Danger on Party Island (2024) Movie Script

(poignant music)
Water looks like a bathtub
and I just wanna jump in.
There it is, paradise.
And just a two-hour ferry ride
from Miami.
In my last post I talked about
travel burnout
and how it's real AF.
I think this is my place,
you know, to slow down,
maybe teach some yoga,
and really get grounded before
I head down to South America.
We'll see. And hopefully
I'll find a job.
From what I hear,
the tips are pretty great.
Yeah, I've heard some stories.
A friend of a friend got third
degree burns
doing vodka fire poi
at some beach party.
She fell four stories?
Was she okay?
Sorry, dumb question.
(man on speaker)
Arriving at Fang Key.
Welcome to the island.
Enjoy your visit.
(heartfelt music)
Can I get you a cup of coffee,
glass of water?
No, thank you.
(clears throat)
Do you need a minute?
I'll be okay, thanks.
(clears throat)
The damage being what it was,
we couldn't match dental
but her wallet washed up
on the same beach.
(heartfelt music)
It's her.
I'm sorry.
I ripped her for that tacky
butterfly tattoo in high school.
I'd recognize it anywhere.
We appreciate you coming
at short notice.
Hmm, you beat the coroner
by two days.
(clears throat)
Considering the location,
we think she was tombstoning
from the cliffs
around Wrecker's Beach.
After the autopsy,
you can take the body...
Yeah, that doesn't
sound like something
my sister would do
in her right mind.
Why would she have her wallet?
I don't know.
And to be frank,
substances are often behind
these kinds of tragedies.
No, she was pretty much
Are they doing
a toxicology report?
Of course.
But considering how long
she was in the water,
I'm not sure we can get
that data for you.
Uh, did anyone see her?
No one's come forward.
At least not yet.
Um, I noticed
a new tattoo on her thigh.
(ominous music)
Do you think it could
be relevant?
Hard to tell.
But we'll look into it,
of course.
I can't imagine how painful
this must be.
I am very sorry for your loss.
Thank you, Detective.
(ominous music)
(phone vibrates)
I'm so sorry, Mom.
I tried to prepare myself but...
Me too. Didn't make
much of a difference.
They said she was
cliff diving or something.
But she was terrified
of heights.
Maybe there was a side
of her we didn't know.
Do you really believe that?
No. I don't.
(inhales and exhales deeply)
I think we're missing something.
She had a new tattoo.
She promised me she'd sworn
them off after high school.
(chuckles) Also after
that trip to Thailand.
Oh, honey.
(both sobbing)
I just, I can't believe
she's gone.
Love you.
(ominous music)
(indistinct chatter)
- Hi, I'm...
- Mel Dale.
You're Georgia's sister.
Please, come in.
You can just leave that
right there.
Georgia was an amazing person
and an unbelievable friend.
I'm sorry, introductions.
I'm Paula, I run the place.
Uh, Keaton, here, is the owner.
Anything you need, just ask.
Feel free to stay
as long as you need.
And the room is on us.
Wow, thank you.
That's very kind.
I expect you're exhausted.
But I do have some of Georgia's
things to go through,
whenever you're ready.
Can we see them now?
Absolutely. Just follow me.
We were stranded.
I was panicking,
but she was unfazed.
Delighted, even.
She used that to fashion a bed.
And we camped out
under the stars.
One of the best night's sleep
I can remember.
Anyway, she was one of a kind.
A true free spirit.
(exhales deeply)
We were close growing up,
but complete opposites.
I was so serious.
My mom knew I'd be
a lawyer by age eight.
she was the dreamy one.
Always dancing to her own beat.
Just wish I traveled
with her when I had the chance
instead of throwing myself
into work.
Her passport, it isn't here.
Neither is her phone.
Maybe she took them with her.
Who takes a passport
to cliff jump?
That's so strange.
How was she before she died?
Last few weeks,
she'd been distant.
I mean, besides
the classes she taught here,
we hardly ever saw each other.
I just got the sense that
she was holding something back.
She stopped inviting me out
and I figured
she just thought
I wouldn't approve.
Approve of what?
Her partying.
And it's true, I was worried.
No, that doesn't sound like
my sister, not at all.
Yeah, well this place
has a dark underbelly
despite all the kumbayah-ing.
I've seen a lot
of good people lose themselves.
I just...
I wish I'd checked in
on her more.
She was so good at keeping
in touch.
And then, the last few weeks,
she just stopped calling.
I should've checked in.
Come here even.
Maybe it could've...
We should try not to think
of all the ways that
we could have saved her.
