Dangerous Liaisons (1959) Movie Script

As far as we know, when
life began on this earth,
there was only one sex.
As far as I know, nowadays
there are two genders:
male and female.
This distinction, alas, seems to
be disappearing faster each day.
I know that gender equality
is not a novel issue.
Yet, it's never been such a
crucial topic, in all countries.
We're seeing more of these young women
freed from sex-related social constraints,
and that burst open,
buoyantly, like ripe fruits.
I once tried to depict such a
character, notably with Brigitte Bardot.
But there are other women,
aware of moral rules,
that strive for gender equality, without
having to confront public opinion.
They hide behind a mask,
but use other means.
To that latter category of women
belongs my movie's protagonist, Juliette,
played by Jeanne Moreau.
Don't think that all married women
in France behave like Juliette.
She's obviously an exception.
Nonetheless, there are women who can no
longer stand playing the role of wife.
Women who yearn to prove to
themselves that they're free.
Women who know that
for most of you,
a man who has many
mistresses is a Don Juan,
whereas a woman who has
many affairs is a tramp.
I wanted to show such a
woman without her mask.
"Some of the characters in this
story have such appalling manners
that it is hard to believe
they could live in our age,
the age of honest men and
modest, prudent women..."
From the Preface to
Dangerous Liaisons.
Black becomes her.
- What's her background?
- Aristocratic.
She came from the countryside...
dressed in
She always seemed to be walking in
boots, with a riding crop in her hand.
We were all enamored with her.
She'd go out with
boys without reserve.
Before the year was over, each
of us claimed that he'd had her.
But because it
couldn't be proven,
everyone kept silent
to avoid ridicule.
Was she as smart as she is now?
You should ask him.
Where did they meet?
At the Political Science Academy. They
married just before his graduation.
- What does he do at Foreign Affairs?
- He's waiting to get out.
Father's side: steel factory in Moselle.
Mother's side: Standard Chartered Bank.
Why did she invite us here?
To help her husband get a job
with the UN Development Program.
I thought this young man was more inclined
to date women than to attend UN meetings.
Her ambition is
enough for them both.
Why did she marry
him? For daddy's money?
I don't think so. In my opinion,
she's aiming much further.
- Who are you talking about?
- Our hosts, of course.
Valmont and his wife Juliette.
- Juliette, you're ignoring me.
- But I like you a lot, Prevan.
- Your "a lot" hurts my heart.
- You have one?
Ever since Valmont
introduced you.
Be grateful. Hearts
are scarce today.
- Of course I'm grateful.
- And you're flirting with his wife.
Last year, I skied with your husband.
Unfortunately, you weren't there.
He's very fast.
My cousin warned you
against my praise?
He's counter attacking.
- You have a low opinion of me.
- You're a man of high virtue.
- Who said that?
- Your wife.
She's your opposite:
faithful, righteous.
Excuse me, please.
I have great news: my daughter...
Elisabeth! Save me.
Let's get out of here.
- You've never wanted revenge?
- Why?
Look around us.
They're all bored with each
other, except for me and Valmont.
Just my luck.
The last faithful woman in
Paris, and I'm in love with her.
A word of advice: fall
in love with Loulou.
- If it's her again...
- I know.
Sorry, Loulou, Valmont is busy.
Yes, he's in a meeting.
Sure, I'll tell him.
Juliette Valmont no longer
recognizes Juliette Merteuil?
She's not my type.
- Are you bored?
- Yes, I am.
If I'm not wrong, Prevan...
- He's just a colleague.
- And the American, Jerry Court?
He's no fun anymore.
Has the New World...
lost its allure?
You're done already?
I mistook him for Tarzan.
- Have you dropped him?
- Not yet.
I have to find a way.
Classy and charming.
I follow my simple routine:
"I picked you up, I
had you, good-bye."
I believe in using more finesse.
The best would be to marry him.
Casanova used to pick
husbands for his ex-mistresses.
I'd love that!
I've given her little thought.
But I've prepared
an entry for her...
as "an all-French young lady."
Too bad she's so
stupid. Even for Court.
But if I insist...
- He'll agree?
- Absolutely.
He's already agreed.
Pardon me?
Mrs. Volange broke the news
to me. Love at first sight.
He proposed, she
accepted, they're engaged.
be married in the spring.
No kidding!
Valmont has revealed the news.
Excuse me.
You were the matchmaker, my dear.
I never expected such an outcome.
He's so nice. A
new generation boy.
- Responsive to French charm.
- He likes France.
He has very peculiar ideas.
He claims that American
wives are smarter.
Most girls in America go to
college. It's not like that here.
- In other words, we're stupid?
- Don't blame him.
Unfortunately, few
Parisian women are like you.
- You barely know the man.
