Danger One (2018) Movie Script

DEAN: Look, I'm not talking
like a full makeover, okay?
Just buzz that little
mop top and you let
your stubble come in,
the ladies'll love it.
ERIC: I have
a wife, remember?
DEAN: Suit yourself.
Where was I?
Oh yeah, so I'm at
this bougie place
and I want to impress
my date so I order
the pan-seared eel or some shit.
And (LAUGHS) I knew I shoulda
ordered the burger, you know,
tried and true, shoulda
ordered the burger.
But I didn't Eric,
and let me tell you,
I ate all of that
nasty ass fucking eel
and it was not a good
choice on my part.
And you know what the
moral of the story it?
ERIC: Just get the burger?
DEAN: Dude, shut the fuck up,
she thought it
was sophisticated.
It worked.
So you get that eel
and you choke it down.
Ooh, tacos!
Little carne asada
never hurt nobody.
ERIC: Are we
the only ones here?
Where's the cops?
DEAN: Eh, we'll be fine.
They stabbed it into my head.
Am I gonna die?
Just a few stitches,
don't you worry buddy.
Not bad at all.
It actually doesn't
hurt that much.
I like your haircut man.
Whoa whoa, wait, hey.
You give us a ride?
Just down the road, real quick.
Oh you fellas want a ride
down the road real quick?
What do we look
like, fucking Uber?
Get the fuck outta here.
Hey, come on man.
Don't be a dick.
Did you just touch me?
He touched me again!
This guy.
Hey, is he a surgeon?
You don't touch other people.
Now you can ride
in the ambulance.
Looking good, buddy.
Be right back.
What, where you going?
Who the fuck are these people?
Who wants to ride
in an ambulance, huh?
Come on!
What are you doing?
I, uh, had to pick up a shift.
That's two
graveyards this week.
I know, I know.
The kids never see you, my
maternity's up in two weeks,
you can't keep doing this.
Look, it's money, Val.
What do you want me to do?
Say no for once.
ERIC: It's not that simple.
All of these extra
hours don't help.
I'll talk to Dean,
I'll see what he says.
I wish you had just
taken the position
my brother offered you.
I'm trying Val, I'm trying.
- Shit.
Just go.
I'll check in later.
Love you.
I'm coming sweetie,
what's the matter?
It's me.
Yeah, come on.
Come on come on come on come on.
What are you doing?
No no no.
Don't unzip it
here, you dumbshit.
We have to get to
the drop point.
It's just itchy.
Yeah whatever,
just get in please.
Just go.
What, I'm your chauffeur now?
Buckle up for safety.
Hard part's over.
You should relax.
Think about what you're
gonna do with all that money.
- Huh?
- Huh.
Should be quite a
tidy little sum.
You should travel.
Go to New York.
Santiago, Chile.
There's this amazing theater
festival in Reykjavik.
What are you talking about?
That's right.
You're more of a weed and
video games guy, right?
No, hashish and video games.
What is it?
We, my friend,
are being followed.
DEAN: My buddy's
an RN at the hospital.
I guess they had to
leave a couple shards
of the beer bottle
in that guy's skull.
I mean, (LAUGHS)
can you imagine?
We're the three MCs
here to rock the beat
You a rap donna
ron Sagittariusly
We got rhymes alive
We got rhymes galore
It's time to
come alive y'all
ERIC: Think we can
get through the night
without punching anyone else?
DEAN: Hey, that
wasn't our fault man.
A, there shoulda been
police there to begin with.
B, we did what we had to do.
I mean those pricks
had it coming.
Hey, did you put me
on the schedule tonight?
Yeah, but I'll do it later.
'Cause paycheck was a
little light last month.
I think you forgot a few shifts.
You sure?
Uh huh.
Hey so Bravo's gonna
need a new timing belt.
Oh shit.
Is she good to go for tonight?
Pushing it though.
Watch this.
You know, I mean,
I can't keep track
of everybody's paycheck,
you know what I mean?
- Right.
- It's not like
- I have an assistant.
- Uh huh, right.
Can't afford it, you know?
I would love to have this
place with like five assistants
but while we're at
it why don't we just
get a hot tub in here?
Whoa, that's an excellent idea.
I mean nothing too fancy,
just like a basic four seater.
MAN: All units, structure
fire at La Brea, repeat.
Should we take that?
No, it's too far.
You know what I mean?
In a perfect world we'd have
like five assistants, you know?
If there's a minute
tonight there's one thing
I wanted to talk about.
Yeah actually.
If it's on the table.
- Let me think about it.
ANNOUNCER: All available
units be sent out to San Pedro.
Is that us?
- Single vehicle crash...
- That's ours, that's us!
ANNOUNCER: Injuries reported.
Brie, you got Bravo tonight.
Okay, got it.
We got rhymes alive,
we got rhymes galore
Reuben, get the
fuck off your phone
Come alive y'all
I'm cleaning,
not on the phone.
Unit nine responding.
Repeat, unit nine responding.
MAN: Copy unit
nine, go for it.
Let's rock and roll.
Dollar dollar bill y'all
Kinda move like a blur
If you're feeling distracted
I do concur more pace
Alright, you win.
I thought about it and congrats.
You're our new lead EMT.
Wow, cool.
Yeah, that is cool.
But what does that mean?
What does it mean?
I mean what does
that title come with?
Fucking honor.
Maybe a little more
Why, was there something
else you were looking for?
A raise would be nice.
Ooh, well you know
where the company's at.
And in this economy, oof.
And don't say the economy's fine
'cause that's just
liberal media bullshit.
Thing is, Sam's still sick.
You know this.
We still haven't dug outta that.
With the hours that
we work, I just never
get to spend time with
the family anymore.
It's not fair to them.
You'll be fine.
How old is Darla now anyway?
- Nora.
- Nora?
You're her godfather!
She's four months old.
Right, right, I
knew that, whatever.
Here's the thing, listen.
I was married once, I know
how old that shit gets.
And I'll be honest,
I wasn't good at it.
