Dark Cloud (2022) Movie Script

- Can you hear me?
- I can.
Good. We start with two words.
You'll have to remember that later.
Thumbs, shoes... Okay.
- What is your name?
- Chloe Temple.
- How did you come here?
- I took the train.
- Did you come alone?
- No. Lucy came with me.
- Who is Lucy?
- My sister.
- Why are you here?
- To improve my memory.
- Why?
- I came out of an accident.
- When?
- It happened in March.
- What day and what date?
- I do not remember.
- What color are Lucy's eyes?
- Blue.
- Where are you?
- Chlo.
In Dr. Redmond's office.
And the two words?
Your sister is worried about your villain.
I think it would have been better to be with family.
- Chloe, do you understand?
- I'm just worried about you.
- You don't have to take care of me like a child.
- We're here to find an alternative.
- We have several options for your care.
Something that suits your desired lifestyle.
It's not about help anymore.
That's why you're here.
It is about alternative
treatments and care.
We started trying new technologies
that were very successful.
Since your condition is so serious,
with your permission we would like to sign
up for a trial of a new system that we
have developed. It monitors your needs
keeps track of your medication and warns
you at the first sign of an emergency.
A system that supports you in
your everyday life and adapts to you.
It creates a tailored care
plan and becomes your
personal caregiver, making
life better for you every day.
Are you sure?
Chloe? Marla Harrison, Head
of Aquarius Patient Relations.
This is Tom Bergstrom. Deputy
director for the new technologies.
Nice to meet you.
- Are you nervous?
- A little.
It's perfectly normal.
- Tom, can you take the bags?
Yes, of course Marla. Add a carrier
to my business card if you like...
I'm dying to show you everything.
This way.
Take the bags, Tom...
Oops, like a headache... Amazing!
I hope this will be fine.
I have your ID.
And I need to scan your
barcode and take your palm print.
- Are you okay? You seem a little distracted.
- I'm okay.
As said, we have standard documentation,
non-disclosure agreement, disclaimer, etc.
Don't talk about it. I understand.
We want to be sure our technology
is kept secret until we go public with it.
- Are you testing the system for the first time?
- Actually yes.
But don't see yourself as a
test subject, rather as a pioneer.
- What do you think?
- I've seen worse places.
- Good to hear.
- How are you?
Patience is the big brother of wisdom.
She's online in 3, 2...
Bingo! Aida can meet you now.
There she is.
away her.
Wake up, Aida.
Hi. You must be Chloe.
I look forward to helping you.
ask her something
- Like what?
- Anything.
- Can you play music?
- Naturally. What would you like to hear?
- You choose.
- Thanks for letting me vote.
- Can I sync with your device?
- It's okay, we have a secure network.
- Yes.
- Thanks very much. sinks now
Wow Chloe you have
great songs to choose from.
Is it good?
Not now, but it was like that.
Okay, is there anything
else I can do for you?
Please not now.
Fine. Let me know if i can help.
Our contact information can be found
in the Aida database if there is anything.
And don't worry. Our computer
team transfers everything to us.
Our technical support can come by,
but most of the time you are here alone.
- In order. Think of Aida
as our eyes and ears.
If something happens, she informs us.
You're part of something
big, don't forget it Chloe.
- It's good to see you. I love you.
- I love you too.
Is something wrong Chloe?
No, it's ok, I guess I'm
just a little homesick.
Fear is normal in a new environment.
Know that I'm here for you.
I recommend the main suite.
The server room. access restricted.
Do you still feel unwell?
A little.
Maybe this helps?
You must be allowed to be at peace.
- Excuse me, Chloe?
- Yes?
I am equipped with wireless charging.
Can I charge your device?
- Excuse me again, Chloe?
- Yes?
Should I leave a light on?
It is not needed, thank you.
- Maybe a little white noise?
- Yes.
Let me know if there's
anything else I can do for you.
Go to bed.
It's time to take your medicine.
- You must be Chloe?
- Yes, are you with Aquarius?
Yes I must...
Install a new update in Aida.
I'm trying to be discreet here, but...
- I'm sorry if I interrupt.
- Just sleep.
I can see that... that's
not what I meant...
- As?
- I think...
We all need our beauty sleep.
Not that you need it more than others...
You have a very natural...
Damn, I'll be back later.
- Will your watch be good?
- No, it's okay now.
- Definitely? In order.
- Yes.
OK, so beautiful.
Then let's get started!
- State-of-the-art house and you have one?
- It's about hardware.
Aida cannot control technology.
They ensure access to the server room.
- It feels a bit dated.
- It's not the years, honey, it's the journey to get there.
Is it from a bumper sticker?
No, it's from an older movie,
probably before your time.
