Dark Asset (2023) Movie Script

[pensive music]
- Let us begin.
[keyboard keys clacking]
[balls clacking]
- Why a Newton's cradle?
- It focuses the mind.
[balls clacking]
- So who is he?
- John Doe.
- Who he is doesn't matter.
- Well, it matters to me.
- He's ex Special Forces.
No family, no connections.
A soldier's soldier.
- Just a man trying to
do his country proud.
- So explain this to me, doctor.
- Well, the concept of the
microchip is quite simple.
Expands the processing
power of the brain.
Microchips have been doubling
in such power every 18 months
for the last several decades.
The human brain
on the other hand,
has remained virtually stagnant
for the last several
thousand years.
But with every
technological leap forward,
humanity has leaped
forward exponentially.
Think of how far we could go
if we used one to
help the other.
- I've heard your pitch before,
but what makes this
version of the chip better?
- We can make suggestions now.
[balls clacking]
- Interesting, you can
make him do things?
- We can plant ideas.
We didn't tell him
to eat that apple,
but we put the thought
of the apple in his head
and his brain took
over from there.
[pensive music]
- I don't know, a fox?
- Not as interesting.
- Just wait,
turn it on.
[screen beeping]
- So you mean the
chip wasn't on before?
- Well, technically,
the chip is always on,
sort of like a smartphone
unless you remove the battery.
But now we're-
- Fully engaged.
[tense music]
- It's a wolf.
- The chip helps him
analyze the surroundings
and come up with a solution to
whatever problem he may face.
- Lion,
- Impressive.
- What would you
like him to do next?
- I've seen enough.
Turn him off.
Shut it all down.
- What?
[tense music continues]
[guns banging]
- Security breach!
[alarm blaring]
- Turn off the chip!
- I'm trying!
[combatants grunting]
[tense music]
[blows thudding]
- Abort the subject!
- He can't get out of that room.
The door locks from the outside.
[tense music continues]
- Kill him now.
- Do it.
[tense music continues]
- It's not working.
- Hit the kill switch, abort.
- It's not working!
- Hit it, abort!
[tense music continues]
[glass shattering]
[tense music continues]
- I'll take that.
[guns banging]
[blows thudding]
[gun banging]
[gun banging]
[soldier screaming]
[gun banging]
[soldier groaning]
[gun banging]
[tense music continues]
[gun banging]
[gun banging]
[gun banging]
[dramatic music]
[mid tempo music]
Anywhere the spirit goes
And nobody knows
I'm gonna feel
it deep inside
I got a way of holding on
When I'm feeling lost
Go and listen to my guide
Confusion and losing
Is never really in my way
Try your hardest to believe
That you'll receive
And then you see
the twist of fate
I know I got your
head spinning spinning
But you're gonna be
just fine just fine
In a different
dimension mension
But we're winning
on the upside upside
Gotta know the way
you're living living
But the air is flowing
just fine just fine
In a different
dimension mension
But we're winning
on the upside upside
- You didn't even
draw your weapon.
- That's why I'm still
alive unlike him.
So what just happened, doctor?
- A minor setback.
- The new and improved
chip malfunctioned.
- Chip didn't malfunction,
the subject malfunctioned.
- Now I understand
what went wrong.
You people think a
person can malfunction.
- Do you know how many
soldiers are in this facility?
They'll get him.
- Yep, they're doing
a bang up job already.
- This didn't happen with
any of the female subjects.
- Oh, you really think this
is a gender problem, Alex?
You're even dumber
than you look.
- We're still in control
of all of them aren't we?
- For now.
- Enough!
John Doe was supposed
to follow orders.
The chip leaves you
no other option.
- Then perhaps he still is.
- Who is?
[dramatic music begins]
- His own.
[dramatic music continues]
[pensive music]
[dramatic music]
[keyboard keys clacking]
- Where'd he go?
- Somewhere without cameras.
- The basement.
- Wherever he is,
he somehow just
access the mainframe.
- Send in the team.
- On it.
- You said he was a
grunt, not a hacker.
