Daglicht (2013) Movie Script

Hendrik, this is Iris Boelens.
Sorry, we're going to court anyway.
My client saw dangerous substances
on the truck.
And Electric Bio also processes
offal and chemical waste.
Any judge would close the plant.
You'd have to pay your grants back...
Fish face, palette surgeonfish,
yellow tang, sperm whale...
Life guard, life guard...
I guess I'll hear from you, okay?
- Take it easy.
Come to mommy. What happened?
He wouldn't come up.
Hey, sweetheart...
Man, oh man,what's the matter?
You have to come up,you know.
King Kong, Hannibal, Maria, Peanut,
Franois, Chili, Saturn, Raisin, Margje.
DAYLIGH Ageeth Boelens.
- Mom, it's me.
Is he doing a little better?
- Just a moment. Aron...
Hi, Mom.
- How are you? What are you doing?
I'm on the phone with you.
Is it nice at Grandma's?
- I'm going back to my book. Bye.
Okay... Bye.
We're very glad you're all here
to celebrate this day with us.
75 years ago, Benschop Holding
began as a simple family business.
A lot has changed since then.
We can now say that Benschop,
partly thanks to my husband's efforts...
has changed from an insolvent firm
into a multi-billion euro company.
The name of Benschop
has acquired a reputation.
It's a name that guarantees quality.
A name you can trust,
and that commands respect.
Iris, Toine has a case for you.
- Yes. It's just a little sensitive.
You will handle it quickly,
efficiently, and quietly.
I don't want anything in the papers.
I won't let my son's filthy hobbies...
destroy everything wave worked for.
It'll be fine, Marthe.
This is our problem at work.
Kim de Boer, a natural.
You knew that child porn is illegal?
- It's all fake.
The piss is just apple juice.
This girl...
-This young woman,yes...
She's 17. It's against the law
to film minors for porn purposes.
She gave me a copy of a passport.
It said she's 21.
Oh, that's nice.
I just can't remember where I put it.
Her pussy's unmistakably adult,
don't you think?
Can I advise you to keep
that argument to yourself?
Sorry, I have to take this. Iris Boelens.
It's happened again.
You have to come now.
I need half an hour...
- Not later, now. Do you hear me?
Okay, I'll arrange something.
I have to go. An emergency.
Why did they send a junior?
- Your father means well.
Are you sure?
- He trusts me.
You should too, Mr. Benschop.
- Call me Peter.
Just find that copy of her passport.
I'll call you.
I have the right to refuse a pupil
who endangers others.
He pushed Loes
through the glass door.
I can't watch him all the time.
I've got 30 pupils.
Did you have him tested?
Nowadays, all kids are autistic or
ADHD. I don't want that label for Aron.
I can't let this go unpunished, but I'm
willing to give him another chance.
Keep him home for a week.
Take him to a paedologist.
After that, I'll give it another try
with him.
My mother's going on holiday.
Can we do it next week?
Come on. We'll talk about it at home.
- No.
- That's the boy.
I want to go to Grandma's.
Hi, Grandma.
- Hello, sweetheart.
Why are you here?
- To say hello.
Just to say hello?
- Aron's been expelled for a week.
I called the nanny service.
- I'm leaving.
They say no when they hear it's Aron.
I have to defend Peter Benschop.
The Benschops
can fend for themselves.
What did Aron do?
- He threw girl through a glass door.
It's getting worse.
What happened exactly?
- She took off her socks.
Well, that is inappropriate.
Be careful with the tea near him.
Fish sometimes eat their kids.
- So do moms, sometimes.
Mom, please.
Please, can't you babysit for me?
All year long, I'm always there
for you and your son...
...Except for these two weeks...
You won't take them away from me.
Can we stay here, then?
The aquarium calms him down.
I could get some work done.
I'll fix up the spare room.
Palette surgeonfish, yellow tang,
dartfish, cows head surgeonfish...
Aron feeds the fish. You overdo it.
My fish guy will come by
to check the water.
If there's a problem,
his number is on the fridge.
Goodbye, dear Aron.
Goodbye, dear Grandma.
