Dark Chocolate (2016) Movie Script

Who is this? Hello?
Who's speaking?
Come to my office.
We've to trace a call.
And send in Abhishek.
Yes, Chatterjee.
The call came in the office line.
And it was someone
claiming to be my friend.
But that is not important.
What the person said was...
apparently a girl
called Rina Burdhan...
is missing for the
last three years.
And it could be a conspiracy
plan by her mother...
and her driver.
Victor Banerjee's wife?
Victor Banerjee, CEO of
Sky Entertainment.
And at the moment you just
follow the wife and the driver.
And no direct questioning.
These are influential people,
connected with the media.
And I don't want any
unnecessary negative publicity.
Is that understood?
Yes, Sir.
And Abhishek, follow
the lead to the call also.
What do I do?
What do I do?
I'm on duty.
'Don't give me excuses.'
- Fine, we'll talk later.
- 'What about the fees?'
I gave you the the fees
money yesterday!
Am I to pay everyday?
You think I'm a
money- printing machine?
'You've produced
babies like a machine.'
'Spending all the money
behind that bitch.'
'Keep some for your
kids too! Get it?'
Disconnect the call now!
Even the entire State Bank
won't fulfil your hunger.
You both are screwing me up!
You're busy with your jewelry,
she, with her kids.
What else can I say?
Just disconnect the call now!
"My sweetheart...
we'll have fun together"
"Shower all your love on me"
"My sweetheart...
we'll have fun together"
"Shower all your love on me"
"The naughty mischief..."
Seems like you're flying high
these days.
Isn't it obvious?
Now that I've wings!
"My sweetheart...
we'll have fun together"
"Shower all your love on me"
Here, have a drink instead.
Even a dog can hog like this.
Let's finish the business now.
"Love me slow and steady...
don't be too hasty"
"This tender youth is
craving for more love"
"Love me slow and steady...
don't be too hasty"
Seems like someones spread
it more than he can handle!
"My sweetheart...
we'll have fun together"
"Shower all your love on me"
"My sweetheart...
we'll have fun together"
Bloody rascal!
Don't shoot!
Hey Ramcharan, why you
hiding like a girl!?
Come on now, surrender.
Bugger! Come out
or I'll press the buzzer!
Bloody buffoon!
No, no!
Should I shoot you?
- Fker!
- No, leave me!
Bugger, just shut up!
Should I shoot you!
No! Don't shoot!
- No, no please!
- Kill the bugger!
No, no.
What is this?
What's happening here?
- Neeti, who're these people?
- Mumma, they're from Police.
Abhishek Chatterjee, Crime Branch.
We have a warrant
for your arrest.
Are you insane?
Arrest for what?
What've I done?
Do you know who I am?
Do you know who my
husband is?
Neeti, call your Dad.
- Okay!
- Call your Dad for God's sake!
You can't just arrest me!
What've I done?
Maam your driver Ramcharan...
has confessed about your
plot to murder Rina, your daughter.
What! Are you mad?
Why will I kill my own daughter?
Ramcharan is lying! Stop!
Stop! You can't arrest
because of what he says!
- Neeti, call your father!
- I'm trying!
Come on now!
Niyati, I've reached.
Don't worry. I'm here.
Victor, stop them!
They can't arrest me!
I'm guessing Ramcharan said
something, call the lawyer!
- Victor!
- Come on!
'Ishani Banerjee, the wife of
Media baron Victor Banerjee...'
'was arrested earlier
in the day.'
'The Police are claiming,
it is a high- profile murder case...'
'that they have unearthed
by chance.'
'Earlier reports suggest that
Ishani has been arrested...'
'on the testimony provided by
her driver, Ramcharan.'
'He is claiming that he has killed...'
'Ishani's daughter at her behest.'
'Ishani Banerjee is a former
HR consultant and media executive.'
'In 2007, she co-founded Sky Media
with her husband, Victor Banerjee....'
'where she took on the role of CEO.'
'In 2009, she resigned
from the company.'
'And later, she sold her stake in it.'
'In March, 2009...'
'Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer,
Victor Banerjee...'
'and founder cum CEO, Ishani Banerjee,
left their management roles...'
'at Sky Media,
selling their stakes in it.'
'We have breaking news that...'
'Ishani Banerjee has
been taken to Bandra Court.'
'and we are going live this
moment to our correspondent.'
'There is total pandemonium
at the Bandra Court...'
'where Ishani Banerjee and her
driver Ramcharan are being presented.'
'The court has ordered seven
days' remand for both the accused.'
'As you can see on the screen...'
Shadab, the Police are here.
In connection to the Rina Burdhan
murder case...
Ishani Banerjee's ex- husband,
Shadab Kapoor...
is being taken to Mumbai
for interrogation.
What do you know about
Rina Burdhan's murder?
