Dante's Inferno (1935) Movie Script

Are you ready men?
Okay, Carter.
Come on, officer. Show us
what makes the ship run.
Yes, do. That will be a lark.
But the stoke-hold isn't the place
for pretty clothes like yours.
Come on, be a good
fellow and take us down.
Well, alright. I'll take you.
Times up, you stokers.
You win. You beat him
by five shovels, Bozo.
That's four bucks you owe me, Mike.
Attaboy, attaboy.
Better luck next time, Mike.
There you are, you see. You stick
to me and you'll get somewhere.
Hey, wait a minute, Carter.
Where do I come in?
Ever since you came on this boat
you been making bets on me.
I've been figuring. You've been making
all the money as I've done all the work!
Sure, sure. That's right. That
makes you the champion, don't it?
Yes. Well I'm through
being a sucker, see.
If you didn't have your arm in
a sling I'd knock our head off.
Don't let that arm worry you.
A little trick I had up my
sleeve to keep from working.
I tell you what I'll do. I'll bet you 2
bucks I can shovel more coal than you.
That's a bet.
- Alright. Let's get going.
That arm got well pretty fast, Carter.
Yeah, it always does. My old
man was a contortionist.
Well, you'll be a contortionist
yourself if you can wriggle out of this.
Just a faker, eh?
And you even fooled the doctors.
In Havana it was your arm,
in Panama your neck.
And right after you signed
for Sidney it was your back.
Yeah. What are you going to do about it?
- Just this.
Dock you a month's pay and kick
you off the ship at the next port.
That's okay with me.
I was getting off there anyway.
I got a real job waiting for me there.
Now get to work with that shovel.
Isn't this priceless?
I wouldn't miss this for the world.
Funny, ha, sister?
One day I'll be right up there where you
are and then maybe I'll be laughing too.
Lots of fun.
Come on. Five throws.
You've just missed his hole.
That's poor baseball.
Try it again.
You swing like a rusty gate.
Give it to him.
Watch this.
Come on, come on.
You missed me.
Go on, laugh. You hyena's.
Hey, you. Come on, give
me my dough. I'm quitting.
If you're quitting, you get no dough.
- No dough, huh?
No dough. That's what's the matter
with you guys. You can't take it.
Well, see how you can take it.
What do you want, hamburger?
- Yes.
How do you like it?
Rare, medium or well done?
What? No onions?
I got you. Sure.
Rub it.
Very good for a bad eye.
That will be five bits.
I'm afraid you'll have to charge it.
What do you mean?
You no pay?
I ain't got a cent.
Three times today people
told me "charge it".
Now I got it again.
If you don't pay right
now I call the cops.
Wait a minute, Tony.
Take them both out of that.
That's quite alright.
Famous fortune teller. Right inside.
Ladies and gentlemen ..
- Good afternoon, Abdullah.
Very hello, Pop.
How are things going?
- Pretty good, thank you.
That's fine.
Say, what did you do that for?
Why not?
I can't pay you back.
- That's alright.
Glad to help you out.
Did you lose your job?
- Yeah. How did you know?
I saw you when you started work this
afternoon. I doubted you'd stay long.
Not much of a job anyway.
No. Catching baseballs in my eye ain't
my regular line, but you got to eat.
Do you work around here?
- Yes.
This is my place.
- Oh.
Hey, what are you selling?
A little glimpse of Hell, and a few
suggestions on how to keep out.
Hell? Well, this is a funny racket.
I ought to be right at home here.
Come inside. We'll clean up that eye
and see what you really look like.
[ Whistle ]
I get you. It's a peep show.
Who is the dame?
That's Cleopatra.
A sensuous Egyptian Queen who used her
beauty to turn fine soldiers into fools.
She ain't so hot. I've seen better
dames than that in Singapore.
Who's the mug? He's funny-looking guy.
That is Dante.
One of the greatest
poets that ever lived.
I never heard of him.
He was born in Florence,
Italy 600 years ago.
The message he gave to the
world in his story of The Inferno.
Burns as brightly today
as when he wrote it.
And has brought hope to millions.
Who are seeking the right path in life.
The greatest poem ever written.
That's him over here
too, huh? This fellow here.
Who is his sidekick in the kimono?
That is Virgil.
A noble poet of ancient Rome.
Who served as Dante's guide through
the Nine Circles of the Inferno.
Your idea of a hot time, huh?
Looks like dirty work was going on here.
That is Salome.
Who danced with the head
of John the Baptist.
Where is the rest of him?
She demanded his life
as the price of her love.
He lost his head over her, huh?
There's a pretty good-looking guy. That
fellow up there with the cheese knife.
That is Alexander the Great.
Who had conquered the world
when he was 30 years sold.
And then wept because there
were no other worlds to conquer.
That's funny.
- What?
Well, I was just thinking.
I'm just that fellah's age and here I am
weeping because I got a sock in the eye.
You ought to have been a doctor.
You'd have made good money at it.
There are more important things
in life than making money.
Well, in my case.
Bringing a little happiness to
those I meet along the way.
Sometimes with a message of hope.
Giving is better than receiving.
Yeah, that's what people used
to tell me when I was a kid.
I believed it too until I had
it knocked out of me.
Every time I had a chance of something
good a smarter guy took it away from me.
Don't give up. Stick to it
and you'll win in the end.
You bet I will.
I've had every trick in the trade kicked
into me. Now it's my turn to kick back.
That's fine. Thanks very much mister ..?
