Dag II (2016) Movie Script

...to specialists like Yunus Emre Uar
as well as...
...the Turkish Armed Forces and all of
its selfless soldiers.
This is Black Sheep 44- 1 Niner.
Bandits marked. Reference south.
Black Sheep 2, angels 15. Alpha Check.
Affirm. Estimated mark 4 miles.
Everybody out of burners.
Mark clear.
Permission to splash target.
Break break, Black Sheep 44- 1,
This is Turkish AWACS Gney.
NATO friendlies in sector.
Break break, Black Sheep 44- 1,
This is Turkish AWACS Gney.
NATO friendlies in sector.
Stand by 2. Come in, Gney.
Operation near the mountain. OPSEC
may be compromised. Please comply.
As a part of the kuffar
...having interviewed civilians...
...and filmed idolaters...
I regret...
I regret Nothing!
The world must know these animals- -
Keep filming.
Do it!
Do it you scum! Do it!
Think I'll give you my fear?
Do it!
The wind...
...is intensity 2, from 3 oclock.
Distance 800 meters.
A taut bow is pulled...
To unleash the arrow.
Ms. Balaban?
Ms. Balaban, are you alright?
Are you hurt anywhere?
- What?
- Are you hurt?
Please come with us.
Were here for you.
Sir, we need to head to the village.
We're too exposed.
Mustafa, give me time.
Five minutes tops, sir.
Eref, buy us time.
Drop anyone armed in the alleys.
Earman in the alleys.
- Who are you?
- Special Forces, maam.
Combat search and rescue.
Ouz, Bekir.
Find Ceyda's civilian outfit.
Baybars, gather mags.
Were leaving.
Home, Ms. Balaban.
Were going home.
Here we go again, into the shit- -
Join me only if you want it.
Ill never be accepted.
My leg aches even when jacking off.
Do you want it or not?
Jacking off?
Cmon drink. Less
talk more sips.
Whatever happened to that girl?
You know, the one you told me about
at the relay station?
Oh man, still remember that...
She got married two months ago.
We never had a girl whose voice
rang like toasted glass.
Youre drunk again.
You know what? We never really
forget someone.
We carry lost ones behind our backs like
sacks of memories.
Were like porters, man.
We pray, we cuss, we endure.
But those memories prowl in
our heads like foxes.
The dead and lost loves are the same.
We only reminisce about them.
Sometimes I see Captain
Yaar in my dreams,
His final glance at me.
Worry in his eyes.
Not for himself, you know?
But afraid for me instead.
What would he have said ?
If he knew we were signing up for
Special Forces trials...
...first he would lovingly
pat our backs.
Then hed tell a dirty joke.
After that he would probably
cuss us out.
Were alive cos of Sergeant Kemal
and him. We need to be worthy.
Otherwise were trash.
To the unforgotten.
Arif, what do you see?
Iraq, sir...
The land of betrayal and enmity.
Were 24 km southeast of the mountain.
They will be here soon.
Ammo status?
We gathered what we could but they
are all AK rounds sir.
These men were reinforcements.
Real assault troops are south.
We need to reach the
landing zone quickly.
- Bekir?
- Yes, sir.
Get an AK, we can booby trap it.
Why just me?
My team was also there.
Why just me?
My cameraman Phillip,
producer Nechirwan could...
...have been here with us, alive.
Because they werent Turks...
thats why you did nothing.
It is not that simple Ms. Balaban.
Ceyda will do. No need for Ms.
Dont worry, I wont keep reminding
you of your racist preferences.
Remind us if you like.
I cant endanger the lives of my men
for those who arent Turkish citizens.
- Do you know who I am- -
- Oh we do.
Your views, your articles, your
opposition, they dont concern us.
A mission is a mission. Bekir?
- Yes sir.
- Bekir?
- Yes sir.
Scout ahead with Ouz.
We leave from the rear with Ceyda.
We head for the villages
10 km west.
Keep your eyes peeled.
Ceyda wears my helmet and the kevlar
vest Eref brought.
If she takes it off, make her wear it.
Are we all set?
How is your ear?
I have reconstruction surgery
in two weeks sir.
Are you two kidding me?
Just get your honorable discharge.
Why are you still in service?
One of you has a platinum shoulder.
The other one half lame.
What trials, what training?
Sir, if you only let us explain
the situation...
I dont think you understand.
We have no use for damaged men
who might risk their teams.
Say we accept you, what do we
do with your friend?
Cook behind enemy lines?
What did you say?
- Selim.
- Attention!
- I will take it from here.
- Yes sir.
At ease.
Units are not about individualism.
But about cohesiveness.
If one man falters,
the entire team may fall.
That is why old wounds are important.
The short- termer has no rifle,
and the other is Bekir.
Yaar's last words to me.
- Are your two years up?
- They will be in two months sir.
Bekir becomes a specialist,
myself a Lieutenant.
Yaar was my classmate.
My friend.
If they had send us to you
instead of HQ...
...I would gladly have died to
avenge him.
I won't throw kids he
saved into the flames.
My answer is no.
They are not kids anymore sir.
Bekir wakes up gasping in the night...
...to nightmares of Sergeant Kemal
whispering his wifes name as he dies.
The other wants to dedicate himself
to a cause for the first time.
They might be many things sir,
but they are not kids.
If they died to make us live...
...then let us live, sir.
Let us make others live.
You have two months.
Prepare well.
The trials and classes will be hell.
There arent real deserts you know.
They are all wind erosion.
Huh? Eurovision?
Man, use the internet once for
something other than porn.
Kidding, just kidding.
Here we are, alone again.
This is my fucking destiny.
My fate.
Snow, winter, desert, sand...
Death and Ouz.
