Danger in the Dorm (2024) Movie Script

Bye. See you guys. Take care.
- Okay, bye!
- Bye, guys.
[tense music builds]
[wood cracking]
[eerie deep breathing]
[sinister swell]
[students laughing]
[Man]: Okay, okay.
[threatening music
builds suddenly]
[shrill sound]
No, no, no!
[female student screams]
[thudding blow]
[upbeat, campy music]
[Narrator]: Welcome to
Brighton University,
a school dedicated
to the education
and well-being of our students.
We may be a school of thousands
but you'll never feel lost here.
We're a family and it shows.
On our campus, young
men and women interact,
study, and grow together in a
safe and serene environment.
[popcorn maker clacking]
I don't know if it's possible
but I've never
been more excited.
You're telling me.
[Carol]: Okay, this
is the last of them.
Girls, is that really the
best use of your time?
Yeah, shouldn't you two be
preparing for your classes?
I think we're good.
Moms, as you know,
Kathleen and I
have a longstanding movie
night date on Thursdays.
I'm well aware.
Oh, these girls
loved their stories.
We needed to make sure that
the popcorn maker was working.
And since we're
college students now,
we are more than capable
of our own time management.
So, you're gonna
have to trust us.
Well, you girls are
going to have to show
that you're trustworthy
and can make good decisions
if you're going to
live on your own.
I think you mean now that
we're living on our own.
We're very trustworthy, Joanne.
Oh yeah, you two are taking
a huge step into womanhood.
I mean, look how mature we are.
Lamby! How I missed you.
Kathleen, can I talk
to you for a minute?
I'm good, thanks.
Good morning!
Kathleen Roberts
and Becky Swafford?
Yep, Becky Swafford, that's me.
Ha, ha. I'm Becky.
Good to meet you.
You too. I'm Sarah.
[Becky]: Hi.
The resident advisor
on this floor.
Welcome to Brighton University,
the New South dorms.
If you guys have any questions
about your rooms or dorm policy,
classroom sign-ups, or what to
do with extra buttered popcorn,
I'm just down the hall.
- Um, I have a question.
- Yeah?
Club sign-ups, where do we go?
[Sarah]: Head to the
Grant Thompson atrium.
It's the one with the
mural of an old white guy
who donated tons of money to
the school before we were born.
How ironic, we're signing up
for the Women Empowerment Club.
And I'm sure there's lots of
other great clubs, too. Huh.
Sure are. I'm in Dance Troupe,
as well as an editor
for The Wildcat Gazette.
That's our school paper.
- Wow.
Yeah, well, enjoy, ladies.
You're gonna love it here.
- Bye.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
[indistinct chatter]
[Kathleen]: Oh, sorry,
you can take it.
You sure? I-I wouldn't
wanna ruin your future
in aeronautical engineering
flight of... of the future.
- Heaven forbid, right?
- I'm Patrick, by the way.
Hi, I'm Kathleen.
So uh, what, what clubs
are you gonna join?
I actually don't know yet.
Heh. Cool.
I'll see ya around then.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah.
[somber music plays]
[Becky]: I love you, Mom.
[Carol]: I love you, too. Aw.
- Can I walk you to the car?
- Yes.
[giggles happily]
Okay, bye Kathleen.
- Bye.
- Bye.
So, good luck.
I'm just a phone call
away if you need anything.
- Mm-hmm.
- Or an hour drive.
You can come home
whenever you need.
- I know.
- Well, why didn't you tell me
you were thinking of doing it?
- Mom. Now?
I'm sorry, we need
to talk about this.
Look, it was one time
and you weren't supposed
to be home. Okay?
I took the day off
to surprise you.
It's not a big deal.
It's an incredibly big
deal. It's your virginity!
You are special.
- I don't have to listen.
I don't have to
listen to this, okay?
- Yes, you do!
- Nope.
I'm a college student and I
have classes to prepare for.
Okay? Goodbye.
- Amazing.
[ominous music plays]
[Becky grunts]
[Kathleen]: Just ask me.
Is everything good
with you and Joanne?
Yep. Fine. So good.
You know, she's
not totally wrong.
Oh, my God. You too?
[scoffs] Can you
and, and my mom
and everyone stop telling
me how immature I am?
I just... I didn't wanna
come to college afraid. Okay?
Kate, you're never afraid.
[Kathleen scoffs]
That's a lot of clubs.
I know. I know.
It's just, I wanna
take it all in.
You know, try everything.
Are you gonna do
all of these clubs?
I dunno.
It's just, I mean,
look at all this stuff
and look at this place.
It's time to spread
our wings, you know?
You're so bold and
brave and independent.
I get it.
But we're still gonna do the
Women Empowerment Club, right?
That's what we decided?
- Of course.
[worrying music plays]
Got an extra pen?
What color?
Future lawyer?
I don't recognize
you. You a freshman?
There's 15,000 people
that attend this college.
Still, I'd recognize you.
You're clearly smart.
Makes sense why you'd
take this course.
Dean Carrigan teaches
this class himself.
Is that right?
Yeah, but the TAs
do the real work.
It's a tough class.
Putting together a study group.
If you wanna join, jot
down your info for me.
For the study group.
Yeah. No other purpose.
Actually, I'm having
a get together
at our dorm tonight.
You should join us.
- Oh.
[Becky]: Hey, Kath!
What did I miss?
Nothing yet.
Um, I didn't know you
wanted to take this class.
Yeah, I just thought it'd be fun
if we had all our
classes together.
Huh. [chuckles]
Okay, good morning, everyone.
Let's dive right in.
Social... contract.
Where do our rights end and the
rights of our neighbors begin?
That is the fundamental
question of this class.
[light music]
There's so many clubs here.
[button clicks]
[Joanne]: Hey, honey, it's Mom.
I'm sorry. I don't
like how that ended.
Can you call me when
you get a chance?
This is gonna take a minute.
[Joanne]: Love you!
- I can stay.
I'll meet you in the cafeteria?
[phone rings]
[Kathleen]: Mom.
- Kathleen.
How's the big first week going?
