Damaged (2024) Movie Script

- Night, rabbi.
- Good night. Lilah tov.
- Bye.
- Night, Abigail.
- See you next week.
Goodnight, Abigail.
- I got a
delivery for Abigail Myres.
- Job here is done,
We're leaving Cap.
Bye. See you soon.
- Yeah,
let's go to the lab.
Robbery gone wrong?
- This looks like
someone's sending a message
through a snitch
that should have known better.
- How can you be sure?
- Tattoo, the name of a gang,
and I guarantee you, detective,
had you looked closer,
you would see his
tongue's been cut out.
This is just some gang bullshit.
Let them kill each other.
Make the streets safer.
- Hold on, Lawson.
- You know
where to find me.
- Yeah. Propping up a bar.
Why don't you just quit?
- Drinking?
- It's been six
years since the last-
- You don't-
- All right. All right.
You can't catch 'em all.
Your partner, Walker,
he knew when to quit.
- Yeah.
Well, some of us
can't just walk away.
Piece of shit.
- Dan, it's
Please. We need to talk.
Call me. It's important.
Dan, it's Sarah.
Please, we need
to talk. Call me.
- Oh!
- Open up. I'm getting soaked.
- Come on.
- Ah, Christ!
- The fuck you want?
- You're gonna wanna see this.
Kills five seemingly
random people in Chicago,
then lays low for six years.
- Mm.
- You think it's a copycat?
- We never published any images
of how the body
parts were laid out.
I want in on this.
- Good.
Scottish police want a word.
That body was
found in Edinburgh.
- Yeah. Hello, this
is Detective Lawson.
- What time did you get
to sleep last night?
- Thanks.
Hey, are you okay?
- Are you going to
make it this afternoon?
- Yeah. I haven't forgotten.
There's a detective flying
in from Chicago today.
He's gonna be
consulting on my case.
- I need you today.
- Gotta go.
- Detective Lawson.
Hi, I'm Superintendent Kessler.
This is DCI Glen Boyd.
- D...
- Detective Chief Inspector.
- When can I see
the crime scene?
- We've never encountered
such a violent case as this.
Dismembering of the victim's
arms and legs and decapitation.
We read the case file
your department sent.
We appreciate you sharing.
- Abigail Myres, age 35.
Last seen leaving West
Edinburgh Synagogue at 6:00 PM.
Satanic cross.
- Satanic Temple icon.
- Your report stated
that you leaned towards
three symbols of worship.
The the Satanic Temple
icon, the agnostic cross,
and the serpent symbol
of the antichrist.
- That all became inconclusive.
Different profilers
have tried to see
if there's any evident
connection to any sects.
But general consensus is
this is not textbook
cult ideology.
Any suspects?
- We've taken statements
from the neighbors,
checking their alibis.
Only one neighbor so far
is a person of interest.
Lives across the road
from Abigail at number 62,
a Mr. Avery Thompson.
Reports of an argument, but
we haven't verified it yet.
- She live alone?
- I believe so.
- Good looking family there.
Must be proud.
What's his or her name?
- It's Callum.
It's his birthday today.
- Oh.
- He would've been three.
We lost him just
over a year ago.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Minimal blood
splatter on the walls.
Pool of blood on
the floorboards.
An outline of a cross in blood
where the arms and
legs were arranged.
Chair knocked over,
lamp knocked over.
Contents of purse
emptied out on the floor.
- So he arrived after she
got home from the synagogue,
which means he
probably followed her.
- Well, he knew her routine.
We haven't ruled out it
being a religiously-motivated
hate crime yet.
- Find anything unusual?
- Yes.
One foreign object.
A key.
It fits none of
the locks in here.
- You sent this to forensics?
- Yeah.
What is it?
- It's not the same.
My killer was
methodical, meticulous.
Let's wait and see if
the torso turns up.
- You know, the only reason
a serial killer stops
is either he's dead or...
- Doing the time
for another crime.
Yeah, I know.
And yes, we checked.
- Sorry.
I didn't forget.
Nope. I'm stuck
at a murder case.
Still with him. The American.
Time just got away.
Could be there in an hour.
