Danny Deckchair (2003) Movie Script

Danny, Danny?
Jesus, Danny!
Bloody hell.
Danny, get up.
Come on, dummy.
Get up here, bloody hell.
Come on.
Jesus, Danny!
Come on.
Get up.
Move him, that's it.
All the way out. Is your
head screwed on, mate? Is it?
'Cause that's
the second time this week.
Aw, mate, what was I thinking?
I know what you're thinking. You were
thinking about your bloody holiday.
Yeah, my holiday...
Aw, forget it.
Two more days, Pete,
and I'm on that plane.
- I thought you were going camping.
- We are.
We're flying up to Port Douglas,
gonna take the tent, do some camping.
So what?
You're gonna take a tent...
...sleeping bags,
maybe a camp stove...
- You're gonna put that on a plane?
- What's wrong with that?
It's just that normally,
when people fly they stay in hotels.
I don't want to stay in a hotel.
I wanna go camping.
Hey, Daryl, can they keep a boat
in the driveway in Earlwood?
Can you hold on for one tic?
Line three, thank you.
Look, it's even got a spa
in the laundry.
Trudy, it's him!
Sandy Upman, line two.
Sandy Upman?
The sports reporter?
You mean
that big spunk on AUS 11?
Walked in off the street, last week.
Said he wants to buy some real estate.
Sandy, thanks for calling back.
Yes, I found them, they were
under the seat of my car.
Sure, Sandy, that would be great.
I could show you some more properties.
Wednesday is fine.
Listen, Sandy, could we make it
more like 1:00 P.M.?
Great, maybe we can grab
some lunch.
- Ooh!
- Okay, see you then.
She's going to lunch.
Lunch with Sandy Upman!
- I mean he's practically famous.
- He is famous!
Next week, I'm gonna...
God, next week!
Hi, Trudy!
Hi, babes.
Danny, I can't go.
I'm sorry, sweetheart,
but I have to work next week.
- You what?
- This afternoon.
...bloody Ray announces that he's gonna
go to Brisbane for a week.
His sister died
and he's gotta go out there.
- There's no way around it.
- His sister?
Brisbane? Can't somebody else
look after the office?
- It's my job, Danny.
- Can't you make up an excuse?
I'm not like that,
I've got responsibilities now.
I'm not some little secretary
He's been so quiet all weekend.
I'm afraid
to leave him home tomorrow.
Donna, I feel lousy about this.
Come on, at least now
you'll be home for the long weekend.
Maybe we can have a barbie.
Right, good idea.
We'll have it over here.
- Danny loves a good barbie.
- Mm-hmm.
It's the long weekend
next weekend.
You wanna have everybody over
for a big barbie?
You big sook!
Right, it's settled.
I'll ring Bob and Kaz...
Sandy Upman in the press-room.
- Thanks very much, Brian.
It appears we've got
quite a struggle here at the SCG.
At quarter time, the Kangaroos
are leading the Swans.
- Three goals to four, 22...
- Hello, Trudy, are you there?
...this is AFL on AUS 11.
I'm Sandy Upman.
Monday morning traffic is light...
Make way seletah rum
dem mad feel!
While me rugged
dance hall echoes.
Fa'apa, boom-boom,
fa'apa, boom-boom.
Midnight reflect sunrays
da di da da ooh.
Screams from da' old plantation
Fai fai pea, fai fai pea.
Screams from da' old plantation
Fai fai pea, fai fai pea.
Scream from da' old plantation
Fai fai pea, fai fai pea.
Let's take...
let's take her back.
Or take them back home
to the motherland and teach.
Let's take...
let's take her back.
Back, back, back.
Please, don't think...
I'm not paying for them, all right?
My name is Phil Stubbs,
not Snubbs, all right?
Yeah, you do all your paperwork.
I just want the problem fixed.
- Phil?
- You got...
Hey, Danny, how is it going, mate?
- Good to see you, mate.
- Good to see you too, man.
How is the second-best footballer
in the history of Earlwood High?
Second best to who,
you old bastard?
Easy, fellow.
- Messing up your suit there, Phil.
- No worries, mate.
- So you're still with Trudy?
- Yeah.
Great, so you tied the knot then?
Well no, but...
we own a house together.
- Mate, that's even worse, eh?
- Yeah.
Hey, listen, you tell me...
what's wrong with this picture?
- I thought it was Stubbs.
- Exactly. You got that?
You... You own Car City?
Yeah, doing well, mate,
doing well.
In fact, we're having a big sale
over the long weekend.
We are really doing it up,
I tell you...
...raffles, giveaways for the kids,
the works!
Maybe you should have
a pancake breakfast.
- A what?
- Big pancake brekky.
I saw it on TV... All these people out
in the car park eating pancakes.
- Yeah.
- Excuse me.
- Eating pancakes, huh?
- That's right.
You are a nutter, mate.
You haven't changed a bit.
Oh, what the hell!
Here, have a balloon.
Thanks, Phil.
Oh, I love polka dots.
So, tomorrow is the big day?
Sandy Upman, beware!
She'll just chew you up
and spit you out, eh?
- Just like Danny.
- You cut it out, you guys.
I feel bad enough as it is.
I mean every year we go on holiday
and everything's fine.
But give him
some time off at home...
...and he starts climbing the walls.
I haven't been up there for a while.
I though he might be
over there with Pete.
No, no sign of him.
This is getting to be too much.