It's torture.
And it solves nothing.
You know, Keaton and I,
we're trying to start a crisis
center here on the island.
Georgia's not the first
to not make it home.
But I really want her
to be the last.
I'm sorry.
I feel silly for getting
like this.
I... you've lost a sister
and I can't even imagine
what that has to feel like.
It seems like
you lost a sister, too.
(intriguing music)
Practicing meditation.
It's been so helpful
in grounding
and in rooting
my meditative practices.
Um, yeah,
I would really recommend
kinda finding something new
in your daily life
that can help you feel
more grounded and rooted
where you're at.
This is my friend, Faye.
Fang Key forever!
Fang Key forever!
(intriguing music)
(rhythmic music)
Hi. Can I help you?
Are you open?
I just wanted a beer.
Yeah, of course.
Mind if I join you?
It's been a slow night.
- I'm Jever.
- Mel.
(Jever) Hope you don't mind
How you liking our little
corner of paradise?
I suppose it's nice
in an abstract sense.
You on vacation or what?
Uh, I've come
to bring someone home.
You knew my sister?
She was a friend of mine.
What happened to her
is terrible.
I saw her today.
Well, her body, anyway.
I'm so sorry.
I've gotta ask uh,
was she acting strange
before she died, I mean?
To be honest, I hadn't seen
her in a while.
Sorta just stopped coming by.
Figured she'd left town
without saying anything.
Didn't seem her style,
but then again,
neither did tombstoning.
Yeah, she stopped calling us
Apparently she was hitting
the party scene here.
No way. Always had her pegged
as a spiritual journey type.
See, that's the Georgia
I knew.
Always trying to get
my mom and me to meditate
or go plant based.
Yeah. She tried that one
on me, too.
Don't think I ever saw
anybody quite glow with health,
the way she did.
It was uh...
I was gonna say inspiring.
I miss her.
Yeah, me too.
(seagulls squawking)
(Mel) Hey.
I'm sorry to bother you.
I'm Mel.
My sister's body was found
on this beach four days ago.
I don't know
if you saw anything?
I mean, I saw them
bring her in.
Did um... anyone see her
do it?
No. Usually cliff jumpers
go in groups,
so I guess someone did.
Unless she had a death wish.
Her phone is still missing
and her passport and stuff,
so just in case you've...
We haven't. But if we do,
I'll be sure to hand it over.
She was wearing a swimsuit.
They found her wallet.
The locals say this beach
is haunted.
I think they're on to something.
Thank you.
(intriguing music)
The delay could have knock on
effects if they countersue.
Sorry, Calvin,
I didn't get that.
There's a waterfall
in this lobby.
Sure, I'll get the contract
written up.
N-no, sorry, I don't know when
I'll be back in Chicago.
I can bring her body back after
the autopsy,
though I'm not totally sure
about the process.
Of course I'll keep you
in the loop.
Sorry, Calvin,
the connection's awful.
Uh, I'll check back in later.
Mel, you're not
working, are you?
A little. Crazy busy time.
I'm so glad I left
the rat race.
What'd you get up to last night?
Uh, just grabbed a beer
at Good Vibes Beach.
Jever's place?
You know him?
It is an island, sweetie.
Everyone knows everyone.
Let's just say Jever's not
my favorite.
I'm not a snitch but
he's got some less than
legal side hustles going on.
He said he was friends
with Georgia.
He wishes.
Anyway, you deserve a break.
If you're feeling up to it,
Keaton and I are putting on
that fundraiser
for the crisis center.
(heavy music)
(seagull squawking)
(classical music)
Um, is my outfit all right?
Uh, I don't really know what
people wear to these things.
You are stunning.
The outfit is... nice.
It's a little business like.
Try this.
I suspect it was a little busy
on me anyway.
Now you're on the money.
(piano music)
uh, looks like I need to do
a little bit of housekeeping.
Go grab a drink.
I'll come find you, ASAP.
(security walkie-talkie)
(intriguing music)
Hi, Mel. Enjoying yourself?
Yes, thank you for having me.
Paula was telling me
that you're a lawyer.
You know, we might be looking
for someone like you.
For the Wayward?
Among others.
Oh, Keaton's being
very modest.
He's heir to
the Carlton hotel chain.
241 locations and counting,
so I'm always on the lookout
for good people.
And you know,
I do have to say,
you are a pretty decent boss.
Oh, well, the secret
to running
any successful business
is to hire kind, smart people.
(clicks tongue then sighs)
And to let them do their thing.
