Dangerous Acts (1998) Movie Script

It was a warm troublesome night
with only the rain to remind us
that it was actually winter.
George hadnt yet managed
to cool off.
So, before departing from him
I thought I'd wait for Mrs. Hope.
Indeed, murderers always return
to the scene of the crime.
And the time had certainly come
for us to finally meet.
So I poured myself a drink,
and sat down to wait for her.
Within two minutes,
she arrived.
Ive heard a lot about you.
- Really?
Dont believe anything.
We had a common friend,
Mr. Boni.
I didn't know I had friends.
We had a common friend,
Mr. Boni.
Why did you kill him?
The same
reason Im about to kill you.
And what is the reason?
- Self defense.
Take the gun from the drawer
and place it on the table.
Youre difficult, arent you?
Also the gun in your jacket.
- Whats with it?
I want to get to know it.
Take it out.
How about some mercy?
- What about that?
Is there any point in asking?
Go ahead, try.
Im sorry, for everything.
- It's too late.
I see youre hot, Mrs. Hope,
Maybe I should turn up the fan.
In any event, you will kill me,
so at least there should be air.
Turn it up.
Thank you.
Thank you, everybody,
really thanks a lot. Bye.
Darling, you played so nicely.
- Thanks. - Youre a sweetheart.
Thank you very much.
- Bye. Lydia.
What excitement,
what excitement.
Hello... - Hello.
Watch out for me, heh?
Tell me,
you dont recognize her?
I told you, an entrance is an
entrance, dont be sloppy.
Witch. - I heard you, Osnat.
- Tzvia.
Hey, what will be, now that I
finally got used to this play.
But you played beautifully.
- Really? - Yes, really.
Thank you.
You horse.
It's a good thing this is the
last performance, huh Tzvika?
You forgot to go off
three times.
Nu, lets see you perform
with Erics silly faces.
Come on, these guys,
these youngsters
think this is the last show,
so they can goof around.
And the stage is uneven, right?
Youre also going senile.
Your mother is a lame senile.
- Thats also true.
You cracked me up today,
cracked me up.
If in the next play I don't
have a bedroom scene with Tzvia,
you can forget about me.
No problem, consider it done.
Remind me, whats his name?
You are so jealous.
Hello to you.
Hello... it's something.
Yes, I...
Everybody gather around,
over here, over here.
Thank you. Allow me, to thank
from the bottom of my heart,
my dear Tzvika.
The one and only, bravo.
- Bravo...
Know that it was my honor
and pleasure to be your producer.
And we know what you went
through before you came to us.
And we all remember
how you coped.
Know that we all drew
much strength from you.
Look, our play...
There has been nothing like this
in theater.
And this show is closing down
with sold out performances, why?
Because our Tzvika is fed up,
she doesnt want any more,
It bores her, and she wants to
continue and move on.
Yes, that is what you are, you
evil monster, manipulator
in short, a star.
And know that is why
I asked her to marry me.
You are drunk, Micha.
Do you know what she
answered me, this monster star?
"You are crazy, I could be
your mother".
So, dear mother, I have a role
for you, you should know.
Friends, in my new play,
Tzvia Israeli will not only act,
She will also sing and dance.
...To life! - To life.
Are you sure? - it's okay.
Go home, Tzvika, Im a big boy.
I'll come tomorrow.
- Youd better not.
Since I threw my husband out,
I havent seen such a mad man.
Who is there?
The downstairs neighbor,
I need help, can you open up?
One minute.
What do you want?
You know what I want.
This morning,
I was released from jail.
But what do you want from me?
For you to forgive me.
- Get out of here.
Get out of here, you hear me?
Or I'll call the police.
How dare you come here at all?
Get away.
Get away,
Im telling you, out of here!
Mrs. Israeli
I sat here all night.
For three years I havent slept.
How can one live like that,
Mrs. Israeli?
Give me a minute to explain.
- Drive.
Mrs. Israeli.
Excuse me.
Should I stop for him, Mrs.
Israeli? - No, ignore him.
You deserve that, after the way
you embarrassed me yesterday.
Go away, you monstrous slut.
Should I prepare you something
to eat? - No, no, no, it's okay.
The neighbor took care of me.
She made me a Moroccan fish dish.
Now, not only my leg hurts,
My behind is also burning.
She is pursuing me.
But I only want to marry you.
Stop, Micha. I'll start
to think youre serious.
What is this?
- Our new project.
"The Musical-Dangerous", youll
really turn it into a musical?
