Daivame Kaithozham K.Kumar Akanam (2018) Movie Script

After witnessing the misery and
hardship of mankind,
GOD decides to go down one day
To live as one amongst them
And to find answers for their problems.
For that, in Kerala, in one Unnaipuram Village
Village Extension Officer a.k.a Village Assistant
Krishnakumafs house was chosen by GOD
To study the circumstances there,
His Personal Secretary Mayadathan
has been sent to Kerala by GOD.
What got caused in your visit, Mayadatha?
My Salutations, GOD!
By your grace, O GOD
Everything went fine
With God's blessings,
Sorry! with Your blessings,
We can start on our journey this Monday itself
I am pleased!
So then we are em barking
To my Own Country!
Yes, to a place
that looks like a pregnant Snakegourd
Mayadatha, how is the political scenario of
Didn't you know!
Kerala Politics committed Suicide, Lord!
At the end of a woman's petticoat string,
Kerala Politics hung partially to death
o my God!
Lord had to invoke himse | f!!
If a bit of ink-nut water
is not distributed immediately,
A few Political parties in Kerala
will cease to exist forever.
Moreover, a land of several human Gods is
If each one of them
is not given a lesson or two,
Lord, you may be out of this field!
Watch out"
Lets see.
On the Earth, You have created
millions of living organisms,
by creating a higher number of gods
and political parties,
Kerala is a land that has got
into the Guinness Book
Having competed with me several times and
Is that book..Guinness Book!
Don't worry, I will manage
Got to fear! Got to fear people!
My own creation! Why should I fear him?
When "You shall love your neighbour as
Yourself" was said by the son of God
It was the society of man who nailed him to a
wooden Cross, do remember that!
The Avatar who gave the advice of the Gita
Was killed by the arrow of a hunter, a human!
The Prophet who advised Human Love,
was also stoned and chased by men himself.
And Lord, when you are there,
Many TV channel people will come to interview
Like Ratheesh from Reporter,
Sonu from JanmaBhoomi T.V and so on..
And on an impulse if you reveal
to them that you are GOD,
Then in just that one 9 A60 clock News hour
They will rip you right and left with questions
Make you into Satan and send you to Hell!
They will catch you,
prosecute you
pronounce judgment
What about The Goddess of Justice?
With a black ribbon tied around the eyes
Holding a goldsmith's pan balance,
Will stand silently
Lord, may I ask you something?
After hearing all this,
don't you feel like not going there?
Not at all, Mayadatha!
By being one amongst the subjects,
Living with them"
And for finding solutions to their problems
is the purpose of our visit.
So our presentation should also be like theirs.
Lord, in Unnaipuram Village where
you chose our stay,
Where is our boarding arranged there?
Krishna Kumar,
Kumar Bhavan
Reason for selecting him?
In life, not even for once,
For any need has he called and troubled me!
If he hasn't called you for any need,
Then he is definitely a Rationalist.
Whatever be the argument,
There is rationale.
That's enough
So then a decision has been made!
Sun appropriated by Hindus,
Moon appropriated by Muslims,
Stars appropriated by Christians,
Of Kerala, to that land our own
GOD is setting off.
Mayadatha, thus we have arrived
on this captivating enchanting land!
Lord, are you happy now?
That's enough.
Let's m ove
This is a bus stop
This is the way vehicles go!
We'll wait here.
How much for a single person?
No, take Rs.400
No, I need Rs.500
Okay, move
The MLAs and MPs of this place
need to be appreciated
How much money they invest in the
of bridges and repairing of roads,
from their own pockets!
Mayadatta, it is not from MLAs' and MPs'
family funds that they do all this!
With people's money, they get all this done.
That's it!
That is an awesome method!
Using people's money, for having
constructed roads and bridges for the people
people need to acknowledge them!
Oh..What do we call these people then?
These people don't know anything"
What time is the bus to Unnaipuram?
Bus to Unnaipuram? When is it?
Today is Bus strike
A drunken driver was caught by police
Asked him to blow
And slapped a fine!
Didn't understand!
What he said is,
Bus driver was drunk
Police caught him on the way,
had him blow
And slapped a fine
It is bus strike today
Police committed a major fault!
Hello Brother, there is no bus today,
How would you travelling then?
Haven't we come for work?
We will show our hand
to any vehicle and take a lift
GOD, have we come to a wrong State?
No Malayalee to be seen around
Please ask him where have they all gone!
Brother, where could we find the Malayalees
Over there you can meet.
Differences of caste
religious animosity
absence of that amongst all
and demonstration of brotherhood
is this model place here
Proclaiming "I don't have caste"
The Youth Movement organised
All Religion Meet is being addressed by...
Reading about the drinking water
crisis in Kerala,
did not make me feel that it was so severe.
Waive your hand
One more has come..
That also has gone"
Ah What a pain is this!
There a Van going to Velankanni
on pilgrimage is coming
It will definitely stop
Lets do a thing.. Move further down and.
When GOD himself stands stranded
on the road here without any transport,
See the hurry they are in to get
a glimpse of GOD!
Having observed all this,
Good Lord, you are not disturbed!
Today no work will be available
We are late!
There comes a bus
Let me waive a hand
Get in
Good morning GOD
Good morning, Good morning
GOD, we are on a tourto Mysore,
Ooty and Kodaikanal
Need your blessings
Isn't your generosity, our this journey!
Only because of the goodness in you,
You could recognise the Lord and me!
Do you mind if we sing loud fast numbers?
Not at all.
Now I'm with the new generation
Song is necessary
Dance is needed!
Rock my dear children!
"O God, we bow to you, listen to us"
"Protect these hapless ones"
"What all we must face in life"
"Give us strength to endure them"
"Otherwise on earth everyone's fate is"
"As someone said in olden days"
"O God, we bow to you, listen to us"
"Protect these hapless ones"
"The path is long and full of
pits we can't see"
"But through that we are running after money"
"Without knowing that there is
a lamp within us"
"Why do we search for a tem ple faraway?"
"People who waste time gossiping"
"Will know their mistakes"
"Arrogant people have to face"
"The destiny ordained for them"
"O God, we bow to you, listen to us"
"Protect these hapless ones"
"ls there a world above as everyone dreams"
"But is there a way to reach there alive?"
"ls there a feeling that God will
join the wealthy"
"As they offer money to the temple treasury"
"When time is in the midst of Kali"
"There will be quarrels and fights"
"When we see God unexpectedly"
"Our hearts will beat like drums"
"O God, we bow to you, listen to us"
"Protect these hapless ones"
"Otherwise on earth everyone's fate is"
"As someone said in olden days"
Oh no! How long is it been
this wait to catch a glimpse of GOD?
Why isn't this God coming?
Isn't it God who is to come!
Then you will need to wait.
Will definitely come!
For how long has this
"definitely come" been on?
Someone is coming"
Sister, who is E K Kumar?
Not E K Kumar
Isn't it E K Nayannal?
Not that Sister, this K Kumar
Oh that, is it?
Brother Krishna Kumar!
K Kumar
Greetings! Who are you?
Didn't place you.
I'm God's Personal Secretary
Hadn't Lord informed about his coming?
Obviously, he did..
Yesterday itself we received a
message in Whatsapp
Where? Hasn't HE arrived?
HE has! Waiting outside the Gate
Only if the head of this family
invites he will come
He is quite stubborn by nature!
Oh..Oh.. Sure..Of course!
Yes Krishna dear!
-Nirma | a, our GOD has arrived - Really?
Shouldn't we welcome?
Please put it on..
Lets move?
Aarti.. Aarti (A Hindu ritual)
Move on..Move on..
Please give way.. A little way
A little way..
Oh! Elephant and Howdah were also there?
Oh all that. for the joy of..
Not an Elephant?
Isn't that a JCB?
That...That because after 7 pm
For any personal functions,
Elephants are not to be paraded
is the order ofAnimaI Welfare Board
Soto make it look grand, added JCB!
Oh Ho! Understood... Understood
Please come
Please move that instrument aside
Do come..
Steps..Steps..be careful
Enough..Enough ..Enough...
This is the Temple Committee President
The Secretary is me
She is member Betty Kandankoran
Narayanettathi and that is her daughter
And the damsels from our 105th
branch are the ones carrying Aarti.
Rest of them are the villagers here
KK, I would like to have a contact with God.
Will it be possible?
What? At this hour?
What is this lady talking!
Oh..Oh.. not that.
I had a complaint to submit.
Complaints and Negotiations between
9 am to 5 pm tomorrow
Please disperse..
My daughtefs one thing...
Narayanettathi" everything
Please go.
Please leave".
Go. Go..Go...
GOD... Could we step inside
Go and come tomorrow
Shall make the payment tomorrow
Please move... Move..
Please be seated here.
Lets sit
Well, I didn't see any relatives of
Krishnakumar and Nirmala
To call as relatives, we don't have too many
My Parents are no more
However unlike hero in the films,
am not an orphan
I've three sisters. Have married them off
and are all abroad
For me too it is almost the same
Here close by, my uncle's son resides
GopLKafunannur Gap!
Proclaiming Blood donation the biggest
Sri Gopi Karimannoor led group run is
Passing through this way...
Oh! What does he do?
At Unnaipuram Junction,
he runs one gram plating Jewellery shop
In partnership with Messi!
Which Mess?!?
The Messi who plays football"
Where would this Karimannur Gopi be now?
Has gone for a football match
In Argentina
In Argentina, at Chandrasekar Nair stadium
is what Brother Gopi said.
It's too hot in Argentina now
But that doesn't disturbs the match
Players are giving hands to one another
Opposition team is praying to all Gods
Karimannur Gopi is on the ground
Watching KarimannurGopi,
the Chinese woman Wang Chi is enjoying
Son Roma beware of Gopi
I'm not afraid of him
Messi, you don't get tensed
You mark Ronald, Messi
I will hit the goal
Yes there only".
Okay GopiHGOPi
Come on hit
Oh no!
What the hell are you doing?
He missed the target
Gopi is very aHQFV
Ball is Gopi's feet now
Anything can happen
Gopi is passing the ball
Gopi got the ball
Gopi is moving
Gopi hit.
Oh God!
Lost everything
Why are you lying down?
Get away
You are the one who kicked me
Tell the truth
Whom are you planning to marry ignoring me?
Oh! Seema! That is not the truth..
