Darjeeling Limited, The (2007) Movie Script

reach it
these well?
I am here
can I see their tickets?
this well
can I see them?
one cannot please smoke
we see each other
it would be well
we will verify
I should begin for
to thank them that they are here
thank you
I didn't think that they could want to make it together
he/she wanted them to know it
I want them to be here
thank you
I love you Jack
I also want you
I don't even understand it, because
have not we spoken in one year?
do they agree?
or what?
uiero that behave as siblings that we are
I want them to be well one another
do they agree with that?
I want us to take this trip
we should be attentive
and to know what happens
we agree with that
they already come it
we should be completely
open and to say to everything
we should not be provoking neither bad
do they agree?
I have them this
my assistant entered
in many problems
we have to make many
sew and a lot that to see
and we should also think
in the transports and in everything
as we will make that?
we will use the machinery
where this?
it should not care me if
it is in this or in another train
we won't forget it, never
it is as well as it is
this well for you?
- it sounds well
- it sounds well
some question?
I have it
ok, tell me
that I pass to your face?
single memory some small details
but I remember that went 50 miles per hour
it was truly horrible for my
suddenly I collide and I left
flying to 50 feet per minute
and many glass pieces
they were in my face
then everything was silence
and screams
I explode and be in the floor
with my face adolorido
while it drove to house
at this time there is another train
that he/she goes to the same speed
I thought that it would disappoint me
the pursuers not this very well
when I came here I thought
that serious a good place
do let us allow to understand each other?
and your?
me neither
as it can be this
that that is?
it is to relax myself
it will serve me
don't feel bad
in alone some minutes I will be well
that that is?
it is medicine
it is for my face
but carefully, alone
you should take a drop
you proved 2
you want a history
short about France?
that so long?
that so long?
not a lot, ok
reserve it for the dinner
I would like to please take charge of this
it is a little strange
alone you make it
you had bad moment in America
not him you
your you know
in an anus
I should say them that they don't give to
nobody but this information
can I see it please?
let us see
I want the fish, there is also chicken
you should prove the fish, it is delicious
prove the langos, it is very good
that they say?
and who wants a special plate?
are they classic?
I see the prescription here
I can do receipts with this
he/she looks
could you behave please?
to be your same one
that it happens?
he/she even swims, he/she was reading
as they are in your house?
they are well
with their company this well
we are popular
we feel well
oh if
oh thank you
I have seen it before
they are annoying
please, calm down,
lower the voice, thank you
do they know as making it?
wait for me
it ruined him
you joke
as much as time?
seven and I believe that but
these waiting something?
it is this way
it is about not getting the attention
don't forget it
take the mistaken road
please forgive me for this reason
is it supposed that it is sad?
that believes
I don't believe that it is so bad
that he/she says?
he/she is the person of the picture
in that can serve them?
alone we want sweet
I want the pudding
Jack wants the keke
and Peter that there are of you?
that I bring to you?
do I find or this concerned one for something?
even this alert
that we can make?
better it will be to wait to
that the three are
I will take this bed, it is
but he/she practices for my
Peter, because your you don't sleep up?
Jack, for you will be better
because you don't go to the side?
as this that Sam?
I sit down it, me... me...
get up
Brandon, this it is Jak,
good night and this he/she is Peter
good night
a pleasure
we go
we are returning
very well
that there are of you
I will never return
that he/she spends? that these waiting?
I have a message
for that scout?
it seems that there is something strange
don't worry. the one is brilliant
I don't worry about it
you call me every time that you find out something
we already almost arrive
I don't want you to mention this
or that we discuss him again
neither a word
promise it
I understand it
as much as time stayed?
until this in the center of all this
do you understand that?
we have to follow the plan
that plans?
your already knows it
we have to continue in any event
we should
that you mean with that?
did you finish that?
all very now
you don't have to listen all that I say
clear oh, not you preoupes
these the keys are?
because I will stay them
that it is a madness
I already go, I already go
good night Mister,
in that can help him?
it is possible to have something of
attention in the following booth?
clear, can I help him/her?
I don't believe it
already return
forget something
does he/she want to smoke a cigarette in the bathroom?
these lunatic
which your name is?
which yours is?
you are beautiful
Jack this taking
that these speaking?
don't take my capuccino
which the matter is of all this?
that devils this is?
