Dark Age (1987) Movie Script

He needs water.
Okay, fella.
Come on.
That's it.
What's on tonight?
It's better than the
stuff we had last night.
Beans again?
come on.
Haven't seen you before, have I, mate?
Off you go.
Steve to base. Steve to base.
Can you hear me?
Steve, what is it, mate?
Steve to base,
I'm stuck in the Mitchell River.
Seems I'll be here until
the level goes down.
Steve, you're breaking up.
We can't hear you.
Can you hear me now?
That's a bit better.
Tell Jackson I am stuck.
I can't make it tonight.
Have you got that?
What about the wench?
No, it's still busted.
Well, you'll just have to sleep
with one of your beloved crocs.
Goes with the job, mate.
We'll radio Jackson to tell him
you won't get there tonight.
Look, just contact him, all right?
Hey Kalka,
trouble, mate?
Can say that again.
Too much bloody water.
Going up the Malparinka?
You mean swimming?
Too much flood tonight.
Our camp that way.
You come stay with us, okay?
What about this poor fella?
You get the white, good luck.
Another triple?
Nah, bad luck.
All right, let's go.
You coming?
With the river up like this,
you'll be joking, wouldn't you?
Best time.
You lazy bastards.
Going by myself then.
What do you reckon, blue?
He knows what he's doing.
He'll be needing these
bloody things I suppose.
Let's go before he backs the
truck into me boat.
You sure this is a good idea?
Of course it is.
I don't know.
Want the truck and trailer
up on the landing, Jack?
Nah, I'll be back
before the tide comes in.
You not poach crocodile tonight.
Oh yeah? Why not?
Tonight's special danger.
Big fellow out there.
Yeah, well, when I want
your advice I'll ask for it.
Poor bastard.
Shoulda brought him with us.
Could've used him has bait.
Got him!
Yeah, that's a good size.
Yeah, not bad for the first of the night.
There's a better one.
Here's another one.
He's a big bastard.
Keep it on the eyes.
Jesus, maybe that fella was right.
Shut up.
For Christ's sake, Jack, it's too big.
Leave it alone. Just leave it alone.
It's too big.
Hey, what's up?
Get it going, mate.
Jack? You see it?
Give it here.
Okay, let's get out of here.
Shoot it!
Jack! Jack!
I can't swim!
I can't swim, Jack!
Get up.
Over here!
Over here, you mongrels!
Where them others?
Where that boat.
Your fucking crocodiles attacked it.
Proper bad luck.
Been good boat that dingy.
I wasn't going to be
there for a day or so.
If it's important, perhaps I should.
Jackson seems to think it's big.
He'll meet you on the pier.
Does garret know?
Not yet, but Jackson will
have to reported it
if it's serious.
As long as he stops the
repeat of last year's slaughter,
it'll be worth it.
See you Mac.
How are you?
Hey, are these your shells?
What's going on?
Don't know yet.
How'd you go last night?
No problem.
What happened?
Where's your boat?
Where are the others?
How's it going, old man?
Where are Smithy and Reynolds?
Good to see you.
Jack, where are they, mate?
They're dead.
Smithy and Reynolds.
They're both fucking dead.
Killed by one of your crocs!
What were you doing out
there last night anyway?
Don't start that again.
We were minding out own business
sinking a few and fishing.
Looks like you've done it
well and truly this time, Besser.
It was that bastard.
It was one of your crocs that did it.
Not me.
Sure and how do they end up
where a croc could get them?
I suppose the poor blokes made
you take them out, did they?
I don't have to take this shit from you.
You get the croc.
Two men are dead
and it's your problem.
Come on, Steve.
What are you doing here?
Finishing my studies.
That's good.
I didn't think you'd go on with them.
There's lots of things you don't know.
Still with the department then?
How have you been?
Anything wrong?
Nothing's changed, Steve.
It's not often I have a
killer croc on my hands.
Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry.
