Dai-Nihonjin (2007) Movie Script

Do you like the cold?
You know, I don't really think about it.
I guess I do, yes.
There's much more work...
and I am happier then.
"Please move to the front of the bus"
Do you think it will rain?
Maybe, Yes...
That's why...
I always carry an umbrella
They're very useful.
A nice umbrella.
It's a compact model.
I like it,
because it only gets bigger,
in times of need.
I love this place
Look at the state of that.
Very busy.
More umbrellas'?
Nothing special.
You like keeping cats?
No, I don't 'keep' cats.
I occassionaly play with her.
Was she a stray?
I don't know where she came from.
If I say she was a stray cat
then all cats are strays.
I'm really not sure...
But, I don't think that she was
a stray cat
If that's the case,
I am also just as free.
We were both born free.
What is that?
Dry and soft black seeds.
They're nice.
I like them very much
Immerse in water and they become
very big.
Very tasty.
They go with everything
A bit more on this...
They're good,
They enhance the flavour.
Do you always cook by yourself?
Yes, I like to cook,
as much as I can.
It gives me satisfaction,
most times.
Does your wife cook for you?
Not now.
We aren't together.
She doesn't...
Are you divorced?
For a while.
She lives with our daughter.
We don't see eye to eye.
Do you see your daughter?
Yes, we are very, very similar.
How old is she?
10 years old
Your daughter...
What is your monthly salary?
My income...?
My total income is around
300,000 Yen.
Enough to pay the rent?
Yes, it covers it.
What do you do in your free time?
That's a tricky question...
I'd like to say,
but let's not hurry things.
I don't just tell anyone.
Trust is important to me.
0 or so...
Special chow mein.
One special...
In general, how often does he come here?
About two or three times a week.
three times?
So, he's a regular?
And he always orders special chow mein?
Yes, like clockwork.
Anything else?
He doesn't order anything else,
just the special.
Nothing else?
No, that's his usual.
When did he first come here?
I really don't remember.
It's been a while now.
Did you know how famous he was?
Not really. No.
What do you think now?
Never judge a person
by his appearance.
Do you usually come
to this park?
my daughter used to play here.
think of her very often.
I like to reflect here.
You know,
I really wanted a boy.
Do you prefer boys?
It's not about preferences,
this new generation is so different.
They have...
no sense of responsibility.
But, I won't just give up on them.
Do you want another child?
I won't rule it out yet.
I just hope it's not another girl.
I have a plan,
and a strong belief.
Do you see her often?
Your daughter.
just once a month.
What do you do together?
You know,
usual stuff...
We go to the movies.
Do you ever go on holiday?
It's difficult.
I find,
I'm busy a lot with work,
and my daughter has to
go to school.
We get very little time off.
we don't go on trips.
Have you been abroad?
No, I have never been overseas.
I don't even have a passport
not because I am scared.
I'm not.
I don't have any anti-American sentiments.
Maybe, I just like
to stay close to Japan.
That's probably why.
Do you like the United States?
In these times,
there's no reason to be hostile.
It's a matter of education,
let people make up their own minds.
I don't look too deeply,
into these things.
Are you okay?
I feel embarrassed,
can you stop filming.
It's a business call.
Seems so...
That's an important role.
I know.
I know.
Please be quick.
I'll wait for you.
Who was that?
An old rival.
I may have to fight them.
This may be good news.
Can we continue the interview now?
Do you like Europe?
These questions!
My phone.
I can...
I know. I know.
I am on my way.
I know.
I'll call you.
I have to go now.
Yes, I have to see someone.
And us?
I can't, It's important.
Is it to do with your work?
Yes, it's work.
I received the order to come immediately.
I know.
I'm so sorry,
I am just filming him.
Please let us in!
I am sorry, I can't.
You can't?
You cannot go in Sir.
We won't be long.
You cannot go in, I'm sorry.
Please stay back.
Can we film from here?
Please do not approach him.
Keep your distance at all times.
Don't do anything to
upset his mood.
How long have you been his manager?
Since 2002.
5 years?
Are you very busy?
Recent viewer ratings
have not been very good.
They fluctuate, you know.
How does he become small again?
If you ignore him, he will
come back down to size.
Like a child?
Something like that.
Just like before?
Is this continuous...
Seem so.
How long does he take?
3 days,
Then he's back to normal.
He quickly gets back into his routine.
Your tights are very beautiful
What is that?
It's a dragon.
