Dancing Through the Snow (2021) Movie Script

["Dance of the Sugar
Plum Fairy" plays]
Oh, wow.
I cannot imagine what
it's gonna be like
when she's a teenager.
I'll never get out
of this house.
Well, settle down
and warm up.
I'm gonna whip up
some breakfast.
So, what's today again?
I told you, Ma,
it is the annual Christmas party
at the firehall.
Christmas party?
Thanksgiving was just
a few days ago.
I know, but this is
a good way to get everyone
into the Christmas spirit.
And the kids like to decorate
the place, bake cookies.
You all do so much.
It's hard for me to keep
everything straight.
Yeah, well this one's
just for them.
You know, the firefighters
and their families.
No civilians.
You know this may sound
kind of silly,
but it never quite feels
like Christmas
until we have this party.
Whatcha making?
Pancakes and bacon.
What else?
No, Ma, we don't have time
for pancakes.
I told Noah we'll be at
- the station by 10:00
- AM.
Hush, there's always
time for breakfast.
Oh, man, what'd
you put in there?
Brown sugar and a touch
of molasses.
Oh no, no, no, no, Lily,
Lily's not gonna eat that.
I mean, it's not healthy.
Besides, we use buckwheat flour.
Ha! Who ever heard
of such nonsense?
And in case you forgot, I
made you this for breakfast
for years and you turned out
just fine.
Yeah, well, times have changed.
I tell you, if Claire could see
you feeding her daughter
all that sugar, not
to mention real bacon.
Michael, your wife was
a wonderful woman,
and you know how much
I loved her,
but she didn't know a thing
about cooking.
Oh, give me a kiss.
What are you making?
Oh, I love your pancakes.
Hey, if you ever want
to be a fireman...
Excuse me.
A firefighter,
like your old man,
you're gonna need to learn
to hustle.
You imagine you show up
and that building would be
burnt down to the ground.
I'd never want to be
a firefighter.
I'm gonna be a ballerina.
Oh, well, if you're gonna be
a ballerina
you can't be late either.
I mean, that curtain
would be up
and that whole crowd would be
waiting for you.
Syrup or whipped cream?
Oh, wow.
You two are something.
[adding machine whirring]
[phone rings]
Hey, Jordan.
Jordyn: Eight more hours!
Until what?
The weekend!
Oh, that is the last thing
on my mind at the moment.
Yeah, you don't sound
as if you're overflowing
with enthusiasm.
Oh, whatever gave you
that idea?
You're still coming out
tonight though, right?
I mean, you promised.
No, I know, I really want to,
I just, I'm completely swamped
with paperwork right now.
But it's been ages since
we've done anything fun.
I know, I know.
Umm okay, maybe just let me
see how I feel
after I reconcile all of these
financial accounts?
Who would have thought
teaching ballet
came with so much paperwork?
You're telling me.
Jordyn: Okay Olivia,
but I'm counting on you
not to let me down.
I'll see you tonight.
Okay, bye.
Oh, my god.
Uncle Noah!
Hey, Lily!
Come here.
Wow, you get bigger every time
I see you.
And you say that every time
you've seen me.
Well, it's true.
If it was true, I'd be
a giant by now.
Hey, don't be a wise guy.
Where's your dad?
He's coming with Grandma.
How are you,
Mrs. Foster?
Now, because it's Christmas,
I'm gonna let that slide.
But if I have to tell
you again, it's Anne.
Not this Mrs. Foster nonsense.
Okay, okay, noted.
Hey, how're you doing man?
Good, good, and you?
Good. All right.
Can I try on the helmets?
Hmm. Fine.
But you know the rules, right?
We get a call,
you've got one on,
you're the one going out
on it.
Come on, kid,
let's get you suited up.
What do you firefighters
have against heat?
Oh, what, are you cold?
I'm freezing!
Well, now let's get some
hot chocolate into you.
Let's go.
I don't have that
many wishes
I don't even need a tree
Christmas time would be
much better
Having you right next
to me
The only thing
on this year's list
Is you're my
Christmas wish
Aye, aye, aye
The smell of gingerbread
in the air
can never replace what
I feel from your stare
The only thing
on this year's list
Is you're my
Christmas wish
The only thing on
this year's list
Is you're my
Christmas wish
[Michael laughing]
No man.
Noah: Oh man.
Hey, some of us are going
over to Birchwood's for a beer,
want to come?
Uh, no man, thanks
but I gotta get home.
You know, Lily is bound
to be exhausted.
Come on, just let your mom
tuck her in.
You deserve some R&R.
Oh no, I can't man.
You know, she's just,
she's just been going through
some stuff lately.
Nothing serious?
No, no.
You know kids, right?
They just, they go
through stages
and right now she just wants me
to tuck her in every night.
Cool, cool.
Hey, so we're still on
for dinner tomorrow, right?
Cool, all right.
All right, see you then, bro.
All right bro.
All right.
All right man.
Last chance!
Yeah, I'm good!
Less competition, right?
All right.
Safe travels, bro.
See? Aren't you happy
you came out?
Oh, so, so happy.
Come on, Olivia.
Can you just tell me
what's going on?
You're worrying me.
Everything's fine.
Seriously, everything's fine.
Is it Daniel?
You know what, honestly,
I think it's,
it's this time of year.
It's, it just feels like
it's so much pressure.
You know, everyone has their
family and fun things to do
and it's just really hard
and oh, my goodness,
wah, wah, wah.
Well, you have me.
Why don't we plan a Christmas
shopping day tomorrow?
Uh, I wish I could.
I literally have a whole morning
of paperwork
and then classes all afternoon,
and Saturday.
You could always
hire someone.
No, I can't do that.
What else is going on?
Olivia, come on.
I'm your best friend.
Talk to me.
I know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I mean maybe I just need
a change of scenery?
We can go over to
the Wobbly Wheel?
We haven't been there
in a while.
No, I don't mean tonight.
I mean like, in general.
Like, I need to get out of
this whole town.
What are you talking about?
You have a home,
a business here.
Ah, yeah, a business
that's in deep trouble
unless I can pay
that loan back.
Plus, my parents have
been saying, ad nauseam,
how nice it would be to have me
come down there
and live with them.
In Florida? Tell me
you're joking.
Yeah. I wish I was.