- Skin deep.
As Valmont puts it.
Court's jubilant and
full of praise for her:
What a darling, so
ingenuous, so pure!
He's not lacking for words.
She went to a surprise party.
An ingenuous, pure
girl at a party?
We know the family. It's their
daughter's eighteenth birthday.
- Your letter was wonderful.
- You are here? At midnight?
- Your letter was really wonderful.
- If your parents saw you here!
- It isn't true what you wrote?
- Of course it is.
But you're still so naive.
You don't know what evil is.
What you wrote was so beautiful.
I figured that you'd
always loved me.
At least since our
vacation in Baule.
You should have told me before.
I treated you as a child.
The news of your
wedding shocked me.
I'll never marry Court.
Why did you get engaged then?
I want to move out of my house.
My parents are so old fashioned.
- Do you really love me?
- Yes, I do.
Won't you kiss me?
- What's the matter?
- You've made progress since Baule.
- Nice, but too little closet space.
- There's enough.
Not for all my outfits.
- Your outfits?
- Yes, my clothing.
- Your clothing here?
- We'll live together.
- You'd move in here?
- We're in love, aren't we?
Listen, I've been in love
with you since I was 16.
I've always wanted to marry you.
But first I have to graduate,
and I must do my military service.
- How long is that?
- More than four years.
- You think I'll wait another four years?
- If you truly love me, yes.
You do, don't you?
But four years is too much.
Your parents would never
let you shack up with a man.
- Let's get married then.
- I couldn't support you now.
It's complicated, isn't it?
What are you doing?
Don't you understand?
If I become your lover,
my parents will give us the
money to avoid a scandal.
No sex before the wedding!
How does it work?
Press the second button.
Darling, I'll wait for
you as long as you want.
But not too long, please.
Come on, hit him!
One, two,
three, four, five,
six, seven, eight,
nine, ten!
Yes, Jerry.
Why sad?
Yes, we're missing you tonight.
He has some important news, but
won't tell me over the phone.
Okay, tomorrow then.
No, I'm not alone.
My husband is here.
He's kissing me.
Of course I'm alone.
I was just kidding.
Good night, darling.
Yes, I'm already in bed.
I was just getting undressed.
No, I've only taken off my dress.
I don't quite understand
what you regret. What problem?
You're so mysterious tonight.
- Court gets on my nerves.
- Does he?
You men are all so self-assured.
We pick
you UP---
conquer you...
but you see yourselves
as the conquerors.
To make a statement we have
to be the first to break up.
Anyway, Court
really does annoy me.
Because, for once, what comes
next is not under your control.
Who knows me better than you?
Not in the mood?
I'm true to my beliefs.
I won't cheat on my current
lover, even with you.
Well, you'll be free tonight.
He should be proud as a
peacock. He's made it in France.
First, a high official's wife
introduces him to French love.
I trust you.
Finally he conquers an innocent girl
with a couple of million dollars.
Enough to make
her a perfect wife.
A perfect wife.
That's the soft spot.
He wants to marry virtue,
but he'll marry vice.
- She's different from you.
- But young enough to be molded.
The way you molded me.
Which of us molded the other?
Here's my plan.
The Volange vacation in
- I'm going to Switzerland.
- Snow is the same everywhere.
Do me this little favor at least.
- But she's my cousin.
And I'm your wife,
offering you a pretty
17-year-old as a gift.
A bit clumsy, but with
eyes that hold promises.
I should thank you.
She'll learn the
tricks of the trade.
He'll introduce her to his
friends as a young innocent.
But they'll find out in bed
that she's Valmont's trainee.
Everybody will die laughing.
- Will you go?
- I can't say no to you.
- Me neither.
- You're awful.
Terrific, that guy!
I saw him zoom down
the slope this morning.
Oh, my God! It's my cousin.
Hey, Valmont! Valmont!
- You didn't recognize me?
- Kiss first.
You've learned how to ski?
I saw you going
downhill. Not bad.
But watch your arms.
They're like a windmill!
- May I have a sausage?
- It's not our table.
- Who cares?
- All right then.
Don't turn around.
Guess who's here.
Your wife?
- Who'd disapprove of my company?
- Disapprove?
Your mother.
- Why would she disapprove?
- I wonder myself.
- Not in Switzerland, Valmont?
- We're neighbors.
I'm in room 19, Mont Blanc Hotel.
- No. She's in Paris.
- Catching up on her sleep.
- Won't she join us?
- Yes. For the New Year's party.
- So which beauty attracted you here?
- It's still a secret.
- I thought you were indiscreet.
I don't deserve
that many qualities.
I'll give you the victim's
name after she surrenders.
I'll figure it out.
I know you very well.
This time though,
it'll be hard to guess.
