Dange (2024) Movie Script

Damn it, Zee,
I've been calling you for so long.
You forgot about
your submissions today again, right?
I've already missed out four times.
I have to clear it in this attempt.
You don't get marks for attempts.
And you must present
your paper properly.
Mr. Wise Guy.
Just stall them. I'll be there.
Five minutes.
We don't have five minutes.
They are already announcing
your name, Zee.
Take this...
I just received a message from Satish,
they have already reached there.
- Come on.
- Give it here.
- All the best, Zee.
- Hey, thanks!
- Fast.
- Here take this... Hold it.
You must clear it this time, okay?
- All the best, Zee.
- Hey, thanks!
If you clear it this time,
the party is on me, okay?
- God bless you!
- Come, run.
Hair, hair.
We've been waiting for so long.
- At least remove your sunglasses.
- Move move move.
My apologies.
I was detained in traffic.
This is the fourth time
I am presenting...
Fifth time I am presenting my thesis.
And this time I am ready.
This time I am ready
because I'm backed up
with a lot of data.
- Xavier, can you please start?
- Fine.
Are you sober, bro?
Yes, Satish. There is no problem.
That's sir, not Satish.
What if I don't call you sir?
Don't embarrass me
in front of the Dean.
Are you okay?
Hey, what are you doing?
This is your fifth attempt,
remember that.
And without wasting
any more time of yours,
my thesis is on our battle against
mental health issues
especially, depression.
Using psychedelic drugs, hallucinogens,
and supported by...
Basically, this time...
- Zee.
- I have...
Xavier, are you alright?
- What's wrong Xavier?
- Are you okay?
Satish, is anything wrong?
Five hours...
Every five hours...
Is something wrong with him?
Why is he behaving like this?
Xavier, are you okay?
No phone.
Yeah, Zee.
Zee! Hey!
Are you okay?
You know these experiments
will get you in trouble someday, Rish.
Bro, I am trying to
save somebody's life here.
Somebody whose life
you put in danger in the first place.
This stupid sandwich.
Why did you have to put
that stuff in the sandwich?
I was just experimenting
with some new stuff.
I kept it in the fridge,
he ate it.
And he ate it all.
Not my fault.
And you know why I do all this.
To give people inner joy.
My life has been very sad lately,
can I get some happy pills?
The seniors told me,
you have a stash that's unreal.
I can pay you good money for it.
Have you even hit puberty yet?
You came to watch a film.
Go watch.
You know your reputation
as a dealer is growing stronger, bro.
You'll soon see the insides of a prison.
Same old cheap Vagator stuff.
You need a better dealer, bro.
If anything happens to Xavier,
you are the first to his rescue.
Regular people like us
don't even make it to your list.
Baby doll.
You don't need to be on the list.
What are you worried about?
You have direct access here.
The effects should show in two hours.
That's okay, but,
what was in the sandwich, Rish?
Whatever it was, it was
supposed to be eaten bite-sized.
Bite-size is
relative because this
here is your bite-size,
and this is my bite-size.
Xavier? You failed
your fourth attempt, right?
Now, when is the next attempt?
What's this?
Gayatri has called everyone to college.
The Professor Kishore issue.
There's more drama in our college
than in the Game of Rones.
Did everyone get the text?
Do we have to go?
Yeah, let's go.
Everyone got the text, right?
- Everyone's been called, right?
- Yes, we got it.
Come on, get out.
Get going.
- Go to the campus, everyone!
- Come on!
When the Awaaz Committee summons, you go!
When Gayatri calls for you, you go!
The show's over,
and the protest has begun.
Come on, let's go.
Gayatri, we're strictly against
this protest culture.
I know that what happened is wrong.
We spoke to the professor,
and it won't happen again.
Professor Kishore has insulted
a Bahujan student.
He abused her caste.
This issue cannot be solved by talking.
The college must fire him.
Neither am I going
to apologize to anyone
nor am I scared of anyone.
Let's go.
Sir, I hope you have
an extra pair of clothes.
Because until our demands are met,
no one is leaving.
Sit down.
Bhau is here, and he will fix everything.
I am not just the trustee of this college
but also a concerned citizen of Goa.
A supporter of the students.
My daughter, Siddhi, told me
what happened in the college.
That professor is a friend of mine.
But what is wrong is wrong.
And he must pay for it.
I've spoken to all the trustees,
and I request the Honorable Dean
to respect the sentiments
and demands of the students.
And suspend Professor Kishore Sahay
with immediate effect.
- Long live...
- Our Bhau!
- Long live...
- Our Bhau!
- Long live...
- Our Bhau!
- Long live...
- Our Bhau!
- Long live...
- Our Bhau!
- Long live...
- Our Bhau!
- Long live...
- Our Bhau!
Here we go...
After securing a glorious victory
for the Awaaz Party
in every corner of the country,
a tired and sore Gayatri Raj Shekaran
and her lackeys are finally back.
I think she would like a beer.
Awaaz has no interest in politics.
- Sure.
- Good job, G.
Every WhatsApp group of our class
has #JusticePrevails trending.
- Yeah, that's right.
- Armchair activists.
That's all you guys do.
Real battles are won on the ground
and not on mobiles.
That too.
Has the professor gone yet?
Hopefully tomorrow.
Management has said that
they are going to find
a new genetics professor.
If he doesn't leave,
just let me know.
This is not the answer to everything.
This can be the answer to everything.
I think you should also try.
There's no need to do anything.
Why was the Awaaz Committee
formed in the first place?
For the students.
To raise a voice against injustice.
To fight for students' rights.
And did you see what happened today?
One student raised her voice,
and many more voices joined in.
It became an echo.
I can see...
The new generation is full of enthusiasm.
Your future lies ahead of you.
Joining St. Martin's
is your first step towards it.
I welcome you all.
First of all, greetings
to all the freshers.
This is your hostel.
Boys hostel.
From Monday to Friday,
curfew starts at 8:00 p.m.
Try attending college for a change.
- For breakfast there are...
- Slaps!
- The seniors will give you...
- Kicks!
Bow your heads people,
we are thorns that prick.
- The seniors will give you...
- Kicks!
Bow your heads people,
we are thorns that prick.
We are thorns that prick.
Yuva, right?
I am Harsh Pandey.
We're here,
but I've heard that
the first week is hell for freshers.
Don't be stressed.
The next five years
will go by like a breeze.
Become my best friend.
Hey! Who's inside?
Come on, sing! Sing!
Go back!
Go back! Move!
Go back!
I told you not to do it.
Now they will beat me up
because of you.
If I die before graduation,
my father is going to be furious!
Don't be afraid.
You will live to see graduation.
That's my guarantee.
But who is taking your guarantee?
I survived all these years
without any guarantee or warranty.
Why change now?
Hey, move!
- Hey!
- Where is he?
- Where is he?
- I don't know, sir.