But what would you do
without me?
Oh, my god, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I would die without you,
literally die.
I love you.
I'm, honestly, I'm just thinking
out loud.
Better be all you're doing.
Waitress: Hi.
Let's get another drink.
Yes, please.
Sounds good.
And like a bowl full
of olives.
Waitress: I'll bring it out
for you.
Thank you.
They're really good.
["Dance of the Sugar
Plum Fairy" plays]
Adagio, Dad!
Uncle Noah!
Please tell me you did not see
any of that.
See what?
I assumed you took a wrong turn
and ended up at the Bolshoi.
It's the Nutcracker.
My dance class is performing it.
Well, you're doing great.
But you, you certainly
are no Baryshnikov.
Yeah, well just tell me
you didn't film anything.
Hey, I'm serious, Noah.
If you filmed something,
you delete it, now.
Okay! Sheesh.
No one has a sense
of humor anymore.
Hey, delete!
It's the red button.
It's gone. See, it's gone.
All right.
All right.
All right.
Now, Noah, I know you like
it spicy,
but I'm using a different
a different pepper
for the sauce this time.
You're a gourmet.
Ain't that the truth?
Guy from the farmer's market
gave it to me.
Grows it himself.
I like mine spicy too!
Oh, that I know, sweetheart.
So, when is that big audition
of yours happening?
Next week.
Next week?
That's not much time to get
ready before Christmas.
Yeah, but everyone has to
learn the whole ballet anyways.
Ah, I get it.
I'm sure you'll get the role
that you want.
You got good genes.
I know what that means.
I don't doubt it.
My Mother was a ballet dancer,
you know?
I know.
And did you know her?
Yeah. I knew her.
And was she a good dancer?
I don't... I don't...
She, she was a...
...wonderful woman.
Hey guys!
Just because it's called chili
doesn't mean I like to serve
it cold!
Come on, let's eat!
Is she asleep?
She's in bed, reading.
Ah, basketball.
Yep, the more I watch it,
the less I play.
Knees, huh?
Everything, but...
Yeah, mostly my knees.
I remember back in college,
we would play from morning
'till night.
You bet I remember.
Me, and my knees, remember.
You know, she has been asking
about her a lot, recently.
You know, about Claire.
That sort of thing is normal,
isn't it?
None of this comes with
an instruction manual.
What about you?
What about me?
It's been five years, man.
Yeah, and?
And unless you plan on
becoming a monk,
I'd say it's time
you start dating again.
Oh man.
What's so funny?
The time.
It's uh, it's just not right.
When will it be right?
When it's right,
I will know it.
Man, look, if you want,
I could set you up.
All you gotta do is say
the word.
Hey, listen, no offense Noah,
all right,
but I don't think I will ever
be ready
for the kind of girls
that you have in mind.
Okay. Okay.
I just don't want life
to pass you by, man.
I'm cool.
I'm serious, man.
["Marche" from
The Nutcracker plays]
Oh, my.
Will someone please
tell me
what the heck
is going on here?
You're pretty light on your feet
there, twinkle toes.
Hey, hey, look, listen.
Hey, look before
you say a word,
just know that I only had
your best interests at heart.
Oh yeah? And when was it
in your best interest
to humiliate me in front
of thousands of people?
Hundreds of thousands.
Hundreds of thousands,
750,000 to be precise.
Oh, are you telling me
750,000 people
saw this video of me
and Lily dancing?
And climbing.
I can't explain it, but you have
gone viral, my friend.
I mean, you're the new
Star Wars kid.
The latest
"Charlie bit my finger."
I have no idea what you
are talking about.
Look, all you need to know
is that the internet loves you.
I mean, you should see some
of the comments.
They've dubbed you
"America's favorite single dad."
That is the last thing
I need.
No, that's exactly
what you need.
I mean, trust me.
You don't want to squander
this opportunity, Michael.
Otherwise, you'll live
to regret it.
Funny, guys!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Come on! Come on!
[door opens]
[Michael sighs]
Now there's my boy.
Hey, Ma.
Marcy, Jen.
Any fires today, Michael?
Ah, no, but we did have
two false alarms
and a cardiac event
at the health club,
turned out to be heartburn.
Most people assume that
firefighters only put our fires.
They're usually the first
of the first responders
on the scene.
They help more critically
injured people
than paramedics
and police combined.
Hear that?
Wish my Elliott would do
something worthwhile like that.
Marcy, I thought your son
was a lawyer?
Oh, wow.
Is Lily in her room?
All right. Well, ladies,
enjoy your evening.
Oh, Michael.
Shouldn't you take your ballet
shoes and tutu with you?
[ladies laughing]
Y'all saw, huh?
The whole world saw.
Don't worry about a thing,
You've got great legs.
[laughing continues]
Oh, Lily must be mortified.
Go and ask her.
Oh Lord, he's never gonna live
that down.
Dad! Dad!
We hit a million views.
Oh, so you're not mad
at me?
Mad? All my friends
are so jealous.
We're online stars!
Well I am so glad that everyone
finds my dancing so amusing.
They're calling you
The Dancing Dad.
Well, I definitely have
been called a lot worse.
I have to FaceTime Becca!
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Don't forget, we are going to
the Christmas market tomorrow.
So make sure you get
some sleep.
Oh, my gosh!
I totally forgot
we're going!
Yeah, hey, hey, hey!
And make sure you pack
your Santa list
or he may just bring you
a bag of broccoli.
[door closes]
I appreciate you coming by
and keeping my mom company.
It's my pleasure.
And drive safely.
I don't want to get a call
that you skidded off the road
and you need
a tow truck.
Now, you take care of yourself,
Don't let all this success
go to your head.
You can be sure of that.
I really wouldn't
call it success.
I don't know about that,
it's all about the video screen
these days.
Yeah, well my 15 minutes of fame
is almost up.
Whoa! This is amazing!
Got your list ready?
Yep, I only want one thing.
Oh, I sure hope
it's not a pony.
If I tell you that, Dad,
then I won't get it.
Oh, sweetheart, that is,
that is birthdays, huh?
Now, with Christmas,
Dads need to know so
that they can make sure
that Santa doesn't
get you something
that somebody else already is.
I want to play Clara
in The Nutcracker.
She has the most beautiful
dance of all.
