved
That is worth more than anything else
I am not going to be shy
Let the people say anything.
I will decorate my bed for him
Let people gossip
I will decorate my bed for him
Let people gossip
The anklets on my feet jingle
The glass bangles tinkle
The anklets on my feet jingle
The glass bangles tinkle
My sari end flutters
And my hair-bun gets undone
I will adore my lover
Let people gossip
I will not relent
Let people malign me
Sitting all by myself
I used to talk to the walls
Sitting all by myself
I used to talk to the walls
Today I met my lover
Once again my nights became beautiful
I will dance with joy
Let people gossip
I will dance and woo my love
Let people malign me
I will dance and woo my love
Let people malign me
The lost beloved cast a spell
And love blushed like a bride
The lost beloved cast a spell
And love blushed like a bride
The wealth she got today
Nobody knows its value
I will adore my lover
Let people gossip
I will not relent
Let people gossip
-What is it? You look so happy.
-I am very happy today.
All because of you. I think we
were sisters in our last life.
Who knows? We may have
shared a husband even.
I agree to that too.
You have brought life in this house.
-I can't thank you enough.
-I should be grateful to you, in fact.
-What have I given you?
-That I can't tell you.
What I had lost,
I found it when I came to you.
Sir, we oldies should retire now.
Whom do you mean? Me or yourself?
-I meant both of us.
Go on.
To make way for the young.
I want to propose Sudhir's name
for Mayor ship. What's your opinion?
-Whatever, my friend says is correct.
-A very good idea. I am with you.
I am seeing him work for three years now.
It is praise-worthy I tell you.
-Listen I'm not worthy of this--
-Keep quiet. Who asked your opinion?
On that note.
-You have some land at Haridwar.
-Yeah, so.
Why not sell it?
My friend wants to buy it.
My late wife wanted to build school on it.
I didn't have the time before.
But I will see to it in a few days.
OK, we're going Mr. Deewan.
Here comes my friend.
-Now we can even kill someone.
-We catch the culprit too, remember.
I don't want you paraded in handcuffs.
So you will have me
paraded at this age?
-Friends, meet my very close friend Singh.
-Sorry to be late.
Now meet my son-in-law, Mr. Sudhir.
Singh, time hasn't changed you at all.
You are same as always.
Only a few hair above the forehead
have turned grey.
Here comes my greatest weakness.
Kebab's here. Eat these and cut
your life short by a couple of years.
If that's what they're famous for,
why haven't they affected you?
Because all my life,
I just got the left-over bones.
Come on people take some.
Connect me to the head office. I wish
to talk to the Record office urgently.
-How long have you been here?
-About six-seven years now.
-Do you know Mr. Deewan since then?
-When did his daughter marry?
-About five years ago I think.
He has got a very nice son-in-law.
Many people praise him
and I hear he may even
become the Mayor.
-How long have you known him?
-Not much. We've met a few times.
An interesting man.
Remember that Kapoor murder case
about five years go?
I want all the papers
and files concerned very urgently.
-Your luggage is ready.
-OK, dear.
Go on, say it.
-Father, may I come with you?
Yes, I hear that if one makes
a wish for something there
its fulfilled.
-God may hear my wish too.
-He has given you everything.
What more do you want?
Oh I see. Want a son?
But what about Pinky dear?
Why? Sudhir's here, and Sonia too.
OK, but get ready fast.
Don't be late.
Step on it, driver.
-Why did you stop the car?
-To look at you.
-Haven't you seen me before?
-I am seeing you so close after years.
Have I changed?
Then what are you looking at?
Your bare hair-parting.
It should be full of stars.
but I made it bare for you.
I can't understand. What's on your mind.
What my heart yearns
For today
If you ask me, I'll tell you
What my heart yearns
For today
If you ask me, I'll tell you
I want to do your hair
And put vermillion in your parting.
