Danger in the Spotlight (2021) Movie Script

[instrumental music]
[instrumental music]
[car engine revving]
[breathing heavily]
[gina] and I would freak out
at the smallest of challenges,
Like getting a new lease
or getting my car fixed.
today is a big day for me.
I'm six months sober.
And, uh, I owe it all
to my sober sister martha.
Thank you
for, um, for your support,
And your patience
and your wisdom.
You really are
my guardian angel.
Congratulations, gina.
You earned it.
[dramatic music]
[car door opens]
Are you okay?
Can you hear me?
Okay. Okay.
You're gonna be okay. Okay?
I'm gonna call for help.
Everything's gonna be fine.
[music continues]
Do you wanna go to sam's
to celebrate? My treat.
[gina] uh, uh, well, okay.
Martha, gina!
Good to see you guys.
[indistinct chatter]
I'm glad we did this.
- All right.
All right.
- I'm so excited. Thank you.
Love you. Bye.
- Okay, love you, bye!
[dramatic music]
yes, there's been an accident.
Um, yeah, I need,
I need an ambulance right away.
There's a woman. She's,
she's unconscious in her car.
Um, I don't know. One second.
[dramatic music]
I'm about a, a mile
from st. John's hospital.
On a side street by the 14.
I'm-I'm sorry, I don't
really have good reception.
I-I can't really hear you.
Okay. Help's on the way, okay?
You're gonna be fine.
I'm so sorry.
[instrumental music]
[siren blaring]
[engine starts]
[siren blaring]
[woman on radio] morning show,
it's gonna be
82 degrees and sunny today.
We've a morning
full of new music for you,
But first let's fill you in on
for your morning commute.
Here is some information
on traffic today.
It is backed up by the ai...
[dramatic music]
[judge] have you been drinking,
mrs. Wright?
[judge] mrs. Wright?
- I'm sorry.
Can you assure this court
you have been in
A treatment program
for your drinking problem?
I have, your honor.
I've been sober
for over a year now
And I haven't missed
a single meeting.
I'm back on my feet.
Mrs. Richardson, you're here
as character witness.
Can you support this statement?
Martha's commitment
to the program
Has been an inspiration
to all of us.
You also lost your job as
a nurse at st. John's hospital
Due to your drinking. Have you
found another occupation since?
I'm working with
the alcoholic national helpline.
It allows me to spend time
with my daughter.
But not enough
to support both of you?
Well, I am trying to get
a second job.
Thank you.
This court understands that
mrs. Wright is actively engaged
In the ongoing treatment
of her alcoholism
And is giving back to her
community in an exemplary way.
However, I will set
A three-month
probationary period
To prove she can secure
the means to support
Both her and her daughter
before making any decisions
Regarding the custody
of anna wright.
Until then, mr. Wright will keep
Full custody of the minor.
We will meet again
in three months, on April 18th,
For re-evaluation.
That concludes this matter.
Hi, baby!
You look so pretty.
How was school today?
I made this for you.
- Aww!
Another one for my fridge.
Thank you so much.
Ms. Kimmel lets me use
the watercolors now!
Oh, that's my artist.
I put charlie on a cloud
because ms. Kimmel says
He's looking at us
from up there.
Yeah, he is.
Come on, anna.
Let's give mommy a kiss
and let's get back in the car.
Grandma's waiting for us.
I love you, muffin.
I love you, mommy.
Go with daddy, okay?
[tim] she misses you, you know?
I see you're doing great.
You've come a long way.
I'm trying my best.
But you know how it goes.
Some days are harder
than others.
I miss him, too, martha.
But we still have a kid
who needs us.
Anna needs you.
I can't just forget about him.
Wasn't your fault.
It wasn't my fault either.
[car honking]
Where's your car?
- I took an uber.
Hop in. I'll give you a ride.
I was too nervous to drive.
[dramatic music]
[gina] hey, hey, hey.
We knew this could happen.
Three months is gonna fly by,
Especially when we're sober.
[gina chuckles]
It's not just that. I...
I-I saw an unconscious woman
by her car last night.
I was just wondering
if she's okay.
Well, did you call an ambulance?
Okay. Then that's all
you can do, right?
Hopefully, she's at the hospital
recovering right now.
- Let's go.
[monitor beeping]
[cell phone vibrating]
oh, my god!
How are you?
I mean, I-it's been a while.
Thirteen months, two weeks and
three days. But who's counting?
Look, I'm sorry
I haven't called.
I mean, I didn't know how to,
just considering...
Come on, ryan, I'm the one
who should be apologizing.
You've always been
a good friend.
[martha] I'm in recovery.
A-and it's good.
Well, I'm very glad
to hear that.
How's it going?
Erika told me you were on call
last night
With some crazy car accident.
[ryan] do you remember
thanksgiving three years ago?
It was that kind of night.
A hit and run. The police
have been here all morning.
And you're not gonna believe
who it is.
[ryan] daphne novak.
T-the ballet dancer.
No, I've,
I've never heard of her.
You'll see her on tv.
She's, she's a star.
How is she?
Hm, no more ballet for her.
She's paralyzed
from the waist down.
Oh, my god. That is horrible.
[woman on tv] world-famous
ballet dancer daphne novak
Was found unconscious
in her car early this morning
Around 5 a.M.
Mrs. Novak is stable.
But doctors fear she
won't be able to walk again.
