Daddy Daughter Trip (2022) Movie Script

(soft upbeat music)
(soft upbeat music continues)
(soft upbeat music continues)
(soft upbeat music continues)
(soft upbeat music continues)
(soft upbeat music continues)
(soft upbeat music continues)
(tires squeal)
(bag squelches)
(bag rustling)
(soft upbeat music continues)
(Larry humming)
- Oops.
(knocking on door)
- Hi.
- Hi, did you order some sushi?
- Oh, thank you-
Hey, what happened to my sushi?
Did you run over it something?
- Oh, no, I didn't run over it.
I slammed on the brakes and
it slammed into the dashboard.
But that's a good thing because this way
you're able to see all the
ingredients in the sushi.
A lot of times these sushi
restaurants try to rip you off
by leaving out that little
chunk of avocado right there.
And now this way, you know you have it.
- Dude, you just stuck
your finger in my sushi!
- Yes, that was a mistake.
And if I could do it all over
again, I'd use a chopstick.
- I'm not paying for that, moron.
(door slams)
(soft upbeat music continues)
- [Employee] Chicken, chicken, chicken.
What combo you pickin'?
- One box combo, please.
- [Employee] One box combo.
See you around the corner.
- [Larry] Okay.
- This isn't my house.
What are you doing?
- Yeah, you were on your phone.
I didn't think you'd mind.
Just trying to make a living here, pal.
What are you, what, what are you doing?
- Giving you one star.
- I'll just pick up the food.
(Larry sighs)
(tires squeal)
(passenger grunts)
- How's it going, Ed?
- [Ed] Hey, Larry.
- Thanks a lot.
Two more stops and I'll
get your home, pal.
- [Passenger] What?
(school bell rings)
(soft upbeat music)
(children chattering)
(soft upbeat music continues)
Ooh, time to pick up Meara.
(car sputtering)
(dramatic music)
(soft upbeat music)
(car honks)
I just gotta-
(car honks)
A little help. A little push!
- Meara. Let's go inside
and call your mom.
- Okay.
(car honks)
- There he is.
- Daddy!
(Larry grunting)
- Hi, honey.
How was school today?
(Larry panting)
- It was great. I made
you another drawing!
- I love it. It's, it's amazerrific.
(Larry grunting)
- Did you come up with a new invention?
- Oh, not yet, but I got a new idea.
It's, it's kind of a car seat
where the kid steers and the daddy pushe
Okay? let's try it.
All right.
(Larry grunting)
Make a left at the next right.
(teacher sighs)
(teacher mumbles indistinctly)
(soft upbeat music)
Hi, mom.
- Hey guys.
- [Meara] Hi, mom.
- Hi, babe.
- Mom, I made you this drawing.
- This is so good, Meara.
I love it. Thank you.
- Ooh-hoo-hoo, what smells good over her
- [Megan] Chicken pot pie.
- Ooh. We can eat it
with my new invention.
- [Megan] Oh, good.
- Where is it, where is it?
(soft quirky music)
- Cool.
- Honey, this is your math homework.
Weren't you supposed
to turn this in today?
- Yeah, but I don't like
math. I like drawing.
I'm gonna be a cartoonist,
not a math person.
- And I think you're gonna be
the greatest cartoonist in the world,
but you're gonna need math to count
all that money you're gonna make.
That's why you need to
do all your math work.
- Hey, that's nice.
- Dad didn't have to learn
math to be an inventor.
- Yes, he did.
You need geometry and
engineering to make it all fit.
That's math.
I can't wait to hang it up on the fridge
after you turn it in.
Why don't you go start your homework
and I'll let you know when dinner's read
- Okay, mom.
- We got a really talented kid there.
- I know.
She's gotta do all her schoolwork, thoug
All she wants to do is draw.
- Yeah, but if you don't
follow your dreams, babe,
that's like a stomachache
for your whole life.
- I'm not saying not to
go after your dreams,
but Meara's eight.
By the way...
What did you do to Meara's hula hoop?
(mechanical whirring)
- Hm?
(mechanical whirring)
(mug shatters)
(mechanical whirring)
This cools the soup so you don't have to
- Your dad's a genius.
A spoon with a fan attached.
- Yeah.
All right.
Put on the fan, honey, so
you don't burn yourself.
(fan whirring)
(soup splashing)
(Megan gasps)
- It's okay.
- I'm sorry.
- It's all right.
- No, obviously I need
to make some adjustments.
It's just a prototype.
(Larry clears throat)
Here, let me adjust
your fan for you, honey.
I'm gonna reverse it here.
Hang on.
(mechanical whirring)
(soup splashes)
- Oh.
- Sorry. Let me get you, sorry.
Sorry. (chuckles)
- Dad, I'm just gonna blow on it.
- Don't support my competitor.
(Meara blows air)
(soft quirky music)
- So, are we gonna get to go somewhere f
for spring break this year?
- It's just...
I'm sorry, honey.
Mom and dad are trying as hard as we can
I just don't think we
can afford it this year.
- But you promised last year we could go
- I know we did.
- Look...
Last year, I flat out lied to your face.
I'm sorry about that.
But hey, champion, next year
we're gonna go somewhere great.
I promise.
- One of dad's inventions will
take off by then, for sure.
- Mm-hm.
- I'm not hungry. Can I be excused?
- Sure, sweetie.
(soft melancholy music)
Did you see the look on her face?
We have to do something
special for that girl.
- I know.
You're right.
And we will.
I'm just one invention away. I feel it.
- And I know you're going
to do it, but until then,
I think you should apply
at the grocery store.
They're hiring baggers.
We could use the extra
cash, for Meara, especially.
- I don't wanna work at a grocery store.
That's like telling
the universe I give up.
- Hey, I work at a grocery
store, you big jerk.
- Look, you're a cashier.
That's a highly respected
position in society.
Everybody knows that.
I'm talking about the guy
five feet away from you,
who puts the groceries in the bag.
You know, the guy that really gave up.
(fan whirring)
(soup splashing)
Okay, I deserved that.
- We have $602 in the bank, Larry.
That's only enough for
half the rent this month.
- All right.
I'll go down there,
but I don't wanna get the jobs
just 'cause you work there.
I wanna get it on my own.
- Of course, and you will.
You're a Buble.
- You're right.
We're Bubles. We're winners.
- [Megan] You got this.
- Megan basically already got you the jo
- She did?
- Yeah.
- Here. I just need your signature.
- Well, just so you know,
I'm only looking for part-time
work because I'm an inventor.
- And I'm a ninja.
My star throwing competition is next wee
- Well, I'm gonna get
back to my inventions.
It's what I do. Invent.
- Frank, I can't thank you enough.
We'll give you 500 bucks.
