Daddy (2017) Movie Script

Get my phone.
They have provided self-help books
to the students appearing for the exam.
The students are worried about
how the paper would be.
We are worried about
what the questions would be.
Get me some chilled water.
We will try our level best...
Has she gone deaf?
She can't even get me a glass of water!
Lazy woman!
-Sir, parcel.
-Sign here.
-Give me a pen.
I don't have a pen.
-Don't you have a pen?
What's wrong with everyone?
Victory to Arun Gawli!
Victory to Arun Gawli!
Victory to Arun Gawli!
Former Mafia Arun Gulab Gawli is
fondly called "Daddy" these days.
He is now a changed man.
He is taking his political
campaign very seriously;
focusing his time on social work
by providing medicines,
electricity and water to the poor.
He did a good job...
Now we're getting drinking water.
Otherwise, we were facing a lot
of water-related problems.
Now we have a garden to play in.
It has new swings
and it's fun playing there.
-Tell me more, dear.
-He built a gym in the school.
Now, in school we have uniforms,
tie, notebooks and lunch as well.
Do we have to give him
police protection now?
They've turned him into a hero.
People who were earlier terrified
to enter the Dagdi Chawl...
but today, he is been looked up to
and compared to Robin Hood.
Geeta, I don't know who Robin Hood is.
He is a thief, but not a villain.
He takes from the rich
and gives it to the poor.
That's good.
The residents here are very happy with him
and they are praying
that he wins in the next elections.
Open all his old cases.
Do you remember Vijaykar?
He's been after him since 1986.
We have even held back his retirement.
He must be remembering
the numbers of the old cases too.
There is one thing in life
that is very rare.
That's an opportunity.
Your entire life can pass by
in the search of that one chance.
I felt as if my life had passed by too.
But there it was again.
I got an opportunity.
How many people were there?
Two, sir.
Did you see the shooter?
No, sir.
Someone shot MLA Mhatre.
This is a big case.
-Yes, sir.
I think it's him.
It's him.
It's him.
Hello, ma'am.
I've got pedha for you.
You like pedha, don't you?
Have some sweets.
So, where is the leader of the nation?
What did he do now?
You want to know what he did.
What has he not done?
He started with extortion,
moved to gambling, robbery, smuggling...
And then murder.
Your son will soon go in
for a long vacation!
He doesn't owe you anything.
So, why can't you leave him alone?
That's exactly what
I'm trying to figure out.
He is not even letting me retire in peace.
He feels that one becomes a Gandhi
by merely wearing a Gandhi cap.
He became what he had to.
I don't know whether it
was bad luck or bad influence.
But the worst thing
in his life was poverty.
There is no smoke without fire.
There's a strike. No one will work today.
Stop working, everyone. Stop everything.
-I've got lunch for my father.
-Take your dad and get lost.
No one will work.
He hasn't eaten since morning.
You pimp! I will have to knock
some sense into you.
Whom did you call a pimp?
You cannot understand the plight
of a mill worker's son.
Go and inquire about the
200,000 workers who lost their job.
Go and ask what happened
to their children.
-Babu, you're cheating again.
-Come on, play.
Put that coin back.
Will you play or not?
I won't play if you cheat.
-You play, Rama!
-Let it be.
Where the hell are you going?
Sit down!
Play with Rama.
Don't show me your teeth.
You should have seen the other guy's face.
Once again you danced to their tunes.
You don't get it.
You got to get them
to dance to your tunes.
Do you want ice-cream?
Uma will get some for us.
Uma, come here.
Tell him about Parsiya's
famous ice-cream den.
Why the hell are you going there now?
Well, Parsiya opens his
gambling den at 9 a.m.
and winds up by 8 p.m.
When you enter, you'll see the manager.
I'll be sitting next to him.
-I'll sit there and...
"-Here she comes, my friends..."
Rama, please don't do this...
"Her veil is a curtain. She pretends."
Hey! Shut up!
Why the hell are singing?
Can't you see who's there behind the veil?
Haven't you seen a girl before?
Why do you stare like this
at me every day?
She's angry!
What? Come and talk to me.
I wasn't the one singing.
I like you!
Why don't you show such courage
in front of those union leaders?
After seeing her, I'm missing Hilda.
I need to visit the barber
and then I'll meet Hilda.
I have to go.
Aren't you getting married
to some other girl?
My mother won't like Hilda
and I can't break my mother's heart.
-Shall I call her out again?
-Get lost!
Hey. Don't you like me?
People say your line of work is dodgy.
What are you trying to say?
What do you do?
I am into import and export business.
Really? Import and export!
Why don't you import something
so that she can export?
Stupid fellow!
Shut up, Rama!
Hilda, stuff his mouth with something.
Hold this.
The balcony is empty in case
you want some privacy.
Come on, I'II drop you home.
They didn't really want
to get into fights.
They just wanted to have a good time.
Why were they constantly visiting
Parsiya's gambling den?
Who knows what to do?
Do you see that door which is open?
We have to go there.
-Is this the one?
Arun, you handle two of them.
Babu, you handle the other two.
Vijay, you...
What if there are more than two to handle?
How do you know
how many men are there inside?
Vijay, go and get a count.
Why me? They will see my face...
Blackie, the whole
of India looks like you.
-No one will notice you. Go.
-Come on, go.
Be careful.
What are you doing?
Let's go!
He stole from a thief.
He didn't just steal... he murdered.
