Dancer (2016) Movie Script

Attention, dancers.
The show will begin
in 20 minutes.
All patrons:
please take your seats.
The orchestra is ready.
And so are the artists.
The show will begin shortly.
- May I have your autograph?
- Of course.
Why do you need his autograph?
All you need is for him
to look into your eyes.
Girls, let us through, please!
Mama, I want a photo with him!
When Sergei was born,
I remember
the maternity nurse came
to check for defects
in the joints.
She spread his legs apart
the normal amount,
but they just kept
spreading apart.
The nurse got scared.
She wasn't expecting that.
He was flexible from birth.
In Kherson,
the situation
was not very promising.
I was always
thinking about his future.
And now
for the third-place award.
Sergei Polunin.
Boys first have to do
Then the trainer says
what's next.
Ballet or more gymnastics.
I knew it had to be ballet.
I just had this gut feeling
that this was the right
decision, and it was.
He was little, playful.
He didn't yet understand
why he was here.
He was long,
flexible, strong.
But he had a problem.
We had to redo his muscles.
He had the muscles
of a gymnast,
and for ballet, they need
to be long, classical-looking.
Galina lvanovna was the one
that made him fall in love
with dancing.
Watching his shows
at the school...
I remember
I had tears in my eyes
when my little crumb
came out onstage
and began to improvise a ballet.
In Kherson,
we spent a lot of time
We enjoyed the outdoors,
went to the beach,
wrestled, and fooled around.
I refused to believe
we were going to be separated.
I wanted him
to accomplish something...
So that he could live
a better life than we did.
The choreographic school
in Kiev
was the best school
in the Ukraine.
But to study in that school,
it was impossible,
because it was very expensive.
Turns out Dad
is the breadwinner,
and to enable Sergei
to go to the school in Kiev,
Grandma and I drew straws
to decide who would go where.
Grandma left for Greece,
and I left for Portugal.
Galina stayed with Sergei.
Vlad went in one direction
and you the other.
That enabled them
to pay Sergei's tuition.
Assemble and then relev.
Can you do it,
or are you scared?
I'm not scared.
Well, then!
It's okay if it's
not right at first.
Just practice!
Sergei, what was that?
Don't try too hard!
You should be natural.
All I had were his problems,
his school, his practices...
Do it again!
His homework,
tailoring for him.
I had no life of my own in Kiev.
See, that's it!
I'm hardly holding him!
That's it!
In Portugal,
I met some Germans,
and I worked as their gardener.
All the money I earned,
I sent to Galina.
I worked taking care
of an aged grandmother.
It was so difficult,
morally and physically.
I felt so sorry for myself.
We clearly had a team.
And this little boy
was our hope.
Sergei was accepted into
the Kiev Choreographic School.
In the same year,
he won second place
at the National
Ballet Competition.
Sergei, what are you
passionate about?
I have a lot of passions,
but my favorite is dancing.
I want my dancing
to give people joy.
I want my figure
to be more beautiful.
To get skinnier
so that it's pleasant
to look at me.
To be the best
so that I am remembered.
After a couple of years
in that school,
he was already the best student
in his class.
But I wanted to make sure
he could reach the top.
I then realized
that it would be much better
for him to study abroad.
I took photos, made a video,
and mailed it all.
We got the invitation
for an audition.
So we went.
Sergei took out the camera
and filmed.
We laughed a lot!
Mom, are you filming the deer?
When we arrived
at the Royal School,
there were a lot of children.
He auditioned,
then a teacher came out
and said
to expect the results
that Monday.
A whole week passed by,
and we stopped waiting.
Serezha is ready to eat.
But then we received
a letter saying,
"We're happy to accept you
to the Royal Ballet Academy."
And I remember being so happy
to hear that he got in.
Complications began
with my visa.
I could have stayed illegally,
but it would have compromised
the status
of Sergei's documents.
I didn't want to risk it.
Being far away, you lose
familiarity with each other.
When Sergei went to London,
I didn't see him for six years.
Our family practically
separated by itself.
Everybody parted
like ships at sea.
He didn't know a word
in English.
It was really hard
to let him go, to say good-bye.
That was my ultimate sacrifice.
I didn't know what to do
without him.
After he was gone,
I couldn't put myself together
for a whole year.
Sergei, is that
one of our T-shirts'?
- No!
- Oh, Sergei!
After Sergei's
first year there,
the divorce happened.
Sergei called me in Portugal
and, with a certain pity
toward me, started asking,
"How are you?
How are things going?"
I couldn't tell him about it.
Then I found out
that he already knew.
I asked Sergei, and he said,
"Please don't come.
I get really stressed out
when you watch me dance."
It was hard
for me to get a visa,
being from
the former Soviet Union.
So we never went.
There was discussion
of partying at clubs,
his skipping of rehearsals,
and purchasing a tattoo salon.
When I found out
Sergei had eight tattoos,
I almost lost consciousness,
Polunin said that,
"I don't have enough friends
and parties,
and sometimes
such things are important."
I didn't know
about his tweets.
Only when the bad press
then I saw what he was doing.
He told me, "Don't worry.
Everythings good."
Well, it wasn't good.
But that's what he said.
He was clearly missing
his family.
That was our mistake.
Ukrainian-born dancer
Sergei Polunin
was given the name
"the bad boy of ballet"
after his scandalous departure
from the Royal Ballet of London.
Ladies and gentlemen...