Empire city ballet company
mourns the loss
Of its most renowned star.
According to
the preliminary investigation,
It was a hit and run, the police
Found the bumper
from the other car.
Authorities believe
it's from a 2012 silver chevy,
But we'll bring you
more details as we get them.
[doorbell rings]
Why haven't you called me?
I've been staring at the phone
the whole morning.
good to see you, too, mom.
So, how did it go?
Good, I guess.
I'm on probation
for three months.
That judge
is a hard-nosed woman.
It'll fly by.
And it'll give us time
to get anna's room ready.
Nothing should go wrong.
What are you watching?
I didn't know
you like ballet now.
I couldn't get you in a tutu
When you were little,
for the life of me.
[instrumental music on laptop]
I have to tell you something.
What's the matter?
I was in a car accident
last night...
What? Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
But I woke up at 5:00
in the morning
In my car by st. John's...
My car had crashed
into another car
And, and that woman
was the driver.
Last thing I remember,
I-I was having a tea with gina
After the meeting.
I walked to the parking lot
And everything just went black
after that.
Martha, we've been here before.
You need to tell me the truth.
Mom, I swear,
you have to believe me.
Look, the weirdest thing is
I woke up
with an anaphylactic reaction.
Did you eat any gluten?
Hit and run? Okay...
I called 911,
but I, then I drove away.
Martha, you can't do that.
You got yourself in a big mess.
I-I was scared and confused.
And I was thinking of anna
and the hearing...
See, that's what I'm scared of,
everybody looking at me
Like that,
I haven't had a drink since
That night at the hospital, mom.
I believe you.
I believe you, baby. Come here.
You can use my car for now.
We'll, uh, figure out what to do
When things calm down.
What's that? God...
That's not mine.
You know I can't drink whiskey.
This would explain
your allergic reaction
And your blackout.
But I-I couldn't have driven
from sam's to st. John's
With anaphylactic shock.
It almost killed me.
- I'm not judging you, honey.
But we both know how stressful
This custody battle
has been for you.
Maybe you're not ready
to take care of anna yet...
I did not drink, mother. Okay?
[dramatic music]
This isn't mine.
Somebody else was in my car.
Stop it, please.
Can you hear yourself?
Come on, mom,
you've got to believe me.
I'm sober. And anna needs me.
They are looking for you.
So I'm only going to ask
one thing.
Stay away from this.
If they catch you, you can
say goodbye to your daughter.
[martha] national aa helpline.
This is martha.
How can I help you?
[woman on phone]
I can't bear it anymore.
I need a drink.
- [martha] calm down, sweetie.
Why don't you start
by telling me your name?
When's the last time
you had a drink?
[woman on phone] a week ago.
[martha] you know
you've made it through the
Toughest week of all.
[woman] that's what I heard.
Hello? Martha?
Yeah. Yes, I'm-I'm here.
Um, you probably kept
A bottle somewhere.
Most of us do that
in the beginning.
What's your poison?
- [woman] vodka.
Okay, this is what
we're gonna do.
Uh, uh, I want you to walk
to where you kept that bottle.
I want you to open it up
and I want you to empty it into
The kitchen sink.
Can you do that for me?
[woman] I think so.
[liquid sloshing]
[woman sighs] I did it.
Good job. Now you know
what I'm gonna say next.
[woman] I'll go to a meeting
right away.
Thank you so much, martha.
[intense music]
[laptop keys clacking]
[instrumental music]
Hi, daphne? Daphne novak?
I am such a huge fan.
I-I saw you dance swan lake
at the lincoln center,
And I have been following you
ever since.
Look, I need to know
what happened
The night of the accident.
Quick turn of the dancer's body
on one foot...
[sighs] fouette.
Turns are called fouette.
[instrumental music]
La bayadere?
No. No, this piece
is much softer.
Les mis maybe?
Yes! Les mis.
[door opens]
[footsteps approaching]
But when will we hear back
from you, mr. Keyes?
Hard to tell, without the other
driver, the investigation
Takes longer, mrs. Novak.
We need to be absolutely sure
who's responsible for the crash.
But my career is over.
Why can't your company
just honor the policy
That I've been paying for years?
You'll get your money
when we find the other driver.
[car engine starts]
- [martha] daphne novak?
Um, I don't mean to disturb you.
But, um, I-I read about
What happened to you on the news
And I-I just wanted to drop by
To wish you well.
I know it's really weird,
but I'm-I'm a, I'm a huge fan.
How do you know where I live?
You've posted some pictures
of your house on instagram.
I-I recognized
the, the street immediately
Because my mom,
she lives nearby.
Is that so?
Oh, my god. Uh...
Uh, I promise,
I-I'm not a crazy stalker.
This was a mistake. I-I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, this, this was
really lovely of you.
Maybe you can help me
wheel myself back inside?
I, I'm not used
to this darn thing yet.
Of course. Yeah.
And we can find a vase
for those flowers, too.
A cushion would make that chair
much more comfortable.
And, uh, you should use
anti-tip bars
Until you feel more confident.
You've done this before.
- I'm a nurse.
Les mis.
I've seen this so many times.
You were terrific
in the new adaptation.
Did you know
that george robbins,
He choreographed it
specifically for me?
'cause you're the only ballerina
who can do
32 fouettes,
all triples in a row.
You are a true fan.
