Dak Bangla (1987) Movie Script

What happened, darling? Come.
What happened now?
Rakesh. Did you hear that sound?
Come on, dear.
Again the same sound.
There is nothing to fear,
Hey. Be careful.
The sound is coming from there.
Look, the sound came from
under the carpet.
Rakesh, I think there is
a dungeon underneath it.
Hey, dear. I am a manager of this
guest-house for 3 months.
I didn't see any dungeon.
What is it?
Someone help!
Help me please.
Help! Open the door!
Rakesh, get up.
Rakesh. Get up please.
Someone help me. Is anyone there?
Please. Is anyone there?
After all, the boss has
fired you from the job.
He didn't fire me, Vaishali.
I have resigned myself.
You did a very smart thing.
Don't disturb me.
I am looking for a job.
Wanted overseas senior engineers.
Engineer and you?
Wanted a manager for
medical store.
It's not your cup of tea.
Wanted lady office assistant.
Good. Change your gender. You
will find a job sooner.
Vaishali, please.
If I don't get a job soon...
Sapna won't be able to appear
for her graduation exam.
How will we get the
money for the fees?
Needed a capable man
for a guest-house.
You are surely that.
One who speaks good English.
After the British,
you are the only one here.
No need for experience.
You don't have that.
So consider you got the job.
Mr. Ajay, congratulations
on getting this job.
You the new manager of the
guest-house in Chandan Nagar.
Thank you, sir.
Will you stay there alone?
No. My wife and her sister
will be with me.
But Mr.
Ajay, let me tell you something.
This guest-house of
Chandan Nagar is...
so far away from any
and only a lost traveler
comes to stay there.
People say strange things
about that guest-house.
The earlier manager
committed suicide.
He may have some personal reason.
But people say that the silence
of that guest-house...
drove him mad and he
committed sicide.
I won't commit suicide.
Here is your advance.
Sapna. Your money order has come.
Thank you.
Saw? You got the money order.
I knew it.
Your brother-in-law is a very
nice man. - Brother-in-law?
Where is your brother-in-law?
- You are too much.
Brother-in-law isn't here.
Only his money order came.
Brother-in-law didn't come.
At least something came
from brother-in-law.
She is totally mad.
She is so crazy about
my brother-in-law.
Just like you are for Raj.
Diana, Raj called us to
hotel Horizon today.
Really? Let's go.
- Come.
"O my dear friends..."
"Friendship, relationships..."
"...should be from the heart."
"O my dear friends..."
"Friendship, relationships..."
"...should be from the heart."
"They are beautiful.
They fill the heart with delight."
"They are ours.
Our life is like a dream."
"They are beautiful.
They fill the heart with delight."
"They are ours.
Our life is like a dream."
"O my dear friends..."
"Secretly, openly..."
"...think about it again."
"O my dear friends..."
"Friendship, relationships..."
"...should be from the heart."
Oh. Where are we stuck?
I can't see anyone here.
This is a very remote area.
Write a beautiful poem
in this remote area.
Mister, where is the guest-house?
He is strange.
Mister, where is the guest-house?
Go straight.
Strange! People here really
hate guest-house.
That's true.
But now do we have to walk?
We can't help it, Vaishali.
There is no transportation.
Come on.
- Okay.
Yes. I have passed.
I have passed. I have passed.
Why didn't you tell me you
have passed, you fool!
Sapna, I love you.
Sapna, I love you.
Hey. Stop it.
- Censor, censor.
We knew you would pass.
But we have to see if Diana and
I have passed or not. Okay?
1391. 1392. Yes.
I have passed.
Check my number now.
1365. 1365.
1346. Robbery.
Bandits have looted 20 Lakh
rupees from the bank.
They robbed 20 Lakh.
They didn't kidnap you.
Please check my number.
I wish,
they would have kidnapped me.
If they take you,
their vehicle will break down.
I will beat you.
- Check Diana's number.
1365. You have done it.
now it will be fun to stay in...
your brother-in-law's
- Yes. - Guest-house?
His size will turn it into a
haunted house. - Shut up.
Sapna, when are we going to
the guest-house? - When?
You won't go. Only we three...
are going to brother-in-law's
for vacation.
- What?
How far is it?
Wake up. Open your eyes.
We have reached. Look.
Is anyone there?
