Daphne & Velma (2018) Movie Script

Welcome to Ridge Valley High..
today in the auditorium.'
...tech billionaire
Tobias Bloom's
innovative center for learning
where the youth of today
become the leaders of tomorrow.
Tobias Bloom invested
in Ridge Valley High
after his Azalea phone
became a world-wide phenomenon.
Good morning, class.
Now Ridge Valley High
depends on his immersive
teaching methods
to engage and inspire.
We believe technology
isn't just a tool..
Hello, Olivia.
Thank you.
...it's a way of life.
Have a sustainable day.
'What happened
to that amusement park'
'to make the rides
come to life after dark?'
'Was it Old Man Weatherby'
'the mysterious
swinging ship operator?'
Or maybe kids playing a prank.
Or maybe because of something
'Alright, more would be
next week paranormals.'
I gotta get to school.
This is Daphne Blake
signing off.
Aliens did not mess
with that theme park, Daphne.
Uh, maybe they did, Velma,
we don't know.
Um, statistically,
it's 100% more likely
that a system malfunction
caused those rides to turn on.
You know, for a girl who doesn't
believe in the paranormal
you sure do keep up
with my posts about it.
Yeah, well, somebody
has to debunk you.
Plus, how else am I gonna
keep up with my internet BFF
while she's jettin'
around the world?
Where are you now, anyway?
Japan? Nigeria?
I have some exciting news.
I know I've been
kind of cagey lately
but I can finally tell you
I've been...
Oh, about those prawn
and ketchup chips
you sent me from Tokyo?
They already arrived.
Tastes like gerbil.
But in a good way.
You know what I mean?
You know what
gerbil tastes like?
- Don't worry about it.
- 'But no, no.'
It's-it's not that.
This is way better.
I'm in Ridge Valley! Ah!
Ridge Valley?
Like where I live Ridge Valley?
Yeah, my mom got relocated and
I start at your school today.
We can finally be
best friends IRL.
- Oh.
- I thought you'd be excited.
- It's just...
- Just what?
Velma, you are my best friend.
This is awesome news.
'Daphne, breakfast in 15.'
Uh, I gotta go,
but I'll see you soon, I guess?
See you soon.
Where the youth of today..
Oh, gosh.
It's just high school.
Tobias Bloom..
Hey, turn on
my pump-up playlist.
Mm-hmm. Turn up the beat.
Alright, let's do this.
What should I wear?
I'm looking for the perfect
first day of school outfit.
'Outfit complete.'
Oh, please tell me
that's French toast I smell.
- Good morning, mom.
- Good morning, sweetheart.
Ha, I called it!
- Morning, dad.
- Good morning, darling.
So, mom, are you nervous
about your new job?
I mean, I know your company
was a big deal
but Bloom Innovative, wow!
I'm so excited.
I'm just so thrilled
to finally meet Tobias Bloom.
Mm. Hashtag job goals.
Is that not a thing anymore?
- Not really.
- Oh!
Note to self, hashtag's out.
What about you, sweetheart?
I mean, your first day
at a new school.
I mean, high school to boot.
- Are you nervous?
- Not really.
I mean, if I can make it through
school in Argentina and Japan
should be pretty easy.
And there is no way
that Ridge Valley is any crazier
than that school
in the middle of the Baltic Sea.
Yeah, that school
was definitely not certified.
You mean the principal
with the eye patch
and the missing teeth
didn't tip you off?
There was nothing wrong
with that school until it sank.
What's this?
Mm, those are the moons
of Saturn.
Mm, pretty.
school is gonna be awesome.
Things always have a way
of working out.
Hey, Velma, turn
that frown upside down.
- Come on, Velma.
- Watch it.
- 'Velma!'
- 'What's her problem?'
- 'Oh, no.'
- 'Look where you're goin'.'
Ah, my muffin.
- 'Okay. Here you go, kiddo.'
- 'Great.'
It's gonna be great.
It's gonna be awesome.
Are you Daphne, the new girl?
Yea. Is it that obvious
that I'm new here?
Oh, not at all, I was already
e-mailed your full profile
before you got here.
Oh, wow, that's..
I'm Carol, the senior advisor
at Ridge Valley High
and I'm also the tour guide
for new students.
- 'Heads up!'
- Ooh.
No way.
Legitimate Tulip,
they're my favorite band.
Uh, okay, never heard of them.
You almost just got
smacked in the face.
- I did?
- Uh-huh.
Guess I lucked out.
It's kind of my thing.
'Welcome to another
beautiful day at Ridge Valley.'
Wow, this is incredible.
'Just a reminder,
it's World Appreciation Week.'
- Hello, Daphne Blake.
- Hello.
- Pretty cool, huh?
- Yeah.
Since our school is sponsored
by Bloom Innovative
we get to beta test
all of their latest inventions.
Including the Azalea-9 phone.
It's brand-new. So here.
'Griffin Griffiths.
He's got blue eyes.'
- 'He's 6'1".'
- 6'2".
Thinks he's the cutest guy
in school.
He's actually probably
the second cutest at best.
- All yours.
- Thank you.
Hey, you're the new girl, right?
- Yeah.
- I'm Spencer.
- 'Hey.'
- AKA the nicest guy ever.
And basically,
the next Tobias Bloom.
Total computer genius.
And this is Mikayla.
She likes art.
Wait, really, that's all I get?
I'm Daphne.
I just moved here from..
...well, all over.
We travel a lot
for my mom's work.
- She invented Matchmouth.
- Wait.
- What?
- Your mom invented Matchmouth?
That's so cool. I mean,
their use of dog-face filters
for actual dogs
was revolutionary.
I actually kind of helped her
come up with that one.
- What?
- That's my favorite feature.
That's so cool.
Isn't she so cool?
You're, you're so cool.
I'm actually glad
we ran into you guys.
I was just about to show
Daphne the main event.
This is the Bloom Bracket.
It's a real-time ranking
'of all the underclassmen
at Ridge Valley.'
You're scored on grades,
sports, extracurricular.