Even though
I won't be doing that anymore.
I-I love your house.
That-that statue is beautiful.
It was my mother's favorite.
Daphne and apollo.
She named me daphne because
she was the most beautiful
Greek nymph
in all of greek mythology.
When apollo
was about to rape daphne,
She begged her father for help,
So he turned her
into a beautiful laurel tree...
Never to walk again.
Isn't it ironic?
I'm sorry,
I didn't even catch your name.
I'm martha.
Well, martha,
would you like some tea
Or maybe a mid-day martini?
Oh, no, I, I don't drink.
But thank you.
Oh. I got it.
- Oh, thank you.
Oh. You can put these
in that vase over there.
[daphne] thank you.
"wishing to see you
back on the stage soon.
With love, martha."
How sweet.
I've seen you before.
Well, I lined up
outside lincoln center
To get your autograph
when you did swan lake.
No. I've-I've seen you recently.
Where did you say
your mom lived again?
Rosaline canyon.
Hm. That's pretty far.
I thought you said
she lived close.
Oh! Uh, uh,
she used to live nearby.
Where do you want me
to put these?
Martha, look, I...
I need to tell you something.
I don't think
you'll ever see me dance again.
The damage is irreversible.
It's only been two weeks.
Isn't it too early
to determine that?
Well, with every new test
brings worse news.
[kettle whistling]
I'm not getting any better.
Where's the tea?
- [daphne] top shelf to the left.
English breakfast for me,
May I ask you what happened?
The night of the accident?
I-I don't mean to pry.
My, um, husband works
at st. John's
And he wasn't feeling well,
so he asked me to pick him up.
Then a woman in a silver car
veered into my lane
And crashed into me straight on.
A woman?
The police found an earring
at the crash site,
So they suspect
that a woman was the driver.
She drove away.
I don't remember much.
- [gasps]
Oh, my gosh! I am so sorry.
You must think
I'm the clumsiest.
Here, let me see.
I'm really sorry for you.
Enough talking
about depressing things.
Tell me about this lovely nurse
who brought me
A card and flowers.
Well, I'm not a nurse anymore.
Long story.
Well, I'm not going anywhere.
- [chuckles]
[martha] and after
my son's death,
I just... Couldn't keep going.
I can't explain the feeling,
it was like
A rope was around my neck
strangling me.
Wine helped me sleep at night
and forget during the day,
Until suddenly...
I was living like a zombie.
I lost my job, my husband...
My little girl...
[daphne] hey.
You've been through a lot.
"but even the darkest night
will end and the sun will rise."
Victor hugo.
A line from les mis.
That's a beautiful bracelet
you're wearing. Is it carter?
Yeah. My husband gave it to me
for my anniversary.
I wear the bracelet
and he keeps the key.
The key...
That's romantic.
Martha, do you miss
being a nurse?
I do, actually, but I...
I couldn't work at that hospital
Well, um,
why don't you work here?
For me?
My husband and I
were looking for a caretaker
And you're a nurse
and a big fan.
Seems like it was meant to be.
That's really thoughtful of you,
but I,
I don't think I'm
the right person for the job.
Oh, come on, the insurance
company will pay you really well
And you can even take calls
from here.
I'm sorry. I just...
I can't.
Well, thank you for the tea.
I promise I'll come visit you
again soon.
- Okay.
[martha] hi.
- Hi.
[daphne] uh, honey, um,
This is martha, she's a big fan
And she brought me flowers.
Uh, martha, this
is my husband, henry.
Nice to meet you.
- Uh, likewise.
I-I was just leaving.
- Oh, well...
Martha was telling me how
she was a nurse at st. John's
And I was telling her
how we need a caretaker.
Maybe you can help me
convince her?
Excuse me, ladies.
I had a long day.
But, honey.
Uh, honey, we need a caretaker,
And martha
is the perfect candidate.
At st. John's? I don't think
we've met, have we?
I'm the physical therapist
I don't think so. I was in er.
[liquid sloshing]
[dramatic music]
Well, we could use some help
around here, for sure.
Now that daphne can't perform,
I have to work longer hours.
Maybe we try it for a few days.
wonderful! Uh...
Well, see you in the tomorrow
at 9 a.M., then?
[doorbell rings]
Hi, martha. Come in.
Daphne's still in bed.
- I didn't wanna be late.
I'll give you the rundown.
Put your stuff there.
So, first thing in the morning
she'll need help
Taking a bath
and getting dressed.
I printed off a list
of basic exercises she has to do
Every day to stretch her muscles
and stimulate
The circulation in her legs.
Well, I have a certificate
in massage therapy.
Great. You'll have no problem
with that, then. Follow me.
You'll find her daily menu
on that board.
We usually get her meals
delivered around 11 a.M.
You'll make her breakfast,
cereal, fruit,
Two boiled eggs,
orange juice and coffee.
I'll give you cash anytime
you need to buy groceries.
I don't mind cooking
if you guys want. I love it.
Daphne was right. You're
the perfect candidate, indeed.
She loves going on afternoon
strolls down the street.
The fresh air is good for her.
I'll leave the keys to the suv
in the tray
By the front door in case
you need to drive her somewhere.
I assume
you're a great driver, too.
Of course.
- Good.
Um, I think
that's about it for now.
Daphne can fill you in with more
details. I gotta go to work.
Oh. That's my office.
You don't need to go in there.
