Dangerous Waters (2023) Movie Script

(musical blast)
(sirens blasting)
(traffic hums)
(phone rings)
(operator speaks
foreign language)
- [Agent Richard] The
interview is being conducted by
Agent Richard Friedman.
The date is May 14th,
the time is 9:28 AM.
Rose, I'm here to help.
Why don't we just
start at the beginning.
(waves crash)
(sinister music)
(waves crash)
(car engine hums)
(dog barks)
(door clicks)
(door bangs)
(keys clank)
(switch clicks)
(microwave door clicks)
(microwave bleeps)
(water trickles)
(feet shuffle)
(Alma screams)
(Alma and Rose laugh)
- Rose, God damn
silent assassin,
you scared me half to death.
- [Rose] Happy birthday, Mom.
Gosh, the big 4-0.
(microwave bleeps)
- It's the new 30.
- Come here.
- Thank you, honey.
- All right, give me
those car keys, old lady.
I'm gonna be late for work.
- You all packed and ready?
We've got a good drive
ahead of us tomorrow.
- Kill me now!
(keys clatter)
- It's gonna be fun,
I love you, honey.
- [Rose] Love you.
(door clicks)
(mellow pop music)
(car door clicks)
(car boot clicks)
(car door bangs)
- Morning, sweetie,
how was work?
- Front desk, yes, sir.
Front desk, no, sir.
Front desk, oh, I'm sorry
to hear about that, sir.
Oh, I'll clean the shit
off the floor, sir.
- When I finish
writing my memoir
about eating shit with a smile
you're getting an advanced copy.
We're gonna have fun, let's go.
(car engine splutters)
- It's a sign.
- It's not a sign.
(car bleeps)
(compartment door clicks)
- Mom!
(car bonnet clanks)
(tool bangs)
- No.
- You keep an open mind,
Rosie, it's all I'm asking.
He's a great guy.
- Again.
(tool bangs)
(car engine revs)
(Alma whoops)
(car bonnet bangs)
- We're going on vacation.
(gravel crunches)
Water, sun, here we come.
- [Rosie] Oh God!
(upbeat music)
Tell me something
that I don't know
Give me nothing
but love and hope
I hope I can
find my paradise
Been down under
and all I've seen
- If you tease me about my
peach buzz, I swear to God.
- How much longer?
- We are here, honey, look
at this, it's beautiful.
- So what do you like
so much about this guy,
besides the fact that he's rich?
- I don't care that he's rich.
He's not actually, I like
that he's a gentleman.
- 10-days stuck on a
boat with a gentleman
I've never met before,
and you've known for,
what, a month, six-weeks?
- Don't be such a
teenager, please.
This is exciting, we are
going on an adventure.
Let's do it.
- I literally hate the water,
it's fucking terrifying.
- There he is.
I've never seen him
in shorts before.
Come on, let's go.
(hands slap)
Let's do it.
(car door clicks)
- Okay, I'll be right there.
- Don't you go
backing out on me.
- I won't.
(car door bangs)
(case clatters)
- Come on board, baby.
- This is beautiful.
- Here, take a seat, I
want you to see something.
- Okay.
- So this is the
course I've chartered.
These are the wave points,
but that here is Bermuda.
By next Tuesday,
we'll be lounging on the beach
with a belly full of rum.
Hey, come check this out,
I wanna show you down here.
- You know, I'm just
gonna wait here for Rose,
so you don't have
to do this twice.
- Is she okay?
- She's great, she's just
stubborn like her mom.
Scared to death of anything new.
This will be good for her.
(tense music)
(seagulls squawking)
- I'm okay, thank you.
That's very kind.
- [Rose] Got it!
- [Alma] Hey, you good?
- Yeah, I'm good.
Saw that dude checking you out.
What'd he say to you?
- He's just making conversation.
He wanted to know where I
was headed looking this good.
- We have options, you don't
need to settle, just saying.
- Hey guys, Rose, so
nice to finally meet you.
- Yeah.
- Look at this beautiful boat.
- Who's Annalisa?
- I don't know.
Bought her second-hand, bad
luck to change the name.
Well, come on.
- Let's go, honey.
("There I Go" - Common Kings)
(water splashes)
There I go
Skanking to the sunrise
Leaving all the bad
vibes slipping away
There I go
Take me on the other side
Ready from my sad time
- [Derek] First mate Rose,
calling first mate Rose.
Need some help us here stat.
- You're silly.
- First mate Rose, can't
sleep all day here.
Your captain could use a hand.
Do you know how to tie
a double slip reef knot?
- No.
- I'm pretty sure you do,
you know how to tie
your shoes, don't you?
