Dangerous Company (2015) Movie Script

( police sirens )
( police radio chatter )
are you all right?
Are you okay?
It's all right, baby.
This your wife?
Yes--yes, it is.
Ma'am, what are
you doing out here?
I--I don't know.
I was in bed.
I got up a couple of
hours ago and she was gone.
I was scared to death
something happened to you.
Sir, I'm calling paramedics.
Please, just help me
get her back home.
( dance music playing )
( phone ringing )
Freddie, what are
you doing here?
Isn't your wife
due any minute?
Yes, Mary's sister
flew in to be with her.
You know, I'd be a wreck if
I couldn't keep myself busy.
Look, I appreciate
your dedication
but I am personally gonna
kick your butt out of here.
Family first.
Got it.
But there's a problem with
our vendor in Spokane.
So, let Ray handle it.
Where is he?
Have you seen him
this morning?
Yeah, he's been
looking for you.
Uh, they're back
in the conference room
with the managers,
some kind of big meeting.
Hey, good morning.
You okay?
Everyone's waiting.
Elizabeth, it's only
five to nine.
The meeting was
called for 8:00.
No. No.
Maybe I should go back
to giving you a hard copy
of your schedule.
No--no--no, I've got this.
Um, is that Roth woman here?
Oh, God, speak of the devil.
Good morning.
Good morning,
Anne Marie, how are you?
I'm well.
Got a new offer.
Where do you find
all these suitors?
What can I say?
In this economy, your
company's very attractive.
So this is not
a merger proposition,
like the Keener Brothers?
The Keeners are
family owned, like you.
And a merger would've
been mutually beneficial.
I'm sorry you
turned them down.
And today's proposal?
An acquisition.
You don't care what
happens to us, do you?
As long as you get your
Mrs. Mitchell, there's a
great opportunity here.
I'm sure you'll find
many reasons
to say yes this time,
I know it.
- How long 'til we start?
- Two more minutes.
Thank you.
Oh, we're just
happy to be here.
Ray, I see you're
showing some samples
from our new collection?
I--I hope you can appreciate
the true quality of Wendy Blue.
Actually, um, Mrs. Mitchell,
uh, these aren't ours.
Pauline, can
I introduce my client?
Pauline Mitchell,
Chan Shi Huang.
( speaking foreign language )
Mr. Chan asks what you think
of the quality of his products?
Please, sit.
Mr. Chan, what higher
compliment could I give you
then to believe that these
were made by our company?
Well, since we're running late,
I'll get straight to the point.
Mr. Chan has assembled an
international investment group
and has prepared
a genuine opportunity
for the future of Wendy Blue.
Well, I've already
had a sneak peek and,
Mr. Chan, your offer is
very impressive,
but I should remind you,
as we consider this,
ours is an American company,
all American designs...
( speaking foreign language )
...all manufactured in
our factories in
Idaho and Kentucky--
Precisely why we are
here, Mrs. Mitchell.
We've done our homework.
Well, I just want Mr. Chan
to know that we have rejected
past offers for those
who thought
they could only
buy our reputation.
We're not interested
in selling the company,
only to see our product
outsourced abroad.
( speaking foreign language )
I made a promise
to my family that
I would not let that happen.
Mr. Chan's group is
prepared to purchase
at four times market value.
( speaking foreign language )
Mr. Chan admires greatly
the work and reputation
of your company, and he thinks
that your decline in sales,
over the last three quarters,
could be easily remedied
by the kind of cash
infusion he is proposing.
The financial arrangements
Mr. Chan has assembled
are time sensitive.
The deal will only
last ten days.
Should your board decide
to accept,
everyone of your
family employees
will enjoy job security
and will soon discovery
what it's like
to be quite wealthy.
( chuckles )
Mr. Chan, thank you.
( speaking foreign language )
So, you'll submit Chan's
offer to your board?
Of course, all legitimate
offers, I'm obligated.
But if we were to vote today,
I think you know what
my answer would be.
Well, that's not exactly
what your sister thinks.
Wait, you called Deanna?
Just keeping it
in the family.
Ann Marie.
We'll see if we can
bring her around, okay.
Thank you.
( phone rings )
Ray, we have had offers
like this before.
Like this, really?
Hey you, long time.
Why the hell are you
talking to Ann Marie Roth
about a takeover offer?
I'm fine, Pauli,
thanks for asking.
Damn it, Dee, you promised
you wouldn't meddle.
Just stay out of this.
Am I not entitled
to my opinion?
Okay, tell me, what
would an over-inflated stock
do to the long-term
growth of our company?
( sighs )
What, no opinion?
Yeah, that's what I thought.
Good-bye, Dee.
Yes--yes, I understand.
Hey, honey, you home?
Listen, I gotta go,
Pauline's home.
How'd it go?
- ( sighs )
- That bad?
Ann Marie brought in this,
way too good to be true offer
from some Chinese
investment group.
You know, she called Deanna
to see if she could
drum up support.
Oh-boy, no wonder
you're upset.
So who's their front man?
It's some financier
from Hong Kong.
Chan Shi Huang?
Well, never heard of him.
Um, well, he must not be
that big of a player
if he's not on your radar.
Did you hear from the job?
Yes and no.
It's not gonna happen.
They hired a 27-year-old
Wharton Grad, younger, hotter,
probably smarter and a whole
lot cheaper than this old dog.
Certainly not hotter.
Ahh, honey, I'm so sorry.
Yeah, me too.
Second one this month.
And I know your numbers
at work are down again.
( sighs )
Listen Pauline...
I think we need to do
a little more
belt tightening around here.
Now, maybe, getting Emelina
back full-time
isn't such
a great idea right now.
Don't worry--don't worry,
we're gonna be fine.
I moved some things around
in our portfolio.
I'm gonna get us back to
where we were, I promise you.
You sure you don't want
to go back
and look at
that merger proposal
from the Keener Brothers?
It was a generous offer.
Listen, if you like,
I'll look over the deal
points on this new offer.