It's so hot.
Look at the size of the bed!
You can't come in here. What did we say.
He's still asleep.
Here is your dinner...
Another sponsor wants to come over,
I have arranged a meeting.
What do you think of Big Japanese Man?
He's in good shape,
Have you seen him?
Do you like him?
He scares me.
I saw him once
He causes a lot of trouble.
But he does have a playful side.
My mom says he's beautiful.
Do you feel completely recovered?
I feel fine.
Although sometimes it's hard to
judge yourself.
The cat has probably been missing me.
Do you ever get tired of it all?
Oh! That depends on the
Not knowing when the monster will
break out.
Or when to take a rest?
I don't know, it can happen anytime.
I'm running out of locations.
I can't rest.
I have to be ready to deal with it.
There are a lot of
photographs on your wall.
Who are they?
That is,
the fourth generation.
the fourth generation?
The fourth generation.
That one,
is my grandpa.
Your grandpa?
He was of a different time,
like the bubble economy,
Each night, everyone got
together to party,
Back then,
he had 50 maids!
And now?
This generation?
doesn't have any maids,
Even when they are single,
What are the wages like?
People have no concept of circumstances.
So, for now, I just try to
enjoy myself.
A month goes by so quickly.
My wage is barely enough to survive.
Soon, I'll have to rob banks to support
All I can do
is use my talent to make money.
Why were they more popular before?
because of the quantity of
the monsters.
How can I put this...
Today, this industry is very quiet,
now one must rely on
far fewer monsters.
And there's much less creativity,
Much less.
The monsters just don't appear
as often now.
They were better organised?
Back in those days.
It really was a golden time (age).
Or so it seemed.
Nowadays it's all dead.
It's shown at a late hour,
Too late for most...
Yes, the 'dead' hour
1 million viewers?
I remember when we reached 2 million!
The viewers will come back,
I'm sure.
I don't know.
Where do you go from here?
It's all changing.
I hear that the monsters are all
in the central region.
There are a lot of electricity
wires there.
I really want to go to there.
How many places are left in this country?
We are running out of places left
to fight in.
But, we still have the castle of 8 Princes,
that hasn't been used for a while.
Always historical sites?
At the beginning of the century we
had 52 places to fight.
52 places?
In all.
More choice.
What can you do to change things,
to improve the ratings?
Some people say you are a monster?
Yes, I am a monster.
The general term is 'monster'
I am fine,
with this.
A 'monster' to me is
not always a bad thing.
We must choose our words carefully,
Today we can use this word freely,
The conotations aren't so bad.
Yes, a 'monster'.
During the old times,
people didn't think like they
do today.
I am sure of that.
Are you sure?
So you say...
It's depends
on how you think about it.
How do you feel about working
for the military?
Your opinions?
This doesn't interest me at all.
I occasionally hear comments,
but I take no notice.
What I do is a tradition,
from ancient times.
It is certainly very complex
The end result is that,
monsters and humans resist
each other.
Only when
one of them is dying
do the humans or monsters
understand the other culture
I have no hatred of humans
Are you scared of anyone?
Uncertainty scares me,
or this new generation!
We are just products now.
Last of the things that cannot be controlled.
Todays generation just wants
to clean up everything.
The children?
The children...
Yes, the children
I am not so sure.
Can we come in?
Bear with me,
Just wait here a moment.
I am the 'King of Pain'
crew is filming me,
Can you let them in?
He says it's okay...
In the beginning...
I am ready.
The costume
It changes the shape of the body,
He feels it.
Yes, he feels it.
He always looks like that.
Yes, Yes
he has been more aggressive.
He was more solemn before.
He is changing,
For quite a while now,
Yes, a while.
The ceremony must be done right.
How do you know if it's allright?
Well, what I mean is,
as he grows - he changes.
He's very unpredictable.
Does he transform here?
Not always...
From time to time.
Does he prefer it here?
It must be done correctly?
That is vital.
Are you scared?
Does he worry you sometimes?
because they are a good team.
Sorry, Sorry,
can you start again?
Okay, ready now.
The beginning...
I am ready.
Please stand back.
Do you think he is cursed?
A curse is something...
that doesn't have a positive meaning.
I'd say it's a...
It's hard to say,
Go on...
A curse...
A curse...
can be used to serve justice also.
His heart is honest.
Who said it was a curse?
Well, we all have our own personal
Everyone thinks that they
are usually right.