'A news is just coming in that...'
'Shadab Kapoor,
Ishani Banerjee's second husband...'
'has reached the Mumbai airport.'
'And we have breaking news that...'
'he will taken directly to
Bandra Court.'
Stop sobbing like that.
Didn't you like it?
Stop weeping under
your breath!
Did I not ask to you stop?
What do you mean, 'Uncle'?
Call me, 'Dad'.
I married your mother
to have you.
Say, 'Dad'? Say it?
Come on, say it?
Call me your Dad!
Hey, not one drop of tear.
Not one drop!
Open your mouth again, and both
you mother and daughter are...
A nineteen year old teenager
and you wear sleeveless clothes.
Why do you go about
in that sleeveless top?
Have you taken a look
at your body?
Those black spots from
mosquito bites.
If people ask you,
''What are those marks for?''...
then how will you answer them.
And that rascal from Kolkata...
what's his name...
Bibhash, right.
Tenant at the Barua's.
Why do you have to
talk to him so much?
Don't mix with anyone
in the neighborhood.
Indecent. Nasty!
Shame on you!
I never knew you can
stoop down to that level!
Fooling around with the
the Mr. Mallik's daughter.
Don't you have any ethics?
You wretch!
- Lewd!
- Shut up!
If I was so decent why'd I marry
my brother's wife and take her to bed?
Getting married twice,
and teaching me ethics!
What would the two
mother- daughter eat, without me?
Would have to give in
to prostitution!
- Big words and all...
- What's wrong, is wrong!
Today you were caught
onto Mr. Mallik's daughter...
you won't let go of
Pari too tomorrow.
Listen you bitch, I'll
do that too if I want to.
Find someone else if
you feel like.
Listen, Ishani is not
there at Bibhash's place.
Heard Bibhash stole
from the company...
and got caught.
Though they spared him an arrest,
but they fired him.
He's left for his home, in Howrah.
See, what she's written in the letter!
Bloody bitch!
Hello, what are you thinking?
So many people...
Isn't it?
Everybody is so busy.
Yes, everybody will
take a vehicle home.
Everyone has a home
to call their own.
What is it? Feeling sad, huh?
And why are you worrying?
I'll go home.
Ma, Baba...
I'll speak to everybody.
I'll be back in say...
a couple of hours?
And then I'll
take you with me. Okay?
How far is your house?
Nearby... as in...
say one or two hours at the most.
you'll come back, right?
Yes, I will.
See you.
Can I make a call?
Hello, is this
Bibhash Karmakar's house?
'Sorry, wrong number.'
The call got disconnected.
Can I call again?
'Is Mr. Agarwal's cake ready?'
'Hello, who is this?'
Listen, I want to speak
to Bibhash Karmakar.
'I told you this is a
wrong number.'
No, you see...
before Bibhash left the
hotel yesterday...
he had given me this number.
- 'This number?'
- Isn't this his residence number?
'No, this is Flury's cake shop.'
Pay the room rent before you go.
Room rent?
I don't have money.
Once Bibhash comes, I'll pay...
Bibhash won't ever back.
On the register he wrote
his name to be 'Alok'.
The phone number is
that of Flury's cake shop.
Will he come back?
Now that the honey's over...
anyway, just pay my bills.
I'll be back.
What happened?
See, woman, it is not possible that
you come to my hotel...
have fun and leave
without paying.
Your Bibhash or Alok, whatever
he is, won't come back.
But I can tell you an
easy way to earn bucks.
Work your body, earn.
Pay me, leave the hotel.
I'll send in two men
within two hours.
Hey, woman!
Open the door!
Open the door!
Come on, open it!
Trying to flee without
paying me?
Where's she?
She's escaped!
Are you really aware who I am?
We know exactly who you are.
But as of now...
you've been accused of
murdering your daughter.
And we need your statement.
This is ridiculous!
How can a mother kill
her daughter?
It's absurd!
It's preposterous!
I need my lawyers.
I need to speak to my lawyers.
Is Victor here?
Has he sent for the lawyers?
Because I need to speak
to my lawyers.
I need to make a call.
Can I please have my phone?
I need to make a call to Victor.
Can I please have the phone?
I need to talk to your Commissioner!
Yes, you bitch!
I've handled a lot many of you,
blabbering that high- profile English.
Get my Bengali?
You're from Shillong, right?
- You...
- Hey, sit down!
Open your mouth or
I'll shove it up you!
- She can't touch me!
- Payel, control!
She is a big personality.
- It's wrong.
- Don't touch.
Madam, we know that
you are big person.
But you see, we've seen many biggies
turn tiny inside this humble room.
As tiny as us.
Since it is us
you've to talk to.
Let's start then?
I need my lawyers.
- Can't you hear me?
- Ah, Payel, control yourself!