How long are you gonna stay?
You look terrific.
It's amazing what a bit of
peace can do.
It's good to see you.
Will you be here when I get
Croc lover!
Oondabund, that crocodile.
I'll have to shoot him.
Finish him.
Him dreaming crocodile, that one.
Important to aboriginal man.
Damn white fellow type finish him.
He finish them.
That proper fair one.
Well I got a problem, Oondabund.
Black fellow ways say, don't kill him.
White man ways say, kill him.
Well you have him your way.
You try kill him.
But you not get him, that one.
Him proper old and smart,
like old people.
Numunwari not hurt you with me here.
That's his name.
Jesus Christ.
Where is that crocodile, Oondabund?
Maybe him this way.
His belly full of Tucker now.
Maybe sleep somewhere.
He must be ancient, judging by the size.
Maybe him drowned.
Crocodile it not bite him.
We go now.
Back Malparinka.
But we've got to take him home.
Devil get him.
He try kill that crocodile
and devil spirit get him.
No white fellow can kill Numunwari.
We go.
You tie the two ends together.
All right.
Same with the mouth of the basket.
Place it on there.
Then weave.
Keep weaving the basket.
Kids, get out!
Get out! Get out of the water!
Get out!
Cathy, what happened?
He's here.
The little boy.
Go away.
Where are you going?
Please, go away.
There's nothing you could have done.
You or anybody.
It was just bad luck.
Why didn't you shoot that croc?
It's not just sitting out there
waiting for me to put
a bullet in its head.
Do you think I knew he
was gonna take that kid?
Is that what you think?
Do you think I enjoy
seeing crocs eat people?
No, but if there's a bad croc around,
you keep and eye on it,
you shoot it or you do
something about it.
Look, I would if I could find it.
All I'm saying is you shouldn't
judge them like humans.
They don't know that kids are taboo.
Why not tell that to the boy's mother?
Cathy, I know how you must feel.
No you don't.
I care for that kid.
Like hell, you don't even like kids.
Of course I like kids.
No you don't, you never
wanted any, remember?
Well that's different.
You're right.
Nothing's bloody well changed.
We don't kill this croc,
the whole protection
plan is in big trouble.
Don't you understand?
It will be open season
on the lot of them.
There won't be any left.
The white fellows have never
been happy about protection.
We're going to play
right into their hands.
Will you come with us?
Help us find the croc?
That boy has never
done any hard to anyone.
Him sick one, that little boy.
Him bad chest.
Always in hospital.
That's why he take him.
You can't believe that.
You can't rationalise a death like that.
What if it took your child?
What then?
Cathy, please.
You not find Numunwari
him there no more.
Where is he?
Where's he going?
Him little bit fright
now, that crocodile.
Go long way.
Maybe Sydney.
You weren't drunk when you said 30 feet.
This is the one we
thought we'd never see
in our lifetime, Mac.
Pity we have to kill it then.
Oondabund, can we talk?
Numunwari there.
Tell me why this
crocodile is so special.
Told you.
Him dreaming crocodile, that one.
You not get him, that Numunwari.
Him prepared.
Him smart.
Like old people.
Him belong this river
from way up stream.
From other country.
His own billabong.
This place my father's country.
And his father's.
And father before that.
Why did he leave his billabong?
Biggest rain this season.
So he come look this country.
When I was a little boy, my father,
he take me to that billabong
and he sang to that crocodile
and it come up and listen.
Him not harm you, that Numunwari.
He know you friendly to
aboriginal people.
He can tell from your eyes.
That's good, old man,
but if he kills others,
we're still in trouble.
I go now.
Numunwari wants me to dance.
Dance to Numunwari.
Did you put that fuel on?
I knew I couldn't keep him out of this.
Let's get it over and done with eh.
You didn't get it?
Four days and you didn't get it?
but they wiped out just
about everything else.
How far did you look?
Full length of the river.
