Dag (2012) Movie Script

You are the victor,
triumphant Turkish youth!
"Dedicated to devoted officers and
soldiers of the Turkish Armed Forces."
You're free, you're independent today.
Thanks to the blood you sacrificed
In the name of your glorious flag.
The world worships your
unblemished banner,
victor, o triumphant Turkish youth!
Activity on eastern side of the hill.
Let's be sure first, bro.
Can't wake the colonel for nothing.
We're sure, sir.
We received an alarm from both sides.
Falcon 2, how many do you see?
With the infrared on, three hundred,
sir. There could be more.
This is the Saint. They are
on the east side of the mountain.
I told you the snow is melting!
I told you not to get caught
off guard! A thousand times!
I told you to keep
the helicopters ready.
Where are the super cobras, then?!
Crimea, this is Samarkand,
the super cobras cannot take off
because of the snow storm.
Sir, it looks like they're
planning to attack Crimea.
I don't give a shit!
Send the helicopters,
we can't leave those guys out there!
This is the Saint, we're
sending you reinforcements.
Sir, this is the Eagle's Nest.
A snow storm is starting.
There's many of them, we're
going to need reinforcements.
A platoon of maroon berets
is on its way, Crimea.
You have to hang in there.
Crimea, do you have men out there?
Crimea is not answering, sir.
Are there patrols out?
This is Veysel, sir.
There are four men out there.
They left at five o'clock
in the morning.
"The Mountain" Lieutenant Yaar,
Sergeant Kemal and two privates.
- Do you still have kindling?
- Yes, sir.
- Wafers?
- I have them, sir.
You have to get down,
no matter what.
We'll let them know by radio but
HQ doesn't have enough time either.
No one can save us but ourselves.
Leave it.
- Sergeant Kemal!
- Yes, sir.
What do you see?
Ten people are standing
on the hill, sir.
There are about ten more, walking.
Ouz wake up, Ouz!
Nine hundred and twenty
three Crimea. This is Mountain.
Mountain, this is Crimea. Come in.
After the ambush we took
refuge in the mountain hut.
Ten people are watching us. At
least as many more are approaching.
The Saint will come, Mountain.
Hang in there.
We don't have that
much time, Crimea.
They'll be there in four or
five hours. You have to hold on.
Go to Sergeant Kemal.
Veysel, listen to me very carefully.
In four or five hours
the maroon berets
are going to find
four dead bodies here.
How's your wound?
Forget about my wound.
You have to come right away.
The short-termer
doesn't even have a gun.
And the other one is Bekir.
Yaar, there's a blizzard at the
foot of the mountain.
The choppers can't take off.
The Saint is coming.
Hold on until evening.
How can you be so thick, man?
Don't start, Bekir...
Sir! For God's sake,
where's your gun, man?
You moron.
The corporal on duty said
it wasn't necessary since we were
just going to repair the antenna.
As if you had a gun.
Of course I don't,
I'm defective. But you?
We're going to die out here
because of you two idiots,
you and the corporal.
Bekir, shut up or I'll hit you
in the mouth with this.
Who has dog tags made
two months in advance?
- It's fashionable.
- What's the point?
Your family is more than willing.
Just pay the money. Five months.
Five and a half.
I want you to stay,
in case you didn't know.
I want to stay, too.
You know that.
You express it so well!
I can't get out of it by paying
and not even holding a gun, Pelin.
Does this patriotism make
you feel more like a man?
Yes. It makes me feel
more like a man.
And I'm the woman who'll
be waiting for you
and calming down your
jealousy attacks on the phone?
You're not. And I'm
not that man either.
Are there no women in our
generation who have a
little respect or love for a man
who does his military service?
What do I have to do here?
Who's going to wait
all those months?
Who's going to deal with the stress?
You can break up
with me when I leave.
You can hang out at home
on the Net for a few weeks,
then you'll find someone as you
hang out with your
friends at Asmalmescit
and sleep with him that night.
You'll date him to not feel cheap,
until you get bored, of course.
You'll throw little tantrums
and become really vulgar,
and you'll dump him
to feel more important.
That would be the plan
for two years.
What's five months in comparison?
Fuck off and go carry a gun, then.
That's Wolf's Tooth.
Two clicks to the east.
The maroon berets have to
come through here
as they climb to save us.
If we somehow manage
to make it there,
we can save our asses, gentlemen.
Sir, two hundred meters.
They're sure we're here,
otherwise twenty people wouldn't
have spent one hour on us.
- Kemal!
- Yes sir.
You'll take these two
to Wolf's Tooth.
Which one's the better shot?
What?! Sir, I shoot better than
this loser with my eyes closed.
I can't deal with you
right now, boy.
Give your gun to Ouz.
Give the radio to Bekir.
- Sir...
- Bekir!
Take this.
Don't leave it, no matter what.
You'll run in zigzags. They are
sure to have snipers on the hill.
Kemal will cover you.
Run to Baltepe then throw
yourselves off the side of the hill.