- He was a grunt.
- Now he can be whatever he
wants to be, thanks to the chip.
- Precisely.
- [scoffs] Wonderful.
[dramatic music]
[John sighs]
[keyboard keys clacking]
- He's trying to
get a message out.
- Cut off all communications.
- Done.
[screen beeping]
- Where's my team?
- Approaching now.
[suspenseful music]
[indistinct chatter on radio]
- Room is clear.
Subject is not present.
[dramatic music]
- Facility is locked down.
He's not going anywhere.
- Are you sure about that?
- Can we still
track the subject?
- Not at the moment, sir.
- But where's he
gonna go, Senator?
He has no one, that's
why we picked him.
- Then he can't be too
hard to find can he?
- Just understand doctor,
the finance is not unlimited.
- And neither is our patience.
- You have an uncontrolled,
dangerous military
asset offsite.
What's your
contingency for this?
- And you are who again?
- I didn't say.
- She's with the agency.
- Well then Ms. Agent,
why don't you go sit in
the corner over there?
The smart people
are talking now.
[Titit snickering]
- Let me know when they
start and I'll be happy to.
- Enough!
We're gonna activate
the original subjects.
- Well then, don't
forget my favorite girl.
- I wouldn't dream
of it, Senator.
- I guess we're going to
test your gender hypothesis.
[dramatic music]
[airplane engine roaring]
[tense music]
- I thought meeting
in dark, scary alleys
in foreign countries
was my thing not yours?
- Dark, scary alleys are the
only place I'm safe right now.
- Why come to me?
- Because Ylan said
I could trust you.
- No, he didn't.
- No, he didn't,
but he did say that
you would understand
what needed to be done.
- Why am I in London?
- I don't have a
lot of time, okay?
One of the chip program
financiers just tried to sell me
as a sex slave.
- Well, my flight had
a lot of turbulence,
but I think you win.
What have you got for me?
- I have the access code and
everything that comes with it.
[uptempo music]
[car engine roaring]
[mid tempo music]
- Oh my goodness, an expense
account, why not use it?
Get some food, maybe a drink.
And then go to sleep.
[uptempo music]
[car engine roaring]
[mid tempo music]
[gentle music]
- May I join you?
- No, thank you.
I'm waiting for someone.
- And he's late.
- Yeah, she is.
Have a nice night.
- If I give you my Lamborghini,
can I tell you a story
until she gets here?
- You have a Lamborghini?
- Yes,
and now you have one.
Thank you.
I'm John.
- Jane.
- Two more of
whatever she's having.
- Fine, I'll bite.
What's your story, John?
- I'm part of a secret spy
program that implants microchips
in people's heads to
make them super smart.
- Wow, has that line
ever worked for you?
- I'll know in about an hour.
[Jane chuckling]
- Super smart and super
cocky, winning combination.
- Well, so far so good.
- All right then, Mr. Super Spy,
what am I thinking right now?
- How do I get rid of this
devilishly handsome stranger?
- You're half right.
- Which half?
- Not the one you
were hoping for.
- The chip is a prototype.
It's a work in progress.
- Maybe they should
have perfected it
before they implanted
it in your head.
- They tried, there was a
version of the chip before mine.
- Did it cause the owner to
crash and burn with the ladies
as badly as yours?
- Don't know, she never
told me her preferences.
- Mm, touche.
So who was this poor guinea pig?
- Han Wynn, a
Vietnamese operative
was the original subject.
I guess they didn't wanna
test it on one of their own
until they were sure it worked.
[mid tempo music]
- We are ready.
- Han was former Senator
Benson's personal recruit,
like all the ladies were.
I think someone over
there owed him a favor.
- Cat.
[gun clocking]
- Wait.
- Switch off the safety
protocol, fully engaged Jim.
- Yes, doctor.
[dramatic music]
- A shark.
- Benson wasted no time
putting Han to work.
It was supposed to be a
simple file retrieval job,
but the mark came home,
and the chip took over and
put her into survival mode.
