Dante's Hotel (2023) Movie Script

Yes, indeed, it's New Years 1975.
And keep your eye on that ball
counting down from midnight.
Five, four, three...
Two, one...
Happy New Year!
Mom, wake up, please.
I'm so sorry.
Hurry! The front desk heard screaming
from the 12th floor.
It's up here!
In here!
Drop the axe, kid!
It's not their time!
It is not their time! It is not their time!
- It's not their time.
- You need to calm down.
It's not their time! It's not their time!
It's not their time!
This is Dana Henley, live in Los Angeles
with Channel 7 News.
12 people are missing after
attending a New Year's Eve
party in downtown Los Angeles last night.
How old are you, Daniel?
Where are your parents?
The soul eye-witness is
12-year-old Daniel Brayer,
whose parents are among the missing.
It took them away.
I don't know where they are.
All right, Daniel. It's been 12 years.
What did you do this time?
Let me go.
They're all dead. It was not me.
There were no bodies.
The same thing happened 12 years ago,
and it just happened again.
I don't know why.
It didn't disappear.
He killed them all.
Do something!
It's going to do it again.
Officers were dispatched to the hotel
after receiving a
series of disturbing calls.
This same thing has
happened again and again
every 12 years since 1975.
Why do people keep disappearing
around you, Mr. Brayer?
I've told you everything.
You don't want to listen.
Are you serious?
Someone help!
So tomorrow will be my one
year anniversary of being sober.
I know that's not very long
compared to some of you guys
who have been doing this
for years, which is awesome.
But this is a resolution that I plan on
actually sticking with for myself.
Basically, I wasted my 20s away,
well, getting wasted,
and this time last year,
I was looking for the biggest,
best New Year's Eve party
to see where I could
get drunk, score pills.
I was living my best life,
I mean, it was amazing.
I felt that way right up until
I woke up in the hospital.
Didn't remember anything.
Doctors said I almost died.
And the next day, a dear
friend took me to a meeting,
and I've been in recovery ever since.
But I started a company, well, a business.
I'm an event planner now, and I actually
have this really huge event
tonight at the Dantenu Hotel.
It is their New Year's
Eve bash, ironically.
But I will not be drinking
and trying to score pills,
don't worry. I will be working this event.
I will be the woman in
charge, and it's crazy,
because I just feel like I'm, I don't know,
I guess I feel like I'm finally becoming
the woman that I want to be.
Ho ho! Wow.
Ladies and gentlemen,
it is looking great in here.
Oh, hi, Victoria.
We just set up the catering table.
Is there anything else that you need?
Catering table, that is, oh,
the New Year's sign is a little wonky.
Can you tell Wendy and Nelson
just to pull the right side up?
Just probably two inches, maybe?
-No problem.
-Thanks, Victoria.
-Of course.
-Goldie, Goldie, hi.
-Mr. Emitt, hi.
That ladder, is that part of the decor?
Oh, no, no.
The ladder is not a part of the decor.
It will be completely, goodbye, gone,
and the floor will be swept, and everything
will be perfect right before
the first guest arrives.
Do not worry at all, Mr. Emitt,
I have my checklist here.
Good, good.
Excellent job, by the way.
Now, the guy in the poster,
make sure you keep him
away from booze and the buffet.
We're paying him to
pass out free drink tickets,
not use them himself.
Finally, outside the hotel,
the banner is a little crooked to the left,
so a little tacky,
and we want everything to be perfect, so...
Of course, I will have Kristoff
get on that right now.
Good, good. Excellent.
Okay. Kristoff?
So Mr. Emitt said that
the sign that's on the roof
is a bit crooked, and we need to fix it.
So can you head on up
there and do that now?
Yeah, when I'm done here, okay?
Okay, yeah.
Um, hi.
Emitt, what's today's date?
Excuse me, sir, can I help you?
-December 31st.
-New Year's Eve.
Give it a rest, Mr. Brayer.
It is the 12th New Year's Eve.
It is judgment night.
What is he talking about?
How many times must we go through this
with you, Mr. Brayer?
This is all about time.
About time being measured in twelves.
Like, 12 months in a year.
Like, in an hour, you
have five times 12 minutes.
In a minute, you...
Mr. Brayer, you are on the
12th floor that you chose, hmm?
Now, why don't you go there
and do whatever it is that you do
and stop scaring our guests and employees?
You know everything I'm saying is true.
You know I'm right.
What I know is that you were
abandoned by your parents
when you were 12 and
for that I'm very sorry.
Go to hell.
He has put you in harm's way.
Get out of this hotel before midnight.
It's on you.
Sorry, I didn't tell you about him sooner.
That man lives in the hotel?
Unfortunately, yes.
He's supposed to stay on his floor.
He has an entire floor?
That he shares with storage.
Oh, wow. How does he manage that?
There was an incident when he was 24.