I was a horrible husband.
I would have been
an even worse dad.
But out here, I'm a hero.
You and me, we save lives dude.
And that's what
it's about, right?
You're missing my point, man.
So you're all
about the paycheck.
- No, it's not.
- Prove it.
I mean tell me why
you're doing this.
You know I love this job.
I don't know.
Do I know that?
Prove it to me.
Tell me why you took this job.
- Well...
- Turn, turn left!
Turn, right here, turn
and get your head back
in the fucking game.
Alright buddy, look sharp.
I got it.
Oh look out now.
Bullshit elite is on the case.
Ef the fuck off, Max.
Took you ladies long enough.
Well I had to let
your mom cum too.
I'm a fucking gentleman.
CHIEF: Okay fellas,
focus, come on,
get in there, do your job.
- Sorry Chief, what do we got?
- Okay the driver
should be okay, we'll wait
for another ambulance for him.
Passenger's walking towards
the light, he's your priority.
Oh fuck.
Alright, let's get
that stretcher.
One, two, three.
Yo Chief, can we get an assist?
This guy's not gonna
make it to the ER.
Max, help 'em out.
- No B-teamer.
- Chief.
Come on, gimme someone good!
You're gonna kill this guy!
Chief, I'm finishing a double.
CHIEF: This is how
you end the double.
Give 'em a hand.
Jesus, look at
this death trap.
How are you still
in business, man?
DEAN: How do
you find your dick?
I mean, I'm a loss right now.
I mean it's just
not working out.
I told you, I told
you a million times,
don't get so close
to the car man.
This is not the time to
play the blame game, alright?
You call him, I'm not doing it.
No way, I'm not
calling his ass.
MAX: Dude, is this
thing street legal?
DEAN: Stop talking shit
about my lift, alright?
Danger One has
never let me down.
- Danger One.
- Yeah, it's her code name.
I mean it's a lot
better than calling 'em
jalopy piece of shit
one and two, right?
You haven't changed a bit man.
Hey, whoa, whoa, he's bleeding.
Inside, right, internal?
No no no, like he's
bleeding heavily.
Oh, alright, let's
cut his clothes off.
- Alright man, fluids.
- Yeah, got it.
- Let's get an IV going.
- What's going on back there?
MAX: Look man, I'm not
trying to get on your case.
It's just you don't even
have the right gear in here.
DEAN: Jacket's a bitch.
MAX: This would never
fly on an LAFD rig.
Where are we?
- Dean?
- Holy shit.
- What?
- How bad is it?
We got a puncture wound
just below the ribs.
Holy shit.
What the fuck?
Holy shit.
He's in V fib!
80 over 40, blood
pressure dropping quick.
Asystole, pushing
chest compressions.
Alright, here we go.
MAX: Pull over,
come on, right here.
- Alright, hold on, hold on.
- Pull over.
Come on.
Son of a bitch.
Alrighty, thanks.
ER called it, it's a wrap.
Ooh, he is pissed.
I mean I told you,
I mean, I told you.
I'm not, I'm not doing
this with you right now.
Mm hmm.
Oh shit, here we go.
Somebody wanna tell me
that's not the mule's ride?
Somebody wanna tell me
I'm just seeing shit?
We tailed 'em from the
airport, eastbound on the 10,
low profile, it was textbook.
But they musta made us
'cause they took an exit
and just floored it.
By the time we caught up,
they were already wrecked.
Either of 'em make it?
The ambulance just
picked up the passenger.
The driver seems okay,
they're patching him up
on the sidewalk.
It's Akkerman's
main guy, Craddock.
Uh, sir?
We should probably
call this off, right?
Absolutely not.
We've been tracking this
operation for months.
If Craddock's here,
this is a big shipment.
It's either in the car or
still on the passenger.
Hospital's the closest.
Well then get over there.
Call me if he wakes up.
Call me if he doesn't wake up.
Call me if he
dies, just call me.
I'm gonna check this car.
DEAN: God, it's all hundreds.
Should you be touching that?
It's okay, I got gloves on.
Not what I meant.
Makes you wonder, don't it?
Who this guy was?
Why they're bagged up like this.
And how much is in there.
ERIC: Just let
the police count it.
I mean you're not even
like a little bit curious?
Gotta be over 100K, man.
You know I could use 100,000.
Buy a fucking toothbrush?
Shit, more than that man.
Look, we didn't see it, okay?
Just put it back.
But we did see it, Eric.
We had to cut his coat off.
Thank you.
It's not like we went
through his wallet.
Fuck me.
What, what is it?
Homeboy somehow jammed
a million dollars here.
Hey, we're almost there.
Just let the hospital
deal with it.
Let's just imagine,
for a moment.
Let's say we don't turn it in.
And we just keep it.
I'm not hearing this.
I'm not hearing this.
MAN: Unit nine,
requesting an ETA.
One minute.
You report that stuff the moment
you walk through the door.
- How's he doing?
- Don't know yet.
He come to yet?
No, not yet.
Sir, sir, you've
been in a car accident.
MEDIC: Sir, lay down.
Where is he, where is he?
Your friend, he's been
taken to the hospital.
We will take you there
as soon as we can.
MEDIC: Lie down sir, please.
I'm gonna go see
what's going on,
I'll be right back.
MEDIC: Don't
worry, I got this.
Immigration and customs.
We didn't step into one
of your cases, did we?
I'm not sure yet.
Um, Officer Wilson,
do you mind if I spoke
to the driver real quick?
He's all banged up but you
can talk to him if you want.
Oh, what the fuck?
- Where did he go?
- I thought he was
just laying there,
I didn't know!
I know he was just here.
What he jumped up, a
magician or something?
- Have you been drinking?
- He's got to be here
- somewhere, I'm not drinking!
- Because I can smell it!
We'll finish the sign-off
Eric, you sit tight.
Look at this fucking guy.
I was just looking at it.
Oh yeah, no no no, I
know it's tempting, right?
So what happened in there?
