Dangerously Close (1986) Movie Script

Court's in session.
The Defense, social leach.
Moral trash.
- Guilty.
- You see Morgan.
Will someone help me... No! Show your faces!
Fuck with us for you...
Kill him!
Kill you!
Kill him!
Come on! Kill him!
No! No! No!
Die, motherfucker.
Come on, come on, die!
It's only paint this time, Morgan.
Next time it'll be for real!
Nice bracelet, Morgan, you little pussy.
Somebody cut him down, come on!
Did that hurt, stoner? Morgan, did
I hurt you? Did I hurt Morgan?
Tell the rest of your faggot friends
in the Magnet Program to get out!
Fuck! I'm going to screw
your ass to the wall.
Everybody's gonna hear about this.
You're history, you son of a bitch!
- Sleep well? You're welcome.
- Slept great, thanks.
Well, that new school's
keeping you busy, son?
You must be enjoying that,
that Magnet Program.
- All you eggheads.
- Hey. Good morning, Irv.
Dream about beautiful mermaids last night?
Stain didn't come out.
Well, you got a lot of shirts.
Yeah, well, this just happens
to be my best shirt.
I want to thank you again for
dumping the lasagna in the wash.
Come on, Donny. I told you I
was sorry how many times?
You know, I got to get this
damned fish a bigger bowl.
Think you could get
the Bridges' place today?
Trucks down, too. Gonna fix it?
All right, listen, I'll give
you Saturday off, okay?
You gave me that yesterday.
Donny, I will fix the truck this
weekend, I promise. Scouts' honor.
That's Krooger.
He's not coming inside, is he?
No, he's not comin' inside, Dad.
And so it came to pass
in those last frantic days.
Following the late, great SAT Boards,
that a lone, cool dude...
rose from the quagmire...
to save the world...
from the Twinkies of Vista Verde.
Its the Kroog Warrior!
Time for that all important,
first major buzz of the day.
Ya man, I and I, Rastafarai.
You smoke de herb man?
Don't you watch my size, I'm like
a steppin' razor, I'm dangerous.
Chill out, New York
Chill out, chill out, chill out
Hey, how you doing? You want some weed?
Hey, turn it down.
Did you see that guy?
What do you say we wake these Twinkies up?
No, Krooger, no!
- Deploy! Deploy!
- Turn that off!
Hey, baby!
How're y'all doing this morning?
I'm just boomin'!
Slow it down!
Hey, Betsy!
Watch it, Krooger!
Hey, I'm sorry, I guess my
poles sticking out too far.
You wish it could get that far.
I love you baby!
Look at that! That's some fine
looking fish right there!
Hey, baby!
The Black Panther Party of Vista Verde!
Hey, man, this radioactive curve
is shit, Zander.
Now the problem is the graffiti.
Its disgusting, it's all over
the walls in the main hall.
Who can take care of that?
Brian, you and Lang.
Can you get that done today?
Hey, Leon, my man!
Hey, Krooger, Donny.
Zander, give me back my
physics book, man, you fluke.
Man, you never read it, anyway.
- I'll see you guys inside?
- All right.
I'd give anything to know
who was responsible for that.
He's right in front of us.
All right, the paper's good you
just got to change one thing.
The Confederates stomped on
Fort Sumter in April, not June.
You change that, you got a good paper.
- All right, thanks.
- Nookie!
Wait up, baby!
I love you, baby.
Where you goin', Krooger?
Get a higher education, man.
Pay attention, Ripper.
- Hey.
- Hello, Randy.
Hey, Randy. Listen, Randy,
there's broken glass all over the gym floor.
What? -Somebody threw a
rock through there...
last night. Okay.
Okay. I'll take care of that.
- Just make sure it gets done today.
- Yeah.
All right. Anything else?
Hey, guys.
How you doin'? Nice loafers.
They make those for guys, too?
I don't like him.
We all know how easy it is
to come to quick conclusions
about things that are new to us,
but I think to call
the... to call the Sentinels.
"Vigilante organization that borders
on fascism." It's a little extreme.
