Dancer and the Dame (2015) Movie Script

This' is the story ...
... How I get quite a lot of trouble my ...
... Have target still reached.
Hey, the Icee machine here is broken.
I know what you're thinking.
Who is this great superhero?
That's me, Rick Dancer.
Well, at that time I was
not just a ray of sunshine.
Come on, I need '
absolutely my cherry Icee ...
Hey, it is only the switch.
Carry on the switch.
Yo, the fuse box behind you.
Sorry old man I
looking 'straight' a cat video.
My God! Because of you
I had four blocks ...
... Run, just because you are too lazy
are turn on the switch.
Leg 'the phone away!
You see, that's the
Problem your whole generation.
You are 'n pile lazy,
boring egocentric.
That's not even your mobile phone?
Admit it, it is part of your mommy.
Your life is too easy.
What is the worst,
You might happen today, huh?
Slow wireless? Oh, all good
User names are assigned, eh?
Makes your generation
Sports on a game console.
You were never spank. You think
you have friends on Facebook.
You are afraid of gluten.
Sorry man! I do a lot of the time
by and I did not ...
... OK.
Audrey, where's my
Ballistics investigation?
Harrier, you'll get them,
when I get.
These are a few people,
I work with ...
... Like the two here, Harrier and Spitz.
I am sure,
that share a brain.
You know who I think really hot?
Who to? ...
- The Green M & M's.
You mean the chocolate beans
from advertising?
Hot ...
This is Audrey. She is already so long
in my team ...
... When I was a cop working.
I have her brother
helped of a transition ...
... Get out and since then
she takes care of me.
What happened to you in childhood? ...
... Because you're really sick,
really, I want to know 's.
I'm as normal as
the guy next door.
You want to marry a chocolate lens.
Okay. Okay. Listen up guys and gals.
This is the new, ...
... Jack Russell from Morganza.
Runs around him and be nice.
Captain Murray is irritated as
many a bull bullfighting ...
... But he saved my my ass ...
... As the internationally me
Wanted to eliminate Affairs.
Briard, seeking him a table.
Welcome to the pit.
Well what to say.
My name is Briard, Robbery.
Welcome at the desk.
So, where is he?
You know, Rick Dancer.
The brilliant performance in 09 ...
He has six men with
five shots done.
Speak in the Academy
they. of him as he was Batman
You know, nowadays it is more likely
as Batman rusted Butler.
See yourself.
That's Rick Dancer? What happened?
Have you ever heard of Eric Skanz?
Yeah. I have one of him
get sponsored scholarship.
Dancer thinks he knows,
that Skanz weapons smuggling.
He is obsessed with it.
I mean he can not Skanz at rest, ...
... Mingles again
and searched for weapons.
With no evidence.
Then he goes to the newspapers ...
... And accused
Skanz for arms trafficking.
The newspapers let Dancer as
a complete spinner look ...
The whole thing moves our
Department in a bad light.
He gave up his life,
Increased 40 kilo ...
... By in his consolation
Donuts and ice has been looking for.
Now Murray wants to keep him alive, ...
... By him acts
can be pushed around.
Speaking of which, where's my
Ballistics investigation Audrey?
Hey Dancer, Harrier want to know
where his ballistics is investigation.
What did you do with it
made? Eaten?
You can not Ballistics
Investigation ...
... Creating a shotshell.
The guys from the lab
take care of nine districts.
So they do not have time
"Pea brains" to write it.
Are you making now funny, Dancer?
That you have noticed?
Supporting 'only your packages Santa.
You know what? That I shall
and if you think about this year ...
... Are a good boy,
come over me and I put ...
... You some Scooby-Doos
in your boots.
The give you a few tips,
how you do your job right.
Red 'only further Dancer.
You know what I mean?
Have ever seen ...
Follow the signs
and solve the crime.
I can not hear you Dancer.
Speech only continue.
... And an indication follows the next ...
... And when the
Have resolved the mystery, ...
... They get a Scooby Snack.
This is like a medal.
You know what Dancer?
You should now
prefer to keep your flap.
Why? What should happen?
No tell me. Say '
what will happen to me.
"The Kitchen" is one of my friends,
the Bassett family.
I've known her for years.
The cornbread is mandatory.
I'd like ...
Eating pick here,
Hot Wings as a side dish
Okra and tomatoes ...
... Plus red beans and rice.
The same every Tuesday and
Thursday since the last five years.
Betrayal 'me time Dancer why eating
a Yankee like you so much soul food?
Because it does my soul good.
Yes, you have to be big and strong.
Kenny, now wait for me.
Kenny, wait, Kenny!
Show me not back,
when I'm talking to you.
Mom, tell Dad it's ok.
I meet up with my friends.
And your friends are
a bunch of crooks full ...
You have talent Kenny, blow 'it
not just away, please.
I know what I'm doing.
Her son Kenny. Sly,
ambitious child.
He was in a little
Involved dangerous and ...
... I had a
strange feeling in my stomach.
Or maybe it was just to
much cornbread, but I do not think so.
How are you Kenny?
Kenny, come 'back now, Kenny! ...
- Is there a problem Mr Basset?
I would need to find out ...
... What was going on with Kenny.
Instead, I had a
Pity party and everything ...
... What has kept me in a good mood,
was intelligent television.
This week in Housewives of Miami ...
I know I've made a mistake,
but I have seen him.
We make for the best Dianne
Bachelor party ever.
You know what, I
think I take that back Ed.
You have to know what
is best for you.
What? Ed has deceived you with her.
And he does not run away again.
Millionaire and benefactor
Eric Skanz, announces ...
... That he was an unused warehouse
wants to tear down and the land ...
... For the care of
Would donate problem children.
An initiation is for
Planned end of the week.
