Damnation Alley (1977) Movie Script

The movie is based on the novel
'Damnation Alley' from Roger ZELAZNIJA
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Good morning, officers and gentlemen.
Good morning, Sergeant.
- How are you, Keegan?
Fantastic because I am off-duty.
- Where are you going?
I don't know yet, but it will be
a place with lots of greenery.
I see you do not carry alcohol,
women or animals, and so should it be.
This is the new you.
- I've painted Joe Bradley.
If he did, why not you?
You can't "catch" the Major.
- Because he's coiled.
How long would it be for a portrait?
- A week for preliminary drawings.
A month for full drawing.
Do you want to be immortalized, Major?
- No.
I'm supposed to give my wife
a gift for her anniversary.
Then, I paint you naked?
In fact, you will receive
a discount on nudity.
But if you're serious, I'd do it.
We'll see when I get back from Chicago.
- OK.
Gentlemen, it's time.
Hunter attacks the queen.
Hunter? You stupid. Hunter
attacks the queen...
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Good artist.
Yes, I do not know what
he was doing in the military.
I think I should mention that
I signed up for the exchange.
I think we are good as a team.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, sir.
The conspiracy theory.
Some think that you
have no qualifications.
Whose opinion, sir.
- Mine.
Thank you for telling me.
Bar can't plan your future.
Good morning. We have
coffee and sandwiches.
Dismiss, Captain.
- Thank you.
Have a nice day.
- Same for you.
Make a check?
First check.
Looks like satellites are included.
Looks worse.
Not satellites.
Square Lu 1, Square Lu 1, Square Lu 1.
Red Square rep calls Lu 1.
Contact us. First part, 3, C, A, F, Second part,
T, A, C, D, X, O.
Third part,
042 346 authentic S, A.
Confirm my message.
- Confirmed.
Confirm attack with more rockets.
I don't know where it will hit.
- I know, 265 at 85 degrees.
- Jesus.
Arm all the missiles.
All rockets... armed.
Positions 051 015. Z, Z, W, 4
M1 alarm, 1.
Confirmed enemy missiles.
They go on the largest
populated cities.
Foxtrot 420. Launch 300 interceptors.
Interceptors launching.
Launched 300 interceptors.
Switch to all flights.
- Switched.
PLCA launch options, switch to 99.
Switched to 99.
All CBF prepare...
Alert, 05, launch
missiles in retaliation.
On enemy targets.
- Immediately.
- ...Unknown.
Ready for launch.
Insert key.
- Inserted.
Turn on my orders.
3,2,1, turn. 1,2,3, go.
Getting indications launch.
Error in LFC5.
R, C, ten missiles.
The launch is in progress.
Confirmed, successful interception.
It is estimated that only 40%
of the enemy missiles are destroyed.
Confirmed missile attacks. / I
Washington, DC / i
Detroit, Pittsburgh.
Seattle, Portland, Charlotte,
Denver, St. Louis...
After all this started to subside,
survivors were once again headed
in the struggle for
survival and dominance.
This is the story about some of them.
Hey Keegan, have you noticed?
Hey, Tenere, what do you have behind you?
I found it in Shavertron.
I thought it would be helpful to us.
Damn. Should you hide?
- Just watch me.
Baby, get down here.
You're sick, Tenere,
you can not leave it like that.
You son of a...
What do you care, Keegan.
You can not do anything for her.
What do you mean, it was...
I tell you, Keegan, it's
finally out of my mind.
Is it?
Shavertron came with a dummy
at the back talking all the way.
I even stopped the motor
to kiss her, I swear.
It's crazy, isn't it?
I would not know, but...
that was selfish.
Askins, it took you a long time.
Sorry, I went to see general at Lendrosa.
- You owe me twenty minutes.
Twenty minutes?
What have you caught for 20 minutes?
It does not matter what I caught,
they're mine and I want them.
How far did we get?
- It depends on what we found.
You know that it is not tested.
Tanner says that he came up to Phoenix.
Give me a 3.16.
- Do you believe that?
I could not make it. Enough is crazy.
Why do you interrupt service?
- Tom, I find something that fits.
- Yes, sir.
General Lenders signed the
approval that we can go.
Do not mind me I'm going to say this,
but the general has no
idea what is going on.
I am sitting in the control room
every day and drink.
He is our chief. If we were
doing what we wanted,
this place would fall
apart within a month.
But you're right, Tom, Lenders "left"
smoke coming from the main building.
- Where is the general?
Go on, get out!
Two days have passed and
I still feel smoke.
No one has ever survived.
- I know.
Miserables. They better like this.
I don't know what to believe, John.
The two of you will continue to live by,
or you will come with us.
If you don't have to
re-enroll in the army.
You don't have to enroll, Tenere,
until you know that I am
taking the upper hand.