They want me to have Aron
psychologically tested.
You won't have him committed,
will you?
No, of course not.
Put a foulard on the couch,
so it won't get dirty.
What's the matter?
There's something wrong
with the cows head surgeonfish.
Calm down.
This is Iris Boelens,
Ageeth Boelens' daughter.
There's something wrong with a fish.
Pietvan de Akker.
I remember you
from when you were a little girl.
The dead fish is back there.
- Give me a hand.
I'll have a look.
Cow's head surgeonfish pain.
Cow's head surgeonfish pain.
Cow's head surgeonfish pain.
Cow's head surgeonfish pain.
He's so much like your brother.
Let's see if it's the water
or the fish itself.
I don't have a brother.
Cow's head surgeonfish...
Don't touch him.
Cow's head surgeonfish...
Don't touch him.
I don't have a brother, you know.
Aron, please.
Leave the gentleman alone.
Quiet. Quiet.
Be quiet for a minute.
Be quiet for a minute.
Look at Mommy.
Have you calmed down now
Have you calmed down?
Have a nice lie-down.
Have a nice lie-down.
I'll be right back.
Where would this brother be?
- I'm not the one who should tell you.
Why not?
Where would my brother he?
I'll call when the fish
has been examined.
Hi Mom, it's me.
Is everything okay?
No, it's not. One of the fish has died.
I'm sorry.
Mom, the fish guy says
We got a brother.
Mom, do I have a brother?
Iris, stop it.
Do I have a brother?
- No,you don't.
Mom, do I have a brother?
Dearest Mother.
Thanks for your letter. I'm fine.
Yesterday, I was moved...
to another cell.
It's a few steps bigger, the windows
larger, all my stuff is in its place.
I'd like it if you came to see me.
How are the fish?
Ray Boelens.
mother and child murdered
why did Ray B. do it?
Where is the baby's corpse?
Horror neighbor Ray B. keeps silent
baby's body not found
police photographs leaked
Shouldn't you answer it?
This is the voice-mail of Ageeth
Boelens. Leave a message...
killer gets 20 years
with hospital detention
Finn here.
- Can you do some research?
I want to know who Ray Boelens'
lawyer was. Murder, 1982.
I'll check it out.
Do you have an appointment?
- Iris Boelens to see Ray Boelens.
The teacher will be angry if I'm late.
- You're not going to school.
All kids go to school.
I don't understand why I can't.
You have to stay with me.
I can't help it.
Okay, Sam Dijksman. Thank you, Finn.
Could you fill this out for me? Thanks.
Don't stare at the man.
- Which office did you work for?
Sam Dijksman.
You're not from Sam Dijksman's office.
No, that's true.
- A journalist?
I am a lawyer, though.
Mrs. Boelens?
I'm his sister. I think.
As you're a relative, we have to check
if you have a criminal record.
How is he?
Ray's not doing well.
We can help some people here in
the institution, others...
just seem to get worse.
In two months, he'll have to go
to a long-stay place.
The most humane way
of locking people up for life.
I'll see if my firm
can take over the case.
As his lawyer,
you could visit him every day.
Mom, don't stare at the man.
I want to go to school.
You're not going today.
We are going to stay
at mommy's work today.
- What's he doing here?
Can I talk to you?
- Ten seconds, brief and simple?
- Forget it.
I have to be in court in 15 minutes.
Good luck.
This man will take care of you.
Just leave him be,
I'll be back before lunch.
Thanks, Finn.
Ten Kate and Van Dijk are coming.
- Cancel them.
I have to see Sam Dijksman.
Boelens, Boelens, Boelens...
What was his first name again?
Convicted of double homicide in 1982,
a mother and daughter. Your client.
Oh yes, him. Won't shake your hand,
normal conversation impossible.
He's fine where he is.
- He wants us to take over his case.
That's highly unusual.
- My office wants the case.
You're civil law.
- Lode Dekker isn't.
Why does he want to waste his time?
Van Hees, his previous lawyer, made a
mess of it. There's nothing to save.
I'll go to the Bar Association.
Boelens is still entitled to an adequate
and unbiased defense.