McWade. They call me Pop around here.
Thanks, Mr McWade.
My name is Carter. Jim Carter.
Anything I can do for you, why, just ..
Call me up.
- Where?
Well, now you got me.
Maybe you'd like to stay here a day or
two and help me clean this place up?
I would be glad to pay you for it.
Are you on the square with that?
- Certainly I am.
Sure, it's okay with me.
I'd like to. Thanks.
I'll go out and light up and you
make yourself at home, Jim.
Okay, Pop.
"Helmet worn by Alexander the Great."
There you are, pal.
You even look like me.
Yes I can see a great resemblance.
The noses are the same but ..
But there is something
different about the eyes.
The eyes?
Oh, yeah.
Do you know what that fellow did?
He conquered the world.
He was just my age too.
That's right. But it
didn't do him any good.
What did he cut the rope for?
That wasn't just a rope.
That was called the Gordian Knot.
And it was tied in such a way that
no-one had been able to unravel it.
Until Alexander came along.
- I get it.
So he didn't waste time unravelling it.
He just cut it in two, huh?
Just like everything else he did.
That's how he conquered the world.
That's what I would have done too.
We even think alike.
Well, why you are conquering
the world, I think I'll go to work.
Do you work here?
- Uhuh. I sell tickets for my uncle.
Your uncle? Is that old fellah your ..?
Say, he's a great guy.
Hello, Betty.
Hello, Pop.
I see you've already met Mr Carter.
Yes. We were discussing a mutual friend.
Hello, darling.
Well, how does it look outside?
- The pier is pretty crowded tonight.
Well come on, let's go get 'em.
Ladies and gentlemen.
If you will kindly step up here ..
And give me your attention.
I shall endeavour to explain
to you the mysteries ..
Of the Inferno.
We have many things inside,
ladies and gentlemen.
That must be seen to be appreciated.
Things that will point out how careful
of our daily lives we should be.
To make them as perfect as possible.
Good evening. Won't you come in?
Oh no. Come on big boy, let's dance.
Hey, does anybody ever pay
you to get in the joint?
Not many young people, Jim.
After all, youth is the time
for fun and happiness.
Not the serious entertainment
we have in here.
Why don't you dish it out
to them so they'll like it?
You know, I used to do a
little barking in my time.
Now, we're going to put
Hell on a paying basis, Pop.
And I'm going to show you how to do it.
Come on, step down here.
Alright now, folks. Gather round,
gather round, gather round!
Come on now! Step up,
step up one and all!
Now folks they're on the inside,
they are on the inside.
Yes, sir. They are on the inside.
Beautiful women. Beautiful
women and big strong men.
And folks, they're burning.
They're burning.
Do you hear what I say? They're burning!
You see 'em twist and
you see 'em squirm!
And ladies and gentlemen, they're alive.
They live, they live! How do they,
down in that den of fire?
And they neither walk nor talk.
They crawl upon their stomachs.
And ladies and gentlemen,
you can see them all for a dime.
On dime, ten cents.
The tenth part of a dollar.
What's the name of the dame who
gave Julius Caesar the run-around?
Cleopatra. But it wasn't Julius
Caesar. It was Mark Anthony.
You're right.
You will see Cleopatra the girl who came
from Egypt and made the Romans like it.
And her ..
Who slit the guy's throat and carried
his head around on a platter?
You know all the answers, don't you.
- Sure. A smart girl.
Come on now, folks. Come on.
Get an eyeful of the beautiful
women who have sinned.
Hey, what's happened to Pop? He's
got a barker and he's doing business.
Yes. Pop has been up
at my counter today.
This is the Inferno. The great Inferno!
Personally guided by our pal Professor
Dante here, the great Italian expert.
Come on now, ladies and
gentlemen. Prowl right in.
Prowl right in. Meet the
gentleman personally.
Come on folks and
prepare for the future.
Prepare for the future!
And now ladies and gentlemen. Now
I have a special treat in store for you.
I have here the original
skull of Mark Anthony.
You will pardon me.
I am a professor of anatomy.
And I know that that
is the skull of a child.
You are right. Sure, sure.
It's the skull of Mark Anthony
when he was a little boy.
Jim. I don't want to fool these people.
You don't have to, Pop. I'm doing that.
But what can I show them?
- I don't know.
I can talk them into hell, Pop.
You must get them out of it.
Go on in there now. The place is packed.
You think it will be alright?
- Sure it will be alright.
Go on, go on. Give them the works.
Sorry, we're all sold out.
You know, you've certainly
done wonders with this place.
Thanks. What are you making?
A sweater.
- A sweater, huh?
Just what I need. And this
is my favorite color too.
You think maybe you could
finish it before I leave?
Do you think you could
stay until I finish it?
Sure, if it takes you long enough.
You know, my stomach needed that
hamburger much more than my eye did.
How about you and me
having a little snack?
I'd love to.
Good evening, Tony.
Hello. Hello, Miss Betty.
How is the business?
Fine. How are the hamburgers?
How do you like them this time? Raw?
No, we'll have them medium.
All yours?
No, you sap.
Number 5.
Sorry. You lost again, Miss Betty.
Does anyone ever win, Jonesy?
Those hams have been there
ever since I can remember.
Wait a minute, Betty. I'll get a ham for
you. We'll hang it up in Pop's museum.
Number 7.
Number 7 coming up.
And I hope your number wins.
Give it a little help and maybe it will.
Number 7.
Hurray. I win.