Excuse me.
The snow is wonderful
today. I'll go enjoy it!
You could've introduced
him. Don't you think?
May I have my mail, please?
Good morning.
Here you go, miss.
- A letter for you?
- Not really...
- What are you holding then?
- This? A letter.
But it's an error. It's for you.
Yes, indeed.
- Thank you. Send it urgently, please.
- Yes, sir.
See you.
I've got to run.
- I'll see you at the gondola.
- Be careful, my dear.
If I break something,
just glue me back together!
Come on, we don't have all clay!
- Someone's in a tight corner.
- Brutes aren't my type.
And you, miss?
Could you love one?
- She's an introvert.
- No, she's English.
Thanks. I appreciate that.
- What if your mother had seen it?
- A drama.
- As serious as that?
- Why should she object then?
- You have two?
- Yes.
- A true and a false one?
- Yes. But the false one is true.
- Who's that false one who is true?
- Danceny.
- Young Danceny?
- Yes. I love him.
- What did Valmont tell you?
- That's our secret.
- A secret?
- A love secret.
Let's break something!
See you in the hospital!
Poor thing!
- What a fall he took.
- That's for sure!
Are you hurt?
No, I'm fine.
I stopped briefing
you on my mission
because of an unexpected twist.
The day after I arrived, I met
an adversary worthy of myself.
She embodies faithfulness,
modesty, and purity.
Virtue, actually.
Her name is Marianne.
She's married to a
young civil servant
who's now attending a
congress abroad in Holland.
She's originally Danish.
Her accent, slips of the tongue,
and simplicity have enchanted me.
Winter sports
facilitate acquaintances.
I also met the
rest of her family:
her husband's great-aunt,
a charming old lady,
and Marianne's
daughter, Caroline.
Emotions work miracles.
For the first time
in my life perhaps,
I looked at a child
with a parent's eye,
envying the real father.
Their budget is modest.
They're staying in a
little mountain house.
I launched an immediate attack.
- Mrs. Tourvel?
- Yes, that's me.
- It's for you.
- Thank you.
- Valmont sent these for you.
- Lovely.
For me.
And for Caroline.
Nobody's sent me
flowers for a long time.
Here you go, my love.
Your first rose ever from a man.
- That man looked sad.
- Not to me.
You didn't notice.
- Didn't he tell you about himself?
- No.
Good. Men do that to excess.
Come here.
A message.
A woman, widowed or divorced.
- A slander.
- Heavens! Who'd slander me?
I'm not saying
it. It's the cards.
Cover the slander.
Marianne loves her husband.
She's a faithful and happy wife.
So far I've only
dealt with easy women.
Faced with happiness and innocence, my
regular weapons might turn against me.
But no fortress is impregnable.
You can only fail as an attacker.
But I will triumph.
I know how to win
over Mrs. Rosemonde.
It pays to have friends
in the enemy camp.
Trouble. And a lawsuit.
- A lawsuit?
- Yes.
You know what? That makes sense.
I own a little property.
Two more cards, please.
It's a mess and will have
to be settled in court.
A real headache.
With a house, what
can you "except"?
Marianne, what did I tell
you yesterday? "Expect"
- You expect.
- Yes.
- You suspect.
- Yes.
You "recept"?
I avoided words or gestures which
would have put her on her guard.
The word "love" in particular.
Just "friends," and nothing more.
But that's tricky for a seducer.
I had to find a unique solution.
Virtue is best
conquered with the truth.
I decided to cast off my mask...
and tell her about my conquests.
Why are you telling me all this?
I don't know.
I liked the early version of you.
All right. I've lost.
I told myself,
"If she knows my true
colors, if she trusts me,
she might be able to help me."
You have a wife.
Only she can help.
I told her all about us: our
contract about confessing everything,
permitting everything,
never backing away.
Cold blood and no
sentimentality, the only rule.
I concealed nothing,
curious to know her reaction.
But I didn't see her face.
It must have been beautiful:
anguished and tormented.
In love we only seek pleasure.
The ultimate pleasure.
Until it provokes sadness.
You think it's over...
but it's not.
You can go further...
and further.
You reach a state verging on...
Is it still pleasure
or already suffering?
In the end there's just anxiety.
I'm scared.
I feel an urge to talk about it.
With you, so sincere...
so righteous.
Dear Juliette, I've never
wanted any woman as much as her.
Are you afraid?
Happiness is so simple.
Look at me, please.
Even if it's for the last time.
I'm sure she will see me again.
She'll feel remorse, no
doubt, and I won't assuage it.
She believes in chastity,
but will sacrifice it for me.
Good-bye, my dear friend.
I owe a lot to easy
women, including you.
That show-off may
break his neck.
- He ran into a tree?