I mean, you know how he comes up
with all these stupid ideas.
Like the time he made
a human slingshot?
Tell me about it.
But now, every night I come home
and he is doing something weird.
He just doesn't know
what to do with himself.
- I know it sounds cruel.
- No, go on.
Well, things are really
taking off for me.
You know...
you want to know what?
Well, Danny's a cement man.
He'll never be anything
but a cement man.
Oh, I'm not saying
he is dull or anything but...
...he's one of the little people.
You know what I mean?
Hi, Danny.
- Trudy here?
- You just missed her.
- She just stepped out with...
- Sandy, do you have a listing.
...for that house down on
the waterfront, you know the old...
I thought you had
to go away this week.
Right, right,
I was supposed to go away...
...but... well, it was a bit
of an emergency, Danny.
- My brother had...
- I thought it was your sister.
No, it was my brother.
She's all right now.
It was a bloody awful thing, Danny.
It was a very close call. Danny!
It's the kind of prose... I don't
want to use names like Dylan Thomas.
Sandy Upman...
- Sandy! Up the mighty Saints
- You know it, buddy.
You see his bum crack
was showing?
Hey, what're you waiting for?
Come on!
What are you looking at?
Polka dots.
I went by your office today.
I was gonna surprise you for lunch.
I saw Ray there.
You know what?
He's been there all week.
No, he didn't, he just got back,
just this morning.
He got back early.
He went to his sister's...
I don't think Ray even has a sister.
What's going on?
Oh, nothing is going on!
- What's all this business about...
- Okay, I lied.
But only because I didn't want to go
on some stupid camping trip.
- So we could have gone on holiday?
- Yeah, sure.
We could have gone and sat
in a leaky tent for two weeks.
What kind of a holiday
is that, Danny?
I thought you wanted
to go camping.
Well... No.
But we've been planning it all year.
I told you to go ahead
and go by yourself.
Yeah, well maybe I will.
Fine. What?
So now you're gonna go!
And what do I tell all our friends
we've invited to the barbie?
What barbie?
This weekend,
the long weekend.
It's your barbie!
I'm standing here.
On the ground.
The sky above
won't fall down...
- Thanks, Clair.
- Okay, see you.
Don't change for you.
Don't change a thing
for me.
Yeah... Right.
- Hi!
- Hi.
- Come in. I'll take this.
- Hi, how you doing?
- So how was lunch?
- Shh.
Hey, hey!
Oy, oy.
- I love that top.
- Hey, what's up?
I've got something to show you.
- What?
- Yeah, right...
Oh, yeah.
What do they do?
Then after lunch, he said...
"Why don't we go for drive?"
And I said, "Okay. "
And we ended up in Avalon.
- Avalon?
- Uh-huh.
And get this...
we went for a walk on the beach.
- No way!
- Mm-hmm.
You went for a walk on the beach
with Sandy Upman?
Come on, Stuey.
Well done, Stuey.
- That's it.
- You and your bloody ideas, mate.
You don't seriously think
you'll get off the ground, do you?
What's the big deal?
I just want to see if it works.
- Like this, see?
- Oh yeah.
Hey, it's all right by me, just
as long as we can watch the footy.
- Okay.
- Eh-eh!
- All right, Stuey, not bad.
- Wo-ooh!
Sandy's got bigger fish to fry.
He wants to move up from Sport
to the National News spot.
All right.
- Do these kebabs look big enough?
- Hey you, slow down...
- Hey, Danny, what are you doing?
- Trying to get back to Kansas.
Danny, uh...
the missus.
Planning a little trip?
Look, Trudy, it's stupid.
I know that.
- He just wants to see if it'll work.
That's right.
And how do you plan
on getting back down?
- Ah, Let him fly.
- Let him go, Trudy.
Come on, Trudy, let him go.
Let him fly. Let him go.
He can go to the moon
for all I care.
Come on, you fellows.
- Nice?
- Yeah.
We're gonna feed you so full. You're never
gonna take off the ground.
Well, despite a four goal lead
so early on...
...right back into this game and
the Demons now are on four goals 3.27...
- And it's five goals 4.34...
- Oh my God.
- Get on there. Come here.
- Go on.
Let's go. Think we have
enough of these, mate?
I swear he's born
and bred like this.
Here we go.
That might not make the distance.
The scissors.
Use the sci...
Ooh, Danny!
- He was supposed to have them with him.
- Danny!
There he is.
There is the... There he is!
I can't see him.
It works.
Well don't just stand there.
Trudy, get out of the car.
Come on, get out of the car.
- Quick, quick, come on.
- Hey, Trudy, Trudy!
- Come on.
- Trudy, calm down. Trudy!
- Trudy, come here. It's all right.
- What are we supposed to do?
- He's on a what?
- Yeah, yeah, I know.
- Give me air traffic control.
- There's something up there.
- Yeah, we got it.
- What is it?
You're not gonna believe this.
Close runway two.
We have an
unidentified craft in sector K.
Divert all flight paths
in that sector.
Hope he packed a raincoat.
That was close.
- He's gone.
- We lost him.
- I don't know exactly what happened.
- He just... You know, went up.
- Okay, I'll just...
- You guys should just do something.
We put out a statewide APB.
But there's not much more
we can do. I hope he comes back.
- No, I'll stay and help her clean up.
- You sure?
- Pull the TV in from the back.
- Did the Swans win?
Hi, what exactly happened here?
Did you have any indications
that he wouldn't let go?
