Dalida (2016) Movie Script

26 ubat 1967
Bruno, it's important.
I must see Luigi's family.
Don't go alone.
Rosy should go with you.
She's my cousin,
not my bodyguard.
It's not a problem.
She'll keep you company.
I must see Luigi's family.
I'll be back tomorrow.
-You want to go alone?
- You're sure?
- Yes.
Okay, as you wish.
Take care.
Have a good trip.
-Thank you.
-Good bye.
Thank you.
Good bye.
-Good evening.
-Good evening.
Hotel Prince de Galles, please.
Dalida attempted suicide
last night in her hotel room.
The singer was found
by hotel staff...
The singer's action...
...could be linked to the suicide
of her lover, Luigi Tenco.
Luigi, do you mind waiting for me?
I'll wait for you here.
-Hello Miss.
I have a booking.
Iolanda Gigliotti.
Very good.
I suppose...
-Room 76, third floor.
-Thank you.
Tell me something.
I don't know.
Tell me about Heidegger.
How about him?
-The "being-toward-death".
-The "being-toward-death".
You make a fine student, Gigliotti!
You deserve a prize.
Come here.
To be human
is to being alive...
...while going to death.
Like a tightrope walker.
Balancing between life
and death so as not to fall.
I don't agree with Heidegger.
The main thing is
No, leave the light on.
-I am scared of the dark.
I'll protect you, angel.
She shouldn't have been left alone.
I'm her big brother,
I should protect her.
Don't worry, it's not your fault.
Bruno, here's the doctor.
Well, can we see her?
She's out of danger
but that doesn't mean she's alive.
But she's out of the woods,
Physically, yes.
Mentally, I'm less optimistic.
She needs specialist care
to rekindle a zest for life.
We may need your help
to understand her action.
We'll have to transfer her.
There are some excellent places
near Paris.
I'll give you a list.
Dalida! Dalida!
And we still can't see her?
We have a protocol
for suicide attempts.
Avoidance of those
who remind her of the past.
They're the ones
who have kept her going.
That's the problem.
What was your
relationship with her?
Before or after the divorce?
I don't know.
How about when you met?
We met at a contest I held
at the Olympia.
"Tomorrow's Chart Toppers"
it was called.
April 9 1956.
There was Bruno Coquatrix,
Eddie Barclay and me.
Who wants to stay in today?
Let's go racing at Longchamp!
It's my radio station
that's holding the contest.
Your listeners won't know!
If we find any stars,
you'll sign them up!
We haven't before.
Why now?
I've an idea.
If I win at 421...
...we go.
-You won't win.
You can't gamble on this.
-We can.
-We can.
I'll go first.
Her voice recalls the Italian sun.
Can she make a name for herself?
It's up to you.
Love me
Love me, my love
Listen to my prayer
You who are everything to me
Hold me gently in your arms
Don't leave me alone
You do not have the right
Without you I am but a lonely child
Just a child, lonely and forgotten
Love me
I need you so much
My life would be worthless
If you didn't love me
From then on, I was obsessed
by finding her the best song
So she could become the best.
And she did.
-Mr Barclay will see you now.
-Thank you.
Do come in!
We loved your performance.
You're very talented and we'd like
to offer you a contract.
Heavy eyes, sad expression
You can't sleep
You're just a shadow of yourself
You roam the streets alone
And every night
You wait beneath her window
I know you adore her
Bambino, Bambino
And she has pretty eyes
Bambino! Bambino!
But you're still too young
Bambino! Bambino!
To play lovers' games
Strum away on your mandolin
All the way from Egypt,
Miss Dalida!
In France to shoot a film,
we now discover her...
...singing Dalida and
her terrific "Bambino"
A bewitching voice.
To our great friend, Dalida!
An Italian girl from Cairo.
With your blond hair
Bambino! Bambino!
Your face resembles a cherub
Bambino! Bambino!
You should rather play football
Bambino! Bambino!
Like all the other boys
Bambino! Bambino!
You can smoke cigarettes
like an adult man
You can wiggle your
hips on the sidewalk
When you watch out for her
You can tilt your cap over your ear
-Hello Dalida.
You've become France's
most popular star.
Sing with your affectionate voice
Bambino! Bambino!
You can sing as much as you want
Bambino! Bambino!
She will never take you seriously
Bambino! Bambino!
Come Prima" by its creato.
How do you explain your success?
It's all about work.
I work very hard.
See you.
Good evening.
That leaves me with...
-What's that?
-You don't know?
-Taggi is a type of trouser.
You've never heard of it?
I swear it's true. Why would
I make it up? It's Taggi.
The whole country is wondering.
-Wondering what?
-When's the wedding?
This isn't the time, Dali.
-Why not?
-Because, how can I say it?
A wedding takes
a lot of planning.