- Yeah.
- Grab some rope from
underneath the laptop.
It's in the storage.
I'll teach you some more knots.
Rope is called line.
Rope is called line.
- Great teacher.
(paper rustles)
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday
- Okay, okay.
(Rose laughs)
- [Alma] What's
with the tombstone?
- Better to be over
the hill than under it.
- Sure, I'm going for it.
- Go for it.
(Alma puffs)
- Ah, sweetie.
(lips smack)
- Happy birthday, Mom.
- I love you.
- I love you.
- [Derek] What about me?
- Come here you.
(mellow music)
Me and Rose have been two
ships passing in the night
for the last month.
I've been working a swing
shift at the restaurant,
and she's been on
graveyard at the hotel.
So only time we're both home
is when one of us is sleeping.
I miss you, honey.
- I miss you too.
- How do you like
working at the hotel?
- I absolutely fucking hate it.
- Okay, let's just say
she doesn't have my flare
for customer service (laughs).
- Got a good poker face.
- [Derek] That is an
excellent bowline.
- Rose is an excellent
student, always has been.
You want another piece?
- [Derek] I would
love another piece.
- He always orders two pieces.
- Your mom tells me about
college, that's so cool.
Does that mean you'll be
leaving the nest in the fall?
- No, I'm going
to defer one year
so I can work and save money.
So one more year in the nest.
- Smart and beautiful.
I wonder where she gets it from.
Oh, hey, I have presents.
That's for you.
- And this, oh, no,
that's for us for later.
- I love gifts.
- And just like I
said in the note,
I'm really happy
that you're with us,
and I'm happy that you get to
experience my love of sailing.
- Sweetie.
- Who knows.
- Rosie!
- Maybe one day you'll love
it just as much as I do.
That is a marlin spike.
It'll untangle any knot if you
ever find yourself in a jam.
- Thank you.
- I love it.
(lips smack)
- Great.
(Alma laughs)
- So you're a cop?
- Used to be.
- What are you now?
- Private security consultant.
(machinery bleeps)
It looks like I'm needed
topside, and I could use a hand.
You can't stay down
here all day, kiddo.
- Yeah, go help
him, I'll clean up.
(water splashes)
You two are cute,
my phone is crappy.
Try this again.
Hey, honey, Derek, just
gimme a little wave.
I love that.
(wind howls)
Video mode.
- Okay, we need to jibe.
Can you feel which way
the wind is blowing?
- We are waiting on dolphins.
- [Rose] That way.
- So we need to turn the bow
so the wind shifts sides.
- Oh my God, I love it.
(mast cracks)
(Alma screams)
(water splashes)
- Mom, Mom!
- [Derek] Oh shit!
- [Alma] Derek.
(dramatic music)
- Go down to starboard storage,
grab a blanket and the
first aid kit, go down.
- [Derek] Grab on
the horseshoe, baby.
Hang on tight, I'm
pulling you in.
(seat clanks)
Give me your hand,
there we go.
- [Rose] Are you hurt?
- I'm okay.
- It's okay, you okay?
- Yeah, sweetie, I lost
your phone out there.
- Well, I don't care.
- You love that phone?
- No, it's okay.
- I'm gonna get you a new one.
- It's okay, it's okay.
(winch clanks)
- Well, at least now
I know what to do
in case of an emergency.
- Wasn't that an emergency?
- I'm okay, honey.
Hey, sweetie, I told you this
was gonna be an adventure.
- [Derek] Okay, no
more adventures.
- What's that?
(thunder rumbles)
(wind howls)
- [Alma] You need help, honey?
- No, you're on vacation,
it's no big deal.
Just taking precautions.
Might get a little rough,
(hatch clanks)
but that's about it.
And it's not gonna come to this
but there's a life
raft in the cockpit,
and there's three
life vests here.
- How far away from home
are we, can we just go back?
- [Derek] It's fine,
really, it's fine.
- It's okay, Mom.
- The wind shifted, they came
out of nowhere, but it's fine.
Everything's gonna be fine.
- Okay.
(tense music)
(boat creaks)
(boat creaks)
(voices muttering)
(Alma gasps)
- [Derek] Oh my God,
you are so fucking sexy.
(Alma gasps)
Oh my God.
(television blares)
(door clicks)
(waves splash)
- [Alma] Hey, honey,
come and join me.
Come sit.
- Breakfast of champions.
- Yeah, decided I'm gonna
make it a birthday week.
Doing okay?
- What happened to the storm?
- It passed right on by.
We didn't wanna wake you, you
didn't seem bothered by it,
Miss cool as a cucumber.
