Dark Angel, The (1935) Movie Script

Good morning, granny.
Good morning, Kitty.
Ha ha ha!
Here you are,
But it's saturday,
Oh, so it is.
And you'll be late.
Mmm, but I'm trying
To be late, granny.
You should be
About an hour late, really.
Often I would be
Two hours late,
And a young man
Would be very anxious.
Not my young man.
Just wouldn't wait.
Have you got
My secret safe?
Oh, quite safe.
Yes, here it is.
Do you know what I'm
Going to do with this?
Give it to Gerald.
I am not.
It's for Alan.
Oh, you knew it
All the time.
Poor Gerald.
Doesn't he get anything?
No. It's for Alan,
And I'm going to marry him.
Look, look, Kitty.
Hold the nest
While I dress.
I will be late.
Good morning, father.
Good morning,
Good morning,
Aunt Josephine.
Good morning,
Good morning,
Aunt josephine.
Goodbye, Kitty.
Have a good time.
I will!
Take good care
Of yourself!
I will!
Goodbye, darling!
Must we have
A draft, Henry?
I believe in children eating
Their breakfast at home.
Well, Lawrence
Is at home.
Lawrence is at home.
And why?
Because the shannons don't
Condescend to ask him over with Kitty.
Come, josephine. Don't
Imagine those foolish things.
Of course Mrs. Shannon
Knows I'm penniless
And Lawrence
Hasn't a father.
Considering that she
Adopted Alan trent,
Who has neither
A father nor a mother,
And brought him
All the way from canada,
That doesn't seem
Very likely.
Alan was
Her sister's son,
But my poor Lawrence
Isn't good enough for them.
I don't want to go,
Not a bit. So there.
Good morning.
Good morning, martin.
The master's started prayers,
Miss Kitty, but good morning.
Am I awfully late?
I'm afraid so.
Down, Peter, down.
Come along, Miss Kitty.
They'll dirty
My frock!
Oh, lord,
Our heavenly father,
Almighty and everlasting god,
To whose watchful
Providence we owe it...
...that no...
To whose watchful providence
We owe it that-
Good morning!
To whose watchful providence
We owe it
That no disturbance
Has come nigh to us.
Look, Alan.
It's a bird's nest.
I found it
Under my tree.
I brought it for you.
It's only
A moldy sparrow's nest.
The mother's deserted it
Ages ago.
Can I have it,
Yes, Gerald,
You can.
Beseeching thee to accept...
Praying for dogs-
That's what it amounts to.
Morning service
For the dogs.
Have the kidneys very hot.
Very hot.
Kitty, next saturday
I hope you'll be kind enough
To bring your horse
In with you.
I should like to have the
Entire animal world with us,
Like noah's ark.
I suppose you didn't bring that
Moth-eaten bird's nest with you.
Oh, Alan,
I'm so sorry.
I left it at home.
That's all right. I might
Have carried these eggs in it.
It doesn't matter.
What was that?
Just a gust of wind.
But it came up so quick.
There's nothing now.
Maybe it was
A whirlwind.
That wasn't
A whirlwind.
It wasn't a wind
At all.
It was a warning...
A warning.
You're barmy.
I told you not to have
A third sausage roll.
Well, I'm gonna look
For some more eggs.
I'm much too full
To argue.
Oh, and if you get
Any more warnings,
Let me know.
Tell me, Alan,
What was this warning of?
It wasn't a warning
At all, silly.
I made that up
To keep Gerald in his place.
He shows off a bit because
He's older than I am.
It was a warning
All the same,
A special warning
Just for you and me.
That wind said
That we ought to get married.
I told you we ought.
I've said so lots of times.
Now, we're not going to start
That marriage business over again.
But you promised
To let me know.
I can't waste
The best years of my life
Just waiting for you.
Look here, Kitty.
I'll make up my mind soon.
Very soon.
How soon?
Oh. In about a week.
All right.
I'll give you a week more.
Do you think
You'll say yes?
Oh, I daresay.
There's no one else
To marry, is there?
Now what's the matter?
Nothing at all.
Come on, now, smile.
Look, Kitty, if you
Smile, I'll marry you.
How's that?
Let's go and get
Some more eggs.
All right.
Good morning, granny.
Good morning, darling.
You're early.
It's saturday, granny.
A big saturday, too,
Isn't it?
The biggest ever.
At first, seeing them
As soldiers was fun,
And I suppose I never really
Thought they'd be going away.
But now, I'm frightened.
I know.
Don't let them know
That you're frightened, dear.
No. Of course I won't.
Anyway, they've promised me
They'll be back very soon.
I wish I knew...
I wish I were really sure...
You're not?
When you love so hard
And for so long,
You can never
Really be sure.
And it used to be
So easy, granny!
I'd just ask him
To marry me...
But now...
It's growing up, granny,
That's what it is.
Things aren't
So simple anymore.
I can't just say, "Alan,
Please marry me, quick."
Why not?
That's the best way
To do it.
Saves a lot of time!
I'll bet that's
Just what you'd do.
Heavens, look at the time!
I must fly!
You're going to be early
Am I?
How dreadful.
Yes, I suppose
I always will be.
Goodbye, granny.
Goodbye, darling.
Best love
To Alan and Gerald.
Good morning, father.
Morning, darling.
Good morning,
Aunt josephine.
Good morning,
Good morning, Lawrence. Morning.
Goodbye, father.
Goodbye, dear.
Goodbye, aunt josephine.
Goodbye, Lawrence.
No speeding, mind.
You've loads of time.
My regards
To the boys.
I will.
Isn't it about time Kitty
Became engaged
To one or the other
Of those young men?
Perhaps she
Hasn't been asked.
Ha ha ha!
Well, she can't go wrong.
Fine boys, both of them.
Good stuff in those boys.
I suppose that's a dig
At my poor Lawrence.
Oh, nonsense,
The canteens are
Just as necessary as...
It's most unfair
And unkind.
You know very well Lawrence
Would have joined the infantry
If it hadn't been
For his hammertoe.
Mother, can't you forget
About my hammertoe?
Morning, Miss Kitty.
Morning, martin.
Poor old Peter.
He's a very old dog,
Isn't he?
Peter's 14, Miss.
That's 98,
Humanly speaking.