Yeah--yeah, I can just
forward it to you.
I, um, had Elizabeth
download it to my--
Your cellphone?
I had it earlier.
God, I have been misplacing
stuff like crazy lately.
You know, it took me
20 minutes to find
my car keys this morning.
It's no big deal,
I do it all the time.
Yeah, this is Aaron.
Yeah, sure.
( phone ringing )
( ringing continues )
( ringing stops )
Did you find it?
Yeah, you were right,
no big deal.
I see you defrosted
pork chops.
I did, I put them
in this morning.
And I got Emelina's recipe.
Unless you want
something else.
No--no, but I thought
you told me
we were meeting
the McBride's tonight,
Rotini, Apian.
That wasn't tonight, was it?
No--no, Friday.
Ahh, must of gotten it wrong.
I'm so sorry, I know,
I know, they'll never be
as good as Emelina's.
( doorbell rings )
Hum, I wonder who that is?
I don't know.
I'll get it.
Susie, George, hi.
Aaron, everything
all right?
Yeah, everything's fine.
What's up?
Well, Susan and I,
we were waiting
at Rotini's for
over an hour.
We started to get worried,
I was calling and texting.
George, Susan.
What are you doing here?
I am so sorry, I--
I wasn't feeling well
when I came home
from work today.
I--I'm just so sorry.
I left you at
least three messages.
I must have had my phone off,
I--can we reschedule?
Sure, yeah, okay.
Yeah. Well, have
a good night.
Feel better, Pauli.
Good to see you George.
- You too.
- Drive safe.
Good night.
Don't worry about it, okay.
They're friends.
She'll get over it.
Come on.
( no audible dialogue )
That's great, ladies,
just have the final sketches
to me by tomorrow, okay?
- Jason.
- Morning.
Good morning.
I was going to call you.
Yeah, Elizabeth did.
She did?
Yeah, that's why I'm here.
Listen, I, uh,
I need a favor.
Sure, anything.
The lawyers have been
doing their due diligence,
but I would like for you to
do some poking around as well.
Sure--sure, got it, uh,
and you're looking for?
Any reason not to sell.
Uh, nah, I'm good.
Well, I'm gonna
get a refill.
It's just, you know,
my grandmother was known
in this neighborhood as someone
who brought people together.
You know that her apartment was
upstairs where my office is?
So she's Wendy Blue?
Nope--nope, that's my mother.
She just took my
grandmother's small notion
and turned it into
a real company.
I just--I think that
intimacy and personal touch
is what makes a
business successful.
It's that intimacy
that people are buying
when they shop Wendy Blue.
I am determined
to keep it that way.
Just do some digging around.
Keep it on the down-low,
only share it with me.
All right.
- All right, see you.
- Bye.
In here.
You better hurry up.
Oh, God, that concert's
not tonight, is it?
Pauli, you're the one
that made me write it down.
It's the last one
in our subscription.
Remember we agreed?
You know what,
we do not have to go.
No--no, you're right.
You're right,
it's the last one.
We should go to the concert.
Sorry, baby, I just got
a lot on my mind right now.
Have you seen my shoes?
You got a closet
full of them.
No--no--no, my--my Louboutin's,
they go with this dress.
Where the hell
did I put them?
Can't you just
wear something else?
Okay. I'm on it.
Where were they?
They're cold.
Aaron, why are they cold?
Come on, we're
gonna be late.
Aaron, where were they?
The freezer.
I put my shoes
in the freezer.
How did you even
know to look there?
I've done this before?
Everyone forgets stuff.
Don't you dare tell me
that this is normal!
It's starting
to affect me at work.
What is?
You know, memory lapses.
I'm forgetting appointments,
I can't even find
my good reading glasses.
Honey, you can't
let this get you down.
I--I've just always been able
to count on myself
for being in control
and decisive.
My God, strongest
person I know.
It's too soon.
What do you mean?
My mother was
years older before--
when she even started
showing signs of dementia.
Pauli, there's
no reason to believe that.
It's just crazy stressed
at work right now.
You're worried about me,
our portfolio.
You know, maybe
we should see someone.
A clean bill of health will
help put an end to your fear.
I don't--
I don't know.
Whatever you want, all right.
Whatever you need.
Oh, I'm so glad we are finally
able to talk about this.
( phone ringing )
Aaron, hey,
is Pauline with you?
It's Elizabeth,
she wants to talk to you.
Pauline, hey, yeah, I was
just calling to remind
about the meeting tomorrow.
Board members
will be in at 8:00.
Right--right, great,
thanks, Liz.
I just thought it'd be better
to call you
since you left your phone
in the office
and I know you keep
your schedule on it.
No--no--no, it's--I--
I have it, it's in my purse.
Pauline, look at caller I.D.
I'm calling you from
your phone right now.
I'm gonna leave it
in your desk.
See ya tomorrow.
Everything okay?
Yeah--yeah, n--it's fine,
just work.
have you seen my report?
- Which one?
- Which one?
For the meeting,
you printed out six copies.
I had it on my desk.
I--God, lately
I have been so--
I was going to say,
distracted, but I'm late.
Look, I'll brief
the board members
but this thing cannot be
finalized until it is filed.
So I need you to keep looking
or print out six more copies.
( heavy breathing )
You--you will see the specific
details of the offer
on my preliminary report.
My main objection is
that this deal
could likely compromise
our long term reputation
for short term returns.
Hey. Sorry.
My fault.
- Where were they?
- Downstairs in reception.
I must've left them
on the counter when I went
to take down the petty cash.
( sighs )
Now, if you'll
turn to page seven.
You never met
my mother did you?
Ahead of my time, but I've
heard a lot of great things.
Hmm. Well, they're all true.
She, um--
Hey, what is it?
Look, I've never told
anyone outside
the family this,
but my mother...
My mother died of dementia,
and I took care of her
the last two years.
My sister...
Well, it was all on me.
You know, I did
everything for her.