Dare you to nag when
Lt. Colonel's around.
Oh Im sorry, sir.
I meant, I dont pull
rank because its you.
Tell me, do you think it was worth
risking 7 national treasures for Ceyda?
Bekir zbey, national treasure.
Answer me you dolt.
I dont know.
Well if you ask me she can
be a little more respectful.
662 Tamu Cizre, this is Storm Bringer.
Package is safe, over.
- T- 155s are ready sir.
We can illuminate the area, over.
Still undetected, no needs, over.
Copy that Storm Bringer, on standby.
Where are you from, Ms. Balaban?
Is this you tactic?
Excuse me?
The others are robots.
Im a package.
Are you supposed to be the kind one?
I wish the soldiers I train
would hear of what you just said.
I believe this belongs to you.
Other than us, you can
photograph anything you like.
You dont have to be nice.
And you dont have to be grateful.
Im not.
I know.
Im from Milas.
They executed everyone, even children.
Sons of whores.
Where are we?
36- 25 to 41- 75.
These are Yezidi grasslands.
This is recent sir.
Maybe 2- 3 hours.
They dont struggle during killings.
Fathers lie to their children so
that its over quickly.
Otherwise they torture those who
resist. Pull nails... gouge eyes...
Their only fault is to exist.
To their killers,
Yezidi are not human, but devilspawn.
Their sin is to have a religion
the others cant understand.
This is not our fight.
No sir. Its not.
Because this is no fight at all.
- Sir?
- Go ahead Arif.
Theyre coming.
Let them come.
We are deaths lovers.
Take off your berets.
Take a look at them.
Are you here for those berets?
From the 200 selected NCO and
officers in these trials...
...only 20 will join active duty.
But why?
What is our nature?
Are we heroes? Warriors?
If youre seeking such things, youre
in the wrong place gentlemen.
We are nothing.
Our aim is to be forgotten...
Our names wont be carved into stone.
They wont sing about us.
For if we gather fame, that means
we have failed.
Our nature is to utterly serve
the Turkish people.
We are deaths lovers...
...and only us...
...because both suffering and fear
of her must stay away from our people.
If one day when you let out
your last breath...
...the only thing you see is your
...and the only thing you hear is
...know that you are not alone.
Those before you, those after you,
all of Special Forces...
...will die with you...
...and be reborn with you.
- One dies...
- ...a thousand rise!
- Good luck, gentlemen.
- Sir yes sir!
Ouz, theyre coming. Ouz!
Oh theyre here man. Ouz?
Shut up, stop using the comm.
Youre gonna get us killed!
Hush damn it!
- Tamu Cizre.
- Your orders, sir.
Illuminate them.
Copy Storm Bringer. Illuminating.
The night births the moon.
To rise and fall.
Mecnun moans as his blood...
...joins beloved Leyla.
These men came from the west, Mustafa.
There were none west this morning.
662 Tamu Cizre.
This is Storm Bringer.
What do you see?
Veysel, its me, Doan.
Your orders, sir.
Kurds are exhausted north. They
cant hold. The pincer has closed.
How many?
The jihadis are encircling the
mountain to shut off the border.
You need to hurry.
Sir, how many?
Two thousand.
Get out of there.
What does this mean?
This area is surrounded.
Such bad luck. Were in the middle
of total invasion.
This truck works.
We can reach the climb to the mountain.
Wont Turkey send you reinforcements?
It's not sanctioned.
We're on our own.
The situation is deteriorating.
Those two thousand men,
in order to hide from American bombers...
...will climb the mountain.
We need to find safe shelter.
There is a place...
There is a place, gentlemen!
A dark place.
A place that will lend you
strength, even if you have none.
Youve finished the obstacle track.
You think youre done for, but no.
Now, together,
we discover that place.
Bekir zbey, Ankara. Your orders, sir!
- Youre a wounded vet.
- Right leg, sir.
I dont care.
You ran the track, does it hurt?
Yes, sir.
I dont care.
Can you limp?
A little sir.
I dont care! Run!
Run Bekir, run! Go!
Sir, yes sir!
That pain will be honey
during missions, Bekir!
Your eyes will tear up!
Your teeth will ache!
But Ill make you find that dark place!
The mind is formed of gears, gentlemen.
It unifies the body.
The mind has nothing to lose...
Motivate the body.
Heres something to push you, Bekir!
Ill eliminate you!
Lungs, spleen giving up!
Platinum screws, whole body bankrupt!
But you cant go to that
dark place only for yourself.
Bekir zbey, back here
in 30 seconds...
Or I'll eliminate your friend Ouz too.
Hell make it!
Your creed!
Music you listen to!
Favourite food!
...dont matter!
Only two important things, gentlemen!
Homeland... and the guy next to you!
You die and kill for these
two things.
If need be, your friend will cripple
his leg once again...
...but he will never
let his friend down!
Your wound will be a privilege, Bekir.
Every day youll get
electro- physical therapy.
You will weep from pain, understood?
Yes, sir.
You think its over rookies?
On your feet!
Into the lake up to your chest.
Sponges will not touch the water.
We are here until dawn, guys!
Your body temperature will fall.
When the shivering starts
and suddenly stops...
...know that you are freezing.
Dont get wasted, get out and
be eliminated.
Gentlemen, we will check every
sponge in the morning.
One drop of water when squeezed,
and youll still be eliminated.
Im not really a tea guy. But Id take
Turkish coffee though.
- Wow sir, no tea for us?
- Come here and have some Ouz.
Sir if you wouldnt mind, you can
bring it here. The water is beautiful.
Come here sir, well warm you up.
Looks like you want to run again Bekir.
No sir, I just want to
warm up.