He's outlived his master
By two years.
Hello, Kitty.
Hello, Kitty.
Good morning.
Good morning.
The new uniforms.
Let me look at you.
Stand back
From the table.
Turn round
And let me see you.
Like to see me
In profile?
You do look handsome.
I'm in profile.
You know, I think
Gerald's coat fits better.
I just can't find words
To express you.
Come, children,
Breakfast is getting cold.
And you'll need neckties,
And handkerchiefs,
And plenty of books-
You think we shall have
Much time for reading?
And a dinner coat.
We each have a new one.
An opera coat, and a violin,
And keats' sonnets.
Whenever there's a raid, we'll
Have to get all dressed up.
Certainly. The enemy
Won't like us if we don't.
Oh, Gerald, do make him
Have a haircut once a month.
He's so dreadful
Without one.
"captain Gerald shannon,"
Says the colonel,
"look at your friend
And relative lieutenant trent.
A disgrace!
Three hairs too long!"
Mother, don't you want
To come to London with us?
No, darling,
I don't like goodbyes.
Well, it's time.
We must be going.
Well, we-we'll be
Home soon, mother.
What are those funny-looking
Things you're lugging around?
You'll be glad to get
Those funny-looking things.
One's for you,
And one's for Gerald.
There's a book
To read on the train,
A sweater,
And some cigarettes.
The wrong kind?
No, ungrateful.
The right kind.
Thank you, Kitty.
And socks, too.
Three pairs for each of you.
Good warm ones.
I- I knitted them myself.
You made them
She's been busy
On them for days.
Then we certainly
Can't wear them.
Much too good for his
Feet. I'll wear them all.
Nothing like going into battle
With six pairs of socks on.
Everything in,
Mr. Alan.
Goodbye, martin.
Goodbye, Mr. Gerald,
And good luck, sir.
And take care of the ladies, won't you?
Yes. I will.
Well, mother.
I know.
Remember the prayers grandfather
Used to say at breakfast?
I'm going to
Say one now.
God bless my boys
And bring them
Back to me.
God bless my boys
And bring them back to me.
Bring them back
To us both,
For a long
And happy life.
I'm going in now.
I don't want
To see you go.
My love
Goes with you.
Come along,
Goodbye, darling.
Stay with her today.
Now, Alan, be careful.
I know, I know.
You've been telling me
What not to do
Since we were babies.
You be a good girl.
You'll write?
Picture postcards
From every town.
You be a good girl,
And we'll buy you
A present in paris.
Goodbye, Gerald dear.
Goodbye, Kitty.
You'll write me letters?
Yes. Long letters.
God bless my boys
And bring them back to me.
The train's
20 minutes late.
20 entire minutes!
After 11 months of waiting,
That's really not so long.
It's 20 minutes too long.
Time out of our lives.
Good time.
Do you-do you think
They'll be the same,
Look the same?
I think we shall
Recognize them.
We saw them
For so many years.
There they are!
There they are!
It's all right, darling.
We're home.
For 10 whole days.
Look at her, Gerald!
She's really quite pretty!
Aunt Sheila!
You're home!
Oh, I'm so glad
To see you again.
And you really are here.
It really is
Aunt Kitty again?
You are prettier,
You know.
They both are!
We'll have to take them
To London
To show them off!
Have you lots to eat,
Aunt Sheila?
We're hungry as bears.
Oh, plenty.
Mmm. Sorry.
There you are.
Thank you.
That was luncheon.
Now, um...
Can we have dinner
Right away, aunt Sheila?
And a spot of supper
Right after that?
Are you two going to spend
The whole 10 days eating?
We decided on it
Months ago.
Eating, sleeping, bathing.
Eating, sleeping, bathing.
Maybe we could think of some way
Of eating while we're sleeping.
We haven't thought about
This thing enough, Gerald.
Very dull,
Aren't they?
Very dull indeed.
When was the last time
You ate, pig?
From the pure, white hands
Of your cousin,
Lawrence Bidley.
We hadn't seen england for 11
Months, and our first sight of it
Had to be Lawrence Bidley with
A thermos bottle in his hand.
Gerald wanted
To turn back.
Said you meet a better class
Of people in the trenches.
Kitty and I had planned
Some things
We thought
You might like to do.
Had you?
Let's hear them.
First of all,
Lunch at the restons.
And on friday,
The vicar is having
A fete for the red cross.
Well, that
Needn't trouble us.
I'm afraid he hopes
You'll open it.
Did you tell him
I would?
Your mother didn't quite
Like to go as far as that.
I think that Gerald
Ought to open it.
Then, on
Saturday afternoon,
There's a concert
In aid of
The cottage hospital.
And on saturday evening,
We shall both go there.
This is worse
Than the war.
Speaking of hot water.
How about a long...
...hot bath!
You can both come and talk
Through the door if you like.
We'll wait.
It's lovely having them
Home again, isn't it?
I've missed them both
Well, I'll see you all
At dinner.
You're not
Staying with us?
They'll be out of those
Baths in an hour or two.
They'll want to
See you alone.
Kitty, they'll want to
See you alone.
They came home for that.
I've wanted to say this
For a long time.
They both love you
Very much.
I love them, too.
Yes, but Kitty...
I want you to know, dear,
That whichever you choose,
I shall understand.
You've always
You've been a darling.
Goodbye, Peter.
Where are you going?
Want a piece of cake?
No, I'm going home.
I'm tired of seeing you eat.
Wait a minute!
We'll come with you.
Maybe there's something new
To eat at your house.
Hey, wait a minute!
No. Goodbye.
Say, Kitty.
Look. If you don't wait,
I'll jump.
Go back in, idiot.
Will you wait for me?
Alan, darling, you're not hurt, are you?
Alan, darling. Alan.
Are you cross
That I'm not hurt?
I did scratch my hand.
It's serious. I think that's the
Way you get leprosy or something.
You've changed.
You're so bloodthirsty.
And you,
You haven't changed.
You're still a child.
You don't feel it.
What don't I feel?
You don't feel anything.
You don't-
Don't I?
How do you know what I feel?
You know about
The months I've been away,
The agony I've been through
Because of you?
You know how frightened
I was of coming home
And finding
That you had changed,
That you didn't feel... The
Things I wanted you to feel?