- No, no, it's not necessary.
I mean, I'm just doing it for a friend.
- What? Take it.
- No, it's, no. That's not why I do it.
I just like to help people
make money, then I feel good.
- I know, but look at this.
Look at all this. Here,
take a few hundred dollars.
For me so I don't feel bad.
- Okay, I don't feel
comfortable, but thanks.
- Eh, I just have so much money,
I don't even know what to do with it.
(soft upbeat music)
- Um excuse, excuse me!
Excuse me, sir.
What is it that you do?
- Oh, well, not much, I'm afraid.
I'm independently wealthy,
but if you have money,
it's nice to be able to help people.
Well, I mustn't stay here chattering.
I got people to help.
- Well, what, how do,
how do I get to be one of those people?
- Oh, well I can make you rich
like I made the other guy rich,
but the problem is you have to have
an incredible startup idea.
- No, I do have an idea.
It's for camping.
A hoop for privacy, when you have to go.
- It's called the Hula Poop.
- I like it already.
- Let me show you.
- Sure, let's look.
(upbeat music)
So, this is the Hula Poop.
I love it.
This is gonna make you billions.
Now, the only thing you need is a patent
- How do I get a patent?
- Well, from the Washington
Patent Office, you see.
Now, if we had some money,
we could set this ball rolling now.
Hey, there's an ATM
machine right behind you.
(soft upbeat music)
(machine beeping)
Thank you.
- Can't wait to tell my wife.
(tense music)
(Frank laughing)
- [Frank] What an idiot.
(both laughing)
- Hey, wait!
Where are you, hey!
(tense music)
Darn it.
(soft music)
(soft music continues)
(students chattering)
- Count down to spring break.
This is exciting, guys.
I wanna hear all about your plans.
Um, Liam?
- My family and I are going canoeing.
- Nice.
How about Emily?
- Me and my family are going ziplining.
- Awesome.
And you, Valerie?
- Me and my family are going
to Bearizona Wild Animal Park
and we're going to Butterfly Wonderland.
- Great.
Tell us your plans for spring break.
Do you have plans, sweetie?
(soft music)
(soft music continues)
- Uh, me and my family
are going ziplining.
- Uh, Santiago?
- We're going canoeing.
Um, Butterfly Wonderland.
And we're also going to Bearizona.
- That's, that's great, Meara.
(children laughing)
Be nice.
(children laughing)
- Meara said she's going
ziplining and to Bearizona.
What a liar.
- You don't have the money to go canoein
Your dad delivered food to my house.
- Maybe her dad works the zipline.
(children laughing)
- Listen up, poop faces.
(dramatic music)
Meara's going to all those places.
And yes, I deliver food to your parents
because your dad's clinically depressed
and can't leave the house.
Okay, bye.
(upbeat quirky music)
Come on.
Don't worry about those
kids. They're meanie kids.
(insects buzzing)
- We can't thank you enough for
letting us stay here, Karen.
- Oh, it is my pleasure.
It is a delight to have the
two of you stay with me.
- Well, the three of us
really appreciate it.
- So, this was your grandmother's house?
- Yes. It's been in my
family for a hundred years.
- Whoa.
- You can tell.
New homes don't have that old lady smell
You gotta earn that.
(insects buzzing)
- Mom, Dad?
I'm scared.
I don't wanna sleep all by myself.
- Oh, honey, I'll come sleep with you.
- You got a real good mom there.
Okay, get some sleep.
See you in the morning.
Love you.
- Move over!
(Larry grunts)
I just got kicked off my couch.
I gotta warn you, I fart in my sleep.
- I can sleep through anything.
- A lot.
(Karen farts)
(Karen farting)
(Karen continues farting)
(Karen continues farting)
(insects buzzing)
(Karen continues farting)
(Larry sneezes)
(Larry sneezing)
(insects buzzing)
(dog farting)
Oh, come on!
(dog continues farting)
(insects buzzing)
(quirky music)
(Larry grunts)
(Larry farts)
(soft music)
(Larry yawns)
- [Megan] Good morning, sweetheart.
- Morning.
(phone ringing)
Hey, dad.
- Hi, honey. How's my little girl doing?
- Good, I'm drawing.
Can you tell me one of your stories?
- Um, let me think of one.
Once upon a time, there was a
cookie that loved to complain.
(Meara laughs)
- I like it.
- When the mommy was
baking him in the oven,
the cookie complained.
- It's too hot in here. Take me out.
- [Larry] So the mommy
took the cookie out,
but the cookie complained again.
- I'm not done yet.
I'm still soft in the
middle. Put me back in.
- [Larry] So the mommy
put the cookie back in.
- It's too hot again.
- [Larry] The cookie complained.
When the cookie was done baking...
(timer ringing)
The mommy took him out.
- Now I'm too cold.
- [Larry] The cookie complained.
So the mommy put him in a cookie
jar with the other cookies
and the cookie complained again.
- Get me out of here!
I can't breathe. I got all
these cookies on top of me!
- [Larry] So the mommy
put the cookie on a plate
on the counter and the
cookie complained even more.
- How come you guys get to watch the TV?
I'm just stuck on a plate.
- [Larry] So the mommy moved the plate
so the cookie could see the TV.
Still the cookie complained.
- How come you guys get to sit
on the comfortable couch?
(Meara laughs)
- [Larry] So the mommy put
the cookie on the couch.
- [Cookie] How come the dog
is closer to the TV than me?
(Meara laughs)
- [Larry] So the mommy put the cookie
right in front of the dog and
the cookie complained again.
- Now I'm too close to the TV.
- [Larry] And then the cookie
complained one last time.
- I don't like the way
that dog is looking at me.
- [Larry] Then the dog ate the cookie.
(Meara laughs)
(upbeat music)
- That was so funny, dad.
- I can't wait to see your drawing of it
- Dad?
Can I ask you something?
- Sure, honey.
- When are we moving
back into our own house?
- Hopefully soon.
- Did you mean what you said at school?
- What's that?
- Are you really taking
me on spring break?
- Of course.
We're gonna go zip lining,
canoeing, Butterfly Wonderland.
We're gonna go to Bearizona.
(electrical buzzing)
(Larry yelling)
- What's happening?
(Larry yelling)
(Larry coughing)
Are you okay, dad?
(Larry coughing)
- [Larry] I'm fine.
- [Officer] I'm giving you a ticket.
- Hm?
- I'm so excited!
- I'm so excited.
- I'm gonna go pack.
- Bye.
(windshield wiper pings)
- Uh, I'll tell you what.
How about I don't give you the ticket
and you don't make me pay for this?
Have a nice day, sir.
(electrical whirring)
(hand slapping)
- Hey!