- Open your mouth.
- Oh she will.
Tell us.
Later you can always say we've
made it all up, you said nothing.
You guys know the loopholes of the Law
much better than us. You'll escape.
Must have been around March.
Madam had somehow got
to know about my connections.
What 'connections'?
Connection with the gangsters.
Ass, you're talking like you had
connection with some minister.
- Rascal.
- Madam Ishani?
You idiot, speak it out!
Ishani Madam told me...
it was a simple plan.
Had to kill her
sister, Rina.
And you killed her?
Killed who?
Madam told me she'll give
me one and a half lacs...
After that, me and Madam,
we both went to see the spot.
At Raigarh.
After a week, Madam's
first husband came down.
You bitch!
Ramcharan, hold her tight.
Rina was killed that day.
Ramcharan and Shadab
killed her together.
I was with them.
The plan was to pick up Rina
from National College.
Ramcharan, kill her!
Leave me.
Come on, Ramcharan!
Oh I'm so sorry baby,
I'm so sorry!
I'm so sorry!
She's lying.
Without any doubt.
Shadab has been given seven day's
Police custody by Bandra Court.
And now he is on his
way to Khar Police Station.
'Ishani Banerjee,
the wife of Media baron...'
'Victor Banerjee was arrested
earlier in the day.'
'The Police are claiming
it is a high profile murder case...'
'that they have unearthed by chance.'
'Earlier reports suggest
that Ishani has been arrested...'
'on the testimony provided
by her driver, Ramcharan.'
'He's claiming that he has killed...'
'Ishani's daughter at her behest.'
'Ishani Banerjee, was a former
HR consultant and media executive.'
'In 2007...'
- Move away. Move.
- Just a minute.
Are you also involved
in this crime?
Come on!
- What do you know about this murder?
- Are you also involved in this crime?
- Light?
- May I?
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
You're absolutely sozzled!
- See you!
- Excuse me!
It's my pack of
cigarettes you've got.
Oh! Yours?
Where's mine?
- Oh look!
- Down here.
That's yours.
Do you want a drink?
- Can I buy you a drink?
- Yes! If you insist.
But you'll have to
dance with me?
Yes, what are you drinking!
Red wine?
One red wine.
There you go!
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
- You want to...
- You want to dance?
- Come on!
- Come on, let's go!
Let's go, let's go!
At first they hit it off
like a house on fire!
They were seen
all over the town.
In every party, Ishani
was the eye- turner.
And Shadab was enjoying
every bit of the attention...
he was getting
because of her.
Ishani too would shower
lots of love in public.
Smooching him in front
of her friends!
What the poor soul didn't realise...
that she was actually seducing his
rich and powerful acquaintances.
And then?
Then, Ishani became
pregnant with Neeti.
One minute, so it was Neeti.
Then, what happened to Rina?
I got out of the hotel...
I just kept running,
I just ran...
till I fainted.
And when I gained consciousness,
they told me...
"You're pregnant."
With my step-father's child.
I thought, "Where do I go?".
I came back to Shillong.
I came back to Shillong.
Like mother like daughter.
Doesn't know anything
about her daughter.
Didn't you realise she's
stopped menstruating?
Couldn't you get it aborted?
You think you can trap me? Huh?
Trap me will you, the two of you?
If it'll come out.
I'll kick you both out!
Kept both of you,
now another one!
Stop jabbering and eat.
You close the door and sleep
with her all the time!
How am I supposed to know when
she is menstruating, when not?
Couldn't you keep a check?
Hey, now why're you
sitting like a doll? Eat!
There's something called
a condom in the market.
If you are so desperate couldn't
you buy some and keep?
Hey, why're you sitting like that?
Shamed me enough by
running away with your friend.
Now eat.
Eat and spare me!
This stupid woman doesn't
need anything if she can talk.
What to do about
the one inside her?
Cannot abort that.
She will die.
I'll marry her off.
- Marry her?
- Yes.
My friend's son, in Kolkata.
He is a bit foolish.
Won't understand much.
He has got no one.
As soon as I get rid of her, I'm free!
'His deepest secret is at
the heart of the murder mystery...'
'that has rocked the entire nation.'
'Sir, everyone is looking for a
person called Gautam Das.'
'Are you that person?'
'Yes, I am.'
'I am Gautam Das. Yes.'
'Are you the father of Rina Burdhan?'
'Of course! Of course I am the
father of Rina Burdhan. Yes.'
- 'You're the father?'
- 'Yes, of course, I am.'
'Rina Burdhan is no more.
You know that?'
'Yes, I've read that.'
- 'I know.'
- 'Where did you read that?'
'I read in the newspaper.'
'25th of this month?'
'Mr. Das, we all want to know, who is
the biological father of Rina Burdhan?'