'Even social media activity's
taken into account.'
- It's like a GPA on steroids.
- Mm-hm.
Wow. It sounds pretty intense.
It is, but in a good way.
At the end of each semester,
whoever is the top student
of the Bloom Bracket gets an
internship at Bloom Innovative.
Also known as the coolest place
on Earth.
Can you guys imagine getting
to work for the Tobias Bloom?
I mean,
I've got this perfect idea..
Wait, let me pitch it to you.
Okay. So imagine your phone
could make a pie.
Uh, wait, that actually
sounds kind of weird.
Slow down there, boy genius.
Spencer here
is currently number one.
'I think he's gonna win it all.'
Boy genius? Can we age it up
to teen genius?
- Hunky-man genius?
- Right.
- Okay.
- Right.
I'm thinking baby genius.
- Bye, guys.
- Hey, Velma!
You can ignore her,
but you can't ignore me.
- You know Velma?
- Yeah, we're friends.
Velma has friends.
You know, I think I'm actually
gonna go catch up with her.
- So I'll see you later?
- Okay.
- Bye, Daphne. Bye.
- Okay, bye.
Velma has friends.
Hey, Velma.
Geez, it is her, right?
'Match not found.'
Velma, wait.
I can't talk to you right now,
So it is you. For a second,
I thought I was going crazy.
You know your contact info
doesn't come up in the system?
I know. I like it like that.
Oh, okay.
Well, do you wanna
get lunch later?
We could tell everyone
about the curse of Crystal Cove.
The blue-green aura was just
photosensitive plankton
being disrupted
by boat propellers.
Well, I still think
it was a ghost.
The fire ghost. Boo! Argh!
I can't have lunch with you,
Not today, not ever.
What? Why?
My mop!
Yikes! That's gotta hurt.
- Yeah, I hope Velma's okay.
- No, I mean, that's gotta hurt.
Ooh, cool. That
impressively fast editing.
'I mean, she's already
in last place, but still..'
- Wait, Velma's in last place?
- 'Yeah.'
But she's so smart.
It's impossible.
- See you later.
- Later.
'Roman History
completed in record time.'
I actually went to school
in Rome for a bit.
Is that a California roll?
I just saw it in the line.
I can't believe you knew
all the moons of Saturn.
Mr. Nussbaum
was totally blown away.
Yeah, my parents have this
coffee-table book of Saturn
that I flipped through
this morning. Total luck.
You've gotta be my lab partner
You'll totally help me win
on the Bloom Bracket.
- For sure.
- Sweet!
- See you tomorrow.
- Alright, Daphne.
See ya.
Somebody there?
Hello. Oh!
- Velma!
- Daphne.
I was just on my way
to a, um, sports match.
Mm-hm, in the sports classroom.
You mean the gym?
What? Velma, w-what is with
all the lies?
This isn't you.
- Go home, Daphne.
- Why are you acting like this?
Did you hear that?
Hear what?
It sounded like a ghost.
Please, statistically, the
likelihood that ghost are real
is somewhere
in the .0002% range.
Okay, fine, but I think
we can agree on one thing.
- 'Activating.'
- We need to investigate.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- Velma.
For one second, pretend you're
the friend I thought you are.
Okay, but just to be clear
we are not investigating
together, okay?
You're investigating and I'm..
...going to the sports match
in the sports classroom.
Looks like someone's
possessing this place.
More like the computer clips
shorted the circuits again.
Do they do that too?
- Spencer?
- Spencer?
It's a secret passage.
Dad! What are you doing here?
Hey, honey.
'I have a question.'
Is, is my leg..
or is that just in my head?
What are you doin' here?
What are you doin' here?
What does it look like?
I'm mopping.
That's what they all say.
Much better.
Whoo. Wow, that's so funny.
Me running into you at your
school. What a coincidence.
Nedley, I think it's time
you're honest with our daughter.
Yeah, dad,
why were you at my school?
Well, I thought
I was supposed to pick you up.
- Nedley.
- Elizabeth.
- What?
- I was following you.
What? Why?
There is a reason
you think you're so lucky.
I just felt awful about us
disrupting your life
moving form city to city,
switching schools.
That time you were four
and I lost you
in that casino in Ibiza
for 36 hours.
- You what?
- You know what, never mind.
Look, I just..
Ow, ow, ow, ow.
I so wanted your life
to be perfect
that I, I made sure it is.
Every first day of school,
every test, everything..
...I was always there.
Dad, what are you saying?
You're not the luckiest girl
in the world, kiddo.
Unless you consider me
your lucky charm.
Turn on my pump-up playlist.
Uh-huh, turn up the beat.
Alright, let's do this.
Please tell me
that's French toast I smell.
Okay, but that's just at home,
And I'm also the
tour guide for new students.
- 'Heads up.'
- No way.
Legitimate Tulip,
they're my favorite band.
Thanks, Dolores.
Well, what about school
in Tokyo?
I was translating everything
you said into Japanese.
And your chopsticks
were secretly tiny forks.
I designed those.
What about the time
I scored a half-court shot
at a basketball game
with my eyes closed?
- That was real...
- Okay.
...ly me disguised as a mascot.
There were trampolines involved.
I'm so sorry, Daphne.
Dad, how could you?
You've literally sheltered me
my whole life.
He was just trying
to protect you.
I don't need protection, okay?
I can handle myself.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm
gonna use my Clothe Me Closet
to pick out my outfit
for tomorrow. Hmph!
That was you, too, wasn't it?
Four years
of Parsons School of Design.
Okay, that's honestly
really impressive, but..
Well, I-I-I thought
that went great.
I guess I'm just on my own now.
'Come closer.'
Why can't you just stay out
of this, Daphne?
Guessing the violin serenade
every morning was my dad.
Flying solo today. No problem.
Pilots fly solo all the time.
Wait. No, they don't.
They, like, always
have co-pilots.
It's one of the most basic
safety regulations.
It's okay.
You got this.
'Nice outfit.'
'She looked so
much cooler yesterday.'
