Damaal Dumeel (2014) Movie Script

Ilavarasu, this is Kamakshi speaking
Why're you calling from another number?
Police suspicion is very high
I'm forced to change my hideout location
every single day
I even forget where I am sometimes
What should I do?
I have made preparations
to leave the country in 2 days
Is the cash you owe me ready?
Yes! It is ready
Tell me where to send it to
Flat number, F6,
6th floor,
No 6, Lakshmi Garden,
Aarumugam Street,
KK Nagar.
KK Nagar!
That is a very busy place! There...
Police will not find out in such
a busy place
Like was done before, pack the money
and tell your men
to leave the box at the doorstep
after knocking on the door 3 times
I'll look after, thereon
You've instructed me.
Now, dont worry about it!
You'll receive the cash by Saturday morning
[Music playing]
Live your life, my friend!
Dance, my friend!
Sing for today alone
Run, my friend!
Go in search my friend,
for all the pleasures are the same
It's not the wind that blows,
it's not the Earth that rotates,
you're not running forward
It's your life, my friend!
No time to get drunk
There's no profit together
What has to happen will happen,
close our eyes
Past is past, move forward
Shut the doors around you, tight!
Shout out loud,
let the God come knock on your door
Whatever that expands, isn't the sky
the road doesn't end
you're not running forward
There's a line (limit) for everything
you and I are specks on that line
Hey, even a stopped clock,
tells a time
and that time is right twice a day!
[Music playing]
Today's astrology prediction for
people born under the star Kani,
today, you will encounter
something that will make you happy
preferred colour for your star is grey
[TV News Reporter]
What is happening here?
Can't normal people like us live?
the medicines they provided
made her condition terrible
Petty pickpocketers are harassed by police,
but what will they do,
to these medicine manufaturers
who play with innocent's lives
Due to these medicines,
people of all ages have been affected
Look at the abysmal condition of my wife
Being a poor labourer,
how will I afford the expenses
for her treatment now?
Who will bring justice for all this?
What do you think is the reason behind
the drastic hike in prices in the city?
I'm a lawyer
having completed my degree
and working as an apprentice for 5 years,
I'm only earning a mere amount
of 15k per month
Prices have hiked everywhere
and the reason behind this is the
wasteful IT professionals
They're getting an income,
double of what they actually deserve
Because of this, people like me,
are getting affected
now, house rent, bank loan,
all these are soaring high
It's all because of these IT professionals
Get lost, envious people!
[Phone ringing]
Tell me, mom?
will you come for your
sister's engagement at least?
Mom! How many times to tell you?
Did you think this a job
like the ones in our village?
They won't sanction leave for Diwali
I'll be there 2 days before
my sister's engagement, okay?
Okay, fine, your wish
And, the bridegroom's family called
they told that your sister has to
definitely put on, 50 sovereigns of gold
I told them that she'll put
on 60 sovereigns!
Mani, it seems the bridegroom
called Nandhini,
and told that it would be
nice to have a bike also
We're putting on 60 sovereigns,
can't we buy a bike also?
By God's grace, we have everything
we have to do all this,
at least to keep our pride
Just like your father,
don't stay without understanding the world
And, Ayyasami,
told that he's leaving to Chennai,
so I've sent with him the sweets
I made for Diwali, get it from him
Why do you do this, mom?
There's still leftovers
from what you sent me last time
Don't shout! I've only sent a little
[Music playing]
These boys!
Mom, I'll call you back in 2 minutes
Let me see, how they'll play now!
How many times do I tell?
Don't you have sense?
[Phone ringing]
It's these brats in this apartment!
They're breaking something or the other,
everyday, playing cricket
You tell me mom
Leave it son, small kids will
play around like that only
Coming to our issue,
the hall must be booked right now
do send some money if you can..
I'll call you later mom
Just one minute, son?
I'll definitely call, hang up mom!
Hi Meera!
Whom were you talking to for this long?
Yep,everything's about Nandhini's marriage,
now and then we talk
What's Madam doing?
Lying on the bed
On the bed?!
Can I come there?!
Get lost, loafer!
[Music playing]
[Astrologer's prediction]
today's preferred colour is grey
[Music playing]
Hey, I'm going to do something bold,
wish me!
What're you going to do?
If everything concludes perfectly,
I'll tell you, first, wish me!
All the best!
Careful! Bring it down slowly
If anything breaks, I won't stay a human!
I'm leaving to office, Bye
What is it, boy?
Why is a police officer here?
It seems he is a troublesome person
and due to a remark,
he got transferred to our area
He now lives in D-6 Mr. Ratna's flat
Huh, I don't even know my neighbours
and you're talking about some other flat
You don't know Ratna sir?!
What is this sir?
In J-10....
Sir, bill
What, bill?
I myself collect money from people,
How dare your boss asks for money from me?!
I very well know about his
illegal activities
with that I can make him homeless
by tomorrow itself! Get lost!
Haha, he brought that on himself
Brother,you know, a little something,
if you could....
Here you go, okay?
Thank you brother!
Why are you running like a bat out of hell?
Good morning boss!
Good morning.
I need to talk to you about
something very important
Tell me!
It seems you have a lot of "that",
isn't it?
What does "that" mean?
"That" only boss, "matter"!
I'm talking about BF!
Who told you this nonsense?!