Came back, caused some trouble.
There was a mistrial, and he received
a sizable settlement
and the entire 12th floor.
And you can't evict him?
New management company tried,
but the settlement made him untouchable.
Is he dangerous?
No, he's not.
But if he comes back
down, let me know, will you?
Oh, I will. I will for sure.
And I'm going to just go
check on the sign for the roof
to make sure it's good.
-You bet.
Shh... Shit.
Wait, you're the guy
from the poster, right?
Wait, what is this, like
a drink card for tonight?
Uh, listen, man, they're going
to have to be working, like,
way past midnight, so
I'm probably not going to...
You know what? Sure, thanks.
Great. Yeah.
Yeah, if I get a free
second, I'll kick one back,
and I will toast to you.
Happy New Year.
And, uh, keep being weird.
So why was this guy on the roof?
He was hanging the banner.
How does this happen?
Especially on a night like
this, I don't understand.
What was your relationship with him?
He was just part-time hire.
I met him a couple days ago.
So this was completely random?
Yes. Why are we focusing so much on this?
It was an accident, right?
He leaned over and...
That's right. He knew the risks.
He did not follow the
protocol, and he fell.
He could have been pushed.
You need a key to access the roof.
There are only two.
This is one.
Mr. Anderson had the other.
He was alone.
How do you know he was alone?
We have cameras.
You're having a party tonight?
Uh, it's the New Year's party.
Yes, this is the 72nd
anniversary of our hotel.
And if I may jump ahead, detective,
we have modern chip
locks installed in all the doors
with the exception of
some of the service doors
and part of the 12th floor.
In addition, there are
modern fire sprinklers installed
to bring the building up to code.
Is there anything else, detective?
I'll just need the footage
from those security cameras.
-Thank you.
-I'll make a copy for you.
One last question.
Did Mr. Anderson have any
disagreements with coworkers
or witness anything unusual?
Mr. Anderson was working on the roof.
All of my crew were
down here on the ground.
There was one guy.
Oh, yes.
We have a legacy tenant, Daniel Brayer.
From when this hotel
was a residential hotel.
He doesn't like loud parties
and was combative with Goldie and her team
when I asked him to leave.
Daniel Brayer. All right.
I'm going to need his room number,
and I'm going to ask him some questions.
Thank you. That is it.
His room number is 1224.
Mr. Brayer?
Mr. Brayer?
Mr. Brayer?
I'm Detective Rachel Stone with the LAPD.
May I ask you what you're doing?
Waiting for the elevator.
-That's a wall, sir.
-It is now.
But it won't be later?
Did you see a tall gentleman?
Name was Kristoff Anderson.
Might look like a handyman.
Does that ring any bells?
Were you on the roof today?
You need a key for the
roof. I don't have one.
I'll be back. Don't go anywhere.
-Sir, I found the forensics.
-Thank you.
I don't know if we can
make it, but, um, yeah.
Got to go.
Come in.
I think I might have something.
A guy took a dive off the Dantenu Hotel,
but he might have been pushed.
Security footage was messed with.
There's this guy, Daniel Brayer...
So Brayer's back in the picture.
You know who that is?
I wish I didn't.
My father found him roaming
the halls of the Dantenu Hotel
when he was just a kid.
He was bloodied, holding an axe,
claiming that his parents
had been murdered.
My father, he was a good cop.
Felt the kid needed some kind of closure,
but, uh, he was never
able to crack the case.
Twelve years later, when I was a rookie,
Brayer pulled the same thing again.
Don't move.
What happened here? Where are they?
Officer, it wasn't me.
Officer, it wasn't me!
Put the axe down.
Brayer was seriously traumatized
by the disappearance of his parents.
Went through the system, got out.
He never recovered.
In Brayer's case, there
was never any bodies,
never any evidence, never any... anything.
So I had to walk away.
I didn't want to be
chasing ghosts like my dad.
These disappearances
could happen again tonight
on New Year's Eve.
He is running around the hotel,
saying someone's gonna die tonight.
We can't just drop this.
Look, if you have evidence,
that changes everything.
But I've been where you are.
Trust me, it's a dead end.
I want you to look at this.
Wait, what just happened?
There was a guy standing behind him.
I'm telling you, someone is messing
with this security footage.
I mean, come on.
It's been 40 years, Stone.
There's better things to do with your time
than to rehash the past.
Now you listen to me.
Now I want you to stay away.
You spend another minute on this case,
and you're doing traffic
detail, you understand me?
I do. Loud and clear, sir.
Come on, move it, people.
Hey, Goldie, we're looking for you.
Everything's coming together.
-Chef Willio was on it.
-Thank you.
You're the best, Victoria.
Goldie, this place looks great.
You're 14 minutes behind schedule.
Uh... Yeah, I, um...
We're just trying to make
sure that everything is perfect,
the wait stuff are finishing
up last minute preparations
in the kitchen.
