Darbar (2020) Movie Script

Please understand, sir!
I need to meet the judge right away!
-I need to meet him!
Since 7 PM,
six dons like you have turned informants.
What kind of cop is that man, sir?
He's a killer!
A real savage!
Just today,
he has killed so many people!
What made him change like this?
He is looking for someone, sir.
He doesn't seem to know who that person is.
You folks got spooked and turned informant.
Now, you are asking to be jailed!
Here's a man on video, challenging him!
"What's up?"
"Think you're all that if you kill off
these many people in one day?"
"You bugger!"
"Aaditya Arunasalam!"
"Step up before me!"
"I'm a hood who kills for money, too!"
"I challenge you!"
"Bring it on!"
"Lay a hand on me if you can!"
Jeez, sir!
Think he's new.
Damn, is he busted!
He'll skewer him!
Let's see.
Let's see if he survives the night!
(A classic Hindi song plays)
Why did you come here?
Leave right now!
Calm down, bro!
Why are you so worked up?
I didn't come to see you!
Amar Singh's birthday, right?
That's why I'm here!
Out of the way!
What happened?
Like he's some big shot,
this guy dared the Commissioner, sir!
Just today,
the Commissioner has killed nine people!
He'll come here looking for him
and kill us, too!
Fearing for his life,
he came to the birthday party, sir.
I'll leave.
Trusting Amar Singh will protect me,
I challenged him.
What if you send me back
and he kills me?
The big man's reputation would go...
Let's go.
Hold on!
Let him leave, sir!
The Commissioner will definitely come here
looking for him!
Let him leave, sir.
Seal the gate.
Let's see who comes.
Hit it!
Didn't I tell you
the Commissioner will come? Look!
The Commissioner is busted, sir!
He's dead meat!
Tell us who you are looking for, sir!
You're going around killing everyone!
Get them quickly, Constable!
What is all this?
-Get everything ready!
All ready!
-On our way!
Hurry up! Move it!
Load them properly in the vehicle!
The human rights officers have arrived!
All officers get down here!
Hurry up!
Come along!
So these encounter killings
were acts of self-defense.
Is that what you're going to say to me?
I can tell by your bandages!
You've got medical certificates too!
What is it?
I have my doubts about this encounter
and have requested for a CBI enquiry.
If you all want to leave this room
in one piece...
...prepare the report
per my instructions.
How dare you?
Do you know who she is?
She's leaving with me.
Try stopping us if you can.
This is wrong.
Striking people is very wrong!
We've even killed!
And you say striking people is wrong?
On your mark!
Shoot others,
the human rights brigade shows up.
Shoot the human rights brigade
and who then, will show up?
Sign it.
Get signatures
on two more blank sheets.
We dont have to trouble maam often.
We must not spare him, ma'am!
We must show them who we are!
Who are you calling?
We need to take action on them!
I've known him since his IPS training days.
He doesn't even remember me.
He's a totally different person now!
I heard he's mentally disturbed.
Last November, I too was at the function...
...when he was transfered
from Delhi to Mumbai.
He was with his daughter.
'Rip 'em up!'
'From now on, its gonna be me!
I step up and my court, you are gonna see!'
'Gang may be yours.
But, Im the leader of leaders!'
'Billa, is my legacy!
I've seen so many many!'
'I'm the lord of your hood!'
'Kick up a frenzy, everything blazes!'
'I step up, everything freezes!'
'Try stopping me, it'll be the end of you!'
'Try striking me, you'll rest in pieces!'
'With a fiery name
and the stars you gave...'
'...I remain the king today!
Ask anyone!'
'Rip 'em up!'
'With dusky skin
and a lion's panache...'
'Everything will be set on fire!'
'Rip 'em up!'
'From now on, its gonna be me!
I step up and my court, you are gonna see!'
'Gang may be yours.
But, Im the leader of leaders!'
'Billa, is my legacy!
I've seen so many many!'
'I'm the lord of your hood!'
'The Godfather of machismo, is our man!'
'He knows no limits!
Don't dare mess with him!'
'One tight slap
and your cheeks will be fried!'
'He is one wild dude!
Don't cross his path!'
'Rip 'em up!'
'Be upright,
youll be full of style!'
'When your eyes spark,
whistles abound!'
'If theres a trusting heart,
youll be full of style!'
'When you hasten your step,
it seems like a storms around!'
'If iron were to take a seat
and rest in calm...'
'...you will see rust in its place,
shattering to tiny bits!'
'If you place your heart in hard work
and take the first step...'
'...youth will remain your twin forever!'
'Kick up a frenzy, everything blazes!'
'I step up, everything freezes!'
'Try stopping me, it'll be the end of you!'
'Try striking me, you'll rest in pieces!'
'With a fiery name
and the stars you gave...'
'...I remain the king today!
Ask anyone!'
'Rip 'em up!'
'With dusky skin
and a lion's panache...'
'Everything will be set on fire!'
'Rip 'em up!'
'From now on, its gonna be me!
I step up and my court, you are gonna see!'
'Billa, is my legacy!
I've seen so many many!'
'The Godfather of machismo, is our man!'
'He knows no limits!
Don't dare mess with him!'
'One tight slap
and your cheeks will be fried!'
'He is one wild dude!
Don't cross his path!'
'With a fiery name...
-Godfather of machismo!'
'And the stars you gave...
-Don't dare mess with him!'
'I remain the king today!
-One slap and your cheeks are fried!'
'With a fiery name
and the stars you gave...'
'...I remain the king today!
Ask anyone!'
'Rip 'em up!'
'With dusky skin
and a lion's panache...'
'Everything will be set on fire!'
Rip 'em up!
Thank you so much for coming, Aaditya.
I know you're enjoying the party,
but I have an important thing to show you.
Look at this.
27 years ago,
he was a major drug lord in Mumbai.
In a run-in with the police, he burned
seventeen cops alive, in public view.
He escaped from India too.
The cops couldn't do anything to him.
Since then, the Mumbai Police Department
have lost their standing among the public.
People openly mock the police.
Wearing the police uniform
is considered shameful.
So many police stations
had job openings.
Unfit people
had to be assigned to these roles.
As the police force grew weaker...
...drugs and women trafficking
have risen, too.
Today, every two in ten people
are drug addicts.
The police force isn't big enough
to control this.
We will detox it, sir.
Your work on the Punjab operation
was very good, Aaditya.
Really impressive!
Youngsters must come join
the police force again.
At the same time...
...the drug menace has to be eliminated.
You're the right man for the job.
-I'm honored, sir.
You must go to Mumbai.
Take up the role
of the city's new Police Commissioner.
I will do it, sir.
You know this, sir.
I have three conditions.
One: I take a job,
I won't leave until it's finished.
Two: Ask me to spare someone,
I won't oblige.
Three: I won't shave my beard
until I'm done.
After that, Im seeing him again only now.
I don't know if he even remembers me.
His daughter died recently, ma'am.
His daughter?
Hello Singh!
Last saw you in 'Ramanaa'!
This way, sir!
The two of us are Telugu, sir.
I'm from Chirala.
And you?
-Prasad from Guntur, sir.
Got it.
I'm from Rajahmundry.
How many years have you been working
for him?
Not years.
It's only been six months.
Just that I earn one lakh rupees
more than him.
Not bad!
You earn more than him?
That's what it says on paper.
But I never get my hands on it.
See that girl? Valli?
She's his daughter.
She's the one who hired me.
Do you see the watch on him?
I must see to it
that his heartbeat doesn't shoot up.
If it does...
Notice the girl taking out her phone?
She'll get a mobile alert.
-She has my account details and password.
Anytime he gets angry,
5,000 rupees from my account goes to her!
Anytime he's happy, 10,000 rupees
from her account comes to me!
Wow! Super!
That man is tensed all the time!
So far, 60,000 rupees from my account
has gone to her!
Both father and daughter
are gambling online with my money!
I'll show them, one day!
She laughs like actress Trisha!
Are you married?
I have a house built in Chennai.
Sir promised to come for housewarming, too.
If you come, we can talk to our parents
and start the wedding plans!
Time for your husband to come?
I'm Rohit Kumar.
My colleagues.
-Hello, sir. I'm Ankur Jain.
Is everything alright in the city?
I noticed everyone's tense and confused,
since I arrived. What's up?
You're right, sir.
I was wondering how to broach this subject
with you, as you just got here.
You take charge only this evening...
It's alright. Tell me.
Three college girls have been abducted
in the city, an hour ago.
One of those girls
is the Deputy Chief Minister's daughter.
When returning from a party...
without realizing who she was...