[dramatic music]
[martha] have a great day.
I'll see you this evening.
[dramatic music]
[door locking]
I hope you understand.
I talked to ryan and erika
At the hospital last night
Well, I just want to make sure
I can trust you with my wife.
You don't have to explain.
I understand.
Listen, martha.
Daphne may look strong,
but she's broken inside.
She needs emotional support.
I'll take care of her
as if she were my own sister.
Welcome to our home, then.
[dramatic music]
The master bedroom is upstairs.
- [gasps]
I believe everyone deserves
a second chance.
Don't disappoint me.
Good morning.
- For your chair.
Oh! Thank you. You're so sweet.
[martha] first things first,
I wanna make a schedule
For your meds, make sure
you follow your treatment.
Do you know what you're taking?
Oh, just, uh, corticosteroids
and painkillers as needed.
Uh, do you need help
with your injections?
Oh, no.
Henry's taking care of that.
[dramatic music]
Ta-da! You're all set.
- Thank you.
Let's give you a bath.
Hey, martha?
Henry, he told me that you used
to drive drunk to work.
That's true.
I had some altercations
The last few weeks
at the hospital.
One day...
I gave the wrong medication
to a patient
And he, he got really sick.
That's why I lost my job.
He recovered, but I'll never
forgive myself for that.
I haven't had a drink since.
Hey. Don't be too hard
on yourself.
I'm good at reading people.
I can tell I can trust you.
Have you thought about
what's next for you?
Ballet is my life.
I'm the one that brought it back
from the ashes and...
Everyone appreciates it again.
Even the president himself
came to see me once.
I know,
but reinventing yourself,
That could help you heal.
You're only 30 years old.
You could teach
the new generations.
I'm 38.
It's my best-kept secret.
- No.
How do you do it?
- [sighs]
This business is merciless.
I mean, you start ballet
at the age of five
And you sacrifice everything,
Family vacations,
birthday parties...
Even being a mother.
And-and when you are
at the peak of your career...
They just replace you
with someone younger.
They can't just throw me out
and get rid of me
Like those forgotten women
whose bodies resisted
The passage of time.
I got frozen,
Like daphne from apollo's touch.
Should I take it off?
Oh. Henry lost the key to it.
I'm gonna have to call the store
and find a replacement.
Handcuffed forever to him.
[martha] innocent.
[door creaks, shuts]
Hey, honey! How was your day?
[henry] dreadful.
[daphne sighs]
- [martha] your turn.
[henry] oscar was sick today and
I didn't get to take a break.
How was your day, ladies?
It was perfect.
Martha's the best.
[martha] well,
you make my job very easy.
Thank you
for staying a bit later.
I should be home earlier
Um, it's no problem at all.
By the way, I...
I found this under your bed.
[chuckles] oh, my gosh,
you found it.
[daphne chuckles]
[daphne sighs]
- strange.
I looked under the bed
and didn't see anything.
It's easy to miss
the small stuff.
[anna on phone]
when are you coming home?
[martha] very soon. I promise.
So start thinking about
which characters' autographs
You wanna get because
we're going to disney world.
[anna] yay, I want
mickey's and minnie's
And daisy's and mulan's...
Don't forget elsa's.
[anna] oh, yeah, and olaf and...
You promise?
I promise.
Now go brush your teeth
and get ready for bed.
Let me talk to your dad.
[anna] I love you, mommy.
I love you, too, muffin.
[tim] hey!
How's everything going?
How's the new job going?
- Good.
[tim] what's wrong?
Nothing, I...
She's a sweetheart
and I like taking care of her.
[sighs] her husband
just seems a little off.
[tim] what do you mean?
[martha] uh,
like he's hiding something.
- [dramatic music]
[gina] are you sure
you don't want me
To stay the night with you?
Don't worry, gina, I already got
The front door lock changed.
[gina] I'll keep my phone on me
And you can call me any time.
Thanks. Goodnight.
[woman on playback audio]
911. What's your emergency?
[martha on playback audio] yes,
there's been an accident.
[woman] can you explain
what happened, ma'am?
[martha] um, I need, I need
an ambulance right away.
There's a woman, she's,
she's unconscious in her car.
[woman] what is
your exact location?
[martha] um, I don't know.
One second.
About a, a mile
from st. John's hospital,
On a side street by the 14.
[woman] thank you, ma'am.
May I have your name, please?
[martha] I'm-I'm sorry, I don't
really have good reception.
I-I can't really hear you.
[dial tone beeping]
Are you okay?
[sighs] sorry.
Yes, there's been an accid...
- Uh...
Yeah, this is the voice
of the woman who hit me.
The police gave me the recording
In case it would trigger
any memories.
Did it?
Trigger any memories.
[martha] about a, a mile
from st. John's hospital,
On a side street by the 14.
I'm sorry, I don't really have
good reception.
I-I can't really hear you.
How are you so sure that
It was her who hit you?
She called the operator
from my phone,
Didn't give the operator any
name, and then she drove away.
Sounds like
only one explanation to me.
Maybe she was confused.
And that justifies her leaving
me out there like an animal?
But if you, if you don't
remember what happened
That night, then how do you know
it was that woman's fault?
Maybe she wasn't even driving.
I remember a silver car
veering into my lane,
And then the blinding lights
until they crashed into me.
Daphne, I...
I need to tell you something.
What's wrong?