- Threw himself onto an ice rock.
- Did he hurt himself?
- Just minor scratches.
Who should I meet
with in New York?
- Do you want that post for Valmont?
- Anything to make him happy.
The British won't
welcome a Frenchman.
- Play the Scandinavian card.
- All right.
Your determination is impressive.
Won't you ever get any scratches?
No liaison is ever
too dangerous for me.
Invite all your friends
I booked three tables for
the party tomorrow night.
- It sounds big.
- They have small tables, mind you.
- Bring my bags.
- Yes.
- Juliette! What a surprise.
- Hello.
Pleased to meet you, madame.
I love your fur coat.
- Will you join us tomorrow?
- If Valmont wants to go.
- Twenty-four, please.
- Here you go, madame.
Thank you. Bye, darling.
My name's Valmont. My husband
has made a reservation for me.
- Of course. I'll send your bags upstairs.
- Thank you.
I owe you an explanation.
Don't bother. The explanation
is charming. Congratulations.
I should have...
I never do things half way.
I hope you look before you leap.
You're... not offended, are you?
No. I have a
wedding gift for you.
You're a smart lady. I knew that.
- Which one of them?
- The real one. Danceny.
- Is he coming as well?
- He's sent me a present.
- That's nice.
- But complicated.
It's a tape with his voice.
I'm to listen to it
on New Year's Eve.
How thoughtful.
- But I don't have a tape recorder.
- I'll get you one.
Thanks. But my mom or my
Tonight, don't lock your door.
I'll bring the tape recorder.
- You'll bring it tonight?
- You'll listen in peace.
- I'm angry.
- Why?
I'd rather celebrate with you.
I'm sitting with
Bring Marianne over.
After all that I've
told him about us.
You chose the truth to be your
weapon. Go on fighting then.
You told her about
me, so introduce me.
You think it'll work
out? All of us together?
Court between me and Cecile,
and Marianne Tourvel.
- Under Volange's supervision.
- Like one big family.
I think you're forgetting
- When?
Tonight. I have to bring
her a tape recorder.
She'll be back around 10:30
She won't lock her room.
At her age, you
become sleepy early.
I figure that, by midnight,
grown tired, she'll be
in bed, and sound asleep.
Good night.
- You look tired.
- No, I'm okay.
I'm here, darling. Good night.
What are you doing here?
- I've brought you the tape recorder.
- I didn't think you'd come. I went to bed.
- Not now. It's too late.
- Quiet.
Don't throw a tantrum with me.
I spent the whole afternoon
looking for this thing.
Don't treat me
like I'm some idiot.
- Where's the tape?
- There.
I'm sorry.
I forgive you.
The tape goes in here,
facing the magnetic head.
You wind it up, and
you're ready to roll.
Press the button.
It's too loud.
I have an idea: let's
muffle the sound.
Turn it on now.
your crazy mathematician.
There's so much I'd
like to tell you.
But as soon as you appear, with
your shining smile, you woman.
It's marvelous and terrible
that you're a woman.
I'm just being grumpy,
I've been asking myself:
how come she loves me?
It's incredible, a true miracle.
- How sweet.
- Yes.
If only you knew the secret
thoughts of a man in love,
how many times I have
stripped you in my mind.
Get out of here.
Get out of here!
- It would be rude of me to do that.
- I'll scream.
Go ahead. You'll have to
explain the open door...
the tape recorder,
and Danceny's tape.
If you cause a scandal,
there will be no Court,
no Danceny...
no husband at all.
- You won't leave?
- No.
- Then I will.
- Where? To your mother?
I hate you.
- Do you really?
- Yes.
That's how love often begins.
I don't love you. I'm crying.
Come now.
Are you?
Almost. You're
stubborn, but so am I.
Stay if you want. I'll
sleep in the armchair.
Everybody treats you
like a little girl.
even Danceny.
- You mind if I treat you like a woman?
- I'd enjoy it if I loved you.
But I don't love you.
Are you certain?
At your age...
one imagines that
love comes suddenly...
like a disease.
That isn't at all true.
You've got to help Mother Nature.
Thanks. I don't need your help.
You aren't a gentleman.
Leave me alone, Valmont.
- If you let me kiss you.
- No.
You won't keep your promise?
That wasn't a kiss.
Skiing can tire you out. I
remember my first somersaults.
Excuse me. It's my nerves.
I'll take a nap now to
prepare for this evening.
- Your dark circles are sexy.
- Leave me alone.
Gee, what a storm! My taxi
got stuck twice in the snow.
- It took some courage to come.
- I didn't expect it to be this bad.
- How will you get back?
- No chance for a cab tonight.
- I'll have to find a room.
- Everything's full in town.
- I'll take care of it.
- Thank you. You're very kind.
