Dara (2007) Movie Script

This is tasty!
So after the Taekwondo tournament;
without warning, she just left me.
So after the Taekwondo tournament;
without warning, she just left me.
It was tough at first, but...
...fortunately, I've moved on.
Date a girl who could literally
kick your ass, its pretty much a given.
Then she simply wasn't meant to be.
I really appreciate your company...
...when the place starts to empty out
I've no one to talk to...
Would you like to come
by my place tomorrow?
I'll make dinner for two.
Tomorrow?... your place?
I would love to...
Okay, I gotta ask...
You own this place...
And, you're also the head chef...
We've been talking for ages now...
...yet I still don't know your name.
The more you struggle,
the more painful it would be for you.
Andre, what would you like to drink?
Don't you remember?
I'm Eko.
I bought this for you Dara.
Excuse me then.
Excuse me...
...but aren't we suppose to meet tomorrow?
Uh, yeah that was the plan.
I was suppose to train my celebrity client.
She told me she got
some re-shoots... and promos...
I was offered to do some acting.
I'll get back to you on that.
Anyways... she didn't came...
...that's when I thought of you.
I decided to take a detour-
What was that?
Excuse me...
Help! I'm down here!
Sorry about the wait Adjie.
It'll all be over now.
Andre would you like anything to drink?
Uh... Sorry Dara, I'm Rama, we met-
Did you have someone over here?
Looks like there was a dinner going on.
No one's here but us.
Have you eaten yet?
Then let me serve you
some of my cooking.
Mmmm, now this is damn tasty meat.
Why aren't you eating?
Um, thank you Dara. I'm still full.
What's your name again?
Dara was kind enough to
cook these great food.
Show some respect pal!
This ain't some junk food.
You on a diet or something?
Check this out.
You want this?
I'll tell ya... determination's the key.
It's about effort... stone cold effort.
...100 crunches for two years, I'll say.
Wanna join my fitness club?
Was that a scream?
Dara, did you hear that?
All characters portrayed in
this Film are purely fictional...
...and do not portray nor endorse possible
factuality of the subjects reflected.
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