By the way, Guruji,
are you a senior as well?
I have a couple of papers
left to clear the first year.
Otherwise, I am your senior.
Show them no mercy today.
- Look, here come the super seniors.
- Look over there!
The landlords of this hostel.
Catch hold of him!
Where is he?
- That's him.
- Come out.
- Piece of dirt.
- Get out!
You dare hit your senior.
I'm trying to wash this dirt off.
- Give me a minute.
- Come on.
I'll scrub you like a newlywed,
or my name isn't Napoleon.
Come out.
Will you also give me a happy ending?
- Is this funny?
- Hey!
Drag him out.
Hey, wait a minute!
I must admit,
I cannot fight all of you alone.
But know this...
Whoever lays a finger on me first...
Whoever lays a finger on me first...
I swear on my father
and my forefathers,
he will lie in bed for ten days.
I promise you that.
- Hey.
- Come on.
- Hey, come on.
- Go on!
Why did you get down,
you gym machine?
Get back up there.
Boys, do I have to listen
to his TedTalk alone?
Bro, you were screaming in English.
Come on.
Come on.
Why are you backing out now?
Let's go.
Useless prick.
You deal with him first,
I'll join you...
I will deal with him.
This is my job.
I am fighting for you guys.
Everyone's useless.
- Beat him up!
- Hit him!
It's very painful.
It's just a simple bruise.
Nothing major.
Not here.
It's paining here.
Because you didn't reply.
You've been discharged, okay?
Will I have to get admitted
again to see you?
- I can't do it.
- You must do some movement.
That's it. That's it.
- She'll break my leg!
- Sir...
I told you.
Throwing lemons at me,
but I will bust your lemons.
- Calm down. Quiet!
- Get lost, you loser.
Don't shout.
This is a hospital.
So what?
He hit me.
And you are scolding me.
- Relax. Relax.
- Don't touch me!
Are you the sister or a minister?
- Relax. Relax.
- Don't touch me.
Calm down.
Giving her the GS position
without an election is unfair.
But we can only remove her
if you have an option.
Do you have an option?
We do.
Ambika, are you up for it?
If the students want it,
then definitely yes.
What is Xavier doing in the Awaaz office?
Did your lecture finally work on him?
- Yuva!
- I will kill you.
I swear, I won't shower
until I don't find that rabbit.
Look over there, you fool.
Check over there.
- I will tear him apart.
- Come on.
- I will kill him.
- I will kill you!
Are they going to chase us all year?
I will have to do
something permanent about him.
Warden sir,
I am extending a hand for help.
Now that we are friends,
I want some favors from you.
I can manage the medical boys.
But the boys from Arts,
Engineering, and Dental...
I want the names of all
the troublemakers,
the bad boys.
I can't help you if the admission
department isn't giving you a seat.
I know, sir, but you took an advance
from him and promised a seat.
I don't own the college.
I only run an agency here.
Thousands of students come to me.
I can't get admission for all of them.
You are right, sir.
But at least return his money.
I have a strict no-refund policy.
My forefathers were priests in temples.
I don't want to get
into the caste system.
Tell me,
how can I let these students
from other castes in my hostel?
What are you doing, Xavier?
What is his side business, Gupta?
Sir gives coaching.
Coaching business.
He intentionally fails students,
- who don't take coaching from him.
- Leave me, Xavier.
Xavier, please.
Now we have his complete record.
Xavier, please, no.
-His name, address and details
-Xavier, please.
to lodge a complaint with
the board of education.
Take a picture.
Remember, Mr. Professor,
teachers are worshipped.
There is no need to be God.
Just show some honesty,
and I won't have to take any action.
Sir. I respect you
and your no-refund policy very much.
We don't want a refund.
The tires and engine will be some kind
of compensation for the students.
That'll be enough.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
From today, your hostel gates
will always be open for students,
irrespective of their caste.
Got it, Panditji?
Look properly everywhere. Find him.
- Are they coming?
- Look properly.
Are they coming towards me?
Do they look angry?
Are they coming in a bunch?
He came here, right?
The sauce is too salty.
I thought so as well.
Here's an idea.
I'll pack this food for you.
Because if you stay here,
your clothes will get ruined.
Packing some breakfast.
- We haven't had breakfast for so long.
- Why?
Because we swore
to beat him up first.
What day is it today, guys?
Today is not Tuesday.
It's "beat him up" day.
Right, Yuva?
And if I don't beat him up
before the fresher's party,
it'll make me restless.
When I don't hit someone,
my stomach starts churning.
That's bad for health.
- Really! I keep burping.
- We are here.
We won't let you fall sick.
Thank you.
Guys, friends,
brothers, and some sisters.
- Get down.
- Get down!
We've tolerated them for too long.
Get down.
- Hey!
- He's trying to escape.
I've been facing them alone.
Let's fight back together today!
Beat him!
- Hey!
- One moment!
- Shut up.
- Hold on. Move.
Siddhi, you can come inside.
- You cannot come inside.
- Hey!
- Get out...
- Sir...
Sir, please don't touch the students.
I will have to call the police.
Call who? Police...
Call whoever you want!
Bosco! Bosco!
Stop it. Stop it.
Only I am coming in.
You wait here.
Only I am coming in.
Sorry, Sister.
- Hey, come on, show me your ID cards.
- Get lost!
Why are we discussing re-elections?
The management had
already taken a decision.
Changing it would be an insult
to the management.
The management took this decision.
Not the students.
She is not a candidate herself,
so why is she here?
- Hey!
- Hello!
You can't say that!
- Guys, Calm down.
- Look at how she's talking.
She can't just say anything she likes.
Silence, please.
- Guys.
- Please, have some respect.
- Guys.
- Quiet.
The Awaaz Committee represents
the voice of students
in every college in Goa.
She is here
because the students want her to be.
And why are you here, Ambika?
Majority of the students in this college
have nominated Ambika as their GS.
And we should take your word for it?
Management has elected Siddhi,
and the students have elected Ambika.
We have decided that the elections
will be held in ten days.
May the deserving candidate get elected.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
She was going to meet us here, right?
Yes, stop here.
If you want to smoke the best stuff,
then convince her.
Otherwise, we'll have to settle
for the cheap stuff from Baga Beach.
Only she can arrange for it.
Isn't she a senior from our college?
Am I scared of seniors?
Ma'am. Ma'am.
Your girl?
Yes, bro.
Rishika, right?
I don't have the time or mood.
I won't take much of your time,
and I don't want to spoil your mood.
Buzz off, bro.
- She is way out of your league.
- Do you want us to greet you?
Even I am above her league.
- What are you doing?
- I will tear you apart!
Whatever it may be,
spare us, unimportant people.
- Hey... what the hell?
- I won't let go.
But please,
can you supply us with some stuff?
It's my friend's send-off party.
According to my sources,
you received a special delivery
from Manali just yesterday.