(Larry yells)
(Larry choking)
(horn beeping)
(Larry choking)
(mechanical whirring)
(hand slapping)
(soft upbeat music)
- This guy's pretty amazing.
- This guy's whack.
(change thuds)
(Larry mimicking mechanical whirring)
- Larry, I need to talk to you.
- What about?
- Meara told me that you're taking us
on a spring break trip.
- She did?
- As much as I would love to
go on vacation, I have to work.
You hopefully are starting in a week.
- I am?
- You do realize we're
living at my friend's house,
who hates your guts?
- I wanna do something special for Meara
And why does Karen hate my guts?
- That's not important.
What's important is how
are we gonna pay for it?
- Look, I did pretty good today.
Check the tip jar.
(Larry mimicking mechanical whirring)
- Honey, you have seven
dimes in your bucket.
- Two of those sounded
like quarters. (sighs)
(Larry mimicking mechanical whirring)
(Megan sighs)
- Larry, please, just don't
break our daughter's heart.
(soft music)
- I won't.
I promise.
- I'll see you back at the house.
At my friend's house.
(soft upbeat music)
- [Receptionist] Boo-bel?
- It's Buble.
It's got a little thing over the E.
- It's called an accent.
- Oh, I don't have an
accent. I'm from here.
Anyway, I'm here to donate blood.
- Mm-hm, okay, second door on the left.
On your left.
- It's my left, sorry.
- Yeah.
- [Larry] My left, okay.
- Second door on the left.
- Yeah.
- [Receptionist] Second door on the left
- Yeah, it's Buble, like
the singer, Michael Buble.
He's a Canadian.
That's probably why his music
hasn't reached here yet.
- Right.
- Okay, round two.
Let's go.
- Mr. Buble, you can only give blood onc
or you'll start to feel weak.
Someone at the front
will give you your $40.
- Are you sure? 'Cause we're ready to go
- I'm positive.
- Sure?
- I'm calling security.
- All righty, it's a shame
'cause it's ready to go,
this one.
- Yeah.
- A faucet, this one.
(Larry whistles)
- Mm-hm.
- Thank you very much.
(upbeat quirky music)
Ah, here to donate blood.
- [Receptionist] What's your name?
- Name?
Jimmy. Jim.
Jim Jimmy.
Second door on the left?
- How did you know that?
- Well, you know, blood places.
It's always second door on the left.
- [Receptionist] Okay.
(upbeat quirky music)
- Thank you very much. Pleasure.
I enjoyed it.
(Larry grunts)
(Larry humming)
Hello, I'm Al.
I just landed in my plane, of course,
and I am here to donate the blood.
- Second door on the left.
(Larry mumbling)
(receptionist sighs)
(Larry mumbling)
(Larry thudding)
(woman screams)
- Sorry. Perfectly sorry.
That was 100% me.
100% me on that one.
(Larry thuds)
(Larry grunts)
Oh, thank you.
You shouldn't have.
(Larry thuds)
(Larry grunts)
I'm good.
Thank you very much.
Appreciate it.
May I just...
(water spraying)
(soft upbeat music)
(basket thudding)
(eggs cracking)
(soft upbeat music continues)
(basket thudding)
(juice splattering)
(Larry burps)
(soft upbeat music continues)
(basket thuds)
(soft upbeat music continues)
(doorbell chimes)
(Larry thuds)
Uh, excuse me, sir. I...
Here, for you.
- Don't worry about it.
I didn't even order any groceries.
- Huh?
You didn't?
Is this 234 Agriculpa?
- No, the even numbers
are across the street.
- Hm?
Across the street?
Really? Is that so?
(soft quirky music)
(Larry humming)
(soft quirky music)
- Hey, pick up all the stuff!
(soft upbeat music)
- I'm ready.
- Oh, make sure you use the
bathroom before we leave.
Unless you wanna use the Hula Poop.
- Uh, I'll go to the bathroom.
- So what do you have planned?
Take her for some ice
cream? Maybe the zoo?
- She's gonna have the best
spring break of all time.
- Larry, you're doing it again.
Let's try to keep her expectations
in slightly disappointed
to devastated range.
- It's gonna be way better
than devastated. I promise.
I love you.
- I love you, too.
- Come on, baby.
(soft upbeat music)
- Love you, mom.
- See you after spring break.
- Okay.
- Come on, let's go.
Spring break!
- All right!
- I hope you guys have
a pretty great time!
- See you after spring break!
- So I guess I'll see
you guys tonight then?
- Let's go! Spring break.
(upbeat music)
Is this great or what?
- So what do you have planned, dad?
- What do we have planned? (laughs)
What don't I have planned, more like.
So many surprises.
- What surprises?
- What surprises?
Well if I told you, it
wouldn't be a surprise.
The first surprise is
we're almost outta gas.
We're going to the gas station.
Woo! Gas station.
Spring break.
Forget you, Cancun.
We're going to the gas station.
(upbeat music)
You ready to have some fun?
- Yeah!
(door bell rings)
(Larry chuckles)
- Hi. $20 on pump number five, please.
All right, let's get this goin'.
(change clattering)
And 24.
And 25, $19.35, $19.40.
Was that $19.35 or $19.45?
Do we need to start again?
- Hey moron, hurry up!
- I was hurrying it up
until someone distracted me.
Now I'm gonna have to
count it all over again
for the seventh time.
Anyway, Susan B. Anthony is like
the least collectible of all coins.
- I'll just pay for it.
- Thank you.
You, sir, are a gentleman.
Unlike you, young man.
You are what one might
call a huge butt wipe.
(dramatic music)
(drink splattering)
(soft upbeat music)
- So where we going now, dad?
- I'll give you a hint.
We might get a little wet.
- Are we going to a water park?
- Kind of.
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
- Can I open my eyes, yet?
- Yeah, you can.
(bright upbeat music)
- Hang on.
- What?
- Whoa!
It's the carpet strip monster!
I'm so scared.
(Larry yelling)
Oh my goodness!
(Larry yells)
I'm going in!
Look out!
(Larry yelling)
(Meara yelling)
(Meara laughs)
(water spraying)
(Larry yelling)
(Meara giggling)
(horn blaring)
(Larry yelling)
(wind whooshing)
(Meara laughing)
(quirky music)
(quirky music continues)
- Was that scary or what?
- Not as scary as you pretending
this is the water park.
- Spring break, baby. (laughs)
- Dad, where are we going?
- Um, we're going to an incredible place
- Really?
- Yeah.
I got it all planned out.
(soft upbeat music)
(upbeat music)
- Yeah, dad's coming in, too.
Don't worry.
Dad's comin'.
Dad's, ah!
Dad's good! Dad's good.
All right, there you go.