With songs and dances and all?
- All that and more.
You arent normal, I was sure
you were joking yesterday. - Why?
This is Israel, not Broadway.
It says here I have to sing.
No really, are you crazy,
that you think I can sing?
Calm down, you have one and a
quarter songs, thats all.
Look at me, am I 18
that I can sing? - Go on a diet.
Take this.
What is this? - This is a sketch
of some of the songs.
Dont look at me like that,
You owe it to me.
I wont take my clothes off.
- Who asked you to strip?
Thank you.
- For what?
That you entered the elevator
even though Im here.
Did you get my letters?
For three years in prison,
I was waiting for this moment.
I couldnt sleep at night.
Mrs. Israeli you are an actress,
you understand people.
You know what pangs of
conscience do to a person.
Especially if he knows he had no
choice. - And you had no choice?
I had nothing to eat.
That truck was my only chance.
Chance for what?
Mrs. Israeli, my life
is a nightmare.
At least youre alive.
What do you want? You spoke, you
explained, what else do you want?
For you to forgive me.
- Why?
Why not?
Why not?
"So maybe well begin
with a play...
"Everyone is already here
and the crowd wants it...
"behold, well all die in the
end from an atomic bomb..."
Yes, yes, yes.
"When Adam met Eve, he said
to her, lets be like brothers.
"No she said, lets make love
and in the evening eat apples.
"Well go crazy all night, and
dance by the tree of knowledge.
"So take off that fig leaf
Because Im going crazy...
"I..." I cant.
Come here a minute, I cant,
you cant get by here.
Im sitting here, everybodys on
my head. This is impossible.
Theyre bumping into me,
I cant move, what?
I almost killed someone here
with this chair.
I cant, Im going home.
"I hear, I see,
"the journey from paradise
to hell is so short.
"I also hear, I also see, So
maybe well start with a play...
"When Romeo met Juliet and said
Im willing to die for you...
"What do you mean, -she said
- Lets make love.
"Well leave innocence behind...
"Well go wild in all positions,
I'll show you if you dont know.
"So tell me, is this yours word,
or are you just happy to see me?
"I hear, I see...
"the journey from paradise
to hell is so short.
"I also hear, I also see, So
maybe well start with a play...
"So maybe well start
with a play."
And special for you, Ive
invited here tonight, the star
the star of the show,
Tzvia Israeli.
- Allow me.
First of all I must say Im very
happy you came to my show.
Thank you very much.
- Tzvia!
Is the rumor true,
that you are about
to turn this thriving play into
a musical? - Tzvia! - Correct.
I dream to be in a musical. - No.
Is there a small part for me?
You want to sing,
are you prepared to dance?
Im prepared to sing, dance,
to do "splitsl"
Whatever you ask, I'll be by
your side to do it. - Tzvia!
Okay, well try
to get you something.
You do a wonderful job in this
play, spectacular. - Thank you.
To play this role, you must
draw from personal experience
from things youve
personally experienced.
Do you do that?
No, not directly, no.
Look, this playwright, Ternbach,
an American playwright,
he wasnt thinking of me
when he wrote this play, but
what is an actress? One who
takes personal, private pain,
and turns it into substance.
I think it's no secret, everyone
knows that about 3 years ago,
you experienced a horrible
tragedy. - Yes.
An accident took your husband,
son-in-law, and daughter. - Yes.
How do you continue living
after something like that?
Excuse me!
Living. - Living I understand but
to continue to appear on stage.
Look, Im not a little girl,
I simply...
put on some makeup,
I do a switch in my head...
and go up on stage.
Ive chosen to live, so I live.
Yes, it is my decision to live.
I go with that.
It's not taken for granted,
nothing is taken for granted.
Totally inappropriate, Etti.
What, Im late?
Forget it, Im off to a fitting,
the laundrys in the machine.
When it finishes, put it in the
dryer, Im going. - Okay.
Whats this? - It was by the
door, it's probably a neighbors
Listen, leave me the key in the
mailbox, I have to run.
Okay, bye.
Good morning.
Did you see what kind
of a person that is?
A full week, I sit here and
wait, write her letters.
You know what? No need to.
No need to.
five, six, seven, to work.
One two three...
You look like a Turkish slut.
Thats not we agreed on. Lydia!
- What do you want from her?
I have a dress rehearsal
in two more days. - Me too.
Why dont I feel it?
What do you mean?
I mean, throughout rehearsals I
dont get whats with you.