And in the end, I had to put
her into a nursing facility.
I mean, it was awful.
That's my greatest fear,
you know, that I'm gonna die
in the same horrible way.
Actually, we've talked
about this before.
No we haven't, I've never--
Yes, you have.
You said that, it was
while caring for your mom
that you became estranged
with your sister.
Uh, Deanna didn't get along
with the nursing staff,
but I don't remember
telling you that.
You've actually talked
about it a couple of times.
About how your mom
stopped recognizing you
and that made it easier for
you to put her in the facility.
About how bad you felt
when you weren't
at her bedside
the day she died.
No--no, that's impossible.
Excuse me.
I'm just...
No--no, we cannot touch
any of the company's asset.
I know--I know.
But you're the one
that suggested it,
that's the only reason
I got in.
No, we already hit
the house, you know that.
All right, well,
see what you can do.
Okay. I'm gonna have
to call you back. Yeah.
You okay?
Just a rough one.
Yeah. Mine wasn't any better.
There's been a hiring freeze
at Gold Coast, so--
( sighs )
Ouch. I'm sorry.
Tell me something, have
I ever mentioned talking
to anyone at work about
my mother's dementia
or that Alzheimer's may
run in the family?
You mean, other
than your assistant?
I told Elizabeth
about this?
Yeah, sure.
You often mention how
supportive she's been for you.
Oh, God, what is
going on with me?
Baby, what is it?
Maybe I should
go see someone.
Is that what you
really want?
Well, my memory lapses
are not getting any better.
I can call Dr. Gutierrez's
office in the morning,
set an appointment.
No! Not her.
Why would you even
suggest her?
I just thought
you'd find her comforting,
since she knows
your family history.
But don't you see how that
may make things worse for me?
We'll find someone else,
all right?
I completely understand.
The scary thing is, is that I--
I don't feel like
there's anything
physically wrong with me.
I'm always lucid, I--
I don't feel sick.
Your mother used to say
the same thing.
I'll call her office
in the morning.
I think your fear
is unfounded, Mrs. Mitchell.
I mean, even with
a family history,
you are awfully young for
early onset dementia.
But it just keeps
getting worse.
I--I'm forgetting things,
I'm constantly losing
my phone and my car keys.
Well, you wouldn't be
the first one
to not remember where
they put their car keys.
But if it's really Alzheimer's,
you don't remember what
your car keys are for.
Are there any tests
you can order,
if only to help put us
both at ease?
We can do the AMTS,
that's the Abbreviated
Mental Test Score
and blood work for
protein enzyme levels.
Pauline, you were the primary
caregiver for your mother.
Yeah, I remember what
a harrowing experience
that was for you.
It's hard not to be affected,
I get it.
I'm gonna order
an MRI scan as well.
It looks for plaque buildup
in the interstitial spaces
of the brain.
And we can get you in today.
Date of birth?
March 1, 1978.
Year of the first World War?
Name of the current president?
Barack Obama.
Now, count backwards
from 20 to one.
20, 19, 18,
17, 16, 15,
14, 13, 12,
11, 10, 9,
8, 7,
6, 5, 4,
3, 2, 1.
Well, I have no immediate
findings to share.
But if you remember, we won't
know anything for sure.
Yeah, I mean, I remember
how angry my sister was,
I mean, when I ordered
the autopsy for my mom.
Well, it's still
the only definitive test.
( exhales sharply )
I still don't know why
I insisted, by that time,
we already knew
what killed her.
Listen, doctor, I have a lot
people counting on me.
If I can't--
Pauline, come on now,
let's keep our
thoughts positive.
Here, this is a mild
I want you to use it
only as needed.
Of course, thank you.
You know, Pauline, I, uh,
suggested your mother get
a second opinion.
I mean, if you really want
to put your mind at ease--
No--no more doctors.
I can handle this.
Thank you.
Pauline, your 2:00
is here, she's early.
Wait, what 2:00?
Uh, Anne Marie Roth.
What? I didn't--
Yeah, you told me to schedule
her in for a follow-up
and I put it in your calendar.
No, God, do not want to talk
to that woman right now.
Where is she?
I put her in
the conference room.
( sighs )
Your phone?
No--no, my pills,
I want to take one.
They were just right there.
Is this them?
You know what,
I'm just gonna go home,
I cannot deal with
that woman right now.
Um, um, okay, I can distract
her while you leave
through the sample room.
What are you
gonna tell her?
Well, I can just ask
if she has an updated offer,
she can just
leave it with me.
I'll make sure that
you get it.
That's my job.
Thank you, Elizabeth.
you're a lifesaver.
Are you sure
you're okay to drive?
I can call you a taxi.
I'm fine--I'm fine.
( talking in distance )
Thank you so much.
Mrs. Mitchell, are you okay?
- I'm fine.
- You sure?
I'm fine, yes, really.
Mrs. Mitchell?
You okay?
You weren't driving
like this were you?
No--yes, I--I just need
to lay down.
A nap will do you good.
It's a good thing
we quit when we did.
What are you talking about?
Dr. Rose, fertility treatments,
in-vitro stuff.
Baby, that was
three years ago.
I know--I know.
It's just...
if this is going
to be our future,
just how would we cope?
A toddler.
( police sirens )
( police radio chatter )
Pauline, are you all right?
Are you okay?
It's all right baby,
I'm here.
Sir, is this your wife?
Yes--yes, it is.
Ma'am, what are
you doing out here?
I--I don't know,
I was in bed.
Just help me
get her back home.
Aaron, I think we need
to get a second opinion.
Thank you, Liz,
for everything.
I mean, Aaron doesn't
want me driving with
all the medication.
Hey, I'm glad to help.
My flight isn't
till five, so.
That's right, your sister's
bachelorette in Vegas.
How fun.
Um, Mr. Mitchell isn't
going with you?
No--no, he's got another job
interview, so, fingers crossed.
He'll meet us at the clinic
and give me a ride home.