Seems to me the pony
might have been easier.
You're telling me.
Okay sweetheart, you wait
right here for Santa
and we'll be right back.
You know, Michael,
Marcy's got a cousin
that saw your viral video,
and she's available.
No, no, no, no,
no, no, no.
No, not another one.
You know, I have got my phone
already put on silent mode.
Well, I hope I haven't raised
too much of a fool
to do something about it.
Are you serious?
Why not?
Well, first off,
it's a little creepy.
I mean, I don't want to just
meet some random person
who's looking for dates
because of something online.
Oh, honey, that's how
they do it nowadays.
Really, Mom, and how would
you know that?
The Today Show.
I saw a segment on it.
When I meet someone,
it's not going to be
because they see some
ridiculous video of me.
I just wouldn't want you to look
a gift horse in the mouth.
Yeah, well, speaking of gifts,
why don't you go get some
hot chocolate with Lily?
I've got some Christmas shopping
I want to do.
Oh, Michael.
You don't have
to get me anything.
Ha, yeah right.
Ho, ho, ho.
Hey, you doing a little
Christmas tree shopping?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, mmmm.
No good?
How can you tell?
Well, a needle from a fresh
tree it should,
you know, it should break.
But if it bends,
like this,
well that means the tree
has been here a while,
so I'd stay clear
of this one.
Oh, wow.
Yeah but, oh,
this one though...
this one here, yeah.
A good one here.
There you go.
Thank you.
How much do I owe ya?
You don't owe me anything.
Really? Wow.
Thank you.
Could you help me get this
lovely lady to my car?
Yeah, sure.
Thank you.
This is my favorite part
of Christmas.
What's that, Grandma?
Perfect cup of hot chocolate.
I like mine with whipped cream.
Ms. Blake?
You, you two know each other?
Dad, this is my ballet teacher,
Ms. Blake.
Umm, Olivia.
Hey, Michael.
Michael Foster.
I don't think I've seen you
at class.
Yeah, yeah, you haven't,
My mom, she handles the carpool
for Lily's ballet.
I'm usually working late.
Oh. Hi, Mrs. Foster.
Oh, well that makes sense.
This is probably your busiest
time of year.
Yeah, I guess.
You know it depends on the time
of the day, really.
Oh, I just meant 'cause
it's the holiday season,
everyone's probably picking out
their Christmas trees.
Wait, what?
Oh, wait, you...
Oh, you don't work here?
No, no, no, I don't.
Dad's a fireman.
Oh, I am very embarrassed.
No, that's okay, really.
Oh, but you agreed to wrap up
my tree and take it...
I thought that was a little,
you know, presumptuous of you.
But you did say yes!
I was just being polite.
Wow, okay.
I am really sorry, Mr. Foster.
Oh, my...
Don't worry, Ms. Blake.
Dad's always helping people
with stuff.
Well, your father is quite
the gentleman, Lily.
Yes, he certainly is.
Okay, Mom.
Thank you for that.
Of course.
Now that we got that
all sorted out,
let me help Ms. Blake with
the Christmas tree to her car.
Yeah, only if you don't mind.
My pleasure.
I'm gonna go pay for it
real quick.
Nice to see you.
Good to see you, Lily.
Bye, bye!
[phone rings]
Hi, Mom.
Mrs. Blake: Hi, sweetheart,
how are you?
I'm good, how are you guys?
Oh, you know us.
We're getting by.
So, any big plans
for Christmas?
Oh, you know, I really haven't
thought about it, actually.
I've had so much stuff going on
at the studio.
Well, you know, you're always
welcome to come home
and spend it with your father
and me.
Thank you, Mom.
Although, Florida
isn't exactly home, is it?
Well, you know, your father
keeps telling me
about all these really
affordable studio spaces
he sees on his morning walks.
And you have already told me
all of this.
I know, I know.
Oh, my gosh.
Okay Momma, I... I gotta get up
early tomorrow.
There's so many performances
around the holidays
and I really am going
to have to prepare, so...
Okay, sweetheart.
What is it, Mom?
Well, since you asked,
you'll never guess
who moved back down here.
I'm sure you're gonna
tell me.
Daniel Peters.
Oh, my god.
Said he wanted
to be closer to his parents.
Mother, that is ancient history.
Thank you very much.
I'm just saying.
Goodbye, Mother.
Okay goodbye, sweetheart.
Goodbye. Goodnight.
Thank you, bye.
Oh god.
Voicemail: First new message.
Michael? It's Gina Hoskins.
I don't know if you
remember me,
my friend's daughter used to
play soccer with your daughter.
Anyway, I was just showed
the most enchanting video.
[phone chimes]
Hi, this is a message
for Michael Foster.
Michael, my name
is Connie Harris,
I'm the host of Wake Up
with Connie on KPLD.
My producer showed me a clip
of you and your daughter,
I just have to have you
on my show
to find out how America's
favorite single dad is doing.
Please call me at...
Michael, you don't know me.
I mean, we have never met.
I mean, god, I never do this.
I swear.
But I haven't been able to stop
watching your video.
Whoa, that was quick.
Listen, I hope you don't mind
if I just pour you some cereal,
'cause we're running
a little late.
Do you have any idea
what's happening?
With what?
With our video!
I have some idea,
and I think I may need
to change my number.
You should read the comments.
Oh? What comments?
"This guy has moves."
"Best father ever."
"What a lucky girl!"
"You're too cute."
"Now, that's what I call..."
Dad, what's a "studmuffin"?
Now I know you like
just a little bit of milk.
You're not having anything?
Ah, I'll grab something
at the station.
So, are you going to contact
any of them?
Any who?
The women who left
those messages?
Oh, sweetheart.
Right now the only thing
I am worried about
is getting you to school
on time.
Well, if I were you,
I wouldn't wait.
This could be a Christmas
The ones they always talk
about in church.
Well, I very much doubt that.
But I'll think about it, okay?
Now, hurry up.
We gotta get going.
Oh, that's good brew.
Mr. Foster.
Hey, Ms. Blake.
Long time no see.
Did they let you out early
from the Christmas market?
Yeah, exactly.
You know, I sold my quota,
so I got to take the rest
of the night off.
Well, if you're here
to see Miss Lily,
you're a few hours too early.