'Now she can
get rid of those shoes.'
'Heads up, eggplant.'
- Oh, sorry.
- Hey!
- Oh, are you okay?
- Yeah.
Oh, so plum and sage.
That's a bold color choice.
Turns out my dad
was my Clothe Me Closet.
And you probably
don't have one of those.
I don't know what it is.
But I do know,
uh, I can help you out.
Uh, okay. Let's see here.
Hold this
and we will just do..
...that. Ooh!
Pink, cool.
Pattern, okay,
we're getting there.
- Oh, my gosh.
- And, uh..
Oh, you love aliens.
I love aliens.
Well, it's yours to keep.
Just feel free to incinerate
your other outfit.
I will do that. Thank you.
Oh! Sorry.
- It's just water.
- Eww.
Well, okay, students,
today is the day
you've all been waiting for.
We're gonna experiment with CO2.
Find your lab partners.
thanks for joinin' us today.
Hey, Spence,
you still wanna be lab partners?
I'm good.
- Are you okay?
- Hm?
I saw you at the lockers.
You seem kind of... off.
- He's fine.
- I'm good.
But he's my lab partner.
So move along.
- You sure, Spence?
- Yeah, I'm good. Yeah.
- Right, you said that.
- I'm good.
- Spence.
- Hm. Huh?
Hey, what's going on
with Spencer?
He just ditched me
to work with Griffin.
He's acting really strange.
I think
something happened to him
after we lost him last night.
Or maybe
he doesn't wanna talk to you.
Kind of like
how I don't wanna talk to you.
Seriously? Now you're tryin'
to fight with me?
There is something wrong
with him.
Oh, God.
We're the only people
who saw him go
into that possessed locker
last night.
Plus, I have this recording.
Fine. He's acting weird, okay.
What are we supposed
to do about it?
Better to stay out of it.
Yeah, I guess you don't care
about anyone.
Enough of the chatting,
Daphne, Velma.
Are you two gonna be
lab partners or not?
- Yes.
- No.
- Yes, we are.
- Right.
Let me handle this.
Of course, who cares
about teamwork, right?
- 'Whoa!'
- 'What just happened?'
'I'm good.'
What did you
just put in here?
It's expanding too fast.
- You're sabotaging our project.
- Prove it.
That's it.
This is the worst day ever!
Why are you doing this to me?
You're the one
who won't leave me alone!
And what? You can't wear
the same headband
for more than an hour?
Oh, Carol said it clashed.
And Carol's always right.
Daphne, Velma, enough!
Hm. I'm good.
- Ahem.
- I'm good.
What's wrong with him?
thanks for cleanin' up, girls.
But I gotta tell ya,
this isn't how I planned
on startin' my Tuesday.
I planned
on havin' a fancy yogurt.
That's my me time.
- Sorry, Principal Piper.
- Sorry.
Well, just make
yourself comfortable, girls.
Tobias Bloom
has said on his blog
that this is the best couch
for conflict resolution.
...let's make him proud, girls.
Make him proud.
Hmm. Oh, sorry, where were we?
You two were fighting
in chemistry class.
I'd like to hear you apologize
to each other. Both of you, go!
Me? She's the one
who sabotaged our project.
She's lying. I don't know
what she's talking about.
Oh, just like you forgot
that you're supposed to be
my best friend?
I'm sorry, Principal Piper.
I thought I could handle
high school myself
but it turns out I can't.
Here I am
in the principal's office.
My science project is ruined
Did you know they give out
grades lower than an A?
- Yes, of-of course, I did.
- That's pretty standard.
Well, I didn't know that
because I've never gotten one.
Pretty soon,
they're gonna be telling me
that there's no caviar
in the cafeteria.
- Actually, there isn't and...
- Just leave it.
Daphne, you had wonderful
from all your prior schools.
I'm sure that
you're gonna find your way here.
But you, Velma,
I am very disappointed in you.
- Sorry, Aunt Piper.
- You're related?
Oh, yes. I see it.
Before high school,
you were such a straight A
superstar student.
You were?
I knew it.
I don't know what's gotten into
you, but it needs to change.
- Timothy Bot!
- Here I am.
Let's engage the conflict couch.
Conflict couch engaged.
It's still in beta-testing,
but don't worry, girls.
Since it's the first time
for all of us
we won't do anything
too extreme.
Extreme bout activated.
No, no, wait, I didn't say that.
- Extreme bout locked.
- Stop!
- Turn it off.
- 'Oh!'
You just hang in there
and try and work this out.
- 'I'm gonna fix this.'
- 'Now ordering 50 tacos.'
Oh, no. no, Timothy Bot.
No. Bad! Bad boy.
'Calling my bad boy.'
Where's the real Velma
the straight A
superstar student?
'Friendship detected.'
Just forget
what Aunt Piper said. Drop it.
- 'Conflict.'
- No!
- 'Conflict.'
- Drop it.
Why are you acting like this?
It's to protect you, okay?
It's for your own good.
Protect me.
I can protect myself, thank you.
- Can you, really, Daphne?
- Yes, I can.
Oh, I'm Daphne. I want some
caviar from the cafeteria.
Oh, wait. They don't have caviar
in the cafeteria.
I'm Velma, I have four heads
and I'm dark and brooding
and I don't like
to talk to people
so I have no contact
in the system.
- Maybe I like it that way.
- Well, you're on my hair.
- You're on my hair.
- Well, you're spitting at me.
Well, sorry.
That was an accident.
Forget what Carol said.
Purple and green
go awesome together.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- I'm sorry, Daphne.
- 'Friendship detected.'
I really am your friend.
- It's just..
- 'Resolved.'
Just what?
Let me help. We're a team.
Something weird is happening
to the top students here.
Like what happened to Spencer?
It happened to another girl.
Before you got here,
she was a world-class violinist
and-and now
she can't even play a note.
And it's been happening
for a while.
I mean, parents just think
it's teens being teens
but I don't think so.
I mean, why is it only happening
to the top students?
We have to investigate.
We have to help
Spencer and Olivia.