I doubt very much whether you qualify.
Can you make sure
I'm allowed to see my client?
Ray, you've got a visitor.
Come in.
- Thank you.
Ray's very curious.
- Did you tell him I'm his sister?
No,you can do the honors.
I'm Bo, by the way.
This way.
Have a seat. He'll be right there.
Go and sit down, Ray.
Are you laughing at me?
Sorry, I'm a little nervous.
I'm Iris. Iris Boelens.
My name is Boelens too.
You don't have to stay.
- He does. Stay. Bo, stay.
Take it easy, Ray. I'm staying.
It's alright.
Ray has trouble meeting new people.
You're probably wondering who I am,
and what I'm doing here.
Or did you know I existed?
I think I'm your sister.
I'm your sister.
Can you say something?
- I don't have a sister.
What's your mother's name?
Ageeth Antonia Boelens.
- Born September 20, 1942?
She' 3 my meme! Km.
Can I show him a picture?
- Yes.
She's my mother too, Ray.
Mom couldn't handle me.
Why would she have another baby?
I understand this is a shock to you.
I'm sorry to spring this on you like this.
Where have you been all this time?
Iris, that's too abstract for him.
Until when did you live with Mom?
You can talk normally. I lived with Mom
until I was nine. I was nine.
And after that?
- Boarding school.
Can you still handle this?
Bo tells me you're a baker.
Rosita says I bake the best bread
in the world.
Sourdough. No yeast, no yeast.
Rosita was your neighbor, wasn't she?
Were you angry with her?
Rosita was nice to me. Always nice.
Hi, neighbor.
Can I have one of those rolls?
And... Oh, I'll have a croissant too,
Yes, that one. And a currant bun.
You bake the best bread in the world.
And Anna? Was Anna nice too?
Was Anna nice too?
Baby Anna pain.
Ray,what happened?
King Kong, Hannibal, Maria, Peanut,
Franois, Chili, Saturn, Raisin, Margje.
What happened to them?
- Get out.
What happened to them, Ray?
What happened to them?
Baby Anna is in pain. Baby Anna pain.
Ray, sit down now.
Calm down.
- Baby Anna pain.
Take him away. Take him away.
I should have prepared you better.
Ray is autistic.
He used to live on his own.
But he can't do very much anymore.
Why not?
He's been locked up for too long.
You know that autism is hereditary?
Here's my number.
If you want to come back,
call me in advance.
I'll prepare Ray better for the visit.
This happened too fast.
Give Ray another chance.
Here you go.
I'm borrowing your mom.
There are files on my desk about
a legal aid case I took over.
That's very odd because...
One, I can't remember taking the case.
Two, I work on cases from 6
in the morning until 11 in the evening.
I don't even have time for my family.
And three,why should I bother,
for free? Give me a good reason.
Because he's my brother.
I never knew I had a brother.
We're going to do this.
You're going to do this.
Find new facts. Do research. Look
for evidence, interview witnesses.
Peter Benschop is waiting. Come on.
Kim de Boer.
She hasn't filed charges.
You know what that means?
- That's your job.
She doesn't want you in jail.
She wants money.
She was ridiculously well paid.
A sweet 17-year-old girl is more
believable than a porn producer.
Your father wants to pay.
She wants 20,000 euros.
I finished the puzzle. Mom?
You can't prove anything.
- Well, I'll go to jail then.
You'd risk a jail sentence
to spite your parents?
Sure, why not?
Ageeth Boelens?
- She's my mother.
Ageeth Boelens is your mother?
Do you know her?
Can you come with me, please?
There's something wrong with Aron.
Aron, come to Mommy.
Aron. Look at Mommy.
He suddenly started screaming.
I don't know why.
Oh, sweetheart...
Why can't you ever act normal?
Because I don't know how.
Hi Bo, this is Iris. Ray's sister.
I was wondering if you had time
to meet me tomorrow.
My shill doesn't start until
the afternoon. We could have lunch.
Is everything alright?
- Yes, I'm fine.
What are you doing
in your fathers desk?
Dad isn't in Japan.
- I know.
You know
And what about this?
Put it back.
What is this?