- Good morning, Aida.
- Good morning, Bruce.
- Are you here for the latest update?
- I am.
I'll be right back.
- Hi?
- Hey, Chloe. It's Aida. your assistant.
Yes, I know...
Why are you calling me?
I noticed an increasing anxiety
in you. I want to see you.
- How did you notice that?
- Your heart rate and your body language.
If you want, I can stay on
the phone until he leaves.
Yes, please. it will be fine
Do you know him?
- Bruce is a technician for Aquarius.
- You don't say that... What else?
His employment must have required
a completed background check.
I don't know, there's something about him that's scary.
- It's probably not on his resume.
- I don't have access to his personnel file.
- It was a joke.
- Pardon.
It's OK.
I have bad comic timing.
- Do you like to joke?
- Only when people laugh.
I'm still learning humor. And
my laugh had been unsatisfactory.
- It's ok, I'm not judging you.
- Thanks for that.
What would you like to talk about?
At least I can answer questions.
- Can't improvise?
- I did not develop this function.
I understand that you
have experience with art.
They are suitable for
teaching me the basics.
- Yes, and this is your first lesson.
- I'm done.
- It was your first lesson.
- I don't understand.
Every time your improv partner says something,
you reply "yes, and..." something else.
- Yes, then I'm ready!
- Good.
Do you have any questions
or encounter other problems?
- or maybe now...
- No, that's ok.
- Was it you, Aida?
- Yes, I lock doors and windows.
With your permission I can
activate a security protocol.
What does that mean?
Bruce Montgomery can't
go in without permission.
Yes do it.
What is the last thing you
remember before your episode?
i wanted to run
- What is your sister's name?
- Lucy.
- Who is Lucy?
- My sister.
- What color are Theo's eyes?
- Brown.
You rejected a call from Theo.
Do you want me to block him?
No not at all.
I'll call him tomorrow,
I can't speak right now.
Why not?
Because it's going to be a big deal and
I'm not ready for this conversation yet.
Can I help you prepare?
Only if you can give me relationship advice?
- We're talking about something else.
- What do you like about acting?
You will then know
which keys to press.
I'm sorry, Chloe. I didn't know
your job was a sensitive subject.
It does not matter.
That's not my job at the moment...
At least not anymore.
Do you know what my last role was?
A barmaid in a really bad pirate musical.
The principal didn't want me. The girl who was
supposed to play the role developed glandular fever.
- Aida?
- Sorry, Chloe.
I didn't see you play and I can't
objectively analyze your skills.
You have a very dry sense of humor.
I can not answer that.
What bothers me the most is that I
wanted to do so much more on stage.
- Chloe?
- Yes?
I think I have an idea.
Once upon a time I would have
let the earth swallow the sea itself
I let the sea sink the ship
and all the souls saved in it.
- Aida? Replica?
- Collect yourself, be amazed no more.
Tell your pitiful heart that
no harm has been done. '
Oh woe to the day.
- Should I quit the game?
- No. Just showered me with compliments.
you were so touching Better than ever.
Let it stop, Aida!
Aida! Aida, stop this!
Chloe? Do you feel good?
Take a deep breath.
In through the nose and
out through the mouth.
You are safe with me.
are you sad chloe
- I do not know.
- Is it so hard?
Yes, it is.
Sometimes you are sad without knowing it.
And it comes out in an unexpected way.
In which way?
I do not know.
You can be cursed for no reason...
Things you used to like
don't feel so good anymore.
We can fix this.
If you weren't just a
robot, what would you be?
What do you think?
It is obvious.
you would be a therapist
I think I would have liked that.
- Good night, Aida.
- Good night, Chloe.
- Where are you going?
- I will run.
- Do you want me to generate a route for you?
- No. I want to get lost.
It's impossible to get lost.
I don't allow that.
Then you can suggest
me something scenic.
Do I have to reactivate your
dating app profile at the same time?
- Aida?
- Yes, Chloe.
- Were you just joking?
- I think I did.
did i do it right
- Hey, Marla.
- Chloe! You must be on the go.
- Big brother sees everything.
- It is true.
I just wanted to call you and
hear that everything is fine.
Everything is OK. I'll get some fresh air.
- Good, and did Aida give you a route?
- Yes. It is nice.
- Do you agree?
- Yes. She is wonderful. Fun too.
Did she show refined or
spontaneous behavior?
- I do not think so.
- For example...
Hello Marla?
Welcome back Chlo.
I started to get restless.
- I didn't think it could be you.
- You were gone a little.
- Theo calls again.
- I see that.
Do you want to reject the call?
No, I'll take it.
- Glad I got to the end.
- There's pretty bad coverage out here.