...they have abducted her, sir.
Let's meet the Deputy CM, now!
You'll have to take charge.
I am already in charge!
Tejaswini Desai is your daughter.
Pooja Gupta, Neha Chopra...
Are the three of them childhood friends
or did they go to school/college together?
Nothing of that sort.
I don't know how they became friends!
But they're thick friends.
They've come home too!
I see.
Questioned the other two families?
I don't know how my daughter
became friends with the DCM's daughter.
She studies really well, sir!
She was a topper in high school!
Studied in the United States!
For some time,
she was in a drug rehabilitation center.
She had given it all up
and was doing fine.
The last three months,
she has relapsed.
I once saw a powder-like substance
in her bag, like what you described.
My daughter is allergic to alcohol.
She would get mad at her father
for drinking.
I've never seen her use drugs,
nor behave as if she was under influence.
There are many kinds of drugs, ma'am.
Some drugs cause people
to seem withdrawn.
And some cause people
to seem hyperactive.
Many mornings, I've seen white powder
on my sister's nose.
There's a bill for purchase of new shoes.
From last morning. Adidas.
Call that showroom!
Around 11 AM yesterday!
Were those male shoes or female shoes?
Unisex, sir.
Anyone can wear them.
What's the shoe size?
-Eleven inches.
What is your daughter's shoe size?
Did she take it as is,
or did she...
She had it gift-wrapped, sir.
What did she write on the gift card?
Just her name, sir.
Send me a photo
of the gift wrapping paper.
There are four cocaine dealers
in the city, sir. And eight sub-dealers.
One of them celebrated his birthday,
Get him.
-Yes, sir!
You're correct.
Kailash of Matunga.
Cocaine dealer.
Celebrated his birthday.
But nobody knows where he lives, sir.
Enquire at every wine shop
in Matunga.
Contact every bakery in the area.
Check if a birthday cake was purchased
in his name.
A cake was ordered for him
at 'Frostalicious', a cake shop in Matunga.
Buy me a cake, sir.
How do we find him
in such a huge area?
Go search!
Give him the bill!
The bill is 650 rupees, sir.
Keep the change, Vicky.
How do you know my name, sir?
I spoke to you on the phone, kiddo.
The house you delivered a cake
Show it to me. Get in the car.
-Alright, sir.
'We're taking over this show!'
'Step it up! Back it up!
Lock and Load!'
You never seen this before!'
'Follow the leader now!'
'Stars on his shoulder crest!'
'His uniform,
the armor of justice!'
Up there! The fifth floor.
-'His name slays their arrogance!'
You all stay here.
If you see me at that window
in ten minutes, only then come up.
'The leaders in total charge!
His ways are always unique!'
'Try to run or hide,
he'll strategize!'
'Anyone try stepping up!
Get ready for war!'
'His ways are unique!
Now and forever!'
'Who dares to step up before him?'
'He'll bring one hell of a fight!'
'Don't mess with him!'
'His ways are unique!
Now and forever!'
'Who dares step up before him?'
'He'll bring one hell of a fight!'
'Don't mess with him!'
'The big brother!'
'He's a big brother to one and all!'
'A majestic king!'
'A king who hunts down arrogance!'
'Start praying now!
His blows will strike you soon!'
'You will see soon, son!
All are equal in his court of justice!'
'He waged wars and rose up!
The people are with him!'
'Who dares oppose him?
Million hearts scream his name!'
'Touch him, he's a raging bull!
He'll gore you to shreds!'
'Do the crime,
he'll see to it you do the time!'
'He's got a hunting brigade!
Heart's on fire!'
'Victory spreads across the nation!
All hail our King!'
'Touch him, he's a raging bull!
He'll gore you to shreds!'
'Do the crime,
he'll see to it you do the time!'
'He's got a hunting brigade!
Heart's on fire!'
'Victory spreads across the nation!
All hail our King!'
Sir said he'd turn up at the window.
But another guy's there!
Look! There he is!
Step down, big foot!
Arrest them!
What is it?
Found her?
Sorry, sir.
Your daughter isn't here!
We found another family here.
You called repeatedly about birthdays
and shoe sizes!
I thought you would find her!
I thought the same, sir...
Many groups kidnap women in India.
One of them abducted your daughter.
We'll catch them!
Don't worry.
36 members of the Legislative Assembly
work for me!
This entire government runs
on my support!
Go wherever you wish in the state!
Take any permission you need!
Beat and kill whoever you want!
I want my daughter! Got it?
This will suffice, sir.
Until I say so,
keep them safe at our place.
But why?
Until then...
...shall we clean up?
Get ready for a major operation!
Police is not a job.
It is a service!
We live to protect!
We die to serve!
'We're taking over this show!'
'Step it up! Back it up!
Lock and Load!'
You never seen this before!'
'Follow the leader now!'
'Stars on his shoulder crest!'
'His uniform,
the armor of justice!'
'His name slays their arrogance!'
'Aaditya Arunasalam!'
'The Commissioner!
Come! Stand Up! Salute!'
Run! The cops are here!
Move quickly!
'Try to run or hide, he'll strategize!'-
Let go of me!
'Anyone try stepping up!
Get ready for war!'
'His ways are unique!'
-Don't be scared! We're here to save you!
Don't be scared!
The cops are here to save you!
Hold up, man!
Where are you going?
'Don't mess with him!'
'His ways are unique!
Now and forever!'
'Who dares to step up before him?'
'He'll bring one hell of a fight!'
'Don't mess with him!'
I'm sorry.
Your child is not in Mumbai.
Possible that she may have been trafficked
to Nashik or Pune.
I think she might even be in Goa, sir!
I'll talk to that Chief Minister!
I will fall at his feet if need be.
I want my daughter back!
Do whatever you want!
-Thank you, sir!
Keep the phone next to you.
Don't fall sleep.
Alright, man!
'Start praying now!
His blows will strike you soon!'
'You will see soon, son!
All are equal in his court of justice!'
'Touch him, he's a raging bull!
He'll gore you to shreds!'
'Do the crime,
he'll see to it you do the time!'
'He's got a hunting brigade!
Heart's on fire!'
'Victory spreads across the nation!
All hail our King!'
Aaditya Arunasalam!
When a police team
checked the Star Hotel via Skype...
...six girls were found drugged
and unconscious.
Just thirteen years of age!
They had been abducted.
Ajay Malhotra, the son of the hotel's owner
Vinod Malhotra did not allow their rescue.
Mid-conversation, he attacked our men.
Three cops suffered head injuries
and are at the hospital.
This is Vinod Malhotra's place.
Must be dealt carefully.
My darlings! Neither is this a toy gun,
nor am I a good cop!
One of you move even an inch...
...I won't shoot up in the air
or down at your knees.
None of that crap flies with me.
I aim straight for the heart!
Out of the way!
They drugged and ruined them, sir.
They're just kids!
This is Vinod Malhotra's son.
Ajay Malhotra.
Listen up!
Lay your hands on me...
...you'll regret it.
Why just the hand?
I'll even lay my foot!
Dear girl!
Take off your slipper
and slap him with it!
Whack this prick!
Whack him some more!
And again!
Next shot is for your dad!
Take him away!
Return the kids
Ajay Malhotra trafficked to you.
If not, I will end you all!
'We're gonna round 'em up
and clean 'em out!'
'The true Superstar!
Then! Now! Forever!'
'Catch them liars!
Set them on fire!'
'Moving up higher!
Never retire!'
'Catch them liars!
Set them on fire!'
'Moving up higher!
Never retire!'
Come, dear!
Don't be scared!
Don't be scared! We're cops!
We're here to save you!
Please don't be scared!
Stay calm!
"In a major operation
led by the Mumbai Police..."
"...several women and children abducted
from major cities in Maharashtra..."
"...and sold into the human flesh trade,
were rescued...."
"...and reunited with their families."
"In this operation,
the arrest of Ajay Malhotra..."
"...son of businessman Vinod Malhotra,
has created quite a stir!"
"The efforts of Mumbai Commissioner
Aaditya Arunasalam..."
"...have been lauded by many."
Hey, Commissioner. Hordes of women
being rescued is shown on TV.
Where is my daughter?
She's the one we're looking for, sir!
Yeah, keep saying that!
Within one night,
2,586 girls were rescued across India!
From 7 year old girls...
...to daughters separated
from their parents for 38 years...
...all are being reunited
with their familiies!
But still, the Deputy CM's daughter
is missing!
Get the girls!
Isn't that the Deputy CM's daughter?
-Where had he hidden her?
They kept her hidden
after rescuing her!
She was rescued within two hours
of her abduction!