We only want a little, ma'am.
- Very little, please. Tell her.
- Very little.
Why can't you keep your mouth shut?
You've made me a drug lord
in front of the entire college.
You're a freshie.
I've already said no to your friends.
Get lost.
I am not used to hearing no.
Then get used to it.
- Learn to share.
- Who are you?!
- Both love and friendship will grow.
- Get down!
That's not your car!
-Get off!
Rascal! I hope he didn't dent the car.
Yuva, come on, what are you doing?
You got what you wanted, right?
Let's go.
Keep this.
Are you slow?
Didn't you understand?
I am not giving it to you.
I already snitched it from your bag.
I just didn't want to take it for free.
Keep the change.
- What...
- Keep it.
- Okay, bye.
- What the hell?
Wait. Hang on.
What is this?
I asked you politely,
but you refused.
It is short of 2000.
I'll pay the rest soon, with interest.
With interest?
This chapter has been omitted.
Which is the next one?
Fifty thousand species of animals,
that have...
What's wrong?
Did you see a ghost?
I used to hang out here
before as well.
I'm coming.
- How are you?
- First class.
Aren't you going to ask me?
What's to ask?
Judging by your face,
I can see you are fuming.
Do you still miss me?
But we broke up a long time ago.
Still, I do miss you sometimes.
I didn't talk about it to anyone.
I hooked up with a guy
the next day, you know.
And I realised...
Siddhi, I...
I've realized what you mean to me.
The GS elections,
all this drama...
just to get back at me?
Don't do it, Ambika.
Do you really think I did
all this to get back at you?
The students nominated me, Siddhi.
This was their demand.
These students don't know
what they want.
Don't listen to the idiots around you
and let them take you for a ride.
Look, Ambika,
you know what this post means for me.
You know, right?
I know you won't do
anything to hurt me.
You won't, right?
She won't back out.
She will contest the election.
Since the fifth grade,
I have never missed her birthday.
Do you remember your mom's birthday?
Stop showing off.
Hey, quiet!
His situation, I get,
but who are you here for?
His love story has been going on
since fifth grade.
Have you lost it?
Mine will start now.
Don't be crazy.
Hey, hero.
Where to?
Guruji, what brings you here?
The matron's quarters are over there.
You're looking for a fresher, right?
Their rooms are on this side.
Seems like he has a membership.
Quietly do your work and leave.
- This one.
- This one?
- Yeah.
- Go, make me proud.
- Happy Birthday.
- Oh, my God. You came!
- Come inside.
- You...
Thank you, Yuva.
I can't believe you came.
What did you get me?
Hey, you.
Rumor has it
the coffee is really good here.
Never give up in life. Yes!
Are you lost?
This is the girl's hostel.
Should I tell the matron
to give you a guided tour?
Ma'am, I am doing a good service.
Uniting a friend with his love.
You don't believe me?
Come on.
This meeting has become X-rated.
Who could ever control their hormones?
Ten more minutes and we will leave.
Ten minutes?
Your boy will be done in three.
Then, let's start a joint account
for three minutes.
If I find it interesting,
we can make it five.
What are you doing here?
Why aren't you answering my calls?
the matron will see us.
Let's talk in the morning.
I want to talk now.
- Why are you avoiding me?
- I am not avoiding you.
I just need some time to think.
What have I done?
You didn't do anything, Bala.
- Then why are you behaving like this?
- Bala!
- Do I look stupid to you?
- Hey...
Is everything alright?
Get lost.
She doesn't want to talk to you,
so you leave.
Look, this is between Ritu and me.
Don't interfere.
I've had enough.
Now leave.
Please, leave for now.
How long have you been doing this?
I think my first smoke
was in twelfth grade.
I wasn't talking about this, idiot.
I meant uniting hormonally
challenged lovers.
How long?
Since childhood.
Please explain.
Mom and Dad had gone for
a night show of Karan Arjun.
- "My Karan and Arjun will come..."
- Exactly. That one.
When Salman made an entry,
I kicked for the first time.
The generous side in me is very strong.
I never say no to anyone.
So... do you help everyone,
or does anyone ever help you?
I have many,
but I never needed
anyone's help in life.
Not even once?
Like... never?
Thief... thief!
Catch him!
- Call the warden!
- Somebody call the warden!
Hey, run!
Oh, hi.
Okay, bye.
Run, Yuva!
Close the door.
Hey, stop there!
Stop... Stop.
Where are you going?
What were you doing?
Hit him!
Don't let them go. Catch them.
Beat him.
- Run, bro.
- Stop... Stop!
Let go.
Welcome to the fresher's party.
I know you are here from
different parts of the country to study.
To make an identity.
In the beginning,
you might need some time
to feel accepted.
But it won't take too long
in this particular college.
Because we are one
and not diverse.
There is one voice
against every trouble.
Hell month is over.
So, from today, there will be
no unnecessary fighting.
Freshers and seniors are brothers.
Are you ready?
Let's see you freshers move.
Makes my heart pound
Whistles at me
She makes my heart pound
Whistles at me
Calls out my name
In the middle of the street
She makes gestures
And then she winks at me
Winks at me
And then she winks at me
Winks at me...
Hey, Karan Arjun.
No love lost couples to unite today?
I am thinking of focusing
on myself today.
Like doctors in the movies say...
Only prayers can help you now.
If you are my prayer,
I'll accept you.
Good God.
And then she winks at me
Winks at me
And then she winks at me
Winks at me
And then she winks at me
Winks at me
And then she winks at me
Freshers, pay your respects to the man,
the legend,
our very own super senior.
Xavier Dominic Coutino.
Are you ready?
Time to start the real party.
Put your hands up in the air.
Let's see you freshers move.
Remember me?
Yuvraj Khera.
Sunbeam High School.
Remember now?
He must have been ten years old.
He used to call me "Brother."
I thought he was my friend.
What a friend he turned out to be!
It was just us
at the boarding that time.
School wouldn't reopen
for two more weeks.
He would miss his family.
He used to cry all day.
He hung around with me all day.
Then, one day, everyone returned.
The senior students immediately...
My seniors told me
to bring him for an introduction.
So, I took him there.
He knew I was small.
I was new to the school.
I wouldn't be able to fight them.
I wouldn't be able to stop them.
But he still took me there.
They were my seniors.
I thought they would have some fun.
I tried to stop them.
They didn't stop.
They were animals.
I kept screaming,
shouting for help!
But they didn't stop.
They molested me.
I kept looking into Xavier's eyes
and screaming his name.
Brother, please!
Kept asking for help.
But he just watched in silence!
I was scared.
If the warden hadn't arrived on time...
Because of the warden's complaint,
even I got suspended with the seniors.
When I came back, I found out...
I left boarding school.
I didn't even leave the house for a year.
I could never forget his
innocent, helpless face.
It was my fault.
No, Zee.
You were young as well.