Love of the homeland will warm you, Bekir!
You are thunderbolts, rookies!
You are avalanches!
The bottom of the sea...
...depths of the earth...
...even the highest place in the skies...
...is your home!
You will be afraid!
Fear is good.
Fear will keep you alive.
But not fear of heights...
...because eagles
dont fear heights!
How the wicked bullet
pierced his brow
His black eyes suddenly frozen
Only her sons bloody beret in
her hands
Oh mother, I would lie if
I said he will come back
Beautiful mother, dear mother,
its not easy
Its not easy
Never easy
Its not easy
Never easy
What is this place, exactly?
Tomb of Sargon. An Akkadian king.
Take Baybars and Eref.
You have command.
We need to shelter there.
Yes sir.
Everybody finish their meals.
We join them in ten minutes.
Why did they want you to rescue me?
Does it matter?
Throughout my career Ive written
articles opposing you.
Good fucking job.
Forgive him.
Special Forces took him out of the
fight, but not the fight out of him.
Its alright.
I appreciate speaking your mind.
Our thought, is our mission.
And that is to get Ceyda
Balaban, out of Iraq.
- Thats all?
- It is.
So Turkey will idly watch
this barbarity.
Those who suffer here were once
a part of us.
If we warred for all our parts, wed need
to drive tanks to Altai Mountains.
This is not a war,
its a crime against humanity.
Am I supposed to shut up and remain
silently grateful because you saved me?
Nobody wants you grateful.
But you should respect those who
volunteered into this shit, for you.
Youre right.
Respect for you and for the institution
you serve are two different things.
Give me a break.
Tell that to the sheep who lock up
soldiers and then declare them heroes.
Blood and life.
Thats what we offer here.
Bekir, enough.
Bombardment will soon begin, pack up.
He can take care of himself, go!
C4. Basic Semtex 1A.
Find the fuse.
- No backup trigger.
- Same here.
We ready?
Stop it! Stop it!
Stop it!
Son of a ...!
FG 1, this is FG 2.
The tomb is clear, waiting for you.
Not interested.
Not interested in what?
In what youre doing. I dont care.
Im here to buy books.
Since you are you prepared to
be this defensive...
Am I under attack? Never mind,
dont answer that, no need.
I'm really not interested.
Do all guys who approach you
give up this easily?
Unless they're shameless, sure.
I have this theory.
In essence, all men are actually
Women on the other hand, are castles.
One aims to conquer and occupy,
proving himself.
The other wants to remain secure
and repel the onslaught.
True romantic.
But then there are some invaders...
...so interesting and
so original...
...that the castle decides...
...to open its gates without resistance.
And you think youre one of these
interesting invaders?
You arent doing great, let me tell you.
Want to grab coffee?
I also have a theory.
Ultimately you're looking
for a nanny. Not a lover.
Thats not so enjoyable for
us women, though.
Why specifically Special Forces?
There was a feeling I had during combat.
An awareness.
A moment where the true
value of life just hit me.
- Turtle?
- I mean a turtle personality.
Because Im green?
Think of a turtle.
Crossing the road.
Disregarding the cars. It
thinks it's shell will protect it.
But in reality, its fragile.
Can be crushed at any second.
Turtle personalities dont really
care about what happens to them.
A wise woman would stay away
from such a damaged man.
I should just get up and leave.
Why dont you?
How long until your first mission?
Assuming I pass the trials...
...five more years.
How long do you need me for?
Check it.
You said Akkadian...
...but face is Alexander the Great.
I guess I shouldnt be surprised
youre a history expert.
Somewhere my college professor
is laughing.
Load it.
Sargon was a king who lived
4000 years ago.
Successive civilizations built
on top of their ruins.
Sumerians, Egyptians, Persians,
Babylonians, Greeks.
All the way to our present day.
Some built tombs,
some placed mosaics.
Some drank kymyz.
To you, all soldiers are noble.
But you see, all of those
civilizations also had soldiers.
In the end they fought, and killed
each other for more and more.
They still do.
Is that how you justify your
hate of the military?
By placing blame of war on only soldiers?
We dont think all soldiers are noble.
Only those who serve their people.
What good will learning this do for me?
Hopefully nothing.
Have you ever killed someone?
How does it feel?
Its a stain.
Get ready.
Sir, Ill carry you.
I will sir! Ill carry you!
Ouz, wake up! Ouz!
Youll take my rifle.
This is a dangerous place, Ouz.
When Im about to fall asleep at night,
I always wake up and look around me.
Im human too.
I feel fear as well.
One dies! A thousand rises!
The waters freezing. Are you alright?
Dont do this to yourself.
Get up.
Im okay here.
This training will devastate you.
You remember stuff youre supposed
to forget and internalize it. Dont.
When they saved us...
...they thought I did what I did
because of bravery.
As if I were defiant before the
sniper who was shooting at us.
Thats a lie.
I was depleted.
I lost.
I just didnt want to leave Bekir behind.
Wanting death is a weird thing.
Having it be your only escape.
You kind of want to fall in the dark.
The thought of it becomes sweet.
I still couldnt leave that mentality.
What if I died there?
Not physically.
What if I can never regain my
enthusiasm or normality?
That is why I must go back and
face that moment once again.
That terror and awareness has become...
...the only thing that makes me happy.
The only thing that makes you happy?
I know, it sounds strange.
Youll immediately talk about men,
women and relationships...
...how youre hurt at this.
No, I wont.
You think youre so smart.
But being human
is not about ending fear.
Its about accepting them,
moving forward despite them.
I fear stuff too.
Like what?
Like catching cold tomorrow.
Up, up, up.
- What now?
- Get up.
Oh Im sorry? I thought your only happiness
was awareness and terror?