Well, that's the thing.
If whoever is behind this
finds out
two internet sleuths
are on their trail
then this could get dangerous.
Who cares?
We have to take a risk.
- Actually, no, I don't.
- 'Conflict.'
- Yeah, you do.
- 'Conflict.'
Because I'm not budging.
And if you keep
disagreeing with me
this weird couch is gonna ram us
together for all of eternity.
But only because
I don't want a concussion.
So you're in?
- Yeah. I'm in.
- 'Complete.'
Velma totally sucks, by the way.
'Conflict detected.'
Well, I just ordered 2000 rolls
of toilet paper and now I know
all the movie show times
for Cheyenne, Wyoming
but I think he's finally fixed.
Hey, you two made up.
- Yeah, we're friends again.
- Thanks, Aunt P.
You rule. High five.
Posting album
bikini photos to Facebook.
Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no.
He's kidding. He's kidding.
He's kidding. Gotta go.
Bad Timothy.
So, um, seeing as you're
senior advisor and everything
we were hoping
you could help us out.
But, um..
Are you sure you
should be hanging out with her?
I mean, her below record scores
are, like,
practically non-existent.
I can hear you.
- This is a very small table.
- Oh.
- Sorry. Hi.
- So about Spencer?
Right. You said
he's been acting weird.
So weird.
You guys noticed too?
'The dude's
like a walking thesaurus.'
Now he has, like, two words
in his vocabulary.
Hm. Uh, no, I'm good.
Well, have you checked
his Bloomgram?
"So much fun working in the lab
after school."
Science guy emoji.
I mean, it's a little nerdy,
I guess, but..
...I don't know,
it seems normal to me.
It's weird.
It sounds like Spencer.
But he's so not acting okay.
And look at his Bloom Bracket
score. It's totally dropping.
Competition just gets
to some kids, you know?
Well, unless you're one
of the Griffiths.
- You mean Griffin Griffiths?
- Yeah.
I mean, his whole family
is like crazy talented.
His older brothers
and sisters have won
the Bloom Bracket competition
three years in a row.
We need to talk..
...in private.
- That's your cue to leave.
- Oh.
We're working on the whole
manners thing still.
- No, we're not.
- Yes, we are.
It's fine.
I'm gonna get a salad, anyways.
- We'll see you guys later.
- 'Wanted to eat my salad.'
Spencer just sent out a snap.
So weird.
I mean, he looks happy
in the photo, but..
Huh? No. I'm good.
Something weird
is definitely going on.
We need to bust into that locker
that Spencer walked through
to find the secret passage.
Or build enough
that we could do something
that won't lead
to certain danger.
- Just an idea.
- Velma.
We'll come up with something.
Huh? Mm. Yes.
Sorry, little guy.
You were a good robot.
But your time has come.
I really wish
I hadn't programmed you
with human emotions.
Please don't.
Hey, pumpkin.
How's my favorite redhead?
Hi, mom. Working late?
Yeah, things are already crazy.
Tobias Bloom wants me to import
all of Matchmouth's tech
onto his servers ASAP.
- The man never stops.
- So you finally met him?
Does a video conference call
with 12 Norwegian investors
I think he might have said
nice to meet you
or was it pleased to fire you?
You know what?
Don't overthink it.
That's great advice.
Don't overthink it.
- You're so smart.
- 'Uh, but exciting news.'
You'll get to meet him tomorrow.
He's coming
to Ridge Valley High
to introduce his latest
top-secret project.
Hey, uh, speaking of school
how was school?
Well, I got into a fight
with Velma, flunked
my science project and ended up
at the principal's office.
But all in all,
I think it went pretty well
considering it was my first day
actually going to school
by myself.
You know, I-I can fire up
the Clothe Me Closet
in, like, five minutes.
- Mom?
- What?
- I'm on it.
- What? No, honey. I'm sorry.
You look..
I can't even say it.
- She looks terrible.
- Oh.
report to Bloom Innovative's'
'beta presentation.'
Welcome to this month's
Bloom Innovative
beta presentation.
We have to sneak out of here
while no one's looking.
Now we all remember the last
time where we learned about
the Bloom Innovative
sound buds.
These brilliant ear pods
create a soundtrack
that is personalized to you.
Oh, I'm doing the "Running Man"
'cause I'm running
to the future.
I can't wait to see what's next.
Without further ado, here he is
Tobias Bloom!
Hello, Ridge Valley High!
So familiar in person.
Probably because his face is
plastered all over the school.
'Boy, do I have an exciting'
new innovation
to beta test with you today.
But first, an important matter
of business to attend to.
It's time that we check in
on my Bloom Bracket.
I hear there's a new student
on top of the rankings.
Griffin Griffiths.
Should have been Spencer
up there.
Huh? Hm. I'm good.
But for now my latest invention.
A 3D printer.
- 'Lame.'
- Lame. I know.
We have them
in every single classroom.
But what if I told you
that this printer..
...was for food.
Bloom Print,
I'd like a slice of pizza.
No way.
On second thought, Bloom Print
print me off enough pizza
for the entire school.
He's done it again!
He's done it again!
- Pizza, pizza, pizza!
- Pizza, pizza, pizza...
Daphne, no one's looking.
Let's go.
- What about pizza?
- Daphne, let's go.
Pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza!
The only person
that would come out here
during a Bloom presentation
is Two-Mop Maggie.
And I've already
taken care of her.
Well, like, taken care of?
No, I mean, I spilled some juice
a couple hallways over.
- Oh.
- And it's not mean.
Maggie loves spills.
This robot engine
is totally stable.
Unless it's overheated.
And this is the stuff
they put in heating pads.
But amped up. Way up!
And it's your signature color.
'What? I have an eye
for these things.'
I call it..
...a melting engine.
We can come up
with something better than that.
Okay, when you destroy
your robot child
you can name the thing, okay?
Velma, did you see that?
See what?
I'm, I'm kind of busy here.
This is my first time
violating school property, so..
And here we go.
Oh, it's working.
It's really working.
There's no secret passage.