Using this situation,
we executed a huge operation...
...and rescued nearly 27,000 girls!
In this operation,
there have been three casualties.
Two cops are under intensive care.
We thank every one involved
in this operation.
For a finger injury, they injected glucose!
Some doctor!
When my dad who was the centre of action
is unscathed, how did you get hurt?
What are you saying, dear?
He went all guns blazing!
That left his finger like this!
Stop it, sir!
Nothing like that, dear girl.
My finger got caught in the jeep door
as it closed.
That's the nature of police operations!
Will a shirt not rip in battle?
-You're the one fighting!
Why must my shirt rip? So unfair!
-Alright, dad. What's next?
A knot has been tied on his hand.
Its your turn next!
My turn?
You mean marriage?
I've told you already
I will not let you be alone, dad!
You must get married, dad!
I have told you many times!
My dear... first up, is your wedding.
Next, is my wedding!
No biggie! If I put my mind to it,
I can land a bride in no time!
Who? You?
While off-duty, he'd tremble
even when asking a girl for the time.
He'd break into a nervous sweat
when he had to talk to my school teacher.
Nervous? Me?
That was then!
Now, I've tied a talisman around my waist!
Is that so?
A talisman that instills bravery?
Buy me one please!
Thank You!
Look over there.
Go over to that lady
and tell her she's beautiful.
That's it.
-And if I do?
If you do,
you can start looking for a groom for me.
Look at this!
'Who are you, my pretty?'
Hasn't even begun,
yet he gives a thumbs up!
You are beau... beau... beau...
Oh crap...
-See your dad's leg?
Talk about call vibration.
Look how it shakes!
Look at the table!
He texts even without a phone!
I'm so sorry.
I don't know Urdu.
Please come here!
You are beau... beau...
I think you must take him to the ENT.
Looks like a throat problem.
She'll take care of you.
-No... no... no...
Meet Dr. Sunita
for your throat infection.
Ward number four...
-I am okay!
You are not alright.
You're my patient!
Take this.
Token number 24!
She gave him a token
and told him to check in!
Let's get him out
before he gets operated on!
All that swagger for freaking nothing!
Sometimes it happens...
My dear... just that the lady
was so incredibly pretty...
You were watching too,
so I got a tad nervous!
Wait and see how I woo that lady
next time!
We did see!
Asked you to talk,
you return with a token, like a patient!
I'll deal with you later!
No point relying on your father.
Find a nice guy like me and elope!
Vinod Malhotra is at the Commissioner's
office! He refuses to leave!
He's getting tensed!
Well then...
what brings ladies to the police station?
Listen to me, sir.
What does this boy not have?
Is all this necessary?
His photo is everywhere!
Newspaper, TV, you name it!
We're plagued with calls
from our relatives!
Please let him go, sir.
No need to file a case.
Also, tell me how much is your fee.
He's here, right?
Bring over my son!
Look, ma'am.
Your son committed a crime.
We'll stick to what the court says.
The court has given its verdict.
Two constables who were at the hotel
that day...
They've given a statement
that Mr. Ajay Malhotra...
...was not in the room that day.
That he was elsewhere.
I see...
They've given a statement that the girls
were alone in another room, too.
So here is the bail.
Oh, there seems to be a mistake!
The stamp on page three is on the left,
when it should be on the right!
Sir... same paper, same page!
Doesn't matter if it's on the right
or left. Same thing!
Not at all!
What must be on the right, should be so!
Go get it changed.
Until then, your boy will be safe here!
We'll leave.
I can get my son out very easily.
No, sir.
He assaulted four constables.
Two are in intensive care.
Six girls.
A case of abduction.
Medical reports aren't here yet.
May even turn out to be a rape case.
They're all under seventeen.
He drugged them, too!
As far as I know,
he'll be in prison for sixteen years!
Pray to God that nothing happens
to my son.
Else, many people will go missing
at the Commissioner's office.
Two cops are under intensive care.
You better pray nothing happens to them,
Strip their uniforms
and send them home!
Per my instructions, prepare a report
and submit it to the court.
Render this an urgent case
and ensure he doesn't get out anytime soon!
All my clothes are in soak.
Dad and daughter have left me stranded!
What are you going to do?
Tell me!
What else?
Just stand in the smoldering heat!
I have an idea, man!
"An idea?"
I'm so nervous!
I feel weird...
-You're fine, dad!
This, is that girl!
Right here!
And this, is that boy.
Who? You?
I'll deal with you later, kiddo!
And this...
...is Roundtana!
Now, this girl
jogs her way down this path.
And this boy,
jogs his way from the other side.
She comes...
He goes...
Suddenly, they stop!
Girl looks at boy.
Boy looks at girl.
She gazes!
He gazes!
She moves forward!
He moves forward!
You pick up your gun!
And open fire on the girl!
What the hell, dad?
What is this, sir?
You plan your wooing
like you plan an encounter killing!
Bit too much, huh?
-Yeah right!
Top of that, you claim to be 'a boy'!
Go say what comes from the heart, sir!
Just a second.
What's with the Pongal greetings?
I thought so!
Taking cues from 'Kadhalar Dhinam' Kunal?
Carries a rose in his pocket! Jeez!
You be quiet!
It's getting late, dad. Get going!
I'll leave now!
I'm going now!
-You're ready! Go!
I'm going now!
-Get going, sir!
Must I be doing this at my age?
Not at all, but what to do?
Look, dear. Soon as I talk to her,
I'll find you a groom!
-I'll put out an ad in the papers!
Alright, dad!
I'll put up ads
on all matrimonial websites!
Fine, dad!
Shall I take this car?
You can even take a share auto
if you wish!
Tuck it in your ear!
What is it for?
-We'll listen in on your chat! Go!
Surveillance, huh?
Forget surveillance and Santosh Sivan lens!
Just get going!
I'll deal with you later!
It's time, dad!
Good luck!
-Thank you!
The phone!
(A devotional song
plays on the radio)
Change the song, sir!
Devotional song, man!
It will only get you holy offerings.
Not love!
Please change the song, sir!
You mean like a romantic song?
(A romantic song
plays on the radio)
No cars on the road, sir.
Why honk from a stopped car?
Horns aren't just for driving.
To get someone's attention...
...we honk, turn on wipers
and flash lights, too!
Class in session
at the driving school!
Where are they all running to?
They're jogging.
And you?
-I'm about to go jog, too!
I'll drop you off ahead of them!
Going jogging, sir!
It's okay!
Come along!
Come on, baby!
My God...
You saved girls all over the state.
In the end,
I couldn't save even my own daughter!
I'm sorry...
She began yelling
because she couldn't have drugs.
So they locked her up.
She couldn't control herself.
Very difficult for them
to live without drugs, sir.
Many of the girls you saved,
are behaving violently in the hospital.
Plenty of suicide attempts too!
Ajay Malhotra supplied drugs
across the city, sir.
Because you arrested him,
the drug supply has completely dried up.
Without drugs, addicts act violently
and commit suicide, sir.
Health Secretary. Dean.
Rehabilitation Specialist.
You know why
I sent for you on such short notice?
Those getting out of the drug habit,
need your help right away.
Yes, sir. We can organize many camps,
provide fine treatment...
...and slowly get them healthy again.
You ensure they do not relapse.
I will ensure drugs do not resurface.
Today, 90% of drugs have been stopped!
Do you know why?
The only reason is...
Ajay Malhotra!
We arrested him two days ago
on charges of women trafficking.
He's the city's biggest drug dealer.
As he is behind bars,
drugs haven't come into the market.
Should he get out, he will become
a dangerous force in ten-fifteen years!
So file every drug case there is
against him!
The cases must be air tight!
He must not be released
for another 30 years!
Today's headlines!"
"On the case of abduction of minors, Mumbai
High Court has imposed a life sentence..."
"...to Ajay Malhotra
and incarcerated him at the Nashik Jail."
"As it has also come to light
that he is involved in drug smuggling..."
"...Mumbai Commissioner Aaditya Arunasalam
has requested the court..."
"...that he be detained in police custody,
for interrogation."
Looks like my salary will be credited
this month!
You all ready?
-Where are we going?
Oh no!
-What is it, sir?
What's wrong, sir?
Who is it?
-Belt loose?
It's nothing.
Why are you sweating?
-No fan, right?
Room's air-conditioned!
-Never mind! Listen!
See that lady on the third bench?
Ask her what she wants.
-Alright, sir.
Who is it?
Ms. You Know Who!
What is this? You asked her to come?
What brings her here, Kaushik?
How should I know, sir?
Don't know if my account
will lose or gain money.