How frightened I am now
Of saying what I want...
Look here.
I can't say it all.
Maybe I can't say
Any part of it
Because I'm scared.
But Kitty...
Kitty, I-
I've so much love for you.
It's like something you've
Saved up for a lifetime
And didn't know about,
Then it all comes at once.
Alan, darling.
I've wanted to hear you
Say that so much.
Surely you knew.
I wasn't sure.
You see, I've always
Been around...
I know.
When I first looked through
The bars of my crib,
There you were,
Telling me what to do.
I was not.
When I saw my first tree,
You were in it, peering down.
My first bird
And my first squirrel,
My first bath,
You were always there.
That's what
Makes me afraid.
You may be just used to me.
You may meet some girl...
Why, you sweet idiot.
Don't ever say that.
There'll be no one else,
I've tried, my darling.
It isn't any good.
If ever you weren't there,
I'd stop living.
I'd stop breathing.
I'd stop
Wanting to breathe.
Don't ever stop watching me,
My darling.
Don't ever go away.
We must tell
Aunt Sheila.
And father.
Come on.
Wait a minute! What are we
Going to tell them?
That we're going
To be married.
But when?
Day after tomorrow?
Why, you shameless hussy!
Aunt Sheila!
So it's finally happened,
After all these years.
Gerald, dear.
All my love, Kitty,
For you both.
Thanks, Gerald.
Oh, this is
The way it should be.
I'm happy about it.
Mother, come here!
We've news for you.
These two have
Gotten themselves engaged.
We're getting married
That's splendid.
I'm very happy.
I know
You will be,
Both of you.
We shall all
Be together now.
Do you mind
If I run?
I can't wait
To tell father.
I think you ought
To come with me.
I fully intend to.
We'll be back.
It's all right, mother.
This came a moment ago.
It's for you.
I took it from a boy
In the drive.
I do hope...
We've got to go back.
We're going out from folkestone
Early tomorrow morning.
Oh, Gerald, no.
Must be a big push on.
All leaves been cancelled.
Those poor children.
They wanted
To be married.
I shall have to tell them.
So there's no chance?
Nothing we can do?
There must
Be some way.
You've known us
Since we were children.
This means so much
To us now.
There may
Never be...
I know.
I'm sorry.
Two hours ago, you might have
Secured a special license.
Now... It's too late.
I know how you feel,
But try to see that
Alan will be back soon,
And you'll be
Married here.
We'll arrange it beforehand,
And... It won't be long.
Who knows
How long it'll be?
Thank you anyhow.
You've been
Very patient with us.
God bless you
And bring you
Back to this church,
To the marriage
That you want.
Thank you.
Well, Kitty,
Nobody will marry us.
After all these years,
We were two hours too late.
And I wanted that for us
So much.
Two hours, Kitty.
Two hours that would have
Changed our lives.
No. They're not going to
Change our lives.
Alan, we don't need
Anyone to marry us.
I'm going to folkestone
With you.
I marry you, Alan trent,
In front of a church.
And I marry you,
Kitty Vane,
For always...
Until the day I die.
This is
The only room we have.
I think you'll
Find it comfortable.
This will do
We have to keep the curtains drawn
When there's a light in the room.
We must be very careful these
Nights when there's no moon.
What was that?
The guns.
You can hear them
Very plainly from the coast
When the wind's
This way.
I always tell my husband
That those guns
Make it feel like
Living right in the war.
I always say-
Thank you.
Good night.
Good night.
And if you want anything,
Just ring the bell.
Those men coming down...
Thousands and thousands
And thousands of them.
And in a little while,
You'll be one of them!
You'll be gone with the
Rest of them! You'll-
Kitty, they're going
And I'm going.
There's nothing
To be done about that.
Listen, darling,
There isn't much time left,
And we must
Face the truth.
And the truth is that
In the short space of tonight,
We must live
A whole life together.
We must pretend there's nothing
Tense and desperate about tonight.
We must pretend that
It's one of many nights.
So few hours.
So little time together.
The only time I'll have to leave
You for the rest of our lives
Is to buy us both
A loaf of bread,
A bottle of milk.
We're married.
See, darling?
We've been married
For a long time.
This is the weekend,
And we've come to visit.
We've come to visit
Your darling aunt josephine,
And you're crying because
You didn't want to come.
Does it have to be
Aunt josephine?
Yes. It has to be
Aunt josephine.
Are you hungry?
I am.
Shall I go and buy us that loaf
Of bread and bottle of milk now?
Make it meat and wine.
Chicken, wine, cake,
A little cheese.
With pleasure, sir.
Do me a favor?
Of course.
Would you let me
Have those flowers?
Certainly, sir.
A little celebration, sir?
Something of the sort.
I'll be in the hall.
Thanks very much.
Good heavens, Alan,
What are you doing here?
Hello, Lawrence.
You on the job?
Soldiers must eat. An army
Moves on its belly, you know.
Ah, that's the spirit.
Wine, chicken... Flowers.
Well, I suppose
You're not alone.
You can suppose
What you please.
Then I shall probably
Think the worst.
Excuse me.
In a hurry, eh?
One can hardly blame you.
Move out of the way.
Here we are.
Darling, what a spread.
Our wedding feast.
And the flowers.
Where did you get them?
They were just growing.
I picked them for you.
Here's bread.
And, uh, salad.
Ah, yes, and cheese.
This should be good,
Straight from
The mousetrap.
Aren't they lovely?
I hope Mrs. Blow-porridge
Doesn't mind this.
rolling, rolling
across the fields
That you won't see again
when the sergeant
Gives his orders
if you don't come back
if you don't come back,
If you don't come back
I hope you like
Sauterne, my dear.
Will you serve the chicken?
Agatha, bertram,
Mimi, harold.
This is the 25th wedding
Anniversary of your parents.
Please, my dear.
Years ago today,
Your mother
Married your father.
Your mother...
Your mother
Was a lovely sight.
The most beautiful girl
I ever saw.
And your father,
Your father...
Kitty, can't you do
Anything with mimi?
She just bit
Little harold.
Do behave, mimi.
Now come to order, children.
As I was saying,
Your father...
Was the finest,
Dearest, kindest...
Your father
Loved your mother
As no one
Has ever loved before.
Oh, Alan.