Oh, possibly.
- Shall I wait to eat?
- Just one more
thing I've got to do.
- Just
don't be too late.
- What?
What do you want?
- Are you aware of what
happened to your neighbor?
- I told your guy the other day,
I didn't see anything,
I didn't hear anything.
- Is this yours?
- Why?
- Because it was found outside
Abigail Myres' apartment.
Now, do you mind if
I take a look inside?
- You got a warrant?
- Not yet.
- Well, fuck off then.
Away from my property, officer.
- Oh. Hello.
- DCI Boyd. Do you
mind if we have a word?
- Come in.
Come in.
I don't want him
to see us talking.
Avery Thompson is
not a pleasant man.
- Do you think he knows
something about Abigail?
- I told Detective Chaudhry,
I did hear them
arguing recently.
- Did you hear what
they were saying?
Did you hear that?
Ah, he's leaving.
In a hurry.
- You were saying, Ms. Walsh?
- Last week, Avery was livid
because someone had
thrown an egg at his car.
He accused Abigail,
and there is
absolutely no way that
that lovely young woman
would've done such a thing.
- An egg?
What did he say to
Abigail? It's important.
- He said he would deal
with her this time.
I mean, it might
not mean anything,
but you never know
with people these days.
- Is there anything in
Avery Thompson's background
that connects them?
- Still running background.
- And no physical evidence
linking him to the crime scene?
What's your opinion?
Are your cases connected?
- Oh, I'm not sure yet.
B! What's up?
- Your
call has been forwarded
to an automatic voice
messaging service.
Hang on! I'm coming.
- I'm on my way.
I wanna check something out.
- My ex-partner, Chicago PD.
18 years.
Very seasoned detective.
Very clever.
- Walker Bravo?
- Yeah.
Yeah. He lives in London now.
I had convinced him
to meet up with me.
I wanna get his opinion.
- I'd like to meet him,
if that's all right.
- Mm. Mm-hm.
So you get that shit
straightened out with your wife?
I accidentally overheard
your conversation yesterday.
- You know, when we lost Callum,
it just all fell apart.
- Mm.
- The distance between us grew.
And I just buried
myself at work.
And in her moment of
grief and needing someone,
she strayed.
Wasn't there for her.
- Whoa.
She was unfaithful?
- Yeah.
You know, I've
never told anyone.
- Ah. Ah.
- Work is just my escape.
It's all I do.
- You know, escape's fine.
But, that grief,
grief will break you.
Are we here?
- We are.
No, no, no, no, no.
I think it's best you
just sit in the car.
Keep an eye out.
I'll be right back.
- Boyd!
You wanna catch him, you
need to go to the back alley.
- Wait! Wait! Wait!
- Get down!
Did you kill Abigail Myres?
- I was at my work!
I told your officers.
- I know you
were late for work.
- I'm always late.
I'm late every bloody night.
- You got an alibi?
- I can prove I was
nowhere near her house
at that time.
- By who?
- Not by who!
By a camera.
I got flashed by a speed camera.
Go on! Check that.
7:30 PM, 12 miles
away from here.
That's incontrovertible
proof, officer!
- So why did you run?
- Because
I owe some money
to some bad people, all right?
- Did you argue with Abigail?
You find her attractive?
Did she turn you down?
- She's a dog minder.
Her dogs bark all day
and I need my rest.
So I lost it.
- Go.
- Oh, don't worry about it.
Any time, right?
Jesus, oh.
- Did you catch him?
- No, not yet.
- You want to talk about it?
- It's okay. It's late.
- You.
- Hey.
- Let's invite your
American round for dinner.
- I don't think he's
the dinner type.
- Well, twist his arm.
- What, here? At the house?
- Yes. Just do it.
- Hi.
Anyone else been in?
- No, sir.
- Come on.
- I was the first to arrive
after the reported break in.
The postman noticed the back
door was open and called.
- Take a statement
from the postman.
Talk to the neighbors.
- Yes, boss.
Oh, oh oh. Can't come in here.
- I'm with
DCI Boyd. Boyd!
- He's with me.
- All right, man.
- So what do you think?