And the chef?
Uh... um...
I didn't want to worry you,
but with the whole Kristoff incident,
the chef we had quit, so...
We don't have a chef...
Oh, no, no, no, we have a chef.
I had to make a last minute change.
And the chef that we have
now is from restaurant 17,
Henri-Georges and Topaz.
I heard great things about him.
Yeah, he's awesome.
I used to work at one of his restaurants.
Well, okay.
I'll be in my office, and save me a plate.
Mr. Emitt, I...
I just wanted to say, I'm
not going to let you down.
I know.
This place has never looked better.
And that is all because of you, Goldie.
I want to tell you, this is going
to be the best New Year's Eve party
that Dantenu has ever had. Thank you.
You're doing an excellent job.
Hi, Detective Stone, robbery homicide.
I'm inquiring about a body that your team
might have picked up at the front
of the Dantenu Hotel this afternoon
named Kristoff Anderson.
There was no body.
We're still looking into what happened.
It's possible another
team may have picked it up
and took it across town.
But I was just about to check in to see
- if they were able to locate it.
- Thank you.
Right. Okay.
So you don't have a body either?
All right, thank you.
Hello, everyone.
Welcome to the festivities.
Happy New Year's Eve.
All right, let the party begin.
Man, what a great turnout, yeah?
We should do this every year.
Why are you looking at me like that?
You look stunning.
Thank you.
Paul, you better not be
pulling something tonight.
And what if I am?
Paul, look, I told you.
I'm not ready for a commitment right now.
Okay, we've got all the
time in the world ahead of us.
Hey, I'm not saying never.
I just want to live in
this moment, you know?
And remember this, forever.
You and me. All eyes on us.
This place is not safe.
The hotel is not safe,
you should all go home.
As fast as you can. Leave the premises.
Mr. Brayer, hi, how are you?
Victoria, two champagnes
for the lovely couple, please.
Thank you. Come with me right now.
What are you doing?
Mr. Emitt made it very
clear you cannot be here.
You are not on the guest
list. This is an invite-only party.
You cannot be here.
It's important that you
know what's really going on.
I will call the police.
You cannot harass my guests.
Fine. I'll leave.
But you keep your eyes open.
Tonight's the night.
Is that the door?
My brother said it was the second one.
We're going to get caught.
No, we're not.
I didn't get you ready for nothing.
- We're doing this.
- What do I ever go out with you?
-Because you love me.
-No, I don't.
-Yes, you do.
-No, I don't.
Yes, you do. Let's go.
-Are you sure this is it?
This is isn't going to work.
It always works.
No, it doesn't -We got this.
We've never done this before.
Oh, my gosh.
Grab that. Hurry.
Let us know if y'all need anything.
This looks delicious.
We'll be right back.
Because we're waiters.
-Champagne, madame?
-Yes. Thank you.
- To the time of our lives.
- To the time of our lives.
There's a VIP room?
What is that costume?
Where did you rent that?
Yeah, what's with the blade thing?
It's a scythe. Duh.
The red room?
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Is this really a part of the party?
This is amazing.
Look at this.
This is so cute.
Let me see.
Wait, Rani.
This doesn't feel right.
I think we should go.
-Chloe, come on.
-No, I think we should go.
We have this whole place to ourselves.
Once everybody comes in,
we're not going to have to go talk to guys.
They're going to come to us.
Rani, look.
He's still here.
Okay, he's really creeping me out.
He didn't creep you out before?
Yeah, but he gave us a free ticket.
Private room, no one around.
Maybe it's not a good
idea to be around this guy.
-Let's split.
Don't move.
I'll scream.
Oh, my God!
Holy crap!
Go, go, go, run!
Somebody help me! Please help!
Someone help me, please!
Somebody's had a lot to drink already.
Help me! Somebody please!
Please help me! Please, please!
Sorry! Sorry, sorry.
Help me!
Help me! Help me!
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Please! Stop!
Please stop!
No! Don't!
Cheers to us.
There was this man,
the Hood, killed people.
Couldn't stop him.
He killed my parents and
then he took them away.
He disappeared at midnight.
The same thing happened 12 years ago.
Why are you covered in blood?
I tried to stop it!
And now you're going to interrogate me?
Now it's my fault?
What, are you going to
throw me in jail for nothing?
Stone, robbery homicide.
Hi, this is Goldie Stanton.
I might have more information
about the jumper at Dantenu.
Did you find a body?
What? What are you talking about?
Are you still at the hotel?
I will be in the lobby.
I'll be right there.
-Excuse me.
-Excuse me.
I've got to get in there.
I don't have any time.
Thank you. Excuse me.
Slice up with a machete or a cleaver.
Anything from the kitchen?
I wasn't really examining the wounds.
You know, there's
like a lot of blood there,
so I just kind of got out of there.
Okay, show me.
