Dakota (2022) Movie Script

[soft music]
All right, already.
I'm doing it.
So much for spring break.
[chicken clucking]
[cow moos]
Keep it down.
I'm not in the mood.
[cow moos]
[pig squealing]
I'm sorry, boy,
but Mom has a feed delivery
coming tomorrow.
[pig grunting]
Hamlet, you're going
to get me in a lot of trouble.
[pig squealing]
Shh. Shh. Quiet. Quiet.
[cow moos]
[pig squeals]
What did I say?
It was just...
He looked so hungry.
[chuckles] He's a pig, Alex.
And one of us has to be firm
with him, and it's not gonna be me.
[Alex chuckles]
You are filthy, girl.
Still Daddy's little lady.
Make sure you put his boots back
by my bed, okay?
They smell pretty bad.
That's the best smell ever.
You are so weird, Mom.
You know, Dad always said
the land will provide.
Yeah. But Dad probably
would've wanted to eat Hamlet.
[chuckles] He would
not eat your show pig, hon.
You finish up your chores
and actually
take a shower today.
Yes, ma'am.
And don't tell Princess,
but I'll bring home
cheeseburgers for dinner.
[soft music]
[dog whines]
[dramatic music]
[dog barking]
- [dog whimpers]
- What is it, girl?
[dog whimpers]
[rapid gunfire]
- [gunfire continues]
- [dog whimpers]
[dog whimpers]
[siren wailing]
You forget your helmet, Alex?
I didn't forget it.
How is the egg business?
Hey, Ethan.
What are you doing?
Killing zombies.
You know, we are
trying to help your mom, right?
Our farm is not for sale.
Your daddy was a war hero, Alex.
People around here
take that stuff seriously.
[radio beeps]
[man over radio]
Mike, meet me at Open Ridge
right by Highway 54.
Roger that.
Gotta roll.
Tell your mom hey.
Put on a helmet, will you?
[car engine starts]
[knock on door]
Have a seat.
Now this goes against
my better judgment, Sergeant.
I'm told that dog may not
be safe for anyone anymore.
Sir, I promised Clay...
Clay Sanders
was a one-of-a-kind soldier.
But, this is not protocol
for our military dogs.
Dakota is hardly a pet.
Promise is a promise.
I just hope that you
are up to date on your shots.
You're being
reassigned to Camp Lejeune.
You have seven days of R&R
once you step foot
back on American soil.
Next time I see you
will be on North Carolina time.
Thank you.
It took me two days
to catch her last time.
[gentle music]
Hey there, Dakota.
Open the gate.
Yes, sir.
I guess I owe you a lot,
huh, girl?
How you doing, kiddo?
You, uh, you hungry?
I work on a farm that's
going out of business, Grandpa.
Yes, I'm hungry.
I bet you're just saying that
so you can sneak
a candy bar back to Hamlet.
Farms cost
a lot of dough, kiddo.
The last two harvests,
slim pickings,
hurt a lot of farmers
around here.
That's why I came here to
talk business with you, Grandpa.
Business, huh? Sounds serious.
Tell me, how has your, uh,
how is your mama doing?
How come you two
don't talk much?
You know, I just decided
to give her a little space
with everything you guys
have been going through.
So, what'd you have in mind?
Lemonade stand? Car wash?
Selling cookies?
You're gonna need a calculator.
Pen and pencil
will do just fine.
I have to help my mom
save our farm.
Well, then, looks like we're
gonna need a calculator after all.
With a lot of zeros.
Step into my office.
So much
for catching the bad guys.
[engine rumbles]
What in the world is that?
[engine revs]
Bad guys can hear you coming
a mile away.
Survival of the fittest,
little brother.
Gotta be fast, strong and loud.
Or become extinct.
What's he doing in the car?
Spring break week.
Bring your kid to work day.
Bring your kid to work day?
What is the world coming to?
You're gonna
make that boy soft, Mike.
Softness gets you nowhere.
'Cause you did
such a good job with your kids.
Hey. My ex sabotaged me
with my own kids.
And that was a long time ago.
Well, I'm sorry, Jack.
I didn't mean nothing by it.
[exhales] Now, look,
I know I can be a little, uh,
rough around the edges
but my intentions are good.
Took care of you and Mama
when Daddy...
He was a good man.
Worked too hard. Gone too soon.
But that ain't gonna happen to
us, little brother. You know why?
Why, Jack?
Because of that land
right out there.
That, Mike, is our future.
Yours, mine, Ethan's.
That land belongs
to Kate Sanders now.
She can't afford
to keep the farm.
Renting the land out for others
to grow crops ain't gonna cut it.
Why do you
want their land, Jack?
They don't want to sell.
You can't take it.
I ain't gonna take it.
I ain't gonna steal it.
I'm gonna buy it.
I just want to help her and her
little girl get on with their lives.
Just don't do something stupid
we can't fix.
They're nice people.
So are we, little brother.
So are we.
[engine revving]
Well, it's a good thing there
hasn't been a fire this year.