- Well, grabbed her by the hair,
slammed her head
against this wall.
Getting more violent
and less controlled.
What's that smell?
I've smelled it before.
- Resembles the
first crime scene.
It's cleaning product.
He's trying to hide his tracks.
- Not so much.
- More blood splatter.
- No, that is the front
edge of a footprint.
- He's missed it.
- He's left it.
- I got something.
Another cross.
- Now that is an ankh.
It's the Egyptian key to
the gates of eternal life.
- He believed he was
on a moral crusade?
- Why did these serial killers
always bring this
cult shit into it?
- I wanna go back to Abigail's.
- For what?
- 'Cause he's left a trail
and I believe we've
missed something.
I don't see an ankh.
What are we missing here?
- I'm not sure yet.
Now that's weird.
Menorahs are usually outside
a door or on a windowsill.
- Mat 715.
- The 715. That's our
Chicago case number.
- I mean, how the fuck
does he know that?
- Or, "Beware false prophets
who come to you in
sheep's clothing,
for inwardly they
are ravenous wolves."
Matthew chapter 7 verse 15.
- So he believes that Jews
and Catholics are
the ravenous wolves?
- He's set himself a path.
This is just the beginning.
- Mrs. Hall,
do you know anyone
who would wanna
harm your daughter?
- She was the happiest,
most easy-going girl.
A dedicated member of our
Catholic congregation.
- Any boyfriends,
girlfriends, exes?
- Well, I don't know.
Her ex-boyfriend,
Colin McGregor.
Met him once.
He seemed like a nice man.
Though I recall
it ended abruptly.
- Hey. Walker B!
What we got?
- No fingerprints
or DNA on record.
- Avery's alibi has
come back corroborated.
- Holds a firearm license.
- Mm. Doesn't mean he's a man
who can carve through a neck,
arrange arms and feet
in a neat little cross.
- It's worth a visit.
- What part of I moved to London
to get away from all
this confuses you?
- Ah, I heard about this
new passion of yours.
The writing.
- The only crime scenes I want
to talk about are the
ones I write about.
I had to replace
drinking with something.
- You just up and walked away.
- Even if I had your instincts,
I was never strong
enough on detail.
That was your gift.
You were a great teacher
with your exactitude of detail.
But it became infuriating.
I prefer telling
stories to reality.
It's less stressful.
- Yeah reality can
be a bitch, huh?
- Their faces still haunt me.
He changed both our lives.
That's why I left.
- Was it hard to quit?
- The police?
- The bottle?
- Mm.
- So what's up with you
and this security thing?
- Pays the bills.
I design alarm systems.
And what about you?
Apart from getting older, huh?
You met someone who can put
up with your charming self?
Oh boy.
What happened?
- Sarah.
I can't stop
thinking about Sarah.
- So
what can I do for you, stranger?
- DCI Boyd. I'm here
about the murder
of your ex-partner, Grace Hall.
- Murdered?
Oh my God.
- Mind if I ask you
a few questions?
- No, of course.
- Where were you on
Thursday night? The 23rd?
- Mm.
Why are you asking
me my whereabouts?
I am definitely not a suspect.
- Well, do you have
a problem answering?
- No, just given
the circumstances
I think I'd rather
call my lawyer.
- Well, you can't just
tell me where you were?
- Well, I can, but I'd
prefer my lawyer was present.
- Simple question.
Where were you then?
- Are you hard of hearing?
As I've already made clear,
I was not involved.
I have a concrete alibi
for the night of the 23rd.
I was at a warehouse
in Manchester.
I work for ATEM Security.
Multiple witnesses.
Is this really necessary?
- And when did you
return from Manchester?
- Not 'til
the night of the 24th.
- What happened
to your forehead?
For the purpose
of the interview,
Mr. McGregor has a bump
on the top right hand-side
of his forehead.
- I dropped my phone
under the table.
I bent down to pick
it up, and boom.
It was actually
quite a sore one.
- Do you still
hunt, Mr. McGregor?
- Why are you asking?
- Well, I see you still
have your firearm license.
- Well, then I guess I do.
- Right. Ms. Grace Hall.
How long were you in a
relationship with her?