The snow is soft, you'll glide
for at least a hundred meters.
Ouz, when I give the order,
you'll go after them
and do the same.
- Sir, you?
- A hundred and fifty meters.
Stay calm.
I'll be right behind you.
Everyone will do their job.
Yes, sir.
Bring your friend something to eat.
Where the hell is
your cartridge belt?
Fuck off!
Yes, sir.
Where are you from?
My family is from Kozan
but I was born in Ankara, sir.
I live in Istanbul.
Did you swear a lot
when you drew this place?
You have no idea.
Your biggest enemy is boredom.
Have them send you books.
Nothing too liberal, but I'll
approve almost anything.
- What did you study?
- History, sir.
But I can work at anything.
A German, an Italian, and
a Turk were staying in a hotel.
In each of their rooms
was a foxy French maid
and a pile of ironing.
The German,
went into the room,
did the ironing,
then slept with the maid.
Then he said with pride,
"For us, work comes before love."
The Italian did the opposite,
first slept with her,
then did the ironing.
"First we make love, then we work,"
he said proudly.
Then it was our guy's turn.
He took the maid from behind
and made her do the ironing.
"Those who work get fucked" he said.
A hundred meters!
Take aim!
Hold your breath!
Get ready, gentlemen!
Bekir. Stay calm.
I'm right behind you.
- Run in zigzags, ok?
- Yes, sir.
We're ready, sir!
Come on!
Run, run!
Run, don't stop!
Bekir, run!
Take shelter now!
Run! Don't stop, run!
- Get ready.
- Sir, I'll carry you.
I'll carry you, sir.
What kind of a short-termer
are you anyway?
Take my gun. Not me.
Don't die, Ouz.
Don't die.
Go on, run, run!
Son of a bitch!
Run, run! Don't stop!
Towards the snow.
One dies, a thousand resurrect!
Where is Sergeant Kemal?
Speak, man!
We have to go.
You loser, speak already,
where is the sergeant?
They're dead.
What do you mean, they're dead?
What are you saying, man?
They're dead.
The Lieutenant was shot
one more time in the hut.
And Sergeant Kemal
was shot a sniper...
Sons of bitches!
- Sons of bitches!
- We have to go, Bekir.
Mountain. This is Crimea. Come in.
Mountain. This is Crimea. Come in.
Crimea! We're here, Crimea!
Nine hundred and twenty-three.
Nine hundred and
twenty-three, Crimea!
Mountain, situation report.
Sir, Sergeant Kemal and
Lieutenant Yaar have been shot.
Are they alive?
No, sir.
Mountain, the situa...
than we thought... have to...
You're breaking up.
Repeat, Crimea.
You... the fuck out... are coming.
We can't read you, sir.
Please repeat.
Go up to...
immediately... and we'll...
Repeat, Crimea!
Repeat, Crimea!
- Now we're fucked!
- Wait, stay calm.
Use your head, man! What are we
going to do without Sergeant Kemal?
They said to go up to the top.
That much we could make out.
Didn't the Lieutenant
say Wolf's Tooth?
Look here.
We're here.
The summit is two
clicks to the east.
But Lieutenant Yaar
said Wolf's Tooth.
That's where we're going anyway.
We have to go to the top
to use the radio.
We're not too far,
a couple of hours tops.
The antenna doesn't work.
We came here to fix it.
Bekir, go.
What are you doing?
Take the map and go to the summit.
- Are you stupid?
- It's my turn to stay.
Bekir, you moron,
you think this is a pissing contest?
You're a loser, you'd be
better at finding the way.
I can't go by myself, Bekir,
we have to stand together.
Fuck off, man.
I just want to scare them
a little, and then I'll run away.
I have no intention of
leaving my skin. Now beat it.
Now you hear me, man.
The summit is to the east.
You have to walk in the opposite
direction to where the sun sets.
Fuck off, already!
Come on, come on,
come on, they'll say.
You think it's easy in the infantry?
Just the ceremonial marching...
your legs will feel awful!
Seluk, stop saying stupid things.
Let's eat our meal in peace.
You can discuss these things later.
Better if he knows these things.
If you really lower his
expectations, he'll be happier.
- Shut up already.
- You'll be destroyed, man.
A milksop like you,
no internet, no girls,
they'll break you down.
Ouz, my son.
Why don't you just pay?
You'd be more comfortable.
There's still time.
Give it one more thought.
It's because I did it while Dad was
still alive and he won't do any less.
- What? It has nothing to do with you.
- Of course.
Why then?
I wouldn't feel right about it.
It may strike you as funny,
but I've always been happy
at the thought of
doing my military service.
Besides, Dad would be happy as well.
You'll go, you'll be happy,
just one day. And then?
Ouz, you're lazy.
You'll miss your girlfriend,
she'll wait for you.
You'll go mad there
with card phones.
Turkish style toilets
with a pitcher...
Seluk, that's enough!
Such bad manners!
Remember this when they
wake you up for training
as you're running five kilometers
at seven in the morning.