All the way up here,
around here,
back around here right down to...
Don't worry, it's not
going to get this far.
A crocodile that big
should be easy to find.
We looked everywhere.
Maybe the croc's moved,
gone somewhere else.
Did the 'abos' help ya?
Seems to be a problem.
A problem?
Look Steve, I've gone along
with this crocodile protection
thing of yours because I believed
there was a future in it-
but if you're gonna let
this sort of thing happen,
then that's the end of it.
The aboriginals, they
don't want it killed.
They say it's a dreaming croc.
Not again.
It's sacred.
It just ate three people.
You can't put up a dunny
in this territory
without some black saying you're peeing
on his sacred dreaming ground.
You know that, Steve.
Now you give me one good reason
why crocodiles should be protected.
Just one.
One good reason.
For 200 million years there's
been a croc-like animal
that were here at the
time of the dinosaur.
For 200 million years
and we've taken them
to the brink of extinction in 20.
I don't give a damn if they are extinct.
I want a report on my desk by 8am.
Helen, bring in the plans
for the Japanese condominium.
Right away, Mr. Garret.
Where did you get that?
Look at the date.
It could be the same croc.
This could be the painting of Numunwari.
Now look at the bone pole, here,
in which the bones of the dead are kept.
Look at the lines on them.
That crocodile has the same lines.
After you'd gone, they
told me something else.
You know, don't you,
that Oondabund's the
keeper of the crocodile.
Like his father was.
Like all of his ancestors.
And when his father died
they took two of his bones
and they gave them to Numunwari,
the sacred crocodile.
Like they've done for
thousands of generations.
Almost since time began.
Don't you understand?
That's why he says he can't be killed.
Numunwari carries the
spirit of the people.
Why are you really here?
I brought you this.
I thought you'd be interested.
If you were interested,
you wouldn't have walked
out on me twelve months ago.
You seem to manage.
What does that mean?
You were never this tidy
when we lived together.
I've got a housekeeper.
Oh yeah?
Maureen Brag.
She's 60.
Like your research assistant.
She was meant to be 60, wasn't she?
You left, I'm not alone you know?
No, I hadn't left.
That's why I left.
Oh and your work.
I was sick of hearing
nothing else but crocodiles
and how your department
can save the bloody things.
Oh, make yourself at home.
You always were a good housekeeper.
No, nothing about a croc.
Write whatever you wanna write.
Mr. Garret's not in yet, Steve.
He just phoned.
He won't be in until after lunch.
How did the report go?
He hasn't read it yet.
It's good to see you.
It's good to see you too.
I've got it all worked out.
You and me.
I've spent a lot of time
thinking about it
and I know exactly what went wrong.
I know what went wrong.
Cathy, you're back.
You didn't tell me.
How are you, Anne?
Pretty good, how have you been?
Well now that you're back,
you two must come and have a
meal with us.
My nephew's coming up
to stay next week,
he wants to be an anthropologist too.
Perhaps you could come
and have a chat with him.
Give him a few hints.
Hey, let's go, we'll never get home.
Now, wait.
Come on.
Big day tomorrow.
All right, all right.
Well, look after yourselves.
Give you a ring, cat.
See you tomorrow, Steve.
You too.
Okay, where were we?
You had it all worked out.
What's wrong with us
is not what you think.
Good evening.
The fish we recommend
tonight is barramundi,
grilled with a light pepper sauce.
As well as the menu, we
have tonight's special
on the blackboard over there.
Hope you enjoy your evening.
What's wrong with us is you.
Hi Jerry!
I'm not hungry.
How about you?
give me the keys.
It's a government car.
I know.
How you going, Joe? Still around?
I'll be around longer than you, mate.
Good on you, mate.
Take it easy.
Good on you, Steve!
You bastard!
Drunken idiots!
Let's beat the shit out of him.
He's all yours, Jim.
You useless old shit
shove his bottle up his ass.
Done it this time, grandpa.