What my heart yearns for
If you ask me, I'll tell you
By making me a god
Your desires worshiped me
By making me a god
Your desires worshipped me
But my love is telling me
To make you my god
But my love is telling me
To make you my god
What my heart yearns for
If you ask me, I'll tell you
Even if someone comes to look for us
He won't find us
Even if someone comes to look for us
He won't find us
You hide me somewhere
And I will hide you
You hide me somewhere
And I will hide you
What my heart yearns for
If you ask me, I'll tell you
By coming in my arms
Your pain will ease
By coming in my arms
Your pain will ease
By hiding in your hair
I will forget all my sorrows
By hiding in your hair
I will forget all my sorrows
I will do your hair again
And decorate it with vermillion
What my heart yearns for
If you ask me, I'll tell you
O Lord, he's my husband
in the eyes of the world
Make him mine in the real sense.
O, Lord, make him mine truly.
-Whose daughter are you?
-And, Rinku-master?
-Not Daddy's?
-I don't have one.
What if I become your Daddy?
-You're Pinky's Daddy.
-What if I become your daddy too?
-Will you love me?
-Like this!
-I am Shankar, sir.
-I am not returning tonight.
It is stormy here.
Yeah, I will be staying here.
Where are the kids and Sonia madam?
They are with me, don't worry
See you tomorrow.
Sonia, this night has come after so long.
No. It hasn't really come yet.
Why not?
In these five years, lots of walls
have risen between us.
There are no walls now.
They've all crumbled, finished.
Coming, Ma'am.
Didn't you get our wire?
Nobody came to collect us.
This wire did come
but there was nobody to open it.
Where is your Master and the kids?
-On the farm.
-All of them?
Yes. it was very stormy.
Sir phoned at night to say
that he, the kids and Sonia madam
will spend the night there.
OK, you go.
Don't be scared. I will tell Chandni
that Sonia's my wife and I want her.
For me, will you make Pinky an orphan
and disrespect Chandini?
Yes. I never thought of that.
Don't worry. Give me some time.
I will find a way out.
I will talk to Mr. Deewan
when he returns. Bye.
Aren't you having your election today?
Yes of course.
I will send the car for you.
Take the kids and head home.
You? When did you come?
Where is Sudhir?
He has gone to the city.
There was a storm last night,
we got stuck here.
I hadn't brought extra clothes
so I had to wear these.
A woman loves only one in life.
Not time and again, your words?
I still adhere to it.
Which this earring found
in his bed proves.
How shall I?
What can I... you...
I don't wish to hear anything, Sonia.
Seeing you like this, in this state
I am feeling ashamed of myself.
What I thought you were
and what you turned out to be.
Sonia, if you have an iota
of decency left,
you will leave before Sudhir gets here.
In the intoxication I am
In me is the intoxication
In the intoxication I am
Forgive me my buddies
In the intoxication I am
My buddies forgive me...
-You are happy?
-Aren't you?
If you are happy, so am I.
You will have to be more responsible now.
-Wasn't I responsible before?
-You weren't such a big shot then.
Big shot! If a mediocre man becomes
somebody, isn't he still a human?
He becomes a public figure.
People keep an eye on his every move.
You are threatening me like
one threatens a thief.
Where is everybody?
Nobody seems to be around.
-Pinky is sleeping.
-And Rinku?
It is very late. Better rest now.
Of course, but where is Sonia?
Is she also asleep?
You are Mayor now.
Think of your reputation.
How is my reputation spoilt
by asking about Sonia?
You think nobody sees what you do?
The walls have ears and eyes too.
You shouldn't do anything
for people to point fingers at you.
-You are a member of a renowned family.
You are honored with Mayor ship.
Your reputation is my reputation.
One small error and tongues will wag.
What have I done for it
to be such a big issue--
Don't pretend.
You know very well what I mean.
Sonia's earring was in your bed!
Is this what you call decency?
What will people say?
-A vulgar woman.
Don't use such a lowly word for Sonia.
Why not? ls she a royalty?
You know her for a few days,
and you love her so much? And I,
who has been with you for five years.
-mean nothing?
-Chandni don't forget...
that I have given you just
my name not any binding
I know but I am human too.
I love you.
I am beautiful and young.
What does Sonia have that I don't?
Sonia is my wife.
I have come to apologize.
-I have been unfair to you.
Had I been in your shoes,
I would have done the same.
Where are you going?
I will go anywhere.
-It is a big world.
-Is Sudhir also going with you?
I know he is your husband.
He doesn't even know I am going.
If you go, he will go too.
I need you to be here with me.
How can the homeless give shelter
to anyone?
Nobody can avoid fate.
Can't it be possible for us,
to share our sorrows?