Say, you know all the tricks, don't you.
Not all of them.
I'm going to come over and visit you
so you can teach me some of yours.
Glad to have you, brother.
Let's get together.
Going to be here long?
Trying to arrange it.
Well, that's a good idea.
There you are, Betty.
Give him a good home.
I loved him like a brother.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
We ain't going yet.
Number 6 this time.
Come on, we need a pal for him .. 6.
I see a man.
Everywhere in your life I see this man.
Is he good looking?
The face is not very clear.
But I feel his power.
His courage, his strength.
A big guy, huh?
He is a powerful man.
There is something almost
childlike about him.
His simplicity.
He is always striving, probing.
He is trying to hide something.
His tenderness.
His capacity for love and affection.
Say, who is this bird?
Yes, who is he? I don't
know anyone like that.
I will see if the crystal
will tell me more.
Oh, this is fun.
Yeah, and how.
I'm kind of strong for it myself.
We're on top of the world.
We are upside down.
Get me out of here.
Not until you promise to marry me.
You got to marry me.
What will Pop do for a manager?
Pop goes with the deal.
With your brains and my personality we
will build us the biggest hell on earth.
That's the boy.
That's the boy.
That's good, huh?
No good? I know.
I don't blame you for not eating that.
What you need is meat. Here. Here.
Daddy will show you a snack.
That's what they used to give
me when I was a little boy.
I wouldn't feed him that, Jim.
It won't hurt him any.
It will do you good.
Well that's good for you, Sonny.
- Jim.
Stop that. Take it away.
- Why?
Because it chokes.
Ah no. It's good for him.
Yes, sir. That's good for him.
He knows what he wants.
Don't you, Alex? Why of course you do.
A little bowl like that ain't
going to hurt you is it?
I should say not.
Your Pappy knows what
to give you, don't he.
I guess your Pappy knows what's
good for you, doesn't he.
Doesn't he, huh?
Your Pappy knows where you're going.
Want to take a walk?
Yeah. You want to stand up.
Let him stand up.
Hello folks.
Hello, Jonesy.
A great kid.
Getting better looking all the time.
- Sure he is.
Getting to look more like
his mother every day ain't you.
Yes, sir. What's on your mind, Jonesy?
I must remind of that concessionaire's
meeting tonight, Jim.
Oh, yeah.
- Yes.
We'd better be going.
- Right. We'll go right now.
Yes, sir. We got to go to the meeting.
You'll be a concessionaire
someday, won't you.
Yes. Don't drop him now.
There you are.
There you are.
I'll wait up for you, Jim.
- It's going to be pretty late.
Maybe you'd better not wait.
- No, I'll wait.
Will you wait too, huh?
Will you wait too?
No, you'd better go to bed.
You'd both better go to bed.
See you later. Come on, Jonesy.
- Goodnight.
Say goodbye to Daddy.
Now folks, what I've been trying
to tell you sums itself up to this.
Any sucker can put his money
away in a tin can or an old sock.
But that isn't being smart.
Don't spend your life working for your
money. Make your money work for you.
Now, if you come in on this new Inferno
concession I'm building, you can't lose.
You can't possibly lose.
Hell is too popular.
- He's right, folks.
Jimmy, I am with you.
You can count me in on it.
Me too.
Me think very good idea.
How much money do we need?
Well, if we can raise 5,000
I can promote the rest.
You can't go wrong, folks.
With him at the head of it,
you'll all make money.
Just how are we going to
make money out of it?
For each dollar you give you get a share
of stock in the new company I'm forming.
Where you going to build it, Jim?
Well now, that's where
you come in, Dean.
I'm going to build it right
where your chute stands.
But you don't have to put up any cash.
All you have to do is turn
over your lease for stock.
I can't do that.
Every cent I have in the world
is tied up in that concession.
And I won't take a chance.
Well, I know. But I've got
another spot for you, Dean.
You see, you can move
the place over there.
You are not taking any chance.
You see Dean, you've got
the only lease with ..
Space enough for us to build.
We've really got to have you with us.
That lease is my meal ticket.
And I'm going to hold on to it.
Is that final?
That's final.
Goodnight everybody
and good luck to you.
Right, we won't worry about the location
at present. I'll take care of that.
Now you folks dig up your money
and I'll take care of all the rest.
Alright, come on. Let's all go over
to Tony's. The grub is on me.
Say Jim, if you can't get his
location what are you going to do?
I'm going to cut the Gordian Knot.
The Gordian Knot?
Yeah. Just like that guy did.
What's that got to do with
the shoot the chutes?
Watch me and you'll find out.
Come on, how about a hamburger.
Well, you put it over, Jim.
I wish I knew how you did it.
I knew Dean was behind in his rent so
I bought his lease out from under him.
That's all.
That's what he gets for turning tough.
I told him to get his chutes out
of here and he hasn't done it.
So we'll start wrecking it Monday.
Hello Dean.
How are you?
What's on your mind?
I can't move these chutes
for at least a month, Carter.
It will take me that long
to raise the money.
You will have to give me more time.
I can't wait so long. You must
have it out of here by Monday.
That's impossible.
- I can't change my plans.
It will break me, Carter.
I'll lose every dollar I have.
Sorry, Dean. Nothing personal.
Come on, Jack. Take us down will you.
Now I know what you meant when you said
you were going to cut the Gordian Knot.
Now Pop, this is where
we're going to build it.
And you've arranged it
all to Dean's satisfaction?
Sure. That's all taken care of. Now ..
