Daphne (2017) Movie Script

Right, right.
Do you have a list permit?
No, no.
Guess what? I heard about Nikki.
Nikki, do I know Nikki?
Yeah, from school.
Oh, one boob much smaller
than the other.
Yeah, right, tiny tit,
Nikki, exactly.
Yeah, well, her husband's
quite touchy feely, right?
How did you know all this?
'Cause I spoke to her
a couple weeks ago.
Do you not speak to her any more?
Why don't you come on Friday?
The girls do genuinely
want to see you.
They always ask about you.
Yeah, and I want to see them, too.
- Really? Do you though?
- Yeah, of course I do.
I've sort of given up on people,
haven't I?
I've told you that,
like, a million times.
Sorry, I'm being a bitch.
Yeah, you're being a bitch.
So, this is amazing
in every respect.
Should we go to your place or...
It's your place or no place,
Awesome, but, awkward,
my name's not Jim...
- Shh.
- I mean, it can be.
Make it so, Jimbo. Make it so.
No, what are you doing?
No. It's just for, you
know, for the lads in the...
Oh, you're such a penis,
I can't...
So what he says, for the lads.
- What am I doing?
- Fucking great. Cheers.
- Five on serving, Daph, okay?
- Yup.
- Come on.
- Yup.
Service, please. Service, please.
Table two instead of one.
A bun.
Wait, wait, wait.
Daph, come on, for fuck's
sake, fix it, will ya?
- Yeah.
- Come on.
We need service.
Thank you. Table one.
- Oh.
- Table three, thank you.
Come on, hustle up,
please. Service, please.
How's it going? You
coming with that? Come on.
Is it ready?
You happy with that?
Five, please.
Daph, going to The Specials you
and Beth are in charge, okay?
Consider me the manager.
- Where's our pitcher?
- Come on, oh, oops.
- Ah, so close.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- Unplug.
- I'm coming out.
Good night.
One, two, oh!
All right, fancy pants.
Are you coming out
with us tonight?
Nah, I'm just... I'm gonna
head in and have a quiet one.
Been caning a bit lately.
Oh, I lost my jacket.
It's the one I just got.
Oh, shit bags.
You looked wealth in it.
I know. Oh, well, it
was good while it lasted.
All right, chica,
I'll see you later.
- Have fun.
- We will.
Here you go, Francis.
What have you done
with your hair?
Don't over react. I
didn't mean it like that.
What are you doing here?
Charming way to
greet your mother.
I meant to say what
a lovely surprise.
- No, you didn't.
- No, I didn't.
Well, can I come in
or are we going
to stand here like lemons?
Like lemons, preferably.
Here, I bought you a present.
It's a mindfulness CD.
This week mindfulness,
last week was it naked yoga?
What's next week gonna be,
Will you just open
the bloody door?
What I don't understand is,
why couldn't you
just phone first
like a normal human being?
What, so you can just
ignore the phone?
Jesus, why is nothing
ever simple to you?
Since you were little,
exactly the same.
No, no, no, no.
God, it's hot in here.
I don't wanna go.
Look, you're coming.
I don't care.
You've gotta stop this.
The heating's not on.
Anyway, Mom, I gotta go.
Fuck off, will you,
Daphne, I am boiling.
- Okay, Mom, I'm sorry.
- No, I'm sorry.
Just send me a cab.
Oh, don't worry, mate.
Hello, Scratch.
What's that?
No, don't I got balls?
I keep turning and turning you.
Yeah, can you, um,
can you ask the chef
to make sure that he uses fresh
chilies in that Saag Aloo.
I'm not picky.
Ah, it's fine.
I'm not in a rush.
What's the word Word up
Hey, alecbah, God is great.
- You're amazing.
- Yeah, you know, I'm not Muslim.
- Yeah, I know.
- Whatever.
This isn't enough.
It's like two quid short
I'm good for it.
I'll screw you next time.
Thanks, dude.
- Beth, you're in charge, okay?
- Chef.
- Daph, follow me.
- I'm busy.
Move your arse.
Banon, you cheesy little bitch.
Oh, yeah, yup.
Here we go.
Holy shit.
What do you taste?
- Mmm, the vinegar.
- Mm-hmm.
- And the fruit brandy, of course.
- Mm-hmm.
Anything else?
Mm, yeah, walnuts?
Oh, come on now, fucking
listen to your palate.