That's a big difference.
If you go, pick up things.
Keegan, you are riding with, Perry.
Tenere, you're with me.
Eugene still gives orders.
Landlord 1 calls Landlord 2.
Landlord 2, this is Landlord 1.
Keep your eyes open.
we'll try every 12 hours.
Roger that.
Where are we going?
- Albena.
Do you have anybody in there?
This is the only place
where we get a signal.
You think we'll get to this?
It is certain that we would
not come without them.
Albena is our target.
This is surgery, huh?
You could say that.
There, it is over.
Well, it's over.
But it shows the easiest way.
Not good. But it is the best we have.
What will happen
if you take a wrong turn?
There through which
radiation can not pass.
It's not a wrong turn.
Along the way there are alleys curses
that are hundreds of kilometers wide.
Damnation alley, who gave them the name?
- Me.
I think you're a hidden poet, Major.
This is a great truck.
There are no secrets
with this damn thing.
Unauthorized personnel are denied access.
- A ride that I was a little bit?
It's time for you to start paying rent.
It's the mileage.
Everything else is as in ordinary car.
In a manual transmission and gear.
Go ahead, give gas.
I see that there is power, right?
- It is working, right?
This machine can overcome
slopes of 60 degrees.
It can fly and has a speed of
a hundred kilometers per hour.
There are three separate
sources of driving
and it can only go in front
or rear wheel drive.
What about fuel?
Why did the two of you left the Air Force?
- On the strength of this mean?
Then the Service.
Well, when the bombs fell, it did not make
sense to do all the duties, saluting...
What do you think would
have happened if we all felt so?
If people feel so, make them
any more who think and reflect.
more baseball to play,
sing and would lead to love.
They raised the children.
Let me know when
you want to drive this thing.
Try not to lose it.
You think I can not follow this.
- The machine works alone.
365 115 110.
Hold the steering wheel, looking good.
Now, go north on the compass.
Got a good line. If you turn off course,
the red light will turn on.
Just turn it to get the green light.
Do you think you'll be able to?
Of course.
It goes really well.
You can not post a sign that reads:
Damnation alley on the road to Albena.
With stations in Las Vegas, Salt Lake City
and other places for sightseeing.
If you need me, call my intercom.
- I understand.
No more Country & Western music.
You can't drive like that.
I stood at the window
In cold and cloudy day
Do you have a message, Landlord 1?
- I just sing, gentlemen.
Will it break the circle Lord,
nicer home
awaits us
heaven, O Lord.
I'm afraid I'll have to stop sons
of the pioneers talk with Major Denton.
Sleeping, what do you need?
- There's a mark on the screen.
How does it look?
I do not know, but it
is large and nears.
Slowly, Lieutenant, I see it.
It looks like a storm.
The procedure is to hide
and wait for it to go.
See you on the other side.
- Damn.
Is this buried just because I do not want
to go out without a shovel.
What is going on?
We have a storm. I wanted
to avoid it, but I can not.
What are you doing?
I'm going through a storm.
- Where's Perry?
I be buried.
Do you advise that you do so?
- Yes. But we remain entrenched a month.
You call this an escape from the storm?
No, major, but it's better
than racing back 1000 miles.
On the left.
Start with burials.
Almost arrived.
- It will be a stretch.
Pretty good, isn't it? Don't you think?
- Pretty good. Pretty happy and silly.
Supposed to follow instructions
and Feathers to bury.
Either you follow my instructions
or you get out.
Landlord 2 calls Landlord 1.
Landlord 1 calls Landlord 2.
Landlord 2 calls Landlord 1.
Landlord 2 calls Landlord 1.
Landlord 2, this is
Landlord 1, let us know.
See where that came from.
- Here it is. - It does not look good.
Can you bend your leg?
- Think, front or back.
Is it broken?
- I don't think. It will be okay.
Perry is dead, right?
I have to remove the food and fuel.
I need your help.
Never admit you mess up,
isn't it, Major?
Tenere, do not take this to heart.
Perry is dead. It does not mean that
you're right in and I have not.
So that Perry was dead.
Need help. Reporting from Albenija
frequencies to 808.90. Need help.
Reporting from Albenija
on frequencies 808.90...
Why are excluded, it might
say something else.
This message sent for two years.
No more no less.
- Why not more?
This is a band that has been
configured to include each week.
What does that mean?
This means that after the bombing
there were no survivors,
and to have enough "power" to broadcast.
Mean, come on up in
Albenija and we'll find
the little computer
in an empty building.
I do not know what we'll find.
But when we get there, we'll find out.
Here it is. Check it out.
And that's it.
He always looked better at night.
As Barstow when the sun comes out.
Here's a circus.
- Why would not we?
Nabavie new feather in his hat.
Nothing changes.
The lights do not go out in Las Vegas.