Skanz, a long time ago I wanted to
arrest him and failed.
I knew about him is what
lazy but frankly ...
... I was on the
Time really care.
What I did not at that time knew ...
... I was this night
not the only Depri cop.
The Boss would have any
Be here right now, let's go!
I thought we wait until morning.
Change of plans.
In that case, I'll take your
Bet and raise to the 500th
He's bluffing.
Or ... you know just
not with whom you play here.
Los! Watch out!
Princess to me ... good girl.
Ok scumbag, tell already,
Who is your boss?
My boss ... is right behind you.
No, Princess, No!
The next day, has
changed everything.
The Crazy alive is ..
... That usually only slightly
Must pass bad, ...
... So that you wake up and the
has brought me back to life.
What's going on here?
So, for what
Gang has heard your son?
For even no transition. What are you talking?
He's a good boy.
I suppose you're
the girlfriend of the victim?
Victims? His name is Kenny.
Hey, excuse me, what's going on?
This is called policing
Dancer. You disturb.
Come on Spitz. This
People are my friends.
Okay. That's what I have.
The victim is Kenny Bassett,
17 years old.
No, I know who he is.
I was the coach ...
... His baseball team.
What happened?
He is in a coma at St. Francis.
He was attacked in the parking lot
by Tequila nightclub.
Well 'ne speed thing.
How do you know?
No, no, he is not in any gear ...
... He's a good boy. He Posters
Steve Jobs on his wall.
We have tracked's.
We talked to the family.
We have everything here
searches - and nothing ...
That's all I know.
What the hell ...
Mr. Bassett, I'm so sorry.
I wish you would have said something.
Maybe I could help.
They help do any more, Dancer.
They have given up.
Well actually as long as the child
not scraped it is not a homicide.
So we do not have to be here.
Are You Hungry?
When I'm not in
Would expire self-pity ..
... I would have probably
can prevent.
Just then I decided
my job resume.
Kenny had a
Computer room back of the shop.
He accounting
out for his parents, ...
... But I had the feeling,
that there was a hint ...
... Which leads to the next note, the ...
well, you know.
And why is this not, Kenny?
What have we here?
I'm quite clever.
Hey, come '' over here. Shawna, right?
I'm Rick Dancer.
I am a friend of the Bassetts.
Stop 'times that with Kenny
I'm really sorry.
They have helped his grandfather,
when you were a cop.
Oh .. well .. it's me yet.
That's a nice chain.
Kenny has she given you?
This is an "S" for Shawna.
Do you know where he got it from?
No, you do not really,
that he has fallen into an argument?
Not really, no.
Neither do I. Kenny
has serious plans for the future.
He writes computer programs
for large companies.
Really? Which companies?
It was all top secret.
I should return to the hospital,
be there when he wakes up.
Okay, hey wait.
I will give you my number, okay?
And if you think of anything else,
Call me please.
Just like in the movies - until then.
You will not believe who
today asked for you.
Halle Berry again?
This woman knows how easily not.
Billy Mutz.
Mutz? Have not
Contact for five years.
He says he has something for you.
Thou shalt him today
Meet evening at Tequila.
An old informant of mine
emerges out of nowhere ...
... With a hot tip,
completely out of pure kindness.
Yes, there is something rotten Dancer.
Stay away.
Do not worry Audrey.
I will not go there.
Ok Sorry. Hi how are you?
I had the same hair color.
Looks great. Ah girls,
calls your father. Hi how are you?
OK OK. On two.
There, you see? Let me through.
You're too normal to be here.
Carry out no head ...
Hi, how long have you been dead?
Ok ... you have the whole package, very nice ...
You were great in Avengers!
Hey, I am looking for a
Guy named Billy Mutz ...
Hey, Twilight, Billy Mutz?
No? How is it with him?
Kenny Bassett, you know him?
I'm not playing your game, Cop.
Oh, You do not play my game ...
This will happen if you do not
give the information that I need.
I call my buddy,
the health inspector ...
He will come and the place here ...
... With a microscope
and a Q-tip to investigate.
He finds here more
Bacteria on a squat toilet, ...
... After 'nem chili eating contest.
Then I leave the cops a
Hourly raid perform.
They arrest all those who owned
Tic Tacs are one expired.
And as a small
Icing I'm all ...
... Your buddies tell,
what good friends we are.
Hey, so good to see you.
We meet on Sunday after ...
... Work at the station.
Your mom makes the pot roast?
Ok! Ok!
I love the pot roast.
Ok. What do you want to know?
Why was the boy's butt
spanking, on your parking.
I do not know. Two major types
came in here at night.
They have dragged him outside.
The type that has seen it all.
He runs away. Now I have afterwards.
I hate to run after.
Wash yourself 'times.
Hey, You can not be back here.
That was totally inappropriate.
I wanted to perform only one call.
Well, you're still here, so ...
Oh, you little punk ...
Something was definitely wrong.
And if it does not feel right, ...
... I trust my
Stomach and call a professional.
So you know that you
is on the safe side.
No bomb.
Did you checked the ignition?
- Jap.
The brake pedal?
- Yes.
Petrol tank? Yes,
- Dancer.
Have checked the fenders?
Yes, Dancer, I have the
Fender checked, ok?
Can you please stop me
to say how my job is running.
Both fenders?
Do you know when the last time a
Car exploded in front of me? Never.
Mutz has tricked me. I sat
a long time behind the desk.
Now I realize: someone does not want to,
that I ask questions.
I do not want that you ask.
When Eric Skanz finds out ...
... We are two unemployed.
We both had a deal.
That was not my deal.
I saved your job.
Oh, you call that a job?
Do you want to get silly to me now?
- You want me abhefte what?
I'll always
better with the alphabet.
Stop that!
I'll need a car.