Don't just guess.
Fuck me.
Do you know how many air miles it
takes to fly this in every week?
I'm adding to the ruin
of the world for cheese.
- Worth it though, isn't it?
- Correct.
If you mean yes, just
say yes. Don't be a twat.
That's what I meant,
yes, correct, shut up.
Hey, Joe, do you remember
when I asked if I could
maybe... you know?
What, babe, become a sous?
Think you're ready?
I mean,
it's a massive responsibility.
Do you know what
it actually means?
How it'll ruin your life.
Hey, listen, I should get
back and finish my mis, yeah.
Healthy cynicism and neurotic
cynicism are, like, different.
And which one might you be?
Wait, wait, let me guess.
The reason I mentioned it is
because you were kind enough
to offer me some of your gak,
and then whenever I do coke,
I always think about Freud, and
then whenever I think about Freud
I always think about love, and you know
what Freud's definition of love was?
I haven't got a clue, darling, what is
Freud's definition of love? Enlighten me.
Freud's definition
of love is, um...
Oh, what was it?
Oh, the psychosis
of ordinary people.
People like you, Tommy.
It's a sickness.
You feel sick to the
stomach when it starts,
and then you feel even sicker
and it's even longer when it
ends, and then, that's called love.
That's what we all want.
It's fucked.
- You talk a lot, don't you?
- No, I don't.
So, what, are you gonna fall in love
tonight then? Strangers in London.
Oh, what you mean?
We're gonna fuck.
Yeah, maybe, but what we're not
gonna do is fall in love, so...
So you don't believe in
love, that's fucking awesome.
Up up up up.
- Come on.
- Don't. Fuck off.
- Get up.
- What the fuck are you doing?
Get up.
I'll just pee in your mouth.
Excuse me, where's any
mini cabs around here?
Down that street.
Okay, all right, can I also
grab some rolling backy?
Just whatever's
your cheapest really.
And some paracetamol.
Oh, fuck. Thank you.
- That will be four...
- Yeah.
Open the till, man. Don't move.
Don't fucking move, man.
Open that fucking till!
I promise I will fucking
stab you up, man.
I ain't playing fair, man.
Get a fucking move on.
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
You can give me your money,
oh, come on, come on now.
What the fuck is that?
That's fucking roll over.
My mom gave it to me.
Oh, my... my mom gave...
What the fuck is wrong
with the both of you man?
What... what I've got a pair
of fucking dummies, have I?
Huh? Give me the money.
Do you understand English?
You fucking muppet.
Fuck. Oh, Jesus, fuck. Oh, fuck.
Yeah, ambulance. Yeah,
someone's been stabbed.
Near the... near the
Hilton on Tilly Street.
Yeah, yeah, I'll stay on the line.
Oh, fuck.
- What's your name?
- It's Amir. My family.
- Oh, boy, what is it, what...
- Pict...
- Picture.
- Oh, you fucking twat.
- My family.
- What is it you want?
- Picture.
- Okay.
V-I-T-A-L-E. Vitale.
Daphne Vitale.
All right. Italian.
My dad is... was...
Sorry, was Sicilian.
They were different.
How old are you, Daphne?
Um, 20, um...
Uh, no, I'm 30... 31.
- Just wait there a sec, please.
- All right.
This is Deputy PC Curtis,
I'm calling to let you know
that as part of our
victim's support scheme
you're entitled to counseling.
If you could give me a call...
All right, people,
we got covers in,
let's pump it out.
Can someone please run
this fucking food, huh?
Billie, come on, it's time here.
- You're the man.
- Don't blow smoke up my arse.
I wouldn't go near your arse,
not for the money you pay me.
Come on, hustle it up there.
Hey, Beth.
Yeah, I'm in the chemist's.
I'll be back in a minute.
Yeah, I'm coming.
Yeah, I'm coming.
Don't give me that bullshit.
You can't call someone's
beliefs bullshit.
You're just saying
it to sound cool.
Internet dating is consumers
are masquerading as love...
- What part of that sounds cool?
- Ooh. Look at me,
I've read Slavoj Zizek
and think I'm really cool.
How... how did you just say...
Do you even know who
Slavoj Zizek is?
Yeah, of course, I fucking do.
Did you just Google him because
I mentioned him last week?
You did, didn't you?
Go on, say his name again.
No, I didn't. Slavoj Zizek.
- Slavoj Zizek.