I thinks that that he is
a man of justice,
what exactly is justice?
In todays world,
these definitions
become blurred. What is life?
Your life?
My life? Whose so-called life
is the standard?
it's all a process.
My own life is here
from generation to generation
we continue the last one,
that progression is 'life'
To say that the ones self
is the only life?
Or death...
Will only I die, when I close
my eyes for the last time?
This is very important.
Which one is more important
is another matter.
But if I compare death to life,
then life is certainly
the most important.
Life is hard,
get die all the time.
To ignore it is foolish,
It's all we have.
Animals also think
in this kind of way
Even monsters...
He must find a safe landing spot
before he jumps down.
If he is successful he will prosper.
This is the survival mentality
that drives the monster.
Please do not cover your chest.
What a hero!
What a hero!.
It's starting...
It's starting,
Does the 'King of Pain' come here often?
Yes, when his schedule allows.
He drops in.
Sorry, what is your relation to him?
Just a friend.
We were childhood friends.
We have known each other for
so long now.
This is the true test of friendship.
What do you think of his work?
It's very tiring.
I've seen him grow,
and transform
into the giant.
it looked so painful!
A lot of people let fame go
to their head,
But not him.
He always wants
to please and help others.
Ms Mulberry,
How old are you?
What do you think,
Guess how old?
30's?! You divided in two!
It doesn't matter whether you
know or not,
Just don't say I am 20 years old
Age is important to a woman.
I'm sorry.
Ms Mulberry, are you coming too?
Come with me, right?
I should slap you!
Be careful!
Ms Mulberry, be careful!
See you tomorrow.
Young ladies, how many of you
entertained him tonight?
Yes, how many?
7 or so.
She is still learning,
Don't compare!
Your pronunciation?
Yes, It's better now!
Say 'President'?
'President', 'President'
'President', 'President'
Hey! You shouldn't be here!
I am the 'King of Pain'.
This is for you.
He is in room number 3.
Has he been here long?
His Grandfather?
About three years
Are you surprised?
He leads an active life.
What he can do is very unusual.
Yes, that's one way of saying it.
He's quiet,
He is older now.
Yes, he is.
Your grandpa can be difficult?
It's tough to feed him,
or give him his medicine.
When he was younger
he took a lot of different drugs.
Maybe more pressure from society?
How did your father die?
Very tragically,
my father died
when he was still very young.
His death came about...
because he...
wanted to be bigger.
but he over-worked himself...
and died abruptly.
His generation was different,
in the fourth generation
the elder of the house
couldn't connect with their sons.
They reminded them of the
ageing process.
Well, that's my guess.
Do you think everything is bigger now?
Can we deny it?
We sometimes forget the consequences,
which are bigger problems.
as a result...
intelligence is slipping away.
Our brains are bigger.
-Your Grandpa has escaped.
He fled the hospital
Tokyo Tower Under Attack!
What do you think?
This is...
this is a problem of the
fourth generation
The generations are irrelevant.
I don't know what to do,
We will lose all our sponsors.
I'm sorry for the 'sponsor',
but what can I do?
What are you saying?
The sponsors pay our salaries.
I really don't know...
That's why you are the manager!
The fourth generation?
You are also the fourth generation?
What exactly is 'fourth generation'?
How can you do nothing?
People don't understand
my position.
Your position?
People just want a little
peace and quiet.
I work hard.
In this business, the sponsors
keep us going,
from this month to the next.
I want to stay in my job.
I am not saying it like that.
You missunderstand me.
Please try and help me.
We've been here before,
it's just like the last time.
Believe me, I know.
You sure about what you are saying?
The sponsors will drop out.
Can you promise me they won't?
I said that I am sure.
Somehow, you need to do something.
I'm not doing anything!
I told you.
Don't get angry with me.
There is nothing to do!
That is my policy.
Just ignore what other people say.
I trust you to do the same.
Remember this you'll be
a good manager.
Look at the monster.
Look at the enemy
What monster was that?
I don't know
When will you fight again?
The ratings were very good.
An increase of 7%
I enjoyed it very much.
Good Morning.
- Good Morning.
Can we talk?
- Yes.
What a beautiful car.
Yes, I like it.
Did you buy it?
- Yes.
Is it a new car?
- Yes.
How much?
100,000. Excellent!
It was a hire purchase.
I've paid in full.
Your dog is very big,
what is his name?
He's called 'Sympathy'.
Behind him is 'Delicacy'.
'Delicacy' ?