You dont like the dress?
Forget the dress, first of all,
keep your mind on the play.
Is this rag appropriate for your
character? How could you agree?
Are you having an affair or
something? - Idiot.
Your maid put the key
in the mailbox.
But she didnt close it so I was
worried someone would break in.
You were worried? - I didnt touch
anything, I promise.
I didnt even drink water.
I wanted to apologize for
talking harshly to you today.
Go away. Leave immediately,
You sleaze ball.
Get out of my life. Leave me
alone, Im warning you.
I'll... I'll call the police
and then youll be out of here.
Theyll throw you in jail again
to rot and die there, murderer.
Get out of here.
"When Romeo met Juliet and said
Im willing to die for you.
"What do you mean, -she said
- Lets make love.
"Well leave innocence behind...
"Well go wild in all positions,
I'll show you if you dont know.
"So tell me, is this yours word,
or are you just happy to see me?
"I hear, I see...
"the journey from paradise
to hell is so short.
"I also hear, I also see, so
maybe well start with a play...
"So maybe well start
with a play."
Clear the roads.
Do you have a line
of communication to him?
He should come here immediately.
No one should approach the roof.
No one approach the building.
Move them
away from there immediately.
Here she is.
Mrs. Israeli, this man is
threatening to jump.
He says hes waiting just
for you, do you know him?
Mrs. Israeli,
Do you know this man?
His name is Yisrael.
- Do you forgive me or do I jump?
Mrs. Israeli, would you like
some tea? - No thank you.
Ill call a doctor,
I think hell be happy.
"I have much time until tomorrow
"Until Im led to the gallows.
"The rope itches,
my neck is red.
"I would like to say
goodbye to you already."
"How much longer?
How much more can we wait?
"And time, and time
time which always prevails,
"We are worth nothing,
and time laughs...
"Three hours, three hours
hes dying to urinate,
"Until someone, someone
brings him a bedpan.
"Hell eventually die,
and well sing."
"Time is a friend, so theres no
need to hurry, times a tragedy,
"The time has come
to buy a watch,
"Time is dreadful,
it attacks you everywhere...
"I would like to say
goodbye to you already."
Hello, hello.
Hi, doctor. - Hi, how are you?
- Hello.
Did you prepare this?
- Yes.
Should I call someone
to let them know youre here?
Who? - I dont know,
family, friends, somebody.
Why are you smiling?
It's a long story.
- I have time.
I lived with foster parents
until age eight.
After that I was moved,
Theyd had enough of me.
- Where did you go? - All over.
Kibbutzim, institutions...
sometimes in the street,
I wandered around.
Do you know who are your
Biological parents?
At age 18 they showed me my file
and I found out my mother died.
And your father?
- He was actually still alive.
He said "Thanks for coming,
Im sick, take care of me"
like a Turkish film.
Did you care for him? - Sure I
did, a father is a father, no?
Although he was already decrepit
with one foot in the grave.
Did he die?
- After a year.
I was actually sorry,
he was a funny man.
Where do you live?
Did he leave you his house, or
anything? Your father?
His truck.
Actually, I recounted
everything at the trial.
But you didnt come.
Too bad.
I wanted you to be there,
I waited for you.
Theyre transferring me to a
rehabilitation hospital, right?
Will you come visit me there?
- Well see.
Whats wrong?
- Everythings fine.
They took off my cast, tomorrow
theyll remove the catheter,
because I can already sense
when I need to relieve myself.
So I can call a nurse.
Even the Dr. Said theres hope
since my spine was unharmed.
So I asked him, if my spine was
not harmed, why am I paralyzed?
So he said: "You had a hard head
blow, the prognosis is unclear,
so there is hope."
It's good that someone has hope.
I always asked myself,
how come invalids dont cry?
It's clear, it is more demeaning
for someone to wipe your tears
than for someone
to wipe your behind.
Youre responsible for me Tzvia.
Im here due to you, you cant
throw me into a rehabilitation home
just like that, like some dog.
It will be okay, Yisrael.
You will see.
Guys, careful with that table.
Continue over there.
Grown boy.
- What do you want? I missed her.
My sweetheart. All day
I look at her, all day.
And also at this garbage,
Did you read this?
Did you read this shit?
It's a story of two lonely people
a detective and a rich widow.
Who run parallel investigations,
blah, blah, blah... again, here.
The basic plot is familiar, but
here the work is ridiculous.
With the pathetic emphasis on
stupid musical numbers.