It was your friend, Krishna
Last week, he came to your house, right?
That's when he told!
It seems you have a huge collection after
downloading via internet?
Hey, that was all long ago.
I don't know where they are now
Do you know how hard it is
to sit at home, idle?
Do that for once and
you'll understand about my troubles
Hey, why are you adding me to your list?!
I'll search during the evening and give you
Car has arrived, leave me!
You're my god!
I'll wait for you in the evening
Leave, leave fast!
[Music playing]
Jenny, where's Krishna?
He's gone to the canteen
Hey, bro, why're you late?
What did you tell Vasanth?
Who's that?
That guy who keeps roaming
aimlessly in my flat
Oh, him!
That fellow embarrassed me,
asking for BF CD, in front of girls!
Bro, that guy seems very interesting
Haha, you must definitely meet him.
He's an absolute joker!
Krishna sir?
You've been called to the meeting room
Okay, I'll be there
And tell him about the surprise package
Yes, yes, I'll tell him!
What surprise package?
Last month, our CEO Ramachandran has
invested crores of rupees
in the US share market,
through his son's company, Citrus Info Ltd.
It seems they're planning to
send lots of employees to the US
If we get this offer, then
we can all go to the US!
I'm not interested
Firstly, I don't have a passport
and also,
I'm the only male in my family
so, I have the responsibility of
conducting my sister's marriage ceremony
Only after all this can I think about US
What if they demand you to go to the US
or resign your job?
If that happens, I know a guy who can
get me a passport in just a day!
How's that possible?!
Harvinder Singh can do it for me
Manikandan sir?
You've also been called to the meeting room
I'll be there, you can go
How was your day Mr. Manikandan?
Fine, ma'am
Do you remember the date,
March 23rd, 2009?
Your journey in this company
started on this particular date
How was your journey Mr. Mani?
I feel very happy , sir.
My status increased only after joining here
You've been a part of the top projects
of this company, is that right?
Yes, sir!
For the last 6 months,
the top projects our company negotiated
for, has slipped away to our competitors
So, we've been ordered to sack the top
2000 employees throughout all the branches,
in our company, all over India
You're also included in
this list of 2000 employees
Sorry Mr. Manikandan,
here's your relieving order
The other concerned documents will be
forwarded to you. You may leave now
Try to understand, this isn't a
decision made by the three of us
It's the company's decision
You should have at least
given me a pre notice, sir!
Your promotions, increments provided by
the company, where they all pre-informed?
It's the same case here also
If you want to take a legal action,
you can, Mr. Manikandan!
But before that, it would be wise to check
the agreement you signed when you joined
In that, it is clearly mentioned that,
we have the authority to fire you
whenever we decide you're not needed here
Sir, sir, I'm sorry...
I'm really sorry, sir...
My family depends on this job!
Sister's marriage, house loan...
lots of commitments still remaining
Please sir! Please!
Hey,what do I do, if you
tell me to leave suddenly?!
I've worked for you company day and
night, without looking after my family,
you thankless dogs!
Guards, take him away!
I'll sue your company in the court!
Hey, what happened?
It will cost at least 10 lakh
rupees for Nandhini's marriage, okay?
You've promised me that, for my marriage,
you'll get me the necklace
that Shruti Haasan wore
What about this month's rent of 15k?
Milk money for this month, sir
Sir, paper bill,
Cable TV bill,
EB bill,
sir, this month's EMI
telephone bill,
Sir, any help......?
What happened to him?
Waiting for the lift, is it?
If you want to use the lift,
you'll only reach tomorrow
Look down
Thank you , sir
[Gunshot sound]
What's that, a bullet sound?
Oh, is it the phone?
Come on, up
It's fine, I'll pick it up for you,
come on up. Thankyou!
Hey, which flat number?
What's this?
You told E6?
This is F6!
Kids broke that while playing
Spelling mistake?
Oh, I kept that spelling
according to numerology, sir
Along with science, even superstitions
is advancing in out town
Come inside, sir
You can give me the file, sir
Own house?
No, rented
All this...
I've decorated it for according to my taste
You've spent money recklessly, huh?
It's evident that this is a bahelor's place
Anyone living with you?
No sir, just me
Where do you work?
Sir, I'm a Project Manager
at Sangam Infosys
Yes, I've heard, it is a big company!
My name is Rajendran
Yes,sir, the watchman told me
If you have any trouble,
just inform me, okay?
I'll leave now
Sir, have some water at least?
No, thanks, tidy up your place first
It's worse than a jail
Bye now
Okay, sir
[Phone ringing]
Where are you?
At home, tell me
Why aren't you in office?
I came back soon
My dad found out about our affair!
Even I have to talk to you
about something important
Then, let's meet
What'd your dad say?
Dad, his name is Moneykandan
Mom knows about him
He's working as Project
Leader at Sangam Infosys
Madurai is his hometown
His dad is no more
He takes care of his mom and sister well
He's done all preparations for
his sister's marriage already
Do you trust him completely?
Yes, I do trust him!
He'll take good care of me
He seems like a responsible guy
Even if we had looked for a groom
ourselves, I don't think he'd be this good
Tell him to come, we'll
talk and fix the marriage
[Music playing]
After 3 years of dating, we're finally
getting married! I'm very happy!
