Dancing Arabs (2014) Movie Script

The kid's on the roof again?
What a cheapskate.
Eyad, a bit to the right.
- Now?
- And now?
- Shitty TV! Only gets Israel.
- It must be the weather.
Abu Nidal, don't be so cheap!
I show four new movies every day.
- Tell him, a bit to the left.
- A bit to the left.
And now...?
It's good! Stop!
The mighty Syrian army is ready for war
They're probably flying to Lebanon.
God willing, they won't come back.
- Dad!
- What happened?
Eyad fell!
Oh God!
- Is he alright?
- Eyad, my dear.
- Can you hear me?
- When will you give up on that antenna, Salah?
When he wakes up,
we'll get a new color TV and cable, too.
Just wake up, son.
- Can you hear me?
- Wake up.
- Hello, Wajdi.
- Hello, Samir. Do you know the answer?
It's Baghdad.
Correct answer, Samir!
You win a Parker pen...
- Good picture, right?
- Very nice.
- Can I say something?
- Sure!
Blessings to Salah on his son's recovery.
- Hear that, Eyad?
- A thousand blessings. Bye.
I welcome Abu Nidal,
who's finally subscribed to my cable channel.
Salah, you're late.
No sour cream. Eyad, run to the store!
- Hello. Good morning.
- Good morning.
100 cartons of sour cream at 340 shekels each,
and 10 kilos of yellow cheese
at 7,500 shekels a kilo. How much?
122,500. Thank you, Eyad.
- You trust a little kid?
- Wow! You make 73% profit on the cheese?
Let's keep that between us, OK?
He's not just any kid, he's a genius.
What took you so long?
- Did you get the sour cream?
- Yes.
- I'm coming.
- Let's go!
- Hurry up!
- Alright, I'm coming.
Give me a hand.
- You said that Dad was the best in school?
- Yes, he was.
- So why and how did he become a fruit picker?
- Why and how?
Why? Because of the State.
And how?
Because your father got involved in politics.
It ruined his life.
May Allah forgive your father.
This is Palestine.
That's the real name of this country,
not Israel.
So the second wave of Jews
drained the swamps and...
Sorry, I just need five minutes.
- Go ahead, sir.
- Listen to me.
We have a very important guest from America.
His name is Ya'akov Newman. Please.
- Greetings!
- Greetings!
I belong to a group called Children for Peace.
Shut up, all of you.
You'll never be anything
but street cleaners and fruit pickers.
We believe that peace should start with you,
the Arabs living inside of Israel.
We believe in children making bridges.
The Jews are coming to visit us next week,
so tell your parents to get ready.
We don't want to be embarrassed.
You hear me, morons?
As the Israeli army invades Lebanon,
the Israeli Minister of Defense,
Ariel Sharon, stated that
a 40 km security zone
will be enforced inside Lebanon...
Why aren't you in bed?
I can't sleep. What are you doing?
We're preparing tor the demonstration tomorrow
against the war in Lebanon.
Can I come with you?
But you can help us.
Hello, sir.
- How are you?
- Fine.
Here. Draw our flag.
And don't do the colors the wrong way round.
Black on top, green at the bottom.
God, please protect my son,
his children and all children.
Protect the Palestinian kids in Lebanon.
Now pay attention, dear.
Careful, dear. Slowly.
There you go.
- See the blue suitcase?
- Yes.
Sit down.
You're a big boy now
and the only one I trust. OK?
When I die,
your aunts will come to wash my body.
Take the key from the sewing kit
and tell them:
My grandma asked to be wrapped
in the shrouds she bought in Mecca.
The shrouds are in the blue suitcase.
Understand? Eyad...
What's wrong?
Eyad, run to the store.
Your father's late for the demonstration.
I'll miss you, dear.
Go get your father sour cream,
cheese and white Jewish bread.
And this is the last time
you sleep in Grandma's bed. Come.
At the end of the third day of the war,
Israeli forces are near Damour,
a PLO stronghold in Lebanon.
They've had to face hundreds of terrorists
- in positions around the town...
- God protect you, Arafat.
as well as in refugee camps
in Tyre and Sidon...
The police arrested 20 protestors,
who will appear in court tonight.
In today's vote in the Knesset,
only the Communist Party opposed the war
Fahima, I'm really sorry but Salah was arrested.
Eight other people as well.
We got him a good lawyer.
- They didn't do anything, but the police...
- It's all because of your stupidity.
He's not a child. He has kids to raise.
I really am sorry.
Don't worry,
I'm sure they'll be released tonight. You see?
Everything's fine, I told you.
Welcome back.
What did they do to you, son?
Did they do anything?
- Did they beat you?
- No, they didn't.