Have you figured out the different
spots for the grottos, Pop?
Here will the grotto for suicide.
And here, we'll show the
punishment for treachery.
Treachery? That fellow sure had
a punishment for everybody.
Sure, the guy had indigestion.
A lot of tough fellows in those days.
- Human nature doesn't change.
The sins of Dante's time
were the sins of today.
Now Pop, since the start of time there's
only been one sin, and that's failure.
Folk don't care how you
win so long as you win.
Is that right?
You'll win alright, Jim. But ..
I don't want to do it
if it hurts anyone else.
Hurt anyone else?
You know me better than that.
I wouldn't hurt anyone else.
I wouldn't hurt a fly.
Not unless I caught him
eating some of my cake.
Now, ladies and gentlemen.
Crowd around, crowd
around. Gather round.
I have a surprise for you ladies
and gentlemen that will thrill you.
It is educational.
It is inspirational.
It is sensational.
And when thousands
crowd to the New Inferno ..
This is what they will see.
Thank you. Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Tonight for the first time
in the memory of man ..
You are going to see the most
famous she-devils of all history.
They were brought from hell at terrific
cost by the management to entertain you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
cast your glance this way!
And you will see the women
who make strong men weep.
There she is, folks. There she is.
And I'll bet you cannot guess who.
It's Cleopatra, folks. It's Cleopatra.
And she is looking for a boyfriend.
And now the girl, the girl,
the girl Salome.
That twisty-wisty little dancer.
Men lost their heads over her, folks.
Ah, Lucrezia Borgia. The girl who
put the knock in knock-out drops.
Boys, when she knocked
them they stayed knocked.
Here we have Charlotte Corday.
Just a little milliner.
She killed a gentleman in the bathtub.
That's why they invented showers.
And still they come, folks. Still they
come. The little darlings of history.
Folks, this is just a sample of
what you'll see on the inside.
There are thousands of them inside.
And now, ladies and gentlemen.
I have a great treat in store for you.
I want to introduce to you
his Satanic Majesty ..
In person.
The Devil!
Watch him, folks. Watch him.
Because before your very wondering
eyes, he invokes the powers of darkness.
This, ladies and gentlemen concludes
our performance on the outside.
Professor Dante himself.
Will conduct you on
the inside. I thank you.
There. As good a likeness
as Virgil himself.
I only hope I can be as
good a guide as Virgil.
I'm sure you will be.
Ah Pop, you look great. Are you ready?
- Just a minute. Don't rush him.
We're packing 'em in. Jonesy's doing the
barking, and burning them at the stake.
Go on Pop. They're waiting
for you. Do your stuff.
Thanks, Betty.
Don't be nervous, Pop.
Oh, he's so happy tonight.
At last he's realized his ambitions.
Yes. He's got a chance now to tell a lot
of people how to keep out of trouble.
Jim, let me stay tonight and
take tickets like I used to.
No sir. Not tonight. You go on home with
Sonny where you belong. Go along now.
Here, wait a minute.
Give that one to Sonny.
Ladies and gentlemen.
We are now before the first of
the Nine Circles of The Inferno.
As the Immortal Dante saw them.
Follow me and I will guide you
where there is no sound.
Except sighs that make the air tremble.
There you behold a wall of fire.
Where the vain and conceited
are doomed to burn.
Through all infinity.
From here, a course leads
downward to a place of woe.
Where souls lost forever ..
Eternal pain endure.
Let me have a ticket please.
Why, Mr Dean.
Things have changed a lot since
you had your chutes here.
And here the trees ..
Wherein are chained,
the souls of suicides.
These sad roots.
Hold imprisoned ..
The most unhappy of the hapless dead.
Those who laid violent
hands upon themselves.
Destroying life.
Which God alone controls.
A great place you got here, Carter.
It's a big night for you.
Where you been keeping yourself, Dean?
I tried to save what little I had.
But it's all gone now.
My wife died today.
I'm sorry to hear that, Dean.
There is nothing left
for me now but hell.
I thought you might like
to watch me go there.
Right this way please.
How do you do, Mrs Hamilton.
Mr Carter is busy right now.
But if you just wait a little while
I'll find out if he can see you.
I won't pay him a cent more, Williams.
I've had gambling in that club
of mine for the last 4 years ..
And every year I've paid
15 percent for protection.
Yeah, but you had a big year.
And the price has gone up.
Not for me it hasn't.
I'll move that game of mine some
place where I can run it myself ..
Without interference from
anybody, and that's final.
I suppose you know what you're doing.
- Every minute. Goodbye.
Hello Jonesy.
- Hiya.
Williams looks a little
white under the gills.
How did you make out with him?
I'm through letting those
guys dictate to me.
I'm going to have a
casino on the high seas.
What will you use for money?
- Everything I have. Who's waiting?
Three society dames from
the Social Welfare League.
Look like a touch.
- It's a bad season for touches.
Excuse me, boss.
Hello Tony. Come on in.
Well, well. How are you boy?
What's on your mind, Tony?
I want the money I put in the pier.
Well I've already told you, Tony.
You haven't got any money in the pier.
You have stock.
But you said stock is
just the same like money.
Yeah, sure. Sure it is.
But you can't spend it.
How about all the money
that we've been making?
Well Tony, don't you see we've been
putting that back in to improvements.
But when do I get my money?
- When we sell the pier.
That may be a long
time, Tony. After all ..
How much money do we pay
Tony for running his concessions?
Twenty-five bucks a week.