I wanted to tell this hapy news directly
to you after a little suspense!
Did you get scared?
Another thing, my dad will fix
a time to meet you directly
Even if you have office at that time,
youll have to take leave and come!
Dad will worry, I'll leave, okay?
Hey, you told me you had to
tell something important no?
Oh, that's nothing, its just a headache,
that's why reached home early
But now that you've told
this, all my pain's gone!
That'll happen, it's been
our dream for so long
Don't day dream, come at
the correct time, okay?
[Music playing]
Bro, should we tell our
families that we got fired?
No, it'll hurt them
No need to tell anything for some time
We'll definitely get another job
We're talented
Then why should we be scared?
[TV playing]
[Phone ringing]
Today's prediction for
the people born under the star Kani
You will be very joyous today
Your lucky colours for today
are black and grey
[TV News reporter]
Chennai Comissioner Nyanavel's interview
Criminals cannot escape from justice
Kamakshi Sundaram, who is the owner
of the medicine manufacturing company,
that is responsible for the
deaths of many innocent citizens
will be arrested and brought
to justice within 24 hours
On behalf of the police force, I request
the citizens to cooperate with us
and help us arrest the accused
A prize reward of 5 lakhs awaits the person
who provides info about Kamakshi Sundaram
[Door knock]
[Music playing]
Who kept this?
[Phone ringing]
Yes, mom?
Ayyasami called me,
It seems he has some work, so he's
left it with the flat watchman
Nandhini, take this
Didn't I tell that
I've sent sweets for you? That box
Mom, why'd you send so much?
I couldn't lift it myself,
I have no idea how the watchman did it
Don't talk a lot, that's not heavy at all.
I can lift it singlehanded myself
[Music playing]
Someone named Ayyasami came in the morning
and asked me to give it to you
If mom sent this,
then this?!
[Music playing]
Who are you?
We had kept a sealed carboard
box at your doorstep
Did you see anything?
No, I didn't see anything
I guess, you didn't properly
listen to what I said
I'll ask once more, it's
a very important box
it has to reach a important person,
think wisely and answer
No, I assure you that I didn't see any box
Hey, he seems like a gentleman
He won't lie
Sure, that [sarcastically]
I'm going to believe what you said is true
Cool down!
Sorry, sir.
Come on, let's go
[Phone ringing]
I feel stressed, shall we go out somewhere?
Can't bro. Leaving home, urgently
We'll go later
Okay, bye
Bro, bro, bro...
You'll have to reply to my question, okay?
Tell me
You wake up in the
morning, you open your front door,
there you see a box,
when you open that box, you see
large amounts of cash inside!
What will you do?
Hey, did you get mad
cause you lost the job?
Answer my question
If the denomination on the notes is "9",
only then will I throw it away
Hey, will anyone ever leave
5 crores at your doorstep?
Even if they do, it's the god's blessings
Bro, stop talking about useless stuff
I'm going out now, call you later
[Music playing]
[Door knocking]
Are you trying to cheat us?
This is only the beginning, gentleman,
if I find the box, there's more for you
Gopi, search the whole place!
How dare you hit me?!
Look... at what's gonna happen.. to you..
What's that noise?
You've hit him, you....!!
I'll kill you!
Money, money, money, money....
God, almighty!
[Phone ringing]
This is Kamakshi
Tell me, Kamakshi
What happened?
What, what happened?
What happened to my money?
I've already sent it in the morning..
I did not see even a shadow of your men
Are they trustworthy?
Are you doubting my men?!
If it comes to money matters,
you can't trust anyone, Illavarasu
Both of my men aren't like that
And that too, Ravi!
Definitely not.
Do you know how many times they've
gotten stabbed for my sake?
Stop it!
Stop, Illavarasu
I did not call for this.
I called to enquire about my money,
do you understand?
Drug trafficking, prostitution,
for all your illegal activities,
I've given you money without asking a word
I'll be here for an hour more, tell
your men to give the money within then
Else, you'll have to come with the
money yourself at night! Okay?
Won't inform the association, if there's
a lift repair, they'll trouble me first!
The subscriber you're trying to
call is not reachable at the moment
Please try after sometime
Yes, boss?
Call Sekar and Pandian
Okay, boss
What is it, boss?
I will ask a question
You will have to answer clearly to that
Ask us, boss!
If, I keep 5 crore cash in
a box, pack it properly,
keep it in front of you,
and give an address to you guys,
telling you to take the box there
Would you feel like
stealing that money or not?
Boss, instead of asking this question,
you could have chopped us into pieces!
Answer my question!
Would you feel like
stealing that money or not?!
We would never feel like doing so, boss!
Hey, Bald-headed Pandi, would you feel so?
What is it?
Do you doubt the answer?
Trust is all good, boss,
but I would feel like taking
it, if I have money issues
His bad time has begun!
Does Ravi or Gopi have some money issues?
Boss! Did they do this?
Hey, don't get hyper
Do one thing
Go to Ravi and Gopi's houses
and check if they're there
If not, find out where they are,
when they went and everything.
If everything seems right there,
go to the address I'm going to give you now
Go to this address and find out
what happened to them there
Sir, I've brought 5 lakh
rupees, please take this
Hey, keep the cash inside first!
Station is under vigilance control,
I'tell you when and where to bring the cash
Now, leave.