(clicks tongue)
And that is my cue.
(ring clinking on glass)
Welcome, friends, old and new.
You know, when I came
to Fang Key over a decade ago,
I knew I had found my home.
The community here embraced me
and so many other
wandering souls.
But the problem with us
wanderers is we can get lost.
The recent tragic death
of our friend, Georgia Dale
is the latest
in a line of tragedies
that could have been prevented
with early intervention.
We need to create
a healthier island.
We need to reclaim Fang Key
as a powerful place for healing,
transformation, and growth.
Tonight, you have helped us
raise nearly $1,000,000
that's going to go
towards establishing
a desperately needed
crisis center,
right here in our community.
Keaton Calson
has generously offered
to match your donations.
So, that means tonight,
we have made...
Oh, round it up.
Call it $2,000,000!
(Paula laughs)
(guests clap)
(somber music)
Hey, uh, can I talk
to you for a second?
Sure. Everything okay?
I found this outside
the bathroom.
What's this for?
I don't know, but it's
the same exact symbol
as Georgia's new tattoo.
Oh, sweetie.
You don't think it's weird?
It does seem odd.
I'm sorry, I don't mean
to bring the mood down.
I should go.
Girl, please, I am in awe
of how strong you're being.
Here, let me get you a car.
(heavy music)
(driver) Here you are.
Your hotel's across the road.
(Mel) Thanks.
(tires screech)
(somber music)
The results were limited.
Their conclusion was that this
was an unfortunate accident.
So, that's it?
Of course, you're welcome
to arrange another autopsy.
We did have an anonymous tip.
Someone saw a cliff diver
around 1 a.m. on Tuesday.
A few days
before Georgia was found.
So, you don't think this could
be someone who, say, pushed her?
It's plausible but
we don't have a motive.
What's this?
The logo.
Same as Georgia's newest tattoo.
Thank you for bringing this
to us.
We'll uh, we'll follow it up.
Also, I think someone's
been following me.
Last night, I nearly got run
over outside of the hostel.
I'm sorry to hear that.
We have a huge problem
with drinking and driving.
No, it wasn't an accident.
Yeah, well I know Paula
has cameras up,
okay. We'll look into it.
Let me walk you out.
Mel, I can imagine that
Fang Key is the last place
you wanna be right now.
And I know how incredibly hard
this is to deal with.
But asking questions
where there's no answers
is not going to help
you bring Georgia back.
Some of the people you've
been talking to
are not the most reliable
of sources.
We need to act on the evidence.
So what, that's it?
Case closed?
No, not closed.
If anything else strange
happens, please call us.
But my advice to you
is to take Georgia home
so that you and your mother
can focus on grieving.
Thank you, Detective.
No, no one seems to know
who she was with
and the police
just wanna go with autopsy.
(Alice) Who else have
you spoken to?
Paula and this guy Jever.
Said he was friends
with Georgia.
He runs this dive,
the Good Vibes Beach Bar.
That doesn't sound like
Georgia's kinda place.
I guess not.
I think we should get
a second opinion.
Maybe arrange
an independent autopsy.
And what if that doesn't
give us answers?
Then at least we tried, Mom.
Mel, we'll try, of course
we will,
but whatever we discover,
we're gonna...
I agree with you, Mom,
but something just doesn't
feel right.
The partying, the tombstoning,
Georgia suddenly going quiet.
Her wallet washing up
but her passport and phone
are nowhere to be found?
Mom, can I call you back?
(suspenseful music)
(intriguing music)
- Jever?
- How you been?
I don't know
how to answer that.
Fair enough.
Well, an easier question,
Wanna hang out?
Everything okay?
I don't know. Um...
the police are telling me
to go home
and stop looking for answers
I think someone is trying
to stop me from finding out
what happened to Georgia.
I feel like I'm going crazy.
Am I?
You know, the last time
I saw Georgia,
it was kind of
a weird situation.
We had tickets
to this reiki workshop.
It was May the 13th and
she just ghosted me.
No text, nothing.
Later that day, I'm out on the
boat and I passed this yacht,
and I swear I saw her
on the deck.
Figured she made better plans
and felt bad about bailing.
Either way, I never
heard from her again.
Did you tell Detective Merly?
You mean Alex? No. No.
Paula mentioned you have
some kind of side hustle.
Yeah, she would say that.
The big hustle is bulk buying
groceries on the mainland
and selling them on to locals
who can't afford
the tourist prices.
And in my experience,
Alex is way more concerned
with catching me than figuring
out what happened to Georgia.
What's that?