- It's just a blue ribbon.
- Great. Trash.
Recycling. I don't know
if this school's super green.
Wait, no. Remember Olivia?
The music prodigy who fell off
the face of the Earth?
I mean, she's like Spencer now
but she used to always wear
a ribbon in her hair.
How many girls do you know
who wear ribbons in their hair?
Those girls in the 1940s.
- And me.
- Exactly.
- Because ghosts don't exist.
- Wait, that's...
Okay, Daphne,
you're missing the point.
This is Olivia's ribbon.
Which means Olivia went through
the secret passage too.
- Yes, a clue!
- Whoa.
Yesterday a fight in class.
"...melting a locker?"
That is not a good trend.
Principal Piper,
if you'll just let us explain.
We were trying to help
our friend Spencer. He's not...
I, I can't believe
it's come to this.
But... I'm gonna have
to give you girls..
...shame stickers.
Take 'em.
'Great. Great. Good.'
How do you feel?
Exactly the same.
- But shamed.
- Yeah.
- So ashamed.
- Yeah, good.
- Really ashamed.
- Good, good, good, good.
I really think those stickers
will do the trick
and some kitchen duty.
'Kitchen duty
in shame stickers'
guaranteed to stop girls
from blowin' things up.
What's up, lunch ladies?
Ooh, I'll take a scoop
of the messier one.
Ooh, nice.
How 'bout two scoops for your
new Bloom Bracket leader?
You're only on top of the
Bloom Bracket because Spencer...
Isn't feeling well.
You mean, because he tanked.
What can I say? I guess being
numero uno runs in the family.
- And I'm next.
- Okay.
Are you jealous
or something?
- You're ranked, like, 200th.
- Oh.
- Tss. Burn.
- That's not a joke, guys.
Just stating facts.
I was just trying
to be supportive.
- 'Y-yeah, we're good friends.'
- 'Yeah.'
- We're really close.
- Yeah.
Well, I guess he got
what he wanted.
- Wait, that's it.
- What?
Being the lamest group of guys
on Earth?
No, think about it.
Who wanted to be on top
of the Bloom Bracket
more than anybody?
Who has a family legacy
to protect?
Griffin Griffiths.
'Look at him. The so-called
second cutest boy in school.'
You really think so?
Um, sure.
That is so nice.
Do you wanna go out sometime?
No. Not really.
I'm not looking
for anything serious, you know?
- It's not you. It's me.
- Oh.
- I'm just gonna..
- 'Yeah, yeah, j-just go.'
- Okay. Okay.
- Okay.
He does seem nice.
- Okay, let's stay focused.
- Right.
Griffin. Okay,
he has to be behind this.
He has the motive
to want something bad
to happen to Spencer.
We have to stop him.
No, wait, wait, wait.
First, we need intel.
We don't have time.
We have to do this fast,
Daphne, we have to make a plan
otherwise we're just puttin'
ourselves in danger.
Live wild, V.
We have to go for it.
Hey, look, over there.
Coach Williams, don't do it.
- Oh, he didn't.
- No.
- Oh, he's doin' it again.
- V, not that.
'Beside him.'
I have a plan.
- Daphne.
- 'What?'
- Hairnet.
- 'Right.'
- Carol.
- Velma.
- Daphne.
- Hi.
Oh, shame stickers.
Everything okay?
Yeah, um, you said I could come
to you if I needed help.
- No questions asked.
- Of course.
'This is too risky.'
Mike and Ryder
are super hardcore
especially when it comes
to defending Griffin.
'Okay, here we go.'
We will reveal their evil plan.
'You know, like,
when I think about it'
I don't really care
what I do when I grow up.
I just wanna be, like,
a really good dad, you know?
Dude, you will be the best dad.
- You're a natural nurturer.
- 'Stop it.'
No. Sometimes,
I wish you were... my dad.
That's crazy.
Uh, I'm being crazy here.
No, you're not being crazy.
Don't do that.
You can always count on me.
This is super uncomfortable.
They're baring their souls, V.
It's beautiful.
God, you're so paranoid.
Oh, I forgot my phone
in my locker.
I got something really,
really important on it.
- Oh, yeah, that thing.
- 'Huh.'
Yeah, that thing.
I'll, uh, catch you guys later.
- 'Yeah.'
- 'Yeah.'
- He's leaving.
- We're stuck.
This is what happens
when we work without a plan.
It's fine. We just have
to think on the fly.
You can come up with something,
V. I know it. Hit me.
Okay, it's not a great plan,
but it will have to work.
Hey, did you ever get the,
the landscapes assignment?
Sorry, Aunt Piper.
You really do look hilarious.
'You have a fantastic eye.'
'Oh, my God!'
That is embarrassing.
Let's go.
'Keep going. It's working.'
'We're in so much trouble.'
'Okay, you need to guide me.
Left or right?'
- 'Left, Daphne.'
- 'Those are incredible.'
'Daphne, can you hear me?
Left, that's right.'
- 'T-that's my right, Velma.'
- 'Get it together.'
'I wonder if this
is what it's like to drive.'
'The Robotics Club
will be hosting a tech-mixer in the..'
No, he's already at his locker.
What if we're too late?
I have never seen so many
cute cats in my entire life.
Oh, I want them.
Is he watching cat videos?
I want you, I want you,
I want you and I want you.
That was the really,
really important thing?
I'm gonna name you Fluffy-Muffy.
Mm, I like that.
Velma, I think
somebody is following us.
What? Not now, Daphne,
we're gonna lose Griffin.
- Stop!
- No!
Well, there goes that theory.
No. I already
sacrificed one robot.
Oh, man.
What? Uh, what, girls?
What happened
to the shame stickers?
I'm sorry.
I just..
I can't believe
the shame stickers didn't work.
'I ordered them specially.
You know, they usually work.'
I'm pretty sure
if you were wearing them
you wouldn't have melted
the lockers.
Okay, Aunt Piper,
you have to believe us.
- Something is up with Griffin.
- I thought it was Spencer.
It is, uh, was.