Grab some one from the junkyard.
Kenny Bassett had the. With you
That's Skanzs company logo.
Let me ask questions!
No, we do not talk again
about Eric Skanz ...
... And I've never seen.
I've sniffed two minutes
and someone blows up my car?
What should I do? Behind 'm
Desk sitting, bored?
Yes, you want to Skanz
hunt again? You're sick.
All they out there
to say about yourself, right.
When it's finally in
Your wooden skull pure, ...
... I like
no longer can protect.
Are you doing, you're doing it alone.
This time I protect myself.
I have a family
and to safeguard my pension.
What is that?
A service serviceability assessment.
Oh come on. A psychiatrist?
Tony, Treat me a break.
Did I just.
Copy of the death certificate.
This chain was my only chance,
to solve the case, ...
... But I did not like.
I'm rusty.
Kenny was in the hospital,
my car has exploded ...
... And I should go to a psychiatrist.
Captain Murray took
all this is not serious ...
I had to find out why.
I'm Rick Dancer, a detective ...
... No matter. Is Dr. Nicole Jackson there?
Ruby, Carry the door not
any on strangers ...
... Detective Dancer?
Ah. Come in.
Please excuse!
At the station, nothing was free.
As you know, the purpose of a
Service serviceability assessment ...
... Find out if you are able,
Fulfill its mandate.
You want to know
if I'm crazy?
Are you crazy? Would be super,
if you give me the ...
... Could just say,
would save us a lot of time.
Your file shows that here
Signs of victimhood, ..
... Compulsive urge,
chronic apathy ...
English, you speak English.
You are a wreck.
Who is not?
I mean, I have problems ...
I mean, I knew something ...
... I am addressed incorrectly,
it cost me my marriage.
Now we are at the bottom. Can You See It?
We are making progress, ok?
Have you ever lost everything, huh?
It makes a complete.
Can you give a symptom?
Well, in this case it could not be
really to me. It's about you.
And just for the record:
I do not think you're crazy.
I think that you
no responsibility ...
... Can take care of themselves,
You are unsure of selfish
and you are quarrelsome.
Does that mean you want
not go to the ball?
You need to
worry again about something.
What do you think
from a partner?
They said I can
not take care of myself.
How am I supposed responsibility
take over for another?
One Moment ...
Yes? ... No, I'm not doing anything. Oh ...
Yeah, yeah sure it's him?
No, I'll do it, thank you Audrey!
Ok, I have to go.
Detective Dancer, we are
not far from the end.
Yes, that was great. I feel the healing.
That was a good start ...
We have not even started.
The tree will grow ...
make next time
we the Rorschach test.
I have dark thoughts.
We talk about all that ...
... I can breathe. I feel myself
groundbreaking. Good Work!
Dr Jackson for Captain Murray ...
Hi Captain Murray.
No, actually, it went quite well ...
I think he's ready,
I do not know if she's ready.
Hey you, come, '' over here.
What? ...
- Relax, it's ok.
I'm a cop, come forth!
I plug 'in trouble?
No, I do. Can
I ask you 'ne question?
Do you belong to the
Good or the Evil One?
- I think 'after.
How old are you, 12?
What do you want to become?
Catwomen or yet
Wonder Women prefer?
Darth Vader or Obi-Wan Kenobi?
Captain Kirk or Khan?
I do not know these people.
Is ok, I am already old.
Let's try it.
I'll give you 10 mice
and you will help me?
Twenty. Okay. I like your style.
You have to do.
Be careful!
Hey Dancer, good to see you.
How did you get so fast ...
... Come here?
You can move so fast?
The question is Mutz as
quickly you can move?
Man, I love this
Highways. You also Mutz?
Dancer, You must not do that, OK?
I'll tell you everything
Want to know.
No, you're not ready.
Your head is not free.
Do you know how you define your
Make clear head? With running!
Come on man. Drive slowly.
I slip 'out.
Give me a name Mutz.
Who hired you?
Dancer, he kills me,
if I tell you.
Concentrate on
Your current situation.
It was Mongrel!
Flap, I'm trying to think.
What I do not understand,
I had no quarrel with Mongrel.
He's just a racket on demand.
Who rushed him to me?
How should I know that?
He gave me 200 mice ...
... So I bring you into the club.
I did not know,
that he wants to kill you.
You have me already give more ...
... Or we'll see how you
You're on the highway.
I know nothing else.
Ok, Road Trip.
Ok, Ok, Ok ... Mongrel
said what wash of money.
You mean money laundering.
Money laundering in any warehouse.
Skanzs Warehouse?
I do not know, who cares?
What Kenny Basset has to do with it?
There were 200 mice. That's all I know.
I swear, all I know!
Ok. Good work Mutz.
Thank Dancer, but You take me
already back in the city, right?
What do you think?
Dancer, Dancer, I
do not know where we are.
It was at the time a
desperate attempt to start.
I had to confront Skanz ...
Shake the tree and
look what falls down.
Just then gave me life
a nice slap in the face.
Skanz's Warehouse Benefit Gala,
What you have now in front, Skanz?
Hey, you doing fine?
You sound miserable.
No, I'm just so tired.
Tell me about it. My
Feet do dogs moderately hurt.
What is that?
2-28, you have now a partner.
A partner? White
Murray about it?
I'm afraid so.
That's what the doctor wanted.
Dog Pathetic.
Commissioner Barbie?
Fast, it's Princess.
Okay Princess. I
do it quickly and painlessly.
That will never happen here.
Good news Cowboy ...
I am not your partner. It is her.
That must be a mistake.
No, this is your card number.
ID? It's a dog.
Looks like you get
a respite, Small.
What did it matter?
It is not an "it". She is
Police officer, just as you and I.
I will make you pay to feed,
not to analyze it.