I gave them passports
where their passports put?
I will have it in mind
him hechare a glance to the other one
because you are stopped?
for that are afraid?
Mister, the best thing is that
this next to their friends
I understand it, ok
he/she returns with your friends
that it is supposed that they are making?
that devils make?
that they make?
alone I left to go for a walk
single step
do you see it?
we have to obtain the code
of their it schemes contestadora
he/she looks at that
as you know it?
alone him you
does it bother you?
it is now
I believe that if
it seems that all trust her
I won't make it for myself
let us make another agreement
your experience here is crucial
there is not nobody that can
to know well this
these of agreement?
then you discovered it
you placed this there
is she?
it is her
she has access to the personal things
you can make yourself friend of her
do you like it?
allow me to see
ok, wait one second
we can make another agreement
now I want you to speak with
her or revise the messages
we should make that first
you don't have a lot of time to finish
now you should begin
oh Jess!
very well
allow me to see
ok, here we go
we will have about 45 minutes
we don't have time to give up this
as we will make it?
tell me
does he/she have adapters of power?
if, if, if
as these?
no, not I don't have
it looks for
this and this
he/she doesn't have
go outside
if, if
he/she didn't wait this, not
I want to kill anybody
I don't speak English well
ok, is very good
it is very poisonous
would all cost?
it is incredible
I believe that we should go here
the same belt?
some problem?
alone he/she was seeing
now if
it is that
I have to make it
I should make something
calm down
we cannot make anything
he/she leaves
it is not this way
I have one
do I steal myself the passport?
that these making?
I have something to make
maybe your also should
that ta speaking?
I won't bother myself
it is for that reason that you stole my passport
no, we don't always have of
to pass experiences like this
your you know it
I don't want them to know of where they are
that we will make the following weeks
Brad Pitt doesn't know who is
Brad Pitt?
if, your you know Brad Pitt
because not the wise thing?
we should trust one another
today is...
we go
hey, returns here
I take off it
grab it!
it was polishing you
don't worry about that
you takes 2000 dollars
but we won't catch it
if we will make it
don't stay there
because they don't help me to follow it?
we go
did you tell it to him?
this well
we could begin having
trust one in another?
not you you, but not
I want to stay waiting
I don't want to speak of that
because not?
I believed it because
always hope to get divorced
this way the children truly
they were not in my plans
we don't know like it could be
which the point is of this?
the divorce
not him you, I don't allow it
maybe be not good
that I waste
I don't believe that we should make it but late
I believe that he/she left
with this ceremony you will be better
and it will be grandiose
it is all that I can wait
those boys maybe know something
I like this place
these people are beautiful
I believe that it is the moment
as he/she goes him/her?
it is grandiose
I remember that is so clear
there was a position of cars
the characters are fictitious
good I will continue in all ways
thank you
this is for the inspection
it is necessary
allow me to see
these well?
can you help me?
in that exactly?
step something bad
but they are coming
you will say that if
but he/she is your mother
your birthday of last year
I cannot accept it
he/she waits to that finishes
thank you
I should get off the train
does something happen?
it is strange
that he/she said?
it is time
I escape
he/she didn't make it
your you know
I cannot believe it idiotic!
I/we are escaped a snake
don't make it!
he/she has it
they lowered in the following station
please he/she doesn't make it
we have something but that to make
that that is?
he/she doesn't have importance
can it describe me this?
the description?
it is hard
be not about making it in my train
you know, it was an accident
we didn't wait that
it is very important for us
it will be better than it doesn't happen again
it is their blame that it escapes
do you believe that this working?
did you listen something?
I don't believe it
we will go
very well
that what happens is?
not him you, I believe that the train got lost
that you say?
the train got lost
as it can get lost
a train in the rails?
we should arrive last night
these lunatic?
as you know it?
nobody knows like we arrive,
we have to locate this rail
do you know that?
what you said, dilo again
we have to locate this rail
that is, we have to locate this rail
that you suggest?
in the airport we can find help
we should go there
they told me that when the moon appears
do they trust my?
I have a form of
to arrive to our destination
we will be there in 6 days
as it is possible?
apparently one can
your you know like it is that
and now?
did you speak with her?