[dramatic music]
[blows thudding]
[knife slicing]
Once the threat was
eliminated, the chip disengaged
and Han realized
what she had become.
- I take it Han didn't like
having a super spy chip
in her head?
- No she didn't.
- But you do?
- I do now,
especially if it allows
me to spend time with you.
- [chuckling] Okay,
that was a better line.
Cheesy, but better.
- I told you I was super smart.
- I wouldn't take it that far.
So is your plan to convince
me to go back to your place
before my friend gets here?
- Nope, your plan
is to convince me
to go back to your place
before your friend gets here.
- [chuckling] Really?
Well, your story would've to
get a hell of a lot better
for that to happen.
- Oh, it does.
Thank you.
- Aren't you breaking some
super spy code or something
by telling me all this?
- Most definitely.
- Won't you get into trouble?
- Already did.
And so did Han.
Her chip didn't come
with all the bells
and whistles mine does.
No tracking or safety
protocols either.
She wanted out, but
that's not how this works.
[gun bangs]
- Benson killed her?
- Technically, yes, but
really the doctor did
at the moment he put that
chip in agent Han's head.
- The doctor?
- Dr. Cain, the one
who invented the chip,
the one responsible
for the whole program.
- Nature knows no pause on
progress and development
and attaches her
curse on all inaction.
- Oh, that Dr. Cain.
The secret super spy doctor.
The one who apparently likes
quoting George Bernard Shaw.
- That's the one.
- But I've never heard
of Senator Benson.
- Former senator, and
why would you have?
Unless you lived in his state
or cared about
appropriation bills.
- That makes sense.
He doesn't sound like
a very nice guy either.
- He's not.
- But at least he chose you
to be the first American
to get a super chip
implanted in his head.
- Not even close.
I wasn't even the most American.
That honor went to American
Indian, Ylan Romero.
[serene music]
After the Han disaster,
the doctor was allowed to
choose the next subject.
- A woman from
Washington is here.
- [John] Ylan was a former
special forces soldier like me.
Also like me, he had no
family, no connections,
and no one to miss him,
except for his old friend,
the tribal police chief.
- We'll watch you on TV
when you get your medal.
- It won't be televised.
Secret heroes just disappear.
[car door slams shut]
- Welcome to the program.
- But Ylan ended
up going rogue too.
He rescued someone
who needed rescuing
and exposed the whole
program to scrutiny.
- The disappearing secret hero.
- Marena sure thought so.
- But who's Marena?
- An assistant to one of the
chip program's financiers,
who stumbled across something
she wasn't supposed see.
Her boss, Yuri Ketrov
had a lot of businesses,
not all of them legal.
Maybe Marina knew
about some of them,
maybe she didn't,
but she definitely didn't know
what she was gonna
find out that day.
- What is this?
[keyboard keys clacking]
[tense music]
[suspenseful music]
- [John] She knew how
dangerous Ketrov could be,
but she had made her decision.
There was no going back.
[suspenseful music]
- What you're doing is
wrong, and you know it.
- Give her to Terezin.
He always liked her.
[Marena panting]
- [John] And that's
when Ylan found her.
[suspenseful music]
[Marena screaming]
- I'll be back tonight,
[Marena sobbing]
and I'll take you to my house
for a test run.
[door slams shut]
[knife slices]
[door creaks]
- Romero.
- Shh, shh.
- But unlike the original chip,
the one implanted in
Ylan did have tracking
and safety protocols,
so they were able
to reign him in
before things got
too outta control.
- You do have a lot of
details in your story,
I'll give you that.
- All good stories do.
- Of course, and this
is where you come in?
- No, not yet.
I was still another
upgrade away.
- Oh, do tell.
- After Ylan's shaky start,
they went right back to Benson
and his female subjects.
- Easy on the eyes, I assume?
- Of course, but this time,
they chose a
civilian Bindi Lamar,
supposedly saw her in a cafe.
The thought was that if
they could train someone
from the ground up, they
would've total control,
a true sleeper agent.
[keyboard keys clacking]
[pensive music]
- Fox,
- And then there was light.