Youre something terrible too.
No thanks, Im going to find myself a
normal guy. You can keep flailing.
- Nailing?
- I said flailing, idiot.
662 Tamu Cizre.
662 Tamu Cizre.
662 Tamu Cizre.
- Are we too high up?
- No, sir. Must be a jammer.
Keep trying.
662 Tamu Cizre.
Visual, sir.
Ceyda? What will they do to the women.
What do you think theyll do?
They are on our way, sir.
Dont get emotional.
If we ignore this too, Im about
to lose all emotion anyways.
We can also head for the other peak.
What do we do, sir?
How long have you been hungry?
Seven days, sir.
Two days, sir.
Man, you guys are fucked.
How long have being awake, rookie?
Three days, sir.
Quit the trials.
This life isnt for you.
Gentlemen, I got a big table inside
for all of you.
Brought some delicious food.
Like what you ask?
Alexander Kebab.
Marinated lamb kebab.
Ayran, tea, coffee.
Baklava. Both walnut and
pistachio baklava.
And of course we have what?
Water. Boys, we have water.
I had huge ice cubes brought for you.
When you drop them in, you will
hear them crackle, gentlemen.
All you have to do, is to tell us...
...the name on your piece of paper.
Go get some grub.
Ill cuss, sir.
Oh no, sir, hes going to cuss!
Maybe we should skip him?
This is torture training, skippy.
Cuss, sing, makes no difference.
Please sir, dont have him sing.
That will be the real torture.
Tell us the name on your piece
of paper, go eat hot food.
Sleep like a log. Let this
suffering end, Bekir.
This life is not for you.
The enemy will not offer you food.
They wont give you warm
beds as you give up!
They wont help with the pain!
Tell me.
Tell me buddy.
Give me the name,
- Give me ...
- Forgive me during nightime. As the moon crosses the sky
Forgive me before dawn
Right when we break up
For you, are the rain to my deserts
You are the morning to my night
You are the comrade to my life
The blanket to my winter
- Sir, hes approaching the record.
- He'll pass it.
35, 36.
38, 39, 40.
41, 42.
These guys were forged in fire.
They wont give up easily.
Captain, I 'm thirsty.
Give me some more?
I am not Superman,
bullets do affect me.
Baybars, what about you?
Me too sir.
Im Superman sir. Got one in the leg,
then became a red beret.
Why don't you open your
arms and run before us. Bekir.
Cover for us.
Sing Ankaran Turgut while you run.
Oh man, how I miss his songs.
Arif, your target?
3 oclock, sir.
If it misses, the gasoline...
Wont miss.
Get ready for contact.
On three.
On point with Bekir.
Safety's off. First contact in the head.
Wear your helmet!
Get down!
Why does the poet toil,
To weave the poem.
Are you alright?
Alright, its alright.
Dont be afraid.
Youre safe.
Its over.
May God give you blessings.
May God repay your kindness
in abundance.
Amen we say, oh Lord, as we open
our hands to your holy domain...
...let us not be without your grace,
let our hearts know contentedness.
We believe there is no limit
to you mercy.
Your charity and will is infinite.
- Bless us with those, oh Lord.
- Amen.
You adore the good, those who repent.
Let us be able to reach you
as we ourselves repent, Lord.
Lighten the unbearable
loads on our souls...
...do not let us be helpless, Lord.
Give us, her friends, her brother Mete,
her father Veysel...
...and mother Aye strength to bear
the pain, oh Lord.
Defend our homeland, our people, our flag,
our sacred values oh God ...
- Amen!
- El Fatiha.
My condolences, Veysel.
Do you need anything at all?
A leave perhaps?
I thought I knew death, sir.
Back in 94, General Osman and we
used to fly over dead bodies...
...in UH helicopters...
...we used to find out who died
where, with our noses.
Back then America would refuse
giving night vision to our birds.
We used to find our martyrs with nose.
I thought I knew death.
Now I know I didnt.
Turns out death...
...is waiting for my wife
at the door of the funeral home...
...as she washes my girls dead body.
I waited.
I cried.
I cried for dresses shed never wear.
I cried for fights wed never have.
I cried for a life unlived.
If only she could love a man,
get married...
...have children.
When I woke up from the daydream, I had
punched the mortuary wall 20 times.
Blood, tears and water were everywhere.
Had the undertaker bandage my hand.
Three broken bones.
No need for a leave.
Have them send painkillers.
Weve eaten a third of our ammo.
We need to reach the LZ fast, sir.
We are surrounded. Tracks are
everywhere. Already engaged too.
Were pushing our luck.
Do you know what they first teach you
when you get Search and Rescue command?
Thats not what they literally say.
But its the essence of it.
If morale is low
nothing else matters.
You cant just tell the naked truth
to your men on days of casualties.
You have to build a lie.
Then you need to believe it yourself.
What kind of a lie?
A beautiful one.
That theyll be remembered after death.
Know how many men
died under my command?
I dont know.
I've always consoled myself that I would
always be reminded of those 23 men.
But each passing day I forget
their faces a little more.
Peshmerga. (Iraqi Kurdish security forces)
Hows your Turkish?
Better than your Kurmanji (Kurdish dialect).
Youre in bad shape.
I will give you morphine.
Whats your name?
We arent PKK (Kurdish
Worker's Party), Turk.
We are Zerevani (Kurdish
militarised police force).
Tell me iya, what happened?
They sent us from eqlawe.
Then DAESH (Islamic State of Iraq
and the Levant) invasion began.
We couldnt slow them.
How many were you?
How many men were you, iya?
Now, just 1.
Those boys were entrusted to me.
Now theyre food for this cursed mountain.
Dont waste them on me.
You will need them yourself.