I didn't make it
she knows that I go
it is I think
I thought that he/she would not see us
probably your not
or maybe if
that we will make soon?
they are being about being protected
of painful feelings
it is probably a foolishness
but we cannot make that
I am afraid also
Always this suffering one
species of mental collapse
so maybe we should get something but
something that can put on in a DVD
that you say?
I have the premonition that we should continue
we are free in the world
I don't believe that it could continue without the medicine
it seems that everything anger well
they will come with me after everything
that makes it special for my
you are a different person
I don't believe it
that it is supposed that it is then?
I allowed to lose a lot in these years
they will return crazy, there is a form of being separated in place
did he/she want to kiss you right now, am I able to?
you imprtaria if...
I have boyfriend
I thought that I would separate, but not
truly I need to speak with
somebody right now
you are very important in my life
that I told him/her?
return to their room!
that I happen?
that you mean?
I saw it
is that thing truly necessary?
can I say something?
Because how many of these things not
they are of our property
Jack, also knows it
that you want to hide?
it is a pain
hello, alone I thought that we would rot
to be good friends is that
You have to think it, you can also live with your wife
alone because it is pregnant?
Jack also this of agreement with that
non Jack?
already coarse
I am direct
the things already finished because they went bad
that it is supposed that you want to make him/her feel?
when it is supposed that we will return?
but quick?
high, high!
don't leave me!
I also love you but I don't want them to continue
I noticed them to him
stop to follow me!
there is a small town
at 24 hours of here
this is for you
that I pass them?
we had a small problem
and us hecharon
I hope it doesn't bother him/her
truly, not
Jack made us this
alone we need to continue
we won't return
let us don't renounce
we won't make it
alone we continue of front?
I will kill him
your false tooth you key
that you said?
did you miss me?
I won't cry
that he/she spends?
Allow me to think it and I will tell it to you
next time that he/she sees you
clear, you will tell it to me
thank you
I will wait
good-bye Rita
we will see each other
dear boys
bad news
they will have to change me their plan
of trip toward the Indian
unfortunately I am not able to
to receive you now
an emergency arose and for that reason
it doesn't rot to be
I suggest that they go to a place
but for sure with me
you don't know as much as I have suffered this
great separation
with all my love, I wish it to you
better, your mother
it sounds like a foolishness for my
we should attempt something but
where we are?
I sit down it
I also, sit down that of your face
it doesn't care a lot, it was already bad
alone you forget it
it was not well anyway
don't you believe it?
don't you love us I eat before?
she will disappear of my life
we should think it better
alone we didn't make it
it could be worse
maybe this it is the form that
it could have finished this
do you have the instructions, not?
ok, let us make it
somewhere around not
are all clever?
let us go!
that what you suggest is?
that you mean?
there is not service
that not this well
it is supposed that we will make it for ourselves
until the end
I understand that
he/she looks
if, he/she went them to give instructions
I made the best thing that I could
not you that I should make
not you if he/she rots to make it
truly you do believe it?
not him you
I cannot understand that he/she is bad
which the moment was but happy in its life?
they are not the siblings neither people
oh brother
we won't have an opportunity again
we need another team
we will return here when...
we will never return here
this is very important
that what you/they plan to make now is?
not you truly
as we will make it?
look at those idiots
that didn't support
let us go!
I have to this
leave it
this dead, this dead
this dead?
the current kills him
it cannot be
Peter! these well?
hit my head
attempt it
I sit down what I happen and your suffering
but I cannot stay here
I want you to know that
that they make in this place?
we are in a spiritual trip
you know which is the road
we were invited to the funeral one
I cannot believe it
for that not? it is the true
it is certain
that what happens is?
to where we go?
this near the airport
this well
that what you/they want is?
leave it to Jack
we don't have time
let us make it then
no, we will make it now
do excuse, could it take us to this address?
we go, I will go after you
I can wait
we should make it
hey! hey!
I come to pick up something
I sit down it, the one in charge is not at this time
no, not this
not this?
I will leave him/her the message
he/she cannot make
wait 3 months, I cannot wait but
he/she will have to wait another week
I will give him/her the message
this woman this death, understands it?
can he/she see me?
that what I happen is?
we need the car
does he/she joke?
if, you that it is strange
oh, makes sense
if, that car
they are waiting in the funeral one, we go
where the keys are?
won't we return later with the car, if?