Did you get all your books?
All used copies, except
for the Dean's class.
He makes everyone
buy the new issue.
How's Becky?
She's good. More or less.
You know Becky.
She's actually being more
Becky than I expected.
Honestly, she's
driving me kinda nuts.
It's a big school.
She's not as
independent as you are.
That's an understatement.
How are the boys?
Really? Didn't
we just do this?
I was young once, too.
I know how a fun night with
a cute guy can turn into...
The kid you never wanted.
I never said that.
Well, that's the choice that
you're talking about, isn't it?
I just want you to be careful.
I'm not you. Got it?
Anyway, have a good time.
I love you.
And I'll talk to you soon, okay?
- Sounds good.
- Bye.
[slams down receiver]
Um, I do have one
question about the rooms.
[slow music]
[Becky]: Hey! [Kathleen]: Hi.
I missed you at the caf.
Ah, I'm sorry.
I was the intro for
the dance squad.
They told me about
this new sandwich place
and I got you one. With
the sprouts, like you like.
I didn't even know
that you liked dance.
Yeah, I guess that's the point.
I'm, uh, I'm... I
wanna try new things.
Remember when we were ten at
sleepaway camp in the Poconos?
With the cold showers?
Yeah, the freezing showers.
- Yeah.
I called my mom
after one night there
and asked her to
come pick me up.
Yeah, I hated that place.
I didn't know
anyone there but you
and I couldn't wait
to get outta there.
You know what Mom told me?
She said go ask Kathleen
to pick you on her team
for whatever game
she's doing next.
[Kathleen chuckles]
I did and we played
never have I ever.
We had the best time.
And I called Mom the next day
and said I was okay to stay.
I had no idea.
I know. I just...
I just want you to
know that I love you.
You rock.
- [laughs]
Stop it.
You've always been
my best friend and...
[phone rings]
- Hello?
Bayside at the Poconos.
Becky speaking.
[Kathleen chuckles]
It's Wade.
You have Kathleen.
Um... maybe, one sec.
Becks, how would you feel
about doing something fun?
[upbeat dance music]
[indistinct cheering]
I don't know about this.
Come on, it's a party.
You love this
song. Let's dance!
[indistinct chatter]
Go on and back
it up start it
Let me breathe
Girl, what you sayin'
Let's get this
goin' [Yeah]
I got this feeling
you want me
You know I'm all for you
Let me show you something.
I know you want me too
I see you gazin'...
[Kathleen chuckles]
You're not gonna like, ask
me to watch a movie, are ya?
Trust me, you're
gonna like this.
No way.
[dance music resumes]
Baby I'm just dancin'
We got some things
to lay on top
You ain't got to do nothing
[music fades out]
- Kathleen?
Dean Mikey Carrigan,
destruction of school
property, 1982.
Can you believe that crusty man
was once partying and breaking
rules like the rest of us?
This was probably his bed.
- Huh.
Hey, nice moves, hot
stuff. Wanna dance?
I don't think she's
around anymore.
But I am.
- Look, just get out of my way.
What's your problem? I'm
just tryin' to talk to you.
- Get outta my way!
- Listen, bitch...
I wonder if he ever brought back
any wild and
beautiful girls here?
Well, he was a rule breaker.
Hey, what... what's goin' on?
Beat it, creep.
Are you okay?
[teary]: Kathleen?
- Uh...
- I should get back.
Do you wanna go out some time?
Hey, if you're looking for
your friend, she dipped.
- What?
- Yeah, she left.
I gotta go.
- You sure?
- Yeah, thanks for the invite.
See you in class
with Dean Mikey.
- Yeah.
- Yo.
[Becky sniffling]
[Becky]: So, you
just abandon me now?
Hey, I'm sorry.
But you're never gonna
believe what I saw.
You left me.
You convinced me
to go to some party
where I didn't know
one single person
and then when I turned my
back, you just disappeared.
Do you know what could
have happened to me?
Do you know how
dangerous that is?
Danger? What danger?
It was a dorm party.
Yeah, there were boys
there but I mean, grow up.
No, you never leave a
friend alone at a party.
Your mom was right,
you can't be trusted.
I was gone for
five minutes, okay?
Can you not go five
minutes without me?
I'd rather you just
not be here at all.
I picked this college and
you just followed me here.
We never should
have been roommates.
I'm way ahead of you.
I already talked to Sarah
about getting my own room.
[Becky exhales]
- Leave me alone!
[door slams]
[Kathleen exhales]
[strange ethereal music plays]
You sure you want a single room?
Yeah, for sure.
Okay. Well, if
you need anything,
I'm just two floors down.
[somber music plays]
The American justice
system, it's a complex...
Hey, where's your friend?
She dropped this class.
And every other class
we were in together.
Oh, sorry.
Enforce laws and
um... Mr. Mullins.
Would you like to
share your thoughts
on the 1st Amendment freedom
of speech as it pertains
to my lecture period?
- No, Dean Mikey.
[Kathleen chuckles]
- Excuse me?
No, Dean Carrigan.
Right, so the social contract.
[unsettling music plays]
Hey, Becks!
You ready to change
the world today?
- Sure.
- That all you got?
Feminism, it's more
than just advocacy.
It's a time for change.
Time for equality.
Heck yeah! [Conor]:
Hey ladies.
Hey, Tammy.
Ugh, you know that guy?
Conor Miller, I know.
I thought he was kind of a
perv at the beginning of school
but then he asked
about the group
and I said he
should check it out.
I guess not every
male is against us.
[indistinct chatter]
[Sarah]: All right, ladies,
we are only five weeks away
from our first performance.
- Uh, in front of people?
Just 7,000 or so.
Come on, it's gonna be fun.
Guys, let's start with
a group warmup, okay?
Follow me. Music, please.
Okay. [peppy dance
music starts]
And five, six, seven, eight.
Right, left.
Right, left.
[music continues]
All I need [All I need]
All I needed
[somber ethereal music
builds then fades]
- Hey.
- Hey.
It's Patrick from Wade's party.
You're Becky, right?
- Mm-hmm.
- Movie night?