Are you working now?
With your dogs?
Isn't he lovely.
Who is your favourite?
I like them both.
No favourite?
Which one is Delicacy?
Did you see the ratings
for last night?
Yes, I saw them,
Very good
Thank You.
-Still worried?
We need to keep our audience.
Did you see the 'King of Pain'
last night?
Yeah, I saw it.
- He wasn't so tough.
He was weak then?
Yes, I saw the fight!
Compared to the other monster,
he was right to run.
He would have been beaten.
I agree.
He still needs to grow up
a little.
He should be more serious.
I was dissappointed.
The 'King of Pain' needs
cheering up...
Yes, sounds right...
Certainly. He could be happier.
Have you bought a new car?
I haven't bought one yet.
Why the delay?
You should get one.
I want you to recommend one for me.
I'll have a look for you.
What do you think of last night...
Our ratings went up like a shot.
Running away wasn't good though?
You are my Manager,
Do you think that I ran away?
You escaped from a bad situation.
You had no choice,
no doubt about it.
I am not a coward,
In that moment...
it was all I could do.
You saw it as well.
You don't have to be like
everyone else,
I hate nationalism.
I know.
Our great nation, Japan
By order of the General...
will punish all big Japanese
You know...
You know...
it's very difficult...
to buy my daughter a present.
It's for her.
I don't know what kids want...
so I bought her a hat.
A hat.
It's a present for her.
The things she likes,
I don't know where to get them from.
You seem very happy?
I guess so!
It's nice in the quiet times.
I am just thinking of...
seeing my daughter again.
How long has it been?
About a month.
Do you always come to this place?
My wife lives near here.
I can get here very easily.
Please don't think this is a
big man's doctrine.
This is all down to fate.
You are much happier.
Please don't!
It doesn't happen often.
I just want to see my daughter,
January is only once a year.
Usually, I have to work.
I can't always get here.
Do you think about her often?
I know she thinks a lot of me.
It's very difficult.
She's at the bar.
Is that her?
I didn't tell her I was with you
and the crew.
It doesn't matter
She's probably worried about...
whether she is made up or not.
Let's see...
Your work isn't normal is it?
Tell them...
just explain who you are, okay.
I will bring his daughter...
but please promise me you
won't film her face.
I didn't know what he had
planned for today.
Muffle the words and use a mosaic.
They don't need to use the mosaic!
If people know who she is
she will be humiliated!
She will not be humiliated
by anyone!
Please lower your voice.
Why, don't be ashamed of me.
If they muffle the words and
use a big mosaic?
I disagree there's nothing to
hide from here.
If you agree to my terms you
can proceed. If not...
We don't need the mosaic!
Do you like your father?
I don't know.
What do you think of
your father's work?
I don't know
Do you want to be with your father?
How long have you been seperated?
About six months.
Six months?
Has this been a sad year?
No, it hasn't been too bad...
He comes to see her once a month,
that is the limit.
Will you get divorced soon?
I have been thinking about it...
I do want to divorce.
I don't really know what he
thinks about it, though.
He loves our daughter very much,
He is very close to her you know.
Very close.
She may also share her fathers'
special ability?
No, this is simply not true,
It would not be good for her.
To live like that...
I would be upset.
Where do you work now?
I work in a friends' shop.
the manager there
is my friend.
The work there is quite vigorous.
So, that's why.
This recording is
something I can give to the
'King of Pain' to see.
Yes, that's fine...
What kind of person is
your husband?
He is a very common Japanese man.
It's really hot.
It shouldn't rain today.
My insurance has gone up!
It's very hot!
Very hot.
A new monster has appeared!
Strange Flavour Monster
...His body will send out
a strange flavour!
This is the secret skill
of the strange flavour monster.
What's up?
You gone crazy?
Because of you...
a lot of people round here can't
get home.
I am the strange flavour
don't talk to me like that!
You're causing trouble...
get back to the suburbs!
Who do you think you are?
...With that pathetic stick!
What is that! Such a terrible
facial expression.
Watch what you say!
Think you can say what you like,
because you are bigger than me?
Who is bigger?
Look, I don't know who you are...
But you just stand here...
blocking my traffic!
Just ignore them, like I do.
Don't do that.
What trouble has that car done to you?
Don't... C'mon, stop it now...
Stop breaking the glass. Leave it now...
It's my duty to protect this nation!
Shut up!
Where do you come from?
The West!
I've just arrived!