- You're alright?
- Yes, thank God.
- Praise God, praise God.
- Praise God.
Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you,
peace be upon you all...
Stop that!
And you're our genius.
- Want to play cards?
- No, I don't like cards.
Do you have an Atari?
- Mom, I brought my Jew.
- Okay, dear. Go play on the roof.
- Want to play Sharon and Arafat?
- No, I don't feel like it.
- You can be Sharon.
- Leave me alone.
What does it say?
"Three students were arrested in Jerusalem
in connection with planting a bomb
at a bus station in the city.
One of the suspects is Salah Barhum,
an Israeli Arab.
- It's about some terrorist.
- It's my Dad.
- What?
- My Dad's a terrorist.
- Your Dad's a...
- Terrorist. Welcome.
Eyad, come down. Food's ready.
Come. Let's go eat.
Why aren't you eating? It's delicious. Try it.
Why won't he eat?
If the Jewish boy goes home hungry,
Principal Jamal will kill you.
What? It that jerk touches you, just tell me.
I'll show him.
Try the chicken.
- No, I don't feel well. I want to go home.
- Why? It's good.
What is Dad's job?
- My dad's a builder.
- Good.
- My dad's a fruit picker.
- Good.
- What?
- Mechanic.
- My dad's...
- ...a mechanic.
My dad's a terrorist.
Stand up and repeat after me:
- My dad's a fruit picker.
- My dad's a terrorist.
- Fruit picker.
- Terrorist.
- Fruit picker.
- Terrorist.
Put out your hands.
My dad's a fruit picker!
- My dad's a terrorist.
- My dad's a fruit picker!
- My dad's a terrorist.
- Fruit picker!
My dad's a terrorist.
Sit down!
You'll be just like your father:
nothing but a fruit picker.
My dear Eyad...
I love you.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Like I said already, your son is gifted.
- Greetings.
- Greetings to you.
My advice? Send him to a better school.
Send him where? To the Jews?
They'll never accept an Arab kid.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen
and welcome to our daily show.
Today we have a surprise for you, viewers.
A few days ago, Principal Jamal suggested
that instead of short, easy riddles,
we should have a real quiz show,
like on Israeli radio. Welcome Principal Jamal!
- Dear viewers.
- Hello.
I asked myself how can I...
- That government agent was in your class, right?
- He was in everyone's class.
He spent five years in ninth grade.
Please, Principal Jamal.
"It comes from the land of Uncle Sam...
and is blue as the sky.
It can look like a cloud.
The Arabs have problems with its beginning,
and Abd Alwahab lives in it."
Wow, viewers, such a good riddle...
Forget him. Keep playing.
Let's see if these fruit pickers can solve it!
- Dad, can I ask you something?
- Go ahead, ask away.
- What's a terrorist?
- Who taught you that word? Principal Jamal?
No one.
Don't listen to him.
He's not a teacher, he's an idiot.
There's no such word as terrorist...
The Jews invented it to confuse everyone.
"Warrior" is the right word.
- And is a warrior good, Dad?
- You're asking me if a warrior is good?
Kids in Beirut and Tel az-Zaatar
are demonstrating on the streets shouting
PLO! Israel No!
And you don't know what a warrior is?
You really don't know?
- So, you're a warrior, Dad?
- What? Of course not. Forget it.
as a strong party, people are following us
and expecting us to solve this riddle.
Especially since it was written
by a government agent like Jamal.
Comrade Salah,
you're the most educated man here.
You attended the university.
We're counting on you
to do your best and solve the riddle.
But I...
We're counting on you.
Your success is our success. Right, Comrades?
The correct answer is the Israeli flag.
- Sorry, that's not the answer.
- Wait, how come...?
- Hello, who's this?
- It's Umm Yusef, Wajdi.
My answer is the sea.
- Sorry, that's the wrong answer.
- Why?
Dear viewers, the moment of truth is near-
In 15 minutes, we will reveal the...
Eyad, go buy me cigarettes.
Put it on the tab.
I pray to Allah that you solve it before then.
So hurry up. The clock's ticking.
We have another call.
- Yes, who is this?
- It's Jamal.
You owe me for two months!
- Pay him now.
- I'll pay tomorrow.
- Next time, I'll disconnect you...
- Greetings. I need cigarettes tor Dad.
Dad doesn't smoke Barliaments.
The answer is Tomahawk. Right? Tomahawk?
- The answer isn't Tomahawk.
- Dad!
Yes, my son.
- "Barliament! The answer is Barliament!
- What?
It's blue like the sky,
made in America, land of Uncle Sam,
Arabs have a hard time pronouncing the
and the smoke is like a cloud.
And Abd al Wahab Darausha
is a Member of Parliament.