- Slavoj Zizek.
Anyway, these days it's
just... You don't even write
anything about yourself,
it's just all photographs,
just, like, there's
no human interaction,
it's like you're shopping.
It's like this.
Yah, yah, yah, fuck.
Why are you even talking...
Who fucking cares?
- Who cares?
- That's all it is.
Yeah, you know, I agree with you,
but like, what's love then?
'Cause love and fucking
are different things.
Ideally you need both.
The love... the love bit
is a necessary illusion
to bind us all together to
propagate our shitty species.
No, no, that's bullshit.
That's bullshit.
Love and sex,
you make do.
It's whatever works.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Go home to your wife, Joe.
Okay, I'll see you.
Get off of me, get off.
Easy. Just relax, pal,
you're crazy.
- What was that?
- Get off me!
Yeah, well, you promise
you're gonna behave?
Yeah, no,
- yeah, yeah.
- Well, which one is it then?
- Promise, I'll behave.
- All right, then.
I'm gonna count to three.
One, two...
You, sir, are a fabulous cunt.
Go home.
Please, can I come back in?
Go home.
Hey, hey you, miss.
- I don't wanna go home.
- Go home, you're pissed, yeah?
- Hey.
- Yeah, don't try and sweet him.
Don't try and sweet him.
Ain't gonna work.
- Lotta traffic.
- Fuck off.
Chick chick chick chick chicken
Live and laugh for me
- Be my wing man.
- Huh?
You be my wing man.
Chick chick chick chick chicken
Lay a little egg for me
Chick chick chick chick chicken
I want one for my tea
Bet you get wrinkles.
Blimey, it should
get wrinkles there.
It's crashmania.
Why, Lord, why me?
Don't answer that.
'Cause he can't see that I exist.
I'm talking to myself.
I'm such a wanker.
I know it's just a small thing,
but it does, it really annoys me
that I have to pay so much
for these classes after school.
Clarinet. Karate. It's ridiculous.
All adds up.
Do you know what I mean?
And they don't even teach
them how to make music.
Are we going on the lam,
Daphne, dude?
- Daphne?
- West Hampshire.
Get your skates on, Daph.
Hey, Beth, dude, he could
get hit by a bus, literally,
any single day, so why
don't you just have a night
enjoy the fuck out of
your kid while you can.
Hey, Daphne, dude, why don't you
mind your own fucking business?
I would, but you talk
shit the whole time.
And unfortunately,
I'm not fucking deaf.
That's a horrible thing to say.
My brother's deaf.
- No, he is not.
- Yes, he is.
Okay, fine, well,
so, fucking stab me.
I'm just trying to fucking...
I'm going to get some fresh air.
- You busy?
- No, I'm doing the vat for a laugh.
- Okay, you're busy.
- Yeah, why?
Just chilling.
Never illing. In my
mouth I got two fillings.
Young MC in the house.
I hear that ladies are
stalking that white truffle
over from Piedmont again
if you want to pop down
and bag some free samples.
Yeah, I heard.
No, you go. I can't.
You get some if you want.
No, I mean, if you wanted to.
I'm not in the mood.
I don't think Beth likes me.
That's not exactly news, Daphne.
No, it's not.
Is there anything else...
Look, I clearly can't have
a drink right now, okay?
- For fuck sake.
- No, I was gonna say sorry.
Do you remember the other night...
Uh, if you wanted to, we could.
We can what?
Are you stalking me?
I'm going to ignore that comment.
Here, an invite for Sunday.
Mom, I told you.
Take it, seriously.
You might really regret
it if you don't.
How can you use that?
That is so... Even for you.
It's all I've got to use.
Mom, I'm not, I just...
I disagree. You don't think.
You do things unthinkingly.
And you don't do anything,
and you think too much.
Regret the things
you did do, Daphne,
not the things you didn't.
Where did you hear that
crap, in a fortune cookie?
See you on Sunday.
We can have coffee
and cake after.
- Service.
- Fuck.
Service, please.
- What about yesterday?
- I don't wanna talk about it.
Anything else you don't
wanna talk about?
- Not really, no.
- No? Off you go.
Do you think I'm selfish?
- Yeah.
- Do you?
Of course you are.
So am I.
I mean, who else is gonna
look out for you?
It's a tough fucking world.
You gotta be tough, as well.
Or at least, I don't know,
what the fuck do I know?