Have you seen this before?
Is that an infinity loop?
No, but this specific one.
It's the same
as Georgia's last tattoo.
I don't remember,
if I'm honest.
Well, I messaged the number.
They're recruiting for
some kind of establishment
but they want a selfie before
they share any more details.
Have you heard of it?
(birds chirping)
Hey. Nice seeing you again.
These are cute.
Thanks. Five bucks each
or three for $12.
Okay. Um...
Did you know her?
Sure. I mean,
everyone knows everyone
around here.
Yeah, that's her.
Sweet girl
but seemed kinda lost.
Then again, who am I to judge?
She worked at Slicks,
as a dancer.
Uh, okay.
Do you know who
she used to hang out with?
Creeps, probably.
Slicks is hardly
She went missing a month ago.
Girls like that, like me,
no one cares to look for.
See you around? Thanks.
(intriguing music)
Hi, I'm Melanie Dale,
Georgia's sister.
It comes with great sadness that
I share the news of her passing.
According to the coroner,
she drowned after cliff jumping.
Georgia had a new tattoo,
a triple infinity loop
that I've seen multiple times
since arriving on Fang Key,
most recently on Faye Weiss,
who was pictured with Georgia
on April 12th,
um, but she's since
gone missing.
So, if anyone
has any information,
please do not hesitate
to reach out. Thank you.
Thank you.
I think I saw you
on the ferry on the way over.
Really? Cool.
How's your holiday?
Um, how is it working here?
So far, wonderful.
It's like a family if
your family was actually nice.
And the after party scene,
is it wild?
Oh yeah.
But I'm trying
to keep a safe distance.
How'd you get here,
if you don't mind me asking?
Paula led this cacao ceremony
at my recovery group in Tampa.
She said we'd always be welcome
if we needed a job
or a place to stay.
And then, I found myself
flat broke
and out of work this summer.
I had just enough cash
for the ferry
and a couple nights in a hostel.
It was a total leap of faith
but I got here,
and I asked, and Paula was
actually good on her word.
Crazy, right?
Hey, ladies.
Mel, I have been looking
for you.
Detective Merly said
you had a close call last night.
Sounds terrifying.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Well, we didn't catch it
on camera
but I'm having
more CCTV installed
so that there's no blind spots.
Thank you. Oh, by the way,
I messaged that number
from last night, on the flyer.
Oh, yes, of course.
They said it was
a financial opportunity
and asked for a photo.
Ugh, must be like
a cam girl kinda thing.
(upbeat bass music)
Hey, this is Slicks?
I'm looking for any information
on Faye Weiss.
She used to work here
and I'm just trying to...
(door slams)
Uh, come on!
(phone pings)
(CloudChaser98) "Hi, Mel.
I met Georgia
when she was running
a meditation workshop
on the island.
I couldn't believe it
when I heard what happened.
While I was there,
she was going to a spiritual
group in the forest
run by the shaman.
I just got a bad vibe,
it felt cult-like.
I just wanted to leave.
And now, I can't stop thinking
about it."
(ear piece) Keep an eye on her.
(intriguing music)
Coming from town,
when the road forks
by the telecoms tower
take the one that leads you
into the forest.
You should hear the music
pretty soon.
If you want
to check it out, that is.
(Mel) Uh, it's a right up here.
Stop here.
Can you wait for me, please?
(car door shuts)
(rain pouring)
(drums beating)
(man) She went that way,
follow her.
There she is... get her.
(Mel) There is no group!
(Merly) This is the voicemail
of Detective Merly.
Please leave a message.
Call me.
"My daughter Caroline
killed herself on
Fang Key six months ago.
She was found
hanging in the forest.
She had the same tattoo.
There was something about it
that just didn't feel right.
I'm so grateful someone is
out there asking questions."
(dramatic music)
(camera shutter snaps)
(intriguing music)
Apologies. Busy morning.
How can I help?
I was nearly killed
last night. Up in the forest.
Someone gave me a fake tip
and set up a trap.
Are you okay?
Define okay.
Locals lay traps for game.
Next time you have
new information,
bring it to us so we can follow
it up appropriately.
Next time, you can answer
your phone.
Look, you want new information?
Someone told me that
they saw Georgia on a yacht,
a few weeks ago,
and right after,
she stopped returning calls.
It could be the same boat.
And who was this someone?
Call it an anonymous tip.
Okay. Thanks.
I'll check it out.
When? Next April?
That's unnecessary.
Please just do your job.
All due respect,
this is a tiny force
with a lot on its plate.