I saw a dream
That I and Messi playing football
I hit a goal with Messi standing
as a mere spectator
That was a big goal
Entire Stadium was"
Here at the Panchayat Mela,
playing with children less than your son's age
Hitting basket full of goals is the one
Who made Messi a spectator and hit a goal!
You broke my back! Go and sleep, Man
Nirmala... I'm coming...
Here is the tea
How delayed has it been...
"Chanting Slokas"
That means, the wife when she has
Taken an early morning bath,
Put on a sandal paste bindi
with basil leaves on the hair
stands in front of her husband
as he opens his eyes..
Then that day would be a good day forthe
husband is the summary of what was said.
Got it?
Yes Yes
Let's do one thing
Why just the morning,
Everyday morning, afternoon and evening
after a bath, with sandal paste and
basil leaves adorned,
And if you wish, with a lipstick also applied
shall stand in front of you.
Keep a maid for household chores
Come up with some Basil leaves in the
God! My greetings!
Greetings! I just thought about you
What's it for?
You've won the Karshakasree Award, is it?
Not just Karshakasree"
Karshakasree, Karshakothaman, Karshaka
These were all awarded from Panchayat
Oh Congratulations!
Thank you..Thank you.
I also have some artistic talents as well
From S N Arts & Sports Club during Onam
1st Prize in "A Bindi for a Beauty"
This I got from for SNDP's 108th Branch
during the Chathayam day celebrations
for a fancy dress com petiton
What was the character?
A Leper!
For vegetables, which manure do you use?
Organic fertilizers
In that matter, I do not compromise
And among the farmers I also have a nick name
Organic Kumar!
I never allow any Poisonous things in my field
Then the cobra here won't be poisonous I
As it keeps slithering in between these!
What kind of organic fertilizers do you use?
That to say..that is..
That my God..
is Subash Pa | ekar's Zero Budget
Natural farming model!
Organic amrutham, Jeevamrutham, Organic
These are the ones used as manure!
Who invited you here now?
Her Subash Palekarl!
My GOD! Someone who hardly
puts a spade of soil to those vegetables
And calls himself Karshakasreel!
So this Karshakastree (female farmer) toils
And this Karshakashree (male farmer)
bags the awards!
That's My lord, I have problem with my Disc
If I carry even a small weight,
I become like this.
All lazy crooks have this sickness
- disc complaint!
And the talk is that
there is a fraud in all these awardsl!
This Krishna Kumar is the intimate friend
of the Panchayat President.
Don't you have any other work in the Kitchen?
Give that. Get going
Go.. Go.. Go..
Lord, all your doubts about
Organic vegetable farming is cleared now.
Yes Yes
Then shall I move on..
Is she needed to apply paste on the tooth
Hasn't he got a disc complaint!
Oh disc complaintl!
Did you hear about it?
Arjun is back
Amrutha isn't with him.
Will Arjun disown Amrutha?
This is to trick the other woman"
Oh the other woman?
I have never seen her
She will come
Would she?
Hey..Hey..my Bellgulchadi"
My Belagulachadi Oil!
Here it's!
Take it and give
Close the door and go
O my Lord!
Get Green gram powder and Coconut Oil cake
Oh God!
Does KK have Green gram powder
and Coconut oil Cake at this hour?
These are the only things he uses for bathing
Never uses any soaps or Shampoos
Altogether an organic stylel!
There your Urmila has come!
O my Urmila!
Coconut Oil cake. Green Gram powder
My God! Kill me inch by inch!
That would be rather better
Wasn't it purchased yesterday?
Here is it
Yes, that's it
Oh no!
Would this lady ever be relieved
from her daily routines?
Or is it misery tears ever!!
Would Desai Family have peace?
Keep watching
Your Manjadi T.V
"Rain of sacred Ash"
Nirmala, my clothes, are they ironed?
Can't he himself go and pick his shirt?
By the way, while taking clothes from
If disc displaces..that could also happen!
How long I've been waiting?
Move aside
Oh! You had kept them here?
No, at Federal Bankl!
Take it.
My Underwear is missing
Where is it?
I've put it on. Do you need it?
Please get it my dear
Please don't move, okay
If you do, what if cholesterol moves down!
Mayan and God, Aren't you eating anything?
Let the serial get over
I missed to watch it yesterday
It's the repeat today
Black tea?!
No Milk?
Milk man hasn't brought milk till now.
What kind of an unpunctual Milk manl!
However I decided one thing
I will call Ramesh of Ivar Madom
And get a Vilvadri breed of domestic cow!
What about Vechur breed?
No need. Let it be Kasargod Kullan breed!
Oh my God!
Don't torture her like this
She needs to do all the
household chores here
And in addition to it,
if a cow is also added..
From tomorrow, Milk man will
bring milk promptly
Would that do?
Adjust with black tea today
My God, there used to be
four cows in my house
And my mother had five children
While these children grew
She took care of the house, cattle and
When compared to it, what is this.
I'm willing to toiling hard like a donkey here
You need not acknowledge
But please don't insult!
Is God at home?
Yes, he is.
It's me Narayani!
Because the Lord says,
for the time being I am not buying
But one day I will definitely buy a Cow..
That too the dwarf!
Yes, Narayani, early morning itself...
I came to submit something to GOD
This November 4th, she will complete 25
Since 18, many marriage proposals
have been coming
But none are materialising!
Horoscope has affliction of Mars(Bad Omen)!
That may please be resolved
Give that...
What is this for?
A flower offering may be made
Nisha, Star AI Pooram
Didn't you understand, My Lord?
Isn't this girl afflicted by Mars,
To tell Mars not to harass this girl any more
And for that settlement this is a mode of reward
That meansmbribel!
Keep it
Let me try
God has been pleased"
Doesn't this flower offering consist of
a couple of banana pieces and a few petals?
If eat couple of banana pieces and a few petals
would your hunger subside?
Then do I need to talk about the Lord's case?
shouldn't you give an amount
that fetches at least a Chicken Biryani!
Might be the groom's horoscope I guess!
Read and see
Oh no!
You read
Anugraha marriage bureau, Unnaipuram
Phone number 2687736
Isn't this the number of that marriage broker?
Yes! If you contact them,
they will get you right match
Then what could God commit to?
Who am I? Your daughtefs marriage broker?
To say Planet that is
Five Crores 40 Iakhs kilometres away,
is obstructing the marriage of your daughter
living in this Village"
aren't you ashamed?
Even otherwise, Mars is like our Centre
Neglect towards Kerala, always!
Without obstructing the marriages of any girl
anywhere in the world,
What a pain is this!
Your mother is old now and has no sense..
Aren't you educated?
Girls from NASA go to Mars
Bring stones from there
use it to wash clothes!
And you talk about Mars affliction!
Leaving for office
What is this - a leaf and paper!
When I made flower offerings,
God gave me a receipt
Wow! You also give receipts for the offerings?
Ofcourse! If we don't show accounts,
Won't Income Tax people catch God?
Is Brother Padmanabhan at home?
Father..come here.
Oh..Oh..Oh.. Who is it!! The Village Assistant!
What brings you this way?
Didn't you submit an application for a lavatory?
That has been approved
I'm very glad
Our condition is really bad!
Her husband,
Stating that he won't stay in a house
which doesn't have a lavatory
Left her behind and went..
Ba | an..that is his name
So what is your daughtefs name, then?
Oh! So your full name is Vidya Balan!
Brother, you need to show me
the proposed site for the lavatory.
Unless I submit the sketch and
plan at block office,
Funds will not be released. That is why!
Get me a rope and some spikes
Get that rope and knife, dear
Are these spikes enough?
Best ones
This is the place she longed for long ago!
Dear, you don't create any trouble.
Hello, what is the plan with the rope and
Putting a canopy for your father's obsequies!
Take him
Why is the spikes being placed here?
Brother don't create any trouble
Under the Swachh Bharath Mission
For building a lavatory,
funds have been approved for him.
And these spikes are for that.
Yeahmsay that!
The moment I saw the
Village Assistant's arrival, I guessed
It is to build a latrine on my chestl!
No..don't use that word
It could also be called lavatory.
Whatever it be...l won't allow it here
You wastrel! Where you think, lavatory there ?!
Haven't you heard that in T.V and Radio!
Now I am thinking here.
Lavatory must come up here
For that Old Man, is it a must that
you need to think near my well.
It's our drinking water supply.
I will never allow it to be built here
Give a hand, please
It is part of the central Government's
Swachh Bharath Project
If you oppose this, forget the Police
Army will take you away without any noise
In the interest of the larger population,
And for the Swachh Bharath Mission
Village Assistant K Kumarjust mentioned it.
Bro, look there
You noticed his body?
What would come out of that?
Even if it does, would it reach till here?
Then shall I put the spikes?
Because the Village Assistant says,
I agree to it
Okay then..may l..
Hey Kochurani!
New mobile?
Is Whatsapp available?
-Dua | Camera, is it? AI Yes
A new Chinese mobile has been launched
With a Spade attached!
With that, then you can watch
and scoop simultaneously
I will break this into pieces.
Do your work
Oh!! What sincerity!
Sister, take the ridges properly
Then put cowdung, ashes, cassia leaves
and cover it
At least then, this headless palm
would bear fruits!
I am telling this for all of you to listen
If you think of cheating at work,
then I will not pass the bill.
When Government is launching
new schemes for Women empowerment"
Are you cheating them?
Given a chance, corrupt.
That's the present scenario of
our country now.
What a pity!
Narayanettathi, may I get you
some black tea?
Not now, after sometime
Is it Job Guaranteed or Sleep Guaranteed?
Oh no! Son, I won't repeat it
I swear on you
I dozed off
because after the reception of GOD,
I went to sleep very late last night
Okay. . Okay
Sarala, Vimala, Shantha...
don't think I shouted at you
In the interest of larger population
and for the Swachh Bharath Mission,
Consider Village Assistant K Kumar said this!
May I move then!
Manju, it is very late now
Why hasn't the Secretary turned up yet?
He promised to come amidst his work
Why can't he be punctual?
Good morning, secretary
Oh reached!
What is this Secretary?
How hug am waiting for you here".
Manju, when did the Treasurer arrive?
About 5 mins
Of late I'm not present to time moving by, KK.
It is not just of late
But also while checking Temple festival
A General Body meeting is to be
convened next week!
Give me the account
Rs.5000 for buying Patta(Palm leaves) for
Here is the voucher.
Buyefs signature is also there below
What else do you need?
Patta Expenses AI Rs.800 what is written
Above Patta(Palmyra) is for the Elephant
And Patta(drinks) below is for the Mahout!