What happened to him was wrong,
but it wasn't your fault.
It was my fault.
I should have tried harder.
I should have done something.
Coming to this college,
coming face-to-face with him,
it's not a coincidence.
He will have to pay
for what he did.
I'll take care of it.
- Namaste.
- Thank you.
Come on, let's go.
I sent Ambika home.
She is not coming back.
What did you do?
What did you do?
I did what I had to.
Don't call her.
Forget about her.
The GS post is yours.
Focus on that
and I will handle the rest.
I've spoken to all four trustees,
sent a Rolex to the chairman,
personally got approval
for the new library,
spoke to the Dean at his home,
and still, they are not
making you the GS?
They are demanding an election.
What does it mean?
Don't worry, Father.
I am going to win.
Why worry?
I have control over them.
But you have no control
over the students.
I can see that.
What are you doing
about the Siddhi case?
Does Bhau need
to do every little thing?
Don't worry. I will solve it.
Solve it?
The college...
Through threats?
Waving a gun?
Everyone in college accuses
my party of causing riots.
Relax, Bhau.
Siddhi will win the elections.
In ten years' time,
I want to see her
as the chief minister of Goa.
If she loses the college elections,
how is she going to win?
She will win.
What is this idiot doing here?
handle him.
I've been waiting for over an hour.
Where is Bhau?
We set your interview
in Ponda College.
What else do you want?
I don't want to talk to you.
Fifteen years...
For fifteen years, I supported Bhau
in every trustee election.
- And he can't spare 15 minutes for me?!
- Rascal...
- Stop screaming.
- Bosco!
Leave it, Bosco.
Know your limits, idiot.
You supported my father all these years
because your interest lay in it.
They fired you from the college now.
You are no good to him now,
and still, he is helping you.
- I don't need his help.
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Hey!
You don't need his help, right? Okay.
I'll see which college
employs you now.
Come on, Bosco.
Next time, keep the volume down.
Get it through his head.
Even girls are insulting us now.
We're nothing more than idiots.
And it's all because of that Gayatri.
I have to beg for my own job.
Gayatri needs to be taught a lesson.
Even though she's from another caste,
she seems to have forgotten her limits.
What has happened to Ambika?
No one knows exactly.
Only that Ambika has left the city.
- When?
- Two days ago.
Ambika's roommate said that
some goons from Mukul Sawant's party
showed up, packed all her stuff, and left.
What about her phone?
It's switched off.
And the admin block received
a request for TC,
and Ambika's signatures are on it.
- Stop. Stop.
- Gayatri!
Are you alright?
- Are you hurt?
- Vikas!
- Vikas, come quickly.
- Gayu! Gayu!
- Are you okay?
- Let's go to the hospital.
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Let's go from here.
Get out. Get out.
For Gayatri?
For me.
Zee! Zee!
Zee! Zee!
- Zee! Zee!
- Come on, Zee! Yes!
Who asked you?
Who asked you to do this?
There's no need
to be the hero all the time.
Gayu, let it be.
He is in pain already.
Rish, be quiet.
And you.
Do you know of any way
other than violence?
Someone hits you on the head
with a bottle, and I should do nothing?
I was hit.
I will handle it.
Fine? What is fine?
- Then why did you do it?
- Because your problem is my problem.
World politics, communalism,
capitalism, economics,
you understand all of that well,
but not this.
You'll understand someday.
Until then, I'll wait.
Come, Farheed.
Let's go.
Forget it.
First defender, under his right foot...
Listen, boys. Listen. Listen.
There is a girl in our hostel.
Come on!
Get out, all of y'all!
- Vikas.
- Yes?
Who spoke to Ambika last?
Her phone is switched off.
- Is he still the SHO there?
- Yes, that same fatso. Ashutosh Mhatre.
Okay, will the lawyer
be there before us?
Don't worry.
She will be there on time.
I think we should head
towards Ambika's village.
Yes, let's go to the police first,
then we'll see.
Sir, we want to file
a missing person's report.
Name, Ambika Mahar.
Final year medical student.
St. Martin's College.
We've been unable to contact her
for the past four days.
And her phone is also switched off.
She was competing
for the college GS position.
I am sure someone has orchestrated
her disappearance for political gain.
Please file a report.
And inform the police station
closest to her house.
Ma'am, where is your uniform?
Police uniform.
Why don't you sit here?
And do my job.
Do I look stupid to you?
Don't try to explain to the police
what their job is.
You'll tell me how to do my job? Get lost!
Her hometown is Karvar,
which we know.
But we have to find the exact address.
I know her exact address.
Ambika Mahar, right?
I can take you there.
Thank you for coming for
Kabir's third memorial service.
It's been...
exactly three years since Mom
and Kabir passed away.
And we still miss him very much.
Not only was he my brother,
he was also the lifeline of this college.
He touched many lives.
A lot of us owe a lot to him.
Kabir suffered from manic depression.
Mom's cancer only
aggravated his condition.
And none of us could
do anything to help him.
We could not understand him.
Two days after Mom passed,
Kabir hung himself.
Kabir and Mom...
I am sure wherever they are,
they must be together.
They must be laughing as always...
Leaving me alone here.
At least hear her out.
- I am talking politely.
- Who do you think you are?!
One moment, at least hear me out!
Don't make it worse!
Forgive us.
Do you want to quarrel?
I told you to leave.
You cannot meet Ambika.
No means no!
Please let us live peacefully.
Is that possible in this lifetime?
- Please leave.
- Please, go!
Please leave.
- I said leave.
- Listen,
if we don't rise together,
they will keep suppressing us.
They can't decide
how we live our lives.
So it's important to fight.
I don't want to fight.
Please leave, Gayatri.
I don't want to talk to you.
Ambika, you are the hope
for thousands of students.
What are you going to tell them?
That you were scared of a threat.
Does this look like a threat to you?
I've come to remind you.
Are you done?
Come on, get lost.
Are you here to scare me?
Bosco, what are you doing?
Are you out of your mind?
You want to fight us?
What are you doing?
Have you lost it?
- Let me go.
- You'll contest Siddhi in the election?
What is this, Bosco?
Leave me.
We let people like you sit next to us,
and you want to exceed us.
Did you forget your place?
I came to remind you.
We have to report this, Ambika.
We cannot let this go.
I don't want to do anything.
And I am not coming back.
I am all they have.
Try to understand.
Your heart's going
to ask you every day
why you gave up without a fight.
If not for the world,
prepare an answer for yourself.
I don't have to answer to anyone.
Please, leave.
Madam, are you done?
Aren't you?
Please, leave.
Call me if you change your mind.
Let's go.
Don't give up so easily.
For accompanying us,
and believing in us,
I want to thank you.
I didn't come here for your cause.
I came here for you.
How sweet!
Not you.
You, Gayatri.
But you don't even know me.
I want to get to know you.
What do you mean?
