Dallas (1950) Movie Script

Don Felipe. Don Felipe.
- Raiders, cutting out the cattle.
- It's the Marlows.
- Where are the vaqueros?
- Driving the other herd to town.
They are rushing them toward the Trinity.
Old Felipe Robles raises nice stock.
Won't do him no good.
How is he going to pay us the money
he owes us if we keep topping off his herd?
I don't buy mortgages to get paid back.
I buy them to foreclose.
The black soil of Dallas County
will make us rich.
We'll bleed that old buzzard broke,
huh, Cullen?
The way I say. There'll be no killing here.
Things won't be like they were in Georgia.
- We didn't do so bad in Georgia.
- Thanks to me.
Any sniping here,
I'll bust your trigger finger.
And that's for you, too, Bryant.
You're too quick on the draw.
That doesn't do my business any good.
So stay out of Dallas, understand?
Any visiting to do, I'll do it.
You boys hightail it.
I'll take care of them.
Raiders cutting out your cattle, Mr. Robles.
I tried to stop them.
They're your men, Will Marlow.
My men? You aren't blaming me
for all the war-bred scum in Texas?
Isn't my fault
Texas isn't back in the Union.
And there'll be lawlessness until she is.
The Marlow brothers and trouble
came here together.
I'm still willing to buy your land
and take my chances against the raids.
There would be no raids if you owned
the Hacienda del Norte.
Will just got through telling you
not to do stuff like that.
Yeah. Yeah. Said to stay out
of Dallas, too...
...but I don't aim to.
Brave, strong...
...just like lizards in dark corners.
But your day of looting is almost done.
A marshal of the United States
is on his way.
Be into Springfield, Missouri
in about 10 minutes.
Folks traveling west or south
change coaches.
Yankee marshal?
United States Marshal.
United States?
- All who thinks we're united, say, "Aye. "
- Aye.
I'm inviting a lady carpetbag
to set betwixt her own breed.
With pleasure.
Cold as a witch's broomstick.
L... I'm... I'm Butterfield,
Saint Louis.
Dry goods, ladies' hose, and notions.
I'm Martin Weatherby, Boston.
- Stopping in Springfield?
- Momentarily.
- I have business with a William Hickok.
- Wild Bill?
- Greatest marshal ever lived.
- Yeah, I hear Bill's retiring.
- Ain't got no competition left.
- You say.
I saw he's scared he'll meet up
with Reb Hollister.
- That desperado?
- Desperado, you say? Patriot, say I.
Maybe Lee surrendered,
but not old Georgia Reb. No, sir.
He's a one-man war,
still marching on.
Stage for the West leaves in 30 minutes.
Them that want vittles better hurry.
Great day in the morning.
It is pleasant.
There he is, boy.
The pride of Vicksburg.
The terror of Kansas.
That's Blayde Hollister.
You mean to say that a common outlaw
can walk the streets like that?
- Is there no law enforcement here?
- There's the law, Wild Bill Hickok.
- Hickok, I have a letter to present to you...
- Duck.
Spoiled the party for you boys.
I guess that settles
who's running this town.
I'll take that.
Mister, bring his horse.
- Nice shooting, marshal.
- Yes, sir. Shot him dead.
Well, if he ain't,
we'll put the hemp to him.
Here. Take your carrion out of town.
- Well, go on. Don't stand there gawking.
- Just a minute.
- I had nothing to do with this.
- Get going.
- We heard you give that rebel yell.
- You're quite mistaken.
- I have a letter of introduction...
- Boys, you wanted a hanging party...
...here's a warm one for you.
- Good riddance.
- Just maybe the town will settle down now.
Ruined my Sunday go-to-meeting hat.
Keep going, blue-belly,
or I'll fry you for breakfast.
This may not be my official district...
...but you've fallen into the hands
of a United States Marshal.
You like your bacon lean or fat?
As soon as I've eaten, I intend to take you
back to Springfield, to the authorities.
- What's the matter?
- Like Hickok said: Duck.
Thieving varmint. That a way
to return a favor? Stealing my hat?
You dang blasted showoff,
you cost me my best six-shooter.
Now, hold on, Reb.
I wouldn't stoop to such dirty doings,
carting off your relics...
...advertising I shot them off
Reb Hollister.
Now, where's my hat?
Well, I tell you, Bill,
there's a little boy I know...
...who'd be mighty proud
to have Wild Bill Hickok's hat.
Well, now.
That's a real nice thought, Reb.
- Want me to autograph it for the kid?
- Your initials are in it. That's good enough.
- Have some vittles.
- No. I gotta be getting back to town.
- The fight look convincing?
- Whole town ate it up.
- You're dead as a doornail.
- You sure untied my hands, Bill.
It'll make life a lot easier for me,
Reb Hollister being dead.
- Aren't you going to arrest him?
- Oh, forgot about you.
I'm sorry I had to tin-can you,
I had to move Reb out of town before those
yahoos found out we was just play-acting.
Besides, I was afraid that getup
you're wearing might start more shooting.
- Preposterous.
- It sure is.
I'm speaking of your dereliction of duty.
I'm informed...
You're informed?
And who or what might you be?
- My name is Weatherby, Boston.