'Are you admitting that, you are
biological father of Rina Burdhan?'
'Yes, I am.'
'I am the father of...'
'Rina Burdhan, yes.'
'And you are also the
father of Leo Burdhan?'
'Of course, I am.'
'Of course.'
'Why didn't your marriage last?'
'You see, Ishani...'
'she was not
happy with me.'
'I'm middle class. Her
expectations were much more.'
'She wanted to mix up with
high society people, so...'
'so, you know, she dumped me.'
'And what was your
immediate reaction...'
'Cut, cut, cut!'
- 'Just a second, cut it.'
- 'What happened?'
'No, please cut it.'
'I've a lot of information.'
'If you want information from
me, you need to give me money.'
'Okay can you give me one thing?'
'You know this Mr. Chatterjee,
who's making a film on Ishani...'
'I read it in the newspaper, so...'
'If you can give me his number...'
'or if you ask him to contact me.'
'I can give him a lot of information.'
'I know...'
'what's going on around,
what happened behind this killing.'
'I know everything, but...'
'he needs to buy me a flat.'
'If he does that, I'll give
him a lot of information.'
'Yes, I know.
I know a lot of things.'
Don't cry. Don't cry, baby.
My baby, don't cry.
Don't cry. My little girl!
Goodness, Gautam, look at her!
Your face is pasted on her!
Daddy's little girl, right?
Looks exactly like her father!
- My baby!
- Yes.
Today I name her, 'Rina'.
Can I please smoke?
This is a no smoking zone.
You smoke.
You both smoke.
I smelt it in your breath.
Give me a cigarette.
Thank you.
And then...
when Rina was
around two years old...
had changed a lot.
He was suspicious of me.
He became suspicious,
he used to think...
that when he goes to the office...
I bring someone home.
And have sex with him
every afternoon.
And he used to hit me.
He used beat me up everyday.
What's this fragrance?
- Who was here in the afternoon?
- As in?
Someone was here.
The deo smells familiar.
Who came, Debasish, eh?
What nonsense!
Malati swept the floor.
She used phenyl.
Shut up!
Phenyl, huh?
Debasish was here, right?
Don't teach me phenyl!
- Gautam!
- Are you trying to teach me?
Phenyl, huh?
Teaching me the smell of Phenyl?
- Gautam!
- What 'Gautam'!
Debasish is like
a little brother to me.
You're not home all the time.
If I need medicines for Rina, or
something else, he helps me out.
You're suspecting him?
Shame on you!
Ashamed of what?
Don't you come out in front of
him in your skimpy nightwear?
He gives you a lot of pleasure,
isn't it?
You bitch!
Stop speaking crap!
Showing your manliness
by hitting your wife?
But you're a dead snake
on the bed!
Stop tailing me and go
see a good doctor.
Who's there?
You were off to work,
why did you come back?
And why were you
hiding there?
You look gorgeous, who's
your date? Debasish?
I've to go.
I've to take Rina to the doctor.
To the doctor?
Making up stories
because I caught you?
Shut up!
You're a mental patient.
Am I mentally ill?
Now I am certain, there are many
more apart from Debasish.
Tell me the names?
Tell me the names,
one, two, three, four?
Get lost!
So you were sleeping
with Debasish too?
Oh, it's you, come in.
Got all the medicines?
Yes, got it all.
How much?
- How much?
- Five hundred and twenty.
Here you are!
- Gautam!
- What are you doing here?
- No...
- I told you not to come in.
Medicines? You can stand
outside and give it!
He brought Rina's medicines.
Not one word of
crap from you.
Hey, I asked you to
stay away.
Leave him, he's got Rina's medicines.
No medicines are required!
- Are you mad?
- What mad'?
Making up stories? Medicines?
He comes to give you medicines?
- Yes!
- No!
Didn't I say...
I'll catch you one day?
- You're going mad!
- Didn't I tell you?
Leave me!
- Leave me!
- Bitch!
After I left Gautam...
I realised I was pregnant.
But you said Gautam was
incapable of having sex?
It was my step-father's child.
He raped me again...
when I went back to Shillong.
Then I...
stayed in Shillong till the delivery.
And people again thought it
was Gautam's child.
Soon after that I came to Kolkata.
And that's when I met Shadab.
Then slowly and gradually
Shadab began to lose his business.
And was running out of money.
Ishani was a high maintenance wife.
And he knew he could
not provide her...
with all the luxury
which she had become used to.
The fight started.
And sometime within
the next month or so...
Ishani made up her
mind of leaving Shadab.
It was this time...
when she was
introduced to a wealthy socialite...
Allen Parcy.
Allen would provide her
with all the luxury...
in lieu of her
acting as an escort.
It was a relationship of convenience.
Both were happy.
And Ishani was meeting all the
powerful people that she wanted to.