Don't shoot!
Don't shoot! I'm out of ammunition.
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
Shoot already, you son of a bitch!
Legnica, Legnica, Legnica.
Run to the top!
Bekir! Hurry up!
Come on!
Bekir, what are you doing?
Where are you, you fuck?
I want you to understand,
not to memorize it.
Legnica was when
everything changed.
- Sir...
- Don't feed me excuses.
This is empty.
There's nothing here.
It's just stuff you got
from the Internet.
I want you to really understand.
General Subutai knew that
when he entered Europe,
they'd be outnumbered.
And he was ready for it.
I understand, sir.
He wanted his enemies to be
vanquished by their own arrogance.
When he gave his first order,
aatay and Genghis Khan's sons
probably gave him strange looks.
Because this tactic,
worked in steppes and deserts
with a few cavalrymen.
Not in woods or battlefields
against knights.
I understand, sir.
You don't.
You don't understand yet.
But you will some day.
Go and rewrite this.
Bekir stop.
Let's sit for a minute.
You know that guy you shot is dead.
They'll all be after us now.
- He really died?
- Yes.
Serves him right.
What a nutcase you are!
King of losers.
Turned around and saved me!
Thank you, though. God bless you.
- Legnica.
- What?
- The Battle of Legnica.
- What's that, man?
The Mongolians had to fight against
a German and Polish army,
during their conquest of Europe,
and they were outnumbered.
Upon their general's orders,
they pretended to get
scared and run away.
Thinking they were retreating and
the battle was over,
the stupid European knights
broke up into small groups
and chased them.
And then?
That's what the Mongolians wanted.
They divided their enemies
and hunted them down one by one,
with their fast horses and
long-range bows and arrows.
I thought you were gone
and not coming back.
Me, too.
Come on. Bury that and let's go.
Enough already!
Turn off the music!
I'm on watch in one hour.
Don't you have any respect? What
kind of people are you, anyway!
What's wrong, brother?
Are you okay?
Turn that off,
I'm on watch soon.
Is that so? Poor you.
Don't make me give you orders, then
you'd have to fucking turn it off.
Look at him!
You'll give me orders just 'cause
you made sergeant in two weeks?
Trying to sleep here...
Are you looking for trouble, man?
I am.
First I collected garbage in locked
rooms for weeks. It wasn't enough.
The battalion commander made me
pick cigarette butts off the ground.
I refused.
He threatened to send me to prison.
In the middle of assembly,
I said he was a fag if he didn't.
My service was extended by
one year. I'm in my second year.
I still have the
three-to-five watch.
I packed off five
short-term morons like you.
They all had to fucking learn to
deal with Turgut from Ankara.
You better learn, too.
Fuck off.
Push your luck. Go ahead,
so I can smash your face in.
What are you waiting for? May he
who is afraid of you be like you.
Thank God, I've been waiting for a
sick loser like you for two years!
May he who is afraid
of you be like you.
Gentlemen, don't.
Break them up, man!
Oh come on, calm down.
Why should I calm down, huh?
Why should I calm down?
- Fuck off!
- But he's always like this.
- Calm down.
- Leave me alone!
Listen. Listen to me, I say.
He doesn't understand language.
Look what he did, that son of a...
Calm down.
Why should I calm down, huh?
Coming like this in the
middle of the night...
Alright, come on, calm down.
Don't be like him.
How could I be like him,
ignorant as he is?
You won't be here long. Calm down.
Calm down.
Just wait and see.
Go on, sit.
What's your problem?
I understand about you, Bekir.
You're sick in the head and
you're never getting out of here,
you're nothing but trouble.
But what about you, Ouz?
You expect special treatment
because you're a short-termer?
- No, sir.
- Quiet!
Did I tell you to speak?
I'll show you both what
this place is all about.
Shame on you, at your age!
You should set an example for
all the other soldiers here.
I'm canceling all your leave
until the end of your service.
From now on, you'll come to me
whenever there's a job to do.
Collecting garbage, wiping shit,
windows, dishes, whatever.
All kinds of fucked up jobs.
If you don't do it all.
I'll drop you at Wolf's Tooth
in your underwear.
What did you do in civilian life?
My father is an electrician
in Balgat. I'm working with him.
- I mean I was.
- Did he die?
He didn't die. I forgot him.
What does that mean?
I don't remember my life
before the service.
When I do, it feels like
somebody else's life.
Two years and eight months.
Punishments, desertions...
I'm a different man now.
So, can't find anything to say?
Aren't you ashamed?
While millions of university kids
like you serve for a few months...
Don't waste your breath.
I could have paid, I didn't.
Good thing you aren't that low.
It's just five months, kid.
A third of what it is
for a normal private.
Are you three times more
precious than we are?
You moron,
I had the money and I had the
right but I wanted to come.
There can't be such distinctions.
The service has no price and if
it does, it can't be money!
Your fathers know
those in power, not ours.
Then came the short term service.
You even cried about that.
You cried like women, you fags.