- He's a United States Marshal.
- It ain't possible.
- On the contrary, I have a...
- Hit something.
- Wh...? What for?
Well, Bill's a man that needs convincing.
Marshal, I'm glad I met you
while you were still with us.
You're gonna be
the shortest-lived marshal on record.
As I tried to explain this afternoon,
I have a letter from the Attorney General.
You're to accompany me
to Dallas County, in Texas.
Brigands are terrorizing
the district.
- Brothers.
- What's their name?
Is it the Marlow brothers?
Well, yes. Yes, that's it.
Evidently, a poetic family.
There's a Bryant Marlow, a William Marlow,
and a Longfellow.
- Cullen?
- Yes, that's it.
You know them?
I've never seen them.
These are orders, Hickok.
Your patriotic duty demands...
Sonny, there are duty scars
all over my hide.
From now on, folks are gonna buy tickets
just to look at them...
...on the stage of a theater.
You mean you're
going to be an actor?
Why not?
You're what marshaling
has petered down to.
Folks will be glad to pay
to see the genuine, hairy specimen.
Happy hunting, marshal.
The law is in your purty hand.
Marshal, this... This outlaw.
If you don't arrest him,
I shall.
Let me tell you something, son.
This ain't Boston.
We had a war down here. You'll find men
in high office who are thieves, cutthroats.
You'll find others who are branded outlaws
that are only fighting for what's their own.
There's those known as bad men
and those as are bad men.
You better learn to tell the difference.
- Hey, where are you going?
- With you.
What, to Dallas?
Well, Hickok's out of circulation,
ain't he?
You mean that you'd
take Mr. Hickok's place?
- Why not?
- Why, I don't know you, Mr. Hollister.
You're branded as an outlaw,
a Southern guerrilla.
Though I can see merit
in what Mr. Hickok says.
Heaven knows you're more capable
than I, but...
- Oh, to make you my deputy.
- You still haven't got the hang of it.
I beg your pardon?
I'm not gonna be your deputy.
You're gonna be mine.
You're not known in Dallas. Neither am I.
So I'll be Marshal Weatherby.
Nothing new in that idea.
A regular custom up north, I understand.
Hiring other people to do
your fighting for you.
I was at Chickamauga, Mr. Hollister.
My brother was at Gettysburg.
Well, you're something brand-new
in carpetbaggers.
Well, anyway, you can forget about
the Marlows. One of them, anyway.
You just swear me in,
and I'll kill off Bryant for you...
...all in the name
of the United States government.
There's to be no bloodshed.
I merely want them apprehended.
- Apprehended? Bryant Marlow?
- Yes.
You remember that little boy
I was telling Wild Bill about?
You're him, bub.
Boston bean.
I look like a Yankee cod,
but I hope I don't smell like one.
Might be an improvement
over a Johnny Reb.
Take it easy, blue-belly.
You're lucky I stomached you this far.
But that's the way it's got to be.
You're me, but I'm not you.
And... And when you're talking to me,
you're talking to yourself.
When I'm speaking to you...
...it's not me
I'm speaking to, it's... It's you.
Well, anyhow, you get the idea.
Anyway, I hope I can pass
for a railroading Weatherby.
You look that part more than
I look like Bill Hickok's downfall.
Only a Yankee tailor would outfit a feller
this way to ride across Texas.
I may as well tell you, I got into this
only to impress my fiance.
Well, you can write back to Boston
and tell her all about it.
- She lives here.
- Why?
She only came to Boston to visit me.
Her name is Antonia Robles.
She's very lovely.
- You ain't all Boston.
- What do you mean by that?
Codfish ain't known for warm blood.
I haven't met her family yet.
They're in cattle.
It seems they're involved in a land war,
so to speak...
...harassed by those Marlow ruffians.
Keep your hand off that gun.
We're looking for the Robles' place.
- Robles?
- Where is it? I'm the new marshal.
You are there.
Follow me, senores.
Don Felipe.
- This isn't the reception I'd expected.
- You are strangers.
I hope Tonia's more pleased to see me
than her father.
- Now, wait a minute...
- Antonia? Then you... You are Martin?
Do forgive me. You would be welcome
under any circumstances.
But coming as you do,
the marshal of the United States.
Antonia has told us so much.
I beg your forgiveness,
and welcome to Hacienda del Norte.
Let me present my son, Luis.
I apologize for my son.
It was nortenos, men from the North,
that crippled him.
Oh, I understand how he feels about
nortenos, as you call them.
We call them carpetbaggers.
Oh, I forgot. Don Felipe, my brother,
Daniel Weatherby.
- Daniel?
- From the lion's den.
Father was a great Bible student.
- How do you do?
- Antonia made no mention of your brother.
Well, I didn't tell her about him, black sheep
of the family. Father kept him hidden.
- Martin.
- Tonia.
- Tonia, dear Tonia.
- Martin.
No, no, no. Leave them alone
un momento together.
You are Tonia, aren't you?
- Who are you?
- Well, I'm not Martin.
I know that.
But on the other hand, I am Martin.
Martin's my brother.
Hey, Daniel. Come in here.
Oh, Tonia, darling.
Martin, why have you brought
this crazy one with you?