-That's why I'm asking.
-Find a date, then.
-You're always touring.
-My fault?
Sorry for making
your dream come true.
My dream is to have a child
with my husband.
Stars don't have babies.
It ruins the myth.
We've got our whole life for that.
Not when you're a woman.
We'll do it.
No, wait.
I've only just divorced.
Look at this wonderful career
we're building together.
It's a bit like our baby.
I'm tired. The lights hurt
my eyes every night.
I know you're tired, darling.
But we have 9 songs
in this year's charts.
That's a world first.
We have to think of that now.
What's the matter?
Do you ever see me as a woman?
-Just as a woman, I mean?
-Of course, darling.
You know I love you.
But your love story
is with the public too.
And with you.
With you first.
I want to make you dinner...
...have a child,
be a normal woman.
Normal women dream of being you.
And I dream of being like them.
She and Lucien waited too long.
They should have married sooner.
It was so important to her.
It is to any woman.
Dalida is not just any woman.
She is extraordinarily
...in the sense
she's no ordinary beauty.
When she was young...
...she was different.
She remained in the dark
for 40 days.
She remained in the dark
for 40 days.
She damaged her eyes by trying
to look through her bandages.
Only my father's music
could soothe her.
She didn't like herself in glasses.
Four eyes!
You're ugly!
Four eyes!
Four eyes!
You're horrible and awful!
Four eyes! Four eyes!
She's someone who had to carve
her own image.
Stop! Stop!
Stop! Stop!
Four eyes!
Four eyes!
Stop! Come now,
you little rascals!
Go away!
You'll all be punished.
Come along.
Don't cry. The Lord is always
on the side of the oppressed.
The way people saw her...
...was always...
She was obsessed by that.
The day she took off her glasses...
...it was like a rebirth for her.
Look at the lovely dress
Mommy made you.
It's no use to me, I'm so ugly.
Don't talk like that.
I forbid you
to say or even think that.
You are the prettiest of girls.
You look fantastic, my love.
Your brother
must have forgotten his keys.
Pietro Giliyoti?
Yes, that's me.
-You are arrested.
I've done nothing.
-You cooperate with Nazi...
...like the other bummer.
-I don't know what's going on.
I don't understand.
I have nothing to do with this.
-You are wrong...
-Shut up!
I'm a musician!
But I've done nothing.
I'm a musician!
-Where does him go?
-I've done nothing.
I've done nothing.
What do you say, Mrs Morisse?
I don't love you anymore.
We're just close friends.
Long live the bride and groom!
-Thank you. Thank you so much.
-Please, Dalida, a kiss!
Just a smile! Please Dalida.
This way!
Dalida, Lucien! Just a smile!
-Come on. Let's drink something.
-Dalida, can you say something?
Thank you everyone.
Thank you so much.
You're very ungrateful!
I had to insist on you seeing her.
-Is that so?
-Are we rewriting history?
-Yes i am.
-He owes us everything.
-I agree with.
-If he didn't...
-Don't. I am good.
Yes, i remembered.
Sure, yes.
Where is my wife?
With her brother.
What's wrong? You're sad.
I'd have liked mom to be here.
This dress is sad too.
No, the dress is fine.
You're sure?
If the dress is fine,
then everything's fine.
-I had to insist on you coming.
Now you're enjoying yourself!
Shame Lucien stayed in Paris.
-He's working!
-Working yes.
Working in Cannes!
-Will you dance?
-Never on rapid rhythm.
I'm in no rush.
It's not your lucky day.
-You are so beautiful.
-Thank you.
I am serious.
My name is Jean Sobieski.
And you?
-Yes, you. You must have a name.
Yes. My name is Iolanda.
You're very beautiful, Iolanda.
Thank you.
Where is your name from?
Poland. My grandfather
was the King of Poland.
-Well, not since the revolution.
A fallen prince.
Even more inspiring.
You're the inspiring one.
Terribly inspiring.
Jean Sobieski, Dalida's new love.
Is it true?
Can't you be more discreet?
We just got married.
It's my lack of discretion
that bothers you?
-Among other things.
What do you want me to say?
That you look silly
with that flake?
He's using your reputation.
He doesn't care about fame.
He's a Bohemian.
-A Bohemian!
-He's ruining...
...your career.
Is this about my career again?
Beware. You can sink
as quick as you rose.
What I make, I can break.
You didn't make me.
The public did.
They listen to my radio station.
And your ballads are finished.
What matters is the twist,
rock 'n' roll.
-You're already square!
Could click my fingers.
And you'd vanish
as fast as you came.
Poor Lucien!
You think I need you to exist?
You can even keep the apartment.
-Do I eat it?
-I eat.
It's al dente.
It is very good.
Enjoy your food.
That's not good for your voice.
Yes, I know.