It's all very well
telling me I should leave,
but the only way to change the
system is to be part of it.
You know that's not true.
Of course it's true.
You know, I've thought about
killing you once or twice.
I mean it.
Once when you came home at
three o'clock in the morning,
after a hard day's work
and I, like the idiot I am,
got out of bed, took off your shoes,
made you a cup of tea
and then I found lipstick
on your underpants.
It wasn't lipstick.
It was paint from the new croc
No bullshit.
You must think I'm an absolute idiot.
Okay, okay, we're going to
have a quiet talk, remember?
Yes, all right.
Right, I hadn't finished telling you...
About you and me.
The reasons we're incompatible.
It took me awhile to work it out,
but I finally got it right, I think.
Do you?
Well, it's not my work or the crocodiles
or your driving
or your paranoia.
What is it?
Or me being a bit inconsiderate
and a bit selfish.
And telling lies and playing
up with what's her name.
Hang on.
And being a dead shit.
And a lousy fuck.
Got you!
Can't swim, aye?
Not now, please.
For Christ's sake, make sure
no one just shoots on sight.
You okay, Joe?
Yeah, I'm okay.
If they see it, tell them not to shoot
unless they're certain of
hitting the top of the head
with a high-powered rifle.
They say it was huge.
How big?
His head would be two metres.
It's been sighted in the harbour.
Pier four.
Same one, isn't it?
Of course it bloody is.
I'm surprised garret isn't here.
Just as well. He would
declare open season
on everything that wasn't human.
Harris, it's the same one, isn't it?
Looks like it.
Why wasn't I informed?
We were just getting around to it.
I hope you're pleased.
This is gonna make what
happened at Maningrida
look like a bloody picnic.
What about the long-haired
hippies on the beach?
What about the people fishing, swimming?
What about the tourists from down south?
Mr. Garret, can we get a statement?
No photographs, thanks very much
and no smart-ass articles.
Now look, you two.
Now that croc's here,
it means the shit's about to hit the fan.
So I prepared a press
release to go out tomorrow
escalating that the question of protection
of saltwater crocodiles is up for review
pending a thorough investigation
of what happened here tonight.
That should keep the
wolves at bay for awhile.
Now it's up to you.
What if we don't find him, Steve?
We've gotta find him.
Better get off the water, you fellas.
There's a croc out there.
Haven't had a bite all night.
We just got here.
We want the area clear.
Shut up and listen!
We were just standing there
and that thing came and grabbed me mate.
He was just minding his own business.
His head was that big, at least.
see and how do you feel
about crocodiles now?
If you ask me,
I reckon we should kill the lot.
It now appears certain
that this is the same animal
that was responsible for
the attacks at Malparinga.
We're going to town, blue.
That's a hell of a long drive Jack.
He's near the main jetty
we don't think we've hit him.
He's a cunning bastard.
No wonder he's lived so long.
Hold the light on him.
Slow right down. Douse the lights.
It's him, it must be.
What's the matter?
For Christ's sake, why don't you shoot?
It's a beer can.
Where's it gone?
All we know is that
it's definitely left the harbour.
What's going to happen now?
We don't know.
It's the same croc, isn't it?
It's the same bloody croc
that was in Malparinka.
Trying to kill me mates.
The one that you useless
bastards couldn't find.
You and your fucking crocs.
You don't wanna get it, do you?
You want to save it
for your stinking abos.
Steve, please, come on, let's go.
I'll tell you one thing, Harris.
If you don't wanna catch the bastard,
I'll make bloody sure I do.
Steve, he's not worth bothering.
Piss off.
Cut it out!
Leave it alone.
Some other time, mate.
Good timing.
I've organised spotter planes
and there's a reward out.
Five thousand dollars.
You want every trigger-happy
Yahoo in the territory
to turn up?
I thought you wanted to keep people
away from the water's edge,
not to mention what it's gonna
do to the breeding programme.