Hey, Tenere, to play blackjack.
Give me the map.
- Good.
There you go.
- I Puk'o.
House gets.
- As usual.
Check this out.
Someone forgot gain.
Must be the first time in Vegas.
Must be hurried.
Bar works.
- Older than me.
I worked on a coin.
Do not need to.
Hey, Major, look at this.
Yes, Major, 've got nothing to lose.
In addition to money.
Let's hat. What you need, Major?
I have not touched the machine.
It's my money.
Main prize goes to Major Ljubopitljivku.
You're doing great, honey.
Do not stop now.
Oh, Lord.
You ask me how I survived?
It was very strange.
Because I thought that did not survive.
Almost a year ago I played.
Then I wrote the song and watched
who will all come to Las Vegas.
I did not quit.
Manager said he would help me
and knows Frank Sinatra.
I know this is a pathetic story.
Who knows, maybe he was a friend.
I never learned.
He gave me some options.
To do him a favor for a favor
that he would do to me.
And just when I did my part,
dropped bombs.
Then I decided not to become a star.
Do you think that was not a good idea?
So, what happened to the manager?
- Alex, had no such luck.
He could not accept that it happened.
Wake up in the morning and is believed
to be all right. Then he would remember.
Got a heart attack.
Died within six months.
In the beginning, I'm
cuja cars, planes, and...
One night I wake up and
hear the bell, at bike.
I run out and ask him.
- Do not want to inhibit them, but
I think you do not need so many clothes.
We do not have that much space.
Oh, sorry. You have to forgive me.
It's been so long since I was on the road.
Can a suitcase.
I suggest T-shirts and jeans.
Better to pour fuel in Salt Lake
before than go to the stone.
Think to Stone Mountain?
- Wonderful.
Order swimming because the water is
to preserve water and have some privacy.
I can say that we can't take a shower
once a week we needed it or not.
Oh, my God.
Hey, Jake, look at this.
Do not worry about them,
they have no more problems.
I imagine that they had
just returned from buying.
But there is something strange
with this skeleton, Major.
We have a lot to clean.
As if they were polished.
It's been two years.
- I know, but the doors were still closed.
Let's go to town to see what we can find.
What are you going with that crowbar?
Do you always use your credit card
when you go shopping, major?
Do you think it will be fine with it?
Of course it will.
What do you have against him?
I just think that it is not reliable.
Shit. I hate bugs.
Look at its size. Yes I'll be damned.
Armoured cockroaches.
- I guess there are still down.
I'll get the hose.
Well, start Pohit.
Let's get out of here.
Seeds, Seeds!
Seeds, Seeds!
Watch the staircase.
Tenere here, Denton. The whole city is
"infected" with cockroaches killers.
Again, cockroaches killers.
- Did he.
Denton, we are at the top
of the department store.
Jump out the window. Across the
street from the parking lot.
I come to your location.
I come to your location.
Stay low.
Hey, look at this. Here it is.
Hey, kid, come on out, we will not
do anything. Come out, kid.
Come on, play fair.
A bitch...
It's Okay, son.
We will not hurt you.
Will you help me
or watch them beat my kid?
Easy, son.
Easy, we will not hurt you.
When my mother died,
father and I were just leaving.
Nowhere determined. We were just leaving.
And so for a long time.
I did not use to see other people?
After what happened to my mother,
father and I had a good hiding.
And your father. What happened to him?
- He broke his leg.
Fell off a cliff and broke both his legs.
- What did you do?
I held him while he died.
- When was that?
Well, four months ago, if I recall.
I don't remember so well.
I just wander from then?
Not good if you just stand in one place.
Let's go over the ground
in that machine there.
You can go with us or you give
foods and leave you here.
As you wish.
- Can I have some?
- Of course.
Is it hard to learn how to drive the motor
to which you chase me?
Not really.
Well, I'll go with you if
you teach me to drive.
I Can.
So, what happens now?
No, that's it. A thing
is not meant to be.
All these explosions expelled
Earth from its axis.
What is the axis?
Something like the center.
- Yes, something like that.
And if he does, everything
would return to normal.
Would another explosion do it?
That is correct?
I do not know. It could make it itself.
- Nothing fixes itself.
No matter how much they want to.
I gotta succeed.
Do you want to drive a little bit?
Do you think I could?
- Come on, we will for a while.
Grab the wheel.
We have reached nowhere.
Maybe there is still fuel in the tank.
OK, folks, we have10 minutes to refuel.
Who wants to refresh and
go to the toilet, he can.
You should be here somewhere generator.
Watch the back.
Do you think it'll work?
- I doubt it.
Are you okay?
How are you guys?
Have a nice machine.
Where are you going?
- To Albeniju.
How long have you been here?
- Ever since it all went to hell.
There were more and now there are fewer.