You gonna be able to fix it?
I'll make her run.
Can't promise for how long.
It is what it is.
Town doesn't have a budget
for a new one for five years.
For the life of me, I don't understand
why you took this job, Kate.
Well, someone has to help out.
Mm, I reckon.
[engine rumbles]
And here we are wondering why
we don't have money
for a new fire truck?
[engine shuts off]
Ain't she a beauty?
She gonna be ready
for the May Day parade?
- If we tow it, yes.
- [chuckles]
Maybe what we need to do
is find ourselves
a new mechanic.
Kate, mind if we speak?
Did you, uh,
take a look at the offer?
I have. I appreciate it.
But, uh, we ain't selling.
Oh, dear, I mean, [chuckles] you realize
you're not gonna see money like that.
Not for that piece of land.
And really, I'm doing
it out of respect for Clay.
Word is you're thinking
of taking Clay's life insurance
and putting it away
for Alex's college.
So, Kate,
Kate, you take my deal,
you're not gonna
have to worry about money.
All you gotta do is sign it.
I'm gonna take care of the rest.
I think you gotta
let it go, Sheriff.
I better let it go?
Let it go.
That was my family land
for generations.
Before your father-in-law
stole it.
From my daddy.
My father-in-law,
he paid a fair price.
Mm, Kate.
No. You're at the bottom
of the hill looking up.
Well, I think we'll manage.
I just hate
to see you lose it all.
So, tell you what I'm gonna do.
Give you some more time
to think about it.
Okay then.
Good day, Kate.
Have a good day, Sheriff.
[car door opens and closes]
[engine revving]
[sighs and clears throat]
[mellow music]
How bad is it?
I ain't gonna sugarcoat it.
It ain't good.
I tried to tell your mom and dad when I
gave them the farm for a wedding present,
but, you know...
[sighs] ...your mama
don't want to hear it from me.
It's a beautiful place, Grandpa.
We can't lose it.
It's where Daddy's buried.
[soft music]
I didn't agree with that either.
Should've had
a proper military burial.
Arlington maybe.
You two could have
come lived with me.
We need you, Grandpa.
It's me asking
because Mom won't.
[thunder rumbling]
[siren wailing]
[Dakota whimpers]
Hello, Officer.
Was I speeding?
Well, I certainly hope not
because, uh, that was
painfully slow. [Snickers]
But you got
some out of state tags,
so I'll need to see some ID?
[Dakota growls]
You just passing through?
You could say that.
I'm visiting.
- Who might that be?
- [Dakota growls]
I'm sorry, but does it matter?
It matters if I say it does.
You got a license for that dog?
[Dakota growls]
Ooh, where'd you serve?
You a friend of Clay Sanders?
I am.
That is tragic
what happened to him.
[Dakota growls]
A ticket for out of state tags?
[Dakota growls and barks]
Dakota, heel.
I'm sorry about that.
She's normally
a great judge of character.
Well, you should be careful
because, uh,
this ain't a dog friendly town.
[taps car]
[Dakota whimpering]
Come on. Good girl. Good girl.
[thunder rumbling]
[soft lively music]
I'm just gonna
save you the time.
- I'm CJ. I, uh... - We're
not interested in selling.
[chuckles] Knowing my
name ain't gonna help.
You're one of them vultures.
Sir, please get off our land.
I served with Clay.
I came to bring you
his things, ma'am.
I promised that I would
bring her home to you.
- Heel!
- [Dakota barks]
This is Dakota.
Clay's best friend.
It's Dakota?
Hi, girl.
I, I thought they weren't
allowed to come home.
Yeah, well, she is retired now.
It was a special request.
Last thing we need
is a dog, sir.
Dakota. Shoot. Uh...
Sorry. Hey!
I think I know
where she's going.
[gentle music]
[sighs] This was Clay's
favorite place as a child.
That's why
I chose to bury him here.
[CJ] Dakota hasn't
been the same since.
She runs off every chance
she gets trying to find him.
- She can't stay.
- Alex, don't be rude.
I don't need a dog.
I need my dad!
[Kate sighs]
Things have been hard on her
the past few months.
You know, I shouldn't have just
dropped in on you like this.
It's okay.
I, I just wasn't expecting...
A stranger? And a dog?
She looks
different than the pictures.
She's thinner. Yeah.
She'll come around.
You know, if there's
anything that I can do,
I'm happy to help.
Any chance you know
how to fix a leaky sink?
[playful music]
[mysterious music]
[soft bright music]
[whistle blows]
[playful music]
Uh. Okay.
Hi. Personal space.
[Dakota whimpers]
Don't get too used to this.
How's it coming along?
Can you turn
on the faucet, please?
[water running]
All right.
[CJ exhales]
Loose pipe.
- Looks like we did it.
- [chuckles]
I'm not sure "we" was much help.
Well, somebody had
to turn the water on.
- That counts as a team effort.
- [laughs]
All right. Well, uh,
I should be, uh, heading back.