Do you want me to remind you about it?
Arun had nothing to do with it.
It was all done by that smuggler
Babu Resham.
Arun, which place is this?
You had asked me where I work,
so today I'll show it to you.
Hey, Babu.
He is a stupid fellow!
This is the key to Babu's vault.
What happened?
What is all this, Arun?
These are imported items.
It must be expensive.
No one's asking you for money.
Take it.
Take whatever you like.
Arun, let's go.
Hold on...
I said you don't have to pay me,
when did I mention it's for free?
Get going.
-What is it?
-There's a big problem.
Mom, I'II just be back.
What happened?
Parsiya killed Uma.
They had never imagined that Parsiya
would kill Rama's brother Uma.
Let's go and give it back to him!
Have you lost it?
-Rama, let's go to the police.
-He was my brother.
Come on, Babu,
I told you he's a damn coward.
Come on!
-Come on, Babu!
-Hey... Rama.
-Are you coming or not?
-Let go of me.
-What do you mean, you dog?
-Let go of me.
-Are you coming or not?
-I'm not coming.
What do you mean?
Are you going to go and salute the cops?
When you needed us,
we were there for you, Arun.
You rascal, don't ever show us your face.
What's wrong with you, man?
Let's go.
Hold it.
You motherf.... Move back!
Kill him! Kill him!
Let's go... Let's go...
Hey... No!
Let go of me. Let go of me.
God know who it is!
-What is it?
-Who is Arun? Where is Arun?
-Who the hell is Arun?
-What are you doing?
Get up. Get up.
-What have you done now?
-I didn't do anything.
Get up!
You didn't do anything!
-Come to the police station!
-Leave him!
-Leave me!
-Come on, you filthy scum.
Let go of him! Let him go!
Get inside!
That's enough drama for one day.
Did you see how they
dragged him to the van?
He has lost all the respect!
We belong to different communities
and so our lifestyles differ.
Zubeida, you won't say anything now.
Come with me to the village.
Do you recognize him?
Have you seen him before?
Have a look at him. Do you recognize him?
-Have you seen him?
Have you ever seen him?
Have you seen him?
Hey... I am asking you.
Have you seen him?
Have you seen him?
Have you seen him?
Speak up.
Are you enjoying getting drenched?
Come on, get in.
Here. Have some Vadapav.
Take it.
Take it.
Finally, he is one among us now.
Forget it.
I have Lord Shiva's blessings with me.
Not even one person recognized me.
Isn't it a miracle?
Idiot, that was no miracle!
You have don's support.
Got it? It's the don.
Don't ever forget his favor.
Don rules Dongri these days.
At his command, everybody
refused to recognize you.
Babu's got a connection with him.
He said he will meet on Friday.
Okay, fine. You will meet my henchman
after the Friday's prayers
-near the Musafirkhana's poultry farm.
-Greetings, Rafique.
How are you, Babu?
Come on, have a seat.
So... What was I saying?
Friday, after the prayers.
And it shouldn't be postponed
until Saturday, get it?
Good bye.
Hello, mister.
It's an old and unique piece.
In our line of business,
always keep your eyes open.
-I didn't see that.
-Have a seat.
You sit there.
-Behave yourself.
-It wasn't me.
Alright. Did the angels give you a tip?
Yes, place the bet.
Okay. Alright.
Do you know who he is?
Bump him off!
-This guy?
Samad Khan.
He is a Pathan.
He is ruthless.
I told don all about your act of bravado.
He has all the details of
the Parsiya murder case too.
Bet 2 million on the midget's century.
We'll tell you.
If you're caught, you're on your own.
We won't come to rescue you this time.
Have you ever used an English weapon?
-We will use it.
-That's good.
You may come here and take
rupees 10000 after you get the job done.
But we haven't discussed
about the money yet.
We'll discuss it
once the job's done.
You're the first man who's ever...
Rupees 10,000 is more than enough.
It will be done.
We are taking on the Pathans
for the sake of friendship.
We'll talk once the job's done.
Have you lost it?
It seems the don is in a good mood.
He gives his word.
Get Samad killed,
then we can talk about it.
Samad, won't you say bye?
See you around.
-Leave him
-Kill him!
I didn't see anything.
Yes, I had an affair with Babu.
He even asked me to leave town with him.
I refused to go.
You see, I come from a good background!
I want to know the details of the murder.
Come on.
Give me the names.
Listen... Come here... Come on.
You wanted a new beginning, didn't you?
Take some money
and make a new beginning.
That would be good for you.
Don kept his word
after they killed Samad.
In fact he even extended
his hand for friendship.
-Don sent it for you.
I love don's style.
Samad Khan's brutal murder
Check this out, Rama.
Babu... Rama...
B.R.A. Gang.
What about me?
What about you?
You went there to kill him,
but you got battered yourself.
Does anyone have any objection?
Hurry up...
Come on...
Do it properly.
Come on...
Give Maqsood his money back.
I don't want to work under anybody.
So what do you want to do?
Become a businessman like Tata or Birla?
If I work here in this line,
I need to be an equal.
Look, Babu...
The area of the dockyard belongs to us.
We must get a share in it.
Think about it
The docks will belong to you
and we will rule over Agripada.
You speak to Rama.
I'll make him understand.
Who will talk to don?
What does he put in
this custard ice-cream?
He has never told this to anybody
outside his family.
He refused me twice.
Don, would you like some more?
That's enough.