What's that?
That is a drawing
That the police found
at the crash site.
They suspect that the woman
had a daughter.
What is it
you were gonna tell me?
[daphne] you said you needed
to tell me something.
It was nothing.
I was just thinking out loud.
Come on. Eat something.
It will make you feel better.
All right?
[telephone ringing]
- [richard on phone] hello.
This is richard again from
globo total solutions.
May I speak to henry novak?
Oh, sorry, he's at work.
Um, you should try his cell.
[richard] we've already done
that several times.
The settlement offer expires
next week, and if he doesn't
Agree to the terms, we're going
to proceed with legal action
Against your husband
for the full amount...
Excuse me,
I'm-I'm not mrs. Novak.
I, I just work here.
- [richard] oh, I'm sorry.
Could you please pass along
the message? It's urgent.
Um, sure.
Uh, um, what's your number?
Just tell him that richard
from global solutions called.
Okay. I'll, I'll pass along
the message.
[dramatic music]
Holy cow.
[daphne] what are you doing?
Uh, I-I was just, uh, l-leaving
a note for henry. I...
Uh, global solutions called.
They said it was urgent.
Well, next time
will you just ask, please?
Henry's weird about people
being in his office.
He's kind of ocd that way.
Sorry. I-I didn't wanna
wake you from your nap.
You're getting better
at getting out of bed.
Oh. Well, all thanks to these.
[music continues]
- so half a million dollars.
I mean, how does someone
even get in such a huge debt?
[exhales] well, they don't live
cheap, I can tell you that.
You have to see their house.
It's out of a magazine.
Who gets lunch delivered every
day from fancy restaurants?
[gina chuckles] wait.
I thought you said
he was a physical therapist,
Not a millionaire.
No, not him. Her.
She was making fifty grand
per show.
Are you serious?
Daphne novak
is the new margot fonteyn.
- The julia roberts of ballet.
Jeez, I guess that accident
couldn't have came
At a worse time for her, then.
And, uh, you should have never
skipped those ballet lessons
That your mom was forcing you
to take when you were little.
You're terrible.
- You sound like an expert now.
[sighs] she's really obsessed
with aging.
She wants to stay young forever
And be remembered
until the end of time.
I don't get
those kinds of people.
Like, why waste your life
focusing on things like that?
Happiness should be about
what you can do,
Not what you can't.
You're right.
[exhales] I need to start
letting things go.
[dramatic music]
[cell phone chimes]
[martha grunting]
Somebody there?
I'm gonna call the cops,
you creep!
[cell phone chimes]
[music continues]
[daphne] henry
was the physical therapist
For the ballet company.
The first time we were in bed
together, I didn't know
If we were in between rehearsals
or on our first date.
Are you two okay?
I got a call
from a debt collector's agency.
Oh, um, henry is just horrible
at managing our finances.
We may have to sell the house.
He seems really tense
when I'm around.
[daphne] he just
feels responsible
For the whole situation.
I mean, the accident really
Threw a wrench in our lives.
I think I saw him on my street
last night.
Martha, is there something
that you wanna tell me?
I feel like there's something
that's been bothering you.
It's just that...
Look, you can talk to me, okay?
Whatever it is.
No matter how deep the hole is
you think you're in,
I swear...
There's always a ladder.
I guess I've been thinking a lot
about my son.
He would be six next week.
Do you wanna talk about it?
His, his kidneys
were always problematic.
Um, one day
one of them stopped working.
And the other one
was already pretty damaged,
So he needed a transplant.
I was by his side every day
in the hospital.
But the night
before his surgery...
[monitor beeping]
[martha] I woke up
and found him dead in his bed.
He had kidney failure
while I was asleep.
I, I still can't forgive myself
for that.
you know it's not your fault.
Sorry. I know. I know.
[sighs] come on. Let's turn you
over and do the other side.
- [daphne grunts]
Here we go. Uh, yeah.
What's, what's this?
- [daphne] what?
[martha] you have a, a bruise
on your lower back.
[daphne] oh, um, I mean,
I, I get bruises all the time.
[groans] ow!
- Oh. Sorry.
[sighs] it, it looks like...
But-but that can't be.
The injections would need to go
here to hit the femoral nerve.
Oh. I-it's probably fine.
I'll have henry look at it
when he gets home.
This place triggers
too many memories.
Some better than others.
But it will always hold a place
in my heart.
And you are at the center of it.
I hit rock bottom.
But rock bottom
teaches you lessons
That mountaintops never will.
And I just wanna thank you both
for being
The best co-workers
anyone could ever dream of.
Come on, bring it in.
[martha chuckles]
Okay. Enough!
You're gonna make me cry.
Come on, let's eat the cupcakes.
Ooh, yes, yes! These look so...
Oh, my god. Oh, my god!
- Hey, what are you doing here?
I just came to say hi
to my old colleagues.
I thought you had the day off.
Uh, they called me in
last minute.
Is daphne home by herself?
You should have called me.
Oh. She'll be fine.
You need to rest.
You've been working so hard.
Um, I got to go.
But I'll see you tomorrow?
Sure. Bye.
You and henry are friends now?
[chuckles] remember
the, the caretaker job?
I'm helping his wife.
Isn't that super awkward?
Why would it be?
- Well...
Henry reported you to the board
when the hospital got sued.
Yeah, that's supposed to be
But I thought you knew.