I mean,
it's a long ride
to North Carolina.
I saw a motel up the road.
I got a few days R&R.
Thought I'd take
my time driving back.
Maybe stop in Knoxville.
I got some friends there.
We got an extra room.
[soft music]
And a friend of Clay's
is always welcome here.
Dakota will be happy.
She really loved Clay.
Hard not to.
Just such a good man.
Uh, when I was driving in,
I saw you got
a big hole in your corral.
It's just so hard
to keep up with everything.
I mean, I try,
but without Clay...
I'm not saying that my carpentry
skills are as good as my plumbing.
Is that so?
They're not bad for, you know,
a city boy from Chicago.
At least we got
the best pizza in the world.
Well, I guess you never had
homemade Georgia pizza.
Did you say pizza or peaches?
Okay, very funny,
Mister Big City Boy.
You see about the fence, and
I'll see about lunch tomorrow.
Okay. Deal.
Deal, soldier.
[rooster crows]
[gentle lively music]
Princess, meet Dakota.
Princess is my favorite.
Hamlet, meet Dakota.
- [Dakota barking]
- [squealing]
That went well. Not.
[continues squealing]
Dakota, meet the Dirty Dozen.
That's Captain Cluck.
All the hens think he's cute.
Mom says it has something to do
with his red mohawk.
What's wrong?
Don't just stand there.
It's creepy. Come on.
[CJ] I can teach her
a few commands.
I mean, Dakota will
respond quickly, I think.
I'd appreciate that.
Why is she anxious sometimes?
You know, we have parents,
brothers, sisters, friends.
All she ever had was Clay.
He never let Dakota down.
They always
had each other's backs.
I'm good.
[Dakota whimpering]
Help me
get these people home, Dakota.
You hear me?
We got a bomb, soldiers.
[gentle piano music]
Heel. Come on.
- [sighs in exasperation]
- [Kate] Honey, what's wrong?
She won't listen to me.
You gotta try harder.
It's what she is trained to do.
You gotta stay calm.
We can't afford her.
We'll find a way.
She's part of our family.
I can pay for the food.
It's no worries.
She's just gonna
run off anyways.
Alex, please.
We're not Dad.
How do we know
she just won't leave us?
I know this is hard.
But we're all she has now.
- Make some room in your heart for her.
- But...
And don't say you can't.
I know that you can.
You know the most amazing thing
about hearts
is they can let in so much.
Even when they're hurt.
[Kate exhales]
I know you can do this.
Wanna try again?
Like Daddy would want?
[exhales] Dakota, heel.
- Heel.
- [Kate chuckles]
- [lively music]
- [Dakota barks]
Good girl. Good girl.
["Family" by Jesse Pruett]
- Dakota, heel.
- [Dakota barks]
I remember the day
When I first saw you
That's when I knew
I was in love
You made us all happy
Joy filled the room
When you arrived into
This world
I will never forget
That moment we knew
Our laugh would be better
[song fades]
Come on. Let's go.
So this is Dakota.
Heard a lot about you, girl.
Dad's friend CJ
brought her home to us.
She's such a good girl.
Her and Dad were partners 100%.
- [chuckles]
- She seems to really like you.
Well, marine...
nice to finally meet you.
You're a good girl.
I heard so much about you, baby.
Huh? Hmm? How you doin'?
How you doin'?
[playful music]
- [Mike] Hey, Alex.
- Oh, hey.
Who's your friend?
This is Dakota.
- [Dakota whimpering]
- She was my Dad's.
Oh, she's really special.
So was your dad, but...
- Oh.
- [children laughing in background]
[both chuckling]
All right, you just ate it.
You can take it.
[Alex laughing]
Uh, you know, Ethan,
you and Alex
should become friends.
I am playing
with my friends right now.
You don't game?
My Mom says I can get
a phone for my birthday, tho.
- You don't have a...
- [Mike] Ethan.
But you don't
even know these guys.
Bet you Alex has
a bunch of real life friends.
Yeah, like Princess.
Hamlet. Captain Cluck.
Awesome nicknames. I think.
And Dakota.
Hey there.
Smart, too. Dakota, heel.
Good girl.
See you later.
Bye, Alex.
So, Dakota,
I'm gonna show you
where Daddy used to work.
[Dakota whimpers]
Stairs are probably safer.
No way.
You like to dig
more than any dog I know.
[car engine revs]
[Dakota growls]
What is he doing here?
Well, looks like
you found yourself a job.
Anything I can do to help out.
[chuckles] Yeah.
Yeah, I'm sure that you are
more than willing to help out.
Is there something
I can do for you, Sheriff?
I'll let you know.
[car engine starts]
You know, I hit
a hole in one here back in '92.
I know, Grandpa. I know.
Only problem was
God was my only witness.
Now I got you.
Behold, Alex.
- Ugh!
- [Alex laughs]
You, young lady,
did not just see that.
[playful music]
You've gotta be kidding me.
I love it, girl. Come on, girl!
Would you get a load of this.
Look at that.