Don't listen to me.
Yeah, that's what I think, too.
- But maybe...
- What?
When you were a kid,
did you ever wish
that you'd be in a car crash
and both your parents would die,
but you'd survive, and then you'd
be like this tragic little figure
and everyone would
love you or something?
Did you ever wish for
that when you were a kid
for both your parents to die?
No, you fucking weirdo.
I never wanted to have
kids. They just arrived.
And so you just get on with it.
Sometimes I wish I could
get a refund though.
It sucks because we're
both evil fuck ups.
I gotta quit this shit.
It's ruining my palate.
I know, mine, too.
Oh, God.
Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck.
Hello again.
The one who kicked you
out at the club
a few nights ago.
You called me a fabulous cunt.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
- Oh, amazing, fantastic.
- Well, I don't know about that.
- Yeah, no, it's not fantastic.
- It was a mixed insult at least
very uncharacteristic
behavior of me.
- Yeah, yeah, that's the feeling I got.
- Normally I'm much more, um...
- What?
- Sorry.
God, idiot, no.
It's just the vitamins.
- None of my... sorry.
- No! No, no, no, no, no.
Sorry, probably looked like
I was about to stab you.
No, I've seen worse, believe me.
Yeah, I just find it weird
what manufacturers think
that pregnant women need
but other women don't.
Who's to say I could
be doing with more
selenium and magnesium.
Getting all the good shit.
Hey, I feel like I'm pregnant with
anxiety. I need the good shit, too.
Right, I mean, no,
I know, it's so unfair,
I mean, I was just gonna say
that if you were pregnant,
perhaps instead of all the
Vodka Red Bull you drank,
it might be better to just stick
to the vodka, slightly, you know?
What did you say your name was?
Is this is like a
Mexican standoff?
Well, that would be if we were
pointing guns at each other.
Are you allowed to carry
a gun as a bouncer?
Are you gonna ask me my name
- or am I just gonna tell it to you?
- You haven't asked me my name.
It's Daphne, according to
what you broadcast at a bar.
- Amongst other things.
- Oh, God.
What's your bloody name then?
It's David.
Hmm. Doesn't suit you.
Well, pleased to meet you,
David, for the first time.
Yeah, for the first time,
Pleased to meet you,
too, Daphne.
Oh! No need to show off
with your fricking handshake.
- So listen, I was...
- You were about to ask me for my number.
I mean, that's very
forward of you to offer it.
- But sure, if I can get your number then.
- I was just about to say
I'd rather you didn't,
actually, sorry. Now go.
Right, no, fair do's.
50 grams of Pecorino.
You seem like a nice guy.
No, no, no, no
explanation needed.
Anyway, nice to meet
you again, Daphne.
I mean, for the first time.
- See you soon.
- Yeah.
Hi. How are you?
- All right?
- Cooking, are you?
That is 10 pounds 20, please.
- Yup.
- Hi.
- Sorry, me again.
- Well, hello, again.
Hi, listen, look. I know you
don't wanna give me your number
and that's fine, absolutely,
but I'm gonna give you
my number and you don't
have to call it,
but I just thought fuck
it... You know life's...
- Short arse.
- Yeah, so, there you go, that's...
Sorry about this.
Is he bothering you? Are
you pestering this woman?
You what?
Yeah, he is, actually.
He's being a pest, yeah.
Go on, get out of the shop.
Yeah, go on, mate.
Get out. Be gone.
All right, all right. All
right, I'm going. I'm gone. See?
- I'm gone.
- Idiot.
Get out of here, idiot.
See you, mate.
Do you want a receipt?
- Uh, no.
- All right.
- I'll see you tomorrow, yeah?
- Bye.
All right, Beth.
Oh, no, I'm not feeling
well. I'm not coming in today.
All right.
Oh, just, I'm just
not feeling well.
Have you told Joe?
Yeah, I realize that.
Please, take a seat.
What do I call ya?
Doctor or mister?
Adam's fine.
You don't look like an Adam.
So, are you Italian?
I mean, of Italian decent?
Oh, yeah. Of course
that makes sense.
Oh, sorry,
was I being anti-semitic?
Should I go out and
come back in again?
You were referred through
the Metropolitan Police
as part of their
victim's support scheme.
I understand you were
witness to a violent assault.
Perhaps you could start by
saying something about that?
About what sort of emotions
that brought up for you?
Certain emotions?