Luckily for this pretentious,
failing project, was
Tzvia Israeli, as usual with her
mesmerizing theatrical presence.
She cant sing...
She moves awkwardly.
But what charisma.
Maniac, son of a bitch.
He didnt write
one word about me.
Whats up, Tzvika? - Im leaving
the play for a few weeks.
- Because.
Again you feel youve exhausted
yourself... - I need a vacation.
Weve just begun,
the audience is hysterical.
So take Mickey, shell
do a wonderful job.
Shell jump in, and within two
days, shell be spectacular.
Her moves arent awkward.
Youre taking Yisrael home
with you, right? - Yes.
- Because.
What, you feel sorry for him?
- Also.
How do you plan to care for him?
- I arranged for a physiotherapist,
who will come every day
and treat him.
And youll schlep him,
feed him, wash him...
Hey, Ive played the part of the
merciful nurse once, right?
As merciful nurse will you also
pleasure him... - Dont be gross.
Why are you doing this? - it's OK
Micha, it's only for awhile.
It will be okay.
May you die.
Why dont you perform in films?
- Movies?
I once did some films,
I didnt enjoy it at all.
And now?
- Now there are no good stories.
Too bad.
- Why?
Because up close you see
all the expression, it's nice.
I actually have a great story
for a film. - You wrote a script?
In my head.
- So, tell me.
It begins with a woman
sitting in a public park
A pathetic woman, who yearns
for one thing only - a child.
Who is this woman? - A woman.
- Why does she long for a child?
What do you mean why? - What
reasons, whats her motivation?
What do you mean? - Reasons,
motivation for what she does.
Why is that important?
Because it's a drama, right?
You need that in a drama.
You need a reason, a motivation.
Im talking to you about a film,
Whats with you Tzvia?
Do you want to hear
the story or not? - Yes.
Okay, so this woman sits in her
corner feeding cats and birds.
Sometimes she does
crossword puzzles.
But mainly mainly,
she is always thinking
how she is dying for a child,
so that she wont be alone.
And she cant bear a child, her
husbands gone, she has nothing.
Until one day, a young sweet
woman comes to the garden.
With a baby stroller. - Whos the
young lady, the babys mother?
Of course, who else? - I dont
know it could be the babysitter.
Shes the mother, of course
shes not a babysitter.
Who is this young lady? - Again
youre starting? Does it matter?
A young, beautiful woman,
extremely beautiful.
There was a water fountain near,
and one day the babys mother
went to fill up
a bottle with water.
Our heroine immediately got up
and slowly walked and looked
in the stroller and saw the most
beautiful baby in the world.
Eyes blue like the ocean.
He smiled at her,
the cute little thing.
She looked at him,
it was love at first sight.
You find it interesting?
- Go on.
In this way the days pass,
she is suffering terribly
the love burns within her.
And she only wants to hold him,
to stroke him, bring him close.
Until she can no longer stand it
and decides she has no choice,
and she must kidnap him. Why are
you laughing, this is serious.
No, Im not laughing. Im
enjoying the story. Continue.
And so our heroine begins
to follow the young woman.
Follows her, she sees who
and what she is.
The young woman is a bit dense
and tired, and notices nothing.
Until one day, the young woman
just falls asleep on the bench.
Perhaps our heroine even put
something in her drink. I dont
know, I have to decide that.
In any event,
she quickly approaches
and quietly wheels the stroller
and escapes, with the baby.
After two days, the baby
becomes sick with high fever.
She puts cold compresses on him,
tries to calm him down,
but it doesnt help,
he is already totally drained.
He suffers from an illness which
requires a specific medication.
It's even publicized in the news
so the kidnappers will know
that without this
medication, he will die.
Our heroine is torn.
On the one hand, if she returns
the baby, shell be arrested,
shell go to jail, and what is
life worth without him?
On the other hand, if
she keeps him, hell die.
In either case, shell
be left alone as before.
Thats it,
thats all I have.
But whats the story,
what does she decide to do?
I dont know.
What do you think she will do?
- Of course shell give him back.
If it's so obvious,
why do you ask?
Because it's your story, idiot.
And why is it so clear to you
that shell give him back?
Because thats
the best thing to do.
Dont be ridiculous, people
dont always choose whats best.
If it's so clear that it's right,
then where is there choice?
People choose the lesser evil.
And what in your story
is the lesser evil?
I dont know, theyre both
the same. They both stink.
Excuse me.