(chickens clucking)
- [Meara] Chickens, chickens, chickens.
- Hey.
Can I help you guys?
- Hi.
Just petting the animals.
- Oh, you wanna pet the animals?
Go ahead, pet away.
- Thank you. I can't wait to
draw some pictures of them.
- Oh, well that's wonderful.
Hey, you know, if you want,
you can feed 'em some treats.
- Really?
- Yeah, go ahead, feed 'em.
Take the whole bucket.
- Wow, how about that?
- Hey, you know what'd be real fun?
- Yeah.
- If we cleaned up after some sheep.
(sheep baaing)
- Get in there!
- Yeah.
(upbeat music)
- This is fun, huh?
- Ew!
Ya think?
- Spring break.
- Spring break? This is like stink break
Dad, I'm starving. I
haven't eaten all day.
- Well, I'm gonna feed
you right now, honey.
I'm gonna take you to
a great place to eat.
You'll love it.
World class dining.
(upbeat quirky music)
- Hey, thank you.
- Well, hello.
- What's up, fool? What
are you hungry for?
- [Larry] What would you like to get?
- Uh, I'll take the roast beef sandwich.
- Well, she'll have the
roast beef sandwich, please.
- One roast beef sandwich, homie.
Here you go.
- [Larry] That's not enough meat.
- What?
- I need more meat.
- More meat?
- Well, now that's too much meat.
Now I'm gonna need more bread.
(soft upbeat music)
Can I have an extra plate, too?
(upbeat music)
(Larry chuckles)
- [Actor] Whoa!
(Larry laughing)
- I love Jerry Lewis. Amazing.
(actors grunting)
- Dad?
- Yeah?
- I can barely hear the movie.
- Honey, these are the
best seats in the house.
Are you kidding me?
You get too close, you're
gonna strain your neck
looking up at the screen like ah.
Ah, ooh. You don't want that.
(phone ringing)
- [Transient] Hey!
- Hey, baby. Can I call you back?
We're at the movies.
- Is that mom?
Let me talk to her.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
- Hi, mom!
- Meara, honey, what
movie are you watching?
- I'm not quite sure.
We're kinda watching other
people watch a movie.
- [Transient 2] I found a pair of shoes!
- Can I talk to dad for
a sec again, please?
- Fine.
- Hey, baby. Yeah, Meara's
having a great trip.
(police siren blaring)
- What was that?
- [Transient 2] I should kill you!
- Is this appropriate
for Meara to be watching?
- It was about a minute ago.
(transient grunts)
- We gotta get goin'.
There's about to be some crude humor.
- No, no, no. Don't hang up.
- Hey, hang on, pal.
Here you go.
It's the Hula Poop.
- [Transient] Nice!
Thank you, sir.
(insects buzzing)
- [Larry] It's nice, isn't it?
- [Meara] Mm-hm.
- Beautiful.
(soft music)
I love you all the way
to that star and back.
- Dad?
That looks like an airplane.
- It's an airplane?
No, behind the airplane.
- That's another airplane.
- Behind those two
airplanes, there's a star,
and I love you all the way to that star.
- That looks like a UFO.
- It does look like a UFO.
- Thank you.
I love you all the way to
the end of the universe.
And it has no end, so you
just have to keep going,
until you get to the farthest part
of the universe and back.
- That's pretty far.
I love you all the way to
the end of this universe
and then to the next one
and then the next one
and then back, a thousand times.
(Meara chuckles)
- I love you all the way
to the hood of the car,
to the windshield and halfway back.
- That doesn't seem like as
far as what I was just saying.
(Meara laughs)
(Larry laughs)
I love you all the way from my nose
to the hair on my ear...
- Ew.
- And then back to the third
booger in my right nostril.
(Larry laughs)
- Excuse me.
(Meara mimicking barfing)
(Larry laughs)
I love you all the way to
my index finger to my thumb,
and they're touching.
- It doesn't seem like a lot.
(Larry chuckles)
I love you.
- I love you, too.
(soft orchestral music)
- Meara, this trip is gonna
start being awesome tomorrow.
I promise.
- Dad?
- Yeah?
- I'm gonna need to go home tomorrow.
Thanks for trying.
I love you, dad.
(soft orchestral music)
- I love you, too.
(soft orchestral music continues)
(soft orchestral music continues)
(soft orchestral music continues)
Please show me a sign.
(soft orchestral music continues)
(wind whooshing)
(news paper rustling)
(soft upbeat music)
- Villa Resort, Scottsdale?
(grand orchestral music)
(grand orchestral music continues)
Come on.
- Where are we? What are we doing?
What is this place?
- I'm not sure.
Just come, come, come, come.
- What are we doing?
- We're delivering pizzas.
(upbeat orchestral music)
Let's go.
Come on, come on.
All right, grab that one.
Just follow me and do what I do.
- Should we be doing this?
- Probably not.
(upbeat orchestral music continues)
- You must be Janine.
- Yes.
We are so happy to have you at our hotel
We're big fans of your travel blog.
- Wow.
(soft quirky music)
- Uh, sir?
- I'm gonna sign this for you.
- Sir?
Excuse me, sir?
Your reservation for Jose
Andres' new restaurant
is all set for 6:30.
- Perfecto.
And our cabana?
- It's ready for you,
right next to the pool.
- Incredible.
- Perfect.
- I might work reception,
but I can do anything.
If you need a massage, even
if I'm not supposed to.
Pedicure, babysitting. I'm your gal.
- Jackie of all trades.
Thank you.
Let's take a look.
- Thank you, honey.
(soft music)
(people chattering)
- Hop in, Theo.
- No quiero.
(people chattering)
(soft music)
(Santiago speaks in foreign language)
I said I don't want to.
- Okay.
(Fernanda sighs)
Got a new girl, yeah, yeah, I know
I bet they stayed up all
night long on the telephone
I wish you loved me like that
- Dad, are you sure it's okay?
- 100%.
I never wanna hear
- Cannonball!
(water splashing)
(soft orchestral music)
(birds chirping)
- Little help?
- What's that?
- Ha, I am not getting
sunburned again. (laughs)
Little help, please.
(Santiago chuckles)
Can't reach.
- I'm not really comfortable with that.
- No, I'm gonna do the front.
(sunscreen squirting)
I meant for the back.
Place I can't reach.
(Santiago chuckles)
- Even still, I'm not touching you.
- No problem.
I got this.
(sunscreen squirting)
(soft orchestral music)
(sunscreen squelching)
(quirky music)
(upbeat music)
- Hey there.
Be careful on the edge over there.
There's a giant pool right there.
You wouldn't wanna accidentally fall!
(water splashing)
(Meara coughs)
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
(Meara yelling)
- Buble is the name. Larry Buble.