I must give up.
You must give up singing.
-To become my muse.
-I am your muse.
-Place your bets.
-Seven, please.
All bets are in.
The house pays 17
and odd numbers.
You know what I like here?
The view?
Try again.
The Eiffel Tower?
-I don't know.
There's a studio for your painting.
British lawyer Peter Benenson...
...has founded a new movement...
...to defend human rights
called Amnesty International.
Tell me, what's the problem?
I'm speechless.
Why? What's the problem?
Orlando. You've taken
your brother's name!
I don't see the problem.
-It's ridiculous.
-What's ridiculous?
Trying to take his place.
Don't psychoanalyze
What bothers you?
You take your brother's name
and you sing like your sister.
You think you're the centre
of the world.
But you don't.
I'm a singer too.
Please, you don't give up
to fight.
Admit that I'm right.
He can't impose his choices,
like you.
No one imposed me anything.
Did you choose "Dalida"?
Yes, I did.
Think of Orlando.
He agreed. He said yes.
Do as you wish, it's your Olympia.
I can't stop you
from putting on her concerts.
She asked me.
The public want her.
Don't play at that with me.
You're my friend.
I can't betray you.
You're my friend too.
But I warn you:
the radio won't play her songs...
...or advertise the show.
To us, she's finished.
I'm not saying that because.
You know I can be objective.
What goes down well today?
Rock. Twist. You know that.
I agree with you.
But how can I refuse her?
I don't know.
No, please.
I'm at the Olympia
for Dalida's first night.
Some say it will be her last.
Excuse me, sir...
...are you for or against Dalida?
A woman who cheats
shouldn't be allowed to sing.
But you came.
For my wife. We bought
the tickets ages ago.
Consider it shameful.
These are the first impressions
and they're rather frosty.
Sing with passion, as always.
The plumbing in the bathroom
is faulty.
Are you okay?
You need anything?
Can you get rid of that?
Is that a wreath?
To the death of song,
long live Edith Piaf
Who put it there?
What's going on here, Franois?
I told everyone,
nobody bring to her...
Showtime in 10 minutes!
Showtime in 10 minutes!
Live from the Olympia...
-Do you think he'll come?
-Who? Sobieski?
He's not in the dressing room
or on the guest list.
Tell me why, when
a wife cheats...
...she leaves her husband?
Nobody's perfect!
This is Agathe.
-I'm glad you're here.
-Everyone's here.
-Yes all of them.
Vultures ready to pounce.
I can't say I'm glad.
Where are we?
Right in front. Good seats.
-See you later.
-See you later.
-Good evening.
-Thank you.
Go on, my love.
Don't lose heart.
I didn't know why I was living
I didn't know what use I was
Now, now I know
My eyes were made to gaze at you
My lips to give you kisses
My ear to count your heartbeats
My hands to grasp
and hold your warmth
And since then
I feel alive
Because I love you
And since then I feel alive
I feel alive because I love you
Because I love you
Because I love you
Because I love you
And you love me
Perfect! Perfect!
My eyes are but to
see you wake up
My lips are but to
cradle your sleep
Absolutely fantastic.
You were great.
Thank you.
That day she realized
she loved us both.
That was her schizophrenic side.
-In what way?
-In a manner of speaking.
There was Iolanda, who loved me,
and Dalida, who loved Lucien.
Did you feel hurt?
See you.
That hairstyle suits you.
Thank you. You like it?
I brought your contract renewal.
-Ten years, already.
Time flies.
What did you want to tell me?
We've talked it over,
Bruno and I, and...
I think that the situation
is somewhat absurd.
I've worked here for ages,
looking after artists.
But Dali has been left alone
to manage her career.
In fact...
...we're going to set up
our own production company.
I'll put this away, then.
It's the first time
a woman has left me.
This calls for a drink.
-I'm not leaving my friend.
-I know.
Well, what are your plans?
San Remo.
-The festival?
She'll be mentoring an Italian
singer called Luigi Tenco.
She has real potential in Italy.
It'd be a shame to
lose an audience.
We have to go for it.
I don't see what you'll gain,
but you must listen to your...
-That's right.
If I hadn't arranged
the meeting with Luigi...
...we wouldn't be here now.
It was her path through life.
You couldn't intervene.
I don't agree with Heidegger.
The main thing is
I like your sense of philosophy,
It's all thanks to you, professor.
Come here.
I love you.
Calm down, please.
Thank you.
Why did a star like you
agree to come to San Remo?
For Luigi Tenco's songs.
You think Luigi Tenco can win?
-Of course.
-He can win.
Thank you, all of you.
Let's go. We are late.
Thank you.
I like Ornella Vanoni's song.
It'd make a good cover.
Can't you see they're using us?
It's a commercial operation.
He follows you everywhere.