Griffin is up to something.
Yeah, we saw him
go into a secret passage.
We think he's the reason
Spencer seems zombified.
Zombie what? Uh..
Velma, I didn't think
you were the type of girl
who believes in ghosts
and goblins.
I'm not.
I believe there is a logical
explanation behind this.
Girls, I have no other choice.
I gotta double down.
Say hello to the shame drone.
Remember me?
And you still gotta wear
your stickers.
Do you still think
Griffin's in on this?
I mean, we saw him go into
the locker, same as Spencer.
No, it's gotta be him.
He benefits
if Spencer goes down.
His family's won
the Bloom Bracket competition.
It all makes sense.
For shame.
- I'm good.
- Oh, no.
- Got it, got it, got it.
- Watch it, watch it.
You guys, something's
goin' on with Griffin.
'Are you seeing this?'
I'm good.
Relax, he's fine.
Yo, Griff. Heads up.
I'm good.
Didn't flinch.
- Awesome, dude!
- That's awesome.
That was sick.
Number one, baby.
- You are the man, Griff.
- 'For shame.'
If Griffin's been zombified,
- 'I'm good.'
- ...who's behind this?
I mean,
there's no logical explanation.
What if the answer
isn't logical?
The secret passages,
kids turned to lifeless zombies.
Maybe it's not a person
behind this.
- Don't say it.
- What if it's a..
- A spirit, a ghost?
- You said it.
you don't have to believe me
but something's
been following us.
I can feel it.
And the one thing we know
for sure is that they're clearly
going after whoever has the top
spot in the Bloom Bracket.
Well, then whoever
has the top spot next..
...could be in danger.
For shame.
- I'm good.
- Hey, wait for me.
It's Mikayla. We need to get
Mikayla out of the top spot
before anyone hurts her.
But then her replacement
will just be in danger.
And then we'll have to save them
and then their replacement
and then, and their...
Stay with me, V.
We can't just put
some random kid in danger
to save Mikayla.
So what? We just give up?
No, listen.
There's no way I can get
to that number one spot
but I know
you've been holding back.
I'm not doing that.
What do you mean?
I mean,
I'll be in danger, Daphne.
I changed my whole identity
to stay out of the line of fire
and now you're basically
volunteering me up as bait?
Well, at least I'm trying
to do something
instead of being selfish.
- Selfish?
- Yeah.
- By not taking risks.
- Risks?
You told me your dad has taken
care of you your whole life.
At least I am trying to do
something about it.
Look, we can do this.
We can do anything.
Trust me.
Things always work out.
Even if they're harder
right now.
Okay, but it's not gonna be
enough to just push me up.
We're gonna have to push
other people down.
Like sabotage them?
It feels wrong.
We're protecting them.
You said I'm the planner
and this is the best plan
we've got.
Okay, let's do it.
First up, how are we gonna
shoot you up that board?
That's the easy part.
Well, better late than never.
Although I can't say
that I'm expecting much.
Very impressive.
- Where's my ribbon?
- Thanks again, Velma.
'Mikayla Martin's art exhibit'
'on display
in the Black Box Theater'
'from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.
See you there.'
'Listen up, people,
it will be great..
Mikayla's the only
one left ahead of me.
V, we can't destroy this.
- It's beautiful.
- We don't have to.
We just have to cut the power
to the spotlights.
But we have to be quick, okay?
The show opens in a few minutes.
- 'Jinkies.'
- What?
- 'Velma?'
- 'Daphne.'
'I'm over here.
Follow my voice.'
'It's like super
dark in here, Mikayla.'
- 'Is this part of the art?'
- Oh, no.
'No, no, no, no.'
- Oh, look at the mess.
- How could this happen?
Someone did this.
I have to sneeze.
You'll give us away.
It's actually pretty funny.
I never have to sneeze.
Well, like, this will be
only the first time
I sneeze in seven years.
Okay, first
of all, do not sneeze.
'Secondly, you really'
should be sneezing more
in your daily life.
That doesn't seem healthy.
- Go, go, go!
- Wow.
Was that part of your art?
This just got a lot weirder.
Daphne, what was that thing
back there?
It was floating.
You're not gonna tell me
it was all in my head?
There's a rational explanation?
There is no
rational explanation.
It didn't look human.
But I think it's what's behind
all of this.
Well, the good news is
we're probably
in a super creepy
ghost tunnel system.
The bad news is obvious.
I think I hear voices.
Ow! Eww.
'We're in the secret
passages behind the lockers.'
Okay, these don't come
with a regular high school.
- Somebody built these.
- Aliens.
I'm kiddin'. I'm kiddin'.
I'm just trying to lighten
the whole
we're-in-terrible-danger vibe.
'For real,
how could a ghost build this?'
It doesn't make any sense.
Ghost. Run!
Come on.
What the..
Velma, we gotta do something.
- Let me analyze this system.
- Help me.
It's okay. We're gonna get you
out of here.
I can't override the system,
- We have to hurry.
- Okay, I'm trying.
- Read me the serial number.
- Uh, "G06592."
'Okay, it's not doing anything.'
- Mikayla!
- No!
Velma, the tube just ate her.
The tube ate Mikayla.
Okay, I'm pretty sure it's just
a secret elevator or something.
- Okay, right, right.
- Yeah.
'Why are there
all these computers'
in a hidden room
behind the school?
Those are social media feeds.
'So this computer
has been updating'
Spencer's social media
with all those fake posts.
And all the other
zombified kids.
Daphne, there is only one exit.
We're trapped.
This way.
- Daphne.
- 'Yeah.'
What if there really is a ghost?
I know I'm usually the one
who believes in ghosts
but look around.
Computers, Wi-Fi.
And why would a ghost
need a chair?
Yeah, yeah, you're right.
You're right.
A ghost won't have a butt.
I'll smoosh its head with this.
Velma, oh.
Let's trip it.
- Oh, fine.
- Okay.
Not today, hooded figure!
Daphne, wait.
Daphne, it's me!
Dad? What are you doing?