Things effect us in ways
we don't always expect.
Do you think that it's
true that we're just matter?
That we just die, and that's it?
Or the whole heaven
and hell thing,
that those are basic two choices?
Is that something you
think about a lot?
Sorry, you don't actually
know me or my life,
or anything about me, do you?
And are there people in
your life who do, Daphne?
Who... who do know you?
Why have you got every copy of
"Harry Potter" on your shelf?
It must have been
very difficult for you
to have witnessed
someone be stabbed.
How do you think you're
coping with it, Daphne?
What sort of question is that?
How am I coping?
How do you think I'm coping?
Seriously, why have you got
every copy of "Harry Potter"?
I'm not the one that's nuts,
you're the one that's crazy.
Excuse us, sorry.
Would you mind
getting that for me?
- It's all right. It's miles away.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
You're welcome.
- And how are you?
- Oh, yeah. Not bad, thanks.
You know how it is.
Back's killing me.
This one weighs a right old ton.
Don't you?
You do, don't you?
And you? How are you?
Oh, you know...
I'm not so good, actually.
Not so good.
Yeah, I saw... I saw
something quite fucked up
a few nights ago,
that I wish I hadn't.
Yeah, it's really
pissed me off, actually.
- Oh, sorry, swearing.
- Mmm.
Close your ears. Don't
repeat anything I just said.
I know, I'm fucking hilarious.
- God, sorry, I'm terrible.
- Yeah, you are terrible.
Well, my life's terrible.
I haven't shaved
my legs in months.
Look. Well, I'm still
wearing a sports bra
'cause I can't be arsed, so...
Basically given up
on my life, really.
Well, you might as
well Jack it all in.
Yeah, I know.
Now my old hatchet-faced
mom's got cancer, as well.
Oh, yeah, go ahead.
Just laugh away.
I'm sorry. I don't know
why I'm laughing.
No, I don't know
why you're laughing.
- That's not really funny, you know?
- Stop it, you'll make me laugh.
You're making yourself laugh.
It's not helping.
My mom still has cancer.
Your mom don't have cancer.
She does actually. Sorry.
Sorry, we probably shouldn't
have made a joke about that.
Oh, that's all right.
Don't be sorry.
I just don't know
what to say, really.
It's my stop coming up.
Well, I hope your
back gets better.
Yeah, thank you.
Bye, mate.
I hope your mom's all right.
David Desilver, Security, hello?
Give it a chance.
Don't say a word.
That's not cynical. It's
called being realistic.
You don't believe in love?
When you put it like that,
that sounds negative, yes.
No, no, no, I know
what you're saying.
All I'm saying is that so
much of what's called love
is really just people
projecting their own ideas
of what a love object should
look like onto someone else,
and then getting upset
when that person fails
to live up to those expectations,
so then they fall in
love with someone else,
until they disappoint them, too.
Right, so, basically,
it turns out
I didn't know what you were saying.
I don't know why I just
said any of that stuff.
I don't actually think any of
those things. I just said it.
Well, aren't people basically being incapable
of a love that isn't self-interested?
- No, that's good.
- It's to do with expectations.
I don't want you to
expect one thing about me
and then get mad
when I'm not that.
You... do you realize
this is a first date?
- Don't you?
- No need to be facetious.
No, no, no, it's funny, it is.
It's like we're on a date,
and you're basically saying
don't get your hopes up, pal.
- No.
- Yes, it's like I've gone to church.
I need to realize I've sat
next to Satan, it's funny.
Here's the church,
here's the steeple,
open the doors... Ah,
and everyone's fucked off.
Cause you're a twat.
Wait, Daph. Daphne, wait.
- Oop.
- So should we go to your place?
Well, I don't think
that's a good idea, do you?
It you don't wanna have
sex with me, that's fine.
No, I'm not saying I
don't wanna have sex.
I'm just saying, you know,
maybe I want a bit more.
I'm saying, can we just cool it down
a little, see where things take us?
Cool it down,
who says cool it down?
Why are you so pissed?
What happened to you?
Don't try to psychoanalyze me.
Well, do you expect me
to come back with you?
I'm going back to the
bar to finish my drink.
Come if you want
if not, whatever.
That's some fucking serious, too.
Just to sing about it.
- Why it just releases.
- It's so easy.
- Daytime breaks?
- Oh, yeah.
Something to do with...
So, I guess this is see you later?