Oh, Senorita Robles, Mr. Hollister.
You overdid that, Reb.
You didn't have to be so convincing.
I had to hush her up.
- Martin, answer me. Why is he here?
- To ensure success against the Marlows.
He's my deputy.
Or rather, I seem to be his.
Whatever he is, he needs a tight rein.
He needs a drink.
It's hard to explain, but it's important
that he be known here as Martin Weatherby.
No one except you must know who he is.
He has enemies.
This I can understand.
For your information,
I'll soon have fewer.
My interest in these parts
is the Marlow brothers.
My family must be told who you are.
They can be trusted.
That gringo-loving brother of yours?
Don't mislead yourself, young lady.
No gringo could be his friend.
Tonia, you must trust him.
He's come here to help us.
It won't be too long a hardship, senorita.
I promise.
I never expected a deputy fianc.
Martin was right.
You are very lovely.
And so is the Hacienda del Norte.
Good green land fit for cotton.
Got a nice, easy roll to it like...
Like your home?
I have no home.
You are Martin's friend.
This is your home.
Well, let's apprehend them.
Never launch an attack, Yankee,
until you know the tactical situation.
You learn that at Vicksburg, rebel?
Foreigner. I'll make it simple
so you can understand.
The best place to reconnoiter
is where the barleycorn flows.
I'm raring.
I can lick any man in the place.
- Howdy. What's your undoing, gents?
- Straight Kentucky.
I never drink before 5.
Set that glass right-side up.
- Why?
- Like I told you, turn it over.
By Godfrey, another one
wanting to lick every man in town.
- I said nothing of the sort.
- You turned your glass upside down.
- Let me cool this one.
- Wait, Dan. Don't draw.
That hat my brother's wearing,
he shot it off of Bill Hickok.
Yes, sir. There's Wild Bill's initials
right in the sweatband.
Dirty Dan here, he sure
cut the map of Kansas...
...through the old buffalo's hair.
- Sure enough?
That don't give him no call
to be so overbearing.
Bear with him, boys. A thing like that
goes to a young fellow's head.
Set them up, bartender.
The drinks are on me.
- My name's Weatherby.
- Weatherby? You're the new marshal.
Say, been expecting you.
New marshal's here.
New marshal's here.
New marshal's here.
Hey, folks. New marshal's here.
What'd you say your name was, marshal?
Weatherby. Why?
Seems to me I've seen you before.
You haven't.
Coulter's my name, Bar W Ranch.
Welcome, marshal. Welcome.
I'm Judge Harper of the federal district.
You haul in the culprits, marshal.
He'll jail them.
When the evidence warrants it,
Mr. Walters.
Evidence? Why, everybody knows
the Marlow boys...
...are back of all this plundering.
Nobody's seen them breaking the law.
Particular, aren't you?
Dallas will be run by federal law,
not by mob rule.
We're not wild Westerners.
We're facing east, and that's our future.
We intend to build industries here
and culture.
Dallas will raise people, not cows.
If your carpetbag riffraff doesn't
choke her to death in her cradle.
This seems a matter
for community action.
Back home, when faced with any problem
we had a town meeting.
I suggest we call one.
Where's your town hall?
- Yes, every town should have a town hall.
- We ain't got around to building one yet.
Well, I'll speak to Will Marlow about it.
Your judge here seems to think
he's a model citizen.
If you're gonna fool around over there,
you better take Dirty here with you.
Yeah. He ought to be marshal.
He sure ought to.
I told you to keep your mud tracks
out of Dallas.
Now you're here, and you even
dragged these pack rats in.
It gets lonesome out there
in the barrancas.
Then go buy yourself a bottle.
I never worried about your not having
something to keep you company.
Which one of you is Bryant Marlow?
- Who are you?
- My name's Weatherby.
I told you I'm not interested
in buying any property right now.
You can take your deal somewheres else.
Don't bother me.
I'm Will Marlow. Sit down, marshal.
You ain't trailing my worthless brother,
are you, marshal?
I didn't say that.
I'm in the market
for some real estate.
I thought I might be accommodating
the new marshal with a dwelling.
I even heard they might send
Bill Hickok down here.
Bill? Oh, he's fired his last shot
for the law.
He got drilled?
Fought it out
with a fellow named Hollister.
Where is he?
Hickok? He's retired. He's on his way
east to do some play-acting.
No, Hollister, Reb Hollister.
Where is he?
- Oh, he's dead.
- Come on, we'd better get out of here.
- You sure?
- Hickok had it all his own way.
I just happened to be there
when Hollister was laid out cold.
This calls for a bottle of bonded.
We owe Wild Bill a drink.
Well, my call isn't social.
I wanna buy a building for a town hall.
I suppose you know a valid deed
when you see one.
Marshal, you don't need to worry where
Will Marlow and legalities are concerned.
Well, here's 500 on account.
I'll post the balance
of 10,000 at the bank...
...to be delivered by me
when you produce a deed.
Ten thousand?
- Ten thousand?
- That's a big bundle.
You happen to know of a good
ready-made hall?
Yep. Know one would make a dandy.
If I was to manipulate Bill Walters' head
in front of that top O in "saloon"...
...could you let air in it?
- Ain't nobody could make a shot like that.