You are a friend of Xavier's.
I want to know Xavier's friends closely.
We have an old score to settle.
So you are that Yuva.
I couldn't connect the dots earlier.
The plan was to hurt him by hurting you.
Evil, right?
Are you going to beat me up,
or hurt me emotionally?
I've aborted that plan for now.
Mom, Rish and me...
We never cared about tomorrow.
We lived like...
we were undefeated.
Mom could have fought harder.
But she chose to stop.
She just gave up and now she's gone
Now I must live with this truth.
But how can I live with this truth, Zee?
By the way, that memorial today
was for your ex-boyfriend, right?
I have a question.
Why did you go on this mission
rather than being here?
Unless it was a planned distraction.
How about some dinner?
I am starving.
Come inside.
- Can I help?
- No, it's okay. Grab a plate.
- Where is G?
- She's coming, she was right behind me.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Where were you?
- Long story.
- Did you eat?
- No,
- not yet.
- I'll get something.
Let's eat something.
Everything's veg.
Doesn't matter.
How was the memorial?
Zee, I didn't want to be there.
I can't do this.
I can't either.
But I was here because I think
that was the right thing to do.
And I feel that
you should have been here as well.
But the point is that you don't care.
And you come back now
when it's all over.
And what?
With an uninvited guest.
This is my house.
I can do whatever I want.
Invite anyone I want.
That's true.
Do what you want.
I don't care.
But, not today.
Guys, please stop this.
You have a personal problem with him.
I don't have a personal
problem with him.
Then why are you
creating a scene?
- I am not creating a scene.
- Zee!
- My friend hung himself!
- Rish!
I couldn't help.
I couldn't do anything.
Stop it.
She couldn't give one day for Kabir!
This is not a competition,
of who loves Kabir more.
Who gives more time for him,
or who misses him more?
He is dead.
- He is dead.
- Rish!
- Do you get it?
- Rish, calm down.
He didn't expect anything.
Especially not to see his two
best friends fight like cats and dogs.
- I...
- Rish.
Kabir was as special to me
as he was to you.
It pains me every day that he's gone.
But the truth is that
he was suffering.
And we couldn't do anything to help.
Get up, you rabbit.
I came here to talk.
I was having a bad dream.
But I guess I'll have a bad day now.
I need to talk.
Leave me.
I don't want to.
Look, Yuvi.
Whatever happened,
happened many years ago.
I know you are still angry,
and I am here to fix it.
I came to apologize.
Mr. Xavier,
forgiveness is a precious commodity.
Which I sparingly give.
Bala. Bala. Bala
All these years
you didn't think about it.
Now that I came to this college,
came face to face with you,
you want to apologize?
People remember good memories,
but I remember that day,
that moment.
It's so deeply engraved inside me,
whatever I do,
I can't let go of it.
So take your apology and get lost.
What happened to you was wrong.
I was helpless.
And that's why I was apologizing.
I don't want it.
I'm not in the mood for it.
Fine, you can be that way
if you want to.
But don't involve my friends.
There's the real you.
By friends you mean Rishika, Gayatri.
I will alienate them
from you one by one.
don't push me.
That's what I am here to do.
And I will keep doing it.
Till you don't push me back.
Because that's what I want.
Where are you going, bro?
Remember one thing.
Whatever you start, I will end it.
Get lost.
You will end it.
Get lost.
...gastroenteritis affects the stomach
and intestines.
The bones in your skull
can be divided into cranial bones
which form your cranium
- Hurry up!
- and the facial bones
- which make up your f...
- Sir!
- What?
- It's urgent. I got to go.
Me too, sir.
My stomach's upset as well.
Are you two going to shit together?
Please, sir.
Or I'll shit in my pants.
I already shat in my pants, sir.
Yuck, just go.
- Quickly!
- Water! Water!
- Anu?
- Sir.
- Careful.
- No water now...
- Somebody call the ambulance. Quickly!
- Go, go.
Harsh, get the bike.
C'mon, c'mon
Move. Move.
- Guys, guys!
- Move. Move.
You'll be woozy for a while,
but you'll be fine, okay?
I am such a big loser.
What's wrong with you?
Why do you say that?
I can't do anything properly.
I can't believe I overdosed.
This is so embarrassing.
It's not embarrassing.
Nothing is going to happen.
That's exactly my problem.
Nothing is ever going to happen.
I love you so much.
Nothing is ever going
to happen between us.
I love you too, buddy.
You don't mean it the way I do, Rish.
Leave it, Rish.
There is no difference.
You just need to relax right now.
You know that I love you.
But you love... this Yuva guy.
And obviously,
even he's got feelings for you.
It's not what you think.
Just shut up and sleep
right now, okay?
- You'll be fine.
- I am telling you, Rish.
Don't date this guy.
He will break your heart in two days.
And you'll be crying.
- Anu, what is wrong?
- Shut up.
Anu! What is wrong with Anu?
What is wrong, Anu?
Are you okay?
She's okay.
But what's wrong with you?
What if something had happened to her?
Then you would be hanging
out with the girl on that bed.
You don't know the power of true love.
Right, Anu?
Don't say anything.
I wasn't going to.
It's because of the pills or powder
or something else she had taken.
She didn't know what she was saying.
Just some stupid rant.
I don't...
I don't feel...
I don't have anything.
You know, right?
Of course.
Neither do I.
You're just cute, that's it.
You're supposed to say it back.
Stop fishing, Rish.
The entire college knows
how cute you are.
You don't need to hear it from me.
We're already having it.
Not this.
I mean someplace else.
The good stuff.
- What if I say no?
- I will be heartbroken.
But I will try again next week.
How much longer are you going
to pretend...
to study, and finish college?
As long as you keep
trying to bring a revolution.
Please, we both know who is
pretending and who is actually working.
The freshers will finish their PG
and build their own hospital.
And you will still be here.
I have several reasons to be here.
I couldn't hear you.
I have many reasons to be here!
Like, Kabir...
The people.
The essence of this college.
And the biggest reason of all...
is you.
And what if I leave?
Will you come with me?
To where?
To take Awaaz out of Goa
and spread it all over the country.
Bigger causes.
Bigger fights.
Bigger reasons.
So, the entire nation
has to hear your voice now.
Every corner.
Listen, Zee.
Forsake this anger, this violence.
Study. Be someone.
For us.
For me.
For yourself.
Everyone in college
thinks you're a hero.
For all the wrong reasons.
Then give them the right reasons.
And what if I give you
the right reason?
Then I will elope with you.
Then get ready to elope.
I had a great time.
Me too.
That's me.
Okay, then.
If I do it, there is no stopping.
Then don't.
What's stopping you?
What I want is you, Rishika.
I want you so bad that it scares me.
I have finally submitted my paper.
So I have got these sweets for Gayatri.
I'll make sure she gets it.
- Long live...
- Our Bhau!