Hey, she's a good cop,
best nose of the state.
Nose? What do you mean? They
sniffs things and find them?
It is something challenging,
But what woman is not?
Adjust merely on with her baby.
She is very sensitive so.
Is she still get pregnant?
What? No, the stuffed animal, her baby.
You do not know much about dogs or?
Or women?
Break In there before someone sees us.
What should I do? THERE wear?
Ok, you can sit up front,
You can sit in the back.
I'm concerned, you can also drive.
Go ahead, that's
what between me and her.
But let 'us
make one thing clear.
I'm the man, You're the dog.
I'm the cop, you're a dog.
I speak, with a dog.
Dr. Jackson.
I do not know what you
hereby wish to bring Miss.
Detective Dancer works,
to his social skills.
You see, I'm not crazy.
I'm just angry.
Yes this is good. You and the
Dog have something in common.
Oh. So that's a joke,
allot me a dog, ...
... Who has a mental problem.
Detective, you had
Flashcards push around.
This is my livelihood.
Yes, but there is no life.
Oh, thank Confucius.
Hey Big. Who is a good dog?
Who's a good boy?
I call that a dog, huh!
Good attitude, funny.
Do you think that will work?
Skanzs Warehouse Benefit Gala,
Here we are, Princess Officer.
Why does Kenny ...
... A chain, with Skanzs
Company logo on it, huh?
I know you have maybe
a screw loose, ...
... But You will do what I
You say and when I tell you it ok?
Olfactory 'turn. Do you have it?
I think a lot of it,
is in the camp over there.
You have to find that.
So here again sniff it.
May I have your attention.
I'm Detective Dancer ...
... From the Louisiana police station.
Everyone stays where he is.
I have reason to believe ...
... That a lot here
illegal money is stored.
With me Officer's Princess.
She is a highly qualified
Professional and helps me.
Hol 'Mr. Skanz.
Hinder them please do not.
- Thanks!
Ok, Showtime, show 'what you can.
Go Search 'money - search' ...
... Search, c'mon,
simply find the money.
No Princess! No, he did not.
No, I did not mean.
Just like my lawyer.
Oh how sweet ... She has trained the.
No, not that much money.
Oh, do that again.
No, not that! Hey, no,
not. Where are you going?
Lucy, no!
Princess! - Detective Dancer ... I think
not that you are on the guest list.
Oh, I'm out of here
professional reasons.
But they are no longer a detective.
I mean, officially - is that right?
I know that you
Move money Skanz.
The only money here tonight
is there to help children ...
... Children, Dancer!
I know who you are, Skanz.
These people here ...
... Just know your
criminal not machinations.
You should go before I a
Cop right call, arrested the like.
It's not over yet, Skanz.
You are naive, Dancer ...
A threat to
our society ...
I apply for a
Contact ban, tomorrow morning.
It's over! Not even Captain
Murray can save you this time.
You know, I could
never suffer. I am very small
Ok, I'm going already. They
The jacket must not crumple so.
Here we find Mongrel.
He tried to kill me ...
... But I think that's
our last chance to solve the case.
Not test me
to help again.
Stay 'easy here.
You should take a
Psychiatrists track.
Well then ...
We're closed.
Yes, I am looking for ... Mongrel.
Does anyone know of a Mongrel here?
This is my wife. Hey You,
You have about a problem with us?
No, hey, calm people.
There is no reason for all this, ok?
I ordered 'me just a drink, okay?
Here, la maison!
What, you want to insult me?
After that's looks.
Why do not you take a sip?
Because he's a cop.
Hold him.
Is not that right, Dancer?
Hey mongrel! Your villains
are always in such good shape ...
Does your all in the same gym?
They did not pay me,
They said I screwed it the job.
But you let me try 'times ...
Nothing personal.
That's the business.
Now you're in trouble ...
This is a highly trained fighting dog.
I have to say something,
and she'll bite your head off.
Is that so? ... What a pretty
little doggie ... hm, what's that?
Are you kidding me?
Take down the thing from me.
Who made you set on me?
What do you think? Your biggest fan.
Because I money laundering
came on the track?
The what?
Mutz told me everything.
As it is ticked? Ship? Plane?
Idiot! Do not ship the money.
Bring it forth ... three million.
Come on Mongrel.
Three million are cash ...
... Certainly not worth the effort.
In cash.
I beg your pardon?
In one dollar bills,
they have a buyer.
A liaison officer
from Chicago ... Poocharelli.
Why should someone from the Mafia ...
... Three million
Sell one-dollar bills?
Age, that's life.
And now take down the thing from me.
Let him, Princess. I do not want,
that you'll get worms from him.
Ok, we have a few
get good information ...
... But you can such
not bring crazy actions.
Do not be so emotional ...
Be rather like me,
calm and collected.
Ok, that was a good job.
Just for the record, I had him there,
where I wanted him.
I think I have to feed you, huh?
Let us bring dry food,
or whatever you eat.
Excuse me sir, but your pet,
must on a leash.
My what? Oh, you have it
not taken after the party?
You can not naked
roam. Come on '...
Can you remember me decide? ...
How about that?
This one?
One hundred twenty-five dollars?
How much do you earn?
Approximately? We do not accept this.
How about if we Your cuddly toy,
exchange them for that?
Come on, Your's looks
like a used cough drop.
Can you remember
Just choose ...
These look really good.
Red or Blue? Beef and liver?
Mmm, delicious ... that's organic?
What is that? Chicken with rice ..
Oh, poached salmon and vegetables?
You know I do not eat 'times as something good.
You know what is a mystery?
A Mystery? A Question,
on which there is no simple answer.
Just as, "why, Kenny Bassett is in
Coma and Rick Dancer running around ".
I wanted you to fetch the chain.