-You know.
Yes, with pleasure.
Let's do the photos,
then she has to get changed.
Don't drink too much, darling.
You know why I stay here?
For you.
Dali, the festival director
wants to meet you.
We're very honored
to have you at our festival.
-Good evening.
-Good evening.
We have a photo call.
It's best to do them now.
-With Luigi.
-No, just you. First.
Go ahead.
Yes, separately is
better. Let's go.
It's my great pleasure
to present the 17th edition...
Luigi, will you be OK?
-You'll be fine.
Let's hear Ciao Amore Ciao,
written and sung by Luigi Tenco.
-You're nervous.
-I'm okay..
Don't worry. You'll win.
I hope so.
-Are you happy?
Are you all happy now?
What a farce!
-Let me go.
-Iolanda, please.
Your affair must remain a secret.
It's your turn now.
-I can't.
-Yes, you can. Go for it.
Sing. Go sing to them.
Your song is fabulous.
It'll be better next time.
For you.
I've been in contests...
I don't give a damn about contests!
These people know nothing about
music nor why they're there.
It's a game to them, you see?
A game!
But not to me.
Slow down, Luigi.
Please slow down.
It's not a game.
Please, Luigi!
They come here.
Dalida! Dalida!
I'm not coming. I'm tired.
Don't give them that satisfaction.
Come on. Wake up!
Luigi! Wake up! Luigi!
Excuse me,
please allow me.
I did not do it
because I'm fed up with life...
...but as a protest against
an ignorant public.
No! That's enough.
Leave me alone.
That's enough!
I can't carry on... Stop it!
They barred me from going
to his funeral.
Scared I'd make a scene.
They wanted to protect you.
They failed.
-I understand your pain, but...
-But what?
I'm 34, no love,
no hope, no children...
You give hope to thousands.
And who gives it to me?
You know the hardest thing
when you're between life and death?
To choose life.
Death is sweet.
And yet...
...you chose life.
Death turned me down.
My story is the story of a love
My lament is the
aching of two hearts
A romance like many others
That could be yours
Wherever you come from
My story is the story we all know
It's a game played by lovers
The world over
Whether naive or calculating.
It's the only song
that's never-ending
"I am nothing"
Why are you here?
-I want to introduce someone.
-No, wait.
As I couldn't
introduce him earlier...
How wonderful!
Won't you take him?
-He's your nephew.
-He looks like you.
Go to your aunt.
And if you agree,
he'll be your godson.
If I agree? Of course I agree.
In his auntie's arms.
He's a cherub.
He's gorgeous.
Isn't he!
You organized that?
Are you glad?
-Little angel.
-It's your aunt!
What's his name?
Luigi, but if you don't like it
he has a second name.
What do you think?
What do I think?
That life goes on.
Dalida! Dalida! Dalida!
It's your first time in Italy
since San Remo.
-Very much.
What do you expect
from the Partitissima contest?
-To win for Luigi.
-Thank you.
-Glad to be back in Italy?
-So much.
What's your
message to your fans?
Hello, Italy and Rome!
I'm a fan of Tenco.
Can I meet you in private?
-Tenco's poetry.
-No, the book is for you.
-For me?
-Thank you.
Come with me.
Don't bring up
her recent tragedy, okay?
Please come in.
-Was he nice to you?
Thank you, Mario.
-No thanks.
Was Mario okay?
He's very protective.
Yes, he certainly is.
-So you like poetry?
I study literature and philosophy.
Actually, I had to
stop and get a job.
I'd like to go back to it.
My greatest regret
is not having studied.
You know...
I understand what Tenco did.
And what you did too.
-May I ask you something?
Don't be so formal.
Wonderful! Maria Teresa,
does this suit me?
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Rosy, could you pass me...
What a darling he is!
It's lovely. Take it.
It's your dog.
Someone called Lucio.
-We don't know him. Send him away.
No, no. I'll go.
-Who's Lucio?
-I don't know.
-You know?
-No, i don't.
How did you get here?
-I hitch-hiked.
-In this cold?
I had to see you at Christmas.
You're crazy.
Crazy about you.
-I've missed you.
-Same here.
Come, I'll introduce
you to my family.
Take off your coat.
-Good evening.
-Good evening.
Excuse me...
-Thank you.
This is Lucio.
-Have a seat.
-Good evening.
Would you like to eat?
Yes, a snack.
Happy Christmas!
Happy Christmas!
Happy Christmas!
Can you explain?
I can invite who I like.
It doesn't look like
he was invited.
He's welcome.
When we're gathered on
Christmas Eve?
He hitched across Italy and France.
Can I send him away?
We celebrate Christmas as a family,
not with strangers.
Respect your family...
...don't expose them to your...
To my what?
You know what I mean.
If you don't like it,
the door's open.