I'll just touch up my hair.
I'll try to find a room for you.
My shoes, please.
The Mont Blanc Hotel?
Valmont speaking.
Just a second, please.
Could you move my things from
room 19 to my wife's? Yes.
My friend, Mrs. Tourvel,
will sleep in my room tonight.
Yes. Very well. Thank you.
Excuse me.
I called the Mont Blanc. You're
lucky. Someone hasn't arrived.
- It's all fixed. You'll get room 19.
- Thank you.
I didn't know you shared
a table with Mrs. Volange.
Me neither.
My wife came unexpectedly.
- I hope you don't mind.
- No, why?
- Let's dance.
- First take this off.
- Mrs. Tourvel, my wife.
- Nice to meet you.
How was your trip?
I hate trains, so I came by car.
I promised my husband to
spend New Year's Eve with him.
- I don't drink.
- After such an expedition, you need it.
- You found a room?
- Yes. At the Mont Blanc.
Valmont always gets what he
wants. Even the impossible.
- On which floor?
- I don't know. It's room 19.
- Shall we dance?
- I'm not in the mood.
All the more reason to dance.
I promise to be amusing.
Valmont is very attracted to her.
I've noticed.
You should react.
His sincerity and
trust is all I have.
- Eskimo ice cream!
- Anybody for Eskimo ice cream?
Eskimo ice cream, sir?
- Eskimo ice cream?
- Eskimo, sir?
- How much is that?
-800 francs.
- Here. Keep the change.
- Thank you.
No. Let's go back to our table.
What did you tell
your wife about me?
She's too wise to be curious.
It's midnight.
It's midnight, Marianne.
Happy New Year.
Happy New Year.
His wife must love him a lot.
But his first kiss of
the year was for you.
- Thank you for coming.
- You clown.
I'm never a clown
in front of you.
I open up only to you.
It's our eleventh New Year.
Remember our friends that got
married when we were in college?
Almost all are divorced.
We know how to love each other.
Being depraved with
others is his fun.
I know. He told me about it.
He's stronger than I thought.
He knows he'll never seduce me.
Come on!
He wants you and
nothing else matters.
- And you know it.
- No.
- They had no rooms at the Mont Blanc.
- And room 19?
It's his.
He had his things moved out.
Because of friendship, of course.
The king of Charleston!
- No. Let's stay a bit longer.
- Having fun, Court?
- It's marvelous.
I'm so sleepy. I don't
usually go to bed late.
- May I ask you to excuse me?
- Sure.
I barely know you, but I
like you a lot, Marianne.
- Please, leave me alone.
- Why did you escape?
I didn't.
- Go now!
- Not before you explain.
You're in your own room,
but I still insist you leave.
I see.
There are no vacant rooms. I
gave you mine. ls that a crime?
You lied to me. Get out.
- Will I see you tomorrow?
- No.
- When then?
- Never.
I love you.
You made me say it. I
didn't want you to know.
I was afraid to hurt our friendship,
the only honest thing in my life.
You made me change.
You have no right to kick me out.
I only want one thing. Allow
me to see you occasionally.
You'll never see me again.
You didn't care for me? So why
did you listen to Mrs. Volange?
Leave me alone!
Get out. Get out!
- Congratulations.
- Don't mention it.
How is she in bed? She's
also hopeless in bed?
I don't know yet.
Half drunk at 4:00 a.m. and
enamored of you, obviously.
You didn't take advantage?
She was hysterical.
I didn't want to.
I don't want to seduce her.
I want her to offer herself.
- The same result.
- No.
Let me see her defend herself
and slowly lose ground.
And become like any other woman.
Pray for her that
she won't give in.
Are you jealous?
Just calculating.
We're people of honor, Valmont.
We don't allow untruths, so
destructive for other couples.
I didn't lie to you.
You love that woman.
Like a kid, a man, you name it.
It's an accident.
You'll shake it off.
But be honest with yourself
and with me: you love her.
There's only one woman
whom I love and respect,
my confidant...
and accomplice:
Prove it then.
Tell me how.
Don't lose more time, seduce her.
Then drop her in your usual
manner: without emotion.
How much time do I have?
Before I come back from New
York, I want a complete report.
You'll have it. I adore you.
- Don't bother me.
What's the matter with everybody?
A nightmare?
Where am I?
Oh, my God.
- Let me go.
- Where?
To wake up Marianne. Duty first.
I've just seen her leave.
Escape, you mean?
That'll cost her dearly.
- She locked the door.
- You didn't wake her up?
- She wouldn't open.
The little bitch.
- Belated consciousness.
- Wise after the event.
- Young people have no morals.
- I'll teach her a lesson.
- Who's there?
- Juliette.
Come in.
You're angry with Valmont.