Like the singer, Michael Buble?
(Santiago chuckles)
- Oh.
- Santiago and Fernanda Arechavaleta.
(Fernanda chuckles)
- Nice to meet you.
- Ra-chita-lala.
(Fernanda chuckles)
That's foreign.
- Yes.
- We are from Spain and Mexico.
- I figured, you know,
unpronounceable name,
strange accent equals foreign.
(Fernanda chuckles)
(Larry chuckles)
- I'm gonna grab a drink.
(Santiago speaks in foreign language)
Do you want something, honey?
- No, I'm okay. (blows kiss)
Thank you.
- All right.
- I'm good.
(Fernanda chuckles)
- Tu hables espanol?
- Si.
(Meara speaks in foreign language)
(water splashing)
- There's a lot of money in blood.
- Is that so? (chuckles)
- They say you're supposed
to wait 30 days between donations.
I don't. (laughs)
- Interesting. (chuckles)
- A lot of, a lot of hoops
you gotta jump through.
Lot of regulations.
The body keeps makin' it.
That's the beauty of it.
(Santiago and Fernanda
speak in foreign language)
(Santiago laughs)
(Fernanda chuckles)
(water splashing)
- Hey.
Theo is swimming.
(Meara giggling)
- Oh my goodness, yes.
- I let you win.
- Who is that sweet little girl?
- That's my little Meara.
She's quite the fish.
She'll swim all day if you let her.
(Fernanda laughs)
- [Santiago] Yes, yes, Theo.
- Uh huh.
(Fernanda speaks in foreign language)
(soft orchestral music)
(soft orchestral music continues)
(birds chirping)
(security guard clears throat)
- Excuse me, sir, can I please
see that hotel key of yours
that I'm 1000% sure you don't have.
- I, I left it in-
- Can I please
finish that sentence for you?
"We left it in the hotel room."
That you also don't have.
Wayne, treat this guy
like he took your hair.
- Please.
Don't do this in front of my kid.
(water splashing)
(melancholy music)
- Your kid has five more minutes
and you have to find a reason to leave.
- Thank you.
- And clean the chair.
Looks like a clam blew his brains out.
(birds chirping)
(melancholy music)
- [Bird] Pretty bird.
- [Meara] Dad.
- I'm sorry but we have to go.
I'm so sorry.
- But why do we have to leave?
I was having so much fun.
- Look, I didn't want to
have to tell you this,
but somebody left a
little gift in the pool.
With their butt.
- [Bird] With their butt.
- Ew, gross.
- I think you should drive.
I had two of those sand
in the cracks drinks.
They were strong.
- We'll still have fun, okay?
- I don't think that's
the name of the drinks,
but you are right, I should drive.
- Stay right here okay? I'll right back.
Excuse me.
- [Bird] Hello.
- How do I put it in gear?
- You just press the button
under the steering wheel.
(car starts up)
- Oh, there you go.
- Hey, you dropped your-
(dramatic music)
(Larry thuds)
(Larry thuds)
(Larry grunts)
(Fernanda gasps)
- We have to call an ambulance.
- [Santiago] No.
- Why not?
- Maybe he's okay.
- We just run over him!
- We?
- Shh!
(bird squawking)
- [Bird] Hit by a car.
Hello, hello, run over. Hello.
(quirky dramatic music)
(bird vocalizing)
Run over.
(dramatic quirky music)
(dramatic quirky music continues)
- [Employee] You can't go that fast!
(dramatic quirky music continues)
- Shh.
(dramatic quirky music continues)
- Oh, you guys came back early.
- Thank you, Jeanine. What
a great recommendation.
- Wow. You guys ate fast.
- Yes, we just had the
appetizers, which were marvelous.
- Oh, let me clean up.
- No, no, no, don't worry.
We like it dirty.
- My phone.
- Oh, stay away from your phone.
- Well, let know if you
need anything, please.
- We don't, thank you.
(Jeanine yells)
(Fernanda panting)
(Fernanda screams)
- Shh!
(Fernanda yells in foreign language)
This is bad.
We're gonna get sued.
That's where Americans
do, they sue each other.
- Maybe he won't.
- Do you know in America,
if someone breaks into your house
and drowns in your pool, they can sue yo
- That doesn't make any sense.
How's the person gonna
sue you if they're dead?
- I don't know all the details.
But listen, if he gets
a judgment against us,
we could lose our work visas.
We won't be allowed back in the country,
most of our followers are here
so we could lose everything.
We can't let that happen!
- No!
(banging on door)
(Fernanda gasps)
(Santiago yells in foreign language)
- Shh.
(tense music)
- Is my dad in there?
(Santiago laughs)
(Fernanda grunts)
- Hi, honey.
- Hey, dad. Are you okay?
- Oh, completely.
- Um...
(Fernanda speaks in foreign language)
Can I offer you something to drink?
(Santiago speaks in foreign language)
Not you.
- Ah?
= What kind of tea would you like?
- Oh, I'm a big fan of all teas.
The afternoon, midday, sleepy time, deto
And if I don't have any plans,
I might even go for a smooth move.
(Santiago sighs)
(Fernanda exhales sharply)
Let me come over there and get it.
(Larry thuds)
(soft music)
(birds chirping)
(soft music continues)
- Are these your drawings?
- Yeah.
(soft music continues)
- What's this story about?
- This is a story about a boy
who had too many birthdays.
- What happens?
- Once there was a boy
who wished that every day
would be his birthday.
- [Theo] Every day?
- [Meara] Yeah.
The first day all of his friends
came to his birthday party
and they all brought him presents.
He got everything he wanted.
He even got to eat three pieces of cake.
The next day when he woke up,
it was his birthday again,
only this time, only half of the friends
came to his birthday party
and only a few of them brought presents.
There was cake, but he only felt
like eating one piece this time.
The next day he woke up,
it was his birthday again.
But this time none of his friends
came to his birthday party
and the thought of eating any
cake made his stomach hurt.
By the time two weeks had passed,
he didn't even wanna go to his
own birthday party anymore.
When he went sleep that night,
he made another wish that it would not
be his birthday every day.
He woke up the day and he got his wish.
But unfortunately for him,
because it had been 14 days of birthdays
he was 20 years old,
and now had to go out and get a job...
(toilet flushes)
As a school janitor.
(Theo chuckles)
- My daughter's really
having fun with your son.
- It's so nice to see him playing.
He hasn't been himself for a while.
- Yeah?
- He's our nephew.
Both his parents died in a terrible
mountain climbing
accident in the Himalayas.
- Himalayas?
- Mm.
- I heard a lot of good
things about the Himalayas.
Until now, of course.
(clock ticking)
How did I get in here?
- You hit our car with your face.