I thought I was supposed
to pick you up today.
Really? You're gonna use
that one again?
You said your friend's
been taken? B-by who...
Hey, don't change the subject.
Why are you following us?
And why are you dressed
like a ghost?
I'm not dressed like a ghost,
This is a bathrobe. I didn't
want you to recognize me.
This is why we thought
you were floating.
Yeah, it's for my leg.
- 'You're Velma, right?'
- How do you know my name?
Oh, I've been... looking around.
- Yeah, about that...
- I know, I know.
I know you said you could handle
yourself, but I couldn't bear
the thought of just laying
around and not knowing
if you were okay.
I'm, I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I mean, yeah, you scared us.
But if you hadn't, we never
would have found this room.
So, I guess, um
being a helicopter parent
was a good thing.
No, absolutely not.
And we're gonna talk
about that later. Alright?
Hey, what's this?
Oh, now you're giving me
the silent treatment?
- Dad.
- What happened?
'Okay, that was so weird.'
It was like
you went into a trance
or you were sleepwalking
or something.
It was like my brain was being
overloaded or something.
- Wait. It didn't affect you?
- No.
Those audio files
must use a frequency
that can only be heard by kids.
that's super advanced tech.
Somebody built these passages
behind the lockers.
That kind of thing would never
get by Tobias Bloom.
- Bloom Innovative.
- Bloom Innovative.
And there's a property
of Bloom Innovative
right on that tube thing...
Okay, don't take
this away from us.
- Dad.
- Oh, we gotta call your mom.
'Bloom's been pushing
her for all her tech.'
This is all Matchmouth.
This is her stuff.
This thing doesn't work
down here.
Uh, here, I'll-I'll hack
into the school's Wi-Fi.
- Here, put in her number.
- Okay.
- Mom.
- Hey, hey, hon.
- Nedley, what are you doing?
- Mom, are you okay?
Sure, just a bit tired.
Tobias wants this
finished tonight.
Hey, no, you gotta
get out of there.
Is something wrong?
There is no time to explain,
Mrs. Blake.
- Uh, I'm Velma, by the way.
- Nice to meet you.
Mom, there's something going on.
Tobias Bloom isn't who
we thought he was.
Oh, hello, Mr. Bloom.
- No, no, no, honey, honey.
- No, mom. Get out of there.
- Honey! Honey!
- No! No!
This is my fault.
Bloom runs this school.
I can't do this.
- Yes, you can.
- No.
I thought
I could handle my own life
but everything I've ever done
has blown up in my face.
My mom is in danger,
you're in danger.
Maybe you should just go back
to taking care of me, dad.
Oh, no, no, no, kiddo, don't.
Ah, I, I don't wanna
go back to that.
Listen, I, I didn't do
those things for you
because I didn't think
you were capable or smart
or because I thought
you were afraid, I..
I did those things
because I was afraid.
'And I am not afraid
for you anymore, Daphne.'
I mean, look what you two did.
You attacked a ghost.
Daphne, before you got here,
I was just solving mysteries
behind the safety
of a computer screen.
I melted a locker.
I went undercover
in the cafeteria.
I ran through the hallways
past school hours.
I am stronger
than I ever thought I was.
And you showed me that.
We know who we have
to take down.
Okay. Let's do this.
What are we doing?
'Maggie, have
you seen my keys?'
'What, what? Is that you, mom?'
No, Velma.
Bloom Innovative sound buds.
- Mr. Blake, can you hear us?
- Yeah, I'm right here.
- Can you hear me?
- Loud and clear.
Dad, check the surveillance
for this place.
'Is there
only one security guard?'
Yeah, I see one guard
in the foyer.
But there are two
heat signatures
'on the 22nd floor.'
Alright. Step one.
Let's get this guy in.
'Listen, Daph, I'm so happy'
'that we're having an adventure
together, you know.'
'Most dads
and their teenage daughters'
'are arguing all the time,
you know.'
'You-you-you, just,
we're like..'
'I feel like we're buds,
you know.'
'Hey, what's that?
Is that jelly?'
'How did you get jelly on the..'
'Oh, oh, it's smoking.
It's a..'
- 'Did you just...'
- Awesome.
- 'Daphne. Daphne Blake.'
- Nailed it.
'You stop right now.'
'You're grounded.
Do you hear me?'
'Hey, that's a perfect circle.
How did you do that?'
We'll use the shame drone
to lure
the security guard
away from his post.
'W-what is that thing on
the, on the drone? Is that a rock?'
Why would you..
You didn't lure him away.
'You hit him with that rock!'
'That was assault.
That's assault!'
Well, that works.
Let's go.
'In security mode.'
- Velma, what's going on?
- The power must have gone out.
You can't do
anything without your dad.
I didn't say that.
We should be safe at
home, not on the front lines.
I did, I did not say that.
What if the mass
of the Earth is too great
that it collapses
back onto itself?
No one's gonna help you.
You've never done
anything on your own.
This must be some
kind of security system.
The room is feeding off
our insecurities.
Creating copies
that are reflecting
our deepest, darkest fears.
We'll never
have a female president.
You're gonna lose your glasses
and fall right off a cliff.
- Stay calm.
- I-I-I can't.
I mean, what if
something pops out at us
or-or a trapped door
or like wolves or something?
Wolves? Are you insane?
How will they even get in here?
Listen to me, we're okay.
All we need to do
is overload the system.
- How?
- You said it.
It's preying
on our insecurities.
So let's show
we don't have any.
I love how you always
think a hundred steps ahead.
Come on.
Your optimism
radiates like rainbows.
I love rainbows.
...better than anyone.
You make me believe
people are okay.
I do inspire.
We are the
writers of our destiny.
Our intellects are our weapons.
And dogs love me.
'Security overload.'
We did it.
This is supposed to be
one of the biggest companies
in the world
and there's no one here?
Something's up.
Hm. I'm good.
She's acting like Spencer
and all the other kids.
- 'Unplug those wires.'
- Stop right there.
No offense, but I really wish
you would have died
in my elevator.