But dont leave me here.
Dont abandon me.
Do it.
Aim at my heart.
End it.
In Gods name, enough.
Do it, end it.
My soldiers' are waiting for me, commander.
They await me.
Right now you are marble.
Before your first mission we will
chisel your for 5 years.
History, geography, medicine, chemistry,
guerilla warfare, psychology...
...and languages will be your curriculum.
You will either pass a difficult education
or again, be eliminated.
Youre screwed, Bekir.
Because you are the last castle.
Men with knowledge as well as bravery...
...those who do not bow to emotion...
...first to go in, last to come out.
You will save lives more
than you will take them.
This will be a hard life.
Maybe a short one.
Your families will share you with us.
They will be happy with the crumbs.
Youll miss many graduations,
anniversaries and weddings.
On your childs birthday...
...bullets will rain atop some mountain.
Still, it will be worth every second.
This love, is such a love
that even if it consumes you...
...kills you...
...you will never let go.
Welcome amongst us, brothers.
Sir, ardakl has visual.
It looks so green.
I guess Sinjars only stream
flows there.
Five minutes rest, then we move on.
Copy that.
Are you Turuk?
Excuse me?
Yes, we are Turks.
Im also Turuk.
ardakl is also kin.
They are all Turuk.
ardakl is a Turkmen village.
We are Turuk alright.
Not this time.
Looks clean.
Just some civilians.
Around 30 to 40.
Wheres the LZ?
Ahead, 100 meters lower altitude.
We need to call the T- 70s sir.
Theyll just about make it.
I can see Turkey from here.
Whats your name?
Im Bekir, Enegl.
That is Ouz.
I tried talking, she doesnt respond.
They carved nasheeds on
her back with a knife.
Sons of whores.
Then again, that only insults the whores.
These are the realities you still ignore.
This time, those who suffer arent arabs
or kurds either...
...they are Iraqi Turks.
At least they will live.
Here, in this barbarity...
How does one live?
100 men, against 1000. How
do they survive?
This has no simple answer, gentlemen.
Is there a historical precedent? Yes.
There are the Carthaginians.
Under Hannibals command.
He did something similar at Cannae.
Naturally, the truth is...
...we need to examine the english theorist
B.H. Liddell Hart and his concepts.
During this battle, Romans were,
as always, too confident...
You know what I miss?
...in three main columns,
they attacked with the middle strongest.
Fist- fighting you.
I wish I could just tussle once
more before you became my superior.
Youre seriously crazy, man.
Bekir, Ouz, whats going on?
Sir, our friend Bekir here
wants to fight me one last time.
You fucking rat.
According to Harts doctrine
How do 10 men fight against 100?
Answer it properly, go out during
the break, and beat each other up.
I'll allow it.
Sir, 1000 people will always crush 100.
Reality of numbers.
The only way to win, according to Hart
is to fight indirectly.
How, explain that too.
To focus on the vulnerable joints
using any trick and advantage possible.
Oh yes.
Our final fight.
The closing of an era.
A clean punch to the face wins.
Whats the matter bro?
Scared of two?
May he who fears you, become you.
Come on shithead.
Youre learning something. Come.
You alright?
You alright man?
Dude... you indirect warfare shit.
Who ever hits the nose?
Sorry man, not intentional.
Im not Emin Boztepe.
Stop, dont stand.
Look up.
I fell in love with a girl.
We met the other day.
I think she likes me.
100 billion galaxies.
In each one, 100 billion stars,
countless planets.
And a girl likes Bekir.
She might be the woman I marry.
What the shit?
Youre serious.
Way to go Bekir. Live that life.
How does one live a life?
Where the cloud casts a shadow,
thats the LZ, sir.
Looks like my hometown.
Do they have 50 calibre
echoing in Bilecikm too?
You dont know our girls.
Salam- u- Alaikum
Alaykumu as- salm.
Are you Turkish soldiers?
- We are.
- Prepare qelyanalti, move it.
What is that?
Afternoon breakfast.
Would be rude to refuse, right?
I agree.
Only fighter left in our village is Boran.
Go speak to him.
- Welcome.
- Hello.
How many in this village, Boran?
25 adults, 15 children.
Im the only one who
can carry a weapon, sir.
Gentlemen, rest without bothering anyone..
Last stop before returning home.
You can rest in my home. Come.
Dont stay out. Come in.
Thanks, we are being a burden.
Dont you mention it commander.
The children here dream
of becoming Turkish soldiers.
We grow up with your tales.
- Your Turkish is great, Boran.
- I went to school in Gaziantep.
Before the war my father
used to import from Turkey.
The cobblestones on the village
square were his goods.
After he died we never got to finish.
If you dont mind me asking,
what happened your leg?
When those animals attacked
Talafar three years ago...
...we went to defend as a family.
I got one on the knee.
Commander, these lands were
the most fertile around Sinjar.
Wheat and fruit used to grow
After the war all were ruined.
Ottomans used to called this place
Nothing to reach anymore.
Were surrounded. Like an island
on a sea of arabs and kurds.
Storm Bringer...
662 Tamu Cizre.
This is Storm Bringer.
Our new call sign, 923 Mountain.
Mountain, your signal is weak,
but copy that.
662 Tamu Cizre.
Mountain standing by.
Mountain, this is Wolf. Veysel?
I am here, sir.
Terrorists crushed both Iraqi army
and the kurds. The region is falling.
Their main battalion, 100 strong are
pillaging towards the last village.
Are you ready for extraction?
Which village?
Arrival noon tomorrow.
LZ confirmation.Exit before dawn. Over.
I know commander.
Let us see you off unharmed,
that alone is enough.
Lt. Colonel, this is a Shia village.
- I know.
Will you listen to me one minute?
They will kill slaughter everyone here.
Our mission is not to defend them.
- The mission isnt the issue here.
- The mission is the entire issue!
My own feelings and desires are
of no consequence.
The mission is the only issue.
In your world, your sense of
responsibility means idealism.
An altruistic dream of helping everyone.
In mine its to keep my men alive,
whom I love like family...
...these brave, few men.
The entire issue is the mission.
No, sir.
The issue here, is
what bravery really is.
Bravery is not killing the enemy, or
defending borders drawn on a map.
There is only one righteous
reason for bravery in war.
And that is defending the innocent.
That war is coming commander.
That war is coming here.
Does this village deserve it?
Do these people deserve that fate?
Say something.
Enegl come here.
Come, dear.
Tell her.
Tell her so she knows.
Say "Were leaving".
Say "There wont be a single living
person here, tomorrow afternoon.
What will they do to this girl, sir?
Tell her, so she knows.
Tell her!
If courage is leaving this girl,
and all the villagers to their fate...
...I would rather be a coward.
You can keep on being brave.
Sir? What are you doing here?
It was crowded, I wanted some fresh air.
What are you yourself doing out?
Youre a married man now.
I was looking for you, dumbass.
Cmon, it was my mothers dying wish,
We have to make my dad dance.
Where is Ece by the way?
We broke up.
Why man?
No idea.
I guess 2 years with me,
is like 20 years with you.
You know, I dont have many friends.
Actually I only have one.
Thank God though, I get to
observe this one idiot.
This guy thinks too much, Ouz.
More he thinks, more he fucks up.
He thinks hes alone.
But he aint.
He needs to know this.
- This friend of yours?
- Exactly.
Ill tell him, if I see him.
Bro, they told me a ring might
cause problems during a jump.
We came up with this solution.
Respect, man.
3 years ago you said youd get married.
Here we are and youre getting married.
This is how we live, I guess.
Learn by falling and getting back up.
I wish you the same.
Yeah, I cant do that. Youre
married to your right hand.
Get up come on. I need to watch
you ruin this dance, move it.
Me? Not a chance.
Ill order you and youll fucking do it.
You know what?
I beat you up so good that day,
I kinda miss it now.
How quickly you forgot 3 years
ago. I popped your nose open.
- Oh really?
- Yes really, move.
- Lets see how you do in Ankara.
- Game on.
Is Turkey pretty sister Ceyda?
Dawn will break Enegl, go to sleep.
Sister Nabat tell us. You went there.
The soil is not orange like it is here.
Ashen and green.
There is cold and warm.
Dew falls on flowers each
morning, without harming them.
Their mountains have waterfalls.
Their peaks arent bald like ours.
They have it all.
All the good, all the bad.
When you walk in autumn, your feet
may be wet or dry.
A bird may shit or land on you.
Are their birds pretty?
They are.
Storks fly all around.
Falcons hunt lesser birds on hills.
Skylarks nest on city roofs.
Their cities are like fields.
Antep, stanbul, Ankara.
Buildings until the horizon.
Will we go one day?
We will, Enegl.
We will.
Go to sleep.
Bekir and Arif are on sentry.
Others are resting.
Cizre will send the T- 70 at dawn.
You will be a good officer, Ouz.
Despite me.
20 years from now...
...hundreds of men will look to
your words for everything...
Some of them will be troopers,
natural born soldiers.
Others young and foolish.
But all of them will follow your
example, Ouz.
If you show wisdom and awareness,
they will be wise and aware...
...if you show loyalty and bravery
theyll grow to be loyal and brave.
But above all...
...those under your command will
live and die by your decisions, Ouz.
Then a day will come ...
... Where'll youll have to decide between
whats right and the mission.
The right thing is the mission, sir..
Whats right, is the right thing, Ouz.
Ive ignored many right things for missions.
Back when we were your age
we served southeast with Yaar.
We were both born and raised
in Eskiehir.
But if you asked us the city
of our origin, wed say rnak.
Not because of time stayed there...
...but because of our souls we spent.
If you only knew the friends we
had to lose for missions.
Seven years ago, Captain Yaar...
...caught Bekir and I cussing at
each other once again.
We've already been warned 20 times.
Seeing that we were hopeless he assigned
a latrine to each and forbid us using any other.
You will clean your respective
shits every single day he said.
He had this smile on his face.
He was smiling because theyd given
us the same punishment back in '88.
We became so polite within a week.
He was my Bekir, Ouz.
My best friend.
I had chose the mission
but unable to make it.
He died because of me.
What would you do?
Sir, I...
My head says we need to get out.
This has no end
and numbers never lie.
But my heart, sir...
...its trying to fool me.
Says we cant abandon villagers to murder.
Maybe, theres a chance that...
...we defend this place and live...
...then look back and say that
as Turkish soldiers...
...we did the right thing
as well as our duty.
Commander, what is going on?
All the village children have boarded.
Time for the unruly one.
- I wont go.
- Youre the mission, Ceyda.
Ill do something, sir. I can be
of use!
No. You returning, is not
open to discussion.
Just promise me one thing.
You will not speak of this.
You will not write it.
It will be a secret forever.
We are nothing.
Shadows. What we do must not be known.
Promise me.
I promise!
Open it when you arrive.
071 Wolf, this is Mountain.
Mountain, this is Wolf.
Your orders were clear!
Why have you not exfil?!
What the hell are you doing Veysel?
Sir weve delivered Ceyda.
But they had to leave early
due to the coming storm.
What storm Veysel?!
Sir, I will consult my team
one by one, just to be sure.
Master Sergeant Mustafa ahin.
I concur with my commander.
Staff Sergeant Arif Sayar.
I agree, sir.
First Lieutenant Ouz.
The weather is terrible, sir.
Sergeant Baybars Ycel.
I concur, sir.
Specialist Bekir zbey.
Likewise sir.
Master Sergeant Eref ullu.
A storm is coming, sir.
We have team comfirmation.
What is your orders, sir?
- Noted.
- Standing by for orders, Sir?.
We'll try again tomorrow.
May God help you all. Out.
In 1950, we used to say Iraqi Turks.
Then we're forced
to call them Turkmen.
For us, land that is to be defended,
is land where our people live.
These villagers are our people.
- Eref, you have it with you?
- Always, sir.
- Baybars?
- Your orders, sir.
Go, raise it on the village peak.
Today, this place is homeland.
This is not an American film.
Last minute air support wont
clear out those hundred men.
Everything is here sir.
4 mags per rifle.
I got two rockets, for emergencies.
I can rig the C4s for remote
detonation with a comm.
The village also has some gasoline.
I'll crack open the DskH rounds...
... and fill the shells and powder
inside gas canisters as shrapnel...
Good. Divide all the benzene and
paraffin equally.
Ouz, explain.
There are two routes into the village.
The mosque path and the school path.
The mosque path is wider
but we got a choke point here.
This is the joint. Vehicles
must cross here.
We can use it.
I can rig a killbox with the C4s.
Two on each side of the road.
- Will take care of every truck.
- Then what?
No IED will kill 100 men.
Man to man engagement if they slip pass.
I just wish we had a
guardian angel.
You will go high.
Always wanted to be a muezzin as a kid.
- Why didnt you do it?
- They said I had a horrible voice.
If they reach iron sights Im fucked.
Need someone to keep the mosque clean.
- Boran, can you do this?
- Say die, and Ill die, sir.
How do we position sir?
You, Mustafa, Ouz and I,
were the vanguard.
After we collect our blood toll
at the bottleneck...
...we come here, to point green,
to you and Mustafa.
Baybars Cocktail.
Ycel Cocktail.
Molotov was his surname.
They must never know our real numbers.
We need someone to run around,
carrying ammo to displacers.
Veysel Commander?
Let me help.
The battle makes the warrior.
Let me help.
No mercy for those who try
to take this village.
Make every invader crawl.
They will curse the day they
first took a step here.
They wont fear death.
Theyll fear us.
Village flank is the only weak
point. Where the school faces.
How many rounds do you have left?
Ill be stingy.
- What is this place?
- Coalhouse.
It has a shelter under it.
Bring all remaining civilians here.
This place falls, the village falls.
The Last Castle.
Sir. This is not the Last Castle.
We are.
No matter what
keep the door closed.
Sir, please. Ceyda is gone.
If you would only allow it.
Keep the comms on so I can hear.
Use only initials.
And you cant ask me.
Go ahead then.
Well, I was just a kid
back then, 15 or 16.
Her initial was E.
She was 3- 4 years older than I.
You know how you look at something
disgusting and cringe?
Thats how she looked at me, like shit.
Turns out she liked me.
Then she invites me to drink lemonade.
I swear, sir, next thing I know
I open my eyes in her bedroom.
Somehow, it really happened.
For 11 seconds.
From Saryer.
We had dated for a year.
I took her to a romantic dinner.
She was pretty scared.
As if Id dump her
after we made love.
But thats not what happened.
We dated for another 1.5 years.
Then she dumped me.
Who would've thought.
Mine was also a girlfriend. Z.
Thats all you need to know rookie.
Its going to be pretty hard for
Sergeant Mustafa to remember 60 years ago.
She was singer.
A singer?!
In a tavern.
Met her on the first day of rookie leave.
Seeing my haircut,
thought I was an officer.
I didn't deny it.
Then, in a couple of months. I gathered
my courage and declared my love.
Oh God.
It was the 80s. Everybody was romantic.
F was an incredible woman.
Breasts the size of my head.
She's like a film star
and a diva rolled into one.
Wonder where she is now.
I was 19.
Had a two year girlfriend.
We were into each other,
but could never be alone.
Couldnt get past second base.
she had this best friend. Whom would
invite me to help with her homework.
She seduced me a little.
I was a teen so I couldnt resist.
Well, after my girl found out,
of course she dumped my ass.
You see sir...
...this scoundrel...
should have been eliminated.
Funny thing is, theyre still besties.
Im a classic guy.
Sebahat. My first and only love.
She was the beauty of Akaabat.
We got hitched a day before deployment.
Couldnt wait, in event
something happens to me.
Next day I was on a convoy to Keran camp.
Suddenly an RPG hit our
Unimogs rear tire.
Two died on impact.
PKM rounds bouncing everywhere.
Then I realize, Im shaking.
Thnking Ill never see Sebahat again.
I accept it. You know how people
feel, nothing will happen to me...
...this was the moment it ended.
A sergeant with shrapnel sticking out of his
jaw screams at us to remain calm...
...he puts in a cassette. Rock music
begins playing in the vehicle.
Outside ricochets keep rhythm..
Suddenly I begin enjoying it.
I realize Im probably going insane.
You were a kid back then Eref.
Frankly sir, I still got the same feeling.
Only now, I never shake.
Ill find Sebahat even if I die.
- Visual!
- Its time, gentleman.
Arif, talk to me.
200 plus change.
8 tactical Hiluxes.
And one Abrams.
More good news.
- Whats the formation?
- Two columns, sir.
Infantry ahead and rear.
Classic Saddam.
Five minutes.
Fear is good.
Youll run faster.
They have a tank!
But we have a Bekir.
Eref, do what you do best.
And if you get exposed earman,
know that I watch over you.