We're doing the best
with the resources we have.
(inhales and exhales deeply)
(phone buzzing)
Mom, you okay?
She's alive.
What do you mean
Georgia's alive?
It's on her thingy, her feed.
So, I think I've got
some explaining to do.
Firstly, I'm so sorry for
worrying everybody. I'm fine.
I'm actually on a yacht
and my phone fell in the hot tub
and no amount of rice
could save it.
But I just wanted to let
you all know
that I am great.
And that I will be taking
an extended
digital detox from the socials.
So, you might not see me
for a little bit.
No, this doesn't make
any sense, Mom.
I mean, I identified her body.
Every tattoo is the same.
I saw it. There's no way.
You're right,
it's not adding up.
I'm looking at flights.
No, I don't think
that's a good idea.
Mel, I don't want you there
either if it's dangerous.
I think this video...
No, it's a way to throw us off.
If Georgia's alive, Mom,
she's in trouble.
Well, this is great news.
And hopefully she'll get
in touch as soon as they dock.
And that just clears
everything up?
Whose body was that?
Why did she have
Georgia's tattoos?
How did her wallet just
magically wash up beside her?
I agree,
it's all very strange.
It's insane is what it is!
Wallets are easily lost.
And Georgia's tattoos
are hardly unique.
Do you know who has the same
tattoos as Georgia?
Faye Weiss.
And they are friends.
She's still missing.
Perhaps you forgot.
Well, this is a tiny place.
I'd be surprised if they didn't
know each other.
To be perfectly honest,
20 years on the force,
I've found that the simplest
answers are generally right.
Seems to me,
Georgia met some rich guy
and got caught up in it all.
No, I need some air.
(suspenseful music)
(Jever) It's hard to tell
from this angle.
Could be the same boat.
Did you see a name on it?
Didn't seem to have one,
which is unusual in itself.
Okay, and where were you?
Not far from
the West Side dock.
Mile or two out to sea.
Did you tell Detective Merly
about my little sighting?
I didn't mention
your name though.
Look, I've got your back
if he gives you any trouble.
I'm sorry.
It's okay. I mean, I get it.
None of this makes any sense.
All I know is I can't leave
until I know Georgia's safe.
Be careful.
Seems pretty clear to me,
somebody's out to get you.
- But my sister's...
- And sadly,
Georgia's not the first person
to go missing
or meet her end mysteriously
around here.
If you ask me, it's becoming
something of a pattern.
- Well...
- My worry is,
to put it bluntly,
that you're next in line.
Well then,
I'd better be ready.
Calvin, how's things?
Well, it's news.
Certainly too early to say.
Calvin, I need to find
my sister,
so maybe just maybe you could
write that contract up yourself.
How does that sound?
Well, if you get fired,
you can always work here.
I'd love a weekend off.
Yeah, that's never
gonna happen.
I'll have a beer though.
Yes, ma'am.
(heavy music)
(phone vibrates)
I thought you should know,
I updated Georgia's followers.
I told them this reappearance
doesn't sit right.
And then, your aunt called
and she said it was trending.
Wow, okay, that's good. That
means people are taking notice.
Mel, you there?
Yeah, I'm here.
You okay?
I'm good.
- Hey, Sarah.
- Hey.
Paula was looking for you.
I think she wanted to know
if you would join her
and Keaton for drinks.
What, now?
Yeah, I think they're already
in the living room.
Awful, right?
Apparently she's been gone
since yesterday.
Hope they find her.
I was gonna go put this up
on the bulletin board.
Um, also, it's my last day here.
You're going home already?
Not at all.
I've got a new gig
at this fancy island resort.
I'm... I'm pretty stoked.
I'm gonna set sail
at noon from the West Side Port.
They're sending a yacht
to pick me up.
A yacht?
(Paula) Mel! There you are.
I was just finishing up
with Sarah.
Did you tell her?
Let's go ahead and get you
freshened up
for drinks with Keaton and I
in the living room.
I insist. We need to celebrate.
Georgia's alive.
Come on, you can talk
to Sarah later.
I still have to talk
to you. Finally!
Hello. We ordered you
a glass of wine.
(Mel) Thank you.
Thanks so much.
To Georgia.
(glasses clink)
You must be so relieved.
I would be if she got
in touch.
We've heard nothing.
I know you're worried,
but I'm sure she will.
I hope so.
I decided not to leave
until she does.
How are you coping
with things?
I'm hanging in there.
I um, wanted to tell you,
I think I was being watched
at the beach today.
- Really?