- Mm.
Too long.
She was a lost soul.
- Do you have any idea
who would want your
ex-girlfriend dead?
- Well, like I
say, she was lost.
- And what makes someone
lost in your eyes?
Easily led?
Liked by other boys?
- We're all lost
in life sometimes,
aren't we, Detective Boyd?
The important thing is
to find our way home.
- Yeah.
In your relationship,
did you try and guide her home?
- Like I say, all I want is
to see who's responsible
for this locked up.
- On the night of
the 12th of March,
where were you?
- What relevance is that?
- I just wanna
make sure your client
didn't have any other
violent urges that night.
- I think this is
over, don't you?
- Thanks for
helping with this, Walker.
The website states that
McGregor used to be a member
of the Kildaton Cross sect.
- We explored many
sects and cults.
- Yeah, but we don't have
that many in Scotland.
What's this cross?
- Probably from a religious
group from the 1st century
who believed in anti-cosmic
world rejection.
This was a deeper philosophy.
They believed in their
own moral compass.
Thought they were God.
- What do you know
about the ankh?
- Ankh.
- The ankh.
- Embraced by Christianity,
then accepted by
pagans and cults
- Key to the afterlife.
Maybe he thought he
was releasing her
from this life and
ushering her into the next.
- So we have the cross
and we have the verse.
Obviously wants us to
know what he's doing.
If we can match the symbol
from Grace's house with a sect.
- Look, murders in the UK
and Chicago are similar,
but they're not satanic.
- Well, we're checking
all previous locations
used by the sect.
- Pay them a visit when you do.
- The American case
file says the victims
had jewelry removed, which
were never recovered.
- It's not unusual
for serial killers
to keep a trophy
from their victims.
- Hey, hey. Who are you?
A journalist?
- DCI Boyd.
What can you tell
me about this guy?
- He could not adhere
to our beliefs.
Around six months
ago, he was dismissed.
What are your beliefs?
- That's none of your concern.
- Well, I'm intrigued.
- You're a pretender.
- Excuse me?
- You lot proclaim to
remove sin from society.
But how can you remove sin
when you are riddled
with corruption?
- I see.
- You visit unannounced
private property.
- Gentlemen, please let
me speak with our guest.
I advise you to walk with me.
We are not a cult,
rather a calling.
- I wanna ask if a former member
may have taken your
beliefs one step too far.
- This have anything to
do with your murders?
- I never told you I was
working on a murder case.
- We monitor our website
and social visitors,
Detective Boyd.
As strong as we
believe in our calling,
we may condemn the world,
but we do not murder sheep.
We are not wolves.
- This ankh.
Think it's similar to
your Kildaton Cross?
- And many more.
- You think Colin McGregor's
capable of murder?
- He's not one of us anymore.
Did not comply.
- Let me ask you again.
Is Colin McGregor
capable of murder?
- Do not smear our church, boy.
I think you should go
unless you really want to
test my theory about sheep.
- Marie, you are a gorgeous host
and that food was to die for.
- Oh, thank you.
- Be careful. He's a charmer.
- All joking aside, I don't
remember the last time
we actually had people
around for dinner.
- I am in love
with your country,
but France will
always have my heart.
- Ah, France is delightful.
But my love for golf
has always made me lust
for the Emerald Isle.
I cannot wait to play Galway.
- You know, when
this is all over,
there's nothing stopping
you going to Ireland.
- I'm gonna get some more wine.
- So from witch
hunt to police hunt.
I was chased away
by a mob today.
And apparently, McGregor
was canceled by the sect
for being too radical.
- Akin to getting kicked
out of the Ku Klux Klan
for being too racist?
May I help?
- Oh, yes. Can you
grab the glasses for me?
- So you a soccer fan?
- Oh that?
Yeah. Celtic.
Through and through.
And you?
- Drinker, golfer.
- So what made you want to
escape all of this, then?
- You don't have to
always play the hand you
were dealt in life.
That hand had me on
the wrong course.
- Work got too much?
- I reached the dead end.
Something happened.
I had to change course.
But an expensive
yet wise therapist
once gave me a very
good piece of advice.