Relying on that, I ordered a paint job
at my house!
She came to file a complaint.
On whom and for what?
She suspects
someone is following her around.
Her car went missing yesterday.
She thinks he took it.
She wants to a file a complaint
about it.
Bring her over.
Let her come!
We'll handle it.
Just a second, sir.
Before she comes in, put on these glasses
and up the style factor!
Put them on, sir.
She's coming in.
Turn around and dig through files!
Come in, ma'am!
You said someone was following you,
What did he look like?
He looked pretty stylish.
Can't call him a youngster
or an old man.
Can't call him fair-skinned
or dark-skinned.
He didn't even seem like a thief.
He looked really dapper!
Most thieves look dapper.
If I showed you pictures of suspects,
can you identify him?
Yes, I can.
Just give me the complaint.
What happened?
He was the one who followed me!
Just a minute, ma'am!
Make something up!
The thing is... to ensure the city is safe,
he follows random people...
...and asks for their opinion.
As he wasn't in uniform,
you were alarmed.
I'm so sorry, sir.
I presumed...
It's alright!
No issue!
Please sit down.
Just chill and chat, ma'am!
I'm so sorry.
Didn't know you were
the new Commissioner.
I've seen the name 'Aaditya Arunasalam'
in the newspapers and on TV.
But, never in person.
That's why I got confused.
-Don't worry.
My name is Lily. I'm an interior designer.
-Sweet name! Good career!
My card details are in here.
-Give it to her.
You wanted an opinion that day, right?
If it's fine with you,
we can talk about it in a coffee shop.
I'm sorry.
I don't drink coffee.
I had Ranga and filter coffee
in my youth in my hometown.
I cant stand
all this 'instant coffee' stuff!
If one asks to meet for coffee,
it means they want to meet you alone!
Don't go deep diving
into Billa or Ranga coffee and ruin it!
Sure, we can meet today!
At 6 PM!
We can make it!
-Alright, then!
My phone number is in the complaint letter.
Just text me.
Get Valli on the phone!
Tell her the appointment is fixed!
Are you going to the dentist?
Dating, sir!
A date with Lily!
'Even if this face cannot show
any trace of romance...'
...would you still stick by my side?
'I'm an outstanding single guy, my dear!'
'To twinkle bright,
it's you, this star needs in sight!'
'I went to the market
to make a purchase, my daisy!'
'Nothing there that caught my fancy!'
'Wont the calendar at home
call out an auspicious date?'
'Valentines Day on the first of April!
Is that to be my forever fate?'
'Will I take you out to movies
and fulfil these ambitions?'
'Will I ever be in a couples' seat?
Or is it only me, till death, I meet?'
My favorite color is yellow.
Favorite dish is Pav Bhaji.
My favorite game is cricket.
I love Sheela Unnikrishnan's dancing.
Also, I love fish.
I love those, too!
Fried seer fish!
Shark steamed rice!
Barbecued anchovies!
Catfish, too!
When actor Sivaji put it into his mouth
in the film 'Muthal Mariyathai'...
...and pulled out just the bones...
What's wrong?
When I said I liked fish,
I meant goldfish and colored fish.
The ones in fish tanks.
Oh! Colored fish!
What dish can be made from them?
'I'll live on your money.
Still, accept me, honey!'
'I'll sing out of tune!'
'Bear it, without a murmur!'
'Turn this tail-less ape into your friend!'
'Take care to keep off tears
from my eyes!'
'Who is the perfect fit
for my heart?'
'Who makes my blood run red?
Only you!'
'My love balance is zero, just see!'
'You are the unpaid debt
of the absconding liquor baron!'
'I'm an outstanding single guy, my dear!'
'To twinkle bright,
it's you, this star needs in sight!'
'I went to the market
to make a purchase, my daisy!'
'Nothing there that caught my fancy!'
'Wont the calendar at home
call out an auspicious date?'
'Valentines Day on the first of April!
Is that to be my forever fate?'
'Will I take you out to movies
and fulfil these ambitions?'
'Will I ever be in a couples' seat?
Or is it only me, till death, I meet?'
'Even if this face cannot show
any trace of romance...'
Whoa! Four hundred and eighty rupees?
Too much!
Two hundred and forty.
Your share!
Her share of two forty?
Why do you want your dad
to get married?
My mother died when I was two years old.
As long as I can remember,
I have always seen him alone.
Once I get married and leave home,
he will feel even more lonely.
That's why I'm doing this.
Don't take it personally.
Tell him Commissioner Aaditya Arunasalam
is here from Mumbai.
Mumbai Commissioner Arunasalam is here.
What do I do?
Does he have a permission letter?
Ask him for it.
Open the gate.
Purpose of visit?
Vinod Malhotra's son Ajay is held here
on charges of drugs and women trafficking.
We have arrested the dealers
who worked with him.
But I don't know where Ajay Malhotra
gets the drugs.
Once we find that and arrest them too,
we can shut down the entire drug market!
So, I need to question Ajay Malhotra
for about ten minutes.
Your officers can be present, too.
Here's a court order for it.
They got cell phones in here?
All it takes is money
and they can go shopping too!
I want Ajay Malhotra.
He is not Ajay Malhotra.
He is the same Ajay Malhotra
you came to meet.
I want Vinod Malhotra's son Ajay Malhotra,
whom I caught with my own bloody hands!
He is the Ajay Malhotra you caught!
Get up!
Who are you?
I'm Ajay Malhotra, sir!
You made a little girl slap me here
with her slipper.
Don't you remember?
Why I ought to...
-He's a convict of this jail! Let him go!
Please let him go!
I think there's been some confusion,
No confusion.
A proxy!
He's a damn proxy!
Ajay Malhotra could have been
sent abroad.
They paid another man to go to prison
and impersonate him.
Due to the Borivali incident 27 years ago,
the police lost their standing.
They used to mock us
behind our backs.
After your operation,
the police have regained their respect.
If the public finds out that another man
is in jail in his place...
...they'll completely lose faith in us
again, sir.
Playing games, are they?
That too, with me?
May as well start my game!
A call from the Delhi office
for you.
I have an urgent matter
to discuss with you, Aaditya Arunasalam.
Come to Delhi right away!
Yes, sir!
The job assigned to you
is complete.
When are you returning?
No, sir.
My mission is not over.
As soon as it is done,
I'll be back.
No, no, no...
This assignment is over.
I already told you I won't leave it halfway
or spare anyone you ask.
You agreed to my terms and sent me there.
When I say 'clean',
I mean completely clean!
No matter where that guy is,
I will not spare him.
I have decided to appoint
another Police Commissioner for Mumbai.
You may leave!
Is that so?
Who will you appoint?
Phone is right over there.
Go ahead and try.
Take up charge as Commissioner
of Mumbai, tomorrow.
Why must he know?
This is a government decision.
Careful with that tone!
Mind your words!
The Mumbai Police will do anything I say!
Despite that, if you try replacing me...
...every single cop will go on strike!
A Mumbai devoid of police.
Scary to even think about it, huh?
Please don't interfere
in that guy's affair.
I know what to do to him
and how to do it.
They are very dangerous people.
Tell him he can have cops flank him
on the left or the right.
Never straight against him!
See you!
Shameful that after committing a crime
so huge, he's free thanks to a proxy.
Yes, proxies are highly condemnable.
Seen a video of a convict in the South
who often gets to visit out of jail.
A team of eight high officials
must inspect that jail, right away!
We'll assign a team.
It must be done immediately.
We'll do that.
"Per the request of Aaditya Arunasalam,
an eight official team has been set up..."
"...by the government
to investigate Ajay Malhotra..."
"...who is suspected
to have an impersonator at Nashik Jail."
"This team will be dispatched to the prison
today, to begin their investigation."
Those eight officers
have reached Nashik Jail, sir.
They have submitted photographic evidence
of the man in prison.
Those would be Ajay Malhotra's images,
Yes, sir!
What atrocity, sir!
When actor NTR gets into a fight,
he gets beaten up first.
Do you know why?
To keep the audience in suspense?
You take a beating from the enemy
to learn about their strength.
To know who their allies are.
To learn about their methods.
They are still not aware.
That this is not a beard,
but a mask!
You are all experts at forging passports,
certificates and documents, in this city.
You made a fake passport for this man
in the photo and sent him abroad.
Which country?
Thailand, sir.
What are you guys doing?
Hitting a parked car?
I'm sorry, brother.
Our car is damaged, too!
We need to call the cops!
No! Please don't call the cops!
Take this money.
Take it and go!
I need the insurance.
My car is damaged.