Listen, um, Liz, I just--
I want to thank you
for offering
to speak to the doctor.
You've been covering for
a lot of my memory lapses,
haven't you?
Maybe just a little.
Hey, that brings me
to an awkward question.
Go ahead.
If the doctor wants
to know more
about your symptoms, how much
do you want me to say?
Tell him the truth.
He's gonna want to know
what you've seen.
Um, 'cause I just
thought it was best to ask.
Well, thanks, I mean,
You don't have
to hide my--anything.
You know, I'm--I need to know
what's happening to me.
Well, someone broke in here
and made this mess.
We'll complete the report
and file it doctor,
but like you said,
nothing was stolen.
So there's nothing
the police can do?
Not really, sir.
- Dr. Mancuso?
- Mrs. Mitchell.
Sorry for the chaos.
Uh, Betsy.
I'll be right with you.
Well, we'll keep an eye out
and run an extra patrol.
If you discover something
missing, give us a call.
( knock on door )
Sorry to keep
you waiting Mrs. Mitchell.
Is everything okay, Doctor?
I hope so.
So strange.
Now, why don't we get
into your blood work
and your scans.
Have you noticed any recent
cognitive deterioration?
( sighs )
Wouldn't I be
the last to know?
Hmm, that's a good point.
Let's just focus on
observed behavioral changes.
Well, if you mean losing
my cellphone 20 times a day
or putting my heels
in the freezer.
Did I tell you that
I'm constantly losing my wallet
or did I forget that too?
Ahh, anything else?
It's okay.
Well, aside from
the usual forgetfulness,
there have been a couple
of odd moments,
like blanking out
in meetings.
Wait, what?
Yeah, last week, with
the Canadian distributors,
I looked over at you
and you were gone
for a couple of minutes.
In front of everyone?
This is the first
I'm hearing about this.
I didn't say anything because
I didn't want you to get upset.
What else?
You've been forgetting
the names of your staff.
No I haven't.
Mine included.
That's crazy.
See, I--I knew this was
a mistake,
I shouldn't of said anything.
Oh, no--no--no, we--
we can come back to this.
Let's take a look
at your scans.
Is there any evidence
of plaque?
Yeah, what I see
is not as important
as what
the radiologist sees.
Elevated beta amyloid levels,
that could just be due
to stress.
There's no evidence of
normal pressure hydrocephalus.
Some atrophy in temporal
parietal cortex.
( voice echoing )
Inflammatory response
of disposition
of amyloid plaque and
neuro fibulary tangles.
I'm sorry, Mrs. Mitchell,
but this report indicates
the disease progression
is, quite frankly,
surprising me,
given your age.
( knock on door )
Excuse me doctor, Mr. Mitchell
just arrived,
should I see him in?
Yes, please.
Hey, hey,
take it easy Pauline.
Aaron's gonna help you
sort through this, okay.
( echoing )
After your
mother's diagnosis,
did you have any
genetic testing?
( voice overlapping )
Sorry, I'm late doctor.
I'm Aaron Mitchell,
Pauline's husband.
No, you're not.
Pauline? Pauline, sweetheart,
what's the matter?
What are you talking about?
I don't know you.
That is not my husband.
- Who is it?
- Is this Aaron Mitchell
or not?
Yes--yes, of course it is.
Elizabeth, that's not Aaron!
I don't know this man!
I don't know!
( screaming )
( overlapping voices )
I don't know you!
Easy, it's okay.
Stop--stop--don't touch me!
( screaming )
Pauline, calm down, Pauline.
Calm down.
There we go--there we go.
You gave us quite a scare.
Oh, God, you're really here.
What a nightmare.
It was for me, too.
What do you mean?
I'll never forget that
look of panic on your face.
It was like... like you
were terrified of me.
But you weren't you.
Oh, God, it seemed so real.
I mean, you were
a complete stranger.
My wife in the arms
of another man.
I don't think I like that.
Well, whatever the--
the doctor gave me,
I'm feeling much better.
You are definitely
not going to work
until we get an all
clear from your doctors,
you understand me?
Now come on, back into bed.
I asked Emelina if she'd give
us some days and evenings...
Don't worry about the money,
I'm gonna be here
to take care of you as well.
It's time for your pill.
( sighs )
( woman moaning in distance )
( moaning continues )
( woman moans )
Aaron, where are you?
( woman chuckles )
( moaning )
( sobbing )
Baby, hey--hey--hey,
doctor says you need
to stay in bed.
Aaron, I saw you with her.
- What are you talking about?
- I saw you!
Pauline, listen--stop!
- I saw you with her!
- Stop! Just stop!
- With who?
- Don't lie to me!
With who, Pauli?
I saw it--I saw her,
where is she?
Is she in the guestroom?
What--what are you
talking about, Pauline?
- Get off!
- Stop!
What do you see?
What do you see?
- I saw you with--
- Wait!
I saw you--I saw you
with Elizabeth!
- I saw you!
- Elizabeth? Elizabeth?
Listen to me--listen to me.
You told me that Elizabeth
flew to Vegas for her
sister's bachelorette party.
Do you remember that?
Do you remember?
Come on baby, come on.
It's okay--it's okay--
it's okay.
It's okay.
( sobbing )
It's okay, baby.
No, I--I just had one.
Honey, that was hours ago.
You okay?
I'll be right back.
Hey, how you feeling?
Ugh, God, exhausted.
Did I even sleep?
Fourteen hours.
You needed it.
You know, Pauline,
if you wanted, I could
help out at the factory for
the next couple of days.
Just until you
get back on your feet.
There's no need.
Just consider it.
It's not necessary, I'm--
I'm going to head back
as soon as I can.
You know, we talked about this,
how if anything ever happened,
you'd want me to be
the one who would--
( doorbell rings )
( sighs )
Hey, Aaron.
What are you doing in town?
Pauline called me.
Listen, Deanna--
Don't worry, I am not
gonna be any trouble at all.
Got myself a room
at the Eaton.
She upstairs?