- I'm sure you being on edge
has something to do with it.
It was probably just a tourist.
You're probably right.
(drumming starts)
Ah, see this is
why the Wayward
is the favorite of all
the hotels on our roster.
It's really because deep down,
Keaton's an old hippie.
You know, maybe you're right.
But I do love this place.
And I remember
you pitching it to me.
- Hmm.
- Part hostel, part retreat,
part community center.
And don't forget
the Egyptian cotton sheets.
- Hmm.
- Okay, so how did you two meet?
It's fine.
Well, back in my wild
hedge fund yuppie days,
I would occasionally attend
a gentleman's club in Tampa.
- Where I was the manager.
- You were what, 19 years old?
Hmm, I had never seen anyone
so good at their job.
The grace in which you handled
the most difficult situations.
Well, what can I say?
I might not be old money,
but I am a class act.
(Paula's phone vibrates)
Georgia? Oh God,
it's so good to hear your voice.
Mel's here. She's been
trying to get through to you.
Georgia, I'm on Fang Key.
(Georgia) Mel?
Georgia, where are you?
I'm at sea.
I've borrowed someone's
satellite phone
so I can't speak long.
Georgia, please,
how do we get you back?
Just tell us the name of the
boat, where you are, anything.
How is Charlie?
- What?
- Charlie, you know, Charlie?
When we were kids?
That's the one!
Tell him I said hi.
What's going on?
Everything's great.
Don't worry.
Of course we're worried. We
thought you were dead, Georgia.
Go home.
What do you mean, go home?
Reception is terrible.
I'll call you later.
Georgia, please!
(call ends abruptly)
She's in trouble.
She asked about Charlie.
It was code when we were kids
that something's up.
She can't tell me.
That's scary.
Really scary. Are you sure?
It wouldn't be worth it
to let anything happen to her.
It's national news
at this point.
Mel, anything
you need, we can help.
Are you feeling okay?
You look a little pale.
- Mel?
- Mel?
I uh, I...
I think I need to go lie down
for a minute.
(suspenseful music)
(Mel and attacker grunting)
(glass shatters)
(stressful music)
Jever, where are you?
I was just at the bar.
(Jever) Mel, stay away
from the bar.
Do you remember
where the boat is?
Yeah. Fisherman's Marina.
Get here now. Be careful.
(Jever) They kicked
me in the face. Yeah...
They had me on the ground
in 30 seconds.
They were wearing masks
so I didn't see their face.
They ransacked the bar.
Didn't rob the till.
Said if I went to the police
or if I told a single soul,
they'd come back for me.
I'm so sorry.
It's all right, it's not
your fault.
I am curious what
you're doing here like this.
Someone broke into my room.
Holy. Are you okay?
I'm just shaken.
Um, he was wearing a mask too.
I think someone
is trying to frame you.
Yeah, that checks out.
Wonder what evidence
got stashed at the bar.
Has to do something
with that place.
You're still
on that track, huh?
(exhales deeply)
Look, I think someone
from the hostel staff
is headed there tomorrow.
Mel, please. Stop this.
Go home.
Somebody's trying
to shut you up.
You gotta get off this island
as soon as possible.
What if you're not
so lucky next time?
I know.
I don't wanna see
you get hurt.
What about you?
If I need to leave,
I'll set sail.
This is my home.
Not ready to get chased
away just yet.
I'll miss you.
I'll miss you, too.
(sentimental music)
Oh uh, I have to catch
that ferry out of here.
Oh, you got time.
Wanna stay for a coffee?
I should go.
I don't wanna miss it.
Although, you probably
shouldn't go back to Wayward.
Oh no, I'll just have them
send over my suitcase.
You need a disguise.
- What?
- Hang on. Uh, here you go.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah. Try it on.
- You're not serious.
- Come on, come on.
You look like an action hero.
(both laugh)
Thank you, uh, but no.
Thanks for letting me stay here.
Be safe.
You too.
(soft rhythmic music)
Wow, this place really
is a dive.
Yeah. Who are you?
Alice Dale.
Mel's mother.
Georgia's mother, too,
but I don't know where
either is right now.
I hoped you might help.
Yeah, Mel left for the ferry
this morning.
Unless she didn't.
Do you know anywhere
she might have gone?
I've gotta find her.
I can't lose both my girls.
Can't say for sure
but I got a hunch.
Mel! What are
you doing here?
a financial opportunity.
So you got the invite too?
Sure did.
Did they not mention
packing for a few days?
- Well, I'm...
- Welcome, ladies.
I'm Edith.