- Long live...
- Our Bhau!
- Long live...
- Our Bhau!
- Long live...
- Our Bhau!
- Long live...
- Our Bhau!
- Long live...
- Our Bhau!
- Long live...
- Our Bhau!
- Long live...
- Our Bhau!
- Long live...
- Our Bhau!
- Long live...
- Our Bhau!
- Long live...
- Our Bhau!
Presenting to you,
the new president
of the youth wing.
Siddhi Mukul Sawant.
This day is special for me.
Our party has bestowed my daughter
with an important responsibility
as the youth leader.
And not because she is my daughter.
But because she deserves the title.
Gayatri had come
with a lawyer
to ask about Ambika.
But honestly...
- but I didn't entertain!
- today, I'm a little sad.
She has a lot of enthusiasm now.
She wants to file an FIR.
Why an FIR?
Don't you know what happened?
Bosco burnt her hand with acid.
She's in a bad condition.
- Where is she now? I'll deal with her.
- Shut up.
- Bosco.
- Shut up!
I will pray to God...
Don't make a scene here.
It's that GS post you want.
I will get it for you.
You focus here,
I will take care of the rest.
Message from the trustee.
Double celebration.
Looking at Siddhi's fantastic work,
she has been appointed
as the GS of St. Martin College.
- Long live...
- Siddhi Sawant!
- Long live...
- Siddhi Sawant!
- Long live...
- Siddhi Sawant!
Gayu, I have some good news.
- Congratulations, bro.
- Hey, thanks!
- Listen...
- Congratulations.
No, not like this.
Come over to the shack.
- I'll cook for you.
- Congratulations
And listen,
finish all your work before coming.
And please leave
the Awaaz Committee behind.
I will wait for you.
Those who are done, you're done!
- I want black.
- Black? Black?
Sister, black.
Here, take blue.
Sister, give me black.
I want black.
I somehow gathered
the courage and reached here.
But now, I am scared, Gayatri.
Very scared.
But if I don't fight for my rights now,
I'll be scared all my life.
I want to fight.
Not I, but we.
I want to file an FIR against
Bosco Salgaonkar and Siddhi Sawant.
Attempt to murder.
Lab reports which state
third-degree burns caused by acid.
A video clip recorded
at the scene of the crime,
featuring Bosco Salgaonkar.
We're submitting both.
Now, we can file an FIR, right?
St. Martin's final-year medical student,
Ambika Maha, r wasn't attacked with acid
because she was in a relationship
with the tourism minister,
Mukul Sawant's daughter, Siddhi Sawant.
It happened because
she dared to challenge her
for the GS position in college elections.
And not because she belongs
to a scheduled caste
but because she wanted to be equal.
Ambika wanted to work
for the college students.
She wanted to be their voice.
She wanted to be a part
of a free and fair election.
That was her fault.
If this happened two months ago,
then why file an FIR now?
Whenever any victim comes forward,
you don't waste time asking this question.
It takes time to find courage.
And now that we've found
the courage, stand with us.
We've filed an FIR.
We hope Goa Police
will soon take action.
Do you think you will get justice?
I will.
And I will keep fighting until I do.
All this food?
- You've made it all?
- Guys, one sec.
Of course.
It's not my birthday.
That's why this food is not for you...
It's not Gayu's birthday either.
But this food is for her.
Guys, your food's already
packed downstairs.
Please, get up.
Get out.
But I want to sit here and eat.
- No, just go.
- Okay, fine. We're leaving.
- At least tell me what the occasion is.
- Occasion?
- Are you getting married?
- Married?!
What is wrong with you guys?
I've submitted my papers.
I got a job at NeoPharma.
I'm joining NeoPharma in two months.
Now get out.
-One second, if you
-Come on.
clean up your act,
then what about me?
What about us?
Someone will help you clean up
your act as well, guys. Now, get out.
- No chance.
- Get out.
They are kids.
They made a mistake.
I am handling this.
It's all in my control.
Tell Datta sir I am coming.
I'll come to Nagpur personally.
Day after tomorrow.
Yes, I will fix everything.
Okay, see you.
I will deal with that girl.
Shut up.
- I had promised my mother, Bhau.
- Yes?
Don't ask me to quit, Bhau.
Where is Siddhi?
Bhau... leave me.
Where is Siddhi?
Ambika, come out.
Siddhi, get out.
Things will only get worse. Leave.
I am not talking to you.
I had nothing to do
with what Bosco did.
Only you know what I've been
through to come to this point.
I won't let it be destroyed so easily.
I want my name off that FIR, Ambika.
- My name shouldn't be on it.
- What is she high on?
Throw her out.
We've had enough of her.
We won't take this anymore.
- Siddhi, let's go.
- And if that doesn't happen,
then Bosco will pay you another visit.
And this time I will send him.
Let's go.
- Siddhi, let's go.
- Did you hear me?!
I will send him.
I made it all for you,
but I ate it.
There you go.
You know...
If I ever...
feature on top of
your priority list,
I will definitely cook all this... again.
I promise.
Zee, I am sorry.
- Ambika...
- I know. I know. It's okay.
You are here now.
That's all that matters.
Congratulations on the job.
Rish told me.
You took my advice seriously.
So that you take me seriously as well.
- Is business slow?
- No.
I had the shack closed down today.
For us.
Zee, I...
When you feel it coming from within,
then you can say it.
Maybe someday I will...
I am very proud of you, Ambika.
I've filed an FIR
in front of the media.
Proud and all is okay.
Just don't get angry.
I promised Gayatri, no more violence.
I am just happy that
you are here, and safe...
and taking a stand.
Thank you.
And anyway, this is
my final year at St. Martin's.
Yeah, right.
- We believe you.
- Excuse me.
- It's nothing.
- It's true.
- Yeah.
- Finally, my final year.
And as a send-off gift,
I am going to organize
the most extravagant fest to date.
For that, I need all of your help.
Of course.
Ambika? Got some news for you.
- What?
- Management has decided,
that till the police
investigation is ongoing,
Siddhi will be removed
from the post of GS.
Management has taken another decision.
They have given the fest
mandate to the juniors.
This time the cultural fest
won't be organized by the seniors,
but by the juniors.
Who is leading the fest?
A new time, a new team!
A new time, a new team!
Whenever something good
happens to me,
you're the first person I think about.
I really missed you, Rish.
Much more than I thought I would.
Losing somebody you love...
That's what scares me the most.
Rish, I...
Don't say anything.
Don't make any promises
you can't keep.
I really like you, Rishika.
you also feel it's better
if we don't meet.
It's not that simple.
Nothing ever is.
Nothing is simple
because we are complicated.
Your fear of attachment is as bad
as my fear of disconnection.
Someday, you will disappear,
but I will make sure
I disappear before you do.
- Rishika.
- Yuva.
You make me really really happy.
So happy that it scares me.
Silence, please.