- Well, raise him to thirty-five.
How is that, Tony?
- That's fine. Thanks.
- You're welcome, Tony.
Drop in any time, Tony.
Want to see those society dames?
- No, sir.
I've got a big railroad deal on, and
this is one fellow I can't keep waiting.
Now it's my turn to start it, Daddy.
Ah no. Let me do it once more, huh.
No. You make it go too fast
and it always jumps the track.
No, no. I won't make it go fast.
I'll make it go slow this time. Watch.
See. You broke it.
Why, that was .. that was
really a wreck, wasn't it.
See, you broke it.
- I did not break it.
You did.
- I did not.
- I did not!
You did.
- I did not.
Jim. Sonny.
Are you two at it again?
Come on, son. Let me show you
what Jonesy has got for you.
You are a bigger baby than your son.
Sorry I can't stay and play with you.
- Where you going, Pop?
Having a wander down the pier.
Now Pop, that inferno can
get along without you.
You ought to retire
anyway and take a rest.
If I did I wouldn't know
what to do with myself.
Nobody can run it as well as Pop.
- Goodbye, dear.
Ladies and gentlemen,
right this way, right this way.
Crowd on in folks, crowd on
in folks and try your luck.
You bets a dime and you wins a ham.
You can't lose, folks. You can't lose.
Come on Jonesy, you take a chance.
Okay son, here's ten cents on the seven.
And I hope you win.
You lost, Jonesy.
Fine, boy. I'm proud of you.
I couldn't do it better myself.
Jonesy, you ought to be ashamed of
yourself teaching him to use a wheel.
You want him to go to school
and cheat the teacher?
I was only wising him up, Chief.
- Yeah, well don't do it.
Okay, pal.
Come on, son.
I'll teach him to blow bubbles.
My good woman, is that all you've
learned from all those music lessons?
No. I know a few more notes.
Let's see. How do you like this?
Jim, I haven't told you yet.
But Sonny isn't starting tomorrow
at Miss Kirkland's school.
Why not?
We had a letter from her this morning
to ask that we withdraw the application.
What do you mean? Sonny is
not good enough for this school?
It isn't Sonny, it's ..
What's the matter with "us"?
Perhaps our world isn't
quite their world.
Don't worry about it. There are lots of
other schools that are just as good.
We'll see.
You mean, we haven't got any,
what do you call them ..?
Any social background?
That must be it.
Well, maybe we can fix that.
This is what I have in mind to help you
with your children's lunch-fund drive.
You pick out some night next
month. Any night you like.
And I will turn my whole
amusement pier over to you.
You can run it like a sort of,
you know, like a society bazaar.
Whatever you take in
goes to your charity.
That's splendid.
But, Mr Carter. We don't
know how to run a pier.
Well, Mrs Carter and I will be glad
to help you in any way we can.
To serve on your committee or ..
I wonder ..
Suppose you and your husbands have
dinner with us some night next week?
We can talk over the plans then
and complete all the arrangements.
Thanks, we will. I've never met
Mrs Carter. It will be a pleasure.
We are very grateful indeed.
It will be great fun too.
Many thanks, Mr Carter.
Quite alright. My pleasure I assure you.
- Goodbye.
Just a half minute.
The President of the Caribbean
Steamship Company is on the wire.
He's asks for an appointment with you.
Tell him to meet me at
the dock in a half hour.
He'll meet you at the
dock in half an hour.
Isn't she beaut, Pop?
500 feet long. 20,000 tons.
I closed the deal for her today.
Pop, this is the biggest
thing I ever dreamed of.
I'm going to make a fortune with her.
Isn't the steamship business very risky?
Oh no. Not the way I will work it.
This is going to be the finest
pleasure palace afloat.
You mean a gambling ship?
- Sure I mean a gambling ship.
Surely. Gambling will be
the most profitable part of it.
People love to gamble, Pop.
That's part of life.
A part of life that shouldn't
be encouraged.
Why, Pop? There is no law
against it on the high seas.
Besides, people don't have to gamble.
There will be other entertainments.
This ship is going to make history.
History in the annals of vice, Jim.
We seem to be drifting
farther apart every day.
We don't see things the same way, Jim.
Oh, I don't think that's true, Pop.
You know I think the world
of all of you, Pop, but ..
Well, I just can't think like you.
[ Telephone ]
Excuse me.
[ Telephone ]
Yes, Jonesy?
The building inspector?
Who, Harris? Sure. Put him on.
The boss wants to talk to you.
Hello, Mr Carter.
Hello, Harris. How are you?
The Inferno building is unsafe?
What are you talking about?
It's been there for three years.
It's as safe as the day we built it.
Ah, not a chance.
I can't do that.
That means rebuilding
the whole concession.
No, I can't get down to my office today.
Suppose you come up here and
see me this evening, Harris?
Alright, Mr Carter.
Oh at last, it's finished.
Do you like it, Jim?
Great. I couldn't have
done better myself.
What is it?
It's an opera bag. Can't you tell?
For what?
You may not know it but you and
I are going to the opera this year.
What's more, you're going to like it.
I'll try anything once.
Alright. Try and
remember what day this is.
Day? Day? Day? Why this is
Thursday August the 12th.
Servant's day out.
How is that for a memory?
Fine. But what happened
about this time six years ago?
Well I don't know, lady. Six?
It began to get dark, didn't it?
I thought you had forgotten.
It is our anniversary.
That's it, alright.
You know, I've been trying all day
to remember what I bought that for.