Is anyone there?
- What is it?
Our bags?
It seems someone is waiting
for us here.
I am scared.
Is anyone there?
Is anyone there?
Hello. Hello. Is anyone there?
So strange!
I am famished.
I can't wait for anyone.
You too join me.
Are you mad, Ajay?
Someone's food is served.
And you have sat to eat it.
Just eat it. I am hungry.
You are the limit, Ajay.
The food was very tasty.
May God bless the cook.
How can you say this
food was for you?
It's simple.
I am a manager of this guest-house
and you are my wife.
So the food was for two people.
Come on, let's check the bedroom.
This is the bedroom.
Ajay. How did our bags come here?
- What is it, Ajay?
Stop kidding around.
Oh. That was a very long day.
The day was long, it was.
But now don't make the night long.
That I will surely do.
Khurshid Khan.
- Yes, sir.
Sir? - Why is the door
locked like that?
Sir, I don't know.
Since I have been here...
I have seen the door shut.
Come, sir.
It's a very strange place.
- Why?
I think once ghosts used
to haunt this place.
Stop the car.
Who are you?
What do you want?
I will come with you
to the guest-house.
But who are you?
When you didn't recognize me...
then how can brother-in-law
if I am a boy or a girl?
Hey. He is your crazy lover.
Take him along. It will be fun.
Come. Get in the back seat.
"The lover boy will
follow the girl."
"The lover boy will
follow the girl."
"Let's see what happens in love."
"Let's see what happens in love."
"The lover boy will
follow the girl."
"The lover boy will
follow the girl."
"O dear, today I have forgotten
the whole world."
"You are so far away,
as if I am a stranger."
"O my sweetheart,
you are there..."
"...I am here. It's not done."
"The lover boy will
follow the girl."
"The lover boy will
follow the girl."
"Let's see what happens in love."
"Let's see what happens in love."
"The lover boy will
follow the girl."
"The lover boy will
follow the girl."
"Consider me your own."
"Don't go alone."
"I too have a right over you."
"Don't shy away from me."
"Don't be scared when in love."
"Don't be scared when in love."
"Love and die in love."
"The lover boy will
follow the girl."
"The lover boy will
follow the girl."
"Let's see what happens in love."
"Let's see what happens in love."
"I am the devotee of
the same God..."
"...who created you."
"It's the miracle of love."
"...which united us."
"Your charm stole my heart,
O darling."
"The lover boy will
follow the girl."
"The lover boy will
follow the girl."
"Let's see what happens in love."
"Let's see what happens in love."
What happened?
- Sapna, no. - Vaishali.
Vaishali, what happened?
What happened?
That dangerous man killed Sapna.
No, Vaishali.
You had a nightmare.
No. Ajay.
In that locked room...
that dangerous man killed Sapna.
He beheaded her.
Please, Vaishali. Brace yourself.
Ajay. Take me to that
locked room. Please.
Fine. - Ajay. - You can
go there tomorrow.
No, right now. Please.
Okay, let's go. Come.
Come on.
- Please.
Please, Ajay. For me.
The same room.
The same bed.
How is it possible?
You are seeing this room
for the first time.
Believe me, Ajay.
I am telling the truth.
Sapna was lying on that bed.
And that dangerous
man killed her.
You don't believe me?
There is a photograph.
Sapna's photograph.
And there is blood on it.
I am telling the truth, Ajay.
Oh my God.
Maybe Sapna has come.
Oh. At last.
What happened, Sapna?
I feel I had come here earlier.
What rubbish! Come inside.
Hello, sister.
- Sapna, how are you?
How are you? What happened?
Nothing. Vaishali had a nightmare.
- My God.
Brother-in-law, meet my friends.
You know her.
She is Komal.
Nice to meet you.
- Brother-in-law.
- Hello. - Hello.
And Shirin Daruwala.
Hello, brother-in-law.
- Hi.
Khurshid Khan.
Yes, sir.
- Take their luggage upstairs.
Okay, sir.
Come, let's go upstairs.
Come on in.
This is your room.
There are many rooms in this
guest-house, Sapna.
Because ut I think you all would
prefer to stay together.
Yes. Right?
- Yes.
Shall we go now?
- Come.
Thank you, brother-in-law.
- My pleasure.
Come on, Diana.