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas, everyone!
-Bruno! Where...
What's going on?
I want to stay here forever.
You're gorgeous.
He'd just turned eighteen
He was as handsome as a child
My life before you
was never so beautiful.
In 20 years you'll have
changed your tune.
You're the most beautiful
woman in the world.
From our very first meeting
I'd have given anything
To seduce him
He'd just turned eighteen
It made him almost insolent
So sure was he
And while he dressed
Already beaten,
I returned to my lonelines
How I longed to make him stay
Yet I let him walk away
Without a sign
That wasn't bad he confided
With the infernal candor of youth
I did my hair
A touch more makeup on my eyes
From force of habit
abuk dn!
With the infernal candor of youth
I did my hair
A touch more makeup on my eyes
From force of habit
I had simply forgotten
That I was twice eighteen
I'm pregnant.
-I'm pregnant.
That's wonderful!
By the young man?
-Very good.
-He's 22.
-So what?
-I'm 34.
-So what?
I can't ruin his life.
How would you ruin his life?
By marrying a kid.
Imagine the press.
We don't care what
the papers say.
Who mentioned marriage?
We'd look after him.
Another grandson for Giuseppina.
Mother mustn't know. Got that?
Then we won't tell her.
Don't you want a child?
-That's not the question.
-It's the only question.
I need a father.
For my child.
Not necessarily.
We grew up without one.
You reckon?
But we're here.
I can help out too.
It's not the life I dreamed of.
Life isn't dreamed, it's lived.
Quite the philosopher!
Does the boy know?
-Will you tell him?
What will you do?
I don't know.
I remember
Several times not so long ago
You told me how
Everything would change
How I would love
To tell you what I have
Inside of me
When I'm alone
The face of a child
Always warms my heart
Like the bells in spring
My heart will ring
It will ring
It will sing
It's such a shame
I have never seen
The love I can feel
All around me
How I would love
To tell the world what I have
Inside of me
When I'm alone
The face of a child
Always warms my heart
Like the bells in spring
My heart will ring
It is ring
I had to leave sooner
than planned.
Don't try to contact me again.
I beg you...
...make my dream come true.
Accept this money for your studies.
Do it for me.
I must find myself
or I will lose myself again.
I'm going to stop singing.
Why do you want to
stop singing?
To concentrate on my spiritual
You don't like the sing?
No, i love singing.
But sometimes
i feel ashamed...
...of people only become
just by singing.
Is that what you are feeling
when you sing?
When i am singing
become the song.
Become my public.
I become the music.
There is no division any more.
Being awake spiritual is
like being one with yourself.
You are naturely awake
when you singed.
Your mission in life,
is sing.
This is how you help others?
You seem much more serene.
Much calmer.
I've been through
a lot of suffering.
After my suicide attempt,
I tried to understand.
The other day I was with
Lucien Morisse, my ex-husband.
I said to him:
You know me, you know my life.
I've always gone
from one man to another.
But I was always
looking for true love.
I'm sure true love exists.
It's a bigger love,
one that leads to God.
-You still love her.
-What nonsense!
-Do you love me?
-Of course I do!
Then stop gambling.
-The bank called again.
-I'll see to it.
-Please, I'm listening.
Stronger than us.
That's love.
I'll sing "I am ill".
That's madness, it's not you.
It's what I've become.
Your audience wants to dream,
leave depression to others.
He's not wrong.
What my audience
want is the truth.
I always back you,
but I don't buy it.
Then rent us your hall.
-Rent us your hall.
Dalida is the Olympia.
She won't go elsewhere.
I'd love you to play the Olympia
but I'm a producer not a landlord.
You're asking the impossible.
Do you think that...
...this might make things...
...a little less impossible?
What do you say?
We can think about it.
I no longer dream
I no longer smoke
And no more love affairs
I am dirty without you
I am ugly without you
Like an orphan in a dormitory
I no longer want to live my life
My life stops when you leave
I have no life
And even my bed
Turns into a waiting room
When you go away
I am ill
Utterly ill
Like when Mother went out at night
Leaving me alone
With my despair
I am ill
Totally ill
You have taken all my songs
Drained me of all my words
Yet I did have talent
Before the touch of your skin
This love is killing me
If this continues
I'll die alone, by myself
Near my radio
Like some stupid kid
Listening to my own voice sing
I am ill
Utterly ill
Like when Mother went out at night
Leaving me alone with my despair
I am ill
That's right, I am ill
You have taken all my songs
Drained me of all my words
And my heart is completely ill
Surrounded by barricades
You hear me?
I am ill
I said you could sing ballads.
You wouldn't believe me!
I'm proud of you.
Lucien is too.
He's with us, you know.
Dalida! Dalida! Dalida!
Listen! Listen!
I do my best to be happy.