Is this any Pattabhisekham(Crowning
My friend! Expenses for Entertaining of
Cannot be included in these accounts.
Mike set Rs.15000?!
For the last function, we got it for
Rs.12000, is it?
It must be GS What?
GS Rs.6000 GST for Rs.12000??!!
When did GST launch?
On July!
But our festival was on March, is it?
Then that must be Service Tax
Again shown Rs.5000 for Sound
That's not for the Mike set
Didn't a boy do mimicry like
Mam mooty and Mohanlal?
It's for that sound
Rs.5000 for that?
Only after I pleaded him, he agreed
In fact it is a gain for us.
To mime the voices exactly like
Mammooty and MohanlaL.
We got to spend in Iakhsl!
Coconut Oil AI 3 Pots AI Rs.6000
That's true
That's okay
Again Rs.2000 for Oil!
What's this?
No chance of that.
You see.
Let me see
My dear Secretary! That was Coconut Oil
And this is lamp oil for lighting lamps
Coconut Oil and Lamp oil is different
Oh! That's ..nut and that is ...amp Oil!
And the oil below that is Kerosene, okay
..Sene oil
Castor Oil is missing, why?
Castor..tor Oil..
Is it for loosening your bowels?
Yes KK
If the people are presented with the accounts
this man has written,
They will beat us up!
Must be a fest of fraudsl!
Is he nearby?
Yes here only.
Give a kick to his navel!
Or for that matter what is the point kicking him .
Got to kick those who elected him!
When meeting is convened,
Will beg, cajole and get on to the chair!
Bis thief!!
What should I do now?
Ask him to bring the proper accounts!
I'm little busy in the shop othenlvise
I would've come there
Okay, I will manage
Oh ck.
Secretary, I made this accounts
working hard since 3 AI 4 months
Being an innocent and honest man...
Please don't suspect me
Oh my Velayudha!
On checking a paper, so many issues!
Then what would be the state
if I check the whole ledger!
Do onething.
Write the proper accounts and keep
Let me have some lunch.
Did you have anything?
What is the need to eat?
I am already full now
Texas shooting casualty AI 26 dead
Lunch break I guess!
Did God and Mayan have lunch?
No..not yet
What? It's 2 A60 clock and food not ready yet?
What is this Nirmala?
Don't you know I will be coming for lunch?
Krishna dear will come for lunch I know
But the green firewood in the fire
doesn't know!
I blew and blew broke my back
I'm destined to die in this smoke and coal!
To get me a Gas connection,
I have told you at least a thousand times.
Not only Gas,
Pressure Cooker, Mixie, Oven..
Didn't you ask me all this?
Did I buy?
Why didn't I?
Are you asking me that?
Because I'm being a lovable husband,
My health and all the more
my wife's health matter to me
It was only after Pressure cooker,
gas, mixie etc came"
Diseases like heart ache, cancer have also
Don't forget that truth!
Earlier times, have you heard
people die of these diseases!
Over there.
Well, how long since your father died?
Nearly 30 yrs
How did he die?
That was because of pain in the Chest
Something like pain..in the chest..that's how.
That is what is called in English as Heart
How did your mother die?
Swelling in the mouth!
I mean swelling in the mouth!
Oh I see!
That's been called in English as Mouth Cancer!
Don't think of beating me
by using English words for Malayalam!
Can you show me any aluminium vessel
in the Kitchen for cooking?
Any vegetables with toxins?
Why that?
Till now I haven't bought any
bakery items for my wife
Ask Why?
It's because you hardly love me!
No! Wrong! Because of having immense love.
Winning the world at the cost of one's health"
is a point made ..
By some English literary person..
Is it?
Could be!
Only he talks like that!
Then, by considering those words as golden
My dear wife Nirmala will cook food
with toxin free vegetables in green firewood,
And after eating that will I go to work
You continue"
Thus, Nirmala's life
turned out to be like Prem Nazir's 500th film!
Kari Puranda JeevithangalKA Dark Life)
Please pardon me
Lunch was bit late I guess!
Doesn't matter, Krishna
Lighting the green firewood and blowing
She says her lungs have become like sponges
My dear, please listen to me
I will not drink hereafter
Not only that, me playing cards.
To become rich is why I play cards!
And I always lose
What is that noose around his neck..
Is he going to hang himself?
If I die, how will you and children survive?
And a mobile is also hung next to him!
Is the suicide a result of being
fed up of paying mobile bills!!
Drinking and Gamblish resulted in debts!
Wife walked out!
See, he's threatening his wife
through video chatting!
This time I will surely die, just see..
How much debt does he have?
3 lacs"
Why? Will you help clear his debts?
How can a mere Village Assistant like me help?
Lord, if you think..
Nothing gonna work, Krishna!
Even if I think or not..
One destined to die will surely die
And one to be born will be born!
Hmm though it is because of his own attitude.
A nice youngster.
If you consider, you can surely rescue him
I appreciate your good heart
Not for his sake,
For you.. I will give a chance to rescue him
Take this 3 lacs
Rescue him if possible!
This is the house.
Come quickly
Inspite of telling so much,
your mind isn't changing?
No, it won't"
This time I will definitely die
Die..let me watch
Broth er! -Yes!
Please don't die
Please don't die brother
Get lost, you beggar!
Won't allow man to die in peace also!
Please be peaceful!
Come down first
Peace! I lost it long ago!
My wife doesn't want
My children don't want.
Why that? When a photo is posted in facebook,
No friend gives a like!!
Then how would a stranger like you..
Brother, isn't it just about 3 lacs!
We'll get that done.
Then about the tiff with your wife..
We will solve it. Come down.
Cheating some one on the verge of deathl!
Please trust us first, brother
Brother, first take a look at this and then decide
Oh no dear!
Who is that?
Yama! Lord of Death!
Came to take him!
Why is he dressed in black with a beard"
I guess he is readying to go to Sabarimala!
Put the joke aside!
Why is he dressed up in shirt and pant?
Hold my hand and look at him!
What Maya? Is the Lord fine?
Very fine!
Convey my regards to the Lord
I got to take a luggage from here
Who is this?
Our man
Do not cause any harm..
No, Just asked
Whenever... he is anyway mine.
Come here.
Been some time, isn't it?
The one who hung himslef...
His soul is what was referred to as luggage!
As I was with you, you were able to see him
Or he is visible only at the
time of our dying!
Come here.
Shall catch up later, okay
We must meet, okay!
Meet later?!
What for?
Come and catch sleep
Sleep..Son is here
Doesn't he get sleep?
What is this?
Is this sign language News for the challenged?
I'm getting sleep
Better try to sleep
If you are sleepy, you sleep, Dad
Enough watching T.V
Go and study
I finished studying
Finished everything?
Then get the book, let me test you
As if!
What did early humans eat?
Fruits, seeds and raw flesh
What did early humans cover themselves?
Leaves and animal skin
Where did early humans live?
Forest and caves
What is this, man?
Now let's study a little Malayalam
Why is Ezhuthachan
called Father of Malayalam language?
As he is a male,
can't call him Mother, isn't it?
No..no making fun of Ezhuthachan!
Go and study
Can't I sit here and study?
What? Studying sititng in front of parents?
No respect for the e | ders!!
Go and study in the next room
Go and study
Come here.
Why are you locking the door?
Kids and dogs are to be raised in a cage,
goes the saying!
Where did he come from?
Can't even chat freely before him!
How long it's been since we chatted!
Oh! Phone is ringing
Let it ring
It must be the uncle. Please wait
Which Uncle? What a problem is this!
It's elder uncle
Yes, uncle
What's it Uncle?
Yes uncle
Tomorrow...Oh Uncle..
Rs.20,000, is it?
How will I arrange, uncle?
Don't utter a word!
Okay uncle
I'll cut it, uncle
Finished talking, haven't you?
Gopi dear..Uncle is in big trouble
Has taken a loan from the Cooperative Society
Seems there will be seizure!
Oh really?
If Rs.20000 is not remitted tomorrow,
They will come home and
stick the seizure notice, is what he said!
Won't that be shameful?
Now lie down. We'll solve it tomorrow
How? He needs it tomorrow
I will somehow arrange, you lie down
Say how!
How will you arrange?
We'll borrow from moneylenders!
Then let me immediately inform elder uncle
Later..later you can inform
No, Uncle will not sleep..poor fellow
What type of girl is she?
Father..Is it en oug h?
Shut up and study there.
Uncle, Gopiettan agreed to pay the money
Is it Uncle? Oh I will tell him, Uncle
Gopietta, Uncle is very happy
Now let me also be happy
It's not that..Uncle also told me something else
Does he want more money?
Not that..Our Kuttai...Uncle's son".
is hanging around idle with bad friendship!
Need a job for him, is it?
I'll arrange it
I will do it
I will set up a gold plated jewellery shop
near to his house
Isn't it too hot?
When you are near
any hot weather is like a winter guest?
Oh! Too many dishes!
Pearlspot, Crab, chicken..
You don't want, isn't it?
I'm tired! That's why..
What curry is this?
Pulses and Prawn curry
Oh, I don't need this
Has a bit of cholesterol, that's why
Daily when you are in Milk and ghee offerings,
Why wouldn't Lord be affected?
Pulses and Prawn curry is Gopiettan's favourite
Couldn't you give them a little then?
They...Must be in deep sleep now!
Man and environment when freed from the
threat of hazardouns things is called pollution.
Do I need to ask uncle come
here to collect cash,
Or do we go there and give?
Let him go anywhere
What is this! You promised to pay him Rs.20000
Where would I give him so much cash?
You said you will borrow from moneylenders
If give one..
What is the need for me to borrow
for the debt he created!
What about the shop you promised
to set up for Kuttai?
Bloody rascal!
Am I mad to set up a shop for that Vagabond?
Only I know the difficulty of running one shop!
And amidst that is her Kuttail!
Plastic Pollution, Noise pollution, Water
Soil pollution, Radioactive pollution
Dear..Hey Dear.
Get away, Sleep somewhere
I feel damn hot!
You cheat! Little ago, what you were saying!
Give the blanket
Come close to me, I will show you
Women are only destined to be baits!
If so take that bait and hook it
to a fishing line
As if!
After the use of something when thrown away,
They are called waste things!
Those later turn into pollutants
Shut up you idiot!
Goddamn! His waste thingss"
Hey" ironing lady!
Why have you ironed only my dhothi?
So you don't want me to wear a shirt today!