- Yeah.
What are you watching?
Some romantic comedy.
Oh, man, I, I really love those.
Would you want some company?
Oh, um, it's kind
of a girls' thing.
- Sure, yeah.
No, I'll... I'll see ya around.
Boo! [Kathleen gasps]
Wade, you scared me.
Dang, sweet notes.
Can I borrow them?
Do your own work.
Well, if you change your
mind or just wanna hang out,
my cube is just right there, so.
You know, school
motto study hard...
[Both]: Play harder.
[Kathleen]: I know.
You need to work
on the first one.
Go back to your cube.
[tender music plays]
[firecrackers popping]
[Man]: Come on, pizza boy!
[indistinct chatter]
Dancing pizza, I'm
a dancing pizza
- You guys are jerks.
Oh, I was just pledging
for one of the frats.
You should see what they're
making them do over at the gym.
Hey... hey, I'm talking to you.
Hey, aren't you...
- Get off of me!
Hey, pizza boy, come back!
[students laughing]
[mysterious music plays]
[movie playing]
[Man]: Are you okay?
[Woman]: Uh, yeah.
- How are you? I'm Ryan.
- I'm Jen.
Nice to meet you.
[knock on door]
[sinister music
swells then fades]
What do you think happened?
Drugs? Maybe an overdose?
Oh, my God.
[Security]: Sorry, you
gotta... you can't come in.
[Kathleen]: Hey, what happened?
I dunno. Something on my floor
but they won't tell me anything.
[Security]: We don't have
any information, okay?
I'm sorry.
I know, I'm sorry you
have to wait here.
We understand. We
appreciate your cooperation.
[breathes nervously]
- Becky.
That's my... that's
my friend's room.
That's my friend!
[ominous music swells]
[camera shutter snaps]
[somber monotonal music plays]
[girls giggling]
Wait, I need to
know what happened.
I need to know what
happened. I... I know her.
We were friends. I'm Kathleen.
We, we were neighbors and I,
and I... is she, is she...
I'm sorry for your loss.
You need to tell
me what happened.
I'm going to want to talk
to you more soon, okay?
Until then, just know we're
doing everything we can.
Let's try to stay calm, okay?
Nobody knows anything yet.
Just try to rest.
Call your parents.
[disorienting swell]
[music continues]
[Joanne]: Carol?
Carol? [hand taps on glass]
What's going on?
You okay?
What happened?
What's going on?
[phone ringing]
[Joanne]: Please pick up,
Kathleen. Please pick up.
Pick up, pick up. Dammit!
[phone ringing]
Please pick up.
Come on, pick up!
Please pick up!
[phone ringing]
[Becky, echoing]: Your mom was
right, you can't be trusted.
You never leave a friend alone.
Do you know what could
have happened to me?
Do you know how
dangerous that is?
You just disappeared.
[somber music continues]
[Dean Carrigan speaks warbly]
[normally]: rules
of our communities.
Dean Carrigan?
A student died on
campus last night.
One of your students.
[indistinct whispering]
Becky Swafford.
She died in her dorm room.
Why are we not
talking about that?
Miss, I assure you,
everything is being handled
with the utmost...
Why are we just going along
as if nothing happened?
Come on.
Excuse me.
Miss Roberts, wait!
I'm very sorry about your
friend, but rest assured,
the situation is being
handled with the utmost care
and integrity by the
authorities and the university.
We're bringing in grief
counselors and therapists.
I don't wanna talk
to a therapist.
I wanna know what
happened to my friend.
I understand but it's
best not to panic
in a situation like this.
- Panic? Panic?
Why would we panic?
Uh, the authorities are
investigating every possibility.
Was... was Becky
murdered? [bell rings]
I, uh... I'm sorry
for your loss.
[ominous music plays]
Excuse me, Kathleen, right?
I'm Detective Jessica Harken.
We never officially
met last night.
I'm sure this has been
incredibly difficult for you.
You and Becky,
you knew her well?
Since before I can remember.
We did daycare together.
My first memory of her is
with red connector blocks.
And you stayed
closed since then?
For sure.
Ridiculously close,
I guess, sometimes.
We like, planned our
entire lives together.
I... I never thought...
I never thought...
Did Becky have any
strange interactions
since you were at this school?
- I don't think so.
- Anyone threaten Becky?
So, she was killed.
Becky was a good person.
Kind and generous. She
was nice to everybody.
Like, why, why would
someone ever do that to her?
Kathleen, why'd you
switch dorm rooms?
Bad timing, wasn't it?
You leaving her alone like that.
Doesn't seem like the
kinda thing friends do.
Did you ever argue?
Well, well yeah, but you don't
think, you don't think...
I heard
that you and Becky had quite the
argument the day you moved out.
It wasn't that bad.
Bad enough for her to
switch out of every class
you had together.
They took all her things.
Why'd they have to
take her things?
It's evidence.
I'm sure you'll get it back.
[somber music plays]
It's just not fair.
It's not fair.
No, it's not.
Carol, I'm so sorry.
[Carol, teary]: I have to go
meet with the police again.
They want me to see her.
You know... identify the body.
She was stabbed.
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry. So sorry.
I'll go with you.
Thank you. [sobbing]
[Carol sighs]
[Carol]: You were
such a good friend.
[Kathleen cries]
I'm just so thankful that you
weren't here when it happened.
It's so lucky to think that you
could have been killed, too.
It's too much.
Okay, I better go.
Becky and I had a
fight and I moved out.
And that's why she was alone.
So, my Becky was here?
Living all alone?
[shaky]: Carol, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to...
- I need to go see my daughter.
[Joanne]: Carol!
Mom, I didn't, I didn't mean...
I didn't mean to do that.
[sobs] Mom, she's gone!
Mom, she's gone.
And it's all my fault.
No. No. No!
- Yes, it is.
She was clingy and she had
anxiety and she was just scared
and she needed me
and I abandoned her.
I abandoned her.
I'm her best friend
and I abandoned her.
- No, no, you didn't.
No, you didn't. Listen to me.
Listen to me.