Don't you think so, Ms. Hoffman?
After all, it was the administration
that asked us to monitor
the student body, not the other way around.
They were the ones concerned with
the rise in theft and vandalism
that came with the Magnet Program.
What exactly are you implying, Mr. McDevitt?
Just that since we started
the Sentinels last spring,
crime on campus has been reduced.
I don't think a single car has been stolen
since we began our patrols,
and I... I know that were seeing
a hell of a lot less graffiti,
although that does make going to the
john a little less informative.
God, that was funny.
You have something to say, Krooger?
No. Continue, please.
Most importantly,
students feel safer.
Which students?
Could I finish, please?
Were here to help, all of you.
To serve and protect.
Please feel free to approach me,
any of our officers, or our
faculty sponsor, Mr. Corrigan.
If there's anything we should know about,
if you've got any problems,
anything at all...
That's what the editorial was about, Randy.
Our problem is with you and your friends.
You mean your problems, don't you?
Okay, okay, hold it. Let's... Lets
try to keep things friendly here.
Does the editor have an opinion?
Yeah, well...
certainly glad you took the time
to speak with us today, Randy.
And I think we have an obligation
to support anyone who...
Who's trying to help out the school.
So long as that's what they're trying to do.
Glad to hear a voice of reason.
- Can I get your opinion on this?
- Take a rest, Krooger.
I hope you print my rebuttal, Donny.
Hey, Leon, my man, what's new, cuz?
Present from mama?
No, a present from your mama.
I had her last night.
What do you have here, Ripper?
What a wuss.
Leons up to his old tricks.
This looks a lot like the one
Brian had stolen last week.
Hey, fuck you, I bought that myself.
Shit, Leon, don't lie to me,
it has his initials on it right here.
You were just kidding, right?
Tell me you were just kidding.
Tell me you were just kidding
or I'll kick your butt!
Damn it, I bought this myself, okay...
Don't fuck with us, Leon.
Nice job, Teach.
I'm getting Sentinel over you
- See you later, Leon.
- Not a chance, bro.
Hey, Donny. Listen, thanks a lot
for your support back there.
I appreciate it.
In fact, I'd like a chance to talk to you
a little more about the organization.
Maybe you could come over to
my house tonight for dinner.
You have any plans?
No. I don't, no.
Great. See you at 6:30. Is that okay?
Great. You know where I live, right?
Yeah, I clean your pool.
That's right, you do. Okay, see you then.
Please, let me go to Randy's house.
Donny, let me go, please, please!
Please, let me go to Randy's house.
What a selection.
I'm still not sure, okay? I know that.
Look... yeah, okay, look, I got to go.
Okay, Brian, I'll see you at the club. Yeah.
- Hey! Donny. Glad you could make it.
- Hey, Randy.
- Thanks.
- All right.
Where's your truck?
It's not runnin'.
- How'd you get here? Come on.
- I took the bus.
This's a great house.
Yeah, it's okay.
Wow! What are these?
That's just the crap my step-mom collects.
She's into prehistoric civilizations.
It's nice.
Yeah. Want a drink?
Scotch okay?
Yeah, sure. And we're
printing your rebuttal.
Great. Thanks, Donny. I know
it's not written all that well.
No, its quite good.
Well, you know I've always
liked your style. Its good.
All right, well, thanks.
I like the style around here.
You guys know each other, right?
Yeah, sure. Hi.
I'm gonna go upstairs
and get changed for dinner.
See you in a bit.
What an arsenal!
The guns, yeah.
My dad. He thinks he's a hunter.
God, I don't think any of these
have ever even been fired.
Are you into guns, Donny?
Yeah, sure.
Come with me, I want to show
you something. Come on.
This one fires about
thirty rounds per second.
But it fucks up a lot. Guys in 'Nam
ended up using them as tent poles.
We just... you know,
I take it out on weekends,
shoot up old tree stumps and stuff.
Of course, if Ms, Hoffman had her way,
we'd all be shootin' rubber bands, right?
Here you go, check it out.