How much can I eat?
Forget it, Arun.
Don said he'll think about it.
Maqsood has bought both
Poonam International and Caesar's Palace.
And us...
We're doing his big jobs for loose change.
It hurts me to give him such a big share.
If you want to stay here for long,
learn to be patient.
The higher you fly, the harder the fall.
And hurt your ass!
Its time you settle down. Get married.
You aren't earning a penny,
yet you're getting married.
I am done. I am leaving.
-Wait, Where are you going?
-See you.
Arun... Idiot.
Who was Hilda?
My friend.
Hilda was crazy about Arun.
But Arun loved Zubeida.
So Hilda settled for Rama instead.
"I am with the one who I love."
"I killed two birds with one stone."
"The sparrow in my neighborhood
started dancing to my tunes."
"She started dancing to my tunes."
"I have a new parrot here
and he is amazed by her."
"I have a new parrot here
and he is amazed by her."
Rama married the woman
of his mother's choice
but celebrated his wedding night
with Hilda.
Why are you shouting?
Rama, let's go.
"She started dancing to my tunes."
Hey, what are you doing here?
-No, no. Go down.
He's decorating the place for you.
Go back down...I'll call you.
They were like wild horses.
They had made a gang
but they weren't capable of managing it.
And one day Babu showed us
what a beast he was.
Babu, open the door.
Nothing will happen to you.
What can even happen?
Are you going to open the door
or shall I call the police?
What is it?
Open the door now!
What happened?
Have you lost your mind?
What are you doing?
Don't go inside.
-What? You'll call the police!
-Have you lost your mind?
You're completely drunk.
Stop creating a scene here!
-Forget it. What are you doing?
-Don't touch me...
You'll go to the police!
You'll go to the police!
-Let go of me!
-My name is Babu!
-You think you can get me arrested!
-Let go of her!
Babu, let go of her!
It hurts.
It's chilled.
He can't hold his drink.
You called the cops!
You did the right thing.
What he didn't learn outside,
maybe he will learn that in jail.
What was that?
Who is it?
Who is it?
They sent you to get me out of here!
Couldn't you have told me, you pimp?
You shot me! Damn!
Anyone could've killed him.
I'll deal with you once I am out of jail.
But he was killed by his childhood friend.
Damn you!
And then Babu became history.
They went to the police station
with bombs and weapons
in order to kill him.
Who did that, Don?
You could blame a woman's curse for that.
A leaf falls in this city
and you know about it.
They don't want money, they want a share.
They need to know who did this.
Think about the person
who didn't turn up at his funeral.
Did Vijay do this?
Where is he?
Who did it? Where can you find him?
-Tell them one last time, Rafique.
If you want to be my equal,
learn to find information for yourself.
-Make way.
-Did you understand?
You don't really earn reputation
by merely wearing high heels.
"The weather is romantic
and we should grab the opportunity."
Whether you like it or not...
One day everyone ends up working for don.
Sir, you know that, don't you?
But Gawli was a different kettle of fish.
Dear audience,
we're taking you to the moon today.
Here's our rocket.
And from this rocket, a beautiful girl
will land on the moon with her lover.
And dance to celebrate her love.
"Hey, darling, I want to dance with you."
"Dance of Love."
"Dance on the moon."
"My life is full of dance... Dance."
"Dance is my devotion."
"My happiness lies in dance."
"I lose my senses when I dance."
"My body is for dance."
"My love is only for dance."
"My beloved is dance."
"My love is for dance."
And now, I'll take you to another world.
"Eight... Seven..."
"Six... Five..."
"Four... Three..."
"Two... One..."
"Venus! We are Venus..."
"Venus! We are Venus..."
"Touch my body with your breath."
"Seal my lips with yours."
"When you peek into my eyes"
"I forget every other thing in the world."
"My life is full of dance... Dance."
"My devotion is dance-dance"
"My body is for dance."
"My love is only for dance."
Darling, let's go to another world.
-Let's go.
He does that every day.
Here... Take this.
Tell Pappu that he is getting too greedy.
-I'll knock some sense into him.
-Get going now.
Goodbye, boss.
Hey, Vijay.
Where were you last Monday?
You, black dog!
You guys consider yourself
gangsters, don't you?
Even Babu had become too arrogant.
But he started crying like a baby
when I shot him.
Bloody pig!
If he were alive,
I would kill him the same way.
-Bloody pimp.
-Hit me... Hit me!
Bloody junkie.
Shoot him.
So you're going to shoot me, you coward!
I've seen you.
Damn you!
Rama, let's go.
Ask your men to leave. Come on!
Move back, else I will kill him!
Move back!
Arun, let's go!
Who sent you?
Who sent you here?
Did Maqsood send you?
-Arun, let him go.
-You pimp!
Arun, let him go. Run.
It must still be hurting, doesn't it?
So why didn't you arrest
Arun for Vijay's murder?
Why did you declare that he
died in police encounter?
I knew that you wanted a promotion.
I didn't say a word either.
You can trust me.
They knew it wasn't going to be
easy to fight Maqsood without any support.
Only one man could
get them out of this mess.
Ashok Joshi.
It's so peaceful out here.
Hey, Gauri.
Did you inject the medicine into
Kaushalya? She has a temperature.
Yes, I did.
So, why have you come here?
-Mr. Joshi, why don't you...
I've already told you
that I am not coming back.
I am not getting into this mess again.
I have weapons and I have shooters too.