Don't hear it,
It'll stop in a minute.
I've got to go now,
Will you do something
For me?
Whatever you wish, Alan.
Then sit here
Just where you are...
Close your eyes, darling,
And don't open them
Until I've gone.
I love you.
I'll always love you.
Goodbye, my love.
Detail, hut!
If you'd do that for me,
I'd feel awfully obliged.
I'll do that for you.
Thanks so much.
Hello, Alan.
Hello, Gerald.
It's only
Six more minutes.
We're the third transport going out.
Must be something really big this time.
Well, did you say goodbye
To Kitty for me?
I didn't come back. I knew you
Two wanted to be alone together.
Oh, she knows that,
Lawrence. Come on, come on,
Got to hurry now.
Orders are that every man's got to
Have something hot before he leaves.
We'll be getting
Something hot after we leave.
Do you know Lawrence has been
Running about like that for two hours?
He's offered me
Five cups of coffee.
Did Kitty...
You know,
Did she mind you...
Was she all right
About you going?
Yes, she-
Coffee. Coffee here.
Coffee, Gerald?
Oh, hello, Alan.
All right. I don't suppose
It'll actually poison me.
Coffee, Alan?
I didn't think
You'd need any.
Like a whiskey?
No, thanks.
Wouldn't it be awful to be as
Bright as that at this hour?
I don't know about being bright,
But I can't help noticing things.
Oh, shut up,
You two had better start getting on
Better. You're going to be cousins.
Yes, indeed. You and Kitty.
I'd forgotten about that.
And last night, what was that
- a farewell to bachelorhood?
A bit thick, you know.
You know, there are times when I think
You're not quite right in the head.
I'm sane enough to see
Straight, old fellow.
Ask him about the little
Girl of last night.
Let's go.
Ask him about the supper
He was taking up to her.
Champagne and roses!
Alan, you can tell me
Her name.
I'll go back
And give her your love.
Ha ha! Don't worry,
I won't poach.
I haven't the time!
Ha ha ha! Come on, now.
Coffee's ready, boys.
Come on, there's
No time to lose, now.
I see we have
A convoy with us.
Taking darn good care-
What the devil was
That ass talking about?
I don't know.
What does Lawrence
Ever talk about?
He seemed to bother you
A good deal.
I'd like to forget
About Lawrence.
Do you mind?
Alan, I've got to
Ask you a question.
Was there any truth
In what Lawrence was saying?
Yes, quite a lot.
Now, will that do?
No, it won't.
I've a right to know more.
Since when?
Since yesterday.
Perhaps you've forgotten
What happened yesterday.
Perhaps I have forgotten.
I can't believe you were down
There last night with a girl.
Alan, you couldn't have left
Kitty and come down there and...
Were you drunk?
Were you?!
No, I wasn't drunk.
I was dead sober.
A girl was there.
Think what the devil you like.
Think anything you like, anything.
Do you mind
Signing this for me?
What is it?
This is an application
For special leave.
I thought I'd like a bit.
You sign it, I'll take it
Up to the colonel.
What do you want leave for?
Last time, I was recalled.
The job that
Brought us back is over.
Things are pretty quiet.
I'd like to go home again.
I don't think
That's a good enough reason.
At any rate, we can see what the colonel
Says. You've no objection, have you?
I'm not going to sign it.
Look here, Gerald, we can't
Go on like this any longer.
I want to go home
To marry Kitty.
Surely you can
Understand that.
I could have before that night in
Folkestone. I certainly can't now.
You mean you'll
Keep me here?
That's just what I do mean.
You infernal fool!
Evening, shannon.
Evening, trent.
Evening, sir.
Sit down, sir.
We have reports of enemy
Activity in the northern sector.
We've got to find out
What it's all about.
Tonight's a good night.
There's no moon.
A raid, sir?
Yes. I want a dozen men.
Can you take out
A party?
I think I can find
Six or eight, sir.
We're rather depleted.
I know, I know.
What about trent here?
He's just asked
For immediate leave, sir.
I'll only be taking
Volunteers, men who want to go.
I'll go. Glad to, sir.
Here is the sector.
I should warn you,
They may be expecting you.
Now, I would suggest...
Will there be
Anything else, sir?
No, that's all.
Good luck, sir.
Thank you, spig.
Good luck, Mr. Trent.
Thank you, spig.
Four minutes to go.
You have your orders.
My god.
Kitty, he's here.
Oh, darling.
Darling, it's so good
To have you home.
I thought they'd never
Let you come.
You're thinner.
Am I? Well,
I'm feeling pretty well.
How are you, martin?
Very well, thank you, Mr. Gerald.
Glad to
Have you back.
Glad to be back.
Country's looking beautiful.
It's been a perfect
Summer, sir.
Just take them up to Mr.
Gerald's room, martin.
I'll unpack them myself.
Very good, ma'am.
Martin, Miss Kitty
Won't be staying for dinner.
She's here.
I'll spare you
For a few moments.
Hello, Gerald.
How wonderful to
See you again, Gerald.
What a time they kept you
In hospital.
Two months.
I hope they patched you up
Pretty well.
Oh, yes,
I'm as good as new.
Where's old Peter?
He's gone, Gerald.
Oh, no.
He was such
A very old dog.
Your mother found him
One morning
Curled up in his basket
As though he was asleep.
Poor old Peter.
Doesn't seem the same
Without him.
Oh, Gerald.
Kitty, Kitty.
Gerald, I'm so sorry.
What a bad homecoming
For you.
And I wanted it
To be different,
So much happier for you.
No. It couldn't have been.
Gerald, it was
The night of the 17th,
Wasn't it?
What-what time was it?
I don't know, dear.
There was an explosion.
We never saw him again.
I think it was
Shortly after...
Shortly after 8:00.
I knew.
I'd been so happy.
He'd wired me that he
Expected to get leave.
And then...
He wanted to get leave.
He wanted to come home to you.
And he couldn't get it?
I wouldn't give it to him.
I could have
Given him leave.
I refused.
It was intentional.
What are you talking about?
What are you saying?
You were devoted to him.
You would have done
Anything for him.
I'm telling you
What I did for him.
I killed him!
Can't you understand it?
If I'd given him that leave,
He'd be alive today.
I killed him.
Why didn't you
Give it to him?