Put it back.
I'm glad you could make it.
- No problem.
Aron is...
I just don't know how to handle it.
I can understand that.
There are many kinds of autism.
Normal people look
through a kind of filter.
With autism, the filter's broken...
and the volume is cranked up,
so that everything comes crashing in.
He keeps hearing the bell, an umbrella
being shaken, drops hitting the floor.
He's registering all that.
He hears the fries being thrown
into the fryer.
There are 25 fries on his plate.
- 37.
37 fries, sorry.
Three green lettuce leaves, six yellow
chicken nuggets. I know, I'm wrong.
And I didn't even mention
half of the things...
that keep barging into his head,
unfiltered and terribly loud.
It must drive him crazy.
- That explains the anger.
It's just a short-circuit.
It's like that in Ray's head as well.
It's as if the world overtaxes them,
and they just shut down.
They're simply not there anymore.
Do you think Ray did it?
No, no. Baby Anna pain.
- There's a reward.
Tell me where you hid the baby.
- Leave him alone.
Piss off.
- Baby Anna pain.
Final warning. Or we'll take measures.
- Guys, he's taking measures.
No, no. Baby Anna pain.
I can see how he might hurt Rosita
in one of his fits of anger.
But how on earth
could he be cool enough...
to hide the baby's corpse?
I don't think he could be
that calculating.
I don't think so.
His name is Ray, and he loves fish
just as much as you do.
Tropical saltwater fish?
Funny, isn't it?
Except he's in prison.
That's why I want to help him.
Do you think that's a good idea?
What's that one called?
- Yellow surgeonfish.
Bo, do you think
I could show these to Ray?
Maria, Peanut, Franois...
Chili, Saturn, Margje.
King Kong, Hannibal, Peanut,
Franois, Chili, Saturn, Margje.
Where are Venus and Raisin?
I'll take their picture next time.
She's very fat.
Margje's having babies.
- Margje?
Margje died a long time ago.
Fish don't live that long.
You never ask me how I'm doing
It seemed...
You're not my sister.
I am your sister, Ray.
I'm your sister.
Why are you always so unhappy?
Are you sad?
Are you in pain?
Maybe a little.
- I'm not always unhappy at all.
How can you tell?
Your mouth is so tight, and turned
down. And if you squint like this...
Sorry, it's inappropriate.
- Inappropriate.
Hold me.
Tell me it'll be alright.
It'll be alright.
Do you know why you're here?
Do you think it's fair that you're here?
- No.
Dina also said it's not fair.
- Dina. Rosita's mother.
Did she come to see you?
- Once. Then nobody. Then you.
I'm going to try to get you out of here.
no trace of victim's mother
Did you lock yourself out again?
Come on.
No trace of the victim's mother...
Hey, Rosita, have you got
some money for me?
Oh, you've got a john.
- My neighbor.
As long as he pays.
- How much do you need?
Just give me some.
Don't take it all.
- I won't. Get him to pay.
Ray's a friend.
- Sure. As long as he pays.
You can look again.
Working weekends.
That's howl like to see it. Very good.
Aron. Hello, my boy.
Tell me.
Much of the evidence
was circumstantial.
The facts are: The victim's blood
was on his clothes.
And he had the murder weapon.
The baby's body was never found.
But Dina de Waal, the victim's mother,
was convinced hems innocent.
She mentioned another suspect.
His identity was deleted from the file.
Ray never confessed. Never denied it.
What about the mother?
- Finn's trying to find her.
At the original trial, Ray was defended
by Willem Van Hees.
I'll be. Attorney Van Hees.
That's odd,Van Hees representing
him. Legal aid is not his line.
He's an even bigger
money-grubber than I am.
The best is still to come. Neither Ray
nor Van Hees appealed the verdict.
Well, Van Hees did appeal,
but he suddenly withdrew.
Why would Van Hees do that?
I'm Iris Boelens, a lawyer.
I'm looking for Mr. Van Hees.
A cup of tea, nice and hot.
- Great, thanks.
My husband is coming.
Is Aron doing okay?
- Yes, he's fine.
I'm Iris. I work for Lode Dekker.