Or not?
I'll call you.
Yup, sure, whatever.
Is that you?
What I don't understand
is I made that spare key
- a month ago.
- I made a copy a couple of months back.
- And why did you do that?
- What happens when you kill yourself?
Who's gonna let the police in?
It's very late. Where were you?
- Girl guides.
- Ah-ha.
- Are you staying then?
- If that's okay.
I'll just get you some bedding.
So are you gonna listen to
what the doctor's telling you?
You think they have
all the answers?
They don't.
It's like you've got
some stupid death wish.
I do not.
I don't have a death wish.
- It's infantile.
- I'm not dying, Daphne.
I mean, not tomorrow,
or the day after.
Yeah, but it's still cancer.
Cancer's stil fucking cancer.
They took my thyroid
out. I don't have cancer.
They said six months
in, if you needed to do
another round of chemo,
then all this rubbish,
that you filled your mind with,
this alternative bullshit...
I just want to explore the...
You can't heal cancer
with fucking mindfulness.
Daphne, stop it.
If they did tell you to do
more chemo, then do it.
- That would be the positive thing to do.
- There are worse things
- than dying.
- When did you become so naive?
And when did you
become so cynical?
Can I have a glass of white wine?
There's a bottle open
in the fridge.
Hey, Daphne. David here.
Just wondered if you
wanted to hook up sometime,
soon yeah, pretty
busy at the moment,
but I'm sure I could
squeeze you in.
Daphne, just give me
a call back, yeah.
The second bedroom is like tiny,
but you'll literally not
gonna find anything better.
Not for that sort of money.
So your friend, Izzy,
then, she's nice?
Yeah, she's sweet.
Is it serious, then, is it?
What do you mean?
It's like you wanted
to go out or something.
You are so full of shit sometimes.
It's not even funny anymore.
That's not funny.
You wind me up. You know it does.
I told you one thing once.
Yeah, I saw someone get
stabbed the other night.
- Did you?
- Yeah.
Fuck off, seriously?
London is crazy.
Yeah, I know, it was like
we had to stop the bleeding.
Did he, like, die?
- Was he black?
- No, I don't... I don't know.
- I mean...
- Cause after the ambulance came
he either has black skin
or he doesn't, like...
I imagine he does, like
statistically speaking.
- Not being racist.
- No, I mean, I don't know if he died.
Probably, but...
You're tough as fuck they say.
If Izzy saw someone
getting stabbed,
she'd basically move
back to Wimbledon
in a fucking flash,
I'm telling you.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
- Shall we?
- Yeah, I should probably go.
Here's the takeaway
that you ordered.
- Did I?
- Well, yeah.
Wow. Take your word for it.
Let me, let me, find...
Just come in a second.
Let me find my...
Just pop it on the table.
My mind.
It's usually you, isn't
it? What's your name?
My name's Kumar.
Oh, well, Kumar, you are the
bearer of blessings, so many thanks.
You can keep the change.
Oh, cheers to that.
That's very kind of you.
I... it's none of my business
or nothing, but are you okay?
Uh, yeah, why do you ask?
Oh, no reason.
Okay. Well, thanks for, you know.
I mean, you look like shit.
Sorry. It's not that you...
It's none of my business.
Yeah, um, you...
You just said that.
- Any other observations?
- No, no, sorry.
- I should probably just...
- Yeah.
Oh, Jesus, it's fucking
wet. Is she serious or what?
You should probably just...
I don't know... Get some fresh air.
My mom, yeah.
Yup, I really don't wanna
know what your mom says.
No, she says fresh air
is the best medicine.
Wow, she's clearly
a wonderful doctor.
Hey, you're a joke.
- All right, have a good night.
- Yeah, night.
What's your name, old man?
- Nacho.
- That's not your name. That's a snack.
Make mine a double.
What was I saying?
You were talking rubbish,
and that is my name.
Uh, well, exactly the
shit we find ourselves in.
It's the shit of our own devising.
Is there something on my face?
Are you really 30?
31. Why do I only look like I'm 18?
I would have said 23.
23 and two days.
Something like that.
So we're going back to
yours then or what?
What for?
"What for?" He asks.
You don't hang about, do ya?
Go wait for me outside.
Fucking like that.
Do you like that?
Yeah. Oh, say it.
- Yeah, just get on with it.
- Say it, say it, say it.
There you are.
And you begged me.