But it was an accident, so
we completely understand.
- Don't worry, we're not going to sue yo
We don't do that kind of thing.
You don't do that kind
of thing, do you? Suing?
- Why would I sue you?
- Exactly, why would you? (chuckles)
- Then again, you guys do seem kinda ric
(Larry laughs)
(Santiago and Fernanda laugh)
(Larry groans)
- I can see how it looks that way.
- I'm just kidding.
But seriously, how much
you think I can get
if I did sue you?
(Larry laughs)
(Santiago and Fernanda chuckle)
- We don't have a lot of money.
We're just travel bloggers.
We write reviews for hotels.
That's why they put us
up in the nicest room.
- The company we work
for pays for all of this.
- Yeah.
- Maybe I should sue the
company that you work for.
(Larry laughs)
Your faces are priceless
and the eyes are...
(Larry laughs)
You got...
(Larry laughs)
(Larry sighs)
(soft music)
Butterfly Wonderland?
These are all the places Meara
wanted to go on spring break.
- We are taking our
nephew to all these places
to write about them.
- Oh, lucky guy.
- Now I know what we can do for you.
- Yeah?
- What if we go to all these places...
- Uh huh?
- And after-
- Yeah?
- We'll let you know
what a great time we had.
- Oh.
- [Santiago] And you can see
the pictures on our blog.
(Fernanda speaking in foreign language)
(quirky music)
(slap thuds)
- Or maybe you can join us.
- Come with us.
- That would be amazerrific.
Let me go tell Meara.
- Amazerrific? I must
have hit his head hard.
(upbeat music)
I don't know why
- It's so pretty up here.
Those are the Red Rocks right over there
- Yes, yes.
- Wow.
- Beautiful.
- [Larry] Yeah, it's really pretty.
- [Fernanda] Yeah.
- Oh, dear.
- Oh.
- [Larry] Oh, ran behind a bush.
- Ow.
- Beautiful.
Believe, mm-mm-mm
But baby
- Larry.
- Hi, mom.
- Hi sweetie.
Where are you?
- We're in a van with
people from another country
I've never met before.
With a kid that isn't theirs.
- What?
- Gotta go, bye!
Can't stop myself from smilin'
If we're drinking, then I'm buyin'
And I know there's no denyin'
It's a beautiful day, the sun
is up, the music's playin'
And even if it started rainin'
You won't hear this boy complainin'
- Hi, mom!
- Hey, baby!
Where are we?
- Bearizona!
- That's right!
We havin' fun?
- Yeah!
(Larry laughs)
(phone buzzing)
- Excuse me.
Oh my god.
- Bearizona!
- That's right!
Now I'm all right
Might've had me caged
before, but not tonight
Meara, look out there.
Believe, mm-mm
- It's beautiful.
- Hey!
- [Larry] Hi, baby!
- Hi, mommy, we're having so much fun!
- That's great.
Where are you guys?
- We're just about to jump out of a tree
- Yeah!
- I gotta go. We're having too much fun.
- Wait, wait, where are you guys going
and how are you doing all this?
- And go!
And I can't stop myself from smilin'
- Larry!
If we're drinkin', then I'm buyin'
And I know
- Spring break!
That's it a beautiful day
The sun is up and the music's playin'
And even if it started rainin'
You won't hear this boy complainin'
'Cause I'm glad that
you're the one who got away
- Look at those!
'Cause if you ever think I'll take up
My time with thinkin' of our break-up
Then, you've got another
thing comin' your way
'Cause it's a beautiful day
It's a beautiful day
- Tio.
Look what Meara made.
(soft music)
- What's this?
- It's the story about a little girl
who everything she touches
turns to marshmallows.
She was happy about it,
until she hugged her mom.
Marshmallows can't drive you to school
because they'll melt in the car.
(Santiago laughs)
- Wow.
You are a very creative young lady.
- Thank you.
(soft music)
- Santiago Arechavaleta.
Party for five.
- Ooh, yeah.
(soft orchestral music)
(people chattering)
- Fancy.
- This is very fancy.
- After dinner, we get in
the car and drive away.
- Santiago, no, no, no, no.
We can't just leave them here.
- Well of course we can.
We are not responsible
for their entire vacation.
- Santiago.
- He jumped out of a tree
today so he can't sue us now.
He's obviously 100% recovered.
I have the video on my phone.
(Fernanda scoffs)
- Hey.
- [Santiago] Do you want wine?
- Oh uh, psh.
- You choose the kind.
- No, no, no. I choose.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- What would you like?
- Ribera del Duero? Bordeaux?
- I can go for the...
(Larry mumbles gibberish)
- Okay.
(Larry laughs)
- [Larry] You've been here before?
- So many times.
- So many times?
- Theo, if you ever need a
story, I made this for you.
(soft music)
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
(soft music continues)
- These are great.
(people chattering)
- [Larry] Look at that.
- Wow.
(Santiago chuckles)
(phone buzzing)
- Honey?
We got the cover.
Conde Nast, baby!
(Fernanda gasps)
- Fantastico!
(Santiago laughs)
- Let's celebrate!
- Oh, thank you, honey.
- Cheers, huh?
- Cheers.
(glasses clinking)
This is the biggest travel magazine ever
- Champagne, por favor.
- Congrats. Whatever's going on, good.
- Champagne, madam?
- Mm.
- Let me open it.
I've always wanted to try this.
- Go for it.
- We deserve this.
- To success.
(blade slices)
(Fernanda gasps)
(soup splashes)
(quirky music)
(Fernanda screams)
(Santiago yells)
- [Fernanda] Oh my god!
(Theo laughs)
- His thumb's gone.
(Theo screaming)
(Meara screaming)
- And I know, right?
(quirky music)
- Excuse me.
(Santiago thuds)
- Nice as always, and I said the same.
- Excuse me.
- What is it?
- I'm gonna need this.
- Oh?
(water splashing)
(diner gags)
- Thank you.
Sorry. Ladies.
(diner gasps)
- Wha...
(quirky upbeat music)
- Take that.
Do you wanna play?
- I'd love to, but they just sewed
my thumb back on 30 minutes ago.
Thumbs are important.
What separates us from the apes.
- Yes.
Dad, apes have thumbs.
- Well, let's agree to disagree.
All right, let me in there.
(Fernanda sighs)
- [Meara] Yes.
- Come here.
- Which one am I?
- You're the one losing.
(Fernanda exhales)
- What were you thinking?
He's gonna take everything we have now.
(Fernanda scoffs)
- Me?
You were the one who
ordered the champagne.
- Seriously?
- Think about this.
You don't have to worry
because we are friends
and friends don't sue friends.
(Santiago sighs)
- Friends don't cut off
other friend's fingers.