That was beautiful, girl.
- Nice job! Beautiful.
- [Dakota barks]
Look at that.
You know, it's been a,
been a long time since...
...we had a nice family dog.
- [Monty laughs]
- Yep.
[Monty clears throat]
What you got there?
Found it on the farm.
Dakota dug it up.
Kinda' pretty
if you polish it up a bit.
Now you got
a new dog and a pet rock.
This is what they call
a mulligan, Alex.
A mulligan?
That's right. A do-over.
[laughs] - [Monty]
Grip it and rip it, baby.
- Oh!
- [giggles]
- [sighs]
- [Alex Laughing]
[phone alarm ringing]
Smokey in the trees?
I got this.
I got this.
[dramatic music]
Please start. Please start.
[engine starts]
[siren wailing]
[siren continues]
Fire! Come on, Dakota.
Fire, huh?
You just leave Dakota
back here with me.
[Monty chuckles]
- [Dakota barks]
- Fire?
Come on, Dakota, let's go!
Alice, where's the fire?
- Smokey.
- [Alex] Mom!
They say where there's smoke
there's fire,
but I don't see nothing.
That's Smokey?
I didn't know what else to do.
He's all I have.
Smokey in the trees.
- Let's save Smokey.
- Hurry up!
He has never
even climbed a tree before.
Smokey's a feline.
It's in their DNA.
Like a soldier who was born
to protect your freedom.
Cats, they, uh,
they climb trees.
Looks like we got a hook
and ladder without the ladder.
- Kate, Kate, Kate, Kate, Kate.
- [Kate grunts]
- [Kate grunts]
- [Monty] Oh!
[breathing heavily]
[all gasping]
[Dakota whimpering]
- [loud meowing]
- [Dakota barking]
[Alice screams]
- [meowing]
- [gasps]
[clapping] - [man] Are
you sure the cat's okay?
Oh, you little rascal.
- Okay.
- [Monty] Beautiful!
- [Alex] Girl, come here!
- [Monty] Good girl! Good girl!
Oh, you are a hero. Good job!
[Monty chuckles]
Oh, my little baby.
Look who came. I was so worried.
[Alice speaking indistinctly]
Nice job, kiddo.
[laughing] Thanks.
Listen, I know I haven't
been around for a while.
You and me, we...
We haven't had a chance to talk.
Yeah. Yeah, me, me, too.
I just,
I been pretty busy lately.
Alex told me.
I didn't realize how, uh,
things got so tough.
Listen, Kate.
I want to say I'm sorry
for the way
I handled Clay's funeral, okay?
That was your decision.
I should've stayed out of it.
Thanks, Dad.
You know,
when you and Clay got married,
I loved when you
started calling me Dad.
Missed that.
I just want
what's best for you and Alex.
Who's such a good girl?
I'm so proud of you.
She's just like him.
She sure is.
You're a hero!
[Dakota whimpering]
Target. Left flank. Get down.
Hold your fire.
Okay, soldiers. Stand down.
Almost back to home base.
Just six months from now
we'll be home.
[soft mysterious music]
[Dakota panting]
[door squeaking]
[yells] What the...
Somebody here?
- [barking]
- Oh, no.
Stay, dog.
- [barking]
- Don't you bite me!
[continues barking]
So, uh,
- nothing's missing.
- [Kate] No.
But why break in?
It just...
It doesn't make any sense.
[Dakota whimpers]
What is it, girl?
[Dakota continues whimpering]
Mom, they've been cut.
[Kate sighs]
But whoever lives in the truth
will come into the light,
so that it can be seen clearly
that what he has done
has been done through God.
Psst. Hey, dog.
Look what I got for you.
Oh, I've got some nice,
refreshing gelato.
[Jack whistles]
That's it. Come on.
Come on, Dakota.
Come on. That's it.
Wow. Who doesn't love
some gelato
on a hot day like this?
[somber music]
That's right.
[engine starts]
Everybody loves gelato.
As so profoundly
written in the scriptures,
John 8:32.
"Ye shall see the truth.
And the truth
will make you free."
[Dakota whimpering]
[Jack whistles]
[Jack over radio]
Ain't nothing more refreshing
on a hot day than gelato.
That's right, puppy. Come on.
Come on. Got plenty more
where that came from.
[gate squeaking]
Hey, dog. Looking for this?
[Dakota whimpering]
We've got
a big surprise for you.
[gate squeaking]
Ha, this gonna be fun, boss.
Come on.
There's only room
for one alpha dog in this town.
And that's me.
[snarling and barking]
- My car!
- [Dakota barking]
She's scratching
my beautiful car!
What are you doing, man?
Come on, get down here! Get!
- [thud]
- [both grunt]
You have got to be kidding me?
- [barking]
- [grunts]
I'm sorry, boss.
[Jack exhales]
I am gonna get you, dog.
[dramatic music]
[light lively music]
[Pastor] Thank you so
much, everybody, for coming.
Go in peace. Keep the faith.
She's such a good girl.