Instead, I have
a teenager in a coma ...
... And the annoying attention
the choleric crowd.
The cops believe it was a robbery.
Apparently, there's a cop,
does not believe that.
Where's my chain?
The child she had not with him.
Until, my chain is not back,
is compromised my position.
You're not only failed,
ye have made it worse.
Give me your weapon.
You Dancer out to me.
Ahh! You've shot me in the foot.
Is our friend
Cleveland arrived?
He just checked in.
Well, he should feel
feel and cleans up the mess.
This time is to run everything smoothly.
Yes I know the cleaning lady
This year in sick.
Mealtime! You Are Welcome ...
Shall I make you also still warm?
If you ever said,
that you're worse than a cat ?!
You tried my
Sabotage wedding ...
Why do not you admit it?
You have separated you.
You've told me yourself ...
... That you do not love him anymore.
Okay, that's Dawn understood?
She looks good, but it is nasty.
Dawn never takes responsibility.
And here, this is Josie, it is ok.
She's not the brightest.
You two together? ...
- I spend the whole for a week ...
... And Ed is howling back to me.
Yes, I know I
hate her voice even.
It's sad, you have to accept it.
You just stay here.
Oh, sorry ... sorry? ... What am I doing?
OK OK! Consumption 'are not the
all the hot water! What's going on here?
Sleep 'where you want.
But I do not share the bed with you.
Think Do not turn. No No ...
No! Hey, you're a very rude guest
What do you do?
Ok, you think you're very clever, huh?
Did I like. Ok, how's that?
Here we are, come now '!
All right. All aboard
for the washing machine Express.
I'm gonna make you no doors.
I'm too dirty for you?
This means that you and your new, expensive necklace ...
... Can sleep here, ok?
What do you think about?
Good night .. go '!
Hey, I thought you're so smart ...
... 'Let's see how you open the door without a thumb?
As I said, I'm the man,
You dog. I am the supervisor.
No, no, too late! You had
Your chance to behave.
What is now? You are very loud ...
Ok, what is it?
Shut up, I'm working.
Had I merely paying attention in school.
You do not only with
whom you play here ...
Who is your boss?
- Princess! No!
Why did not police fish?
Hear finally on it. What's happening?
Everything OK?
Would you like your baby? I'll get it to you.
Not good at all! Here, I'm sorry.
Detective Dancer, it's late.
Yes I know. I'm so sorry,
but today we were at home 'evening.
We ate and
we looked Housewives, ...
... Everything was good. When we went to sleep,
wanted it in my bed.
So I had it on a
Ceiling pull down the hall.
Then I in the washroom
accidentally bleach ...
... In the washing machine
done and it bleached the thing.
I do not know what's going on,
but she does not stop crying.
Princess to me.
Hey, my baby, you're home,
OK, come on in.
Hey, Princess, good girl.
Nice to have you here.
Princess come, 'her.
You two know each other.
Because, you see? The
comical behavior. What is wrong with her?
Baby, look at me,
whether Princess wants to get out.
Princess to me.
I believe that she is looking for my husband.
Oh, it's so late. I'm so sorry.
I hope I do not disturb you.
No, no not at all.
My husband died.
Oh I'm sorry.
Dancer is in this house.
Let 'to find out who lives here.
Ruby asks if Princess
today is allowed to stay here.
Sure, you can keep from me.
I'll get up tomorrow morning.
Good Idea.
Hey, listen, then,
when I was here, when I asked you ...
... If you ever had a loss
and, I did not realize ...
I'm so sorry.
I did not know your husband but
I've heard nothing but good from him.
He was a good cop ...
- Thanks.
Have you ever found out who it was?
Unclear ...
- Hmm.
Can I get you 'get what? ..
Water? Soda? Tea?
A Tea ...
- Ok.
So what about Princess?
I think she is struggling with
post-traumatic stress.
This is normal after a big loss.
You must really miss him, huh?
Well, she was with Kyle when he died.
These police dogs are trained to ...
that they sacrifice themselves for
their two-legged partner.
I truly believe that they
themselves are to blame for it.
Why can not they live here?
They seem to be happy here.
Yes, and we love them. She is so cute.
It's just, it is not a pet.
She has been a Police Officer.
She needs a job, to be happy.
And you know, I think
she is tonight freaky, ...
... Because when washing her baby,
Kyle's have washed smell.
That was the last link to him.
Seems as though I have much in common and the dog.
We're both crazy.
I do not know, at least when it comes to the dog.
Oh. Excuse me, that's my
Emergency telephone number. Hello There?
Yes, Mrs. Corso ok.
We do now again the breathing exercise.
Four times, and four times from.
Can I get a glass of water?
Your mother is on the phone.
I do not know where their water have.
It is in the sink.
So good night, all right?
Will you tell me a story?
I'm a cop.
I should chase criminals ...
I mean, I do not know ...
Well ... 'let's see.
Long ago, led the
Great Wolf only evil design ...
He was addicted to gambling and drinking alcohol ...
... And that's why he could
not pay his mortgage.
So he set off with the seven dwarfs.
One of them gave him a tip,
that Cinderella ...
... A new pair of glass slippers,
which were very expensive.
I think it was Seppel ...
- I do not think that was so.
Who told here, me or you?
But the shoes were stolen.
But Cinderella knew it was the
bad wolf and she was lucky.
She had a policeman as a friend,
Detective Charming.
Well, he's not the typical Prince Charming.
He gave himself a
little hang, ...
... But he still looks good.
He wears only no cape and tights ok?
He followed the great wolf to
the house and looked through his ...
... Special camera and he saw,
that the shoes were on the table.
He grabbed a megaphone
and shouted, "Bring out the shoes, ...
... Or I arrest you. "
And the great Wolf said:
"First you have to catch me, cop."