- [John] And they wasted no time
in testing out the new recruit.
Mr. Titit, one of the
program's other financiers
needed some files still
on the old fashioned way
from a rival company,
and he needed them
immediately, whatever the cost.
So they sent the
unassuming Bindi
to do what they
trained her to do.
And if her natural
skills weren't enough,
they were confident that the
chip would fill in the gaps.
And they were right.
- Here we go.
[dramatic music]
[door creaks]
[gun bangs]
[door creaks]
- Oh, hell, score
one for the ladies.
And she didn't go rogue?
- No, no, she didn't go rogue.
After Han, none
of the ladies did.
- Oh, there were more?
- Senator Benson
called them his crows
because they could be anywhere,
always watching, always waiting.
- This guy sounds like
the ultimate creepy uncle.
I hope your story ends with
some super spy taking him out.
- I agree, that would
be a good ending.
- But unless you're secretly
the woman I'm meeting
here tonight in disguise,
I assume that your program
started recruiting men again.
- They did, as you can guess,
the doctor wasn't satisfied
with creepy uncle
Benson's loyal,
but limited city of crows.
He wanted to push the
technology forward
and finally make a super spy.
[dramatic music]
And that's where I came in.
[gun clocking]
I was a finely tuned weapon,
and that was before the chip.
I had but two loves,
serving my country,
and the bottle.
Sometimes, that second one
got in the way of the first.
That's how the doctor
recruited me for the program,
with the help
of the doctor's very
convincing assistant, Vivian.
[gentle music]
- You'll be better than before,
smarter and more
skillful in every way.
You'll have the
calculating power
of the most advanced
microchip ever invented,
assisting you in any and
all decisions you may face.
There won't be
anything you can't do.
- I'm honored and
lucky to be chosen.
- There is no good luck,
only good planning.
- [John] It wasn't
that hard of a sell.
Being a super spy, who
wouldn't want that?
- Oh, so that's why you
think I'm gonna take you back
to my place because
Vivian picked you up
and took you back to hers.
- Actually it was my place,
Vivian and I went back to.
- Oh, well then,
we're good then.
- My thinking exactly.
- Either way, you could have
fooled me about being a drunk.
You haven't even
touched your drink.
- Score another
one for the chip.
- Then again, the
doctor couldn't have
his prized super spy
being a drunk now could he?
- No he couldn't.
But being sober has a way
of making you see
things more clearly.
[dramatic music]
[gun banging]
- Abort!
- It's not working.
[glass shattering]
[gun banging]
- So when I was escaping
the doctor and his facility,
but before I made it down
to the basement mainframe,
I stumbled across something.
[monitors beeping]
[tense music]
Old test subjects.
I didn't know if they were
dead, or discarded failures,
or just previous attempts
lying there waiting for orders.
And I didn't care.
I just needed to
get to the basement.
[keys beeping]
[dramatic music]
[soldier grunting]
[blows thudding]
[suspenseful music]
Oh, hell.
[dramatic music]
[blows thudding]
[screen beeping]
- Wow, I guess
your upgraded chip
really is the best version.
- I'd like to think so.
So how am I doing so far?
- Well, considering
we're still in this bar,
not back at my place,
I'd say not so good.
- As I said, the chip's
still a work in progress.
- I shouldn't be so hard on you.
I'm just a lowly office drone
who spends her days
sending pointless emails.
Yes, this is Jane.
Answering phones.
Lemme write that down.
Pushing papers, filing,
and now attending a boring
outta town business conference.
I would much rather be
home wearing sweats,
sipping a glass of wine
and getting ready for bed.
- But instead, you're in the
hotel bar waiting for a woman
who may or may not
have stood you up.
- True, but at least your
completely 100% real story
is entertaining me.
- And you have a
brand new Lamborghini.
- And I have a brand
new Lamborghini,
[chuckling] please continue.
- [John] After the fight, I
finally made it to the basement,
plugged in the damaged
tablet I swiped
from the doctor and Vivian,
and sent out a message
to activate all the
other chip owners.