- What happened?
- Nothing.
Last night meant nothing?
You know?
- Everything.
- I swear it wasn't my fault.
- He was pressing me.
- You should have defended yourself.
Easy to say.
It's not easy to defend oneself.
It takes a lot of training.
Other men aren't like Valmont.
Are you very angry?
- Do I look angry?
- No.
Tell me, was it
really so unpleasant?
I don't love him. I love Danceny.
But you acted...
like you loved him.
I'm ashamed. I cried.
- In love you're only ashamed once.
- It's for Danceny...
The lady killer
Valmont is a killjoy.
Go ahead, cry.
I feel that I love you as well.
It's awful to love
so many people.
We're all like that.
You'll get used to it.
But men despise easy women.
If Court found out about you and
Valmont, he wouldn't marry you.
I don't care!
Danceny wouldn't either.
I wanted to do it with Danceny.
But he respects me.
How complicated!
Why do we need men at all?
We can't help it, I'm afraid.
Face the truth squarely.
You can love Danceny
with your heart
and Valmont... like
the other night.
Danceny continues
to show you respect,
and you make everyone
happy, including yourself.
When you say that, it seems easy.
- But you made a mistake.
- Which?
To make love to a man and
then shut the door in his face?
It's improper. And dangerous.
- He may get furious and tell everyone.
- You think so?
The man takes the
lead, the woman follows.
- Think of your reputation.
- Yes.
Have fun and be good.
Call me tomorrow.
Relax. Concentrate
on your mission.
She'll be as docile
as befits her age.
You're the best.
- Good luck in New York! Come back!
- In ten days or so.
That wasn't part of your plan.
Aren't you getting on board?
- If she's fleeing, she loves.
- In Paris she'll collect herself.
Just the opposite.
- Distance makes the heart grow fonder.
- We'll see.
Meanwhile, dear cousin, would
you care for a game of bridge?
I have many ways
of amusing myself.
Nice to hear your voice.
I was getting desperate.
No, I haven't been avoiding you.
I'm sorry, Marianne is not here.
But I've called
six times already.
I know you're not
telling me the truth.
What's going on?
What did I do to deserve this?
All right, I'll be frank.
You're intelligent and
sensitive enough to comprehend.
Marianne is married.
Her husband is still away. Your
company could compromise her.
So she won't see you
anymore. And she's correct.
Please do not insist.
Don't even bother writing.
Your letters will be returned.
- Please, help me solve this.
- I have my own problems.
Are you good at geometry? I
don't understand it at all.
What is it?
I can't figure out
the slope of the line.
Come on, it's easy.
It's necessarily perpendicular to
the horizontal of the plane. Pen.
What's the shortest
distance between two points?
A straight line.
What a fool I've been.
The shortest way is the train.
I have to meet her at her place.
I defeated her.
That astounding woman who
thought she'd resist me.
She's mine. All mine.
She gave me everything.
Let me tell you how I did it.
I knew exactly when
she'd be home alone.
I rang the bell and
she opened the door.
No need to kick me out. I've
just come to say good-bye.
I'm leaving Paris for five years.
I've applied for a post
11,350 kilometers from
and I was approved.
That's crazy.
You're out of your mind.
The very idea of living
in the same city as you...
to wake up every morning several
hundred meters from each other...
to know that you're here,
so close and not to be
able to see you again...
that was too much to bear.
I had to do something.
To abandon your job and wife?
That doesn't matter anymore.
- You may still change your mind.
- No. I'm leaving this month.
But let me clear my name first.
I'm leaving France because I have no hope
you'll ever forgive me for hurting you.
I wasn't wasting
any precious time.
While talking, I inspected the terrain
where I would launch my final assault.
I picked a red sofa.
There was another one, more comfortable,
but facing her husband's picture...
so I decided against it.
I don't want your life ruined.
What life?
A huge vacuum, and
a lot of disgust.
You made me realize that.
You should start fresh.
Not without you.
Only you'd give me the courage.
I'm thoroughly unhappy.
At this point I was hoping
to impress her with my tears.
But whether I was too tired
or too focused on my speech,
I couldn't bring myself to cry.
Fortunately, I remembered
your confessions and teachings.
Men, you would often say,
are seldom equal to the
emotions they inspire in women.
Women feel very sublime when
they're about to surrender.
But men, for fear of ridicule,
don't dare to speak up.
I went for pathos.
To stand up to virtue, you
must suppress your own self.
I'm like a child, Marianne.
I don't know how to live.
It's impossible without you.
Don't talk to me like this.
It's useless, and it's cruel.
For my attack I chose the
theme "to have you or to die."
Women imagine that
their repudiated suitors
would throw themselves
under a train for them.
On the other hand, men
who talk about suicide,
hardly ever commit it.