Hey, you ever play Hunt Down?
Hunt Down? No.
Its a blast. We play it every
weekend out at Hidden Hills.
You know, it's kind of like
this intense survival game.
You could be on our team.
Yeah. Well, that sounds like a good time.
It is.
Coming down to dinner?
Yeah, we'll be there in a second, all right?
Wait a second.
I just wanted a moment alone
with you to talk about Krooger.
I mean, I know he's a good
friend of yours and everything,
and I think he's a pretty funny guy.
It's just that...
sometimes he gets a little out of hand.
Well, he's a good guy.
Well, just between you and me,
Donny, he's going a little too far.
Patricia wishes to know
when we're going to stop by.
Should we commit to nine-ish?
Do whatever you want, dear.
Darling, I think we should make the effort.
Its been a long time since we've seen them.
You're our pool boy, right?
But you're based in Lomita.
Donny's part of the Magnet
School program, Dad.
- Yeah.
- Vista Verde must be...
quite a change for you.
He's the editor of the paper.
Well, that always looks good
on the college application.
You, are going to college, aren't you?
Yes, I hope so, sir.
If I can get a scholarship.
Maybe Randy'll give you one of his.
Hey, Randy, I thought you drove a 'Vette.
Yeah, it's in the shop.
I get it tomorrow morning.
This is my dads piece of shit.
You'll love this place, Elans.
It's a lot of fun.
I thought you had to be 21 to get in there.
I know the owner. Its cool.
Hey, Zeke, how ya doin'?
My friend Donny Lennox.
- Move, pal.
- Get away.
Fuck you! Yeah, McDevitt! Over here!
Neal, where are my fucking drinks?
- Randy... We gotta talk, man.
- Hey, buddy.
- You know, Donny Lennox, right?
- I'm serious.
- Hey, Randy!
- Hey!
- Hi, Jules.
- Hi, Nick.
I thought you weren't coming tonight.
No, neither did I.
Are you okay?
Yeah, it's just Randy pissed me off and...
Yeah. Look, I gotta go...
- catch up to him at the bar.
- Okay.
- See you later.
- Bye.
- You know, Donny Lenox, right?
- Yeah, I do.
Hi. How are you?
Come on, Neal. What's your problem, man?
Come on.
- What the fuck is Lennox doing here?
- I don't know.
- What have we got going here?
- Slammers.
All right, lets get 'em out.
Lets go, Ripper.
Here you go.
- Okay. You ready?
- You got one for Lennox?
- Okay. On three, ready?
- Yeah!
And one, and two, and three!
Come on, lets get some more.
- Chill out.
- Come on, Ripper, it's okay.
Dance with me. Come on.
Remember New Year's Eve
We sat around getting high
You were telling my life stories
It was cool to hear your lies
And I wanted to get through to you
Not have you living life through me
You're sitting around eight months later
Wondering why you just don't
get to meet, meet me
Come on, we got some more comin'?
What do you say, Donny?
Yeah, sure.
It's finally gonna hit ya, darlin'
I'm not the only drama in this town
Come over here for a second. You look good!
How you doin'?
You know my friend Donny Lennox, right?
- Hi.
- Hi.
Haven't I seen you before?
Yeah, he goes to Vista Verde.
Be careful, all right.
Come here, buddy.
Hey, cool jacket.
I just love thrift shop stuff,
but my mom wont let me wear it.
Well, I guess I'm just lucky.
I mean, everything is getting out of control.
I mean, look at Ripper...
Hey, stop whining, Brian. You
sound like a goddamn old lady.
Even Hoffman is trying to screw us.
I mean, you guys saw the editorial.
And I got my college interviews next week.
I said, relax. I'm taking care of it.
What the hell took you?
A little business.
Okay, about tonight...
Who's up?
Leon Biggs. I want that
boy to know we're around.
Lets stick to stage one, all right?
I don't want Lennox...
seeing anything he shouldn't.
What are you talking about?
Who's inviting Lennox?
I am.
He's the goddamn editor of the paper.
Exactly, Brian. We need him.