- He's trying to
get a message out.
- [John] Actually to
use the doctor's term,
I sent them all a suggestion.
- And what did you
suggest for them to do?
- The only thing I could,
do as trained and strike
back those responsible
for the chip program.
Bindi was back at the cafe,
unknowingly waiting
for the moment
when they would
permanently deactivate her.
I made sure she at least
had one last hurrah.
Mr. Titit used her first,
so I thought he
should see her last.
[singing in foreign language]
[Titit screaming]
[dramatic music]
[gun bangs]
The next suggestion
went to Ylan.
Even though he was
back in the program,
Ylan knew that after
rescuing Marina,
his days were numbered.
I'm sure he didn't
need much of a push
to go after the target
I sent him, Yuri Ketrov.
[dramatic music]
[phone vibrating]
- Hello.
[suspenseful music]
[dramatic music]
- Oh, this story got exciting.
There's just one
problem with it.
- Only one?
- Well, let's start with one.
So all the upgraded chips have
tracking and safety protocols
and you say you have the
most upgraded chip there is.
How are you even here?
Why aren't there soldiers or
spies kicking down the doors
and shooting up the place?
- You want me to skip
straight to the reveal?
- Well, you said it
would only take an hour
for you to explain why you
think I'm gonna take you back
to my place, time's ticking.
- And I have even less time
if your girlfriend shows up.
- Not a girlfriend,
just someone from the
business conference.
Last minute meeting, I suppose.
- Good to know.
Well, to answer your question,
my chip was temporarily blocked.
That's why they can't track me
or enact any
protocols right now.
- [chuckling] Oh, so
out of all the recruits,
only yours was blocked?
Sounds convenient.
- It wasn't.
Soon after my chip
was implanted,
I met an agent, a real one,
or rather, she met me.
[upbeat rock music]
- Can I buy you a drink?
- I apparently no longer drink.
- Thanks to the chip I presume.
- Who are you?
- Seems like that thing inside
your head does a lot more
than the doctor said,
none of it good for
you or the country.
- If you knew the chip
was bad back then,
why didn't you just
have it removed?
- The agent told me why,
something the doctor and
Vivian forgot to mention to me
or the others.
- If the chip is ever
removed or damaged,
the effects on your brain
would be catastrophic.
- Why are you telling me this?
- We have common interests.
I'm not even supposed to
know about your existence
until tomorrow when
the doctor provides me
with a demonstration
of your talents.
- Then how do you?
- Former employee
of your new bosses
suddenly grew a conscience.
She also provided me
with an access code.
- They can track me?
- They can do a whole lot
more to you than that.
- What, I'm already dead?
- Not yet, when they fully
activate your chip tomorrow,
their access to you will
miraculously be blocked.
That is until their
techs figure out
that we change the access codes.
- Then what do I do?
- What you do best,
you serve your country
and eliminate the threat.
[gun banging]
- Abort!
- It's not working!
[glass shattering]
[keyboard keys clacking]
- And the first thing
I did with that code
before I sent out
the suggestions
was buy myself some more time.
And I'm sure Alex has been
working around the clock
ever since, trying
to crack the problem.
[pensive dramatic music]
[keyboard keys clacking]
- Anything?
- Soon.
- What do we do
when we find him?
- You use this.
[taser zapping]
It'll damage the chip.
- [Vivian] And fry his brain.
- Super spies versus
regular spies, interesting.
- Something like that.
- So who takes out
creepy uncle Benson?
- No.
- He's a former senator, a
little tougher to get to.
- I thought you said there
would be a good ending
to your story.
- I did, but I'm just one man.
I need a little help
with the happy ending.
- [chuckling] I bet you do.
- But fortunately,
you already helped.
- And how is that?
- Senator Benson's up
in your hotel room.
- Excuse me?
- That's why you're here.
- I am here for a
business conference.
- One that's conveniently
near this hotel.
[dramatic music]
[knocking on door]
[door creaking]
- There's my favorite girl.
- Okay, that's not funny.
I've never even heard
of Senator Benson.