I've got a wildlife section
that's supposed to look after crocodiles.
And when people start getting eaten,
who do you think's responsible?
My phone hasn't stopped ringing.
Farmers lobby, station owners,
TV press from down south.
I even had a call from Japan
wondering what's going on.
They want to build a tourist complex here.
Hundreds of jobs.
But if they think we can't
get rid of one bloody croc,
they'll go somewhere else.
Investors are getting jittery
and I don't blame them.
Who'd want to come here for a holiday
when there's a chance of
being eaten by a crocodile?
More important issues here
than the survival of a killer croc.
The whole future of this area is at stake.
Do you realise that?
It's people that count to me.
Not stone-age bloody fossils.
That thing should've
been killed years ago.
The only place for a thing
like that is in a museum,
Now I've told the minister
the problem's solved.
I'm telling him it's over.
Just the dying embers to put out.
I must have that head.
Steve, why don't you talk to Oondabund?
Oonda what?
He's a tribal elder from Malparinka.
Oh great.
That's just what we need.
Oondabund won't help me kill it.
What's the point?
Just tell him what's
been happening here.
He's the only hope you've got.
Long time ago the crocodile was man,
but nothing for him to eat.
So he jumped into billabong,
changed into crocodile.
He plenty Tucker
and he grow big and make other rivers
and all them trees.
Him lost, that Numunwari.
He been leave his camp
in the stone country
and now can't find his track home.
Him lost.
Do you know where to
find him, Oondabund?
He come.
See white fellow changed his country.
See what happened to aboriginal man.
See all them boats.
Damn guns.
See too much dying.
You people frighten that crocodile.
That big problem, see?
Always fright.
You frighten animal, it kill.
You mark my words, same as human,
you frighten man, it kill.
Aboriginal man respect that crocodile.
Him different, but he got right to live
same like you and me.
I've got to go back now, Oondabund.
Will you come with me?
Help us find Numunwari?
I want the bastard
dead in 24 hours, Harris.
What do you mean?
Shoot him.
You know, gun.
Bang, bang...
what's the matter?
You've told him, haven't you?
Me go home Malparinka.
Like I said,
it's a waste of time.
Shut up, Garret.
Let him go.
You white men think you're clever ones.
Trick this Oondabund.
Wait a minute.
What's the point? They're all the same.
Hold on. Just hold on.
Oondabund, that crocodile
is killing people.
I've got to stop it.
I don't want to hurt it,
but I've got no choice.
Oondabund, try to understand.
That loud fellow, garret,
he's my biggest boss.
If he tells me I've gotta do something,
well I've got to do it.
And that croc's gotta be stopped.
Him lost, that Numunwari.
Him home in stone country and him lost.
Yeah and we can't just leave him there.
Right now he could be
hunting some little kid
down by the beach.
You try finish that
Numunwari and him get to you.
You listen my word very carefully
because you die from that one.
What the hell am I supposed to do?
We're on the same side,
for Christ's sake.
You know what's at stake.
You've gotta help me.
Ah, why should I worry?
Nobody else does.
As long as there's some
trophy, some blood afterwards,
well the hell with it!
Bloody hell.
You not solve problem killing car.
Sometimes you white fellow not very smart.
Will you tell me how
to solve the problem?
We catch that Numunwari,
bring him back his own country.
Catch him?
Catch him alive and bring him back?
Can we catch him alive?
Then what will you do?
Take it to the old breeding pen.
It's secluded, it's big and it's empty.
And then what?
Fake another capture.
No one would guess in a million years
it was the same croc.
Especially if you assure
everyone is has been killed.
We're the public service,
not the secret service.
That crocodile is unique.
It must be the only one
of that size in ages
left in the whole world.
It's well over a hundred
years old, for Christ's sake.
Probably up here before white settlement.
The whole idea is preposterous.
I don't think you have a choice.
Oh yes I do.
You send him back to Malparinka.