My dear! Infact I took both for ironing
By the time I ironed the dhothi,
power failed
And it's not back yet.
What is this? Iron Box
Got to put some coconut shells inside this.
Box is there
But the shells to put in and burn..
The shells
-are not here.- No?
As if you've stocked them in loads here!
I went to Gopiettan's house this morning,
And brought a couple of shells and burnt
Only this much I could do.
Look at these creases! What an ironing"
Oh my dear! It's on the arms, isn't it?
When folded, that won't be visible, isn't it?
When a man steps out of the house,
It's the duty of woman to ensure that
he steps out dignified!
Man means Dignity!
God! In this house,
husband's domination is crossing limits!!
Please do something
Give a written complaint,
I will take care
Husband means one who rules
And wife is one who being ruled
A ruler can do anything to the one
who being ruled!
Can make work, shout.
And if wish, can also give one!
That was all earlier.
If you hit a woman now,
you will be put behind bars
on the charges of harassing woman!
For just cooking little food,
this lady called a wife,
should not be so arrogant!
As if!
A women in the family is meant
only for cooking, is it?
When the fire in the stove goes off,
Do the husbands help in lighting it in anyway?
Leave that,
You husbands wash your undewvears on your
That also, wives got to do.
By washing the undenlvears,
it is the roots and foundations
of a family that is strenghtened!
To remember that, you got to have sense!
You can't buy that from any shop
It must be acquired only through education!
How would you have that?
Although I born in a poor family,
I was able to pass my degree in first class
Degree I referred to was Pre-degree
Which is also not too low a degree, isn't it?
From which University?...
To become an Extension Officer,
SSLC Qualification is required,
you know that, don't you?
It's not that I was not interested
to do my degree
But my father didn't permit
Didn't father permit?
That without passing Pre-degree,
you can't join for degree
Thevara College Principal Father
didn't agree, isn't that?
In the name of this degree,
he was cheating me for the last 12 years
Now that all went up in smoke!
This is Man!
To impress people, he will boast big!
That is Man!
Whatever boasts you make,
Today world's is ruled by men only.
Why that? Even the Gods we worship are only
Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswaran!
Father, son and the Holy Spirit
And no one says Mother, daughter and Holy
Men is everything!
do you think can move without the help of
Possible...it's possible
Today all, including you, who use
bindi, eyeliner, powder to Salt and cam phor..
were invented only by men!!
Why all that.
Even the napkins women use every month
was invented by a tamilian
Arunanchalam Murugananatham, a man!!
If women didn't exist,
all these male lions,
Would've died long back of hunger!!
To cook, serve and deliver their children
They essentially need a woman as wife!!
That's not possible only if a wife thinks
Even husband must also think"!
For that the need of a husband is
not a compulsion!
Nirmala, what you said just now
does not suit the decorum of this place
You must revoke it
Sir, during the attack of womenhood,
I actually forgot my own self, sir
Please forgive me, sir
I won't repeat it, sir
I take back my words, sir.
Is this a legislative assembly to call him sir?
You know it, God..
On hearing the church bell at 5 a.m, I wake up..
And even after midnight,
my chores don't get over
If he were such an understanding person,
Would he belittle me, like this?
How is that possible?
Till now he hasn't seen the sunrise!
Then how will he know my difficulties!
Hello! Village Extension Officer aka Village
Means one who serves the Village
And not one who serves the family!
Big deal not have seen her difficultiesl!
If my eyes don't reach,
then it is the heartbeat of this Village that ends!
Don't talk big of your service!
He walks out of the house
in the morning neatly dressed,
And hangs around with friends or
Walks into any temple committee office..
If anyone wishes to build a house or lavatory,
To submit application, they got to walk in here.
Calling office, would give the answer
on field work
Would you find such a pleasant
job anywhere around!
If its so, then you take it up
And I'll take up your herculean kitchen chores!!
Don't boast!
Do you at least know to make black tea?
Not black tea, if a man thinks,
He can even make a chilly chicken
The best cook in the World is man
Na | | an..Na | | an Cooking,
haven't you heard that!
I will do the household chores!
Will you take care of the family's financial
I will do.
By doing a dignified job !!
God! I'm ready for this switch deal
Even this Nirmala is ready to
prove what a woman is!!
No..this challenge has landed you to
a point of deep trouble!
So please give up your stubbornness
By taking the smoke an soot in the kitchen
Undergoing all harassments,
And being a slave to a husband
was a Woman's mistake
It is high time to rectify that.
I'm taking the challenge of this man!
For that you must permit, Lord!
No, Nirmalamlt will land you in trouble
What trouble, Lord?
Even in Government census records,
A housewife's job is been recorded
as invisible job
Even the Government has not given any
recognition to that!
But I wish to prove its value before this world.
It's not invisible job
but needs to be called as false job!
For cooking mere food,
she wants to prove that value
to the entire world. Nonsense!
Please agree to it, God!
To swim in the vastness of the reservoir
of relief called the kitchen
I am so excited
I again repeat.
too serious consequences are lurking behind
I beg, please retreat from this
Forgive me, God.
Born in the legacy of a woman called Indira
who had all men satraps at her little fingertips!
If the police Iathis had the capacity to
Then I would have given birth to many lathi
thundering personality called Gowriamma
I also belong to that womenhood
with those blood flowing in my veins!
I'm sorry, I'm not ready to give up
Hello, even I repect these female gems
But women is limited to just couple of them,
that's the problem
If I talk about male brave patriots and warriors,
My dearfriends, one or two days won't be
That is why I am not moving into that,
to this weak women to prove what a Man is,
I am ready!
Whether I am weak or whatever,
but I will show you later
What is this, God! Has the ill effects
of male chauvinism influenced you too?
Or afraid that your class of man will
lose to a woman?
Why don't you permit?
O Kay
Are you ready to face
all the conseqeunces rising from this?
Yes, we do
If you wish, I will give you time to reconsider
No need
There is a saying
Crow realises by seeing
but a Crane only after being hit!
Similarly you are also destined to realise
only after being hit
You will take up whatever
she has been doing till yesterday
And you will take up his job
Let her go out and collect grains
And you go to Kitchen to make
with what she brings!
Nirmala, tea!
If stay here and get angry,
you won't get tea
From today, you must make tea
Have you forgotten the yesterday's deal?
Notice this sleeping beauty!
Till yesterday she was like a dove
When she wakes up today, she will be a lion!
A lion!
Before Lion roars, go and get tea quickly
Krishnaetta! Tea please
Wow! Fantastic!
Now get used to basil leaves
Later on you may have to keep hibiscus flower!
What's this?
That I understood
What is that on your ears and forehead?
Husband who wakes up seeing his wife..
Sorry..a wife who wakes up seeing her
For this day to turn out to be a good day"
These basil leaves and sandal paste!
What I told you the other day"
don't you remem ber..?
Stop it..
Putting on all these without having taken
bath and trying to ridicule others!
Don't you have any work in the kitchen?
Then go
Give tea and go
Here is the tea
Where is the Lord?
Busy with some work inside
Shall I go and give him?
Did you have tea?
No..Tea powder got over
I must go and get it..
Without drinking tea,
I can't go to toilet also
Then you can have it.
He rarely takes tea in the morning
Krishna, tea!
Oh my God!
Yes Yes...
Thank you
May be the tea took that course!
NO jokes!
Tell the truth!
Milk retired!
Milk got spoilt!
Food is for eating!
If you can't make it tasty,
then you must first learn it and
then take on challenges!
Got it?
Aren't you the protector of senseless subjects?
I'm a debutant! I will not repeat this.
O Kay
Why does your face look dull?
Would this man turn out to be a disgrace
for the Male class?
Will Uthara make him her slave?
Is Desai family on downslide?
Keep watching
On your Manjadi T.V
Rain of Ashes!
Do you watch serials?
Amidst the responsibilities of Village assistant,
do not get time!
Now I have plenty of time
Krishnaetta, haven't you heated water?
Yeah coming.
Go quickly
There is still lot of time to watch serial
Krishnaetta, hot water!
There she is calling!
Let me take the bucket
Nirmala, waste!
Gopietta has come to collect waste
Go quickly and give him the waste
Dear, just a minute
Let him not know about the switch deal here
If he asks about me, tell him I'm not well
O Kay
No, come here.
Or just keep quiet for whatever he asks!
Shut the door and go
Do I need to tell that specifically?
For that are you taking bath in the bedroom?
Gopi, haven't you opened the jewellery shop
No, I'm going to my ancestral home
Tomorrow is my father's ceremony.
Oh! Do you do ceremonial offering
to your father every year?
I've not stopped it
for the last 13 years
If Athat doesn't
turn up this year also,
I'll stop.
If what doesn't turn up?
The Crow..My father's soul!
For the last 2 years,
Crow didn't turn up to eat
the Pindam(Rice ball offering to dead)
I kept calling the crow clapping hands
Finally I got bruise on my palms!
I won't blame my father
If one eats only ceremonial rice
for 13 years continuously,
Anyone will get bored!
Then keep Chicken Biryani and clap hands!
Who knows AI your father
crow might come!
What is this Krishna? Come quickly
I must dispose the waste
and then go and do the ceremony.
Ah! What is that on your ears?
Basil leaves! !
Where is Nirmala?
Nirma | a..
What is wrong with him?
My hearty appreciation to your
waste removal mission!
Where do you dispose all these waste?
In Sulu Mall
Sulu Mall?
Yes, Edapally, Sulu Mall
Is there the facility to dispose waste?
No..but when you go
there with the waste cover
they will take this and give you a token
Collecting that,
we walk out through the backdoor.
Then after closing the Mall,
they will dispose it wherever they wish
YusufA | i!!
Won't they catch you
if you go there daily?
Am I mad to go there daily?
On the way there is Oberon Mall, Q Mall,
Central mall, Nucleus mall etc.
Playing pranks with
this intimate friend of Messi!!
What's this? Too much smoke!
Were you blowing fire?
I thought you were playing flute!
What a difficulty, son!!
I got trapped!
Yes, I have an idea
I've a gas cylinder at home
We'll somehow manage
and get a gas stove you come.
If Nirmala comes to know,
would she agree?
She won't because
that is how you treated her!
If I argue that a person can buy
gas stove from one's own pocket
she will go down on knees!
There is a rule in Indian Constitution as well!
Well, from where
have you learnt all this?
- You know where is my ancestral home?
- No..
Aloor! Land of Lawyers!
Haven't you heard ofAIoor Lawyers?