Jimmy, it's gorgeous.
Thank you, darling.
You hadn't forgotten after all.
I'm not apt to forget the most
important day in my life.
I have a surprise for you too.
- You have, kid? What?
Ever seen these people before?
- Ah, that's swell.
We were a happy couple then, weren't we.
We're happier now.
We've always been happy together.
I don't know what I'd have done
without you. You and Sonny.
Oh, I've got something for Sonny. Here.
[ Music box tune ]
Oh, he'll love that.
[ Buzzer ]
That's the fellow I have
an appointment with.
Sorry, darling. I know I shouldn't have
asked him up. It'll only take a minute.
Suppose we look at it this way, Harris.
I got you that job of yours didn't I?
- Yes.
Well, you wouldn't want to lose
that job right now, would you?
I couldn't afford that.
I have a family you know.
Well, if I were you I'd
forget all about that report.
I'll take care of it.
By the way, Harris.
How about buying a little
present for your wife?
I can't take that.
- Oh sure, sure.
That's alright.
I'm sorry. I thought you had finished.
- No, come in. Come in.
May I present Mr Harris.
This is my wife.
How do you do, Mr Harris.
- Mrs Carter.
Mr Harris here is taking up a
little donation for the Newsboys' Fund.
Jim was a newsboy himself once.
Yes, sir and a good one too.
- Well.
Thanks again, Mr Carter.
Thanks for the donation.
- That's alright.
Mrs Carter.
- Goodnight.
That was nice of you, Jim. But then
you are always doing nice things.
Maybe you think this is nice.
We were talking some time
ago about social background?
- Well, we got some.
New places to go, new
things to do, new friends.
New friends, Jim?
- Uhuh.
Hand-picked from the garden.
- What garden?
The leading society buds of the town.
Are you serious too?
- Sure, I'm serious.
In a month you'll be
surrounded by social leaders.
And what will I be doing with them?
- You'll see, you'll see.
Let me guess your correct weight.
Come on.
Ah, here is a young lady who's
in doubt about her weight.
My guess is 103 pounds.
A cigarette?
- No thanks. Never use them.
You know, Carter.
This idea of yours is going to
double the funds this year.
It's just putting charity on
a paying basis. That's all.
By the way.
You know, I've been thinking.
That we'd like to see
you down at our club.
With your permission I'd be very glad
to propose you for membership.
Thank you. I'd appreciate it.
- That's fine.
Here he is, folks.
A gentleman from Scotland.
Dressed in his best Sunday coat.
With the scent of the heather still
on him and a Scotch burr in his bark.
Now what am I offered for
little Sandy McMasters?
I'll start the ball rolling, lady.
I bed fifty dollars.
Only fifty dollars for the
Lord of Loch Lomond?
Why you old meanie. How does
your wife ever live with you?
I'll make it seventy-five.
Well, it looks like you'll have to live
in poverty for the rest of your life.
Now gentlemen, let's get
down to serious bidding.
I'll bid two hundred.
Sold to the gentleman
with the white gardenia.
So you are Scotch, eh?
Well, I'll mix you with soda.
And call you "High-ball".
My dear, you are doing marvellously.
I don't know what we should
have done without you.
Within this cavern,
imprisoned here in endless toil.
With strained and broken backs.
Rolling great blocks
of granite to and fro.
We find the foulest
creatures born on earth.
Those who were the blasphemers.
And traitors to their fellow men.
Now, ladies and gentlemen.
If you will come in closer.
I will explain to you further.
Jim, what is it?
The Inferno is collapsing.
We're looking for Pop.
I brought your book.
Thanks, Betty.
Oh Jim, you're worn out.
Why don't you come home
and try and get some rest?
No. I'm alright.
Are you feeling better, dear?
- I'll be fine.
Won't you please come home, Jim?
You haven't had any
sleep for two nights.
Yes, Jim. Go home with Betty.
She's been wonderful.
No, I'm going to stay
a little while longer.
Alright, then.
I'll call back for you a little later.
- Alright.
Goodbye, Pop.
- Goodbye, Betty.
Goodbye, Betty.
You love that Dante
book, don't you, Pop.
It isn't the book, Jim.
It's the message.
Dante, in giving us
a terrifying picture ..
Of the tormented souls
of those who lived.
Tried to make us realize.
That by our own actions and
thoughts towards our fellow man.
We make our own heaven or hell.
Here on Earth.
Like you, Dante found
himself on the wrong road.
The spirit of Virgil came
to him in a vision.
And guided him through the Inferno.
Let me show you the punishments.
That were revealed to Dante.
For the evils of lust.
Suicide. Suicide!
Extra! Extra! Suicide!
Building inspector Harris
commits suicide.
Extra, extra!
Read all about building inspector
Harris committing suicide.
Harris leaves bribery confession
implicating Jim Carter.
Extra, extra! Carter indicted.
Carter indicted!
Carter indicted. Jim Carter
indicted. Extra, extra!
Now, Mr Carter.
Inspector Harris of the
Department of Public Safety ..
In his written confession
that you heard read here.
Stated that on the evening of
August 12th he went to your home.
In the capacity of
both friend and official.
To advise you of the unsafe
condition of your Inferno concession.
And that you then and there threatened
him with the loss of his position.
That's not true.
And in taking advantage of his fear you
forced him to accept a bribe of $2,000.
To declare your building safe.
So you would not be forced to expend
the sum of $50,000 for its repair.
Is that not true?