- Silence, please.
- Not fair, sir! Not fair!
Sorry about that.
It's been the tradition
of this college.
It's a rite of passage.
They managed to scrounge
some sponsors and a band,
and you give the entire
festival mandate to kids.
What is the point?
What is the point of organizing
fests for all these years?
It's not about sponsors.
Then what is it, Satish?
What is the point?
Students, look,
you've been organizing
it all these years, right?
It's time to give somebody
else the opportunity.
And this year we're having
the international conclave.
I assure you the seniors will be
wholly and solely responsible
for the organization...
Sir, one second.
We came here for the fest mandate,
not for some consolation prize.
Anyway, you've made your decision.
Then you should know mine.
Medical, Arts, Commerce, Science.
No seniors from these departments
will attend the fest.
We're vetoing the fest.
And what will you gain out of it?
It will only ruin
the college's reputation.
Sir, we're only vetoing the fest.
Not causing riots.
No harm will come
to your fest prep or your college.
That's my responsibility.
It's a promise.
Come on.
We have won against the seniors
and against Zee's gang.
It should look like we won!
Lift me up.
You're vetoing the fest?
Go ahead, but why are you
involving the other seniors?
I've spoken to the management.
You missed the show.
Everything has been decided.
What is your problem?
Why don't you think before
making a decision?
What is your problem?
Everything I do or say is wrong.
Have you ever taken a stand for me?
First, do something right in life,
then ask for my support.
Why are you using the fest
for your personal revenge?
- Listen to me.
- Guys, stop this!
Stop with all this drama
and talk to the principal.
Be a part of the fest
You called to lecture me.
Are you done?
Were you with Yuva?
Couldn't find anyone better?
None like him.
Feeling jealous?
Your hormones are making you so blind.
You can't see that he's using you.
Screw you, Zee...
Fine, Rish. Do what you want.
I know Yuva better than you.
It's all a game for him.
He will use you to mess with me,
and he said it himself.
Why does everything have
to be about you?
You were my brother's friend.
Don't try to be my brother.
No, Gayatri.
I am sorry I cannot allow it.
Your committee cannot enter the fest.
Please, leave.
Sir, you're allowing a student
who's been accused of an acid attack.
And the victim
of that incident is not allowed.
How is that fair, sir?
What fair?
I lost my GS post because
of your baseless allegations.
Now you have a problem with my entry.
I am the daughter of
this college's trustee.
What a big achievement, Siddhi!
Why don't you tell
your trustee father to adopt us?
I didn't come here to shout slogans
and provoke students like them.
Sir, the other students must know
what happened with Ambika.
And not just students,
but also the media,
Twitter, and all other platforms.
Only then will Ambika get justice.
And that's why we are here.
She is abusing the college fest
for personal propaganda.
You both are barred from entering
until this matter is solved.
- Why, sir?
- But, sir, she is the accused.
- What are you saying, sir?
- This is unfair.
This always happens.
What happened to your rage now?
Make a list with Gayatri,
and let me know
when I should get angry.
It will make your life easier as well.
- Sir, you have to help us.
- Sir, this is unfair.
This is Gayatri's fault.
Gayatri only wants to promote "Awaaz."
- Yeah, because...
- Hold on.
Can I speak?
You want to reach out
to other college students, right?
And you want that they
do not enter the campus?
- Is that right?
- Yes.
On day three, many events of the fest
will be held at the drive-in theatre.
There will be students out there as well.
You can go talk to them.
Is it sorted now?
Don't make a scene here.
Freshers are organizing
this for the first time.
Let them do it properly.
Tell them to leave.
You too, madam.
Come on, we've got work to do.
It's sorted now. Let's go.
Two cameras at the back.
Check properly.
Keep those lights on the back.
Yeah, now you're getting into
the spirit of things.
- That's better.
- I said, hey!
So, put your hands up in the air.
What happened?
You haven't been talking
to me for a few days.
Hold on.
Just tell me what happened.
Quickly. Move fast.
I don't want to miss this performance.
It's my favorite artist.
Ladies and gentlemen...
I got this chain for you, right?
- So what?
- So...
I want it back.
You are drunk, Bala.
Let's talk tomorrow.
- What are you doing?
- I have a question.
Do you wear it while doing him?
Ritu, let's go.
I am talking to her.
Don't talk nonsense.
I said we'll talk tomorrow.
Go away.
What does he have that I don't?
What was that with Bhama?
Why did you make her cry?
You don't know. Don't interfere.
What position is she on your list?
Before or after me?
Zee said you are using me
to get back at him.
Is that true?
Tell me it's all lies.
Say it.
Say it.
Look, I want this chain back right now.
You don't deserve it
Go away, Bala...
I want this chain back right now.
I want it now.
- Bala, please!
- Give me the chain.
- Give me the chain, Ritu.
- What are you doing? Stop it, Bala.
- Take the chain off.
- Bala, please, stop it.
Hey, let her go!
- Let her go!
- Bala, leave me!
- Bala, please!
- Hey!
- Bala.
- Bala!
- Leave me!
- Bala!
What are you doing?
Leave me.
Leave it.
Are you okay?
Bro, what happened?
Have you lost your mind?
Have you lost your mind?
Is this the way to treat a girl?
Oh my, God.
She could have choked and died.
- Are you okay?
- Take him away.
- Where is Bala?
- Bala.
Where is he?
Where is Bala?
- Bala.
- Where is Bala?
Where is Bala?
How dare you touch my girl, rascal!
I will kill you!
How dare you?
I will not spare you.
- Get lost!
- Hey!
Why you...
Once more. Once more.
If you touch my boy again,
I will break your head open.
Get lost.
Get him out of here!
Him as well.
Tell Bala to come down
and apologize to Ritu publicly.
That will solve everything.
He won't come down.
What happened was wrong.
But there won't be any apologies.
Are you going to tell us what to do?
If you have the guts, come down!
If you have the guts, you go up.
Come down.
You know he is wrong,
but you won't let him apologize.
This is your chance to fix everything.
If you don't take it,
I will break him and everyone
standing with him.
Go ahead.
Start breaking.
The truth is even I want that.
Now even if Bala wants to apologize,
we won't let him.
Feel free to do what you want.
I told you already,
whatever you start,
I will end it.
Remember this.
Whatever happens now,
will be your responsibility.
One second.
You know you are wrong.
Listen, you can stop this.
This can get worse.
Come with me.
I will take you to Ritu and the seniors.
Nothing will happen. I promise.
Nothing will happen to you.
Look, if you don't do it now,
the seniors will stop at nothing.
They are just waiting
for the fest to end.
After the last act ends,
they will come here and...
And what?
We are not scared.
Let them come.
- We'll show them.
- Show them?
- This is not the way!
- Save your threats for someone else.
- Come, Bala.
- Come on.
Bala, you know what I'm saying.
Bala, just listen to me.