What's that?
- What's...
- What is that?
It's a UFO.
Oh my God.
Come on, let's go.
Come on, let's go!
Oh God.
Better get you to a doctor.
Dave, Dave, I saw it.
Bloody brig and bright
and it went down right over there.
- Right behind Glenda Lake's place.
- Glenda's house?
- All right, guys.
- Landed at Glenda's?
Thank you.
That's okay.
- Where am I?
- You're in Clarence.
- And where is that?
- Northern Rivers.
All the way up there!
So I did it. I really did it.
Where did you come from?
I uh...
Get out of the way!
Get out of the fucking way.
Get out of the way. Get back...
Don't shoot, don't shoot.
We come in peace.
- Glenda, are there more of them?
- More of what?
More of... More of...
I don't know. More of what, Dave?
I don't know.
Glenda, just come towards us.
- Come away from him.
- No, he's mine.
- What? A guest?
- I mean, he's a guest of mine.
Since when do you have a guest?
Is it too hard to believe, Dave,
that I have a man in my house?
Who the hell is he then?
- I just came down from...
- Lismore.
He's down from Lismo. He's an old
professor of mine from Lismore Uni.
Just here for a visit, Dave.
You never told me
about any professor.
It's none of your business.
And what do you think you're doing.
- Barging in my house like this?
- Well...
What was that that came down
your backyard, then?
It was one of your stupid fireworks.
It set my tree on fire.
If my friend hadn't put it out, it
would have burned the whole house down.
All right.
So you know each other then?
Come on, Dave.
Sorry about that, Glenda.
Sorry, mate, Professor.
Come on now.
- Uh, I'm sorry.
- No worries.
- Welcome to Clarence, Professor.
He's from Lismore.
He's kind of cute if you ask me.
This is the busiest
this house has been in a while.
We need these photos now.
Where did he go?
What made him do it?
These questions are on the lips
of everyone in this Sydney suburb.
No, I'm sorry,
she's not taking calls right now.
We're keeping the line free.
- That's my house on TV.
- It was a joke gone out of hand.
They're talking about my Danny.
Let us in.
It's me, Pete, open up.
- But I'm a friend of the family.
- What are you doing?
No, I'm a friend of Trudy's.
- Trudy, Trudy!
- What are you doing here?
I just wanna help.
I only want to help.
- Do you two know each other?
- Trudy?
I'll put you on TV, okay?
Prime time, a million viewers.
you can make a personal plea.
Somebody out there
must have seen something.
It's your best chance
of finding him, really.
It's worth a shot, Trud.
It's worth... it's worth a shot.
You're a cop?
Good morning to you too.
I'm a parking cop, the only one
in town. So watch yourself, mate.
And listen I'm running late
and I don't know what your story is...
...but there's a kettle on the stove...
...tomato sandwich in the fridge.
...and some clothes on the chair there.
And when you leave...
I'd appreciate it if you didn't
take anything else.
And good morning to you.
I should really call my station manager.
Do you mind if I use the phone?
Go ahead.
- Trudy's fine.
- Who's this?
I'm Sandy Upman.
- He's funny.
- I'm sure he is.
- G'day.
- Are you a friend of Glenda's?
- Yeah.
I didn't know
Glenda had any friends.
We're going for a walk,
wanna come?
- Uh... Yeah.
- Let's go.
- It's so funny.
- You want to check out the river?
- Yeah, is it far?
- I'm skipping.
- Yep.
- Come on.
Wait, wait,
he's just come out of the house.
...I don't believe it, Glenda Lake.
Yeah, and they say he was wearing
her dressing gown.
No, he didn't look
like he was from outer space.
He didn't look bad at all
if you ask me.
Excuse me, Dave, but how many times
did you actually go out with Glenda?
It's got nothing to do with that,
has it?
I just don't trust the guy.
Yeah, right.
In a city suburb yesterday,
a man took to the skies.
...out of his own backyard.
Experts believes last night's storm
swept him west toward the desert.
How long has it been
since she went to Uni, anyway?
Oh, I don't know, Dave.
But who knows what happened
when she was away?
Give me a break.
- It's just down there.
- Okay.
- See you, have fun.
- Bye.
- Have fun.
- Thanks, see you later.
- Hi, Dave.
- You're going to town?
I just love this one.
Hi, Alice.
Oh, I was just coming back.
Hey, I mean it.
Give us a break.
If I get another ticket,
I could loose my license.
I need my car for my job.
My kids won't eat.
I already wrote it, Mr. Furco, it's an
official document. I can't take it back.
Oh you, miserable cow!
Why don't you get a life? Don't you
have anything better to do, eh?
- Don't you?
- You haven't heard, have you?
- What, Darren?
- Glenda's got much better things to do.
- Don't you, Glenda?
- Oh yeah? Like what?
- She's got a gentleman friend.
- Glenda?
I didn't know you had a bloke
tucked away, Glenda.
- You never know now, do you?
- Glenda's got a bloke?
- Yeah.
- You're kidding me.
- How much are you paying him?
- Bet he gets free parking?
So did he come to take you
to the ball, Miss Lake?
Yeah, as a matter of fact, I did.
There's no way I'm going. Forget it.
What's the problem?
I don't even know who you are.
- Does it matter?
- What do you mean, does it matter?
Maybe it's not that important.
What if you're a crim? What if
you just broke out out of Grafton?
If you are,
I'll have to turn you in.