So when you decide which stinks
less, tell me. Im in suspense.
Should I leave the light on
again tonight? - Yes.
Good night.
Good night.
If I could, I would have
sent her to hell long ago.
That Etti is so rude. Shes been
working for me for years.
The house is a mess and she does
not tell me shes not coming.
Thats it.
It's only for a few minutes, Im
just going to buy a few things.
It's okay Tzvia, you can go.
What, is it your stomach again?
I'll stop by a pharmacy and get
you medicine for constipation.
You dont have to be
embarrassed by me Israel, bye.
- Hi.
Did you bring the medicine?
- Yes.
Ill bring you water.
Too bad I cant feel anything.
Tzvia, you must return to your
play. - What are you saying?
Get me a babysitter, thats all,
I'll manage a few hours alone.
You want to return to
the play, no? - I dont know...
Well see.
This room was your
husbands office, wasnt it?
Tell me a little about them.
What do you want to know?
After the accident, your husband
and daughter were unconscious?
Yes, for two weeks.
- Just like me, huh?
You sat by them,
and what did you do?
What do you mean, what did I do?
- I dont know.
When I cared for
my sick father,
I had many thoughts, memories.
I even thought of poisoning
his food, imagine.
So Im asking what you were
thinking, what was in your head?
Why do you ask? - No reason,
we just never talk about it.
I overstepped my boundary.
"I had a cook
who fried two eggs for me,
"She burned the butter
and out came smoke and sparks,
"It was so disgusting,
The stench flooded over me.
"So I stuck her head in the pan,
and fried her nose.
"Im dangerous, Im sweet...
"If you come close,
youll be hit.
"Im dangerous and strong,
"My gun is drawn,
blood is dripping.
"My knife is sharp and erect,
Oh, it's so exhausting.
"Mournful, sharp, cancerous,
"I once had a lover,
Who loved me very much,
"He spoke of many positions,
but he never slept with me.
"So I tied cement to his leg
and some to his neck,
"Within a second, or maybe less,
he sunk deep in the river.
"My father, the millionaire,
I cut his neck,
"My poor mother, exploded,
there was nothing left,
"My brothers are spread out
in pieces in every city.
"My sister, I simply poisoned,
it was very quick.
"Im dangerous, Im sweet,
"If you come
close, youll be hit.
"Im dangerous and strong,
"My gun is drawn,
blood is dripping.
"My knife is sharp and erect,
Oh, it's so exhausting.
"Mournful, sharp, cancerous,
Thank you everybody, thanks for
the help. - Your welcome. - Bye.
You were great.
So, you didnt enjoy it?
I enjoyed it, of course,
thank you.
I know you Yisrael,
whats wrong?
Everythings fine, I enjoyed it.
- No, but what do you think, what
what did you think of the play?
Nothing special.
I just dont understand why
youre playing that stupid role.
What? - All the stupidity,
playing cops and robbers.
Playing with guns
as though theyre a piano.
What is it trying to say?
Who believes in that stupidity?
The audience loves it.
- Forget the audience, okay?
One screams, the whole flock
follows, the audience loves it.
Whats with you?
- Whats with me?
Are you even a dancer?
Are you a singer?
I enjoy it. Im having fun.
- Really?
What are you blind?
I dont understand.
You dont see how
degrading this role is?
The costume that makes you look
like a cow dancing ballet?
Is it fitting for you to perform
off-key like a broken trumpet?
Im going to take a shower.
You asked for my opinion, no?
- Yes. Youre right.
Youre sick of me.
- Dont talk nonsense.
Why did you take me in?
Why am I even here?
How long will this last?
When will you grow tired of me?
When you tire of me, then what?
- Is that why you spoke harshly?
Dont test me, Yisrael.
Youre here because I want you.
- And what will be in the end?
Youll return to yourself.
And then what will be?
Do you want to hear a story?
Another one of your stories
which has no end?
Actually, this one has an end,
even a happy ending. - Go on.
It begins with a woman just
walking down the street.
What? - What you dont want
to ask me who the woman is?
Who is the woman? - Okay, first
well give her a name, Yona.
Yona wakes up one day,
leaves her
family, shes tired of them.
She starts to wander
the streets and look for work.
Until one day she sees
in the job postings,
an advertisement for a woman
to care for an invalid.
To care for her day and night in
exchange for room and salary.
Hello... - Hi. Im calling
about the ad
Are you interested in the job?
Very. - Very much because it was
the perfect solution for her.