Sometimes bad things happen
and there's nothing
we can do about it.
"First-year student Becky
Swafford died in her dorm room
Thursday evening."
I'm sorry.
- No, it's fine.
I wanna know. What's it say?
"A police investigation
is underway
but the authorities believe
this to be an isolated incident.
That there's no further
danger to the community."
I don't... understand.
How can the police
say we're safe?
They don't know anything yet.
They are the police.
They wouldn't say we're
safe if we're not. Right?
[somber music plays]
[indistinct chatter]
[loud crackle]
[Man]: Sorry. I got it.
Just... sorry.
[music continues]
[knock at door]
The authorities aren't
looking out for us.
We need to do something.
We should include that
Becky was stabbed to death.
Right. I can't believe
the news withheld that.
How can the police just assume
this was an isolated incident?
Are you sure about this?
I mean, this could
be really incendiary.
We're not saying
anything that's not true.
Yeah, but the police haven't
disclosed this information yet.
They're saying there's
no cause for alarm
and we're basically
saying the opposite.
Look, this whole
school, 15,000 students,
most of which are girls, are
just going about their lives.
Most don't even know
there was a murder.
If there's any chance
that they're in danger,
they deserve to know.
And they need to know
who they can trust.
And who they can't?
[keys clacking]
School's not gonna like this.
And I've got another idea.
[dark, stirring music]
[Radio DJ]: Nobody
knew Becky Swafford
better than her best
friend, Kathleen Roberts.
Kathleen's with us here now.
Becky Swafford came to Brighton
in the belief that this place
would make her a better person.
And then in turn,
she would make the world
a better, brighter place.
But instead she was murdered.
Killed in her dorm room.
Becky trusted this place.
She trusted the students here.
And we failed her.
I failed her.
[boys laughing]
- Hey, quiet.
[Kathleen]: And someone on
this campus took her life.
That person is still out there.
And until they've been caught,
until Becky has justice,
I refuse to accept that
any of us are safe.
[dryer buzzes]
[DJ]: Thank you.
Stay safe, everybody.
[sinister music swells]
[headphones clatter]
[students chattering]
- I'm scared.
- Did you hear about Tammy?
- Will she live?
I heard she was in a coma?
Is she gonna be okay?
- It's not safe here.
- I can't stay here any longer.
- Police really have no idea.
- There's a killer.
[disorienting music and voices]
Isn't anyone going
to do anything?
[Wade]: I was studying
in the library.
[Harken]: 'Til what time?
'Til maybe one a.m.
Anyone see you there?
Uh... yeah.
[tense music plays]
Conor Miller?
We are doing
everything in our power
to keep the university safe.
Now that said, for any student
who wishes to leave campus,
we are allowing you to drop
the semester without penalty
and an opportunity to re-enroll
when you're ready to return.
[Sarah]: I was supposed to be
responsible for these girls.
Tammy, Becky.
I don't know why anyone
would wanna hurt them.
I bet it was a man, though.
It's always a man.
I haven't seen Tammy
for at least a week.
- How about Becky Swafford?
- Um, Becky?
last time I saw her was uh, at
the campus convenience place.
I think it was last Thursday.
She was buying a
popcorn and diet soda,
for like, a movie night.
You had this exchange
this past Thursday?
- Yeah.
- The night she died.
Was she at the
store with anyone?
I don't think so.
I mean, Becky did say that, um,
that, that she was
watching the show.
It's like a girls' thing.
So, maybe she was
meeting a girlfriend.
I don't know.
[button clicks] [beeps]
[Joanne]: Kathleen, it's Mom.
Please call me. I
can't believe this.
[button clicks off]
[deep inhale and exhale]
[dial tone buzzes]
[receiver clunks]
[loud rock music plays]
Please take these
new rules seriously.
Curfew goes into effect tonight
so all dorms will be
locked as of nine p.m.
The library will
close at eight now,
along with all other
school buildings, gym,
campus caf, store, along
with all classrooms.
Police help line is
posted in the elevators.
It's anonymous, so if you see
anything or know anything,
please call the police.
We all want this to be
over as soon as possible.
Okay? [Girls]: Okay.
Okay. We were too late.
[Kathleen]: Yeah.
I am so mad at the school
right now, and the police.
Me too. At least
everyone knows now.
But it seems like
a lot of people
are getting out of danger.
- Yeah.
You uh, thinking about leaving?
No. I'm on scholarship.
I have to stay on campus
or I lose the tuition.
Besides, someone needs
to stay for these girls.
[Joanne]: I have been
calling and calling.
- I know.
- Do you know
how scared I've been?
As if Becky wasn't enough,
and now another attack?
And you won't answer
my phone calls?
I knew that if I answered
you'd just tell me
to come home.
- Damn right!
- I can't just leave.
- Do you know that last night
I was driving home.
I was thinking about
how you said that you got into
a fight and you switched room.
And I thanked God because
it saved your life!
If I would've been there,
I could've done something.
Becky would have probably
still been alive.
Well, maybe you'd be right
alongside her on a slab
at the morgue!
Look, I know this is
hard, I know it's awful.
It's too awful for someone your
age ever to have to experience,
but you're a smart girl and
this campus is not safe.
- Mom.
- I am your mother.
It is my job to keep you safe.
And I've been doing it since I
was younger than you are now.
Nineteen years, clothed,
fed, educated, successful.
Safe. Do you understand me?
Come on, let's go
pack your things.
[somber music plays]
You're gonna feel so much
better when we get home.
[footsteps shuffle and stop]
- No.
- What?
I can't leave the
other girls here.
- Kathleen, don't do this.
- Gonna have to trust me.
I'm not leaving.
[tender music plays]
[music turns sinister]
[exhaling deeply]
[security radio chatter]
[Wade]: Hey.
It's like a war zone here.
You're leaving too?
- Actually, no.
I'm staying.
- I'm glad.
It's sad enough around
here. If you left too, um...
Hey, I'm really sorry.
I know you and Becky
were super close.
It's a big school but
it can be a family, too.
If you need anything, your
friends are here for you.
Thank you.
It's just all so crazy, right?