- Oh yeah? Tell me.
- Find yourself a British girl.
I did find myself
a British girl.
- Take the wine.
Right, let's do this.
Oh wait, I'm just gonna
take the cling film off.
- Appreciate it.
- It is all
about the presentation.
Good to go?
- Yeah.
- The important thing about
grief is how you deal with it.
The consequences of a wrongful
act can destroy any hope.
- Cheese, anyone.
- I'm sorry.
I think you might have
gotten the wrong impression.
- Babe, he was
talking about Callum.
Nothing else.
- The ultimate pain.
Life prepares us to say
goodbye to our elders,
never the children.
- Yeah.
The important thing is
how you react to the pain.
- React?
Is that really what matters?
You can't judge a
person's actions
when their sanity
has been stripped.
Did you tell Lawson
about what happened with me?
- We don't talk
about Callum anymore.
It's not your fault.
I just miss him.
And I miss you.
And I miss us.
- It destroyed me.
It really destroyed me.
I don't blame you.
- Should we try again?
I know nothing will ever
replace Callum but...
- What's worth a smile?
What's that?
We are?
- Mm-hm.
Amalfi Coast, just you and me.
Hotel Bella Riviera.
- Ooh.
Where I proposed.
- When you close the case.
- I better go catch
my killer then.
- Yes, you better.
- See you.
- Bye.
Are you sure?
McGregor's alibi checks out.
He was seen in a bar talking
to two girls in
Manchester at 10:00 PM,
and then seen the following
morning at 9:30 AM.
- So how long from
Manchester to here?
- That time of
night? Three hours.
I mean it's tight,
but it is possible.
- And I got a
delivery yesterday,
and that reminded
me of something
that happened a couple of
days before the murder.
There was this man, he was
hanging about her street.
- What man?
- Just a man on the street.
But he was holding a box like
he was delivering something.
But delivery men, they
usually drive around
in those big trucks.
- Ms. Walsh, do you remember
what this man looked like?
- I imagine I do. Yes.
Oh, it could be him.
- We got motive under the
umbrella of religiphobia.
And now we can place him at
the scene of the first murder.
We have enough to bring him in.
- Assemble a fully-armed
response unit.
Bringing him in may not
be so easy this time.
- Yeah, let's do it.
- With him being armed,
I'd prefer you sit this one out.
- I didn't come here
to sit on the sideline.
- Sorry,
detective. It's protocol.
- If suspect attempts
to run, do not pursue .
We cannot have armed
officers on a public street.
- We have eyes on McGregor.
All in position.
Permission to move in, ma'am?
- Granted.
- Strike.
Strike. Strike.
- Please switch
to ED-5, thank you.
- He's running!
Get the drone up!
- Drone is up, Boyd.
- Gimme location.
- McGregor is heading
toward Bellfield Road.
Repeat, Bellfield Road.
McGregor is stopped,
Boyd, he's stopped.
Keep heading north
on Burton Road.
McGregor is heading towards
Barlemore onto Station Lane.
Boyd, next right. Right.
Continue north on Burton
Next right onto Station
He's on the footbridge
to your left.
He's on the footbridge
to your left.
- Has he called his lawyer?
No. We are doing this
by the book, okay?
Mr. McGregor can spend
the night in a cell.
You go home and rest.
- Marie?
- Your
call has been forwarded
to an automatic
Your call has been forwarded
to an automatic voicemail-
- I'm glad you came.
Sorry for your loss.
It's nothing less
than overwhelming.
- Sounds like you
talk from experience.
- It's the reason
I gave up drinking.
- Because of your
case in Chicago?
- Yeah, maybe.
I guess.
- Sometimes giving up
seems like an easy option.
- He who conquers, endures.
That's why I came
to Scotland, really.
- I thought you wanted
to put it all behind you.
- You never truly
leave anything behind.
It has a strange way
of following you around
wherever you go.
Doesn't matter how slow you go,
as long as you do not stop.
That's why you must
continue on this case.
Don't stop.
I can help, but I need
to know everything.
How close are you
really to catching him?
- Boyd.
- The medical examiner
estimates time of death
to be around 5:00 PM,
based on the remains
found at the house.