Now you can have you honeymoon
before wedding.
Shut up.
- How lucky I am!
I used to celebrate honeymoon
in my dreams.
But today, with my darling...
I will have honeymoon here.
You can't sleep here. Understood?
So where would I sleep?
- There are many rooms.
Go to any room.
But listen...
- No ifs and buts.
Let me talk.
- I don't want to listen.
Go from here. Go.
Vaishali, if I look so similar
to that painting...
what's there to be so
shocked and scared?
Often there are many people
who are look-alike.
You are absolutely right.
It happens.
Yes. But why did I see
such a terrible dream?
It's your illusion.
And Vaishali,
it's such an old bungalow...
with old man like
you will get such dreams.
Good morning.
Excuse me, sir.
- Yes.
Are you the new manager
of this guest-house?
I am Raj.
This is my permission.
You are welcome.
Thank you.
Vaishali. Believe it or not...
but Sapna and Raj surely
know each other.
You are doubting for no reason.
Fine. I will invite him
for dinner today.
Oh my God.
I will beat you.
What are you looking at?
Nothing. Nothing, sir.
Just like that.
Hello, everybody.
Come, Raj. Let me introduce them.
She is my wife Vaishali.
Hello. - And she is my
sister-in-law Sapna.
Hello, sister-in-law.
- I mean, Sapna. I...
And Raj,
they are Sapna's friends.
Komal. - Hello. - And Diana.
- Hello. - Salutations, sir.
Thank you.
Raj, you fool.
Why did you do this in front
of brother-in-law?
Why are you pulling my legs?
-Why did you...
come here after us?
- What happened to you?
Leave my legs.
Stop it.
Will you kill this poor fellow?
Brother-in-law, you see... he...
He studies in your college. Hmm?
- Yes.
He is your friend?
- Yes?
You see, he is our friend. Right?
Raj, you tell me.
Who is your close friend
amongst them?
Sir, by now you would have
understood that...
Very good.
You are wise.
- Thank you, sir.
- Now I am in my in-law's house.
Let's see some hospitality.
- Raj.
Hey... what are you doing?
Will you kill me? Leave me.
Maybe you are the new manager
of this guest-house.
And he is our old leader.
He is the leader of the poor
people from our constituency.
Mr. Garibdas Daulatram.
Leaving the luxury of his abode,
he has come to serve people...
and check the poverty
of the region.
- Hello.
- Pleased to meet you.
Pleased? That's why our leader
will rest here tonight.
Of course. Please come on in.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Khurshid, who is he?
Is he a minister of a leader?
Who is he? I don't understand.
Tell me if you understand.
What's this misdemeanour
with a girl!
I was pondering...
whether to wipe poverty...
or the poor people.
We should uproot the cause
of the problem.
Since I have seen that people
are starving to death...
they aren't eating food I have
stopped eating at home.
And my wife,
who follows family planning...
has given me legal notice
of 9 months...
that if I don't stop
this love affair...
I will go to my maternal house...
and marry some actor.
What do you think about this?
Where did they go?
"My heart sways merrily."
"Listen to the singing
of this heartbeat."
"We have become one."
"Sing with me, O beloved."
"Dance with me, O beloved."
"Please come."
"Dark clouds have gathered."
"The sky seems to
kiss the earth."
"Dark clouds have gathered."
"The sky seems to
kiss the earth."
"Season of spring came
with your love."
"There is aroma all around."
"Sing with me, O beloved."
"Dance with me, O beloved."
"Please come."
"My heart sways merrily."
"The heart hums softly."
"We have become one."
"Sing with me, O beloved."
"Dance with me, O beloved."
"Please come."
"Let me get intoxicated
by your eyes."
"Let me live in peace
for a moment."
"Let me get intoxicated
by your eyes."
"Let me live in peace
for a moment."
"Now may this day and night,
be spent with you."
"May the rain fall soon."
"Sing with me, O beloved."
"Dance with me, O beloved."
"Please come."
"My heart sways merrily."
"Listen to the singing
of this heartbeat."
"We have become one."
"Sing with me, O beloved."
"Your beloved is singing."
"Please come."
Sapna. What happened, Sapna?
What happened?
What happened? Sapna. Sapna.
- Sapna.
It's all right.
You saw a nightmare.
Go to sleep.
Come on, sleep.