Oh my sis! Only God has sent you to me!
I didn't send anyone
No..l was cracking joke here.
Yes Yes!
Let the Lord not know.
It's only between us.
- Let's go.
- Come.
Are you out fora play?
As you carry a flute on the hand,
I asked.
Where are you going? Shall I also join?
I'm going to a nearby place.
To collect a thing..
I will be back immediately
I shall also come
Got to carry a heavy load!
I will Chumakka(Carry)
Sit here and Chumakku(Cough)
If there is severe cough,
then take medicine
How is the climate outside?
PrakruthichechKNature) is very cheerful
And suryettan(Sun)glows very brightly
There is a possibility for thunderstrike and rain!
It's been a long time
since I saw thunderstrike and rain!
- Keep them inside
- Okay sister
Seems like your work got over early today?
Where is Krishnaettan?
He went out to cough!
What is wrong to cough here?
I don't know,
but said he will be back now.
Even Narayani was with him
Here he comes!
Stop! What nonsense are you doing?
It's not nonsense
It's called Gas cylinder
And that is Gas stove
As per our deal before the Lord,
Gas stove doesn't fall in that.
It's a violation of agreementl!
You will get rigorous imprisonment for 2 years!
Oh my God!
Come on, shoot out
the rules one by one!
Protect the honour of your A | oor!
- I don't really belong to Aloor
- Then?
- I'm from O | | ur..Next to Shiva temple
Aren't you ashamed to support him?
Poor thing!
When I saw him suffering
in the kitchen in the midst of smoke,
I felt sad for him
You didn't feel sad
when Nirmala was suffering,
why only with Krishnan?
He's exactly the age
of my dead elder son Ramesh!
And when I saw a
moustache man suffering in the kitchen,
If moustache is a burden
for doing kitchen chores,
Can't he shave it off then?
Am I right Krishnan?
You took up the challenge of
taking care of Kitchen responsibility
And now admitting defeat?
This Krishnakumar will not lose that easily
Krishnan will never
let his male class lose!
Oldie! Go and keep them back in place!
In Unnaipuram Village,
at Messi and Gopi Karimannur Jewellery,
those who purchase for Rs.500,
will be given a gift coupon
For that raffle contest,
Football legend Messi will reach Unnaipuram!
First prize..
75 year old man
molested an 18 year old
Does he belong to our state?
No, Maharastra!
Tell that!
Even othenlvise, nothing such is permitted
Immediately Police will nab the innocents!
Bloody rascals!
Where are you going?
To the town
This is parotta and beef
for your wife
This is Chappati and chicken for you
And this is your son's noodles!
As long as the stove
is not lighted in Gopi's house
Your shop will only incur profits!
Who is the chief guest for the inauguration?
Lionel Messi!
Who is he to Sunny Leone?
Aunt's daughter!
Oh brother you are
almost one foot in the grave!
It's MessLMessLFootball star
Then none will come!
When she came to Kochi,
many thronged to attend the function!
Did you also attend?
- No. But it was good that I didn't go
- Why?
She dressed up and came!
Then what is the need to go?
She hardly has any
dedication to her profession!
Yes Yes!
Too much of lice!
You neither wash your
hair or take bath.
Krishna, did you know..
Chenda (cylindrical percussion instrument)
player Gopalan's wife..her name?
- Ammini..
- Yes Am mini
She eloped with a
Bengali who came to work there!
How is she related to Sarala
who eloped with that instalment tamilian?
Elder sister!
Then what will happen to Gopalaettan?
He has got chenda, right?
What's this Krishnaetta?
Like a Woman
checking lice sitting at the doors!!
Both Krishnan's itching
as well as Narayani's hunger will go.
Don't you have any work today?
- Yes I'm going
- Get going
Don't you have any kitchen chores?
- No.
- Why?
Lord and Mayan are
observing fast today
And both of us shall dine out.
Not enough!
What is the problem?
Hotel food has Ajinomoto content!
- Is that so?
- Yes
If you take that regularly,
we'll get cancer,
that's what Dr.Swaminathan said.
Where is this Swaminathan's house?
To go and felicitate him!
Hubby, please wait.
We've a guest here
G uest? Today?
- Yes
- Who?
To serve them,
Make some food
There is raw mango grounded with coconut.
Or is it enough
to grind coconut with mango"
Or do I need to fry
everything and make..
Don't exaggerate too much!
- Guest?
In carriage auto?
As if!
Oh my Lord!
- You called me?
- No!
It came out spontaneously from within!
I didn't get Kasargod and Vechur!
This is Malnad Gidda!
- From Karnataka!
- ls it?
Bring that
During the last Village meeting,
She told me
she needs an Indian breed cow
And many opposed to that.
But I didn't bother
I immediately contacted Panchayat President
And when Panchayat President
washed away his hands in this,
I contacted our MLA and got it done.
Betty Kandakoran Sister!
Why contacting others for such casesl!
Oh no! Has it caused any trouble to you?
No! What trouble?
He is the son of Kousalya who raised
5 children and 4 cattles at the same time!!
Am I right, Krishnaettan?
Then tie the cattle on the other side
Ok, hold this please
-Give a little way please! - Sure
Give the rope
Come here
Krishnaetta, stop.
You asked what food
to make for the guest, is it?
Groundnut oil cakes and Cotton seeds!
Beware KK!
Cow is not much friendly with men!
It may poke you!
Has any men molested this cow?
Chances are there!
Why has KK become like this?
All sisters who dedicated their lives
suffering in the kitchen!
Nirmala Krishnan who challenged her husband,
Will be grandly felicitated
by Woman's organisaion
If a prawn tries to jump,
it's first leap will be up to the knee
And second leap will be in the curry pot
-What KKu? Is it Prawn curry for lunch?
- Why?
I heard you saying making Prawn
and Egg curry in earthen pot"
- I didn't refer to the curry
- Then.
If a prawn tries to jump,
it's first leap will be up to the knee
And second leap will be in the pot
It's a proverb..Proverb!
Oh you are talking about Nirmala!
She is rocking over there!
I'm in tatters here Mayadatta!
Those whoever challenged women
have only ruined is the history!
What happened to Duryodhanan
who played with Panchali?
What happened to Ravanan
who played with Sita?
Tell me
Please come here
Sit here.
Don't I've a solution to this?
I'm totally trapped, that is why
Can you tell the Lord and please.
My spinal disc is completely displaced!
I will offer
basil leaves to the God
If it's that, no spending money
You could just pluck and offer, right?
Then I'll offer bananas
I'll make Uruli Kamuzhthu
vessel upside down)offering
Why upside down?
Down side up is it?
Then down side up!
I will. But I got to think
That is enough
We heartily invite
all women in the Unnayipuram to participate
Put off the mike
Let's keep two big flex at the bus stand
and near the temple
Yes keep it
But not like this one, Nirmala Krishnan
That's quite old fashion
Keep it Nirmalaji
That is awesome!
Then Nirmalaji, shall we move
and be back around 2 A60 clock
Nirmalaji, we'll have lunch and
come to school
O Kay
- Nirmala, you look like a bride today
- Really?
Why don't you take off the garland?
I feel pleasant wearing this
We get it rarely, rig ht?
- What's this?
- Pappad!
Why is it crumbled?
You break it and only eat, is it?
Not like putting CD in the disk
You made this pickle?
Then what?
Taste it and see
But looks like Nirapara's jar
Only Jar is Nirapara
The content inside it is Nirapara..
No..l made it.
Tomorrow prepare feast for 20 people
Whose death anniversary, dear?
Presiding by Thapasi Chandran,
of Woman's unity organisation
We are organising a meeting tomorrow
God, a little please
As per the agreement, I never agreed to
cook food for all women in the village
Only for the people at home!
Then take help of Narayanichechi and Nisha
- Mayadattan is also there
- Me?
Isn't it for a good purpose? Please support
After this I will immediately leave
I have another felicitation programme
I don't need food for dinner
That's great
Chappati and chicken is enough
No water in the jar
I need some water
I feel thirsty, get some water
Where are you going?
To the kitchen
At this midnight? Come and sleep
Very nice! I haven't completed
grinding idli flour for breakfast.
Do the rest tomorrow
Come and sleep
We shall buy
breakfast from hotel tomorrow
Won't there be ajinomoto in hotel food?
Let that go to hell
No one will die
if they eat in hotel for a day
- There won't be any problem, right?
- No.
Come and sleep
Still, I feel what
you do to me is a bit too much!
Am I not your husband?
I love my husband Krishnan
more than God
But it's the question of
men and women's honour, that's why
If this is the case,
then I'll have to change my family name
Naduvilakathu Krishnakumar will be changed,
...to Naduvilatha(Spineless) Krishnakumar!
I very well know
this role doesn't suit me at all
Why don't we become like earlier?
Would the God agree?
Let's try and convince him
- True?
- True!
This is Idly and Sam bar
Do onething. You go and keep
I'll bring tea
You invite them for breakfast
Ah, tea!
Why is Nirmala
looking very happy and energetic today?
What's the matter?
May be because of today's speciality!
Is it that?
What Mayadattan?
Lizard says, many interesting
and happy things will happen here today
Praise the Lord
As offerings,
serve Idly and sambar quickly.
Medium strong with
less sugar for the God
And without sugar for Maya!
Is your hand paining, dear?
Shall I serve?
- Today both are so united
- Yes
What is the matter?
Not only today
Hereafter, we've decided
to remain like this.
Isn't it dear?
You mean?
That we've decided
to become like earlier
I don't get you
-Mayadattan, are you able to understand
- No.
You come this side
I, as earlier..husband's job
And she ..wife's job..
we have decided
You alone can't decide!
Then who else has to decide?
When three of us made an agreement,
And if you two alone
take a contrary decision..
Isn't that the violation of contract?
Then..Then what should we do?
Good question!
You did her job
and she did your job for some days
As a part of that, Krishnan..
Must give birth to a child!
Krishnan must bear
a child for 10 months,
and deliver!
Only then this contract will terminate!
Ah! Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Please pull..
Not this! Pull in your breath!
Your breathing-in is like
switching on a 2 HP motor!
I will give you tablets
Take this 3 times after food
Any Pathyam (food restrictions)?
Recite whatever Pad hyam (Poem s) you kn ow!
Amid reciting poem, don't
forget to take these medicines
It's not that, I referred to another one
You will find it more difficult to breathe.
Hello, Dr.Shine
What is wrong with your stomach?