- Oh, he's hard to forget.
- You lost a shoe.
- I'm about to lose
a whole lot more.
- Yes, you are.
[tense music]
[suspenseful music]
[dramatic music]
[door creaks]
[dramatic music continues]
[blows thudding]
[Jane panting]
- Really, oh so now
I'm an assassin too?
- I think you prefer
the term super spy.
- Oh, right, right.
Did I just forget that too?
- As Agent Wilds put it,
the chip does a lot more
than the doctor
told us it could do,
none of it good for
you or the country.
- What?
- They have a literal
kill switch built in,
a memory block doesn't
seem too crazy.
- Wait, wait, wait,
now you're saying I'm one
of the doctor's subjects?
I have a chip in my head?
- Pretty much, Jane Doe.
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
[phone line ringing]
- I think I will be able
to meet you after all.
[dramatic music]
Oh my goodness, an expense
account, why not use it?
Get some food, maybe a drink,
and then go to sleep.
- You're one of
Benson's crows, Jane.
Well, you were one of
them, and now he's gone.
- Okay, story time is over.
This has been very entertaining
and probably one of the most
surreal nights of my life.
- You were the only one of us
who could have done
what you did, thank you.
- Well, it was a pleasure
meeting you, John.
Thank you for the Lamborghini,
assuming there really is
one connected to these keys.
- There is, it's yours.
You deserve it.
- Right, well, it's getting late
and I have to go find the woman
I was supposed to
meet here tonight.
- The one from your
business conference?
- Yeah.
- She's not coming.
- Oh, that's right.
You know this because
you're super smart.
- No, I know that
because Sarah Wilds was
never gonna come here.
- I never told you
who I was meeting.
How do you know her name?
- Because she's the agent I
met at the bar that night.
[tense music]
- Of course, of course,
of course she is.
All right, I'm leaving.
Actually, I'm gonna go
to the ladies room first
and then I'm gonna go back
to my hotel room
alone, thank you.
Drinking some wine
and going to bed.
- Does this mean you're not
taking me back to your place?
- Goodbye John.
- Ladies room?
[tense music]
[door creaks]
Just a story.
You're okay, you're okay.
A literal crazy person
just tried to pick me up.
- Mm, there's a lot
of those around.
- Right.
[dramatic music]
- In case he comes back.
[door creaking]
[Jane panting]
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music continues]
[suspenseful music continues]
[door slams shut]
[ominous music]
- He can give me a Lamborghini,
but he can't pay the bill.
- Would you like me to
charge this to your room?
- No, thank you, I'll pay cash.
- Whenever you're ready.
[ominous music]
- You came back.
Maybe I have a
shot with you yet.
- Not a chance.
- You know, this all ends
when you take me back
to your place.
- Still super cocky I see,
even creepy uncle Benson
had better pick up
skills than you do.
- Ouch.
You know, the doctor would
never let us go, Jane,
not until the next upgrade,
and he's done with
us permanently.
[dramatic music]
- Where's the tablet John?
- I gave it to Agent Wilds.
[dramatic music]
- You see Ketrov's
body out there?
Suggestions you sent worked.
- So did your access code.
It's pretty damaged.
- The agency can fix it.
The agency can fix anything.
- Not everything, I bought
myself some more time.
- I'm glad, use it wisely.
- I plan to.
I need a car.
- Which one do you like?
- Which one do you think?
- Have fun Mr. Doe.
[dramatic music]
[car engine roaring]
- And that brings me back to you
in this beautiful hotel bar.
- Your Lamborghini is stolen.
- No, your
Lamborghini is stolen.
- What is she gonna
do with the tablet?
- She already did it.
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music continues]
[dramatic music continues]
[monitor beeping]
You and I are the
only ones left.
- Why didn't she just kill
me when she had the chance?
Right, you needed me to
take out Benson first.
- Don't worry, she's
not touching you.
- Oh, I'm not worried.
Now, what's to stop Agent
Wilds from aborting you?
- She can't, I
changed my access code
when I hacked the system.