I was told we were picking up
the one.
Oh, um, I didn't think
I could make it
but I moved a few things around
and here we are.
Oh, well,
I'll be at your service today.
We'll be boarding shortly.
(Sarah giggles)
(intriguing music)
Now, the main boat is cruising,
but this is cute, right?
Are you kidding?
This is amazing.
Glad you like it. Please,
make yourselves at home.
Oh, that does remind me,
for the sake of discretion,
we do need to take your phones.
We'll return them
on the journey back.
I'm sure you understand.
This is gonna feel
like losing a limb.
I know, right?
I put out a post.
Say you're doing
a digital detox.
Digital detox.
What a quaint idea.
I know, right?
Honestly, it's actually so nice.
I can take a snap
of you two first?
The beginning of your adventure.
(phone camera clicks)
Holler if you need
anything else.
I do have a question.
Hit me.
What's it like working here?
How did it all come together?
Oh, sorry, that's two questions.
Well, I found myself
on this boat,
somewhat mysteriously.
Just like you two today.
And it went from there.
And it's a great place to work.
Cute tattoo.
Just like the flyer.
I guess so.
I got it years ago, though.
Some wild night in Tallahassee.
(chuckles wryly)
Edith, is that where
we're headed?
It is. Sempre Island.
No place quite like it.
(Alice) Just a minute.
I think I'm here.
I think I see 'em.
Seem to be headed southwest.
Well, gotcha. Whatever you
need. I'm here for ya.
(Jever) Thanks, Alice.
(phone dials)
(dispatcher) Yes, Ma'am.
This is Broward County
Police Department.
How can we help?
Good. I've got a problem.
(intriguing music)
Welcome. Follow me, ladies.
Edith, I'll take it from here.
(Mel) Sure has
a lot of security.
Wow, this place is huge.
- Welcome!
- Welcome.
So many familiar faces.
Such a lovely surprise.
Isn't it?
Thank you both for taking
the leap of faith
to join us here today.
You're here as our guest.
And if you like it,
there's an opportunity here
for you to join our team,
creating amazing experiences
for our exclusive clientele.
Many of whom are very wealthy,
and more often than not,
public figures.
Which means not only are
the tips great
but the opportunities
and connections are infinite.
A tour is in order.
But first, are you hungry?
I'll never say no.
Great. Right this way.
We had this imported
from New York.
You're really gonna
like it here.
Question is, are you
surprised to see me?
Very. And I have
many more questions.
Well, I can answer one,
at least. Georgia's not here.
Then where is she?
Whatever you think
you're doing here needs to stop,
right now. You've bitten off
more than you can chew.
But you're here now,
so eat, enjoy the spa, go home.
And please,
try not to make a scene.
(jazz music)
(Mel) I have to give it to you,
you certainly know
how to throw a party.
(Paula) And you certainly know
how to crash one.
Ladies, please,
make yourself comfortable.
Pardon me. I need to make
a quick business call. Paula?
We'll be right back.
Oh, and be sure to ask the
bartender for a Vesper.
She makes a great one.
thank you for everything.
I'm so happy to be here.
You deserve it, sweetie.
Uh, I'm gonna go
to the bathroom.
- You want company?
- All good.
(stressful music)
(security) Backup on
the East Wing. Code 78.
She must be around here
some place. You go that way.
(phone camera clicks)
(Keaton) Having her here
puts everything,
and I mean everything, at risk.
(Paula) I'm as surprised as you.
I would have never
brought her here.
It's not just Mel.
Georgia was exactly
the wrong kinda girl.
I accept that.
But I dealt with it.
And now the whole world
is watching.
You promised that
you could deal with this,
and with Mel.
Can't we just call in
a few media favors
if the story gets
too much airtime?
(hand slaps harshly)
(Keaton sighs)
Do you think
that'll be enough?
Let me remind you how easy
you have it nowadays.
"Oh Keaton,
the men at the club are such
sadistic, demanding clients."
Wasn't easy work, was it?
Not like being paid
to lounge by the pool,
and decorate, and throw parties.
I am worth more to you now.
I can bring you
all the women you need
to keep this place going.
I don't need all the women.
I need the right ones.
Ones that won't attract
unnecessary attention.
I'm sorry.
I thought Georgia
would be an asset.
From now on,
everyone gets full
background checks.
And if you don't need me,
I can leave.
I won't say anything.
Nobody leaves this company
You know that.
Why would I rat you out?
Do you not think I'm implicated,
All that I ask
is for your commitment.
You have that.