Why didn't you want him
To come home?
I can't tell you.
A misunderstanding.
Tell me what it was.
I've got to know.
It can make no difference now.
Let's leave it alone.
I- I was mistaken.
Stop it! Stop it!
What nonsense are you talking?
What are you sparing me from?
What difference do I make now?
Tell me what it was, Gerald.
I've got to know.
Can't you see?
I shall only torture myself.
It was that night
Our leave was cancelled,
That night at folkestone.
I thought I...
I believed...
You thought
He was not alone?
Is that it?
Oh, Kitty,
For heaven's sake.
You were right.
I was with him.
So it was that...
That night that caused...
You killed him,
You say?
You killed him?
You mean we killed him.
It was that night.
It was because
I loved him so.
Because I loved him so,
He died.
We killed him.
In some crazy way,
Between us,
We killed him.
Oh, Alan!
Every one of you men
Who are gathered here
Has made
A great sacrifice...
...the greatest sacrifice
A man can make
In the service of his country
Unless it be life itself.
I know, my friends,
That for the things
Of the eye
You must now substitute
The things of the spirit.
But where before
You saw the green grass,
The flowing brooks,
The hills in all their colors,
The leaves of the trees...
What are those
Compared to the inner beauties
That only you, my friends,
Who have lost the sensual,
The minor sight,
Will be able to discover.
Your country will be
There behind you.
Do you have to stand there
And tell us what we're missing?
Curse the things
Of the spirit! Curse them!
It's the other things
We want to see,
And your fine words
Don't make it easier.
It's the green grass
And the flowing brooks
And the hills
In all their colors
And the faces
Of those people we love-
Those are the things
We want to see,
And those are the things
We'll never see again!
What do we care
How grateful you are?
I want to see my girl again.
That's all I want to see.
That's all I want to see!
Shut up!
Shut up, I tell you!
We know what you feel.
We feel it too.
What good does this do?
Shut up and sit down.
I'm sorry.
It can't be helped sometimes.
Gentlemen, I think
We're all tired.
I'll extend your regrets
To our guest, Mr. Tanner,
And I'm sure he'll understand.
Now, suppose we all
Go to bed,
And I hope
You all rest well.
Are the lights out yet?
How the devil
Do I know?
What difference
Does it make, anyway?
No, they're not out yet.
Can't you tell
When they go out?
No, I can't. I guess
I'm not used to it yet.
There go the lights now.
Can't you
Tell the difference?
Good night,
Good night, archie.
I say.
Thanks for stopping me
Down there.
Oh, that's all right.
Good night, Crane.
Good night, austin.
Darling, good night.
I hope you're not
Too glad to leave us.
No, I think
I'm rather sorry.
You want to join them
Out there, Crane?
Oh, no, thank you.
I must be off soon.
We haven't been able to help
You very much, I'm afraid.
That's true, sir. It's
Been my fault, not yours.
Fighting something
With yourself, aren't you?
Yes, I suppose
You could call it that.
You don't want to
Talk about it?
No, sir George.
All right, Crane.
Now, there are a few routine
Things I must tell you.
First of all, I'm
Assigning an orderly to you.
He's a very pleasant fellow.
Worked for us before.
He will stay with you
Until you're settled.
I'd rather not.
Those are the rules.
He'll take you
To your home...
But I'm not going home.
I have no... Home.
And your name
Is not roger Crane.
It's as good a name
As any other.
Yes, I suppose so.
In any event,
It's your own business.
I've some things here
That belong to you.
A few pounds,
A very
Disreputable-looking pipe...
Thank you.
...and a picture.
Oh. May I...?
No. I've kept
These things for a reason.
Now, look here, Crane.
You came to us
From an enemy prison hospital.
Your card read that all means of
Identification had been destroyed,
But that you'd given
The name of roger Crane.
Now, I could have pursued
The matter of identification,
But I didn't.
I knew that.
I was grateful. May I-
I knew that you were trying
To put the past behind you,
But today-
Today the past has come back,
And must be faced.
The picture.
This picture's
Of three people,
And I see there's
An inscription on the back.
"take care of each other.
Those people are not
Strangers to one another.
Why aren't you going home?
Fear of being pitied,
I suppose.
Fear of being a nuisance.
That's been your fight?
All right, Crane,
Then fight your fight through
And go home.
Now, look here. I want
You to do something for me.
I want you to prove to me
That I'm not a failure
By going back to your people
And your friends
And living among them
Like an ordinary man.
You need owe nothing
To anyone but yourself.
But you do need
Love and companionship.
You can't live without them,
You know.
Now, go home.
You think I should?
You think it's right?
Yes, Crane, yes...
I do.
I've wanted to,
Every day, every hour.
The sun's out, isn't it?
And before it goes down,
You can be home.
Before it goes down,
I can be home.
It's true.
Think of it.
Before it goes down,
I'll be-
I'll be home!
Now we're coming
Into medford.
I used to come here for
The fair when I was a boy.
Pretty country,
Isn't it?
What time do you make it?
12:20, sir.
Getting very near.
I make it 12:23.
You must be a little slow.
Another 22 minutes.
The last minutes
Are always the longest.
Yes. Do you mind if I step out in
The corridor and have a bite, sir?
No, you go. I suppose
I've about talked your head off.
Oh, that's all right, sir.
Care to see the paper?
Thanks very much.
Thank you.
Why, I'm sorry. I
- I didn't know. I hadn't any idea.
That's all right.
It was very kind of you.
I was just showing off.
Sir George would have
Liked that, wouldn't he?
Well, I think I'll
Join you in a smoke,
Stretch my legs.
Excuse me.
Is it far
To your home, sir?
Not very far.
There used to be a very
Dilapidated cab outside the station.
Haven't you told them
You're coming, sir?
You see, I only made up
My mind at the last minute.
You won't mind
My mentioning it, sir,
But, uh,
They know that you...
Be pretty much
Of a shock, won't it, sir?
I'm here, darling.
Can't you-
Can't you see me?
I can't see anything else,
But I can see you.
I've seen you every minute,
This whole long time.
Your face is turned up
To me,
And that long, slow smile makes
You look like a little girl again.
Kitty, you are
Smiling, aren't you?
Yes. Yes, darling.
Come down now, Alan.