What'd they say?
Oh, they said that
we could keep it.
So you guys didn't
report anything?
I don't remember us all
agreeing to report it.
I don't remember us
agreeing to keep it.
This is crazy.
- What are you guys talking...
- Hey, listen, listen,
listen, listen.
Split three ways it's
over $300,000 each.
Leaving that on the table
without at least talking
about it first, that's crazy.
Mm hmm.
Listen to me.
No one goes around with
money hidden on 'em like that
unless they're smuggling it.
And anyone who's
doing that isn't,
they're doing something that
aint on the up and up, right?
- Exactly.
- Right.
- You're making my point.
- I know.
ERIC: Is what
you're saying supposed
to make me feel any better?
- Wait, hear me out.
- 'Cause it's not.
Hear me out!
Who does this money belong to?
- Not him.
- Probably a drug cartel.
Maybe, probably, probably.
But are they gonna
go to the cops
and tell them that someone
jacked their drug money?
Fuck no.
This shit is free cash.
What about the driver?
- The old man?
- Huh, yeah.
He got knocked out.
And what, like he's gonna
wake up in the hospital
and be like oh shit,
where's my money
that my dead friend
was smuggling?
I better go report
it to the police
and incriminate myself.
Anyone that was
involved in this
is gonna cut their losses
and walk away, man.
They're gonna assume that
the police, they seized it.
- What about the cops then?
- Dude, if they knew about it
they'd have been up
our ass the second
we pulled this guy
out of the car.
Fuck this, I'm turning it in.
You're not listening.
Max, buddy, hey, let go.
We're not gonna let you do it.
Max and I, we got this handled.
Right Max?
We split it three ways
and we don't tell anybody.
That's your plan?
Fine, what would you do?
I don't want any part of this.
This is all you.
'Cause if I get caught,
you're out of a job.
Did you think about that?
And if I don't take this
money you're out of a job.
Man I don't know how
long I'm gonna keep
Turbo Elite afloat, you know?
So like I said, if you've got
a better plan, let's hear it.
We finish our shifts tonight.
Like nothing happened.
And then tomorrow we come
straight back to work.
And then we split the money.
Wait a couple days.
No, months.
Make sure nothing's fishy.
No big deposits,
no big purchases.
You know what,
he's right, we wait.
We make sure that no one is
actually looking for the money.
My ride's here to
take me to the station.
Okay, are you cool with this?
- Yeah, I guess so.
- Okay.
One thing before I leave.
Dean, you know I
was serving in Iraq.
Eric, did you know
that I served in Iraq?
Ramadi, Fallujah.
Operation Phantom Fury.
That's where it got easy.
Mm hmm.
What got easy?
So, if you two dinks are
thinking about fucking me over,
I'd think again.
Oh man, you should
see your faces!
- Ha.
- Beautiful, beautiful.
Alright buddy.
MAX: Alright.
Oh great, perfect timing.
I gotta get outta here.
Can I have the keys?
- This your car?
- Yeah.
I can't give you the keys
without taking a receipt...
Sure guy but just
give me the keys.
I can't give you the keys.
Okay, I'll do that afterwards
so gimme the keys.
Do you have a ticket?
Okay, I think it's in the car.
I can't without
a ticket, just...
Give it to me, I'll get
the ticket, it's in the car.
No, I mean I need
a ticket in order...
Just hand me the keys,
can I do it on the way out?
But I can't give you
the key without a ticket.
Yeah you can, just
give me the keys.
No I need a ticket.
I know, I know,
just give me the keys.
I need a...
Fuck, sorry.
May I have the keys?
You alright?
DEAN: There's only
two of these keys.
One for me and one for you.
No, I'm good.
You know that old saying
don't look a gift
horse in the mouth?
Basically it
means when someone
gives you a nice gift, you
don't act like a little bitch.
I don't know if it was
god or some karma shit
but someone gave us a
really nice gift tonight
and you're acting
like a little bitch.
First of all, nobody
gave us that money.
We, no, you took it.
I mean you always
play it safe Eric
but tonight that
is going to change.
My pop was an old
school fireman.
My brothers, my uncles.
That's all I wanted to be.
You know?
Then I got hurt.
So I had to hang it up.
Stop me if you've heard
this story before.
Okay, stop.
Anyway, I knew I could
build a company like this.
I knew it would be a
huge risk but I also knew
that I had the training
and I had the balls
so I jumped in feet first,
savings, pension, boom, gone,
scrawled out some checks, and
Turbo Elite Ambulance Company
was born.
Clearly it's paid off.
You ever ask yourself why
this place is such a dump?
The dickheads
down at city hall.
I spent most of my
money just trying to get
the shit up to code.
I had nothing left to
finish rehabbing it.
Ambulances I bought, these
two pieces of shit Fords
that I bought out in
Corona from some guy
with no fucking nose, you know,
tall ass cowboy douche bag,
big white teeth,
no fucking nose.
If I didn't have a nose
I'd stay in my house,
I'd never come out.
Fucking wear a mask or
something, you know what I mean?
This guy's out
there loud and proud
selling used trucks
and ambulances,
goddamn hole in
his fucking face!
They owed me and
they screwed me
and the way I see it, it's
all coming back around.
Next ambulance I buy is
gonna be a fucking brand new
Chevy 3500 turbo diesel
and I'm gonna buy it
from a real fucking
automobile salesman, you know?
The kind with too much
product in his hair
and a big fucking awesome suit.
You know?
Eh, that guy!
With this money, you
and me, we're gonna make
this company twice the
company that I had envisioned
the first time.
Me and my best friend Eric.
No longer the mentor
and the student but
business partners.
SILAS: Thank god Craddock,
you're okay I think.
But the money?
Let me guess, you've lost it.
Not exactly, it's
still on Rami, my guy.
I'm en route to the
hospital now as we speak.
SILAS: And then what?
You think they'll have
it waiting for you
at the lost and found?
This is completely unacceptable.
Silas, trust me, I
have it under control.