Tobias Bloom.
- It's you.
- In the flesh.
Uh, died?
It's just an elevator.
Filled with wolves.
I forgot to put in the wolves.
What is this thing?
Well, now that you're locked
in here
I don't see any problem
with giving you some details.
The brainstormer machine.
It sucks the creative energy
and personality out of people.
And why? Well, Bloom Innovative
must always stay
on the cutting edge
of technological advancements.
And unfortunately for me
ideas are hard to come by.
Luckily, kids seem
to have a lot of them.
Of course.
Olivia was a musical prodigy.
You used her brain energy
to make your sound buds.
And Spencer was always going on
about using his phone
to make food.
You used his brain power
to make your 3D food printer.
Both of you are so
creatively annoying.
Can't wait to see
what kind of ideas
the brainstormer
sucks out of you.
'Until then
good luck with my spiders.'
What do we do, V?
We don't have a plan.
We don't have time for a plan.
You take care of your mom.
I'm goin' in.
'Target locked.'
Daph, you okay over there?
'I can't, I
can't let go of myself.'
'Activate web.'
'Target lost.'
'Honey, is that you?'
Dad, keep mom talking
and call the police.
'Well, Elizabeth, you'll
never believe what's happening...'
It's over Bloom.
And also, I scuffed one of my
boots kicking your robots
so I need you
to get on top of that
'cause my allowance
is pretty low.
- Do it, V.
- Yeah.
- He's a..
- He's a ghost.
No, he's a hologram. Look.
Wait a second.
I knew he looked familiar.
This guy isn't a tech genius.
He's the most famous
male model in Japan.
I like that hair.
Wait, if Tobias Bloom's
a hologram, then..
What's controllin' him?
I'm not sayin' I won't fight
another army of robotic spiders.
I'm just sayin' I'm gonna need
a snack if I do it
'cause my blood sugar
is getting kind of low.
- Carol!
- Carol!
Help! Help!
You guys, you have to help me.
Oh, Bloom, he kidnapped me.
He attacked me
and he brought me here...
Wait, wait, wait,
how could Bloom kidnap you?
- He's a hologram.
- That's a great question.
A-all I know is-is I-I w-was
sucked here by this thing.
Well then,
why aren't you zombified?
Well, because I..
Well, well, well.
You two make quite a good team.
A horrible, annoying,
terrible team.
You are behind all of this.
Why am I not surprised?
But why the hologram?
Why the false identity?
Who's gonna let a teenage girl
run a billion dollar company?
The first Azalea phone
was my idea.
But I knew no one would take me
seriously because of my age.
So you created Tobias Bloom
using an obscure model's image
and then you started
Bloom Innovative as a cover-up.
So you could keep
going to school and meet
the young new lines that would
think up your next inventions.
You lured them in.
You used their phones
that played hypnotic frequencies
that led them to the passages
behind the lockers.
Then you brought them here
where you stole
their greatest ideas.
But this has been happening
for years.
- How old are you?
- Rude.
She's not really a teenager.
You know, when I mentioned
Legitimate Tulip to her
she had no idea who they were.
And everyone loves that band.
They're okay, I guess.
That's kind of flimsy evidence.
No, she's right.
I'm 26.
Wow. You look great for 26.
It's not really that old,
but thank you.
- Ahem!
- What?
I'm not gonna lie
just because she's evil.
Okay, why did you do it and how?
How? I moisturize.
Keeps the skin young.
Okay, maybe the why
is more interesting.
She couldn't handle
the pressure..
...to keep coming up
with new products and ideas
year after year.
She craved the power
and the glory to stay on top.
Don't forget about the money
and the power.
I just said that.
I'm not really listening to you.
Well, Carol
I wish it didn't
have to end like this.
You know, it doesn't. You two
could just totally let me go.
I was just being polite.
It totally has to end like this.
I for sure dreamed
it would end like this.
I would have gotten away
with it, too
if it weren't for you
meddling kids.
Eww. The board was evil.
It's literally representative
how technology in a way
has enslaved our minds.
But it is also indicative
of the fact that
societal peer pressure forces us
to be something we're not.
- Yeah.
- Whoa.
I know.
But it was nice
to be number one for once.
Hey, dude, you're still
number one in our book.
Yeah, we're good friends.
- You guys mean that?
- Yeah, man.
- Oh, yeah.
- Put it here.
- D and V, what's good?
- What's up?
- What's up?
- What's up?
Thank you guys so much
for helping us.
How did it happen?
Carol hacked
into your Bloom phones
and used hypnotic frequencies
to lure you
into the hallways
behind the lockers.
'And then she used
a brainstormer machine'
to sap all your creative ideas
for herself.
I definitely suspected something
was up with that Carol.
Too perfect of a record.
And I never liked that
pretty boy Tobias Bloom either.
"Oh, I'm handsome." Yuck.
Sure, you didn't, Aunt Piper.
Well, I'm just glad
that you're back
to your old self again.
- Me too.
- Me three.
- 'Computer chips.'
- Computer chips!
I appreciate the gesture
but gift card
would have been nice.
Oh! Oh! Oh!
Wait up.
Oh, you.
I gotta deal with you.
Maybe I could find you
on Facebook.
Oh! Oh!
That whole creepy elevator thing
and the..
I don't even know
how you got out of there.
- You're brave.
- With my bravery from my dad.
Stop it.
- Yeah.
- Um, it's Velma.
- Go ahead.
- Alright.
I'll see you guys later.
- Be brave.
- 'I will.'
Like your pops.
I didn't want you to get too
excited before I looked into it.
But last night someone sent me
an encrypted file.
'Reckless. I love it, V.'
It looks like
someone's been keeping track
of tons of mysteries
around the world.
Huh, you think
they're all connected?
I don't know. Let me show you.
Someone noticed us.
- Uh, V, what is happening?
- 'No, I'm not doing this.'
- Well, do something.
- I am trying.
Don't touch my computer, Daphne.
Stay away or else..
- Could be a real monster.
- Monsters aren't real.
We'll see about that.