- Oh, but the doctor's still
gonna want that tablet back.
- Oh, he can take it
up with the agency,
send them a memo,
request it back.
- All the program's
financiers are dead.
You think you've won now?
- No, there will
always be some rich guy
who wants more power
over other people.
But the chip program begins
and ends with Dr. Cain.
He's the final target.
- Are you at least gonna
pay your bill first?
- I don't have any money.
- Of course you don't.
[dramatic music]
- Let the agency keep
the tablet, John,
I already cracked your
codes and made new ones.
[keyboard keys clacking]
- Go get him.
- How do you think we found you?
- Because I wanted you all here.
- Not all of us.
- Oh-uh.
[dramatic music]
[guns banging]
[guns banging]
[guns banging]
[guns banging]
[dramatic music conitnues]
- Did you really think you were
about to get lucky with me?
- There's no good luck,
only good planning.
- You sound like Dr. Cain.
- Well, I do have
his chip in my head.
- Not for long.
[dramatic music]
[blows thudding]
- Okay.
[gun bangs]
[melancholy music]
- I'm sorry it came to this.
- Oh, hello, Vivian.
Came to pick me
up at another bar?
- You are the perfect subject.
- I don't drink anymore.
It won't be so easy this time.
- You'll always be easy, John.
- We were dead the moment
that doctor put that chip
in our head.
- But we don't wanna kill you,
just damage your chip.
- Doctor's orders,
he wants to study it.
- You said it yourself John,
your chip is a work in progress.
Doctor will never let you go,
not until the next upgrade.
- And the next, and the next.
- He's all yours.
- Good night, John.
- Good luck, Jane.
[gun bangs]
[taser zapping]
[tense music]
[ominous music]
- Let us begin again.
[tablet beeping]
- Brain activity, minimal.
The damage done to the cerebral
cortex is catastrophic.
He's not going anywhere ever.
- So much the better.
- The repairs to his
chip were successful.
- Good.
- Well, he said in the end,
I would take him
back to my place.
Guess he was right.
- He even got into your bed.
- If I may ask doctor, if he
is pretty much brain dead,
why keep him alive at all?
- Because the chip in his
head doesn't know that.
It'll keep operating in
his body as if all is well.
And that data,
I can use to create the
ultimate upgrade version.
- But John had me
and the others kill all
the programs financiers.
- There's always more
money to be found.
- And more subjects.
- I'm curious though,
what were John Doe's last words?
- He wished me good luck.
- There's no such
thing as good luck,
there's only good planning.
- Exactly.
[gun bangs]
[dramatic music]
- What are you doing?
- You see, doctor,
John sent me a suggestion.
- I know, he wants to
assassinate Senator Benson.
- No, mine was to
kill the chip program.
And that program begins
and ends with you.
[gun bangs]
And I know I got your
head spinning spinning
But you're gonna be
just fine just fine
In a different
dimension mension
But we're winning
on the upside upside
Gotta know the way
you're living living
But the air is flowing
just fine just fine
In a different
dimension mension
But we're winning
on the upside upside
Destiny and our games
and only one saying
Whatever you won the race
All together in the zone
Where is home
Is where you choose
to lay your feet
The mission's condition
Is really just
to state a case
Looking back and holding on
To what is gone
You see it never
left your place
I know I got your
head spinning spinning
But you're gonna be
just fine just fine
In a different
dimension mension
But we're winning
on the upside upside
Gotta know the way
you're living living
But the air is flowing
just fine just fine
In a different
dimension mension
But we're winning
on the upside upside
Break it down upside upside
In this tangled web we weave
Pulling strings
and make believe
When what it is
could never fly
And you've chosen all the
truth that lives inside
I know I got your
head spinning spinning
But you're gonna be
just fine just fine
In a different
dimension mension
But we're winning
on the upside upside
Gotta know the way
you're living living
But the air is flowing
just fine just fine
In a different
dimension mension
But we're winning
on the upside upside
Break it down upside upside
Break it down upside upside
Break it down upside upside
[dramatic uptempo music]