Detectives lined up half
the school for questioning.
They must think it's a student.
Terrible thought, huh?
That detective
questioned me, too.
'Cause Becky and I had a fight.
Damn. I'm sorry.
Friends get into it sometimes.
And anyway, they shouldn't waste
their time questioning you.
You were at the library.
We hung out, remember?
We were studying at the
library when it happened?
- Hmm.
- So, we have an alibi.
Right. Right.
But I checked on
you before I left
and where'd you go?
I um...
I can't tell you.
[knock on door] [Sarah]: Hey.
I thought you were leaving?
- Nope.
Picked up a few things.
I like this.
[Kathleen exhales]
[whistle screeches]
Okay, I think we all know
how to blow a whistle.
Now guys, remember, the
best form of protection
is to avoid being alone.
Use the buddy system,
especially at night.
And just be aware of
your surroundings. Yeah?
- Yeah, okay.
- Kathleen,
are you sure about this? Pepper
spray is really dangerous.
This guy jacked my mom's
car when I was a kid.
He had no idea I was
in the back seat,
and he also didn't know
that my mom had pepper spray
in her purse. She
sprayed him in the face
and he cried until
the cops showed up.
Damn. Okay, we're doing this.
Who's ready to
defend themselves?
[Girl]: We are.
[energizing music]
Can we help?
Is this your frat?
I believe in fairness,
decency, and good manners.
I will endeavor to retain
the spirit of youth.
I will try to make my college,
the Sigma Sigma
Delta Fraternity,
and my own chapter respected
and honored by all men and women
and more beloved and
respected by my own brothers.
All right.
Put you to work.
[music resumes]
[Joanne]: Excuse me.
[Harken]: Yes, ma'am.
I'm the mother of
a student here.
Your office wouldn't give me any
information so I wanted to ask.
Ma'am, there are a
lot of scared parents
but I can't give out
any details on the case.
Of course. I just want to
know how much danger she's in.
I tried to get her to come
home, but she wouldn't.
So, I don't know if
you have a daughter?
No, but I had a mother.
And I remember our
relationship around this age.
What I can tell you is that
we've got a ton of
resources here now.
Around-the-clock units
are patrolling the campus
and the students are
getting active, too.
See that girl there?
She left class alone.
There are boys at every building
volunteering to chaperone girls
back to their dorms.
- Wasn't it your department
that said this was
an isolated incident?
That there was no evidence
of further danger?
And now there's a girl in a
coma with her head pummeled in.
Who's your daughter?
Kathleen Roberts.
We'll do our best to keep her
and every other girl here safe.
These volunteers,
these chaperones,
how do we know one of
them isn't the killer?
[Joanne sighs]
[Kathleen]: Hey, I
got more whistles
donated from the coach's office.
Ms. Roberts, will you
come join us, please?
I have no problem with whistles,
but pepper spray is
not allowed on campus.
It's a weapon.
- What about knives?
Like the one that
killed Becky Swafford?
Or... or bricks like the
killer used on Tammy Bennet?
Until this campus is safe,
I think that the women
living in it have a right
to protect themselves.
Or you can collect
the pepper spray
and then read in the
school paper tomorrow
about how the university would
prefer its female students
unarmed and vulnerable.
We could add a blurb
about how you advised us to
remain calm after Becky's death,
only for another student to
be bludgeoned a day later.
Okay, you've made your points.
Just be careful.
There's a big difference
between taken effective action
and escalating an
atmosphere of panic.
You're playing with fire whether
you realize it yet or not.
I think you and I need
to have another talk.
[worrying music plays]
I spoke with your mom earlier.
Is she still here?
She's as hard-nosed as you are.
I like what you're doing,
buddy system, rape whistles.
Even the pepper spray.
This school needs to be safe.
Someone has to provide trust
and security to the student body
if the institution isn't willing
or capable of providing it.
That's an interesting
for someone your age.
We have to look
out for each other.
I want you to tell me
about Becky Swafford.
About your time here.
Where you two went.
How you met.
You think Becky knew her killer?
Enough to open the door.
So, you trust me now. Okay.
What do you want to know about?
Let's start with Wade Mullins.
Becky had an incident at a party
first week, hosted at his dorms.
She freaked 'cause she
thought I left her alone.
I was just in another room.
- Which room was that?
Wade's bedroom.
But we didn't... you know.
Did Becky and Wade
have any interaction?
Yeah, a bit, but he didn't
do this. He couldn't have.
Because he was at
the library with you.
He was in the library
when I was there
but we weren't with each other.
Your student access cards
which log entry and exit times
at every school building
show you and Wade
both leaving after the
time of Becky's death.
But it would be pretty
easy for someone
to slip out and return without
swiping their card again.
Don't you think?
- Maybe.
Did you personally see
Wade the entire time
you were at the library?
I went to say goodbye
to him before I left.
His books were still there.
He was gone.
He's a good guy.
Is he?
A concerned student
showed me this.
It's making the rounds.
Good guy, hmm?
[energetic hip-hop music plays]
This is disgusting.
[indistinct cheering]
[Wade]: Kathleen.
What the hell is wrong with you?
- You said stay in large groups.
- You are such an idiot!
Hey, nothing stops Sigma Delts
from partying 'til they die.
- I can't believe you.
- I thought, I don't know.
It's been crazy and stressful.
People need to blow
off a little steam.
This is wrong!
And you know it!
- Whoa, whoa, easy, bitch.
- Uh!
- Dude...
- Lose my number.
Kathleen, wait.
[Conor]: What the hell?
Hope you and your jerk
friends enjoy the spotlight.
This is going in
the school paper.
Oh, come on, it's just a party!
Bitch! [music continues
in background]
[sinister music plays]
[door slams shut]
Hey, open this door.
[pounding on door]
Come on, open this
door. This isn't funny.
Somebody help! Help me!
[pounding intensifies]
[pepper spray hisses]
[Conor groans]
It was him! No!
- I'm sorry!
- Don't touch me.
Sorry, please just
let me explain.
The frat made us do it but
I should have known better.
I don't care what
you have to say!