Aren't you ashamed
when young guys
spend their best years with
assembly, the flu, and King TV.
And yes, dying too?
Aren't you ashamed of yourselves?
Hanging out in cool places.
Fucking foxes.
Studying, yeah, right!
- How old are you, Bekir?
- None of your business.
You're a few years
older than me.
- Now what?
- What are you saying, man?
This means you were either hiding
abroad or you were on the run.
What happened to the
rights of young men?
Weren't you ashamed? Coward!
I'm twenty-nine.
First I thought I'd help my father.
But that was an excuse,
I played pool, went out and had fun.
Then my mother got sick.
They said she'd live
a few more years,
but it took longer.
The day she died, I turned myself in.
What about me, you maniac?
What about me?
Don't people graduate
at twenty-one?
Why didn't you come?
I fell in love.
Abroad wouldn't let you go?
More than one.
One left and then another came.
So I kept postponing.
- What difference does it make?
- A lot.
I didn't come because I couldn't
and you because you wouldn't.
What's the difference?
How are we different now?
You're right.
I don't like you, never will.
But there's no returning
from that point.
From what?
We're brothers now.
You saved my life.
Let's go get the guns now.
You know what I'm
remembering, Bekir?
When you were six, you
boxed some kid's ear,
because he called
you names, remember?
I remember, mom.
His parents came to complain.
He couldn't hear for a week.
You felt such remorse
that you kept an eye on him
when you grew up,
My boy.
My angry, soft-hearted Bekir.
Don't frown.
Don't get angry.
Don't worry about anything.
Keep your conscience like
when you were a child.
If you can't,
after I'm gone,
find yourself a beautiful,
intelligent girl.
Who can,
tweak your ear.
And marry her.
don't forget to invite your
father to your wedding.
I know,
he won't want to come.
He won't want to leave the shop.
You drag him,
so he can see your happiness,
for me as well.
Make him dance,
I know he doesn't like to.
But drag him by the arm and
throw him on the dance floor.
Go to the army, my boy.
Make friends there.
Listen to your superiors.
Become a good man.
Don't get angry. You kept getting
angry but you just wear yourself out.
Don't give up, Bekir.
Don't despair,
no matter what.
Keep your head up high,
wherever you are,
even if you are in trouble.
It's really snowing now.
Let's go in.
What are you talking about?
It's your turn.
What do you mean?
Why do you think Lieutenant
Yaar brought you here?
To torture me.
You know about electricity.
Go see where the problem is.
That's all I fucking need!
What's up? Are you comfortable?
Not bad.
Go and get the toolbox, man.
Am I supposed to open
this with my bare hands?
Go on then.
How did you get
admitted to university
with that level of intelligence?!
Come see what I found.
Let's see why this isn't working.
We will understand now.
Nine hundred and twenty-three,
Crimea, this is Mountain, come in.
Mountain? Yaar's men, is that you?
I'm Private Bekir
and I'm with
short-term Sergeant Ouz.
We've reached the summit,
we're trying to reach HQ.
Bekir, be quiet and listen to me.
I'm Major Doan.
HQ and all the outposts
around here are under attack.
Four hundred men have been
on the move since last night,
crossing the border
over the mountains.
We're aware of your situation.
Sir, we climbed to the
summit to speak to you.
What the hell are you
doing on the summit?
Sir, we were coming here anyway
because the antenna
topped sending last night.
And you told us
to climb to the summit.
This is the Saint, sir.
They have gone to the relay station.
I got here and found the fuse
was missing in the transformer.
There's nothing wrong
with the antenna.
Listen to me, my boy,
where's your friend?
He went in to look for tools...
Bekir, get him out and get away
immediately. Bekir? Hello?
Bekir, that's enough! He's dead!
- Hello, welcome.
- Good day, Defne.
Do I know you?
I don't think so. My mates
and I pass by here often.
I've been seeing you
here for a long time.
I was going to come earlier
to talk to you but...
I guess I didn't have the courage.
I found out your name.
I'm Bekir.
Okay, nice to meet you.
I'm going to the
military in two weeks.
I'll get a lot of extensions
because I've been running.
You know how important time is.
You know how one
wants someone to miss.
Don't misunderstand me,
you're a very beautiful lady.
I thought I'd come and
pour my heart out to you
rather than keep it all in.
- Mister Bekir...
- Just Bekir, call me Bekir.
Mister Bekir, I'm sorry but,
I'm not interested.
Why not?
- How so?
- Do you have a boyfriend?
No, I mean, I have
to go back to work.
- Defne, is there a problem?
- No, Mister Tuna.
Is there a problem, sir?
Maybe I can help you.
There is no problem, Mister Tuna.
If there is no problem,
then there is no need to talk either.
Then you wouldn't be occupying
the front of the counter either.
I'll show you what a problem is.
So you're that kind of person. In that
case, we'll include security as well.
We can discuss it all together.
You ass! Don't get me
started on security.
I mean...
I don't want to embarrass Defne.
I'll see you later.
Are you sure he's dead?