And then one day, at a party,
she was introduced to Victor.
And the rest, everyone knows.
Why did you agree to come to
Mumbai and help Ishani...
after what she did to you?
Not Ishani.
I had not seen Neeti in ten years.
I hadn't seen my daughter.
I didn't have the
visiting rights to see her.
Wasn't your property going
to be probed by the bank.
You idiot...
Ishani has confessed to everything.
It's time you open your mouth too.
- Or else...
- Listen.
There's a high demand for posh
blokes like you in the lock- up here.
Open your mouth nicely, or
you've to open something else.
I had lost a lot of money.
my hotel was
mortgaged to the bank.
I had found an investor.
And he was willing to bail me
out of this financial crisis, but...
but it would take a month for
the deal to go through.
The bank didn't give me any time.
They gave me a seven
day court order to serve...
asking me to give them the
money within those seven days.
But no one was ready
to give me the money.
That's when...
Ishani called me and...
gave me an offer...
that she'll save my hotel from
getting mortgaged...
and give me money to
run the hotel.
And along with that she would...
also give me visiting rights...
to see Neeti.
You agreed to kill Rina?
I didn't.
Ishani didn't tell me
anything about this murder.
In fact she told me that Rina and
Leo want to kill Neeti.
That's it.
I just wanted to save Neeti.
Nothing else!
I was in my hotel room when...
when Ishani called me.
And she asked me to get
sleeping pills from Kolkata.
And that's when I suspected that...
she probably wanted to kill Leo.
Meeting you after a long time, huh?
Stay in touch, on phone...
Here comes your juice.
No, thanks.
Why? You like orange juice, right?
I'll drink it later.
Err... I want to tell you
guys that... err...
- Where are you going?
- Leave me!
- Sit!
- I won't hear a thing!
Then Ishani asked me to...
sit in the car.
I got in.
And then we went to pick
Rina up from Bandra.
I dozed off on the way.
When I woke up, I saw...
Ishani was...
trying to strangle Rina!
You want a three bedroom flat eh?
Here, take it.
What are you doing?
Ishani, don't!
Please don't kill her Ishani.
Ishani, No!
Have you gone crazy?
Don't kill her, please!
And then?
And then we...
carried Rina's body
into the jungle.
And you were
allowed to meet Neeti?
- Neeti refused to meet me.
- Why have you come here?
Who are you?
I don't even know you.
I am your father, Neeti!
You are not my father.
Victor Banerjee is my father.
- Just back off, okay?
- Neeti!
I don't know you.
Don't call or text me, okay?
Do you understand that?
- Neeti, he's your step- father.
- I don't want to see your face again.
Neeti, please...
Neeti, please!
Don't be upset!
It'll all be fine.
She will realise one day that
you're the real father.
Leave it on time.
Time is a great healer.
I'll send her to London immediately.
She will be happy there.
What about Leo?
we'll have to hire a professional.
And the money?
When we came back to Kolkata...
Ishani had given me
some money.
but that was not
enough to...
release my mortgage.
Weren't you living-in with a
girl your daughter's age?
Elena, please!
Believe me, Elena!
You're a cheat!
Fraud! Liar!
Everyone had warned me
about you.
But I didn't listen.
- The day I got the proof...
- You're getting it all wrong!
It's all a lie!
Trust me!
I've caught you red- handed.
What do you mean,
'red-handed', Elena?
Elena... just listen to me once.
Ishani, tell her.
Tell her that there's just friendship
between us and nothing else, please!
I'm sorry Shadab, I can't lie!
What the heck!
I... you and I can never be friends.
I think I'll always
have feelings for you.
Ishani, what rubbish are you
- I mean you know that...
- What!
You're sleeping
with your ex- wife?
I love you , Elena, that's it!
Why did you get into a
commitment with me?
I can't lie!
- What do you mean, you can't lie?
- Go to hell!
I can't be friends with you.
Ishani, why the hell
did you lie to her?
I said the truth.
Some truths...
shall always...
stay between just you and me.
If anybody ever
gets to know anything...
then I'll finish you.
So you got the money?
But the amount Ishani
had promised...
she didn't pay up.
She didn't give me the entire sum.
Leo is back from Shillong.
We have live in the studio with us,
Mr. Vikram Singha.
Former CEO, Sky News.
And a close associate
of the Banerjee's.
My first question to you, Mr. Singha,
is, when did you first meet...
I came to know Ishani...
as she had a company,
which was handling HR for Sky News.
And they were looking for a CEO.
And Ishani called me
personally, for the post.
Working there for a few
months, I understood...
Victor was routing a
substantial amount...
in the form of kick backs
to different off- shore accounts...
in Ishani and other
family member's names.
But why not in his own name?
He is Victor Banerjee.
The most ruthless
person I have ever met.