Maybe Dave was right.
Maybe you really are from outer space.
Maybe I am. But I thought I was
an old professor of yours.
- Yeah right.
- Well, you started it.
I know but...
Did you see the look on their faces
when I said we were going to the ball?
You wouldn't wanna shock 'em
by actually showing up.
Oh! No, I couldn't. God, my parents
had some weird clothes.
Oh, that's great.
Look at that.
No, I couldn't wear that.
It's beautiful.
I better find you something.
Think this will fit?
I'm amazed
my dad even had a suit.
And these trousers to match.
- Yeah, that'll work.
- Oh yeah.
You look quite suave.
Never been called that before.
Can I use this?
- Maybe this is not such a good idea.
- Come on.
Glenda, look at you.
You look absolutely gorgeous.
And you look good enough to eat.
- Professor, this is Maggie Pike.
- Hi, Glenda.
And Sonya Tims,
our high school headmistress.
- How do you do?
- And Meredith Butcher, our local MP.
Dick and Debby Lleyton
from Lleyton's Department Store.
- G'day, Professor.
- I am not actually a professor.
- Just a senior lecturer.
- Ooh!
But philosophy is just a foundation, don't
you think, Professor?
Yeah, but to build a good house,
you need a good foundation.
Well said.
And a good foundation
needs to be dug.
...at least half as deep
as the height of the house.
I didn't know you went to Uni,
Glenda, what did you study?
- Art History.
- Oh really?
- History of art, eh? Good.
- Exactly.
She was pretty wild back then.
She even did some nude modeling.
...for the life drawing classes,
didn't you?
- Nude?
- Yeah.
Watch it now.
Here comes Big Jim.
Bloody hell, Glenda, you scrub up well.
Who's your friend?
Professor, meet Clarence's leading
mover and shaker, Jim Craig.
- G'day, mate.
- And Sandra Craig.
- And Linda, Jim's daughter.
- Charmed, Your Majesty.
Oh, man, this bloke is good.
Excuse me, could I possibly
have this next dance?
- Go on, go ahead, go on.
- Yeah.
I'll look after your man for you.
Off you go, ladies,
go have your drink.
So, Professor?...
- Danny... Daniels.
- Professor Daniels?
Glenda's actually having fun.
They all call me Big Jim,
but I started out as a little bloke.
- Is that right?
- Yep...
...worked my way up the hard way.
Which is more than I can say
for old toffee-nose over there.
I'm gonna give the little blokes
a big voice.
That's my campaign slogan:
"Big Jim Craig. A Big Voice
for the Little Bloke. "
Sounds good.
So how's the campaign going?
Not bad. You see, the thing is
everyone knows who I am.
But they don't really know me.
Maybe you should have
a pancake breakfast.
A what?
Big pancake breakfast out in
the car park. Lots of tables.
Invite the whole town. Serve everyone
yourself. Get to know them.
"Big Jim's Pancake Breakfast. "
I like it.
I like it a lot.
And listen, Professor,
could you give me hand?
- Hello, handsome.
- Hello.
Just look at her dance, eh.
She is a wonderful woman.
She never mentioned you before.
I'm surprised.
You just turn up
out of the blue, eh?
- Dave, go easy on the bloke.
- I'm just talking to the bloke.
May I?
Stars shining bright
above you.
Night breezes seem
to whisper, "I love you"
Birds singing
in the sycamore tree.
Dream a little dream of me.
Say nightie-night
and kiss me.
Just hold me tight
and tell me you miss me.
While I'm alone
and blue as can be.
Dream a little dream of me.
Stars fading,
but I linger on, dear.
Still craving your kiss.
I'm longing
to linger till dawn, dear.
Just saying this...
Bombs away!
Keep them coming.
Keep 'em coming.
Thanks, mate.
Great, there you go.
- Hey, Jim.
- Thanks, mate.
Good morning, good morning,
good morning.
Here, one for you.
Good to see you here.
- Good on you.
- Come on.
- Hi, Glenda.
- Hey, hello.
Your friend has really livened
things up around here, hasn't he?
Mm-hmm, sure has.
Manna from Big Jim Heaven.
Feed the whole family.
- Hey, you up for a drink?
- No, thanks, Jim, that's great.
Good on you, eh.
It's nice to be getting served
by him for a change, isn't it?
Usually he wouldn't give you
the steam off his own piss, eh?
That right, Big Jim?
Hey, Maggie,
got some big stacks there.
Go, Danny!
That's the way.
This is fantastic, Professor.
I want you to run my whole campaign
for me. The whole bloody show!
Hello, Lismore University.
Can I have your
records department, please?
Because you told everyone
I posed nude...
Darren tells me he wants to start
life-drawing classes.
No way,
and he wants you to model?
No, he wants to model.
And a lot of women are interested.
- You're kidding.
- They says he's got a lot to offer.
What's this?
It was my Mum and Dad's.
Cool parents.
A long time ago.
They were the original hippies...
"Easy Rider" and all that.
So this bike's been places.
Yeah, I guess it has.
Coast to coast and halfway
across the world, I reckon.
Vroom, vroom, vroom.
So uh...
where are you going now?
We're racing across the Nullarbor...
over the desert...
...all the way to the sea.
We'll sleep out under the stars.
You mean like
with a swag and all?
- And you did all this?
- No, not me.
My parents stopped touring around
when I started school.
But sometimes my dad used
to take me for rides in the country.