He said he didn't know
who I was.
[scoffs] well,
maybe that's how he avoids
Conflict at home,
But henry knows very well
who you are.
You know,
the patient you had issues with?
That was his brother.
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
[doorbell ringing]
- Is mrs. Novak home?
From the insurance company,
right? She's waiting for you.
And you are?
- The caretaker.
How're you feeling, mrs. Novak?
- Much better.
Now that the painkillers
are kicking in.
Not too sure
about the femoral nerve, though.
[physician] still no reflexes.
[daphne] nothing at all?
[physician] no plantar response
I'm afraid the injury is...
It's worse than we originally
expected, mrs. Novak.
[dramatic music]
Martha, can you get me
some water, please?
Oh, uh, of course.
[daphne] so, mr. Keyes,
what's the update on the claim?
Uh, we're still collecting
the information.
Yeah. This will just take
a few minutes.
[keyes] uh, I just had
a couple of questions.
[daphne] of course.
- Uh...
You say you saw the car
that hit you.
[daphne] yes, that's correct.
The police report says, uh,
There were no skid marks
on the road,
Also, there's no signs
of a hard turning
Of the wheel in your car.
Drivers always brake hard,
turn fast instinctively
To avoid the impact when another
car is coming toward them.
[sighs] thank you.
I mean, it all happened so fast,
I-I don't know
If I saw the car
before or after the accident,
But I definitely saw it.
Well, police found this cup
on the side of the road
Near your car, it had traces
of matcha tea and ghb.
[daphne] I don't understand
where you're going
With this, mr. Keyes.
[keyes] ghb
is a powerful narcoleptic,
It, uh, numbs
your consciousness,
Causes you to lose
parts of your memory.
[daphne] I understand,
but what's this have to do with
The accident? I mean,
to me this just sounds like...
Another excuse to why the
company's delaying my payment.
Mrs. Novak,
you have to understand
That five-million dollars
can't be honored
Without dotting all the is
and crossing all the ts.
[sighs] this accident happened
in the middle of the night,
On a lonely road,
no witnesses, no cameras.
This is a very hard case.
If we could just find the woman
that hit me, all of our problems
Would be solved.
That would facilitate
the process, that's for sure.
There's no nerve activity
When is this nightmare
gonna be over?
Thank you.
- Bye.
Excuse me, ma'am?
- Yeah?
Is it your opinion
that mrs. Novak is doing
Everything in her power
to get better?
Uh, absolutely.
Is she exercising her legs,
eating healthy,
her corticosteroid injections?
Uh, yeah,
she-she's doing all of that.
Um, could you please let me know
If you notice anything abnormal?
Sure, yeah. I will.
- Thanks.
Isn't it adorable?
- [martha] what?
It's going to look so cute
with the matching shoes
And the gloves and the hat.
It's really nice, mom.
Oh. Do you think
it's the right size?
Ah, this girl is growing
so fast.
Well, anyway,
if it doesn't fit her,
I've got a gift receipt
in the bag.
What's going on with you?
[sighs] what is it?
I didn't drink, mom.
He drugged me.
- What?
The night of the accident
he drugged me.
That's why
I don't remember anything.
He made it look like
I had been drinking.
I thought you were going
to stay away from all of this.
Mom, he crashed my car and hers
and he framed me for it.
And he's broke. Really broke.
He did it to cash
his wife's insurance policy.
He put her in a wheelchair,
I can't imagine
What he's gonna do to her
once he cashes the money.
Well, then stop imagining.
Y-you can't get anymore
involved with these people.
You have to think of anna.
She needs you.
Don't shake the hornet's nest,
[dramatic music]
[daphne sighs]
you don't have any words left?
Just thinking
about my next move.
Oh, the police called
last night.
They decided to close the case
for now.
They couldn't find any trace
of the hit-and-run driver.
What about the claim?
The insurance company
is processing it now.
Those bastards made me settle
for 1.5 million.
The adjustor's gonna come by
later today.
You know, in a way
I'm just relieved this
Whole investigation is over,
I'm just ready
To move on
and have it all behind me.
Do you ever wonder what would've
happened if valjean in les mis
H-hadn't confessed
his true identity
To save that man's life?
Honestly, probably nothing.
He should have just kept quiet.
That's what someone would have
done in real life, isn't it?
[scoffs] that's what happened
to the woman that hit me.
She got away with it.
Sometimes fiction
is just too moralistic.
Daphne, please don't hate me.
I have to tell you something.
I'm the woman
you've been looking for.
I called 911
the night of your accident.
But I didn't hit you.
What are you saying?
The silver chevy that you saw,
it's parked in my garage.
So you lied to me?
You're not a fan?
You're the one that left me
helpless out there? Uh...
Okay, I wasn't a fan then,
but I am now.
I came here to find out why the
hell I woke up in a crash site
With an anaphylactic reaction.
There was a bottle of that
same kind of whiskey in my car.
Your love bracelet's key
was in there, too.
I didn't, I didn't find it
underneath your bed.
Your husband was the one
behind your accident.
I gave you a second chance
And you repay me
by blaming my husband
For the horrible thing
that you did?
I'm sorry that I drove away.
I was scared and I was confused,
And I'm willing
to take responsibility for that.
But I'm worried about you.
That's why I'm telling you
all this, don't you understand?