And he wants us.
It makes no fucking sense to me!
So what else is new?
So what's Ripper like?
What? He's not that good?
You know, he's one of those kind of guys...
"Yeah, yeah, am I rippin' ya?"
"Yeah, you're rippin, yeah, you're rippin."
She likes to have fun.
- Does it sound like fun?
- Yeah, it does.
Want to dance?
I don't think so.
I have a jealous boyfriend.
I've got one of those, too.
It's a real drag.
You want to switch?
Sounds good to me...
Hey! You guys having a good time?
Yeah. Yeah, we are.
A couple of us are going out for a drive.
You want to ome along, Donny?
Come on, man, come on. Come on.
Be right back.
Lennox. How're you doing?
Great. Were old war buddies.
I'll kill fucking you! I'll kill you!
I'll kill you! I'll kill you!
Don't know who you're fucking with!
Leave my family out of this, McDevitt!
I transferred! I transferred, McDevitt!
Leave me alone!
You were great, man. Let's get out of here.
See, the thing is, we know Leon's
responsible for a lot of the vandalism...
- and theft at school.
- Come on, man, its over with.
So what we're trying to do is...
just show him what it feels
like to have something trashed...
that you really care about. No one
gets hurt. No one gets turned in.
Just a message from the Sentinels.
Hey! Asshole!
Get back in the car!
Right here. Come on!
Fuck you! Come on! I'm here!
Come on! Ripper!
I'm right fucking here!
Ripper, we can't leave you there! Ripper!
Ripper, get the fuck in here!
Hold it. Hold it, Brian.
Ripper, let's go you fuckin' asshole.
Hey, Ripper, take it easy, man.
Get off me, man!
Hey, Donny. Sorry 'bout
that shit back there.
You don't apologize for me,
do you understand?
Fuck you, Ripper, you asshole!
Okay, slugger. Up and at 'em.
Come on, let's go, up!
Wake up.
You were out kinda late
last night, weren't you?
Guess so.
You look beautiful.
Listen, Donny, don't you think
it's time we have a little talk?
Are you listening to me?
Damn. I'm late.
What, the legs a little wobbly
this morning, son?
All right, just tell me something.
When the hell did you start drinking?
Donny, I'm talking to you.
Christ, Dad!
When are you going to clean this place up?
I'm tired of tripping over your shit!
Hey, need a ride?
Yeah, maybe I do.
Crazy night?
I don't remember much about it.
Guess I had too much to drink.
How're you feeling?
Not too good. I was pretty out of it.
Did I make a fool of myself?
You were just running around
naked for a while but...
I'm kidding. Think we all
got a little too drunk.
Ripper let loose a couple
of pops at a stop sign.
Stupid, but no harm done.
- Yeah...
- He gets a little crazy sometimes.
You saved my ass last night.
- Rulowski?
- We busted him for stealing
a couple weeks back, a real loser.
I didn't think you were gonna show up...
I showed!
What are you, their... their
little pet project?
Little Twinkie? They're gonna
turn the pool boy into a Twinkie?
Yeah, well I didn't think you
were going to show up, Krooger.
I showed, man! -Why don't
you give me a break?
No, you give me a fucking break, man.
You got no balls!
Randy's got you tied
around his little finger.
What, do you think hanging around
with them is gonna get you somewhere?
He's using you!
You think that's funny, man?
I'm not fucking laughing.
I got your message, Leon.
- What you talkin' about, McDevitt?
- Next time
you got something to say to me,
say it to my face, understand?
Fuck you, man.
Understand me, Leon?
I don't know what you're talkin' about...
Hey, d'you get my message, Randy?
Come on, tough guy. Come on, pussy.
- Okay!
- Come on. Hey!
Halt! Hold it! All right, all right.
Get him, come on!
- Get out of here, McDevitt.
- Next time...
- Next time for you.
- Fuck you!
- Come on.
- Get out of here!
Back off!
It's looking good, guys.
Why don't you finish up here
and go take care of the
front entry way, all right?
Perry, you got hall patrol tonight, right?