Hello, welcome to Dantenu
How can I help you?
Reservations for Patrick Stanley.
Here's my reservation number.
Okay, yep.
Stanley's, I have you for
six nights, you're in room 612.
Sam, we have a pool that's open 'til 11.
It's historic. I think you'll enjoy it.
-Thank you.
-You bet.
Come on, guys.
A pool! I want to go swimming.
All right.
Hi, Rebecca, take over for me will ya?
I'm going to my office.
It's this one, the VIP room
behind the stanchions over here.
I've never seen anything like it.
It was...
Wait, what?
What the hell! She was right here.
I don't understand. Where did she go?
There was a girl here.
She was brutally murdered.
Like, there was blood everywhere.
There were like intestines and body parts.
I don't understand. This
doesn't make any sense.
This place is so big. How
come nobody's back here?
What? I don't know.
I didn't even know this place
existed until a few hours ago.
One second.
I'll be right back.
Listen, Detective Lady, I understand
that this sounds crazy,
but there was a dead girl.
She was right there.
She was brutally murdered.
I don't know what happened.
Maybe someone cleaned it
up while I was waiting for you.
Daniel Brayer.
Yeah, he snuck into the party
and he was harassing our guests.
We had to kick him out.
I did my research today.
He's got a nickname, Bloody Brayer.
48 years ago, his parents
and 10 other guests
disappeared in this hotel.
If I'm a kid whose parents were
murdered in some spooky hotel,
am I going to move in there?
Every 12 years, another 12 guests.
They find Brayer covered in blood
and they arrest him again.
They check this place top
to bottom multiple times.
They find nothing.
When it goes to trial,
the jury just can't convict.
But if we can find those bodies,
that can change everything.
Well, it's an old hotel, right?
There's got to be, I
don't know, secret places.
Maybe the bodies are stashed
in the walls or something?
Brayer would know where they are, yeah.
I have to shut this party down.
No, no, no.
I think we should just find Brayer
and then not make a scene about it.
Aren't you going to call
for backup or something?
Miss Stanton, no one
knows that I'm here right now.
I need concrete evidence
and then you'll never see Brayer again.
I have to get approval from
Emitt before I can let you up.
He's in his office.
Come on.
Wait, wait, wait.
What's up with that guy?
He was out front earlier.
He's handing out VIP drink coupons.
I don't really know what the deal is.
It certainly wasn't my idea for the party.
I mean, it's kind of dampening the mood.
Emitt, this is Detective Stone.
Mr. Emitt, it's Goldie.
He said he'd be in his office.
He could be doing rounds.
I'm going to go find Brayer now.
That's a good idea.
Hold on.
Stop bothering me.
Bloody Brayer.
Daniel Brayer.
Arrested three times.
You read my file. Good.
So you know that all
three times I was sent free.
I think you're responsible
for these disappearances.
Of course you do.
So did your boss and your boss's boss.
Yet here I am.
You killed these people
and you hid their bodies
and I'm gonna find them.
So I murdered my parents,
then cleaned up everything
so there's no trace of any crime.
So the FBI was fooled all when I was 12?
Daniel Brayer, you're under arrest.
On what charge?
Suspicion of murder.
Threatening guests. I don't know.
I'm gonna find something that sticks.
You've been on this case what, one day?
This has been my life.
And I have no answers.
So you're full of it.
Put your hands up, turn
around. Face the wall.
You gotta get your head in the game, Stone
or you're gonna be one of the 12.
Shit, motherfucker!
Come back here, Brayer!
Damn it!
Yo, you're funny. You're funny.
Because that's why you're gonna marry me.
Yeah, and I've been right
there holding your hand.
- You'll be... okay.
- And I'm never gonna leave.
I'll never let you go.
Are these free?
Because we can't spend
money on just anything, man.
No, no, no. We should go.
We should go.
It's VIP.
Okay. Okay! Thank you.
Shh, shh, shh.
Oh, wow.
I guess we should have, uh,
filled our own plates
and brought in our drinks.
What is that?
I control time.
Stop it, twist it, turn it,
backwards, forwards, and upside down.
-Sounds like a bop.
-Bop-a-dy bop-bop.
Bop, bop, bop. Uh-huh. Talking about games,
I see a pool table up there,
so, you know what that means?
What? That I'm gonna win again?
I am gonna win this
game of pool against you.
And even if I don't, I just
won a ticket that can, uh...
-Turn back time?
-You got it.
So how about this butt-whooping right now?
Oh, yeah. All right.
-Come on.
-King of pool.
You ready for this? You ready for this?
Oh, my gosh. I'm so ready.
Oh, Jesus.
-Whoop ass.
-Watch it. Watch it.
-Watch it. Watch it.
-Watch your step.
All right, Miss Loser,
this is a pool table.
This is where the action will happen.
It's so pretty, though.
Yeah. Oh, I know.