Actually, I came to talk
to you.
The other night when,
you know,
we ran into you, it was just
a little bit embarrassing.
In what way?
Well, I have realized
that my daughter has been taking
ballet classes for years
and I've never met her
teacher before.
Yes, that's true.
Should definitely remedy that.
Yeah, that's exactly
what I was thinking.
Well, at the moment,
I am cleaning up after
some messy little girls,
before the next class comes,
I see that.
Maybe, maybe we can go out
for coffee some time?
Yeah, it's a date!
Oh, a date?
Yeah, I mean, not like
a date date.
But you said date.
Just like a meeting.
I mean, we've already met,
Maybe we should pick
a date?
We'll pick a date
and that will be...
All right.
What are you doing here?
Oh, nothing.
I was just doing some
Christmas shopping,
without you.
And I thought you might want
to grab a coffee,
if you didn't have class.
Oh, I would love to
but I actually have coffee plans
with someone.
Oh. A date?
No, no, not exactly that.
I'm just having coffee with one
of the fathers of my students.
Oh, speaking of fathers,
have you seen this yet?
Oh my gosh, that's so cute.
That is adorable, wait,
but how did you know?
How did I know what?
Who he was.
Who who was?
The guy I'm having
coffee with.
Olivia, I have absolutely no
idea what you're talking about.
Well, that video that you
literally just showed me,
that's the guy I'm having
coffee with.
How did you know?
That's the guy?
Olivia, this is just a viral
video that's going around.
I only showed this to you
because it had to do
with ballet.
Wait, what, are you serious?
I swear.
That's crazy, 'cause that,
that's him.
And that's Lily, his daughter
who's my student.
Olivia, this is like the biggest
viral hit right now.
They're calling him
"America's favorite single dad."
Oh wow.
Speaking of, I have
to get going.
Did you want me
to join you?
I can fight off
the paparazzi.
Oh, my god, you're such
a good friend.
No. Thank you.
Okay, well, have fun
on your date.
Rain check!
Here you go,
vanilla latte.
Thank you.
What, what, what?
What's wrong?
Honestly, I was just kind of
expecting the fireman uniform.
Well, you know,
the suspenders and the hat
aren't exactly conducive
to drinking coffee.
Besides, when I dress like that
it make people nervous.
Yeah, you know they think
there's a fire somewhere.
Oh well.
You know, listen, I...
I want to thank you
for coming all this way.
I know it's not close
to your studio,
but it's just that,
well I am on the clock.
I gotta stay close
to the firehouse.
You're kind of saving lives,
so, yeah, I completely
Um, actually,
before we get started,
I have a little bit
of a confession to make.
It was recently brought
to my attention
that apparently I'm having
coffee with a minor celebrity.
Oh, no.
Oh yeah.
Wow, you know, I was
sort of hoping
that that would stay online
and not cross into my real life,
but, I guess, it's hard to keep
girls that age from talking.
It is.
But it's actually a friend
of mine who showed it to me.
So, do I dare ask?
What? Did I watch it?
Oh, yeah, yeah.
My curiosity definitely
got the best of me.
And your assemble
is pretty terrible,
needs a lot of work.
But we are here to talk about
your lovely Lily.
Yeah, yeah, about her.
You know, I guess... I guess
I just really wanted
to ask you, you know,
how's she doing in class?
Lily is so talented.
Really, really talented.
More than that, she's a
wonderful, wonderful kid.
You should be so proud,
Michael, really.
I am.
I am, thank you.
I, I should not pry, but I...
Oh, it's okay.
My wife, Claire, she, you know
she passed away five years ago.
Cancer. It was quick.
It was too quick.
Umm, you know, we talk
about her a lot.
Even though I'm really not sure
how much Lily remembers.
But, you know, that's the,
that's the challenge.
Honoring her memory
while, you know,
trying to move forward.
Can't be easy.
It's not.
But hey, you know what,
I do the best that I can.
Well, a little, umm,
unsolicited opinion
from an outsider's perspective?
I think you're doing
a pretty good job.
Hey, you know what,
I umm, I've got to get back,
but, you know if you would like
to maybe...
But if you were,
if you were asking
if I want to do this sort of
thing again,
the answer is yes.
If you weren't asking that
then that is a very,
very awkward thing
that I just did right now.
I was.
Okay. Phew.
So, yeah.
Umm... I'll call you.
Oh, umm, you, you do have
the fireman uniform, right?
Of course.
Okay, just checking.
'Cause I'm gonna make a quick
false alarm call.
Oh, no, you're bad.
I'm kidding.
Yeah, umm...
Where are you going
on your date?
I don't know.
We didn't decide yet.
But, you know,
if she wants to,
maybe I'll take her
to Timbers, hmm?
But that's our
favorite restaurant.
Oh, I know, sweetheart.
But, if they only
stayed open for us,
I don't think they'd be
in business for very long.
So, how's your old man look?
Yuck, what's that smell?
I thought I'd put on
a little cologne.
Why, you don't like it?
Oh, hey.
I want you to listen to me,
Now, you know that you are
the most important person
in my life, right?
And I loved your mother
very much.
But, as much as I loved her,
she has been gone a long time.
And although I will
never stop loving her
and I will never forget her,
well, grownups,
they get lonely too.
You can understand that, right?
Yeah, I guess so.
Ms. Blake and I, all we're doing
is having dinner together.
I mean, really,
it's no different
than when I go grab a bite
to eat with Uncle Noah.
Dad, I'm not that young.
Yeah, I guess you're not.
Now why don't we see
if Grandma's here, okay?
Come on. Let's go.
Go, go, go.
Michael: So I should tell you
I'm a little out of practice
with this dating thing...
especially in the snow.
I take it you don't like
the cold.
Come here. Don't worry.
Thank you very much.
Well, you see,
in my line of work,
I prefer the heat.
I see. You and me,
fire and ice, huh?
Yeah, when I was a kid I was
always in love with the snow.
I didn't get to experience it
all that much,
'cause we moved so much,
but anytime I could skate
or sled or ski, any of that.
I was a happy girl.
Thank you.
But, lately the snow's been
a little scarce.
I really missed it.
Well, uh, when I think of snow,
I think of shoveling,
road hazards and car pileups
on the interstate.