Okay, so we can't
rule out McGregor.
He could have
murdered Marie Boyd
and returned to the house
by the time we arrested him.
SOCO's on site at Gorkie Park,
recovering what we believe
to be Marie's torso.
Boss, you can't be here.
- Glen!
- The super
gave orders, you can't-
- Move!
- Sir?
- Glen,
listen to me.
- Boss, Kessler says
you're not to be here.
- Is it Marie?
- Listen to me, Glen.
- Is it Marie?
- Boss.
- Glen!
Stay in control.
Focus, focus.
- I'm gonna kill him.
I'm gonna kill him.
- Come on. Come on.
- What you doing
outside of Abigail Myres' home?
- Purely coincidental,
- Well, that's a bit a
stretch, don't you think?
We have a witness who says-
- You mean the
unhinged elderly women
who was shouting at
me in the street?
- You don't deny being there?
Is it not coincidental
that whoever killed
your ex, Grace Hall,
left her body exactly the
same way as Abigail Myres,
who you claim to have never met
even though we have
witnesses placing you
there hours before the murder?
We know you were fired from
your job four days prior.
- I fit alarm systems.
I was out handing out flyers.
She didn't like me loitering.
So I told her to go and
- Let me take this.
Please tell me you have
a more reliable
witness, Superintendent.
I would also add that nothing
places my client there
at the time of the murder.
- Have you ever
visited America, Mr. McGregor?
- It's my favorite place
to go when I'm bored.
Disney World, once.
A few other times.
You know, I met a
foreigner once in London
after a convention.
Oh, he could drink whiskey.
He ranted about these
unsolved murders of women.
Said some lunatic left her
arms and legs in a cross,
just like in your photos.
- What did
the foreigner look like?
- Dark hair or salt and
pepper, maybe. I'm blanking.
- Did he have scars? Tattoos?
What was his height? Build.
- Did you enjoy hacking
those girls to pieces?
- Oh, nice to see
you, my old friend.
You get bored just watching?
- I'm not gonna stop
'til I take you down.
- Get him out of here.
- Glen! Glen!
- Stay with him!
I'll be seeing you.
- May I...
- Interview interrupted
by DCI Glen Boyd
and resumed with Mr. Dan Lawson
of Chicago Police present.
- What religion are you?
An atheist?
- Men with no raison d'etre.
I have a purpose in life.
- Oh.
Man who likes to
show people the way.
Grace Hall was lost.
Did you help her?
- We all have a
calling, don't we?
She was a Catholic.
She should have
asked her priest.
- And Abigail should
have asked her rabbi.
Are you a wolf in sheep's
clothing, Mr. McGregor?
- This is over.
I think it's time you
released my client.
- Foreigner. Foreigner.
He's playing with us.
- Condolences for your wife.
- You let him go?
- We don't have
enough to charge him.
You could blow this whole case.
Do you want him to walk
on a technicality
for what he's done?
- I want him dead
for what he's done.
- Don't fuck this up, Glen.
- Kessler's gonna
want me off the case.
Because of Marie, she
thinks I've lost my head.
- Well, maybe you have.
- It's McGregor.
I know that it is.
Every lead gets back to him.
- Don't let him live
in your head, Glen.
You can't do that.
- I've looked killers in the eye
and there's something
soulless about their gaze.
- People who've lost their
way have the same look.
Not just killers.
- Well, it doesn't matter
because what Kessler
wants, Kessler gets.
- You never struck
me as the kinda guy
who followed the rules.
- What choice do I have?
- Listen-
- Dan, I need to
be on this case.
I want him-
- Listen to me.
- To suffer.
- You have to calm down
and figure this out.
You can't just look
in one direction.
Believe me, this pain
will eat away at your insides
'til you don't
recognize yourself.
My case,
case 715.
- Sarah. Sarah Christie.
- She was the love of my life.
She meant everything to me.
- She was your girlfriend?
- Yeah.
- They let you investigate?
- Walker was the only
person that knew.
Tonight, we mourn.
Tomorrow we hunt.
Hey, truth'll come to light.
Kessler's put a tail on him.