[all screaming]
[Sarah]: It was him! [panting]
Ow, please, my eyes!
Consider yourselves
on suspension
until the school board can
vote on your expulsion.
Your frat is on probation.
Tell your brothers they
might lose their charter.
Dude, my parents are
gonna kill me, man.
We're done here.
[Dean]: Miss
Roberts, you're next.
[tense music plays]
Have a seat.
I just want you to know that
I was only at that party
to tell them how
disgusted I was with it.
I know. Your friend Wade
made that very clear.
I told you this was dangerous.
If there's a punishment,
I'll accept it.
No. No, there's
no need for that.
Detective Harken would
like to have a word.
I'll see you in class.
Trouble seems to follow
you. [Kathleen]: Yeah.
Have any new thoughts
about our friend Wade?
I dunno.
Even if you can't remember
seeing him in the library
before you left, he
swears you were there.
In fact, he's the only one who
swears they know where you were
at the time of Becky's death.
Why do you think he'd do that?
Detective, do you think
it was another student
that killed Becky?
Maybe two.
You just be careful out there.
Hey, Kathleen.
Where ya headed?
Need a chaperone?
I can walk you back
to the dorms, library,
wherever you need to go.
Um, yeah.
Um, New South.
You got it!
[Sarah]: It's a terrible thought
but I guess we all probably knew
it was another
student, or students.
Even if we hoped it wasn't.
- You don't understand.
- We're gonna get expelled.
Dude, I was trying to...
No, you don't even
understand, man!
But I heard they're
mulling over expulsion.
What they did was
way out of line.
[Conor breathing heavily]
[starts sobbing]
What else can we do?
You know the... the
whistles, the chaperones.
None of that helps if it's
someone we think is our friend.
Can I have a minute?
I, um, I just wanted to say...
Do you know why women are
supposed to yell, "Fire!"
instead of "Rape"?
It's because if you yell rape,
it scares away
potential rescuers.
Because people are more
likely to help if they think
they're in danger
too, like with a fire.
But if it's just
one girl in danger,
they might as well
just stay away.
[door crashes open]
- I'm sorry.
[Conor gasping] Conor!
Someone call an ambulance!
[Kathleen]: He's been choked.
He must still be inside.
Conor! Kathleen, wait!
[Conor, strained]: Help.
There's no one here.
Clean this up, will ya?
[guards chat indistinctly]
[plastic crinkles]
I grabbed the
first weapon I saw.
It's not like I wanted
to chase her in there.
I just... I couldn't let
her go in there alone.
[tense music plays]
[Kathleen]: I don't know
what I was thinking.
I wanted to help. I
wanted this to be over.
Is he okay? Conor?
He was strangled pretty
badly but he'll be fine.
Did you know Conor was in
Becky's Women Empowerment Club?
So was Tammy Bennet.
Conor was in a number
of juvenile incidents
in high school,
drinking, fighting.
We've also had two
students corroborate
a physical altercation that
occurred between him and Becky
at a dorm party.
Becky never said anything.
Why do you think
the killer decided
to attack your friend Conor?
- I never said he was my friend.
I don't know.
It's very unusual.
To go from attacking young
women in a private space
to strangling a strong, young
man in a public setting.
You said no one else came
through those kitchen doors
after Conor.
You and Wade went
in right after.
How could the killer
escape? How could he?
[door opens]
[Joanne]: Excuse me?
Kathleen, this
interview is over.
[Kathleen]: Mom!
- Get up!
Ma'am, we were just talking.
Do you think I don't
know what you're doing?
You interrogate my daughter
again without a lawyer present,
I sue you and the department.
- Uh...
- Do you understand me?
Let's go!
Sit down.
I hired a lawyer.
They called the department.
You're a person of interest.
Do you know what that means?
It means you're a suspect.
- I didn't kill my friend.
- Of course you didn't.
Do you think they care
about that? Care about you?
I just wanted to help
the investigation,
not slow anything down.
They will arrest whoever they
have the most evidence against,
whether it's the real killer
or the former, naive roommate.
You are so eager to prove
that you're not afraid.
That you can do this alone,
that you don't need anyone.
That's why I can't trust you.
I blame myself. I
failed as a parent.
Now, I can't force you to come
home but what I won't do is
allow you to endanger yourself
any more than you already have.
Here's the lawyer's number.
So, don't call me.
Don't call me back.
But if those police come on
you again, call this number.
It is so honorable that
you wanna take care
of all your friends
and stay here.
Women are at a disadvantage
biologically, culturally.
You can't change that.
You don't have to.
You're tougher, you're smarter.
You have to be.
It's how we survive.
Okay? So, that's it.
I got your message. Why'd
you wanna meet here?
I couldn't come to your place.
Look, Conor and Becky had some
sort of fight at your party.
And he was also in the
Women Empowerment Club
with Becky and Tammy Bennet.
- Wait a minute.
You don't think...
Conor joined the group
'cause he thought it'd be
a smart way to meet chicks.
I'm not saying he's smart,
but I don't know,
he's just screwed up.
But he would never
hurt anyone like that.
Okay then,
how did he get strangled
in that kitchen?
There was nobody in it.
- I don't know.
I'll talk to him, okay?
- Do it in public, in the day,
with lots of people watching.
- You worried about me?
I just don't wanna see
anyone else get hurt.
I'm really sorry about
the party. It was dumb.
I really messed up.
- Huh.
Yeah, you did.
[Wade]: Hey, hey, it's okay.
[Conor]: My parents
are gonna kill me, man.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm so stupid, man.
- You're not stupid.
- I'm so stupid.
- You're not stupid, okay?
- My parents are gonna kill me.
We'll figure it out.
I swear. Okay?
I can't believe that he
would hurt himself like that.
The fear he must have felt to
strangle himself that badly.
He thought if he was a victim,
the school would go easy on us.
Keep us from getting expelled.
- I'm sorry.
- He promised me he'd be okay.
Maybe the school will let
him come back next semester.
If there even is
a next semester.
[footsteps thud approaching]
Can I have a word?
- I'll see you later.
- Yeah.