As long as my mum
didn't catch him.
He'd sit me on the front there.
...and we'd go roaring
through the mountains.
Maybe I could
get this running again.
Not now,
you just got yourself a job.
Oh yeah...
That looks great.
There you go.
Great, thanks. G'day.
I think Jim is too busy making money
to do anything else.
He dislikes the idea of being "MP."
Yeah, but if you wanna get
something done...
...give it to the busy man and
he'll make the time to do it.
This is nice and fatty.
You got, uh...
fireclay in this?
Yeah, that's right.
Could I uh?...
It goes down real smooth.
Glenda, when you modeled at Uni.
Did you do classic art poses.
- Like the discus?
- Uh, yeah. That's good.
- And Glenda?
- Huh?
I could give you
more of a warrior pose.
That's good.
- Neo-classical.
- No, that's good for the muscles.
something a little more...
You remind me of somebody.
He's not shy.
- Quit staring.
- The albatross.
Ladies, please, come on. I haven't
got much time this afternoon.
What about maybe...
"A Salute To The Sun"?
Ladies, ladies, please.
- What about the Water Sprinkler?
What about the Garden Hose?
Danny Morgan is having
a big effect out there.
And people are doing things
they normally wouldn't do.
There'll still been
no word from Danny...
...which has fuelled speculation
even more.
We talked
to some people on the street.
Oh, Danny! I mean,
he's inspirational.
He just makes you want
to jump on a plane and take off.
Or maybe you just
want to chuck in your job.
Or maybe you want
to tell Scott Tinsdale.
...who's been working Operations now
for five years.
...who I've been
completely in love with...
...finally tell him how you feel...
Scott, I love you.
There. Danny!
And she's not alone.
Danny has been inspiring people
all over Sydney.
Today, a man in Penrith
decided to climb a telephone pole.
He simply climbed up
and sat on top.
He said it was something
he always wanted to do.
Let's get an update from the experts
of Air Force Search and Rescue.
We have a team studying satellite
photographs from the past week.
...and a full-scale search continues.
Nothing conclusive yet...
...but our hope is that Morgan
is still out there somewhere.
- Thank you, commander.
- Four-three...
Now for an exclusive interview,
we cross live to Sandy Upman.
It's incredible.
No note. No explanation.
He just disappeared.
He really needed a holiday.
I think he just wanted to get away.
But the way he did it. Why did he do it?
Well, we were having a...
There were problems?
Well, I never thought
he'd really leave.
And now?
I just keep thinking he's gonna
walk through that door.
...and everything will be okay.
It must be so hard.
Before we go, Trudy...
Is there anything
you'd like to say to Danny...
...if he's out there somewhere,
watching us now?
I'm sorry, sweetheart.
- I just want you to come home.
- Poor thing.
It's okay, let it out.
I'm Sandy Upman.
Thank you, Sandy.
We'll bring you more exclusive...
Well, look who's here.
- Just this thing on TV.
- Bloody men! They're all the same.
You just don't know
how good you've got it, do you?
I don't know...
I'd say this is about
as good as it gets.
Wouldn't you, Darren?
Ooh, I like this one.
Maybe you can model next week.
Same time next week?
What are you doing?
Oh, just...
So many of them.
Where I come from
you can barely see 'em.
I never want to leave this place.
But um...
There's something
I think you should know.
...about where I came from...
...it's complicated.
- You don't have to tell me.
- Please.
No, don't!
Good night.
- Hi.
- Hey!
- Morning, Glenda.
- Morning.
- Hey, Glenda!
- Hi.
- You two free next Wednesday night?
- I think so, I'll have to check...
- You did it.
- Hop on.
I can't, I'm working.
Come on just for a minute.
No, no, no, no.
You drive it.
- I've never driven a bike before.
- I'll show you how.
I'm sort of working it out myself.
All right.
Oh God! Ha!
- All right, that's the accelerator.
- Ooh yeah.
And you just
push that pedal down there.
Take it over the bridge.
Let's get lost,
work on a farm.
A change of weather
wouldn't do you no harm.
Let's get lost,
pick up your feet...
This is fantastic!
Let's get lost,
work on a farm.
A change of weather
couldn't do you no harm.
Let's get lost,
pick up your feet.
Don't tempt fate, boy...
Get lost.
Let's get lost.
Yeah, let's get lost...
What the hell
do you think you're doing?
All right, okay.
Oh, Dave, come on.
Could I have your license,
Could I have
your license, please?
I don't have my license with me.
All right.
What are you
giving me a ticket for?
I think you know, Glenda.
Thanks, Dave.
I was kind of nervous.
It's pretty exciting though.
All the lights, camera, action.
Bye, girls.
There's that lady from TV last night...
Hi, would you mind
taking these for me?
Hey, you look good, Trudy.
- How are you?
- You look like a movie star.
- Really? Thank you. It is actually...
- You look fantastic.
Thank you, bye.
- Hi, Kevin.
- Hello, Trudy.
- How are you?
- I'm exhausted.
- You look lovely today.
- Oh, thank you.
- Lots of calls.
- Ooh.
Sandy's called
about 30 times, I think.
Oh, there it goes.
...to your television debut.
- To your promotion!
- Oh yes, to my promotion.
Wing Commander Matthews,
what are the chances.
...of actually finding Danny
at this stage?
Well Frank we're trying
to stay optimistic.
But the more time passes, the greater
the chance of exposure, injury...
...or he just maybe didn't make it.