SILAS: I'll be waiting.
Don't disappoint me JJ.
We talked to the
nurses, the head surgeon,
even played back the
security cam footage for us.
If somebody boosted
that money it happened
before they wheeled the dead
guy through these doors.
What about the driver?
Before he bailed did
you see if he had
maybe a bag on him or something?
You see that?
Plastic lining.
I don't think we're
looking for a bag.
You guys.
You wanna see another dead body?
I got a good one in one.
Man's missing his testicles.
So that's it?
We're just gonna
give up on the score?
I didn't say that.
So then what's the plan?
First responders.
Let's check the paperwork.
ERIC: 10-4, unit
six, on our way, over.
Here, you can just breathe
through this normally.
I know I, uh, came on
a little strong before.
You know, this company's
all I got, man.
You don't gotta invest in
me if you don't wanna, okay?
I just want tonight to be over.
I wanna go home to my
family and that's it.
- Okay?
- Okay.
How are you feeling?
Is she gonna be okay?
She's gonna be just fine.
WOMAN: Thank you.
Honey, you scared me.
You just saved that family.
WOMAN: Dad's on his way home.
Now save your own.
WOMAN: Let's get
you in bed, okay?
That's lame even
for you, Dean.
MAX: With this
thing I got going baby
we could go anywhere.
We could go to Alaska.
No, try again.
Someplace warmer and sunnier.
How about Cancun?
Come on, we're
not on spring break.
How you doing?
- Agent Beckwith.
- ICE.
Sorry to interrupt your game,
just a couple of questions.
Listen, that nasty
accident over on San Pedro.
You rode in the ambulance,
that was your signature, right?
Why don't we chat outside?
You look dead.
Wakey wakey.
You want a little pick me up?
I think I've had enough
coffee for one day.
How about something
that's not coffee?
ERIC: I'm good.
You're still on edge.
No, no, Mm-mm.
Something happen tonight?
No, no.
You know you can
talk to me, right?
Mm hmm.
You know you can trust me.
You can tell me anything.
Talk to me.
This is not a
good idea, this is...
It'll be fine.
Look I told you before,
I just can't do this.
- Hey Brie?
- Hmm?
Look that crash
tonight, Dean and I we...
ANNOUNCER: All units report
a stabbing on Mateo and 8th.
You know what?
Reuben and I, we got your
back on this call, okay?
You just stay here.
Tell me later.
Yo Reuben, let's go.
- Unit six responding, over.
- 10-4.
Come on, don't
do this to me now.
Fucker come on!
Want some gas, yeah?
Well looks like she
finally shit the bed.
Fuckin' A.
Oh man.
We're gonna have
to take Danger One.
Uh, no no no no, no don't
do that, you can't do that.
- What, why?
- No.
Dean should be
coming right back.
We'll take care of it,
don't worry, it's fine.
But I already
said Reuben and I...
Uh, let me just go
outside and check for Dean
and see when he's
coming back, alright?
Just don't go anywhere.
Alright I'll be right back.
The fuck is his problem?
I dunno.
DEAN: Look, Max called.
Cops or feds or somebody
just questioned him
- and he's freaking out.
- What?
We gotta keep
our shit together
in case we gotta talk
him off the ledge
before he does something stupid.
Where's Danger One?
Oh, I was trying to tell you.
Fuckin' call came in,
Bravo wouldn't start,
- and Brie went right off.
- Brie just took it?
The money was on there.
Why didn't you ride with them?
She wouldn't wait!
Hey, Max.
- Where's Dean?
- Hold on.
Max, hold on, Max, Max,
wait up, wait up, hold on.
Wait a sec, wait a second.
MAX: Where the fuck is he?
I'm over here, what's up Max?
Where is it Dean?
I wanna see it.
Look, it's safe, okay?
I wasn't fucking
talking to you.
Hey man, relax, it's all good.
He's telling the truth,
it's in a safe place and so.
What happened with the feds?
It wasn't the
feds, it was ICE.
- ICE?
- Yeah.
Immigration and customs.
They're part of some task force
tracking money being smuggled
in and out of airports.
They knew that the
guy that we picked up
was gonna have cash on him.
They were fucking following him!
So you see what I'm saying?
They know about the
fucking money, man.
It's only a matter of time
before they connect the dots
and we're fucked.
We're sticking with the plan.
The fucking plan,
your fucking plan.
Look I don't give a shit
what you assholes do.
But I'm taking my cut and I'm
getting the fuck outta here.
Out man, like
fucking out, gone!
Look, going out half-cocked,
it's a good way to get...
I'm not going to
fucking jail, man.
So give me my cut right now.
We can't.
What are you trying to pull?
I'm not fucking stupid, man.
We can't give you your
money because it's not here.
MAX: Motherfucker.
They'll bring it back,
okay, they're gonna...
They, who the fuck are they?
- Shut up!
- Hey!
Give me my fucking money!
What are you doing?
Max, listen to me.
- Jesus.
- Where's my fucking money?
- You son of a bitch.
- Max, chill, easy.
No, I'm gonna fucking
warn you, I'll kill you.
I'll kill both of you.
- You crazy fuck, get off me.
- Get off him, Max!
Get off me!
Fucking dead, Dean!
Listen to me, man.
The money's out on the
other fucking rig, okay?
It's coming right back.
This isn't a fucking scam, man,
it's an honest mix up, alright?
Stop fucking lying to me, man!
I'm not pulling
something on you, man!
Stop fucking lying to me!
DEAN: You're fucking
crazy, you're fucking crazy!
You're fucking dead man.
I'm not pulling
something on you man.
- You're fucking dead.
- Why would I do that?
You're fucking dead!
Whoa, you okay, you alright?
- Christ!
- Try to rip me off?
Stop shooting,
no, stop shooting!
Fuck this shit!
Oh my god.
Dean, what did you do?
What do you mean what'd I do?
I fucking saved your ass.
Okay, we can fix this,
okay, we can make it better.
We can...
Oh, oh, oh!
You okay?