Come on, kids. Hurry up!
You are Dad's genius.
Hurry, hurry, run!
- Good luck!
- Don't say a word to anyone.
Sure, Dad!
- Greetings!
- Greetings!
Dear viewers,
we've had 20 callers and 20 wrong answers.
It's time to reveal the big secret.
- Go ahead, Principal Jamal...
- I know the answer!
Get a shot of Mr. Salah.
Go ahead, Mr. Salah.
Go ahead, Mr. Salah.
Or should I call you Comrade Salah?
Go ahead. What's the answer?
The answer is "Barliament".
"Barliament" comrade?
- It's the correct answer.
- No, wait!
- He has to explain why.
- Yes, you have to explain.
"Made in USA", the land of Uncle Sam.
The box is sky blue
and it emits smoke like a cloud.
- It's starts with the letter "B!
- Well done, comrade!
- My son, Eyad, solved the riddle.
- Well done, Eyad!
Congratulations to Salah and his son, Eyad.
You've won three kilos of meat
from the Triangle Meat Market!
Why are you so stubborn, Salah?
For 100 shekels,
I'll install the satellite dish tor you.
- You think you'll manage the receiver?
- ll it doesn't work, I'll call you!
- Tell Eyad to face it southeast.
- 45 degrees to the southeast!
Eyad, 45 degrees to the southeast.
OK, Dad!
- And now?
- And now?
A bit to the left.
Eyad, you have a phone call. It's in Hebrew!
Eyad, the phone!
Welcome to the Jerusalem Arts
and Science Academy. See you soon, Ayid.
What? No?
They accepted me.
- Congratulations!
- That's wonderful!
- Congratulations, genius.
- So you're leaving home?
Why are you sad?
It's the best school in the country!
You'll have a good future.
You'll be able to do whatever you want.
You can be the first Palestinian
to build an atomic bomb.
Don't talk like that, Salah.
Jerusalem isn't far.
There'll be holidays and vacations. Don't worry.
- Dad.
- What?
What did you do in Jerusalem?
I studied at the university.
I know.
But what happened in 1969?
Why do you ask?
Your grandmother's newspapers again?
Forget it, son.
May God forgive your grandmother.
I was 21.
A bomb exploded in Jerusalem and they arrested
some students who were political activists.
I was one of them.
They never charged me,
I was never brought to court.
I was detained for two and a half years
and spent a year under house arrest.
I couldn't go back to
Jerusalem or the university.
Did you regret it?
It wasn't easy. In fact it was very hard.
We thought we could liberate Palestine
from the Jews.
Now you don't?
Now we just want them
to let us live with dignity.
That's why you're sending me here?
You know what? Yes. That's why.
Because I want you to be better than them.
In every way.
Let's go.
Take care of yourself.
Good morning. You must be Ayid.
- Eyad Barhum.
- Eyad. Sorry. I'm Yael, the school principal.
We're very glad you can join us this year.
Here are your room keys.
This is the school's community service program.
Please read it.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
- Do you need help?
- I'm looking for room 12 in the brown building.
Are you Arab?
I didn't realize they accepted Arabs here.
I bet your parents are very proud of you.
If I was your dad, I'd be on the top of the world.
Your room's down there.
- Hi, you must be Ayid.
- Eyad Barhum.
Hi, Ayid.
Want to listen to some Deep Purple?
- Deeb Burble?
- What?
Forget what you learned
at your previous schools.
We're going to study
the philosophy behind the Bible
completely from scratch.
- And we can only begin with...
- Genesis.
Genesis, Ayid.
"In the beginning... Read.
"In the beginning,
God created heaven and earth-.
And the earth was without form and void,
- and darkness was set upon the deeb...
- Quiet!
What is he wearing?
Ayid, right?
Do you have any idea
what I'm supposed to do here?
You have to break down
the thani oksid al-karbon.
I still don't know it in Hebrew.
- Carbon?
- Yes.
Thanks, you saved me.
I thought I'd miss my night out.
Are you going out?
We're going to see "Die Hard
at the Edison Cinema. I'm Naomi by the way.
I'm Eyad.
Eyad? Everyone calls you Ayid.
Why don't you correct them, moron?
- Hello, is this where Yonatan Avrahami lives?
- Yes. How I can help you?
I'm Eyad, from the volunteer program
of the Art and Science Academy.
Why are you doing this to me, Mom?
I don't want this.
Just try it.
I don't feel well.
So far there are 14 fatalities and 30 injured,
among them, the Palestinian terrorist
who attacked the bus driver,
causing the bus to roll into a ravine
on the way to Jerusalem.
The terrorist was a member of Hamas.