- Especially not from here.
Bill Walters got some horses
I been wanting to trade for.
You know, I never expected to find
a marshal with so much civic spirit.
Been to Georgia lately, Mr. Marlow?
I've never been in Georgia.
- You have, Bryant.
- That ain't Bryant.
Meet Jason Trask, my handy boy.
- Well, here's to Bill Hickok.
- Here's to all good marshals.
You're doing your duty when you hunt
the likes of my brother Bryant.
You know, Mr. Weatherby here's likely
to be the ruination of your job, Jason.
Honest citizens
don't need a bodyguard...
...when there's a marshal around,
fit to keep the law.
Looks like one of them longhorns
got Bill Walters.
Poor old Bill.
You know, I've knowed
a lot worse skunks.
Odd happenstance. Walters' place
would make a fine town hall.
- Yeah.
- Who asked you?
- Gun's still warm.
- What gu...?
Don't cock that hammer,
you crazy coot.
Why not? Works good this way.
What's your name?
It's still cocked.
We're riding out. Coming?
Have you got no brains?
Shooting from this office,
smearing your filth on me.
Get out, you and your scum.
Take the back stairs,
and don't come back.
- What happened up there?
- I just spent 10,000 of your money.
Cullen, get that dude!
Keep a keen eye, Dirty.
You did this to Cullen.
You're tempting me, Bryant,
every second you're in my sight.
Come out of there, all of you,
with your fingers in your ears!
Wired trigger. Bryant Marlow's gun.
I should've known that.
My own brother Bryant...
...he's been a cloud on me
everywhere I tried to go.
Looks like an honest man
hasn't got a chance.
I tried to hold him for you, marshal...
...but he led Cullen wrong
and got him killed.
You done right...
You only followed duty.
I'll help Dallas
to set the noose around him.
I'll give a reward for his capture.
I'll pay my tithes
to set this county free.
- Marshal.
- Quiet. Don't let them know I'm shot.
Get the horses. Gotta get out of town
without advertising it.
Should've taken you
straight to a doctor.
That's how you lost Bull Run, Yankee:
Letting the enemy know your casualty.
He's right. It's best the Marlows
detect no weaknesses.
Don't worry. We are good doctors here.
We had to be.
What a brave one.
The valiente who was
to remove the Marlows.
You had your chance
at Will.
Why didn't you shoot first
and ask questions afterwards?
- Or is it that you're afraid?
- Luis.
- Go from this room.
- Let the little scorpion stay.
He's right. I was afraid.
Afraid I'd die
and leave Bryant Marlow alive.
I can't die, not until he's dead.
I'd give much
to be able to believe you.
- My brother wasn't always like that.
- He has a nasty bite.
Don't blame him. You'd be bitter, too,
if you were in his place.
Amelia, the iron.
Let's face it, Tonia...
...Boston was one place
but this is another.
- Are you sorry you came?
- No, I didn't say that.
But every day I realize more that I've walked
into a world of which I know nothing.
- Could go back to your world, Martin.
- And admit I'm licked?
How long would I keep your love then?
I came here to take care of you...
...and I'll do it.
That's for trying.
But learning to shoot like Mr. Hickok
won't help if you get sunstroke.
Here comes Will.
Welcome, brother.
You can take over now.
I've had me a bellyful
of this coyote music...
...and I ain't just a bird cooing.
You'll stay here and like it.
That marshal's after you...
...so you pull a murder
for an introduction.
Harper says your gun's evidence enough
to hang you.
And I had to do plenty fast-talking
to keep myself out of your mess.
You and your talking.
If you'd done it my way, we'd be
living in the Robles' hacienda by now.
Hacienda, he says.
So I wind up living in a dirt-floor parlor.
- It's not your first one.
- Shut his mouth for him, Bryant.
Tell him what you said.
Tell him who's gonna be boss.
Boss? So that's it.
Do you want me to take a trip?
What for?
I might drop by some Army post.
Military always been interested what
happened to the Hollisters over in Georgia.
You was guiltier than I was.
- You're the one...
- To cover you, you trigger-crazy...
You leave evidence, Bryant. I don't.
That's why I could
give evidence against you.
But you're the only one that could.
She can now.
Can you handle her?
You'd better mind, Will. We don't want
no Cains or Abels on our souls.
- No Lot's wife either.
- Take it easy.
- Nobody has to get hurt.
- Except that marshal.
And I'll take care of him.
Last time you tried to take care of things,
you lost a gun.
Leave him to me.
I still got him on the hook for $ 10,000.
Town hall, remember?
If you know what's good for you, you just
keep putting the spurs to old Robles.
...who is he?
He's a wanted criminal.
Is that such a blow to you, Tonia?
He's our friend.
I had to know the truth. I coded
a message to the Attorney General.
The government says he's carried on
guerrilla action but I've got his record.
I know who his victims were:
Carpetbaggers, men like Will Marlow.
I should arrest him, but how can I
when I know that if the South had won...
...and men had dug
their hobnails into us...
...I'd have been an outcast too.
I wish now I'd never laid eyes on him.
Why do you say that?
I'm a fool. I'm trying to arrange
a pardon for him.
- Lf I succeed...
- Have you told him?