So she took down the
address and went over,
without knowing
what was in store for her.
One minute.
Come in.
She stood there, our Yona
dumbfounded and in shock.
You can sit down.
The voice of that
gentle and sweet girl
was the voice of an old and evil
woman. - How could that be?
Go on.
And so, Yona
began to care for her.
In the beginning this
woman child was pleasant.
Here. 9 percent,
just as you requested.
I asked for 5 percent,
dont you get it 5?
What, are you stupid?
Is it that hard to understand?
But afterwards, she began to
really abuse her like a slave.
She worked her so hard,
didnt let her sleep.
Here, 5 percent
just as you requested.
But you didnt check
the expiration date, did you?
Right or wrong?
What are you worth? You
idiot, stupid, despicable.
In the end, Yona could barely
stand the humiliation and abuse.
That same night,
our heroine got out of her bed,
slowly, slowly sneaked
over to her employers bed,
she took a large pillow...
and began to strangle her.
Very hard, with all her strength
in order to be rid of her.
And the woman child fought back,
twisted and screamed vigorously
even though it was nearly
impossible to hear anything.
And then suddenly...
Yona heard a young girls voice
coming from this woman,
A regular girl.
A voice of a 12 year old girl.
So she burst into a bitter cry,
awful and terrifying,
as only girls cry.
And this Yona,
why did she strangle her?
She could have
simply got up and walked away.
I dont know,
thats the story.
Whats the point of this story?
Thats what you call a story
with a happy ending? - Yes.
If a young girls voice hadnt
suddenly come out of her
she would have kept strangling
her and she would have died, no?
George. it's not nice how
you treat your friends, Mrs. Hope.
Not only a knife,
but in the back?
Why did you kill him?
For the very same reason...
for the same reason Im about
to kill you. - Why is that?
For what reason, Mrs. Hope?
I asked, whats the reason?
Self defense.
What just happened?
- I had a black out, thats all.
My ass, you had a blackout,
Why did you come back, tell me.
You think I'll let you
destroy the role, you cow.
Dont you dare talk to me
like that, you hear me?
Dont you dare push me around
on stage, you piece of shit.
Why, who are you?
- Arik, Arik...
Did I forget my lines?
Tzvika, whats happening?
- Im ruined, Im ruined Micha
Ive had it with this stupid
play. - Stupid play?
Playing cops and robbers games
just like little children.
Dancing with guns.
It's not for me.
Im an actress, Im not
a singer, Im not a dancer.
Where is Yisrael?
Why do you ask?
- No reason, just curious.
At home, with Etti.
I hired her to care for him
a little while Im in the play.
And where are you? - Im here,
Im a little tired, thats all.
And whats with me?
What do you want Micha?
- You.
Maybe for that I first
have to jump from your roof.
I dont know what
youre talking about.
It's not important.
Okay, I'll take you home now.
Ill wait for you outside.
Hey, Tzvia.
Tzvia, whats up?
What, did something happen?
What could happen, Tzvia?
So what, Etti, everythings
okay? - Yes, just fine.
No problem.
- Yes.
Bye. - See you later.
- Bye. - See you later.
How was the play?
- Fantastic.
Did you remember that
today is the anniversary.
What anniversary?
Your husband, your daughter.
- So what?
Youre not going to the cemetery
to have a memorial service? - No.
Thats strange.
Why do you even care?
What happened?
It's a little, I dont know,
It's bitter. - I ate it, it's fine.
I cant eat it.
Should I add some salt?
Thank you, Tzvia, really,
Im not really hungry anyway.
Can you take the napkin off,
So? - One minute, Im reading.
It's good for you here, huh?
So what do you say?
The play, the musical,
and now the movie.
Why did you have to include the
Mossad and Arafat, and all the...
A movie has to be realistic.
- You have rights to this play?
Do you have investors, money?
I have investors, I have rights.
And a fully stocked trailer just
for my Tzvika, as it should be.
Just tell me youre in.
You should, well make a movie,
get married. - Come on...
I dont know.
Come, I have to organize some
things upstairs, come help me.
You have ideas, what do you even
know about movies? - Nothing.
One minute, one minute...
whats the problem?
- Why is this torn?
Listen, I need to ask
your advice about something.
Did something happen? - Not now,
go home, dont be offended,
I need to take care of Israel
and hes embarrassed by you.
So after he goes to sleep,
I'll call you and well talk.
What are you guys in a fight or
something? - Dont be an idiot.
One minute, one minute.