You fucking begged to come
back home with me, didn't ya?
You and I.
Fuck. You fucking woman, you.
Oh, you fucking.
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.
Oh, shit. Oh, fuck.
Oh, Christ.
For God sake.
Listen, I have to give a
lecture in about an hour, so...
Sorry, it's just, um...
- Have you got any wet wipes?
- Wet what?
- No, no.
- Never mind.
Oh, David, mate, piss off.
Hey, what can I get you?
- What you got?
- Everything.
Oh, that's a start.
I'll have...
Uh, lunch, 2:00, fine.
Is that okay?
What are you doing in, Daph?
You're not in till later.
Shh, I'm not here.
Hey, freckles? Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fucking fantastic.
As all you know, you're
all wonderful people.
I love you all, I do.
Well, it's a shit that
I love you all.
Go away. Don't touch
merchandise, you fuck.
I've had it. Take it easy.
Look at what you fucking made me
do, Joe. Look what you made me do.
Okay, let's just take
them out of the kitchen,
- and take it easy.
- I told you, Joe.
Will you get the fuck out of
the kitchen, you silly cow?
I am going to get the fuck out.
And you're the biggest
wank of them all.
You're an enabler.
You enable me
to act like a twat, which
makes you an even bigger twat.
You're just take a Daphne
this and your Daphne that.
And shove it down your
ruined shitty palate.
All right, come on.
I'd choke on it, you tit. I quit.
- Come on.
- I quit.
The beginning of the
Reagan-Thatcher era.
During this period
we were introduced
to the idea of
trickle-down economics,
that by making the top
of the top as wealthy
as we possibly can, using
fiscal monetary policies,
that just would
cause trickle-down,
that a rising tide
would lift all boats.
Now here we are in 2016,
with the widest wealth of
income tax around the world
we've seen in hundreds of years.
Here, it's hot.
So yesterday was eventful.
Please, come on.
It'll do you good.
How bad was I?
Was I bad?
I was bad, wasn't I?
Well, how bad was I?
I tried to help you and you said
"Don't touch the merchandise,
you fucker."
You referred to yourself
as merchandise.
No, I didn't. I didn't.
I'm such a dick.
What else did I do?
Don't tell me,
but do obviously tell me.
Well, you quit quite a few times.
Hey, this is good.
Yeah, I remember that bit.
I take it I'm fired
though, not that I quit.
You know that I'm in
love with you, right?
- Fuck off, Joe.
- Yeah, you know I am...
I am.
I just wanted to say
it just once.
I actually feel
a bit better now.
Good for you.
You need to get your
shit together, all right?
Well, you still got
a job if you want.
I don't know. I guess...
I just find it hard to care
about anything at the moment.
Well, when you remember
how to give a shit
give me a call, okay?
I'm not gonna come back, Joe.
I'm out of it now.
Well, you're not gonna
fall off a cliff, are you?
We're still gonna
hang out, right?
I'm sorry I was a tad
mental last time, wasn't I?
Not really, no.
Swerve and curve.
I like your style.
I'm a master of the old
duck and dive myself.
I'm very adept to ignoring
important questions.
And what are they to you, Daphne?
What are the important questions?
Oh, my God, you're my hero,
blew it right back in
my court like a pro.
Yes, sweet, your smile
means you don't hate me.
You, uh...
You asked me last
time I was here
what sort of emotions
the stabbing brought up.
And I don't really feel
much about the guy. I
don't really care about him.
Well, that's...
That's not quite it.
Just... I don't feel much.
I'm not...
that's not normal, right?
And it...
it only recently occurred to me
because someone else mentioned it,
to check if he was still alive.
And you know I got his address,
and I was thinking
of visiting him,
but inside...
Inside there's not much.
What would a normal response be?
What would it be to you?
I don't know. That it mattered.
That his life mattered.
What about your life?
Does you life matter?
I haven't felt like I'm
alive for a long time.
I don't know. I don't know.
You know, Daphne,
we don't always feel
what we might think of
as the correct emotions
at the correct times.
That doesn't make us unhuman.
You can still visit him
without necessarily having
great big operatic
emotions about it.
The action of visiting
him, that still counts.
Our actions count.
Even if we don't think
that much of them,
perhaps later on we will,
but we don't need to wait
for that to do things.
That's surprisingly good advice.
You know, we might officially
have to inform the police,
in case it affects
any legal proceedings.