Oh, no. Nor can you.
Hopes can be brutal, Tonia...
...if they don't materialize.
How's things in Dallas?
I saw Senora Walters.
She will do as you say.
And Bryant Marlow?
Like you, he stays out of sight.
Thanks for the loan of your horse.
- Where are you going?
- Hunting.
- You're not well enough to ride.
- I'm fine.
You can't arrest Bryant Marlow alone,
not with that pack he has around him.
Arresting's your idea.
Well, I lose my bet.
- What bet?
- With myself.
- Once you started serving your country...
- I have no country.
- And you call me "foreigner. "
- You and all blue-belly.
We washed your gray
and hung it out to dry.
Not mine, Yankee.
If you wanna try, just send
for that Gettysburg brother of yours.
He's still at Gettysburg.
Well, I guess I'm wearing a good name.
Had one of my own once.
Small pumpkins maybe, compared to
the railroading Weatherbys, but it set well.
It meant "cotton. "
I been talking in my sleep.
Soil around here would grow better cotton
than ever came out of Georgia.
- You ought to put a bug in Felipe's ear.
- I've got a bug in my own.
I want to get a railroad headed this way.
This is a big country, Reb.
You said so yourself.
Cotton, railroads.
Weatherby, Hollister.
Dreams, fried up, short order.
Must they be dreams?
You know what "Texas" means?
It's an Indian word for "friend. "
It's a big land with room for everyone.
You could be a part of it, in time.
Time? That's for you two love-doves.
The space of a lifetime to be together.
I've got no time.
For me, time's running out.
- What's up?
- Senor, she says...
I wanna talk to Marshal Weatherby.
- Well, who are you?
- Mrs. Walters, Mrs. Bill Walters.
I'm the marshal. What's wrong?
That Bryant Marlow, bullying
and threatening for his brother Will.
He's bringing a bill of sale out tonight,
made for me to sign away Bill's leavings.
- Where?
- At my house, right outside of Dallas.
- Well, I'll go with you.
- Bless you.
- Who was it?
- Senora Walters.
Senora Walters? Impossible.
I just left her in Dallas.
- Then who...?
- I don't know.
...call the vaqueros.
Find the marshal
and tell him the woman lied.
Alberto! Manuel!
Nice work, Flo.
Get down off that horse.
Just raring to ride, huh?
Yeah, too much "giddap"
and not enough "whoa. "
I knew you weren't Mrs. Walters.
Figured I'd gamble on a lead.
Remember how you poured it into Cullen?
You're rushing me, but I'll try.
Just take your time.
I never did like to eat
my striped candy too quick.
Bumps like an alligator.
You shoot,
and you will draw them in here.
Let them chase an empty saddle.
Slippery as a greased hog, ain't you?
But it ain't gonna gain you nothing.
Pop that gun off, it'll cost you $ 10,000.
- What are you talking about?
- The town hall.
I posted my cashier's check
with the bank.
Will gets it when he comes in
with the deed, if I sign the release.
Don't you bite on that.
No Marshal Weatherby, no 10,000.
And Will
will just skin you alive.
- Lf you don't plug him, I will.
- Let him have it, lummox.
Oh, shut up. I'm trying to think what...
What Will would do
if he was doing the thinking.
It's a good gamble, Bryant.
My life against a wad of money.
I'll just ride out of here...
...nice and easy...
...while you're thinking.
Will will call down
fire and brimstone on you.
What would Will do?
Well, what am I worrying about Will for?
It's me he's got the evidence on.
I'm worth more than $ 10,000 to me!
You'd get your pockets picked
in a graveyard.
Sap-sucking yahoo.
He won't get far in this brush
on my horse.
Reno. Reno, boy.
Gerry, you and Bill
circle this thicket here.
Rest of you, fan out
but don't let him get away.
Reno, boy.
Hey, fellas, Reno throwed him!
He's afoot!
Come on, root him out!
Hey! Help! Get over here!
Think you're smart, don't you?
Hey, you fellas, get over here!
Hey, you fellas, get in here.
Come on, cut me down.
- What happened?
- Never mind what happened. Cut me down.
Here he comes.
Where's Will Marlow now?
Matt Coulter's inside doing the honors.
You gotta make Will believe
you're on his side, remember.
Downright perjury.
In case...
Don't ask me to bear witness
against myself.
A job like that takes a big-caliber man,
Mr. Marlow.
Just call me Will.
Evening, Matt. Evening, Mr. Marlow.
- Evening, judge.
- Oh, just call him Will.
I was telling Mr. Marlow about our idea.
We got to have a go-getter for mayor.
Oh, indubitably.
In a city such as ours, we'll need lights...
...indoor water closets.
Oh, good evening, marshal.
Pour yourself some spirits.
- Good evening, marshal.
- We've been feeling Mr. Marlow out...
...on running for mayor.
- Marshal won't think I'm a go-getter.
I been working on that deed for you,
but Mrs. Walters here...
Didn't she tell you?
I bought the deed from her.
- Evening, Mrs. Walters.
- Good evening, marshal.
I'm afraid Mr. Marlow won't be available
to run for mayor.
- Why not?
- I aim to have him behind bars.
That's a mighty poor joke.