But death prowls around me
like a wild animal.
When I was young,
I wanted my father to die.
When he returned from the camp.
He was so wounded.
Mentally and physically.
He beat my brothers and me too.
But it was when he hit my mother
that I wanted him to die.
And he died.
I felt...
Same with Lucien and Luigi.
With time
With time, everything goes away
The one we worshipped
The one we looked for in the rain
The one we'd sense
With just a glance
Between the lines,
between the words
Under the paint of a made-up oath
With time
Everything vanishes
With time
With time, everything goes away
Even the nicest memories
Can be tarnished by time
I rummage about in the mall
In the aisles of death
Saturday night
When tenderness takes its leave
This void...
What does it remind you of?
I always thought
I'd die on a Sunday.
We don't usually get to choose.
Every Sunday I invite
friends for lunch.
So there's always a party
Your pasta is excellent.
-Thanks. It's a simple sauce.
And your sitting room
is totally transformed!
Aren't you sick of that song?
Stop it!
You should be an actor, Pascal.
Who is it?
The Count of St Germain
has arrived.
-Dali my dear...
...this is my friend
Richard Chanfray.
Count of St Germain.
-Who's he?
-The alchemist from TV.
Transforming lead into gold.
Just wait till you see him!
So you're immortal?
A little like you?
No, not like me.
I'm not immortal.
I was born 17,000 years ago.
I'm from a different
earthly vibration...
...that allows me to travel
through time.
I believe lots of things,
but that's a bit much.
I don't ask you to believe me.
I don't know
what's happening to me tonight.
I see you as if for the first time.
More words, always words,
the same words
So you really turn lead to gold?
Did you know that the root of gold
is our, which means light?
So amour means the soul
that is drawn toward the light.
You're a good talker,
Mr. Alchemist.
The time for dreaming is over
Memories also fade
When we forget them
You are like the wind that makes
violins play
And takes away the rose's perfume
Toffees, sweets, chocolates
Sometimes, I don't understand you
What do you say?
Who loves the
stars over the dunes
Tender words
wrapped in sweet talk
Settle in my mouth
But never in my hear
Another word, just one
Words, words, words
Listen to me
Words, words, words
I beg you
Words, words, words
I swear
Words, words, words
Words and more words
you scatter in the wind
You're so beautiful.
Words, words, words
That's amazing.
I never felt that before.
You've been my wife
through many lives.
Aren't you tired
of making love with me...
...after all these lifetimes?
-Do I look like I am?
Kiss me more
Kiss me much more times
I am singing this song
of yore for you
Kiss me more
Kiss me much more times
It's like a love story
that will not end
It is sung in the streets
Under unknown skies and
in the whole of France
It was thought to
have been forgotten
But for us to better love
it has started anew
Kiss me
Kiss me much more
If in another country
it means, "Kiss me."
Kiss me
Kiss me much more
All my life I would want
to sing it with you.
We don't ask of love
Neither an everlasting pledge
nor an improbable setting
For us to love we simple need
A few words set to music
Kiss me
Kiss me much more
f in another country
it means, "Kiss me."
Kiss me
Kiss me much more
All my life I would want
to sing it with you.
Kiss me
Kiss me much more
I love you.
Dalida's love life
has long shown eclecticism.
And she has caught us out before.
Rumor or for real?
Charmed by
the exotic Dalida...
...Delon called her to his office.
-Stop. You know it's not true.
-I read.
You know it's not true.
Come, my love.
Come, my love.
Stop it.
Is it normal that people believe
the Delon story?
What people?
What do you mean?
The public, everyone.
You do a record and
a cover with him.
You know how they are.
-Stop it, love.
You know how much I love you.
There is no love,
only proof of love.
What more do you want?
Tell me what you want.
-I don't know.
We could make a record together.
But you're not a singer, darling.
And Delon is?
A quiet table by candlelight
Two shadows huddled by the fire
One cigarette after another
A nightcap as the embers die
And love, love, love
-Excuse me.
-It's s..t.
I want more volume.
Okay! A little louder.
Something wrong?
Stop it, please.
-What is it, my love? Tell me
I really don't need pity.
I don't care about this record,
Richard, stop being a child.
Stop it.
I've put on weight.
As I've not had my period
I thought I might be pregnant.
We can run some
supplementary tests.
You can't have children anymore.
Your tubes were too damaged
during your abortion.
Ready, darling?
Will you help me?
Are you okay?
You know what?
-We're going to do disco.
We'll do disco.
And you'll dance.
At my age!
It's the future.
And the future is you.
What did he say?
-He said I am the future.
-For sure!
Look at this rain!
Martine left the gate open?
No, she took the weekend off.
Stay here.
-If it's a burglar, I'll waste him.
-What is it?
-Richard, Richard!
-Dali! Stay here.