You can't just make up
a ridiculous story because
You don't wanna admit
that you were drinking again.
Go ahead. Call the cops.
I have nothing to hide.
They'll find my dna
in the tea cup,
that I was drugged with ghb.
And they're also gonna find
henry's dna in my car.
E-even if he was driving with
gloves, there has to be a hair
Or something that he dropped
during the crash.
He was the driver.
[sighs] fine.
I won't call the police.
Because what's the point?
It's not like I'm ever
gonna be able to walk again.
It's just gonna make
a little girl lose her mother.
I want you to get your things
and get out of my house.
I don't ever
wanna see you again.
Look, I'm sorry, okay?
I'm sorry, but, I'm sorry, you
are not safe with your husband.
You have to believe me.
- Just go.
I wanna see the injections
he's been giving you.
Martha, enough! Stop!
- Where does he keep them?
I've seen
those kind of bruises before.
He's giving you
the wrong medication.
His cabinet.
- What the hell?
Martha? Martha!
Oh, my god!
Martha, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
Martha, listen to me! Look.
[daphne] you're just gonna
make things worse, okay?
Will you stop?
What are you doing?
[daphne] stop!
- I knew it.
[daphne] please stop!
[dramatic music]
- martha!
Your husband drugged me.
Do you believe me now?
You need to get out of here.
You're not safe.
Daphne? Daphne!
[door opens]
- [dramatic music]
[henry] daphne?
- [gasps]
Okay, okay. Just, just put
that back, okay, and play along.
Don't say a word.
[daphne] hi, honey.
Is everything okay?
- No.
Uh, martha is just leaving us.
How come?
Uh, well, she, um, wants
to spend more time
With her daughter
now that she has shared custody.
Oh. I see. Well, thank you
so much for everything.
I know daphne will miss you.
- Yeah, I-I will.
But I understand the importance
of spending time
With your child.
will you write her a check
For the rest of the month,
Sure. I'll go grab
my checkbook.
[martha] that won't be
Are these the injections
you've been giving her, henry?
What the hell's going on?
Why don't you tell your wife
You had it all figured out,
you knew exactly who I was
Before I came here.
And you thought I was
an easy target, didn't you?
Because of my past?
Who's gonna believe her?
I'm sorry for what I did
to your brother.
But I already paid my dues.
Now it's your turn.
You're the one who caused the
accident that paralyzed daphne.
- henry, what the hell!
I knew you were up to something
from the beginning.
Henry, stop! Henry!
- Open your mouth.
Stop! No, don't do it! Henry!
- I said, open your mouth.
Shut up! This is all your fault!
[daphne] oh, my god! Oh, my god.
[daphne mumbles]
[daphne screams]
[daphne sobbing]
You killed him.
He was trying to kill me.
You saw that, right?
[breathing heavily]
you killed him?
He was gonna kill you, too.
Yeah, he's, he's been giving you
an anesthetic to paralyze
Your legs so you'll pass
the insurance tests, daphne.
I can't believe any of this.
No, it's okay. It's okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.
It's not.
It's not gonna be okay.
Every time I think
things are gonna get better,
They just get worse!
It's just an endless nightmare.
The nightmare's over, okay?
I'm not telling you
it's gonna be easy, but we'll go
To the hospital,
they'll run some new tests.
M-maybe you'll able
to walk again.
you think so?
I don't know,
but at least now we have hope.
I'm sorry I didn't believe you.
We need to,
we need to clean this mess up.
The adjustor's coming by today.
W-what do you mean? No.
No, we can't touch anything
until the police arrive.
The police?
We can't call the police.
There's a dead body
in your house!
I can't be involved
in another scandal.
I can't go to prison!
- Ah...
It was self-defense.
We have to report it.
Ah, look, I know you're scared,
but we didn't do anything wrong.
No, I can't tell them
everything. Then what?
The insurance company
is gonna deny me my payment
Because of fraud.
My husband is dead.
What do you think
I'm gonna live off of, huh?
We'll find a way, together.
You know,
a good friend told me once,
It doesn't matter how deep
the hole you're in,
There's always a ladder.
I'm here to help you. I promise.
[daphne sobbing]
[dramatic music]
Hi, yeah, I-I need to...
[daphne] you'll feel a tickle
over your body, but don't worry,
It's just the anesthetics
paralyzing your muscles, okay?
It's a very weird feeling,
I know.
Can you imagine having to do it
for three months?
I'm sorry.
I tried to save you. I tried.
But then you had to go
and ruin everything.
I didn't wanna harm you today.
It was supposed to just be
an easy dui. End of story.
But then you had to go
off script.
[intense music]
[woman] martha! Gina!
- [indistinct chatter]
Love you. Bye!
- Okay, love you, bye!
[daphne] you were supposed to
just call the police and wait!
But then you left.
And the insurance company
postponed my payment
Until you were found,
and then...
And then you showed up,
just like that.
Daphne novak?
[grunts] I couldn't say
anything, of course.
I just needed you to come clean,
So everything would just go back
To the way
it was supposed to be.
You were just so fragile.
I thought it was gonna be easy.
But, of course, it wasn't.
[daphne grunts]
Open up.
That should be enough.
All this just for money?
[daphne sniffles]
My body isn't the same
that it used to be, martha.
I've exhausted it.
They were about to replace me
in les mis.
They didn't care
that I sacrificed my entire life
For this career.