Wow. So, our resident fireman
who runs into burning buildings
is a glass halfempty
kind of guy, huh?
Well, I guess I never thought
of it that way.
Listen, I gotta ask, so,
where is home for you, anyway?
That's a good question.
Nowhere really.
Typical army brat.
Dad was stationed in Germany,
Japan, Manila,
pretty much everywhere.
Super fun making friends
that way.
I mean, don't get me wrong,
it was cool to be able to travel
and all of that,
but I guess I kind of got
a little jealous
of all the kids that got to,
you know, grow up in one place.
Come home to the same place
every night.
Yeah, I get it.
How about your folks,
where they at?
They moved down
to south Florida.
Umm, Dad's retired.
Enough about me,
tell me about you.
Oh, let's see now.
6'2, ruggedly handsome.
Minor online celebrity.
Seeks companionship with
snowloving local beauty.
Double tap, swipe right.
Hey, so, tell me,
how did you, how did you
end up here?
Oh, umm, well I was dancing
in New York,
an off Broadway
type of thing.
I used to come up here
to ski,
and then I saw the local dance
studio got put up for sale,
and I always wanted
to teach, so... yeah.
And this, what is this, is it
some kind of good luck charm?
Oh yeah, this is kind of
the reason I'm a teacher.
This was from my ballet teacher
when I was nine years old.
It's really delicate actually,
let me put it in here.
She was really,
really encouraging.
Kind of strict, told me
I talk too much, but yeah.
She's... she's the reason
I wanted to be a teacher.
Mmm. Huh...
Okay, will you please tell me
something about you?
Because I feel like I'm only
talking about myself.
There's not a lot to tell.
I, uh, I've been kind of,
you know, living in a bubble
since Lily's mom passed away.
Oh, gosh, I mean I was lost
at the beginning.
You know, it was,
it was fast,
and I did not have a clue how
to raise my daughter on my own.
Seriously, it was scary.
And Lily, she can be a handful.
You know, like, just like
any other kid.
She's a beautiful little human.
She really is.
Inside and out.
Yeah. Yeah, I know.
You must, you must miss her.
Your wife.
Does that make you nervous?
Maybe a little.
No, I get it, you know.
God, life is so unfair.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm really sorry that happened
to you and to Lily.
That means a lot.
Ah, well, well, well.
Would you look at this?
Oh, yeah!
It's here!
It's snowing.
Should we?
Yeah, hey.
Let's do it.
Woo! Look at you.
Woo, yeah, I am starting
to feel my toes again.
Yeah, yeah. Mmmhmm.
Anyways, thank you very much for
organizing such a unique date.
Oh, thank you for indulging
my love of picnics.
I hope you had fun.
Are you kidding me?
I loved it.
You could take me on a picnic
any day of the year.
Well, I hope that didn't
sound unsophisticated.
No, no, not at all.
My mom actually used to plan
picnics every Sunday afternoon
for us when I was a kid.
With all the moving around
and stuff,
it was kind of the one thing
that stayed the same.
So it was nice.
Umm, I have to get up early.
Wow. I sound incredibly
boring and that's...
No, umm, you know what?
It's okay.
I get it.
Goodnight, Michael.
Goodnight, Olivia.
Sleep well.
I'm home.
Goodness gracious,
look at the time.
I don't guess I have to ask
how your night was?
Well, how was yours?
Did Lily get to bed okay?
Perfect as always.
Come on, I want to hear
about your date.
Well, you know, it was,
uh, it was nice.
With a smile like that,
it looks like it
was better than nice.
Oh you know,
I don't know.
What is it, Claire?
And Lily.
Well, we've had this
conversation before.
And if Claire knew you
hadn't dated since her death,
she would be angrier
with you than anybody.
She would want you
to be happy.
I know. I know you're right.
And you're as good a dad
as I have ever seen.
And I've been around
some good ones,
including your father
and my papa.
But a young girl needs a female
presence in her life.
She has you.
Well, I appreciate that,
Michael, I really do,
but it's not really
the same, is it?
No, no, it's not.
Well, I guess I better
shove off.
Wait. Mom listen, why don't
you stay tonight? It's late.
Besides, the guest room
is already made up.
Well thank you, but
I want to get home.
We're supposed to get a
few inches in the morning
and I don't want to
be caught out in that.
Okay well, it is beginning
to feel like Christmas.
Thanks again, Mom.
You're a good man, Michael.
You just have to learn how
to take care of yourself
as well as you do
everybody else.
Okay, well, you drive safely.
I will.
Oh, hi you.
Hey, you.
I am so glad that you came.
How could I resist?
Behind the scenes
at a firehouse?
And, what do you think?
Oh, not exactly what
I was expecting.
Oh, really?
Now why is that?
Oh, you know, I was thinking
it was gonna be a lot of action,
guys coming down poles,
racing off to danger,
flashing lights,
sirens wailing.
Nah, nah, it's pretty much just,
you know, cats in trees.
Oh, that's a thing?
And wrapping presents?
Look at these, you guys
are like little elves.
You know I like to think of
myself as Santa, personally.
In any case,
it's very generous of you.
Oh, come on now,
do not act like you're
a stranger
to giving back to
the community, hmm?
One of our fellow firefighters,
his daughter takes your class.
Maddie Lewis.
Oh, she's such an angel.
Thank you.
Yeah, I'll admit though,
I definitely get more out of it
than the kids do.
Oh, you know what,
I doubt that,
but the fact that you even
came up with the idea
to have a class for children,
you know, with special needs,
not a lot of people
would do that.
I love going to the center.
They make me so happy.
Oh, I have not told Lily yet,
but she got the part for Clara
in The Nutcracker.
Are you sure she's really
up for it?
Oh yeah, you know, she's
so advanced for her years.
She deserves the part.
Well, she is gonna be thrilled.
Just don't tell her yet,
I haven't posted the cast list
and I want her to find out
at the same time
the other kids do, so...
Scouts honor.
Well... well... well.
You must be the mysterious
Olivia I've heard so much about.
I confess, I thought
you were a figment
of Michael's imagination.
I take it you are
the infamous Noah
that I've heard
so much about.
Well, all good things,
I hope.
Sorry man, but I only speak
the truth.
Yeah, uhhuh.
Well, it was lovely
to meet you.