Take my hand.
I'll help you.
Coming home,
I guess.
That poor girl,
Married to him,
Day in, day out,
Helping him...
Take my hand,
I'll help you.
I'll help you.
Help me?
Help me.
Help me!
Pulling in, sir.
This is it, sir.
Camden junction.
We're not getting off.
Why, what's the matter, sir?
You said
This was your station.
We're not getting off.
That was
The London train.
Yes, of course.
It passes every day
At this time.
Yes, I know.
But today I just happened
To think of it coming in.
I don't know why.
Betty. Betty!
Come here at once.
I've unpacked
Your things, sir.
The bell's
Near the end of the bed
If you should
Want anything, sir.
There's an oil lamp
Beside the bed.
You be careful.
Is there anything else
I can do for you, sir?
No, thank you.
Good night, sir.
Get a good night's rest.
Good night, mills.
I'll turn the gas off here
Before I go, sir.
Are you sure I-
May I come in?
It's me, betty.
I brought the water.
Why do you stand there
Like that?
You look so funny.
Go on, ask him.
It's my brothers.
Do you mind?
They wanted to look at you.
They've never seen a blind man.
Are you cross with us?
No, no.
Look at me,
By all means.
Why, now,
What's all this?
Come, come.
This won't do.
Don't cry, please.
Here, here.
Take my handkerchief.
There. That's it.
That's better.
It's Miss Gallop, isn't it?
And these
Are my brothers.
Well, it was kind of you
To come and see me.
Shall we sit down?
There's a big chair
Somewhere around.
Here it is.
Thank you.
I thought you were angry.
You weren't. Were you?
No, no.
Your handkerchief.
Thank you. Could you
Introduce me to your brothers?
This is joe
And this is ginger.
Hello there.
And I'm betty.
You called me
Miss Gallop.
Let me have
A look at you, betty.
How can you?
Oh, this is
A nice little face.
Nice perky little face.
Now I know
Just what you're like.
Like to have
A look at me?
Is this ginger?
Oh, he's all right.
Your nose turns up
A little bit, doesn't it?
Now do joe.
No, I don't want to
Be looked at. Let's go.
We'll see you
In the morning.
That's right.
We're going
On a picnic.
Do you
Want to come with us?
We're going fishing.
You are?
Good night.
Good night,
Good night.
This is the last time
I'm going to tell you.
Take off your caps and make up
Your minds to stay in the house.
It's going to rain
All day.
I'm sorry. Mother says we
Can't go to the river today.
Oh, I'm afraid
I'd forgotten.
But we'll surely
Take you tomorrow.
All right.
What are you
Going to do today?
I don't know.
I thought grownup people always
Had something to do every day.
I thought so too.
Now I find
It isn't always true.
When I grow up, I'm
Going to be a white whale
And live in the river.
Don't listen to him.
The other day,
He wanted to be a horse.
Ha ha ha! Well, ginger doesn't seem
To like the human form, at any rate.
I'm going to be
A dressmaker
Or a singer
When I grow up.
Would you like me to sing?
Oh, no, no.
What did you want to be
When you were young?
A writer.
Then why didn't you?
I don't know.
I suppose for the same reason
Ginger won't be a white whale.
A writer?
That's nice.
I've got a pencil. Would you
Like to write something now?
No, no, indeed.
That was
A long time ago, betty.
Maybe down by the river
You will write us something.
I told you this morning,
He can't even see the river.
You can't see anything,
Can you?
You're very snobbish
About your eyes, joe.
Maybe I'll be able to see
Some things about the river
That you can't see.
Like what?
You see?
Well, you can see
That it's a river,
Just a pretty
Country river,
But I can see
That it's big and wide,
And that its banks
Are tangled
With a strange kind
Of undergrowth,
A kind
You've never even seen.
And there are sounds
That you've
Never heard before.
Bright-colored wild birds
Are flying about.
Monkeys are jabbering
In the trees,
And there are large
Green crocodiles in the river.
You hear the crocodiles,
And you don't like
The sound they make
Because you've got to swim
Through them to rescue betty,
Who's been taken captive
By a cannibal.
Who, me?
And dimly
Through the jungle,
Joe and ginger
Can hear your cries
Above the strange song
Of the birds
And above the shrill chatter
Of the monkeys.
You and ginger
Jump into the river...
"jack and Peter
Were with her on the trip,
"and nothing else mattered
To Jennifer,
"for the boys,
Tired of fishing,
"were splashing about
In the sea,
"having left Jennifer on board
To watch the lines.
In their haste... "
"they had swum a little distance
Away from the side
When a puff of wind
Stirred the sails."
I smell plum cake,
Or am I mistaken?
Do you think we ought to
Eat the cake now?
I mean while I'm here,
So that I'd know
Whether it was right or not.
No. We must wait until
Hannah brings in the tea.
I wouldn't ask
For a piece of cake.
I wouldn't do that,
But if my brothers
Were here,
They wouldn't mind asking
One little bit.
But I wouldn't ask.
No, no. Not you.
"they had swum a little
Distance away from the side
When a puff of wind
Stirred the sails."
"the boat gave a quiver,
And Jennifer jumped to her feet.
"suddenly, she realized
To her horror
"that the boat was moving.
"in terror,
She rushed to the side
And shouted, 'Peter!'"
Will Jennifer get mad
And slap Peter?
That's what I'd do.
No, no. She likes him.
Doesn't he like her?
Yes, he likes her
Very much.
But he won't know how much
Until a long time later.
Will that be
In the book, too?
No. No, that won't be
In the book.
On what platform does the
Dover express arrive, please?
Number five, Miss.
Thank you.
Gerald, I'm so glad.
I'm so glad, too.
I didn't know-
I didn't know that you'd come.
Seeing you again
Means so much.
Is-is mother here?
She's waiting. She
- she wanted me to see you first.
Oh, bless her.
We mustn't stand here.
Let's get your things.
Where's my porter?
There he is. Yes.
Father and granny
Are so anxious to see you.
Granny says that
No one plays cribbage
Quite as well as you.
We told her that you might
Want to do a few other things,
But she wouldn't
Listen to that.
Why didn't you
Come home before?
Why did it take you
So long?
I- I couldn't till I was all right
With myself.
I know.
I felt that too.