I know. [Chuckles]
Dakota. [Clicks fingers]
[Dakota barks]
Is this how you spend
all your Sunday nights?
Pretty much.
There's always something
needs doing around here.
Right in there.
- [CJ grunts]
- Thank you.
Did Clay ever tell you
he was Camden's fire chief?
No. He didn't.
I kind of
inherited the position.
He loved this place.
- Hey, you okay?
- Kate, there's something
I gotta tell you,
and it can't wait any longer.
It's about Dakota.
You're making me nervous.
The reason that I'm here,
the reason I'm alive
is because of her.
And Clay.
What do you mean?
- She...
- [siren wailing]
I'm, I'm sorry.
That's an emergency call.
I, I gotta take it.
I'm sorry.
Fire station.
What's your emergency please?
June Dwyre's place?
I know. Route 54.
I'm, I'm on my way okay?
It's gonna be okay.
Hey, something wrong?
There's a real fire.
[somber music]
Alex, you and Dakota,
you get inside now.
Come on.
This is a volunteer
fire department,
okay? And, and I volunteer you.
What's happening, Mom?
Is there a fire?
It's okay, honey.
You just stay here.
We'll be right back, okay?
Come on.
- I need you.
- Stay.
[Dakota whimpering]
Come on, Dakota.
They might need your help.
[dramatic music]
- Come on, Dakota.
- [siren wailing]
Help! My mama's in there!
[Stacy screams]
I don't see any cats.
This is the real deal.
Okay. Let's move!
Grab the hoses.
Just like we trained, okay?
Okay, I got it!
Alex! Stay back!
Kate, do not go in there!
- [Kate screams]
- Mom!
[Alex screams]
[Dakota barks]
No! No!
No, no! No, Dakota.
This is what she does.
- [barking]
- [coughing]
[Dakota barking]
- [Dakota barking]
- To the moon and back, Clay.
- To the moon and back.
- [Dakota barking]
[Dakota barking]
Kate! Kate!
- Mom!
- [Dakota barking]
- Mama!
- Mom!
[soft music]
[Kate exhales] - Mom, you
and Dakota were amazing.
- Don't do that again.
- No.
- [clicking]
- [Dakota whimpering]
[clicking continues]
So our volunteer fire department
can actually put out a fire.
Y'all are heroes.
[branch cracks]
I didn't know you were
sticking around here, soldier boy.
Turned you into a fireman, huh?
What's next? Doctor?
A lawyer?
Mom, I haven't seen Dakota.
- [clicking continues]
- [barking]
Missing your dog there, missy?
[Cole over radio]
Suspect has been apprehended.
Copy that.
This could've been a lot worse.
Y'all should be proud.
What are we gonna do?
[footsteps approaching]
She'll be back, hon.
CJ said she does that sometimes.
She's a trained soldier,
so exploring is part of her job.
She doesn't like to be alone.
Grandpa is gonna help me
put fliers up in the morning.
Then you better get to bed.
You make sure to say
a prayer for Dakota. Okay?
I love you.
I love you.
[Kate chuckles softly]
Good night.
Good night, baby.
[door opens]
[door closes]
Please, God, bring Dakota home.
Alex okay?
I told her you said
Dakota would be okay.
I meant to tell you,
you did real good tonight.
Just doin' my part, I guess.
Is something on your mind?
I don't trust him.
Never have.
You be careful, he's bad news.
You know, we had plans
to fix up this place,
turn it into a working farm.
Funny how life
can change so fast.
Yes, it can.
It does.
I just got the call.
I'm due back at the base
day after tomorrow.
I didn't realize
it would be so soon.
We're all gonna
miss you around here.
Me, too.
[CJ sighs]
About Clay,
what I meant
to tell you earlier...
[soft dramatic music]
- [machine gun fire]
- [explosions]
They attacked us
early in the morning.
We need to flank them
from the other side.
Most of us were wounded,
including Clay.
We couldn't see anything.
We were fighting off insurgents.
- [clip clicking]
- [breathing heavily]
They had us pinned by RPG...
You don't need to tell me this.
I know what happened.
I saw your scars.
- [gun fire]
- [breathing heavily]
Nobody really knows.
I was scared.
I couldn't move.
Clay, he knew it.
Dakota, she was protecting Clay.
She would not leave his side.
But Clay,
he ordered her to save me.
And Dakota,
she followed that order.
Dakota, get CJ.
- That's my girl.
- [Dakota whimpering]
So Clay should be here.
It's not your fault.
It is all that I think about.
And you and Alex,
you need Clay here
now more than ever.
And I'm sorry.
You're here.
Clay made sure of it.
And that means
you're right where you belong.
[playful music]
Got a lost dog.
Name's Dakota.
Here, it's for my dog.
Okay. Yeah.
You don't need
to hang those up anymore.
Follow me.
[playful mysterious music]
Why would Dakota be
in a jail for humans?
I had to go to my uncle's last
night to drop off his uniform.
He uses our washer and dryer,
the weirdo.