-Put that gun down!
-Stay there!
Richard, come back!
Don't be afraid, Iolanda.
Give me your hand.
Don't be afraid.
You can't leave me here.
Pay my bail.
I can't stay here.
I swear I'll pay you back.
But don't leave me here.
I love you.
Time's up!
Put your hand here.
Don't leave me.
I love you.
The trial of Richard Chanfray...
...alias Count St Germain
ended today.
1 year suspended sentence,
and 118,000 Francs in damages...
...paid by his girlfriend Dalida
to the victim...
...no longer in hospital.
He was the maid's boyfriend,
A diamond record.
It's very heavy.
God believes her.
Who'd have thought that Dalida...
...could manage to win over
the reputedly tough US audience.
She sang in the showbiz capital...
...putting on a concert at the
world renowned Carnegie Hall
A worldwide hit, "Gigi L'Amoroso",
sold more copies in Europe.
It is so powerful to Frank
Sinatra's "Strangers in the Night".
At 46, Dalida can still amaze us.
Dalida celebrates 25 years of song
with a US-style show.
A career risk for an artist who has
already sold 67 million records
Exclusively for us, here are
the rehearsals for the show.
Here's Dalida!
-Hello and perfect Dalida!
Thank you.
I am all sweaty!
I believe a towel
has been prepared for you.
-Thank you Jacqueline.
I feel privileged
to witness rehearsals...
...that promise an
exceptional show.
You've rehearsed for 10 weeks
with Lester Wilson...
And he is here.
-Lester, come.
Very good.
Welcome Lester Wilson.
The famous choreographer
of "Saturday Night Fever".
A show whose poster
has already caused a stir.
That's true.
I'm from a very Catholic family.
For me, it was very difficult
to lose...
...how do you say?
My modestness.
We say modesty,
but modestness is just fine!
You look so young.
I can't believe you've had
a 20-year career.
Worse, it's a quarter of a century!
And it doesn't show at all!
Blending "Bambino", "I am ill"...
...all your disco hits into one
show is a heck of a challenge.
Confirming that no
other vocal artist...
...has so many strings to her bow.
You recognize Mommy!
Did you miss your mom?
I miss too.
You've been drinking.
Why do I drink?
You can ask yourself.
It's my fault?
Of course it is.
My star!
You smell of Shalimar.
Are you jealous now?
I wouldn't look elsewhere
if you didn't refuse
You disgust me.
How can we carry on
if we don't make love?
How can I,
when you behave like a child?
I swear you'll end up begging me.
You hear?
-You will!
-Let me go!
With these two I can't.
In Italy?
What does it say "ski"?
In Italian it's "scii"
You can take it.
Thank you.
You tell her.
-You must.
To stop making herself vomit.
I don't know what to say.
-She's scared of getting fat.
Same as ever!
-To your success!
-To my brother Bruno, and everyone!
-Thank you.
To your show at the
Palais des Sports!
Thank you.
-Happy new year!
-Thank you.
-You're shouting.
-So what?
-You look stupid in that...
-Don't touch.
Aging stars can be so touchy!
Get out of the restaurant,
of my life, get out!
Excuse me? I don't think
everybody heard you.
Bruno. Don't get involved.
Happy new year!
-It is okay.
To the Palais des Sports!
Happy new year.
It's over, Richard.
-Get out. I don't love you.
-Stop! Calm down.
Just go.
Calm down. After
all I've done for you?
We can't finish like this.
-Please leave.
-We can't finish like this.
-We can't finish like this.
-I don't love you.
Calm down.
Hey! Calm down!
Again. Calm down!
Just stop it!
You can't do this to me.
I promise I'll behave so nice.
-Stop it, dammit!
-Get out!
Stop it! This is me here!
Think you'll find
anyone at your age?
Go to hell!
Dalida! Dalida! Dalida! Dalida!
I live on love and dance
I live as if I were on vacation
I live as if I were eternal
As if the news
didn't bring the blues
I live on love and laughter
I live as if there were
nothing to say
I've lots of time
to write my memoirs
To tell my story in blue ink
Let me dance
Let me
Let me be free to dance and sing
All summer long
Let me dance
Let me
Let me live out my dream
I live on love and risk
When I feel blue I flip the disco
I come and go, I've learnt to live
As if I were happy and free
I live on love and laughter
I live as if there
were nothing to say
I've lots of time
to write my memoirs
To tell my story in blue ink
Let me dance
Let me
Let me be free to dance and sing
All summer long
Let me dance
Let me
Let me live out my dream
What shall I cook this evening?
-Some soup? An omelet?
-I'd just like some pasta
-That's right.
-What, like yesterday?
Is she laughing?
Maybe she's not that sick.
Go and see.
-May I?
Watch this.
How are you feeling?