Look what you just
fucking did to this guy.
Yeah, shit.
Oh, your arm.
- Uh...
- Dude fuck my arm.
No man.
Oh fuck it, I'll
fucking do it later.
What are we gonna do?
I don't know, but we're
not gonna turn ourselves in.
We're so fucking past the
point of no return right now.
Alright, don't even...
BRIE: Hey guys,
we're on our way back.
REUBEN: That's right so
take that dick out
your mouth bro.
We gotta clean this shit up.
We're gonna clean
this shit up, okay?
Let's see.
You got it?
Rami didn't make it.
SILAS: Right
dear unfortunate.
And I found the
money, I got your money.
SILAS: Splendid.
Well, I mean, that
is to say at this point
it's just merely a
matter of retrieval.
SILAS: Well I see
where this is headed,
I'll make some calls.
Don't do that, don't, please...
SILAS: I can't have you
running around all night
making things worse, JJ.
Come back here and
we'll sort you down.
You about done over there?
I'm not getting on your
case, just running out of time.
You know maybe if you
helped a little bit.
Ah, no bitching.
I saved your life, remember?
Now I'm not expecting flowers
or anything like that.
Just want you to do
one thing for me.
Alright, is that so hard?
I'm doing something real
important over here.
Mm hmm.
Careful, body's
gonna fall off.
Everybody here's
so fucking clumsy.
This is so fucking stupid.
Get the wheels up and in.
Oh god, gotta get this
ax in, there, good.
Alright, get over here.
If there's a plan, now
would be a good time
to let me in on it.
Hey, Dean!
I'll distract them.
You switch Max into
the back of Danger One.
By myself?
How'd it go?
Uh, bunch of wannabe
gangsters jumped some kid.
Stabbed him in the
chest, he'll make it.
DEAN: Okay, you both alright?
Yeah, can I talk to you?
Yeah actually I wanna
talk to both of you.
In my office.
Got something special planned.
Okay, so come on in,
come on in, here we go.
Here we go Reuben
Here we go my lovely lady
Awesome, check this out.
REUBEN: What's
that smell, man?
I'm gonna start a new
tradition here at Turbo Elite.
You know it's come to my
attention that I haven't always
been like looking
out for my buds.
I haven't been recognizing
the kick ass work of my EMTs.
So, drum roll please.
Brie has been saying
what outstanding work
you've been doing out
on the field and stuff.
I have?
Congratulations, you are
Turbo Elite's first ever
employee of the month.
That name, right there.
REUBEN: Yeah I'm gonna
show my mom this shit man!
- Reuben, nice!
- What, awesomeness!
Here's a frame, you
get to have a frame.
Here you go.
I never won
nothing before man.
You didn't win it,
little man, you earned it.
Thank you, man.
I'm honored, man.
- For real.
- Okay, okay.
I mean I've
worked really hard...
You don't have
to make a speech.
So why isn't Eric here?
Oh, it would be awkward.
He, yeah, he really
wanted to win.
You guys need anything?
Mouth, no, good, bye.
REUBEN: Boss, could
you get some beef jerky?
DEAN: Whatever
you want, diva!
Eric, get in the car.
Dean tell me before I'm
not, like, a good employee.
That shit was weird, right?
Get in here, JJ.
Don't be shy.
So, you look like shit.
Yeah well it's
been a shitty day.
SILAS: Well I am sorry
to hear that, truly.
I see you made some calls.
There's no easy way to say this
but I'm pulling you off the job.
Ah, well.
That would be a mistake.
You said it was merely
a matter of retrieval.
That's exactly what
these two specialize in.
But it's my
operation, I set it up,
and we've had three deliveries
this week no problem.
Until tonight,
when there was a pretty
big fucking problem.
Yeah but I can fix it.
I've made up my mind.
Point those two in
the right direction,
they'll get it wrapped
up, but you're out.
It's your new project.
Yes it is.
Nice, very nice.
Maybe I could help you with
it once construction begins.
And do what?
Rough up the union bosses?
Now come on, it's
not the old days, JJ.
Now I simply bribe people.
That's partly what
the cash was for.
Besides, look at you.
You'll have a chance to spend
more time with your music.
That little opera thing
you've been composing.
That's what you wanted, right?
Yeah, it was.
But, uh, I can't do that
without your generosity, Silas.
So I need this job.
It's not all your fault.
Maybe you're just not up to
this tough guy shit anymore.
You got old, right?
What did you say?
You got old, JJ.
So, how about you
finish your drink,
take your Men's Warehouse
suit and that absurd hairpiece
and go home, hmm?
Oh shit!
JJ, stop!
Did you see that, Silas?
Not bad for an old fart, eh?
Oh god, oh I've
changed my mind.
You can stay on, finish the job,
just get me to a hospital.
Oh, that's okay,
you know what?
I figure I'm self-employed now.
No wait wait!
What do you want?
Code to your safe.
- It's not here.
- Oh well.
Oh one six one six five four.
- Oh six five four.
- Five four!
I got it.
Hello, my lovelies.
Where have you
been all my life?
One more mil to go.
I take it you never
dumped a body before, right?
No Dean, no, I have not.
Well, hit me with any ideas.
And you're an accomplice
now so turning ourselves in,
that ain't one of 'em.
You're the one that fucking
got us into this mess.
I'm just trying not
to get caught here.
Oh you gotta be
fucking kidding me.
We must've rolled a
stop sign or something.
I didn't roll any
fucking stop signs, Dean.
The fuck am I gonna do now?
Pull over, dude.
Okay, I'm pulling over.
DEAN: You seem nervous.
Don't be nervous.
There's a bond
between cops and EMTs.
They'll just give
us a warning, watch.
Stop eating that crap!
- I'm such a nervous eater.
- Shit, he's coming!
Okay, look at
me, it's all good.
It's all good.
Deep breath in.
Slow out.
Just like that.
Evening, boys.
- Evening.
- Evening.
Captain Beckwith,
immigration and customs.