- Yes.
I saw a terrible dream
last night.
I don't want to tell
sister about it.
Because sister is always
very worried.
Tell me something.
The photograph that you
saw in the dream...
are you absolutely sure...
that photograph is yours?
Yes. When I think about it...
I feel frightened.
This fear, this terror...
this illusion...
you have to get rid of these.
And there is only one
way to do that.
You have to come to that
room with me...
which scares you.
No. I won't go there.
- You have to come there.
But what if brother-in-law
finds out?
He won't find out anything.
Come with me.
Raj, this is exactly the same...
as I had dreamt about.
The same bed.
Raj. This place is the same.
But where is that photograph about
which sister had told me.
Oh. Forget the photograph.
Raj. I feel...
as if that photograph is
attracting me towards itself.
Take me away.
Surely a secret is hidden in it.
On every page of this book...
dark secrets of evil is written.
And it mentions the horrible
revenge of...
black magician and his son Ozo.
This book has encapsulated...
years old story of the kingdom
of Thakur Mann Singh.
Many years ago,
his only daughter...
was passing through this road
with her husband Kunal.
this place is so beautiful.
Why don't we rest here
for some time?
The place is surely very
beautiful, Reema.
But people here are worshippers
of Demon.
You are the prince of Chandan
Nagar. - Yet you are scared of them.
Is this how brave you are?
I am surely brave,
princess, but I am not a fool.
If you want, we will stop here.
we will rest here for a while.
O God of darkness.
O my master. I am your slave.
I plead to you, God.
Give me the proof of
your evil powers.
Give the proof of your
evil powers, God.
Give me the proof of
your evil powers.
O great power of the world.
O creator of good and evil.
I am your devotee. Your slave.
Look. Look at these hands.
God made these hands.
Today I will destroy this hand.
Today I will destroy this hand.
Today I will destroy this hand.
Give the proof of your powers!
I will to used this hand
to spread your glory.
I want to make your name
famous in the world.
Give the proof of your powers.
Turn this hand into
your own hand.
Turn this hand into
your own hand.
Turn this hand into
your own hand.
I offer my hand to you, God.
Show your powers.
Give me the proof, O my God.
Give the proof of your powers.
Give the proof of your powers,
Give the proof.
Where is the princess?
- She went to roam.
Leave me.
Leave me. Kunal.
Kunal, help me.
Leave me.
Leave me.
Leave me.
He has been punished
for his deeds.
I said I don't want
to hear anything.
But father.
Your stubbornness and stupidity
took you to the jaws of death.
I regret you didn't listen
to Kunal's advice.
Thank God...
he reached at the nick of time
and save our family honour.
I am proud of your bravery,
But you shouldn't have
left that gypsy alive.
Because these devotees of
Evil come for revenge.
Ozo, Satan is the greatest
power of the world.
He created you and me.
He gave us immense power...
with which we can make kings
and emperors bow to us.
But you...
You bowed your head in front
of a woman's beauty.
Ozo, shame on you.
You have maligned our evil powers,
My darling, my sweetheart...
my dear bride seems to be
a in bad mood today.
What is the matter?
- I won't talk to you.
Who is asking you to talk?
I want to do something else.
I want to love you.
Who is it?
- No.
Son of a tyrant demon shouldn't
die so easily.
Take him in the dungeon
Thakur Mann Singh knew...
that monsters failed to satiated
his lust with the princess.
His lust was not satiated.
Thakur Mann Singh was scared...
that in the custody
of the dungeon...
this monster's lust can
get kindled any time.
And to satiate his lust...
he can break the cell of the
dungeon and come out.
Stop it, Raj.
I am scared.
Sapna, I think...
this is your rebirth.
What's this sound?
What is the matter, Raj.
I think there is a dungeon
underneath this room...
and someone is walking in it.
Maybe one of our friends.
No, Sapna.
This sound can't be of any human.
Raj, I am scared. Let's go out.
Come on.
- Let's go.
Hey, Sapna.
- Huh?
Are you sleeping?
So why are you so quiet?
I see those scary dreams again.
In the dream, I see a wall...
which says...
that I am a secret.
There is a dungeon behind me.
It seems...
he is beckoning me.
It says, come.
I get scared to think about it,
Where is the dungeon?
Come with me.
- Let's get the book.