They both are my trustworthy henchmen.
He prefers local guns
compared to the automatic ones.
Because they never jam.
Earlier, he used to work for Maqsood.
Maqsood would give him all the big hits.
He knew all his secrets,
so they chopped off his tongue.
You should oil the weapons...
Don't just look after the buffaloes.
Everyone will forget the past
and with every passing day
Gawli will erase all evidence.
But I remember everything, sir,
as if it all happened yesterday.
I know the rest of the story.
Now do one thing...
Testify against Arun.
You will be safe, I will see to it.
But... You will have
to stay with us for a while.
Police protection.
Have a look at this, sir.
Documents never lie.
Sir, there's a call for you.
If Arun gets to know about this meeting,
he will never talk to me again.
And you know what will happen to you.
Stop this nonsense.
You dared to call me here
because a warrant will
be issued against him next week.
You really hate him, don't you?
You two are old enemies.
The truth is, he is as bad as you.
Had he been born in your family,
he would have been a cop.
And if you were born in Dagdi,
you would be a gangster.
How are you?
What are you doing here?
Making some tea. Would you like some?
Dad had arranged my marriage.
The wedding was to take place yesterday,
but I ran away.
What are you saying?
-What do you think the reason could be?
For you.
Will you marry me?
Come on, that's done.
Nobody came here from your family.
Even I don't see anyone.
Then, who is the witness to our marriage?
There was a long queue for
the sweets and garlands.
-I had to wait in a queue.
-There he is.
-There you go.
I don't trust this man a bit.
Hey, you won't find another man like me.
I am the guest of honor today. Get it?
-Come on.
-Listen, your stay has been arranged.
What? Are we going to your house?
That will take some time.
Mom won't understand.
-Here, have some sweets.
-I had sweets last night.
-Come on...
-Have some. Don't be stubborn.
-Have some
-Let me feed you.
Here, this is for you.
Open it.
What is it?
Look after your own things
and life will be blissful.
Whose house is it?
It belongs to a friend.
-Enjoy. Be a man.
-Stop it!
Where is the owner of the house?
He won't come here anytime soon.
He is behind bars.
You're scared of a rat!
Arun, have a look at this.
-Who gave this?
Have you told anyone about our wedding?
Congratulations on your wedding
What happened?
Arun left Maqsood's company,
but Maqsood didn't leave Arun.
We never felt as if we were alone.
And Arun had picked up a bad habit.
Have you gone mad?
He killed Babu, he tried to kill us thrice
and you want to negotiate with him!
You want to become his slave, you're
free to do that. Don't drag me into it.
What? What did you say?
Don't talk nonsense.
What will you do without him?
Rama, we will do what we are doing.
What are we doing? We're doing nothing.
Don't you want to be successful like him?
This is your problem.
What you don't want to understand,
you turn a deaf ear to it.
I don't want to hear
or understand anything.
Just do what you're being told to.
I'II pick you up tomorrow.
Arun, tomorrow is Eid.
Don't go anywhere tomorrow.
It's our first Eid together.
I have called the family members here.
I know.
God is great.
That year on Eid, I realized even
gangsters had some cardinal rules.
One, on the day of a festival,
everybody meets like friends
and try to settle their differences.
Two, nobody touches family.
"One the day of Eid"
"even enemies greet each other."
"No matter how severe the enmity is,"
"everyone forgets their differences
on the day of Eid."
"Wish you a happy Eid.
It's time to celebrate."
"Wish you a happy Eid.
Wish everyone a Happy Eid."
Hi, Arun.
Happy Eid.
-Happy Eid.
-Happy Eid.
Give my regards to Zubeida.
"Wish you a happy Eid.
It's time to celebrate."
"Wish you a happy Eid.
Wish everyone a Happy Eid."
Now listen to me carefully...
There's nothing left
in extortion anymore.
All we get is loose change.
We can earn a lot of money
by supplying cocaine.
As you wish, Don.
You see, we're going to
open a college in Mira Road
for the Nigerians.
That will make it easier for us
to supply drugs.
The goods are mine
and I will see how to get it supplied.
You guys open up the docks
in your area.
You'll get a 25% share.
Parekh, did you
see the building plan?
Everything is on track, don.
The work is going on in full speed.
So tell me, Rama.
"Eid is the most
blissful day of the year."
Look, friendship does matter
but there must be only one leader.
"Wish you a happy Eid.
It's time to celebrate."
"This is the day to celebrate.
This is the night to celebrate."
"Everyone is meeting their friends."
My hands are dirty.
"Wish you a happy Eid.
Wish everyone a Happy Eid."
"Wish you a happy Eid.
It's time to celebrate."
"Wish you a happy Eid.
Wish everyone a Happy Eid."
"Wish you a happy Eid.
It's time to celebrate."
"Wish you a happy Eid.
Wish everyone a Happy Eid."
"Wish you a happy Eid.
It's time to celebrate."
"Wish you a happy Eid.
Wish everyone a Happy Eid."
It's not about selling drugs.
There is nothing wrong or right
about one's work.
I don't trust him one bit.
Arun, this line of work cannot be trusted.
I want a father for this child.
I want a home.
That's all I am asking for.
I will talk to Rama tomorrow.
I will tell him
that I want to get out of this.
Is Rama there at home?
He's out to get a haircut.
-How are you?
Arun was certain
he didn't want to do this anymore.
He was sick of this.