We were both wrong
That night.
I know that now.
It took me a long time
To find it out.
I wanted to come home.
I wanted to see you more
Than I could ever tell you,
But I didn't know
What you felt.
I was afraid.
We've been friends
Ever since we were born.
We must never
Not be friends again.
Oh, no.
Hello, roger! Hello!
I meant to be clean
And looking
Like a tailor's dummy
To greet you.
I'm glad to see you
You're looking
Very fit, roger.
Thank you.
How are you, Miss west?
Very well, and very glad
To see you, sir George.
Mr. Saunders, bring the
Luggage in, will you?
How's the new book
Coming on?
We've made
A good start, I think.
I- oh, no,
We really have.
I hope we've
A very long way to go.
I love this.
You have
A long way to go-
A good 10 miles yet.
How lovely
The garden looks, roger.
And what a time
I'm going to have.
I shall do nothing but sleep and
Eat and read your latest book.
A tallyho!
Neither of you were born
The first time I saw one.
It belongs to
Sir George mordaunt.
He's the m.f.h.
At bramwell.
Well, this is brandy.
Napoleon 1814.
It was princely of you,
When I was a kid, I used to think
That napoleon made all this himself,
That he spent
That entire year
Doing nothing
But making brandy.
Well, the history books-
The history books could have
Told you differently.
In those days,
I never could understand
How he had time
For waterloo-ha ha ha!-
With all the brandy-making
Going on!
How is it?
Mmm. Not bad.
Roger, you were
In the engineers, weren't you?
Did you ever run across
A chap called shannon?
Yes, we were
In the same field company.
Do you remember
A photograph of yours
I gave back to you
When you left us?
I think these are
The same people.
"Gerald shannon
And Kitty Vane."
Is that right?
There's a picture of them
Here in this tattler.
They're going to be married.
Are they?
I'm very glad.
We used to be
Quite good friends.
They've-they've been
Very close to each other,
All their lives.
I was hoping
This would happen.
It's the way it should be.
Well, me for bed, I think.
I always like to
Turn in early the first night.
How about you?
No, George, I think I shall
Have a short pipe first.
I'm tired.
I've been working pretty
Hard the last few weeks.
Well, good night, old man. Good night.
George, when are they
To be married? Did you notice?
I think it said
The 3rd.
That's next monday.
Good night, old man.
Good night, George.
Give me a shout
If you want anything.
You've been standing there.
You haven't moved...
For a long time.
I was watching you.
I've never seen anyone
So still.
I spoke to you,
But you didn't hear.
What are you
Thinking about, darling?
Shall we go in?
They're dancing.
Well, kids,
What's it to be today?
One tree gulch!
One tree gulch!
That sounds
It's a dangerous spot,
But we'll
Fix you up.
There's a dark pool
Beneath the tree.
You can pretend to fish
And then go to sleep.
Sounds interesting.
All right,
I'll sleep and fish
While the braves
Watch over me.
Look at my rod.
They wouldn't make mine
As good as theirs.
It's much too short.
The fish won't care.
There's danger ahead!
Pass the word-
Ware crocodiles!
Ware crocodiles.
Ware crocodiles!
Well, look!
Didn't I say
There was danger?
Look! The hounds,
The hounds, the hounds!
Isn't that beautiful?
Is he going to make it?
There's a lovely jump!
Isn't this
A beautiful sight?
Yes, isn't it?
They're coming this way!
They're coming very close!
They're coming
Very close.
What a nasty fall!
He's up again!
There's a fine jump.
It's a lady!
Let's see if we can
Be some help.
Joe, run and dip my
Handkerchief in the stream.
Is she all right?
I don't know.
She's lying
Very still.
Joe's gone
For the water.
Is she hurt, George?
I don't think so.
It's just a tumble.
Is she conscious?
No, she's stunned,
I imagine.
She's coming to, though.
Take it easy now.
Feeling better?
That was quite a fall,
Wasn't it?
Who is it?
It's Kitty Vane!
Oh, you poor dear,
Are you hurt?
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Not at all, sir.
Glad to have been some help.
Are you sure
You're not hurt?
No, really.
A fine exhibition, wasn't it?
Just rotten luck.
I told you that horse
Was a bad one with water,
But you would ride him.
Yes, old man?
Are you all right?
What a fright
You gave me.
Get me away from here
At once. At once!
I think I've been
Lying here long enough.
There you are.
You're as white
As a sheet.
So are you, darling.
Why the devil
Must they hunt over here?
They've never
Done it before.
Only a couple of miles
From home,
And I run slap
Into her!
And you want me
To mix with people.
I ought to put a
Thousand miles between us.
I knew that from the start,
Only I hadn't the guts.
I will now.
I'll get right away,
Right away from any chance
Of ever seeing her again.
I've lied to myself,
I've pretended
That I've made a life,
That I was happy.
And today
I've found myself out.
The work of all those years
Is thrown away!
Tough luck, roger.
Terribly tough.
Sorry, old man,
I let go.
I ought to be darn well
Ashamed of myself.
Take a stroll
In the garden,
Cool off.
I'm glad you were
There today, George.
Thank you
For what you did.
Wasn't much hurt,
Was she?
No, old man. Just a
Tumble and a scratch.
She was very plucky
About it.
Ha ha!
I'll bet she was!
I'll bet she's kicking
Herself for coming off.
She's ridden
Ever since she was six.
Probably her first spill.
And I was there.
Was I, uh...
Was I very close to her?
Yes, quite close.
Easy to lift, isn't she?
So tiny,
Such a little thing.
And very pretty.
Very pretty.
Roger Crane?
Well, I suppose
He ought to know.
I wish I could
Remember the name.
Yes, two years is a long time.
Let me think now.
Well, I'm sorry. Doesn't mean
Anything to me. Not a thing.
He's quite certain
He was in my regiment?
Can't I speak to him?
Very well,
If he'd rather not.
But of course I don't mind.
Tell Mr. Crane I'd be delighted
To come and call on him any day.
How about tomorrow?
Now? At once?
All right, if you
Really think I ought to.
You sound very serious.
Tell me,
What does he look like?
Yes, I remember
The photograph.
A snapshot.
It must be.
Please give me the address.
Rosemary cottage.
Foxley heath.
I'll be with you
In about an hour.