I put on Louis de Funs,
or she'd sleep all day long.
And at night she's not at all well.
She's very tired.
That's normal, she
only eats pasta.
And she makes herself sick
-The light...
...hurts her eyes terribly.
-I've got it.
-She can't bear it anymore.
Are you always here?
Of course.
She needs me every day.
I think you should find
a flat elsewhere.
You can't stay here.
Excuse me.
Well, then...
Can't we open the windows?
It's lovely outside.
No, thanks.
My eyes are very sore.
I've good news for you.
Youssef Chahine is offering you
the part in his film.
-That's good.
But you need to get back in shape.
-We're in agreement?
-We are.
-Thank you.
I like dancing and singing.
Besides i like
I like doing so much things. It is
impossible to explain all of them.
-Someone in your life?
-What's his name?
How old is Michel?
-Wow! Your husband?
That's not possible.
I will make up for my death.
Is it true you've
already died once?
Not quite.
Is it scary?
No. It's like a dream.
We're late, Hassan.
You have to come and get ready.
-How cheeky you are!
-Hurry up.
A welcome worthy of
a head of state...
...was reserved for
international singer Dalida.
Star of the hit film The Sixth Day
directed by Youssef Chahine.
What an idea of Chahine's,
sending us this way!
I wanted to see our house.
I know, but we didn't need
a convertible!
Stop gesticulating!
-Bruno look.
-Thank you.
-You musn't allow this people.
-Relax a little.
It's wonderful.
They're here for us.
Thank you!
-Are you happy?
-You like music?
But I warn you,
I don't want to hear you.
Total silence when they practice.
Well done.
Come here.
You'll eat when we get home.
-What are you doing here alone?
I'm sorry, you
could have called me.
-How are you?
-We could have eaten together.
So you ate alone? You're mad.
-Everything's fine.
I talked to the producers
of the musical "Cleopatra".
It's all good.
They assured me it's going ahead.
-I'm glad.
Want a cigarette?
I have to stop.
I don't care.
I have something for you.
-Really? What's that?
I made it myself.
-You made it yourself?
It's fabulous.
It's beautiful. Well done!
So you think of me.
I always think of you,
you know that.
Shall we eat together tomorrow?
Tomorrow I'm going
to see a play with Michel.
-Oh yes, I'd forgotten.
Good. So we'll meet
for Sunday lunch.
With pleasure.
-As usual.
Can we get a glass
of wine in here?
-Be right with you.
He's coming.
-I have to stop.
-So you said.
-I'm going to stop.
-I know.
Me too!
Do you love me?
-Is Michel picking you up?
-Shall I wait?
-No need, thank you, Jacqueline.
You're sure
you don't want me to stay?
No, he'll sleep over.
-Okay. Have a nice evening!
-You too.
don't wake me in the morning.
All right.
So as not to live alone
You live with a dog
You live with roses
Or with a cross
So as not to live alone
You invent a scenario
You love a memory
A shadow, anything
So as not to live alone
You live for the spring
And when the spring is done
Till the next springtime comes
So as not to live alone
I love and wait for you
To have the illusion
Of not living alone
Of not living alone
So as not to live alone
Girls fall in love with girls
And now we're seeing boys
Marrying other boy
So as not to live alon
Others have children
Children who are alone
Like all children
So as not to live alone
We build cathedrals
Where those who are alone
Can hang on to their star
So as not to live alone
I love and wait for you
To give the illusion
Of not living alone
So as not to live alone
You find yourself some friends
And invite them round
When the boredom descends
You live for your money
For your dreams, your palaces
But no one's ever made
A two-seater casket
So as not to live alone
I live here with you
I am alone with you
You are alone with me
So as not to live alone
You live like those who want
To give the illusion
Of not living alone
Life is unbearable
Forgive me.
Come. But do not
come when I'm alone
I want them to fall behind me
I want them to fall behind me
Come. But do not
come when I'm alone
I who chose everything in my life
I want to choose my death as well
There are those who want
Die on a rainy day
And others in bright sunlight
There are those who want to
Die alone in bed
Quiet in their sleep
I want to die on stage
In front of projectors
Yes, I want to die on stage
Heart open all in color
Die without the slightest pain
At the last rendez-vous
I want to die on stage
Singing till the end
Come. But do not
come when I'm alone
We both already know
We almost met, remember
Come. But do not
come when I'm alone
Chose above all a gala evening
If you want to dance with me
My life has been burned under
Too much light
I cannot depart in the shadow
I want to die
Shot through lasers
Before a full house
I want to die on stage
In front of projectors
Yes, I want to die on stage
Heart open all in color
Die without the slightest pain
At the last rendez-vous
I want to die on stage
Singing till the end
Die without the slightest pain
In a well-orchestrated death
I want to die on stage
This is where I was born