Don't know Doctor!
I've a feeling that
something is inside my stomach.
As though it is bloating up
every now and then!
Oh oh! Nothing to panic
A minor scanning is required
Not in my chest..In my stomach!
First let me see if there
is anything in your pocket
There is! 4000 bucks are there!
Othenlvise after coming out from scanning
you see the bill and say no
money and look up,
Then Hospital will be shut down, got it?
By the by, where is the pain you said?
Nothing to panic. A minor scanning.
Will get over now
There are some cowards,
who faint the moment they see something.
You called?
You called?
May be I just felt so!
-You called? AI No
Lying down and doing mimicry to scare
-Not me, I swear! AI Not you?
Doctor Uncle
Doctor Uncle
Doctor Uncle
Doctor Uncle
-Oh God! AI Doctor"
Dear, don't you want this?
No..isn't there a mango tree
in front of Narayani aunty's house
While dropping the mangoes itself
I had one.
Is it?
Then Narayani aunty asked me,
to eat raw mangoes, are you pregnant?
Do only pregnant people eat raw mangoes?
Don't you have anything else to ask?
Do men become pregnant?
Who taught you all such nonsense?
My teacher! Biology teacher!
Doesn't your teacher have
anything else to teach you?
Teachers says, this Clownfish, you know
If you put only
some male fishes in a tank"
One of them will turn
into a female, it seems
Then it will mate and lay eggs!
Won't men also give birth then, uncle?
What's this? Frightening me!
You frightened me and telling me
I will cut off your tender mango!
Son, are you here?
-Get lost! AI You get lost!
I was searching you everywhere
KK, What is really wrong with you?
I've been watching you since sometime
Doing household chores like women
Now eating raw mangoes like women!
Who knows after some days,
you may even give birth
to a child?
What a pity! Move
Pregnant Uncle!
Oh God!
If it's a normal delivery".
with legs held up wards...
Oh my goodness!
After the birth, connecting Umbilical cord
Shit! Why bringing Pineapple at night?
I was waiting for the God to sleep
Have this, dear.
Don't you know that seeing this
fruit itself is an allergy for me!
Take it away
Do you know hubby,
Our ancestors don't give
pineapple to pregnant ones?
Why's that?
it will abort
-Rea | | y? AI Yes
-Mother promise! AI Yes
Then give
Hope somehow this gets aborted, O God!
Called me?
Just now you called God!
Like a usage
"I'm fed of this man O God"
It was that Lord
Oh that way!
Whether you called me or not,
it's good that I came!
- | t's been a long time since I had a pineapple!
AI Really?
Isn't it a storehouse of Vitamin C?
Gives fair complexion to the skin
Increases the eyesight
And also good
to eat during this condition.
The baby which is about to be born
will be fair
But she said, if one eats this..
it will cause abortion?!
Come on, tell like that.
But it only affects women
And for male, it's just the opposite
It will get more stronger!
Smart girl!
Have good knowledge of all thisl!
I'll throw this in your mouth
To hell with your Pineapplel!
-Dear AI Yes
Why don't we ask the doctor for a solution?
- To that francis Doctor!!
,Ai Hm m.
He's the one treating us for infertility
How do we tell him this?
No say that I'm pregnant
ask him to prescribe some medicines
and You take them
Where do you get all such ideas from?
Whenever any hurdles come
God brings forth such ideas before us!
You called me?
Not at all!
Doesn't this God sleep?
Did you say anything, Krishna?
Not at all
Token no.36 Nirmala Krishnakumar
Please come
Oh! What a surprise!
- Greetings!
- Please come
It's been long time since you visited here
What is the news?
Yes there is news
That's what I asked.
Good news only
Oh you mean that one!
Very good
Hope both of you are happy now!
Why both of you are quiet?
That's Doctor"
Ourfinancial condition is too bad now.
So nothing big"
Just an abortion is what we intend!
If you prescribe
that in the form of a tablet
We'll go home and take
- Take
- What is this, doctor?
When you have this much of knowledge,
Then prescribe the medicine yourself
Don't you feel ashamed?
For the last 10 years,
to see a baby's feet,
You walked down to my clinic
How could you arrive to such a decision?
Anyhow I'm sure of one thing
Lord has bestowed this gift
to you knowingly
How did you know this, doctor?
If not me, who else can understand?
I never expected that
you would become a father
Or Nirmala will become a mother!
Only if any miracles happen, that will happen
That miracle is what happened here now!
The problem is,
Walking with a large tummy
And then giving birth"
I can't bear to do it, doctor
It's not you
It's Nirmala who's giving birth
The strength to tolerate the pain and difficulty
Lord has bestowed to women!
So don't worry about that.
You know something, Krishna"
Female chicks are being aborted!
That I was not aware
You know! Egg Omelette and Bulls eye
are the abortions of hens!
In that same angle
you are talking now.
Family life without children,
is like a barren land
which you should understand
Foetus in Nirma | a's womb
Have to become your heartbeat tomorrow
Will become your comfort in your old age
In your last hours of life
This will turn to a drop of water
to your parched throat
Don't spoil it
A Doctofs duty is to conserve a life
And not to kill
Doctors and butchers,
both are using knife!
But isn't there a big difference
between those two, Krishna
Please help us in this case
we'll raise the next child
Next is when?
Is it any festival to come up every year?
Please get out
Doctor, please"
No more explanations
I say you get out
Got scared, dear!
Upon seeing the blood
from that patient's mouth
I felt giddiness
Shuck! You fool!
Can doctors and nurses fall
unconscious upon seeing blood?
- Have you heard of Florence Nightingale?
- No, doctor
Tell like that
A brave lady who went to the warfield
to nurse the wounded brave soldiers!
Witnessed blown off legs and hands!
Headless body of the soldiers...
Warfield soaked with blood
Seeing all this, did Florence Nightingale faint?
Not at all.
A nurse should be like that only
Don": worry, as ifs your training period
You will get used to it gradually
Tell him
Can't you see the party sitting here?
Oh, today early to bedroom, ah!
Normally only late in the night, is it?
Don't you have to study?
Usually no classes on Sunday, is it?
I pity you, father
Earlier during my childhood days,
I eagerly keep waiting for Sundays
You know why?
To play with my friends
If go out in the morning,
I will be back home only in the evening
Those who have no one to care of
Can come home as and when they wish!
But I have a family
I don't like bad friendship
Then go inside and study
I finished studying
Then go out and play
What a torture is this!
You either lock me inside
Or send me out!
What is wrong if I sit here?
We got to discuss certain things
Shouldn't children listen to your talk!
Is it adults only!
Are you talking back with father?
Either go and study or play
The last birth's foe
will be born as child in this birth
How true!
That Saint predicted that in my previous birth
someone had stabbed me
It must be him I guess!
If this goes on,
then this birth also will be same
You will get from me now!
I'm going to Krishnan uncle's house
You never had anything this morning
Shall I get you something?
Hotel food, is it?
You are lazy to get into the kitchen, is it?
Not that I'm lazy
While getting into the kitchen
I feel as though someone
is dragging me from behind
Totally exhausted!
Shall we seek the advice
of that Kanikanapayyanur astrologer?
- If people come to know, it will lead to trouble
- For what?
If an astrologer comes
to a rationalist person's home,
What my followers will tell?
Nothing will happen
Are we seeking the advice
of astrologer informing others?
Astrologer will come and predict and go away
That's all
Will come, predict and go, is it?
Then not an issue!
- Shall I call him then?
My dear Village Assistant,
When will my lavatory work be completed?
Will I never be destined to die in that?
Why dying inside that?
Can't you die inside your small house?
It's not that. Don't you know her?
She is my daughter Vidya
Vidya Balan, right?
Yes Balan her husband!
As there is lack of lavatory,
he left her here
He neither comes nor takes her
Won't she have her own dreams?
My dear bro! I also feel
sympathy of your condition,
-But I'm not the Village Assistant now.
- Then?
She is the Village Assitant now
Normally only after
husband's death, wife will get a job
I'm almost in a dead condition!
Is it? Then let the dead one move
I want to talk live with the live person
My dear Village Assistant
In the name of lavatory,
You hike the prices of Petrol, diesel and gas
Why is the lavatory alone not being built?
For the fund of building a lavatory,
Still the petrol prices got to be hiked
Instead of hiking it little by little...
Why don't you hike it at one go?
Please wait for 2 more months
If this is the case,
Petrol will cost Rs.200
Then not one, I will build
you compound full of toilets.
I'm very glad, Village Assistant.
Very glad
Just to pee...
What would you say for that.
It's just that I want to
die with a good excreting experience!
Sorry to disturb you, shall I move?
Come dear!
Your destiny has become such!
Tu esd ay( Mars) , Wed nesdag/(Mercu ry) ,
T h u rsdag/(J u p ite r) Satu rd ag/(Satu rn) . .
After Thursday, it's Friday, is it?
I'm not playing with the weeks
I'm checking for the planets".
Oh I'm sorry!
Oh so that is the problem
Presence of this is totally absent here
Should bring here
Won't it incur too much of expense
to bring from Madras?
Bring whom?
Film actor Kushbu
Not film actor Kushbu
I meant these planets!
You called me here
to remove the problem or create problem?
Keeping praying the Lord
To ward off your problems,
Take this flower, turn it around your head,
And throw it behind!
To make Parotta?
No, to throw it behind
So you are aware of all this!
Your house is not positioned in circle
All houses are not positioned in Circle
Normally all houses are situated in Square only
If you know everything, you predict
You do it
Please pardon him
Please keep quiet dear
Just a doubt
Hell with his doubts!
I would like to see the kitchen here
Is this your kitchen?
Yes, this is Kitchen and that is toilet
Having such a Kitchen
You still being alive!
Really surprising
Oh my God!
The Isan kone (Vashthu)of this kitchen is wrong
It can even cause death!
However it's good that you didn't cook
The problem of this house is,
Normally the (Vasthu) is situated
See this is how!
No, to be seated like this"
Are you suffering from piles?
Not Piles.. it's fistula
Sickening with this person!
I just asked a doubt
What should I do now?
-Demolish this kitchen - Ok
And build a new kitchen
facing Isan kone east
Shall I ask you something?
- Sure
What is meant my Isan konan?
It's not Isan Konan, it's Isan Kone
Agni kone means your cooking stove
Boiling milk ceremony
should be done the day after Thiruvonam!
Demolish this kitchen now itself
Why don't we move somewhere for time being?
Whereverl go, would this blemish go?