You both love each other,
you belong to each other.
He came into my life
with a very different aim.
You are his wife.
And I.
I am just called his wife.
-That's why I was leaving.
-Don't go. Please, Sonia.
Stay with me as you did before.
You with a right and I as a social norm.
He gave Pinky his name.
A social status to me.
He saved us from ruin.
If you go away, I will be nowhere.
I will lose everything.
I don't want anything more
than what I've already got.
I promise you. I will never come
between the two of you. Never.
I apologize for whatever I said
to you today
Please forgive me.
Fingerprint report, sir.
So I was right!
I suspected from the very first day,
that Sudhir...
is in, fact, Sunil Kohli.
Dheeraj Kapoor's murderer!
Sir, think before you go further.
He's the new Mayor
-and Mr. Deewan's son-in-law.
-That's why I'm perturbed.
On one hand I have my duty
and on the other, my friendship.
What do I do?
On this happy occasion, I will request
my close relative, the new mayor
to say a few words.
I don't know what you think of me,
but in fact, I'm nothing.
Where will I keep all this love
and respect bestowed on me?
My heart is unable to keep
this kind of love and respect.
Don't shower me with so much love,
dear friends.
Don't shower me with so much love,
dear friends.
Think again. How will I bear
the burden of all this love?
I am, in fact, a nobody.
Respect, status, desires, and love.
Nothing remains forever.
The place I am standing at,
there was somebody else here, yesterday.
Where I am standing today,
there was somebody else here, yesterday.
These are new times.
Well so were those.
Don't give me so much love today
that nothing remains for tomorrow.
Save some love of today.
Save some love for tomorrow too.
Tomorrow which is a stranger,
silent, unknown and bare.
I am nothing.
I am nobody.
Friends, you all heard
the Mayor's thoughts and feelings.
Now I will request him
to grace that chair.
-You're not worthy of that chair.
-What are you saying?
-I am saying right.
-You know he's my son-in-law.
Duty does not know friendship
and relation.
Do you know who he is?
-I know him better than you.
-You know nothing.
People have honored him
by making him a Mayor.
Law is equal for all.
-Law knows only guilt and innocence.
-What is Sudhir's crime?
He's not Sudhir but Sunil Kohli.
Dheeraj Kapoor's killer.
-What proof do you have?
-Proof? That's my proof there.
Please come.
This woman Sonia, is his wife.
Tell me, isn't he your husband Sunil?
After getting sentenced,
the police van he was going in,
fell in a ditch.
All the others were killed except him.
Isn't that the truth?
You cannot lie to me.
Is he your husband or not?
I'm asking you. Why don't you
say something, answer me.
Is he your husband, or not?
No! He's not my husband.
You're lying. Deceiving the law!
Inspector, you, the law,
the world can err in identification.
But a woman can never make
a mistake in identifying her man.
My husband died five years ago.
I am a widow.
Sonia, stop!
You aren't a widow.
You have a husband. It is I.
I got sentenced, but you bore
all its pain and difficulties.
Today, all this should end.
Whatever the outcome, but today I want
to admit that I am Sunil Kohli
and you are my legal wife.
I was innocent then
and I am innocent today too.
If it's a crime to stop one's wife
from being raped,
then I am guilty
and they can hang me for it.
I had arrested the accused five years ago
for killing Dheeraj Kapoor.
If you remember, you had fought
the case at that time.
You were a lawyer then and had him
sentenced for life imprisonment.
-Do you wish to say anything?
-I wish I had served my sentence.
The hardships in jail which I feared
would have been much less
than the ones I have undergone
for the past five years.
The law didn't do justice with me.
It snatched my joys from me.
My romantic nights, happiness, my love.
It snatched everything.
I thought I would steal this time
from the law and bring back my joys.
But I couldn't.
For the past five years, I have not
been able to sit, sleep
or live peacefully. I have lived
like a fugitive these five years.
Even after changing my name,
I am suspended from a noose of fear.
And repenting my actions. I wish...
I hadn't done all this.
When I look ahead,
I see only darkness and void
and my luck and time laughing.
The culprit ran from the hands
of law and justice.
I will tell you what fear
of death he is talking of.
He ran from the law
and took shelter in Mr. Deewan's house.