Brad also this dead
here this
it is that
that what you want is?
don't bother
revise all that there is here
will we go to some side?
not him you
he/she trusts my
this is
it is not a lot of time
this is what wanted
let us should maybe see it
they want to begin
we were looking for something
it will be better than they come
ok, we will go
this well
we will be in a moment
and the other ones?
they come quickly
it is on your mother
he/she doesn't come
this in another side
for that not?
I sit down it
I hope they arrive on time
I sit down it
I understand it
thank you
this well
let us go!
care idiot!
that you want?
it should be a joke, veto the devil
he/she returns right now to your car
get into the damned car!
this didn't work like he/she waited, we go
we go
we go
who call?
but this dead one
this waiting
not yet
this well?
the flight comes out in 25 minutes
In free estosminutos that we have left,
go to buy food
to make a call
and we will see each other over there
so their last minutes that have take advantage
this clearing? think well that he lacks to make
non ovidare this country
it is strange
that I can make?
I believe that it is about leaving everything behind
we cannot make anything but
here we go
I don't stop to think it
he/she is not a bad person
in some way I believe that...
not him you
I will see that I can obtain
the he/she didn't want to kill us
I think it to leave in the desert
so that we are but close
with the one who this speaking?
not him you
I thought that he/she understood what I told him/her
because he/she doesn't stop?
I didn't find it this time
maybe me this ignoring
oh, that is terrible
him you
I return immediately
he/she looks here
this good one?
with the one who this speaking?
I didn't mean that
I believe that he/she was Alice
it doesn't pass anything
this clever one?
he/she is a boy
is a boy?
that well
because you screamed?
this bothersome one because I came here
always, even now?
this bothersome one for everything
I have something of luck
I have this
I believe that it will be well for the one
you can give him/her this
of my and Jack
thank you
can you give me the scissors?
I believe that we have some things that to make
that believes
that you prepared now?
did they receive my letter?
don't hope they return
welcome my beautiful boys
my small Jack
that I happen to you in the face?
collide me with my motorcycle
I sit down to hear that
I thought that he/she would not know but of you
that that is?
he/she is an old boy
that it happens that tell him/her?
it should be taken to their horses, there is a tiger
they are foolishness
flames to that foolishness?
I wait for you
I don't joke
that they want of breakfast?
Jack some pudding?
Peter wants a cake
and Franci cookies, is not this way?
if they don't raise their hands
you time something disappointed
I am well
he/she begins to be
undoubtedly if
does he/she suckle?
I cannot sleep
I want to be about my son
that son?
the one that I will see next month
you didn't count me
now you know it
it is for that reason that you came here
we came because we wanted to see you
I can also see them
we wanted you to know it
because I want them a lot
because we are speaking in that way?
that there is of bad? we were separate
that you make here?
I live here
these people left me
that there are of us?
I work hard
it is not for my for you
I can respond their questions
in some way
I sit down of having lost their father
all this well
it forced us to work
if, this time
but is an offer, not?
it doesn't stop us
he/she hoped a lot they come here
maybe we can express ourselves better if
we say words
would we should?
very well, they agree
we will begin tomorrow morning
we will be about enjoying the
company each other here
it is a beautiful place
we will stop to think of ourselves
we will be able to this way to make plans for the future
can they believe in that?
we will continue here
good morning
he/she left
he/she left
while we slept he/she left
he/she left
did he/she leave?
to where?
they cannot tell us
so we could cross
our roads in some place
I leave our breakfast next to the door
let us return where we begin
I believe that if
he/she says: be what passes at the end
I don't want to get lost as my friend
look in your eyes, I never promise it
I will be your friend
it doesn't care that error
my voice you tires
I hope to see you soon
this well
I loved you, never hurt you to
purpose says
I don't care it
not you anger
this well?
entonce didn't arrest you
if that if
I will take charge of everything
thank you
it is the train
if, we can reach it
good morning
can I see their tickets please?
does it file sweet?
for that not?
don't think it
it is but sure if your you stay them
it will be better than he/she keeps the secret