(Fernanda whimpers)
Come here.
(soft music)
(soft music continues)
(soft music continues)
- [Meara] What is that?
- This was my mom's scarf.
It doesn't smell like her anymore.
- I'm sorry, Theo.
I made you another drawing.
- [Theo] What is it?
(soft music continues)
- It's a monarch butterfly.
Have you heard of them?
- No.
- The monarch butterfly
lays her egg under a leaf.
The mom only lives for two or three week
but her dream is for her baby
to fly even farther than
she did and to have fun.
- But, but why would she leave?
- 'Cause she knows that
one day all the butterflies
will be together again in paradise.
- Why do you draw?
- It's like the opposite
of math. I love it.
What do you love?
- I don't know.
I never really thought about it.
- Did you have fun today?
- Yeah, I did.
- Good, 'cause if you said you didn't,
I would've hit you with this.
(Theo and Meara laughing)
(pillows thudding)
- Hey.
What's going on here?
Time out!
Give me that.
All right.
Time out over!
(Meara and Theo laughing)
(Larry grunting)
Watch the thumb.
- Time out!
But don't punch me in the face
because I'm a blogger, okay?
Time out's over!
(pillow thuds)
(all laughing)
(pillows thudding)
- Time out!
Time out over!
(Larry laughs)
(pillow thuds)
(vase shatters)
- That was you this time.
(soft upbeat music)
You're fine. You're perfect.
It's nothing.
(Fernanda chuckles)
(soft ethereal music)
- Look at the beautiful mountains!
(soft ethereal music continues)
- [Larry] Okay, Theo, say somethin'.
- What do I say?
- Anything.
- Can you hear me now?
- Nope.
(mic tapping)
- Can I see those?
- These?
(soft music)
- These are excellent.
So do you come up with all these?
- Well, my dad tells the
stories, then I draw them.
We're a storytelling team.
- Oh.
Oh my god, I think other children
would absolutely love
your stories and drawings.
- I hope so. I'm gonna be a
cartoonist when I grow up.
- Well, Meara, I can't promise anything,
but the woman we work for runs
a book publishing company.
We're meeting her tomorrow on her plane
and I think that she might like this.
Who knows what could happen.
- Really?
That was be amazerrific.
(Fernanda laughs)
- I love that word.
(upbeat Spanish music)
(Santiago speaks in foreign language)
- This is my favorite song.
(singing in foreign language)
(upbeat Spanish music)
- Hey, baby.
(singing in foreign language)
(Theo and Meara laughing)
(singing in foreign language)
(Theo and Meara laughing)
Hey, baby.
Oh, we had a terrific time.
- Oh, I can't wait to see you guys.
I'm glad Meara had a good time.
- Yeah.
- You made it happen for her. Thank you.
- Ah, I just got lucky.
Hey, Megan, when I get back,
I'm gonna take that job
as a a bagger at the store.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah, my inventing days are behind me.
- All right, we can talk about
it when you get back, okay?
- I love you.
- Tell Meara I love her and I love you.
(soft music)
(upbeat music)
(singing in foreign language)
(hit thuds)
(Larry grunts)
- Oh my god.
Oh, no.
Are you okay?
(Theo and Meara laughing)
(upbeat music)
(Larry yelling)
(upbeat music)
(Larry yells)
- I want to thank both of you
for giving Meara the best
spring break of her life.
- Oh, are you kidding?
Thank you.
Santiago and I had a blast
and Theo is laughing again.
Having you and Meara
with us was amazerrific.
- So nice of you.
The truth is...
I'm just an unsuccessful inventor
who was trying to show his daughter
a good time on spring break.
And I was failing miserably at it
until you ran over me.
- Oh.
(hit thuds)
(Larry yells)
- Sorry. It was my pleasure.
- Now I feel terrible.
- Why?
- Why?
- I'm sorry, but I have to give you this
- What?
- You are suing us.
See, I knew it.
I knew it.
- I can't believe
you'd do this to us.
- Listen.
"I, Larry Buble, like
Michael Buble..." (laughs)
(Santiago sighs)
"Promise never to sue my dear friends
Santiago and Fernanda Arechavaleta."
- La-la-la...
(Larry mumbles gibberish)
Friends don't sue friends.
- [Fernanda] Oh.
- Te como la cara!
(kiss smacks)
(Larry yells)
- Oh, I'm sorry!
(Larry yells)
(upbeat music)
- Thank you.
I got her.
- Okay.
- All right.
- We got you the same
room we had at The Villa.
- Here is the key.
- Oh.
Thank you.
- See you tomorrow at the airport.
- Thank you for everything.
(soft music)
(birds chirping)
- Dad?
Do you think the publisher
lady is gonna like my drawings?
- Oh, she's gonna love them.
- Dad?
- Yeah?
- Did you mean what you said last night?
- What was that?
- That you're gonna take
that job as a bagger.
- That's a good job, baby.
- But it's not your dream.
Inventing is your dream.
- Sometimes when you have
a dream, you wake up.
Besides, you and your
mom are the best dream
I could ever have, anyway.
Now come on.
Let's do this.
Let's go.
Come on.
- [Bird] Good bye.
- Bye!
- Bye.
(upbeat music)
Best spring break ever.
- I had an awesome time.
(upbeat music)
- We're doing it.
(Larry laughs)
- I can't wait to see Theo.
- Woo!
- This little girl is so talented.
I promise, you won't be disappointed.
(soft upbeat music)
- You ready?
- Yeah.
(Larry laughs)
- We are doin' it. We're doin' it.
(car sputtering)
No, no, no. No.
No, no, no, no, no.
- What's the matter?
(car sputtering)
- Don't do this to me, no.
- What's the matter?
- You're gonna have to drive.
- What?
- You're gonna have to drive.
- I don't have my driver's
license yet. I'm eight!
- You can steer, like you did before.
- Santiago, are your
friends coming or not?
I have a meeting in New York I can't mis
- Let's straighten it out, honey.
You're doin' great, we're gonna make it!
We're gonna make it.
We're gonna make it.
Just keep going straight.
You're doin' good, I love you.
We're gonna make it.
- Can we please give
it a few more minutes?
- We would be so grateful.
- Five minutes.
(upbeat music)
- [Meara] To the airport.
- Okay, all right.
Let's go.
We gotta run for it.
Run for it. We're gonna make it.
Come on, honey, hold my hand.
We're gonna go.
- We're gonna make it.
- We're gonna make it.
We got it.
Come on.
Come on.
(inspirational music)
- Ma'am, we're at risk of
losing our takeoff window.
- I'm sorry.
(Santiago sighs)
- We're gonna make it.
- We're gonna make it!
- We're gonna make it.