I wouldn't advise making
irresponsible statements, marshal.
He's in cahoots with his brother.
One's guilty, so is the other.
Somebody's lying. Anybody says I was
ever tied up with Bryant, I'll sue for libel.
Bryant just got through ambushing me.
It ain't possible.
He wouldn't dare to go against...
He had a. 44 halfway down my gullet.
- You drilled him.
- He shot the guns right off me.
I had to talk my way out.
He let you...?
Praise heaven he saw the light.
No man wants his brother
to have a killing on his soul.
Interesting thing is
how I talked my way out.
He didn't know I'd bought
the Chuckaway any more than you.
He thought if he killed me,
it'd cost you money.
Figured it better to let me walk out
than to have you on his neck.
Mr. Marlow, this is hard to believe...
...that a citizen like you...
- It's Bryant, that renegade.
He's always been against me.
Hates my law-abiding principle.
He's trying to put the blight on me.
Will's right.
Bryant pulled one on you, marshal.
Will's in the clear. Why, you were there.
He promised to post a reward
for Bryant's capture.
I'd hate to hang by my toes till you do.
Well, you know, a man hates
to put the dead mark on his brother.
You hear that?
He's making it dead or alive.
Now, any man that's big enough for that
is big enough for mayor.
- Yeah!
- Yeah, he's right!
You're right, Matt.
You're going to eat crow, marshal.
I'm authorizing you
to announce my reward:
Two thousand dollars for Bryant Marlow.
- Dead or alive.
- I guess I ought to be man enough...
...to say I'm wrong, Mr. Marlow.
Thank you, marshal.
Thank you, gentlemen, one and all.
Good night, Matt.
He's gonna make a good mayor.
I wish it was Saturday night
so I could take a bath.
Hey, Bryant.
- What?
- Here's Reno.
Reno, boy.
- What's this?
- What?
Two thousand dollars?
Oh, no. Will wouldn't do that.
Oh, no. "Brother Willy wouldn't do that. "
Thought it out pretty, didn't he?
Marshal will bust his buttons
trying to get you...
...and you'll curl them,
and the town will posse up...
...and no matter which way
you turn...
...they'll be pouring led at you
until they get that reward.
And brother Willy will be in the clear,
and have everything going his way.
Pete. Pete.
Bryant, marshal.
He's down behind that little rock
by the cut.
Get behind the brush and when I shoot,
let him have it.
Now, hold it.
That marshal knows where the hideout is
now and he'll be coming back with a posse.
You fellas stay covered up
inside them rocks...
...and you can pick them all off
as they come.
Oh, Reb. Reb.
You've come back. You're safe.
- Where's Martin?
- In town.
He and Luis were out all night
with Father and the vaqueros.
- They're still searching for you.
- They shouldn't have left you here alone.
I'm going to Dallas.
I've got to find Martin.
He'll come back here.
L... I can't wait.
Tonight I'll finish up
my business in Texas.
I won't be back, Tonia.
Won't be back?
I told you, I wouldn't be here long.
Yes, I remember.
It's what you wanted.
That was three weeks ago.
Nothing's changed.
Everything's changed, Reb.
I can't let you go.
You're engaged to Martin. He's the one
you're due to marry. What about him?
- What about you?
- Forget about me.
I'm a wanted criminal.
Yes, I know that.
Martin told you? Why?
Was he afraid I'd forget?
You haven't answered my question.
What about you?
I've answered it. Forget me.
- You don't mean that.
- I do mean it.
I have to mean it.
A long time ago,
it might have been different.
You wouldn't have been
engaged to Martin.
I wouldn't have to be hiding behind his
shirttails. I'd have had a name, a home.
You have this home.
I told you that when you first came.
Martin, he's safe.
I heard in Dallas.
Congratulations, Reb.
Did you see Will Marlow?
And Trask.
Every time he tries to ride out to Bryant,
Coulter corners him for a drink.
- Popularity is beginning to go to his head.
- Matt Coulter? Friendly with the Marlows?
It's a scheme of Reb's.
Where are you going?
He's going to Dallas.
I'm going with him.
You're staying here, where you belong.
Didn't expect to find you here.
Thought you'd be waiting in Dallas
for Bryant.
Bryant will think that too.
Or else he'll expect me to organize
a posse to come after him.
By night, his nerves will get the best of him
and he'll come in to see what I am doing.
You stay here too.
I don't want you underfoot.
Reb, what are you going to do about her?
I came here gunning for Bryant.
When that's done, I'll move on.
You don't have to move on.
I do have to, you know that.
You even told her.
You're willing enough to keep it quiet
everywhere else.
What if you weren't a wanted man...
...free to go or stay?
What would you do then?
I'd sink my roots in Dallas
and take her away from you.
Any way I could.
Glad you said that. Makes it all right
for me to play that way too.
You'd be a fool if you didn't.
- Where's Reb?
- He's gone.
- He wants you to stay here with me.
- I heard him.
But you still want to go with him?
You wouldn't want me to pretend.
No, I wouldn't want that,
but I don't want you to go either.
- I must...
- Tonia, he has it the way he wants it.
What do you mean?
Remember what I said about
the brutality of hope?
There's to be no pardon.
He's still a wanted man.