Yes, sir.
Is Bekir with you, Sergeant Ouz?
He's next to me,
we're listening together, sir.
Listen to me carefully. We won't
be coming to you right away.
Your outpost is under attack
and all Special Forces have been
ordered to assist them!
They have priority.
I know you are doing your best.
But I will get someone to you.
I promise. Do you understand me?
Yes, sir.
Someone will get in touch with you!
Hang in there, boys!
We've got nothing left to hang on to.
What the fuck are we going to do?
Do you like steak?
I said, wouldn't it be
nice with a steak?
He's a good guy.
He loves me very much.
Great. Are you going to date?
When are you leaving?
I'm taking the bus next week.
Are you going to date?
I don't know.
Good luck.
According to modern physics
there are parallel universes.
With small differences or
completely different things.
For example, in one of them
I'm blond, in another you're a man.
Don't start again, Ouz.
In the universe we live in
we have made decisions
and done certain things.
But out there, in one of them,
we quietly look at each other
for a while in the doorway.
- You shouldn't have come here.
- You can't take it.
Ouz, I'm closing the door.
Ouz, leave me alone, please.
- Is your mother at home?
- I'm closing.
Why did you come?
Why are you doing this to me?
Why did you come?
Why did you come?
- What's wrong, man?
- Nothing.
We won't get out of here.
This mountain will be the end of us.
What's so funny, then?
You'll be the last person I see.
You, man, you.
Crazy Bekir. Bekir the Psycho.
When I first came I thought
you were stoned or something.
- Not my thing at all.
- You're a lot worse.
And I thought you were a fag.
In fact, you turned out to be one.
Fuck off.
Is there anyone waiting
for you in Istanbul?
- No.
- Anyone on your mind?
- Tell me.
- Leave it alone.
I've been in the service for
two and a half years, loser.
Tell me so I know how normal life is.
So you admit you're abnormal.
Don't push your luck.
Her name is Pelin.
I met her a year before I came here.
I always fall in love
but Pelin was different.
You know how you
want time to stop.
Because you know
it will all go to hell.
I always felt like that with her.
Is she beautiful?
She is.
Would I get lucky with her?
Ouz which place did you
draw everybody knows, call me.
2008 was such fun, man.
We played DOTA until morning.
We're old now. We don't have
that kind of time any more.
We're not even thirty, man.
Did you tell the family?
I've been gone since yesterday
but they'll find out soon.
You don't worry yourself,
though, right?
Why should I, man?
It's a mountain in the
middle of nowhere.
You're going to Ankara, man, is
there is bigger mountain in Turkey?!
I would have paid if I had the money.
Suffering is beautiful, too, Emre.
We had no cares,
we hung out in Bebek and eme,
we had fun in Bodrum,
on yachts, with girls,
we left tips with
other people's money.
Twenty-seven years went by.
Time passes.
Let us suffer a little.
That's now what I meant.
You know, if I die.
- You know, our...
- Stop saying stupid things.
- Wait, listen.
- Knock it off.
- Let's say I die.
- And?
Imagine how the
upper crust would react.
Alright, you bullshit too much.
Don't I?
You'll just keep jacking
off out of boredom.
Bekir, answer!
Nine hundred and
twenty-three, Crimea.
Forget the password now.
How are you doing?
Who are you? This is the Mountain.
First Lieutenant Turul Tmen.
I'm one of us, dear brother.
Don't get excited though.
I'm kilometers away from you.
I just wanted to check
if you were still alive.
You are going to follow my orders
to the letter. Is that understood?
The others, sir?
Your outpost is still fighting.
Our platoon is there,
defending your company.
You're stuck right between
the fire and the frying pan.
What do we have to do, sir?
You have to die.
Sir, you misunder-
No, my boy, I didn't misunderstand.
As we push the enemy back,
they get closer to you.
You're stuck in the jaws of a shark.
Imagine you're dead. Realize that
you can't get out of there.
Think like people who
have nothing to lose.
Gentlemen, you have to think
like this to get rid of your fear.
You can only do your duty as soldiers
by assuming you are dead.
Is that understood?
We've been aware
of this for a while, sir.
You managed to hang in there well,
but it's not over yet.
I'll wake you up when
morning approaches.
Try to get some rest.
Yes, sir.
Well done!
Telling the poor woman
just like that!
How was I supposed to know
she would get this sad?
I swear you're a moron, Ouz.
You exaggerate.
I'm going to a mountain, that's all.
I'll come back.
It's not like that for parents.
With every news of death,
she'll get worried.
Imagine what state she'll be
in for five and half months.
You'll be on watch or something.
Of course I'll help
her, but think of her.
But what can I do?
I said I was going to the service,
I didn't apply for a specific place.
Well done. You're a great man.
It's not like I feel at peace.
I'm sorry, don't listen to me.
I still see you as the,
little Ouz who used to
play in wardrobes.
You're grown up now.
What happened with Pelin?
We broke up.
- Let's hook you up with...
- I don't want to.