Do you think he would be stupid
enough to do something like that?
It was a perfect plan.
And they were also enacting the role
of a perfectly married couple.
Until the day Rina came to
Mumbai and into their lives.
Victor... meet Rina.
My sister.
Rina, this is Victor,
my husband.
Your brother-in-law.
Sister? You never
told me you had a sister!
You never asked!
It's a real pleasure to meet you...
I hope you are as pleased
to meet me as I am.
Pleasure is all mine.
Where were you all this while?
The best is always saved for the last.
Of course.
do take good care of her.
Sure, Victor.
I'll take care of her.
If my mother doesn't
confess to the crime...
I'll tell everything she
made me do.
She used to send you
money every month?
It wasn't a substantial amount.
Why did she try to kill you?
She wanted to wipe out
both, Rina and me.
When I couldn't trace Rina,
I came to meet Ishani.
And she told me that
Rina had gone to San Francisco.
And you believed her?
All the mails were sent
from your laptop...
The resignation letter and the
cancellation of the lease too.
Okay, okay...
Ishani asked me to send
all the emails to her.
And she promised me
a lot of money.
- When did you last speak to Rina?
- A week before she disappeared.
She called me and...
said that she was pregnant.
Rina was pregnant.
And I was the last to know.
March, 2012.
She came to our place.
Because her rented
house was getting painted.
But we cannot issue warrant
against Mr. Banerjee...
without any allegation
or circumstantial evidence.
No, Sir, just a routine.
Okay, fine.
Will ask him...
if he wants to say anything.
And one more thing, Abhishek.
Yes, Sir.
Please control your partner.
Hi. Please sit down.
May I offer you something?
We've come here to
clarify certain facts, Sir.
Of course.
I'll be glad to help you.
Tell me.
Did you know that
Ishani was not Rina's sister?
Not at first, I mean...
Ishani introduced Rina
as her sister!
Do you know about the
murder, or any plan about it?
How would I?
And were you aware that your
wife was in touch with Shadab?
That was regarding
Neeti and her custody.
Did you know she
has a son too?
Not at first.
Later, yes.
And did you know that she
tried to kill him thrice?
What rubbish!
Why would she kill her own son?
Leo, in his statement said,
that she tried to kill him thrice.
This is ridiculous!
What rot!
Ishani is my wife, I know her.
I mean... she's such
a warm person.
I still love her.
She won't harm anyone, let
alone her son and daughter.
Victor raped Rina.
Care for a drink?
Last day, today, right?
Tomorrow you're back.
I'll miss you.
Don't fake it. Seems like you won't
be able to make do without me.
You know something?
You are beautiful.
Your wife's sister is half
a wife too, right?
- Right?
- What?
Her better half.
Move away, Ishani will
be here any moment.
There's time before she reaches.
Listen to me.
You know, I have
this huge property...
it's got a lot of shares.
my two sons...
- Please!
- Even Neeti.
and now that you're here...
I think I'll change my will.
At least, fifty percent...
goes to...
Let's celebrate to that.
What is it?
Ishani will be here.
Leave me!
Leave me!
Leave me!
Leave me!
Who told you that?
That's a blatant lie!
Why would she say such
a thing? I mean...
she knows me... the kind
of person I am!
Then how did she get
pregnant, Mr. Banerjee?
That night...
Ishani was not there.
I was alone... a little drunk...
and I was... err...
probably watching a
movie on television.
Rina came in.
Tonight's my last stay here.
I'll go back to my
apartment tomorrow.
And I'll be alone again.
Go to your room, please.
You're drunk.
Your sister's wife is half
your wife, they say.
Ishani will be back
any moment.
And she'll be very angry...
if she sees us like this.
Please go to your room.
There's time before she's back.
Are you scared of her?
Is she the only share holder of
this huge property of yours?
Your sons are there.
Neeti is there.
I'm there too!
Come on!
- That's not right.
- Come on!
Go to your room.
Go to your room.
Go to your room.
In some months Rina came to know...
that she won't land a penny
from Victor's property.
Because he has two
sons of his own.
Rohit and Ronit.
And majority of the shares
will go to them.
So she roped Rohit in.
She went for Rohit.
Is this seat taken?
Not anymore.
Who cares?
- I'm sorry, what?
- Erm... what's your name?
I'm Rohit.
Good for you.
Excuse me?
Good to meet you, I'm Rina.
I'm not from here.
I don't know anyone here.
I know I am pretty,
attractive, sexy, cute...
you've got something
on your lips.
- Let me get that...
- No! Thank you, I'll manage.
So... err... what do you do?
blowing my Dad's money.
That's nice, I like it!
- What?
- Blowing your Dad's money?
And you?
I like to pick up rich kids,
who blow their Dad's money,
I like to make out with
them and then kill them.