Gets Detective Charming
the shoes the princess?
Waiting still.
So Detective Charming knew ...
... He has to go in there,
but he not only did it.
He got support.
Go 'never pure unaided.
The SEK team cruised.
They surrounded the house of the wicked wolf.
They pumped three cans of tear gas into the house.
The Wolf stifled. He came out and
fell on the grass, she slapped him ...
He now sits 3 - 5 years in state prison.
Detective Charming brought the shoes back to ...
... Cinderella and she was overjoyed.
They went to eat something and to the movies.
End, good night.
Ok, ok, good night Mrs. Corso.
Excuse me, some of my former clients ...
... Are a little difficult.
Listen, this Regulation
you have taken ...
... To help me or the dog?
You should ... well, you're Princess's last chance.
She has bitten people, she is moody ...
... And they should be put to sleep.
I know how she feels.
Moment, you know, we must
make even the assessment completed.
You know Doc, in your
To sit Office makes me sick.
Then I do what I can.
You should feel less sick.
OK thank you.
Good Night.
Thank you for coming earlier.
I come into trouble,
if I help you?
Is it true you have a six
Types finished with five shots?
Do not believe everything
what you hear, kiddo.
You see, that's what came with me.
What is that?
Hey, you have a bit of
Your friend at the FBI heard?
He says Poochareli is in town.
You have listened to his phone, he meets up with
someone's lunch. I have the address here.
That's federal business.
You have no authority.
It is encrypted.
You need a key.
A Key?
A companion piece of software,
that matches this.
Fetch the Bassett Act.
I need the number ...
... Kenny's girlfriend, Shawna.
I've never been here.
Hey kid, there were four shots.
Hey. Excuse the new look, ...
... But Ruby thought,
it's time for a little change.
You look very unprofessional.
So I thought,
after all the drama last night ...
... We could maybe your
Assessment in the city to carry out?
How about eating lunch with?
Ok. I'll just quickly get Ruby
and you write me where I meet you.
Perfect. Come on '.
So that's what we know so far:
Poochareli is here eating lunch ...
... And buy exactly $ 3,000,001 bills.
Skanz was beating Kenny and the
Hospital bring ...
... Because of a software.
Since there is a correlation and
if we continue to go about it ...
... We will probably
thereby killed.
Are you in? Me too.
Do not forget it. It was your decision.
Hey Princess, which was a good choice.
That's one of my favorite places.
Sir, dogs are only
the outdoor terrace allowed.
There are no exceptions.
I'll handle that. You know,
Whoever sits in front of you?
This is the greatest
Dogs star on the planet.
We turn here with her
new movie: "Rin Tin Tin".
Anyway sir, dogs
are in here not allowed.
I I explain it to you like this:
Do you know what happens ...
... When a film crew is in town?
Economic revival.
I would not like to have to tell your boss ...
... Because of you that we
will cancel the rotation.
Even better, we 'bout
when I call the newspaper ...
... And then you would expect from
now shaded with a camera.
I think we can
make an exception, Sir.
This is a good decision dear.
I want to sit outside, ok?
We go there along.
Oh, you know, the
Terrace is also ok.
Follow me.
They have so many problems.
I'm in a theater group,
just let us eat.
Only through you, I will
Can Ruby's college fund.
Sir, your dog may not sit at the table.
Ok. Hey, 'down, na Come on.
Welcome to our restaurant.
My name is Chuck.
I am now your culinary
Taste explosion in charge ...
Have you previously
before our guest?
What do you think?
Our daily offering is the quinoa,
Soy Steak Medley ...
... With glazed raspberries.
Sir, your dog!
Mr. Poochareli I did not think ...
... That this is a here
Restaurant of your choice is.
Yeah, well, I have to restrain myself.
The FBI is after me,
and ticks behind dead dogs.
Irritating, but I can understand ...
... For my part I
a similar problem.
Sir, your dog!
Ehm, where was I? Oh yes.
Yes, that does not work.
Sir, are you all right?
Why the unexpected visit?
There was a change of plan.
The deal will take place today evening.
That's impossible.
The money is not finished.
The whole thing boils already.
I get the money tonight.
Or what?
Or no deal.
Do something with this man.
I have a sinking feeling in my stomach.
You expect me to eat this poison.
Look at what it with the
Idiot did over there.
Need anything?
A glass of water perhaps?
Give us a minute?
Just a minute?
Is it perhaps,
allergic to good food?
Let us order.
I finish the reluctant,
but we have to leave.
Come on 'Princess, from the car.
Princess, Come on '.
You listen to a show of hands.
That's seat. That's Place ...
... And that you do,
if it is to find what.
Is there an instruction manual
or so that I could learn?
Ruby Baby, go into the car, ok.
I just had a
Conversation with Captain Murray ...
... And he asks for your progress.
Well, in this regard
What exactly am I supposed to tell him?
That was Skanz there.
You're right. I'm so sorry.
I ... I did not want ...
Transfer me and
my daughter ever again in danger.
You must take responsibility
to take responsibility for your actions, Detective.
What are you looking at? Here we go.
Hey Shawna, thank you for coming.
How's Kenny?
He's out of the coma,
but still in intensive care.
I'll find the guys,
who did this.
Why do you want the chain?
Well, I believe that this
Search dangerous types afterwards.
I do not understand.
I think it's safer for you,
if I only 'times keep that, ok?
Good Luck.
Take care of yourself, thank you!
Who is a good detective?
Who is a good detective?
Ok, look out, the great thing about
a Icee is simplicity.
There is ice and cherry juice.
Ok, Come on ', I'll show it to you.
You'll probably not like ...
It does not consist of
distilled water ...
... And the cherries
have not been previously polished.
Hey, you want to try? Hm?
Ok, here, only a small sip.