It's up to you.
Bekir, did you fix the
transformer on the antenna?
Yes, I did, sir.
How's your ammunition doing?
We have five bullets left, sir.
Ok, you'll share the bullets.
Take two and give three to Ouz.
On the way to the Wolf's Tooth
there will be at least fifty of them.
As soon as the first shot is fired
they will all attack you.
You can't do shit with five bullets.
Don't do anything stupid,
be invisible, stay alert.
Yes, sir.
You fixed the relay anyway.
Thanks to you,
the HQ radios are working.
You have already done your duty.
Don't use your bullets
unless you absolutely have to.
Copy that, sir.
Hurry up.
You have to reach the
Wolf's Tooth by sundown.
Sir, May I ask you something?
Say it.
Sir, why are you
sacrificing yourself for us?
My father was a soldier.
He lived a soldier, died a soldier.
I was two years old,
I didn't understand what it meant.
My father was somewhere.
That's what I kept thinking.
By the time I realized
he was dead, it was too late.
I was going to settle
the account myself.
But it won't settle, gentlemen.
It stays open.
Do you think the dead care
who is left, who takes revenge?
The point is to live.
That's why I'm here,
to come and make you live.
They're here.
They're here, boys.
- Sir?
- Sir?
What are you doing, man?
What are we going to do with him?
What do you mean, what are
we going to do with him?
Are we going to leave
him here like this?
If we had died, he would have
left us for the crows.
That's why we have to
prove we're different, no?
- Don't start again.
- History is full of wars.
I said, don't start again.
Because history is written
by the politicians who win them,
not by those who fight them.
Just look at this, Bekir.
At what? At the body?
It's a body, he's dead.
He tried to kill you, if I hadn't
killed him, he would have killed us.
It's that simple.
It's not that simple.
What if we had died?
They would have ignored you,
that's for sure.
It would be different for me since
very few short-termers die on duty.
You know what would
make me sad the most if I died?
My father crying as he buried me.
He has a father, too.
The son did what he did,
but what's the father's crime?
I can't think of anything
that would make me feel worse.
Isn't that strange?
We think the enemy is like us
only when he's dead.
You have no control over
your mouth, Bekir, I swear.
- As if you did.
- Of course I do.
I wouldn't use bad
language in front of a girl.
You should have been a gentleman,
I've told you many times.
You shouldn't have scared
her on the first day.
So what? Fuck it.
It wasn't meant to be.
I wonder if I talked to her too soon?
But I'm leaving in a week.
We could have had a
cup of tea and talked,
it would have been so nice.
If her boss,
that asshole, hadn't come.
Better this way.
It's cleaner right
from the start. I swear.
She'd have run away in two days,
when she realized
what a psycho you are.
Shut up, man, or I'll
smash your face in.
I would expect that of you.
You've gone completely berserk.
You know, this guy will
totally lose it in the army.
I bet he'll beat his superiors,
his service will never end.
You could try again
when you get back.
When I get back?
In two years she'll have had four
kids. They wouldn't leave her alone.
Alright then, fucking kneel at
her feet and shout out, beg her...
Slo, turn it up, turn it up.
Because you were the
rain on my desert
You were the day to my night
You were the companion to my soul
You were the blanket for my winter
I'm going to miss you guys.
I swear I'm going to miss you.
- He's completely drunk.
- Drunk?
You don't really know me, man.
You don't know the real Bekir.
Fuck off! We know you
down to your liver, man.
The other day, I was walking home.
I saw a bug on the sidewalk.
I didn't step on it, just kept going.
Then I thought about it
and went back.
- Did you ask it for a date, too?
- No, man! I swear, listen!
I thought, which is better,
to walk by without stepping on it,
or go back and help it?
I went back. I picked it up and
took it to a bush across the street.
And I said to it, "This is
what I can do for you."
I can't do anything else.
May God help you for the rest."
You said that to the bug?
Don't get hung up on that.
Sometimes we have
problems with people.
You did well.
It was interesting, though.
You know, deep down,
this guy got something.
Then I thought to myself,
maybe it wanted to commit suicide.
Because it was sitting
in the middle of the road.
Whatever, either way,
it was a good act.
Never mind, Papa Bekir.
You did well. Let's keep drinking!
You were the companion to my soul
You were the blanket for my winter
It's me. What's up?
When I get back
I'll make fun of myself.
But I'm calling you anyway.
I'm glad you did. How are you?
Aren't you celebrating?
They just gave us soda
in a plastic cup.
And we'll go to bed
a bit late, that's all.
What are you doing?
We're going out.
I'm not going to ask who 'we' is.
You miss every damn thing here.
I miss the sound of
high heeled shoes.
I miss peaches.
I mean the fruit.
I got that.
I fantasize that someone cuts me
up a whole big bowl of peaches,
or I could cut them up and
dip them in ice and eat them.
I guess it's not
cold enough over there.
That's not the point!
The point is... whatever.
Why are you calling me?
You miss me, too?
Of course, I do.