You're about to lose on
this pool table right here.
-Set it up. Set it up.
Well, are you ready to play?
Are you ready to lose?
Aw, sweet boy.
- Lewis, what?
- Come here.
How did he get up here?
-Baby, you've got to go!
-No! No!
-Oh my God!
What... What did you do to him?
Oh, my God.
Who are you?
What did you do to him?
Please, please, don't hurt me.
I didn't do anything.
He just disappeared.
He was hiding in the halls
or somewhere down here.
Wait. Over there.
Someone went into the VIP room.
Put your hands up. Step
away from the body now!
Why did you kill her?
I didn't kill her.
You're crazy.
Help me move the body.
She can't be here when
the elevator shows up.
What are you talking about?
They're gone!
This is what happens!
This is what I was trying to tell you.
Right? They just disappear.
It's Brayer. Hurry.
Where is he? I know he's here somewhere.
You know what? Maybe he's up in his room.
Do you have the key to room 1224?
I do not. I don't have the key,
but Mr. Emitt would have it in his office.
-Okay, let's go.
Detective Stone, I can
probably convince them
to give us a key at the desk.
Yeah, I have a key.
Oh, where did you get the key?
Oh, my God. Okay.
I definitely did not
approve of that at all.
Mr... Mr. Emitt?
What the hell happened here?
Oh, shit.
Oh, my God.
Bet I can hold my breath
longer than Mom can.
I bet you're right.
-No, thank you.
We're going swimming.
Come on, we're going
to the party after, right?
What does this get us?
Beverage upgrade, food upgrade?
Better buffet?
Oh, no, no, no.
She's way too young
to be going to the party.
She can't drink champagne.
She's going to be going
swimming and then upstairs.
-Say thank you.
-Thank you.
Let's go.
Thank you, sweetheart.
No problem, sweetie.
Oh, my God. Look at that.
Good hotel choice, babe.
Be careful.
Oh, look at that. We
should have named her Ariel.
Yes, we should have.
Oh, gorgeous.
It's warm. Are you coming in?
You bet.
No, I'm going to catch up
on some reading, honey.
Okay, but you're missing out.
One, two.
Where'd you go? Where did you go?
What's going on?
I thought you were going under with me.
No, you're not going
under with me, why not?
You're so silly.
-No, it's okay.
It's okay, don't worry, don't worry.
The lights, they're on
like a motion sensor.
You want to play a little trick on mommy?
Okay. Stay completely still.
What are you two doing?
Got her!
Do you think this was Brayer?
Yes, it has to be.
Where's the key?
If it exists, it's on this ring.
Give it to me.
Is that Brayer?
Oh, shit, he's got an axe.
All right, take me to where he is.
Do not get close.
Those passes, did you take those willingly?
We're guests at the hotel.
They gave them to us in the lobby.
Did you take the tickets willingly?
Yes, of course.
Just take whatever you want, okay?
Our money, whatever you need.
Don't hurt my daughter, she's only 12.
Stay away from us, please.
I have no problem with you.
Move to that side of the pool.
Right now, go to that side of the pool.
Go down there.
No! No!
Swim to your mom! Swim to your mom!
Swim to your mother.
Get out of there! Get out of there!
I love you. I'll protect you.
I love you. I'll protect you.
I'll protect you. I love you.
Those aren't your parents.
Leah... Come to mommy.
They're not your parents.
Don't go over here.
Leah, come to mommy.
Yes, they are.
No, they're not!
Let her go.
Get away from them.
Put the axe down! Now!
Look at this!
The gun should be on them!
Stop them from killing her!
Put it down!
You're an idiot!
Leave her! Shoot them!
Someone's not right.
Shoot them!
What... what did...
I knew you were up to something.
Are you working with these people?
Oh come on! You saw what I saw.
I wasn't working with anyone!
I did not do that!
Turn around.
I'm calling back up right now.
I don't care if I get demoted.
At the sound of the tone,
the time will be exactly eight hours, and...
-They're not coming.
No one is coming to save us.
This is Father Time's Hotel.
We have to do it ourselves.
Do you understand that?
And if you have a minute,
why don't you follow me to my room?
I have something to show you.
Hurry up!
Sit down.
Sit down.
Do you have something you want to show me?
Uncuff me first.
No chance.
You're going to have to trust me.
You know how many times I've heard that?
We have to go in there.
More games, Brayer?
I can show you, or you
can figure it out yourself.
You try anything stupid, I
won't hesitate to shoot you.
Get up.
You coming?
This is why I still have you handcuffed.
Stop. Move slowly.
You spying on everyone?
Just the public areas.
You have footage of the pool?
How did you do that?
I didn't do anything.
All the images of the victims,
they just appear and then they disappear.
I don't understand it.
Is that how the footage
of Kristoff got doctored?
It's like there were times
where I thought I
understood all the pieces.