This is the biggest terrorist attack
since the beginning of the Intifada...
I'm sorry. Yonatan isn't feeling well.
We'll have to reschedule.
Yonatan, this is Eyad.
What do you want to listen to?
I don't know.
Know The Rhetorical Band?
Do you play?
Not as much anymore.
I'm losing the strength in my hands
because of my illness.
Were you born that way?
Were you born that way?
- What way?
- Arab.
Is it contagious?
You can borrow the CD if you want.
Thanks, it's actually a nice song.
"Pedestrianized street"
means no traffic is allowed.
Are you from Jerusalem?
No, from Tel Mond.
It's not too far from your village.
But I've been here many times before.
Haven't you?
No, not breviously.
- "Previously.
- What?
You say "previously", not "breviously".
"P". See? The paper moves. "P". Not "B".
- I didn't even know...
- It's nice here.
It's a very famous place.
Have you heard of it?
Important people come here.
Amos Oz used to sit here a lot.
Amos Oz? Black Box? "My Michael?
- He's a very famous author.
- What would you like?
I'll have the cheese and mushroom crepes,
And you?
Chocolate milk, please.
Chocolate milk? You're such a kid!
I love this song. Do you know it?
What kind of music do you like?
Umm Kulthum?
Yes, but I also really like Abdel Halim,
Amr Diab and Fairuz.
I don't know them.
Will you play them for me?
Hey, Ayid, what's going on?
Are you alright?
Yes, I'm fine.
Muscular dystrophy?
It's a tough disease, incurable.
Check out the science geeks.
Your parents let you take the bus
all by yourselves?
What's up, redhead?
Forget about him. Check out this nerd.
What's with your clothes?
What's your name?
Guys, meet Muhammad.
Muhammad's dead, yo ya.
He had several daughters, yo ya.
His daughters are ugly, yo ya.
Just like monkeys, yo ya.
Muhammad's dead, yo ya.
He had several daughters, yo ya...
Where's grandma? I want to talk to her.
Tomorrow, New Year's Eve,
the West Bank will be closed off
and Palestinians will be
denied entry to Israel...
- Don't worry, another one will come soon.
- It's OK, my dad's picking me up.
How many times do I have to tell you?
This is a chance of a lifetime!
One day you'll understand
what I'm talking about.
On November 29, 1947, the United Nations decided
the British Mandate in Israel
would end by August 1st.
They also decided to divide Israel
into two separate states,
a Jewish state and an Arab state.
The Jews reacted positively to this decision.
On May 14th, 1948, the fifth day of
the Hebrew month of Iyyar in the Jewish year 5708,
the State of Israel was founded.
What led to the war that then broke out?
The war? Oh, the Arabs. Of course.
The Arabs rejected the Partition Plan and tried to
prevent the establishment of the Jewish state.
When the Plan was accepted, in 1947,
the Arabs launched a series of hostilities
against the Jewish community,
starting the War of Independence.
Thank you, Eyad.
So, let's talk about the war.
Please open to page 254.
I don't get how you find your way here.
It all looks the same to me.
- Not at all.
- Well, it's in your blood.
- What is?
- Being a tracker.
- How much is it?
- 50 shekels.
Eyad, give me 20 and get out of here.
- Thanks.
- Good luck.
You're only investing 20 shekels?
Actually, that's in your blood.
- What is?
- Being cheap.
- Hi, Walid. God bless.
- Hi, Eyad. How are you?
Give me two kilos of hummus,
chickpeas and lots of hot sauce.
- Great hummus for the great Eyad.
- Thanks.
Couldn't you find a Jewish friend
who's not crippled?
Careful, he speaks Arabic.
You're kidding.
Eyad, you've saved my life.
I spent all day in court
and didn't have a bite to eat.
There's herbs, too.
- You'll mess up the car.
- Give me some. Who cares?
You know that Arabs clean her car afterwards.
I heard that.
Give him some.
It's beautiful.
- You like it?
- Of course.
- Does it suit me?
- Very much.
I love you, you know.
Say it in Arabic.
- I love you.
- And I love you more.
- Thanks.
- Come again.
- The usual?
- Yeah. With oil.
- Hi, Emanuel.
- Hi, Arik.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
- How are you?
- Good. Hummus. Do you have chickpeas?
- Arik?
- I'm on it!
- Two bagels. I'm starving.
- Sure. Two bagels.
Who's next?
- Guys, we've made a fortune today!
- Awesome!
Why do we bother serving breakfast?
Right. Nobody's been here for weeks.
The air force flight academy accepted me!
- Don't I get a kiss for that?
- Congratulations. Good luck.
Hello, everyone.
I won't elaborate on the situation in the region,
I'm sure you're all aware oi it.