So you ever tell anybody
else about Marie's affair?
- What?
- Jealous lover or somebody?
They could, you know,
use it to frame you.
Prove you had motive.
I'm just saying.
Walker called.
He asked about you.
- Somebody told him about
the Chicago homicides
and how all the body
parts were positioned.
- You mean the inverted cross?
- Yeah.
- Did he say what
this guy looked like?
- A cute smile.
He knows more. He's
playing with us.
- What else?
It's important you don't
leave anything out.
- He hates religion
and he's calculated.
He leaves us nothing we
can incriminate him with.
- So you just let him walk?
Where is he now?
- Probably getting
drunk at the Tower Bar.
- We have the cult.
We have the Bible
verse, a symbol.
There must be something else.
- The key.
But we don't have a fingerprint,
DNA, or a serial number.
- There was a key that was
found at Abigail's home.
Didn't fit any of her locks.
- You check McGregor's?
- What, with no warrant?
- It's the American way.
- Right, it's time for
you to pay your bill.
Did you hear me?
I said, it's time for
you to pay your bill.
- Why don't you fuck off?
- Do you get off watching
people trying to take a piss?
- Kessler.
- Boyd?
- The key we found at
Abigail's fits a shed
at the back of McGregor's.
- Wait for backup.
- I'm going back to his place.
- That's an
- His car was found at
the bottom of the lane,
passenger's seat was
covered in blood.
Running DNA tests on the blood.
- Question is, was he
dead or alive when he arrived?
- No forced entry.
I found him pinned to the wall.
Someone beat me to the pleasure.
- Yeah, showing his disgust
for those who come after him.
- I mean, how do you
piss off a serial killer?
- By fucking up his master work.
Or by becoming a threat.
- Boss?
You need to see this.
We found a hidden
room through here.
- Look, he's had
this all planned out.
Future targets from
different faiths.
- Cleansing them from what
he considered false religion.
- Much more
methodical than we thought.
He was on his mission.
- Yeah, the problem
was we didn't know
where or when he would stop.
- A notice from London.
Whoever told McGregor
of the killings,
he's opened something
up inside of him.
There's Abigail.
Why is there no photo of Marie?
- He didn't kill Marie.
The first two murders
were different.
Marie's was a carbon
copy of the U.S. murders.
So whoever killed
her, killed McGregor.
- Why didn't you tell
me he didn't kill her?
- I wasn't sure,
but I did tell you not to
get too personal with him.
- Marie met your U.S. killer?
- Hey, you find your foreigner,
you have your justice.
Starting with ATEM Security.
- Hey.
- Anything new?
- You ever heard
of ATEM Security?
- ATEM? No.
I mean, I don't know.
You know, I deal with
so many. It's hard to...
- McGregor was murdered.
- Are you alone?
- Yeah. At the hotel.
- Stay there. I'm on my way.
Gimme 20.
- Milano's of London.
Milano's of London.
Milano's of London.
- Walker is the foreigner.
Lawson's in danger.
He's meeting with
Walker right now.
I'm headed to Lawson's hotel.
Ah, you know him.
- Well, I've met most
security firms in the UK.
But at the convention,
you know, I don't even...
- Well, what do you
know about ATEM?
- I can make some inquiries.
- You know it wasn't
that long ago.
You sure you don't
remember this guy?
- No, I don't.
Before I started AA.
- Yeah.
- Come on! Come on!
- Boyd. Wanna get that?
- Yeah, yeah.
Boyd, hey?
- Walker is the foreigner.
Are you hearing me? Lawson?
I repeat, Walker is the
- Okay, good. So am
I gonna see you later on?
- Lawson, I repeat,
Walker is the killer!
- Okay.
Sure thing.
Do you remember these?
- The missing pieces.
- This was Sarah's.
- How did you get them?
- You gave it to her.
- Whoa. Whoa.
Dan, what are you doing?
- Did you really think
I would never find out?
You were my partner
for 18 years,
and you stole the
love of my life
and you killed her!
- What?
- She told me everything.
We argued.
She slipped, fell, and
died right in front of me.
Something inside me clicked.
Does that pain you to hear?