Don't call the police. Take this money!
I'll buy you a brand new car!
I'll buy you a brand new...
Are you drunk?
Just a beer.
And you?
Which country are you from?
It's not my fault, sir.
Their fault.
They banged my car.
Show me your passport!
But it's not my fault, sir.
They banged against my car!
Check him!
Why check me, sir?
Check them!
It's not my fault!
But why check me?
He's the one who banged against me.
It's not my fault.
Why are you checking me?
Take him to the vehicle!
Just take this money!
Can you please send me his passport copy,
I'll send it now!
"Anil Pawar."
An Indian criminal has been arrested
in Thailand for using fake passport.
I want him to be deported back to India,
Alright, sir.
Please come.
Please have a seat.
The Ambassador is in a meeting.
I don't even know how
he managed to get caught!
Contact all our men
and the higher officials in Thailand!
I want my son back!
Do you all understand?
Seems you're trying to get your son
released from Thai Police custody.
Who is this?
Aaditya Arunasalam.
Mumbai's Police Commissioner.
No matter how hard your men try,
the Thai Police will not release your son.
Can I offer a solution?
You're an industrialist.
The Thai government will not listen
to an industralist's demands.
But they will listen
to the Indian government.
Eight government officials have signed off
that your son is in Nashik Jail.
If that is proven false,
the government will be in trouble!
Tell them that
and they'll be scared spitless!
Have the Indian government
talk to the Thai government.
They will release your son right away.
I help you out so much
in such difficult times!
Keep this in mind and cooperate
whenever needed, boss!
That Commissioner calls me personally
and gives me ideas.
I'm confused.
He gets me in trouble...
But offers solutions, too.
Could he have a hidden agenda?
As far as I can tell,
there is none.
If we get Ajay out of the Thailand Jail,
like he suggested...
...we can then relocate him
to another country.
By now, the eight officers who had lied
would have lobbied with the Indian govt.
They'll ask the Indian government
to request the Thai govt. to release him.
That government would call this embassy...
...to tell us that Ajay Malhotra's passport
is genuine.
You can go in, now. Please come.
I just spoke with the Thai government,
Mr. Commissioner.
They have confirmed that the passport copy
you gave and the person they arrested...
...are the same.
There is no confusion, sir.
Our police force has released him.
I appreciate it.
Get the chopper to Nashik Jail!
Hello, Kuldeep!
How are you?
How do you know my name?
It has been proven you're Ajay Malhotra,
right? So why must we pretend?
We know I can't do anything about it.
I hear you kill elderly people.
Why is that, dear boy?
Oh, that?
It's real easy to kill old people, sir!
They can neither run nor fight back!
That's so true!
So, I target such folks
and this became a habit!
So killing them is really easy?
-Yes, sir!
Just pop them and go about your day?
Ajay Malhotra was shot dead
by Mumbai's Commissioner in self-defense!
Tell that to the officers and the press!
After the autopsy, let them know
the body will be placed for public viewing!
What are you looking at?
Originally, I was a villain, my boy!
How's that?
Eighteen of us got caught
when trying to save your son.
The body will be inspected
by judges of the High Court.
They will then release the body from jail
for public and press viewing.
The moment the body is out for viewing,
the proxy issue will be out, too.
It is not just our problem.
It is a problem
for all those who helped us, too.
Including the two governments.
We are all busted!
We will all be destroyed!
All for trying to save your son!
Put me on speaker, dear fellow!
Had you been busted earlier for proxy,
you would've been the only one to go down.
Now, joining you will be two judges,
the ruling and opposition parties...
...the internal affairs minister
and a collector. Two countries involved!
International news, isn't it?
You all must feel stuck
with no way out, right?
Shall I give you an idea?
Option A: All of you plead guilty
and go to prison.
You. Your son.
All of you.
Here's Option B.
Sneak your son back here
from Thailand...
...kill him at the same spot
and present his body for public viewing.
What's bigger: One or Eleven?
I'll leave the decision to you.
Take note. The police is helping you
so much in such difficult times!
Keep this in mind and cooperate
whenever needed. Got it?
"Our correspondents are presently outside
Nashik Jail."
"As rain continues to pour down
"...Commissioner Aaditya Arunasalam
has stated..."
"...Ajay Malhotra's body will be out
for public viewing."
"Was it really Ajay Malhotra who died,
or was it someone else in his place?"
"As this question looms, we can expect
it to be answered shortly..."
"...when the body is made available
for viewing."
Other than the two ways he proposed...
...I don't see any other alternative.
So you ask me to sacrifice my only son
to save all our skins! Right?
Trying to save your son,
eighteen of us are now in trouble.
At our age, how can we go to jail?
It is your duty to save them!
Listen up.
Do whatever the hell you want!
You needn't tell me anything!
We'll land in big trouble.
He's taken off from Thailand
in a private jet.
Still haven't told him yet.
Listen up. Whatever you plan to do,
do it soon!
After this, no more Thailand.
Going to Amsterdam! Want to come?
What the hell, man?
There's press out at the main gate!
What brings them here?
I can't act as a corpse for too long!
Nine inches, sir.
No need for you to act as a corpse.
Ajay Malhotra has been shot dead
and replaced.
I am one bad dude!
Have courage.
Look how brave your wife is!
I don't know what's going to happen.
He will destroy us all.
He is not my son.
The man who burned cops alive in Borivali
and escaped, 27 years ago?
Hari Chopra, that very man!
Ajay is his son!
I send him over once a year!
He gave Ajay to me when he was two!
How am I supposed to face him?
All is lost!
I feel very proud and happy
to have been your leader...
...all these years.
One among you...
After me...
...must take up this responsibility.
To be an international drug lord...
...you need courage
to go against the police!
The only one amongst you
who possesses such courage...
...is Hari Chopra!
If it gets known that the man
who will succeed me is Hari Chopra...
...the Mumbai Police
will wet themselves in fear!
The Mumbai Police...
...have killed your son.
I am so sorry.
Who is that cop?
I am a bad cop!
There they are!
My daughter is getting ready.
On her way!
Tell her to hurry!
-Come, dear!
She is here!
This is my daughter.
Say 'hello'.
"You look gorgeous!"
"You look so pretty!"
"You look so hot!"
"After the wedding,
we will move to London!"
I'm sorry, guys!
I will not send my daughter abroad!
If you are fine with it,
e-mail me your details. Alright?
"Can I have your daughter's number?"
How dare you ask her dad!
I'm sorry, guys.
My wedding can happen only after
my dads wedding!
"Your dad's not married yet?"
-Shut all this down!
Go marry white girls!
-What is this?
Online matrimonial, dear!
Focus on clicking with Lily!
How irresponsible you are!
What a lucky father
to have such a daughter!
Alright, then...
I've been trying little by little, dear.
At the rate you are going,
200 years will pass by!
When do you intend to propose marriage
to her?
Eighth lunar day, today.
Ninth, tomorrow.
Raunchy ten, next!
-'Juicy treats for you!'
Listen, dear.
Tomorrow is Monday. Auspicious day.
Auspicious hour
between 9:30 and 10:30 AM.
I'll conduct a ritual for Lord Ganesha
break 31 coconuts in the morning...
...pray to all our deities...
Sounds like
its a groundbreaking ceremony!
Not a love proposal!
Sounds like an elaborate ritual!
Help me out!
-If I could, I'd be married by now!
For your sake, I will try.
We start with facewash!
Dad! Lily!
-What is it? Sorry, it's for you.
Always hounding me about Lily...
-She's crossing our path herself. Come!
Let's go!
-Coming, dear!
You talk!
-Shall I?
Hello, Valli!
-Hello, Lily!
Both are bullies!
Your dad around?
-He's here! I'll get him!
I'm listening in on speaker!
I need to meet you. Can you come to
Aishwarya Marriage Hall at Andheri West?
Today is not auspicious!
-Tell her you'll come!
Alright, I will come!
Alright. Thanks!
You go with him!
What better work I have?
-Hold on!
Get your sunglasses.
Put them on.
Go stylishly like this!
He just has to walk
to show style, my dear!
How stylish am I?
Beat it!
You left your shoes behind.
Wear them on your hands!
Vinod Malhotra speaking.
Tell me.
-Is your father around?
No, he has gone out.
I'm in great danger.
The danger is not just to me,
but to you all, too.
Tell your father to call me.
-I'll let him know.
Why did she ask me to come
to a wedding hall?
With such romantic overtures,
you'll need 40 years!
So it seems
she directly took the marriage route!
You think so?
-Yes, sir!
Like a surprise birthday,
this is a surprise wedding!
"Surprise wedding?"