This nice soldier is here to explain
how to use the gas masks.
Please pay close attention,
it could save your life.
Sure! A plastic mask will stop the mustard gas.
I'm glad you're optimistic, Eran. Please.
My name's Ayelet.
Every one of you will receive a box.
Each box contains a gas mask, a filter,
and two shots of Atropine.
Honey, spread your legs wider
for seven oppressed men, seven Palestinians.
Honey, oh honey, spread your legs wider
for seven oppressed men, seven Palestinians.
Twenty years of occupation,
we will wait no longer.
With erections and semen,
we'll redeem Palestine.
Twenty years of occupation,
we will wait no longer.
With erections and semen,
we'll redeem Palestine.
Listen to me
for just one moment
before taking off your pants.
Ishmael and Isaac were brothers
and we have one father in heaven.
You were born in a refugee camp
where the summer is hot and the winter is cold.
I was born in a tough blue-collar town.
We were born the same.
Like an Arab worker they exploited me
in the gas station across the counter.
You were screwed, so was I.
Everybody was screwed.
Here's to you.
- You were great!
- Thanks.
Whoa, here he comes.
There you go.
- There's no one from school here.
- There's bound to be someone.
Yuck. This Arab tried to touch you?
It's just his sense of humor.
Think it's funny to date an Arab?
Shall I beat him up for you?
You're drunk.
- I want to go.
- Wait!
I don't understand why they served you alcohol.
I'm sorry.
- It's because of that girl.
- Come on, Mom.
Do you realize how hard it is for her?
You think so?
Where do you think you're living, Eyad?
This is The Voice of Israel from Jerusalem
with the 11 o'clock news.
The deadline set for Iraq
will expire tomorrow at midnight.
The government has announced that schools
will be closed from tomorrow... - Sorry.
At least you don't have to get up for school
Silly boys.
Are you drunk?
What's going on?
- Wait a minute.
- Who is it?
It's just his sense of humor.
He didn't mean to insult you.
But he's right, Eyad. He's totally right.
Well, sometimes I want to kill
that guy in class when...
What's that got to do with it?
You think I don't want to tell the world
that I love you?
Do you know how much I want
to tell everyone about our love?
I can put you on the PA system.
I talked about you with my mom recently.
Why didn't you tell me?
I just didn't. It wasn't really about you.
I asked her:
"What would you say
if I told you I had an Arab boyfriend?"
You should have seen her. She yelled at me.
"Naomi darling, tell me you're a lesbian,
tell me you're a drug addict
or that you have cancer,
but don't ever tell me
you have an Arab boyfriend."
No surprise.
Are you worried? Do you have cancer?
No, I'm just a lesbian.
Yuck! You stink.
- Because I'm an Arab?
- No, you moron. Because you just threw up.
- Can I call you?
- Sure. If they ask who it is, make up a name.
- Like Mustafa?
- Moron.
Is "Moron" a Jewish name?
- What about Yonatan? Does that suit me?
- No, Eyad suits you.
- You know, I love you.
- Say it in Arabic.
- I love you.
- Hey, come here.
- What's your name?
- Eyad.
Got any ID?
Sit down.
Sit down! No kissing.
Run an ID check.
- How are you?
- I'm fine.
- Give me a cigarette.
- I don't smoke
What's the ID number?
- What does he want from us?
- I don't know.
Keep this for now.
Get lost, Arabs.
Rabbi Kahane was right. Kahane forever!
It's not so bad.
It's only the beginning. Tomorrow, the Americans
will be sorry they ever entered Iraq.
You really think Saddam will defeat
the Americans?
You'll see. The Americans are good
with their planes and missiles,
but once their soldiers hit the ground,
it'll be a hell worse than Vietnam.
May God kill them.
Baghdad is burning.
May God finish them.
They've destroyed the place.
Where are Saddam's missiles?
Was it just a showoff?
But Dad, you always hated Saddam. You said he's
a jackass just like the rest of the Arab leaders.
- What happened?
- The whole picture's changed.
Everything's different now.
They'll wipe out Iraq in two days.
What's with you?
Why are you always like that?
Look at the moon.
It's Saddam, definitely.
You see him?
What are you on about?
Saddam on the moon?
Look, on the right.
There's his beret, and there's his mustache.
No doubt about it: it's Saddam. You see?
You don't?
Look over there.
That's right. You see now?
Meanwhile the Georgian guy is still in the closet.
That's good. That's good. Yes, yes.
So up in heaven, the Pope is on skates,
Moses is riding a scooter...
It's the alert siren!
Get up, everyone! Get up, Eyad! Nidal!
Following a missile attack on Israel,
a general alert is now active.