I chose to merely
hint at my intentions.
She figured it would be a
more serious crime to let me go
than to give way to our passion.
Yet she realized what
she was sacrificing:
the trust and respect of her
husband, family, and friends.
Her decent and happy
existence. Her faith in God.
And perhaps her child as well.
I've already said too much.
I wish you happiness, Marianne.
It's all that matters to me.
I decided to take chances.
I gently bade her farewell,
but took advantage of her
nervousness to kiss her hands.
Good-bye, Marianne.
I should let you go, but I can't.
I can't.
Go away.
I won't let you suffer.
I couldn't stand it.
I beg you, leave me alone.
Promise you'll forget about me.
Please don't cry.
Marianne... I'm so happy.
I'd give my life if it would
be of any service to you.
Togetherness intoxicated us both.
For me, like never before, it
was more overwhelming than desire.
I let her hold me tight,
then sank to my knees
and vowed that I'd
love her forever.
And I really meant it.
We decided to spend a few
days at a hotel in Normandy.
Juliette, why
aren't you in Paris?
I look forward to your return.
Bye, my angel. I
give you all my love.
- Who's there?
- Miss Volange.
Miss Volange?
Take care of her baggage.
- How long since Mr. Valmont left?
- A week, madame.
- Hasn't he called?
- No.
I knew you'd be back this
morning. I need your help urgently.
- You have to help me.
- But how?
I have to get married.
- You're engaged, aren't you?
- I must get married right away.
- Really?
- Yes. I'm positive.
It can't be that urgent.
You're marrying Court in April.
So he'll be a happy
father soon. Oh, sorry.
I want to marry Danceny.
- I'll try to explain to him...
- That you're pregnant by Valmont?
I tried persuading
him to marry me.
I begged, I threatened,
but he just got upset.
He's so serious.
- Maybe it's his way of loving me.
- Or you used the wrong arguments.
You'd be able to
get through to him.
- Perhaps.
- Be kind.
It's him.
Thank you.
- Juliette Valmont.
- Nice to meet you.
Let's talk about you and her.
You're going to the university?
- The entrance exam is in June.
- How exciting.
- Do you have an apartment?
- I'm renting a room.
Mansard, I suppose? Complete
with a handy blackboard?
- You must love mathematics.
- It's my passion.
- Come on, you know her.
It's sad being alone all
the time. Even at home.
I'm not rushing into marriage,
What are your plans?
A private business?
- Research work.
- That won't make you rich.
- I don't care.
- That's unusual for a young man.
Few women understand that.
You know women well?
Tell her she has no right to
interfere with your career.
- I don't want to hurt her.
- If she loves you, she'll wait.
Try not to see her for a while. Your
quarrels will jeopardize everything.
I'll take care of it. You just
concentrate on your equations.
- Let me know how things go.
- Come over to my house tomorrow.
-80, rue Barbet de Jouy.
- Very well.
- Do you like whiskey?
- I haven't yet acquired the taste.
It's the healthiest liquor.
Come here! You're completely
out of your mind! Come!
What do doctors do to
angels with stuffy noses?
They send them to heaven.
Just the opposite. They
forbid them to make love.
- That's not true.
- Yes.
Do you love me?
My body is no longer the same.
Your eyes make a difference.
Mr. Valmont, a
telephone call for you.
Won't you kiss me first?
Do you really love me?
Sure, I'll be there!
You can count on me. Bye.
From the Ministry. I have a job.
No. A job I applied
for a long time ago.
It's with the UN
Development Program.
- It's very important for me.
- That's wonderful then.
- What's the UN Development Program?
- Everyone knows that!
The United Nations
Development Program.
- Based where?
- Different places.
- Where's my notebook?
- There, on the table.
- So what about us?
- Nothing will change.
But what we talked
about. The house in Marly.
The rose shrubs?
And a little dog?
Does it matter where
we love each other?
- I'm frightened.
- I love that fear of yours.
- What are you thinking about?
- The minister wants to see me.
I have to go to Paris in the
morning, I'll be back in the evening.
We'll stay here for
another few days.
And then off we'll go.
Look at the itinerary.
April in Tokyo.
Cherry trees in bloom.
You'll wear a print dress.
June in Nairobi. A safari!
I'll only film them with my camera.
We won't hurt those little creatures.
September in Calcutta.
Monsoon, fever,
malaria, shivers...
Take it easy. It
won't be that bad!
Here's to your mission!
April in Tokyo.
It's very delicate. You
must go with me, Prevan.
June in Nairobi.
Just a stopping place.
You'll join us. We'll hunt lions.
September in Calcutta. I'll
need an economic adviser.
You helped me a lot.
I must be at the
Ministry at 8:00.
Your mail is on the desk.