Look, Deanna--
Dude, I don't
need an escort.
At least let me explain,
all right, what's been
You awake?
Oh. Deanna?
Oh, God, oh, it is so good
to a familiar face.
There for a while, I thought
I just imagined I called you.
You're here.
Oh, it's so good to see you.
Hi. How are the kids?
Uh, Dana has the same
Caitlyn, as of today,
wants to become
a thoracic surgeon.
Do you see them?
Not often enough.
David's still got me on a
really, really tight leash, so.
Aaron keeps telling me
that you hit a rough patch.
It's been horrible actually,
uh, now I--you know,
I finally understand exactly
what mom was going through.
Everyone always said
you were just like her.
Hell, she was more like
your sister than I was.
Look at you,
you got her looks,
you got her brains,
you got...
Wow, sorry.
This is what
I feared most, Dee.
You know, I mean,
to become like mom.
Now, I'm--I'm--I'm, uh, I'm--
I'm seeing things
that aren't there,
I'm losing track of time.
Tell me about this doctor's
appointment yesterday.
Aaron told me,
you didn't even recognize him?
He looked completely
He looked younger,
he had a beard.
Hey, who wouldn't
want to trade in Aaron
for a younger model?
Look, it's just--
it's the weirdest thing
to feel completely normal and
yet disconnected from reality.
I'm terrified that
I'm losing my mind.
And the more, like,
I protest that I'm not crazy,
the crazier I sound,
even to me.
Mr. Mitchell,
how you doing?
( cackles )
What's so funny?
You know, I think
it's interesting,
you chose me
to impersonate you.
I mean, why not cast someone,
I don't know, that actually
looks like you?
'Cause the whole point
is that you weren't
supposed to look like me.
Wow, whatever, you know what?
It wasn't exactly the most
challenging role of my career.
It's all there,
just like I said.
Yeah, 'cause guys like you,
they never try
to stiff guys like me.
Okay. Guess we're done.
Thanks a lot, Mr. Mitchell.
Anton, don't ever contact
me again, you understand?
You know, the other day,
I came home, really tired,
I woke up in the middle
of the night, in the grass,
in a park, like a half
a mile away from here.
Get out of here.
I mean, think about it.
I had to get out of bed,
walk out of the house,
wander to the park.
I don't remember anything.
I don't know, I mean, that
sounds like sleepwalking.
Oh, God, if that's
the case, why now?
You know, what--why--
why not before?
I mean, I've never
done it before, have you?
( laughing )
Pauli, please, come on,
all the weird crap
in my life happens
when I'm awake.
Aaron and the police had
to come looking for me.
It reminded me of that
night we had to collect mom
from emerge.
She had wandered off
and broke her collar bone.
God, Dee, I mean,
by the time
mom passed away,
she wasn't even mom anymore.
What, am I gonna
end up like that?
No, 'cause I'm not gonna
let that happen to you.
( sobbing )
It just--I feel like I'm
letting her down, you know.
Like, this company
was her legacy to us,
to your girls.
And if I'm not here to run it,
if I screw it up,
I mean, this is--business is
all she had, is all I have.
Hey, look at me.
I'm here, okay.
I am here and
I'm gonna take care of you.
( sobbing )
So, don't worry.
Wow, I really need
a cigarette.
Seorita Deanna, ooh.
Ooh, Emelina.
Of course,
you remember Emelina,
Eme's agreed to give
us some time to help
look after Pauline.
If you remember,
she's a godsend during
much of your mom's illness.
Yeah, not like me,
right, Aaron?
Um --
Listen, Deanna, I'm just
trying to make it
a little easier here
for all of us, okay?
Emelina's here tonight.
So why don't you and
I get out of the house,
we'll go get some dinner?
We can talk.
Perhaps we can work out
a plan to deal
with Pauline's
condition, together.
I pick the restaurant.
So she knew
that Elizabeth was off
with her sister in Vegas?
And she swore that she
saw the two of us
going at it in
the guest room.
That is crazy,
but I don't know
what's the illness and
what's the medication.
We should get some wine.
You wanna share
a bottle, chardonnay?
( sighs )
Deanna, I am so sorry,
I forgot.
How long has it been?
Three years,
four months, 22 days.
Good, I'm glad.
Third time in rehab's
a charm, I guess.
Still going to your meetings?
Every day I can.
Look, Aaron...
I want to stay
for a while.
You know, as long
as Pauli wants me to.
There's really
no need for that.
I'm working out
of the house.
I'm there most of the day.
Besides, what about
your girls?
If this disease is anything
like it was with my mother,
you're gonna need help.
( scoffs )
Okay, look, I know that
I was totally AWOL
when my mom was declining
and I feel bad about that.
Okay, I feel bad about
that every day,
but I was out of control.
The drinking and
the prescription pain killers
and the coke.
But Dave had just left
with the girls.
He sued me for
full custody and he won.
I have been working really,
really hard at getting
my life back together.
And I want to be there
for Pauline, now.
So this is about you feeling
better about yourself?
No, this is about
what's best for her.
Really? And what was best
for your mother?
Forgive me if I sound a little
skeptical here, Deanna.
You lied to all of us,
every one of us.
Drank everything
in the house,
stole your mother's money
and her medication.
You even emptied
our medicine chest.
I don't want to fight
with you, especially now.
You must be going crazy.
I know the business is
in trouble and now this,
but I remember what it
was like when my mom
was struggling
and Pauli had to assume
Power of Attorney,
and it was rough.
I see Pauline's health
is not your only concern.
What is that
supposed to mean?
How do you think
she's gonna feel
when you start meddling into
her business affairs?
The two of you parted ways
over that very subject, Deanna.
Okay, you are twisting
everything I say.
I'm scared, Dee.
I'm scared that if
I let you back in,
that you'll quit this job,
just like every other job
that you ever had.
Don't you think Pauline
feels the same way?
Don't you think
that she's afraid, too?
I'm prepared to spend
every dime that I have
for her peace of mind.