It is not.
But you had known Inspector
Harris for some time hadn't you?
You even secured him his position.
I did.
Now, Mr Carter.
I want to ask you again.
Was Inspector Harris in your home
on the evening of August 12th?
He was not.
That's all.
Your Honor, the defence rests.
Has the Prosecutor any
witnesses in rebuttal?
Only one, Your Honor.
I would like to call the wife
of the defendant to the stand.
Your Honor!
The Defence objects to the Prosecutor
calling Mrs Carter to the stand.
She is being called as
a "surprise witness".
It is the duty of the court to advise
her as to her constitutional right.
To refuse to testify
against her husband.
If she does not wish to do so.
Mrs Carter, will you
please step forward.
It is within your right to
refuse to testify, Mrs Carter.
If you so wish.
I'll testify.
We further object ..
We withdraw objections.
Raise your right hand please.
Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth,
the whole truth, nothing but the truth.
So help you God?
I .. I do.
What is your name?
Elisabeth Carter.
You are the wife of James Carter,
the defendant in this case?
I am.
And were such on the night
August 12th of this year?
I was.
Do you recall your
activities on that night?
Yes. Very well.
I was at home.
- You are certain of that?
Very certain.
Now, Mrs Carter.
Will you please tell the jury.
What if anything transpired that night
to fix this special date on your mind?
It was our wedding anniversary.
My husband and I spent
a quiet evening at home.
Who else was present?
No-one. It was the servants' night out.
Now, Mrs Carter.
I want you to answer my next question as
carefully and thoughtfully as you can.
Were you at any time that
night away from Mr Carter?
Was there in that house at
any time during the evening ..
Any other person than those
you've already mentioned?
Did you see Inspector Harris
in your home on August 12th?
I did not.
Could Inspector Harris have been in
your home without you knowing it?
Anna, put Sonny's clothes in this case.
It won't hold all of
his things, Mrs Carter.
Well, pack what he needs and
I'll send for the rest of them later.
Come on Sonny, and help me pack.
Can I take my music box too?
- Sure.
Betty. I'm sorry that happened today.
They acquitted me thanks to you.
It was your testimony that did it.
My testimony?
You mean, my perjury?
I was a liar and a cheat.
What I did today I did only to keep my
son's father out of the Penitentiary.
That was all.
You won in court today, Jim.
But I lost.
I lost everything that
makes life fine and decent.
The lie I told didn't hurt
that poor fellow Harris.
He is .. beyond that.
But it hurt me.
Well, I won't stay here
to be hurt again ..
And I won't permit our boy to
be hurt by the things you do.
Wait a minute.
Betty, you can't leave me like this.
You don't think I wanted to drag
you into this thing, do you?
For the first time I'm seeing
you as you really are.
I must have been blind.
I never realized before how far you
would go for power and money.
But I didn't want the money for myself.
It was for you and for Sonny.
That's not true and you know it.
- Why, of course it's true.
You don't think I wanted Sonny to go
through the things I endured, do you?
I wanted him to start at the top.
To have the best of everything that
money could buy. The best schools.
Don't you see, darling.
I wanted him to have all the
things that I had missed.
Money can't buy his happiness
any more than it has bought ours.
Well, we were happy, weren't we?
I thought we were.
Now, that's finished.
Betty. How can you say that, Betty?
I don't understand you.
Do you see? I didn't do things that any
other businessman wouldn't have done.
Don't you see that?
Yes, I see.
I also see now what your
Steamship Paradise means.
Jim, you are going
your own way because ..
Nothing can stop you.
But you are going .. alone.
Why aren't you ready?
Come on, we're going.
Sit down, son.
Now look, son.
You and mummy, are ..
You're going away on a
nice long vacation, see.
You've got to be a big, strong man.
And take good care of her.
You'll do that won't you?
I want you to come too, Daddy.
I know you do, son.
Daddy wants to come too, but ..
Well, I just can't come this time, see.
That's enough in the bunker now.
Put the rest in the hold.
Tell Mr Carter I would like
to show him the chart room.
Very well, sir.
Here you are, Mr Wallis.
Her oil lines are practically new.
She's installed with the
latest oil-burner equipment.
Using shuttle valves and V-pumps.
Why, you seem to know a
lot about boats, Mr Carter.
I should. I was a stoker
seven years ago.
You are joking, aren't you?
- I am not.
I used to be a 2nd Engineer.
Got into a little jam down in Australia
and had to stoke my way back.
Well that is interesting.
- Mr Carter!
What is it, Reynolds?
The Captain would like to speak to you.
Ask him to come down here.
Tell him I want him to meet Mr Wallis.
Very well, sir.
Now this machinery has all
been overhauled, Mr Wallis.
How's that transfer pump doing, Fred?
- Fine, Mr Carter.
I hope all this stuff isn't boring you.
Not at all.
This is the engine room.
I never realized it took so
much machinery to run a ship.
The bilge pump okay now?
Yes, sir. I just finished repacking it.
Hey, 8-bells, Jeff.
How about a little luncheon?
Thank you for reminding me, Mr Carter.
Why are the engines running?
You are not leaving today are you?
No, we're not leaving until Wednesday.
That's what I want to talk to you about.
I need $100,000 to get underway.
I'll put the ship up as security.
Is it clear?
- Absolutely.
Every cent I got in the world is in it.
Otherwise I wouldn't be talking to you.
No, no. That's too much money to
tie up in a proposition like this.
Alright, I tell you what I'll do.