I like that. You...
you've a great sense of humor.
I have a great sense of a
lot of other things, dear.
do you have a boyfriend?
No... I think...
I think you mean,
'a girlfriend', don't you?
No, no... a boyfriend.
It's okay if you have a boyfriend.
You can tell me...
I don't care.
Do I look... gay to you?
How come you haven't
kissed me as yet?
Do you want me to kiss you?
Do you take permission
before you do...
Why're you here?
You know Ishani doesn't like it.
Is this about Ishani not liking it,
or is it that you are jealous?
About Rohit?
Ishani saw the two of us together
at the club that night.
Must've told you.
What do you want?
I'm extremely love-sick.
But Ishani is alone
jumbling it all up for me.
Elder sister.
All of it.
How can she have all the love?
- Tell me?
- Stop it!
Either Victor...
or Rohit.
Ishani has to
give up one of you.
My choice is...
Victor Banerjee is better
in bed than his son!
Oh God!
What's this on your face?
Who is Rina?
Who is Rina?
Sister or daughter?
We're sisters!
You're lying!
Tell me!
- My daughter!
- Liar!
- My sister!
- You're lying
- I'm telling you she's my daughter!
- You're lying again.
Yes! Just kill me!
Just kill me!
And kill Rina if you can too!
How do I tell you who she is?
Her father and my father
are the same person.
Yes, she is my daughter.
I gave birth to her!
What do I call her, tell me?
You tell me,
I'll call her my sister.
You tell me,
I'll call her my daughter!
I haven't been able to
figure out till today, Victor...
do I call her my sister...
or my daughter?
I don't know!
I don't know, Victor!
Have you seen 'China Town'?
In Mumbai?
- No, the film.
- Director duo, Abbas Mustan?
Roman Polanski.
Ishani's character is
exactly like Faye Dunaway.
I've heard that life
imitates earth.
But this is the most complicated
and nasty case I have ever faced.
I can see all the pieces
in front of me.
But there is only one piece
which is not fitting.
Why was she murdered?
What is the motive?
Let's call Leo.
Let's interrogate him again.
I don't think he is as
innocent as he looks.
Listen, Honey...
we've been treating you nicely, doesn't
mean we cannot change our behaviour.
What are you hiding?
Look at me!
Do you like men?
Do you like me?
Oh no! So he like's men.
Should I send somebody in?
They've to open their mouth
one day, why get into this fuss.
Rina had told Victor that
she was pregnant.
The good news you've been
earnestly waiting for...
today I've to come to you with it.
- To the good news!
- It's alright.
You can keep it.
I'm pregnant.
Mr. Victor Banerjee!
You're about to be a
proud grandfather.
You are going to be grandfather.
A grandpa, really?
Or maybe a proud father?
I'm really not sure.
I cannot figure out.
Actually the consecutive
turn of events...
you, then Rohit...
then Rohit, then you again.
I think we need to do a DNA test.
Once that is done,
everyone will know...
who the father of my baby is.
Or your son?
The developments science has made...
one person should know this
news in its minute details.
What to call her?
My mother?
Or sister?
Or my mother-in-law?
Or just "Mrs. Banerjee"?
But I must tell her!
What a great news!
What do you want?
What do I want?
It depends Mr. Banerjee.
What's for sale here?
My body?
My silence?
Or my testimony?
Also, it is crucial to know...
how many zeroes does
your bank balance have.
- Fill it up and fuck-off.
- I'm not in the mood today.
- You? Here?
- Hi, baby!
I've some exciting news for us.
What news?
- I'm pregnant!
- What!
Oh baby, I'm...
I'm so happy!
So, was she pregnant?
Be good.
You have to tell us the truth.
Otherwise even you will end up
as a suspect.
- No.
- What!
Just now you said that
Rina herself told you this.
And even Leo said that he
had told him the same thing.
Yes, but...
later on when I asked
her to go for a check-up...
Why, Rina?
Why did you lie about
your pregnancy?
Answer me!
I'm sorry.
No, Rina!
You have to answer me.
Why did you lie?
For you.
As in?
To have you.
I knew your father wouldn't
accept our relationship.
That's why I lied.
I did not have any other way out.
I wanted to create pressure on
Mr. Banerjee.
I cannot lose you.
Trust me, please?
I didn't have any other intention.
It's only for you.
I love you!
I love you too!
Why do you think she
was murdered?
I don't know.
When she went missing, I...
I asked Ishani about
her whereabouts.
She told me that...
Rina has broken off with me.
Later I received an SMS from Rina...
confirming the same.
Did you believe that?
Then I came and told my
Dad that couldn't trace Rina.
He said the same thing as Ishani,
that Rina had broken off with me.
What did you do next?
I went to the Police Station.
But they wouldn't
even take my complaint.