Come what may
That's Nisha
Let me go and talk to her
What happened Narayanichechi?
My daughter is in hospital
We're going there
What is wrong with Ram an?!?
While cutting firewoods,
she slipped and had a fall
It seems she was three months pregnant
- Why did you laugh, God?
- Nothing
Something is off for sure
othenlvise you won't laugh
Let me see
Was this sound coming from here?
Chop it well
If you do it well now,
cutting will not be needed at delivery
I don't get you
If you work well,
Then at delivery, the cutting.. the cutting"
I mean the C section
Will not be required.
It will be a normal delivery
But I heard somewhere a woman having
abortion while cutting firewood
Not somewhere
It's Narayani's daughter Ramani
All that is idiotic pregnancy
For that cutting of firewood is not neeeded
Just a travel on road in a auto is enough.
But yours is a Divine Pregnancy
Divine Pregnancy!
It's like Pamban bridge
Can't be destroyed!
Understand onething!
Foetus in you is double hearted"
Double hearted!
With knives and Machetes held high
I have walked amidst you
Then when you couldn't do anything
to me ..Now..
Before you light the stove,
To ward off all the evils".
Turn towards the East and pray
Why is it you are praying towards west
when I had asked you to look East?
- This is East
- This is East
- ls it?
Then this?
That is West
Ch eatedl!
The Lord has put me in a soup!
I made a mistake in direction!
Milk boiling ceremony will not
happen today!
What is the remedy for that?
- Demolish this kitchen
- Okay
- Then build it once again as earlier
- Oh my god!
- I will demolish it
I will build a new one
For the time being keep this
What's this?
With great difficulty, didn't you call up
Mars, Jupiter, Saturn?
Small gift for that
Normally in such situations
when you call me HEY
I scoot away saying DEY is what
is generally seen
Just thought let it be a change
O Kay
We may have to demolish
the kitchen once again, dear
So what? We shall do it right today
What shall we do for lunch then?
As usual, from hotel!
Hell with her hotel!
From today, you will cook in this kitchen
My hands and legs are very tired
Then let's go to Kottakal Ayurvedic Hospital
and lie in a oil boat
Light it
Well done, GOPi.
In fact it is now that this
has become a family
It is to the sounds of vessels
in the kitchen that people at home wake to
A woman needs to begin her
etiquettes learning from the Kitchen.
Kitchen being a family's Ministry of health!
Women like Seema must understand
Mayadatha" What's it?
I see two little feet playing in this
frontyard in my divine vision!
You mean?
Means..Gopi is becoming a father again
God! Thanks!
When Seema vomited, Gopi looked
at GOD and smiled.
Here when KKu vomited,
Nirmala is looking at you and crying
Two expressions for the same thing!
Why so?
These are to happen and
these times to come..
These are all part of our decisions!
God! Why did you have me be a joker!
and embarrass me before the villagers!
I haven't stepped out of this house
for days now, do you know?
Please..l beg of you
Your laugh is too sarcastic!
When a person is totally
heart broken and seeking
Please don't laugh with the casualness
of watching a comedy show
To stay in Kerala, when I asked the reason
for choosing Krishnakumar's house
What did you tell me?
What did I say?
You said Krishnan has never for once called
and troubled you
It's the same Krishnan pleading at
your feet in tears
Please rescue Krish nan
Please don't be adamant that
Krishnan should give birth
If conception has taken place,
delivery has to happen!
That's the rule of nature
Nature is not above you, isn't it?
Make a small adjustment
You mean..caesarean!
No..No. I mean abortion
Abortion is not a match for
people with good heart!
For bringing such a low recommendation to me
I curse you.
May you be born as a donkey in
the next birth!
What Maya?
Didn't you know my life has gone up in flames!
What happened?
I sought the God with the
recommendation for you,
God cursed me
In the next birth I will be born as a donkey!
When you go to Sabarimala,
In the vicinity of Pam pa,
if you see any donkey smiling at you
You must smile back
That would be me!
Won't you smile?
Didn't I ask you to go?
Go away Nirmala
I'll confine myself to this kitchen
like an eunuch
In this condition, don't suffer in the kitchen
I must!
In this kitchen's soot and smoke I will my life.
Please listen to me
No, I don't wish to listen anything
I need to experience whatever you
endured for so long
You go to work
Please listen. Give that to me
- Hey move
- No.
Give the broom. You don't have to take
Who said men shouldn't take the broom?
What's wrong if a man takes the broom?
Men should not pick up the broom,
My mother and sisters taught me
in my childhood
It's only woman who made man
lazy and arrogant!
I've ironed your clothes to go for work..
Get going
I'm not going.
You must go
You're no longer an ordinary woman now
You are that brave woman
who send her husband into the Kitchen
The woman who stepped out from
kitchen onto public stage
One who ordered men into the kitchen
and shows her guts
Shouldn't I respect you?
Having you confined to the kitchen
and walking free was never my thoughts
Mutually respecting and sharing the workload
with a tolerance level involving
husband and wife is all what I sought for
But this argument
would lead to such a big disaster,
I never assumed!
In the battle between Krishnan and Nirmala
Nirmala won.
And this Krishnakumar lost
It's I who lost
God had me lose
You may laugh, Lord
Please do laugh, Oh Lord, at my miseries!
Because I have love and affection for him
I argued with him
In our fights, we had love for one another
God has not realised!
Those pretending love and
who adorn you with costly offerings
is whom GOD likes
We never worshipped God
But only considered Him as one amongst us.
I have had fights with God
That was not because of my arrogance,
But because I felt Him to be my dear one!
Eversince you stepped into this house,
We've been thinking of asking you
to give us a little one if possible!
But no....
Without my asking, you gifted that to me, Lord!
We are really grateful to you..
We considered goodness of Heart is God
May be that was the reason when
God visited our home
We became arrogant a bit!
And were extremely happy
But now we have realised everything
What did you realise, Nirmala?
Lord is only fit to be
worshipped in glass facade!
Can't bring love in home!
In fact I want to answer all your questions
In that scenario, wouldn't the Truth
called Time become inconsequential?
The answers to all your questions,
Time will provide! For sure.
To live among humanity, study them
and to find solutions to their problems
was the purpose for my visit
But in my bid to studying humans
I failed again!
I'm stepping out of this house
Thank you for all the hospitality
Mayadatha, move.
Thus God also went away cursing us!
What shall we do now, Nirmala?
Isn't anyone at home?
Let me ring the bell
Oh God!
It's that Betty Kandakoran!
May be for convening a meeting for temple fest
Please send her however
No, I can't..You please talk to her
How will I talk to her at this condition?
You please go.
Yes Bettychechi!
- Isn't KK at home?- No
- Yes- Yes no!
Yes? No
Eh! Yes no!
Fix on either one
Is he playing pranksl!
How many months its been!
How many months is it now?
It's almost 9 months
Sis, isn't it just 3 now?
Oh my goodness! Who taught you
March, April, May, August,
September, October, November
Sorry, June and Ju | y..those two rainy seasons.
Put together 9 months since the Temple fest!
Have the accounts been submitted yet?
Tell him to stop all this pranks,
and at the earliest convene the fest committee
And he also not attended the last two meetings
It's almost time for the next fest
And the accounts of last fest are
yet to be submitted
People are already violent
I have spoken to President Diwakaran and
things are under control
Anyway let me have a look at him
No sis...not necessary
He is sick
What is it with him?
- Fever
- Fever! Silly thing! Not an issue
No he is having chicken!
Interesting! Having fever, eating chicken
and enjoying home!!
Not that! He has chicken pox
Chicken Pox!!
A virus infection!
What? Don't you wish to meet him?
Not now.
If one gets chicken pox once,
will relapse take place!
No...l had not had chicken pox so far.
Now if I meet him and contract that.
How will I have contacts with people
next 10 -15 days!
For chicken pox, neem leaves are the best
But where would I get neem leaves here!!
Let me try
Then tell him to convene a meeting sooner!
Situation will not be like how I came
If other members also walk in,
then situation will worsen!
At 11 '0' Clock I have to be in
contact with the MLA
So I got to leave otherwise
I would've met him
Chicken pox! Oh my goodness!
No, let me not step in.
I will stand out
Here I'm..Come here.
Com e fast.
Why did you stop here?
Oh! The trouble my son has got!
What do you mean what?
Chicken Pox!!
I came to know from Betty member
The moment I heard, I stopped working
Pluck some of these and rushed here.
Take it
Then put these neem leaves on the mat
And lay him on it.
On the way I been to Ayurveda shop
Take this herbal syrup.
Give him 3 times a day
This is herbal powder for inhalation
This is lacto calo MamaN(Uncle)!
Not Iactocalomaman! It's Lactocalamine!
Whether Maman(Uncle) or Mami(Aunt)
Apply it wherever it itches!
Further don't mind my not stepping in
I've severe knee pain
And not because of fear that
it could spread!
I understood that.
Shall I leave then?
Work is in process there.
This is medicinal syrup
This is the powder for inhalation!
This is Lactocalamine!
I don't have to tell you the
name of this
Neem leaves
Here calls you only. Go
Bloody neem leaves!
This is from Betty Kandankoran!
Sent through a person
To spread and lay
And to fan while itches!
She is sure to lay and bury me
in Neem Ieavesl!
Give some feed to the cow
Crying in hunger
To defeat you, I brought that here
Now that poor animal must be cursing me
Go and feed something
Those who are scared, needn't come
I will go and meet him.
What is the need to fear?
Nowadays, Chicken pox is not a big concern
But Temple accounts are a big concern now.
Not only that, chikcen pox causes
a whole lot of itch
But then, all are scratching at us!
Could you do one thing.
Stop scratchng at one another.
I will meet him and come
Then let him go and scratch
Why are you scratching at the President???
That Diwakaran, Velayudhan and Betty cechi
have gathered here with many people
May be to ask for the temple accounts!
What shall I answer him now?
You stay calm
I will convince and send them away
Isn't KK at home?
Yes, he is severely ill
Oh! I wish to see him.
Can't you meet him after some days?
It's an infectious disease
If it does, Let it.
It's almost 10 months since the
last temple festival
And if accounts are not submitted still"
Would the people agree?
I will leave only after meeting KK
No, that's.
Why are you stopping him?
Let President go and meet him
And settle the issue.
By that all gossips about the accounts
will come to an end
Let him go and meet him
Are you also coming?
Chicken Pox not a big deal nowadays
Go courageously!