Here I thought you were
afraid of the water,
I was absolutely
shitting my pants
imagining all of us in
that little lifeboat
out there in the ocean.
You want a bite?
- No, I didn't sleep at all.
- You want a cigarette?
- No.
- Rosie, I know you smoke.
- Yeah, I didn't want
to smoke in front of you
so you'd quit.
- Let me smoke, life is
not as short as they say,
and I need my cigarette breaks.
Just love it out
here, don't you?
- Absolutely fucking not.
- Come on, it's
gorgeous, smell that air.
I'm sorry I couldn't
give you more.
I tried my best, but...
(melancholy music)
- Mom, shut up, you're
incredible, you're
the best mom ever.
- I don't want you
to end up like me.
- Hello.
- I love you, baby.
Smells like bacon.
- Ha-ha!
- Where's the bacon?
- Oh, every time Derek
would come in the diner
in his uniform, I say,
"Smells like bacon."
I think that's
what won him over.
- That's exactly
what won me over,
that and your great ass.
- Get outta here.
- Derek, why do you
have an assault rifle?
- [Alma] A what?
- It's for work.
- It's an AR15, isn't it?
- It is, it is.
Does it bother you
that I have it?
- No,
I wanna shoot it.
(weight thuds)
- Okay, this is
the ready position.
Safety's on, my finger
is not on the trigger,
it's outside the trigger guard
until I'm ready to shoot.
Not on the shoulder, inside a
little more, a little higher.
That's perfect.
Now bring the sights
up to your eyes,
not your eyes down
to the sights.
Your head, neck,
and spine straight.
Look at that, kids these days,
we should be afraid of them.
Your off grip hand moving
as far forward as you can.
Right, you're gonna find
the safety over here,
you can release it just by...
(gun bangs)
You shot before!
- No, I watch a lot
of action movies.
- Well, it looks like
you're a natural.
- See Mom, I'm a natural.
- [Derek] You wanna try, hun?
- Certainly not.
I'd prefer if you
put that thing away.
It's just not how I wanna
spend my vacation, sweetie.
You know her daddy
was a soldier, right?
It is bad enough that
she likes to fight,
I don't want her
shooting guns too.
- You like to fight, you train?
- Yeah.
One more, Mom.
- Okay, one more.
- All right, stay nice and
tight, keep those elbows in.
Better to negotiate
hallways and doors,
or bump a team member
coming around a corner.
(gun bangs)
(mellow music)
(Rose laughs)
(waves crash)
(wind howls)
(lips smack)
- Rosie, come here.
Sweetie, come here.
(cork pops)
- Maritime law, you only
have to be 19 to drink.
- Well, she's not
much of a drinker.
Your grandma will
be so disappointed.
- We're Scottish, Grandma
was a cleaning lady.
I'm pretty sure she
didn't drink champagne.
- You know what?
We should have Derek break
out the whiskey then.
- Oh, I got plenty of whiskey.
- God, I love it here,
I never wanna go home.
- Well, let's not.
Let's keep sailing forever.
- Can we go swimming?
- No, we have fair winds
and following seas.
- [Alma] Okay, that
sounds kind of poetic.
- It is.
(lips smack)
(Rose gulps)
(upbeat music)
(Alma laughs)
- [Alma] Rosie,
come dance with us?
- [Derek] Come on, Rose,
- Fuck off.
- ...[Derek] don't be a pooper.
- [Alma] Sweetie, I miss you,
join us, you're missing out.
(door clicks)
(bottle thuds)
(water splashes)
(tense music)
(boat engine hums)
- [Alma] Who are they?
- [Derek] I don't know.
(boat engine revs)
Stand off, stand off.
(Alma screams)
(Rose's body thuds)
- [Derek] Go back,
get to the back.
- [Alma] Derek!
- [Derek] Shit!
- [Larry] Go on, go, go!
- [Alma] Who are you,
what are you doing?
- [Captain] Shut
up, where is it?
- [Alma] What is
going on, Derek,
what are they talking about?
- [Larry] Shut up.
- [Derek] I have
no fucking idea.
- [Alma] What do you want?
- [Derek] I don't know
what you're talking about.
(gun bangs)
(Alma screams)
- [Captain] Larry, shut her up.
- [Larry] Yeah, I'm on it.
- [Alma] What are you doing?
- [Derek] Don't you
fucking hurt her.
- [Larry] Sit down, bitch.
- [Alma] I don't understand.
- [Larry] Sit the fuck down.
- [Alma] Derek, do something.
Do something!
- [Captain] Del,
get her in line.
- [Alma] What are you doing?
Get the fuck away from me.