What do you want?
I won't tell you!
Speak up!
Look there...
He arrived soon after me.
Who is that?
Does he think this is a contest?
Maybe he wants to fight you?
Looks like he takes after me...
this isn't right.
He's totally undisciplined.
Have a good look at him.
He is still a kid,
Just 10 years old.
No understanding of what he is.
Don't do that.
Get him to stop.
I can't.
Who can control him?
He is is just a child.
He has too much energy.
Here we go,
he's getting fired up.
His voice is getting too loud.
If you are so worried...
why are you asking me?
You go and tell him.
Hey, You...
Hey, please don't do that.
Look at what you are doing?
No need to be so excited kid.
You still have a long way to go
before you...
What the..!
The monsters from the suburbs...
refuse to return home.
This is the temperament of...
these monsters.
I am coming!
Can you hear me?
It feels strange.
This is my last moment here.
So strange...
and overwhelming.
I am coming to you...
I must be strong, even though...
I am facing death.
I am fine..
I am returning to you...
I am coming!
That hurts!
The public are taking this
very seriously.
What now?
This childs death.
It is very sad in this business...
when these things happen.
His life was taken away from him
when he was so young,
and he has left a big impression
on all of us.
I want to tell his story to the world.
I think we are all still
very shocked.
I do not kill people.
He was a monster from
the other side,
He's gone to a better place.
I do not kill people...
these things happen.
Any remorse?
Contrary to what they report,
I did not do anything wrong.
He bit your nipple.
Still hurt?
My nipple is very sensitive...
It still hurts.
When will you fight again?
I don't want to.
Why not? You should.
The ratings are better.
Who told you that?
Anway, I'm not interested anymore.
You've reached your limit?
I am not interested now.
Don't feel good?
I don't think about it as much.
Are you scared?
About what?
Killing the child.
Why should I be afraid then?
- You seem worried.
I have already explained myself
on this matter.
not the tragedy people think.
I feel fine.
What worries me most is...
what I care about most is,
who will oversee this generation,
if I were to die.
This generation...
Who will oversee them?
Maybe send them to a nursing home?
You can't send them to a nursing home!
They need to respect each other,
They are out of control...
I was trained by the
fourth generation.
I had good training,
This is what is missing in
todays' monsters.
You haven't told us about
your latest monster?
I don't like to.
What kind of child is he?
What kind of child?...
He is a very normal child.
...a bit fat.
He's still very, very small.
How much does he weigh?
I'd say he's in healthy shape.
Just needs to lose a bit of weight?
Not much...
I recall my own education.
If he eats continously then...
one day he will be the biggest
man in Japan.
It's how I was taught,
Before your father died.
I am stilll worried about his eyesight.
His eyesight?
It's not so good...
He needs to see well to surprise
his enemies.
Could it be serious?
Well, it's very important,
Athough, it's fine for the body to return
without complete vision.
My father would charge electricity
through me,
It helped a lot?
I didn't mind it then.
I haven't spent much time
on his mental preparation.
He is still very young.
I am very frightened.
I don't know exactly how he'll turn out.
is peculiar,
is that my fourth generation
He dissapproved of your fathers methods?
He was pathetic.
You are very strong.
You can hold your drink.
I have other strengths as well!
I wanted to make this film...
Rain or shine...
I have this...
What is that?
-It's my fold-out umbrella.
I told you it would rain!
You are really smart.
I am a big Japanese man!
I've just wrapped up.
Super justice ready to start shooting...
We all pray for super justice,
For justice!
Nice to meet you...
We won...
We won...
I don't want to...
You must.
What is that?
I must return...
No, I don't like flying.
You must.
Don't worry, I am not frightened,
It's okay...
Sorry, Sorry.
My shoes,
My shoe just fell off.
Happily ever after...
It's easy to lose ones' ambition.
Autotranslated subs
'tidied' by MgWzR
Take Drugs!!
Take Drugs!!
Take Drugs!!
Take Drugs!!
Take Drugs!!
Take Drugs!!
Take Drugs!!
Take Drugs!!
Take Drugs!!
Take Drugs!!
Take Drugs!!
Take Drugs!!
Take Drugs!!
Take Drugs!!
Take Drugs!!
Take Drugs!!
Take Drugs!!
Take Drugs!!
Take Drugs!!
Take Drugs!!
Take Drugs!!
Take Drugs!!
Take Drugs!!
Take Drugs!!
...but don't drink.