I will get her
everything that
she ever needs for
the rest of her life.
So why should we trust you?
Fool us twice?
I don't think so.
You should really try
the Veal Picatta,
I hear it's very good here.
I'm so sorry Pauli
and it's really stupid
to think that I could
come here and help you out
and I was wrong.
Wow, big surprise.
You're running out on me?
That is what I do best.
I'm really, really
excellent at quitting.
( sniffs )
You know what
I regret most?
Mom created a company
that brought people together
and you and I are just never
seem to be able to reconcile.
The one thing that
she wanted most,
we failed her.
Just realizing that now?
Look, as someone who has
been a failure my whole life,
I can tell you that it,
it doesn't get any easier.
I gotta go.
( camera shutter clicks )
( knock on door )
Your late, Liz,
I was getting worried.
Why, what's the matter?
I just need Pauline
to think that
she's losing her mind, okay.
It's not my intention
to hurt her
or anyone else
for that matter.
Of course, that's the plan.
Is your sister-in-law
going to be a problem?
I think I
convinced her to leave.
She should be back
in Houston by tomorrow.
And what about
that actor you hired?
Don't worry about the actor,
he's been paid in full,
he's not gonna talk.
Then what's the problem?
Look, I have so much
riding on this.
If I don't make
the margin call soon,
they're gonna block
the entire account.
Look, it's okay.
There's more than
enough for everyone.
When you brought me in on this,
I told you it'd be easy.
I just want it
to be over, Liz.
And it almost is.
All we need to do now
is to get Pauli
to give you Power of Attorney.
Look, the board meets
Tuesday at six,
so when are we gonna
go for it Aaron?
When? Tomorrow?
Yeah, tomorrow.
( heavy breathing )
Mrs. Mitchell will be
gone for a few days.
So, she's blown me off, again.
Please don't
take it personally.
She's had to go deal
with a problem
with one of our
suppliers in Idaho.
Just so she knows,
money coming together
like this is rare
and it will move on
quickly unless
the deal closes.
So please, give me
something positive
that I can tell my clients?
Everybody I've talked to says,
it's a great opportunity--
Please, tell Mr. Chan
that Mrs. Mitchell
and everyone at Wendy Blue
is very impressed
with his offer.
Does that mean that--
That means that
we're doing our due diligence,
and we're going to
respect his deadline.
When our board
meets on Tuesday,
we're hopeful that we'll have
the answer he's looking for.
Thank you.
Where's Mrs. Mitchell?
Really, what's going on?
- Ray, it's complicated.
- It's complicated?
I can handle something
that's complicated.
I happen to know
the board member--
Look, Pauline never does
anything by the book.
But she always has our
best interest at heart.
This is a tough one for her,
so cut her some slack.
( sighs )
( cellphone ringing )
( cellphone rings )
( cellphone ringing )
( ringing continues )
( ringing continues )
Oh my!
Hola Seor Mitchell.
Como estas?
( panting )
Hey, what are you
doing out of bed?
I, uh, I don't know.
I was thirsty and I--I--I was
trying to find the bathroom.
( sighs )
You're not mad at me?
No--no, of course not.
Let's get you back into bed.
Again? Already?
It's, uh, Aaron,
I'm just--I'm scared.
I don't expect any of
this to make sense to you.
( phone rings )
What do you want?
Why are you calling me?
What, now?
( camera shutter clicks )
Now you listen to me,
I don't--
Hey, good to see you again,
Mr. Mitchell.
How have you been?
What do you want?
Sure--sure, let's
just get right to it.
You know, I was thinking
about our original arrangement.
For which you've
been paid in full.
True--true, but, uh,
I've reconsidered and,
uh, I decided that
that money should
just be regarded, simply,
as the down payment.
No--no--no, don't even
think about going there.
You know, I've been checking
up on you, your wife,
your sister-in-law,
your, uh, your friend.
I recognized your wife,
by the way, Wendy Blue,
"Bringing People Together."
I mean, I'm--
I'm right, right?
So I have to assume
that you wouldn't go
to so much trouble unless there
was some big money at stake.
You actually think
that you can blackmail me?
Too late, my man,
that's already happening.
See, I expect you to bring me
another five grand, next week.
And then--and then,
another five grand,
every other week after that,
at least for
the next little while.
( snickering )
Look, it's one thing for me
to tell a doctor
that my name is Aaron Mitchell,
but breaking into his clinic
and tampering
with his records,
I mean, that could lead
to some serious jail time.
It's simple,
continuing silence
requires continuing
payments, indefinitely.
You greedy little
son of a bitch.
You actually think that you're
gonna get away with this?
Uh-uh, no--no--no, come on,
don't be stupid, Mr. Mitchell.
You know, I mean,
if anything happens,
yeah, I could just cut
a deal with the police.
You recorded this?
You recorded this whole
Yeah, well, everybody
needs insurance.
( grunting )
Give me the--
( grunting )
( groans )
( shouting )
- No!
- Aah!
Oh-no, oh-no, oh-no.
Hola, Seor Mitchell.
Thank you for
staying, Emelina.
Si, seor.
I made you pork chops.
Good night.
Buenas noches.
( crying )
Jason, tell me
what you've found.
Well, so far, I've traced
Chan to three different
limited partnerships and
they've been responsible
for taking over what looks
like seven different companies,
only to gut them all.
So that is what he's after.
Just our name
as an American brand.
And probably your database.
We'll be toast in six months.
I'm sorry, Pauline.
Look, Jason, don't talk to
anyone about any of this.
( door closes )
How you feeling?
It's almost lunchtime.
Ohh, I can barely lift my head.
You sure I should be
taking those so often?
Mancuso did say that
it would take some time
for your body to get
used to them,
but I'll call
the office to check.
I spoke to Elizabeth earlier.
She said she had some
papers you needed to sign.
Oh, well then I--I better
head into the office.
Okay, that's not
gonna happen.
I'll just have her
bring them by
and you can look
them over here.