(fist punches)
- [Derek] Leave her alone.
- [Larry] Where are you going?
Now, tell me, where is it?
- [Derek] There's nothing here.
- Hide, hide.
I love you.
- [Captain] Get her up.
- Go!
- [Alma] No, no, no, get off me!
(body thuds)
(Alma screams)
- [Larry] Captain,
it's all clear.
- [Captain] What's done
is done, where is it?
- [Derek] I don't know
what you're talking about.
- [Captain] Really?
- [Derek] No, don't do it.
(gun bangs)
(Rose gasps)
(gun bangs)
(water splashes)
- [Captain] Find it.
- [Tug Crew Member] I'm
gonna check the front cabin.
- [Larry] I'll look back here.
(glass smashes)
Found it.
- It's all there?
- [Tug Crew Member]
Oh yeah, we're good.
That bitch sure had a set
of pipes on her, didn't she?
- You should have kept her
and started a cover band.
(door bangs)
- [Larry] Throw one downstairs.
(glass smashes)
(boat engine revs)
(fire crackles)
(dramatic music)
(fire roars)
(extinguisher clanks)
(extinguisher hisses)
(melancholy music)
(boat creaks)
(tap level squeaks)
(switch clicks)
(boat creaks)
(sails flap)
(switch clatters)
(melancholy music)
(Rose cries)
(Rose sobs)
(supplies clatter)
(door bangs)
(boat bangs)
(metal clanks)
(Rose groans)
- Hello, hello!
(dramatic music)
- Help me!
- I am gonna bring
you around back.
(water splashes)
(tense music)
(winch clicks)
- Okay.
(Derek splutters)
What do I do?
What do I do?
- Radio for help.
- I can't, the radio's dead.
- Alma!
- She's dead, you
fucking let her die.
What do I do?
- Start the gas, get the sail.
- The electrical system's
fried, the sail's burnt off.
What do I do?
(dramatic music)
What are these?
- Useless.
There's a spare
jib under the AR.
- Okay, then what?
- [Derek] Get it up the mast.
- How?
- Climb,
(sail thuds)
(upbeat tense music)
(handle bangs)
(Rose grunts)
- Fuck!
(handle clanks)
(handle clanks)
(sail rustles)
(water splashes)
(whiskey trickles)
(door creaks)
(water gushes)
- [Derek] Rose!
(feet thud)
- What do you need?
- Get the first aid kit.
You gotta clean the
wound and pack it.
Clean it first.
- Who were those men?
- [Derek] Just get the
gauze and pack the wound.
- Who were those men?
Who were those men?
- I don't know.
Gotta get the motors
going, bypass the electron.
- The starter, is it
like a car starter?
Is it?
Oh god.
Okay, are you the starter?
(tool bangs)
(tool bangs)
(tool thuds)
Well, fuck!
(switch clatters)
(switch clatters)
(tool bangs)
(sinister music)
(stairs bang)
(feet thud)
(knife clicks)
(mast bangs)
(wind howls)
(tense music)
(knife clicks)
(door clicks)
(door slams)
(door bangs)
(door clicks)
(tense music)
- I hope you tied a
better knot on the sail
than you did on me.
The patch is not
gonna hold in there,
we need to find land.
- You know them.
Why did you lie about
not knowing those men?
- They're monsters, Rose,
the less you know the better.
I need to get the engine
started, I could use a hand.
- Can we just go back?
We haven't been
sailing for that long.
Why not?
- Because the current
runs up the east coast,
and we need to stay
with the current.
If you can put the
knife down now, Rosie.
- Only my mom can call me Rosie.
- Okay.
- Can we just shoot a
flare when it gets dark?
- [Derek] You see a ship?
- [Rose] No.
- You can only see a flare
for three to five-miles.
Okay, this is us more or less.
This here is Bermuda.
- Nothing else around us.
- No, we miss it, we're fucked.
We run into weather,
we're fucked.
You are gonna need to crank
it to get the engine going,
but we gotta be
synced-up perfectly,
or it won't turn over.
(crank clanks)
- [Rose] Is this good?
- Wait, yeah, a little faster.
And I'm gonna flip the
decompression lever.
Go crank, crank it.
(crank whirs)
Ready, okay.
(engine splutters)
All right, go, crank it.
- [Rose] Okay.
- Ready?
(engine revs)
Fuck, yeah!
(electrical blast)
(sail thuds)
(case thuds)
(dramatic music)
(Derek's body thuds)
- [Rose] Shit!
- Stay in the cockpit all night.
Keep it northeast.
I'm sorry about your mom.
(melancholy music)
(feet thud)
(Derek sighs loudly)
(feet thud)
I made that for you.