You know I just missed
you back at the garage
so I thought I'd grab you here
as opposed to waiting
for you to come back.
Little bit of a hurry.
Oh, we know that feeling.
Oh shit, I'm not interrupting
a run or anything, am I?
- No.
- Please, we're fine.
And you were both
on the call tonight?
You know, the crash
off San Pedro?
- Yep.
- Yep.
Hmm, sorry.
It must be hard to lose
somebody like that.
DEAN: It's part of the job.
Mind if I take a
look in the back?
I mean, we're...
We probably don't
want you to do that.
I mean we would prefer you to...
Well, the guy you picked
up was carrying contraband.
It wasn't on him when he
arrived at the hospital.
Maybe it was the wrong guy.
No, we know he was part
of a ring smuggling money
from overseas bank accounts.
- Ooh!
- Ooh!
You know, mostly old
people trying to avoid taxes.
Old people are doing that?
Hey maybe it fell
out in the back.
We woulda noticed
something like that, right?
'Cause we're pretty, you
know, pretty on top of it.
It's pretty clean back
there, spick and span.
Yeah well all the same.
I'm just checking
things off my list so
mind if I take a
look in the back?
I mean you probably need
like, um, probable cause.
The suspect rode
in here with you.
That's my probable cause.
- Huh.
- Oh okay.
Open it.
You know what?
Why don't you go ahead
and open it for him?
BECKWITH: Something
happen to your arm there?
ERIC: Um, I got a tattoo.
BECKWITH: Tonight?
ERIC: No, no it
was on Saturday.
BECKWITH: Oh, okay.
Does that still hurt?
ERIC: No, no, it's fine.
What the hell?
DEAN: I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!
Oh my god.
No put the gun down!
Oh fuck!
Dean, Dean!
There's a car
coming, we gotta go.
Eric, come on man!
You drive.
ERIC: What the fuck was that?
- You've lost it, man!
- Come on!
I did what I had to do.
ERIC: That was
different than Max.
- No.
- Whoa whoa whoa, hold on.
Max was self-defense.
You killed this fucking guy!
Yeah, I know.
- That was murder!
- But he was gonna kill us.
- Hey.
- How do you know that?
Because he was
fucking shady, dude.
If he saw the money he was gonna
fucking blow us away, okay?
Hold on, just fucking ask
yourself what you woulda done.
Not that!
Just, fuck, not that!
He coulda let us go, man.
Why the fuck did he have
to look inside the back?
Hey man, where you taking us?
Back to the garage.
Aren't you
forgetting something?
He said he wanted
to get out of town.
Miles of pumps and pipes,
it's like a giant
garbage disposal.
Let's do this.
I have an idea.
We're gonna tilt this right
up, it's gonna go right in.
He'll be fish food before
anybody finds anything.
Now lift with your legs, go
go go, go go go go go go.
What now?
You do this strap,
I'll do this one.
On three.
One, two, three.
Jesus Christ.
Give me a hand, Eric.
- Pull it!
- I'm fucking pulling!
Come on, you bitch, you little
bitch, you fucking pussy.
Holy shit man, you
can't, holy shit!
Dean, where are you going?
This is a stupid fucking idea.
You're gonna love this one.
What do you
think you're doing?
What are you gonna do with that?
Dean, fucking listen to me.
What are you doing?
We're gonna make it fit.
Sorry Max.
Come on.
Come help me with
this thing, okay?
Come on.
Give me a hand with this.
- It's heavy.
- Yeah.
Watch your fingers.
It's okay.
It's alright, just, you know.
That's why you got 10 of 'em.
Take some of these.
What is that?
It's Percocet.
No, it's Oxy, even better.
Just take a bunch of these,
you'll forget you even
have fingers, bro.
You know what's worse
than leaving fingerprints
at the scene of a crime, right?
Leaving your finger!
Come on, that's gold!
- How 'bout this after party?
- Yeah, we can do that.
Oh shit, is that a dead body?
Oh my god.
Call 9111.
- Gross.
- Let's call from the car.
We only have an
hour left anyway.
Oh, good, she looks
pissed about something.
Oh man, she's on one tonight.
Let me do the talking, alright?
Where's Reuben?
Bravo's out of commission
so I sent him home.
Well what did I get
all this beef jerky for?
What happened to your finger?
Just slammed it in the door.
Yep, ouch.
I gotta talk to
you for a second.
Hold on Speedy
Gonzales, slow down.
Is this about New Year's Eve?
Hey so we can trust
each other, right?
Of course.
When I was out on this last call
this kid was bleeding
all over, right?
So, um...
Now where'd you put that
Ah, here it is.
So I was looking for
some quick lock dressing.
So I checked Danger One's
bench compartment and,
funny thing, there
was a padlock on it.
Then I find these on the floor.
Hmm, odd.
What the fuck
is going on, Dean?
have one new message.
VALERIE: Eric, it's me.
I couldn't fall asleep.
I know you're probably
driving, or...
You don't have to call back.
I was just hoping
that I'd catch you.
I don't like how
we left it today.
So if you can call,
I'll probably be up.
I love you.
ANNOUNCER: All units,
hit and run, officer down.
All units, repeat, officer down.
1400 block of Newton,
cross street Hooper...
- Fuck me.
- Code three, code three.
All units, hit and
run, officer down.
All units, repeat, officer down.
- Did you hear that?
- Yeah, mm hmm.
That location.
We're gonna take it.
We're gonna take it?
Yeah, what if
he pulls through?
That would be bad.
I'm going with you guys.
Oh no no no no no.
- It's okay bro.
- It's not okay bro.
- Look, she knows.
- What?
Yeah, he told me everything.
- Everything?
- Everything, everything.
Eric, come on, get in.
Yeah we're gonna
take a left up here.
- Here?
- Yeah, yeah, here.
At the light.
He still breathing?
He'll have a chance
if we get him to an ER
in the next five minutes.
Slow code.
Eric, let's make
it six minutes.
Just to be clear, I'm saying
drive a little slower.