How do you know he'd find it?
He's confident he's
worked out where it is.
If Oondabund's price is
the croc, it doesn't matter
whether it's dead or alive,
as long as it's caught.
Who'd go out with you and him?
His son.
I'm not taking responsibility.
Nobody's asking you to.
Well, it looks like it's up to
Me want piece of paper story.
What's he after now?
He wants a written statement
that the crocodile is his.
I'm not signing it.
Don't worry, I'll do it.
I know where that Numunwari be.
They're coming.
Only the girl's got about 10 men with her.
I thought you said
she was only gonna being two men along.
That was our plan when
I sneaked out of camp.
I can't help it she changed her mind.
What difference does it make?
We outnumber him.
Food's on the table, Oondabund.
If the girl tries to make her getaway
in that direction,
follow her regardless of anything else.
He's turned the painting around.
It's a bad omen, isn't it?
Come on.
I haven't got much choice.
Yes you have.
Back out.
And let garret have his way?
Why do you always have to be a hero?
That's not what it's about.
Isn't it?
You're not an aboriginal.
You can't do things their way.
Our way certainly
hasn't gotten us anywhere.
Him proper good fighter,
that cowboy man.
Big mob enemy, he fight all on his own.
When you expect to be back?
Don't wait up.
I'd like to be here
when you toe in the carcass.
Yeah, I bet you would.
Is it true that your job's on the line?
Mac, could you take care of this?
Come on, fellas, this is
a difficult situation.
As soon as we get anything,
we'll let you know.
You forgot this.
Though I don't think I'll
do much good with it.
I don't know whose skull is thicker,
yours or that crocodile's.
I hope I see you in the morning.
So do I.
Another beer, Jack?
Rm all right.
What the fuck is that?
Jesus, now what have we got?
Must be big.
Probably just a shore shark-.
Maybe it's that croc?
Whatever it is, it's gone now.
I bet there's dirty great
hole in that new net.
Cost me a fortune.
Must have been a croc.
What else could it be?
Listen, blue,
any chances of that croc being
around here are bugger all.
It's down near the mouth somewhere.
Why do you think it's gone upstream?
They look for fresh
water when they get thirsty
and he would've been due for a drink.
Can I do anything for you?
No, just wait.
What about the radio?
Want me to check it with you?
It'll be just out luck
they'll be coming in
when the radio went.
We'll call you.
Shit, bastard's come back.
Oh Christ, it's him.
That's him, mate.
Five thousand bucks worth of him.
What are we gonna do?
Where you going?
What you doing?
It's trapped, Jack.
Let it drown.
It's vermin.
I'm gonna show that bastard,
Harris, they're all vermin.
Let it drown, mate.
You gonna come and help me push this boat?
You want me to fucking feed you to him?
Your arm!
He got your arm!
Stuff me arm.
Get me into the boat.
What the hell's happened here?
Fresh now, that water.
He be somewhere, that Numunwari.
Bloody poachers.
I hope they haven't scared him off.
He's coming.
Maybe come up close now.
Little torch. Little torch.
Big light.
Turn, damn you, turn.
Hold on, Oondabund.
Sit down! Sit down!
We'll have to get a second line.
He'll get away.
Slow now.
Stop him!
He's coming up.
We've got him! We've got him!
Hold it! Hold it!
He's rolling.
Careful, Oondabund.
He's rolling.
Him come up soon.
Can I get a dart in, do you
Try it.
Look, him come real close.
He's moving.
It's got my foot.
Get the rope! Get the rope!
You all right?
Rm all right.
Them fall out.
Well I'm buggered if I give up now.
Him close by, that one.
Go, Adjaral!
He's coming up.
Poor fella him biggest fright.
Tired now.
It's in!
We've got him!
Look at the cut.
Someone tried killing that Numunwari.
Come on, old man.
Easy, easy.
Open up.
Tranquilliser gun.
Pull him up.