You think I can
get my knife back?
- No.
- You know I gave that
necklace to your mom.
- It's impossible,
she's had it for years.
- [Derek] I've
known her for years.
- She started dating
you like a month ago.
- I've been trying
to court your mom
eating that shitty diner food
since you were in middle school.
I almost gave up after the
thousandth time I walked in
and she said,
"Smells like bacon."
- She was tough.
- As nails.
- I wanted her to
have a proper funeral.
Not just gonna roll
her into the ocean.
- We made some good
progress last night.
And just keep it up.
(water splashes)
(sail flaps)
- [Rose] What is it?
- Wish we had more sail,
that jib isn't enough.
Will you turn the
micrometre drum
a little to the left for me.
It's that little knob there.
Yeah, stop.
- Where's Polaris?
- That is the Big Dipper,
so that there is Polaris.
After some math that's
gonna tell us where we are.
(water trickles)
- [Derek] Fuck!
(dramatic music)
- What's wrong?
- We're going the
wrong fucking way.
- Why?
(cups smash)
- We're headed into the
fucking Atlantic, fuck!
- Well, if we're
going the wrong way,
we can just change directions.
- We can't change directions,
the current is too
fucking strong.
We're fucked, okay,
we missed our chance.
We're fucked!
Ah, Jesus Christ.
(door bangs)
(dramatic music)
Jesus fucking Christ,
can't fucking believe this!
(water splashes)
(hatch clanks)
(feet thud)
(mast clanks)
(enlightening music)
- Can you just go?
- [Derek] No.
- Well, I wanna
stay with my mom.
- I need you to row,
I only have one arm.
Come on, Rose.
Come on, you can do this.
Put that oar together, okay.
(oar clanks)
(water splashes)
(oar clanks)
- Fuck!
(water splashes)
(dramatic music)
(water splashes)
Help, help!
- Pull the cord.
Pull the cord, inflate the vest.
(Rose gasps)
(water splashes)
(water splashes)
Come on.
(breath hisses)
Come on.
Ah, come on!
Come on!
(Rose gasps)
(Rose coughs)
(waves crash)
(mellow music)
(life vest clanks)
(waves crash)
(birds chirp)
(leaves rustle)
(birds chirp)
(birds chirp)
(sand crunches)
(waves crash)
(water splashes)
- Derek!
- Hey,
come drink,
this water's fresh.
(water trickles)
We gotta finish this loop.
(water splashes)
- Okay.
What does your tattoo mean,
a knife through a rose?
- [Derek] It's a tagger.
- [Rose] What's it mean,
it's on your AR too?
- Means you're ready to
fight, ready to kill,
whatever, whatever,
even something as
delicate as a rose.
- Were you in the military?
- No.
- What's the plan here?
(Derek sighs loudly)
- Let's not talk, okay, let's
just conserve our energy.
(leaves crunch)
(waves crash)
(water splashes)
- Sorry.
(enlightening music)
- Hey, be careful,
there's coral here.
It'll tear the bottom
of this thing up.
Here, eat,
we need to get our strength up
if we're gonna make it back
to the boat before dark.
- What?
Maybe someone's here,
I'd rather be on land.
- There's nothing here.
Our best bet is to keep sailing.
- Sail to where, where are we?
- I don't know.
(tense music)
(waves crash)
(waves crash)
- Where you going?
- We're not gonna make
it back to the boat.
It's getting dark.
We need rest.
(melancholy music)
(cover rustles)
(fire crackles)
(oar clicks)
(feet pad)
You know how to
build a campfire?
(wood thuds)
- Yeah, you keep the
sticks spread apart
so air can get in, right?
- You're one hell
of a quick study.
(Derek groans)
You could probably build
the next one on your own.
You guys didn't get
out much, did you?
- No, we've only been
to the coast like once.
- I can't believe how
quickly you took to shooting.
I mean, I've never
seen anything like it.
You sure your dad didn't
give you a little lesson?
- Well, he died when
I was really young.
I didn't really know him.
He was a decorated soldier
though, I know that.
- It must be in the blood then.
- Maybe.
But I lied when I said
I never shot before.
I went a bunch of times
with a guy from work.
I just didn't want my mom to
know, 'cause she hated guns.
- Ah-hah, truth comes out.
- My dad enlisted so he
could afford college,
but he never made it,
he got blown up in Iraq.
There wasn't even anything
left of him to send home.
I think that's why
it was so important
for my mom that I go to college.
- I've always been a
slow learner myself.
Had to learn every single
thing the hard way.