All citizens should wear gas masks
and enter the sealed rooms.
Grandma, I'll help you with your mask.
- You want me to suffocate?
- Go downstairs, Grandma!
- Where are you going?
- Come upstairs.
Are you crazy? Send the kids to the sealed room.
- For God's sake, at least wear your masks!
- There he goes. Go, go.
Please God,
for once give the Muslims a victory.
There's the Scud. It's coming.
Hit them with chemicals, Saddam!
Come on! Hit them hard!
Come on, Saddam!
Straight into the Ministry of Defense!
Right on Tel Aviv. Go! Come on!
Go, Saddam! Hit them with chemicals!
Show them who we are.
Look, the damn Patriot!
God is great!
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Can I speak to Naomi please?
- Who's calling?
- Yonatan, from school.
- Of course! I'll call her.
Naomi, Yonatan's on the phone. Come here.
How are you, Yonatan?
I'm fine. I'm sorry to call like this.
- Are you alright? I was worried about you.
- Same here.
- Everything's fine, don't worry.
- I love you, Naomi.
I love you too, very much.
- I'll call you later.
- OK.
Naomi. A Jew.
I would've told you, Mom.
Told me what?
He didn't use chemical weapons.
He just wanted to warn them.
He wants to show them he can blow up Tel Aviv.
Bagdad is destroyed and you're excited
about some scrap metal in Tel Aviv?
What do you know about wars?
The Jews will surrender within a week.
They can't take this kind of pressure.
It'll be the end of them.
Even you don't believe what you're saying.
What do you know?
After several days of attacks
by the American and Allied forces,
After several days of attacks
by the American and Allied forces,
After several days of attacks
by the American and Allied forces,
Iraq has surrendered.
Take care of yourself, dear.
- And be careful.
- Don't worry.
The American army has started searching
for chemical and biological weapons in Iraq.
- President Bush says the war was unavoidable
- What were we thinking?
That we could defeat America?
That Saddam could defeat Israel?
That you could see him on the moon?
- Hi, Naomi.
- Hi.
I missed you.
How are you?
- I love you.
- Say it in Hebrew.
- I love you.
- I love you more.
So what do Hannah's false visions represent?
What is the significance of the twins?
Maybe childhood friends or fantasies?
What do you say about the twins?
- The Arab twins?
- Yes, the Arab twins.
- Can I choose to remain silent?
- Absolutely not.
Did you even read the book?
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I know the twins symbolize
Hannah's loss of sanity.
That's right.
- So you did read it. I don't understand why...
- I don't think that's true.
Because when I read it
I think of the Arab twins and not of Hannah.
When I read it,
I see two poor, violent, ugly Arabs
who've become the sexual fantasy
of a woman who's losing her mind.
I think about how they never did anything wrong,
apart from being Arabs.
I think about what they represent to the author,
to the reader
and to the Israelis.
I think about the primitive Arab
who's only interested in sex.
That image oi the wild,
animalistic, primitive Arab,
who's only motivated by his phallus.
- I think you're a bit...
- No, ma'am. I'm not.
Is there anything worse Hannah can do?
Is there anything worse a Jewish girl can do
than sleep with an Arab?
we're the ones who rape them with fiery eyes.
That's what happens in Agnon's stories.
To him, Arabs just destroy everything.
That's how Benjamin Tammuz writes,
and Aharon Meged,
and even A.B. Yehoshua.
That's what happens to poor Dafni
in his book "The Lover".
Naim? God forbid.
Naim, the dirty Arab mechanic?
Naim, who has to shower
every time he meets Dafni?
You know why, ma'am?
It's easier for the authors and their readers
when an Arab makes a move on a Jewish girl.
He should at least take a shower.
After all, we all know how Arabs stink.
- I'm not sure that...
- I'm sorry, ma'am.
I really would have preferred to keep silent.
We're more polite that way.
Quiet! Quiet!
I'm going to tell my parents.
Sure it's a good idea?
I have to tell them
about you. It's better coming from me.
I don't know. I'm against involving parents.
- What it they get violent?
- Cut it out, you moron.
I forgot they're Ashkenazi.
- Stop it, it's not funny.
- What?
He was awesome.
- Where are you, son?
- A friend's house.
- Do you have a place to sleep?
- Of course. I'll study better like this-.
- When are you coming home?
- Next week, I think.
- Do they have a phone?
- Of course they have a phone.
Write down the number:
- OK, bye.
- Bye, Mom.
Sometimes I forget you're an Arab.
Yeah, me too.
Don't worry.
Someone will always remind you.
Stop worrying. It'll be OK with Naomi.
Trust me. I know women.
- You don't seem that focused.
- What? No, I'm just...