And he knew where to find Rama
if he weren't getting a haircut done.
Is Rama here? I want to talk to him.
He isn't here.
Come in.
Pray that Arun doesn't
end up the same way.
He was going to quit.
If you hadn't killed Rama that day,
Arun wouldn't have become "Daddy".
Arun tried hard to get out of all this.
But there was a storm approaching.
First, It was Babu.
Then Rama.
Who's next?
It's you, Arun.
Which is the other one?
-It's there.
-Use them both.
Gawli's popularity is increasing.
Elections are just around the corner
but we didn't get a single confession.
Witnesses are already terrified of Gawli.
None of the shooters are willing to speak.
Everyone says he's going to win this time.
What about him?
Leave me... I said, leave me.
Hey... Don't touch me.
Why are you taking me there?
-Come along... We'll show you...
-What are the charges against me?
-Come on!
-Under what charges have you arrested me?
-Come on, I'll tell you everything.
The problem of eve teasing
hasn't been solved.
So that isn't solved yet!
-Didn't we tell Joshi to handle this?
-Yes, Daddy.
Tell him to fix this.
Brother, Vijaykar has arrested Pamphlet.
Listen, get our lawyer there.
Sir, that's Pamphlet Bandya.
I arrested him from the brothel.
We found all these things in his bag.
What is this?
That's my hobby.
It's just like gambling.
Is collecting this your hobby too?
I have the same hobby.
Bra... B.R.A.
Babu Rama Arun.
if there's anything you
know about these three, tell us now.
What's written in it?
What are these codes?
We must know it, shouldn't we?
Now, do you remember anything?
Speak up.
-If you recall anything, then tell me.
Speak up!
No, sir.
Arun will kill me.
Gawli is not what he seems.
It's been long and you crossed my mind.
-Would you like anything?
-Water, please.
Right away.
You started drinking in the day too.
What do I do?
There's not a single day
when I don't miss Rama.
You remind me of him.
Don't you miss me?
I know it.
I have seen the way you look at me.
You are lonely!
I remind you of Rama!
Why did you do it?
You tipped the police about Rama.
Gawli knew that Hilda
tipped the police about Rama.
He could have killed her, but he didn't.
This incident gained him respect
among everyone.
Brother, it's for you.
What makes you call me today?
Avenge yourself on the policeman.
And now if you stay quiet,
people will forget about
your gang's existence.
I have an idea.
Call that cop to Dagdi.
Pump bullets into his chest
and have his body dragged out.
Rama was your friend, after all.
Rama still dwells in my heart.
But everyone knows
that he was hanging out with you lately.
I have an idea.
Why don't you call that
cop in your area and do the same?
I'm more interested in
the guy who sent the cop to kill Rama.
This was a direct challenge.
And, he decided
to go back to Dagdi.
He knew, if he had to fight a war,
he would need a fort.
-Pass it over.
-One Mouser.
One Mouser, one Magnum,
two double barrels.
And he did exactly that.
I need this to be done...
-Pamphlet, have you seen Arun?
He must be at home.
-What's going on?
We're renovating.
Fix that quickly.
Arun doesn't trust anyone.
If he knows I am here,
he won't spare me.
If he kills you,
we won't spare you either.
Sir, we found all this from his place.
I used to be his bookkeeper.
No. 21. Take it.
22... Get going.
This is boring, Brother.
When do I get to be part of the action?
You keep a check on the accounts.
You, come here.
-What's your name?
-Where are you from?
-Where are you from?
-Dagdi... Dagdi...
-What did I tell you?
It was a mistake... I made a mistake.
Go... Go from here.
Which area are you from?
Where are you from?
Sada, what are
people saying about me?
Brother, since we don't get out of Dagdi,
people wonder if our gang is scared.
We need to paralyze Maqsood,
only then will they
take our gang seriously.
-Are you ready?
-Are the boys ready?
They are ready.
That's his family album.
Open it.
This is Manish Duggal, his film financer.
Kill him.
You've been blessed with a girl.
That's good.
Boys cause a lot of trouble.
Lord Shiva has been kind.
Yes, He has.
Thank God her nose is not like you.
Can I?
Come to me, baby.
Look at her, Sada.
Look at those eyes...
They've got power in them. She's got guts.
Isn't it?
Come on, play your card.
-Hey, give the gun to him.
-Who is it?
Hey! Drop the gun!
You've been cleaned up real good.
Go on.
Do you know why I slapped you?
Because there's no point in killing you.
Either the police will kill you
or Maqsood will.
Now go and tell him
that we're coming for him.
Greetings, Don. Sautya's here.
Remember, I told you about him.
Yes, I've heard that name.
He's a real loose cannon.
He will do anything for you and
he's even ready to go to jail.
Hey, sit on the chair.
I'm talking to you.
Sit on the chair.
No, sir, I am good down here.
What's the job?
This is for you.
-Who is he?
-Get going.
Boss, I guess this is for you.
"Congratulations Arun."
-What is it?
Open it.
Isn't he your friend?
Yes, he is. But he's a genuine man.
That's Ashok Joshi's ring.
What are you saying?
What is that?
Get out! Out! Get out of my house now!
Arun, tell them to get out!
Get out! Are you deaf?
What's all this?
Who gave this to you?
Did they come to Dagdi to give this?
Who was responsible for the security?
What kind of a father are you?
What if something happens
to your daughter Geeta?
Will we have to live
in this fear for life?
Look after the child. You are scaring her.