Oh no. - Whats the problem now?
Why do you always have
the opening line?
I dont know, leave it,
I'll go over it again.
Fine, call me.
Bye. - Bye.
Now Im stuck in this scooter
for the rest of my life.
Come on, start already
- Now I forgot what I need...
Are you going to marry Micha?
- What are you talking about?
So why is he always proposing?
- Thats just a manner of speech.
A manner of speech?
And this absurd film he offered
you, is that a manner of speech?
Why butt in, what do you care?
- I care that you ingratiate.
And hes considered
your best friend.
Everyone tries to be
sharper than the next guy.
"Marry me, marry me"
what stupidity.
It's all one big play, a contest
to be most ingratiating.
It's not style, Tzvika,
It's disgusting.
It's Micha,
leave a message if you like.
If youre there, pick up.
Im so sorry, I fell asleep,
I fell into bed like a rock.
Tzvika, you dont know
whats happening to me.
Since I came back from you,
Im in the bathroom, one minute.
- Whats happening?
Ive never had such a thing. Im
throwing up and have diarrhea.
Oh, lord, I cant, dont worry,
well talk tomorrow.
- Tzvika?
What do you mean, Micha?
It's me, whats up? It works,
this telephone setup is great.
Whats with you? Will you be
long? - About 2 hours, why?
No reason, are you angry?
- About what?
About what I said
about Micha yesterday?
Stop, Yisrael,
I cant talk with you now, bye.
You said youd return in two
hours. - Who was just here?
I wanted to make up with you.
I made a surprise for you.
Amazing, huh?
It was on the shopping
channel, I loved it immediately.
And I arranged it all by phone,
can you believe it?
One call, it's delivered and set
up. - How did you pay for this?
With your credit card.
I gave the number by phone and
thats all. - Thats all? - What?
You dont like it?
I wanted to surprise you.
Stop, Yisrael, Im tired.
Youre sick of me.
- Im not sick of anything.
So why did you leave me alone?
I dont know,
Im debating about this dress.
I want to change something,
this is beginning to bore me.
You want some?
What is that?
A rice cake.
Since that horrible stomach bug,
I dont eat anything else.
How I suffered...
Should I make you coffee?
- No.
I left Yisrael with Etti,
I have to get home so she can
clean. The house is a mess.
Why do I sense Im
about to hear more bad news?
What, you dont
want to do the film?
Leave me alone about the film.
- So what is it?
Im dropping out of the play.
- Why? - Because.
Again this same old pattern?
Why, because, I cant anymore,
Ive exhausted myself?
Should I get down on my knees
or should we first drink coffee?
Stop, Ive had enough,
Im tired of this game.
All this wit,
All this flattery,
I dont want to be in the play,
thats all.
It's my choice, do you have
a problem with that?
I dont owe you an explanation.
I also dont have to listen to
your marry me remarks.
I have a life. I have a life,
I have a life...
Where is Etti?
- I sent her off.
To where?
- To hell.
She was doing a superficial job,
She wasnt cleaning at all.
So after we organized things,
I berated her for not cleaning.
What did you organize?
Your room, it's a surprise.
I have life!
I have life!
What do you want from me?
What do you want from me?
It was an accident.
What is his condition now?
He sleeps most of the time.
He occasionally opens his eyes,
I dont know... he stares.
He doesnt react.
The doctor said hes in shock.
I apologize
for speaking to you like that.
Thats okay,
Im already used to you.
Back then when he
jumped and again now,
I look at him
and see their faces, I see them.
Tami, Tami, my Tami.
How did I let her die like that?
- What could you have done?
What now?
Are you taking him home again?
- Thats sick.
Why? - He murdered
your daughter and husband.
You say you look at him, and see
them, why do you need that?
"It begins as every story ends,
"One sweet tear,
and a gate which closes,
"Suddenly we saw with our eyes
one very painful thing,
"With all the bloodshed
we knew, he loves her.
"Maybe it's good for him,
Maybe it's bad for him,
"Why doesnt she love him?
"Maybe it's good for him,
Maybe it's bad for him,
"Why doesnt she love him?
"The winters passed,
Time itself passed.
"The wound still hurts me,
so he said.
"If it will be good for me,
it will be even better for you.
"And if it will be bad for me,
I'll stay here with you...
"Maybe it's good for him,
Maybe it's bad for him,
"Why doesnt she love him?
"Maybe it's good for him,
Maybe it's bad for him,
"Why doesnt she love him?"