He changed his name,
married Mr. Deewan's beautiful daughter.
On the strength of his money,
the accused became the city's mayor.
Not only that, he called his
first wife Sonia there.
Imagine what fear of death
he is experiencing when he is
living a luxurious life with
two beauties and with it
he is the sole custodian of
Mr. Deewan's vast wealth.
He is a pretender, fraud and a liar.
He is using emotions to cheat the law.
The fact is, he is the culprit.
Mr. Kapoor's wealth made him greedy.
And because of it, he killed a decent,
young man like Dheeraj Kapoor--
That is a lie! Absolute lie, sir.
-Who are you?
-I am Chandni.
-Want to say something?
Please come this way.
I will tell the truth,
and nothing but the truth.
If Sunil was greedy for wealth,
he wouldn't have led this kind of life
that he's leading for the past five years.
He had millions in his hands
in the form of cash, estate, etc.
But he never gave it a second look.
The statement made by the prosecutor
that Dheeraj Kapoor was decent is a lie.
He was a rascal with obnoxious habits.
He had made it his profession
to toy around with women.
He bought people with money.
He promised marriage to others.
Like this he must have spoilt many girls,
as long as he lived.
Mrs. Chandni is lying!
She is trying to save the accused
because he is her husband.
He is not my husband!
No lady wants to mar her reputation
or to cheapen herself in society.
But I am doing just that.
I am doing this because Sunil is innocent.
Today, if I kept quiet
and Sunil is punished,
I will never forgive myself.
Today I publicly admit it
that Sunil is not my husband.
But by saying that he is,
he has covered my mistake.
My daughter,
to whom he has given his name,
is Dheeraj Kapoor's child.
Dheeraj Kapoor also promised to marry me.
So I surrendered myself to him.
You are late. I have been
waiting for ages here.
Please forgive me.
Forgive me.
-Where were you?
I had to chase a doe for miles.
-Why do you kill these animals?
-It is adventure.
-How cruel.
-Are you any less?
Why? What did I do?
You take so much time.
You haven't even hugged me yet.
-Dheeraj, when will you marry me?
Marriage! Oh, it is an everyday affair.
Come, we will get married now. Cuddle up.
Don't joke about it.
Dheeraj, I have to talk to you.
Then talk. Why stall about it?
I am very worried.
I don't know what to do.
Why so?
Dheeraj, I...
I am pregnant with your child.
Do you think I am lying?
I am telling the truth.
Dheeraj, I am really very scared.
-Tell me, when will we marry?
If I marry for such reasons,
I will have to wed thousands of girls.
What do you mean?
I mean, I am intimate with many girls.
Whom do I marry?
You could be seeing another man.
How do I know the child is mine?
If at that time Sunil hadn't come
in my life, I would have killed myself.
Sunil was known as Pinky's father.
He lived with me for five years.
But he... He hasn't even touched me.
If such a gentleman is victimized,
and I remain quiet
then there's no woman as vulgar as me.
After her statement, it is obvious
that the deceased, Dheeraj Kapoor
was a rascal and a vagabond.
Just as he deceived naive Chandni,
he must have tried to make
Sonia a prey to his lust too.
Another point comes to light
by Chandni's statement.
Sunil had no greed for wealth.
He had millions in his hands.
But he never took disadvantage.
The theft case against Sunil Kohli
is a lie.
Dheeraj's death was incidental.
Whatever Sunil did was to save
his wife from being molested.
No law in the world looks upon
such an action as a crime.
With all these facts before us,
I appeal to the court to acquit Sunil.
And beg for his life.
With the statements made by Mrs. Chandni
and the counsel for Defense
this court has come to a decision
that Dheeraj Kapoor was a rascal.
He must have tried to rape Sonia.
The court,
accepts the Defense appeal gives
the benefit of the doubt to Sunil,
and acquits him.
You've paid such a high price for my life
that I'll never be able to repay.
But taking the stigma on yourself,
you have erased mine completely.
-What name do I give this love?
-The relationship we shared was...
one of pain. There was a time
when you shared my sorrow.
Today I have done the same.
Don't give this relationship a name.
-Come, let's go home.
Yes, home.
This relationship is immortal now.
She is ours and we are hers.
Don't forget that not only Rinku,
but even Pinky is your daughter.
She must be waiting for her father.