Although Arun had taken over after Rama,
but he was a family man.
How would he have managed
the affairs of the gang?
All of us were shitting bricks
because he had locked horns with Maqsood.
Brother, Chinese marvel.
Don't be fooled by the size.
It's fully automatic, and...
-Brother, why don't you take rest?
-Come to me, baby.
Don't cry, baby.
We'll deal with him.
And it's not right for you to go there.
You shouldn't expose yourself.
We're here... We'll handle it.
-Do you have a shot, Sada?
Shoot him when you have one.
-How are you?
-All good.
Come inside.
Go inside. I'll handle them.
Go inside, boss.
Boss, you go inside.
It's not the right time.
With that daring attempt to kill Maqsood,
the entire underworld
stood up and took notice of Arun.
Sir, someone's here to see you.
He says it's urgent.
-Where is he?
-He's sitting outside.
What's going on here?
Get out... Now.
What does he want?
Nothing, I just want to talk.
I heard you're carrying out an
investigation with full force.
-I know Daddy better than anyone else.
-What do you mean?
I mean, you can ask me anything
you want to know about Daddy.
I will tell you.
I'm writing a book on Daddy.
I want to know what Daddy did
after attacking Maqsood.
I want to know that.
That's what people say.
But do you know what the truth is?
At that time, Daddy was with
all of us at Ratnagiri.
We had gone there for a picnic.
"Some call You Benevolent
and some call You Compassionate."
"Some call You Benevolent
and some call You Compassionate."
"Some call You, the Generous Lord..."
"Anyone who bows before You"
"fears no one, O Lord."
"Beat those drums really loud,"
"for here comes Lord Ganesha."
"Bring that vermillion
to adorn my Lord..."
"Everybody sing with me.
Hail Lord Ganesha."
"-Son of Lord Shambhu...
-Lord Ganesha!"
"-Who's the destroyer of troubles?
-Lord Ganesha!"
"-Who rules everyone's heart?
-Lord Ganesha!"
"-Son of Lord Shambhu...
-Lord Ganesha!"
"There's great pomp and show everywhere."
"Everyone's dancing and swaying with joy."
"No one's standing idle, everyone's high."
"Such is the effect of Lord Ganesha."
"I can't live a year without You."
"In fact, we urge You to stay this year."
"Beat those drums really loud"
"for here comes Lord Ganesha."
"O Lord Ganesha, Benevolent One..."
"O Lord Ganesha... Glory to Lord Ganesha."
"You're our benefactor, our protector,
you're Almighty, O Lord Ganesha."
"The destroyer of evil...
Glory to Lord Ganesha."
Take her away from here.
Go home.
Hail Lord Shambhu Narayan!
Hail Lord Shambhu Narayan!
Maqsood killed Gawli's Brother.
He broke the rules of the game.
He didn't consider the festival
nor family.
But you knew which side
your bread was buttered, right?
Everyone knows who tipped him off.
You did.
Is that because Maqsood is a cop's son?
Does that make him your family member?
Since we're digging the past,
let me tell you something more.
We have details about the
flight he caught to get out of India.
We also have the details of
who made his passport.
You remember everything, don't you?
Am I right?
It will take a couple of months.
Maybe in the next 6-7 months
we will have a solution.
What are you trying to say?
Do you mean that Don will have to stay
out of the country for seven months?
You will decide where we will stay!
Mumbai doesn't belong to anyone except us!
What do you mean?
Are you giving me a tip
or is that a free advice?
Not advice, sir.
The government's policies are changing.
Such cases are going
to be charged under the TADA
and it doesn't qualify for bail.
And then even I will be helpless.
I see... It's now that you're considering
about government's policies.
Didn't you think about this
when we filled your pockets?
"TADA will be implemented."
"There's going to be this,
there's going to be that..."
It's rubbish!
You helped Maqsood escape,
and you used TADA
as an excuse to enter Dagdi.
-Gaitonde, check the meter room.
-Check upstairs.
Don't move!
"...awaken our spiritual consciousness."
Wait a minute, Inspector.
Praise Lord Shiva!
You took the credit for nabbing Arun,
but the truth is
that Arun wanted to get arrested.
And that's because he knew
he was safest inside.
What is it?
It's for Gawli.
Lunch for you.
Keep it here.
I don't want any complaints.
How are you?
She's grown up.
When are you coming home?
That will take some time.
What are you hiding from me, Arun?
Maqsood's sent his men in here.
They want to kill me.
Let's go... Time's up
Get me out of here.
It wasn't just a bad time in the city,
but in the jail as well.
They separated the Hindu prisoners
from the Muslim prisoners
so that there don't riot.
But Arun knew that
he had to keep Dagdi safe.
Remove this.
No rioting in Dagdi and Chinchpokli.
Our feud is not with any
religion or community!
Stay united.
Dagdi will protect the
Muslims, understand?
Pull it down.
You don't worry,
your hair gets affected when
you get stressed.
Times had changed,
but Daddy was still the same.
He always thought about his people.
Shake hands with me.
Shake hands with me.
Brother, it's done.
These are the documents to get
you bailed out. Just sign here.
I won't sign this.
I don't want to come out now.
It's a trap.
They are waiting for me outside.
This is what they want.
If I come out, they will kill me.
They can kill you in here as well.
Get me transferred from here.
Get me out of this place.
Make some arrangements for that.
For 10 years, Arun moved
from one jail to another.