I'd wake up in the morning.
It's as if I'd forgotten everything.
Nice murder board.
Thank you.
Who are all these people?
The people who went missing.
Oh yeah, your victims?
They're not my victims! Jesus!
Look, when I'm 12 years
old, I first see this guy.
It's gonna be fine. You're fine.
You're just such a silly duck.
Happy New Year, champ.
Yeah, Bloody Brayer. We know the nickname.
I was put into the system when I was 12.
When I was 18, I moved into the hotel
because I don't believe that
my parents have abandoned me.
So for six years, I'm looking for clues
and I don't see anything.
Until New Year's Eve
when I'm 24, I see him again.
What did you do?
I hit him with an axe
in the back of the head.
What happened?
Absolutely nothing.
It was like putting it through air.
I realized you can't kill
what's never been alive.
So I failed.
12 more people are killed.
24 people on my watch.
But when I'm 36 on New Year's Eve,
he shows up again.
So I understand now the pattern.
12, 12 years later, 24, he shows up.
12 years later, 36, he shows up.
And there's one more common denominator.
Aren't we beyond this?
All right, let's catch this guy.
Arrest him. Let's hear his story.
Then you'll be in the clear.
You can't arrest Father Time.
Because he's not human.
I'm losing patience with you.
Did you or did you not
see a mother and
father kill their daughter?
Did you or did you not see an elevator
materialize in a solid wall?
Okay, okay.
We all did see some very bizarre things.
But the thing that I'm having
a little bit of difficulty with
is the whole Father Time thing.
He's human. He's not human.
He's taking people's souls.
You know who the Grim Reaper is, right?
Grim Reaper and Father
Time are the same person,
but from different time periods.
In ancient Rome, they called him Saturn.
In ancient Greece, Chronos.
In the Middle Ages, the Black Death.
Always the same entity,
a collector of souls.
Have you read Dante's Inferno?
-The Divine Comedy.
Now, in that story, people don't accept
the responsibility for
their actions, do they?
They try and get away with it,
but they get caught, punished.
Like the people here.
What's the name of this hotel?
-Oh, God.
Oh, no.
The whole hotel is a portal to hell.
There were two things I came to realize.
New Year's Eve when I'm 48.
First, is that Father Time's
power is tied to his scythe.
And second, is that there's got
to be an altar somewhere here,
where Father Time
sacrifices the souls to hell.
We find this altar,
we take Father Time's scythe,
trap him inside the portal,
and then we destroy it.
Game over.
No more Father Time,
no more portal to hell.
I don't care what it takes.
I'll drag him there myself if I have to.
Assuming any of this is true,
how is he choosing his victims?
I'm not fully certain.
It may have something to
do with disrespecting time.
As far as I can tell, if you're in
the hotel on New Year's Eve,
you're fair game.
You know, I've put in a request to the DJ.
Stop it. No, you didn't.
Did you really? Oh, wow. Okay.
You really want to do this, huh?
Well, one thing I do
know is that Father Time
marks his victims by giving
them some kind of object.
This year, it's a VIP ticket.
Once you accept it, he
takes you to the elevator.
Once you're in the elevator, you disappear.
Where do we start?
First thing, we have
to shut this party down.
Get everybody outside the building.
Second thing you're
going to do is uncuff me.
You're the only person I
ever want to do this with.
Me, too.
I haven't seen Father Time,
I couldn't find any VIP passes, nothing.
Okay, how do we know
someone has disrespected time?
Father Time takes them away.
Shut the party down.
Turn the music off, send them home.
I think you've got to shut it down.
I think that's what you have to do.
I know it's your party, but do it.
Have to.
Hey, DJ.
Hey, kill it.
Hey, what's going on?
What happened?
Apologies, everyone.
I really hate to do this,
you're so beautiful in
having such a great time,
but unfortunately, we're going
to have to end the party early.
There was an accident,
and the patron, unfortunately,
is going to...
False alarm, false alarm, false alarm.
The missing guest has been found.
He was dancing with another man's wife.
I saw him.
No, no, no.
But, in all honesty, you
can all stay until 2 a.m.
when the law says you
either have to drive home
or rent a room here at the Dantenu,
20% off, huh? Okay.
So, on behalf of the hotel,
we want to wish you all a
very, very happy New Year.
Happy New Year, everyone.
Music! Music!
I thought you were dead.
Nope, still alive.
You were hired to start
a party, not finish one.
The very purpose of a New Year's Eve party
is so that drunken guests
will rent a room here
and not risk a DUI.
Do you understand?
My career is on the line,
and you are not going to ruin it.
We found blood in your office.
Oh, you're the one that kicked the door in.
Nope, no blood,
but I see that you are
the two that left the mess.
Do you understand, sir,
that there have been people
that have been murdered
in your fucking hotel?
Show me the bodies.
Exactly. There are none, are there?