That's enough then but.
A bit - Hey, ahh, damn,
You ruined a perfect Icee.
Get down!
Ah, Princess!
Oh, that looks bad, huh?
Just wait, until the boys learn from the cell block, ...
... That Officer
Princess you have done.
I'd call her back so,
but they had no lunch.
Sit down, Dancer.
Hey, before you start, you can ...
Snout Dancer!
That's special investigator Shepard, FBI.
What does the FBI in the city?
Do you know him?
Never seen.
Are you sure?
We believe that a family wanted,
that they eliminate Pocchareli.
A boy named Billy Mutz ...
Billy Mutz is in the emergency room
and hopes to feel his toe again.
The Comstock cooperation,
Owner of SAVE-A-BUCK ...
... Sue for damages.
I have a list of celebrities
the oath swear ...
... That you have Eric Skanz's party ruined.
Eric Skanz located
just in this building ...
... And requested a contact ban.
I wanted anyone,
step on their feet.
Poochareli I do not care.
Oh, you are I do not care.
I have four years and seven thousand hours ...
... Plugged into the Poochareli history.
How many of these hours
They needed to find out ...
... That an overweight
Cop and a dog ...
... With curlers in her hair,
no elite team are.
Oh, you have the guy
take here on a leash.
So if Poochareli and
Skanz in the same boat ...
... I was probably right.
I knew about the money laundering.
Yet another reason for
You stay out of yourself.
They're in my territory.
They do not obey.
Officer, would you be so kind ..
Give me your weapon and your brand.
Come on Tony.
You will not let you be pushed around by the.
You're first on leave until the office
a full investigation concludes.
What's with Princess ... the dog?
You will remain here.
Tony, they are put to sleep.
You have more to lose.
I'd like to stay and your
little love quarrel experience, but ...
... I still have work to do right.
Are you leave of his senses?
I warned you, Dancer!
I told you,
You're out there all alone.
You know, I'm right!
How close is your turn?
You're finished Dancer!
You could not 'even solve a case ...
... If he would jump out into the eye.
Come here.
They flog money. I am sure.
I just do not know exactly when.
I'm very close.
OH, always these excuses from you!
All the time just excuses!
You have one more chance,
it profitable to earn support.
Make something of it!
So we work together?
Was that a joke?
Hau 'from ... hau' ab!
I must be crazy.
What's wrong honey?
What's happening? What's happening?
Princess, what's wrong?
Princess, what is it?
Princess, what's wrong?
Princess ?!
Driving 'go!
Princess ... Princess !!!
What's with that dog?
Crazy mutt!
He is still there, faster!
Hang 'the dog from!
He's gone.
For warehouse.
She is such a wicked little liar ...
She says and does everything
to get what she wants.
Ok, what you have for me?
What is that?
Three million as small change.
In one-dollar bills.
Mongrel told something of
Money laundering in any warehouse.
Think after, thinking 'after.
She thinks the whole
World belongs to her alone.
What did I miss?
Come on now.
Think, Think!
All hope that we will fail.
But that will not happen ...
... Waits and stay tuned.
I got you.
Audrey, listen to.
I've cracked the case.
Dancer, Captain Murray said,
You must not.
Yes yes I know. So Skanz prints
and selling counterfeit banknotes ...
... And I'm pretty sure,
I know where.
I have to come in to the kennel
so I can get my partner.
Not yet Do you know it?
Princess ran away.
What? Where is she?
She is still missing.
You you are looking for now.
I find them.
Have you lost who?
I did, I thought it would be ...
I'll make it short. Ruby is sleeping in the car.
Princess has appeared at us.
In the area, they said,
she was behind Eric Skanz.
All You are in this city,
You have to thank me.
It takes all your
bad habits to.
If you were not such a
Control freak, you knew ...
... How to hold on to a man.
What bad habits?
Now I know.
Hey, I know what makes Skanz.
He prints fake money with
a program of Kenny Bassett.
As Kenny out found
what they needed it, ...
... He stole it,
to get away as a bargaining chip.
That's why they have emerged
and have beat him.
What are you going to do?
- To show that I'm not crazy.
Hey, Detective ...
No, no, I have to
even pick up a few things.
Rick, Rick, I have to talk to you.
- Not a good time.
Everyone thinks they know Ed,
but no one knows him as well as I.
Ok Small, Have again here?
We grab us the villain.
What do you think?
This is our chance.
Ruby? ...
Ruby ??
Ruby !!?
Ruby's gone! ...
- Ok.
Maybe she woke up
and running around. Ruby ...?
Yes ...
- Hello Detective Dancer.
- Ruby? -Nicole.
If you and your girlfriend the child
want to see again, you are allowed to do anything.
Spend a leisurely
Evening together on the couch ...
... And tomorrow's all over.
Have the child done to you?
Wait wait. Where you go?
- I'll get Ruby.
No, he said we
to go into the house.
He told us to stay there
Ruby and nothing happens.
I have lost my husband,
Please not my daughter.
Once the deal is done,
Skanz will not need them anymore.
It is then a witness. I would like to,
that you concentrate on Ruby.
Rick Skanz killed Kyle.
I know.
To prove it, You got Princess.
I know when I'm in a
Hour'm not back, Murray call.
He should get there. Tell him,
I use my chance.
Princess to me.
I know.
Never thought again
seen look like 300 million.
Have not.
There are only three million.
I know, but it would be 300 million,
it would look like ...
It feels real.
That's because it
is really real, you idiot.
There are no
real hundred dollar bills.
No real hundred dollar bills.
What? ...
- Nothing.
Come on. Time is running out.
I was sure,
that it will be here.
Murray told me to restrain myself.
I should have listened. Ruby would
today at home with her mother.