Michael: Okay. We have
more presents
to pick up along the way,
so let's leave a little room.
For you.
It's the same thing
every year.
Presents for
everybody in town.
Like, everybody.
Sometimes there
are so many presents
that Dad has to deliver them
door to door.
And he lets me
come with him.
Calls me his little elf.
Oh, you know what,
you are the luckiest
little lady on the planet.
What do you mean?
Well, your dad is
a very special man
and there aren't a lot of guys
like him.
You really like him, don't you?
Okay, chop, chop, chop.
'Cause these presents are not
going to deliver themselves.
And it looks like we are gonna
have to take two vehicles
because all of those presents
and the four of us
just are not gonna fit.
So, Lily, you can ride
with Uncle Noah.
But, I always ride with you.
Well, yeah, I know
but this year I'm gonna ride
with Ms. Blake.
Michael, Lily can ride
with you.
Come on, kid.
We're gonna have a way
better time than them.
Besides, they're gonna
be right behind us.
Plus, those who ride with me
get hot chocolate at the end.
Okay, so on Dancer, and Dasher,
and Prancer and Vixen.
Let's go!
Dad, I'm ready!
Coming right up.
Hey you.
So... did you have
fun tonight?
Yeah, I guess so.
You guess so?
I kind of liked it more
when it was just you and me.
Well, Uncle Noah, he has been
coming with us for years.
He's not who I mean.
Oh, Ms. Blake.
You like her a lot,
don't you?
Well, she is a very nice lady.
Dad, don't patronize me.
Oh, wow.
Where did you hear
that word?
We learned what it means
in school.
Ah, well.
Well, you're right.
I shouldn't patronize you
and uh, yeah, yeah
I do like her.
But not like Mom?
Oh, sweetheart.
I will never love anyone
the way I loved your mother.
Even after all this time?
Even after all this time.
Because when I think about
her sometimes,
it's hard for me to
remember everything.
Oh, sweetheart.
You were just a little girl
when your mom passed away.
It's natural.
But your mother always said,
you were the best thing
that happened to her.
And as long as you follow
your heart,
then part of her lives on
as well.
I love you, Dad.
I love you too, sweetheart.
Mmm, mmm.
You don't like the cake?
No, no, no it's delicious.
You know, you don't have to wine
and dine me, Michael.
I really enjoy
just being with you.
So, how's all the preparation
going for The Nutcracker?
Mmm, it's good.
Yeah, and Lily's
doing wonderfully.
All the kids are really.
It's gonna be the best
performance yet, I think.
But with the show and all
of my extra special classes,
I will not be mad about this
Christmas break coming up.
So is that what's wrong?
Well, it's just that,
I don't know,
seems like something's been
bothering you all night.
Oh, I don't know how I feel
about that.
About what?
About you knowing me
this well already.
But, uh, yeah.
Yeah, you're right.
There's, umm, been something
on my mind.
And you're gonna make me
tell you what it is. Okay!
When I bought
the dance studio,
I had to take out
a pretty big loan.
And now, it looks like I am
going to default on the loan.
Wow, I, sorry I thought that you
said that business was good
and that you could barely keep
up with all the classes.
Oh, yeah.
That's, that's true.
I mean it actually,
yeah, it is.
I mean, I'm up to my eyeballs
in dance classes and paperwork.
I could use a backup teacher
and a secretary, but umm...
When I took out the loan
it was because
the studio needed some,
well, it needed a lot of TLC.
And through the years,
I just haven't been able to
save up enough to pay it back
and now the full amount
has come due.
But you could, uh, I don't know,
you could,
you could extend the loan.
You know, you could refinance.
I mean there's gotta be
something that you can do?
I wish there was.
I've really looked at all
of the options.
Okay, well, how about, umm...
How about, you know,
raising the tuitions?
I'm sure that a lot
of the parents,
they wouldn't mind paying
just a little bit more
in order to save the studio,
I mean I know that I would.
No, yeah, no.
I just, I don't think
I could do that.
Times have been tough
for so many of the families.
I mean, I've already given
several discounts.
I just don't think they would
be able to afford it.
It's just, you know...
Olivia, I'm sorry.
I mean if there's...
I don't know, if there's
anything that I can do to help.
No, no, no, no,
no, no, no.
It's okay.
I just, I'm having a hard
time admitting
that my mom
might be right.
Oh, I may have to move
to Florida
and try to figure it out,
making it there.
Whoa, hey, what, Florida?
Florida to, you mean to,
to live?
Yeah, it would be
a big change.
Maybe it would be fun,
that's what she says.
My parents have been trying
to get me to move there
since they retired, but I...
I'm... I'm sorry, I should have
mentioned this sooner, I...
Wow, umm...
[nervous laugh]
You know what, no.
I don't, I don't want to talk
about this tonight.
Nothing is finalized, okay?
Nothing at all.
And, and what I would like to do
is be here with you
and enjoy this yummy cake
and our time together.
[phone rings]
Hey, you.
Olivia: Hey you, what
are you doing tonight?
Well, you know, my, my dance
card's kind of full.
Oh, that's too bad.
Just joking.
Do you want
to do something?
Come by the studio.
Yeah, I'd love to.
The front door's unlocked.
See you in a little bit.
Okay, I'll see you then.
See you soon.
Every morning feels
so different
Like the sunlight...
I can tell you
Is this okay?
But I'm sure
I want to stay
Oh, I think that...
This place feels, uh,
feels different after hours.
Though I don't know
how I found you
I love it.
It's so peaceful.
Dancing here is the only place
I really feel truly free.
You got me feeling that
nothing is impossible
Lately, I'm starting
to believe
Where in the world
have you been, Mr. Foster?
The celebrity that you are.
It feels like sunshine
always on us
When we're standing
side by side
Can I tell you something?
Nothing matters when
there's only you and I
You are beautiful.
You got me feeling that
nothing is impossible
and lately I'm starting
to believe
Nothing's impossible
Nothing's impossible
And now we're feeling
nothing is impossible
Nothing is impossible
Michael: Yeah, she's upstairs
looking at
the postings right now.
Olivia: Okay great!
So are you both excited for our
Christmas afternoon together?
Michael: Yeah, of course
we're excited.
I mean, what could be more
fun than decorating a tree
and baking Christmas cookies?