( sighs )
Thank you.
( cellphone chimes )
Honey, I have to go
downtown for a while.
Emelina's just downstairs.
You know, maybe I'll stop by
your office while...
Oh, Mr. Mitchell,
you have a message.
If you want
to return the call,
you can use the phone
in your wife's office.
No more lies.
He recorded the payoff,
he tried to blackmail me, Liz.
What have you done, Aaron?
You think that
I wanted this to happen?
Do you?
I tried to get his phone,
we struggled, he fell.
Look, the story says,
they have no I.D.,
no witnesses, no leads.
They think it was
probably a suicide.
And I am certain
that nobody saw us.
You better be sure
Pauline doesn't see this.
Do not worry about Pauline.
Have you talked to her?
She wants you to stop by
tonight, with those documents.
It's not gonna be easy.
Don't worry about that.
You make sure she's medicated,
I'll make sure she signs.
( phone rings )
Emelina, is everything
all right?
I'm on my way.
Excuse me, I--I need
to report a crime.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Yeah, okay--okay.
Yes, ma'am.
Now, what were you saying?
My husband's been drugging
me with sleeping pills
and sedatives.
- He's trying to make everyone--
- All right--all right.
All right. I can see
that you're upset.
I'm gonna see if I can
find somebody to help you.
Just stay
right here, okay.
Do you remember me?
You--you--you found me sleeping
in the park, the other night.
My husband, he--he's trying
to make everyone
think that I'm crazy.
It's Mrs. Mitchell, right?
Yes. Look, Aaron
has orchestrated
this whole thing.
You have to help me.
My husband called 9-1-1
so that you would be part
of his alibi.
Ma'am, you're gonna
be all right.
We'll get you home safely.
No, I don't want
to go home, he's there.
- Please, just--
- Officer.
That's my wife over there.
Officers, whatever you do,
do not tell him what
I just told you,
I don't know what
he'll do to me.
Please, I am begging you,
don't say anything.
Officers, I can't thank you
enough for your heads up.
Pauline, are you okay?
Come on, let's get
you back home.
- Whoa!
- Pauline!
Whoa, somebody
help her, get her.
You got het now?
Get her some water--water.
Get some help?
Officer Cruz,
thank you very much.
I promise you,
this won't happen again.
Good luck, sir.
I'll see myself out.
It's time for
your medicine, honey.
Baby, we were worried
sick about you.
Hey, Pauline.
Aaron, what's going on?
Elizabeth came by
with those documents
that you needed to sign.
There's also somebody else
here to see you, too.
Hey, Mrs. Mitchell,
how you doing?
Hello, Ray.
What's going on here?
Um, listen, we really,
really miss you
back at work,
Mrs. Mitchell.
Trying to get through
a backlog of orders
but we do need to settle
some accounts payable.
You know, our ship is--
it's rudderless without you.
We just need to get
your signature on these.
It's just payroll,
pension, just vendors
that haven't been paid.
All looks pretty
straight forward.
Here you go.
- Good, we're done.
- Yeah.
( sighs )
Mrs. Mitchell, it's great
to see you, all right.
This is gonna help us
all get back to work.
You know?
Come on honey, you need some
rest, let's get you to bed.
Hey, um, Ray, before you go,
one of these documents
that Pauline signed
needs your signature.
Right here, as a witness.
Okay, sure.
Thanks, I'm gonna need
to notarize that.
So it'll just take an
additional second.
I need your signature
right here.
And then a thumb print,
please, right here.
- That's it.
- All right.
Power of Attorney.
How the hell did
you do it?
I was watching, you never
gave her this page.
I wasn't convinced that
you'd be able
to get her to sign,
so I did it myself.
You forged her signature?
I've been signing letters and
documents for Pauline for years.
Now, the clincher here was
to get Ray Kelly
to sign as a witness,
everybody trusts Ray,
and he thinks that
he saw her sign this.
Well, I'm sure it's enough
to convince the board but--
That's all it
has to do, Aaron.
We're there.
( phone rings )
Mr. Mitchell, again, I am
so sorry about yesterday.
It really did
set her back, Emelina.
I feel so bad.
She's sleeping right now
and the doctor says,
if she struggles or tries
to get out of bed,
it's okay to give her
another one of these.
Ah, don't worry, I--
I look in on her regular.
Call me, immediately,
if you need to.
Si, seor.
( door opens )
Hello, buenas.
Hey Emelina, how are you?
Oh, hola, muy bien,
seora Deanna.
But Mr. Mitchell told me,
you were going back to Houston.
No, uh-uh, he must've
I've been staying
downtown at the Eaton.
I wouldn't leave my sister
at a time like this.
Ah, she's gonna be
very happy to see you
but she's sleeping right now.
Ya--ya--ya, I'm just gonna,
uh, look in,
sit with her for a minute.
Maybe you could make
her something to eat.
( speaking Spanish )
And I make you
something too, okay?
Aah, thank you, Emelina.
Dr. Mancuso?
Dr. Mancuso.
You've been through
so much, Mrs. Mitchell,
how can I help you?
I'd like to see the imagery
in my files,
I'm worried there's
been a mistake.
Oh, I sincerely
wish there were.
The radiologist based
their diagnosis entirely--
On what they see, I know--
I know and x-rays
and MRIs never lie.
Would you, please,
just humor me.
Oh, very well.
Come see for yourself.
It's really impossible to know
what you're looking for
without any previous
medical training.
Here, what is this?
What is that right there?
Hairline fracture of
the collar bone,
it's an old injury,
but believe me it's nothing.
I never broke my collar bone,
doctor, my mother did.
These aren't my files,
these are hers.
I don't see
how that's possible.
Wait--wait, your break-in,
they--they weren't taken,
they were replaced.
My files for my mothers.
Perhaps it was
some sort of mix-up.
I don't know how he did it
but my husband is behind this.
Your husband?
Yes--yes, I'm sure of it.
Excuse me.
That's the man
who came in here
and said he was Aaron.