Maybe I'm not as smart as I figured.
Maybe Bryant's not coming in.
Will's not gone to him.
I've been thinking.
We ain't the kind to get
quite so popular...
Any fool could see the marshal
had rigged me.
Now the town's standing against
my getting word to Bryant.
Any moment
he'll come roaring in and...
Haven't they got homes to go to?
A month ago, there wouldn't have been
one of them there.
Now you ain't asked them...
...and they're all here...
...expecting that maybe you'll want to send
a posse after Bryant.
If they rode out there,
half of them would never ride back.
They know that.
They're still willing.
You gave us more than
a town hall, marshal.
You gave us the grit
to get our town back.
We're willing to fight for it again.
Worth fighting for.
There's a lot of the history of Dallas
standing over there.
One fella settled at Trinity Forks...
...when old Johnny Brian
was still chinking at his log house.
New settlers from the East and South.
They're all just Dallas now.
I guess that old Scotsman knew what
he was writing about when he said:
"Breathes there a man
with soul so dead... "
I know the rest.
Glad you do, marshal.
We'd be pleased if you'd
make this your native land too.
You're not talking about me.
You're talking about a tin badge...
...and the Weatherby checkbook.
Besides, I'm sitting on a short fuse.
Hear you all got cotton dirt
around here.
Pick your half-section, settler. Come far?
Through corn lands and cow lands...
...and land oozing filthy grease
that dang-near ruined my wagon.
Keep that wagon out of there.
Great Caesar's ghost.
Betty, drive these down a bit. L...
I don't wanna roust you around,
but this smells like gunfighting weather.
Roust all you like, colonel,
and if you want a good gun hand again...
What are you talking about?
Don't you remember me, sir?
Hillis from Macon.
I rode with your Georgia regiment.
Sergeant in Troop C.
I never been in Georgia.
If that ain't Colonel Reb, this ain't Texas.
What did you say?
I could swear that's my old colonel...
The name, man, the name.
You said Reb?
I sure did.
Colonel Hollister, sir.
Fifth Georgia Cavalry.
That settler seemed to know you.
Don't go probing, judge.
That short fuse is about to
blow me out of town.
How did Will Marlow get away?
Will? He's in his office.
He just passed me riding south
like the hounds of Hades was on his tail.
South? Then he's not going to Bryant.
You see a man
come out of that building?
I don't know where he come from,
but he lit out like he was turpentine...
...when I said you was Colonel Hollister.
You and your big mouth.
You were the turpentine.
- I didn't mean...
- Anyway, you've done one thing:
You've proved they were all in it
in Georgia.
Dogs that ain't kill sheep, don't run.
We're gonna catch Will
before he sets a long trail.
- I'll be back for Bryant.
- Good luck, Reb.
You fellas stay out of this.
Get inside.
You ain't gonna talk your way out of it
this time, marshal.
You won't either, Bryant.
You can't fool me.
There ain't only one man in the whole world
can shoot like that.
Reb Hollister.
...get my brother, Will.
He set the fire in Georgia.
Drag out the sour mash.
We're drinking to old Reb.
Good idea!
- Warrant?
- Yes, it was his warrant.
Reb Hollister. This is impossible.
How could he
have come here as...?
Did you know this?
Sure I knew.
That's why I put my chips on Dallas.
But, judge,
how can you be so vindictive?
Yesterday he was your hero,
and today he's an outlaw.
And he's still the same man,
a man who's helped all of us.
It's not a matter of being vindictive.
It's a matter of the law.
Only facts have any bearing.
What if they burned your family home
to the ground...
...so what they done
wouldn't show in the ashes?
Reb's father and sister are still missing.
Would you think
the war was over, judge...
...just because some fellas
signed some papers over in Virginia?
I wouldn't.
Not while the guilty ones was still alive.
Reb thought Bryant done it alone,
but he learned different.
The one who put the torch
to the Hollisters' was Will.
But he had no right to take the law
into his own hands.
Rights? He's been drawn and quartered
by legal rights.
We've all been.
I respect the man as much as any of you,
but I respect the law more.
Weatherby, you've perpetrated a fraud...
...in allowing this criminal
to assume your place.
It must be reported
to the Attorney General.
- Reb's no criminal.
- No criminal?
Here's direct evidence.
This is of later origin.
It came yesterday.
On what grounds?
Service as a United States Marshal.
Have you forgotten he killed Cullen,
stopped the cattle raids...
...and now killed Bryant?
You had this and didn't tell him?
I hoped that Bryant would win the fight.
You can blame me that he's gone again...
...thinking himself a criminal.
Sure appreciate
your interest in this, Mr...
- Mr...
- Abernathy.
Be a feather in my cap picking up
a desperado like Reb Hollister.
Here he comes.
- That's him.
- Sure?
Don't start arguing.
Go on, sheriff, jail him.
Keep him there until they get
a rope around his neck.
Hello, high pockets.
How's the...?
Been a long time since
we picked up anybody...
...who packed a shooting iron
in their boot.
Better put them on. Them floors get cold.
Never mind my health. Look up
that fella that gave you the word.
His name's not Abernathy. It's Will Marlow.
He'll be heading back for Dallas.