Ok, damn ', I know,
I have long not talked to you, ...
... So, I'll unpack now.
To satisfy my needs,
I have repelled all ...
... And destroyed what I in
my life I loved.
I ask not for myself, but when
You help me to find the girl ...
and to bring them home,
I'll begin to live again.
I promise it.
Did you see that?
They monitor the front entrance,
We go to the back door.
Ok, Come on ', come,
ok, and be quiet, Come on.
It's like "trick or treating".
Trick or treating.
Carrying three million ...
... A three-hundred-million-dollar Halloween costume.
Ok, hey, listen to.
Today, we do not play Supercops, ok?
I want that Su Skanz forgets
and Ruby find, understand?
Here, you have it? Do you have it?
Ok, find Ruby.
How long does it take,
until the bleach smell evaporates?
That's me so no matter.
Louis, you should be with the girls.
I wanted to see the money, Mr Skanz.
OK OK ...
When this is all over,
can I shoot him?
In any case.
My lunch break is in
two minutes. Take off you.
I'm going to race tomorrow.
I closed 'degree from bet.
Scissors Stone Paper.
Paper defeated Stone won.
I have never understood,
such as paper, stone defeated.
You know what I a piece of paper
could do with a stone.
Come on, three attempts.
No real hundred dollar bills,
Braves pooch, doggie braves,
Braves dog.
- Where are we?
When the wicked. You know what?
Just like in the story?
Very dangerous here! Be quiet so I
Can take you home.
Quickly and safely. Come on '.
Scissors Stone Paper.
Scissors Stone Paper.
Captain Murray ... No, no.
Hear, hear!
Skanz, Ruby! I
have an address for you ...
Dancer gave them to me,
Write them down.
Poochareli is here!
- Hol 'Louis and the girl.
This way.
Change of plans. You have to
make very small, and be quiet.
Is the big, bad wolf here?
Yes he is, but also
Detective Charming.
Did you call support?
Be quiet, be quiet.
Psst, as a church mouse.
Louis !?
Thirty million for
Three hundred million.
Here we go, we should
the repeat very soon.
Ok, the packs into the car.
We have not got all night, huh?
Wow, wow, wow, wow. What is that?
I'll do it.
It's a trap. Come on,
Take the money! Come on.
You can go. The money stays here.
You're crazy. You're crazy.
Warmer, warmer, cold.
Ah, colder.
Warmers, cold, warmer,
warmer, hot, cold, brrr cold.
Two villains and no ball.
This is the Russel never believe.
Ok, we finish it.
FBI, get out of here, come on!
Both of you at the exit ...
Jackpot! Hey, I'll do it, okay?
You and your people are just in the way.
Forget it, a
my men in there ...
I'd continue to talk,
but I have real work to do.
Backs up the field!
Do not let anyone get away!
Stopping Skanz!
No Escape!
Let fall the pockets
and put 'the gun on the ground.
Turn around.
Good, now go.
At last I have you Skanz.
We go to the front door.
The cops and the FBI have been waiting for.
All are there to a
bad cop fail to see.
You're stuck with the Mafia under a hat ...
... And trying to slander me.
Who do you mean, they believe Dancer?
The most beneficent, man of the city, ...
... Or a crazy cop?
It depends,
who tells the story.
Captain Murry, you have Ruby?
It is too dangerous.
Go back into the car.
No, no way ...
- Take them out of here.
Take your hands off me.
No, I will not leave here!
Go back to the car.
Ruby? Ruby where are you?
Ruby no!
All you should do,
was staying at home.
See, what you have done?
Drop weapon!
OK OK. Now let them go.
I will not do that.
No reason to the girl
injured. Tell me what you want.
I wanted my $ 30 million.
But I have to make sure
that you do not disturb again.
Ruby !?
- Come on.
No Movement,
Hands behind your head.
Do you know who I am?
You are not calm and more!
Gets Help, you hear cries for help.
One officer was hit.
Everything will be fine Small,
Hold on, you're going back.
Gets an ambulance!
Here 10-22! There was a shooting.
Immediately need an ambulance.
All good little one, you'll
healthy again. It's okay.
How's her doctor?
She has lost a lot of blood,
I have done all I could.
Now it's up to her,
how much they want to return to us.
Can I go in?
- Naturally.
Many Thanks!
- With Pleasure.
Hey Little, I came,
to tell you how good you were.
I want you to know something.
Because of you is Ruby at home,
with her mother.
For your sake, Skanz is in prison
and because of you, I'm still here.
This Frsorgekram
is but a waste of ...
Hey, I told you, 'What brought.
What I'll really
Come to think about Icee, ...
... You have him quickly drink,
otherwise it melts.
So you have to
be fast healthy, ok?
If you have nothing against it,
I'll stay a bit with you.
Without making big words,
me is an honor ...
... You one of our best
Policemen showcase ...
... Detective Richard Dancer.
Thank you, Mayor Majo.
We have gathered,
to honor K-9 Officer Princess.
I was asked a couple
Words to say on their behalf.
Police officers who work in the K-9,
find out quickly,
... Dogs become friends,
Partners and protectors.
And again we get
their love and their life.
They remain faithful and honest,
until the last heartbeat.
We owe it to them to honor this loyalty.
Thank you for coming.
In recognition of the
outstanding bravery, ...
... The over all expectations
the police service is ...
... It is my duty,
my right and my honor ...
... The Medal of Honor,
to give to Officer Princess.
It is also my duty ...
bla bla bla ...
... The Medal of Honor, bla bla bla ...
... Detective Richard Dancer,
Welcome back, Detective.
Thank you, sir.
He's not your typical Prince Charming.
So everything has turned positive ...
... And what we learn from this?
Never give up.
If I can change,
can each.
But hopefully nobody needs
go through all this trouble for it.