I had a feeling you
were behind this.
I'm not supposed to talk to you.
I'll do all the talking.
You went around my back and
spoke to a leading suspect
in a homicide investigation,
directly involving
yourself in the case.
Thank you.
Could've wasted a lot
of time and resources
looking into Conor.
Instead, he came to us.
Confessed about faking the
strangulation and opened up
about the confrontation he
had with Becky at the party.
He propositioned her for
a dance, she said no,
he called her a nasty
name, and she left.
A jerk but not a killer.
It seems so.
We also ran down Conor's alibi.
Several people swore
they were with Conor
at the time of Becky's death.
So, the real killer is...?
I'm still working on it.
I guess we both are.
But please, stop. Leave
it to the professionals.
[somber music play]
[disorienting swell]
[knock at door]
[knocking on door]
[teary]: Mom.
I miss her so much.
I know. I know.
I can't believe you're here.
Come on.
Thanks for being so tough.
You're like kind of badass.
Like, when you went at
that cop, I had no idea.
Believe it or not, I
wasn't always like, a mom.
I was on the
freshman dance squad.
- No.
- Yes.
[laughs]: Hmm, honestly?
- No.
It was you.
It was when I had you I realized
I had to be there for you.
Every minute, every day.
You're the one who
made me a badass.
[Kathleen chuckles softly]
[tender music plays]
[tense music plays]
[students laughing]
[music quickens]
No, no, no!
[female student
screams] [thudding blow]
Hey, hey!
Help! Help! Over here!
Stop right there!
Somebody stop that guy!
[Males]: Get him! Get him!
[Radio DJ]: It should be
another beautiful day today.
Highs in the mid-70s.
And speaking of that, here's
another hit from the mid-70s.
I remember that one.
- We were like ten, right?
- Nine.
We had spring break at the
lake when you made this.
- Hmm.
- What was that thing called?
That boat thing? Tubing.
Oh. [laughs]
You and Becky went
together the first time
and your heads got
totally dunked underwater,
never letting go of the rope,
dragging behind the boat.
We didn't know we were
supposed to let go!
I was screaming for
Carol to slow down.
I think I drank like a gallon
of lake water that day.
You guys were lucky
to have each other.
Yeah, we were.
[Radio DJ]: And now an
important news bulletin.
If you didn't hear this
yet, there's big happenings
coming out of the Brighton
County Police Department.
After another campus
assault last night,
this time at
Summerland University,
the authorities
finally have good news.
This time, the attacker
who was in the act
of assaulting a third female
student was apprehended.
After the assaults on
the Brighton campus
that led to the
hospitalization of Tammy Bennet
and the death of Becky Swafford,
students at neighboring
Summerland University
were on high alert
leading to the heroic
capture of the attacker.
And a little over an hour ago,
police confirmed
that the suspect has confessed
to all three attacks.
Ha! [Kathleen gasps]
[Joanne]: Oh, my God!
Oh, my God, they got him!
[serene music plays]
[indistinct chatter]
[Kathleen]: Where are we going?
- You'll see.
I've had about as much mystery
as I think I can handle.
I was here earlier and I thought
it might be nice if
we came together.
So, kids have been
leaving notes, photos.
I left some pictures
here earlier
and I brought a candle
for you to light.
I know Becky sometimes felt like
she was alone, but she wasn't.
She had you.
She loved you.
And you loved her.
You always will.
[teary]: Thank you.
Come here.
This is... this
is really nice.
It's beautiful.
[Joanne]: So, you comin'
home for Thanksgiving?
- Ha, ha.
- Hmm.
Have I taken you to
the cafeteria here?
It makes your
stuffing look amazing.
Very funny.
Seriously, though,
I'll be there.
Maybe we should
say goodbye here.
I love you.
I know. I love you, too.
Even though I don't
say it enough.
But hey, I trust you.
You're making the
right decisions,
even if I don't always
agree with them.
Thanks, Mom.
- Love you.
I love you, too.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I don't think your
mom likes me much.
Did you tell her about my party?
- No.
That's just how she
looks at any guy I like.
Just try not to get a big
ego about it or anything.
I'll try. No promises.
'Cause um, I'm...
I shouldn't even be
talking to you right now.
Oh, 'cause I remember
bravely following you in
while you were chasing
after a killer, so.
Was... was that brave?
'Cause you were actually
bringing up the rear, so.
It was still pretty
brave, all right?
[Kathleen chuckles] I
can't believe it's over.
Just like that.
The detectives said that
it never feels fair.
Guess not.
Well, I'll see ya in class?
- Wade...
where'd you go that
night in the library?
- It was a rush thing.
I had to streak
naked in the gym.
- Frats.
Yeah, frats.
[Kathleen giggles]
[Sarah]: Hey, I was
just looking for you.
We're starting dance
practices again.
You wanna come?
- Um...
Come on. It'll be fun.
Yeah. Sounds good.
I just have to do one thing.
I'll meet you at the gym?
- Great. See ya there.
[tender music plays]
[Becky]: I just want you
to know that I love you.
[music continues]
[Patrick]: Kathleen!
- Oh, hi.
- Hey.
- It's uh, Patrick, right?
- Yeah.
You need a chaperone? I
can walk you wherever.
Uh, I don't think we're doing
the chaperone thing anymore.
Didn't you hear?
They caught the guy
over at Summerland.
Yeah, no, it's... thank God.
It's just... I still
think it's a nice idea,
the whole chaperoning thing.
It's very, I don't
know, gentlemanly.
[Kathleen chuckles]
But no worries.
Oh, I'm headed to the gym.
Oh, this way.
It's faster if we cut
through the admin building.
You understand you have
the right to an attorney
and you've waived
that right, correct?
I already did this
with the other cop.
I told them everything,
so you can get lost.
I did what I did.
End of story.
No, it's not.
You don't get to just hurt
people like that and walk away
when you decide you're over it.
The victims and their families
deserve justice and that means
you behind bars and it
means an explanation.
Let's start with Becky Swafford.
Yeah, fine.
[disorienting swell]
[camera shutter snaps]
I did her with a knife.