It's going to be great!
Yeah, yeah, and if we're still
hungry afterwards,
we can all grab a
bite to eat together.
I love it. I can't wait,
Lily: Dad!
Oh, I think I hear her now.
Okay, bye.
All right, bye!
Hey! What is it?
I got the lead!
Oh! What!
Oh, I couldn't wait for you
to find out!
Wait, what?
Well yeah, you know, Olivia,
she told me but she said
that I had to keep quiet.
You knew before me?
Just a few days.
It's no big deal.
But Lily, you,
you are the lead!
Yeah. Yeah, I am.
Well, hey, come on now,
what is it?
Well, do we really have to go
to Ms. Blake's tonight?
Well, we don't have to go.
But, I mean,
she's expecting us.
We're gonna go to her house,
decorate the tree.
But I want to celebrate
with just you.
Oh, hey, Lily.
Never mind.
Hey, hey, hey.
Come on now.
We made plans.
You made plans.
Don't worry, I'm sure my friends
will be happy for me.
So, am I a poor substitute?
Thank you so much
for coming.
My pleasure.
I may not like him cancelling
on you at the last minute,
but I'll concede,
he is cute.
He is cute.
Unfortunately we're not
in high school anymore
and cute does not cut it.
Hey, don't knock good looks.
With the guys I'm dating,
I'm just hoping for a full head
of hair and a fulltime job.
Really, what is it?
What's the problem?
I like this one.
I don't know.
I, uh, I don't know.
He has a daughter.
So? You like kids.
You even like his kid.
Don't tell me that freaks
you out.
No, not at all.
It's just, it can't
just be a fling.
It wouldn't be fair to her.
Nobody says it has to be.
Yeah, it's just the
whole studio thing.
You're really serious
about this, aren't you?
This Florida thing.
I mean, yeah.
At this point I don't feel
like I really have a choice.
Don't look at me like that.
Oh. Hi.
I, uh, probably should have
called first.
Just, you know, I wanted
to talk to you, in person.
Yeah, yeah me too.
You first?
I guess I just...
I'm just a little, you know,
worried about
where things are going
between the two of us.
I, I mean...
I'm starting to develop
pretty strong feelings for you
and I know that that's
not fair to you or to Lily.
How is Lily?
She, uh, she's having
a hard time.
I don't know why, why I didn't
recognize it sooner,
but I don't know if
it's because of the season
or because maybe
it's the first time
she's seeing me
with another woman.
But, uh, but she needs
a father right now.
And I've got to be there
for her 100 percent.
Yeah, yeah. No, I completely
And I mean, the last
thing that I...
The last thing in the world
that I wanted to do
is hurt either of you.
I know.
I just wish umm...
I just wish we had more time
to figure things out.
Yeah, so do I.
You know how much
you mean to me, right?
Yeah, I know.
I haven't felt this way about
anyone, you know, since Claire.
I'm sorry, Michael.
You're right, you know,
you have this
beautiful daughter,
and she is who you need to be
thinking about, right?
She's the only thing
you should think about.
It's like, we don't know where
I'm gonna end up, right?
Who knows.
I, uh...
I have a class
in a few minutes.
I should go prepare.
You okay?
Yeah. Yeah, I guess so.
Christmas present for Lily?
No, no, Olivia.
She must have lost it
when she was visiting.
Missing her pretty bad, huh?
Well, you know, it's a,
it's a complicated situation.
You worried about Lily?
She's not ready for me
to start dating.
You heard her talking
about Claire.
Yeah, listen, I'm the last
person in the world
to be giving you advice
about women.
Oh, ain't that the truth.
All right, and the very last
about daughters,
but, Lily's growing up faster
than you think, man.
Exactly. She's gonna,
she's gonna be a teenager soon.
I need to be there for her.
Listen, you're thinking
about this all wrong.
Do you remember being
a teenager?
How often were you hanging out
with your mom?
Nah, now that was different.
And then, she'll be out
of the house and in college.
Just saying.
Exactly. And then what?
She's not gonna be coming back
every weekend
to be hanging out
with her old man.
You're not obligated to be alone
forever, bro.
I am not going to be alone
forever, Noah.
Just, just now,
it's just not the right time.
If not now, then when?
You're allowed to have a life.
You know what, maybe
it's just not meant to be.
You know what, even if she
doesn't want to,
Olivia, she is moving
to Florida.
Do you love her?
Yeah, you know,
I think I do.
Well, if you really love her
then you gotta make this work.
Look man, if she doesn't
want to leave,
make it so she doesn't
have to.
Yeah, it's just, but...
Hey, hey, hey listen.
Don't let her slip away, man.
You might not get another shot.
Hey, Ma.
Look what the cat dragged in.
You look like you've been
through the wringer.
Hard day?
You know, not bad.
So where's Lily?
Upstairs doing her homework.
Not so easy, trying to move on,
is it?
I'm fine.
Yeah. You look it.
Anyways, what's for dinner?
Whatever you want
to make yourself.
Pick up, eat out.
Your daughter and I
have plans.
Ah, yes, I forgot.
Girls night.
Hmm. Well...
I guess I'll ask Noah
if he wants to grab a bite
to eat with me.
Sounds like a good idea.
Just as long as you leave
the two of us alone.
Yes, ma'am.
Can I have red this time,
You can have red nails
when you're old enough
to paint them yourself.
When you're 30.
So, Lily, do you know why
I wanted to spend some time
with you tonight?
Because we needed a relaxing
girls night?
Yes, but besides that.
You know, don't you?
It's about Dad, isn't it?
That's what I was afraid of.
Lily, you're one of the smartest
young ladies I have ever met.
And I'm not saying that just
because you're my granddaughter.
But I want to talk to you
just woman to woman.
Is that okay?
Your father cares about you
more than anything in the world.
And that will never change.
I know, he told me that.
And did you believe him?
Yeah, I guess so.
And sometimes, you have
to be there for him.
It's been a long time
since your mom died.
And, he's finally found someone
that he really likes.
I know.
You like her too, don't you?
I like her a lot.
And, what if he were to end
it with her
because of how you felt?
That would tell you a lot
about your dad.
I guess I made a mistake.
Oh, honey. Everybody
makes mistakes.
It's what you do after
you realize your mistake
that matters.