And then?
Then I tried to find her on Facebook
and on other social networking sites.
I even had my friends visit
the universities in San Francisco.
They couldn't find her.
Then, one day...
while going through her stuff, I...
I found her passport.
Was it sometime
in February, 2013?
Yes. But...
how did you know that?
Because around that time, a huge
amount was put into your account...
from an offshore account.
He's too powerful.
You can do
nothing to him.
When I asked Ishani if
she had killed Rina...
she took me to a
mental asylum in Pune.
And she threatened to
lock me in there forever.
She had hired someone
to kill me as well.
Then I hid from her.
Ishani left no stone
unturned to look for me.
But she failed.
Pocha, are you that foolish?
Why keep a gun at your own place?
Sir, why would I?
There was order.
What did you tell the reporter?
Sir, I swear on God,
I didn't say anything.
Want to listen to a story?
let me just make you have
a word on the phone?
On an island, there once lived
a Bengali frog and a scorpion.
Global warming increased the
water level. Scorpio saw the danger.
He told the frog,
"You know how to swim..."
"Take me to the neighbouring island."
The frog said, "Oh come on."
"The moment I take you onto
my shoulder, you'll sting me."
The scorpion said, ''If I sting
you, we both will drown."
"I swear I won't sting you, brother
from an offshore account."
Sir, please... I was just...
- Trust me I had instructions.
- Show me the stuff first.
Coming back to the story.
All the idiots left the island
when the water level increased.
The frog jumped into the water
with the scorpion on his back.
He swam and swam,
now the island was near.
The frog realized the scorpion
had stung him on the shoulder.
He said, "Now we're both in
danger, what have you done!"
Scorpion said,
"Old habits die hard."
"I'll do what I'm used to doing."
"Let us drown if so happens."
If I am the frog,
what are you then?
Sir, I won't open my mouth.
I know Pocha, that you
won't open your mouth.
I'm not the frog.
I'm the scorpion.
When did you come to know
the truth, Mrs. Banerjeee?
Victor told me himself, that day.
Damn it! Damn it!
Damn it!
I'm done for!
Forget property.
My goodwill of so
many years, all gone.
What happened?
Tell me?
Why're you behaving like this?
You'll fall ill!
The child Rina is carrying...
it's not Rohits'.
Who's is it?
Tell me?
Why are you silent? Tell me?
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
- I'm sorry!
- What've you done?
I'm sorry!
I made a mistake,
I'm so sorry!
What have you done, Victor!
My God!
- I fell into the trap!
- Oh God!
I'm sorry!
Please look at me?
Please look at me? Please!
Look at me.
I made a mistake.
Ishani, you know Rina.
She won't spare us.
She'll finish me.
Then she'll kill you all
your life, bit by bit.
We've to do something.
What have you done?
I'm so sorry!
Now think about what to do?
We've to remove here from here.
If the need be,
We've to erase her.
You've given birth to her.
That's true.
But she is not your love-child.
She's not Neeti.
You don't love her, do you?
She too doesn't love you.
Does she respect you?
Does she have any
feelings for you?
She's just using you, right?
She's done this.
Oh God!
Listen to me.
We don't have another way.
I'm sorry.
- Ishani, please do something.
- Calm down!
- Calm down.
- Please do something.
Please do something.
'It was at that time when...'
'I discovered about Ramcharan's
underworld connections.'
'And Shadab too was
calling for money.'
'He was asking for a loan from me,
he was desperate to meet Neeti too.'
'I took advantage of all that.'
That's enough, Mrs. Banerjee,
now please take rest.
You really need some rest.
Haven't you seen, in Chess...
the King and Minister sit and watch
as the soldiers do the job.
You're nothing but a
soldier in this entire game.
And I must inform you about this...
then you can rest in peace.
Rina was not pregnant.
At least that's what the
forensic report says.
See you.
Want a three bedroom flat?
Here, take it!
- Want to kill my daughter?
- Hold her!
Kill her!
Kill her!
Kill her!
Kill her!
Make it fast.
Right here... this place.
Ramcharan, don't think about
money right now, do it.
- Not in this much money.
- We'll get caught!
- No!
- Listen to me, Ramcharan!
1.5 lacs is too little.
I want more money.
- Pick up! Hit it!
- I'm in a soup.
Hit on her face.
Oh, I am in a soup!
Hurry up...
someone's calling you.
Pick it up!
Take the call!
Yes, son.
What's up?
What are you doing?
- Take the Goddamn hammer!
- Did you do your homework?
Strike it!
Hope you're not
pestering your mother.
- Put it in the suitcase.
- No mischief.
Don't pester your
mother, okay?
Put it in the suitcase!
Shadab, come on!
'Money may not buy you happiness.'
'But it surely can solve
a lot of problems.'
The CBI is here.