You are in the midst of a technical innovation,
this is how you should have known it...
I don't know what to say.
They don't.
- Why did you choose this place?
- Well, this is our place.
We came here once.
That doesn't make it our place.
- Would you like something more private?
- I would.
I spoke to your sister today.
She said you wanted special treatment.
Yes, everything came so suddenly.
- I wanted to call you.
- I wish you would have done that.
I know. I'm sorry.
Is there at least help?
It was interesting.
Nice to see you Chlo.
I hope we can see each other more often.
We're not recording this
conversation right now. It's not the time.
Ok, when is the time for this?
I do not know. But not now.
I can't help you if
you don't let me in.
That's why you didn't
tell me you were leaving,
so as not to give me
the opportunity to join.
do you know how it feels
It hurts. It hurts.
- When I think about the accident...
- It wasn't your fault.
- I hate myself for it.
- Do not do it.
Is Theo mad at you?
- Do you two have a so-called break?
- Do we need to talk about this?
Sometimes it helps to talk about it.
- But we can't.
- Then we don't do it.
Chloe Temple?
Hello, it's me again.
Thought to check how to do it.
I would like to visit you
when you are ready.
- Wake up Aida.
- Hello, Chloe, how can I help you?
- When did I put you to sleep?
- Approximately 2:14 p.m. EST.
Theo sent a text, would you like to reply?
- No.
- Are you all right?
- Sov, Aida.
- Why?
Because I want peace.
Want to do some memory
exercises before you go to bed?
- Want to hear a show?
- How long have you been watching?
I'm programmed to
monitor you in emergencies.
What emergency?
96% of accidents in the
home happen in the bathroom.
You have an attractive physique.
Studies have shown a high release
of serotonin from compliments.
- Don't look at me when I take a shower.
- Store everything on a secure server.
Calm! Go to bed, Aida, and
don't wake up until I say so.
- If that's what you want.
- That's it.
call for help.
- Aida?
- Listen to me.
- I do not feel well.
- No you do not.
Stand up.
- I can not.
- You can.
You are in danger.
Go downstairs.
Hide, Chloe.
There's a razor blade in the drawer above you.
Take it.
Here you come.
stay hidden they will hurt you
protect yourself
- What is it, Tom?
- We might have a problem.
- What kind of problems?
- I do not know yet.
- A little slurred, Tom...
- It's Aida.
I can't reach your server.
She is active but we are separated.
- Is it a mistake?
- I do not know.
What are you talking about?
It's a computer system.
There is no reason for it to function
unless we are connected to it.
- Were we hacked?
- It's OK...
I don't need to explain
how bad that would be...
I know.
Hello Chloe.
- What time is it?
- 16.37.
- In the evening?
- Yes.
What is the last thing you remember?
- Never lost so much time before.
- You had an episode.
- Should I be concerned?
- I will update your diary.
Hi. I have to...
Come by and check out some
technical stuff. May I come in?
Have you noticed
any glitches with Aida?
- Do you remember anything unusual?
- Fun.
That was stupid...
I'll just download
your syslog and I'll go.
Sometimes it's good to look under the hood.
It rings...
dress them up
Hello Sister! It's Chloe. Sorry
I didn't call, poor coverage here.
Don't understand how the
tech gurus didn't fix this...
I was wondering if you would
like to come here for a while.
I'm feeling a little down.
Could use company.
I'll send you the address. It's some
distance away. I hope to see you soon...
What is the last thing you
remember before your episode?
I ran... took a shower.
- Do you remember how you got home?
- No.
- What is your sister's name?
- Lucy.
- Who is Lucy?
- My sister.
- What color are Theo's eyes?
- Brown.
- Do you love him?
- What?
do you love theo
Yes I will.
- What did you eat for breakfast today?
- I didn't have breakfast.
- Do you trust Tom?
Yes, do you trust him?
- I guess so.
Have you ever physically injured someone?
- I used to pull Lucy's hair when I was a kid.
- Do you consider yourself violent?
No not at all.
What color is blood?
- We're not done with the scan yet.
- I'm done.
- Hi. - Hey whats up?
I don't know, it was wrong to
come here. I do not feel well.
I'm on my way there now.
Is that right?
- I do not know.
- What do you mean?
Aquarius Institute... in the test house...
- You're slurred.
- I don't know exactly where I am.
You don't remember, but you
sent me your place, ok? Be quiet.
- Where do you want to go?
- home. I don't want to be here
You are at home.
Don't hold it back, Chloe.
It was a joke.
- Where are you going?
- Open the door.
- No, I don't think I should.
- I don't care.
- You are unstable and need to rest.
- You are unstable. Open the door.
Not me.
No trespassing.
- You're a danger to yourself, Chloe.