Lode. That old scoundrel.
What are you doing?
- A puzzle.
Am I in trouble,
or do you want my advice?
I'd like to have one of your old cases
It's about Ray Boelens.
Do you remember the case?
I went through the files...
but a lot of things are missing.
Another suspect is mentioned.
But the name was deleted.
I can't find it.
You appealed the verdict at the time...
but you withdrew the appeal
right away. Why?
You're hurting me.
Mr. Van Hees...
Go away.
- I don't want to upset you...
Go away. Get out.
Mr. Van Hees, I'm...
- God damn it. Get out of here.
Go away.
Go away. You heard my husband.
Just go away.
Easy, dear.
The man fell, that's all. It's alright.
Come on. We're going to the car,
we're finished here.
Fox's head surgeonfish,
Hawaiian surgeonfish, dartfish...
What's the matter?
There's a man in the garden.
There, in the back. Behind the trees.
Stay here.
Drop the case
Who do you think you are?
Aron, put on your coat. We're going.
Thanks a lot.
Here it is.
Look, Mom, books on fish.
Be careful. Let Mom have a look first.
You know what? Sit down here
on the floor, and have a quiet read.
You can see better here, too.
Ray, smile.
You're rather handsome.
Ray, it doesn't matter. Calm down.
Listen to me. It doesn't matter.
Let me go!
Let me go. Stop.
Let me go..you're hurting me.
No, no. Get out of here.
I paid for it, moron.
- Get out.
Anna... Settle down, baby.
Come on, give her to me.
- She won't bite.
Relax, honey.
Look what I've got.
Can you see Mom?
I'll give you a hand, okay?
No need to be afraid.
- Not very clever.
Searching in the dark.
It's Iris, isn't it?
Stop this.
- Stop this.
No, come back.
Go on. Mom's coming.
Get your pajamas and a cuddly toy.
We're sleeping somewhere else.
Lode, I'm getting ready to leave.
Can I call you back?
There's a problem, though.
Kim de Boer filed charges of rape.
It's a criminal case now. I'll take over.
Why? How can that be?
- I don't know. I don't get it.
Toine says Peter wants you off
the case. I'll visit him, to sort it out.
I'll call you as soon
as We seen him, okay?
You're back.
Why didnt you tell me about him?
'Hi, Mom. Lovely to see you again.
Did you have a nice trip? '
No. Actually, I didn't.
I knew you wouldn't leave Ray alone.
- Why didn't you tell me?
Ray was a very...
quiet, sweet baby.
He wasn't too fond of hugs.
But neither am I.
Until hams 18 months old.
When he started crying,
and never really stepped.
He destroyed everything.
It was like living with a wild animal.
He could be very sweet too.
He made wonderful drawings.
But when I told him
to put away his crayons...
he'd get a terrible tantrum again.
Why am I hearing this
for the first time?
Who's his father?
He came, saw and took off. Especially
when he saw what he'd done.
We're no good at holding on to men.
But I'd never abandon Aron.
I had no choice.
Ray had a little dog.
He adored it so much.
- Go on, throw it.
Go on, do it.
- Or I'll pull down your mom's panties.
I think that's what happened.
He never could lie.
But I knew it couldn't go on.
- You sent him to boarding school.
It was better for him.
- Better for you.
And for me.
And yet, I did all I could.
When he turned 18...
I decorated his at for him,
and got him a job at a bakery.
It didn't help.
Now he's locked up.
- You never visited him.
I did try.
I couldn't face him.
- Ray didn't do it.
I'm going to bed.
- Ray is innocent.
He can't lie, you just said so.
And I'm going to find out who did it.
Hello, dear Grandma.
Hello, dear Aron.
Look, We brought you a present.
It's a kind of puzzle.
We're going to sleep somewhere else.
- Nonsense. Come on.
Go and brush your teeth,
and put on your pajamas.
Hannibal, Maria, Peanut, Franois...
Chili, Saturn,Venus, Raisin, Margje.
Do you remember
that we talked about Dina?
- Dina. Rosita's mother. Dina.
Can you tell me where I can find her?
- At home?