I'll cut you in for ten
percent of the profits.
That's better, Carter.
I guess we'll get together.
- Yes, father?
Jim called up again this
morning while you were out.
Why don't you talk to him?
It's no use, Pop.
It's all over.
My attorneys notified him I was leaving
for Reno to start divorce proceedings.
I'm sorry it had to end this way.
Jim has so many fine qualities.
It's a pity we couldn't bring them out.
- We tried to for years.
No. If he ever does change it will
have to come from within himself.
The Third Marine Union
has joined the other two.
The whole coast is affected.
That is very unfortunate for Mr Carter.
Not nearly so serious for him
as it is for the industries.
Thousands of tons of cargo
are tied up on the docks.
Mr Carter, I am afraid ..
- Yes, I know what you're going to say.
This boat sails tomorrow as per
schedule, strike or no strike.
But we have no crew.
Plenty of men will jump at the chance.
- But it's a chance we shouldn't take.
Now look, 500 people have
paid to make this trip.
Alright, sir. We'll get a crew. But they
will be undisciplined and undependable.
Never mind about that. Get them.
- Very well, sir.
The Paradise will sail tomorrow night.
That's the way to go.
Now please Mrs Carter, it is quite
possible that your son is only lost.
And we've got every available man
in the department looking for him.
But Sonny never wandered away before.
Now please ..
I'm quite sure everything
is going to be alright.
We'll phone you the very
minute we have any news.
Thank you, Inspector.
Goodnight, Mr McWade.
Betty, don't you think Jim
ought to know about this?
Of course. I should
have thought of that.
I'll send him a wireless immediately.
- Yes, Wallace?
Have you seen Carter?
- Up on B deck.
How are things, Reynolds?
Not so good.
Only three hours out and the
passengers are wetter than the ocean.
Wildest lot I've ever seen.
How is the crew behaving?
Just a lot of landlubbers.
Thoroughly incompetent.
Well, what could we expect.
Wait a minute.
I snitched another
bottle from the steward.
- We're saved!
By the way, Carter. I've been wanting
to ask you about this painting.
Is it one of your ancestors?
No, that is just an old friend of mine.
He picked me up one time when I was down
and out. He's stuck by me ever since.
A great guy.
Come on. You want to see
the dancing, don't you?
Oh sure, yes.
Mr carter, come on over
and have a drink with us.
No thanks. Thank you very much.
[ Music box tune ]
You shouldn't have come in now, Daddy.
You spoiled everything.
I'm a surprise for you.
Sonny, how did you ..
Jonesy brought me.
Aren't you glad to see me, Daddy?
Of course I'm glad to see you.
Hello. Give me the radio room.
I am glad to see you, Daddy.
Hello, radio room?
This is Mr Carter.
Take this message to Mrs Carter.
Mrs James Carter.
Why ..
I knew how unhappy you were when
the little fellow was away from you.
So I thought I'd bring him back to you.
This is the last place in
the world for him to be.
Now you go on downstairs and take care
of those guests. I'll see you later.
Come on now, Sonny.
Daddy is going to take care
of you until Mummy gets here.
Let's see how my pyjamas fit you, huh.
- Try me, Daddy.
Yeah, that will be fun.
Oh look, here is our hot drink.
Here's our hot drink.
Do you need any help with it?
- No thank you.
I'm going to help him anyway.
Let's have a good drink.
Fire it!
What's the matter, Daddy?
Just a little fire drill.
- What's a fire drill?
Just a slight fire.
0h good. I'll be a fireman. What's that?
That's not a fireman's suit.
Yes, it is. Yes it is, That's the kind
they wear on the boats. Now come on.
This will be a lot of fun.
Get that lifejacket and
make for the bridge.
Engine room? Hello.
The engine room doesn't answer.
The crew has probably deserted. Get down
there now and take charge, Reynolds.
The Captain wants to know if
you have contacted anyone.
No. Not yet.
Wait here, Jonesy.
Daddy, daddy!
It's alright, Sonny.
Your daddy will be back soon.
We've got one chance, Carter.
We've got to prevent
that fire from creeping aft.
How can we do that?
- We're about two miles offshore.
I've got to beach her. Stern first.
I can steer her from the wheel aft.
But someone must keep
that engine room going.
I'll see what I can do.
Good. We'll communicate through signals.
- Thanks.
Take care of him, Jonesy.
And try to get him back to his mother.
Daddy! Come back!
Engine room. Engine room!
Hello. Engine room?
What are you, men or rats?
Now get back to your stations.
Come on, men. I got him.
Go on! Get down below!
Go on! Get back on your job!
I'll be alright, Mr Carter.
You take over.
"Engine room. Engine room!"
Hello. Hello!
"Engine room. Carter. Are you there?"
Carter talking.
Full astern.
Reynolds is gone.
"I'll handle the controls.
Ready for orders."
We've got to turn the ship around.
Back her all the way to the beach.
Keep the fire from spreading.
I'll give you my orders
on the indicator.
Hello! The circulating pump has stopped.
Hold on.
She's out of commission.
The discharge valve has frozen.
You'll have to work fast.
"We need more power
on the starboard engine."
I can't hold out any longer!
We're safe!
We're headed for the beach.
- My baby.
Mummy is so glad to see you.
Is Sonny alright?
Betty, Pop was right.
I've been through a hell of my own
making and I've dragged you into it.
I need you, Betty.
I haven't anything to offer
you now but just my love.
Darling. That's all I ever wanted.