Take it easy, fella. Judge Tomkins
will see you Monday morning.
Tell your tale of woe to him.
- Monday morning?
- Monday morning.
Well, that's four... I can't...
Make yourself comfortable, boy.
You ain't gonna do nothing
on that chair nohow.
Wait. You stay here.
Who are you?
They're my boys, Felipe.
Take the men
and get back to your spots.
Close the doors and the shutters.
- Vultures.
- Get your cutthroats out.
Yelp all you like.
I've been cursed by deadbeats before.
You've got no right living like grandees
with my note coming due.
- Note's not due yet.
- It is if I say so.
I'm closing my accounts here.
I'm taking my rightful money
with me now.
You've stolen our cattle.
We haven't enough left
to raise the money.
Get it.
Tonight? Where?
He'll give you the 25,000.
- You get nothing!
- Would you...?
But you don't tell Weatherby
why you want it.
You do and you'll get your pups
back in gunnysacks.
But what can I say?
You didn't find any trouble thinking up
reasons when you wanted to borrow money.
If I were you, I'd be in a hurry.
I'll pay you.
But if you harm them, you'll pay me.
- Remember that.
- You remember it.
Tell the whole town about what...
You fool! Are you crazy?
Help! Help!
Help! Help!
Hey, open this door. Open this door.
Fire breaks out.
We'll get you out of the building.
On your horses! Hurry up!
All right, men.
Burt, Curly, pick up that wagon.
Rest of you boys follow me.
But, Mr. Robles, there isn't
$25,000 cash in the whole town.
- There must be.
- But why do you want it?
Don't ask me. Don't ask me anything.
And say nothing to those you talk to.
It means more than my life, Martin.
You wait here.
- Got it?
- From merchants, the banker...
...even Mrs. Walters. It's all here.
- You told them nothing?
- No, nothing.
- You've got to tell me what it's for.
- I can't tell you.
- Then I'll go with you.
- No, no, you mustn't.
Does Will Marlow
have anything to do with this?
- Has he returned to Dallas?
- No.
Don Felipe, is Tonia all right?
I hope so, my boy.
"Hope so"?
Oh, Mr. Robles.
Keep your eyes peeled for old Robles.
If he's not alone,
tell the men to start shooting.
- Where's Will Marlow?
- Thought you were following him.
He outfoxed me.
Got me jugged over in Fort Worth.
Means he'll double back here.
He has doubled back.
That's why Felipe
wanted the money.
What money?
Well, he was here.
He made me get him $25,000.
He wouldn't say why.
- But he said it wasn't Marlow.
- What have you got under that hat?
Why would anybody keep silent?
Because he's got a gun in his back.
- Yes, but Marlow wasn't... No.
- Marlow wasn't with Felipe?
Must mean he's got Tonia and Luis,
holding them as hostages.
- New gun, huh?
- Yeah.
I'll go get a posse together.
You stay put.
I got a ready-made one coming.
- How long ago Felipe leave here?
- Too long. You can't overtake him.
I can try.
Bring them along.
Well, your pa will be back
in a minute or two.
Be a comfort to you.
Three of you, tied up together.
You're making a noose for your neck.
This house will tell its secrets.
Ashes don't tell secrets.
Hollister learned that in Georgia.
Robles is coming!
Robles is coming.
Robles is coming.
He's alone.
- It's all right. He's alone.
- Bring him inside.
It's Hollister!
Here comes Weatherby and a posse!
Open up, Will.
Use up your powder, Will,
then I'll kill you.
What will you do when
your bullets are gone, Marlow?
You got one left.
Didn't figure you for two guns.
That leaves five.
Fool, wasn't I, Will?
I should've killed you weeks ago.
But you were smart.
You covered your Georgia trail.
All I had was Bryant's scent.
That's three left, Will.
And then I'll kill you.
Like I dreamed of killing Bry...
And all the time it was you
that lit the flame.
Keep away from the window, Will.
You make too good a target.
Did you really think the ashes
would cover for you, Will?
That's your last bullet.
Where's Tonia and Luis?
I didn't hurt them.
They're upstairs. I didn't hurt...
Get up on your feet.
Let me go. You won't regret it.
I'll leave Dallas. I'll never come back.
Oh, no.
Oh, no, Will. Never.
You like to see them burn, remember?
Now it's your turn.
Your neck, Will.
Rope burn,
with the whole town looking on.
Burn legal, Will. The way you like it.
Here's a couple more for you, sheriff.
Why, Mr. Abernathy,
you've got him again.
You'll like him, sheriff. Here.
- Antonia, Luis. Where are they?
- Upstairs.
Will Marlow. He's the wanted one.
Antonia. Luis.
Oh, Reb.
Oh, Reb.
...you won my bet for me.
- What?
Tin-badge bet, remember?
You couldn't finish Marlow off, could you?
You had your chance,
but you couldn't do it.
That oath you took as marshal
crowded you too much.
Here. Free man.
Sink your roots in Dallas.
Grow your cotton.
Raise your kids.
- I hope...
- You don't have to say it.
I know what your hopes are.
Where are you going?
Well, somebody's got
to tote that cotton.
I got me a railroad to build.
That Yankee foreigner's
talking American.
So are you.