- Just what?
- Nothing.
"God blessed the seventh day and made it holy
because on it
he rested from all the work of creating.
- Allow me."
- Cheers.
"Bless you, oh Lord,
who creates the fruit of the vine."
- Amen.
- Amen.
Did you talk to her?
My dad started having the symptoms
when he was 35.
I was five.
It's not even a hereditary disease.
But your problem is hereditary.
Sure. My parents are Arab.
The truth is, we're similar, you and I.
We're both victims oi statistics. Right?
Come on. Being special is the best.
- It's unique.
- Yeah.
So, being unique I've decided to quit school.
Now? Just before graduation?
I can't take it anymore.
I can't stand the students,
the class, the school.
I'll study at home.
I'll do the final exams externally.
Are you sure?
I'm so tired.
- Mom, I'm going to sleep. Good night.
- I'll be right in, honey.
Should I help you get into bed?
- You know what I miss the most?
- What?
- The guitar.
- Is this alright?
Thank you.
- Hi, may I speak with Naomi?
- Who's this?
- Yonatan, from her class.
- OK, just a moment. I'll get her.
- No, it's not Yonatan. It's me.
- Oh, Eyad.
- I have bad news.
- What happened?
My parents won't let me go back to school.
- What do you mean?
- They just won't.
- I can't talk right now. Let's talk later.
- Wait...
- Does Naomi live here?
- Who wants to know?
Yonatan. We spoke on the phone.
A friend from school!
You can tell them we broke up.
And keep on lying? Hiding?
I just can't do it anymore.
What will we do? Not see each other?
I don't know, but what can I do?
What do you mean you're leaving?
I want Naomi to be able to
come back to Jerusalem.
You're going to destroy your future
because of Naomi's parents?
A diploma from this school
can open a lot of doors for you.
Please tell Naomi's parents
that she can come back.
What about your parents?
Take care.
You're leaving school? I don't understand.
I put all my hopes in you.
Do you want to kill me?
Stop it, Salah. Eyad's smart.
He knows what he's doing.
It he wants, he can study externally.
I'm sure he'll get good grades. Right?
I work like a dog to pay for his tuition
and I tell people
my son goes to the best school in the country.
- Now he wants to leave?
- Stop.
What will people say?
- That you're a failure?
- Stop!
- I'm sorry. I promise...
- What do you promise?
You know what?
I don't even want to see you here.
Take care of yourself.
Don't worry. Everything will be alright.
May Allah watch over you.
When the day arrives and you're a doctor,
you'll find a cure for your grandmother.
My legs can't carry me anymore.
Get well, Grandmother.
May God give you health, my child.
Come, come to your grandmother.
May God watch over you and protect you.
- God be with you, boy.
- Thank you very much.
Hi, Eyad. Where are you?
Not far. How's school?
- I miss you so much.
- What matters is that now we can see each other.
What will you do? How will you manage?
Don't worry. I'll be fine.
I just need to find work.
And your parents?
They totally understand.
They've always trusted me. My mom even
helped me get a flat. I'm dying to show it to you.
No one understands why you left.
They're all asking about you.
They think you're crazy.
- They don't know what they're missing outside.
- Sure.
- I don't understand either.
- See you Tuesday?
Sure. Atara Caf?
- I love you, Naomi.
- I love you more.
Excuse me, who's the owner here? Thanks.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Are you looking for waiters?
- No, thanks. We don't need any.
Excuse me.
- Yes?
- I see you need waiters.
No, we don't.
The committee examining Palestinian complaints
against violent Jewish settlers...
- Rafi, what about table 12?
- Almost ready.
Hagar, take over.
- Put on some music.
- OK.
Oh Rosana, Rosana, tell me where are you.
What have you done, Rosana?
Come over here...
- Move it, before the boss gets angry.
- Sure.
How come Rafi speaks Arabic so well?
Listen, my friend: "Rafi is in fact Rafik.
I'm Muhammad, but they call me "Muki".
And Jamal is... Jimmy.
Get it?
You've a phone call. They said it's urgent.
It started with his vocal cords,
then his esophagus.
We're waiting for the test results.
look who's here.
How are you, Yonatan?
How are your studies going?
Really good.
So you work in a restaurant now?
A few shifts a week.
When I don't have classes, I work as a waiter.
It's good money for going out
and things like that.
I have to go back now.
I'll visit again tomorrow.
If you need anything...
Are you thirsty?
It's this way.
See you next Tuesday.
- A waiter makes more than us just from tips.
- The boss promised I'll be a waiter soon.
Keep dreaming, my friend.
You've only been here a month. I've been here
two years and he still keeps promising.
- You know how to become a waiter?
- How?