Ouz, I'm with someone...
I don't want to know anything.
You're not my girlfriend.
I just wanted to hear your voice,
I had nothing else to do.
When you get back, you'll hear
plenty of voices, don't worry.
Take it easy, be cool, it's very
boring here, believe me.
Alright, then, I'm hanging up.
Take good care of yourself
over there, okay?
I was the happiest
when I was with you.
What? What are you saying?
This place is a whole different thing.
The loneliness here is like a drug.
Otherwise I wouldn't be doing this.
Thank you, you're very kind.
Did you hear what I said?
Happy new year, then, have fun.
Alright, I'm done, just a second.
Sergeant Ouz?
Yes, sir.
What are you doing here, my boy?
I just had to call someone, sir.
Your parents? Did you
wish them a happy New Year?
No, sir, my ex... I mean,
I called a friend.
Come with me.
You don't have the
night watch, do you?
No, sir, not tomorrow either.
I am on the
five-to-seven these two days.
Sit down.
This is just between us, Ouz.
I'll give you only one glass anyway.
Because you're so sad.
Thank you, sir.
Here you are.
Memories, my dear Ouz.
Memories are the most
important things in life.
That's true, sir.
I lost my wife three years ago.
A car accident.
My condolences, sir.
I never felt like remarrying.
It's so tough to be
married to a soldier.
I didn't want to put another
woman through the same pain.
This is like a whole
different world, sir.
I sometimes have
trouble keeping up.
Everybody does, Ouz.
Not only me, even the commanders,
even the Special Forces.
The main thing is,
to accomplish the mission
no matter what.
Why do a hundred men
keep watch on the hills?
They tell us,
to leave the mountains and take care
of the cities and the fields.
But that mountain, Ouz.
The mountain is the
crown of the land.
It's the closest place to the sky.
I have rejected my city
assignment three times, Ouz.
Thanks to the commander,
he keeps me here.
You know why?
No, sir.
Here, my memories
always stay fresh.
Don't run away from your memories.
They make you who you are.
Thank you, sir.
Go on, then.
Join your friends.
Run, run, run!
Quick, take cover!
What's going on, man?
There are at least
twenty of them around us.
- Bekir, we have to dig. Come on.
- What?!
We have to dig in the snow, Bekir.
They'll see our jackets immediately.
Come on!
Hurry up! Dig, dig!
Go in. I'll lie on the rocks.
Shhh, they're coming, Shhhh.
Bekir, don't.
Bekir, they're gone.
Come on, come on.
Stop. It's enough.
I'm tired. Let's rest.
There's not much left. That rock
should be the Wolf's Tooth.
Should? What do you mean, should?
According to the map, that's it.
I think the sun at noon is to the
south in the northern hemisphere.
We went east.
That rock should be the Wolf's Tooth.
Come on, Bekir, hang in there.
Loser... I guess, have to, maybe,
these words are too much.
It hurts. I am exhausted.
I'm hungry!
Take it easy.
We've come all this way.
There isn't much left. Come on.
Alright, we'll sit a few minutes.
I wonder if I should eat some snow.
I'd feel less h...
Bekir! Fuck! Bekir!
Are you alright?
- What's going on?
- Are you alright?
He's there.
The sniper is
at the Wolf's Tooth.
- What's going on?
- Come on, Bekir, come on!
Come on, come on!
A little more, come on!
Come on!
Son of a bitch!
I know nothing
about medicine, Bekir.
But I know you'll pass out if you
lose too much blood. We have to go.
Where, man?! Where?
He's at the Wolf's Tooth.
These fags are all over the place.
Come on, Bekir, come on!
It's burning, my whole
leg is burning.
Enough. Leave me, really
leave me this time. Save yourself.
Bekir, fuck! I know
this is a shitty situation.
Come on, I know it hurts
but do it for me. Come on, Bekir!
- Come on, come on.
- Ahh!
So, did you like the joke?
Unfortunately, yes, sir.
I know, you're an educated boy.
Your parents didn't raise you
so you'd fight in the mountains.
Whose parents would do that, sir?
You have a point.
You studied history.
So you should understand
certain things with that maturity.
So let's not lie to each other.
Yes, sir.
This is a dangerous place Ouz.
When I fall asleep at night,
just before, I always wake up
once and look around.
I'm human, too,
I get scared, too.
The sergeant majors, too.
The only soldier without fear
is a fallen soldier.
The point is,
to ignore your fear
for the sake of the mission,
that's real heroism.
I have this talk one-to-one with
each soldier who comes here.
The jokes are different but the
things I say are the same.
You didn't come here to be bored.
You have a mission.
To survive.
To survive and to keep
those around you alive.
Because this mountain will be ours
as long as we are alive.
- Not when we're dead.
- Ouz!
You've wasted a lot of bullets,
you useless bastard!
Don't get up. Take cover!
Are you playing games, you dog?
Shame on you! I'm limping,
aren't you ashamed?!
I've been thrashing here for two
hours. You fucking son of a bitch!
That's better!