Okay, sir
I do not have any relations
and it's my shop that is the only source
of my income,
Please give me protection against
the goons. This is what I've typed
Please sign here
Tell me what happened
Sir, I was driving the car on the left
side. He tried to overtake from the right
I got scared and swerved my car
He was the one who crashed
into my car first
Lady, according to traffic rules, you're
supposed to go on the rightLady,
Yes, tell her that, sir. For telling
the same thing, this girl slapped me
Hey, if you address me rudely, I'll whack
you with my slippers, you waste fellow!
Stop it! How dare you talk
like that in front of me?!
He's the one at fault. File a case over
him and ask him to pay for the damage, sir
You are the one at fault here!
Are you going to file a case on him or
should I give a complaint for Eve teasing?
Are you harrassing a polce
officer, coming to the police station?!
If you don't file a case, I'll
give an interview to the press,
saying that you tried to rape
me in the station itself
Sir.... sir, I didn't do anything sir!
Sir, I swear!
If it wasn't you, who was it?
Sir, please believe me. I didn't do it!
Then what were you doing there, huh?
How dare you lie to the police?!
Sir! Sir!
I didn't kill him sir!
Sir, it was an accident, sir!
Please let me go!
Sorry, sir!
Are you blind or what?
Can't walk carefully?
Isn't this Mani?
Why's he here?
Don't crumple the paper!
What is it, Sekar?
Is Ravi inside?
He left in the morning telling
that boss called, not here yet
What do you want?
Where's Gopi?
He left in the morning,
didn't see him till now!
[Phone ringing]
Near my house
Why? Didn't you go to the office?
I'll go in a while
My dad has asked you to
come at 6 in the evening
Mani, can you hear me?
Yes, tell me
Okay, so be punctual. My dad
is very disciplined. Okay?
Okay, I'll be there
Hey, how come you're here?
Sheela's hostel is nearby
Thought I'd go meet her
I told her about me losing my job.
That's why I thought I'll meet her directly
We should never get involved
in these stupid relationships
Money is very important, bro!
It's everything in this world
If there's no money, even
dogs don't respect you
Didn't you ask in the morning?
What I'd do with a box full of cash?
If only I got that
I'd leave the country
without telling a soul!
We'd be safe outside the country
Come back after a year and tell
people you earned it in foreign
None's gonna ask you any question at all!
We can only talk about stuff
like that and that's it
Okay, bro, I'm leaving
I'll call in the evening,
we'll go out somewhere
Brother? How much?
12 Rs.
[Music playing]
Yes, this is Mani speaking
I need a small help
I had a friend in Bangkok
He died yesterday
His funeral is scheduled tomorrow
I have to definitely attend that
I don't have a passport
Didn't you get yours in a day itself?
If you could give me his number....
You won't be in trouble
for this, I assure you!
Please help me Mohan
It's urgent
Bro, don't you keep things like
books, clothes in your cupboard?
The lift breaks down again before you
even leave the compund after repairing
We're using the spare parts that you
provide us only! What can we do?
Okay, okay, talk softly!
If they do that then it's your loss!
When you are here
they can't do that
Hey, bro, look here!
This means Ravi and Gopi are here only!
Come on
It's this flat
Hey, keep watch
Gilli, boss told us that
they's keep the box and leave
They're trying to go inside?!
Yeah, that is my suspicion too
Come on
Hey, there's a sound, but
why isn't the lift coming?!
Let's leave by stairs then
Pandi, where would they have
gone, leaving the bike here?
Would they have ran away?
It's confusing. If so, then why
would the leave the bike here?
Something else has happened
Bro, should we call Boss
and tell him about this?
Hey, here's another F6?
Let's try opening this door too
They went inside the flat instead
of just leaving the box.
Now what are they trying to steal here?!
Doesn't this seem wrong?
Yes it does, Raghu
Hey, what are you doing?
The subscriber you're trying
to call is not reachable at the moment
Please try again later
Phone's not reachable bro!
Shut up, let's go!
Let's try Gopi's phone
We need to leave before anyone
spots us, come quickly!
Hey, phone's ringing no, pick up!
Didn't I tell you that I
didn't bring my phone?
The ringing sound is from inside!
It's coming from within this!
Stop screaming!!
Isn't that Gopi?!
Where's Ravi then?
Kamakshi is a traitor!
Tell me, did you find them?
They're dead, Boss!
Not only that. They've hidden ther bodies!
That traitor.. Kamakshi...!
I thought the same too, boss!
Why did he do this?
Boss, they must have done this to
get another 5 crores from you!
What are you telling?!
When we went to the 6th floor,
there's not a soul there!
Not only that.
They've killed Ravi and Gopi
after receiving the money,
with the help of someone else,
hid them in 5th floor
and now they're acting
as if they know nothing!
In case you thought that Ravi and
Gopi ran away with the money,
What would you do?
To fulfil your promise you'd
send them another 5 crores!
Kamakshi's plan is to get a total of
10 crores from you and leave the country!
Do one thing
Without letting them know anything,
place everything as it was
and get out of there quick,
before anyone spots you
If you get a clue or something
of Ravi and Gopi's killer,
then bring it here
We'll show him hell!
Okay boss
Today is an unlucky day for me
I lost people whom I trusted
A person whom I considered a friend,
Anything can be done for money
These are all just routine
happenings in my life
When do you need it?