Yeah, I got it.
Brian, can I talk to you a second?
Sure. What's up?
We got a little business
tonight with Krooger.
Meet me at The Shelter
at four o'clock, okay?
I... I can't make it.
Why not?
I just can't make it, that's all.
What are you talking about, Brian?
Look, I don't mind doing this stuff.
That's one of the reasons
why I joined the Sentinels,
was to help out.
But the rest of it,
it's getting out of hand.
It's fucked! We're messing with
other people's lives, Randy.
Almost got us killed last night.
Look, can't we just go back
to the way it was?
We can't go back, Brian.
It doesn't work that way.
You're starting to buy
your own bullshit, Randy.
I can't afford it.
You know what happens
to deserters, don't you?
Don't threaten me, Randy. Understand?
Hey, Brian.
Where's Hoffman?
Faculty meeting. What's up?
Look, are you going to see Krooger later?
I don't know. Why?
Look, just tell him to... just tell
him to watch out for himself, okay?
What are you talking about, Brian?
Look, I got to go.
Just tell him to be careful today, Donny.
You got to warn him. -What
are you talking about? Brian!
Brian, wait up! Brian!
You looking for someone?
No, no.
Look, Betsy, I'm sorry about the
little pool problem yesterday.
Why don't we just make love
and forget all about it?
No way, crud.
Hey, I got tickets to
the Dead Kennedys show.
- You want to go? No?
- No!
What about Barry Manilow?
Are you into Barry Manilow?
Get lost. Come on!
Okay, fine. What do you think
about the Chicago Bears?
The Chicago Bears?
Fucking assholes.
Piece of fucking shit!
This's all I fucking need right now!
Okay, fuck you! Let's see
what you do on your rims.
Fucking beautiful.
Have to goddamn change it.
Great! Fuckin'... Damn it!
Shit! Piece of fucking shit machine.
Nice costumes boys. What is this?
Trick or treat?
What the fuck is this?
Nice doggie. Fuck!
You fucking bastards!
Just leave me alone!
Move it!
Go on, motherfucker!
Go on! Move it, move it!
Go on, motherfucker!
Shouldn't smoke all that dope, Gomer.
Fuck you.
Come on!
Let's go. Come on. Put it on.
- Come on.
- No!
Wait till you see this fucker.
Get it.
Don't do this! Don't do this!
Come on, come on. Get up there. Get up.
Get him up higher.
Okay, tie it! I want it tight this time.
Don't do this!
Don't do this, please!
Should have transferred out of
Vista Verde when you could.
A jokes a joke! God...
And a rose is a rose
and a shit is a shit, pal.
Please don't do this!
Okay. Count of three.
Don't... Don't do this!
One, three!
Come on, let's go.
You're a real fucking tough guy?
You're a real tough guy.
How do you like this, are you
ready, tough man? You ready?
Hello, Mrs. Raines? Yeah, this is Donny.
Yeah, I know. School's
keeping us all pretty busy.
Mrs. Raines, is Krooger home yet?
Well, could you have him give me a
call just as soon as he comes in?
Yeah, its important.
Yeah, I don't care how
late it is, that's fine.
Okay, thank you. Bye.
Coming mornings now, Donny?
Coming mornings. Yes, ma'am.
Enjoying the view?
What's your problem?
I just don't feel like it. All right?
Yes, you do.
Come on, keep it moving.
Lets go.
Come on, there's nothing over there.
Hey, what's going on here?
Nothing going on, now just keep it moving.
Zander! Zander! Wait up.
Hey, you seen Krooger around?
We were just talkin' about headin'
up to Napa for that ska festival.
Maybe he left early.
I thought you were going.
No, I guess not.
Donny, you heard about Morgan?
That was his body they found this morning.
We just found out about it.
Mr. Corrigan will be back in a second.
Okay. Thanks, Barbie.
This is really screwed.
What if they find out we messed with Morgan?
No one's going to find out anything, Lang.
As long as we all keep our mouths shut.
What's the big deal? Someone got rid of him.
Someone with balls.