Not a chance! Valli must turn up.
Elders must be spoken to.
Who? Sage Bodhidharman?
He's the only one elder to you.
Come on!
-Sorry! Did not mean it! Go!
Uncle is here!
What is this?
Out of the blue...
My dad. My mom.
-Can't see the resemblance.
My uncle's son. My family members.
Lily has told us a lot about you, sir.
All is fixed, I guess!
They are looking at you.
Thing is... why did you ask me
to come here... out of the blue?
-Don't be shy!
The child's chain has gone missing!
We wanted to file a complaint
at the station.
That was when I remembered you
and called.
You have been royally deceived!
You want me to retrieve
the child's missing chain?
-The Commissioner?
O Lord Muruga!
Why such a trial?
Is it made of gold, dear?
-Where exactly did you lose the chain?
If I knew that,
would I not have retrieved it myself?
Why must we call you?
She's been well-trained, sir!
You brat!
Very important case!
-Yes! That is why they called us!
Very important case!
Let us look inside!
Instead of searching, you sing!
-Only then can I find the chain! Sing!
'Wedding drums nod their heads!'
'Let blessed sounds fill the air!'
'Crackers shout out the wedding joy!'
'Let the wedding be infused
with high energy!'
'As the groom fawns over the bride...'
'...the relatives hide behind
without a word!'
'As mischief and banter
fill this revelry...'
'...unbridled joy becomes one
with the air!'
'Wedding drums nod their heads!'
'Let blessed sounds fill the air!'
'With trust, she has come with you
to lead a life till the end of time.'
'Guard her as if she were a queen!'
'For you,
he'll forego his desires!'
'Make him live as if he were a king!'
'If she knows how to slay his worries,
she can win him over!'
'If he knows how to lose to her,
he can win over the world, entire!'
'Wedding drums nod their heads!'
'Let blessed sounds fill the air!'
'Crackers shout out the wedding joy!'
'Let the wedding be infused
with high energy!'
'As the groom fawns over the bride...'
'...the relatives hide behind
without a word!'
'As mischief and banter
fill this revelry...'
'...unbridled joy becomes one
with the air!'
'In the rush of youth, as you shower kisses
it is love you must give!'
'Even after its been forty years,
love must glow in your hand-hold!'
'All those pretty fights over the years
will make you understand hearts within!'
'Every other human bond
is contained in this wedding bond!'
'As a guardian to your soul
in your time in this soil...'
'...another soul strives to beat!'
'As the purpose to thrive
upon this soil...'
'...a wife and a wedding
will reward you!'
'Wedding drums nod their heads!'
'Let blessed sounds fill the air!'
'Crackers shout out the wedding joy!'
'Let the wedding be infused
with high energy!'
'As the groom fawns over the bride...'
'...the relatives hide behind
without a word!'
'As mischief and banter
fill this revelry...'
'...unbridled joy becomes one
with the air!'
If you live as friends
and not just as husband and wife
...life will turn out great!
I am Lily's cousin.
Her uncle's son.
We met at the wedding yesterday!
What will you have?
-Nothing for me. Thank You.
Lily has often told us
the city's Commissioner is her friend.
We did not believe her.
This is...
Former President K.R. Narayanan, right?
I got this in 1998.
You won an award?
Think Lily would have been
eleven years old, back then.
Is she your daughter?
-Yes, she is.
Lily is the only daughter
for both our families.
Too pampered!
She stubbornly refuses
to get married!
My aunt and uncle are pretty scared.
That she's getting older and someone
not suitable might distract her.
You're father to a daughter, too.
As a father,
you will know the feeling.
I noticed you both at the wedding,
When I was coming here,
some friends offered to come too.
I told them not to.
You being the city's Commissioner,
thought I'd ask nicely, first.
All of a sudden, if your daughter showed up
with someone like you...
...how would you feel?
I lost my mother when I was six.
At least I had it easy.
Valli lost her mother when she was two.
To ensure she smelt her mother's scent...
...I'd lay my wife's saree on myself
and have my daughter sleep upon it.
Valli does not know
to be stubborn or angry.
All she has ever asked of me
is Lily.
You know the risks and dangers
of a cop's life.
Anything can happen any time.
If anything ever happened to me,
I wanted a companion for her and so agreed.
Don't worry.
Whatever you dread,
will not happen.
See you, sir.
You havent had anything to eat?
It's okay. Thank You.
-Alright, sir.
When did you get here?
What happened?
Valli dear...
I'm so sorry, dad.
It is alright, dear.
-I'm so sorry!
No, dear.
Don't cry.
Because of me, some damn guy...
-No, not at all!
I'm so sorry, dad.
-He does have a point.
No! How can he say such a thing?
He should not have!
I wanted to ensure you had a companion
before I left...
I'm so sorry!
-There there...
Stop crying.
Alright, then. Dad?
Let us go out. You and me.
Just as my father.
Leave the uniform, duty, everything behind!
Alright? We'll go out and have fun!
-Yes! We'll cheer up!
That's the spirit!
This place is secure, right?
It is the office
of my old TV channel.
No longer operational.
Completely safe and secure.
This place is very popular
among criminals.
Where is he?
He is scared out of his wits.
Until now...
...I raised him like he was my own son.
That Commissioner...
Did you bury him?
Or cremate him?
No, brother...
I laid him to rest after the last rites
were properly conducted. I did it right.
I brought you a gift.
Come on in!
Give it to me.
Beautiful, isn't it?
If I shove it like this
and press...
...it will go inside...
...and get lodged like an umbrella!
Only when I twist it around
and pull it out like so...
...can I close it.
No, brother.
Please listen to what I have to say.
Made in Germany.
Shall I demonstrate?
-No, brother.
How about you?
Over here!
Please listen...
Please listen to what I have to say.
Please listen, brother.
This is...
...for my son!
Hey! He's screaming too much!
Get him out of here!
Bring my knife back when you return.
It's my favorite!
Where is that Police Commissioner
His death must make every cop
afraid to wear that uniform!
Shahrukh starts his car!
The car starts with a noise
that sounds like Shahrukh himself!
Hello, Valli?
Where are you?
Infinity Mall, Malad.
Is Sir with you?
He is.
-I called his phone. It was unreachable.
You must not have gone
without an escort.
Just for one day, right?
Do not go anywhere alone.
Vinod Malhotra is missing.
We do not know where he is.
-Yes. Don't tell Sir anything.
Text me your whereabouts
every fifteen minutes.
Alright, sir.
Will do.
My dear?
Check if there is a 20-22 year old man
in this compartment...
...in a floral shirt,
holding a cell phone.
Yes, dad.
What is this, dad?
I will call for an escort!
Hold on!
We will be alone at the next station.
Let them know!
Sit down.
Are you afraid?
Look! I think that is
Commissioner Aaditya Arunasalam!
-Good Evening!
Saw him on TV, didn't you?
Sing a rousing song.
I sure will!
It is our pleasure!
Listen to this!
-Let us begin!
'The king has arrived!
His court is in session, today!'
'Cut out the power
and set the tiger on fire!'
Why the hell are you singing in Hindi?
Leader here, is one of us!
Step aside!
'Behold the pride in his eyes!
He comes to whip you hard!'
'Our leader is a class apart!
Tread with care!'
'Your face will get swollen
and twisted out of shape!'
'You'll hear birds chirp
around your ears!'
'Limbs will get relocated!
Life will get splintered!'
'It would step on the ladder
to the god of death!'
'Behold the pride in his eyes!
He comes to whip you hard!'
'Our leader is a class apart!
Tread with care!'
'My King!'
'His gaze is sharper than chillies!
Makes you sweat by the gallons!'
'Step up, you big wannabes!'
Crouch down and say his name!'
'Order a blazing beating,
swallow the fire he throws your way...'
'If you wish to survive,
simply touch the earth and surrender!'
'Behold the pride in his eyes!
He comes to whip you hard!'
'Our leader is a class apart!
Tread with care!'
'My King!'
Watch out, dad!
He's right behind you!
Thank you very much, sir!
See you!
May you live a hundred years,
I got a call this morning, dad.
Vinod Malhotra is in trouble...
What's wrong, dad?
Get going.
What is happening here?
-What is going on?
Her ears are bleeding.
Alright, I'm coming.
So sorry, ma'am. We can't let you leave.
-I have to go!
Please understand.
-It is an emergency!
Please try to understand!
-Nothing we can do. Please take your seat.
What happened, dear?
Zoom in a little bit.
This looks like a haemorrhage.
Further down.
How is my father, doctor?
When will he regain consciousness?
He has had a concussion.