But I'll tell you this... They don't
make them like Danny Morgan anymore.
- He's gonna stand along with true...
- It's okay.
...Australian legends
like Burke and Wills.
You're all right?
He came down in this area between
Bathurst and Broken Hill...
...which is probably why
there's been no word.
Even if Danny did survive the landing.
It's tough country out there.
We're talking nuts and berries.
- What kind of speech?
- Speech-speech.
- Just write down some notes.
- Okay, mate, I'll think of something.
- Hey, Professor!
- I'm late, I gotta go.
6:30 tomorrow night.
- Need some chairs for the meeting?
- That would be great.
- Not sure how many yet, but...
Hey, Professor.
- Hey, mate. I'll give you a call.
- All right.
You're looking pretty thirsty.
- Come on.
- We're real thirsty.
- There's all this stuff I gotta do.
- Come on, it's the end of the week.
Let me shout you a beer, eh?
Mate, you are all right.
For a professor.
Yeah, well,
I wasn't always a professor.
- Yeah? What did you do before?
- I was a kind of pilot.
- What, an airline pilot?
- No, more like...
...a test pilot.
Top secret stuff.
- Hi, Professor.
- Your Majesty.
I never got to dance with you
at the ball.
- Come on, Professor!
- Wahoo!
Here we go.
Dance with me, Professor.
I gotta go.
Hey! Where are you going?
What is it?
- What is it?
- Nothing.
- I just wanted to tell you that I...
- What's wrong?
- I was down at The Federal.
- You've been at The Federal?
- Yes, but I wanna say something.
- I was really worried about you.
I thought something
had happened to you.
I thought that you'd come home
and we'd have dinner.
- No, I hate being like this.
- Like what?
I don't wanna do this anymore.
- What are you talking about?
- I don't want to feel.
This is getting serious.
I know, that's what
I've been trying to tell you.
Glenda. Glenda!
I don't want to talk to you.
Come back!
Let's get him.
Let's go.
Peter, come back!
What's that?
- You okay?
- Huh?
Yeah, yeah, I reckon.
Listen, Glenda...
I don't really know what's going on, maybe
it's none of my business.
I got a call back from Lismore Uni.
Well, they never heard
of a Professor Daniels.
He hasn't taught there in years.
- I thought you said he came...
- You really are jealous, aren't you?
There's a way of doing things.
...and there's a way of not doing things
in the State Parliament.
And let me tell you,
after serving as your member.
...for the past seven years.
I know the way.
I know how to handle those
Chardonnay-sipping socialites in Sydney.
- Hey, how is it going?
- Fine except Jim hasn't shown up yet.
Max is back.
God damn it!
Thank you and goodnight.
- There's a phone call for you.
- Huh?
- A phone call for you.
- Okay.
- Hello?
Professor? Mate?
I had an emergency of... Just got out
of an important meeting.
- What about the speech?
- Mate, you're gonna have to do it.
- What?
- Oh, come on, mate.
Max, can't you take your friends
somewhere else?
Sorry, Mum.
Where did you get this?
Where's Jim?
B... Big Jim... Jim Craig...
...he's running late.
Did he get a better offer?
...you should vote
for Big Jim because...
...well, he's a good man.
He's got plans, big plans.
...he's gonna give a big voice
to all you...
...little blokes.
What the hell does he mean
"little blokes?"
I mean, who am I talking to?
And who is
this little bloke anyway?
Is it...
Is he...
...is he the cleaner.
...who cleans up
at the packing plant?
Is he the teacher.
...who teaches your kids
at the primary school?
- Is he the builder who built this town?
- Right.
It all adds up,
ladies and gentlemen...
I don't think there's a little bloke
here tonight.
Take our postie, John Perchie.
What would happen if John decided
not to deliver the mail for a day?
That's not such a little thing.
What would happen if Pirmjet Prensing
didn't get out of bed in the morning.
...to take her girls to school?
That's not such a little thing.
Or what if old Mr. Potts.
...didn't go to the park every day with his
breadcrumbs to feed the pigeons?
We have a couple
of thousand birds flying around.
...looking for a new town to live in.
And that's not such a little thing.
We're the little people all right.
We're the ones who grow the crops...
...tar the roads, build the towns,
teach the kids.
Yeah and when there is some
big important thing that needs doing.
...it's always us the little people
who damn well get it done.
Sometimes we do it to ourselves.
I used to think, "I'm just a nobody,
who am I kidding?"
But then I came to Clarence...
...where I've learned that
you don't have to be a bigwig.
...to be a somebody.
It's the kind of person you are
that's important.
And this town is filled with the most
important people I've ever met.
...you all know
I'm pretty new in Clarence.
But already things
are getting serious for me here.
That's what I've been trying
to tell you.
Because you've shown me
what really matters.
And believe me
that's not such a little thing.
In fact, it's just about the biggest thing
that's ever happened to me.
And I thank you for that.
Good night.
Spot on, mate.
You know, you really do remind me
of my old professor.
So there really was a professor.
- Oh yeah.
- You, devil!
Ah, Glenda! Whoa!
Would you like who you were...
If you met them someplace?
- Would you recognize the lines...
- Glenda.
On a strangers face?
Would you know yourself...
- As good as I know you?
- Got you!
Who do you love?
Yeah, who do you love?
Who do you love?
- Yeah, who do you love?
- I might be a bit rusty at this.
Who do you love?
- Lady, I'm closing up.