Frankly, detective, I am surprised that you
and you would listen
to this lunatic's dribble.
However, I can tell you this.
Your superiors will not be as kind
or as generous as I am.
Why am I getting calls from the manager
at the Dantenu Hotel?
I ordered you to drop this.
I understand, sir.
If you leave now, and I mean now,
you can come to work tomorrow.
I understand, sir.
Got it.
I'm off the case.
Mr. Emitt, you don't understand.
You want to be ejected
from this ballroom, too?
You. Show them out.
Well, I guess so it's over.
No. Actually, no.
I'm not going back unless
I have some evidence.
I'm going to find Father Time.
Okay, well, I'm probably
fired after this anyway,
so I got nothing to lose.
So you finally believe me?
Let's go find Father Time.
I see him. He's leaving the room!
He's going to the 12 floor!
Oh, shit!
Stay away from him!
Pull her out! She can't
go inside the elevator!
How do we find him?
I'm going to kill him.
I'm going to find a way to kill him.
Okay, victims 10, 11 and 12
are somewhere in the hotel.
-We have to find them.
-Let's go.
-Want a drink?
Let's get in line.
VIP Ticket?
Holy... where'd he go?
-VIP treatment, why not?
-Let's do it.
He may have already
given out the final ticket.
But look at people's
tables, at the settings.
Look in their hands.
Wait, wait.
-There. Yep. Exactly.
-There they are.
Okay, let's see where they're going.
Where are they going?
I think this is where we're go in, yeah?
Yeah, I think so.
Hang on.
Emily, where are you going?
They're splitting up. Okay, I'll take her.
-You take him.
Got it? Let's go.
Paul... Paul?
All right. Going upstairs.
Oh, my God.
Oh my God.
Oh... Wow.
This is for me?
For free?
This... this is gorgeous.
Okay, you saw that, right?
That was already broken
before I picked it up.
Hey, what are you doing in my kitchen?
Uh, no, there's something
wrong with my girlfriend.
I think she went that way.
I didn't see nobody come through here.
Did you see somebody come through here?
Hey, get out of my kitchen.
Man, they really don't want
you to talk in that thing, do they?
I haven't heard a peep
out of you all night.
You know what?
Better to stay in character always.
Because you never know who is watching.
Who is that?
What did you do to me?
I'm old!
Change me back! Change me
back! Change me back please!
You can't stop time.
Now we can be together forever.
Help me!
Help me!
Emily, where are you going?
Babe, I'm serious. Stop playing around.
Emily! What happened, babe?
Babe, wake up.
Oh, my God. No, no, no, no, no.
Babe, babe, wake up, please.
Emily, no, no, no, babe!
Wake up! Wake up!
Please, wake up.
Your time.
What the fuck?
What the fuck? Get off me!
I came back for you.
Now we can be together forever.
Well, that's not good. That's not good!
Come on! Brayer...
Go back.
Okay, come on.
Let's get you warm. Come with me.
Let me get my key in here.
Okay, open up. Open up. Oh, yes.
I'm just gonna warm up for a little bit.
Why don't you check the footage?
I'll let you know what I find.
How are you doing?
I'm about room temperature.
I checked the monitors.
They're suspiciously quiet.
So, the plane.
What does that have to do with us?
I'm not sure, but the plane,
it's owned by the same
people that own the hotel.
That's an interesting coincidence.
The problem is, they own
a number of other things.
Like a suspected haunted
mental institution in Florida.
A suspected haunted art gallery in Paris.
A suspected haunted
nursery school in Portugal.
Okay, so does that mean that
there's multiple Father Times
in multiple places if
they're all connected?
That would explain why it's every 12 years.
Because Father Time has to
be other places in other years.
Okay. There's a rotation.
One year of chaos. 11 years of peace
in each of the 12 locations.
That's his pattern.
We have to break it.
Does your chaos theory
have something to do with...
It's not dynamite.
What is it?
It's the black sand that Father Time
has in his hourglass.
Over the course of his visits here,
some of that has remained.
I've collected it all.
It seems to hurt him.
So, I'm mixing it with
a little bit of dynamite.
I get him alone, I light the fuse
and boom, dust to dust.
Okay, okay, I understand.
But the people who came here,
the ones downstairs right now,
celebrating New Year's Eve,
most of them have
booked hotels in the room.
What if you're plan backfires
and we blow up all of them?
That would be bad.
Well, if it's stopping Father Time,
that's a choice I'm willing to make.
I know that this takes 12
years and a lot of time passes.
I can only imagine the personal hell
you've been through
over these last 48 years.
Losing your parents,
this vicious bloody cycle,
the whole thing.
I don't get it and yet I kind of do
in a way that...
Doesn't matter.
But I want you to find your peace.
I really do.
And I believe everything you've said.
I've seen what you're
doing, what you've done.
But I have to do what's right for me.
You understand that?