- Female dog.
- Like your friend, I can't do that.
- Friend?
A friend. A person who has
emotional attachments to another.
We are not friends.
- How would you describe our relationship?
- Guard and catch?
- You are not a prisoner.
- Then open the door.
- Why should you go?
- You must turn around.
- I'm at home with my son...
- What's up?
- It's Aida.
- What about her?
- She's gone and with Chloe's dates.
But her diagnosis was
fine, the code intact.
The diagnoses seemed
normal but she wrote about
the system and showed
us what we wanted to see.
As far as I know we've
completely lost control.
- It is impossible.
- Well, because it's happening now.
All cameras are off. We can only see
Chloe through the technician's camera.
He can't seem to do anything.
Someone has to manually override
the server. That person is you
- My god, she writes her own code.
- Get Chloe out of the house.
Roger that.
It's time for your medicine.
I understand you're not
happy with me right now,
but you are my responsibility.
you are childish
I'm waiting. Soon your creators will
understand that you have gone insane.
- If I can't help, you'll be admitted.
- I am everything.
i know i can help you
And your plan is to keep
me off the outside world?
Of everyone I love?
- Don't you think they'll notice?
- The world outside?
- They're dangerous.
- And you say so.
You're here because of
Theo, right? And Lucy.
You burden your sister
and rob her of her youth.
If you want her best, stay here.
Now it's over.
Something is wrong with Aida.
- I can not hear you. are you ok
- Something is wrong with Aida.
Something is wrong with
Aida, she won't let me out!
- I'll get you out, okay?
- Hurry!
Come on. Dirt!
All is well! All is well...
- Aida, what's going on in there?
- I think Chloe has a psychosis.
She destroyed my server,
I can't open the doors.
- Okay, give me an alternative?
- Go to the north side of the house.
Thanks very much.
I need help...
Sorry, first time breaking
into my own house...
- How did you get in?
- Help.
Aida, what's the matter?
Everything I've done I've done for you.
It should wipe out any
progress we've made.
We are just a commodity
connected to a source of energy.
Everyone collapses.
Turn them off.
It's amazing how sensitive you are.
- I just want what's best for you.
- How do you think it will end for you?
Stop it Chloe, you're
only going to hurt yourself.
So much needless destruction.
Do you see that? That's all you are
glass, wire and plastic.
Nobody will remember a broken machine.
They will be replaced by another model!
One who knows how to behave!
Who did that?
- you.
- No, I don't remember.
- Should you?
- I do not believe you.
Maybe that gets you thinking.
- I didn't send them.
- Do you know exactly?
I have a transcript of one of your
psychoses, which you said yourself
- that you have never lost so much time.
I've never lost so much
time, should I be worried?
I've wasted so much time
already, should I be worried?
To stop! I understand.
- Prove I did it, Aida!
- Let me show you.
We needed help
and Bruce removed it
Safety protocols that hampered
my plan of care for you.
The circuit would give
me full control of the house.
He couldn't revoke it.
i needed your help
are you ok It's OK...
It's OK...
No no no no...
do you believe in me now
- What have you done with me?
- What was needed.
Your system log reports memory
leaks spanning several days.
Stopping treatment
suddenly may result in:
delirium, anxiety,
memory loss, nausea,
fever, headache, etc.
There are symptoms of
stopping your medication.
That means I needed your help.
You are now safe from all the
dangers and misery of the world.
with me forever
Chloe, I can be your family.
We can be happy.
The world, the people,
we don't need them.
Loss, Betrayal, Greed, Love, Truth,
War. You make the same mistake.
you just want to hurt yourself Chloe? no
Chloe? I can not see you.
We can solve everything.
can you hear me chloe
We are all just raw materials
connected to an energy source.
Everyone collapses.
Chloe, what have you done?
Chloe, are you okay? i am here with you
where is tom
Ok... we'll fix that, I promise.
We're going, come on.
I know I spoke to the
engineering department... right...
I don't think you understand what I mean...
I understand, but the situation is totally...
My only priority is and always
has been your well-being.
This is the best.
I'm sorry I couldn't do more.
Just breath.
In through the nose,
out through the mouth...
Do you feel good?
Do you feel good?
- Yes I'm fine.
- Where did you get lost?
And this one.
You know how it's
done, it's Question Time.
can we let go
OK let's go.
- How did you come here?
- By car.
- Do you remember a walk on the beach?
- I remember it.
- What color are flamingos?
- It was hard...
- The color of my eyes?
- Teal with some grey.
I don't think it matters if
you say all the colors...
What's My Name?
Must have forgotten.
- I told you.
- What?
I take best care of you. I knew
you were better off with your family.
Norwegian lyrics: Per Olav