You've been away so long.
What is it, Gerald?
You look as though
You've seen a ghost.
Is... Anything wrong?
Kitty, how much do you...
There is something.
Can't you tell me?
I must, Kitty. It's Alan.
He's alive.
I'm going to
Take you to him.
I knew it.
Please try to understand
Why I did it.
I had to see you
Get this straight.
I don't know
What it's going to do
To your feelings for me.
I do hope not too much.
Did you...
Did you tell him
I was blind?
Just that you were here.
Is he... Coming alone?
I don't know.
He didn't say.
Miss West.
Miss West.
Yes, Mr. Crane?
Come in, please.
Is the room
As it usually is?
Why... Why yes,
Mr. Crane.
I've got to be
Absolutely certain.
Have a good look.
Is anything
Out of its place?
No, nothing at all.
You're quite sure?
Yes. Quite.
What's in
The yellow bowl today?
Yellow roses.
Perhaps you had better
Put another chair here.
Oh, Miss west, I want you
To put my braille books away.
All of them.
I think you'll find one
There beside my chair.
Is there
Anything more, Mr. Crane?
No, thank you.
Wait. There was a copy
Of this week's tattler.
It's on the table
Behind you.
And bring in some drinks soon
And put them on the desk, please,
And stir up the fire.
I'm expecting visitors.
Very well, Mr. Crane.
Yes, Miss west,
What is it?
Why, I brought the drinks.
Am I disturbing you?
No, no.
Is there anything else
I can do, Mr. Crane?
No. Thank you.
Miss west, what's it like
To live year in, year out
In the company
Of a blind man?
Oh, but I don't think of you
As blind, Mr. Crane.
You don't?
Well, think-
Aren't you keeping an eye out every
Minute for fear I should blunder,
Watching your tongue every minute
For fear you'll say something
That might hurt my feelings?
Cut off from-
Here they are.
Yes. A lady
And a gentleman.
A lady?
Small and dark.
And pretty.
I'll go and let them in.
Mr. Crane?
He's expecting you.
Will you come in?
Thank you.
Alan, old man!
Kitty, Gerald!
Oh, Alan.
It's really,
Really you.
I always knew that
Somewhere, sometime...
We should meet again?
Yes, I think I
Always knew it, too.
The three of us.
I'm so happy to see you both.
Sit down, Kitty.
This is a comfortable chair.
Gerald, old boy,
Sit down, sit down.
You'll have a drink,
Won't you?
The cigarettes are right there
Beside you, Gerald.
You've so much
To tell us.
Yes, old man.
Well, it's a long story.
I want to hear
About you.
How's aunt Sheila?
How's everything?
I'll keep you here
For days telling me.
Give Kitty
A cigarette, Gerald.
Matches are
Right there beside you.
Thanks. I have some.
Where have you been?
Well, I've been here.
I've been a writer.
Remember when we were kids, I was
Going to write like shakespeare?
Ha ha ha! Well,
I'm not shakespeare.
I, uh,
Write books for children.
I like doing it,
And I've done
Fairly well with it.
Oh, I don't mean that I'm
Any great shakes at it,
But the first book
Sold pretty well, and, uh...
Kitty, like much soda?
Here we are.
But, Alan, why?
It's about right?
Sit down, old boy,
Sit down.
Mind if I have a pipe?
I'll show you
Around my garden later.
I'm terribly proud
Of my roses.
What's happened to us?
Why are you holding us off?
I found your engagement
In the tattler.
I was so delighted
When I saw your picture.
It's right there
Beside you, Gerald.
And here's something I've
Been wanting to do ever since.
My love to you both.
And I hope you'll be
Very, very happy.
Is that it?
Is that why you
Sit there torturing us?
It doesn't explain anything.
It doesn't excuse anything.
Do you realize
That for three years
You let us
Believe you were dead.
Mother... Kitty...
Do you know
What that's meant?
Do you know
What we've suffered?
Why have you done it?
And now we come here
After all this time and...
We're strangers.
If it's because...
Alan, you've only to
Look at Kitty's face
To know what you're doing
To her, to know that she's-
No, no.
Please don't.
I want to talk
To Alan alone.
But I-
I see no reason.
Tell me now.
Well, there's
Nothing to tell, really.
You've suffered, darling.
Something's hurt you.
Won't you tell me?
Alan, why didn't you
Come home?
It's hard
To tell you, Kitty,
But I've got to.
See, the war
Did something to me.
I've changed.
Well, after all,
A war doesn't leave you
Quite where it finds you,
Does it?
I spent several months
In a german hospital,
And months in a prison camp...
When I came out, I wanted
To be alone for a while.
I wanted to...
Start all over again...
To build a new life...
Sort of away
From old friends and...
Old memories.
So I came here.
I always meant to
Come home sometime, but I-
I liked it here,
And I got used to it.
Well, I just didn't
Come back.
You found...
When... When you found...
You'd stopped loving me?
That was it, Alan?
I love you, Kitty.
I loved you then...
But in a different way,
I suppose.
I didn't have
Courage enough to tell you.
I see.
I understand.
Forgive me, Alan.
I've been tormenting you.
This means we won't...
We won't...
See each other again.
But before that happens,
I want to tell you
That I loved you then.
I love you now as much.
I love you with all my heart.
I've never loved
Anyone else.
I never will again.
Goodbye, Kitty.
Goodbye, Gerald.
Be happy, both of you.
Is that you, Miss west?
You must excuse me.
I'm tired.
Desperately tired.
We won't do
Any work tonight.
I wanted to talk to you.
I've been thinking lately
Of going away...
Leaving the country.
There are reasons,
I shall Miss you.
You've been very kind.
But of course...
Miss west?
Miss west?
Oh, my darling!
My darling!
Kitty, you-
Darling, I know.
That was why, wasn't it?
Think what it means.
It means life again.
I've been dead. Oh,
Dearest, it was cruel of you.
How could you know me
So little?
Will you listen to me?
No, I won't!
I won't!
You told me once
Never to stop watching you,
Never to go away.
I never will.
You may as well
Face it, darling-
You'll never be alone again.
Wherever you are,
I'll be with you always.
I never could
Escape from you, could I?
You were always
Popping up.
Thank heaven
You popped up this time.
Thank heaven.