It is a type of traumatic brain injury.
He will be unconscious
for another five hours.
That's not a critical issue.
He should be alright.
-Thank you, doctor!
Thank you so much!
-Sit down.
Please have a seat.
After seeing your report...
...I am a little worried.
There is leakage of blood
in three places in your brain.
The blood leakage is increasing!
Within two hours,
the blood will leak out...
...spread into your tissues...
...and into your brain...
This is called 'Subdural Hematoma'.
Did anyone accompany you?
Any relative or elder?
Since birth...
...my father is the only person I have.
My mother...
My friend...
My everything.
For him to regain consciousness...
...it will take five more hours.
But for you...
In another two hours...
How do I explain it to you?
Stay by your father's side
for a little while.
What's wrong, sir?
What the hell is happening?
How did he die?
I wanted to kill him myself!
He had many business rivals!
There have been three attempts on his life!
There has been a mistake somewhere!
I can't take it!
Relax, sir!
-You must not get worked up!
Your treatment isn't over yet!
An old rival must have killed him!
We will find out!
Some gang killed my daughter
through an accident.
Some gang killed Vinod Malhotra, too!
Who are they?
Are they or are they not connected?
My heart is telling me to nab them,
but I don't know who to go after!
My mind screams at me to chase after them,
but where do I begin?
I will take them out!
I will eliminate every damn ruffian
in Mumbai!
Don't do it, sir!
Please listen to us, sir!
That was when the Commissioner
turned so violent, ma'am.
I heard he forced you at gunpoint
to get this report made.
I am returning the papers
which he forced you to sign.
Please ensure you take no action
against him.
That is not for me to decide.
I am just one human rights official.
That's all.
Like a court of law,
this is a huge organization.
I will send over my report.
My higher-ups
will have to make the decision.
If they take action, there's a possibility
Aaditya Arunasalam may lose his job.
Until then, see to it
he makes no further encounter killings.
At least two of you tell the truth.
This gun has only six bullets.
There are eight of you here.
You tell me.
I don't know anything, sir...
Shut up!
We are in the middle of a chat!
If you must cry,
do it quietly!
You talk!
I swear we were not behind the attack!
Then who did it?
-I don't know!
None of our men were involved
in your daughter's accident!
Our group has nothing to do
with Vinod Malhotra!
We didn't do it!
-Don't do it, sir!
Get lost!
Keep talking!
We didn't do this, sir!
There has been bad blood
between Vinod Malhotra and Gulshan Kumar.
They have even had shootouts!
Question him!
Who is he?
If you want to kill us,
go ahead.
But we did not kill Vinod Malhotra!
Vinod Malhotra killed your daughter.
If someone killed him,
it's good for you, right?
What do you have to gain
by knowing who killed him?
You're killing everyone
like a raving lunatic!
That Commissioner
is filled with murderous rage.
In his hunt for the killer, he has done
thirteen encounter killings so far!
I had planned to kill him
along with his daughter.
But in the two hours she was alive,
he was unconscious.
After that, he woke up!
When he sought out his daughter,
she was dead!
In a fit of rage,
he went to kill Vinod Malhotra.
But he was already dead!
The shock and pain he felt then...
I wouldnt have had that satisfaction
even if he had died!
At least let us kill him now!
No! No! No!
In the past,
kings would catch a rebel...
...but not kill him!
They would gouge his eyes out!
Do you know why?
If he was killed,
as long as that king is alive...
...the rebel would be remembered!
They'd erect statues in his honor.
Others would rise up in his stead.
But if you gouge his eyes?
He would be reduced to begging for food...
...and lie destitute on the street corner!
Seeing him so,
everyone would shiver in fear of the king!
I will seize
that Commissioner's police vehicle.
I will seize the house
the government gave him.
If he dies after that,
it won't be breaking news!
It would just be a thumb-sized article
on the eighth page of the newspaper!
His police team covers up
every encounter killing he does!
How would he lose his job?
They are only covering up deaths
of others, right?
What if they themselves die?
I met the doctor.
It seems your treatment isn't over yet.
You have been on duty, day and night,
for twelve days.
Without any rest, your team's been with you
the entire time...
Duty is not over yet.
I told you!
You forgot!
I do not know when it will finish.
That's the nature of a cop's job!
Put the phone on speaker.
Hello, sweetheart!
You must not cry!
Be a good boy,
have dinner and go to sleep.
Mommy will be home soon!
If you were to take some rest...
They too will...
Feed him
and put him to sleep, Santosh.
Sir is calling!
I am sorry.
I have given you all a lot of trouble.
I have many unanswered questions
about my daughter's death.
I don't know which way to go.
In that frustration,
I have caused trouble for you.
You all go home.
Spend some time with your families...
...and come back tomorrow.
You go home, too...
Who is there for me at home?
You haven't eaten properly, sir.
None of you have eaten since morning
either, right?
I will order food, right now!
Where's my phone?
Got a phone, right?
Order food!
Get in!
Call an ambulance!
These seem like serious injuries!
No, sir! Just minor bruises!
-Nothing major, sir.
Five guys on the other side
are dead!
This is all my fault.
You don't need to apologize, sir.
"Shootout in the street,
"By whom? The Commissioner has done
so many encounter killings..."
"...and these guys
launched a counter attack!"
"Does he think if he kills pointlessly
for personal animosity, they'd be quiet?"
"The police department don't like him!
With no alternative, they suffer him!"
"Out of stress, some might commit suicide!
The man has gone insane!"
Don't mind them, sir.
They'll say anything for money.
If paid,
they'll even take our side!
The Human Rights Commission
have sent their report.
You have been suspended and transfered
for the shootout that took place.
I expected this.
Careful, sir!
I'm leaving.
You needn't worry about this watch
or texts about your salary anymore.
Two hours before your daughter died,
she texted me.
She said she was sorry for teasing me
and deposited three lakhs into my account.
She spoke to you.
She left without speaking to me.
"When you watch this video,
I will not be around."
"I will have gone far away
from you."
"I'm sorry, dad."
"I could not be with you
in your old age."
"You must have taken it very hard."
"I need to tell you
an important thing."
"Vinod Malhotra called me that day."
"He said his life as well as ours
was in danger."
"I did not believe it, then."
"But after the accident,
I realized it was true."
"After I die, you'd think Vinod Malhotra
is responsible for this."
"But that's not true."
"After you watch this video..."
"...if someone
had killed Vinod Malhotra..."
"...that same person
must have killed me, too."
"You must not slump
because I am not here anymore."
"If you do..."
"...that will be the day
I really die."
"They'd think you would falter
if they killed me."
"That must not happen!"
"You must stand straight
with the same defiance."
"Rise up ten times stronger!"
"He would even be watching you
at this very moment."
"Do not leave this city
without destroying him."
"The back of my head hurts!"
"I don't even know what to say!"
"I like you very much!"
I'm sorry, sir.
I heard today is your last day on the job.
Come in, sir.
Please sit down.
Per the protocols,
you must not be in uniform.
I wear it, fully aware of that!
Beat it!
For poor physical fitness,
a suspension and transfer order is in.
If you retire voluntarily,
it will be decent.
You decide.
Resign or retire.
I am on duty, sir!
Per the Human Rights Commission,
this is a court order!
That is old news, sir!
What I am saying is flash news!
The court has given me four days to prove
my physical and mental stability.
Here is the court order.
But the court has allotted only four days.
In that time, to get a physical fitness
certificate and rejoin the police force...
...is very difficult at your age!
Age is merely a number
for those who believe in themselves.
With you as reference,
you say it can't be done.
With me as reference,
I say it can be done!
It is not possible, Aaditya!
Accomplishing the impossible
is my thing!
Prepare for a physical test
in four days!
"After I die, you'd think Vinod Malhotra
is responsible for this."
"But that is not true."
"After you watch this video..."
"...if someone
had killed Vinod Malhotra..."
"...that same person
must have killed me, too."
Going by what Valli said,
there is a third party involved in this.
The grudge between me and Vinod Malhotra
was over his son.
For killing the boy, why must someone else
want to kill me and Vinod Malhotra?
Don't raise your hands against me, sir!
I broke only his motorbike!
It was not yours!
-It is my motorbike!
I had lent it to him. If you guys
had problems, why break my bike?
How could I have known that, sir?
He gave it to me to use!
Inspector Alok Yadav calling
from Advocate Banerjee's office!
Five years ago, Mr. Malhotra's will
left his wealth to only his two daughters.
There is no asset in his son's name!
Inspector Suraj calling from
Maseen Hospital!
Per the medical records...