We finish, we leave.
Lets go over the questions.
Mrs. Israeli, we were waiting
for you. - Where is Yisrael?
The nurses came in an hour ago
and this is what they saw.
What do you mean "This is what
they saw"? - He disappeared.
We looked everywhere, theres
no trace of him or his clothes.
Do you know anyone
who could have...
to remove him from here, to help
him get out? - He has nobody.
Did you notice
anything unusual recently?
Unusual behavior or movements?
- He only moved his fingers.
After he jumped from the roof,
why did you take him in?
Why did I take him in?
"So maybe well start
with a play...
"Everyones here, the crowd wants
it, well all die in the end."
Shes already gone.
Wait a minute.
Were you waiting for me?
I slept here,
where you keep the props.
It's a little uncomfortable
to consider my situation, huh?
Whats new?
Why did you lie to me, Yisrael?
- Can I sit down?
I asked, answer me. - Just this
week, I could move, no big deal.
It's nice here
when it's quiet like this.
Too bad
theres no audience, huh?
Why did you take me in, Tzvia?
Because I felt sorry for you.
- Why?
I was sure you were paralyzed.
- Ah.
Just out of curiosity, you never
forgave me, did you?
I gave you my soul.
- But to forgive, you could not.
What do you want from me?
- Nothing, just to talk a little.
Maybe we can talk about
your late husband and daughter.
All the time I was with you,
every time I tried to ask,
you wont say a word about them.
Maybe we should let loose a bit,
what do you say?
They lay in the hospital two
weeks after the accident, right?
What went through your head
during those two weeks, Tzvia?
Did you think of me? - Of you?
- Or of them? Or of yourself?
I thought...
- What for example?
Why is it so hard to tell me
one thought you had?
I dont understand.
Are you embarrassed
about your thoughts, Tzvia?
Was it a dirty thought?
A dangerous thought?
Or maybe there was no thought
at all but rather a plan,
a plan which you carried out
in the end. What?
I want to know.
So, in short, after two weeks,
thats it, they both just died.
How could that be?
- You caused it.
You drove your truck
like an evil animal. Murderer.
So why did you take me in?
- I told you, I pitied you.
So why didnt you kill me?
- Huh?
Why didnt you kill me then?
You stood over me
with the pillow.
You considered it Tzvia,
dont try to deceive me now.
I saw everything, even when
you thought I was unconscious.
If you felt so bad why didnt you
kill me, like you killed them?
Killed whom? - Your daughter
and husband, you strangled them.
Youre crazy.
You want to say Im no longer
logical? - What do you want?
I wanted you to forgive me.
Thats all I wanted.
What do you want now? - For you
to have patience for me, Tzvia.
Just as you do for all those
idiotic Agatha Christie books.
I read all of your books,
Even worse than the stupid play
where everyone so admires you.
And no one knows you can act
1,000 times better than that.
I was lying in the hospital,
supposedly unconscious,
And I ask, why wont she
forgive me? What happened?
Then I see you come, sit next
to me, care for me each day,
Pangs of guilt
were eating you up.
And suddenly youre holding
a pillow, about to strangle me.
And that was it, I understood it
all. - What did you understand?
Sitting next to her thinking,
what will be now?
What if they wake up and live,
even though that idiot
crushed them with his truck.
Pity them.
Paralyzed, vegetables.
And pity me
that I'll have to care for them.
So you suffocated them with a
pillow and finished them both.
Admit it, Tzvia.
Im not buying any more of your
tricks, Yisrael. Ive had it.
Im not giving in any more.
You managed to paralyze me, you
wont make me take the blame.
Are you hot, Mrs. Hope?
Should I turn up the fan maybe?
Let me go, Yisrael.
Go live your life, I'll live
mine. Forget about me.
Ill... forget about you.
Sit down.
You know I have nothing to lose.
So you settled the account.
Maybe you didnt use a pillow.
Maybe you pulled the plug,
maybe you poisoned them...
You understand what Im saying,
You killed them. Thats why
you didnt forgive me.
Because you couldnt
forgive yourself.
Im not finished yet.
Im telling you,
Im not finished yet!
I didnt mean what I said.
I just...
I made it all up.
Im sorry, Tzvia.
I just wanted
everything to be good.
Im bad, Im bad.
What I said earlier was
just nonsense. Forgive me.
Forgive me.
Help me.
Theres no forgiveness.
"It begins,
the way every story ends,
"one sweet tear
and a gate which closes..."