I, Derek Stipes,
do solemnly swear
to protect the constitution
of the United States
and the constitutional laws
of the state of Florida
and protect them against all
enemies, foreign and domestic,
so help me, God and Jesus
and Mary and Joseph,
and the Holy Spirit too.
I believed that
for about 10-years
tried to be a really good cop.
But I could never get ahead.
My wife Annalisa left me,
said I was a loser, I was.
(tense music)
10-years of being a
good cop underwater
before I finally realised
that the game was rigged.
I wished I would've learned
that lesson earlier.
You and your mom are
good people, Alma,
she just thought she'd work
her fingers to the bones
so you wouldn't have to work
your fingers to the bone.
But that's not the way it works.
All the hard work
and perseverance and
pluck in the world
don't get you outta
the poor house.
The only way to win a rigged
game is to play dirty,
so I started being a dirty cop.
I realised that's kind
of who I was all along.
And I started to get a
little something for myself,
started to taste a little
of what the good life was,
and then, then I saw
what the bad guys,
the real winners of
the rigged game had.
And I understood that
I was still a chump.
So the first opportunity I saw
to work directly with them,
I jumped at, quit the force,
fuck you oath and all.
And when I saw
another opportunity
to swindle those same bad
guys, I jumped on that too.
I stole as much as I could,
and I didn't even
feel bad about it.
You know why?
Because the Captain
is pure fucking evil.
(tense music)
- Who's the Captain?
- He's the man
who shot your mom,
and he has done things you
could not even imagine.
- Tell me about the Captain.
- He likes girls,
very young girls.
- Gonna fucking kill him.
- You wanna kill the Captain?
You're gonna need to forget
everything you learned
about playing by the rules.
Fight dirty.
You think you got a poker face?
You were scared shitless,
I could see that.
Learn to lie better.
You were pretty good
with those knots.
You want me to show you
where you fucked up?
- It's okay.
- Come on, kiddo, gotta learn.
Come on.
This is the knot you
should have tied on me.
(rope hisses)
Try to get outta that.
- What's that?
- It's an EPIRB.
- What's it do?
- Or you could have
tried this knot.
- What's it do?
- You activate it,
it sends a SOS signal
to a satellite,
people come rescue us.
- You said it didn't work.
- Try that out.
Hey, you still think
I'd let your mom die?
- No, I'm sorry I said that.
- Good,
(tense music)
It's a beautiful ring, isn't it?
You want it?
- Did you take that
off her finger?
- I thought your mom was so hot.
Figured we'd have so
much fun sailing around
on my big getaway.
When I found out you were
tagging along, I was pissed,
but then I saw that you
were hot too, so win-win.
I never really knew your mom.
I mean, not very well.
Now she's dead, RIP.
I didn't give her this necklace.
- Why did you say you did?
- I needed you to trust me.
(tense music)
(hands thud)
I'm sorry, I can't
raise both hands.
- Stay down.
- I'm guessing target practise
didn't involve handguns.
- Does the EPIRB
work, turn it on.
- I can't do that.
- Do it?
- No, not yet.
- Why not, do it?
- Because when they come
you'll talk too much.
- What are you talking about?
- I have to kill you.
(gun clicks)
You have no clip.
(dramatic music)
(bodies thud)
(hands thud)
(fast-paced dramatic music)
(gun clicks)
(gun bangs)
(gun bangs)
(Rose gasps)
(Rose screams)
(gun bangs)
(birds chirp)
(twigs crack)
(sinister music)
(waves crash)
(tense music)
(water splashes)
(gun bangs)
(dramatic music)
(gun bangs)
(Rose groans)
- Oh, Rosie, sweetie Rosie,
(gun bangs)
(branch crunches)
(Derek yells)
(dramatic music)
(body thuds)
(water splashes)
(Rose huffs)
(waves crash)
(foot thuds)
(dramatic music)
- Get me back to the boat.
Get me back to the boat,
and I'll activate the EPIRB.
- Activate it now.
- Not till you get me
back to the boat (groans).
- Give it to me.
(body thuds)
- You need me.
(knife swipes)
(knife swipes)
(Rose groans)
Quit fucking around.
You need me, and I need you.
Get me back to the boat,
and we're both safe.
(knife swipes)
You can't make it without me.
(stone thuds)
- Why the fuck did you not
activate the EPIRB on the boat?
What the fuck were
you waiting for?
- I thought we could get
outta here on our own.
I'd keep you quiet, I was
gonna trade you to the Captain.
Maybe he'd spare my life if I
offered him some fresh meat.
But it turns out this island
is fucking deserted.
- It's not fucking working.
(equipment thuds)
- You gotta get me outta here.