- You know the way, don't you?
- By heart.
How did Mrs. Tourvel
take Operation Breakup?
She's waiting for
me in Deauville.
You didn't keep your word.
I don't know how to tell her.
- I can't stand tears.
- Phone her.
- I'll hear her crying.
- Telegraph.
- What can you explain in a telegram?
- What you usually have the courage to say.
Can I do it for you?
May I send a telegram?
Babylone 32-82.
From Mr. Valmont.
Mrs. Tourvel, Royal
Inn, Deauville.
My sweet angel.
Everything has its end.
That's the law of nature.
I seduced you with pleasure...
and I now abandon
you without regret.
That's life.
It's not my fault. Valmont.
I repeat: My sweet angel.
Everything has its end.
That's the law of nature. Stop.
I seduced you with pleasure, and
I now abandon you without regret.
Good-bye. Stop.
That's life. It's not
my fault. Stop. Valmont.
- Okay, thank you.
- Are you pleased with yourself?
- How long will it take?
- About two hours.
And if it's urgent? One
hour? Make it urgent then.
No, Henri, that's impossible.
Yes, I know. You've
been a very good husband.
Do me one last favor then,
please. Leave me Caroline.
A telegram for you.
It's none of your business.
Where vanity can take you!
You love Marianne like crazy.
I played with your
emotions to embarrass you,
and you gave her
up without regret.
As we die on the barricades.
Already at Miguel's?
I'll be a little late.
My husband needed me.
In an hour?
See you in a bit, Danceny.
Yes. Danceny.
charming, clear-headed.
He wouldn't hurt a
woman out of self-love.
Danceny knows Miguel?
There's a lot he can tell him.
I'm in control.
I won't tolerate this liaison.
On my return from New York,
You did it, but you
forgot to take precautions.
- Poor girl.
- Bleeding heart!
I'm glad that your blood
will refine Court's progeny.
She asked me to persuade him.
I persuaded him to do something else.
He won't marry till he graduates.
But Danceny adores me.
What shall I wear
for this get-together?
A somewhat classic suit,
or something more revealing?
What do you think?
You won't see Danceny.
Is that clear?
The Valmont I loved
was a gentleman.
Mrs. Tourvel gave
me back a husband.
A husband has his rights.
You'll stay here tonight.
All your life, if I say so!
Could you leave my bedroom? I must
change. Our friends are waiting.
As you wish. But let me warn you.
If you see him now...
there will be a war.
Okay. Let there be war.
Hello, Miguel.
- The party's warming up?
- Yes.
Doing well?
I hope Danceny will understand.
Danceny loves you, I know.
You love him. No problem.
- From what I know of Juliette, I'm scared.
- Just do as I told you.
- You don't recognize me? Valmont.
- Pardon me. Sorry.
I need to have a word with you.
- It's a matter of honor.
- I'm listening.
I love someone else's wife.
and created quite a stir.
We had rooms on the same
floor. I heard everything.
When Juliette came to Paris,
I was away with the other one.
her cousin Juliette. Why?
- I sought help to make you marry me.
- What did she tell you?
That a young academician
shouldn't marry.
You'd better sort it out now.
- Why did she do that?
- You idiot.
She wants to win Valmont back
showing off with a young guy.
Not too original.
Where vanity can take you.
He gave you up without regret.
I'll get back at you this time.
Hello? Long distance,
please. Deauville!
Yes, I'll hold.
The Royal Inn? May I speak to...?
What's the name again? Hello?
- I'll take you home now.
- But I'm having too much fun.
We don't want problems with
your parents now, do we?
Come on.
So it's you again. Valmont
was right. You won't give up.
I don't intend to argue.
Read this letter.
Read it.
It's a letter from Valmont,
written to New York in January.
A detailed account of winter
Quite interesting from the
technical point of view. Good style.
He has talent.
- Don't you think so?
- You're even worse than he is.
It's over!
Where's my scarf?
- You wrote this letter?
- Yes, young man.
My scarf.
You bastard.
- Me? I'm a gentleman.
- I'll break your face!
I've been kind to my wife,
doing what she asked me to.
Kind to you also, substituting
You weren't overattentive.
a father for our child.
I'd be the one to tell you.
But you already know.
What are you doing, Marianne?
I packed his suitcase.
He'll have a surprise.
I want to be all done, before
he comes back to pick me up.
But... he's dead.
He rented a little house.
With lots of flowers. Roses.
Many roses!
And there's a little dog.
We'll go by Ship-
It's on an island.
It has a pretty name.
She'll be right here, Inspector.
Help! Help!
Come on, clear the way.
- Are you from the police?
- No, no.
There she is!
Leave her alone!
She's still a child.
Look at her.
Her soul shows on her face.