I heard him on the phone.
They're gonna transfer
Dakota to the pound.
We don't have much time.
Go in the side door.
- Which key?
- It shall reveal itself.
- Reveal itself?
- Trust me.
Why are you helping me?
I like dogs.
And you're okay, too.
[keys jingling] -All
right. It shall reveal itself.
[Ethan over radio] Try the
one that says "Side Door".
Why didn't you tell me
you marked the keys?
Where's the adventure in that?
Let's get down
to the diner, man.
I'm starving.
Let's grab some lunch.
[door opens]
[door opens]
There you are.
This is where Sheriff Danforth
hides his secret stash.
[playful music]
Don't say a word
to anybody about this.
Don't worry, man. Not a word.
[Ethan over radio] So that explains
where all the toilet paper goes.
[Alex over radio]
What? What is it?
Sheriff just pulled up.
[over radio]
Just get Dakota.
Oh, no.
We got more company.
[keys jingle]
- Dakota!
- [barks]
[sighs] There you are, girl.
What is it now, Mike? [Sighs]
I hope you aren't
doing something stupid.
Like what?
You know anything about this?
Hey, boss.
She's inside.
Way to go, knuckleheads.
Who's inside?
[imitates dog barking]
Uh-oh. Alex?
You might want
to pick it up a bit.
What is going on here?
Enough of the games, Jack.
What is this all about?
What in the Sam heck
is going on here?
[tense music]
[cell door opening]
You sleeping, dog?
- [lively music]
- Go, go. Go.
Come on, girl.
Michael, that dog has escaped.
- Dog? W... what dog?
- Move.
I'm trying. You move.
I said, move!
[both giggling]
[Dakota barks]
We did it!
Thanks, Ethan, that was awesome.
[Dakota whimpers] - [Ethan]
You two should keep moving.
Oh, uh, one more thing, Alex.
I noticed something else strange
at my Uncle Jack's house last night.
He has some kind of geology
chart and map of the town.
He had the Sanders' Farm
circled on it.
- [Dakota barks]
- Thanks, Ethan.
I, I know you didn't
have to tell me that.
Now get out of here
and be careful.
Coming through.
Let's go, Dakota.
[Dakota barks]
[CJ grunts]
I've made you some coffee.
You sure you have to leave now?
- [Dakota barks]
- Told you she'd be back.
- Where did you find her?
- [CJ] Hi, girl.
- Long story.
- [Dakota whines]
CJ, where you going?
I gotta go, little lady.
I gotta get back to work.
Well, you can work here.
Uh, it doesn't work that way.
But we'll see you again,
won't we?
No goodbyes.
No goodbyes.
Take care of Dakota.
Of course.
[truck engine starts]
[gentle music]
[engine starting]
[tires squealing]
[siren wailing]
[car door opens]
What is the emergency?
Take it easy, bud.
Well, you radioed in
it was urgent.
- What? You lose another puppy?
- [blows raspberry]
This is serious little brother.
It's time I leveled with you.
Let you in on a little secret
about this land here.
Oh, we have been over
this before. Kate ain't selling.
The bank forecloses on Friday.
What? How do you know that?
I know everything
that goes on in my town.
Why have you had it
in for them all these years?
Well, there's history here,
little brother.
- Take a look at that.
- Oh.
Great. Nice rock.
Those are diamonds.
- Diamonds?
- Hmm.
Where did you find this?
The story goes,
a miner found diamonds near
here in the 1800s in Hall County.
Pop found that piece
just before Monty Sanders
took over the deed.
Well, I did not know that.
Well, you were young.
But I swore to him
before he passed
that I would get the land
back in the Danforth name.
This has been your plan
the whole time?
Whatever's out there,
diamonds or not,
legally belongs
to Kate and Alex.
Oh, come on, Mike.
I don't like what happened
to Clay any more than you do.
There's times in your life
that you gotta step up, man.
This time...
Oh, look who's here.
Look who's here.
You know, that CJ fellow
left this morning.
Now it's time
for this dog to go.
We don't need anything else
getting dug up around here.
Are you sure this isn't more about
revenge than diamonds, Sheriff?
I'm warning you.
If you're not gonna help me,
stay out of my way.
[dark music]
You understand me,
little brother?
Stay out of my way.
[car door opens]
[car door closes]
[light switch clicks]
[door creaks]
[Princess moos]
[soft music]
I remember now.
Al-x marks the spot.
We ain't selling!
If you get foreclosed on,
you are gonna be
holding a big bag of nothing!
Okay, I just need another week.
I, I, I'll find the money!
[Dakota growls and barks]
Put that dog on a leash or else!
Don't you talk to my daughter
like that.
Oh, come on, Kate.
Take the deal while you are
getting a more than fair price.
- Take it!
- Why do you want our land so bad, Sheriff?
Does it have
something to do with this?
What's on this land?
Unless you have a warrant, you
are trespassing on our property.
You don't want my help. Fine.
Let the bank have it!
That's it.