Eric, we can't risk
him pulling through
and identifying us.
Eric, do you hear
what I'm saying?
Please slow down.
Right, Eric.
- Slow down, Eric!
- Eric, slow the fuck down!
We're restraining this
guy, just pull the fuck over!
- Oh fuck!
Son of a bitch, where'd
you get the fucking knife?
Drop the knife!
- Let go!
- It fucking hurts!
That's it.
That's it.
Fuck, I'm sorry.
MAN: Unit nine, status?
Repeat, unit nine,
what is your status?
10-40, patient is deceased.
MAN: 10-4, unit nine.
if I take a look in the back?
You chop me up and then
you throw me in the sewer.
Man, what the fuck
is wrong with you?
I was just blowing
off a little steam.
But Dean.
I'd watch out for
that sneaky fucker.
Keep an eye on
him if I were you.
Do you smell beef jerky?
It's amazing.
Thank you.
Thank you, Eric.
Don't do that, don't thank me.
I didn't want you
involved in any of this.
You know what?
Don't lecture me on
what's dangerous, okay?
'Cause I can handle myself.
- Brie.
- What?
You don't know what
I've been through,
you don't know what I've done.
Fuck, you don't know me at all.
Yeah, no shit.
I had to start my life
over again and again.
In and out of juvie,
beat up, shot at,
I shouldn't be fucking
alive but you know what?
This is my opportunity to
have the life I deserve.
Okay so yeah I know
it's dangerous.
I don't care, I
don't give a fuck!
It's all worth it.
Really, all this?
Mm hmm.
Hey, it's over, okay?
It's over.
What you gonna do?
Huh, watch yourself.
Great, great, let's go.
- Oh oh oh!
- Stop!
I'm so fucking
turned on right now.
Well I just got
stabbed in the leg,
it kinda fucking hurts.
Does this hurt?
I just want you to
fuck me right now.
Yeah, yeah, uh huh.
Focus, focus, there, come on.
Down, down, down motherfucker!
You remember what I like, huh?
That, this.
What the fuck are you doing?
Wait, don't you smell that?
I don't smell shit.
No no no.
- Oh my god, no no no!
- What?
What, what is it?
Do I have to do
everything by myself?
No no no no no no no why
why why why why why why?
Oh shit!
What the fuck, man?
Eric, stop!
Again, I'm so sorry
for your loss and listen
if there's anything you need
just give me a call, okay?
Bye, take care, sorry.
That was his daughter.
How'd she take it?
Like you'd expect.
She's got some family
in town at least, so.
Guy see anything?
They said they checked some of
the nearby shops in the area.
See if they got some
kind of CCTV footage
of the traffic stop.
No one saw nothing.
Look man.
This shit is getting
too fucked up right now.
Okay we just gotta
call it quits and...
It had to be that ambulance
guy he was checking on.
It happened half a
mile from their garage.
Come on, there's no way we
can know that for sure, okay?
There's only one
way to find out.
No fucking way, okay?
I am done with this shit.
It was your idea
to start with.
Now I don't know about you,
but I didn't sign up
to deport old ladies
back to El Salvador or
whatever the fuck it is
we do half the time.
This is our ticket out.
Walk away if you want.
But then Beck died for nothing.
And if it makes you feel better
we can give his cut
to his daughter.
Make sure she's good.
Your call.
BRIE: I saved most of it.
DEAN: I thought
he was coming around.
But maybe he's not
cut out for this.
You know?
Maybe we do have to
trust each other.
BRIE: Say something, Dean.
He's my best friend.
Okay, but we're
running out of time.
So, what's next?
Uh for now let's, you know,
just get him out of sight
and yeah we should be good.
My bad, I was just,
you know, I get hyped up.
You sure about this shit?
Only thing standing
between us and that money
is a couple paramedics.
I'm sure.
Brie, stop it!
Calm down, Brie.
That's fucked up man,
that's really fucked up.
You been playing
me this whole time?
Then what?
Then where the fuck
were you gonna go?
Uh, guys?
Oh shit.
What's going on?
I don't know Reuben,
why don't you tell me?
Just got a text.
Brie, she needed me
to come pick her up.
I bet she did.
So, uh, Brie, um, you still
coming home with me or not?
- Yes.
- No.
- Yes.
- No.
I got candles
burning right now.
Blow 'em out yourself, okay?
- Reuben, stay.
- No.
- Yeah.
- I'm in charge.
- Reuben, go!
- Guys.
Reuben, stay!
Hello, hi.
Is there a supervisor on duty?
Yeah, that's me,
hi, I run the place.
What, who are you?
I am an investigator
from Rigoletto Insurance.
I let myself in.
I was hoping I could,
um, grab a quick statement
concerning the fatal accident
that occurred
earlier this evening.
It's four in the fucking AM.
It's a little late for
this, don't you think?
Oh, uh, heavens.
Honestly, I thought
I was too early.
It's fucking both.
It's an especially shitty time
for you to barge in like this.
Couldn't you hit us back
during normal business hours?
Sorry, I don't understand
a word you're saying.
Could you handle
this over the phone?
Darling, this will
only take a few minutes.
I just wanted to confirm
that you were the company
that transported the victim.
- Police!
- Hands in the fucking air!
- Hands up!
- Put 'em straight the fuck up!
- Just keep 'em up.
Damnit Reuben,
would it kill you
to lock the fucking door?
Fuck, why'd you do that?
And I'm gonna keep going
until one of you tells me
where it is.
Sorry, we don't know what
the fuck you're talking about.
Where is it?
Where is the money?
Where is the money?
I can't tell you if you've
got that gun in my face.
I know where it is.
DEAN: Don't listen to her.
You can't trust her.
I'll take you to it.
Brie, don't.
- No, Reuben!
- Reuben!
- Drop it.
- Fuck me.
- I'm sorry.
- Oh my god.
Drop your weapon.
You know, you and your
friend might wanna consider
just leaving the way you came.
This doesn't concern you.