Shut up, Ripper.
Hey, what about Brian?
What about him?
All right...
You've all heard that it was Black's
body that was found, right?
Now, there's no reason to panic.
He was alive when he left us,
so we're clean.
They might try to tie us in.
Well, then were just going to
have to turn the police around
and point them in another
direction, aren't we?
We approximate that Morgan
died eight days ago,
on November 15th.
Now you young people
are the student leaders.
You're the ones who knew him.
So if you have any information
that might help us,
or if you hear anything around
school, please, contact me.
Good. All right, thank
you, Detective Morelli.
Thank you, Paul.
Excuse me, Detective?
I just wanted to say that,
we have a group here on
campus called the Sentinels.
If there's, any way
that we can work with you
in organizing patrols or an escort
service, we'd be more than willing.
Well, look...
Why don't you give me a call
at my office later?
Okay. Thank you.
Thank you. All right, in
light of what has happened,
I think it's best that
we adjourn this meeting.
We'll hold a special makeup
council meeting here on Monday.
Could I just have another minute, Mr.
I know that maybe
this isn't the best time to...
To bring this up, but I just feel
that something's got to be said.
I think that were all to blame for
what happened to Morgan Black.
We all knew that Morgan
was into drug dealing,
but not all of us wanted to do
something about it.
Wait a second.
This isn't the time or the place
to start smearing a guys name.
This is exactly the time
and the place, Donny!
How many more deaths is it gonna take?
I know that it's sometimes
difficult to get involved,
but we are the student leaders.
We've got a responsibility here.
Now look, the Sentinels have compiled
a list of 11 students that we feel
need special help and guidance
to avoid the traps
that Morgan Black fell into.
Hey, Brian, we need to talk.
Since the Magnet Program started
we've had off-campus elements
coming into our school,
disrupting our lives.
It's got to stop, now.
Before anyone else gets hurt.
Hey, Brian. I got to talk to you.
What's up?
Yesterday, why did you ask me about Krooger?
He didn't show up at school today.
Brian, what the hell is goin' on here?
I talked to Morgan Black's girlfriend,
she told me someone was harassing him.
They tried to firebomb his car.
I'm not... I'm not part of that.
Part of what, Brian? What's happening?
So many fucked things
are goin' on around here.
Things that were never supposed to happen.
People are being forced out.
Check the files, man.
The transfer rate isn't
exactly at a low point.
Do you remember that fight
the other night over at Elans?
Well, think about that.
Ask around.
I'm asking you, Brian.
That's all I can say now.
What about Krooger? Did they
do anything to him, Brian?
I don't know.
Can you find out?
Yeah. Maybe I can.
Thanks, Brian.
Call me later.
- Where you going?
- Home.
By yourself?
I didn't say that.
What's been wrong with you this week?
What's your problem?
Randy, I just don't know you anymore.
You should have heard yourself in there.
It's amazing how you can twist
everything to suit yourself.
I wasn't twisting anything.
I was trying to help.
Right. Help who, yourself?
That's great. That's fucking great!
You mean I don't even have the support
of my own goddamn girlfriend anymore?
What am I supposed to do, Julie?
Look, Randy, lets just go now, okay?
Lets just go.
Please? Come on.
You're screwin' me, Julie. When
I need your support the most!
I'm sorry! It's just not working.
I can make it work.
You could make it work if you'd just try!
I think we should cool
things off for a while.
I don't care what you think, all right?
You cant fuck me over like
this, do you understand?
- You cant just keep fucking...
- Please, let's just...
No! We can't just get out of here, Julie.
I'm talking to you, all right? When
I'm finished we can go. All right?
Why don't you just unzip your pants
and I'll open my mouth just for you!
That's all you want me for, isn't it?
You hate me!
You don't even care about me!
Right, Julie, that's all
I want you for. Come on.
Stop it!
Yes, come on. You want
to give it to me, Julie?
Let go of me! Randy, let go!
Get your mouth over here.
I hate you! Leave me alone. Leave me alone!
Slut! I hate you, Julie.