[car engine starts and revs]
[Kate sighs]
It's okay, Mom.
[sighs] I can't do this anymore.
No, he's just
trying to scare you.
I think we have to sell.
No, no, no.
If Daddy were here...
But he's not.
He's not.
I'm sorry.
- Use Daddy's life insurance to pay for the farm.
- No.
Daddy wanted you
to follow your dreams.
This farm is my dream!
[softly] Come on.
[phone dialing]
Come on.
[recorded voice] At the tone,
please record your message.
[Dakota whimpering]
Um, hi, CJ. It's me, Alex.
[sighs] If you can,
we really need you to come back.
Like, now.
- [phone beeps]
- [exhales]
- [Dakota whimpering]
- [Alex exhales]
Come on, girl.
[door opens and closes]
[breathing heavily]
[tense music]
[breathing heavily]
Where are you?
[phone ringing]
Hello? [Clears throat]
I'm gonna handle this
once and for all.
[siren blaring]
What'd you do with her?
Well, hey there, Monty.
Lose one of your balls again?
Where's Alex?
[chuckles] I don't have any idea
what you're talking about.
Have you gone crazy?
I'm on to you, Danforth.
You're trying
to steal my son's land.
Steal? No. Buy? You betcha.
I'm gonna buy your son's land,
Monty Sanders.
There ain't nothin'
you're gonna do about it.
Next one ain't gonna miss.
Where's my granddaughter?
I don't know where
your little troublemaker is,
but I will tell you this.
I do not appreciate
being accused
by the man
that double crossed my daddy.
Your old man
lost that farm to the bank,
and I bought it fair and square.
Go along before I lose my cool.
Why don't you go tee off,
on the highway?
You're gonna get
your dirty hands on that farm
over my dead body!
[Monty groans]
Oh, God.
- Shoot.
- [radio crackling]
This is Sheriff Danforth.
I need an ambulance
up at the station ASAP.
[radio crackles]
We'll establish perimeter within
five miles of the Sanders' place.
I'll put a call into county.
- Ask for more backup.
- [tires screeching]
- Any news?
- Not yet.
But I got every unit on it.
Any idea where she might be?
Where she'd run off to?
She has never gone out at night
like that before.
You don't think
someone took her, do you?
No. No.
Don't worry.
We'll find her.
[siren wailing]
Okay. I'll be right there.
I gotta go.
Something's wrong with Monty.
I want you to know, I'm sorry.
About everything.
[engine starts]
["Alex, Run!"
by Valentina Manco]
[Dakota whines]
[Alex chuckles]
When you know you are lost
When you feel alone
One day the blue sky
Will shine bright
And I will be there
For you
[engine rumbling]
[Kate] What do you think, doc?
He's, he's gonna be okay, right?
He didn't wanna
go to the hospital.
Don't worry, Kate.
I've called Atlanta General.
Set him up an EKG for tomorrow.
I ain't going nowhere.
It's just to be safe, Monty.
Crack of dawn,
I'll be on the tee box tomorrow.
You know I hit a hole in one
on the 7th back in '92.
We know, Dad. We know.
Alex, where is she?
They haven't found her yet.
- We will.
- [Monty groans]
Hey, y'all.
I'm sorry, the, uh,
front door was unlocked.
You know, you gotta watch that.
What in the hell
are you doing here, Danforth?
Just came by to let y'all know
that I have a full tilt search going on.
I give you my word,
we're gonna find your...
your sweet,
s... sweet little, uh...
Alex, you idiot.
How is Jack Nicklaus doing?
You got some nerve
showing up in this house.
Easy there, Tiger... Woods.
I could arrest you
right now for assault.
With a deadly weapon.
You're lucky
I didn't finish the job.
Now look,
I just think this whole thing
has gotten out of hand.
And I think that all of us
need to find a way
to be civil with one another.
That's why
I've decided to up my offer.
Five percent.
She ain't
signing nothing, Danforth.
I am trying to get you out
of a pinch here.
Now, I don't need
to remind you all
what's gonna happen on Friday
with the bank.
Don't do it, Kate.
Signature page is right there.
You're running out
of runway, darling.
Don't do it.
I'm gonna need a pen.
A pen.
Don't do it, Kate.
What you doing here,
soldier boy?
Shouldn't you be out protecting
the country somewhere?
That somewhere is here.
Don't sign anything.
Listen to him, Kate.
We're gonna do everything
in our power to save that farm.
This is your last chance.
Go home, Sheriff.
Show some respect.
[Jack scoffs]
[clicks tongue]
Have it your way.
Get out of here.
I'll tell you this.
That farm is mine.
[Kate exhales]
Oh. You.
[Kate crying]
Alex is missing.
Gone, too.
Well, good.
If Dakota is with Alex,
then she is safe.
You got that right.
She's with a Marine.
I can't believe you're here.
Let, let's go look for her.
Dad, we'll be back, okay?
Come on.
[lively music]
Come on. Where is it?
Dad always said,
"Alex will mark the spot."
Come on, Dakota!