I mean, not about Sarah,
but about what you did.
- For what I did?
I knew.
Yes, I knew it had to be you.
- I had to dispose of the torso.
- It was an accident.
- If they found out
about the affair,
I would be blamed.
You know how that works!
- But the body
parts, the symbol.
- Was an accident.
Just how they were laid out
- And you butchered the others?
- I had to erase the
stench of your sin.
- By murdering four
innocent people.
- Innocent? No, no.
They each played a part.
The receptionist who
checked you and Sarah
into the seedy hotel.
The girl who worked
at the jewelry store
that sold you the necklace.
The florist where you
bought the flowers for her.
The waiter.
You couldn't make the
connection, detective?
- Why didn't you come for me?
- I did.
And here I am.
I could have taken you long ago,
but I rather enjoy
controlling your pain.
- I tortured myself
because I couldn't
deliver them justice.
- Well, justice is now served,
and it's delicious.
- You're just like McGregor.
- McGregor was a piece of shit!
He murdered two girls
trying to copy my work.
Almost ruined everything.
Oh, that's some dark
blood there, partner.
Look like it might
be your liver.
Press down on that.
Maybe you'll live
a little longer.
- Lawson!
- Room 28!
You're under arrest!
- End him.
End him like he did
Sarah and Marie.
Marie's torso was the
only one we ever found.
The only one!
He's toying with you, Glen.
The same way he toyed with me.
He gutted Sarah and Marie.
End him!
- I was...
- End him!
- In love.
And there.
- What's that?
- And paid
for the necklace.
- This is Boyd.
Need a paramedic
urgently at the hotel.
Room 28.
Male, white, gunshot
wound to the abdomen.
Bleeding out.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
- Yeah.
- Do you mind coming back
upstairs for a moment?
Yeah, just talk me
through the scene.
Give me a statement.
- Oh, of course.
Yeah, I'll be right there.
It's Lawson.
Lawson is the original killer.
I'm heading east in pursuit
on Livingston Highway.
Suspect turning
left, left, left.
- Glen!
None of this had to
happen, you know?
- It's over!
- Over?
We're just getting started.
- You can't hide forever!
- And I won't.
- Why did you do it?
- I never meant to do any of it.
- You butchered my wife!
- I set you free.
There's no coming back
from what she did to you.
She was all I had left.
- You don't have
to play that role.
Now you're truly free.
Six years and no one
ever found me out.
You know how you have
to put a dog down
after it's tasted blood?
That's me.
You can't stop me.
Gimme the gun.
Give it!
I have to go now, Glen,
but I'll be in touch.
- Today you run,
tomorrow, I hunt.
- I wouldn't expect
anything less.
I'll be on the lookout for you.
- Passenger manifest shows a Mr.
Dan Lawson
as confirmed on this
- That's the ferry
approaching, chief.
- Make sure we treat this
as a regular customs check.
We cannot afford to spook him.
- Okay, I'll sort it.
Are all exits secure?
- The exits
are covered, sir.
There's no way out. Over.
- There's always a way out.
- The vehicle is
approaching the ramp now.
Armed response team
is in position. Over.
All eyes on the black
Do we have the two armed
officers in the vehicle
- That's it there,
sir. That's it. Perfect.
Thank you. Gotta go right in.
- Gardi
pulling suspect in now.
- Nope,
nothing to worry about
at all, sir.
- Standby.
- Stay alert.
This suspect is
armed and dangerous.
We cannot afford any casualties.
- Could you please
put your hands on the door.
Open it slowly and keep
'em where I can see 'em.
- Stand by
for identification.
Negative, I repeat negative
Suspect is not Dan
- Glen,
we've had INTERPOL on.
- What?
- We have
to hand over the case.
- This is my case, Laura.
- I'm sorry.
It's not anymore.
It's now international.
- Fuck INTERPOL, okay?
He slaughtered my wife.
I'm not letting him
get away with it.
- Look,
I'm really sorry.
I understand your
but it's over for us.
- No.
I'm bringing him in.
I am bringing him in,
and you're not gonna stop me.
You're not gonna
fucking stop me.
- DCI Boyd,
do not-