She would get the transfer done.
She used to follow his car all the time
to make sure there were
no traps on the way.
Open up.
Come on.
-All okay?
-Yes, sir.
Two people are here to see you.
-How are you?
-Have some vadapav.
-Look at what the Chief Minister said!
What is this?
It states,
"Our answer to Maqsood is Gawli".
I've got "vadapav" for you.
They've published it in the
Marathi newspaper too.
Together, our children, Arun Gawli
and the backing of the minister...
The entire country has gone to dogs.
Now only you can run the country.
-Isn't it true, boys?
-Yes, you're right.
-Yes, he can...
-He can.
Brother, why don't
you run for the Prime Minister?
Brother Arun!
Brother Arun! Greetings to you!
Brother Arun!
10 years is a long time
to spend within four walls.
I went to jail because unlike others,
I am not a traitor.
I won't flee from my own country.
I was scared
whether my people will
recognize me or not when I come out.
But your love has made that fear flee,
just like my enemies.
I'll always be indebted to all of you
for the love and respect
you gave me and my family.
From now on, it will be my responsibility
to take care of your problems.
You're such a grown up girl, Geeta.
-What's this?
-It's for you.
It's in English, so you read it for me.
"Welcome home, Daddy."
I see...
Daddy! Daddy!
Daddy! Daddy!
Daddy! Daddy!
Daddy! Daddy!
Daddy! Daddy!
Daddy! Daddy!
Daddy! Daddy!
And that's exactly how he got his name.
Now that you know everything,
just tell me one thing.
Where is Pamphlet?
We're here for him.
You see, we want to apply for his bail.
-Yes, we even have the documents.
-Yes, we do.
He isn't here.
Do you have a weak memory?
Actually, old age is a cruel disease.
By the time you're close to retiring
you can't shoot straight.
Your hands start trembling.
and you end up appointing a nurse...
Damn you...
I will show you where you belong
once you get out of your house!
I will show you where you belong!
You're just an ordinary gangster.
I've dealt with cops like you before.
I had to lie for you.
I'll deal with him once he comes out.
Your friends are here to bail you out.
No, I won't go out.
Then sit there. Come on!
Let go of him, please.
It seems everything was
going well for Daddy,
then what was his
connection with this guy?
My boss really respects you.
He said that I must get you
into our party at any cost.
Sachin told me
that you want police protection.
That will be taken care of.
Just contest from our party.
But, Daddy,
this time you will contest from Chembur
and not Chinchpokli.
I hope you're fine with it.
Who are you?
Daddy, he is a member of the
Legislative Assembly, Mr. Mhatre.
I came to meet your boss.
Call him. We'll talk.
Sir isn't well.
He can't meet you today, understood?
We came all the way from Dagdi
to meet you guys.
When your boss feels better
tell him to come to Dagdi,
we will talk there.
-This isn't done.
That's how it works.
Sir will talk to you when he feels better.
He'll meet you.
Sachin, come here.
I'll show you something.
Sada, isn't this the place where
Khatau Mill was located?
Remember, he came crying to us
Requesting us to get the place vacated.
Who passed the orders?
Your boss.
I see that now he has a big house here.
-Daddy, please...
-I get it.
-These people still think I am a gangster.
Yes, that's why they can make me a
candidate but they can't be seen with me.
Daddy, please...
You're mistaken. At least,
listen to him once.
It will make our lives better.
Please, I worked really hard for this.
I too worked hard for them,
but what did I get?
They are not like us.
Praise Lord Shiva.
It's only a matter of few days.
Arun's going to win this election, sir.
I'll be dead for sure.
Start praying.
Pray to God that he doesn't win.
Yes, Sada.
There's a problem.
Pamphlet has turned hostile.
-Before the election...
-Listen, you won't do anything.
We are white-collars now.
Focus on winning the elections.
Once we win, everything will
fall into place. Understood?
You said all the cases and charges
against me were dismissed.
What is this now?
Daddy, all the old cases are settled.
I swear.
I have no idea about it
if they have filed a new case.
Come fast. Quickly.
-Move back.
-Hey... You coward.
Stop hiding behind women.
I guess I'll have to send a
lady constable to bring you out.
Move back.
What is it? What are you doing here?
I've come to take you back to jail.
Do you have a warrant?
I have every piece of evidence
and confessions on paper against you.
Right... Go make paper planes out of it.
Take your pansies along
and get out of here.
Who the hell did you call a pansy?
Don't ever enter Dagdi without a warrant.
By the way, I heard you are retiring.
Perhaps I could give you
a job as my bodyguard.
-Get lost.
You want to kill me!
Look at him, he's here to kill me.
That's our police for you...
Encounter specialist.
Come on, shoot me. Encounter specialist.
Did he discuss this
with any of his seniors?
Encounter specialist. Come on, shoot me.
-Get lost.
-Come on, shoot me.
Sir, I didn't inform anyone
nor did I take anyone's permission.
He outplayed you again.
Wait and watch how Gawli will get
sympathy out of this.
I made a mistake, sir.
I should've shot him.
Don't talk shit, Vijaykar.
Don't act smart!
Do you want him to win the elections?
There you go.
The Home Secretary is calling.
Would you like to talk to him?
Yes, sir.
The number of the bullet
and the name of the shooter...
You see, sir, Pamphlet has
used a different code each time.
And he keeps forgetting
what the codes mean.
I am not sure this is
admissible in court or not.