I stabbed her.
How did you gain
access to her building?
It's a dorm. Some
kid let me in.
So, uh, Patrick, uh,
did you end up
joining any clubs?
Like aeronautical engineering?
- Good memory.
And no, I didn't end
up joining anything.
Um, I get like,
nervous in groups.
New people, you know.
It's a big school.
Yeah, it's not the
big part I mind.
You can get lost in it.
That's okay with me.
You should join, though.
Find your group.
Maybe you'll like
the new people.
I know, I... I should.
You know, I... I'm
good at building stuff
and computers, too.
Anything with a
circuit, I'm your guy.
Oh yeah?
What's your secret?
Do you volunteer with the
school administration, or what?
So, how does your thing work?
It's just a magnetic strip.
Like a driver's license.
- You make fake IDs?
Fake IDs? On a college campus?
- Huh.
But if I did,
I could tell you,
it's not very hard.
And these are even easier.
All you need is the right
magnetic strip to copy and...
[lock beeps open] Boom.
Open sesame.
[exhales deeply]
[Kathleen]: So, you can go
anywhere you want on campus
and leave no trace?
- Why do you ask?
It's just cool.
No, it leaves a trace but
just to a different student,
a faculty member, janitor.
Whoever's card I could swipe
to make the copy, really.
Wait, could, uh, you make
me a fake ID sometime?
I'd love to get into bars.
- Sure, yeah.
Would... would you
want one right now?
- Well, I've gotta go to my...
- No, no,
it just takes a minute.
I've got my gear with me.
- Great!
[lock beeps open]
- Step into my office.
[worrying music builds slowly]
And why did you decide
to kill Becky Swafford?
What, I need a reason?
Let's talk about Tammy Bennet.
Yeah, why not?
[lock beeps open]
[music continues]
So, you have everything
here to make an ID?
Yeah, it's how I
supplement my allowance.
All you need is a magnetic
strip reader, laptop,
you know, card stock,
and uh, a camera.
I usually charge for these
but uh, you're so cool so...
I'll give it to you for free.
- Thanks. Um...
While you're getting all set up,
I'm just gonna check my email.
How did you get access
to the building?
Are you stupid or something?
I just told you.
Tell me about your
assault of her.
I hit her in the back
of the head with a pipe.
Okay? What else is there
to tell? Can I go now?
So you crept up behind Tammy
Bennet and hit her with a pipe?
Was it a steel pipe
like you used last night
or something else?
- Steel.
[Tammy thuds to floor]
[papers rustle]
Get our people back on
the Brighton campus, now.
Tammy Bennet was
attacked with a brick.
This guy's a copycat.
[tense music plays]
[keys clacking]
[Patrick]: Who are you emailing?
Just my law professor. We
have an exam coming up.
Hey, as long as it's
not your boyfriend.
[both chuckle nervously]
You don't have one, do you?
Me, no.
[keys clacking]
Hey, I just need a good photo.
You're so pretty.
I bet you never
take a bad photo.
You're... you're too kind.
Just like that.
And don't smile.
[camera shutter snapping]
[sinister swell]
How is it?
Perfect. I just
need a few minutes.
[keys clacking]
[music intensifies]
[printer zipping]
I, uh...
it's your same... same name
so it's easy to remember
and I made you 23 so
it's not that obvious
and people won't know.
- Great, you know, actually,
I'm super late for
dance so, ahem.
Here's your ID. [Kathleen
exhales nervously]
Just don't tell the cops.
I could get in trouble
for making fake IDs.
Right, of course. I won't
tell anyone, I promise.
[door slams]
It was the lamb.
I should have thrown
it away, shouldn't I?
What's that?
[chuckles nervously]
It's your friend's
stuffed animal.
Uh, I don't think so. Um,
it's super cute, though.
You think I'm stupid, don't you.
No. Uh, what?
- Yeah, you do.
You smile and you flirt
but you're all just a
bunch of mean bitches.
You, and Tammy, and
your friend Becky.
Becky was never mean to you.
I helped her when
that douchebag Conor
was hitting on her at a party.
She should've thanked me.
She should've appreciated
what I did for her.
And all I wanted was to
watch a movie with her.
Why'd you bring a
knife into her room?
This knife?
[breathes shakily]
You feel powerful, don't you?
Carrying a weapon around.
Beating up on girls.
You know, some people think that
women are at a disadvantage.
That we're weaker
and we're smaller.
That the... the rules
aren't set up for us to win
but I don't care about all that.
Because... because we're
tougher. And, and we're smarter.
[sinister swell]
[pepper spray hisses]
[Patrick screaming]
That's for my friend,
you piece of shit.
[Patrick gagging]
Down! On the ground, now!
[Patrick grunting]
[Harken]: Kathleen,
Kathleen, look at me.
Are you all right?
[Officer]: Come on!
You did good. [Patrick growls]
- That's my daughter!
- Mom! Mom!
Oh, my God.
Mom! Mom, he did it.
He killed her.
- I know.
I know. And you stopped him.
You took care of yourself
and every other girl here.
[exhales] Oh God,
I have never been more scared
and more proud at the same time.
Oh, my God.
Let's go home.
[Kathleen sobs]
[uplifting music plays]
[indistinct chatter]
[school bell rings]
- Bye, guys.
See ya.
Can I have a minute?
I'll catch up later.
- Yeah, sure.
So, things are sort of
back to normal on campus.
Classes are going well.
Dean Carrigan gave me
an A on my last paper.
Well, an A minus but...
I'm with Wade now.
Like, a real relationship.
And we're gonna wait,
if you were wondering.
[chuckles] I know.
Oh, look at me, I'm
so adult, right?
He's really funny.
You'd like him.
I'm down to just two clubs now,
dance and the Women
Empowerment one.
I would've joined with you,
huh, once I came to my senses.
But you already know that.
Yeah, I... I think
you'd be proud.
[teary exhale]
and I know this place
is never gonna know you
like I did.
And that's their loss.
But in a way, I kinda feel
like you saved us all.
So, thanks.
[bell on Lamby rattles]