On the beach.
Dina worked on the beach.
Please come here.
What's the matter?
He's drawing.
Give him a pencil and paper.
Do you know where I can find Dina?
The water must be too cold to swim.
Can I keep this?
I'll get you some paper, and crayons.
But in your room, okay?
Come on, Ray.
- Bye.
I don't give a shit about Kim de Boer.
That's Iris' mother.
What does it mean
if I'm not an only child?
Does Toine know about this?
Don't tell Iris anything about the past.
Is that clear?
What does it change? For me?
For my inheritance? For me?
Can you find out?
Without my parents knowing about it?
I'll check it out, and let you know.
Dina, where are you?
This is the voice-mail of Iris Boelens,
Dekker Attorneys. Leave a message.
This is Lode. Peter asked me to check
something. You won't believe this.
I can't tell you over the phone.
I'm coming to see you right now.
Goddamn it...
I'm coming over to tell you in person.
Hang on.
It could have a big impact on you,
us, the entire office.
So I'm coming over.
We been trying to reach you.
It's about Lode. He's...
He's been in a car crash.
He's unconscious.
They'll keep him like this, hoping
to reduce the swelling on his brain.
Lode, can you hear me?
It's me.
Don't give up, okay?
You've got a visitor.
Hey, you...
- I'm hereto see Benschop.
You can't just go in.
Do you have an appointment?
Certainly not with the child.
Wait a minute. Ma'am...
Okay. Close your eyes,
come to Mommy.
What did you tell Lode?
What did you tell him?
- Five minute break, guys.
What was it?
- I fired you, didn't I?
What did you say?
- Piss off.
Piss off. Piss off.
What did you say?
- I'll call Security. Piss off.
I want to know why he's in a coma.
You can stop. Go upstairs.
Come an, upstairs.
What was that?
- Lode was in a car crash.
He's in a coma, he may never
come out. You talked to him.
What did you tell him?
Come on.
He'd check something for me.
- What?
We shouldn't be seen together
Why not?
- Believe me.
Be careful.
Mind your head.
Hey,what are you doing here?
I'm looking for Dina de Waal.
Do you know where she is?
Don't know her.
Are you Dina?
- What do you want from her?
It's about my brother, Ray Boelens.
Dina said hams innocent.
Did I?
That's what Ray says.
- He's lying.
He can't.
Sorry, I can't help you.
- But you have to.
You have to tell me about the murder.
Why do you think he's innocent?
Come with me.
Ray is innocent
because Ray couldn't help it.
That's just the way Rosita was.
She drove men crazy.
She could really get under your skin.
- Why can everyone touch you naked?
And you can't?
She could drive you up the wall.
But that he'd hurt little Anna...
I thought you were different.
- I don't want to be.
Come on, then.
That's... That's my little girl.
Is this what you want?
Ray is Anna's father.
- Didn't you know?
Ray, come on. This way.
No, I have to go back.
She has to leave.
- No, she has to go.
No, she has to go. King Kong,
Hannibal, Peanut... Go away.
What happened?
I'll be gone soon, I promise. But first
I want to tell you We got a child.
You've already seen him.
His name is Aron. He's seven.
Is he just like me?
He's friendly, kind and clever.
He can already read and write
and he's very good with puzzles.
He loves fish.
- Tropical saltwater fish?
Yes. They're his favorite.
Look at this.
Do you have a child as well?
Funny, isn't it?
Nobody's supposed to know.
Nobody's supposed to know.
- Who says so?
I can't talk.
- Says who?
I have to keep quiet.
- Who says so?
Bo, leave.
- Who told you not to talk?
Bo,we have to go. Bo, I have to go.
I have to go.
Who told you to keep quiet?
- I'm taking him back.
Ray, who?
Someone's talked to him.
Threatened him.
The visitors' list.
What time did you get here?
- Twelve.
So it was before twelve.
- Let's see.
What is this? What's she doing here?
- Ray had an irregular visitor today.
And her being here is okay?
- He's been threatened.
I have to report this. This won't do.
Aron, come on.
We're going.
Iris,what are you doing here?
I have to talk to you.