But what I would like to ask
is why do you want to see him?
Can you tell me?
I'm just tired and
I think that therapy,
from what I understand
of it, is mostly bullshit,
no offence, but I'm not gonna
spend months and years
talking about what my mom
and dad did or didn't do.
So, what would you
like to talk about?
I don't want to talk about
what I don't want to talk about.
That's fine.
And don't worry,
these things take time.
You can always come back,
even if it's bullshit.
It's fine if it's bullshit.
Bullshit can be useful.
Do you mind if we don't...
Can we not talk,
can we just sit for a while?
Hey, um, I think you
gave me the wrong number.
You see, I've been calling
you, but get no answer.
Oh, that explains it. I was
wondering why you hadn't called
- when you promised you would.
- Well there, it's bizarre,
because when the phone
goes to answering machine,
a woman called, Daphne,
tells you to leave a message.
I didn't expect to see you again.
By the fourth time with no answer,
I wasn't sure I wanted to.
Yeah, there are things I
was... I am dealing with.
Finish work in a few
hours, come back to mine.
I don't know. I'm not
really in the same mood I was
when I last met you.
At least not sex.
- I mean, not right now.
- In that case, maybe I'll take a pass.
You were the one who said
you didn't want to have sex.
If we're quoting each
other, what I said was,
I didn't only want to have sex,
I might want something more.
- What does something more mean?
- I don't know.
It just sounded like a good
thing to say at the time.
Is it really bad that I find it
cheesy that you're holding my hand?
No, as long as it's not bad
that I continue to hold it.
Listen, David,
I actually just came to say
that I don't really want
to see anyone right now.
Okay, okay, so how long do you think
I need to give you before I call?
- Honestly, don't.
- I'll call you tomorrow, will I?
- I've gotta go.
- Cool, let's chat later on tonight.
Honestly, don't call
me cause I won't answer.
So, I'm trying to
have the last word.
- You're being a dick.
- You're being a dick.
What, is that it?
Say at least one more thing.
That which maintains all beings.
That which maintains all beings.
Situated throughout space.
Situated throughout space.
So long as all have not attained
So long as all have not attained
- to peace.
- to peace.
Aunt Rita.
Oh, Christ, I meant... sorry.
The reason I get so
pissed off by the chemo
and the mindfulness, I
don't want to lose you and...
I dunno.
I know that I've been
too hard on you.
It's okay, cause, you know,
we don't know everything.
Just, yeah.
- Just, um...
- I know, I know,
you're trying to apologize.
Shit. Doesn't mean crap.
Darling, you don't
know what it's like
to have to really,
really have to face your
own... death, Daphne.
I know I don't know. No, I know.
I mean, it can't just be,
oh, I don't know,
you're born, you work, you
have a child, and you die.
It's not enough. I want... I
want more than that. I want...
That's why I'm trying to,
you know,
before I'm not here anymore,
I suppose.
I forgot my fags.
- Oh, fuck it.
- Yeah, fuck it.
I'm proud of you, Mom.
I know now that you're trying
it is probably a good thing.
This delicious.
How did you make it?
My wife says because
you are so skinny,
she will write you the recipe.
Normally she would not
write it for anyone,
because it is a family secret.
But she says you are
like the kitten
that is so skinny that
the whole village
kicks it away.
I don't see why is that
funny? That's terrible.
She feels sorry for you.
She... she... no, no,
it is more than sorry.
How do you say it?
It is the pity. She pities you.
Are you Samir, then?
Your dad wouldn't
shut up about you.
He kept saying your
name over and over again.
"Samir, Samir."
Oh, well, I mean, he
said all of your names...
He was holding a photograph
of all of you.
And, yeah, crying and...
Yeah, it was... it was...
It was... it was lovely,
in a traumatic sort of way,
you see.
Benny, I wanted to say
that the other day
I'm sorry because you
tried to hold my hand
and I took my hand away.
I'm really sorry. I should
have held your hand.
What do you mean,
Daphne? You did.
You took my hand. You held it.
Have some more of this.
No, I didn't...
It's not how I remember it.
You saved me.
And what about the
boy who stabbed you,
do you ever think about him or...
Do you... I don't know,
do you forgive him or...
Yes, I think of him,
but, no, Daphne,
not yet. I cannot.
You come into the shop.
Come into the shop.
- You wanted paracetamol?
- Paracetamol, please.