...Mrs. Malhotra had only
two girl children, born in 2004 and 2007.
It is confirmed
she has only two daughters.
Everything adds up!
Therefore, that boy
is not Vinod Malhotra's biological child.
We got it!
The reappointment letter
of Mr. Aaditya Arunasalam.
This is the one.
Ajay Malhotra.
The school and college records of
the deceased boy...
...state his date of birth
as July 11, 1990.
July 11, 1990.
July 11, 1990.
Get me a list of parents
of children born on that date....
...from every private
and government hospital in Mumbai.
If someone left his child
to be adopted by another...
...then he definitely must be
a wanted criminal.
Pull that from our criminal database.
Cross-reference the list
of the names of parents...
...with the list of criminals
from 30 years ago, for a match.
ADGP speaking, sir!
List of wanted criminals from 30 years ago
and the corporation birth list...
...have been sent to your desk.
Yes, sir.
Both data lists are being verified, sir.
Hari Chopra!
You're dead meat, you mongrel!
"The most wanted Indian drug lord
and criminal mobster, Hari Chopra..."
"The man responsible for
the police massacre in Borivali, Mumbai..."
"...and a wanted criminal since 1993..."
"...by India and other countries, too."
"He is being tracked by Mumbai's
Commissioner Aaditya Arunasalam..."
"...and a manhunt has been initiated
to arrest him."
"Steven Williams."
of the London Metropolitan Police."
"I am Sharaban Abdullah."
"Secretary General
of the Dubai Police Force."
"Police Chief
from the Republic of China."
I am Aaditya Arunasalam.
Commissioner of Police. Mumbai, India.
"We have been hunting Hari Chopra
for sixteen years now."
"But we have never been able
to arrest him."
"We'd like to send a counter terrorist team
to hunt him down."
"He is the one
who brought drugs into our country."
"We have been chasing him
for the past seven years."
"We are ready to come there
to put him down!"
"We are ready
to send our force!"
Alright, officers!
We will discuss about this
and get back to you. Thank You!
What do you think about this,
Hari Chopra was born in our country.
He betrayed his own motherland.
27 years ago, he burned to death,
the seventeen cops who tried to arrest him.
That made people to lose their respect
for the police.
Drugs and women trafficking rose!
This is between him and our police force!
An old score!
We must settle it ourselves!
Tell them all to just sit back
and watch what is about to happen.
Are you sure?
-100%, sir!
Above all that,
he burned all those cops on March 12th.
Today is March 10th!
The day after tomorrow,
on the same date, I will end him!
Our police force will suffice
for me!
Good luck!
Do what to me?
Such overconfidence!
No schmuck can ever find
my whereabouts!
After he cornered Vinod Malhotra
and killed my son...
...thinking he had cleaned up
all of Mumbai, he slackened.
He failed to save his own daughter
because of his overconfidence!
I will prove again that Mumbai cops
are cowards who fear for their lives.
I am placing a bounty
on the Mumbai Police.
Anyone who wants to take a shot,
can go ahead.
If the killer brings the dead cop's badge
and shoulder crest stars...
...they will be paid according to rank.
Kill a constable?
Get 25 lakh rupees!
Head constable?
50 lakh rupees!
Let go of him!
Let go!
Someone help!
Sub-inspector or an Inspector?
One crore!
Anyone above that?
Two crores!
If they accept the deal,
pay them half the money as advance.
The cops should fear
to even wear their uniforms!
Someone call an ambulance!
Just a minute, sir.
A call for you.
I'm sorry.
You were not cut off.
I broke the phone.
He is in Mumbai, sir!
Give me a day!
I need no foreign police!
I will get him myself!
I will get him!
I will get him!
I will not spare him!
Once I get him, I will...
I'll pick up a knife
and stab him all over!
I will kill him so!
"Breaking News!"
"As cops continue to be killed
in Mumbai..."
"...many of them did not turn up for work,
fearing for their lives."
"Many police stations look deserted,
with very few cops!"
"27 years ago on March 12th,
this very day..."
"...Hari Chopra burned cops alive
in Borivali and got away!"
"The police fear today
will be another black day."
We do not know where he is.
Our police force has dwindled too.
The families of cops are afraid.
As the President said,
can we bring over a foreign police force...
I will nab him within a day!
If other nations want to nab criminals,
they can seek our help then.
How can it be done in a day?
To catch a criminal,
we must be more of a criminal than them!
Greetings, sir!
Sit down!
Good afternoon!
Here is an interesting incident.
In 2005, at the Florida Penitentiary
in America...
...there was an unsolved case
involving a man named Thomas Grammer.
A cop named Tommy Roy solved it
with the help of convicts like you.
No criminal can either climb up the ranks
or do business all by himself.
A cop might not know about him.
But other criminals
will definitely know him!
You may recall
that I met with an accident last month.
Two days before that...
Look at this photo!
Someone cut the fencing wire
at the Indian border and came in here!
A vehicle came to pick him up.
Here are its tyre tracks.
The width of these tyres
is 10.4 inches.
The gap between the front tyre
and the back tyre is 3,119 millimetres.
So it had to have been a heavy vehicle.
Seats up to eight people.
There is a chance you might know
one of the other seven people in it.
Now, you will each be given a phone.
Try calling people you are acquainted with,
who do this kind of work.
Every number you call,
will be recorded in this computer.
The computer will relay
their mobile's location!
Even if the phone is off,
we can locate it!
All you need to do
is call and enquire.
If you find even a single clue...
...I will shorten your prison sentence
by half.
I will increase the time you get
to talk to your families. Got it?
Got it, sir!
Deepak knows about border crossing.
-He usually does it! Call him!
He is giving out phones
to convicts!
He is using
the Thomas Grammer method!
I will handle it.
The nineteenth floor
is filled with our men!
There are not as many cops
in Mumbai now!
Let him know!
-Yes. A foreign car.
"Dharavi" Raja must have done it!
-No signal!
Any leads?
Of the numbers they tried, these six
have been off for the last 36 days.
It matches with the date
Hari Chopra came across the border.
They have removed the SIM cards.
So we cannot find their whereabouts.
But thirteen days ago,
one of them used the SIM card...
...and spoke to his family
for 36 seconds.
He called from an old office
of the 'Mumbai Media TV' channel.
Another thing, sir.
The same channel constantly spread
false information about you.
Who owns the channel?
-Just a moment, sir.
Pramod Gupta.
Pramod Gupta...
Check if there has been
any police case filed against him.
Nothing recent, sir.
48 years ago, at the age of twelve,
he was in a juvenile prison for ten months.
Who were his cellmates
at the time?
One second, sir.
His cellmate was Hariharan.
His third cellmate
was one Vinod Pratap.
The same Hariharan
is now known as Hari Chopra.
That means Vinod Pratap...
...is Vinod Malhotra, sir!
So our target
is now in the Mumbai Media TV building!
You tell him, sir!
What is it?
The old Mumbai Media TV office
has nineteen floors!
There would be about a thousand people
there. We don't have that many cops!
Even if we go with the force we have,
many lives will be lost from our side!
What do we do?
We need a huge team!
Else, we will miss this chance!
And today is March 12th, sir.
If we fail this time too,
it would be a humiliation.
We are ready, sir!
Police is not a job!
It is a service!
We live to protect!
We die to serve!
Don't shoot!
Where is Hari Chopra?
I don't know!
Commissioner Aaditya Arunasalam!
Mumbai Police!
The Black Day.
March 12th!
You wanted to kill me
on this same day, right?
I will kill you
in that same place!
I'm right here!
I wanted to escape!
But I do not have the heart to leave
without killing you!
Better than killing a cop,
if I kill his family...
...the cop would go crazy!
Take you, for instance.
Did you not go crazy
after your daughter died?
In the same manner, every child,
woman and elder present here...
If I were to burn all of them
to death...
...they will be united
with those who are already dead, right?
I have sent you a photo.
Check it out!
Come on over, man!
Mumbai Police!
If I notice from afar
even one police vehicle besides yours...
...I will kill them all!
If you do not want this to happen,
you must come here!
The only life I want to end,
is yours!
Come on, man!
I'm coming!
I'm coming right away!
Listen up!
Let all of them go!
Do not hurt them.
Do whatever you want to me!
Let them go!
You remember how your daughter died,
dont you?
Aware her life would end in two hours...
...she died in sheer agony!
The back of my head hurts!
You must die the same way too!
You must not be killed instantly
with just one bullet!
Bring it on!
Wherever he is,
do not spare him, dad!
You killed my daughter
because I killed your son.
But my Valli was a good person!
"To the police officers
who protect us with their lives."