- ...and then is the dean's speech.
- Did you call him?
- Do you have the entire lineup?
- Yes.
Hurry up. Hurry up.
I am scared.
What for?
Look I am telling you,
he will get more guys to beat me up.
And you guys
will be collateral damage.
He just wants an apology...
- I will apologize.
- Hey!
This is not your fault.
This is between seniors and juniors.
If you are scared, go back to
the hostel and lock yourself up.
Take him away.
Bala, you leave from here.
As long as I am here,
no one can lay a finger on you.
Got it?
Go on.
Take care of that guy upstairs.
Move the spotlight to the left.
Tell him to move the spotlight.
Don't you get it?
He's telling you to move it to the left.
I said left...
Why are you stopping, Bala?
More left.
You are being stubborn.
You don't want him to say sorry.
We both were there.
We saw what happened.
It was Bala's fault.
But he still won't apologize.
You want this, don't you?
None of this matters to you.
You just want to fight him.
This Bala, this fest mandate...
all of this.
Just to get to Zee.
Yes, correct.
Hundred percent.
And this?
What we share.
What about this?
Zee was right.
Even us, just to get back at him.
Yes, it was.
It isn't anymore.
But that's a different story.
But there is no point in telling you
- because you've clearly made up your mind.
- Yuva...
Turn the light around, you dimwit.
Tell him.
Didn't you hear?
Move the light.
You are right, Rish.
I want this.
I've been waiting for this.
To be face-to-face with him.
- Give me a reason.
- Yuva, you...
So I can make him pay
for what he did.
Why are you waiting for an excuse?
If you've made up your mind,
then go fight.
- Don't you get it?
- Fight like stray dogs.
But don't involve everybody else.
Why are you instigating the others?
Stop lecturing me.
Get lost.
Buzz off, Yuva!
Buzz off!
Yuva, the program is about to start.
Hit the lights!
All you had to do was manage the lights.
What are you doing?
Rish, I just got a text from Arjun.
All the seniors are coming here.
It's going to be something big.
Please, do something.
Where is Zee?
He's the one getting them here.
Congratulations and best wishes
to the winning team.
And thanks all for coming
to the festival.
Guys, the event will end in an hour.
When is your film coming up?
Are you here to watch my film
or talk to these students?
Yes, Rishika.
Bosco, Gayatri, and the other girl
are at the drive-in theatre.
But all the students are right here.
Yuva and the freshies are here.
And Zee has come here
with his whole gang.
All okay?
Are you calling Zee?
- Spare no one!
- Come on!
- Come on!
- Zee!
He's getting away!
Let's go to the hostel.
Let's finish it today.
Zee, act like a senior.
Zee, listen to me.
Stop, Zee.
Think about it, Zee.
- You can still stop this...
- Quiet!
I've been controlling all this time.
I was quiet.
- Only you can stop this, Zee.
- Move.
Listen, Zee. Please.
Zee, this has to stop.
Zee, this can only get worse.
Call Bala.
He's not answering.
This is not any normal fight.
It's a riot!
Get off the grid, man. Okay?
- Come on.
- Go to the girl's hostel
and lock him in a room,
and do not open the door.
Get it.
Do not open the door.
Now, go! Quick!
Go, just go!
- Go.
- Go, go!
Where is Bala?!
Where have y'all hidden him?
- Get out!
- Come on!
Get out!
Where is he?!
- Look ahead!
- We'll not spare anyone today!
They'll be here somewhere!
Run! Run!
Hey, you...
Get out of here!
Get out!
Get out!
Where are you hiding?
The hostel is empty.
He must have fled
to the drive-in theatre.
All his boys are over there.
We will bash them over there.
Doesn't matter how many boys he gets,
they will all get beaten up.
Doesn't matter where they hide,
they will all get beaten up today!
If anyone interferes
or tries to stop us...
- Today...
- They will all get beaten up!
Come on!
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Buddy, move.
Zee, I'm talking to you.
What are you doing, Zee?
Look at yourself.
Have you lost your mind?
Zee, have you lost it?
Yes, I've lost it.
Listen, I am telling you.
Just stop right now.
Don't do this.
This will change things permanently.
You are better than this, Zee.
You know it.
Zee, I'm talking to you.
At least say something.
You told Yuva to stop, right?
Did he stop?
You and Yuva are different.
What Bala did with Ritu was wrong, right?
- Zee...
- If that was wrong,
then what I am going to do is right.
Why are we following these idiots?
To get embarrassed again?
Father said to stay away from them.
Why are we following them?
Are you deaf?!
What is your plan now?
Throw acid on Gayatri as well?
Throwing acid on her was a mistake.
Should have poured it down her throat.
My mistake was throwing acid on her.
And your mistake was talking to her.
If anything happens to her,
we'll be blamed for it.
Nothing will happen.
If anything happens, I'll handle it.
See, look at these idiots.
They are going to start
a riot at the college fest.
This is our best chance.
I can't be a part of this.
Don't you want
to be a politician like Bhau?
Would Bhau have let her go?
If you want to be like him,
then you have to be
a part of all this. Got it?
Drive faster.
Awaaz will always
stand up against injustice.
I didn't come here to give a speech.
What happened with Ambika Mahar
can happen to any one of us.
If we are together we are one voice!
We all have to stand together
for justice at our rally next week.
This is my sincere request to all of you.
Help us!
Stand with Awaaz.
Ambika deserves justice.
Both national and international
media will cover this rally.
- Yuva!
- My fresher brothers and sisters.
I come here asking for your help.
The respected seniors of St. Martin's
will soon be here in large numbers.
To make us pay for our mistakes.
- Yuva, don't provoke them...
- Are you going to watch quietly?
- No!
- Stop it!
- Will you support me?
- Yes!
- Will you fight with me?
- Yes!
- Will you stand with me?
- Yes!
- Will you support me?
- Yes!
Yuva, stop this!
- Will you fight with me?
- Yes!
Let's show them
the power of juniors.
Come on!
Come! Come on!
I am going to fulfill your dream.
Where are they?
Where are they?
Over there.
Hold him.
No. Ambika, run.
Leave me.
Done with the anger?
Tell me.
Hit me!
Hit me!
Why are you stopping?
Hit me!
End it all today.
Hit me!
This is what you wanted, right?
Hit me, Yuvi.
All that rage inside you,
bring it out.
Come on.
Come on!
All that you kept bottled inside you.
Take it all out. Come on.
Hit me!
Hit me, Yuva.
Someone call the ambulance.
Oh my God, where did he go?
Here, here.
Tie this here, quick!
Call the ambulance!
Buddy, come here. Quick!
We need to get to the hospital!
Get the car!
Start the car!
Wait! Stop!
Enough! That's enough!
That's enough!
Get the car!
Make way.
Our scores are still not even.
- Long live...
- Awaaz!
- Long live...
- Awaaz!