Stop it!
- Don't! Jule!
- Come on.
What's goin' on?
Let me in. Forget it.
Julie, all right, get in
the car! Julie, get in!
Julie! You get back over here.
Don't get in there.
Hey, where'd you find that car?
Down a ways, near Point Panic.
Somebody dumped it.
It's my buddy's car and I've
been looking all over for him.
Yeah, well, if you find him,
tell him he owes me $60.
Hey, Cheryl.
Is Morgan's mom here?
No, she's at the funeral parlor.
Would you tell her I came by?
And that I'm sorry.
What happened, Donny?
Yeah, I remember you.
You're the one that saved me
from doing something stupid the other night.
Listen, I just want to talk to you
for a couple of minutes, if I could.
What about?
About why you dropped out of Vista Verde.
Look, man, read my lips.
I don't want to talk about it
any more, okay?
Hey, Donny...
Be careful.
You gonna see Krooger later? Just
tell him to be careful today, okay?
Do you want to come over?
Thanks, but I've got a lot of pools
to clean and it's gettin' pretty late.
Well, actually, that would
probably be more fun.
I've got an extra net,
if you want to come along.
Yeah, right.
You haven't seen Krooger, have you?
No, why?
They found his car
up at the Point this morning.
He wasn't at school today.
Really? Think something
might have happened to him?
Then Brian came by and wanted
me to warn Krooger, so...
It just seems strange that
Krooger's not around, you know?
Look, you think
you could do something for me?
Watch it!
I feel sick.
You're too much, Nikki.
What's the matter? Here,
this'll make you feel better.
No, thanks.
- Come on.
- No.
- Come on.
- No, Nikki. No.
That's a pretty weird earring you've got.
It's pretty disgusting.
Ripper gave it to me last week.
He thinks it's cool. I think it's sick.!
He gets pissed if I take it off.
You know, he's been acting
kinda weird lately.
He's been like, real intense. Yeah.
Can I look at it?
Nope, you can have it. Here.
Yes, Vista Verde.
I need a number for a Arthur Rigoletti.
Thank you.
That car, Bobby.
Its weighted with the truck.
Great, boss!
Come on, lets go.
Hey. Dad. Somebody's at the door.
Go on.
Who the hell will it be right now?
Hi, Mr. Lennox?
Is Donny home?
Can I see...
- Hi, Julie.
- Hi.
It's for me, Dad.
Well, I got it.
Ripper gave it to Nikki
as a present on Friday.
It's Krooger's.
What's going on, Donny?
Maybe I ought to go to the police.
You think Ripper
has something to do with it?
With Krooger?
It's not possible.
I'm gonna find out.
Wait. Wait, Donny!
What's his name?
Krooger Raines.
The Kroog Warrior?
What are you doin'?
I'm sure Krooger is having a
good time, wherever he is.
He disappears several times a year.
Usually he turns up
in one of our holding tanks.
He'll show up.
You're wrong.
I'm sure that this time something
bad has happened to him.
Well, you know the Sentinels, right?
They were just here.
We set up a joint patrol.
That's a good bunch of boys.
The Sentinels are trying to
force Krooger out of school.
They played this game with him.
They have this game and they play this game
and Krooger is missing
and I'm sure the same
things gonna happen to him
that happened to Morgan Black...
Now that's a very serious accusation.
You have any proof?
Look, were not saying that...
My girlfriend at school
was wearing Krooger's earring.
And Jim Rafferty is her
boyfriend, he's a Sentinel!
Bill, bring me the jewelry box.
Right here, Chief.
Do we have any other evidence?
This isn't just some
kind of vendetta, is it?
You're not out to get
the Sentinels, are you?
Randy told me that they'd
had some problems with you,
that you might try to start
something like this.
- So what are we going to do now?
- I don't know!
Don't get mad at me. Jeez.
I'm sorry.
Well, what about the wristband?
We could try to get that.
It's not going to do any good,
not with that jerk.
I just wish I could find Brian.
We've got to get something more.
Has anyone talked to you about
a place called The Shelter?