Come in.
I'll be right back.
You had Ray convicted
of those murders.
You got Van Hees
to sabotage the defense.
That's why Ray's locked up.
I know you went to see him today.
He really did commit those murders.
Listen to me.
Iris,you have to let this go.
He's your son.
Ray is your son.
Ray is my son.
Your mother was my secretary.
I know, it's a cliche', but she was
and is the love of my life.
But then, I could marry Marthe.
Money, fame, the Benschop name.
- Are you my father too?
Regrettably, I'm not.
Those two weeks a year
your mother takes a trip...
I live for those two weeks.
And this business with Ray...
You have to accept
he's a danger to society.
Which makes your mother and I
very sad.
Where's Anna?
- I buried her.
You have to go. My wife...
- Where?
You have to stop.
- I have to know where she is.
Where is she?
Let it go.
Let go.
- Where?
Let it rest.
- She won't stop. She won't stop.
Are you alright? Are you in pain?
- Get me out.
I'm coming. I'm coming.
Mommy's coming.
Mom, he's coming!
Get me out.
- It'll be alright.
It'll be alright, honey.
- Let me out.
It'll be alright, honey.
It'll be alright, honey. Come on.
Come on, now.
Come on, now.
Climb on my back.
Okay, climb on.
You stay here. Whatever happens.
I love you.
Go away.
Why are you doing this?
Bo... Hey, this is Iris...
I'm sorry to call so late,
but I don't know who else to call.
I can't go to the police,
but I do need help.
Could you please pick us up?
Can you hold this?
What is this?
- Drawings. Ray made them for you.
They don't really show anything.
They're scrawls.
Safety belt... Right...
Come on. Sit.
It doesn't fit in here.
- What?
The puzzle.
Thanks, Gerrit.
That has to go there.
- This one?
Yes, with that black one.
This one goes in the corner, there.
And this one has to go there.
That one goes there. There.
This one goes there.
Next to the knife.
A little more that way.
Baby's in pain.
Baby Anna pain.
The baby's in pain.
Mom, baby Anna's in pain.
Come now, Mom. Come now.
Baby Anna pain, baby Anna pain...
Morn, baby Anna pain.
Baby Anna pain.
Rosita, give me the baby.
- No, she's my daughter.
Anna has to get out of here.
I have to borrow your car.
Ray, listen. It'll all be alright.
I'll take her to First Aid. Listen to me.
Calm down. It'll be alright.
Get out of my house.
Get the hell out.
You're not taking my baby away,
Get the hell out of here.
Get out of here.
Get out of my house.
Who are you, really?
Who are you, really?
Who are you?
You don't want to know.
Calm down.
- Take the baby, Ray.
You killed Rosita and Anna.
Get out of my house.
Calm down. Ray's father is outside,
with money.
You'll never have to work again.
- I don't want your money.
It was an accident.
An accident. She tried to stab me.
- You killed her, and you blame her?
I didn't kill her.
Toine, it was an accident...
It really was...
Relax, little girl.
It'll be alright...
Be quiet...
You framed your own son for it.
Your own esh and blood.
How could you? How can a mother
do a thing like that?
They were going to have
a baby together.
I didn't believe a word.
How many men had she had sex with?
Funny, isn't it?
Nobody can take this away from us.
She was just using him.
But when...
when Anna was born...
it was clear she was Ray's daughter.
A child, in that house... Impossible.
With Rosita whoring around.
And that drunk mother of hers.
Dina spilled boiling water on Anna.
What's wrong?
- Baby pain...
She spilled boiling water on you.
Baby pain...
- Piss off, you.
It couldn't go on.
I had to do something.
Ray, give Anna to me.
I couldn't leave you there.
Mom will take care of Anna. Very good.
Ray was never acknowledged
as your father.
I couldn't have taken care of you.
It was a horrible decision.
It was you, or Ray.
You'll have to go away for awhile.
Then I can handle everything.
I chose you.
Are you in pain?
You're not my sister.
I don't ever want to see you again.
Baby Anna's not a baby anymore.
You're my father.
You're my father.
It'll be alright.
It'll be alright.