JOSEPH: Do you know who
you're dealing with right now?
Uh, do you?
Take your mask off please.
Drop your fucking gun.
Can he take his mask off?
Last chance.
Leave or die.
Fuck you, old man.
- Take him down!
ERIC: Reuben.
What the fuck are
we gonna do, huh?
Fuck you traitor!
Fuckin' A!
Fucking Reuben's dead because
of you, you fucking idiot!
Dean, Dean!
Gimme the gun,
gimme the fucking gun.
ERIC: Get in, let's go!
Go, I got you fuck,
I got you, I got you!
Fuck, shit!
DEAN: Come on,
come on, come on!
Hurry up, come on!
- Hurry up, Brie!
- Fucking die bitch, die!
ERIC: I'm not fucking
around, let's go.
Get down, get down!
Go, Eric, fucking go!
DEAN: Start driving Eric!
Oh fuck, fuck!
ERIC: Reuben
didn't deserve that.
Who the hell were those guys?
You know the guy
that we ran over?
I think they were his buddies.
ERIC: What about
the other guy?
I think he sells insurance.
BRIE: Pretty sure he doesn't.
Thank you.
For not leaving us back there.
ERIC: Where
are we even going?
My uncle has a house
there in the hills.
We can hide out there for a
while, figure this shit out.
ERIC: Fine, we should all go.
I'll just get us up there first.
What is it, what's going on?
Someone's following us.
That guy from the
garage, the insurance guy,
you think it's him?
Oh fuck!
Go faster!
- Yeah, it's him.
- You think?
DEAN: Eric, do something!
Oh my god!
Eric we're sitting
ducks back here!
Swerve a little!
You guys alright?
DEAN: My keys,
she took my keys.
We gotta get outta
here man, start it up.
I can't.
It's dead.
She's hit.
Let's get her back in here.
Wait wait wait, just
wait, I see him.
You got a plan?
ERIC: I'm not
leaving her like that.
Oh, awful sound you're making.
One of your lungs is collapsed.
The other one is probably
filling with liquid.
What am I telling you?
You know that, right?
Suck my dick.
Maybe not.
Come on, come on
come on come on.
It's a terrible way to go.
God damn fuck!
Fuck it!
Alright, I'm done.
Is this funny to you?
Fucking Dean.
Hey hey just stop, stop, Brie.
Watch your arm, Brie.
We gotta go.
Come here, I'll
get you outta here.
- You can do it.
- I can't.
Brie come on,
we gotta go, now.
Go home, Eric.
I got this.
Go to hell, asshole.
I can't believe that worked.
No no no, where are you going?
God damnit.
What are we doing here?
This has gone on long enough
right so unlock the door.
Open the door, open
the goddamn door!
And give me my money!
And then I'll walk away.
You have my word.
ERIC: You know what?
Come and get it, asshole.
So, last time.
Where is it?
Why are you making
this so difficult?
I want my money!
Fuck off.
Stupid motherfucker.
How dare you fucking
waste my time?
This might sting a little.
Dean, hey Dean.
Look at that bullshit, huh?
I'll call an ambulance.
Oh you thought that was funny?
Yeah, that was pretty funny.
Brie, she was a wild one.
Oh boy.
Hey, you never finished.
When you were telling
me why you do this.
I don't know anymore.
I guess I wanted to help people.
Be a good person.
But I fucked
everything up real bad.
You still have a
chance to make it.
No no no.
Dean, come on.
Like I was saying.
Jesus, man.
If Val covers for you, maybe
you can get away with this.
No one will know you were here.
'Cause when you asked
to be put on the shift
I didn't put you on
the schedule 'cause
I didn't wanna pay you.
And so you were never
there, there's no record.
What about the crash,
the guy we picked up?
No one was paying attention.
If they gave a description
of the EMT that was with me
they'd just say tall dark
hair, you know, walks funny.
- That's me.
- Right.
Or Reuben, who was
on the schedule.
I kinda thought that Brie
would pull something so
I put the money in
the side compartment.
Take it.
Do something good.
Do something good.
Morning, buddy.
It's alright, I'm okay.
You sleep okay?
VALERIE: What happened?
ERIC: I'm fine.
We're gonna be okay.
REPORTER: And in local news.
Police officers responding
to reports of heavy gunfire
in the city of Vernon
made a grisly discovery
at a medical transport
company with three confirmed
fatalities so far.
Two are reported
to be ICE agents
but their identities have
not yet been released.
Police have given no
indications that the shooting
is connected to a fatal
hit and run involving
an ICE agent earlier in the
evening less than a mile away.
It's seven o'clock.
DEAN: Turbo log,
May 11th, 11:45 PM.
Oh boy, caught the new kid
Reuben smashing one out
in the break room.
Definitely awkward.
Didn't fire him, just told
him to use the bathroom
but I'm wondering did no one
ever have the talk with him?
Reminder, check out
some blogs on parenting.
And workplace masturbation.
Dean out.
Turbo log, July 8th, 1:30 AM.
Going on four days of
the silent treatment
from El Erico.
I'm guessing this is all
related to the July 4th
barbecue event where apparently
I said something lewd
to his wife.
Look, I mixed a little
bit of bourbon with beer
with cocaine that day.
I'm not gonna celebrate?
I'm a fucking American.
And she was waving her
red white and blue fanny
in my face.
I guess I'll apologize.
Dean out.
Turbo log, July 9th, 1:45 AM.
I think we accidentally
hit a cat on the way
to a call tonight.
Look, I don't have
anything against cats,
I think that they're okay,
but for some reason I felt
nothing, nothing.
Reminder, check out WebMD
and see if that means that
I'm a bad person.
We gonna blow up blow up
Blow up blow up blow up
Blow up blow blow up
Blow up blow blow up
Blow up blow blow up
Blow blow up blow up
We gonna blow up blow up
Blow blow up blow up
Blow blow up blow up
Blow blow up blow up
Blow blow blow blow
blow blow blow blow blow
Blow blow blow blow blow
We gonna