(Derek groans)
(dramatic music)
(water splashing)
(melancholy music)
(Rose groans)
(Rose gasps)
(icebox lid clatters)
(whiskey splashes)
(bottle bangs)
(melancholy music)
(water splashes)
(Rose gasps)
(Alma screams)
(water trickles)
(water splashes)
(clothes thud)
(boat creaks)
(water splashes)
- No, no!
(water splashes)
- No, don't leave
me, don't leave me.
Don't leave me, no (cries).
No, no, no.
(water splashes)
(Rose sobs)
(melancholy music)
(Rose cries)
(knife clicks)
(water splashes)
(melancholy music)
(water splashes)
(case thuds)
(water splashes)
(tin clanks)
(tin and knife clatter)
(tense music)
(packet crackles)
(flare blasts)
(flare blasts)
- Help!
(Rose groans)
(knife scrapes)
(boat engine motor revs)
(melancholy music)
- Here's her gun.
- [John] She's just
in time to eat.
You hungry?
- [Crew] I'll tell the
Captain she's here.
(feet thud)
(plate clanks)
(weapon thuds)
- You know you
can't take weapons
through international
waters, right?
Just fucking with you.
- You're new.
- [Larry] Come on, let's go.
- I'm cold, can I
please take a shower?
(water trickles)
(dramatic music)
(door clicks)
(upbeat dramatic music)
(feet tap)
(door clanks)
(feet tap)
(tense music)
(machinery bleeps)
(door clicks)
Hi, can I come in?
- [Larry] That's the
girl we picked up.
You can't be in here.
(door clanks)
- No, it's fine.
What can I do for you?
- Are you the Captain?
- Yes, I'm the Captain.
- I wanted to thank
you for saving me.
- You're welcome.
The fellas told me
what you went through.
You're a brave girl.
- This ship is so much
bigger than the one I was on.
What does that joystick do?
- This one right here
controls the rudder.
- What happens if I move it?
- Nothing, it's on autopilot.
- Where's the autopilot?
- Give me your hand,
it's right there.
These two.
- Is it hard driving
something this big?
- Nothing's hard for me.
- What about for me?
I wanna drive it.
(Captain laughs)
- This ship was built
for deep waters.
We're travelling in a straight
line until we get to port.
(machine bleeps)
(Captain laughs loudly)
(door bangs)
The real world is out there,
this is just a virtual world.
You have to keep
your eyes on lookout
at all times.
- What if I wanna turn?
(Captain laughs)
- Then turn.
You already put us on
standby, we're off autopilot.
Turn it starboard side.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
You know your starboard, huh?
Turn it slow.
That's right, slow.
Turn it slower.
Turn it slower.
Now you see on the
compass how we've turned?
The only problem is
we're headed the wrong way.
- Do I just click it
back on autopilot?
- Just click it
back on autopilot.
(machine bleeps)
- [Rose] Seems pretty easy.
- It's easy till
you get to port.
It's when you're almost home,
that's when it gets hard.
This is pretty.
- I was cut by coral,
is that dangerous?
- It can be, some
coral is poisonous.
As long as you put
the right solution
and the right ointment on it,
the wound won't get infected.
'Cause a coral cut
not taken care of
could last for a very long time.
- Do you have the ointment?
- Yeah, I have the ointment.
Did you wash your cut
Did you use water?
Did you use hydrogen peroxide?
- Just water.
- Do you want me
to take care of it?
Do you want me to
take care of you?
You sure?
Why don't you come over here
so I can take a closer look.
(tense music)
(first aid kit clatters)
(feet thud)
(tense music)
(gun thuds)
(spanner thuds)
(Captain groans)
- Anyone have eyes
on the castaway girl?
(spanner bangs)
- She's on the bridge
with the Captain.
- My mother's name was Alma.
- [Roberta] She has
one of our guns.
Get her now.
- Fuck!
(tense music)
(feet pad)
- [Radio] Anybody seen
the girl, where is she?
(door clicks)
- Hey.
(switch clicks)
Have you seen my gun,
it's big, it's an AR15?
Are you okay?
- Do you need a gun?
- Yes.
- There's lots of
guns down there.
- Down where?
- In the engine room.
- Okay, how do I get there?
- Straight, right, right,
there's a door on the stairs.
- Okay.
- They're all pumped full of
drugs, they can't help you.
- Who can't help me?
- All the girls.
(door clicks)
- [Radio] Just went through
the control room, nothing.
- [Crew Member] I'm
down on the main deck,
I'll search the rooms here.
(door clicks)
(feet tap)
(feet tap)
(tense music)
(gun clatters)
(spanner clanks)
(spanner clanks)
- [Crew] Hey, don't move.