Sir I'm leaving today night
It'll cost a lot then
You've trusted me and come.
I'll do it for you
Do you read the newspaper?
Last year,
900 people who travelled
under a fake passport
have been arrested in India!
260 cases in Tamil Nadu itself!
Give me all your details, 1.5 lakhs
along with it and then you can leave
The passport will be
ready by 8 in the night
Do I have to pay the 1.5 lakh Rs.
now itself?
but, we'd give our lives
to keep our promises
one important thing
In case, you get caught at the airport,
you should not to rat us out
If you do,
your people living in this address,
will have a lot of trouble!
If the address you give is fake,
then Mohan will get into trouble
this is how it links
Be careful!
Here it is
One, okay!
Hey, try to smile a little
Talk respectfully, else I'll beat you up!
What are you doing??
Why're you hitting ....
only for passport..
Stop hitting!
Brother, go take your photo
cause his mood isn't
that great today. Haha!
Go inside
Shit, lost my count
Do you need another person
to make you go stand there?
Go and stand there!
Tidy your hair
Lift your jaw
Don't blink
Smile a bit
Hey, stop irritating me
in the morning itself!
Family photo!
Your funeral will happen
today night itself!
Tell me son?
Today they talked to me in the office
Now I'm only earning 70k per month no?
Yes, I know that
But now they're offering
me 3.5 lakhs per month
3.5 lakhs?!
What are you telling??
This, if I work outside the country
I told them that I'd ask
you and tell my decision
Will anyone get this offer?
No mom, there's a catch
If I say yes, I'll have to
leave to US today night itself
I won't have time to come
meet you also before leaving
What, today night itself??
Yes, mom
Nandhini's engagement is coming up,
you'll only have to coordinate no?
If you tell this, what does it mean?!
Mom, I'l have to leave if they ask me to
I want you and Nandhini
to stay happy, that's all
I'll transfer all the money from
my account to yours, take care
[Music playing]
Who are they?!
What's the height for this?
It's 5 foot tall
Not this, what's your height?
Is there a bigger box?
Bigger than this there's a
coffin, do you want that?
No no, not that
Why do you need this now?
I need it for old books, DVD's...
This wil be good enough for that, sir
Come this side
Brother, how much for this?
It's 5300. But for you just 5000
Brother, my shop is very lucky
You'll yourself understand in time
Door delivery is free no?
Have you brought this
for vacating the house?
No no, just for old books
Okay, open the gate!
Brother, did anyone come in search of me?
No, no one came
Who's corpse might that be?!
How'd the cigarette come here?
He might be searching for me only
[Door knocking]
Sir, come in
What is this, how long do I knock??
What were you doing?
I was in the bathroom, sir
Oh, okay
I see you've cleaned your house?
Yes, sir,
because you told
Is there a problem?
I... I did not come there!
Yes you did, I saw you there!
Oh, that, my wallet went missing,
I came for giving a complaint
Then my friend called and told that
it was in his car, so I returned
Okay. By the way, did any of
your friends come to your place?
No, sir. No one came!
I saw someone with a blue
T-shirt on your balcony!
He's talking about me!
Noone came here, sir
You need to be careful in the flat
Caue, even if a murder happens,
the neighbours won't know!
O.. Okay sir
Thank god!
What's that shoe?!
Sir, that's an old shoe...
Hey, stand away!
You've killed!
Why did you kill him?!
Who's he?!
Sir, please listen to me..
I'll hit you!
Go behind!
Kneel down
Kneel down, I said!
Ha! A murder case on my second
date after joining here Jackpot!
Sir... sir...
So, that blue shirt was your accomplice
Where's he?
Sir, noone's here. I don't know
Are you going to tell, or
should I find out on my own?
Please, sir, Please listen to me!
I don't know anything
Huh, what's that sound?
Bend, I said!
Why're you laughing for that?!
Without knowing who we
after killing our men itself,
he's come to us itself for a fake passport!
Boss, then we'll catch him first
Then we can find out the truth easily!
Shut up!
He doesn't know who we are
That's why, he'll definitely
come to us for the passport
The person who sent him,
Kamakshi is our target
He's told he'll meet us in the night
Let's see what all he does till then
[TV playing]
What, boss?
How are you?
What do you want?
God, did you forget?
You told you'll give me the DVD!
I'm in between an important "matter"
Come back later
Girlfriend's here?
Yes, that only!
Oh so, "that"!
Isn't it?!
Yes, "that" only!
Will you please go now?
Sorry, boss, I've disturbed
you at an important time
I'll come later and get the DVD
Bye, boss!
Omg, what might be happening, I'm curious!
Huh, he's come out already?
Why isn't he telling anything?!
He must be tired
You've locked your girlfriend in your
flat and you're going somewhere?
Yes, I forgot an important thing.
Going to buy that
Is it "that"?
It's me.
What happened?
How do I call him now?
I'll get down and look for myself
Can't find him.
Where is he?!
Boss, an important issue!
A police officer has found our location!
What are you telling?!
Why do you have to worry when Im here!
I've killed him!
I can't believe that!
Boss, I swear I only killed him!
No, not that.
how did police find out out location?
This must be Ilavarasu's doing
How do you tell that?
Instead of keeping the money box
outside, they went inside the flat!