Little more,
a little more to the right!
Ouz, don't get up, I tell you!
You are almost there, come on.
Ouz, what are you doing?
Hold your breath!
Don't let your hand shake,
come on! Hold your breath!
Ouz, get down!
What kind of a sniper are you?
Ouz, no!
One dies,
thousands resurrect!
It's me, Sergeant Ouz,
First Lieutenant Turul!
Ouz, answer me.
Ouz, what the hell did you do?
Ouz, answer me!
Answer me already!
You are the craziest guy
to ever have come here.
Come on, open your eyes.
He is alive.
You can't go anywhere.
You're here, you're here. I...
Ouz, Ouz!
- You're Bekir, right?
- Yes, sir!
Listen to me, this is going to hurt.
It's hurt...
I'll take care of your friend.
Don't loosen the knot.
No matter what, no matter
how much it hurts,
don't untie it, you understand?
Sergeant Ouz!
- Ouz!
- My...
Listen to me, my boy.
You're in shock.
You're losing a lot of blood.
- Sir. It's very strange.
- Talk.
What is strange? Tell me.
What are you talking about?
Nobody's dying. Forget that.
There is no dying.
While we live, we keep
thinking about the past.
Memories, mistakes...
We only understand the value
of the present as we die.
Think, how wonderful it would be...
- What?
- If you could live being aware of that.
Hamburger... What?
What hamburger?
Ouz. Ouz.
Open your eyes! Ouz! Look at me!
Crimea! Come in!
This is Wolf's Tooth.
I've reached the boys!
Both are wounded. Come quick!
Copy that, Wolf's Tooth. Crimea is
secure. I repeat, Crimea is secure.
Copy that, Saint.
Little Bird is on the way.
I'll remember this.
That you ate with me before I left,
a hamburger.
I used to when I was little.
Then I stopped eating red meat.
Thank you.
Are you practicing for tomorrow?
I'm serious.
You're kind of sending me off.
You didn't have to come.
I did so you wouldn't
call me from there.
No. I'd be the first to make fun of
myself if I did. Don't worry.
When you get back, give me a ring,
we'll have burgers again.
If I survive.
If you survive.
Glad you're feeling better,
Sergeant Ouz.
I am First Lieutenant Turul Tmen.
- Sir...
- Don't talk, don't tire yourself.
We've talked to your family,
they'll be here in the evening.
They put a pin in your shoulder.
You'll beep in shopping
malls all your life.
Other than that,
you're fit as a fiddle.
Keep jacking off.
Sir, Bekir?
He's fine, too.
The bullet shattered the bone
but missed the artery.
They operated on him
and saved his leg.
He'll walk but he'll have a limp.
If it weren't for you...
Sorry, I barely made it.
I saw what you did, too.
It was very brave.
I wanted to keep you company
and talk to you before I leave.
Where to, sir?
The mountain.
I'll never eat another
wafer as long as I live.
Don't say that. If they heard you
they'd put us in a commercial.
We survived on the mountain
thanks to those wafers.
And got diarrhea in the hospital.
They say I'll limp.
Don't worry, Tamerlan also limped.
Forget about it.
Don't start again with
Mongolians, Lithuania, and stuff.
Hope your family gets here
soon and takes you away.
- Too late.
- Why is that?
They're your family, too.
Remember, once I asked
you to change the channel,
you almost beat me up?
It was dawn and stuff, why
would I change the channel?
Now get up and find me
Turgut from Ankara. Come on.
You're not serious?
Come on. Your military
service is not over yet.
You can get your way in
civilian life, but this is the army.
I'm going to my room.
I can't put up
with your whims, Bekir.
- Stay a little more?
- Do you want more painkiller?
Shall I turn it up?
Go ahead then.
I didn't die on the mountain,
but you may yet kill me.
They hooked you up to vodka.
I wish!
Did you see that nurse?
She has beautiful boobs.
- You seem to be in a better mood.
- Of course I am. You said 'boobs'.
You force us to
listen to this shitty music.
Get out of here then, you bastard.
Put on a film or the news for once.
You're so hollow and superficial!
You seem hungry for a beating again.
Just because no one else protests,
do you think you
decide around here now?
Bekir! Ouz!
Lieutenant Yaar wants you.
Fuck off.
Don't go if you dare, you fag.
- Why is he calling me?
- Both of you.
He's sending you to the mountain
with Sergeant Major Kemal.
There is a light on the
great mountain
Thinking about you,
in love with you
Your wheat skin, your tangled hair
My love, my kind, I say
I have the heart of a scarlet
That's just me
I'm leaving now, you cry now
Burn and cry, turn and cry
I'm leaving now, you cry now
Burn and cry, turn and cry
I couldn't bring it
from the mountain
I couldn't turn my
face to your face
I couldn't fool the beauty
My love, my kind, I say
I have the heart of an infidel
That's just me
I'm leaving now, you cry now
Burn and cry, turn and cry
I'm leaving now, you cry now
Burn and cry
Turn and cry