One mistake, and then everything
vanishes within seconds.
I couldn't just
sit back and wait.
Instead, I became frozen...
Like daphne with apollo's touch.
You should have turned yourself
in that night, martha.
[martha whimpering]
[dramatic music]
[water running]
[martha groaning]
[music continues]
[water running]
[doorbell rings]
[gasps] oh, no. No.
Oh, my god.
Okay, okay.
Open up.
Now stay quiet.
[doorbell ringing]
[dramatic music]
[daphne] coming!
[daphne panting]
Mr. Keyes? Mr. Keyes!
I'm so sorry to keep you
waiting. You're early.
[keyes] no worries. My previous
appointment got cancelled.
Okay. Let's get this over with.
Don't take this the wrong way,
but I am looking forward
To never seeing you again.
I understand.
- [chuckles]
Oh! No, actually,
let's go in, um, here.
We'll be more comfortable.
Caretaker leave already?
Uh, yeah,
I just gave her the day off.
[dramatic music]
[muffled] my hand.
I'm gonna need to speak
to your husband, mrs. Novak.
Um, he's not here right now.
Well, unfortunately, we're not
gonna be able to execute
The claim until we check
some facts with him.
Some facts?
Uh, what are you talking about?
I thought this was settled.
Your caretaker called
this morning to our office,
Left a very suspicious message
about the injections
Your husband's been giving
to you.
[water draining]
What was that?
The pipes in this house
are very old.
Sounded like water
going down the drain.
You should check the bathroom.
Listen, mr. Keyes, I...
I don't know
what my caretaker's told you,
But I wouldn't trust a word
she says.
If you do your research,
you'll find out
That she is an alcoholic nurse
who almost killed a patient
And lost custody
of her daughter.
I've already done that.
Also found out
that, uh, your husband
Has a debt
of half a million dollars.
That's a pretty good motive
to commit insurance fraud,
Don't you think?
You choose, mrs. Novak.
Either we interrogate
your husband
And examine the treatment
regimen you're following,
Or we'll just deny the claim.
It's that simple.
[water draining]
- [groaning]
[dramatic music]
Game over.
[intense music]
[footsteps approaching]
[martha gasps]
[martha] please just let me go.
I promise.
I promise I won't say anything.
Don't move. I just
don't wanna hurt you, okay?
[both grunting]
[martha] no! No!
No! No!
- [daphne grunting]
[martha yelling]
- [daphne screaming]
Before my final ruling in the
Mrs. Wright wants to present
a new testimony.
Is this correct?
- I do, your honor.
Very well, proceed.
[instrumental music]
Ms. Novak,
I understand mrs. Wright
Has been working for you,
is that correct?
Yes, your honor.
Hello, everyone.
I am daphne novak.
Yes, the ballet dancer.
Even though I don't look
like one right now.
Martha has been working for me
for the past three months,
And despite
all the circumstances,
No one has taken care of me
like martha has.
I know
I can be a difficult patient.
I'm not easy.
Ending up in a wheelchair
is the worst thing
That could have happened to me.
Dancing is my life and...
Well, I won't ever
get that back.
But if I have learned anything
from martha,
It's that people deserve
second chances.
[judge] thank you,
ms. Novak.
This court understands that
Mrs. Wright has overcome
her drinking addiction
As everyone
in her community states.
She's also worked successfully
as a caretaker
For the past three months, a job
That bears
a lot of responsibility
For the well being
of another person in need,
And allows her
to provide for her daughter
And herself comfortably.
It is this court's ruling
that mrs. Wright will share
The custody of her daughter
with mr. Wright.
The terms of the custody will be
negotiated by the parents
In good faith.
This ends this matter.
[gina] you made it.
[martha] hi.
- I'm proud of you, martha.
Anna is going to be so happy.
- I can't wait to see her.
- Yeah?
Thank you.
Love my room, mom.
- Oh, I'm so glad.
Grandma picked out
all the clothes, so...
[giggles] thanks, grandma.
Oh, you are so welcome,
- [martha] yeah?
Can you stay
until I fall asleep?
Of course, muffin.
I'll be in the living room.
[anna] mom...
- Yeah?
Are we going to be together
Well, I, I can promise you this.
I will do everything
in my power,
No matter the circumstances, to
make sure we're always together.
You promise?
- I promise.
I can't wait for you
to meet daphne.
Who's daphne?
Oh, she's my, my special friend.
Then I wanna meet her
if she is special.
[chuckles] all right.
Time to close your eyes.
[laughter on tv]
I am so proud of you.
Thanks, mom.
Someday you'll have to tell me
What really happened
to daphne's husband.
Someday I will.
[dramatic music]
[exhales sharply]
[martha] how'd you sleep?
Oh. Like a rock.
Those painkillers
really kick in.
Thank you, for your statement
at the hearing.
It-it really touched me.
[sighs] don't worry, you already
know I'm a good actress.
Come on! You, you were moved.
Nobody asked you to cry.
Well, thank you
for protecting me.
Coming up with that story
about henry running away...
What would I win
by sending my friend to prison
In a wheelchair?
I guess we are really
good friends after all, huh?
You know, I've been thinking.
Maybe teaching ballet
isn't such a bad idea after all.
See? Victor hugo was right.
"the darkest day will end
and the sun will rise."
[daphne exhales]
[martha] hey!
No flicking water.
[both chuckling]