Yes, yes.
So, I'm going to get those
people out of this hotel.
I'm going to shut this thing down.
You do what you had to do in weird world.
And I'm going to do everything
in my power to make sure
that there's not one
victim left on this property,
so he can't take another life.
And we can finally end this pattern.
I'll meet you downstairs.
The end of the year
calls for a suit and tie.
-Good luck.
-Good luck to you.
See you around, Daniel.
Rydell, hi.
Okay. You're actually just
the one I wanted to talk to.
I need to find Mr. Emitt kind of yesterday.
Oh, he was in the ballroom earlier.
Just tell Emitt that I'm looking for him,
and I need to find him immediately, okay?
-Thank you. All right.
Good work tonight.
At the sound of the tone,
the time will be exactly
11 hours, 36 minutes
and 12 seconds.
Goldie! Don't follow him in there.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What's going on?
Have a seat.
Are you gonna kill me?
I'm inviting you to sit down
so that we can have a drink.
Like people do.
Like people?
Some libations, Joe.
I'll have the usual,
and the lady will have...
Nothing for me. Thank you.
Oh, one little drink. What's the harm?
Vodka martinis. Classy.
Packs a punch.
Vodka martini.
May the best of your past
be the worst of your future.
I'm not making the same mistake again.
What if you could live
those wasted years over?
Make different choices.
I can turn back time.
And what? What? What do you get, my soul?
Just accept the pass.
Take it.
You can even have that
drink before I send you back
to the beginning where it all went wrong
and where you finally
get that second chance.
That's it.
At last.
You can give me back my wasted time?
Thank you for joining us, Brayer.
Going down?
All the way.
He offered me a deal.
For my past.
12 wasted years to live again.
He can't set it back 12 years.
He can only go back as far
as the time in his hourglass.
One hour! He lied to you!
Did you take the ticket?
Get out! Get out!
I'll take care of this!
No! No! Damn it!
Nice elevator.
Okay, okay.
Ugh! God!
It's the altar...
Welcome to the Gates of Hell.
Oh, God. Here we go.
You know, Brayer, I suspect
you've known about this
for a long time
and in about five minutes and 17 seconds
that girl is going to be on that slab
and the world will be
saved for the next 12 years.
Take me instead!
It's not up to you.
I have to collect 12 souls
over the course of 12 years
or the Gates of Hell open.
You try and stop me, everybody dies.
I'm the good guy.
You're disappointed, aren't you?
Uh-oh, gotta go.
My date is waiting.
Mom? Dad?
Come on!
Hey, everybody! Are you
ready for the new year?
We cannot be late.
12, 11!
Son, it's so good to see you again.
You have grown into a fine young man.
You've given us any grandchildren?
I'm sorry, no.
We won. You're out of time.
Did you keep my watch?
Yes, yes.
It's the only thing I have
to remember you by.
I've been searching for
you for a long time now.
Since I was 12.
I wanted to say goodbye properly.
That is so sweet.
Just a couple more seconds
till the end of the year.
And you can go back to your room, champ.
One! Happy New Year! Woo!
Mr. Emitt?
There's always enough time.
The gates of hell have opened.
Fulfill your destiny before it's too late.
Come on! Please, pick up!
-Captain Bassato.
I'm at the Dantenu Hotel.
-What's going on?
-He's trying to kill me.
Did you see him trying to kill somebody?
Put Stone on the phone.
Put Stone on the phone!
I cannot. It is a bloodbath here, okay?
We need help. Like, now.
There's a police station over here.
- Are you playing with me?
- It is not Brayer. It's...
Don't hang...
God damn it!
Hello? Hello?
You are the final sacrifice.
I am in control of me. I am.
Not you, not anybody else.
No. You're selfish because
all those people inside there
are dying because of you.
You did that. You're to blame.
Even Brayer.
Broken Brayer was willing
to sacrifice himself for you.
You know what? Here.
Take my hand.
Take my hand and everything
will go back to the way it was.
You leave Brayer out of this.
Oh, you betcha.
Hello, again, Brayer.
It's your time.
It's been eight minutes and 37
seconds since the portal opened.
How many more are going to
get through because of you?
Not because of me.
You had to follow your own rules.
Where's her ticket?
She never took one.
Hey! Give it back!
The final victim has to accept the ticket.
That's right.
You know this year's rules.
Take it. Go on.
Don't. Don't take it.
No, no, no.
No, no. Take it.
Take the fucking ticket!
Oh, it's your time.
No. No!
No, no.
I'm the timekeeper now.
I'll set this timepiece on this guy back
eight minutes and 37 seconds
before the doors of hell open.
I'll get him in the portal
and you get out of here.
-No, no, no!
Hey, everybody. Are you
ready for the countdown?
Ten, nine, eight,
seven, six,
five, four,
three, two, one!
Happy New Year!
Happy fucking New Year.