[chickens clucking]
Dang chickens.
[chickens clucking]
No one's seen her.
[car door opens]
Any place
we haven't covered yet?
The only place I can think of
is the farm.
[siren wailing]
What now?
Fire Chief.
Wait. Are you sure?
Get us to the fire station.
What's wrong?
It's the farm.
[truck engine starts]
[dramatic music]
[Dakota grunting]
Should have
listened to me, Kate.
You should've listened to me.
- [Dakota growling]
- What you got, girl?
Another one.
That's it. You found it!
Good girl.
Good girl.
Must be another treasure map.
"Alex, if you found this box,
that means you were searching
for something special."
"I did this to remind you that your
treasure is always here inside of you.
My angel, you are mine and
your mom's greatest treasure."
[Kate grunts]
[light music]
[engine starts]
"We love you forever and ever.
And to the moon
and back and back.
Love you always. Dad."
[siren wailing]
You won't listen to me.
[siren approaching]
You know, it doesn't
really matter where we are.
- Alex! Run! Your farm's on fire!
- What?
Hey! Kate!
Hey, what do you want, man?
Get out of here!
I want to help.
I trust him.
We're taking the shortcut.
Dakota, wait for me! Stop!
Meet you at your house!
[Jack grunts]
Hey, little girl.
- [barking]
- [shushing]
- There's some bad guys out here.
- [Dakota growling]
I think they're trying
to burn down your farm.
- [barking]
- [Jack breathing heavily]
Why don't you go on home?
And, uh, they went this way.
- [barking]
- So, I'm gonna go get 'em.
Go get him, Dakota!
[Dakota barking]
Get him!
- Help! Help!
- [Dakota growling]
- Who called it in?
- The neighbors.
- [Dakota growling]
- Dad! It's Uncle Jack!
Hey! Somebody get this fleabag
off of me!
Cursed dog!
Go on!
[Jack grunts]
Arrest this animal!
It's a dangerous animal!
Oh, I'm gonna sue you.
And I am gonna take this farm.
You'll never take this farm.
What is that?
[Dakota barking]
That's a good question,
soldier boy.
There is a fire starter in town.
Set the can down, Jack.
What'd you say to me?
Say that again.
[Dakota barks]
- [barks]
- There's gas everywhere!
[light inspiring music]
- [Dakota whimpers]
- [Kate] Alex.
Good girl.
- Hey. Hey. Hey.
- [Dakota barks]
- [Alex] Come on.
- [Kate] Come here. Come here.
- [CJ] All right.
- [Kate] Oh.
Hey, old friend.
You got the right
to remain silent.
You got the right
to shut up, Mike.
Just wait till we get home.
We ain't going home.
CJ, you made it.
You're not gonna be in trouble
with the Marines, are you?
No, the sergeant approved this
as a top-secret mission.
Operation LNDB.
Leave No Dog Behind.
[Alex giggles]
Last chance, Mike.
Sure you want
to throw it all away?
[Dakota whimpers]
I'm so proud of you.
- [laughing]
- [Dakota whining]
You're a hero!
[Kate and Alex laughing]
[Dakota whining]
[Dakota barks]
Dakota dug a bunch of these up.
What you and Alex got
is a diamond farm.
Dad always said...
"The land will provide!"
[Dakota barks]
Good girl. Good girl.
["Brighten Up The World"
by Jesse Pruett]
Light up the sky tonight
With everything you have
Leave nothing up to chance
Let's brighten up the
world - [Alex giggling]
[indistinct conversation]
...from within
So love can always win
Together start again
Let's brighten up the word
Love will make us strong
Love will overcome
Anything is possible
Anything is possible
Love breaks down walls
Love conquers all
Anything is possible
Anything is possible
Who'll come for more
Than live
Lives on the other side
Who'll hold on
to the life to give
Gives on the inside
Life's too short to wait
So I'll give you
know that I'm
Building something
that will last
Let's brighten up the world
Love will make us strong
Love will overcome
Anything is possible
Anything is possible
Love breaks down walls
Love conquers all
Anything is possible
Anything is possible
I'm bringing this through
["Let It Shine" by Jamie Floyd]
It wasn't easy now, was it?
We had to rise above it
We found love has always
Been where we are, are, are
We got to keep on going
Like a river rolling
Always knowing
we can make it
Through the da-ark-ark
We got a long ride
through right here right now
No more tears to fall down
The only thing breaking up
the clouds in the sky
We got it all right here
So let it shi-i-ine
Let it shi-i-ine
Let it shi-i-i-ine
Let it shine
- Let it shi-i-ine
- Ooh-ooh
- Let it shi-i-ine
- Ooh-ooh
Let it shi-i-ine
Let is shine
- Let it shi-i-ine
- Ooh, let it shine
Let it shi-i-ine -
Ooh-ooh, shine let is shine
- Let it shi-i-ine
- Let it shine
- Let it shine
- Let it shine
- Let it shine
- Let it shine
- Let it shine
- Let it shine
Let it shine, shine