I thought you should see this.
Max found it up a tree.
You know, that guy they're looking for.
You think it might be his?
Oh my God.
I'm sorry, sir, but a lot of people think
they've seen him.
There's just nobody that can
help you with that right now.
If you don't put me through to
Mr. Upman, I'll go to another network.
...and he's actually starting
to become aroused.
Excuse me.
Go on.
I'm just gonna take this
over here.
The first time I really kissed someone
I stuck my tongue up his nose.
It was so embarrassing.
- Are you gonna get that, Kevin?
Yeah, get it.
Forget it, I'll get it.
Jeez, he's hopeless.
Hi, Trudy, it's me.
- Sandy!
- Trudy?
- It's so late.
Yeah, I know.
Look, don't tell anybody, okay?
But I think I found Danny.
- Does he know we're coming?
- Trudy, shh-shh.
Trudy, this is Spider.
Spider, I just want mid-shots
and close-ups, okay?
Trudy, please, please,
just relax, okay? It's fine.
Hi, I'm Sandy Upman...
I'm picking up three tickets
to Clarence.
Clarence? It's Clarence!
- Clarence!
- Excuse me, mate, media emergency!
Now wait this is my...
It's Sandy,
yeah, put me through.
Put me through.
It's an emergency.
What the bloody hell is this?
Where did you come from?
That's in Sydney, isn't it?
And what brings you to Clarence?
I tied a bunch of balloons to a chair
and floated up here.
Right, like that guy on TV.
Oh, God.
Hey, Professor!
It's about time someone gave Big Jim
a run for his money.
Yeah and you sure as hell
got our vote.
- Yep.
- Hi, Glenda.
- Hello, Glenda, look.
- A new candidate?
Eh? He's our man.
I'd better go talk to Jim.
I'll be right back.
Professor, Professor!
Where are you going?
There he is!
- That's him just there!
- That's Danny... Danny Morgan!
Danny! Danny Morgan!
- He's over there!
- Danny!
Danny, wait a minutes, please.
Mr. Morgan, please wait!
- An exclusive!
- You tell the story the way you want.
Help me out,
give me your hand.
Danny, how do you feel about it?
Oh, look at you.
Oh, Glenda!
- What's he doing here?
- You've got to get this.
I'm the guy who found you.
I found him!
- Oh my God.
- I found him.
Danny! Ha ha!
Danny, Danny, please!
- Glenda, I can explain.
- Go to hell.
- Was I some little fling?
- Glenda, please.
Get out of my life.
- Glenda!
- You've heard the lady.
- Come on... Let's go home.
Danny, what the story?
Come on, Mr. Morgan, the whole
country is wanting to see you.
Glenda who?
Did you get her name?
- Mate, call home.
- Where's he going? Stop him.
Not a good idea.
Trudy, Trudy!
This is my chopper!
This is my chopper!
Trudy! Trudy!
Trudy, wait!
We have to interrupt
this broadcast for a special report.
AUS 11
has found Danny Morgan.
- Oh my God! Oh my God!
- AUS 11 is bringing you.
...his extraordinary story of survival.
- There he is!
- Danny Morgan was finally found.
...today in the Northern Rivers
town of Clarence.
- 'Cause he's a man!
- Through exclusive sources...
AUS 11 was able to uncover
the whereabouts of Danny.
We're crossing now to the helipad...
- Yeah, I know!
... Chopper is about to land.
- All right, I'm on my way.
- AUS 11 exclusive...
...we have found Danny...
Could you get my bag, please?
Make way for Mr. Morgan.
Please step back.
Trudy, come on!
Just move in a bit closer there.
Danny, that's it, lovely!
Another quick one.
Move in, that's it.
- Out back, come on.
- See you, Danny.
One more, Danny?
Just one more?
- Hi, Danny.
- Danny!
Hey, hey, hey!
Nice trip?
Lunch at the Ritz-Carlton,
calls from John Laws.
Tomorrow we meet the Premier.
Hey, you cheeky bugger.
Hey, if you're gonna advertise,
will you at least get the name right?
Danny and I are footy mates
from high school. Isn't that right?
Absolute honor to meet you...
...you've been an inspiration
to all of us in the Air Force.
If there's anything I can do,
anything at all, just give me a call.
Don't forget your mates
who made this all possible.
That's my mate here.
So Danny, what are you gonna do
when all this dies down?
The holiday ends today.
Time to get back to work, eh, Danny?
Yeah, I could do that.
I was only joking, mate.
I don't care.
I might as well get back to it.
No, no, no, no, no.
We're meeting the Premier tomorrow.
You're a VIP now, Danny.
You can't just go back to...
Okay, okay, everybody!
Time to go.
Come on, I've got to get up
in the morning.
Is he serious?
Thanks a lot.
He needs some space.
See you.
I'm tired.
I wanna sleep.
Yeah, of course you do.
Why'd you slip away?
There's nothing I can do.
The tighter I hold on.
The more I seem to lose.
Nothing left to say.
You see it's much the same.
I'm still hurt.
...and I'm still here.
What's this?
I can't do this anymore, Dave.
What do you mean?
The job... I don't like it. I've never
liked it. I don't want to do it anymore.
Okay, all right.
I know what you're saying.
Maybe you just need
to take a break, that's all.
Sorry, Dave.
I've just gotta get out of here.
So then, Howard told us all
to put on an extra run.