And those watching at home...
We are excited
to bring you our newest show...
"Big Ballet"!
Our first contestant
is Sergei Polunin.
Sergei recently left London
for Moscow.
Did you know Sergei
is a real star in London?
The papers are constantly
writing about him!
From London to Moscow
especially for this show,
Sergei Polunin.
your verdict, please.
- Ten.
- Thank you.
- Ten.
- Thank you.
- Ten.
- Thank you!
- Vladymir?
- Ten.
A perfect performance!
I see scars on your body.
These scars are not real,
so what are they for?
They are tattoos.
I get that.
But Why'd you get so many?
What's this say?
- "Dirty Money."
- Why?
I like the song.
Whose song is it?
P. Diddy.
Recently, Sergei won
the "Big Ballet" competition,
becoming a name
in his new homeland.
Sergei is loved
by the people.
He has so much going for him
as a dancer-
his jump, his charisma,
his physique.
In our modern-day ballet,
he is exceptional.
Igor showed up
at just the right time.
I always wanted Sergei to have
a person who was older
because he responds
to authority.
And in that area,
Igor is really capable.
I was watching TV,
and in a show, they said
that lgor Zelensky
had replaced me.
I was hurt.
Because until he was nine,
I was always with him.
The romance between Polunin
and Russia has lasted
for over one and a half years.
After the Moscow premiere
of "Paquita,"
the standing ovation lasts
for ten minutes.
The dancers once again
go out to bow.
- Are you serious?
- This is it.
They won't clap anymore
after this.
Could you cover me up, please?
Of course.
Don't, the costume
will cover it.
- Don't!
- Okay.
Polina, where's the water?
- Over there.
- Where's there? Why's it there?
All right, go.
Go get the water.
So tired.
Do you need help
with something?
No, thanks.
- Hang in there, Sergei.
- Thanks.
How nice that the laces
are only dyed on one side.
Is there water over there?
Where you left it.
Will you have time
in between to drink?
I'll go refill
and put it to the side
for when I won't have time.
Before they kill you.
It's too late.
I was trying to help him
do what he wanted.
Because ballet
is a young person's business.
It's important
not to waste time.
- Tea. Tea.
- Tea? Sure.
Come on in.
What did you say
to the cat?
- Nothing.
- Food was not promised.
Well, that was
a pretty serious decision.
Because I didn't see
any prospects
for you in Kherson.
I didn't see any at all.
You remember, don't you,
that I always sat at gymnastics
and waited for you?
It wasn't because
I liked being there.
I had no money
to take the trolley back home.
On the other hand,
I saw prospects
for you in Kiev.
Of course, I didn't know
anything about ballet.
I didn't understand
anything about it.
But I saw that it made sense
to move to Kiev.
And I thought, "We'll move,
then figure out the rest."
We had to spend
so much money...
the apartment,
your education.
Everything was very expensive.
That's why I was so strict.
That's why I expected
a lot from you.
But I wanted
to achieve things by myself.
You didn't trust me.
But I knew
I could do it myself.
What do you mean
I didn't trust you?
I controlled you.
Well, controlling me
is not trusting me.
it's belief in you.
Well, it was
very stressful for me
that Dad and Grandma left.
Well, that's life.
There's always responsibility.
One can't be without
any responsibility to anyone.
Every person must be responsible
for something.
Galina did everything
She always knew where to go.
Where to drive to,
where to arrive at,
with whom to practice.
Sergei got lucky
with a mom like that.
- Hello.
- Galina lvanovna!
Galina lvanovna! Hello.
Hello. It's great to see you.
My sunshine!
This is for you.
Everythings new here.
You used to perform
on this stage. Remember?
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I remember.
what you used to dance to?
Pavarotti, yes!
I danced everywhere.
For you,
it's like a talisman.
Well, yeah.
As a matter of fact, it is.
My first show in Kiev
was Pavarotti.
Do you remember
what you called him?
I asked, "What music do you want
for your improv?"
You said, "What I had
the previous lesson."
I said, "Well, I don't remember.
Maybe you remember what disc?"
And you said,
"The one with some dude
with a beard on it!"
That's what you were like.
Let's go get Galina lvanovna!
Children, come over!
When Sergei was young,
he loved to dance.
He danced with his very soul
and transported himself
right into the music.
When Sergei worked here,
there were a lot
of pictures of him.
They took them away.
When Sergei was little,
I didn't understand family
is the main thing.
I understood that I had
to feed my family.
If I could turn back time,
I would've spent
more time with them.
I never thought
I'd be at one
of Sergei's concerts.
As I watched him,
I couldn't believe my eyes.
It's just impossible
to explain.
Oh, look who's here!
- Dad!
- Hi.
Great job!
Goodness, how great it is
to see you!
Thank you so much, sweetheart.
- You're so warm!
- Yeah?
You must be so tired!
Forgive me.
Forgive you? For what?
Oh, goodness, my love.
I love you so much.
You are the best!
The very best!
How long
have we not seen each other?
A year and a half.
A year and a half, right?
A year and a half.
Well, we have to do it
more often from now on!
Do try.
My sweetheart.
Take a picture of us
and Sergei.
Just don't cover the camera.
Don't put your hand there.
We made a lot of sacrifices.
We tried to give him
everything we've got.
We did everything we could.
And if necessary,
we would do it all again.
Sergei, darling...
come over here.
To your family.
Show the camera
how tough you are!
That's enough.
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