What's that?
It's a place where the Sentinels hang out.
I've heard Randy talk about it.
I think I know where it is.
Well, lets go have a look. We
can take a look right now...
No, wait.
There's a council meeting
after school tomorrow.
Theyll all be there.
I think we should go then.
You don't have to do that.
I know.
Sorry I'm late.
Due to the absence of Miss Waters,
Mr. Riverton will be responsible
for recording today's minutes.
I know it's around here somewhere.
Wait! That's Randy's Jeep.
Donny, over here.
Hold that.
Donny, the alarm!
It's too late now. Here.
Who do you think it is?
It's pretty obvious, isn't it?
Well, what the fuck are we gonna do?
Scare the shit out of 'em.
Teach 'em not to fuck with us.
Let's hurry up, come on.
God, look at all this equipment.
Donny, there's a tape here
that says, "Choice Kill."
It's dated last week.
Put it on.
There's nothing here...
Donny, come look at this.
It's Morgan Black.
They got to learn to respect
private property.
I'll teach 'em a little lesson.
Let's go.
I'm calling the police. Pull the cassette.
How can I help you?
And who's calling, please?
I'm sorry, Detective Morelli isn't in.
All right, I'll just call him back.
Vista Verde High.
Yeah, Barbie, it's Donny Lennox.
I need to speak with Ms Hoffman.
Is she there?
Maybe you should call back later.
This isn't really a good time.
Well, what's wrong?
We've just had some bad news.
Brians dead.
I'll take it.
Barbie? Barbie?
Hello, Donny?
Mr. Corrigan, listen,
I think I know who killed him.
Hang up. Hang up the phone!
Donny, what's going...
It's Corrigan. He's on the tape.
He's part of it.
They're just paint guns, but
they re better than nothing.
Take these pellets.
Julie. Julie!
Don't make me hurt you.
Donny! Donny!
Take the tape and get out of here!
Fuck! Fuck this shit!
Donny, look out!
Hey, man, get me down!
Lets go, Ripper!
I'll take that, Julie.
You fucked us, Julie.
You fucked us all by bringing him here.
Lets go, Ripper, come on!
I want you here now!
Is that how you took care of Morgan?
We saw the tape.
He died on the fifteenth. The
same night you fucked with him.
But he was alive when we left him.
And then we all came back and we met here.
With Corrigan?
Corrigan didn't come back.
What are you saying?
Brian told me he saw Corrigan that night.
He was really upset about something.
He's killed before, man.
Told us how easy it was taking
out VC, don't you remember?
What about Brian?
Corrigan kill him, too?
He's dead.
Brians dead?
I set him up.
I didn't want him to die!
I was the one that told Corrigan
that Brian was talking.
I'll kill the motherfucker.
I'll kill the motherfucker.
We've got to go to the police.
I'll take him out myself.
No, Ripper. Enough has been done.
We're gonna have to go to the police
and tell them what's happening here
before somebody else gets hurt!
That's right.
Nothing gets hurt except the
rest of our lives, right?
Randy, you cant talk your way
out of this one.
Not this time. You've got
to tell them everything.
It'll be okay.
She's right, man. Its over.
I'm not taking the fall for Corrigan.
Look, we can take care of this ourselves.
I can't let you be a deserter.
It's just paint, Randy.
It's just paint.
Don't leave, man.
Don't leave me. Man...
What are you gonna do? Kill me?
Fuck it.
Brian's dead already.
- What the fuck is going on here?
- Corrigan's here!
Back off!
No, Corrigan, forget it!
Get off.
- Drop it.
- Corrigan!
I'll be by in the morning.
It began about a year ago sometime.
Morgan started with all this military shit.
I mean that guy could really go crazy.
I thought he was gonna kill Randy.
I'm sorry.
Hello, Donny. I got a
friend of yours in the car.
A cop is worried about me? What a concept.
Where the hell have you been?
Well, I had a little run-in
with these assholes myself.
Got a flat tire, Betsy picked
me up, we went up north.
You missed a hell of a concert. You okay?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay.