Dark Angel: The Ascent (1994) Movie Script

Here before you
suffer the shades
of the landlords and bankers.
Mark it well!
As they feast upon the
labors of others in life
through the collection
of interest,
so are they feasted
upon here in death.
Tomorrow, you will be
set loose upon them.
You will be judged according
to your zeal and imagination.
Hear me, teacher.
What is it now, Veronica?
More of your
adolescent fantasies?
I have had the
same dream again.
I saw a roof of blue with
a golden orb high atop it.
It was beautiful.
You know the law.
You know it is forbidden
for us to leave this pit!
Won't you ever
learn, Veronica?
Our elders are incapable
of understanding.
Well, you know how
sensitive the elders
are, ever since the fall.
The fall was because
of their own faithlessness.
Why should we be made to
pay for their disloyalty?
I can't give you any answers.
I only know you risk terrible
punishment just speaking of it.
I would happily
pay the consequences
for a single day of freedom.
My uncle showed me
a crevice by the river
of the tyrants once.
He swore it led to the world
outside, the world of mortals.
Show me.
There it is.
I can't believe
it's unguarded.
Why would it be?
The traditional way for our
people to visit the world
above is through
demonic possession.
It is only you who
would make the ascent,
wearing your own flesh.
Would you come with me, Mary?
I'm afraid.
I am not like you, Veronica.
Sack of liars!
Your teacher left
here moments ago.
You are continuing to persist
with your seditious nonsense
about the world above?
I want to walk
under the golden orb
that I have dreamed of.
Within sight of the Almighty.
You speak blasphemy!
Repent at once, child!
I want another life, father.
Veronica, your father
doesn't hate you.
You didn't see
his eyes, mother.
He means to dismember me
like those other disgusting
religious schismatics.
Where's my salt?
Now I know you'll find
this hard to believe,
but your father and I
were young once, too.
It's hard to visualize.
Of course, we're a
different generation.
Child, you've got to
apologize to your father.
And-- and promise him
you'll-- you'll give
up these crazy ideas of yours.
Otherwise, he-- he may feel
it's his duty to destroy you.
Hello, dear.
You're just in time for supper.
Thank you, oh Lord,
for this bountiful meal
and for letting us serve
you as best we can.
Hellikin, dear, Veronica
has something to tell you.
Go on, Veronica.
Don't be willful, child!
Apologize to your father!
I'll teach you what it
means to scoff at the law!
No, Hellikin!
Please, I beg of you.
We can always have
more children, Theresa.
Now step aside!
Run, child!
Run as fast as you can!
Damn you, child!
All right,
let's move it!
Move it!
Bring him in there.
Make sure he.
Coming through.
What's the story here?
Guy tried to pay for
his groceries with a gun.
Little old lady gave
him change with a 38.
Nurse, get me
pressure bandages
and hang be a large bore IV.
We need access now.
- All right.
- Got another one.
Got another one.
- over here.
- Come on.
Come on.
- Oh we've got a bleeder here.
- All right.
- Fucking bitch!
I'll kill you!
All right.
That's good.
Start-- pump it in.
Pump it in.
We're losing her.
Do you
have a pulse there?
Keep-- yeah.
- Doctor.
- Get some readings.
That's it.
Get some epinephrine.
All right.
She's in V-tach.
Let's clear this path.
Let's get him
prepped for surgery.
- Get him out of here now.
- Now.
- Bitch!
Coming through.
She's gone.
Surgery 1, Doctor.
Nice work, Max.
I really didn't
think he'd make it.
This world is going to hell.
I want x-rays, an
MRI, and blood gases.
Pressure's OK.
We may be looking
at a subdural here,
so let's get her
prepped just in case.
We'll take her to x-ray 3.
What the hell is
going on in here?
It's freezing.
I know, Doctor.
Believe me.
We've moved her twice.
And each time, the
heat's broken down on us.
We've got a lot of
blankets on her now.
It just doesn't make any sense.
This is getting weird.
If you think that's
weird, look at this.
Those are the biggest
feet I've ever
seen on a female in my life.
Miss, can you hear me?
I don't want to alarm you,
but you're in a hospital.
You've been in an accident.
Where is my beast?
What, you mean your dog?
He's fine.
Don't worry.
I want him here with me.
He's being watched
at the pound.
Um, Miss, I really don't
think that's a good idea.
Hmm, nice.
Who are you?
I'm your doctor.
What sort of doctor?
Are you a priest?
I'll tell you what.
You get back into bed, and
I'll check on your dog.
So, what's your dog's name?
That's charming.
Can I get you something
to help you sleep?
No, thank you.
What do you mean he's gone?
All right, fine.
No, I don't know who's going
to be paying for the damage.
Look, why don't we talk
about this another time, OK?
All right.
Davis, telephone please.
Dr. Davis, telephone please.
Hello, Max.
How did you know my name?
I must have heard it spoken.
Listen, I have some
bad news for you.
I just spoke with a
pound, and it seems
as though your dog has escaped.
The morning is
so beautiful, Max.
So much is going on here.
Miss, maybe you
didn't hear me.
But I said that your
dog has escaped.
My beast is fine.
See for yourself.
He's so well-behaved.
His heart is pure.
Like yours, Max.
The staff put
together some clothes
that you might be able to wear.
And I got some shoes
that I think might fit.
Thank you.
They say I'm to be released.
Who said that?
A slave.
A slave?
Excuse me for a minute.
Barris, dial 112 please.
Dr. Barris, please dial 112.
Listen, Max.
The girl's an indigent.
You can't find anything
wrong with her.
We have to release her.
I'm not happy about throwing
her back out on the streets.
I think a few more days
here are imperative
for a healthy recovery.
And Doctor, besides--
These are patients, Max.
They aren't puppies.
We can't take them home with us.
You know better than to
get personally involved.
I want you to accept
me into your dwelling.
Veronica, where's your family?
Don't you have a home?
asking you to accept me
into your dwelling.
You know, that's
an excellent idea.
I'll take you back to my
place after I finish my shift.
Bless your mortal soul, Max.
I'll see you later.
How on earth--
The dog even knows
what apartment I'm in.
baby in here!
Hey, I
don't care..
No wonder I got..
Just ignore those two.
They're always at
each other's throats.
The man's an adulterer.
You got that right.
Well, this is it.
Can I get you anything?
Are you hungry?
I have no needs
at this time, Max.
Well, please forgive me,
but I'm on call tonight.
So I better try
and get some sleep.
But if you need anything,
you just holler, OK?
Otherwise, make
yourself at home.
Welcome, Hellraiser.
Sleep well, Max.
By any
means necessary.
At this point, I question
the whole purpose--
Armed with
law books and with guns,
the Black Panthers monitored
the actions of the police.
Black-- black--
Those big
welfare payments
are just an excuse
for these women
to go on having more babies.
And I think people are tired
of providing for that kind
of promiscuous behavior.
Therefore, I'm asking
the city council
to withdraw funding from
the Home for Indigent Women.
And I think I've got the votes.
REPORTER 1 : This move will
put a lot of single-parent
families on the streets.
But in a budget
crisis, everyone's
got to suffer equally.
In local news today,
six more bodies
have been unearthed
at the home of Richard Warren,
bringing the overall body
count of this murderer to 69.
It has been
reported by reliable sources
that the refugees are engaged in
widespread acts of cannibalism.
it's a murder or not,
nobody seems to know.
Wait a minute.
Now, wait a minute.
Wait in the office.
Wait a minute!
Am I under arrest?
Am I under arrest?
Am I under arrest?
place him under arrest.
I under arrest?
I have always stood
squarely for racial harmony.
But I don't go
with foreclosures.
Welfare queens and
socialists, that's
what we're protecting you from.
mayor of this city,
I am dedicated to the purity
of our cultural heritage.
We can't allow our cultural
identity to be diluted.
And as far as the
pro-choice issue,
I don't see why
negligence and promiscuity
should be.
The city council
needs to consider
the proposal for welfare
reform at its next session.
These matters.
It is of the utmost
importance that our streets
be cleared of indigent
and wayward immigrants.
We cannot fund the
hopes and dreams
of the entire Third World.
It is
our inalienable right
and good fortune--
What's the matter?
that we should have
been born in a land so rich--
Come on, now.
What's wrong?
with opportunity.
That was Mayor Wharton--
Oh, Max.
from the steps of City Hall.
Back in a moment--
I knew there was
evil in this world,
but I never realized how much.
Are children really
being sacrificed
in satanic rituals
throughout rural America?
We'll be speaking to
a panel of moms who
say they've done it themselves.
Why are you listening
to this garbage?
It's not in my nature to
turn away from evil, Max.
What do you mean?
To turn away from evil is
to be an accomplice to evil.
Now, what about that Mayor?
The mayor?
I don't know, what about him?
He is evil incarnate.
How is it permitted that
such a man is able to rule?
The people of this city
voted him in, including myself.
Anyway, I've got a
short shift tonight.
I left you a key and some money.
So if your dog gets hungry, you
can go down to the corner store
and pick him up some food.
I'll call you later.
Bless you, Max.
Come on.
Come on.
- Let's go.
- All right.
Stick to your own.
Excuse me.
I abase myself.
That's not necessary
with us, dear.
Come up here, dear.
Are you a runaway child?
I have left home, yes.
Do you need a place to stay?
Or perhaps, you'd
like a nice sandwich?
You know, we offer
temporary lodging
in our church for young people
who have lost their way.
You'd be more than
welcome to drop by.
In a church?
I couldn't possibly.
Why not, dear?
I would surely combust.
Then, take this, child.
Why would you
hurt me this way?
I have always served
the Lord well.
- Shut up!
Come here, you.
Shut up.
No, no!
Get by me.
I'll hold her.
Hold still!
There's only 20 bucks in here.
We've got company.
Come on.
Join the party.
Come here.
I don't know what you are.
But please, get away!
Get away from me!
Keep this.
Look upon it to
allay this memory.
Jesus Christ.
Yeah, I knew
you'd be impressed.
Talk to me.
Well, we've got
a witness, a woman.
That's about it.
Where is she?
In the ambulance on
her way to All Saints.
She was incoherent.
I can't say that I blame her.
This is really something.
What'd you have, fish?
You better look at this.
I guess they all ain't saints.
Dr. Davis--
Veronica, it's Max.
You don't pick up.
I'm just calling to
see how you're doing.
I'll be home in a few hours.
Oop, I gotta go.
What's the story here?
Found her at a murder scene
over at Fifth and Willis.
It was pretty bad.
That's great, right
by my apartment.
She doesn't seem
to have any injuries,
but she's pretty shook up.
These are the last days.
The fires of Hell await!
Just calm down, ma'am.
Just calm down.
Repent while you can.
And beg forgiveness
for salvation
now, before it's too late!
Get some Valium in
here, 30 milligrams.
- Yeah.
I'm Detective Donald
Harper with homicide.
This is my partner,
Detective Greenberg.
How are you doing?
It is vital that we interview
this woman as soon as she's--
I'll do what I can to
calm her down, Detective.
But I'm not making any promises.
These are the last days.
The demons!
The demons from Hell are coming!
All right, let's
get her to ER.
Paging Dr. Dragan.
Paging Dr. Dragan.
Gentlemen, I'll let you know
if there's any improvement.
Thank you, Doctor.
The dogs shall
eat their entrails!
You're just in time
for a late supper.
Look at this place.
You didn't have to
wait out for me.
And whatever you've got
there smells wonderful.
It's an old recipe.
And quite some place
setting you've got here.
One only has to look in
your kitchen to realize
you don't cook very often.
I'll be right back.
Here you go.
Try this.
This is delicious.
What is it?
It's a secret.
What's the matter?
This meat is excellent.
How was the night shift, Max?
We had this woman come in who
had witnessed a double murder.
In fact, it happened
in this neighborhood.
So you've really gotta
watch yourself when you're
out there on the streets.
These two detectives
were all over this woman
trying to question her,
but she was hysterical.
Do they seek the killer?
Well, yeah, of course.
Do they wish to reward him?
No, they want to
lock up whoever did it
and throw away the key.
Perhaps the slain
were evil-doers.
Well, whatever
they were doing,
we can't have people running
around trying to take
the law into their own hands.
I mean, that's why
we have police.
Punishment of
evil is the highest
virtue one can ascribe to, Max.
God's will must be done.
What is godly about cutting
someone up and hanging
them up by their feet?
I mean-- I'm sorry
to be so graphic.
I mean, I overheard these
cops talking about it.
Look, I believe that
human life is sacred.
That's why I became a doctor.
Human life is a
gift from God, Max.
That's my whole point.
And when a soul
takes this gift
and dishonors it by
the commission of sin,
either through betrayal,
fraud, or malice,
then this soul deserves
to suffer eternal torment
in the deepest pit of Hell.
You don't seem to have
doubts about anything, do you?
I have no doubts
when it comes to sin.
You can't believe how vile
sin is in the eyes of God.
All right.
All right, I get your point.
REPORTER 7 : Mister Mayor,
what do you say to your
critics for the charge
that you're exploiting racial
divisions for political gain?
Whether pertaining
to jobs or to the
prison system's inmate
racial balance by
percentage, I have no comment
on these.
I will hardly support these
obstructions newer,
bigger, better, more
marginally better
equipped and better staffed.
Mayor, what do you say to--
Come in.
What's the word
on those killings?
Do you think it's a gang thing?
No, I don't.
I see here the victims all had
previous brushes with the law.
Whoever's responsible
for the killings
is probably on some sick quest.
I think it would be wise to
put more men on this one.
Can you imagine what the
people would say if you
launched some all-out
effort to bring
in someone who kills muggers?
Tell me something, Chief.
Have you seen the
coroner's report?
They were gutted.
They were partially devoured
by some kind of animal.
We are dealing here with a
particularly dangerous psycho
who's probably into cannibalism.
Don't count on this
guy to limit his attacks
to street criminals.
Well, half the town would
like to give your psycho
cannibal the key to the city.
So, you will use the
resources you've got.
Now, get out of here.
I've got work to do.
Hey, you.
Excuse me.
Where do you
think you're going?
What are you doing
here at this hour?
I wasn't aware that there
was a law against being
out on the street at night.
OK, wise guy.
What is this all about?
I have a right to know
what this is all about!
You just fucked
yourself good, boy.
Hey, you better
keep moving, Miss.
And allow you to do violence
upon this man without cause?
How would you like to
spend the night in jail
on a prostitution charge?
How would you like to die
in a state of mortal sin?
Look upon your enemies
lying dead at your feet.
Rest assured, these
two degenerates will
be paying for their sins now.
You killed them.
These two were evil men.
the powers that
watch over the Underworld,
watch over my
savage Veronica.
Keep her safe.
Bring the light of
understanding to my husband,
the ever-faithful Hellikin.
Theresa of Hell,
your daughter Veronica
has broken with the
traditions of your people.
I know!
I know she has broken the laws.
I do not deny that.
Inform your husband
that he must set aside
his legendary wrath
and suffer his daughter
to make her own way, for it has
been willed where will is law
that she be given over
in her current endeavor
to help cleanse mankind
and give hope to those
who are weak and downtrodden.
No, no, Theresa.
Do not look upon me.
Be of good cheer, for
your beloved daughter
has been sanctioned
by the First Cause.
Oh, my god.
"I command you
to leave politics.
Announce your intentions
on the magic box,
or I shall obliterate you
from the face of the earth.
Heed this warning or die."
You want me to get
excited about this?
This is a fruitcake letter.
The fruitcake who
wrote the letter
has killed four times
in the last two days.
Including, of course, the
two police officers last night.
Do you have any leads?
Very few, I'm afraid.
But we believe that whoever
is behind these murders
is on some kind of
twisted quest for what
he believes to be justice.
What sort of
justice do you think
his suspect was thinking of
when he killed those two cops?
I'm not sure.
But I do know that those
two officers have more
than your average amount
of excess force complaints
filed against them.
Yeah, so why is this
person angry with me?
You're controversial.
You're a public figure.
I guess that's enough.
The chief asked me
to inform, your Honor,
that an extra detail of
officers will be assigned
to you until this whole thing is
resolved, one way or the other.
Excuse me, sir.
Judge Hayes.
Thank you.
Wait 'till I tell my
wife I met the mayor.
You should have
asked for an autograph.
What, are you kidding?
My wife hates that little prick.
Pardon me, Miss.
I'm Detective Greenberg,
and this is my partner,
Donald Harper, homicide.
Do you live here?
I'm currently
staying here, yes.
We'd like to talk
to you a moment.
Mind if we come in?
Please do.
The occupant on the lease
here is a Dr. Max Barris.
Dr. Barris isn't here now?
He's at the hospital.
And who might you be?
My name is Veronica
Theresa Maria Agnes
Aleppi Esther Valeria Iscariot.
That's quite an
interesting name.
Is that what you
came here to tell me?
I assume you're
aware of the assaults
that have taken place in the
area over the last few days.
The killings?
But the slain were evil-doers
headed for eternal damnation,
were they not?
I wouldn't know
anything about that, Miss.
Two of them had rap sheets, yes.
Then let them burn.
Uhh, what about the two
officers who were killed, Miss?
Think that they'll burn, too?
Got some very powerful
sentience, don't you?
Yeah, you ought to
try out for the Academy.
I have something
I want to ask you.
Go right ahead.
Are you familiar with
the mayor of this city?
Mayor Wharton?
What about him?
I've heard it said that
you police officers are
in his service, that he
directs you, that you
are agents of his will.
I think we're
being insulted, Harp.
I don't care what you think.
Is this man your master?
Take care and be truthful.
I will know if you lie.
We serve the
people of this city.
I believe you.
We found a jacket at the
scene of the first killing.
There was a label
inside of it identifying
it with All Saints Hospital.
We need to find the
owner of that jacket.
And you think Max Barris
is the one you seek?
You want to let us
in on what's so funny?
Max couldn't hurt a fly.
I'd have been far more likely
to have killed those evil-doers.
Well, it's, uh-- it's
time we were on our way.
Excuse me, but--
We still have a lot
of people to talk to.
A lot of people.
Forgive us if we put
you to any trouble.
No trouble at all.
Actually, I'm delighted
to meet two police
officers that aren't tainted by
the foul stench of corruption.
Well, thank you.
You know your way out.
Oh, boy.
Oh, boy.
Don't get too excited.
We still have to build
a case against this one.
- You want to put a tail on her?
- Yes.
Well, I wouldn't be surprised
if she already has one.
You look beautiful.
I made these garments myself.
Yeah, so I can see.
Why don't I just change
into something more
interesting, and we can go?
You look nice.
Thank you.
You wanna go to a movie tonight?
I'd love to.
There's this one movie that
I noticed in the newspaper.
It interested me greatly.
The theater is
called The Popular.
What the hell is
that animal eating?
I like to feed him fresh
food once in a while.
That is one ugly meal.
He'll lick up every last bit.
Won't you, sweetheart?
Detective Harper.
What is it, Sally?
ran a check on Dr. Barris.
On the nights of the murders,
he was working at the hospital
until 01:00 hours.
Thank you, Sally.
Over and out.
Now, what about Bigfoot?
Oh, you caught
that, didn't you?
Hey, I'm no slouch.
Speak of the devil.
Oh, yes.
Oh, Tony!
Oh, oh!
Yes, oh.
I love a tattoo.
Which one?
Oh, please, yes.
Oh, yeah.
Like-- like-- like that.
Like that, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
Oh, Tony, yes.
Oh, yes.
She made us.
How did you like
the movie, Max?
It was pornographic.
I found it very exciting.
Yeah, I noticed you did.
I've always wanted to
witness people coupling, Max.
But I never expected it
would move me so much.
You've never seen a
movie like that before?
I've never seen any movie.
I'll have a coke.
Max Barris, you naughty boy!
How come you never call me?
Hey, Lois.
I guess I was just busy working.
Lois, this is Veronica.
Veronica, this is Lois.
She's a friend of mine
from medical school.
Pre-med, but never bed.
Good old Max.
Oh, I've got to cool off.
I'm sweating.
Like a pig.
Excuse me?
You're sweating like a pig.
Nice company
you're keeping, Max.
Excuse me, I think
I'll go freshen up.
Why did you say that?
She wanted you.
Veronica, she's
just an old friend.
She wanted to
fornicate with you,
to mingle her fluids with yours.
I think I'll freshen
up, too, Max.
You may.
Oh, that looks good, huh?
- What?
- What's that?
I don't know.
What's going on?
It's probably
too much power.
Get out.
Get out!
Just go!
- Just go!
- What's your problem?
Don't you know that
it's wrong to covet?
That's my man out
there, you harlot!
What gives you the right
to make a fool out of me?
I'm sorry if I offended you!
I'll tear you from limb to limb.
It's OK.
Oh, ow.
What have I done
to deserve this?
Forgive me.
Is this what you wanted
to see, Detective?
So soft and white.
Don't, please.
Do you feel your life
in there, Detective?
I can feel your blood
pumping through your guts.
Now, listen to me.
You can't get away with
killing a police officer.
Now listen to me, Detective.
I want you out of my life.
And I don't want you
bothering Max Barris.
Max is the gentlest
soul I've ever known.
And you are going to
promise me that you're
going to leave him alone.
Why should I make
any promises to you?
Don't you know what I am?
Let me show you.
There isn't a hole deep
enough for you to hide in
if I decide to come after you.
Well, what took you so long?
I asked Lois to forgive me.
Oh, ah.
What the hell happened to you?
You look like somebody ran you
through a garbage disposal.
I'm still cold.
Here, have some coffee.
It's still warm.
It's hot!
Jesus Christ.
Let him go.
You heard me.
Let him go.
I'm OK.
I'm OK now.
All right, show me.
What in the hell happened here?
It's a knife wound.
I've got to get you to
Emergency for stitches.
I can't go to the hospital.
Well, I can't
stitch you up here.
I don't have any anesthetic.
I don't need anything.
I'm fine.
I'm telling you, it's
really going to hurt.
Do it now, Max.
Are you attracted to me?
Yes, of course I am.
I want us to have
sexual intercourse.
Veronica, you are a complete
and utter mystery to me.
I'm sorry if I'm not going
about it the right way, Max.
I don't know what
the right way is.
I'm not bound by
your rules, Max.
The laws that I live
by are the same laws
the animals live under.
I don't require the blessing
of the one true church
to engage in sexual relations.
What are you talking about?
I'm not human, Max.
I turn into another person, a
person that might repulse you.
I want you inside me, Max.
You don't have to recite
lines from the movie.
I want to be as
alluring to you
as that actress was
to her beloved, Tony.
I'm not Tony, and
this is not a movie.
Now, hold still.
All right.
All done.
Now you can close your top up.
I don't want to, Max.
Veronica, I don't think
we should get into it.
Why not?
Because, I don't think
it's the right time.
I'm not in pain, Max.
My wound will heal.
I can't help myself.
It's all right.
You have to explain this to
me, because I am very confused.
He wants off the case, Chief.
He wants to take
himself off this case.
What is going on here?
I don't know.
These are the last days.
Who are you?
My name is Veronica Theresa
Maria Valaria Iscariot of Hell,
the only daughter of
Theresa Agnes Maria
Iscariot and Hellikin
Pontius Aleppi Iscariot,
the son of Curly Bird Pontius
Aleppi Iscariot and Maria
Theresa, Iscariot of
the House of Agnes,
related by marriage to--
I need to ask you a question.
Are you responsible
for those murders?
Yes, Max.
That's what my kind do.
It's God's work.
And that's why you came here.
I'm here because I
was compelled to you.
You found me because--
because I was lost.
You have little faith.
So, if there really is
a Hell, does that mean
that there is a Heaven, too?
Yes, Max.
It is in the shape of a great
wheel with God in the center,
acting as the ultimate fulcrum
from which all knowledge, love,
and justice emanate.
Sleep, my beloved.
Hellraiser, I need
you to concentrate
on this being for me.
Did you get him?
I have you at last,
you little fucker.
Who the hell are you?
What do you want?
I want to show you what
awaits for you in eternity.
Look at me.
Look at me!
I've come all
the way from Heaven
to tell you that your beloved
daughter is in great danger.
Tell us what to do!
I need your permission
to bring her home
and a Mercer in the River Styx.
You have it!
And Hellikin, you must promise
forgiveness to your daughter,
for she is an agent
of the First Cause.
I give you my word.
Oh, my god.
I'm calling an ambulance.
Don't bother, Max.
No one can help me now.
Don't say that.
Please don't say that.
I've come to take you home.
I don't know what you
are, but she's in shock.
And I've got to take
her to the hospital.
She's going to Hell.
If they can help her, fine.
But if you're taking her
home to die, I won't let you!
Veronica must
bathe in the healing
waters of the River Styx.
It is the only way
she will survive.
I don't want to
leave you, Max.
If what she's saying is
true, and at this point
I'd believe anything, it's
probably your only chance.
You're losing too much blood.
What if I can't get back?
Then I will do
something so terrible
that we'll end up
there together.
I've learned so
much here, Max.
I've learned that forgiveness
is attainable for anyone
that lives.
You taught me that.
Keep your eye on that mayor.
What does he have
to do with anything?
You'll see.
Come now.
Come quickly.
interrupt this broadcast
for a special news bulletin.
And now, live from
City Hall, the mayor
is about to make a statement.
Citizens of our fair city,
I've been your
mayor for 16 years.
Looking back on what
I've accomplished,
I realize I've behaved in a
selfish, greedy, disgusting
manner throughout my entire
tenure as your mayor.
Should I not be forced to serve
a well-earned prison sentence?
I plan to retire to a
monastery and devote
my remaining years to the
contemplation of goodness.
Thank you.
Thank you, God.