Die a martyr and then ask Allah
to send you back as a Jew.
Even then, maybe you'll be lucky, maybe not.
Is that alright? Are you comfortable, Yonatan?
Blink once for "yes", twice for "no.
I'll be here every day from eight till tour.
I'll do all the treatments, creams, baths.
And do me a favor.
- Don't smoke here.
- Welcome home, sweetheart.
- You speak Hebrew, right?
- Yes.
See you.
- So, you start tomorrow morning.
- Yes, I'll be here at eight.
We really look alike, right?
You look like an Arab.
Yonatan, we're going for a drink after work.
Want to join us?
Thanks, but I can't tonight.
Why? Is your girlfriend waiting for you?
"On August 6th, 1945, an atomic bomb
was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan.
It destroyed more than half the city
and killed 80,000 people.
Two days later, the Soviet Union declared
war on Japan and invaded Manchuria.
On August 9th, another atomic bomb
was dropped on the naval base in Nagasaki."
Well, I think we're ready
for the final exam in history.
Are you asleep?
You don't give up, do you?
You're stubborn.
Nothing. It's been a while
since I saw an Avrahami get drunk.
Well, good night. See you tomorrow.
I don't want to be alone in the house
with Yonatan.
I won't survive it.
Come stay with us.
What's wrong?
Are you alright?
It's OK. Don't worry.
Let's take off your top.
That's right.
That's it.
Just a few more minutes
and I'll take you back to bed.
"When the child was a child
it didn't know it was a child.
Everything had a soul and all souls were one.
When the child was a child
it had no opinion and had no habits.
It sat cross-legged and stood up running,
had a cowlick in its hair..."
Ibrahim Ashkar.
Good luck.
Eyad Barhum.
Good luck.
Thank you.
"Payable to Yonatan Avrahami only."
- It's your first bank account, right?
- Yes.
That's it.
Just sign wherever you see an "X".
Good luck, Yonatan.
"Deposit to the bank account
of Yonatan Avrahami.
- I've been accepted by the I.C.
- What's that?
It's something I want to do when
I go to the army.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
At the interview,
they asked me if I knew anyone from a minority
and if I had any relationships with Arabs-.
So what did you tell them?
If you want to be in the Intelligence Corps,
you need a very high security clearance.
Hi, Edna.
Is everything OK? Is Yonatan still awake?
I believe this is yours.
I'm so sorry.
I just wanted to be a waiter. That's all.
I won't do it anymore.
I promise.
It's alright.
No one needs to know.
No one.
Don't turn over your papers until I tell you to.
Is that clear?
Shlomo Avihai?
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
Yonatan Avrahami?
Good luck. Zion Eliyahu?
A little more. That's great.
My Yonatan.
- Why didn't you wait?
- We've been looking for you all day.
- Where's Dad?
- Over there.
- Dad.
- Come here, son.
You're my life, son.
Your grandmother loved you so much,
she always asked about you.
She had such high hopes for you.
I love you, Dad.
Math: 98
Math: 98
English: 97
English: 97
Physics: 96
Physics: 96
Civics: 90
Civics: 90
I did the best I could.
You did a lot.
Remember the first time you came to our house?
Of course.
Do you realize how much you've changed?
Sometimes I don't understand anything.
I never saw Yonatan as happy
as when he was with you.
I miss him so much.
So do I.
Do you know what hurts most?
That sometimes I pray for it to end.
So he'll stop suffering.
Good evening. Your ID, please.
Yonatan Avrahami?
Edna? You're his mother?
Have a good night.
You think it's easy for me?
Well, it isn't.
I really love you,
but I can't go on anymore.
I can't lie and I don't want to.
I feel suffocated
and I really can't go on anymore.
You have to help me,
help me go.
How are you, my friend?
I've missed you.
What do you feel like listening to?
I brought you lots of new CD's from Berlin.
I already finished my first year there.
Third floor, room 314.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
May God have mercy on him.
Can I have the deceased's ID card?
Praise God. He looks a lot like you.
Was he your brother?
May Allah have mercy on him
and give him a place in heaven.
Can you please wrap him in these shrouds
from Mecca?
Of course.
Don't forget to return the ID
to the Ministry of the Interior.
"There is no God but Allah."
Eyad son of Fahima.
When the angels of death ask:
"What is your religion and who is your God?"
Allah is my God,
Islam is my religion and Muhammad is my prophet,
and I know that there is no God but Allah
and Muhammad is his messenger."
The Opening, friends:
"In the name of Allah, the Beneficent,
the Merciful. Praise be to Allah.
Lord of the Worlds,
guide us on the path of those Thou hast favored.
"Not of those who earn Thine anger
nor of those who go astray, Amen."