The secret of that dungeon
is in this book.
Seeing the terrifying
Thakur Mann Singh got enraged.
Thakur Mann Singh was furious...
to exact revenge.
Cut the legs which moved
towards my daughter.
Cut the hands which were
raised on my son-in-law.
Cut the head which snatched
my happiness from me.
Now go and call his father.
And give him this gift from me.
What is it?
King, in the dungeon.
My son Ozo!
Today I give you all
my evil powers.
I give you my life.
Their God gave you death.
But my God...
will resurrect you.
And the day you are
all hell will break loose.
And entire humanity will
cringe in fear.
And you...
You will be called the
real heir of Satan.
My God.
O my God.
Accept my sacrifice.
Accept my sacrifice.
Turn this dungeon into
their graves.
And lock its door for ever.
Build a wall and put symbol
of Sun God on it.
So that this Satan doesn't
come out again.
Behind this wall with a
symbol of Sun God...
there are graves of
dangerous demons.
If anyone tries to move the
symbol of Sun God...
consequence will be disastrous.
Khurshid Khan.
- Huh?
What do you keep staring at?
Nothing. Nothing.
He is a very strange man.
Raj. Slowly.
Or else everyone will wake up.
Raj. I am scared.
I am very scared.
Silly, these were just pigeons.
Come with me.
I think nobody came to
this dungeon for ages.
Come in.
What happened, Sapna?
Brother-in-law, take me away.
I don't want to stay here.
- After all, what happened?
I too see dreams like Vaishali.
I feel as if it's my rebirth.
I was in this guest-house
in my previous birth.
And because of these dreams...
Raj and I broke the
wall and went...
to the dungeon of
the guest-house.
There I saw a human skeleton.
I am very scared. Take me away.
Sapna, please. Brace yourself.
We will leave tomorrow morning.
Get up.
Ajay, I told you so many
times to quit this job.
For our sake, quit this job.
Human skeletons?
That too, under the guest-house?
Come to your senses, Sapna.
Sapna. Sapna.
- What happened?
I say come to your senses, Sapna.
Sapna. Sapna.
- Raj.
I had told you this
is a jinxed place.
Let's go.
We will leave this place right
now. - Nobody will leave.
You can't leave because
of 3 reasons.
Shall we tell them?
Reason number 1 is Jagga.
He kills so lovingly,
that the dying people get happy.
Reason number 2 is Dilawar Singh.
He removes the heart in one blow.
Butchers are fans of his talent.
Reason number 3 is Tiger.
He grabs his prey with his
fist and kills them.
People can never forget him.
And she is the fairy of love,
killer beauty, and my...
my love.
She kills with her charms and...
invites us for sins.
I have accepted many
such invitations.
By the way,
who is she, James Bond?
And who are you?
I am your father.
- Father.
I was just kidding.
You are wise.
You recognized your
father very soon.
Who are you? Get out of here.
Brother-in-law, I show their
photos in the newspaper.
They looted the bank.
Yes. She is smart.
Move in front.
Ajay, I shot your arm.
But next,
I will blow your brain out.
Khurshid Khan, you?
You have seen Khurshid
Khan's corpse, Ajay.
This is just a disguise.
He is my brother,
and our boss Shakal.
We were eyeing this deserted
guest-house for very long.
After looting the bank...
when we came to hide here...
you all came here.
One more thing.
As long as our other friends...
don't come with the money
looted from the bank...
you will be in my custody.
Go to your room quietly.
One more thing.
If anyone tries to act smart...
then he will lose his life.
Silly, it's nothing.
It's just a gash.
Brother Ajay, if we stay quiet...
they will overpower us.
We have to do something.
- No, Raj.
Don't forget that we are unarmed.
And they have guns.
So what?
We can still do something.
Raj. No.
Wow. This is called luck.
Piping hot tea early
in the morning...
that too without asking for it.
Give it to me, dear.
- This isn't for you.
So make one for me also.
Go and make it.
What this misbehaviour! - Nothing.
You said make tea yourself.
So I thought what could be a
better tea than your lips.
Leave me.
- Let me drink tea.
Leave me. Leave me.
No. Please.
Leave me.
- The weather is so pleasant.
It will be fun to drink
tea outside. Come.
I will let you go, dear.
Let me drink hot tea first.