So that's not your husband?
No--no, doctor,
I can assure you,
my husband is alive and well.
That is Aaron Mitchell.
Our due diligence has yielded
only positive endorsement
for this very lucrative deal.
But the clock on it
will expire in two hours.
Now, since Pauline
is still down with the flu,
she's given me her proxy.
She's asked me to ask you
to vote with her to accept.
I have no idea
who that man is.
But your assistant
was here that day.
She identified him
as your husband.
Elizabeth must've
been in on it,
God, from
the very beginning.
See, you needed
a trustworthy source
to confirm that that man was
my husband and she did.
Now that man is dead,
do you really think
it's a coincidence?
Aaron's trying
to make everyone think
that I'm losing my mind
but I'm not crazy.
I just need
help proving it.
Deanna, don't say anything,
just listen.
Look, in the clothes hamper,
in my closet
is one of Aaron's blue shirts,
there is blood on the cuff.
I need you to take
it to the police.
I'm willing to bet that
if it really is blood,
it's connected to that body
they found in the alley
Seora Deanna,
is everything okay?
Yes, of course, Emelina.
I'm just gonna go grab
a pack of smokes.
But ( speaking Spanish )--
I know--I know, I should quit,
I get it and I will,
but not today.
Okay. Adios.
Ai nia.
Thank you very much.
- Mm-hmm.
- It's really a pleasure.
- Ray?
- Yeah.
Why don't you go down
and wait for Mr. Chan.
Yeah, no problem.
( phone rings )
Emelina, slow down,
what is it?
Somehow Pauline
got out of the house.
We're good.
Are you sure?
Emelina, it's okay,
you can relax.
She's gonna be fine.
Thank you,
that'd be perfect.
- Mr. Chan.
- Thanks, Ray.
Mr. Chan didn't bring
his Chinese translator.
That's only for
formal occasions.
Hell, Chan speaks
better English than I do.
Stanford MBA,
grew up in Stockton.
Ooh, impressive.
Have a seat, folks.
The board already voted?
Yes, congratulations
Mrs. Mitchell.
I'm too late?
The board is already acting,
they approved the sale.
You think I don't know
what you've been doing?
It's over.
You don't even know
who that man is.
Do you know what he's done?
He doesn't care
about Wendy Blue.
All that's
in Jason's report.
And as soon as Chan finishes
his acquisition,
he is going to shutter
the company
and sell off all
of our assets.
Jason sent a copy
to Elizabeth this morning.
I've already seen it.
I've done deals
with Chan before.
Why did you do it?
This is about
your leadership, Pauline.
You never listen.
You think it's more important
to treat your employees
like family rather
than guiding them.
Being strong, taking this
company where it needs to go.
You think you know better?
Wendy Blue needs
to change or it will die.
None of this was
about you, was it?
How you couldn't
find another job.
How you couldn't
save our portfolio.
This deal is gonna
make you very rich.
I was doing this for us.
And sleeping with
was that for us?
Elizabeth means
nothing to me.
I'm sorry I hurt you.
This was all business.
So, making me think
that I was losing my mind,
that was business?
What about that man?
The man they found dead,
in the alley.
Aaron, Mr. Chan
needs to leave.
He has a couple
of minor questions.
I've gotta go.
You're welcome
to join us if you like.
I'm sure Mr. Chan would love
to see you up and around.
He knows the stress
you've been under.
I'm sorry, Mrs. Mitchell.
( phone rings )
Freddy, are you still here?
Freddy, I need a favor.
Yeah, just ask,
Mrs. Mitchell, anything.
Take off your shirt.
Pauline, you sure
you should be up and about?
Good to see you again, sir.
But before you sign
that deal, I have a question.
Can a businessman
like you afford to be
with murderers?
I am really sorry about this
but you do know a little
about what's going on?
So, you do speak English.
Well, answer the question, do
you negotiate with murderers?
Pauline has been put on some
very powerful medication.
And we're all working
very hard on her behalf.
So what does that make you,
World's Most Supportive
Assistant or co-conspirator?
I am so sorry that
you had to see this.
Do you know what
this is, Aaron?
This is evidence that
could put you in prison.
What are you talking about?
It's the shirt you were
wearing the night
you murdered that man
in the alley.
What are you saying, Pauline,
that I murdered somebody?
There is blood on it, Aaron!
Why don't we send it to
a DNA lab, have it tested,
see if they think
it's crazy or not.
Pauline, listen to me--
Just answer one question
for me and I'll go.
When all this was done, were
you planning on killing me, too?
Perhaps we should find a more
appropriate time and place.
No--no--no, Mr. Chan,
please, don't go.
We will address this later,
There--there won't
be a later.
What's a matter Liz, plan
not working out so well?
Let go of me.
Why, you afraid I'm crazy?
Well, you should be, bitch.
( gun cocks )
Stay back!
Get out of my way!
It's okay, Aaron, it's fine.
I mean, what if an obviously
deranged woman
threatened us and a gun
went off by accident?
I'm the one
who's deranged here?
Elizabeth, listen to me--
( gunshot )
Aaron, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry,
it was an accident.
( groans )
Wait, so there
are two shirts?
Ah, Freddy,
thank you so much.
You're probably going to have
to get that dry cleaned.
Don't worry about it.
You okay?
I've loved this company
for a long time.
Maybe I am guilty of
loving it a little too much.
So it's time for
things to change.
Where's Ray?
A couple months ago
we were approached
by the Keener Brothers.
- Yes, the merger.
- Mm-hmm.
I would like for you
to call them,
ask for either Josh
or Billy Keener.
See if they want to put that
deal back on the table.
You want me to do that?
Consider it on
the job training.
So, I was thinking,
maybe I could stick around
for a little while longer?
You know, maybe help out
in the design department,
Okay, no, I know,
you don't want that.
Actually, I think
I do want that.
Careful, you just might
not be able to get rid of us.
I'm gonna be on you
like a nicotine patch.
( music playing )