In the same flat, the floor below,
they've changed a flat's number to F6
and stationed a police officer there
They changed the flat number
and hid a police officer?!
What are you blabbering?
It's true, boss!
The police killed Raghu cause
he found out about this
Now, he was just trying to kill me!
But, I'm the man!
I killed him!
What will Illavarasu gain from this?
Boss, he knows that
you'll come here at night
If he rats you out to the
police, he'll get a clean image!
After doing that, he'll
also get the cash reward!
And, he also wouldn't have
to give back your 5 crores!
How's that!
Ilavarasu has started
thinking intelligently, has he?
Do one thing
Leave from there immediately and come here
We'll see what all
Ilavarasu is going to plan
Today night, I'll show
him what I'm capable of!
What brother, box?
Didn't I tell you my shop is very lucky?
He's getting a lot of boxes.
Looks like he's a nerd!
Boss! You've come so fast!
Looks like you bought
that important "thing"!
Hey, shut up!
Who's this wooden box for?
It's for this sir only
For you? Why do you need two boxes?
Umm.. that.. there were lots of books,
thought of donating it to the library
Brother, you can go. I'll help this boss
Just a second, boss.
Hey, isn't door delivery free?
Then why should we give you money?
Is it mandatory?
Doesn't this feel like bribe to you?!
Get lost!
These people don't give and they
also stop people from giving
These people are like this only! If you
don't give money, they'll start swearing!
I'll help you boss!
Don't think, lend a hand
Come on, lift it
Yes, very good
Boss. Did you see how I
saved money for you?
If you could give me the DVD....
Boss, let go, I'll take care
God, it was tiring!
Boss! Two boxes over there too.
Do you read a lot?
Looking at this, I remember an
incident that I read in the paper
You know the Adyar Koovum river, right?
A few days back, a murder, killed a person,
put the corpse in a box just like
this, and dumped it in that river!
There's an important catch in this incident
Do you know what that is?
What is it?!
Police found the box and
also identified the corpse
But they've not yet identified the killer!
Look at the unfairness occuring in the city
Who knows where the killer is, right now?
Or whether he's comfortably
roaming outside the country
Looks like no one ever cleans that river
It is so dirty!
Just wait and watch, the
day they clean the river,
lot's of corpses will emerge then!
Also, it seems that we can produce 600
Megawatts of power from Koovum river
In the situation now,
that would be very useful
I feel like puking thinking
about Koovum river!
Boss, I'll use your toilet!
Boss, stop!
Is your girlfriend inside the bathroom?
Sorry, boss.
I disturbed you a lot!
I'll come later!
I'll definitely come later.
Don't forget to use the
item that you bought!
Call me if you need any help!
Sorry, sir. The last available
ticket is only on Monday, next week
Please check properly. I have
my friend's funeral tomorrow
I definitely have to go!
Look at you, it's only been 2 minutes
and you want a ticket within
Everything's confirmed. But I have to check
Also need to check the details
What's your name?
Nice name, sir!
Your flight is at 12, night.
You only reach there by 10:30
[Music playing]
[Phone ringing]
Tell me, bro
Need your car
Come and take it
Mr Mani,
It's a normal thing for
girls of my daughter's age,
to like guys, working in
white collar jobs, like you
Even if you're a little good,
they'll start trusting you completely!
But over that, there's a reason
I have to come to trust you for
I've decided that you are the
perfect guy for my daughter!
If you could ask your mom to
look for an auspicious date
and come here, we can
complete other formalities
Thanks, dad!
Thanks a lot!
Mani, are you happy?
Sir, the thing is,
My company has offered
me an offer to go to US
Well and good.
Both of you can settle
there after marriage!
What's there to think about?
I've already agreed to it, I'll
get the documents in some time
I'll have to leave today, night.
It'll take me about 1.5
years to return from US
If, when I return from US,
Meera still loves me as much,
I'll definitely marry her then
Meera, are you both in love or not?!
Please, dad!
I have no idea why he's talking like this!
Just a minute, I'll talk to him and come
Mani, come on
Why're you talking to dad like this?!
What happened to you?
What happened, Mani?
Why'd you talk to dad like this?
Once I return, if we still
do love each other,
I think, this gap would
help us discover ourselves
No one knows what's gonna
happen in the future
You knew this is the morning,
why didn't you tell me then?
I didn't feel like telling
We already talked about this, didn't we?
That's why I told my dad about this
What would my mom and
dad think about me now?
What do you think will happen
to my dad's trust on me?
I don't worry about what you told my dad
Because, I accept your decision
Even if we meet after 1.5 years, I belive
that I'll still love you the same way
But why didn't you tell all this before?
Meera, I earn 70k per month,
well settled in life
You've loved me, knowing all this
Assume that I suddenly lose my job,
knowing this, would you still love me?
Won't you just go marry someone who's
well settled, with a nice job?
Get lost!
[Music playing]
Please don't go
Please don't go
If you leave,
My heart can't bear the pain
Don't separate from me
Though a beautiful music plays softly in,
my backyard
when you leave me
and go, go, go, go
Brother, what are you doing?
Umm.. that....box...inside..
Yes, I know
Yes, yes, that's it
In my young age,
I easily picked up my
girl from hometown and brought her here,
and then got married
Picking up this box is nothing for me
Brother, you can't even lift this box?
Look now, I'll show you my true power
My god!
I can't lift this!
What's there in the box?!
It's the weight of a corpse!
No brother, it's all books,
I'm taking it to the library
This doesn't feel like that alone, it
feels like the entire library is in this!
If you yourself can't do,
who else will I ask??
Super brother, super!
Only three left
3 more?!
Brother? Brother?
Super! It's only because of
you it got done so fast!
I was jumping around! Saying this
you made me look like a frog now!
Brother! If you have 4 more also,
tell me, I'll myself lift it!
I'm sorry, Meera
I know about you. That was a lie only no?
If you don't want to get married
now, I'm not going to refuse
For that, why did you talk like that?
Some things cannot be told to you, Meera
What's there like that,
that you can't tell me?
Why won't I tell you? I definitely will
Go home now, I'll call you
later and tell everything
I won't leave you and go
Meera, listen to me!
Your dad will worry about you!
I'm gonna stay with you till 10
Go home! Please don't be stubborn
It's really urgent for me, Meera!
I can't take you to the
places I'm going to!
Get down from the car now!
I'm going to stay with you
Hey, what's that disgusting smell?
Where are we going?
Why'd you come here?
Get down
What are you doing?!
Are you doing something wrong?
Tell me the truth!
What's there in the box?!
I'm scared!
Are you going to tell, or
should I call the police?
Get inside
Get inside!
God, you have to be my saviour!
[Phone ringing]
Looks like you're waiting for me only?
Yes, that's true Kamakshi
I'm waiting for you only
Is the money ready?
Ready, Kamakshi
If you tell, I'll myself
come to F6 in the 6th floor
I'll close your tab!
So, it'll take that much to close my tab?
I've not seen anyone as loyal as you
Me and that flat don't get along well
You have the money, so why
does the place matter!
Fine, where do I come?
This is my man, Ilavarasu!
There's a paint factory in Rayapuram
I'm right there now
Come fast, okay?
I'll come, Kamakshi
I'm eagerly waiting to meet you
Boss, what happened?
All of a sudden he's told me
to come to some other place
Boss, Mani might have told him
What are you telling?!
Boss, didn't he give money
for getting the passport?
If he had told this to Kamakshi,
he'd be wary then no?
Hey, how does Mani know that we
know that he killed Mani's men?
It was boss who told that
he talked to us for this!
Hey, shut up!
Stop confusing me!
Having you all as my sidekicks
is very hard for me!
Please protect me from this
troubling people that I have!
Do one thing,
Call our men up, and tell them to send
a load to the Rayapuram Paint Factory
You stay here
If he does come,
It's the climax for Kamakshi!
Mani should come
Why did you do all this, Mani?
Don't you feel what you did was wrong?
I'm a man, who would resort
to giving small bribes,
to get my work done!
No one has the right to judge me
Are you trying to justify your faults now?!
The god gives everyone an
oppurtunity to to come up,
If you don't make us of that oppurtunity,
this world will term you as a fool
I'm not a fool
I'm going to get my passport
now, got my flight ticket too
All problems solved!
Yes, I'll have to stay away from
my family and you for 1.5 years
But after that, the money is all mine!
I own it all!
Listen to me, go to the
police and tell everything
Did you think police was your uncle?
They'd harrass you even
if you go for no reason
So if I go and tell," sir, sir,
a small accident in my house",
did you think they'd be like,
"Oh is that so? Please come, brother"
and walk to the door with us?
Hey, where are you leaving to?
Mani, listen to me
I'm not in the state to listen to anyone
I'm going to leave according to my plan
Wait for 1.5 years, for me
once I return, we'll get married
Mani, Mani stop.....
Listen to me!
Passport is here!
[Music playing]
What do you want? I've given
it in the morning itself!
[Phone ringing]
Yes,tell me
We got the man!
Time to give them what they deserve
Come fast!
Hey.. hey.. what are you doing?!
Stop it!
Catch him!
Let go of the hand!
[Music playing]
[Phone ringing]
Ilavarasu, have you come?
Yes I'm inside the factory
Where are you?
Yes I'm inside, I'll come
How are you, Kamakshi?
When I have people who
want to do good, around me
Why should I be scared?
I get one thing, though
No one stays a friend for
a long time, with me
At some point of time, everyone,
turns against me!
I don't understand why that is
Today, I've understood how
money can make people think
Long time friendship is all secondary
First comes money, right?
What's this? He's blabbering
Hey, who's blabbering stupid?
Boss, didn't I tell you then?
They are backstabbing poeple. Give me a
word and I'll kill this dog Ilavarasu now!
Hey, you!
Afte killing our men, you're
talking like this to us?!
My boss is talking with respect
and you're calling him a dog?!
What.. what's this?
Chill, I'm here
What's it? Tell
Not only have you informed police
about us, you've also killed our man!
How dare you talk in front of us?!
What's this? You're inventing new stories?
Are you producing a film?
You've killed my men, Ravi and
Gopi, who brought the money,
and now you're acting as if
you didn't get the money?!
You killed Ragu and also hid
a police officer in the flat
Should I bring the corpse?
Go and bring the corpses of both of our men
Go get the corpse of our
man and also his man
Let Mani come, then there'll
be a solution to all this
That's what even I'm asking.
Where's my money?
Why's he hitting his head so
much for giving my money?
Mani, Mani!
Looks like Mani's friends are coming
The way they are going to have drinks,
the flat itself will split into two!
Hey, stop!
Why're you going in the front
to take the corpse of our man?
Hey, that's the corpse
of our men on the top!
We'll only go first, useless!
It's only because my boss
told that I'm going silently
Or else!
What big thing is your boss?
Your boss, Kamakshi, is
equivalent to my boss's leg!
Your boss, Ilavarasu is
equivalent to my bottom!
What's happening here?!
Hey, stop it!
First, we'll see to taking the
corpses to Rayapauram Paint Factory
Other things, they'll take care
Come now!
What do I do now?!
Boss, it's Guna!
Where are you? Did you arrive?
Boss, Mani escaped after beating us all up!
You idiots!
What happened?
Boss, their corpses are missing!
What's happening?!
He's telling me that Mani escaped!
You're telling me that
the corpses are missing!
What did you people think of me?
Boss, just a moment!
Hey, who are you people?
What are you doing here?
You got the corpse?!
Boss, didn't we see a girl
and a boy in Mani's photo?
Bring them here! Bring them!
We'll show them today!
The door's unlocked!
Your lucky colours for
today, gray and black
[Phone ringing]
Where are you running off to?
In a bit of time,
you have to bring the corpses of my men,
to the Rayapuram Paint Factory!
Only the officer's corpse is yours!
the other is ours!
Hey! Shut up!
If you don't come with the corpse,
your lover, Meera and your friend Krishna,
will become corpses over here!
I hope you've understood
When Mani comes, truth will be clear!
First we'll kill him, then these people
Take them!
Hey, walk ahead!
Hey, run, run, run away!
Hey, go in search!
Money is the ladder
a nail that pierces
the ladder will shake and he will change
and it will hurt you
Listen human, I'm like paper
I'll cut you into pieces
Flood and money is the same
flows through our hand
If it does stick to us, it won't stop
Whats even more startling
even after you bake it, stone is stone
Who tied me up and left me in a forest?
Will it succeed or will it be a lie?
Will your dreams come true?
Only time will tell whom
you will go against!
Run, run. Run and go!
It was your desire that made you run!
It was your fear that
made you go in search!
I've written it down, so I don't forget
Rayapuram Paint factory?
Yes they were talking about taking
the corpses to this location!
Kamakshi Sundaram?
Yes, sir!
Hey, come here!
Boss, I've understood
They're adding members to their gang
Run , run and go!
Go in search!
It was your desire yesterday
It's your worry today
Life is startling
and it comes to an end at last
You bought your breath
Sleeping on thorns
What is pleasure?
It is also a suffering
In a forest of lions, you've
been a trapped like a deer
You made a plan, locking
up your hearts content
You've been caught like a fish in a hook
Will it succeed or will it be a lie?
Will your dreams come true?
Only time will tell whom
you will go against
Hey, where's it?
Hey, there's 4 of them?!
What's this?!
Hey, what is this?!
Let's take the corpses there.
They'll see to the rest Lift them
You've understood the truth now, right?
I have not done anything wrong
Tell me!
Why did you kill my men?
My man is also included
in the corpses lying down
Now tell me,
Why did you inform to police about me?
Why did you kill my man?
There's a big confusion here
Where's my money? Tell me that
Here's your Mani!
Yes! He is Mani!
Oh, Mani?
Where's my money?
What is he?
Hey! He is Mani!
I didn't ask for this Mani
I asked for my money, cash!
I need to ask you something
We're fighting for this long,
Who's he? Staring at us, standing
in the middle like an umpire?
Hey, hey , hey!
He is your sidekick!
What comedy is this?
He looks like an intelligent person
If only your men had
kept the money properly,
there wouldn't have been a problem
Would I think of cheating you, Ilavarasu?
He is not your man
You did not kill our men
Accept that the 5 crores is
with you, problem solved!
No need. I don't want that money
No one who cheated me,
will leave here alive!
No one can cheat me
You and your men will
be corpses and only....
Kill them!
Yes! Kill them!
You're surrounded by police
No one can escape
If you resort to violence,
we will shoot you
Listen to us properly
It's better if you all surrender
If you try to do anything, we're not
responsible for what happens next!
So, all of you put your
weapons down and surrender
Hey, put it down!
You also put it down!
Ilavarasu and Kamakshi, you and your men,
[Phone ringing]
As Namakal Govindaraj has been arrested,
we regretfully infrom that there will
not be any news from this number
If anyone's alive, surrender yourselves
We do not want to use any more of violence
Krishna are you coming or should I leave?
Meera, look here
Are you trying to involve us in
the wrongs that you've done?
It's apparent, how much of a
criminal you've become
We will not cause you any trouble
Those who actually earned
the money in the wrong way,
couldn't run away with it.
Where will you go?
Tomorrow, someone from this gang itself,
will come in search of this money
And that will affect not only you
but also everyone around you
For getting this money, look
at what all you've done today
What all will you do to protect this money?
Go and look at yourself in the mirror
You'll understand how you've changed
Just think about everything you've
done in just a day with this money
If you still think that money is
your life,happiness,comfort, peace,
then keep it yourself
Come, Krishna
then you own it
If you're kneck-deep in cash,
then it owns you