We're gonna make it.
Come on.
We're gonna make it.
Come on.
(soft upbeat music)
We're here for the Arechavaleta jet?
- Oh, I'm sorry. The plane just took off
- Can you turn the plane around?
- I can't, sweetie.
(melancholy music)
- I'm sorry.
- I didn't get a chance
to say bye to Theo!
(melancholy music)
- Meara.
(melancholy music)
(melancholy music continues)
(jet engine whooshing)
(Theo sighs)
(melancholy music continues)
(melancholy music continues)
(melancholy music continues)
(Meara sobbing)
- I told you not to break her heart.
(melancholy music continues)
(melancholy music continues)
(melancholy music continues)
(melancholy music continues)
(melancholy music continues)
(melancholy music continues)
(melancholy music continues)
(soft bright music)
(soft bright music continues)
(soft bright music continues)
(insects buzzing)
(clock ticking)
- Meara...
I'm really...
I'm really sorry.
(melancholy music)
Meara, don't. Meara.
(pages ripping)
(Meara grunts)
- Why not? You quit.
- Oh, sweetheart.
(melancholy music continues)
(melancholy music continues)
- We'll fix it.
(melancholy music continues)
I love you.
(melancholy music continues)
(melancholy music continues)
(children chattering)
(children chattering)
- It was fantastic.
I loved it.
- Wow.
(soft upbeat music)
(soft upbeat music continues)
(soft upbeat music continues)
(people chattering)
(people chattering)
- Hey.
Watermelons and tampons.
What a night.
(Larry and Megan laugh)
(children chattering)
(soft music)
- Theo!
(Theo chuckles)
- Hi.
(bright upbeat music)
(phone buzzing)
- Hi Karen.
- I can't find Meara.
She's not here.
- What do you mean she's not there?
- [Karen] She's not here.
- Karen can't find Meara.
- What?
- Did you ask her teacher?
- I've been everywhere.
She's not here.
- [Megan] Larry, she
can't find her anywhere.
She doesn't know where Meara is.
- We'll find her.
I promise you, we'll find her.
(bright upbeat music)
- [Karen] I'm gonna go look inside again
- Okay.
(soft music)
- Look at this.
(bright upbeat music)
- [Megan] Meara, your book.
- Meara.
(bright upbeat music)
- [Larry] I can't believe it.
(upbeat music)
(upbeat music continues)
I'm not surprised not everything lasts
I've broken my heart so many times
- Thanks.
There you go.
- Hi, what's your name?
- Ben.
- Hi, Ben.
Oh you know it'll all turn out
- Meara.
- Hi.
- I love your book. Can
I have your autograph?
- You got it.
To give so much more than I get
Yeah, I just haven't
- Hi, Meara.
Met you yet
Your book is amazing.
- It was awesome.
- We loved it.
- Aww, thank you.
Haven't met you yet
See you at school.
Poop faces.
(Meara and Larry laugh)
- [Michael] Hi Megan. Is Larry there?
- Oh my god.
- What?
- Hey, cousin, it's Michael
Buble, as in Larry Buble.
- Hey, Michael Buble.
See, everybody. It's Michael
Buble, we are cousins.
- Congrats on the book, Larry.
My wife, my kids and I absolutely love i
- He loves the book.
He loves the book. (laughs)
Hey, we're huge fans.
- Oh, thanks, Larry.
- Not just at Christmas.
(Michael laughs)
- Okay, thanks, Lar.
Listen, I actually gotta get goin'-
- Are you happily married?
On a scale of one to 10.
If it's anything below a nine,
I'm on a plane right now.
- Give me that!
- Hey, it's great to talk to you Larry,
but I really gotta run.
I gotta jump on stage.
- Hey Michael, I feel like I know you.
I just haven't met you yet
Hello? Michael?
We got disconnected.
That Canadian cell service
is terrible. (chuckles)
Hey Michael? Michael?
(soft music)
- Larry!
- You.
(Frank laughs)
- Inventor of the Hula Poop.
I've been looking everywhere for you.
(upbeat music)
I got a check for $25,000 for you.
- What?
- Yeah, this is huge. Taiwan, South Kore
Right, okay? So?
- I'm in.
(Frank laughs)
- [Frank] $750,000 goes
into a small tin can...
- Excuse us.
May I have your autograph?
- What is it?
- It's a book contract.
Florence want you guys to do another one
- Oh my, this is amazing!
- Yes!
(Santiago laughs)
- Hey, summer vacation's coming up.
- Summer. Where are we goin'?
- Nowhere.
- Yeah no, we're coming with you.
- No, no, no, no.
Oh you know that it'll all turn out
You'll make me work so we
can work to work it out
And I promise you, kid
to give so much more
- Wait for us!
- We're coming!
- [Larry] Come on!
I just haven't met you yet
I just haven't met you yet
- Thank you for watching our movie.
(soft upbeat music)
- Dad, tell me another
one of your stories.
I'll draw a cartoon.
- Okay.
Once upon a time, there was a princess
who didn't appreciate Jack Squat.
- Jack who?
- Jack Squat, the frog.
You see Jack Squat was a frog
who worked for a princess
that never said thank you.
- [Meara] Not even once?
- [Larry] Not even once.
Jack Squat did everything
for the young princess.
He cut up her food, he
put it in her mouth.
Jack Squat brushed her hair and her teet
with the same brush, of course.
- Ew, gross, why didn't
he use a toothbrush?
- That's a question for Jack Squat.
One day after Jack helped
the princess chew her food
and blink her eyeballs,
Jack waited for a thank
you, but it never came.
So Jack said to himself,
"This princess doesn't
appreciate Jack Squat."
So Jack Squat went back to his pond.
One day, he found a pink hair ribbon
that belonged to a beautiful princess.
When Jack returned the ribbon,
the princess kissed Jack on
the cheek to say thank you.
And with that kiss,
Jack turned into a handsome young prince
and the two were married.
At the wedding, the princess
who never said thank you
came by, but she wasn't able to eat
any of the wedding cake
because she didn't have
anybody to help her chew it.
- [Meara] Did the princess realize
that the handsome prince was Jack?
- Nope.
The princess didn't
recognize the handsome prince
because she didn't appreciate Jack Squat
(upbeat orchestral music)
(upbeat orchestral music continues)
(upbeat orchestral music continues)
(upbeat orchestral music continues)
(upbeat orchestral music continues)
(upbeat orchestral music continues)
(upbeat orchestral music continues)
(upbeat orchestral music continues)
(upbeat orchestral music continues)
(upbeat orchestral music continues)
(upbeat orchestral music continues)
(upbeat orchestral music continues)
(upbeat orchestral music swells)
- [Jack] Brilliant! I love it.