- Bekir?
- Ready sir.
Come, all of you.
Wear this.
Would this stop a bullet, sir?
No. But it will stop ricochets.
Take cover. Over there.
Theyre approaching the chokepoint.
Arif, shrink your profile.
Brave die once, cowards thousands.
Brave die once, cowards thousands.
Use Channel 4 for detonation.
One. Two.
The road is narrow.
Move the men and trucks first!
Trucks! Trucks!
Move! Move!
Why yell on a mountain?
To defy fate.
Move it!
Baybars! We cant hold this tank!
Run to the chokepoint!
Boran, get ready!
Arif, theyre leaking in!
Bekir, back! Covering fire!
Youre doing good.
Press the comm. Say the mosque is clean.
Repeat what I said.
The mosque is clean.
You again?
I cant even die alone?
- Two.
- Two.
Baybars, wheres my SMAW
(Shoulder-launched Multi-purpose Assault Weapon)?!
Sweet roses blossom
So the bees taste
Roses pinned to chests
To wither in time
Arif, get down!
Load up!
Arif, move!
Arif, come in, Arif.
- They are in the village, sir.
Arif, Get to Last Castle.
Sir. The flank is falling.
On our way, Baybars.
Guys, fall back. Were right behind you!
Sir, I'll cover you.
- Mustafa.
- Sir.
The other day my son asked
"Dad are you a hero?".
What did you say?
I said I was not...
...but that I served under one.
Humans grow from the cradle
To lie sleep in the grave
Cover me!
Arif, how many do you see?
10, sir.
Arif, Remember my son?
Of course I do, sir.
Handsome like his dad.
Arif! Behind!
- Hang in there buddy!
- Im good, sir.
He will be my ward, sir!
Heroes gladly fall
To protect their homeland
One dies,
a thousand rise!
Arif, sitrep.
Erefs here sir.
- Boran what?
- Hes critically wounded.
Get out of there now.
Bring Arif and the others.
- Yes sir.
- Bekir?
- Huh?
What, why?
Just, thanks.
I aint used to this, scrub.
Id expect daft history lessons from you.
Huns, Ithiopans, Hittites and stuff.
- Ethiopian.
- What?
They are called Ethiopians.
Thats more fucking like it.
Lets go.
- Eref!
- Eref!
Whered it come from?
Make me your shield.
Eref, Im wont leave you here.
I cant feel my legs.
Use your head, Arif.
Make me your shield.
Come on.
4 oclock.
Tell Sebahat.
I know, youll find her.
Are you excited Bekir?
A little, sir, mostly because
I get to have a stubble after today.
You already know Baybars,
your classmate.
Everybody can do everything in MAK 8.
But we also have specialists
among us.
Arif is our marksman,
Baybars will be heavy weapons.
Earman (Eref) is infiltration.
Why do they say Earman?
If Eref likes you, maybe one day
hell tell the tale, Bekir.
Dont worry, nobody likes him.
Why do we fold each others parachutes?
So that you remember.
No man is responsible for himself only.
We always take care of each other first.
Did you fold it properly?
Cant recall really.
Sir, theyre surrounding us.
Everybody load up.
Nabat, Ill help you to the shelter.
The battle makes the warrior, commander.
Ouz, wake up. Ouz!
One. One, two, three.
'Allah is Great'! 'Allah is Great'!
'Allah is Great'!
I had a daughter Ceyda.
If she had lived Id want
her to be like you.
With heart, knowledge, defiance.
Id want criticizing the
country and the military.
The state, and the people too.
Id want her uncovering our faults.
Just as long as she had love.
Love for the country and all its faults.
If you want to honor us...
...just love, Ceyda.
Remember the good things...
...our banter...
...brotherhood and the laughter.
Remember the football match.
Tell them my last command was to
extract all remaining villagers.
They wont refuse.
Dont forget.
The reason...
...dont forget it.
Weve laid out all the plans
from HQ, sir.
Normally they ransom, but not now.
Ceyda put the yezidi on the news...
...theyll execute her.
It will take at least a week for them
to move south of Raqqa to the mountain.
We need to make
good use of that week.
Know why we are saving this woman?
A known journalist who built a career
on criticizing us.
Being a Turk used to
have some meaning.
- Still does, sir.
- Does it?
Does it, still?
They will behead a Turkish woman
and record it on camera.
The world will watch.
Beyond all duties, we soldiers
have a moral duty.
To put our life and our existence
on the line for the benefit...
...of all of our people, and stand
with them against any enemy.
She can hate us...
...or love us, makes no difference.
Our duty is absolute to our people.
That responsibility is why you exist.
Its why youre coming with us.
This is your first MAK 8 operation.
The time has come.
Indeed it has.
Time to let live.
Sir, through pass!
- Let do dammit.
- Cmon Ouz!
- Penalty!
- No it was nothing.
- What happened?
- Penalty.
What penalty sir?
Bekir, dont offend a superior officer.
Aw sir, this here is peer pressure
from rank.
I used to be a civilian too!
Sir you already gave us
this half- lame...
If youre all going whine
lets stop playing.
You already have Baybars as keeper.
Oh! Poor officers are sad.
Its alright sir. Win the game.
Get used to how officers are, Bekir.
They got the easy life.
Easy life!
- You too Brutus?
- Oh didnt see you here sir!
Well this has to stop.
Im forming MAK 11.
NCOs only!
Cmon move!
We can do this!
Still lots of places to go to
Theyll never forget us here
Well sing a folk song and leave
Weve existed by loving, being loved
Sometimes fighting, dying, rising
Baked in an oven of meaning
We adore wise beauties and leave
We adore wise beauties and leave
We leave after paying all dues
We leave singing a song that endures