Leave me.
Leave me.
Leave me.
Hey, stop.
No. Leave me.
No. Leave me.
Leave me.
No. Leave me.
No. No.
No. Leave me.
Leave me.
Raj. Leave me.
Let me go please. No.
No. No.
No. No.
this corpse fell from upstairs.
We should leave.
As long as our friends
don't bring...
the looted cash from the
bank we won't leave.
Shakal, Dilawar has died.
But he has left his share
of the booty...
for all of us.
Let's celebrate.
I don't understand anything.
Who killed him?
It's possible...
one of them killed that guy.
A human can't kill
a human like this.
Only a Satan can do it.
Are they humans?
These scoundrels aren't humans.
If they have been humans...
they wouldn't have celebrated
friend's death like demons.
Where is the bathroom?
It's pitch dark.
Where is it?
It's a strange place.
It's a strange place.
Who are you?
Mister. Who are you?
Find, don't tell me.
But at least tell me,
where is the bathroom?
Strange. My glasses.
Yes, boss.
Tiger. Here.
Make sure nobody runs away.
Okay, boss.
"Don't consider me a drunkard..."
Sapna, why don't you believe me?
A zombie killed that man.
Why don't you believe me?
I saw it myself.
Stop your nonsense.
All of you are doing drama.
So that we get scared
and run out of here.
But it won't happen.
Brother, they have killed Tiger.
One of them is responsible
for Tiger's death.
No, I am telling the truth.
I saw it.
I saw that zombie.
Take her away.
Oh, Komal.
Why don't you believe me?
I am telling the truth.
A human didn't kill him.
But a zombie killed him.
Sapna, why don't you trust me?
Why don't you trust me?
Why don't you trust me?
I don't understand
what to believe.
But we have to get out
of here somehow.
But we have to face
that scoundrel.
Today he raised hands on her.
Tomorrow he can raise
hands on anyone.
How long should we be quiet?
Are we weaker than him?
- Raj, please. Women are with us.
Yes, Munna.
Munna, where is that Jagga?
Jagga? I don't know, brother.
Did Jagga kill Gulshan?
It's possible.
Anyway, brother.
You quench your thirst.
And I will quench mine.
Let's go.
- Go.
This Munna won't reform.
Do you think...
there is really a zombie
in this guest-house?
I too don't believe it.
But after hearing Diana
I have my doubts.
Anyway, forget that.
Let's eat food.
I am not hungry.
Eat something.
You may go. Please.
And Vaishali?
She is not in a good mood.
What happened?
I don't know.
Never mind. I will go get her.
Hey. What happened to the light?
Brother Ajay!
What happened?
Sister. Open your eyes.
Raj... what...
Sister. No, sister.
Sister, no!
Raj, what has happened?
Brother Ajay.
When I entered the room...
her corpse...
I don't understand
what's happening.
I don't understand it.
Brother. Brother.
He has come upstairs.
Brother, his hand...
Go to sleep.
- Brother.
I am sleeping here.
I am going.
- Go now.
They don't let me sleep in peace.
No. You stay here. Come, Raj.
Why did you come here?
We told you to stay inside.
Come on.
Come to your senses, Sapna.
Raj. Don't worry.
I will raise this pillar.
You bring Sapna out.
Come on.
Take her there.
Sapna. Sapna.
Remove the curtains quickly.
Hurry. Fast.
What happened?
- Brother, Ajay.
We have found the secret
of that zombie.
His secret is sun's rays.
He can die only with
sun's rays...
that's why there was symbol
of Sun God on that wall.
Yes, brother Ajay.
When Sun's ray falls on him...
he starts screaming and shouting.
We have to do something,
brother Ajay.
Come with me.
- Where?
In the dungeon. - Come. -
Let's go, Sapna. Come on.
Come, Sapna. Be careful.
This is the hook. When that main
switched is turned on...
it goes to the upper floor
of the guest-house.
Raj, you stay here.
I will show you.
Sapna, you will be there.
Zombie will come down
after seeing her.
I will put this hook in its back.
And you turn on the main switch.
Zombie will go up.
That's fine, brother Ajay.
But you will turn on
the main switch.
And I will pierce him
with this hook.
And when he goes out...
Sun's rays will fall on him...
and he will surely die.
Sapna. Move.
Brother Ajay.