Now I want you to deal
with Mel and Georgia
in the cleanest, most discreet
manner possible.
And it happens today.
No more mistakes.
No more missteps.
And if you fail,
you'll be joining them
at the bottom of the ocean.
Beyond that, your options
are limited.
(stressful music)
(guard) I'll check in here.
(intriguing music)
Are you hurt?
I never thought
I'd see you again.
We need to get outta here.
Are you crazy?
There's cameras everywhere.
I'm not leaving without you.
Mel, we're not leaving at all.
This whole island is teeming
with security.
What are we gonna do?
I just need enough signal
to share a location
with your followers.
They'll do the rest.
Uh, keys.
In the armoire, on the left.
(keys jingle)
Which one?
Uh, this one.
(handcuffs clang)
I love you.
Come on, we still gotta
get outta here. Let's go.
(intense music)
(guards shout)
(Mel and Georgia screaming)
You trying to give me a love
bite, huh?
Make up for last night?
I got something that'll
make this a little easier.
No, get off of me!
No, no! No! No!
(Nick grunts)
(Jever) I'm pulling up
to an island.
It's not on the official map.
(Alice) How do you know?
What's your coordinates?
27 degrees north, 37 minutes.
78 degrees west, 47 minutes.
Hang in there and be safe.
I'll try.
(eerie music)
(machete thuds to ground)
Georgia. Georgia.
I'm so sorry.
It's not your fault.
I was doomed from the minute
I met Paula.
Screw Paula.
(door creaks open)
Morning, ladies. Sleep well?
No! Stop!
(Mel) Let go of her!
Get off me! Georgia!
(Georgia cries)
So, who was that girl
with your tattoos?
A good friend.
Yeah, she had a rough life.
She was recruited
by one of Paula's initiatives.
It's basically just a way
to groom girls
who no one will look for.
I guess she caught on to
the fact that the guests
aren't here for the golfing.
I had an inkling.
Keaton found out that I had
a social media following
and a family
that was looking for me.
And Fey was acting up,
being difficult with the clients
and we looked just enough alike.
Two birds with one stone.
Stop people looking for me,
and get rid of a troublemaker.
So he had her killed.
And then, they sent out
this tattoo artist.
I had to lie next
to her body for hours
while they copied mine.
These people are monsters.
We're simply creating unique
experiences for our clientele.
Yeah, and having
a hippie island
next to a corrupt police force.
It helps. Can't lie.
You know, every media baron,
CEO, and president you've ever
heard of comes here.
People who have too much to lose
if their holiday activities
became known.
But we have unlimited resources
to keep that from happening.
(seagulls squawking)
Ladies, look who we found.
I mean, what are the chances?
It's cute
that he thought he could dock
here without being noticed.
But this has all worked
out rather well.
So, you are gonna take
a ride in Jever's little boat.
Paula and I would love
to join you but
we have so many guests
to take care of.
Guys, the mood is so dour.
Come on, let's have a toast.
They're plastic. Sorry.
I'm sure you can understand.
How could you?
This is not really the time.
How could you pretend to care
about me,
about Georgia,
and then screw us like this?
Wasn't my intention
for things to end this way.
But you need to take
a little responsibility too.
You just wouldn't stop with
the amateur detective act.
Keaton's a monster
but you're an opportunist.
You know exactly the guy
you're dealing with.
He's hurt you too
and you still choose
to bring him fresh victims?
How much does he pay, I wonder?
How much is your soul worth,
Now, there's no reason
for such hostilities.
(thudding blow)
(Mel grunts)
Easy, Mel.
I'm impressed, Mel.
I really am.
I see something in you.
A tenacity. Something
I noticed in Paula, too.
It would have gotten you far.
But it's too late now
for you and your sister.
(gunshot cracks)
(Keaton thuds to ground)
(Paula) Don't go near
the girls, I'm warning you.
Let's get out of here now,
Thanks for coming, Mel.
You too, Jever.
Well, I did have backup.
I told her not to.
I'm glad she did.
(Alice sobs)
(Mel) We got them, Mom.
The police have taken them away.
Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah. I'm sorry.
I love you. Oh, Mel.
Oh, thank you, thank you.
I am never letting either
of you go anywhere, ever again.
(women sobbing)
Jever, thank you for everything.
I was happy to help.
This was all Mel.
I can't begin to express
how grateful I am.
You saved me from that place.
I love you.
Now let's take a real vacation.
Oh, no, no, no vacations.
I am not letting you girls
out of my sight.
(Mel laughs through tears)
(uplifting music)