Where is he?
KW. What is this? Come out"
Please..Please don't harm me, Diwakara
What is wrong with you?
Tell me..
What has happened to you?
Speak, KK
The itch is sitting there"
Why are you silent?
Tell us the matter
That's Betty"
What happened?
Things are not as we imaginedl!
Speak out whatever it is!
Why are you playing the dumb here?
We have given up a day's earning and are here.
How will I tell this now..
Tell them whatever it is
Come on tell!
This is the story!
Mad nessmlnsanity
Else what to say!
Try to take him to some mental health centre
Take some action immediately
If it is delayed, it's risky
Things are not as you imagine!
By the by what have we imagined
are you saying!
If one gets mad, they are taken
to the hospital
If it is severe, the will
give shock treatment
Such are common here
Not any big deal
We telling this for KK's goodness
We are not your foes
Please understand that
No, however you convince also,
I can't agree to this
If you be so adamant, then we'll
have to use force
If there is any mismatch in temple accounts,
We are ready to settle it
In that name if you are planning
to take him forcibly,
You will have to do that over my deadbody!
I beg of you
Please get away from here.
Without any disturbance to anyone,
we'll somehow manage and survive!
Let's move, President
If anyone is destined to die of insanity,
then he will
That's all God's will.
Come..Come let's move
You are sitting here..
I have been searching for you all over..
Last night, did you hear the hoot a mottled owl
coming from the north of our house?
You must have fallen asleep
But I heard
So what? May be it was calling out to its mate!
If a mottled owl cries from the north
Death follows next day in the south,
mom used to say!
It's a superstition of old people!
Mottled Owl is also called Fowl of Death,
warning us the arrival of the Lord of Death!
Nirmala, I don't know why,
Of late, I only see night mares!
To meet the numbness of death,
looks like mind and body are preparing!
That is because you are sitting
alone and thinking"
Get up, dear..Get up
Come dear.
You sit here.
And watch t.V for sometime
Then your mind will get relaxed
By then, I will get you a double strong tea!
At his age of 13, in Kannur District Sports meet
There was one smart lad who had won a title.
His name was Radhakrishnan
Today that Radhakrishnan has come
here as our guest
Time brought a new design in him.
Radhakrishnan appears before us today
as a woman named Radha.
-Greetings - Greetings
When did you really realise that
you were transforming into a Woman?
While I was studying in the 10th grade,
and during a state meet
I noticed the truth of me transforming
into a woman
I required 3 AI 4 surgeries
Now I'm a complete woman
And I'm really proud of it
Breaking news
Women bearing children is the rule of nature
Now contradicting that,
Kerala is about to witness something
for the first time in the World
Kerala is going to witness a man's pregnancy
That news reaches you as an
Exclusive through our channel
In Unnaipuram Village, a Village Assistant
Krishna Kumar is the owner of such
a pregnancy that contradicts nature
In the debate being held tonight,
you can also join
95495 Send SMS to this number.
Oh my...!
About the Unnayipuram incident,
Political analysts and women's lib
organisation are reacting
We shall come to those views
Before that, our Opposition leader
is in the Mavelikara studio now
Sir, what is the stand of you
and your party on this subject?
On this grotesque incident I am ashamed !
This howls about the total failure of the
So, I am demanding the Chief Minister's take
moral responsibility of this case and
resign at the earliest.
Regarding U nnaipu ram incident,
Chief Minister is talking to the
media now from Punjar
Here are the live visuals
Why should I take the moral responsibility
of this and resign?
For man having attained capability in getting
shouldn't we be proud?
Why do I got to resign for his pregnancy?
What sort of a country is this?
We still have not got the visuals of KKumar
Hoping to be getting that soon
All the audience in Kerala who are eagerly
looking forward to see a picture of Kkumar
is being released first by Dhrishya T V.
Apologies the Photograph was
accessed from his Aadhar Card.
Photograph with more clarity is expected
to be released by Dhrishya T V shortly.
News that rocked Kerala, world's first pregnant
Krishankumafs residence is where we are
standing now.
Residents of Unnaipuram standing excitedly
Krishnakumar's house is what you see now.
Today having given up on their day's work,
they have joined us here.
To have a look of Krishnakumar,
to break an arm or leg of his,
woman activists standing here impatiently
is the scene we get to see here
Let's listen to their reactions.
Tell me madam
As a blemish to Kerala Womenhood,
A threat to motherhood,
And to remove such a rascal from this world
is what I use this opportunity to state.
Ratheesh, have photographs of
Krishnakumar been obtained?
Sonu, till now he hasn't stepped out.
Now we are standing in front of Krishnakumas
Till now he hasn't come here either
What did he have last night?
He had Uppumma and Peas curry is
what we have learnt
Before going to sleep having
a banana at night is a practice
But yesterday he hasn't taken that also
May be that is the delay in
coming here I guess!
Anyhow please keep waiting there.
Sonu, from Manjadi T.V
In front of Krishnakumafs Toilet"
along with Cameraman Satheesh, this is
' Jishnu, regarding Krishnakumafs case,
do you have any new facts to tell us?
This pregnancy case is moving as a
big headache for the Police department
Also heard, Panchayat member,
Betty Kandakoran has been having
frequent contacts with Krishnakumar.
Kumar's pregnancy case is taking another
Person responsible for this pregnancy
A lady Panchayat Member Betty Kandakoran,
is whatJishnu declared to us.
Betty Kandakoran is being questioned
in Aluva Police club
Can expect an arrest any moment
Again an Exclusive!
No, I refuse to agree.. disagree.. disagree
Who needs your consent here?
One who has brought shame to this society
and to this organisation,
Kkumar's not just his Secretary post,
But also his primary membership
must be cancelled is my opinion
I won't agree to that, is what I said
You can take him out from Secretary post
But his primary membership!
We've no right to cancel that
Only the General body...decides that
What bloody general body?
Those asses will heed to whatever we say
K Kumar's Secretary post
and primary Membership is declared
to be cancelled by this committee
That is it
Shailesh, has Betty Kandakoran's
arrest been recorded?
No Gayathri
Arrest will take place any moment
is what we learn
Similarly after medical examination
Betty Kandakoran will possibly be presented
before Kanamally Magistrate Court
Shailesh, we need to get the visuals
of KKumar, ASAP
Take efforts for that.
Now Krishnakumar is inside his house
That's why the delay in getting his visuals
Break into his house, Sailesh
Gayatri, is it decent to break into a house?
What decency?
How many families have we broken down?
And this is nothing.
Jishnu, this being an unnatural pregnancy
Will he get legal protection?
Or which all sections could be charged on him?
Could KAAPA (Kerala Anti-Social Actvities
Prevention Act) be imposed against him?
I couldn't hear you Mukesh
Can he be charged under KAAPA?
I'm unable to hear you Mukesh
Nothing is clear, Mukesh
Gayatri, removal the roof tiles of
KKumar's house is almost done..
The entry into Kkumafs house can be
expected to take place any moment now
What happened, dear?
No Nirmala
My time has neared
That man..
That man is waiting there
To take me
What is all this nonsense you are saying?
I wish to die
Before Channel people and villagers kill me,
And before he put his rope on my neck..
I want to die
If you die, then who is there for me?
Me being alive is also a threat to your life.
May the GOD rescue you
Please open the door
Please open the door
Please open the door
Oh no! No dear
Please don't do anything.
Oh no!
Are you satisfied now?
Satisfied now..?
Kill me too
I didn't ask you anything in my life, have I?
Why have you left me behind?
Kill me too
Get up
Woman in the tradition of Indira Gandhi, K R
Why did you resign when a
male companion was lost?
In the battle of dominance between
woman and man...
Who won? Who lost?
Lord, still why these cruel examinations on us?
Through examinations only, one can realise
Only to have you realise that truth,
All this was needed
Life still remains to be lived
Why do I need another life without him?
What happened to Krishna?
Krishna climb down
Come Krishna
After creating men
I broke my head a lot
Which part of his bone do I take
To create women
What if it's from the leg
He will stomp over her with that leg
So I dropped that
What if it's his head bone..
Then he will pamper too much and spoil her
So I chose something from the middle Ai the
That was for an equilibrium
in the man and woman's relation
Moreover, to create a man
and to have a man's creation be done,
a woman is needed is something man
never should forget
Love in togetherness is what
Family ought to be
Don't you make gruel for eating?
In the family called gruel,
Grain is the husband
But if one insists on putting
salt equal to grain"
Wouldn't that gruel be wasted"
God, we understood everything
Please forgive our senselessness
Please provide me with a
remedy for my pregnancy
Remedy for pregnancy is only delivering
Please don't talk like that.
Because I can't face people..
Please terminate that somehow
No one can terminate anything.
But I could do onething.
Like the legendary mad man
(Naranathu Bradhan) had asked,
Can you transfer the filariasis
from the left leg to right leg?
Aren't you a couple concerned
about having children?
As a solution to it,
I could transfer Krishnan's divine pregnancy
To Nirmala
A divine transfer!
Hey Gopi! You in this attire?
In which other attire have you seen me then?
No..When did you have your hair cut?
What is wrong with you Krishna?
What is he telling?
He is blabbering in sleep
Nirmala gave birth
A baby by
You had left hospital with a promise
that you will be back quick
Shucks! I felt asleep
Go quickly
She is been enquiring for you since
regaining consciousness!
Let me get ready quickly
-Oh my god!
-Who is he?
Why is he running?
Security, catch him
Stop there.
Who are you?
Why did you run away seeing me?
- Don't you recognise me, sir?
- No.
What are you doing here this time of night?
Don't you truly recognise me?
No man
Sir..earlier..l.. pregnant...
Are you mad?
My wife has delivered a kid here
Oh! Wife's delivery has made you mad?
Labour room is over there. Go left
Go man.
Wife's delivery has made him mad!
Don't bite it dear
Carpenter who made cradle
for the child is waiting out
Give his wages
I in fact forgot that.
You look after the child
Oh my baby"-
How much is the wages?
Please don't mind my asking"
Why do you say that?
We have
Met before, haven't we?
No.. In my memory I do not recall meeting.
Try recalling
This is first time in Unnaipuram
Are you testing me again?
If I get my wages, I could leave
Oh God!
Have you seen that carpenter ever before?
I swear on Lord
Then where could it have been?
Does God really exist?
This soil, trees, birds, animals.
Whatever visible to our eyes and beyond that.
Won't there be a Creator who creates all those?
Would be, isn't it?