All of the dead and the
living dead are dying.
This also applies to you.
Can we do something
for you before we go?
To check. And, guys?
Do you have something in mind?
I know.
Can you show us that your machine,
General. That's what we like.
A boy and a woman can not stay here.
To rest.
Perhaps the lady could tell
us something strummed.
That would be nice.
Why do not we play for something?
What would you like to play?
- I do not care. Just play something.
I continue to play.
come here.
Stop next to her mother.
She's not my mother and
you're not my father.
I do not have anywhere to stand.
- I'll beat him when you catch him.
I'd better get him to come.
Billy, Billy, come back.
- Can I get another sucker, please?
I'm not going to say
anything to your friends.
So, you go to Albena.
It's a long way.
Go back there.
He drove me there. He said that
wants to be alone with my mother.
Hey, you can do so.
- I'll take care of it.
You keep an eye on these two.
Come on, kid.
- I want to be with her father.
- Let him stay here.
What about your friend and my wife?
Easy, sir. Do not do anything that
and the rest will not do it.
Only doing wrong order.
Imam PCLA 99.
- I agree.
We have to tune it.
We're Losing the rear wheels.
Go to 015 degrees north.
Yes, we'll go next to Detroit.
- To find spare parts for this thing?
It's designed to use spare parts
of trucks. I need the shaft.
Hold it under 60 kmh.
Will things ever return to normal?
- Who knows, Billy.
Even now we do not look so bad.
Still have food and drink.
Fireworks in the sky.
Who knows, if this thing starts Denton,
we might get somewhere.
Where, in Albena?
Just does not matter.
This is exactly failed machine.
- Why are we here, Tenere.
Is this a good party?
- Here you've got plenty of room.
I'll let you drive in reverse.
Do you see a truck?
What we need is the axle.
Maybe this way.
See there.
- Must be a department with a truck.
Like my old truck.
Everyone out to Disneyland.
Flagging this park as a national monument.
This looks good.
- Tenere, I need your help.
Do you hear that sound?
- What about it?
I do not know.
As a fan of the engine somewhere.
I do not know.
I've never seen so many cars.
- It's your legacy, Billy.
What is a legacy?
This is something that
people leave each other
when they see that it no longer works.
Hey, the sound becomes louder.
- Look, I'm going to help Denton.
Do not roam around, this
place is a lot shot.
A lot of big shot?
Yes, I have a Puma, Barracudas,
Mustangs, Cougar, Impala.
The place is a real zoo.
Is this a hurricane?
- I do not know what it is.
Better go find you, Billy.
Hey, Denton, comes the storm.
You do not have to tell me.
Does not look like we can "hurry".
Tenere, we hurry
because we are missing parts.
Look, you go to the speakers
and Billy call to return.
I'm going to look for him.
Billy, come back!
Come on, sweetheart.
Hey, Tenere, look what I found.
- Let's get out of here.
Can we put it on the engine.
They do not have time, let's go.
Come on.
Tenere will be tough. Tie boys here.
Jenny, sitting there.
Yes, let's do it.
Ala has the shakes.
Hold on!
Come back!
Are you all right?
Are you all right?
Seems to be finished. The sky is blue.
I am.
Well, I will open the door.
We're stuck.
Do you need help?
I need a crowbar.
Why we have lost the power supply.
Water has entered the part of an engine.
Water enters here.
- Are we going to sink?
It was designed to float when
halfway in the water.
And when full of water?
- Don't think about it.
Help me out here.
- Janice, hold this.
Tenere, you can improve the engine?
- Yes, just clean the spark plug.
Hurry up then. I have the time.
A little tomorrow. I only ride this bike.
Here is Albena broadcasting programs
for those who are still there.
Every day at noon we have
music and news.
and broadcasts at 720 kilohertz.
resume after a break of two minutes
for any answer.
Wait a minute. We have two minutes.
We have two minutes.
I have a feeling that it is high
redhead girl aged 25 years.
What if you are 65 years old?
- I'll live somehow.
Hello, hello, Albena.
We hear you. Do you hear us?
We hear you. Do you hear us?
Hear you, who is it. Who are you?
Identify, please.
I am Major Eugene Denton, from
the U.S. Air Force. We are four.
We have two men, a woman and a boy.
We are close to high water.
Can you locate us?
Signal you clear and clean, Major.
They're 17 miles from us, at 81 degrees.
Do you have transportation?
Imam, I understand that we see in the 81.
I will call you in the
opposite direction 261.
Come on, Billy, jump!
- Tenere, get off of that engine!
Let's go into town for pizza and beer,
we'll be back before dark.
Tenere, get back here!
Tenere! Get back here!
Major, Denton, can you hear me?
- Yes, Albena, I hear you.
We have sent delegates.
Name is Tanner. Please do not
think that we are all like him.