Catch him holding rope.
Hold it there.
We got him.
I can't believe it!
We've got him!
What happened?
We were getting worried.
We got him.
We had a battle, but we got him.
Is it dead?
Did you kill it?
Of course we didn't.
The deal was to keep it alive.
Where is it?
The croc's tied up in a
Oondabund's with him.
Tied up, is it?
And being well looked after.
Well not for much longer.
What's going on?
There was another attack last
Come on.
Let's have a cup of coffee.
Two fisherman.
One of them was Besser.
He lost an arm.
I bet bluey noakes is another
Fisherman, that's a laugh.
They were poaching.
We saw their net.
Poachers or not, they are
If anyone touches that
croc, they'll be sorry.
It's alive, all right,
and that's the way it's going to
That's the deal we made.
That's the deal you made.
Yeah and it sticks.
If you wanna kill that
croc, talk to Oondabund.
Get his permission.
That croc belongs to him.
We did it!
Well, what do you think of him?
He's amazing.
Who's been going look after
that crocodile?
I guess I am.
No good white man look after
Aboriginal man him need.
Him special business, that
What about we come live here?
Maybe camp your place?
Oondabund, can I touch him?
Him tired now.
Bite too much.
He's a beauty, huh?
Proper funny, that crocodile.
Little dart,
him big fright of hospital
He's magnificent.
What about the cut?
He'll survive.
His skull does beat mine by a
few inches.
Jack, you awake mate?
I don't believe this.
We have got that croc.
It's still alive.
It's still bloody alive, mate.
What's the biggest you had
15 foot.
There were some
poachers a few years back.
They got one 21 foot long.
We take Numunwari back his
country now.
What's the hurry? He's all
You know, yourself, once he's in
the water
he won't come up for weeks.
We just got here Oondabund.
I think you should do what he
I haven't had a chance to.
If we move him to much we could
kill him.
We go now, Steve.
This way.
Get all of them, blue.
Here! There's more of them,
Harris, you bastard, where are
What have you done with it?!
Come here.
Come on!
Where's Harris?
Where is he?!
I don't know.
He's been here all right.
There's only one place he coulda
What's wrong?
I'd really like to weigh that
No time.
It's the only chance
we'll ever have to do it.
You can go straight through,
You're not overloaded.
We'd like a weigh.
We wanna know how much we've got
Okay, move her up.
Jesus Christ, Jack,
we're gonna kill ourselves.
So what.
Here it is, mate.
Like I said, no problems.
What's the load anyway?
Special trees for forestry.
They wanna know the correct
We go.
Well it's down there
to the last kilogram.
Steve, can you hear
Steve, come in.
Cathy, what's the matter?
Besser was at the pen.
He knows!
He knows about the croc.
Hey, wait!
Contact Mac and tell
him what's going on.
Check on Numunwari.
Well done, blue.
Heap of shit.
Too bloody hot!
Gonna have to let her cool down.
Steve! Steve! Come in.
I've just passed Besser's men.
Cathy, what are you doing?
Where are you?
Heading toward Simpson's gap.
Okay, I'm coming across country.
She'll get to you soon.
Great place to park.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Get in.
They're coming, quick!
Bloody hell.
You free, Oondabund?
Hold it.
Brakes! Brakes!
Move over!
Oondabund, which way?
This way! This way!
Straight through here!
Straight through here.
Oh, shit!
You all right?
Great place to park.
We're home!
Come on, mate.
Get in the water.
Get back in your car and piss off.
This is none of your business.
Fucking smart Harris didn't ya,
but you're not smart enough.
Jack! Jack!
Leave it.
Blue, its dead!
I just want it's head.
No! No!
You bastard!
It's over.
Isn't that enough?
Let's go! Let's go!
Leave the croc. Come on!
Where are you?
Come on, you beautiful bastard,
where are you?
You asshole!
Hey, old man.
We born.
We die.
Spirit lives.