(feet thud)
Stay right there.
Stay where you are.
(gun bangs)
(body thuds)
(Rose gasps)
(feet tap)
(tense music)
(door clanks)
(gun bangs)
(gun bangs)
(gun bangs)
(gun bangs)
(gun bangs)
(shooter groans)
(tense music)
(gun bangs)
(gun bangs)
(Roberta yells)
(upbeat dramatic music)
(gun thuds)
(Rose's body thuds)
(Roberta yells)
(bottles crash)
(Roberta's body thuds)
(Roberta's head thuds)
(knee thuds)
(knee thuds)
(bodies thud)
(Roberta groans)
(Rose gasps)
(tense music)
- [Radio] Roberta, do you
have eyes on the girl?
- She's up on the bridge.
(radio clanks)
(tense music)
- [Larry] Shit!
(feet tap)
(gun clicks)
(tense music)
(feet thud)
(hand thuds)
(John grunts)
(head thuds)
(Rose's body thuds)
(knee crunches)
(John coughs)
(pipe thuds)
(pipe crunches)
(pipe thuds)
(Rose gasps)
(John groans)
(gun bangs)
(Rose gasps)
(body thuds)
(feet tap)
(voices mutter)
(lock clanks)
(door creaks)
(captive speaks
foreign language)
- Gonna get you all home.
(captives gasp)
- Drop the gun!
Drop it.
(gun clanks)
Close the door.
(door clanks)
Lock it.
(gun thuds)
You're gonna die, bitch!
- I'm not afraid.
I'm not afraid!
(extinguisher thuds)
(body thuds)
(gun bangs)
(Rose and Tabitha scream)
- [Rose] How many more
of them are on the ship?
- Five plus the Captain.
(gun bangs)
(gun bangs)
(body thuds)
(Tabitha groans)
- Let me see, let me see.
It's okay, you're okay,
it just grazed you.
Stay here, I'm gonna
radio for help, okay?
- The Captain's gonna be so mad.
- The Captain's dead.
(feet thud)
(dramatic music)
(gun bangs)
(hand slaps)
(Rose groans)
- Turns out the EPIRB
worked after all.
Just had to fiddle
with the battery.
Stupid me, right?
- Why hasn't the
Captain killed you?
- Because we worked it all out.
(foot thuds)
I told you, learn to lie.
(feet thuds)
(Rose groans)
And all that advice
kind of pointless, Rose,
'cause you belong to him now.
(Rose laughs)
What's so fucking funny?
- I did take your advice,
I killed the Captain.
(foot stomps)
(Rose's body thuds)
(gun clanks)
(tense music)
(feet tap)
(door bangs)
(feet tap)
(sinister music)
(door creaks)
(feet tap)
(explosive blast)
(Derek yells)
(knife clicks)
(Rose groans)
(Rose yells)
(Rose groans)
(Derek gasps)
(Rose laughs)
(Rose's body thuds)
(Rose huffs)
(melancholy music)
(Rose huffs)
(feet tap)
- Are you okay?
Let me get you outta here.
Come on, you need
to see something.
- It's an incredible
story, Rose.
You're lucky to be alive.
- If you say so.
The girls who were with me.
- They are being reunited with
their families as we speak.
And the plan's already in
motion to get you home too.
- No, I don't have
a home anymore.
I have nothing.
- That's not true,
you have a future.
That's something,
(folder thuds)
and you fought for it.
(Rose sighs)
(melancholy music)
("Need You Like That" - EZI)
Hard to stay away
I'll do anything to
stay so I hold out
Just wanted to taste
what I know now
Delicate or rare
Gotta handle you with
care when I weigh out
But I know it's worth
the risk when I come down
I always unfold
'Cause you find a
way inside my head
Hey-Hey oh
Trying to gain control
Gotta get away
while I'm ahead
Hey-Hey oh
I don't wanna need you,
need you, need you like that
I don't wanna need you,
need you, need you like that
Can't get you out of my mind
I don't wanna need you,
need you, need you like that
But I need you like that
You're in my fingertips
Spreading through my system
Feel the jitters in my veins
Air in between my lips
It's tasting hot and bitter
Thinking things
I can't resist
I always unfold
'Cause you find a
way inside my head
Hey-Hey oh
Trying to gain control
Gotta get away
while I'm ahead
Hey-Hey oh
I don't wanna need you,
need you, need you like that
I don't wanna need you,
need you, need you like that
Can't get you out of my mind
I don't wanna need you,
need you, need you like that
But I need you like that
But I need you like that
But I need you like that