You'd think with twelve trucks you'd
fill that order in a week, wouldn't you?
- Yeah, piece of piss.
- Exactly.
That's what I keep telling him.
Here we are again, eh?
It's like you never
went anywhere, isn't it?
So what happened up there anyway?
Long story.
We're not exactly
going anywhere, are we?
So... what about
that little lady up there then?
What do you mean?
Well, I saw you
running after her on TV.
Hey, hey, hey, hey...
...it's all right.
Don't give yourself a hard time.
Plenty of blokes have flings when they
go away on business and stuff.
It doesn't mean a thing.
I mean,
you came back, didn't you?
...what about it?
Did you have a little fling?
A little holiday thing?
A little ring-a-ding-ding?
What are you doing?
Danny? Danny!
What's the matter with you?
Get back here.
Come on, mate, don't be stupid.
You know I can't drive.
There are plenty of choices here.
...but I think you like
that one, don't you?
May I help you? Mr. Upman!
I'm all right, all right.
Who the hell do you think you are?
- Not here, Sandy.
- How could you leave me behind?
That was my chopper.
I ordered that chopper.
Do you know what's happened?
I lost my job because of what you did.
- Sandy, I...
- No, no, I bent over backwards for you.
I broke the rules for you
and what do I get?
- I had no choice.
- I was reaching out for you.
- That was my chopper...
- Sandy!
Can I have a second with Trudy?
Yeah, sure, Danny.
Hi, baby, what are you doing here?
- It's not gonna work, Trudy.
- I don't want to hear this.
- Trudy.
- Well, it's not fair.
What do you mean?
You did something, Danny.
You and your crazy ideas.
And now we have a chance.
Like we could really go somewhere.
I reckon I know what you want.
And I'm not it.
Believe me, all this stuff
is gonna blow over.
And we'd be right back
where we started.
What happened to you up there?
You're gonna be all right?
- You're coming back, aren't you?
- I don't know.
But where are you gonna go?
What are you gonna do?
Don't worry, Sonya,
I can work it out as I go along.
- Are you sure you've done this before?
- Yeah.
We're there. Go, go, go, go.
- You really sure you wanna do this?
- Yes.
- All right, one, two...
- Rah!
- Here's my keys. Use the house...
- Glenda-aaaa!
- Please, wait.
- I don't wanna talk to you.
- I'm sorry, Glenda.
- So am I, Danny.
Sorry for everything.
Yeah? Well, that doesn't
make it all right.
Yes it does, bloody hell.
I dropped out of the sky
into your backyard...
You... You've got someone else.
It's finished. It's over.
Now you think you can
drop back into my life.
...say you're sorry and think everything
goes right back to the way it was?
No, no, I'll do whatever it takes.
I'll get my own place here.
I'll get a job...
...send you flowers, take you out
on dates like normal people.
You're not normal, Danny.
Whatever it takes.
Glenda, I love you!
Are you always like this?
I was thinking...
...maybe we could go camping
Work our way up the coast
or something.
Yeah, I'd like that.
Do you know what I've always
wanted to do?
I'd like to go
to some foreign country.
...like Spain or Bolivia
or Vietnam.
Just pitch a tent somewhere.
You mean take a tent and sleeping bags
and stuff all in a plane?
Yeah, I guess.
What's wrong with that?
Nothing at all.
Maybe Iceland.
Do you reckon
you could pitch a tent in Iceland?
- Yeah.
- It wouldn't be too icy?
Huh-uh, Greenland is icy.
Iceland is green.
- You're kidding?
- Nope.
I'm gonna paint me a rainbow.
Make all my wishes come true.
I'm gonna plant me a garden.
What about you?
I'm gonna throw my own party.
I'm gonna get a tattoo.
I'm gonna do all the wild things.
What about you?
What about you?
What about you?
Will you join me on my journey?
What about you?
See the faces on the street?
How they seldom smile.
But I won't let it bother me.
No misery.
It's not my style.
What about you?
What about you?
Will you join me
on my journey?
What about you?
What about you?
What about you?
Will you join me
on my journey?
What about you?
Will you join me
on my journey?
What about you?
It's a quarter to 4:00 now.
I wanna open the door now.
Just to watch you bathe
in the moonlight heaven.
We drank a lot of wine and...
And you spend the night and...
You said things
you've never said before.
Don't leave me lonely
for a minute.
My glass is full,
look, you're in it.
Don't blink, we're fine.
I'm here, you're mine.
Don't breathe, don't run.
Stay a little longer.
Don't blink, we're fine.
I'm here, you're mine.
Stay a little longer.
You terrify me.
Well, you terrify yourself.
But we fit so fine
and you smell so good.
That I just cannot
fight it, baby.
I knew this would happen.
So don't disappoint me now.
You did things
you never did before.
I'm not gonna think
it's the real thing.
But I kinda know
what you're feeling.
Don't blink, we're fine.
I'm here, you're mine.
Don't leave me lonely
for a minute.
My glass is full,
look, you're in it.
Don't blink, we're fine.
I'm here, you're mine.
Don't breathe, don't run.
Stay a little longer.
Don't blink, we're fine.
I'm here, you're mine.
Stay a little longer.
Don't blink, we're fine.
I'm here, you're mine.
Don't breathe, don't run.
Won't you stay a little longer?
Don't blink, we're fine.
I'm here and you're mine.
Stay a little longer.
Don't blink, we're fine.
I'm here, you're mine,
don't breathe, don't run.