Even you make mistakes,
No, of course not.
Everybody else.
What do you think my mom
would think?
About Dad and Ms. Blake?
I think...
No, I know that your mother
would want your dad to be happy.
And she'd want you
to be happy too.
I am.
I miss her, but I am.
That is the problem
with these reality shows,
suddenly everybody thinks
they're a contractor.
I'm sure Mr. Cooper
learned his lesson.
I mean, did you see him?
His eyebrows are completely
singed off.
He looked like a smooth seal.
Look, man, I just don't get
how someone could mistake
the gas supply line with a flue.
Ah, poor guy, trying to save
a buck
and almost burned
his house down.
Yeah, well I'll tell
you right now,
I could use a hot shower.
I could use a cold beer.
Your mom watching Lily?
Shower up, then head over
to Birchwood's.
All right.
Hey, Mike.
I thought you said your mom
was watching Lily?
Yeah she is, why?
You okay?
I'm fine.
Well, how did you get here, huh?
Grandma brought me.
She's waiting in the car.
All right, so, so what is it?
I couldn't wait to talk to you.
Grandma and I had a long talk
and I thought about it some more
before I went to bed last night.
And I realized something.
Oh yeah? And what's that?
I realized I was acting silly.
Oh, sweetheart.
You come here.
Come here, come here,
come here.
You were not acting silly.
Yes, I was.
I want you to be happy, Dad.
Especially with Ms. Blake.
Oh sweetheart, you know
I appreciate that so much.
But you are not the reason
that Ms. Blake and I
stopped seeing each other.
Then why?
Well, grownups,
they, grownups...
Hey, you know what?
You go home with Grandma, okay?
I'll be home soon.
I love you, Dad.
Oh, come here.
I love you too, sweetheart.
Now go! All right?
Get going.
Everything okay?
Oh, yeah. Yeah,
better than okay.
But I may have a favor to ask.
Uhoh. I don't know if
I like the sound of that.
Listen, you know that video
that you posted
of Lily and I dancing?
You said you had my best
interest at heart, right?
Yeah, of course.
Okay, I want you
to remember that.
[phone chimes]
Hi, Mom.
Hi, sweetheart.
How are you?
I'm good.
A little busy and a bit
overwhelmed, honestly.
You packing?
Yeah, trying to.
I just guess I didn't realize
how much stuff
I'd managed to accumulate.
Well, you have help,
don't you?
Umm, yeah, the movers will be
doing all the heavy lifting
and all that stuff.
But I still have to make sure
everything's ready.
So what's the plan?
Are you flying out here
this weekend?
Yep, the Christmas
performance is in a few days
and I am literally leaving
straight from the studio,
so I will be with you
on Christmas and then I...
I guess I'll only come back here
if I really need to.
Okay, well you make sure
that you put you bathing suit
in your carry on.
It has been in the mid '80s
here all week.
Not a cloud in the sky.
Just like Christmas.
What's that?
Oh, nothing Momma.
Ok, I, uh, I got to go.
I still have so much to do,
and so little time.
I'll see you in a few days,
We're so excited.
Love you, sweetheart.
Love you too. Bye.
[cheering and applause]
[cheering and applause]
Michael: Bravo! Bravo!
[cheering and applause]
Michael: Bravo! Bravo!
Good job. Bravo!
Hey! That was terrific.
He's right, Lily.
It looked like a professional
You should be very proud.
Give me a hug.
Oh, sweetie.
What did you think,
Uncle Noah?
Well, I thought you did
an absolutely amazing job,
but this Tchaikovsky fellow
needs a little work,
if you want my honest opinion.
I'm just saying.
Hey, now that was awesome.
Oh, would I ever lie to you?
I, uh, I don't see
Ms. Blake anywhere?
Oh yeah, she left.
What do you,
what do you mean?
She said she was
really proud of us,
that we are really talented and
we should continue doing ballet.
She was even crying a little.
Dad? I thought you knew.
Hey, Ma, the kids are all going
for hot chocolate.
Would you mind taking them?
I have something I need
to take care of.
Of course, I'd love to.
Oh, my goodness.
Where do they get the energy?
[phone chimes]
[phone chimes]
Jordyn, it's Michael Foster.
Oh my god, Michael.
I'm at Olivia's house, I think
she's leaving for Florida.
Yeah, I know. I know.
I need you to listen.
I need you to do
something for me.
[The Nutcracker theme playing]
[crowd cheering and laughing]
[cheering and applause]
["Dance of the Sugar
Plum Fairy" playing]
[phone chimes]
Hey, what's up?
Jordyn: Where are you?
I'm on my way to the airport.
You have to stop.
Turn around, now!
What for?
What are you talking about?
I'm sending you a video.
Watch it, right now.
A video? Hello? Jordyn?
[phone chimes]
Jordyn: Olivia,
this is all for you!
This fundraiser is for you
and your studio!
Oh, my god!
Sir! Stop.
Please stop. Please.
I have to turn around,
I have to go back.
And who might you be?
I might be Jordyn.
Noah, Noah Baker.
So, you ever ride in the back
of a fire engine?
Does that line ever
work for you?
Uh, I don't know.
Never used it before.
So, what do you think?
I think I can work with it.
Just wait here, okay?
Oh my god!
[cheering and applause]
Thank you for calling.
Of course.
Michael is just in there.
Go get him.
[cheering and applause]
Oh, I, I have something.
I believe you, you dropped this.
Oh my god.
I looked everywhere for this.
You found it.
Thank you so much.
Yeah. Wow. This is...
Yeah, I wanted to...
I wanted to surprise you
after the performance, but...
Yeah. I was heading
to the airport.
Well, I'm, I'm a little
I mean I don't, I don't know
what to say.
This is where, this is where
you belong.
This is home.
You know that, right?
So, just, just say
that you'll stay.
Not just for me, but, I mean
for everyone here.
This whole town,
they love you, Olivia.
Come on, come here.
Come on.
After all, what is Christmas
without mistletoe?
Wow! This is amazing!
Certainly is.
It was all your father's idea.
Dad! Ms. Blake!
Hi, Lily.
You're not really leaving,
Ms. Blake, are you?
We need you here.
I need you here.
You know what?
You could not get rid of me
if you tried.
Now we can spend
Christmas together!