I think we need to find another way.
If we follow the procedures,
we will get nowhere.
Then what will we do, sir?
Pappu Borivali,
you recognize us, don't you?
You killed your girlfriend,
that's really bad.
You're definitely going to
rot behind bars for 15-20 years.
Do you see my senior there?
He can get you out in two years.
But no one's going to do it for free.
This is a map. Can you memorize it?
Glory to Arun Gawli!
Glory to Arun Gawli!
Good luck, daddy.
Come on.
Glory to Arun Gawli!
Glory to Arun Gawli!
Sada, you know what you
have to do, don't you?
They've set up roadblocks ahead.
No one will do anything.
Wait for my instructions.
I can see them.
Hold on...
Send both men from the left side.
Polling booth
You better come back to me.
You go, Brother, I'll handle them.
Let's go.
Bloody constable,
you're not answering my calls.
Do you know what this victory means?
Hail Arun Gawli!
Arun Gawli makes history
by winning the election.
The entire area is
celebrating his victory!
And Arun is thanking the people.
It feels like a miracle
that Arun Gulab Gawli is
now a member of Parliament!
-Keep striving Arun Gawli.
-We're with you all the way!
Our dreams have finally come true, Arun.
We won.
What kind of victory is this?
Everyone's left us.
Don't say that.
He has a long way to go...
The people are with you, Arun.
He won with the most number of votes
and it feels like it's just
the beginning of his political career.
On behalf of Mumbai Police, we request you
that Arun Gulab Gawli aka Daddy
should not be given police protection.
In order to eradicate
the Mumbai Underworld
15 inspectors and 60 cops
have sacrificed their lives.
The Mumbai Police has filed
120 cases against Arun Gawli.
Murder, attempt to murder,
extortions, conspiracy...
If Arun Gawli is given police protection
then it will be an insult
to all the martyred officers.
That's correct!
Silence... Silence please.
Honorable Speaker,
in the past, a lot happened
between the police and me.
I paid a very big price for my past.
By spending more than
half my life in jail.
If the people can forgive me then
why is it so difficult for all of you?
The people haven't forgotten anything.
You still have the image of a gangster.
The image can be changed,
if you let me work.
And for that, I have to
go in the midst of people.
All of you about my past, I have enemies.
If the police won't protect me,
I will have to arrange my
own security and carry my own weapons.
And then people will call me
a gangster once again.
You said you will carry weapons!
And you want us to
believe you have changed!
That doesn't happen because
you don't let me do it.
That cop arrests my men
without any charges.
He waits outside my home
to kill me in an encounter.
I have changed
but all of you don't accept that.
Ladies and gentlemen, we won't
tolerate the humiliation of democracy.
This is a joke on democracy!
Won't be tolerated!
Won't be tolerated!
Your Honor,
Arun's motive was absolutely clear.
The reason behind killing MLA Mhatre
was Arun Gawli's public humiliation.
They were enemies.
We have both, records and
witnesses to support it.
And through our investigation, we learnt
that the orders to kill Mhatre
came directly from Arun.
Do you have anything to say
in the defense of the
charges filed against you?
I am innocent.
Do you know this woman?
My friend knew him.
Confess everything, Arun
You will feel unburdened.
You're getting another
opportunity, just like me.
I strongly object, Your Honor.
We have enough evidence
to prove Rani's character.
The Police had already
set their sights on Arun.
But it seems they are trying to prove
that this hooker's network
is stronger than the police.
Point taken.
Your Honor, this man
here kept all the records
of Gawli's guns, pistols
and other ammunition.
Do you know him or is it
your friend who knew him?
I know him.
Your Honor,
this is a country made pistol
that was used to kill MLA Mhatre.
Does this gun belong to Gawli?
Yes. This is Gawli's gun.
Is this your gun?
I am a gangster, Your Honor.
I use automatic weapons.
Why would I use a country made pistol?
For the past 40 years,
Gawli's been accused of many crimes
but he was acquitted from every trial.
This is the biggest court case
of the millennium.
They changed the judge again.
According to our sources,
Gawli gave rupees 3000000
to kill Mhatre.
Yes, I gave him the contract.
I don't know this man.
Do you know why you've
been called to the court?
Did he fire at Mhatre?
-Yes, sir.
-Are you sure?
Yes, it was him.
-Have you met Arun Gawli?
-Yes, I have.
I strongly object, Your Honor.
Objection overruled.
Have you worked for him?
Yes, I have.
Tell me where he is.
That's him, sitting there.
Do you have anything
to say in your defense?
Five judges changed
and we already got a judgment.
I haven't seen any
case wrapped up so quickly.
The police and I never got along,
so they brought fake witnesses.
They claim I accepted the
contract to kill Mhatre.
Why would I kill Mhatre?
I gave my two seats to his party so
they could form a majority.
I served punishment for the
mistakes that I have made.
But now I want to do something good.
I have faith in your system and in you,
that you will make the right decision.
Yes, I will...
Arun Gawli, I should give you death.
But I give you life.
Let's go...
-Sir, one photo...
Move back... Move back...
Daddy, I've been following
your story from the beginning.
There have been many ups and downs.
One last question.
What next?
What do I say?
They shut down the mills...
Value of man dropped while the
value of land increased.
Who built skyscrapers on the land
which we helped them to vacate?
Who lives there now?
Leaders, businessmen...
From those heights
they look down upon me and say...
That's the gangster.